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My Letters to You

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~Levi's POV~

I wiped my tears as I signed the letter and folded it. I was going to do it.

I was finally going to kill myself.

I pick up the lovely orange bottle that held the key to ending my life and opened it, gazing down at the white tablets that were nestled into the bottom.

"Goodbye." I whisper, kicking the pills back and swallowing them with some water. I then laid down on the large bathroom floor and cried as I slipped out of consciousness.


~Eren's POV~

"Levi! I'm home!" I call. I waited a couple minutes and didn't get a reply. Odd. he has been acting a little... distant lately. SHIT! The realisation hit me like a freight train (A/N I just love trains).

"LEVI!" I shout, running up the stairs quickly. I saw a paper on the bed and unfolded it, expecting a note that said he was at the store but what I read confirmed my suspiscions.

'Dear Eren,

     If you are reading this I am more than likely dead. I'm sorry but I just couldn't bring myself to live anymore. I love you and always will.

With Much Love,

      Levi Jaeger.'

I shouted in anger, hurt and emotional pain and threw the letter down, running to the bathroom where I found an unconscious Levi.