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Chapter 1

Finding Harry Potter

Albus Dumbledore had petitioned for years to be allowed to see the confidential records belonging Harry Potter. Even a chief warlock of the Wizengamot didn’t help; nobody was allowed to see them, not even the Minister of magic. You had to have done something very wrong, on a grand scale, for the records to be seen, never mind used. Everything in the confidential records was Harry’s blood type, his magic strength, all bouts of accidental magic, known about or otherwise. Each person’s magical signatures were unique. When the babies were born in St. Mungo’s at least, or Hogwarts, blood was taken, magical strength was recorded, and yes even their magical signature was embedded in a strip of papyrus parchment, which lasted longer than normal writing parchment, they’d discovered post Founders time.

It had taken him six years to find out which room held the confidential records, and another additional year to figure out the wards and spells surrounding the place. He should be grateful; they’d once been kept in the bottom, deepest layer of Gringotts. Then the war with Grindelwald, the Minister got exasperated at having to travel down there each time treason was committed. Which was what they’d called it when someone joined Grindelwald’s side. They’d had them moved, having the goblins help secure the room, for a very good price, one even goblins couldn’t say no to. Then it came to Albus one day, like a stroke of lightening. All because of something he had seen days ago…a house elf Apparating into Gringotts for its Master. House elves could get through wards undetected. Of course he couldn’t risk anyone finding out, or he would face a very long prison sentence. So he would have to use his personal house elf, the Hogwarts house elves had been given too many liberties to trust them fully to keep their mouth closed.

“Bumble,” demanded Dumbledore, calling for his house elf, excitement thrumming through him. He would soon be able to find Harry and begin training him; soon Voldemort would be dealt with. He believed the prophecy so fully, that he didn’t dare deal a striking blow to Voldemort.

“Yes sir?” asked bumble making an appearance, he was a very old house elf, and he’d served the Dumbledore family for three generations. Although he’d been sent away to look after a different property when the Dumbledore’s had moved to Godric’s Hollow. After his Master had been sent to prison, bumble hadn’t been trusted to look after Ariana Dumbledore. He had failed his family, in his eyes, yet as soon as Albus was old enough, he’d taken on his services.

“I need you to enter the records room and bring me Harry Potter’s file,” said Albus Dumbledore his twinkle nowhere to be seen. This showed bumble that his master was serious and this mission was extremely important.

“Yes sir,” said Bumble bowing before he disappeared.

Albus stayed where he was, holding his breath, praying to Merlin this worked. For the past seven years he’d been looking for Harry Potter, using all resources at his disposal. Which was quite a lot, but over the years they’d all come up empty. Harry Potter seemed to have faded of the face of the earth at the age of nine. He’d taken a lot of heat because of that. Everyone knew he’d taken Harry to the Dursley’s that night, and nobody had been happy about it. Legally there was nothing they could do though, since technically the Dursley’s were his last remaining family. The Wizengamot had brought them up on charges, abusing a wizard just wasn’t done, they were cherished. The fact that Muggles had done it so enraged the entire wizarding community. They’d tried to abolish the rule against Muggles in Azkaban, wanting them to pay very heavily for what they’d done. Unfortunately not everyone had been amendable to the idea, Muggles didn’t belong in Azkaban. So they’d been sentenced to a Muggle prison, which was actually worse, child abusers and child killers were not popular in prison. Petunia and Vernon had been imprisoned and their son went to his only remaining family, Vernon Dursley’s sister, Marge. This had all come about when Harry didn’t show up for Hogwarts when he was eleven. When Vernon had been put under Veritaserum, and all the damage he’d inflicted upon a defenceless child came out, there was those out there who believed Harry was dead. How could any child have endured all that and survived? Especially on the street? It seemed impossible really. Yet most believed because he’d survived the killing curse, he could survive this and save their world too.

As the seconds ticked by into minutes Albus felt his bubble burst, had he been caught? If so he could be traced to him, perhaps he should Obliviate himself of the knowledge, that way he couldn’t be implicated. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time, he usually removed the memory placed it in his pensive, Obliviated the ‘ghostly’ memory as you could call it that’s left, then of course put it back afterwards. He hadn’t survived the wizarding world so long by being stupid.

Just as he had given up all hope, Bumble appeared before him, with that all important folder clutched in his gangly hands. Albus all but grabbed it from the poor elf, and begun reading everything. With triumphant eyes, he picked up the papyrus, now he would have Harry Potter here before nightfall.

Grabbing one of his trinkets surrounding his desk, he let the papyrus scroll touch it, and began chanting. The next time the boy used magic, considering he was seventeen and untrained he’d bet his fortune it would be quite frequent. Once the glow faded from the dark detector, he placed the papyrus back into the folder. He couldn’t keep it unfortunately, it was just too risky. Considering he had been the one contesting to see it for the past seven years, they’d suspect him straight away. Taking a deep breath, things were finally looking up.

“Return this, and then go home,” said Albus passing him the closed folder.

“Yes sir,” said Bumble disappearing once again.

Albus slumped onto his chair, he was a step closer to Harry, and hopefully he’d use magic soon. Hogwarts was starting back up in three weeks, and he wanted the boy to be ready by then. He would join the other seventh years; three weeks would be enough time to get him caught up. Of course he’d have to ask the others to assist, Minerva would be glad to help. Hopefully so would Flitwick, but he knew Severus wouldn’t be happy. The man was currently away from Hogwarts; perhaps it would be best to call him in. Severus had been searching for Harry as long as he had, and nobody was better than Severus at tracking people. No, he would wait until the boy did magic, then call a few Order members.


“Albus are you feeling alright?” asked Minerva, the man looked as though he had ants in his pants. He was barely eating his dinner, and he had a dark detector on the side of the table. There were only a few teachers here this summer, Filius, Minerva, Albus, Pomona and the Librarian Irma Pince. There was of course Cuthbert Binn’s, the ghost teacher who didn’t come to meals for obvious reasons, he couldn’t eat. Argus Filch was also another person within the school. He chose to eat in his office, staying out of everyone’s way. Nobody could blame him, he was a squib in a magical school filled with budding wizards and witches, and of course qualified ones as well. Hagrid usually remained all year around also, but he was curiously absent this summer.

“I am fine Minerva,” said Dumbledore, all day he’d been waiting impatiently for the detector to go off, yet nothing as of yet had happened. Not even a little peep and he was quickly loosing his cool. Many would think Albus could be patient, considering his age. On this though, he wasn’t patient, he wanted Harry Potter safely within Hogwarts. He would find him and get the acclamation for finally bringing their lost hero back home again.

“If you insist,” said Minerva still staring curiously, she hadn’t seen Albus so energetic for a long time. He’d been so weighed down by the guilt he carried around; her first words when she found out probably hadn’t helped matters. She’d thrown in his face, what she’d said the night Harry was taken to Privet Drive. That she had told him they were the worst sort of Muggles. Harry had paid a heavy price for their actions; she didn’t believe Harry was alive. No child could bear the brunt of that kind of abuse and still be alive, especially without getting treatment and living on the street.

“Have the letters all gone out without a glitch?” asked Albus, changing the subject onto something else.

“Yes,” said Minerva. “Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy have accepted their positions as Head boy and girl.” no doubt when they found out they’d be rooming together for the next year it would be explosive to say the least. Draco Malfoy had constantly bullied Hermione for years. She’d eventually learned to stand up for herself, a bit late, but better than never. They both always competed for top marks in quite a few classes.

“Good, good,” said Albus, “I’m glad to hear it.” not many people actually turned down the chance to be Head boy or girl, but in the past few years, with Voldemort back they’d had their share. Somehow word had got out that he took a special interest in them. It had scarred them beyond belief and refused the honour the title bestowed upon them.
“I still think Padma Patil would have been a much better choice.” said Filius, he had not been happy that once again another Gryffindor had acquired the position of Head girl. It had been years since a Ravenclaw was elected for such an honour. Padma had been picked as Prefect as well, so Filius thought very highly of her.

“She’s an excellent student,” agreed Albus, “However, Hermione Granger has consistently higher grades, as she was a prefect her grades didn’t suffer whereas Padma Patil’s did, we are only thinking of your student Filius.” he was used to the arguing, and always knew how to calm them down.

“Well, they did suffer slightly,” grumbled the Charms professor in reluctant agreement of the Headmasters words.

“Well I do believe I have an entire tray of correspondence with my name on it.” said Albus standing up, “I shall bid you good evening and see you tomorrow.”

Everyone bid him goodnight, Minerva though watched him leaving. He had a jump in his step; she was definitely going to speak to him soon. Something was up, she knew Albus well enough to know.


Albus had taken his dark detector to bed that night, charming it to make noise instead of lighting up. He wouldn’t see the charm go off while he was asleep now would he? So noise was the next best thing for him. Not that he got much sleep; he’d tossed and turned the entire night. Waiting for the boy to use magic, but each hour that passed his hope faded fast. Just because the charm worked it didn’t mean Harry was alive. He took the trinket with him everywhere, even to the toilet not wanting to take the chance of missing it.

“Albus what are you up to?” asked Minerva coming into the Headmaster office, the wizard was currently writing with one of Fawkes feathers. It was gold and red; it matched the room’s colours scheme perfectly.

Albus stared at his Deputy Headmistress curiously, not understanding what she was implying.

“You have been much too…hyper these days, have you been eating too many Lemon Drops again?” asked Minerva, she knew he laced them with calming draughts; he was addicted to the stuff. During the war everyone needed something, and that was Albus’ vice.

Albus made himself look contrite; he couldn’t tell her what he’d done. He couldn’t tell anyone, they wouldn’t understand. They would see it was a betrayal, he’d done it so be it, the wizarding world was too important for him to play by their rules. Harry had a duty to perform, and to do that he needed found and trained. Which would be easy, no doubt he’d be shocked and awed by their displays of magic and want to learn himself. Just like all Muggle born children were upon being introduced to the wizarding world. Harry might not be Muggle born, but he was indeed Muggle raised.

“Albus, you know this isn’t good for you,” said Minerva, shaking her head despondently, completely buying Dumbledore’s guilty look. Evidently she didn’t know him as well as she thought. “You heard Poppy the long term affect it has on you won’t be good.”

“I understand Minerva,” sighed Albus, scribbling his name at the bottom of the paperwork before giving her his undivided attention.

“You are worrying about Harry again aren’t you?” asked Minerva taking a seat, obviously there to stay much to Dumbledore inward exasperation.

“I just wished I knew where the child was, if he is okay.” said Albus tiredly. The lack of sleep was now getting to him.

“Albus…do you really believe he could have survived all those years on the street?” asked Minerva, this was where they always disagreed.

“I pray he did, you know how important he is to our world.” said Albus, if he had survived Voldemort, he had to have survived his Uncle; he had a prophecy to fulfil. He believed the boy was alive, and he would never give up hope, he probably wouldn’t believe it if he’d seen proof of Harry’s dead body. That’s how much he believed in divination, ironically enough Voldemort believed in it too.

“How can you say that? He was just a little boy Albus, not something to be paraded around to the masses!” said Minerva; she knew she couldn’t stay here, when Albus started this she just couldn’t keep her mouth shut. “Excuse me Albus, I have classes to prepare for.”

Albus sighed, he hated having these arguments with Minerva, and unfortunately they’d never agree on this. She’d soon see Harry was alive and well, he just had to be patient sooner or later his magic would react. Then the world would see, and soon Voldemort would be destroyed for good. He had all of the Horcrux’s destroyed, without the insane wizard knowing. He had put wards up after he collected them, so when Voldemort did go back, he’d know.

Albus dug himself into his letters, replying when he must, or filling out yet more forms. Most important ones, such as scholarship forms, for students who wanted to attend but couldn’t quite afford it. Which was mostly Muggle born’s, pureblood’s and half bloods began saving from the moment their child was born or displayed magical talents. With the exception of the Weasley’s who hadn’t been able to afford to send their kids without scholarships.

Albus sighed in exasperation as yet more owls began bothering him. He never got a seconds peace, taking the letters he let the owls go. And dealt with them, he might as well, instead of waiting on them piling up like they did during the school year. Then as if by divine providence the dark detector lit up, and Dumbledore’s entire expression changed to one of supreme satisfaction.

Hurriedly he grabbed his Floo powder and yelled into the flames Marauders den. He came through in Grimmauld Place, the bright cheerful kitchen welcoming him. The two wizards were looking at him curiously, wondering why he’d come.

“I’ve found Harry, would you like to accompany me?” asked Albus calmly, as if he wasn’t excited.

Remus and Sirius stood up nodding their heads eagerly, “How did you find him?” asked Sirius his blue eyes alight with eagerness.

“Someone thinks they’ve spotted him, now we must go quickly, hold on.” said Albus, both wizards did as they were told and before long they found themselves in a Muggle street. Thankfully there weren’t many people there, when they did notice them, they just shrugged it off as not noticing them, you could do magic in front of Muggles and they wouldn’t believe it. They would just assume it was a stunt, not many Muggles really believed in magic any more, and that’s the way the Wizarding Ministry wanted it.

“I can’t see him,” said Sirius looking around, his eagerness fading to apprehension, he couldn’t see anyone that looked like James even the slightest.

“He’s here,” said Albus, he’d been guided by the boy’s own magic in a sort of forced Apparation to his side. He was somewhere around here, and he quickly used magic on those he sensed didn’t have magic to make them want to leave the area. He couldn’t have anyone around when convincing Harry of magic now could he? He was probably confused about it all, the weird things happening around him.

“I wished it was closer to the full moon,” said Remus, there was a first for everything, and him saying that, was definitely the first time. Remus hated the full moon, and wished he didn’t turn into a wolf. Remus inhaled trying to get a whiff of Harry’s scent. He hadn’t smelt him in years, but he’d never forget the boy he loved smell.

“Are you sure your contact was right?” asked Sirius still looking around the street.

“Yes, he’s right, positive about it in fact.” said Dumbledore allowing them to believe what they liked.

“It’s him,” said Remus, his eyes fixed on the figure walking out of a shop.

Sirius followed Remus’ line of sight and his blue eyes lit up, he did look similar to James…not as much as he’d imagined over the years. He wondered if Harry would be good at Quidditch, just like his dad…or transfiguration…or what Animagus he’d have and what Patronus. He was going to have so much fun with Harry, telling him stories about his dad; he finally had his godson within arms reach.

“It is,” said Dumbledore, the magical signature was the same, the closer we got to Harry the more the dark detector buzzed in his robe pocket.

“Harry!” called Sirius a grin spreading across his face, he was alive and well. He couldn’t believe his good fortune; life was finally looking up for the Animagus.

Harry looked back, hearing his name being called, not many knew him by that name. He took one look at their clothes, and the old man before he burst into a run. He knew who it was, and he’d be damned if he went with him. He didn’t dare look back, but he could hear them running after him. Being on the streets, Harry had learned to run quite fast, and knew the ins and outs like the back of his hands. Unfortunately that didn’t quite match up to three adult wizards who could Apparate.

“HELP! THIS PERVERTS TRYING TO KIDNAP ME!” yelled Harry when hands wrapped around his midsection. It would have amused Harry at how quickly the black haired guy let him go if he wasn’t so worried.

Sirius felt sick by the accusations coming out of his godsons mouth, “Harry, calm down I’m your godfather, we are here to take you home.” he said, as the three wizards surrounded him leaving Harry no way to escape.

“Fuck off you disgusting mother fucker!” cursed Harry, kicking him in the balls, using that to try and get away. He took a few steps then his world went black, as he felt magic hit his back.

“What did you do that for?!” said Sirius rushing to Harry’s side.

“We cannot continue this here, we must get him to Hogwarts,” said Dumbledore.

“Come on, let’s go its getting crowded again,” said Remus he could sense the people round the corner.

Albus wasted no time; he held onto Harry and Apparated them both to the gates of Hogwarts. Then proceeded to float the stunned seventeen year old through the halls and up to the room he’d had prepared earlier for him. Sirius and Remus followed behind him like puppies.

“Come in and shut the door, we cannot have him fleeing again.” said Albus.

Remus closed the door as he and Sirius entered, Sirius seemed rather bewildered by the events that had just transpired. He had expected hugging, crying and long conversations. Nowhere in this world had he thought he’d be called a pervert by his own godson! It made him sick to his stomach, and truth be told he didn’t want Harry to wake up…he couldn’t take any more harsh vitriol coming his way.

“Enervate,” said Albus, once Harry was on the bed.

“Where the hell have you fuckers taken me?” cried Harry as he warily looked around the room. His heart was pounding away in his chest erratically like an off beat drum.

“Calm down Harry, you are safe here, it’s a school for special people like you.” said Remus quietly, “You have magic, magic that can do wonderful things and if you let us help you…you can harness that power.”

“I don’t want your fucking help old man, now let me leave.” snapped Harry his green eyes flashing furiously.

“We need to get rid of that language as well, it’s not becoming of such a young man to curse like that.” said Dumbledore observing Harry critically.

“Screw you,” said Harry his lip curled in a manner that reminded the three of a certain Potions Master. “So what are you going to do then? Keep me a fucking prisoner? You can’t make me do fucking anything.”

“Is it not better being here? Somewhere warm, with a bed to sleep in and all the food you could eat?” said Albus kindly, “With magic you could go on to do great things.”

Harry stopped glaring, looking around a thoughtful look on his face, “Well…it would be nice.” he said with a vulnerable hint to his face.

“It’s a castle, it’s beautiful! You’ll love it here Harry your mum and dad attended!” said Sirius eagerly joining in now that Harry seemed to have stopped cursing.

“A castle?” asked Harry his eyes going wide, “Really?”

“Yes!” cried Sirius with abandon, “Come on I’ll show you around!”

Harry bit his lip, staring at them in contemplation, “Fine.” he said grudgingly, walking towards the door with Sirius. As soon as it opened, Harry jerked passed; slamming the door closed in three of their faces and bolted. He ran quicker than he’d never before in his life, cursing every few minutes when there seemed to be more than one bloody corridor.

“HARRY STOP!” yelled Sirius, his voice sounding everywhere.

“Shit,” said Harry as his chest heaved with exertion; he’d been running non stop for ten minutes trying to find a way out. It really was a castle then, which sucked big time; it meant getting away would be harder.

“HARRY!” yelled Remus.

Harry rounded yet another corner, and came face to face with big double doors. Doors that led outside, taking a deep breath he bolted for it. If they caught sight of him he’d just be hit with that spell again. Not something he was keen on at all, nobody was around, and that was good. He managed to get within feet of the doors before they closed on him, bolts sliding into place making it impossible for him to get away.

“It’s seems you cannot be trusted,” said Albus coming forward, a sad look on his aged face. “This is for your own good my boy.” another spell hit him and he was out for the count.


Harry moaned in agony, clutching his head, my god it hurt like hell. He’d soon learn that leaving the stunning spell on and making it wear off on its own would cause it. He was back in that bloody room again, he jumped up and tried to open the door. He grumbled but wasn’t surprised when it didn’t open for him. Then he noticed the bracelet, it wasn’t his! He found to his confusion that it wouldn’t come off.

“Morning Harry,” said Sirius coming in with a tray of food. “Are you feeling better?” he avoided touching Harry, not wanting any accusations levelled his way.

“Is there a knife on that tray?” asked Harry glaring at Sirius unnoticed since the black haired man wouldn’t meet his face.

“Erm… yes, why?” asked Sirius finally looking up as he placed it on the table.

“Because I’m going to gut you with it you disgusting fucker,” snarled Harry grabbing it and advancing on the wide eyed wizard, who gulped fearfully stumbling back. “Trust me I’d like nothing more than to kill all of you, spineless, useless fucking arseholes…and I’d be within my right seen as you’ve kidnapped me.”

Sirius squeaked before stumbling back through the portrait and locking Harry back in. He slumped against the door, tears of frustration making their way into his eyes. This wasn’t how he imagined finding his godson all those years. He couldn’t stand it, seeing him like this, he wouldn’t go back in there, he absolutely refused.

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Chapter 2

Not Going Well

“Hello Harry,” said Albus coming into the room, his multicoloured robes swirling around as he closed the door tightly behind him.

Harry resolutely ignored the old man; he knew the old fool had been the one to put him at the Dursley’s. He hated Dumbledore more than he hated the other two, and that wasn’t going to change.

“Do you have any belongings you’d like brought here?” asked Dumbledore, seemingly unbothered by the oppressive silence.

Still Harry continued to stare at the ceiling as if it was the most fascinating thing he’d ever seen.

“Where did you sleep? Did someone take you in?” asked Dumbledore.

“Go fuck yourself, you mad old bastard.” cussed Harry violently, “I dare you to show me magic, and I’ll fucking kill you.”

“There is no need for that language in my school Mr. Potter.” said Dumbledore his magic flaring out around him. It was supposed to be a warning to Harry, to intimidate him, but Harry was beyond caring.

“So fucking kick me out see if I care.” spat Harry, glaring at him before turning to gazing at the ceiling. He wasn’t scared of the old fool, he had known a wizard much stronger than him…one he missed and had to give up because of the old fool in front of him. God he missed him, more than he’d ever missed anyone.

“You will change your language my boy,” said Albus, “Perhaps I should leave you to come to terms with this. You are staying here, and you will learn magic.” his voice commanding but Harry didn’t bat an eyelash.

Harry just scoffed; the old fool was obviously deluded. He’d out last them, he was good at that. Sooner or later it would get through to their thick skulls.

“There is an evil wizard called Voldemort after you, he murdered your parents and tried to murder you. He failed because of your mothers love, a love so strong that a shield was created because of it. If you do not learn what you need, he will eventually find you and kill you. Think on that my boy.” said Dumbledore before leaving the room.

Harry snarled viciously, it gave him the willies the way Dumbledore called him his boy. He was nobodies, at least without his consent, and Dumbledore sure as hell didn’t have it. He grimaced, staring over at the food; he desperately wanted to eat something. Unfortunately he didn’t trust them to have put something in it. Instead he put it in the bin, so nothing tempted him later. He was used to being hungry; unfortunately he couldn’t force himself to put the apple in the bin. Rolling his eyes he put it under the bed, out of sight. If he got desperate enough he’d at least try the apple. Later though, much later.



Every single Order member packed itself into the Headmaster’s office. Which was rather usual, since they normally met up in the kitchen of Sirius’ home in Grimmauld Place. It was spacious enough to allow them to sit down comfortably, so they were actually rather curious about what was bringing them to Hogwarts today. However, the Headmaster’s office seemed to expand for the sudden increase of people packed into it. They were knee to knee sitting on chairs, in some sort of weird circle, so they could see each other. A round table was in the centre, full of coffee, tea, pumpkin juice and a variety of biscuits, sweets and cakes. However, none of it was touched, they were sitting there pensively, judging by Albus’, Remus and Sirius’ looks it wasn’t good news.

“Albus what’s going on?” asked Minerva, as she took her own seat; he was so different from what he’d been like yesterday.

“We found Harry Potter,” said Albus quietly, his voice laced with exhaustion. He had small bags under his eyes; it was as though he had not had any sleep last night. Which of course was true, he couldn’t believe how things were going.

“Oh poor dear!” said Molly looking ready to burst into tears, “At least he can be buried with his parents in Godric’s Hollow. It’s the least we could do, how did it happen?” it was a logical conclusion to make based upon Black, Lupin and of course Dumbledore’s faces.

“Oh, no, Molly he is not dead, he’s very much alive.” said Albus quickly dissuading her of her preconceived notions. The noise in the room rose quickly and dramatically, when they learned the boy they’d been searching for had finally been found. Their questions were overlapping each others, making it possible to discern any of their questions.

“SILENCE!” yelled Dumbledore causing the hubbub to quickly die down. There was no denying they were still deadly curious about Harry and how he’d finally been found. There was only one person who’d stayed silent since the meeting started. He was sitting in the corner, keeping to himself, as he always did. Severus Snape wasn’t a sociable man, and didn’t pretend to be. He only spoke when something really gained his curiosity. Everyone else knew better than to chat to him, the glare alone was enough to make them pee themselves with fear. “One question at a time please.”

“How is he?” asked Molly her eyes simmering.

“Physically he is fine,” said Albus, before he grudgingly continued, “He wasn’t so eager to come to Hogwarts however, but I am hoping he will change his mind soon. We have three weeks to get him trained enough to join the other seventh years.”

“Is that even possible?” asked Hermione from where she was sitting with the rest of the Weasley’s. She’d been staying with Ginny when the Order had been called so she’d been able to attend. Ginny had changed drastically after her first year, nearly dying for writing in a diary. She had almost put Hermione to shame, she was determined to learn everything so she didn’t fall victim to anything or anyone ever again. She had gotten the highest O.W.L scores out of any of her brothers, even Percy much to his shock. “Six years of Hogwarts education in three weeks?” she looked utterly shocked by what they were planning.

“It’s just a possibility at this point, I am not sure how to get through to Harry at the moment.” admitted Dumbledore reluctantly.

“Why what’s wrong?” asked Arthur frowning as if he was trying to figure out what they were holding back.

“He’s extremely…angry.” squeaked Sirius, his voice louder than normal, “He threatened to gut me for bringing him some food.” there was no mistaken the indignant and pain laced in his voice.

Everyone stared in shocked surprise, meanwhile a chuckle sounded from the most surprisingly source. Severus wasn’t one to laugh or even chuckle during order meetings. Severus certainly liked the sound of this Potter, how many times had he wanted to say the same thing to Black? Damn he wouldn’t have minded seeing the look on Black’s face.

“His language could make sailors blush as well,” said Remus quietly, Sirius had refused to go back to the room Harry was in.

“That’s putting it mildly, certainly not language befitting a hero.” said Albus.

“Maybe telling him about his parents might help?” suggested Molly quietly, “May I see him? Having a motherly person there to ease the transition will help?”

“How about having Professor Burbage speak to him? She might be able to talk to him too, it’s bound to be hard he only knows the Muggle world?” suggested Hermione, “Or even me?”

“Of course Molly, perhaps you would like to take his lunch to him?” said Albus, nobody could resist Molly’s motherly ways, and perhaps Harry needed to know he no longer had to fend for himself. Yes, it sounded like a very good idea, he was rather glad she had suggested it. The boy needed a mother in his life, since he couldn’t remember his own one.

