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Returning a Kindness

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Fifty Shades Fan fiction

Returning a Kindness

Chapter One

Ana turned the corner rushing, almost not seeing where she was going. She had just been for an interview at Grey Enterprises, one that hadn’t gone all that well. When she had first arrived they had been expecting a MR Steele, not a MS. Seriously? Since when did Anastasia sound like a man’s name? Then she was briskly told that there wasn’t an opening for a female member at this time. She had pointed out that it was against the law to discriminate against a prospective employee purely by their gender if they were capable of doing the job. Only to be met with a cool ‘Good day Ms Steele’ by some asshat called Hyde who thought he was God’s gift. She could tell the over tones of if you screw the boss you can have a job. That wasn’t Ana’s style. She hadn’t gotten to 22 years old and still a virgin by letting little boys like Hyde manipulate her. She made it very clear that she would be filing a case against them for sexual discrimination.

Now she was storming down the road, a folder full of her qualifications and printed resumes under her arm. A cup of bitter cocoa in her hand trying to calm herself down. In this day and age, to be told no just for being a female! She never thought she would see the day. Normally she was a laid back person, however after 14 hours of being on her feet between various job interviews in brand new high heels her nerves were starting to fray.

The sun was setting around her, she couldn’t wait to get back to her car. Soon she could relax in the bath at home, with a bottle of wine or two and try to ignore the nagging voice at the back of her head telling her that she wasn’t good enough. Her mother had told her that all her childhood, despite the fact her grades were almost top of the class. Ana had never felt like she could be anything. When her step father had passed away, leaving her a small sum of money she couldn’t leave fast enough. Travelling up to Seattle to start again, where no one knew her name. Three months on, her money was almost exhausted. Being hired in publishing or office work wasn’t anywhere near as easy as she had expected. Even with a pile of qualifications, glowing recommendations from her teachers and over a years experience. She was risking everything if she couldn’t find a job soon.

Ana sighed, throwing her empty cup in the trash. Trying to remember where she had left her car, what felt like a thousand hours before. She heard shouting, looking around for the source. She saw a young man, dressed in jogging clothes, being beaten up by 5 other men down one of the side streets. She instantly looked up at the street name over her head and rang 911 giving them the details. A squad car wouldn’t be more than a minute or two, but she couldn’t leave the man suffering for that long. He was fighting back well, but five on one was never good odds. Maybe her anger was telling her the wrong thing to do right now, putting herself in danger for a complete stranger. It wouldn’t stop her trying to help though.

“Hey!” Ana shouted coming into the alley, “Leave him alone.”

“Don’t, you will get hurt.” The man warned, “I will be okay.”

She rolled her eyes at him, “I called the police, so you better get outta here and leave him alone.”

“Oh really little girl?” one of the thugs broke off coming towards her. He shoved the papers out of her arms. “Maybe you should have kept on walking hero.”

“I wouldn’t if I were you.” Ana warned coolly, ignoring the spilling papers.

He laughed at her and swung a punch. She smiled sweetly ducking out the way and sending a kick to his knee breaking it. “I warned you.” She said in a sickly sweet voice.

“Fucking bitch, I will kill you.” He snapped holding his knee.

“Really?” Ana asked, “How are you going to do that when you are crawling on the floor in agony?”

“A broken bone won’t stop me.” He said grabbing her long hair in that pony tail she regretted.

“No, but this will.” She brought her knee up hard. He screamed, hitting the floor hard.

The man looked over at her, “Watch out.” He warned.

The pack had broken up, two each. “Well at least the odds are fair.” She muttered.

And then the fight was on in earnest. Kicks, punched, screams. Mostly from the attackers. Sirens shouted, squad cars blocking each end of the alley way. “Miss Steele, are you alright?” a cop shouted as they came to read the thugs their rights.

“Better then they are, Jose.” She replied with a smile on her lips.

He laughed, “Girl, when are you gonna learn to stop playing with little boys?” he asked.

“When they stop thinking I am weak because I am female.” She retorted. She looked over at the man she had helped, “You okay?”

He brushed slightly bloody hair back from his face. “I think so, thank you Miss Steele.”

“Ana.” She said calmly, pulling a tissue from her pocket to tab at the blood in his hair line and split lip. “You will live, be a bit sore for a few days though.”

“Christian.” He replied, scooping up her dropped papers when she was done offering them to her. “Where did you learn to fight like that?”

She took the papers sighing at the mud on her resumes. “My step father was in the army.”

They gave their statements, Ana overhearing that Christian commented his wallet and phone had been taken by a sixth attacker who had run off. “Do you need a ride home?” she asked politely, “Or a coffee?”

Christian looked around gauging exactly how far he was from home. “That would be nice actually, if it isn’t too much trouble.”

Ana smiled at him, “I wouldn’t offer if it was too much trouble. Come on, I’m parked by the Venus Bar. I can get you a whisky there, stave off the shock.”

“I am not in shock.” He objected quietly, following her.

“Sure, that’s why your hands are shaking.” She commented wryly.

He looked down, sure enough they were. Stupid, he had been in far worse situations than this in his youth. Hell he had been beaten half to death before, got up and walked away. Perhaps it was the suddenness of the attack. Or the fact it was on his run he took every evening after work. Listening to his ipod, he hadn’t even heard them come up behind him until it was too late.

Ana led him into the bar, ordering him the whisky and herself a small rose wine and soda. “Sit.” She warned, pushing him gently towards a bar stool. “When you drink that, I will get you another.”

Christian took a sip and smiled, it wasn’t his usual quality, but good enough. “Trying to get me drunk Miss Steele?” he asked.

“Trying to make sure you don’t fall to pieces on me on the way home.” She commented.

Christian smiled, sipping his drink. Sure enough the shaking did slow a little. As he started to take in his surroundings and the young girl in front of him fussing over a bruised eyes in her make up compact. She was much more attractive then he had first noticed. The smile she gave back to him when she saw him looking lit up her face making her look like an angel. He wasn’t used to a woman trying to take care of him, nor one defending him like she had. Something about her was different to the women he usually met. Or maybe it was just the flush he was feeling from nearly being at the end of his second glass on an empty stomach. “I am sorry about your eye.” He said softly.

She shrugged, “Just a bruise, it could have been a lot worse.”

“It would have been if you hadn’t come along, so thank you.” He replied, “I will repay you for these drinks and for the ride when I get to my spare wallet.”

“There is no need.” She insisted, “I didn’t help you to get anything back, I helped you because it was the right thing to do.”

“I will replay you.” He insisted.

She glared at him over her drink. “Do I need to kick your sexy behind as well?” Internally cringing when she realised what she had said. “I’m sorry, that was personal. I shouldn’t have.”

Christian broke into a smile, “If you can save me from a beating, I think I can allow you to comment on my behind even if you can’t see it in these sweat pants. If I can’t repay you, perhaps I could buy you dinner tomorrow?”

Ana hesitated for a long moment before nodding, “That would be nice.”

He took her hand and kissed it, “Not as nice as you are.”

She laughed, “I think the drink is going to your head Christian, its time to get you home.”

Grudgingly he had to agree, he wasn’t feeling at his best right now. “Just promise me you won’t put yourself in any more danger.”

“I will try, now car Mr.” she insisted.

“Yes Ma’am!” following her outside.