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The warm water falls around them. Droplets lick along the steamed-up tiles and collect around their feet. The shower is really too small for both of them. Nerys is pushed into the wall; Jadzia doesn't have space to bend down.

Jadzia presses her lips against Nerys's neck Her tongue follows the line of Nerys's shoulder blade. She should say something charming: You taste like rain. I love the feeling of your skin against mine. Instead she gestures vaguely towards the door and says, “I have to pee.”

Nerys slides against her, tilting her head. Her hip-bone digs into Jadzia's side. “Go here.”

“I'll get it on you.” Jadzia wouldn't be this open about bodily functions at this stage in a relationship, not usually, but Nerys is so open about her own it seems silly to be coy. Jadzia supposes that Nerys had to share everything with other Bajorans when they were living in such cramped conditions. An image of Nerys outside on a cold morning, peeing into dew-soaked grass pops into her head. Jadzia doesn't know why she finds it appealing.

“I don't mind,” Nerys says. “It's already wet in here. Besides, you can aim it at the wall.”

“Aim it?” Jadzia dips her head, embarrassed. Her bladder feels too heavy, pressing uncomfortably against her stomach. “I can't aim it, I don't have the right equipment.”

Nerys laughs. “Of course you can. Don't you know anything?”

Jadzia shifts her weight from one foot to the other. The hot water trickles agonisingly down her thighs. “I definitely don't know how to make a vulva aim.”

“Want me to show you?” Nerys squeezes behind Jadzia, pressing up against her back. She slides one arm around Jadzia's waist. Jadzia would normally appreciate the closeness, but now it just makes her feel restrained and uncomfortably aware of the pressure in her bladder. Nerys slides her other hand down to Jadzia's labia. Her fingers move in a probing, exploratory way. It feels very straightforward and not at all sensual.

“There,” she says. She kisses the back of Jadzia's neck. “Well, go on. I thought you needed to pee?”

Jadzia squirms. “I'm not used to doing it like this.”

“Are you shy?” Nerys nuzzles her neck. “You don't need to be shy.” Her fingers stretch against Jadzia's labia, pulling gently. Her other arm is narrow weight, squeezing Jadzia's midriff. Jadzia feels touched all over by Nerys; she might have begun the morning with her head between Nerys's thighs, but somehow this feels much more intimate.

The hot water trickles over her lips, her chin. She feels ridiculous: frozen here, bladder pulsing uncomfortably, Nerys's fingers stretched in her vulva. She closes her eyes. The water swirls down her thighs. When she starts peeing, it's almost a surprise.

“Good,” Nerys says, like she's a puppy who's just learnt where she's supposed to urinate.

Jadzia's eyes flicker open. She feels Nerys's fingers adjust against her labia, the stream of urine arcs outwards, not falling between her legs. It spatters over the cubicle wall. She watches, surprised and impressed.

She tilts her head back and sighs in relief. “You have many unexpected skills, Major,” she says.

“I can't believe you don't know how to do this. Didn't you ever want to pee in the woods when you were a child?”

“Yes, but I just squatted down.”

Nerys laughs. “Seven lifetimes, and she doesn't know how to pee standing up. It's a good thing you have me around.”

Jadzia's stream trails off. She feels good: relieved, and having Nerys hold her while she does this is strangely compelling. “Do you need to go?” she says.

They shift awkwardly, pressed together against the tiles. Nerys faces the door, slides her fingers into her labia, adjusts, and arches her back as a golden steam arcs outwards and lands on the tiled floor. Jadzia kisses Nerys's neck, slides a hand over Nerys's breast. She thumbs the nipple. Nerys hums softly in approval.

“You feel good,” Nerys says, as her stream tapers off. She tilts her head, wet lips finding Jadzia's. The kiss is brief, the angle awkward, but Nerys's teeth nipping at Jadzia's lip sends a shudder through her.

Nerys sighs. “I have a shift in fifteen.”

“I know.” Jadzia presses her leg between Nerys's thighs. “Me too.”

Standing neatly in her uniform, twenty minutes later, Jadzia feels painfully aware of her own skin. She can't forget the feeling of Nerys's practical fingers against her labia. The image of Nerys peeing against the wall sends a tremor of arousal through Jadzia. Does Nerys realise the affect she's had? Would it shock her?