“I’d be happy to!” said Molly sitting up proudly; she couldn’t wait to meet Harry. The poor dear just needed someone to tell him right from wrong. To feed him up and give him some tender love and care. Her kids had all turned out right; surely it had to count for something.

“Where is he anyway?” asked Ron, stuffing a pumpkin pasty into his mouth. Causing his mother to hit him on the back of the head for his lack of manners. They hadn’t seen him on the way up, in fact the place was deserted, always was at this time of year.

“He’s in one of the rooms I made for him just of the corridor to the Potions Classroom.” said Albus, “Do not let him out; I am afraid he keeps trying to leave.”

“You mean you are keeping him here against his will?” asked Severus his voice going low and dangerous.

“Only for his own protection,” said Albus, “He will come to realize he’s safe here, we cannot risk the Death Eaters finding him.”

Severus watched them all agreeing with Dumbledore; Severus shook his head and remained silent. Rubbing at his temples, a headache forming already. Keeping someone against their will was a stupid, stupid stunt to pull. From what he was hearing, the boy would more likely to rebel against them, not willingly go and help. His option evidently didn’t matter, so he did not bother voicing it.

“Remus why don’t you pick out some books in the library? First year ones I think, perhaps just the core classes? Once Harry has read them tell him we will go and get a wand from Ollivander’s. Take them to him with his dinner tonight, hopefully with Molly’s help he will be in a more agreeable mood.” said Albus.

“I guess we no longer need to keep searching for him then,” said Tonks, it was so odd, she’d been searching for him for years every night. To stop so abruptly, felt weird, she’d gotten into a routine. Then again, she should be glad, it meant she’d be able to get five hours more sleep each night. “How did you find him?”

“I had my contacts looking for him, one of them happens to be a squib and he let me know he’d seen someone heavily resembling James and I knew at last we had found him.” lied Albus barefaced.

“Figg?” asked Sirius completely forgetting the ‘He’ in the sentence.

“No, someone else,” said Albus, his secrecy wasn’t usual, especially when it came to him using contacts. The only one they’d ever met was Mundungus Fletcher, but he had actually joined the order. The others must not have wanted to, or at the very least wished to remain anonymous.

“It’s getting late, I think I will take Harry’s lunch to him now,” said Molly standing up, just dying to mother someone. All her kids had grown up, she was waiting on a grandchild, and perhaps Harry would do as a substitute until then.

“Of course, Taffy,” called Albus, summoning one of the Hogwarts kitchen elves. “I would like lunch for one, why not add a second helping of pudding to it?” he was sure Harry hadn’t really had anything like it before in his life.

“Yes sir,” said Taffy immediately leaving.
“The password is Semper Fi Molly,” said Albus, who was then distracted by Ginny talking.

“What if he isn’t good enough for seventh years? Will he maybe have classes with us?” asked Ginny, she wasn’t officially an order member. She was only here because with the war going on outside, her mother refused to leave her anywhere. She had been sworn not to reveal anything through, not that she ever would.

“Perhaps, we shall have to see what happens in the upcoming weeks, considering his age, I see no reason why he wouldn’t catch on quick enough to catch up with the seventh years…especially in the core classes.” said Albus.

“Here you are sir,” said Taffy popping in, Molly immediately took the tray from the elf, nodding her thanks. The elf disappeared and Molly straightened up and immediately left the room.

“Core classes? So he will only be taking Transfiguration, Charms, Defence, Herbology and Potions?” asked Hermione.

“Exactly,” said Albus.

“What about when he wants a career? Those core classes will not allow him to do anything worthwhile.” said Arthur in incredulity.

“It’s enough to be an Auror,” said Albus.

Severus’ eyebrows were climbing higher and higher each time one of them opened their mouth. He’d been in the wizarding world all of two minutes, and they were deciding his career choice already? He hadn’t seen the day he’d feel pity for a Potter but right now he did. Pity and respect that he wasn’t just doing as they asked. Even his submissive’s hadn’t been like that, in fact he’d have been embarrassed to have one the way they wanted Potter. He liked his submissive’s strong, yet willing to submit to him and him alone. He’d never found one since him…shaking off his thoughts not wanting to think on him here or at all actually.

“You cannot decide that for the laddie,” barked Moody, and a lot of the Order was actually agreeing.

They were actually going against Dumbledore; Severus would never forget this meeting as long as he lived. Which was quite longer than if he’d gone back to spy. No Dumbledore had deemed him too important in his role of looking for Harry Potter to go back to spying. He wouldn’t have lasted long anyway; the Dark Lord would have wanted to know how he’d stayed out of Azkaban. He’d have had Macnair get his records, which would have proved his real loyalties, since he’d been under Veritaserum. The one potion that no wizard could beat, not even a Potions Master. So he supposed he had Potter to thank for the fact he didn’t have to put up with the Cruciatus curse being cast on him each Death Eater meeting.

“It wasn’t what I meant,” said Albus defensively. “He must be prepared for the outside world, and we cannot do that if he attends every single class.”

“He should be allowed to choose.” said Arthur, he’d never forced a career on his kids, and the thought of Dumbledore doing it to Harry infuriated him.

“And he will, I will make sure he does whatever he would like to do, even if I have to bend some rules so he can take classes to pass the classes needed.” said Albus, of course he expected Harry to follow his father’s footsteps and be an Auror. It was a profession worthy of a hero, in fact the only one he should ever consider. He had no doubt he could convince Harry’s it’s what he was to do. Sooner or later Harry would cave in, it was just a matter of finding what matters. Everyone had a weakness, he’d find out what is Harry’s if it killed him.


“Semper Fi,” said Molly, as the portrait opened, she braced herself for anything to come her way. She walked into the room, closing the door behind her. Getting her first look at Harry Potter. He was nothing like she expected, his hair could use a big haircut. She didn’t approve of long hair on men, and it didn’t help one of her kids refused to have his hair cut. He was shorter than her youngest son, at least an entire head; he was far too skinny, skinner than her daughter. His clothes were rather shocking, jeans with bad holes in them, a pair of faded converse shoes, a black t-shirt and fingerless gloves.

“Oh Harry!” said Molly placing the tray down and going to hug him, just as she put her hands around him she cried out in shock. Her body shuddering with the shock, she took three steps back. Harry had just used a defensive charm on her; it caused electricity to surge through him and into her. “I wasn’t going to hurt you sweetie, I was only going to give you a hug.” she said as if she was talking to a five year old.

“Keep your fucking hands to yourself woman.” snapped Harry, glaring at her. He’d been too surprised to do anything when she first assaulted him. Now he was staring at her as if she was contagious, as if begging her to try again.

“Language Harry, that’s no way for a young man to speak!” said Molly in warning.

“Fuck you,” scoffed Harry, his green eyes flashing with promised pain if she took another step forward. He did not like people touching him, and they’d get that through their thick skulls sooner or later.

Molly huffed, staring at the boy; he just needed a firm hand until he realized they weren’t going to give up on him. Removing a small bag from her cloak, she returned it to its normal size. Digging into it, finding some of Ron’s clothes, she always carried a spare case of clothes for everyone just in case. It had come in handy a few times already. “These are some of my Ronnie’s clothes, they are much more suited than those…clothes you have on at the moment.”

“You are one crazy bitch if you think I’ll do anything you tell me to!” snapped Harry, he wanted out of this damn room. He wanted to leave; he had no desire to be here. He didn’t like feeling all these emotions, the fear, the hurt, the anger, and the loss of control where he hadn’t willingly relinquished it. His life was spiralling out of control and with it his magic.

Molly straightened up, stalking forward with every intention of smacking his backside. None of her children spoke to her like that; if they had they’d be getting this exact same treatment. Seemingly forgetting what Harry had done, brushing it off as a one time occurrence as those surges usually were. She grabbed him with every intention of putting him over her knee. Before she could even think of landing a blow, she was then magically flung across the room. Molly screamed as she thumped against the wall, and once again electricity surged through her making her body shake violently. More so than when she had tried to hug him a few minutes ago.

“How would you fucking like me to make your bloody insides come out? I’d like to see them,” growled Harry, as he walked over slower than he’d normally walk. “If you do not leave, that’s exactly what I’m going to fucking do to you. I don’t fucking care what happens to me afterwards.”

Molly Weasley suddenly found herself running towards the door, running faster than she’d ever run before. Slamming it closed, leaving behind a furious seventeen year old with language she refused to even repeat. Her entire body ached as she made her way back up to Dumbledore’s office. The boy was a lost cause; nobody was going to be able to rein him in. He was too wild, if he had been an animal, he would have been put down for sure.

“Molly! How did it go?” asked Albus, eyeing her curiously, Molly was a mother hen, nobody could refuse her for long.

Sirius just looked at her in understanding, he unlike Dumbledore didn’t think Harry was going to melt into her embrace and cuddle her and be the boy Sirius had imagined.

“There is no hope for that…that…that…boy.” her voice squeaked when she said boy, since clearly she didn’t see him as such. “I do not want my Ginny or Ron anywhere near him.”

Albus blinked in shock, he hadn’t expected those words from her. “What did he say?” it must have been really bad for Molly to be this way with him after only meeting him for five minutes…if that.

Severus eyes the red headed witch speculatively; he was dying just to find out by raiding her mind. Unfortunately she was a pureblood, which meant she’d know if he attempted it.

Red in the face, making her hair clash horribly, Molly attempted to answer through her anger. “He threatened to use an Entrails curse one me!”

“Did he use those words?” asked Dumbledore looking worried. Did the boy already know magic? Had he been taken in by someone from a Dark family all along? No it wasn’t possible, he had Muggle clothes on…but then how could he know spells?

“No!” snapped Molly her face getting steadily redder. “He just threatened to take my insides out!” she sounded like a five year old telling on her brother. Ron was biting his lip; he’d never seen his mother so unhinged before. Not even the time Fred and George had taken the enchanted car for a ride around the house.

Remus’ heart sank…he was suddenly not so eager to take the next shift. Sirius threatened to be gutted with a Muggle knife, now Molly with this. Harry wasn’t going to relent. “Maybe we should let him go,” said Remus quietly, but his voice was heard just fine.

“Then lose the war?” asked Dumbledore, “Is that what you wish?”

“Harry isn’t going to listen to us,” said Remus exhaustedly. “He just wishes to go back to the only world he’s known. Maybe one day he might come back, but right now…we’ve essentially kidnapped him and I can’t really blame him for being angry.”

“We haven’t kidnapped him, we are just keeping him safe.” said Dumbledore not liking that word at all. It sounded so dirty, kidnapping, they were doing this for Harry’s own good. “The Death Eaters would get to him sooner or later, he needs protected even if it’s from himself.”

Severus felt a smirk forming, feeling deeply amused by the conversation going on around him. Honestly they were a bunch of harebrained, idiotic Gryffindor’s, Potter seemed like a Slytherin. They were going about it all wrong.

“How about taking him to see his parents grave?” suggested Tonks, “It might get him to open up a bit.”

“Hmm it might work,” said Albus thoughtfully.

“I do not think so,” said Molly still smarting at being scared by a seventeen year old boy.

“What do you expect? The boy has been on the streets for years, he will have a ruthless bled into him because of it. Potter will only ever think of himself, the first rule of the street is always only look after number one.” said Severus crossing his arms against his chest.

“What do you suggest then Severus?” asked Dumbledore, a mocking tone in his voice.

“Tell him about his money, it’s the only chance you have of the boy doing anything.” said Severus. His anger stirring at Dumbledore’s mocking tone, if anything the Headmaster was the stupid one here.

“No way!” cried Sirius, “He’d take it and run.” protesting violently against it, more probably due to the fact that it had been Severus to suggest it.

“Perhaps, but it’s the only chance you have.” repeated Severus a knowing look in his eye. “Being sentimental will get you nowhere.”

“It’s a chance I cannot take, Harry has to stay here, he has a destiny to fulfil.” said Dumbledore adamantly.

Severus remained silent, they were dim-witted the lot of them, he’d always said it, but now he really believed it. The boy was not going to mould into their saviour, he’d spent too long looking after number one. He barely listened as they prattled on, coming up with half arsed schemes to get Potter onside. He left as soon as he could, irritated beyond belief. As if taking Potter to see his parent’s grave was going to get through to him! As soon as he got to his quarters he downed a headache cure. He was half glad Hogwarts was starting up, putting up with the dunderhead students was better than those obtuse, dim-witted Order members.


“Hello Harry,” said Remus coming in, the boy had been sleeping on the couch when he’d walked in. He’d looked sort of innocent, now though he just looked pissed off. The green eyes he’d got from his mother, glared at him with distaste and an anger he really hadn’t seen on a seventeen year old boy before.

“What the fuck do you want now?” snapped Harry.

“I never did get a chance to tell you my name, its Remus Lupin by the way, I was best friends with your father.” said Remus ignoring Harry’s attitude. “Read those books and we will take you to get your wand ok?”

“How about I cave your skull in with a baseball bat?” suggested Harry, “It would make me feel better than reading those fucking books would.”

Remus swallowed trying not to react, but to hear Harry speaking like this chilled him to the bone. “I also have something else to show you,” said Remus, pulling out a black photo album, as he walked over to the couch sitting himself down next to Harry. “Here you go, these are your parents. Lily and James Potter, they were so proud of you, do you know that? You were everything to them.”

Harry arched an eyebrow; really they were sinking so low as to mention his parents? “Let me guess, they’d want me to fight for the greater good and destroy Voldemort while you all sit on your arses right?” said Harry snorting in derision.

“They did, at your age.” said Remus quietly, “But no, it’s not what I meant. They loved Hogwarts, paid for your tuition as well, they’d be very proud if you graduated Hogwarts you know.”

“Hogwarts doesn’t have to worry, I’m not fucking going to demand the money back,” said Harry rolling his eyes, “Nothing you bloody do or say will change how I feel. Keep me here for as long as you want, I’ll find a fucking way out eventually just you wait or I’ll murder one of you.”

“Do you not like it here even the slightest?” asked Remus desperately, exasperated with Harry beyond belief. Sirius was a mess, Sirius just couldn’t understand why Harry was being the way he was.

“Are you fucking kidding me? You’ve kidnapped me and held me against my fucking will! Are you expected me to bloody like it here? I’d rather have a shot on the Sparky… electric chair if you are too stupid to know what I fucking mean. ” said Harry his lip curling, he was sick and tired of the stupid, pathetic attempts at manipulating him. They’d tried to push their expectations upon him, without a care of how he really felt. Not only that, but Harry hadn’t failed to notice they’d never asked even once about him. Well other than where he’d been, which he refused to answer. In fact he refused to answer any of their questions.

“Your magic needs trained Harry, I’m surprised it’s lasted as long as it has.” said Remus feeling sick to his stomach.

Harry huffed, closing his eyes feeling his anger continuing to mount. Harry bit into his lip viciously, the pain helped him focus, centre himself and stop his magic from reacting. Not that he cared about Lupin; he just didn’t like loosing control. In fact he hated it. He felt so lost right now, but he’d be fucked if he let them see that. He wasn’t about to let them know they were right either. Taking a deep breath, he turned to Remus his smouldering with anger, resentment and disgust “Just Fuck off, get out of my fucking sight, I can’t stand you.”

“Harry,” said Remus sadly, opening his mouth and closing it, not able to articulate what he wanted to say.

“Just let me fucking go you arsehole, I want no part in your stupid world,” snapped Harry.

“I can’t do that,” said Remus, it was obvious Harry wasn’t in any mood to talk…yet again. “Harry, please give it a try.” putting his hand on Harry’s arm. Once again electric current slashed on through causing Remus to fly off the edge of the couch, his hair standing on end with static surging through it.

Harry picked up the only thing available, the books and began flinging them at him with very accurate and strong aims. Remus moaned in agony as one hit his nose, causing it to break with a resounding crack. Another perfectly aimed between his legs and one right in the centre of his back as he fled. A trail of blood leading the way, Harry screamed his fists punching at the couch in his fury.

Harry slumped back down on the couch in defeat, staring at the fire, he hated this place, it was like a prison. He was still in the clothes he’d been caught in, he couldn’t believe they’d tried to give him the most dreadful clothes, they’d belonged to someone called ‘Ronnie’ or so said the red headed woman. Harry smothered a smirk just thinking about it, she’d gotten the shock of her life when she’d went to hug him. He didn’t take well to people invading his personal space, well unless he wanted it anyway. He certainly hadn’t wanted her hugging him as if they’d known each other for years. Personally Harry thought they’d belonged to fifteen other people before ‘Ronnie’ they were threadbare. His clothes were certainly better, no matter how they were acquired. He’d simply forgotten to pay for them, quite an accident really could happen to anyone. His shoes, well they were both the same just different sizes, one was a size six, and the other six and a half. Shoe shops didn’t put out both pairs in case someone walked out with them. It hadn’t stopped him, but you had to survive the street somehow.

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Chapter 3

An Escape Attempt As Well As A Surprise For Severus


Harry woke up, his body jumping as he looked around suspiciously. A yawn leaving his lips, he was exhausted and starving he could have eaten a scabby horse. He was still not eating anything they gave him, other than the fruit. Which he inspected for any holes, he didn’t trust them as far as he could throw them. He managed to eat more homeless and that was saying something. He’d been in this room for more than a fortnight; they didn’t let him out because he kept trying to escape. At least he assumed it was a fortnight, he’d taken to scratching the desk each day, just to keep track. It was mind numbingly boring, the only amusement he got was scaring the living day lights out of the idiots bringing him food. He had noticed the man proclaiming to be his godfather hadn’t been back again. Nor had the red headed woman, but Lupin wasn’t getting it into his thick skull yet. They bothered him though, what he said, Lupin flinched every time he spoke. He’d made it his mission to make them all dread coming in.

He didn’t want to be here, and they were forcing that on him. The idiots had actually expected him to jump up and down at being taken to Hogwarts. They’d left five books for him to read them; one was splattered with Lupin’s blood. They’d used getting him a wand as incentive to get him reading those magic books. They were extremely slow, he was going to do nothing, and he didn’t care about Voldemort or that he might be killed. In fact he’d probably just let him do it, just to cut his own nose of to spite his face. He just wanted to go home, to his world. He’d rather be on the street than stuck here, hell, he felt safer out there than he did in here.

They’d tried to push their expectations upon him, without a care of how he really felt. Not only that, but Harry hadn’t failed to notice they’d never asked even once about him. Well other than where he’d been, which he refused to answer. In fact he refused to answer any of their questions. Damn it he wanted out of here! One thing though, he was getting used to their routine. Today it was the pink haired woman’s turn to bring his breakfast. She was cocky but always falling over her own feet, extremely clumsy. If he attempted anything, it would probably be her he should try it on. They rarely came to see him, other than to bring him food. Sometimes Dumbledore came down, but he always just repeated the same words. It was like he was on auto pilot unable to say anything else. It was always the same inane questions, where had he been, had he been with anyone from the magical world, did he know any magic. Then of course he’d go on about how evil Voldemort was, and how he had to be stopped. How he, Harry, had to learn magic to protect himself and behaving this way wasn’t befitting a hero. Harry shuddered just remembering, he was no hero.

Looking at the time, he realized with a start she’d be here in a few seconds. Climbing out of the bed hurriedly, he grabbed two books and placed them where they wouldn’t be shifted by the door but would make the pink haired Klutz fall. He’d need to do more than make her fall, what had that spell been to knock him out, that Dumbledore had uttered?…stuply? Stupefly? Stupefy! That’s it that’s the word Dumbledore had used. He’d never attempted anything like this before. He knew he had magic, that wasn’t the problem; he’d just never used words to do it.

Harry ran to the other side of the room, they had to see him before they’d come into the room further. Dumbledore must have made sure to tell them he wasn’t allowed out. He was getting desperate; he’d never stayed in the same place so long before. He felt as though he was going insane. All the warring emotions inside him, this was why he liked someone looking after him. To take the pressure off, so he didn’t have to worry about anything. He often wondered if his previous master was somewhere in the castle, or if he was out there somewhere in the wizarding world. He’d been thinking about him a lot, stuck here, there wasn’t much else to do.

“Hey Harry,” said Tonks, they always said the same exact thing to him, greeting him as if he was friends with them. Harry held his breath, waiting with anxiousness as Tonks came in. She obviously couldn’t see the books for the tray she currently carried. Then it happened, she tripped over the books. Harry lunged for her, grabbing her wand from its holster, crying out one word “Stupefy!” aiming it at her head… and it worked. The spell hit her surprised face before she was out of it.

Relief flowed through Harry as he dropped her wand slamming the door closed before he ran. He pretty much remembered the way from the last time. Only getting lost twice, instead of the dozen times he had the time before. Hopefully he’d get away since nobody would know until she was found. Hopefully she wouldn’t be found until lunch time. It was good for him, bad for them and Harry wasn’t going to complain. As he ran he wondered if he should have kept that wand, it might have proved useful…just in case he encountered anyone on his way. Left, right, left right, right, right, left the pattern continued as he made his escape. He was very grateful he hadn’t bumped into anyone. Now if he hadn’t been in the dungeon’s it might have been a different set of circumstances altogether.

Turning yet another corner, he grinned in triumph, he had told them he would get out of there. It was only a matter of time; you couldn’t keep someone imprisoned forever. A malicious grin crossed his face, too bad he wouldn’t be there to see the looks on their faces. He was nobody’s hero, and he’d damned if he let anyone tell him or use him otherwise. Harry broke into a run, bolting past a set of open large golden doors. His head automatically looking in, catching sight of the ceiling, and most unfortunately…Dumbledore. He’d been spotted. Cursing he doubled his speed, turning away and gasping in shock, his heart leaping into his mouth. Harry unable to win a fight with gravity fell down the steps of Hogwarts. All seventeen of them, Harry had counted, spread eagle on the ground, he gasped mouthfuls of air into his lungs. Getting up, despite the agony, and shaking his entire body was surging with adrenaline.

He had always been a fast runner; you had to be quick on the streets, especially running from the authorities. Something good had come out of ‘Harry hunting’. It had helped him invade the police a dozen of times, and over the years he’d just gotten better. Harry realized through, he should have eaten something. The lack of food meant he was using the last dregs of his energy. He’d only had an a few oranges, apples, some weird skin coloured fruit with a stone in the middle, well two pieces of fruit with stones in the middle, only the second one had been a reddish purple colour. Shaking off his stupid thoughts, panting outrageously as he ran. Small stones being kicked in all directions, as he trod on them, trying to get to safety. He’d only popped a few times, once back when he was at Primary school. The second when he’d almost been caught by the police. He was hoping to do the same thing here.


Harry ran for fifteen minutes towards the gates, sensing the magic wouldn’t let him get away. There was a dome of magic protecting the castle, stopping him from being able to pop away. He’d been able to do it after seeing his previous Dom doing it, truth be told it had jogged his memory of the occurrence when he was a child. The second time he’d popped had been after the relationship with his Dom had been over.

He could feel the magic fading or lessening, he was near the edge of the dome, and soon he’d be able to get away. Looking back he saw Dumbledore rushing down the steps, and he was alone. Smirking in satisfaction he continued on. Just a few feet from the gates the oddest looking creature popped in front of him, holding its hand out. Harry skidded to a halt just as a wave of pure magic shot from the things hand and blasted him. Harry felt himself flying through the air, bracing himself for the landing. Prepared or not, his body cried out in agony as dots danced about in his mind. Thank god for the adrenaline, otherwise Harry knew he wouldn’t have been able to sit up. He jerked around, biting his tongue at the fresh wave of pain radiated from him. Dumbledore was still running the house elf was still standing there.

Scrambling to his feet, groaning as the world tilted alarmingly, quickly his equilibrium was restored, and he ran into the trees. It was the only place he could go to get away. He didn’t know where it led, but away from them was a good thing right now. If he was going to be caught he wouldn’t make it easy on them. No all he needed to do was find a tree to climb up. Stay there until they left for the night, or stopped searching, then he could move on. He hadn’t been in long before he heard Dumbledore’s voice. Harry had always wanted to punch Dumbledore; his voice had always grated on his nerves, now more than ever.

“I know exactly where you are Mr. Potter, you won’t be leaving the school grounds, you might as well just come out.” said Albus confidently. He didn’t understand why the boy wanted to return to the Muggle world, what awaited him so strongly he felt the need to return to a life on the street? He couldn’t understand the boy at all, and he was at his wits end. He’d not been able to find out any information, from what he could see Harry didn’t have any weaknesses that he was sharing. It certainly wasn’t his parents; he didn’t seem to care about them.

Harry bit his lip, wanting to curse at the old fool, but he might just be kidding. He didn’t want to give away his position, so with steel will, he managed to stop himself. He even tried to stop himself breathing so heavily, but it wasn’t easy. He’d had the wind knocked out of him twice, his body hurt like they wouldn’t believe. Nothing was broken though; at least he didn’t think so. No doubt he’d be bruised as hell tomorrow; he’d live with that as long as he got away. Slinking behind the trees, away from the direction Dumbledore’s voice had been.

“The bracelet upon your wrist, gives away your location Harry,” said Dumbledore sounding tired, as if he couldn’t bear to fight with Harry anymore. “Come out now and you can walk back to the school or be levitated the choice is yours.” three weeks they’d been at this, he hadn’t expected the boy to be so damn stubborn. The boy had to learn magic; he had to save their world. It was his destiny why did the boy not see it? He was at his wits end; he refused to believe the others when they said Harry was a lost cause.

Harry stared down at his wrist in horror; he needed to find a way to get that stupid bracelet off. It must tell them where he was, a GPS tracking device or something…maybe even the spell equivalent of it. Looking for the latch he grit his teeth when he saw none. There was no way to take it off the normal way. He tried to yank it off, but he was only hurting his wrist. He scratched the bracelet against the tree, seeing if it would work but nothing; it was as if the thing was protested against any means of tampering. He then began trying to squeeze his hand out of the thing, he’d just made his hand skinner when he heard the words of the stunning spell, and he knew no more.



