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Private Celebration

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The party raged on.

The forest of Endor was ringing with music and cheerful voices. Some of the Ewoks were showing a few of the Rebels how to play the helmets. The Rebels, to Han’s sorrow, weren’t nearly as good as the Ewoks were.

Han found himself standing alone for a moment, and glanced around the clearing. Luke had been claimed by Wedge and Nein Nunb, and judging from their hand motions, they were comparing Death Star runs. Lando was dancing with a female Rebel pilot Han couldn’t remember the name of. Chewie was sitting with several Ewoks, three or four of them grooming him with their small, clever fingers while five or six more brought the Wookie food and drinks.

Han felt a presence at his back just before a small hand slid into his. “Looking lonely, scoundrel,” Leia said, squeezing his fingers.

“In this crowd?” Han asked as he turned to face her. They swayed a little together, and Han tried to remember how many cups of berry wine they’d shared. More than a few, he knew that much.

Leia smiled up at him, and Han bent and kissed her, their mouths moving sweetly together. Leia’s kisses went to his head even faster than the Ewoks’ rough but strong wine.

“Come with me,” Leia murmured as they parted for air, and Han followed her up a winding wood and rope staircase to the higher level of the village. They passed a few quiet out of the way nooks that had various bodies intertwined, and Han pondered for a moment the idea that Leia might be planning to join them.

But no, that was absurd. A princess wouldn’t just find an out of the way corner for her and her scoundrel to cozy up in.

Then Leia ducked into a tiny hut, and Han kept following, nearly braining himself on the low doorway. He fell to his knees on soft pillows inside the hut, and looked up at the sound of Leia’s laugh. Life enjoyed proving him wrong.

“Graceful,” she said. Han growled at her and crawled over her to kiss again.

In the dim confines of the hut, it took a few tries to find her mouth- his first kiss landed on her eye and she laughed again, the vibrations tickling his neck. Han used his fingers on her cheek to find her mouth, and swallowed the last of her chuckles.

It was easier on his neck to kiss her when they were both lying down and could line themselves up properly. Maybe it was the privacy, but it felt more intense somehow. No stormtroopers or Vader or bounty hunters to tear them apart, no Threepio to interrupt just as she relaxed. Han kissed Leia for what felt like days, trading breaths and soft murmurs and entwining his tongue with hers. Leia nipped his bottom lip and smiled when he gasped.

She pushed at his shoulder, and Han went over onto his back, the soft pillows cushioning him from the rough floor. He considered for a moment the quality of Ewok bedding, then a rustling of cloth distracted him. Leia straddled his hips and leaned down to kiss him. Han rested his hands on her hips and found the rustling had been her overdress being tossed aside. The thin white underdress she wore went barely to her thighs.

“Leia?” Han asked against her lips. He felt absurdly unnerved. This wasn’t his first time, but he had to admit he’d never known a woman quite like Leia before.

“Han,” she said, like a confirmation of who they were, and kissed him again, guiding one of his hands up to her breast. Through the thin fabric he could feel the hard bud of her nipple against his palm. Han’s fingers closed softly on the handful of her small breast and he gave it a light squeeze, prompting a moan from Leia.

“You- now? Here?”

She laughed again. “Yes, Han. Me. Now. Here.”

Well. If that was what she wanted.

Han slid his other hand up below her underdress and took her second breast in his bare hand. Leia’s skin was softer than the fabric she wore, and so hot Han could feel her scorching her way onto his soul. Or perhaps that was just him, being a little drunk and poetic and ridiculous. He craned his neck up and kissed Leia again, drinking in her sighs of approval.

Things moved on quickly, her dress entirely discarded, his shirt getting flung somewhere aside, one boot landing in the doorway and the other somewhere lost in the dark. Together they tackled his belt and trousers, until the tiny hut was full of bare skin and heavy breathing, along with all those soft, soft pillows.

Han pulled back a moment, still not entirely sure he believed it was really happening. “Leia,” he said.

“If your next words aren’t ‘I love you,’ you can save it,” she told him, and pushed him onto his back again before climbing on top.

He fought back a laugh. Han shouldn’t have been surprised: since the moment they had met, Leia had been calling the shots. He slid his fingers up her inner thigh and parted her damp folds, feeling her curls cling to his thumb. She was certainly eager.

“I love you,” he said, obedient for once, and slid a finger carefully into the molten heat of her. Leia gasped, then kissed him, crushing their mouths together as though she wanted to hide any other sounds. She was tight and wet, the muscles inside of her pussy clenching smoothly around his finger, and the second he added to be sure she could take him. “I do.”

“I know,” she said, and pulled his fingers free. Han helped her position herself over his cock, and held his breath as she sank slowly, gloriously down onto him.

They both breathed out together, heavy gusting sighs that somehow set them both off laughing again. Han had never laughed this much in bed before, but he found he liked it, liked the ease of it, the fact that Leia wasn’t expecting things to be formal and serious and perfect. They were perfect, her body clasping his in the most ideal possible way, but it wasn’t because he’d had to fret and work for it.

For all their bickering, he and Leia got along great when they tried.

Leia rested her hands on his chest and slid herself carefully up before letting gravity bring her back down, punching all the laughter and air out of Han’s lungs. He gripped her hips, mindful of how strong she was, but not wanting to leave bruises. “Leia,” he said, on a gasp, as she did it again, and even in the dark Han swore he could see her smile, mischievous and a little sharp. “Oh, hell.”

His hips rose to meet her next downward drop, and Leia let out a moan that filled the darkness around them. “Han,” she panted, and rose and fell faster, grinding her clit against him on the downstroke. Han managed to convince one hand to let go so he could reach for her, rub at the place just above where they joined. Leia keened and his fingers slipped, grazing the place where his cock stretched her wide. “Oh!”

Han ran his fingers through her curls, finding her clit again, and rubbed at it, bending his knees so he could thrust up to match Leia’s rhythm better. He’d thought about this more than a few times, but now that reality had come, he was worried he wasn’t going to last long enough to satisfy her. The real Leia was always so much more intense than his fantasies.

They bucked together, pants and moans and even a few groans and whimpers the only sounds they made, and Han kept rubbing at Leia’s clit. He drew some of her moisture up to slick the way, and Leia made a high-pitched sound and clamped down around his cock, shaking atop him. Han grinned in triumph and held her through her orgasm.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she whispered, and pushed his hand away as she grew too sensitive. Leia shifted on him, seemingly in discomfort, and only then realized Han was still hard inside of her. “Oh, Han.”

“It’s okay,” he said, and helped Leia shift off of him, suppressing a shiver as the cooler air of the hut replaced her perfect heat around his wet cock. “I can manage. Not the first time.”

“I’ll help,” she said, sounding determined, and her small hand closed around his cock, the fingers barely circling the whole way around. Han laced his fingers with hers and they stroked together. He tried to show her how he liked it, the pressure and the speed, but just the memory of what they’d just done and Leia’s hand on him brought Han to a speedy climax. The spend landed everywhere, his stomach and chest, her breast, a dribble on her cheek where she’d leaned closer to see in the dim light. Leia giggled, and Han felt his mouth stretch in a grin. Yeah. Not the most awkward sex he’d had by far, and because it was Leia, it was still probably close to the best sex he’d ever had.

Leia found a cloth that felt like Han’s shirt, and wiped them both off. Han wondered if he should object, then realized since the Falcon was on planet, it wasn’t a big deal. He drew Leia to rest in his arms, settling down in the soft pillows of their hut. “I say we should sleep,” he told her.

“Best suggestion you’ve come up with yet,” Leia said sleepily, and Han smiled into her hair.