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Be the Girl

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"Why do I have to be the girl?" Kon whined, half-dressed and wildly uncomfortable.

Tim fastened the water bra and eyed Kon's chest critically. He tighted the right strap, and then adjusted the left. Wordlessly, Tim held out a low cut, sparkly shirt.

Kon squirmed into it. "I mean, why can't we call Cassie or Kory or somebody who is actually, like, a girl?"

"No time," Tim said.

"What about Bart?" Kon tugged at his miniskirt. He knew he had great legs, but sweet Christmas, Nightwing's old spanky pants were longer than his current outfit. "He likes dressing like a girl."

"Bart can't fly. Wig."

Kon took the wig and plunked it on his head. "Okay, how about Gar?"

Tim leaned in close to tug the wig into place. "He's green."

"This sucks," he said with feeling.

"Hold still," Tim said, and covered Kon's eyelids with shadow. Tim's breath was warm on Kon's cheek. Eyeliner was next, then Tim brushed Kon's eyelashes with mascara. The lipstick tickled and tasted funny.

Kon grimaced. "Bet I make an ugly girl."

"You'd be wrong," Tim said. The corner of his mouth tilted up.

Kon blinked, then grinned widely. "Knew you Bats were kinky.