“How did it go?” asked Dumbledore, the usual twinkle was nowhere to be seen. He’d been so happy to find Harry, but that had dimmed weeks ago. Sirius was slumped in the corner, convinced none of them would get through to Harry. Sirius had proclaimed he certainly wasn’t going near that room again. Of course he could understand Harry’s anger towards him; he was the one who’d brought him here. Yet he kept refusing to let anyone in and was violent towards everyone. Now Sirius, Molly and Tonks’ were refusing to go near that room, he dreaded who was next.

Remus sat down defeated “I don’t think anything we do will make Harry want to stay. He’s still as bitter as ever. I can’t keep going in there Albus I’m sorry.” he said as he massaged his stomach, evidently Harry had done something else to Remus. Poppy had been called up weeks ago to deal with the broken nose, and the back and groin pain.

“I guess the thought of seeing his parents in a pensive didn’t work?” asked Dumbledore. He was merely stating the obvious, he had suspected it wouldn’t. It didn’t stop him trying though, there had to be some way to get the boy on side. He refused to think on Snape’s ideas, no he wasn’t telling the boy about his money.

Remus shook his head. “No, in fact it just made him even angrier.”

Albus sighed, “Very well Remus, I shall have someone else deliver his food in the morning.”

“What are you going to do now that all the students are coming back? If they know what we are doing…” said Remus looking wary.

“Don’t worry the tracking charm will always ensure I know where he is. If the worst should happen I shall tell the students half the truth.” said Albus feeling as despondent as Remus. He had so hoped to present Harry to the school by this point; have him join his seventh year class mates with the rest of the Gryffindor’s.

“Alright,” said Remus quietly, “If you need anything we will be in Grimmauld Place.”

“Why don’t you stay around for a few days?” suggested Albus.

“I don’t know,” said Remus, Sirius was getting really depressed here, it wasn’t good for him. Sirius was all he had left, other than Harry, but Harry didn’t want to know. If he had to choose he’d pick Sirius, he was his lover after all, his everything. “What do you think Siri?”

Sirius just shrugged, “I doubt Harry’s going to warm up to me any time soon so what’s the point?”

“At least just stay tomorrow until the students come?” suggested Dumbledore, but it was more of a demand.

“Alright, just until the students come,” said Sirius. Then he was going to go home and lick in his wounds. He had a big bottle of Fire whiskey with his name on it calling him. Drinking his sorrows seemed like a good way to go about it. Maybe he should go down to the kitchens; surely they had something he could get drunk on.

“Good!” said Dumbledore. Hopefully he’d convince Sirius to take Harry his breakfast tomorrow. Perhaps suggesting Padfoot visiting him, finding out what was on Harry’s mind. He’d surely talk to a dog; after all he’d think it couldn’t tell anyone.



“Severus take some breakfast down to Harry.” demanded Albus, “The others are refusing.” Albus looked down at Remus and Sirius, his disappointment showing through. He’d tried to convince Sirius to go in his Animagus form, but he’d refused. He’d rather not get kicked in his dog form thank you very much.

“That’s what house elves are for,” said Severus curling his lip, he wasn’t some errand boy. He refused to be treated as such, plus he did not want to meet Potter. Just because he wasn’t a sickly Gryffindor like his father, it didn’t mean he wanted anything to do with him. If he said anything to him, the way he’d been talking to the others, he wouldn’t be able to help himself. He’d have the boy over his knee and showing him, just what the consequences of talking to him like that, would be. If Potter thought some electric jolts would bother a man like him he would be greatly mistaken. Just because he respected how Potter was being, it didn’t mean he would put up with being spoken to in such a manner.

“I cannot take the chance he might trick them Severus, it’s just left of your classroom take something down.” ordered Dumbledore.

“On your head be it,” hissed Severus through clenched teeth. They hadn’t asked him to do it for that exact reason. They knew Severus wouldn’t put up with anything Harry said. Probably push him further away, and make him want to run even further.

“Be kind to him Severus, just remember we need him.” said Dumbledore in warning.

Severus’ nostrils flared at the order, putting his eating utensils down, he left the head table in a flurry of robes. It took him five minutes to get the food and walk towards Potter’s prison. That was essentially what he was, a prisoner within a school. He was half tempted to help the boy escape, maybe then they’d actually get off their own arses and end the war. Instead of expecting a boy with no magical experience or training kill a man. It was a lot to ask of anyone, especially someone who didn’t care for the magical community.

“Semper Fi,” said Severus rolling his eyes, always faithful, they must have set the password nearly three weeks ago for sure. No doubt when they thought Potter was going to play nice. He had his wand out at the ready, he’d seen the state of Tonks and Lupin, and he wasn’t taking any chances. Stepping into the room, his dark eyes scanned everywhere making sure he wasn’t lurking in the shadows.

Harry growled from inside his bed covers, he hadn’t gotten much sleep as always. Out of sheer boredom he slept for a few hours before dinner then being woken up. So he wasn’t able to sleep at night. Plus his entire body was thumping with pain, he was as predicted bruised badly. “Go fuck you----” Harry’s eyes widened when he noticed who it was. Without thinking, he automatically rose out of the bed and knelt on the floor, a little clumsy since he ached everywhere. Every little shred of emotion he’d been feeling for nearly three weeks, disappeared as he knelt before him. For the first time in weeks, Harry felt at peace. The turbulent emotions that had warred inside him finally ceased. He didn’t have to think, to survive, or do anything. His magic also settled, as he knelt the way Severus liked. His relief showed plain as day on his face, despite the fact he was staring at the floor.

Severus froze, his black eyes narrowing even as he adopted a stance he only did at home. He’d straightened up, become more calculating, confident, and graceful. It was that of a Dom standing before his Submissive. The feeling of control washed over Severus, even in his confusion. Having Harry Potter kneeling before him, he of all people, made him feel powerful, smug, turned on and admittedly a little shocked. At first he thought perhaps Potter had seen him at the club. Yet he noticed something that made his heart sink, the way he was kneeling. It was the way he always ordered his Subs, certainly not like they did at the club. He placed the tray upon the table as his thoughts whirled out of control.

At the club they knelt with their hands on their knees, their feet never touching their backside. He on the other hand allowed it, the hands always behind their back, clasped together loosely. He did not recognize him; it made no sense to him at all. Yet he knew what to do to get answers. He’d only had three Subs’ in the past seventeen years. He walked around Harry, and noticed with pride he never once got nervous or moved from his position. Standing at Harry’s back for a few seconds, “Explain.” he demanded if the students thought he was domineering it was nothing on the voice he’d just used on Harry. Yet Harry didn’t flinch, he seemed impervious to his moods or used to them. If this was a game Potter was playing, he was playing it very well. Although Severus did not think the boy was playing at all, he’d never been like this with the others.

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Chapter 4


Harry couldn’t help but want to squirm just hearing that voice again. He’d missed this man more than anyone could possibly fathom. It had been his voice that first drew Harry to him. It was a voice that could sound caring, alluring, drop dead sexy and vicious when he needed to be. Not many people could say their voices could sound like all those things. Severus might not be the most gorgeous looking man, but he wasn’t without his appeal. He was to Harry, classically handsome, not that he’d ever told him. Severus reacted to praise as he’d reacted to the abuse the Dursley’s heaped upon him. That is to say not very kindly at all. So he had been right, Severus had been working for Dumbledore all along. Had Severus known who he was too? It hurt to even contemplate it. Unfortunately his suspicious nature was rearing its ugly head again. His first instinct had been to kneel, as it should have been; now he wasn’t so sure what to do. Part of him wanted to get up, defy Severus, to show him the same disgust and anger he’d shown everyone else. After all Severus was keeping him here against his will too. Just moments ago, he’d felt free of these turbulent emotions, now they were back with a vengeance stronger than ever. Yet his asking how Harry had been his Sub made him realize…maybe, just maybe…he hadn’t known.

“I do not like repeating myself,” warned Severus, his voice low and dangerous. Speaking directly into Harry’s ear, before turning to face Harry, deftly lifting his chin with his hand, wanting to see Harry’s eyes. He could see the troubled mind without having to even glean Harry’s surface thoughts. He had to know just how the hell Harry knew him. Despite the fact he knew the revelation wasn’t going to be a good one. Harry had only turned seventeen lately after all, and he hadn’t had a submissive in a year. Either way, if Harry had been his sub, he had also been underage. Young enough to be his student.

Harry knew that tone of voice, it meant Severus was extremely angry and he was pushing it. He’d only been on the receiving end of it once, and that’s when he’d put himself in danger. He also remembered the punishment for that stunt as well, and he didn’t want a repeat of it. Even though technically they weren’t Dom and Sub anymore. He didn’t think Severus cared much for technicalities right now. Green eyes met black, they were probing, and seeking answers only he had. They weren’t as angry as his voice had sounded. Holding his breath, keeping eye contact with Severus, he began to change.

Severus’ eyes widened, his heart beating erratically, as Harry began to change. He was a Metamorphmagus! He was like Tonks! Why hadn’t he morphed into one of them and gotten the hell out of here? His hair darkened and got longer, his features became more pronounced, his eyes changed to a deep ocean blue colour, he aged four years in the space of a second. His body got bulkier, not too bulky but noticeably because of how thin he was. He closed his eyes, fifteen years old; the boy had been fifteen years old. If he’d taken him on before July 31st then it made him fourteen for a short while making it intolerable. He’d never once picked up on the fact the boy had been underage. He was speechless, and incapable of saying anything as his mouth opened and closed wordlessly.

Harry watched each emotion passing across Severus’ face, before he closed his eyes hiding how he was feeling completely. Harry swallowed thickly, tense and wary, he’d seen him turning down anyone younger than eighteen without a glance. So he’d aged himself before approaching the man. He’d told him he was eighteen, he’d lied, and he knew Severus hated lies above all else. He truthfully hadn’t expected Severus to take him on as his Submissive. When it had happened, he couldn’t admit the truth, that’s only because he knew he’d be kicked out. It became a vicious circle, one he refused to dwell on.

Severus’ opened his eyes, narrowing them in on a guilty looking Submissive. One that didn’t look anything like Harry Potter at the moment. No he looked twenty years old; he was angry, angrier than he’d ever been. He wanted to put the boy over his knee and give him a punishment he’d never forget. He was painfully reminded that Harry wasn’t his Submissive; they had ceased being as such a year ago. Harry had left without so much as an explanation. He had hurt Severus more than the older man would ever admit, even under the Cruciatus curse.

“Was I the first?” Severus demanded, he had to know.

“No, sir.” said Harry softly. There had been five, none of which he’d stayed for longer than three months. They hadn’t been capable of giving him what he wanted, what he needed the way he needed it. They had mostly been about control and correcting. Harry had wanted something different, and he’d found that in Severus.

Well that was a small comfort at least. “You have another Dom?” asked Severus noticing the bracelet upon Harry’s arm. A lot of Master’s marked their Sub’s, most with collars if they chose to, some with less obvious items. Severus hated it, but he felt extremely hurt with that knowledge. None of the Sub’s he’d seen had ever matched Harry, and so he’d never taken one on. It’s what he’d been doing before Dumbledore had called him back to Hogwarts.

Harry’s currently blue eyes gazed at Severus in confusion, why would the man think that? Truth be told, he’d not had a new Master since Severus, it felt wrong somehow. He hadn’t been back to the club, instead choosing to sleep outside on the streets, yearning for a Dom he’d trusted completely. Harry followed Severus’ gaze, and his lips pulled back in a mute snarl. Harry shook his head, answering Severus’ question.

Severus hated when his Sub’s did that, he always demanded verbal answers. Yet the relief that coursed through him, made him uncaring if Harry hadn’t responded appropriately. Merlin, things had changed so drastically within half an hour. He’d come to this room, with the intention of facing a angry teenager, giving him his food then going to his lab to brew potions. Never in his wildest dreams, had he suspected such a ludicrous thing would happen. Yet it had, and he had no idea how to proceed from here. It was obvious he still wanted Harry, especially if the relief he’d felt moments ago was anything to go by. Unfortunately Harry obviously didn’t feel the same, he’d left. Yet he’d knelt at his feet, given away the fact he’d been with him. Despite the fact that he, Severus Snape, was part in keeping him here, or so the boy should think.

“You didn’t know I was Harry Potter?” asked Harry his blue eyes filled with desperation. As if he needed the answer as much as Severus had needed to know how they’d known one another.

Severus arched an eyebrow at the stupid question, “Do you think I would have asked you to explain if I did?”

Harry bit his lip before replying, “No, sir.” which meant he’d left for nothing. God it made his heart hurt to think about it, he’d messed up the only good thing in his life because he’d misunderstood the situation. If he’d just trusted his Dom…he may have still been safe within his little bubble at Severus’ house in London. He certainly wouldn’t have been caught and brought here anyway.

“Why did you leave?” demanded Severus, as if he could read Harry’s thoughts.

Harry’s face fell, his eyes once again staring at the floor, but not of long. Severus grabbed his chin, forcing him to look up, to look into his eyes. Harry wordlessly opened and closed his mouth, as a lump of aguish lodged in his throat. The tight grip Severus had on his chin anchored him. Stopped him from giving way to despair, he hated being stuck in this room. He wanted out, no, for his own sanity he needed to get away. “I saw Dumbledore going to the flat, I thought you knew… I had to get away.”

“You didn’t trust me.” stated Severus darkly, abruptly letting go of Harry’s chin.

“I did,” replied Harry desperately, “I did.” he said again as if he said it more Severus would believe him.

“Unfortunately your actions spoke louder than your words.” said Severus coldly.

Harry flinched as if the words had been a cruel harsh blow, mostly because he knew Severus was right. He had disappointed his Master, and it made him feel utterly wretched. It didn’t matter now; nothing mattered, because he was stuck here at the end of the day. He didn’t think for a minute Severus was here to help him, if anything; they’d try and use this to their advantage. Well they were in for a shock if they tried, he wasn’t a submissive fool, and he willingly chose to submit to someone, to let them take care of him. Allowing someone to care, to look after him, cherish him since he’d never had it in his life. He craved it yes, but it wasn’t his life line…who was he kidding? It was his lifeline, but he didn’t need it to be. He was used to being on his own, despite the want of a companion, a Master. The hopelessness, the hurt, the fear and anger began to get the better of him again. His magic unlocked again against his will, and begun to escape and leach from him.

Severus had watched Harry crumble and flinch upon his harsh words. They were regretfully true, how was he supposed to take care of someone fully if they didn’t trust him? Although admitted he understood where Harry was coming from, being cautious had probably enabled him to escape detection so long. He was probably thinking he was right in his convictions, sitting here right now. Severus drew in a sharp breath as Harry’s magic danced dangerously around the room. Reacting to the young man’s pent up emotions. He knew there and then Harry wasn’t going to last much longer. He would lash out, lose control and more probably than not do something he wouldn’t regret. If Harry hadn’t been his Sub, he’d have been all too happy to stand back and watch it happen. Yet he’d promised to look after this precious soul, no matter his name, age or even status in the wizarding world.
“Calm yourself.” said Severus, his voice soothing for the first time since he’d stepped foot in the room. Severus reached out to touch Harry, for some reason that always helped soothe him. A single touch always made Harry mould himself against Severus. This time was the same, with one big difference, Severus felt Harry’s magic coming alive for the first time. Swirling around them, in its magnificence, before abruptly it disappeared into both of them. Severus gasped, he’d read about this occurring, but he’d never in a million years expected it to happen to him. Harry’s magic was merging with his. Marking him as Harry Potter’s Dominant and Harry as his Submissive. Raw, willing, wild magic couldn’t be interfered by anyone, not even the Minister of Magic. Not even someone more powerful than them. The only way it could be broken is if they both dissolved it willingly. If he thought Harry revealing himself as an Ex-submissive changed everything, well this was an entirely different situation altogether.
Harry shuddered, his magic finally calming down, and for the first time since he was fourteen he felt as though he was in control. Or rather that someone else was taking control of it for him. Would this have happened along time ago if he let it? His magic had always reacted strongly to Severus. It had teased at the surface of his block, dying to get out. He had thought it was because it sensed Severus’ magic but he was beginning to think it had been about something entirely different. Harry wasn’t sure what it meant though, not completely.
“Do you realize what’s just happened?” asked Severus. He could feel Harry’s emotions, how he’d felt for the past few weeks were coming to the surface as well. It didn’t surprise him, seeing as he’d heard all the others telling tales of how Harry reacted to them. He could also feel Harry’s confusion; it’s why he’d asked that question. Regardless of the answer, Harry’s magic wouldn’t have bonded to him if it wasn’t what his Ex- submissive had wanted. Harry was his, completely, there was no contract needed, no negotiations, nothing. He had wanted him; well Harry was going to get him. He would protect him from harm, and from those who wish to use him for their own selfish greed. Just like he had sworn when he’d first taken Harry on as his Submissive years ago.
“Err…No,” said Harry cringing inwardly, honestly he felt like he was fourteen years old and facing this man again for the first time. With one difference, he’d managed to talk to him without stuttering or being inarticulate…he couldn’t say that this time around.
“I didn’t think so,” said Severus dryly, belatedly realizing he was still touching Harry, and removing his hand, much to Harry’s disappointment if his feelings were anything to go by. “I’ll give you a book, and you can read it for yourself.” that way he’d get the full picture not just a quick statement.
“Can’t you just tell me?” asked Harry. “Sir.” he added quickly.
Severus observed Harry, “Very well, but not here.” said Severus, the light and colours were giving him a headache. It was far too Gryffindor for his taste, bright red and gold, it made him shudder. He much preferred darker places, and colours.
“Not here?” parroted Harry, was he really going to get him out of this room? He bit his lip before reluctantly speaking again. “This has a GPS chip in it, and it won’t come off!” Harry couldn’t have hidden his anger if he’d tried.
Severus’ lips twitched, it was a testament to how little Harry knew about the Magical world with his words. He of course knew a lot about the Muggle world, he’d lived in it for his first eleven years of his life, and each summer since. Dumbledore’s love of the Muggle world extended to his sweets and knitting patterns, he was no expert. He had a lot to teach Harry, and teach him he would. “Give me your arm.” said Severus his voice booking no argument, not that Harry would give it.
Harry held his breath handing over his left arm, watching Severus intently. He noticed Severus needed a wand too, why did everyone he met need a wand? It made no sense to him. Then with two words, two little words that damnable bracelet fell with a clunk on the floor.
“Why didn’t you just turn into someone else and leave?” asked Severus, unable to hold in his curiosity in any longer.
Harry bit his lip feeling sheepish, “I didn’t think of that.” if he had, Dumbledore wouldn’t have got him as he was leaving. The inevitable results were the same, that thing would have just led Dumbledore right back to him. “He would have just found me again anyway, that bracelet gave me away.”
“Up,” said Severus. Dumbledore was in for a shock that was putting it mildly. He was rather looking forward to seeing the look on the old goats face.
Harry wasted no time following that order; he was beginning to feel cramped in that position. Severus opened the door and began walking; he never once looked behind to make sure Harry was following him. Severus wasn’t sure if Harry knew he could feel his emotions, but he wasn’t going to clue him in just yet. He didn’t feel any deception from Harry, so he knew he wouldn’t attempt to run. At least not yet anyway, Harry didn’t like it here, he’d made that abundantly obvious. Not that he could be blamed; he’d been stuck in that room, held like a prisoner for three weeks. No matter how beautiful Hogwarts was, nobody would like somewhere were they were being held captive. He would have to find out how Harry felt regarding magic in general; he couldn’t force his submissive to stay somewhere he had no desire to be. Harry was his submissive again, and he had to do what was right by him.
Harry followed Severus, if it had been anyone but him, he’d have made a run for it. He’d missed Severus more than words would ever express (well his vocabulary anyway). He’d been such an idiot, he should never have run, he should have trusted his Dom. He knew he’d pay for it, Severus wouldn’t forget, it’s just the when really. Hopefully it would be a few days away, he still ached everywhere. Ached to Harry was actually agony to everyone else, but he was so used to pain.
They didn’t walk far, before Harry was in some sort of classroom. It had dozens of glass containers, and cauldrons. They didn’t stay long enough for Harry to notice anything else. They walked through another door and Harry’s eyes widened. All sorts of things were floating around in jars. Things with dead eyes staring at him, it was some sort of office, since all that was in it were rows of cabinets and a desk with a few chairs in the middle. Then they passed through yet another door, into a dark corridor and walked for a few minutes before coming to a secret door.
“Place your palm on the centre,” said Severus, his wand once again out. Harry did, and a spidery sensation shivered down his spine. His hand felt as through it was being pricked with hundreds of pins and needles. Just as quickly as it started it stopped, the door opened and Harry smiled slightly. It was like being back home, it was similar to Severus’ house.
To the left was a large fireplace, with two high back chairs, beside it. A large table in the furthest corner, with two chairs, obviously for eating at. A rather large kitchen to his right, with an island in the centre. Closest to him was a sitting area, with two couches in a beige colour. There were no windows; only lanterns floating in mid air, making a warm glow surround the place. Through one door he could see a library, filled with books Severus always brought with him from London. There were other doors but all closed. One was Severus’ room; another was a guest room that wasn’t used. One was a cupboard filled with lining and towels as well as other odds and ends. Then there was the room Severus used the most, his potions lab probably the biggest room in the flat.
“This is the kitchen as you can see, next to it,” said Severus as he walked around, showing Harry all the rooms in his apartment. “Is my potions lab, a cupboard, my guest bedroom, my bedroom, the library and last but not least the bathroom.” something Harry needed to use immediately, he smelt as though he’d not bathed in three weeks.
The fire flared to life, immediately heating the room to a warmer temperature. Harry liked it warm, probably because he had for most part always been cold out in the streets.
“Change to your natural look,” said Severus. He knew Harry probably had a lot of scars hidden away. Not just the one on his forehead, but the scars his Uncle had wilfully inflicted upon him. Since they were done by a Muggle, he would be able to remove them. It might take a few weeks, but he was confident in his abilities as a Potions Master.
Harry closed his eyes and reverted back, his hair getting a little shorter and his body getting slimmer. When he opened his eyes, they were back to green again. Yet Severus was frowning, moving towards his sub, he lifted away the hair and saw that he didn’t have the tell tale scar that identified him as Harry Potter.
“Properly,” said Severus demandingly.
“This is it,” said Harry quietly, not understanding what Severus meant.
“No, Harry it isn’t, otherwise you would have a scar right here,” said Severus his finger drawing a lightening bolt on his forehead.
“I don’t know how,” admitted Harry paling, he hated disappointing his Dom.
“Do you trust me?” asked Severus, of course Harry wouldn’t know how to control it, and he’d never been taught how.
“Always,” said Harry immediately not having to think about his answer.
“I wish I could believe that, you do realize I will punish you for your lack of trust in me?” said Severus sternly, not right away; Harry needed guidance right now, not punishment. He could feel how lost Harry was, once he was more used to how things were he’d think of a suitable punishment. He wasn’t doing it because he was angry; you never raised a hand to someone when you were angry. It did no good, just made you regret a lot of things. He was doing it because Harry had lied, not just once but about a lot of things. Then he’d run when he should have put his trust in him.
“Yes sir,” answered Harry appropriately.
“This spell will revert you back, it’s not permanent, if you fight it, it will hurt.” said Severus sternly.
Harry nodded his head, “Okay.” he replied in agreement.
“Revortor,” said Severus, which would make Harry revert back to his proper form. So the boy he’d been seeing in the room, before he’d changed into the submissive he’d known wasn’t the real boy. He watched as Harry changed, sucking in a sharp breathe he was breathtaking, yet he looked ill, he was far too skinny. Skinner than he was but he was built that way. He could see each rib poking through his submissive’s skin. The trousers he’d had on had been at his ankles before he pulled them back up. The tell tale scar was once again upon his forehead. He had a lot of work ahead of him that was obvious. He had to take control, Harry was getting extremely anxious. Perhaps this bond had been a good thing, Harry wasn’t one for showing emotion.

“Go into the bathroom and get undressed, I’ll be through in a minute.” said Severus. Normally Harry was the one to prepare the bath, but right now he needed taken care of. He was a mess; he’d obviously not been eating the food they’d been giving him. Otherwise after three weeks he wouldn’t be quite as bad as he was or starving.

“Yes sir,” said Harry, still holding onto the now far too large jeans he scampered off to the bathroom.

Severus went through to his room, gathering up the necessary items, pyjamas which would need shrunk to fit him as well as a bathrobe. Then to the potions lab to gather potions he’d need, and finally to his cupboard to grab a selection of towels. Taking a deep breath, this was what he needed. He needed this almost as much as Harry did, their magic had realized it. Severus had never once been able to control anything in his life. Not his abusive alcoholic father or the abuse he doled out on his mother. Not the idiots at school who’d continued to bully him for seven years. Not his own fate at the hands of Voldemort or later Dumbledore when he gone to him for help. His life, he’d always felt had never been his own. It was sheer happenstance that he’d ended up at the club, and he’d never looked back. Being a Dom made Severus feel he had at least a measure of control on something or someone. It made him feel stronger; it made up for the lack of control he felt elsewhere. He needed someone to look after, and someone in turn to look after him and meet his needs. He wasn’t one of the Dom’s who liked doling out punishments, waiting for excuses to. He preferred helping someone spread their wings instead of constantly clipping them. It’s probably why he and Harry had gotten on so well. Harry had been happy to do what was expected of him, he would have to if the alternative was sleeping in the street.

Walking into the bathroom, horror slammed into him at the state of Harry.

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Chapter 5

Tender Love and Care

Severus was horrified at the state Harry was in, there was hardly a bit of him uninjured. The bruising was very severe, and it had just been done recently. If any of those idiots had hurt him, he’d kill them. The scars as he’d suspected to be there were indeed but faded. They would be gone within a few weeks, he wouldn’t allow his Submissive to walk around with them. The mental scars were enough to deal with, without the physical scars to constantly remind him. It was little wonder Harry had never tested the boundaries, of their relationship. The other Sub’s he’d had, had done exactly that to see what the punishments would be. He shook off his thoughts; this wasn’t about them, or even him.

“How did these occur?” asked Severus placing the bundle in his arms in the sink. The potions he had were no good for bruises. He’d need a salve to get rid of them, a strong one. The ones he’d brought were for removing scars, and nutrition, he needed something to help put weight on, and give him the nutrients he’d missed out on.

“The bruises? I fell down the stairs outside, and then some weird looking creature blasted me of my feet.” replied Harry honestly. He couldn’t see as well as he’d been able to a few minutes ago. How could his ability to change his looks also change his eyesight?

“Weird looking creature? Can you be more specific?” asked Severus dryly.

“Huge face, small body, big hands, big feet and large ears and green eyes I think…” said Harry.

“Ah, that Mr. Potter is a house elf,” said Severus wryly, no doubt Dumbledore had told it to make sure Harry didn’t get off the grounds.

Harry shuddered, “Please don’t call me that.” his voice forlorn. To Harry, the name Potter always followed by pain it’s why he’d been all too eager to leave it behind. Severus had known him as Harrison Blake; it’s the name he’d used then. He’d been called other names, by his other Dom’s; he’d never stuck to the same one. The first names had always been similar to Harry, Harold, and Heath and of course Harrison but the last names he’d plucked out of thin air.

“It is your name Harry, you will have to get used to it.” said Severus, “Come with me.” Severus left the bathroom, Harry following closely behind him, he gestured to his bedroom before going into his lab. Finding the potion he needed, he went through to his bedroom.

“Lie down on the bed,” urged Severus as he opened the large jar in his hand. Placing it on his nightstand, and noticed Harry had lay down on his back. “On your stomach Harry, I need to apply this salve; it will heal your bruises.” Harry immediately rolled over, closing his eyes facing away from Severus to the other side of the room. The smell of the bed was uniquely Severus. He’d never been able to identify the smell, although occasionally he smelt of mint. It must have something to do with Potions, but the scent he smelt right now was absolutely stinking. Harry breathed in sharply as the paste was applied to his back; it was put on evenly across the bruised skin.

“It smells horrible,” said Harry.

Severus snorted, “It does indeed. Let’s see if you are complaining in ten minutes when you are healed.” If only it was that easy to get rid of the scars he’d be a very happy man. Unfortunately no, the potions needed applied in water, where it gained its best access to the scars. Glancing at the time, he would need to keep it on for five minutes, and it would need wiped off before he was given a bath. He didn’t want to know if there’d be any bad reactions to them being mixed.

“I’m sure you have a lot of questions, you are free to ask,” said Severus. As he began spreading the paste on Harry’s thigh, where there was a particularly black looking bruise. Once Harry was settled in he’d need to get Poppy up here to do a thorough examination.

“Why do you need a wand?” asked Harry turning his face to Severus’ his green eyes gleaming with life and curiosity. So different from the eyes Severus had seen upon entering that room.

“Everyone needs a wand, it’s why you’ve had trouble controlling your magic.” said Severus, screwing the lid back on the potion. Placing it in the drawer, best keep it handy.

“Why do they expect me to fight Voldemort?” asked Harry, his green eyes darkening with anger at their presumptions. He just didn’t understand it, he was seventeen years old, and didn’t know anything about the magical world.

“Ah,” said Severus, he should have expected that question to come up right away. Truth be told, he didn’t know how to tell Harry, he didn’t deserve to be burdened with it. Harry may be seventeen years old, but his growth had been stunted, not just height wise but emotionally and mentally. He was also surprised they’d not just told him; after all it seemed as if they hadn’t minded burdening him with tales that he had to defeat Voldemort! Idiots the lot of them, it was little wonder Harry had chosen to threaten them all. “First things first, what did you know about the magical world before Professor Dumbledore found you?”

“Nothing much, I remember a giant driving me on a flying motorcycle, taking me to Dumbledore and the fucking fool leaving me at Privet Drive.” said Harry angry.

“Language,” said Severus sternly, “That is all you knew?”

“Yes sir, sorry sir.” said Harry contritely.

“How is it you remembered that?” asked Severus blown away, he’d been one years old. He couldn’t remember anything from that age, he hadn’t even at seventeen.

“I used to sit in my cupboard and draw people from my dreams. The giant was one of them; a white bearded man was another. I realized who it was the second I saw him, obviously the giant was real too.” said Harry quietly, his fingers tracing invisible patterns on the black bedding.

“Indeed, his name is Rubeus Hagrid he’s the grounds keeper here at Hogwarts, he’s actually a half giant.” said Severus. The cupboard statement would have shocked him once upon a time. Unfortunately he was already aware of the atrocities this boy had been put through. He had been there when they questioned Vernon Dursley under Veritaserum. It had been on the spot action, hence why he’d been there to supervise the affects of the Veritaserum. Truth be told, nobody would have helped Vernon Dursley, not even him if the Muggle had a bad reaction to the Potion. They’d sat in a horrified silence, barely able to get the questions out. The looks Dumbledore had received would have killed him if looks could actually kill. Who left a child out in the freezing cold night of November with only a small blanket on him? Leaving a letter, a single letter to explain what happened? If he’d just woken them up, he would have known the Dursley’s didn’t want him. According to the wizarding world, Dumbledore had failed in his duty to an orphaned wizard. He alone could have prevented the abuse heaped upon a defenceless baby. His popularity had taken a nosedive; a few parents had actually removed their kids sending them to a different school. To this day he hadn’t quite recovered his reputation.

“Why did you ask if I needed a wand?” asked Severus.

“I’ve never used one and my magic works fine.” said Harry shrugging his shoulders a little.

“When you weren’t hiding it I assume?” said Severus pointedly, he’d never known Harry was magical, it’s why he’d never used magic near or on him.

“Yes sir,” said Harry, knowing Severus was still rather upset with the deception. It would take a while before Harry regained Severus’ trust. He’d do it though; he’d do whatever it took to have his Dom happy with him again. Harry had never had any praise growing up, and he graved it a great deal now.

“What magic have you used?” asked Severus curiously, “Times up, go back to the bathroom and remove the stuff from the sink and fill it up.” Severus grabbed a few additional towels; he needed to thoroughly get the salve off Harry’s back and legs.
Severus entered the bathroom and nodded in satisfaction, Harry had done exactly as he asked. He turned the taps on in the bath, letting the warm and cold water mingle and fill up the tub. Dipping the wash cloth into the water, finding it warm enough, he turned Harry around and began taking the thick gooey paste off.

“I only did some magic, usually to make things invisible, or to make tags disappear.” said Harry, his pride mingling with shame. He’d done what he’d had to, to survive, stealing food, clothes and anything he could to keep warm during the harsh winters London received. The tags had been electronic, removing them normally just resulted in dye ending up everywhere.

Severus didn’t need to ask to know what Harry had been doing with his magic. To think the entire time, he’d been quite rich, vaults filled with Galleons in Gringotts lying waiting for him to return. Life hadn’t been kind to Harry, still wasn’t when you looked at it a certain way. Being kidnapped from all he knew to a strange new world with people he hated. Wringing out the cloth he quickly finished taking the residue off. Hopefully he could make the transition a little easier on Harry. “No more, I will take care of you.” said Severus placing the cloth in the hamper.

Harry smiled, for the first time in three weeks he began to hope that things would be better. He’d always been happiest with Severus, and it wasn’t just because he had a roof over his head. His Dom had always taken care of him, and this was what he needed. Like now, he’d healed his bruises, taking away the pain that had been there since he’d gotten hurt. He craved being looked after, like a man lost in the desert craved water.

Severus turned the taps off, before dumping two potions into the hot water. Letting them disappear into it. “In,” said Severus, he had a lot to do before lunch time; no doubt that’s when they’d realize something had happened. Considering he’d been the one to see him last, no doubt Dumbledore would be down to him right away.

Harry stepped into the water, wondering about the potions, but trusting his Dom completely. He’d never hurt him before, so he didn’t think he’d do so now. The potion had turned the water a hue of purple/blue colour. The water was extremely warm, and Harry couldn’t help but relax back into it. He’d not had a bath in a year, just washing with rainwater.

“Lie down,” said Severus softly, once Harry’s hair was wet, he grabbed the shampoo and began to lather it into Harry’s greasy locks. His shampoo had ingredients in it to help remove grease; it didn’t help when he brewed potions every day though. He used a detangle spell, while he was at it. The lump of hair he’d found at the top of his head disappeared. Letting it sit for a few minutes, he handed Harry a face cloth and a scrubber as well as soap so he could clean himself.

“Lie down,” repeated Severus after a few minutes, and removing the suds from Harry’s hair already feeling a difference. He poured a very generous amount of conditioner on and repeated the processes.
Severus took a hold of Harry’s chin, staring into his face, “You haven’t been sleeping.” it was a statement not a question. He was falling asleep in the bath; perhaps he should give Harry a dreamless sleeping potion. That way he would sleep the entire afternoon and night. Get back into a routine, and he would get back into a routine. No more sleepless nights for him. Harry whether he’d shown it, would have been scared. Who wouldn’t by being confronted by wizards and kept in a room, them trying to bully him into their way of thinking.

“Just for a few hours at lunch time, and then at night.” said Harry.

“Up,” said Severus handing Harry a large fluffy towel that almost went around him twice. He dried Harry’s hair magically, and passed the pyjamas over once he’d dried himself off. Once on, he shrank them to hit Harry appropriately, it got chilly in the dungeons hence why the bathrobe. “Go on have a seat; I’ll get us some food.”

“I’ll cook,” said Harry immediately, he was good at cooking, always had been. It’s a skill he’d had since he was a young boy. He had cooked for himself and Severus often enough.

“Not today,” said Severus, “I’m having something sent up from the kitchens.”

Harry merely nodded not arguing with Severus. Sitting on the couch, watching Severus go into the kitchen. He was almost tempted to nip his skin, to see if he was sleeping. This all seemed surreal to him, he had his Dom back, and he’d kill anyone that tried to take him away. He had noticed Sev didn’t answer his question about Voldemort. Did that mean what they were saying Sev believed too? He hadn’t even questioned what he’d meant by his cupboard.

“Winky?” called Severus, hoping the little thing was sober.

“Yes sir?” asked the elf appearing before him, her words weren’t slurred so she hadn’t been at the Butterbeer yet.

“Two full lunches please,” said Severus without pause.

“Yes sir!” said Winky excitedly.

He waited patiently knowing it wouldn’t take long, no doubt half a dozen elves were already helping her. They were all dying for something to do during summer, since they had no students to clean up after or cook for. A few seconds later, a tray filled with more food than two humans could possibly eat was thrust at him. Accepting it, he nodded his approval at Winky who beamed at him as if he was the best person in the world. Severus bemusedly shook his head, they were extremely easy to please, so was Harry, which sobered his mood considerably. Taking a deep breath he went back through, placing the food on the small square table, which had his potion magazines on it.

“These potions taste rather unpleasant, nevertheless you are to take them.” said Severus, sensing Harry’s reluctance he pressed on. “One is a stomach sealer; it will stop you getting sick, which you will, considering you look as if you haven’t eaten properly in a long time. The next one is to give you the vitamins and nutrients your body is lacking. You want me to look after you, this is me doing so.”

Harry couldn’t argue with that one, so he quickly dunked them down, trying to avoid tasting them. Severus promptly banished the empty vials, cupping Harry’s face he said “Good boy.” Harry melted at the touch and praise, closing his eyes as bliss coursed through him. It was almost worth being kidnapped so he could be in Severus’ arms again. He was warm, comfortable, pain free and happy again. Nuzzling against Severus, he burrowed himself in his chest. Almost curled up, his feet using Severus’ thigh as a foot warmer.

Severus leaned back, allowing Harry to get more comfortable, carding his long potion callused hand through Harry’s hair. He had missed this; Harry had craved comfort so much he’d always lie like this, even when he was reading one of his potions books or magazines. More often than not he’d fall asleep, something he couldn’t allow right now. Harry needed to eat; afterwards he was free to sleep. “You need to eat first Harry.” said Severus calmly, prodding the seventeen years old. Harry borrowed further before reluctantly removing himself from the warm cocoon of Severus’ chest. Feeling the beat of Severus’ heart calmed him down almost as quickly as Severus’ touch. He was so warm, which wasn’t helping his sleepy state at all.

As Harry moved away, his feet came into contact with Severus’ hand; he noticed Harry’s feet were rather cold. Without thinking he summoned a pair of his slipper socks, they were unsurprisingly black, but very soft and fluffy. He put them on Harry, and was rather glad he didn’t have to shrink them too. Harry would have to use his clothes for a few weeks, no point in getting him clothes when he would gain weight. Although he could get him some socks, slippers and shoes, but there was just no point in making two trips. He hated shopping, and avoided it if he could.

Normally Severus didn’t eat on the couch at Hogwarts, instead using the dining table in his living room. He was in too much of a good mood to move, plus Harry was exhausted so they’d stay where they were. He grabbed the two plates and handed one to Harry. Harry opened the sandwich, ham, seemed simple enough. It was also probably safe; they hadn’t known he’d eat this. His stomach immediately began to cramp as soon as he swallowed a bite of it, but it didn’t last long. The potion Severus had given him was obviously doing its work. Before long Harry had polished of the ham sandwich, blinking in surprise when another took its place.

“Eat it, and then you can have dessert.” said Severus, he as an afterthought passed over a goblet of pumpkin juice. The meal could be considered brunch, since it was a little later for breakfast and too early for lunch. He could have asked the house elves for dinner and they’d have given it. They didn’t question orders; they followed them to the letter.

Harry promptly spat it back out, screwing his face up, “What was that?”

“Pumpkin juice, do you not like it?” enquired Severus; everyone at Hogwarts seemed to prefer it. It’s what most students preferred to drink anyway, Harry handed it to him shaking his head.

“Would you prefer a coffee?” asked Severus, Harry had always preferred coffee for some reason. Perhaps because it was hot, but he’d had hot chocolate at the flat that Harry had never touched.

“Yes please,” said Harry after swallowing a bite of his second ham sandwich. A large mug was passed over, and Harry wrapped his hands around it. He took a sip expecting it to be still too hot, but found to his amusement it was exactly how he liked to drink it.

Severus passed Harry a piece of chocolate Gateau, the irony wasn’t lost on him. He wasn’t one for eating desserts. Harry had never had one during the two years with him. Perhaps a biscuit later at night if he was still hungry, but they’d never had anything after their main meal. Once in a blue moon Severus would eat something, he was partial to the Christmas log they made for Christmas dinner. Harry unfortunately, needed all the help he could get. He was determined to have Harry back up to an acceptable weight as soon as he could.

“Tomorrow I’m going to have a Medi-Witch come and have a look at you,” said Severus, “She’s very nice, and it will only take a minute, the scan is magical and will let me know how you are and what you need.” his voice was determined.

Harry bit his lip, but nodded his head once again trusting his Dom, he’d paid heavily for not trusting him before. He wasn’t about to do it again.

“She isn’t like the others, and would never approve of what they’ve done.” said Severus taking the empty plate and cup from Harry and putting everything back on the tray.

“Did you?” asked Harry his green eyes filled with wariness. This wasn’t the question he actually wanted to ask. He wanted to ask if Severus did believe he had to fight Voldemort, truth be told - he was apprehensive about the answer.

“No, I told them that sentimentality wouldn’t win them any favours. That people like you would only ever think of yourself not strangers.” said Severus truthfully. “Even if we do not work out, you don’t have to fear going back onto the streets. You have money waiting for you in Gringotts, that’s our bank. The money is from your family, your father and his grandparents, it’s a rather substantial amount. You are extremely wealthy…you can buy what you like with it, but essentials you need I will get you.” giving Harry a warning look not to argue. He made a lot of money selling potions, added with the Prince inheritance was very well off, probably more so than Harry.

“I have money?” gaped Harry wide eyed, more astounded than hurt at the moment.

“Indeed,” said Severus amused by Harry’s wide eyed wonder look.

“Why didn’t they tell me?” asked Harry his eyes darkening again, he wanted to kill them all. Screw threatening them, he actually wanted to follow through his threats and gut them.

“I think you know the answer to that one yourself, they don’t want you taking it and running.” said Severus simply.

“I hate them.” said Harry his voice showing just how much he meant those words.

“I admittedly do not like many of them myself.” said Severus, “Now bed, I’ll be through in a minute with a potion for you to take.” no doubt all hell was going to break out. He’d rather have Harry asleep when he dealt with them all. It was no doubt going to be explosive to say the least.

“Yes sir,” said Harry as he yawned tiredly. Harry walked through and gratefully burrowed himself in Severus’ bed. Once again feeling safe, secure and wrapped in Severus’ scent. He was glad to be home, and wherever Severus was, would always be home. He did hope tomorrow he would know more about Voldemort and what had happened in the room before they came down. It couldn’t be anything worrisome or his Dom would have told him.

“Drink this,” said Severus, not saying anything about Harry being on his side, since he wasn’t going to be using the bed until later. Which by that point, Harry would be spread eagle on the bed, and he could simply move him. He knew Harry all too well; he couldn’t sleep still unless someone was with him. Filling a glass of water from the cold pitcher at his bedside, he passed it over so Harry could get rid of the taste lingering in his mouth.

Perching on the edge of the bed, he carded his hand through Harry’s silky strands. It was such an addictive thing to do; Harry loved it which encouraged him all the more. “You are mine again, and I’m not going to let anyone hurt you, I promise.” he swore to the drugged seventeen year old. Harry had understood all right, a burst of arousal had shot through the seventeen year old when he’d claimed Harry as his. Nothing came of it of course, as he fell asleep shortly afterwards. What Severus was unaware of, was it was his voice, that caused Harry’s reaction.

A few minutes later, while Severus was just watching Harry asleep, basking in the knowledge his Submissive was exactly where he should be. In his bed, in his life, and bound to him and he to Harry. The past year had been intolerable without him, the reason for his running through, had eased the pain he’d felt considerably. He’d been scared, and thought he’d been caught; he’d not found a new Dom or gotten sick of him. In a different way it angered him, that Harry hadn’t trusted him to know he’d never have hurt him. A frantic knock was heard at his door, not the secret passageway he and Harry had used but his proper door. Taking a deep breath, bracing himself for the oncoming confrontation, he silenced the room and locked the door with a spell he’d created himself to keep his alcoholic father out of his room during the summer before his seventh year at Hogwarts…the same age his Submissive was right now.

Well thought Severus here goes nothing.

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Chapter 6

Not Expecting This

Severus quickly looked around his quarters, and found absolutely nothing to indicate anything had gone on. It was a good job he was the sort of person who cleaned up as he went. Otherwise he would have been caught as his door was opened without his consent or knowledge. He absolutely loathed it when Dumbledore overrides the wards and gets into his quarters. Now he actually had something to hide, he’d better see about ensuring it doesn’t happen again. Whether it was Dumbledore’s school or not, this was his quarters, his private space and he did not like Dumbledore wilfully entering without his permission. On this occasion it wasn’t just Dumbledore, but what felt like the entire Order, he was admittedly exaggerating since only three people came into his place.

“How dare you force your way into my quarters,” snarled Severus his black eyes flashing with pure and unadulterated rage. There were a few things Severus could not stand, and this was one of them. His magic flared showing just how angry Albus Dumbledore had made him.

“Calm yourself Severus,” said Albus his body a little stiff, Severus wasn’t a man he wanted to piss off that was for sure.

“Where’s my godson, Snivellus? You helped him escape didn’t you?” yelled Sirius, who was being held back by Remus, as he tried to get at the black haired professor. Probably for his own good actually, Severus wasn’t the child they’d known on the train. He could have Sirius flat on his back within seconds, and at best kill him without using an unforgivable curse.

“By your definition of escape you intent to keep the boy here against his will forever do you?” asked Severus scornfully. “Judging by the threats he spewed out against you, I do not think he considers you his godfather Black.”

Sirius snarled fighting against Remus to get to Severus and hurt him. “ENOUGH! Sirius.” snapped Remus, his amber eyes regarding Severus pensively. He could smell Harry in here, but did he dare tell the others? He’d been having doubts for two weeks, what they were doing - was wrong. Was Snape helping Harry? Judging by his words he seemed to want to.

Severus met Lupin’s eyes; he knew the wolf had a great sense of smell. He probably already knew Harry was here, he hadn’t thought about Lupin. He should have sanitized his room, but he hadn’t been prepared for it. Harry wasn’t well enough to deal with this.

“Severus what did you do?” demanded Dumbledore his eyes like ice chips. His normal grandfatherly twinkle was nowhere to be seen. He hadn’t gone through all he did to lose Potter again. If Severus did have anything to do with it, there would be definite consequences.
Severus ignored Dumbledore’s words, still having a staring match with Lupin. He pressed through Remus’ natural mind shields and showed him just what Harry had looked like in his bathroom. Bruised, skinny and badly scarred, and then another picture of him sitting on his couch eating probably happier than the wolf had ever seen him. ‘If you care for him, keep your mouth shut.’ said Severus speaking directly into Remus’ mind.

Remus allowed the intrusion, and was horrified by the state of Harry. How had that happened? Had he been hurt before coming? It wasn’t possible three weeks had gone by, the bruises would have been multicoloured by now, not just the horrific black colour. Harry looked so happy, why? Why would he be like that with Severus Snape of all people? He knew he wouldn’t get answers right now. He’d be back though; he’d be damned if he made a mistake and let Harry be hurt. It might not look like he cared, after the way he’d been, keeping Harry at Hogwarts, but he really did. Harry was all that was left of two of his best friends. He knew Harry might never like him, which hurt a great deal, but as long as Harry was happy, he supposed he’d have to learn to live with it. Hearing Snape’s words he nodded slowly and unnoticed by anyone there. With that the presence in his mind faded and with it, he replaced his shields.

“What the hell did you do Snivellus?” hissed Sirius.

“ENOUGH!” roared Remus, “Harry isn’t here, I can’t smell him so stop with the insults we aren’t eleven years old anymore Sirius.” Remus lied, and he prayed he was doing the right thing. He did know one thing; he’d be back later tonight to have words with Snape.

Sirius stopped fighting Remus and began to sulk behind the wolf.

Severus sneered at the pathetic idiot; he’d held hope once that Azkaban had matured the fool. Yet even the unlawful arrest hadn’t, no the flea infested idiot still acted as though he was still attending Hogwarts. Black it seemed didn’t realize he was thirty seven years old. Even Harry was more mature than him. Black wouldn’t have been able to survive what Harry had, even now as an adult never mind as a child.

“Severus? What happened?” asked Dumbledore looking extremely put out, whether it was because of Lupin’s words that he didn’t smell Harry here or on Severus at all, or the fact he’d been ignored three times. Knowing Dumbledore it was probably both reasons.

“The boy was sleeping, I put the tray on the table and left, you know as well as I it was for the best. If the boy had woken up and spoken to me as he had the others…it would have been the last thing he done. Now since you broke into my quarters demanding answers, I’d like ask a few of my own! What the hell happened?” snapped Severus crossing his arms looking extremely angry.

Sirius snorted evidently not believing Snape’s words.

“He somehow escaped, we must find him before the students return otherwise only a few of us can look.” said Dumbledore. He didn’t know how the boy had managed to remove the bracelet, he wasn’t happy either way.

“This is a castle; there aren’t many places he could escape to even if he got out of the castle. If we aren‘t careful he might manage to sneak on the train as it leaves Hogsmeade station back to Kings Cross.” said Severus impassively.

Albus paled, he’d obviously not thought of that one. “We must gather everyone at once.” he said coming to a decision. “The Elves will watch the main entrance.”

Severus’ eye twitched at that pronouncement, but said nothing. Did Dumbledore just not care about Harry’s well being? Surely he had seen Harry being hurt? Yet he’d automatically put him back in his prison instead of making sure he was fine? Honestly it was as if he’d wanted Harry to hate them all, he should have let Poppy check him. As he’d told Harry, Poppy would never have worked with them. She was a healer; her first vow was to do no harm. She would have at the very least been able to give Harry a potion. He supposed it didn’t matter now; Harry was safe with him, and healed. He wasn’t going to give any of them a chance to hurt him again.

“Now will you leave MY quarters,” hissed Severus sick of the sight of them.

“Meeting in my office in three minutes Severus, we shall divide up and search the castle.” said Dumbledore and before they knew it Sirius, Remus and Dumbledore finally left Severus in peace.

Severus slammed his door closed, causing the entire room to shake. Breathing through his nose riding the fury until he was able to calm himself. He was sick to death of Dumbledore’s manipulations and expectations and the fact he just did what he wanted, when he wanted. He couldn’t let it continue, he had a submissive here now, and he had to be strong. Taking a deep breath, he found his centre, opening his eyes, which were filled with determination. “Grace!” shouted Severus, waiting impatiently.

“Yes sir?” said a house elf wide eyed, her Master had never called her. She had been assigned to look after Prince Manor, and had proudly served them for three generations. She hadn’t seen Master Snape since he took over, he’d visited the manor once and that was it.

“I want you to secure this room against anyone gaining access, even others of your kind- can it be done?” asked Severus.

“Yes sir, you have to say the spell to stop house elves getting in, but I can make these rooms secure as Master Severus wishes from other wizards and witches.” said Grace bowing low.

“I have to say the spell?” enquired Severus, looking at the time.

“Yes sir, you can also decide to let certain house elves in.” said Grace; she was hoping her Master would call upon her more often if that was the case.

“I want this room secured immediately and the spell awaiting my return in a few hours is that understood?” said Severus. “You are to stay here afterwards, and if anyone or anything comes in you ensure they leave. Your other Master is a sleep in the bedroom and is not to be disturbed for any reason. Should he wake up before I return you tell him I’ll be back, do not approach him or raise your hand against him, he’s not had any good experiences with house elves.”

“Yes sir!” said Grace excitedly, her Master had a partner? That would mean she has two people to serve. At long last she had someone to serve and she was ecstatic.

“Good,” said Severus before he opened his quarter’s door and closed it without the earlier bang. He wanted this over and done with quickly so he stalked quickly up to the Headmasters office.


The next seven hours dragged excruciatingly slow, as he was forced to look for Harry Potter. When he knew very well where he was, if he didn’t want suspicion drawn on him he had to go through with it. It was a good thing he had given Harry a dreamless sleeping Potion. No doubt his submissive would have gotten extremely anxious at the length of time he’d been away. Sooner or later he’d have to tell Dumbledore where he was, but only once Harry had settled down. It shouldn’t take him long to get used to being with him, since Harry was already aware of the routine having stayed with him for two years. He had through of leaving very often in the past seven hours, but until his contract was up, he couldn’t. It was too bad he didn’t have the defence job; they were only employed for one year at a time. Whereas the Head of houses were contracted for four years at a time. He also felt a sense of duty when it came to this world. Sure it had never been kind to him, but it was his world, and the thought of the Dark Lord succeeding was intolerable. He was stuck between a rock and hard place; he had to protect his submissive, yet wanted to do his part for the war. He wasn’t about to let Harry become a murderer, murdering someone changed you, and Harry wasn’t strong enough to commit murder and live with it. No matter how angry and bitter he may seem to the rest of the Order.

“Tonks, Sirius, Remus I want you at the train station, Harry Potter cannot get on that train is that understood?” said Dumbledore, he was tense agitated and down right infuriated that a single wizard had been able to outsmart them all.

“Yes Albus,” said the three of them in unison.

“Very well then,” said Albus, dismissing them, everyone else unfortunately had to get ready to greet the students. Another year at Hogwarts was beginning, one he’d hoped that Harry would be attending. Instead he was searching high and low for him, trying to find him.

Severus then went back to his quarters, to find the place a little cleaner if it was possible. Obviously Grace had been busy, shaking his head, elf’s, sometimes he didn’t understand them. He finally noticed the elf in the kitchen, putting away mountains of food. It was probably from Prince Manor, it had its own vegetable and fruit patches and reared chickens and other animals to produce meat. Most of it probably went to waste, since the elves only had themselves to cook for. Harry would probably love it in Prince Manor, especially with the large selection of food to choose from. The kitchen was extremely large, and to die for. Harry always cooked for them, apart from the week where he’d been ill. He’d sneakily given Harry a few spoonfuls of potions, unaware Harry he was bloody magical.

Severus went through to his bedroom, after reversing his magic on the door. He’d forgotten to undo it before he went. He had been distracted; however, it shouldn’t have happened. A small smile appeared on his face, as predicted Harry was lying like a starfish spread eagle on the bed. He pulled the covers up so Harry kept warm. The dungeons could be rather cold, and he knew his sub hated being cold. He had been curious about it, but he guessed he had his answer now. He’d sleep for another nine or ten hours before the potion faded completely. He didn’t like the fact he’d miss dinner, but it would only be the once. Unfortunately he was going to have to leave him again, having just gotten him back, it was torture leaving him. He’d need to have a conversation with Poppy, get her to come to the dungeons tomorrow. Harry hadn’t been happy about that, but he had to make sure his submissive was healthy; it was part of his duty as a Dom.

“Do Master Severus and young Master want dinner?” asked Grace sounding all too hopeful.

“No, I am going to the great hall for dinner, the spell?” asked Severus standing up and leaving Harry to his rest.

Clicking its fingers the elf handed him the book open at the page he required. One minute later the wards were cast, no house elf would be able to enter his quarters uninvited nor would Dumbledore come to that. Grace would be the only one allowed in from here on in, since she was bound to him and wouldn’t betray him or Harry. Severus would never have risked alienating Dumbledore in such a way before, but now he had Harry, things were already different. Severus was becoming more protective, possessive and stronger as a wizard.

Once he was done he took off through the secret passage ways, and entered the Great Hall. Just as most of the others were starting to sit down, the students would arrive any minute. Taking his seat, he wished he could have a coffee, but until the feast started it wasn’t possible. He smirked just seeing the depressed look on Black’s face and the worried look on Dumbledore’s. It was their own fault, he had warned them.

“We need to talk,” whispered Remus, his voice booked no arguments.

Severus rolled his eyes, Lupin had been eying him all night and it was irritating. He nodded his head, knowing the wolf wouldn’t leave him alone otherwise.

“What were you speaking to him for?” snapped Sirius still smarting from earlier and the fact they’d not found Harry. Now he could never make it up to him.

“Stop it Sirius,” snapped Remus.

“To old and new, welcome back to Slytherin, as you are aware this house has had a bad name attached to it for a long time now. Slytherin will be like your family, and you are to treat each other as such. No fighting, no arguing and follow the rules which have been set. For the first years, the rules are on the notice board you will memorize them am I clear?” said Severus staring at them all, ensuring they understood the importance.

“Yes sir!” chorused the students.

“Now the prefects will show you to your dorms, before that is there any questions?” asked Severus.

Silence met him.

“Very well then, straight to bed, you have a long day ahead of you tomorrow. If you need me, ask one of the older students and they will get me.” said Severus, “Only if you really need me.” he wasn’t in the mood to deal with home sick eleven year olds.

“Yes sir,” they said again as the prefects led the girls and boys to their perceptive dorms.

“Professor Snape, can I speak to you?” asked Draco Malfoy, he didn’t need to be in the Dorms he had his own room, right next to Granger of all people.

“Of course, follow me.” said Severus leaving the common room behind. “Speak then Mr. Malfoy.”

“My mum asked me to talk to you,” said Draco his masks in place, but his eyes shined with fear and worry. “She didn’t want me to go to Dumbledore though; she said he’d make me pay a price that wasn’t worth it in the end.”

Now Severus understood the nature of the conversation and why he’d waited until everyone was away. “I am to assume you do not wish to join the Dark Lord upon graduating from Hogwarts?”

“No sir,” said Draco quietly, “He’s been in my house, I’ve seen what they do…what he does to my dad…I don’t understand why he’d want me to be part of it.” his voice was rather weak and weary.

“Do you want my honest advice Draco?” asked Severus stopping, turning to stare at the spoiled yet enlightened blonde before him. Just last year he’d been smug at the thought of joining, perhaps the Dark Lord taking up residence in Malfoy Manor had been the best thing for the boy.

“Yes sir,” said Draco right away, he knew he could always trust Professor Snape to do what was right.

“Buy a property under a false name, preferably overseas, arrange a Portkey and get your mother out of there and join her if you should so desire once you’ve graduated.” said Severus honestly. “If you want to stay and fight, perhaps you can bring some light to the Malfoy name so it’s not completely tarnished by your father’s actions. Think about it, act on it if you wish…other than that I can do nothing for you.”

“Yes sir,” said Draco thoughtfully, his brow furrowed as he contemplated everything he’d just heard.

“Oh and Draco?” said Severus after he’d taken a few steps. “Your mother is right; Dumbledore would make you pay a very horrific price for his protection, which isn’t protection in the end. He’d want you to spy for him; he cares little for the mental damage that’s inflicted upon you asking you to do such a thing.”

“Yes sir,” said Draco swallowing thickly, he had suspected that, after all Professor Snape had spied on the Dark Lord. Everyone knew it, but all students wouldn’t dare try anything. Snape was just too lethal for words and would find them out before they could do it.

“Good night Mr. Malfoy.” said Severus before he stalked off, it had been a long day; he was looking forward to sliding into bed and getting some decent sleep. He wouldn’t be alone, no; his submissive would be with him as he should have been all last year.

It took less than ten minutes to get to his quarters, and groaned inaudibly, Lupin. “I didn’t mean tonight wolf.”

“Sirius has returned to Grimmauld Place, I need to know.” said Remus.

“After kidnapping him?” asked Severus his voice cold and harsh.

Remus predictably flinched, “Look I know what we did was wrong okay? You don’t have to tell me.”

“We?” scoffed Severus, he’d had nothing to do with it and he wasn’t going to let them say otherwise.

Remus sighed “You know what I meant.” it was like talking to a child sometimes, Snape could be so damn stubborn.

“Get in,” hissed Severus grumbling in general moodiness.

“Where is he?” asked Remus looking around expecting Harry to be lounging against the couch.

“Sleeping, making up for the lack of sleep he’s had in three weeks,” said Severus intentionally digging it in.

“All this time?” asked Remus sceptically.
“Dreamless sleeping potion.” said Severus slowly as if he was speaking to someone with the brain the size of a pea.

“Why are you helping him?” asked Remus still standing, having no intention of sitting down.

“Because nobody else was going to.” said Severus.

“There has to be another reason Snape, you hate the Potters.” said Remus shaking his head not buying it.

“Correction I hated James Potter, I do believe the boy I’m helping is called Harry.” said Severus wryly.

“You hated him.” said Remus adamantly.

“Yes, before I learned the horror of what he’d lived through at the Dursley’s. I was there Lupin, when the useless lump spilled his guts. I heard the complete uncensored truth. Not the version you heard while drinking a cup of tea.” hissed Severus his voice low and vicious.

“Don’t turn this on me, why would you risk Dumbledore’s wrath by doing this for a boy you don’t know? I know you Snape, you wouldn’t do that.” said Remus.

Severus cursed inwardly; Lupin wasn’t going to leave it alone. He’d continue digging for answers, what the hell was he to do? And decided upon a version of the truth. “I started relationship a few years ago, with a young man who looked and said he was eighteen years old. It ended last year rather abruptly, with no explanation. I went to see Harry and he revealed something rather shocking. Believe me I wasn’t any happier about it myself, unfortunately Harry needs my help more than my anger at the moment. I knew Harry when he went by the name of Harrison Blake.”

“Surely you would have saw through a glamour!” said Remus his eyes larger than Severus had ever seen them. He understood all too well what Severus was telling him. “He was fourteen! What was he thinking?!”

“You tell anyone anything Lupin, I will kill you whether I end up in Azkaban or not.” said Severus angrily, “He’s a Metamorphmagus.”

“Oh, oh, oh!” exclaimed Remus his eyes wider still, “Well that does surprise me, despite the fact there has been a Black in the Potter family a few generations back.”

“Any boy would do what he had to so they could escape from the streets.” said Severus firmly.

“Of course,” said Remus hollowly, he hated the thought of his poor cub stuck outside in the cold and lonely.

“Is the Spanish inquisition over with? I have classes to get up for in the morning.” said Severus.

“Can I come and see him?” asked Remus quietly.

“That is a decision for Harry to make, judging by his reactions to you I wouldn’t hold my breath.” said Severus; he wasn’t going to force Harry to put up with Lupin, not even if he threatened to tell on them.

“Just tell him…I do care for him, even if it didn’t seem like I did. Will you tell him what I’ve done? Kept it a secret?” asked Remus.

“How very Slytherin of you,” smirked Severus, trying to impress Harry by keeping his secret. “Go!” he said gesturing towards his door.

“Alright,” said Remus leaving the Potions Master’s quarters, he opened his mouth to say something but Severus just closed the door before he could.

Severus stalked back into the bedroom, stripping out of his robes, putting them in the hamper; he put on a pair of short sleeping pants. Moving his neck from side to side, causing creaking noises as he slid into the warm sheets. Moving Harry’s hand as he did so, before he moulded his front to Harry’s back. Causing Harry to shiver at the coolness before settling down again. Moving the pillows into a comfortable arrangement, he settled down, his arms wrapped around his submissive in a possessive gesture. Finally after a long day, he was where he wanted to be. Tomorrow he realized was going to be torture.

Chapter Text


Chapter 7

Understanding dawns


Harry woke up at six o’clock the next morning feeling better than he had in a long time. Not only had he been able to sleep an entire night, he’d spent it warm comfortable and secure. Severus was always up early, so he slowly extracted himself from his Dom and headed to the kitchen. He grinned at the sight of it; it was so big and spacious. Definitely the grandest kitchen he’d ever seen or been in. He searched around, looking for items he’d need. Finding everything, he put water in the kettle and set it to boil as he left the pan to heat up for the sausages and bacon. There wasn’t a waffle maker so he couldn’t make any here. His Dom had always said he made the best waffles, but he couldn’t make what he didn’t have to work with unfortunately. Before long everything began heating up, and Harry placed the food into the oily pans. Making himself a cuppa as he worked, he loved coffee, always had. Flipping the sausages over, he hunted for glasses and placed them on the counter. There was plenty juice in the fridge, but it turned out there was only that horrible pumpkin juice. He did find oranges, and so went to work in freshly squeezing them. Fresh orange was always the best anyway, once he’d done that he placed the orange into the fridge to cool further.

Finding the plates relatively easy, Severus seemed to prefer order to everything. He pretty much had everything in the same place here as he did in his house in London. Which just made everything easier and more comfortable for Harry, so he didn’t complain, not that he would have. Harry had never complained about anything, he just accepted life as it was, probably much easier that way really. To him, the streets of London were better than living with the Dursley’s. It had been the streets or killing himself, he just couldn’t take anymore abuse. For a nine year old to even contemplate such an action, surely showed just how bad it had been. Things had finally looked Harry’s way when he met Severus; he’d stayed in his house even when Severus was away during the school year. Severus had made sure to come home every holiday, and Harry had no idea just how much of a miracle that was.

Plating the cooked food, placing it under the oven, so it stayed warm while he cooked everything else. He wondered if they would be going back to Severus London home, or if they’d be staying here. He loved Severus’ house, it had been his home for two years, yet his heart belonged to Severus, and wherever he was Harry wanted to be too. He had a Dom, who really cared for him, and Harry realized how rare that was and he vowed to do anything to keep him. This time he would never doubt his Dom, he’d never give him a reason to be angry at him again. The words he’d spoken yesterday still hurt Harry deeply, and he also hoped to prove himself to Severus again.

“How long have you been up?” asked Severus wrapping his arms around Harry, holding him in place, not that Harry fought to get away. He merely moulded himself against Severus, loving the feeling of being held. He’d had nobody touch him kindly in the past year, the only touch he’d had were the fights on the streets and of course Dumbledore and his disgusting so called godfather. That was something else he’d have to ask his Dom about.

“Just half an hour, I think.” said Harry biting his lip as Severus nuzzled his neck, he’d always been sensitive to Severus’ touch, because of the magic, but now…it was ten times more potent. His body was literally begging for any attention Severus would bestow upon him.

“Hmm,” said Severus, he too was feeling the difference in their touches, Harry’s magic was addicting. As a Dom he was technically supposed to have the more power, to help the Sub harness his or hers. This wasn’t the case here; Harry was marginally more powerful than him. Not too much more powerful though, otherwise he wouldn’t have any hopes of helping Harry harness his power. It would be like asking a squib to help Dumbledore, quite ludicrous really. Thankfully Severus was extremely powerful in his own right, he just preferred not to show it like the Slytherin he was.

“You are quite today, what’s on your mind?” asked Severus feeling Harry’s worry and curiosity through the bond. He would have to find out which bond they had, which would mean asking Harry about it. The strongest bond indicated the Dom only felt the Sub’s emotions not the other way around. The mildest bond worked both ways, but they weren’t equals or at least not on a Dom- Sub level so he didn’t see it being one of those bonds.

“What does it mean that he’s my godfather,” asked Harry a shudder running through him just saying the god awful name. He did not like anything to do with the words, uncle, aunt, cousin, godfather, guardian or orphanage.

“Nothing, you are an adult now in the eyes of the wizarding world, like you have been an adult in the M…normal world for a year, if they’d found you earlier he would have had custody of you.” said Severus, he did not want to talk about Sirius bloody Black. The only reason he did, was because Harry needed reassurances. Given by the shudder when he said custody he’d been right.

“He can’t now though right?” asked Harry desperately, his heart pounding away at the thought.

“No, he cannot.” said Severus adamantly, even if Harry hadn’t been seventeen they couldn’t part them. They were bonded on the highest level; one could say they were married magical wise. Nothing could tear them apart, if Dumbledore tried to interfere with natural magic the backlash would be devastating. It wouldn’t just kill Harry or him but also Dumbledore as well. “Finish up here, then I shall answer more of your questions, only a few I have to get ready for class in half an hour.” untangling himself from Harry, not wanting his hard work to go to waste and burn.

“Can I come?” asked Harry quietly. He didn’t like the thought of being alone all day, not when he knew Severus was only going to be fifteen feet away.

“You can sit in my office, but it’s imperative you aren’t seen.” said Severus, turning back to face Harry. He could understand him not wanting to be alone, it was risky taking him there, but he shouldn’t be seen. Nobody usually went into his office, not unless they were dragged there for detention or if his Slytherin’s wanted to speak to him.

Harry nodded in understanding; imperative must mean important or something. His vocabulary had shot up since being with Severus. Some of which he didn’t understand, but for most part he was able to work out what he meant. It made him all the more ashamed of his lack of abilities. Why would Severus want to be with some idiot like him? Who couldn’t understand what he said sometimes? Once the eggs were plated he put on a single tomato to fry, he didn’t like them but Severus did. It took only a minute before that too was plated up and he took them through.

Severus was sitting at the table in the corner of the room, still in his pyjamas, something he didn’t normally do. He was also unused to the weird dress thing Severus wore; something else had to ask about. It had been similar to what Dumbledore wore but not the others. He put Severus’ beside him and sat down himself. He waited on Severus taking a bite first, sometimes Severus liked to feed him, but he was always told to just put it all on one plate on those days. It didn’t happen often, but he really liked it when he did, to give up complete control and rely on his Dom for everything. He took a second trip to get the glasses and jug of orange juice and coffees, bringing it through on a tray he’d found.

Severus took a large bite, savouring the food, not many could say they tasted food better than Hogwarts, but he did. The Hogwarts food was mass produced, and wasn’t given the same tender care as Harry gave it. Plus his Sub knew just how he liked his food, the elves cooked it for everyone and couldn’t give it the way everyone preferred it. “It’s delicious Harry, well done.” he said, watching his Sub’s face light up at the praise. It seemed Harry never got used to it, no matter how often he complimented him. He nodded his head gesturing to Harry to dig in, which he did with gusto. He must have been rather hungry, which didn’t surprise him, one meal a simple lunch in three weeks. That’s what he knew of, who knows how bad it had been on the street.

It took all of ten minutes for Harry’s delicious breakfast to be eaten and the plates polished off. Severus simply flicked his wand and the empty plates and utensils floated through to the kitchen. Water started and they began washing themselves, Harry grinned he was beginning to like magic a great deal. He’d always relied on it to survive, but he’d never once realized how handy it was in day to day situations.

“Your dreams as you termed them were indeed correct. Albus Dumbledore did leave you at the Dursley’s; they were your last remaining family. The way he did so I agree was disgraceful, he should have ensured your safety.” said Severus, “Unfortunately all he saw was the bigger picture, the blood protection your aunt would offer you.”

“Blood protection?” asked Harry blinking in confusion, staring at his Dom blankly, fighting against the urge to scream and shout. He didn’t like talking about Dumbledore; he just felt so much rage when he thought about him. The magic that would have burst at his reaction didn’t seem to happen. It was as if he couldn’t loose control of his magic anymore. How odd, maybe it had something to do with what happened yesterday.

“Has anyone explained how your parents died Harry?” questioned Severus, his entire body tense, he knew he’d have to tell Harry the entire truth. Otherwise Dumbledore could very well use it to come between them. Its better if Harry heard it from him than a cocked up version from Dumbledore to drive a wedge between them.

“He told me Voldemort killed them that I would have to fight him.” said Harry feeling rather confused, why nobody would tell him why they thought he had to fight this evil wizard.

“Before you were born,” started Severus trying to remain calm, it wouldn’t do for Harry to see him upset. It would just make him worried and anxious, and it was the last thing he wanted. He had to be the strong one, just as he’d always wanted. Hell, a few months ago he’d never have wilfully gone against Dumbledore. Now he actually was, having Harry back in his life was changing him without him really realizing it. “I joined Voldemort, I was extremely angry at the world, and a little naïve in the way the world worked. I hated Muggles, which is a term for someone without magic. My father was one, and he was extremely abusive to both me and my mother. Mostly my mother and I believed Voldemort was right. Muggles shouldn’t know about the magical world, it wasn’t what I expected when I joined. The boys who had befriended me weren’t interested once I joined, if anything they were rather put out. Voldemort put me almost straight into the inner circle, his most trusted servants.” here he stopped gauging Harry’s reaction.

There was nothing, no condemnation, hurt or anger just curiosity.

“My abilities as a Potions Master and the fact I was a very good dueller made him covet me.” said Severus continuing, drinking some orange juice to wet his dry mouth. Taking a deep breath he continued. “I saw no way out, and continued on doing what was expected of me. It was only a few days later, that I overheard something that I repeated to the Dark Lord and he was ecstatic to say the least. The Dark Lord became obsessed with finding out who it was. The words I had told the Dark Lord were words of a Prophecy.”

Feeling Harry’s confusion he elaborated on Prophecies. “A Prophecy is a prediction of the future. I only heard three lines of it, but it was enough for him. He gave me an order to get closer to Dumbledore, to become the Defence teacher, this was over a year later after I’d told him the words I’d overheard. I did not believe in divination, and did not expect the Dark Lord to take them seriously either.”

“What did it say?” asked Harry once Severus stopped speaking, he didn’t interrupt Severus his Dom didn’t like that. He didn’t understand what this had to do with him, but he had a feeling he’d soon find out.

“The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies.” said Severus his voice a little hollow.

Harry sucked in a sharp breath, suddenly not wanting to hear anymore.

“He decided you fitted the bill Harry, because you were a half blood like him. A half blood is someone who doesn’t have both sets of grandparents that are wizards and witches. Your mother was a Muggle born, the magical one in a normal family, they are looked down upon by certain pureblood families. I went straight to Dumbledore, telling him everything if he’d save your mother, Lily.” said Severus warily. “He gave me an ultimatum, I spy for him or he would send me to Azkaban for being a Death Eater. Azkaban is a wizarding prison, hell on earth they have Dementors guarding it, dark creatures that suck away at your emotions and drive you insane. It isn’t normal for anyone to come out of there sane.”

Harry nodded he understood while Severus took a steadying breath.

“Your parents were warned and they went under a spell that would hide them from everyone, other than their secret keeper. It’s called the Fidelus Charm, but they were betrayed by their best friend. He sold them out to Voldemort on Halloween and you know what happened next. Your father and mother were killed, but your mother died for you causing some sort of ancient magic to bind itself to you. Blood magic, blood of your mother. It’s why Dumbledore immediately took you to the Dursley’s and left you there.” said Severus, feeling Harry’s mounting anger.

“Who did it?” asked Harry gritting his teeth, finding it increasingly difficult to hold his tongue and speak respectfully. Not that he blamed Severus; on the contrary he blamed who had betrayed them.

“His name was Peter Pettigrew, he was killed a few years ago,” said Severus relieved that the anger wasn’t directed at him. “You do understand don’t you Harry? It was my actions that caused Voldemort to go after your parents.”

“I know, but you tried to make amends, it’s them that chose to use a fucking traitor.” said Harry. It might have been different if he’d known his parents, but he didn’t. Until three weeks ago, he’d believed them drunks who’d died in a smash up almost killing him. It would take a long time to get over that and realize what really happened.

Severus had nothing to say about that, there was nothing he could say. It was the cold harsh truth, only someone who’d had a hard life would state it so calmly like that. Probably some part of Harry blames his parents too. “We found out about the Dursley’s when a letter did not address itself for you upon your eleventh birthday.” his heart clenched at the flinch Harry gave off. He’d obviously not gotten over the abuse, just suppressed it in order to survive.

“They are in prison for what they did to you Harry,” said Severus softly, gesturing for Harry to sit on his knee, and giving him the comfort he desperately needed. “Everyone was questioned about it in the area; none seem to have realized what was going on.”

“Mrs. Figg did,” said Harry quietly burrowing himself in his Dom’s neck, needing to feel secure. Every time they’d gone out Harry had been left with her, injured more often than not.

Severus stiffened upon hearing Harry’s quiet words, fury unlike anything he’d ever felt thrummed through him. He’d just been handed proof that Dumbledore had known all along. “Are you sure she knew Harry?” asked Severus barely able to keep the anger out of his voice. Figg had been an Order member; she’d disappeared after the defeat of Voldemort now he knew where.

“She helped me a few times, gave me bandages for my broken arm and the cuts on my legs.” said Harry.

Severus’ mind was whirling with the ramifications of what he had just learned. This would destroy Dumbledore’s reputation to smithereens and quite possibly have him removed as Headmaster and Head of the Wizengamot. Nobody would ever trust him again, he had to find definitive proof that Figg had told him. “Do you know where she stays?”

“I’d know if I went back there, I know the way there from Privet Drive.” said Harry swallowing thickly, not that he wanted to. He couldn’t read, so he couldn’t tell him the street or road she’d stayed in.

“I see,” said Severus, the anger was almost blinding him. He didn’t want to subject his Sub to that so he’d need to go himself. Find out from one of the Order members who wouldn’t question why he wanted to know. Minerva might be his best bet; she wasn’t one to turn to Dumbledore with every word spoken. “Mrs. Figg is an Order member Harry, a squib, someone born into a Magical family with no magical talent of their own.” no doubt this would cement Harry’s hatred of Dumbledore. “I have little doubt Dumbledore put her there to keep an eye on you.” if Figg had told him, then that meant the old fool had known Harry was missing since he was nine years old. It completely blew his mind.

“I hate him,” said Harry, angrily, “I. HATE. HIM.” his hands scrunched up into fists.

“I know,” said Severus quietly, and he couldn’t blame the young man for his feelings. “The full contents of the Prophecy was revealed when you were…fifteen.” swallowing thickly, that’s when Harry had been with him.

“So you do believe it? That I have to stop him?” asked Harry feeling saddened.

“You will understand when I reveal it all; the Dark Lord entered the Ministry and retrieved it. The guard was missing that night, selling Cauldrons in Knockturn alley instead of doing his duty, Mundungus Fletcher.” stated Severus, he’d sworn to tell him everything, but he had to hurry it was almost time for him to get to the Great Hall. “It says - The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies.”

Harry just closed his eyes, he didn’t want to kill a wizard, and he just wanted to live his life.

“This scar, marked you as his equal,” said Severus touching the visible lightening bolt, curious that none of them had thought to check Harry for it. “I will do everything in my power to help you Harry. You won’t be doing this alone; I shall be right beside you all the way. We will find a way to do this without you having to kill him I promise.”

Harry nodded once again, if Severus had been a servant of this man does that mean he still was? He voiced his question feeling rather anxious.

“No, Harry I am not, not anymore.” said Severus, “Dumbledore determined that I was too valuable to go back to spying, instead he asked for me to look for you along with everyone else in the Order.”

“He knows you were a spy then?” asked Harry.

“Yes, he has done for a few years now, when I did not go to him when he was resurrected.” said Severus quietly, soothing the frightened seventeen year old. The bubble he’d been living in since Severus had taken him to his quarters was burst with such information forced upon him.

“So he wants you dead?” stated Harry, already knowing the answer, he had seen the dark side to life, and knew without about what the answer was.

“Yes,” replied Severus, “But I can hold my own Harry, you do not have to worry.”

“I’ll do it, but only for you…not them.” said Harry, he’d do it for his Dom, and he didn’t want to lose him. He had already sworn to kill anyone that tried to interfere, and in a way Voldemort was. He wouldn’t have done it for anyone else.

“We will do it together, and then we will leave.” said Severus quietly, he loathed teaching the only thing keeping him here was his duty and contract. He didn’t like this, asking his Sub to do such a terrible deed, but he meant what he said. He’d figure out a way to achieve the end they needed without Harry having to deal the killing blow. His Sub would never recover from that, no matter how dark the streets were, premeditated murder was different. No matter what Voldemort had done, it was still premeditated murder. He wouldn’t allow Harry to scar his soul by doing such a horrible deed. He’d kill Voldemort himself first, it was his duty as Harry’s Dom to protect him, and yes, that meant from Voldemort and his Death Eaters too.

“Yes sir,” murmured Harry, he’d never called Severus Master, Severus did not like it the slightest.

“Good, now come, we must get dressed, once class has started I shall use the secret entrance to come and get you. You can sit and listen from my office, I shall come in as often as possible.” said Severus urging the still stunned seventeen years old off his lap. He was still far too light for Severus’ liking that would change. A lot of things had and still were changing.

“Yes sir,” said Harry, he had no clothes to wear so he felt like a spare end until Severus handed him over a pair of jeans and a black top. Clothes he’d seen his Dom wear in London. Almost as if it was an after through a pair of Severus’ favourite black boots were placed on the pile. Harry had always liked them, but they’d been too big, he’d never found anything similar while browsing for new shoes.

Harry cocked his head to the side; he was in that weird looking dress again. “Do all wizards wear dresses?” he was rather hoping that Severus wouldn’t ask him to dress like that any time soon.

Severus laughed in amusement, a sound that would have shocked the entire Hogwarts population and its teachers. Harry though didn’t get surprised, his Dom didn’t laugh a lot, but it was nothing new. “These are actually robes, closed robes, some teachers prefer to wear a cloak or open robes. It’s cold in the dungeons so I prefer to wear these all year around.” with the confession out of the way and Harry still here it was a weight of his shoulders. A weight he hadn’t realized was there to be honest.

“Oh,” said Harry, well it made sense, since Lupin and Black hadn’t been wearing those kind but Dumbledore had.

“I shall be back in half an hour,” said Severus cupping Harry’s face affectionately. Before he stepped away, Harry pouted, Severus hadn’t kissed him. He bit his lip, was this part of his punishment for not trusting him? He rather hoped not.


True to Severus’ word he did reappear half an hour later, and took him to his office. It was still filled with those weird water filled jars, stuff with eyes that seemed to look at him. It was a good thing he didn’t scare easily, but it was still disconcerting.

“Read this book, it will allow you to understand Potions,” said Severus.

Harry froze, staring at the book, dread consuming him; Severus had never given him an order like that before. He had always worried about it, but until this moment it hadn’t come to life. He couldn’t get out of it, he would have to tell him the truth; a large lump appeared in his throat. He would know his greatest shame, Severus would realise just how stupid he really was. How unfit he was to be Severus’ Submissive, he couldn’t lie, and there was no way he’d be able to. Not just because Severus didn’t like it, but because it would come out later and just made Severus even madder.

“Harry?” questioned Severus, crouching down beside Harry feeling his all consuming fear.

Shame filled green eyes met Severus’.

“I can’t,” choked Harry, he hadn’t even been back with his Dom two days and he was going to disappoint him. He hated disappointing him. “I can’t read.” well he could simple words, like and, if, but, the all words he’d learned in school before he’d ran away.

“Calm down,” said Severus, Harry was close to hyperventilating. “Harry I need you to breathe for me, now.” he said more forcefully, and was rewarded with his Sub doing as he’d ordered. He should have realized he was such a fool for no thinking about it. Just where the hell would Harry have learned to read? Certainly not on the streets.

“I apologize, I had not stopped to think about that.” said Severus, causing Harry’s eyes to widen he’d never ever had anyone apologize to him before. “We shall just have to start up some lessons won’t we?”

“Yes sir,” said Harry, his heart rate returning to normal, especially when it didn’t seem as though his Dom was angry with him or disappointed.

“Good,” said Severus using his wand he did something to the book, before once again placing it in front of Harry. Opening it at the first page, he took Harry’s hand and placed one finger on the first word, and then it spoke in his mind, as his finger traced the other words they too spoke in his mind. This was for people who were deaf in the wizarding world, there was no such thing as Braille there. No surprise since the magical world was behind the Muggle world by generations. “Alright?” he asked confidently.

“Yes sir,” said Harry in awe.

“Good, I’ll be back in a few hours,” said Severus, with that he left the office, closing the door behind him as he entered his classroom with a bang. He would need to get some Muggle writing equipment from his house or from a shop. Harry couldn’t learn to write with a quill, it would be rather difficult. Once he’d written the directions and the potions were simmering for the required amount of time, sure no accidents would occur he began writing a schedule for Harry’s writing and reading. He began writing out simple words on the parchment, for once not using his spidery scrawl but clear block letters. He’d never thought he’d be doing this of all things. He’d do it, not only for Harry but in a way it would reflect badly upon him if his Submissive was illiterate. He had felt Harry’s shame, and he never wanted Harry to feel like that. Not for something that wasn’t even his fault.

“Those of you dunderheads that have successfully brewed a potion a first year could. Bottle it and put it on my desk.” intoned Severus putting the notes into his desk drawer as he stood up. Starting to stalk around, giving cutting remarks to those who had failed to brew the simplest of potions. You would think after two years here, the third years would be able to brew a decent potion. Unfortunately it seemed too much to ask for.

The students couldn’t have left quicker once dismissed by their Potions professor if they’d tried. Severus sighed, banishing the potions to his lab in his rooms; he would mark them there while Harry studied tonight. He had much to do today, get Poppy down, speak to Minerva see if she knew about Figg if not, he would have no choice but to take Harry. He needed all the leverage he could get against Dumbledore.

“How is it going?” said Severus entering his office to see Harry already a quarter way through the book.

Harry looked up his hand moving away from the book stopping the mental voice immediately. His green eyes were gleaming with something Severus couldn’t quite decipher. Perhaps a cross between, satisfaction, pride, happiness and contentment. “I love magic.” he said his adoration for Severus evident on every single line of his face.

“I am glad to hear that, is there anything you didn’t understand?” asked Severus. Sitting beside his Submissive, it wouldn’t be a chore to teach Harry if he wanted educated. Seeing that look on his face, was more than he’d ever felt teaching the students Potions. To see his Submissive staring at him with such adoration made him feel elated and strong enough to do what was needed to keep him safe.

“Just what the ingredients do,” said Harry, which seemingly hadn’t dampened his enthusiasm.

“I have a prefect book for that,” said Severus, beyond pleased that Harry liked Potions. “You can read it after lunch if you finish this before then.”

“Yes sir!” chimed Harry a grin spreading across his face, his excitement thrumming through Severus.

“Good,” said Severus, just then the warning bell went and Severus stroked Harry’s cheek in silent wonder. He was back, it seemed almost surreal, but he was, and he’d keep him that way. Harry wanted it to and that’s all that mattered. Harry melted into his touch and Severus felt truly blessed.

Turning around he headed back to the class, and glared at them all for talking. With that the seventh year Slytherin and Gryffindor’s silently took their seats, not risking the Potions Master’s wrath or loss of points.

“Today you are going to learn how to brew a very dangerous potion, one that will blow up if one wrong ingredient is added.” said Severus his voice cold and hard, warning his students against any recklessness. “Can anyone tell me about the Felix Felicis?” he stared around ignoring Granger’s hand as he always did. A surprising number of students did raise their hands. It shouldn’t have surprised him they’d take a usual interest in this potion.

“Mr. Malfoy,” said Severus nodding in the boy’s direction.

“Its liquid luck sir, if drank it will make things go your way, it enchants you to win.” said Draco firmly.

“Ten points to Slytherin…Can anyone tell me why it’s so dangerous?” drawled Severus. “Granger?” irritated beyond belief that she was the only one who raised her hand.

“It can cause overconfidence, recklessness which can lead to danger; it’s illegal to be used in anything competitive. Such as Quidditch or tournaments even exams. Not only that but it’s also dangerous to be consumed in large doses, its very toxic.” said Hermione, as always sounding like a textbook.

“Indeed, it is also extremely advanced, and takes six months to stew before its ready. This potion will contribute to half your grade for this year. So I suggest you triple check everything.” said Severus, feeling amused at their sudden shock and worry. N.E.W.T’s weren’t for weak students. Only one Gryffindor had managed to get into his N.E.W.T’s class, Granger. Each student who had gotten into his class had well and truly earned their spot. “Instructions are on the board get to it!” snapped Severus pointing his wand at the board and the instructions did indeed draw themselves out on the blackboard.

Chapter Text


Chapter 8

Enter Madam Pomfrey

The rest of the school day went rather fast, and the students had noticed a shift in their Potion Master. They of course, couldn’t put their finger on it, he didn’t seem to tolerate foolishness in his class as always, but he’d taken points when he had caught a Slytherin student trying to mess with another student’s potion. Now that had never happened, sure he’d glare at them but never before had he removed points. Severus had attended dinner as he must, but left as soon as possible. No one noticed that Madam Pomfrey was curiously absent also.

“Severus are you going to explain anything some time today?” asked Poppy as she followed the silent Potions Master down the halls of Hogwarts. She’d had a very hasty dinner, and been asked to follow him. She was completely mystified by his behaviour, although one could say Severus had always been a bit of a mystery.

“All shall be explained where no ears can overhear,” said Severus, as he continued on, his rapid pace making Poppy have to run to keep up. He was as always, worried about Harry when he wasn’t there. He didn’t fully trust the wards; he trusted nothing when it came to his submissive’s safety. It’s why he’d allowed Grace his family house elf to remain. If anything happened, she could just take Harry and go to the Manor. Of course that was just as a last resort, he had not been to the manor for years.

“Oh Severus, what am I going to do with you?” said Poppy shaking her head, he’d always been overly suspicious. She knew they had Dumbledore to thank for that, forcing a young boy to spy. At least the world knew what he had done, and he wasn’t still spying. She shuddered mentally at the mess the poor man would be in. She had cleaned up the state of some of You-Know-Who and the Death Eater’s luckier victims. Lucky being that they’d actually survived, although they might not consider it lucky.

Opening his door, allowing his magic to flow through granting him entrance. He didn’t trust passwords, they could be overheard. Instead he’d charmed it to allow his magical signature. Unfortunately it hadn’t been able to stop Dumbledore, since he could get access to anywhere being Headmaster. He’d yet to find out if the wards Grace had put up would work, either way he had taken precautions. Dumbledore wouldn’t know unless he told him. He held it open for Poppy to enter, and closed it firmly behind him, feeling the wards strengthen back up as he did.

“Now will you speak?” asked Poppy rather concerned, was Severus ill? Or did he just want someone to talk to in private? Which wouldn’t surprise her, Severus kept a lot bottled up.

“Poppy what happens here, has to remain in here, I need your oath.” said Severus seriously.

“Severus,” said Poppy her face turning from concerned to alarmed almost instantly. “Are you ill?” her thoughts seem to perhaps be the truth.

“No Poppy, but you will understand why, your oath please.” said Severus. He didn’t need it to be a Vow. Poppy would never tell anyway, she wouldn’t want to lose her magic, and in the process not able to help people. Poppy had been healing and helping Witches and Wizards since before he was born.

“Severus…this question I have to ask…but it doesn’t reflect on you, I really must ask it before I swear anything…” said Poppy, staring at Severus shrewdly, “It’s not anything illegal? I am not going to be helping someone that’s wanted by the Wizarding authorities?” Severus didn’t do things like this for just anyone; he must feel strongly for whoever it was. Yes she was most likely here to help someone, she wasn’t stupid. It had to be rather bad, because Severus was rather good at a few healer spells.

“No Poppy, it’s not.” said Severus understanding her need to ask, Poppy was a Slytherin after all. Or at least had been one when she’d attended Hogwarts in her youth. He wasn’t offended, Poppy had a strong morale, and sure her oath said she had to help everyone despite their gender, status and even personal feelings. She would also be obliged to call the authorities and turn them in. As it was, it was nothing like that so Poppy could relax.

“Very well then,” said Poppy, “Severus Snape on my magic, I so swear, that nothing I do, hear, see or say shall ever be repeated outside these walls tonight.” she had her wand in her hand, raised to her chest. Much like the way a Muggle held a bible in their hand when swearing to tell the truth in court.

“So mote it be,” said Severus, and the magic wrapped around Poppy’s wand hand and Severus’ own. Binding Poppy to her word until Severus released her from her oath.

“Take a seat,” said Severus after a brief pause, “There’s coffee and tea there for you, I shall be back in a moment.” he had asked Harry to remain in the bedroom while he spoke to Poppy.

Harry was sitting on the bed, clearly apprehensive, not that Severus could blame him. So far everyone he’d met had kept him imprisoned, even left him alone when he was hurt. Despite his earlier words that Poppy wasn’t like it, it seemed Harry wasn’t going to relax any. “Do you not trust me to have your best interests at heart?” asked Severus curtly.

Harry’s head snapped up at the brisk words, “Yes, always sir.” said Harry, it seemed he was messing again without meaning it.

“Then trust me now, Poppy won’t do anything to hurt you, she’s a healer, she helps people.” said Severus, knowing this wasn’t the time to be kind, no Harry needed a Dom at the moment. “Now I won’t say it again, up now and let’s not keep her waiting.”

“Yes sir,” said Harry getting up and walking behind Severus. Squaring his shoulders, an inscrutable look came across his face. He never let anyone other than his Dom’s see him vulnerable. Weaknesses on the street would just get you beaten or killed. Weaknesses here, well he dreaded to think what would happen. So he would just have to make sure it didn’t.

“Poppy I’d like you to meet Harry Potter,” said Severus, causing Poppy, who had just taken a drink of scalding coffee to splutter and drop her cup in utter astonishment at his words. He was alive, she could barely believe, he was alive and looking rather well from what she could see. Although she better than most knew looks could be deceiving. Someone who looked perfectly healthy could be dying on the inside.

“Harry Potter?” she echoed sounding just as surprised as she was.

Severus flicked his wand and the broken cup repaired and appeared back on the tray. The spilled coffee was gone, and Poppy had a very unprofessional look upon her face. She’d never in a million years expected to see Harry in these halls. Her profession opinion was not many nine year olds survived the streets of London. Her heart had ached for him, what he’d been through, and here he was.

“Did you cast a parrot spell on her?” asked Harry his voice inscrutable.

Severus’ lips twitch at that, it seemed Harry was putting on a front; at least he wasn’t swearing or threatening to kill her. He thanked Merlin for small favours; at least his Sub was smart enough not to embarrass him like that. He was after all introducing Harry to Poppy, it would reflect badly on him. Alone he could say what he liked against other people, but together, he preferred Harry to let him protect him even from verbal abuse.

Poppy puffed out slightly insulted, but she supposed she deserved it; she’d been acting rather unprofessional after all. “I am to assume Albus doesn’t know?” she asked, watching Harry’s face darken furiously. She made a quick note never to mention his name again if she could help it.

“Depends on what definition of know you mean.” said Severus darkly, he was just as furious at Dumbledore for his actions, more so than Harry, he just didn’t show it. “Sit, I shall explain what I know.” said Severus taking a seat, Harry quickly prepared their coffee’s offering one to Poppy who with a bemused expression accepted it.

She watched both of them; Harry was watching her as if she was a poisonous snake about to strike. Yet Harry seemed very comfortable around Severus, they’d known each other longer than one day she was sure of it.

“Albus found Harry three weeks ago,” said Severus, deciding to start there. “Harry wasn’t quite willing to do their bidding and become the little hero everyone wants.”

“He doesn’t want to attend Hogwarts and ground his magic?” asked Poppy.

“Poppy, Dumbledore Apparated him off the streets in Muggle London, and kept him here against his will. So no he didn’t want to just automatically do what they told him.” said Severus. “He knew nothing about magic, and they didn’t even explain.”

“I see,” said Poppy frowning at Dumbledore’s actions.

“As you can imagine Harry tried to get away, and almost succeeded,” said Severus proudly, “Unfortunately his attempt was thwarted at the very last second. He fell down the steps of Hogwarts and was blasted fifteen feet in the air by a house elf Dumbledore ordered to stop Harry.”

Poppy gasped in horror at the Headmaster’s actions, hurting a seventeen year old boy! One that was the same age as his students, she was completely disgusted. She just wanted to slap his head silly. “Come here, Harry, let me see the damage done by the old fool!” said Poppy, standing up.

“I healed him, it’s the first thing I did, as far as Dumbledore and the Order are concerned Harry managed to get away.” said Severus. “Until he’s completely healed it’s the way it will remain.”

“You are going to tell him?” asked Poppy sounding aghast at the idea.

“Actually that will be for Harry to decide.” said Severus, and it was the only decision he would have to make. Everything else he would handle, as a Dom it was his place to do so. Whether it would be here at Hogwarts or at their home in London. Either way they would need to deal with Voldemort, even if he had to do the deed himself.

“Severus, not that I am unhappy to be here, I just don’t understand why you have summoned me.”

“I need you to look Harry over,” said Severus, “A full scan, past and present injuries and all ailments he may have. He is severely underweight and I need to know how badly to help him.”

“Ah,” said Poppy understanding lightening her features, well that did indeed make sense. “No problem, I need somewhere to work?”

“The spare room is available,” said Severus immediately, he didn’t want anyone in his bedroom. He was extremely private, and his bedroom was his domain and his only, well Harry’s as well.

Harry immediately stared at him alarmed; relief filled his green eyes when Severus got up as well. It had been bad enough seeing Severus’ reactions to his scars and bruises, what would she be like? He got defensive when people pitied him; it was going to be difficult to hold his tongue. With his Dom it wasn’t difficult to hold back, with others well that was a whole other ball game.

Poppy was surprised to see Harry was so anxious, he’d seemed up until that point impassive. He had a mask that no doubt made Severus proud! There really was something going on between those two, and she would find out before she left if it killed her. The three of them made their way into the nearly empty guest room. All it had within it was a spare bed, chest of drawers and a cupboard. Harry evidently wasn’t using that room, he was sleeping with Severus. The sly little devil that he was, Harry was a little young but not underage so she had no complaints. Harry so far seemed very smitten with Severus, in fact he seemed to hang on to his every word, and relieved on him a great deal. She wondered if Severus even realized how much Harry needed him. Harry reminded her of someone, the problem was she couldn’t put her finger on it.

“Lie on the bed Harry,” said Poppy, pretending to bustle around as she watched them closely without being obvious. She saw Harry immediately look at Severus, almost as if he was seeking his reassurance or approval. Curious indeed, upon Severus’ nod he did as he was bid without so much as a single protest or groan. She certain did want answers before leaving.

“Now I’m going to do a scan, you won’t feel a thing; its magic that will scan everything and untreated injuries will glow very briefly. Once it’s done, paper will shoot out my wand and give me the complete results.” said Poppy, she always found that they cooperated better, and actually relaxed when they knew what was going to happen.

Harry nodded, when he just wanted to tell her to get the fuck on with it. Honestly he just wanted to be left alone, to think about everything he’d learned that morning. He hadn’t had the time to process it. The day had just gone on so fast; admittedly he’d loved the books about Potions. To make his Dom proud, he would have to be good at that subject at least, since it was his Dom’s career choice. It sounded so fascinating that he didn’t think he had anything to fear. The bruises had gone, disappeared so had the pain, then the potion to help him sleep…it was just amazing. He actually wanted to learn more, and not just about Potions but spells too. He’d been so adamant about not doing it; he hadn’t realized just how practical magic was. He had been cutting his own nose off to spite his face, refusing to learn just because Dumbledore had told him to. As it stood, he now had a Dom he strived to impress, and he’d do it. He so badly wanted to be good, to be told he was good. Independence couldn’t give him that, and truth be told, he was sick of looking after himself. He’d been doing that since he was two years old or something. He didn’t know exactly when he’d been left with the Dursley’s.

Poppy continued doing the scan, Harry looked deep in thought so she remained quiet. Not that it was a hardship; her lips had slowly disappeared by each halo that appeared on Harry’s body, which was regretfully a rather large number. The pre-trial transcripts for Vernon Dursley, who’d been under Veritaserum had been leaked to the media. That’s to say the Daily Prophet had published absolutely everything Harry had been through. A man as big as Vernon, well Poppy was unsurprised by the amount of injuries. She had read it, sickened to the core, not just with Vernon but Dumbledore as well; he’d left Harry there on the doorstep in the middle of the night. The poor boy had just lost his parents! Had just witnessed their deaths and almost died himself. It was just mind boggling for a woman like her; she just could not understand him. Now though she hated her employer now more than ever. To think she’d been worried that Severus was trying to get her to heal a criminal! Pft it seems as though Dumbledore was more likely to do such a thing. She watched Severus become more and more enraged by the amount of injuries. He looked as though he was going to explode, she was just glad Harry seemed too lost in thought to see his face.

Once it was complete and there weren’t any more halo’s appearing, as Poppy had said, a larger than normal amount of parchment zoomed on out of her wand. Poppy smiled her thanks when Severus summoned her a chair. Sitting down she began inspecting the results, Severus stood behind her doing exactly the same thing. Normally such a thing would irritate the life out of her, someone looking over her shoulder but not today.

“Severus Snape!” gaped Poppy when she saw writing on the parchment. For such a bond to exist…they’d have had to been in a relationship for years! Harry trusted Severus enough to give complete control over his life and magic to Severus. She hadn’t seen this kind of bond since starting work at Hogwarts. Yes it might surprise everyone, but she hadn’t always worked at Hogwarts. She’d worked in St. Mungo’s; she had been very good at what she did. Unfortunately she’d lost several patients, it had changed her. She’d realized she needed a change of scenery, and low and behold, a position was available at Hogwarts. She had jumped at the chance, she hadn’t regretted it, but sometimes she did miss the more serious side to healing and saving people’s lives. Healing colds, correcting accidents, reversing spells, healing broken bones it’s all she did.

“What?” asked Severus as he sat himself down on the bed beside Harry. His hand automatically carding through Harry’s hair. There was no point in denying it, the results where right in front of Poppy, whether she approved or not.

“He is your submissive?” asked Poppy, and like lightening she finally understood why she’d felt something familiar about Harry. He reminded her of a young girl, Poppy had been a young woman herself then. She had been pregnant, terrified of what her ‘Master’ would say. She’d been completely inconsolable, she’d had to force a calming draught and find out who her other half was. Poppy had been intimidated by him, and she had admittedly judged him, but then she’d watched the both of them from the hidden mirror window. The girl had immediately bowed before him, but he’d not had any of it. Instead he crouched down beside her, just as scared as she was that something was wrong. When she’d told him he’d looked so shocked, scared and proud. Then he’d immediately changed, became stronger before her eyes, and promptly took her home! She’d never been more baffled in her entire life. That had led her to understanding the life people chose. She had tried since then never judge anyone, after all who was she to disapprove? They were the ones willingly in the relationship. They were adults and they could leave any time they decided to.

“Yes,” admitted Severus, never stopping his soothing ministrations to Harry. He could feel Harry’s inner turmoil even if he wasn’t showing it.

“But Severus, to form such a bond…you’d have had to be in a relationship for years!” Severus had never struck her as such a man, no, she knew he wasn’t.

“He didn’t fucking know!” snapped Harry, defending him, feeling awful for his deception, which by the way he had yet to be punished for. The longer he waited the more anxious he got.

“Hush,” said Severus, letting it slide since Harry was defending him. “On the list, do you see what Harry is? He can change his appearance, he’s a Metamorphmagus.”

“Yes I can see that, it manifested itself when he was five years old, normally it is much earlier than that. It must have been a dormant gene not meant for him, but his magic dug deep and brought it out for some reason.” said Poppy. The Black’s were well known for it, but none other than Nymphadora had been blessed with it. She had her suspicion that it had something to do with the inner breeding. It was no coincidence that the two magical children with new blood introduced ended up with the gift. The new blood being Ted Tonks and of course Lily Potter.

“She shaved my head…and left the fringe not wanting to see my scar.” said Harry quietly flinching slightly as he remembered the scissors and rough way she’d cut his hair and scalp.

“That’s because she knew what it represented,” said Severus soothing his Submissive, “It was a sign well known in our world, a sign of your mothers love.” he hated how much he sounded like Dumbledore at that moment, but he had to show Harry his scar wasn’t repulsive or bad.

“When did you find out Severus?” asked Poppy, she didn’t bother asking why Harry had wanted such a relationship as such a young age. She too would have done anything to get off the streets, and have someone look after her. He seemed to thrive and enjoy Severus’ attention and that’s what mattered.

“A few days ago,” said Severus wryly, it still surprised him by the lack of disgust he felt at himself. “As soon as I touched him, the bond formed on its own.”

Poppy nodded, she had an idea on how Severus had found out and how he was probably feeling at the moment. Yet, for the bond to form, willingly on its own must have meant they felt very strongly for wild magic to come into play. Harry was safe, extremely safe with Severus. In fact they had her approval, and she knew Harry would flourish under Severus’ tender love and care.

“How bad is it?” asked Severus.

“Well his malnutrition isn’t as bad as I expected it to be, he must have been able to at least eat a few times a day.” said Poppy, “A few potions which you are already giving him will rectify the damage.” the list also told of the recent potions he’d been taking, after all it wouldn’t do to overdose someone you are trying to help.

“The untreated damage.” said Severus, Poppy seemed to be stalling.

“That is bad I am afraid,” said Poppy grimly. “You saw for yourself, he needs a potion to correct his eyesight simple enough. There are currently twelve untreated bone breaks, which magic has tried to heal but they are done incorrectly. They need to be mended professionally.”

Severus winced, twelve? This was going to be a nightmare, since there wasn’t a potion that could be taken to numb or help. Skele-Gro couldn’t be consumed with any other potion, it just burned it away. Skele-Gro burned your tongue when you drank it and the entire way down your throat. Anything in your stomach just got the same treatment, either way they looked at it; it was going to be a painful process. So much for him going to visit Figg today, it seemed as though he would just have to wait until tomorrow.
“Numbing spell?” suggested Severus, anything that would help the procedure and have Harry relatively pain free. Relative being the key word, since with even numbing spells it would still cause a minimal amount of pain.

“Yes, I wish there was a potion I could give him Severus,” said Poppy, she’d never had to heal so much damage since working at St. Mungo’s. Unfortunately she knew everything couldn’t be fixed pain free.

“How about you just knock me out?” suggested Harry sarcastically.

Severus glared at Harry, one Harry considered worked up to notch four. He’d seen it a lot fiercer than that, but it was enough for Harry to fall silent and stare apologetically. He wasn’t a masochist; he put up with whatever punishment came his way, but never invited it. It’s why his other relationships hadn’t worked; two of them had gotten too heavy handed for Harry’s liking. Severus had been different from the get go, he’d only been punished a few times. The worst one for endangering himself, he’d gotten into a rather fierce fight.

“So Re-breaking them?” asked Severus.

“Merlin no!” said Poppy shaking her head, “That would just make matters worse, it would cause tissue damage, nerve damage and not to mention what could happen with bone fragments.” to attempt re-breaking would definitely cause more damage than it would fix. If it was just the one it might have been attempted but no, it wasn’t just the one.

Harry stared at Pomfrey, then Severus before repeating the processes, he felt as though he was two feet tall. He didn’t understand what they were getting at, they did either way, and he did not like the look on their faces. It made him feel even more nervous, what could be worse than re-breaking bones? Harry gulped but managed to keep his face passive and thoughts to himself. He didn’t want Severus angry at him, and he knew he would be if he said anything else. He would just have to trust Severus, also trust that Severus wouldn’t let that woman hurt him either. It was hard; he’d been by himself for a year again. Then there was the fact he’d never really met anyone when he was with Severus. They’d been themselves all the time, apart from when they occasionally went out, and when he wasn’t with Severus he was alone in the flat. He was never bothered, he’d just kept the flat in the conditions Severus liked them.

“Severus?” called Harry quietly, he wanted answers, he’d trust him but he still wanted to know. He hated being blind, figurative speaking since he’d changed back to his ‘normal’ form as his Dom had called it; he hadn’t been able to see worth crap. It was odd, he’d need to speak to Sev about it, see if he could shed some light on it.

Severus sighed, facing Harry again “Poppy is going to remove the damaged bones, it will be a very strange sensation but it wont hurt. It’s re-growing them that is the painful process. Hopefully you will be able to sleep through it, by tomorrow morning everything will be back to normal.”

Harry inhaled sharply, remove them? “Magically?” he asked.

“Indeed.” stated Severus calmly.

“Can’t you just leave them?” he said, they weren’t hurting him, never had not since well…he couldn’t remember actually.

“No Harry, you will end up in pain in a few years, your bones are like that of an eighty year old man.” said Poppy. Brittle, easily broken, he’d not had enough calcium in his life to strengthen them. A potion would easily be able to fix that particular problem thought.

“Are you ready?” said Poppy. Stepping up as Severus shifted further up the bed, refusing to leave Harry’s side.

“Just do it.” said Harry gritting his teeth, he actually wanted to run rather than let her stand there and remove his bones. He’d yet to receive his punishment for leaving the first time, he didn’t want to add a second one to it, and the second wouldn’t be as successful as the first one. Although it seemed as if Severus had forgotten about it, but Harry knew better, as soon as he was healthy again Severus would bring it up. He didn’t want to leave again either, he didn’t want to feel the way he had the last time he’d left. He’d never felt that way before, as if his heart would break into tiny little pieces. He certainly hadn’t gotten attached to his other Dom’s the way he did with Sev.

Harry gasped when his arm flopped in Poppy’s hand. It was like a piece of rubber, and they could actually grow them back? His Dom had been right, it was an extremely odd sensation but not painful. Magic was just so way beyond anything he’d comprehended. It truly did boggle the mind, and to think he’d though turning things invisible and removing electronic tags had been handy. He’d been truly ignorant of his heritage, of just how powerful magic was. Even with the potions it hadn’t dawned on him, now, now he felt the giddiness and awe Muggle born’s did upon learning and realizing the extent of the magical world.

“There, all done.” said Poppy her voice filled with satisfaction and happiness, one all healers seemed to have and it drove the patients nuts. It certainly irritated poor Harry, who stared at her as if she had another head. All twelve bones were gone, and now it was time to administer the potion. She hadn’t brought anything down with her, she’d been asked to follow him during dinner.
“Severus do you have the Potion?” asked Poppy, after silence met her statement.

“Yes,” said Severus, he didn’t brew it actually; it was sold only by one company, who patented it. Rubens Winikus and company Inc, nobody else was allowed to brew it, it was exclusively theirs until they decide otherwise. Which probably wouldn’t happen any time soon, they’d kept the recipe a secret for five generations. Entering his potions cupboard, it wasn’t difficult to find it. Most probably because it was in a large beaker apposed to glass vials like his potions. It was designed with an entire body of skeletons; he had to give them points for creativity.

“Here,” he said handing it over, the beaker had its own measuring cup.

“Thank you Severus!” said Poppy taking it and measuring out an entire cup worth. He had twelve bones needing re-grown after all. “Now Harry this potion burns a little and tastes awful but I need you to drink it all do you understand?” back to professional Poppy it seemed.

Harry stared at Severus, who nodded solemnly, before he replied “Yes,”

Poppy handed it over and Harry did as he’d done with the rest of the potions. Gulping them back as fast as humanly possible, not wanting to taste them. The last gulp he did taste but forced down with great difficulty. He hoped never to taste that again as long as he lived. The others tasted much better compared to this! He made a vow to himself to never break another bone, ever.

“It takes around an hour to begin working, would you like a book to read until then?” asked Severus. Speaking solely to his submissive, who he was proud of. Harry was the first person he’d seen who had not spat the potion back out upon tasting it. Carding his hands through his hair, soothing him without thinking about it. Poppy already knew about their relationship and the way they were, they had nothing to hide from her.

“Yes sir,” said Harry, he felt as though he had heartburn, only the other way around. Instead of it coming from the stomach upwards, he felt it from the mouth downwards. He was glad he’d already eaten, because Harry didn’t think he’d be able to eat anything right now.

Severus had actually had a lesson plan for tonight, but it seemed a great deal was being put on hold. He would still speak to Minerva, that was a definite must, he would find out about Figg. Picking out a book from his first year, he handed it over, Potions no surprise. Was it wrong of him to want his Submissive to be good at a subject he loved? No, it wasn’t.

“If you ever need to talk Severus, I am here for you,” said Poppy petting at his arm. No doubt this was a tough time for him; finding out his partner was so young, no matter their relationship.

“Thank you Poppy,” said Severus nodding his head in understanding and appreciation of the offer.
“Its fine, now if you need me you know where I am, but tomorrow morning Harry should be healed nicely.” said Poppy.

“Thank you,” said Harry, he’d been rather boorish about the entire thing. She was only trying to help him, something he wasn’t used to at least not by strangers. He’d never accepted help from anyone, it was just a way of making yourself indebted to people. It was different with Severus or any of his previous Dom’s, they were supposed to protect and help you.

“You are welcome young man,” said Poppy blessing him with a genuine smile before she said goodbye and she and Severus left, seeing Poppy of to Floo’ed from his office.

“Here,” said Severus, handing him the book, the spell already in place once he came back from seeing Poppy to the fireplace. “You can go back to our bedroom if you wish.” before he left once again. Heading to the kitchen he placed some ice into a tumbler and poured himself a rather large glass of Scottish whiskey. It was by far his favourite whiskey; Minerva had actually got him into it. His first Christmas of teaching she’d given him it, and every year since. He heard Harry hobbling through to their room. It was little wonder he was hobbling, one of his bones in his left leg was gone. He should have levitated him; unfortunately his mind was all over the place tonight.

Slumping on the chair, he closed his eyes, rubbing tiredly at his temples, his other hand holding onto his drink. Harry’s lack of faith in him a year ago still bothered him, and he had no idea how to punish his sub for it. Especially seeing the damage, it changed things a great deal in his opinion. It would do Harry no good if he changed, he knew that deep down. He had time to think on it, the last time he’d punished Harry was when he’d gotten into a bloodied fight. Back then he hadn’t been aware Harry was homeless though. He’d put himself a risk, something he didn’t tolerate. He’d taken him over his knee, thirty swats; he hadn’t been able to sit down properly for days. That wasn’t all, he’d also forced Harry to sleep in the guest bedroom, and other than ordering him to do something he refused to talk or touch him. It was the hardest thing he’d ever had to do, especially every time he’d seen the hurt on Harry’s face. The lack of contact had hurt him more, now that he knew everything, he understood why. Harry hadn’t received many kind touches in his life; he was honestly surprised he would allow anyone to touch him. He wasn’t, however, surprised he’d ended up wanting this kind of relationship, Harry had been forced to cook and clean for his family, only to be beaten down constantly. He probably just wanted someone to take care of him now, to be looked after in a way that was acceptable to him. At fourteen though, he was just glad Harry had lied to him and not ended up in the hands of a sadist. If he had, there wouldn’t have been any hope for Harry, not just relationship wise but trust as well. Finishing his drink he banished it to the kitchen as he grabbed some Floo powder. Shouting in the destination, he stuck his head through the fire. It was time to speak to McGonagall.

“Minerva McGonagall Transfiguration office Hogwarts!”

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Chapter 9

Talking With Minerva, and Plans To See Figg

Minerva turned from marking the homework she’d set out during the summer holidays. Inwardly cursing at some of the stupid mistakes the fifth years were still making. The spelling was atrocious and she didn’t even want to get started on the penmanship or the colour of the ink her student had presented her with it. Hearing the ping indicating someone was Flooing her. She was surprised to see Severus there, turning around she gave him her undivided attention.

“Severus, how can I help you?” asked the Scottish lioness curiously.

“Do you know Arabella Figg?” enquired Severus.

Minerva blinked in surprise, there was a reason Severus did everything, and he wasn’t one for small talk. What could he want with Arabella? It made no sense to her. “Yes I know her, Severus, she was an order member during the last war.” she told the wizard, no doubt the Potions Master was already aware of this.

“Yes, I know, I want to know where she stays.” said Severus bluntly, his eyes, even through a fire were boring into her own with a well honed wit. She’d always wondered what kind of Animagus Severus would be, since they fought like cats and dogs a lot of the time, especially about the way he treated the students and took a lot of points.

“The question is why, what could you possible want with Arabella Figg Severus?” asked Minerva, his brown eyes filled with curiosity.

“Minerva why can’t you ever just answer a question without demanding answers?” groaned Severus; curiosity certainly didn’t kill this bloody cat that’s for sure. Honestly, she was worse than Dumbledore when it came to wanting to know everything.

“After teaching students all day, I am in dire need of a proper conversation,” said Minerva, which was strictly true, anything to delay the inevitable of going back to those assignments. She was only half way through the fifth year ones; she still had the rest of the students to do. She was dreading Hermione Grangers, there was five feet more than Minerva had asked for.

“Then go speak to the old fool and answer my question,” said Severus, he wasn’t a sociable person by nature. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d asked Minerva for anything, probably an added part of why she was so curious.

Minerva scowled, “I can’t speak to that demented old man! Can you believe what he done? If I had been at the meeting Severus I’d have given him what for! Its no wonder he didn’t ask me to attend.” Minerva was in a right huff with the Headmaster, and she had every right to be.

Severus blinked through the flames; he’d never seen Minerva angry with Dumbledore. Curious himself now, did that mean she didn’t approve of what he did to Harry or how he’d handled it. “Just what has made you remove your rose tinted glasses Minerva?” asked the Potions Master.

Minerva snorted at Severus’ choice of words, they always did entertain her. He just had a way of speaking that amused her to no end. He was certainly one of a kind; let’s just put it that way. “You wouldn’t understand Severus, no doubt you will just get annoyed so let’s just leave it.” said Minerva wryly, Severus hated any mentions of the Potter’s. Yes, James had been down right vicious, Severus had a right to be angry but to hold on to it so long, wasn’t good for him.

Severus eyed her, “What is the way Dumbledore handled it or because of their actions?”

“You knew what they were doing to that poor boy?” asked Minerva her eye twitching in irritation.

“Why don’t you come down to my quarters? Have a whiskey on me.” said Severus, the more people he had on his side the better. It was risky, but if he could get Minerva on his side, she was a very formidable woman. She was certainly someone he wouldn’t want to cross. This was a chance for him to get her to understand his side, before Dumbledore twisted everything if he found out. It had to be quick through, since Harry would start to feel a lot of pain soon. He had to be there for his sub, he’d already failed in his duty once.

Minerva gaped at Severus, never in all their years as co-workers had Severus invited her down. Occasionally she’d take a bottle down and ‘force’ her company on him. Not that it was forced, Severus might act like he didn’t care for company but he did deep down. Otherwise he would have just told her to leave; he wasn’t one to suffer fools needlessly. It had been the past few years he’d really changed; he seemed more comfortable in himself. “Very well,” said Minerva standing up, anything to get away from the terrible essay’s. It was one of the times being a teacher really sucked, and it was when homework was handed in.

“Severus Snape Quarters Hogwarts!” yelled Minerva into the flames, keeping her elbows in. Gracefully stepping out of Severus’ rooms, which were tastefully done, similar to her own, but with less light. Her rooms were above the school, with widows so it was no surprise really. She smiled her thanks and accepted the drink Severus already had in his hand for her.

“Take a seat,” said Severus, as soon as she’d left he’d also grabbed the results from Poppy’s scan. It was in his pocket if any chance of getting her understanding came into the conversation.

“You did not approve of what Albus was doing?” enquired Minerva, sipping the Scottish whiskey, it was her favourite also. She had gotten him into it one late night, not long after he’d first joined. She always bought him a bottle for Christmas, it was much better than Fire whiskey. She would be very surprised if Severus had cared, he had for eleven years assumed Harry was a spoiled brat. She had seen his face when they’d learned the truth. If the students thought him pale, well he had been unnaturally so that day. Severus loathed abuse; he didn’t even tolerate his Slytherins hurting other students. What Severus didn’t seem to understand was mental abuse was just as bad. She didn’t know how many times Neville had been sent to the hospital wing anxiety ridden.

“No,” said Severus snorting at the statement, “Merlin no, I told them that they were making a mistake. Minerva, Albus was planning Harry’s career choice just days after getting him to Hogwarts.” his incredulity showed through.

Minerva’s eyes widened at the words coming out of Severus’ mouth, shaking her head unable to believe the absurdness of Dumbledore. “I do not understand that man Severus, for years he seemed guilt ridden, then excited about having Harry back, and now he’s very desperate to get him back now. As soon as dinner was over he left, he’d been looking for him desperately.”

“You know as well as I why he’s desperate.” said Severus having a sip of his own drink as he gazed at the fire.

“I don’t believe a word of it! It’s a lot of tripe!” said Minerva.

“Despite the fact he’d marked?” asked Severus calmly.

“He’s just a young man! With absolutely no magical training, no matter what Dumbledore does Harry will never be ready to face such a monster. To ask a child to do such a thing because of words a stupid witch uttered is insanity!” cried Minerva. Never send a boy to do a man’s job, she believed that.

“And if the world descended into darkness because you didn’t believe it?” mused Severus out loud.

“The only reason the dark will win, is if we stop fighting,” said Minerva strongly.

“Perhaps,” said Severus. “And if Mr. Potter was to return? How would you handle it?”

“I would treat him as any student to walk these halls Severus,” said Minerva firmly.

“Like any student? Why do I find that hard to believe? He’s the son of two of your favourite Gryffindor’s.” said Severus wryly. For the first time in his life he said that without judgement or anger behind it.

“So Arabella? Why?” asked Minerva changing the subject, not responding to Severus’ statement.

“Did you keep in touch with her?” asked Severus. Letting her, because he wanted this conversation over with quickly.

“Just cards at Christmas,” said Minerva, Arabella had never been close with anyone, she was much like Filch. Kept herself to herself and surrounded herself with cats, thankfully Filch only had the one.

“Did she ever discuss Harry?” asked Severus his face impassive now.

“No, why would she?” asked Minerva taken aback by the question, what could that possibly do with Figg?

“You do not know Figg was assigned by Dumbledore to look out for Harry?” asked Severus.

“Of course not, it makes no sense…if she was supposed to look for him then…” she was unable to articulate herself, she felt as if she was in sinking sand. Her entire world was spinning on its axis. She was one tiny nudge from going into shock; she refused to dwell on it until she was in the privacy of her own quarters. No, she refused to think on it more until she had definitive proof. Albus’ grief had been so genuine it was hard to think he’d known all along. It would have been so much easier just to blame a woman she hardly knew. Yet she couldn’t, tomorrow, and only then would she allow herself to even contemplate everything said here tonight.

“Then not only has Figg failed in her duty but Dumbledore knew all along.” said Severus having no problem finishing that sentence. He’d always had a jaded view of the world, and thought the worst of everyone. Although the extent of Dumbledore’s actions was admittedly even shocking to him.

“Harry? Since when did you start calling him Harry?” asked Minerva abruptly and out of the blue.

Severus chuckled in amusement, “I’ve been calling him that the entire time Minerva,”

Minerva gaped at him, she’d never heard the man genuinely amused before. There was something going on, she just didn’t know what. He wasn’t bitter, he was laughing, well chuckling, and he seemed so much more relaxed than she’d ever seen him. She liked the changes; it was good to see him like this.

Severus could feel Harry’s emotions beginning to change, from contentment to pain. “How would you like to join me in paying Arabella Figg a visit tomorrow evening after dinner?” asked Severus.

Part of her wanted to avoid it; she’d either want to murder Figg or Dumbledore, maybe both by the time the interrogation was over, she knew that. Severus had been right, she did hold Harry in a special regard, and not just a potential student. She had been so shocked and ashamed of herself when she didn’t push further with Dumbledore leaving Harry at the Dursley’s. She had a lot to atone for in her opinion, she’d carried a lot of guilt as well. “Yes, where did you get your information from?”

“I’ll tell you tomorrow, you have my word,” said Severus standing up, urging her towards the fireplace. He sighed in relief once she was gone, putting the wards stopping the Network from accepting people Flooing into his Quarters. Banishing both their glasses, he walked towards his room.

His heart clenched at the sight, Harry was curled up, eyes closed, face pained and teeth clenched trying no doubt to muffle his distress. He knew he’d had to do it; it would have been detrimental to his health if they’d been left in their sorry state. He had homework to correct, students to grade for their potions today and schedules to write up. Yet instead of doing all that, he walked over to the bed, quickly disrobed and slid into the bed beside his submissive. Hooking his hand under Harry’s neck and curling up beside him.

“Try and sleep Harry, you’ll feel better in the morning I promise,” soothed Severus.

“What happened when we were in that room?” asked Harry, trying to take his mind off the stabbing pains. At first it had been like when your foot went numb, then pins and needles, but now it was like someone was stabbing him with a knife in twelve different places. It was only thing his Dom hadn’t had answered. His magic no longer felt out of control, he’d not tried using it yet so he didn’t know if it was affected more.

Severus thought about the best way to answer Harry, he was genuinely surprised it had taken so long for his Sub to ask again. He’d meant to bring it up, but he’d been so busy and other things had kept him occupied. He’d not had a chance to sit down and think about it himself never mind answer Harry. He also had to answer in a way that Harry would understand. “Our magic bonded us together, magically recognizing me as your Dominant and you as my Submissive. Do you feel any different?” enquired Severus, one of his hands idly stroking Harry’s chest.

“Yes,” said Harry grunting as a particular painful jab pierced through him. “When I get angry my magic doesn’t feel like it’s about to explode.”

“I see,” said Severus, he was rather glad about that, Harry’s magic had been wild and untamed. It was no wonder, someone as powerful as him not having a wand, or any control over it. Control came over the years of learning, harnessing it and using it. “How do you feel about that?” Harry may have more magic than him, but he was the stronger or the two.

“I didn’t like it, that’s why I always blocked it up,” admitted Harry. “I only used it when I needed it…it’s just too strong.” it was to wild, to out of control, and with Harry for most part always being angry at something or someone made it worse. He was nice being able to feel his magic and not be overwhelmed. Although he felt a different kind of overwhelmed when Severus touched him. It made his skin tingle, the feeling just made him feel breathless. He had always reacted strongly to Severus, but now, god if he wasn’t in pain he’d be begging Severus desperately, writhing against him.

“You don’t have to worry about it anymore Harry,” said Severus, ceasing his soothing motions, causing Harry to whine in disappointment. He began purring when Severus began carding his hand through his hair. “You don’t have to worry about anything; I will take care of you, take care of everything if you just trust me.”

“I do trust you,” said Harry quietly, “I know it doesn’t seem like it. I do, more than I ever trusted anyone else. I wanted to tell you…about my magic at least, I knew you were like me. I was just getting up the courage to tell you when I saw him near the flat.” Harry was desperate for Severus to understand just how much he’d trusted him, still trusted him. Had wanted to tell him, just so he could learn more about magic. He just didn’t know how to make him see that, he wanted to know how to make it better.

For the first time Severus was able to feel exactly what Harry had that day. The overwhelming fear, dizziness, sickness and the confused betrayal. What Severus didn’t understand was Harry’s fear of Dumbledore. Where had it come from? Why was he so scared of him and why did he feel sick - he hadn’t known much about Dumbledore then. Yes he’d left Harry with the Dursley’s, and then he realized he’d answered his own question. Harry had been terrified of being sent back, to the Dursley’s, to the abuse to the starvation and millions of impossible chores. Closing his eyes, he pressed Harry impossibly closer against him. He realized he too would have probably done exactly the same thing.

“Ssshh,” said Severus quietly, “Sleep Harry, sleep.”

Tomorrow he needed to get some Muggle writing supplies, maybe even proper workbooks. He wasn’t qualified to teach Harry anything, but he trusted no one else. It might actually be more practical to get them, even if he didn’t use the books in the end. For Maths, English, perhaps even science but writing and reading came first, after that Harry could pretty much learn on his own. It would probably be best to get them after speaking to Figg, have Minerva come back on her own. He wasn’t sure if the Muggle stationary shops he needed would still be open. He wondered if Flourish and Blotts sold something similar to what he needed. It was worth a try, they opened early, six o’clock he could go before Harry even woke up.

Severus could sense Harry had finally fallen asleep; he had surprisingly gotten a good night sleep last night as well. His life was on the fast track, and Severus didn’t mind as long as he got to keep his little Submissive. He still had to think of a punishment. He didn’t want to get physical, not over something Harry had done a year ago, it would defeat the purpose. He couldn’t deprive Harry of touch, when he’d done it the first time; he’d had no idea of Harry’s history. Now that he knew, to do such a thing would do more harm than good. Harry probably relied on touch more than positive reinforcement of doing something good. He would have to think of something much more subtle than that. A way of showing Harry who really was in control, who the Dom was, and more importantly how far he’d go to keep him safe. Who he belonged to, and let him know what would happen if he ever attempted such a thing again.

Severus breathed in harshly, trying to get his wayward reaction back in control. Biting his lip savagely, maybe his idea wasn’t such a good one if the thought alone was enough to do this to him. How would he react if he did carry it out? It was erotic as hell. He’d never thought about doing that to a Submissive before.

Oh yes, he’d show Harry exactly who he belonged to.

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Chapter 10

Visiting The Shops & Figg

Severus woke up at six on the dot, turning his alarm clock off with a flick of his wand. Harry was stirring; removing his arms he opened his drawer and found what he was looking for. Uncorking the potion, he repositioned his arm and put the Potion to Harry’s lips. “Drink,” he said soothingly, even in his sleepy state, Harry obeyed Severus, causing a rush of warmth to flow through him. If he’d asked anyone else in the world to do that, they wouldn’t have. They didn’t trust him, with good reason admittedly, he was a snarky bastard to everyone. Then again the same could be said here sometimes, but Harry had never minded. It was a strong pain relief with added muscle relaxant; no doubt it would have Harry out cold for a few more hours. He almost didn’t want to leave, preferring instead to sit and just gaze at Harry. He was absolutely breathtaking, despite his skinniness. When he finally put that weight on, he’d be even more stunning.

With great difficultly he managed to finally leave the bed, and his sleeping Submissive. He could remember how difficult it was to come back after the holidays. When all he wanted was to be with him, it’s when he first realized he more than just cared about Harry. He didn’t like saying the word ‘love’, in his opinion if he thought it something bad would happen. Donning his usually clothes, his lips twitching just remembering Harry’s comment on all wizards wearing ‘dresses’. Shaking away his thoughts, his face going impassive he entered the living room.

“Grace?” called Severus sharply, but not loudly, not wanting to wake Harry up.

“Yes Sir?” asked Grace appearing before her Master.

“Look after Harry, if he wakes before I get back tell him I want him to remain in bed. Make some breakfast for us, I shall be back in an hour if all goes well understood?” said Severus, not bothering with anything to eat yet, he’d have something when Harry woke up.

“Yes sir,” said Grace bowing to him.

“Good.” said Severus, grabbing his money pouch from the mantle before he quickly left his quarters. Closing the door behind him, feeling the wards go back up as he left. Lately he’d been able to sense wards much more. He didn’t understand it; he’d always been sensitive to magic, but never to this extent. In fact…it had been right after Harry and he bonded. Did that mean Harry could sense magic to the same degree or better? Curious, he hadn’t been aware that they could share magic, nothing in the books indicated as much. He needed a book that delved more deeply into bond he and Harry shared. He had to know everything or how else would he be able to protect him.

The halls were unsurprisingly deserted; it was far too early for even the studious Ravenclaws to be up. Even so without an audience Severus stalked through the halls grimly. A few of the portraits woke up as he stalked along, causing them to grumble and blame him for their current waken state. Severus as always paid them no mind, if it was up to him, they’d all be taken down and removed to the very bottom bowel of Hogwarts and forgotten. They were far too irritating for his liking, and nosy, they told Dumbledore absolutely everything. Probably because the old fool was the only one to pay any attention to them whatsoever. They were like children, seeking approval, mostly because they wanted moved to a different section of the school.

Flicking his wand, he summoned one of the coaches, and immediately slid in. None of the students knew how to do it; otherwise they’d constantly use them instead of walking. The only time the coaches were used was when they were coming or leaving at the start and end of the school year. They didn’t get to use them during Hogsmeade weekend, instead they actually walked. The teachers though, much to the student’s dismay, got to use them. When it was Hagrid’s turn to watch them he always took the coach. He on the other had always walked; he kept an eagle eye on all the students during those trips. Especially lately with the Dark Lord back, Dumbledore had as of yet not banned them from attending. Just strengthened the wards and had more chaperones taking the students. As if they didn’t have enough to do without watching students pack themselves full of sweets.

Once the coach stopped, Severus stepped out, he had immediately thought of Apparating, but when he saw Honeydukes he caved and went inside. The last time he’d stepped foot in here, it had been packed completely. He’d never gone near the shop at Christmas time again. He had gone in to get some sweets for Minerva, knowing she was partial to the sugar quills they sold. This time it was eerily quiet, and the woman was currently filling up jars and such.

“Can I help you?” Mrs Flume smiling at him enquiring.

“No thank you,” said Severus curtly, but nevertheless took a basket and immediately began browsing. Inwardly cursing himself for being so soft, if any of his students saw him in here they’d know it too. The things he did for Harry, thought Severus to himself as he placed acid pops in the basket and looked around some more. Next to go in was Blood-flavoured lolly pops, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, a few Cauldron Cakes, Choco Balls, Chocolate Cauldrons, Chocolate Frogs, Chocolate Skeletons, Chocolate Wands, Liquorice Wands, Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum, Exploding Bonbons, Fizzing Whizzbees, Fudge Flies, Honeydukes Mice Pops, Ice Mice, Nougat Chunks, Pepper Imps, Pixie Puffs, only the one Pumpkin Pasty since he hadn’t liked the juice, Salt Water Taffy, Sugar Quills, Sugared Butterfly Wings, Toffees, Treacle Fudge and a two bars of Honeydukes special chocolate, white, dark chocolate and milk chocolate. He was partial to a piece of chocolate, and three of the six bars, even if he wouldn’t admit it to anyone were for him.

When he took the basket to the front the woman couldn’t help but exclaim “Someone’s in for a treat!” smiling at him as she quickly added the total up, chatting away excitedly. “Can I get you anything else sir?” she then asked once she’d rounded everything up and placed it in a box for Severus to take with him. Severus just stared at her drolly not even attempting to reply to the obvious (in his opinion) question.

“That will be two galleons and two sickles sir!” she said not put out by his impassive demeanour.

Severus handed over the correct amount, grabbed his purchase and immediately left the shop exasperated. This was why he didn’t like coming shopping, the incessant talking and obvious questions! Once he was gratefully out of that shop, he shrunk down the purchase and placed it in his robe pocket and then Apparated. It wasn’t Hogsmeade he wanted, it was Diagon Alley and for one purpose only.

Severus reappeared in the middle of Diagon Alley and not two feet from the entrance to Knockturn Alley. Normally he usually Apparated right next to the Apothecary, but it wasn’t the shop he needed to visit today. He passed Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions and entered the book shop, Flourish and Blotts. Not even looking in the direction of the check out counter, he immediately began browsing for what he required. He was well known in this shop, mostly through Owl Order, he special ordered all new Potion as well as Defence book that came out. Except of course any of Gilderoy Lockhart books. He’d scoffed at the very thought of them gracing his shelves, oh no, he wasn’t about to help the fame seeking idiot earn any more money, especially not his money. Speaking of Lockhart, he’d left Hogwarts when the going got tough, he hadn’t been heard from since.

He spent the next fifteen minutes searching; the entire shop was filled from top to bottom with all sorts of books. It was no wonder he couldn’t find what he was looking for right away. Eventually he succeeded in finding exactly what he needed, and quickly removed them from the piles. Seven books later he went to the teller and had them rounded up. Thankfully this older wizard didn’t seem interested in talking, for that he had Severus’ gratitude. Ten galleons down, he left the shop shrinking and placing it with his other purchase of the day.

Staring curiously at Scribbulus Everchanging Inks, wondering if they had a selection of Muggle writing equipment. He somehow doubted it, but if it saved him a trip to the Muggle world later, well he would be all to pleased. People were starting to show up, catch the shops while they would be able to actually walk around it. The shops were far too small for such a large crowd that makes up the British magical population. Making his decision he stalked next door and entered and began looking around. This shop unlike the others wasn’t filled from top to bottom with items. It was however, just as messy as everywhere else in the ally. Finding what he was looking for, pencils, but no pens. Pencils would do the trick until he could teach Harry how to use a quill. Grabbing a pack of them, ten of them in it would surely do him. Grabbing a few quills, and additional ink three cases of red which he used to mark the students papers and one black. Once again he handed over the money and shrunk his purchases. Only one more shop and he’d be done. As predicted nearly an hour had gone by, and the owls were starting to screech delivering the morning post to the shop keepers and flying off to Hogsmeade and Hogwarts no doubt. They wouldn’t get there for another hour or so, it was a long way to Scotland from here. It was no doubt about to get busy in the Daily Prophet station, as they tried to get their next great story.

Descending down into Knockturn Alley, it was different here, a lot of people were already down and buying from the less than reputable shops. Severus kept his wand close by, he was very much aware this was where the Death Eaters liked to be. They would be all too willing to try and ‘capture the traitor’ if they had any guts that is. Most of them were actually cowards underneath the swagger they displayed. Killing and torturing Muggles was the best they could do. Most of the Death Eaters knew what he was capable of, and wouldn’t attempt anything. The Lestrange’s and a few others he could name would be insane enough to try.

He passed Borgin and Burkes, and other nameless shops, selling a wide variety of items that he had no interest in. Shrunken heads, poisonous candles, human looking fingernails, and other wares that would only work for a short time. Or it would do the opposite of what you’d bought it for. Everyone assumed the entire area was like that, but it wasn’t. Most people only took one look at the shops nearest the entrance and turned straight back out. Either that or it was the characters that liked hanging around Borgin and Burkes. He personally found it distasteful that people told everyone it was solely for those who liked ‘Dark Art’s’. It did limit the amount of customers those working at the other end of the Alley received.

Entering the very last shop at the end of the Alley, his black eyes gleamed. He went straight over to the glass cabinet and started browsing. Looking for one particular item, and hopefully he’d find one he liked. The prices were high, but it was no surprise to him. Price was of little consequence to him, he would never normally spend so much but he could, he had enough money to see him through the rest of his life. That wasn’t counting the money he’d made during his years as Potions Master or independent brewing. Which admitted had stopped three years ago after taking on Harry as his Submissive. Who in their right mind would brew with what he had thought was a Muggle Submissive in his house? Nobody.

“Find anything you like?” asked the shop owner as if sensing the loss of an impending sale.

“No,” said Severus actually disappointed.

“We special make to fit the buyer’s needs, should you wish it,” said the owner.

“Perhaps,” said Severus thoughtfully.

“Here is a magazine of all materials we have,” he said handing it over. “Just let me know if you are still interested.” before he walked of, back to his previous task.

Just then the door jingled signalling another customer.

“Ah, Jason, happy with your purchase?” asked the store owner.

“Yes, very thank you, Edward.” said Jason, identifying the owner of the shop. “I am here to pick up my second item if it’s ready.”

“Of course,” said Edward, immediately wandering through the back, it had a curtain over the entrance so nobody could see the back. It was merely where Edward worked and stored his special orders if they didn’t want it owl ordered. Which down here was all too often, people were just too suspicious, especially with a war going on, you didn’t receive owls from strangers or let them through the wards.

Severus ignored their conversation as he browed the magazine, marking off what he wanted and writing down his information on a small owl order card. Which he wouldn’t have done if the teacher’s owls were searched. Once the other customer was gone, Severus placed the magazine in front of Edward.

“That will cost eighty galleons,” said Edward he was rather impressed. Nobody had ever asked for such a combination before. He would take great delight in ensuring it was exactly what this man wanted. A challenge he would see to immediately.

Severus passed over his key wordlessly; Edward took it and quickly had the money from the Prince account into his work vault. He didn’t have his shop attached to his personal account, in business it was a stupid move to make. He scooped up the receipt and proof of payment and signed with a flourish. Handing it over Edward said, “I shall have this done immediately, you can expect it by dinner time tonight.”

“Four o’clock.” said Severus, he wouldn’t be at Hogwarts at dinner time. “You shall of course be compensated.” he said withdrawing an additional three galleons from his pouch and dangling it in front of the tempted man.

“Four o’clock on the dot,” said Edward gladly taking the galleons and placing it in his pocket. All tips were his, he didn’t have a shop assistant, and at least none he kept longer than a few days. They just messed up everything he tried to teach them. Useless no matter what education they had.

“Indeed,” said Severus nodding his head curtly, he turned around and walked back out the shop. He didn’t head back up to Diagon Alley, he Apparated from where he stood outside the shop. Finding himself in the beautiful, cottage ridden place that was called Hogsmeade. The only thing making it look ridiculous was actually the Shrieking Shack and in his opinion the joke shop. He grimaced just seeing it, after all the jokes played on him, nobody could seriously blame him.

Summon yet another carriage; he was back at Hogwarts fifteen minutes later. This time the school was awake, it was seven o’clock and students were beginning to trickle down for their breakfast. He paid them no mind, as he made his way back to his quarters wanting a sit down before heading to the Great Hall. He had to attend each meal, since he was the Head of Slytherin.

Once he was in the safety of his warded room, he returned his purchases to their original size. He realized he needed a writing desk for his living room, for Harry so he had his own space. “Grace?” called Severus. Wondering where she stayed exactly but not dwelling on it.

“Yes sir?” asked Grace popping in front of him.

“Can you find me a writing desk? One with drawers and proper ink stations and such.” said Severus.
“From Prince Manor sir or Hogwarts?” asked Grace, knowing where exactly to get one from either places.

“Hogwarts,” said Severus, he didn’t want his property coming here. If anything he’d put them in the house in London nowhere else. He placed the packages on the chair as he looked around.

“Right away sir,” said Grace before leaving, Severus flicked his wand and moved the items in the way of where he wanted it. Which was right next to the fireplace, where it was warmest. Harry would like it there he was sure, tucking his wand back into its holster he went through to the bedroom to check on Harry. Harry was still asleep, smiling softly, a sight that would have had every student fainting; he sat down on the edge of the bed. His fingers tracing Harry’s face, he was always so warm, so soft, and the way he melted was heart-warming, even to a man like him. He’d seen couples doing it and grimaced at the display, but now, he couldn’t, and Harry had changed him. Harry had to be the best thing to happen to him, to think if he hadn’t taken breakfast to him…he might never have known. He doubted if they’d met in public Harry would have done what he did. He was strong and stubborn, just the way he liked his Subs yet willing to submit to him. It made him all the more desirable, yet he knew deep down that the stronger in the relationship was the Submissive. It took a great deal of bravery to take on someone, but a great deal more bravery to bow to someone, to place your life in their hands.

“Sev’us,” murmured Harry his green eyes flickering open, able to sense his Dom was near.

Severus’ lip quirked, he liked when Harry called him Severus, too much ‘Sir’ reminded him of the dunderheads he taught. Which is why he only demanded it when they were in their roles and not just talking. He’d felt sick the first time Harry had called him Master and had told him never to call him that again. It reminded him too vividly of Voldemort and the role he’d played for two years. The hurt and damage he’d caused still haunted him but not so much lately.

“Good morning Harry, hungry?” asked Severus, his fingers still unconsciously trailing up and down the side of Harry’s face.

Harry’s stomach rumbled before he replied causing Severus to chuckle. “Yes sir.”

“How are you feeling today?” asked Severus still not moving.

“Great, there’s no pain.” said Harry sounding awed by such a thing when he shouldn’t be.

“Good.” said Severus getting up from the bed, “Up!” he said rummaging through his drawers to find something appropriate and warm for his sub to wear. The quicker Harry could get his own wardrobe the better. Not that he didn’t like seeing him in his clothes. He didn’t think Harry minded either, he would have to buy Harry a pair of his own boots, he’d sensed how happy Harry was to be able to wear them. He placed everything on the bed, watching him undress without shame. He certainly didn’t have anything to be ashamed of that’s for sure. He was even more breathtaking in his true form than he had ever been in his changed one. The scars he noticed had faded further and the bruises were gone now. A few more baths in the potion and the scars too would be gone. He doubted Harry’s lightening scar would ever fade though, but he didn’t mind that one. He wondered what his sub thought of the Dursley’s being in prison but didn’t ask. He would need to get Harry to talk about it though; otherwise it would continue to eat him alive.

Severus came out of his thoughts, to see Harry blatantly staring at him, with need shining through his green eyes. “Come, it’s time to eat.” said Severus, ignoring the pout as he shooed him from the bedroom. As much as he would have liked to claim his Submissive and show him who he belonged to there was just too much to do.

Severus sat Harry down firmly on his seat, and took one himself, not two seconds later Grace magically placed the food on the table from the kitchen. As normal, both of them didn’t speak much while they ate breakfast and gratefully drank their coffee.

“Do you always do that when you teach your class?” asked Harry, as their empty plates were picked up by a house elf momentarily distracting Harry. His green eyes narrowed and his body tensed at the sight of it. He certainly wouldn’t be unprepared for them again. It’s too bad he didn’t have his knifes with him; they certainly would have come in handy. He’d left them behind as he went to the store, just in case anything set of the alarms at the front of the store.

“Do what?” enquired Severus, but he had a funny feeling where it was going.

“Speak like that,” said Harry, he was just curious.

“Yes,” said Severus immediately, “Potions is a dangerous subject, very dangerous if they do not pay attention to what they are doing. Too much of one ingredient can have catastrophic results. If I didn’t rule them with an iron fist the dunderheads would have killed themselves by now.”

“Is that how you would teach me?” asked Harry his eyes boring into Severus’ black ones.

Severus stared right back; this was what he meant by strong, strong enough to stand up to him but knowing when to back down. There was nothing exciting about a submissive that never spoke up, never met your eye and never ever challenged you.

“Are you interested?” asked Severus, he was hopeful that Harry was beginning to really like magic. If it was potions even better, since he would love to teach his sub all about Potions.

“Maybe,” said Harry, he didn’t fancy being called a dunderhead all the time though. Whatever it meant it wasn’t good, and was said with a lot of mocking. It’s why he was asking before he even thought further on the subject. “Would you?”

“No Harry, I wouldn’t. In a classroom I have to watch nineteen cauldrons, and make sure all the students are doing exactly as I’ve told them. If it’s just the one person it wouldn’t be as stressful, and I’d be able to keep a better eye on them. Stop them from exploding any potions before they put the ingredient in.” said Severus aware of why Harry was asking. It seemed he wasn’t the only Slytherin in the room; Dumbledore would be in for a shock if Harry ever got sorted.

“Potions do sound like fun, cooking with more precise instructions.” Harry finally said.

“Perhaps in a few weeks you’d like to find out yourself?” suggested Severus.

“A few weeks?” asked Harry looking put out.

Severus smirked, Harry was so impatient, always had been it was nice to see that hadn’t changed. “By then your reading should have come along greatly. You should be able to brew it unaided.” said Severus. It was an added incentive for him to study properly.

“Yes sir,” said Harry appropriately.

“Would you rather remain here today or study in my office?” asked Severus, as long as Grace was beside him he didn’t mind either way. He had to keep his Submissive safe and he would succeed. Dumbledore wasn’t going to get his lemon drop stained fingers on what was his again.

“The office please, sir,” said Harry.

“Very well, I shall be back down in half an hour,” said Severus before he regretfully had to leave. He had three minutes to be in the Great Hall, which of course taking the shortcuts he’d succeed.

“Okay.” said Harry watching his Dom leave, once he had, he flexed his arm, and it was so strange. Until today he hadn’t realized the aches he’d carried around for years were gone. Pomfrey had been telling the truth, it would have continued to get sore. It had felt so odd though! Having his bones removed. Kind of dangerous too, what’s to stop someone removing your bones in your leg and arm before killing you? Nothing. Magic was amazing yet so dangerous at the same time; it’s why he felt the need to know everything. Severus had said it was his choice if he wanted Dumbledore to know or not. He didn’t know how to feel about that, on one hand it was nice to be able to decide, on the other hand it’s why he wanted to be a sub, so he didn’t have to worry or decide these kinds of things. He couldn’t stay hidden forever, as much as he liked the thought. He had to learn everything he could to protect his Dom from Voldemort. He couldn’t lose him, not when he’d just got him back. He’d meant it when he told his Dominant that he’d do it for him. His Dom was protecting him right now, it was the least he could do in return.

There was nothing he could do here, no cleaning and no cooking unless he got to it before the…what did his Dom call them? Oh yes, House Elves. He wasn’t used to that, it had always been him who cooked and cleaned, part of his duty of looking after his Dom. Severus could cook, he was actually really good at it, but he’d never really wanted to. Brewing Potions all the time, it was little wonder he didn’t want to. He had been so grumpy teaching, it put his moods to shame. He only wished he could see their faces, especially now he knew he wouldn’t ever be on the receiving end.

His Dom was grouchy, but he’d never spoken to Harry that way, and if he ever had, he’d have walked away. He’d had enough of being told how useless he was, how he should have died with his parents, how stupid he was at the Dursley’s for nine years. He was glad he had told Severus, to think if he’d been forced to classes and treated that way, it would have killed him.

The Dursley’s were in prison, all that time on the streets for fear of being sent back and been for nothing. No, not for nothing, he’d have been placed somewhere else. He shuddered at the thought, he didn’t trust anyone, didn’t want to do what any guardian or parental figure or even godfather told him to do. It probably would have been a wizard and witch he’d have been placed with. He gagged at the possibility of ending up with that witch…the woman who had spoken about her ‘Ronnie’. She hadn’t told him her name, in fact only a few of them had sooner or later. He had a less than desirable name for them all picked out. What could he say? He’d been in that room with nothing to do for three weeks.

“Come,” said Severus coming through the secret door, Harry jumped up and joined him. Had he really been sitting there lost in thought for half an hour? He wondered what book he’d get to listen to today.

Severus’ black eyes were filled with disgust as he stared around the Great Hall. The new Defence Against the Dark Art’s teacher hadn’t learned to keep his mouth shut. So Severus was quickly loosing his patience, and his teeth were paying the price. He was gritting his teeth so loudly, that even Minerva, who was on his other side couldn’t help but wince in sympathy.

“Severus are we still leaving?” asked Minerva, pushing her plate away. She’d barely eaten anything, but she hadn’t been able to eat much. Or look at Dumbledore, the thought of him knowing what happened to Harry left her cold and hurt. Tonight she would know for sure.

“Indeed,” said Severus immediately getting up, his face impassive but Minerva could see he was relieved.

He was impatient, more so than she’d ever seen him. All the Defence teachers had grated on his nerves, but never to the extent he was openly showing how pissed off he was. She wondered if it was because of the upcoming interrogation or for some other reason. Yes, she had the curiosity of a cat and she couldn’t help it.

“Can I ask where you two are off to?” asked Albus staring at them curiously. He’d been searching non stop for Harry for days, stopping only at meal times so they students didn’t come suspicious. He’d had hardly any sleep, or any rest and he was exhausted. Harry was nowhere to be found, they insist he couldn’t have gotten on the train. Yet he wasn’t in the castle and wasn’t at Hogsmeade, so just where was he? He didn’t know magic so it was impossible for him to have Apparated. The house elves had joined in the search and had also been unsuccessful. It was as if the boy had faded of the face of the earth, he was mystified. Even the charm on his Dark Detector, tuned into Harry’s magic had been ominously silent indicating a lack of magic usage.

“My favourite distillery in Scotland,” said Minerva immediately, “Flitwick has of course agreed to look out for the Slytherin’s and Gryffindor’s until we get back.”

“During school term?” said Dumbledore frowning in disapproval. “We have more important matters needing our attention, you know this.” he needed all the help he could get to find the blasted boy. He was already planning on getting a potion to make Harry more susceptible to his ideas and suggestions. It didn’t control him per say, which meant it wasn’t illegal they could take no action if they found out. He’d get a slap on the wrist, if anything.

Severus was grateful for Minerva’s quick input; he’d been frankly caught of guard by the question. He hadn’t been prepared for it; much to his embarrassment he’d never been quite so speechless in a long time. As it stood, he’d been saved any half cocked excuse by the Deputy Headmistress. He was also amused by Dumbledore’s words; they weren’t the only one to leave school grounds during the year. Dumbledore did it nearly every week.

“We won’t be long,” said Minerva, before leaving through the teacher’s entrance. Severus followed her, his hand automatically patting at the package in his pocket. It had come just after his last class. He found it very difficult to suppress his emotions, he was elated, ecstatic, turned on but also extremely apprehensive on how Harry would take it.

“Apparating or Portkey Severus?” asked Minerva as they took the secret way out of Hogwarts crossing the bridge and getting to the end of the wards. No Portkey could be used without the Headmasters or four of the Head of houses magical signature on them. The headmaster and Minerva were alerted if anyone tried.

“You have the address Minerva,” said Severus bluntly. He was still blind to where they were going.

“I have been there once, hold on.” said Minerva, deciding to Apparate both of them since she knew exactly where she was going. She ignored the grimace on Severus’ face as he grabbed hold of her upper arm. After a few seconds of standing there, she wrapped her magic around them both and Apparated.

“Where are we?” asked Severus looking around, each house was exactly the same. The doors, the cut grass, the flower beds, the only thing identifying them individually was the toys. Bikes, teddies, dolls, Barbie’s, board games and tents were up in various gardens.
Minerva was standing in front of one particular house, lost in thought. Severus followed her gaze, curious about her lapse in composure. Something was bugging her, of that he was sure. “What’s bothering you Minerva?” asked Severus. Looking into the house, there was a family with two young children and an older teenager sitting eating dinner.

“This is the house Albus brought Harry to,” said Minerva swallowing the lump forming in her throat. “I told him that night that they were the worst sort of Muggles. I had watched her all day; she had a son who had kicked her all way up the street! Never in all my years had I seen so much disrespect. He was rewarded for it; Petunia gave him three chocolate bars all the way home. The boy was only one years old, it truly astounded me. Severus I feel so responsible, if I had just come here and made sure he was fine…I would have known something was going on. He could have grown up happy, wanted, loved and be at Hogwarts now finishing his last year. He wouldn’t be lost and frightened by a world he should love.”

Severus listened to her, he knew if Harry had been gifted with a normal life, he’d never have met him or had the relationship he did with him. Not only would he have made sure Harry hated him, but he would never have thought even when the boy left Hogwarts of having a relationship with him. The thought of having a relationship with someone he’d taught since he was eleven turned his stomach. He couldn’t change anything even if he wished it. It was selfish and horrific but he wouldn’t want to change anything. He loved Harry more than he’d loved anyone else, and he didn’t want to imagine his life without him. Severus’ heart sank, his thoughts were too deep for him, and he didn’t NOT want to think on that.

“Harry sounds very angry and bitter, I spoke to Molly and her words astounded me. I’ve never seen her be that way with a child before, but doesn’t she realize he had right to be? She’d never allow such a thing to happen to one of her own kids!” said Minerva, “Now Harry is missing again, sleeping who knows where starving and he hates our world.”

“Where does Figg stay?” asked Severus wanting to get off the subject, he was feeling unusually guilty about the fact Harry was safe. Minerva actually felt guilt about it, none of the others did, apart from Lupin but he doubted Harry would ever get on with the wolf.

“In Wisteria Walk, it’s this way,” said Minerva. Two streets down in fact, not far at all.

“Have you actually visited her?” asked Severus walking beside the cat Animagus.

“No,” said Minerva, “As I said before I do not know her well enough.”

“Hmm,” was all Severus replied as they walked down, thankfully it was dark already, with winter came earlier nights. It was good thing, they hadn’t changed or even glamoured their robes. Soon both teachers found themselves in the destined street, and Minerva sped up and found the house she wanted. There were two cats that immediately sped away into the house. No doubt Figg would be aware of their presence before they knocked on the door.

Severus rapped the door loudly, tapping his foot impatiently, wanting answers as much as he wanted to get back to Hogwarts. Grace was keeping an eye on Harry, nothing would happen but it didn’t stop the worry. He wondered if it would stop if he told Dumbledore or get worse.

Figg opened the door aware that two magical beings were approaching her door. Her cats could understand human speech and she, could speak to them too. She was very surprised; nobody had come to see her in all her years here. Not even Albus, he had sent her train tickets and money to get here but that was it. “Minerva! Come on in!” said Figg, gesturing for them to come in. she didn’t recognize the man with her, but assumed him to be a member order also.

Severus stared at her pink house coat and tartan slippers, before he too entered the house. The dolly filled couch beckoned them and Severus almost would have preferred to stand. This was an old woman’s house, sort of how he imagined a grandmother house not that he’d had any, well he had, but he’d never met them. Sitting down extremely uncomfortable, having a staring contest with the million cats she had around the place. As Figg rushed around the kitchen making coffee or tea for them.

There were photo albums on the mantel, but as far as Minerva knew Figg didn’t have family. It’s part of the reason why she sent the poor woman Christmas cards, so she didn’t feel so alone. In actuality they were photo albums Harry had once upon a time held and looked through. They were pictures of each and every cat Arabella had ever owned.

“What brings you both here?” asked Figg sitting down after handing out cups she seemed very happy to have some company. She stared at the wizard; he seemed just as stern as Minerva did sometimes. He definitely looked as though he didn’t want to be here.

“Why didn’t you help Harry Potter?” snapped Severus unable to keep silent any longer.
Figg was seriously shaken to hear that name, the cup rattled in the saucer before falling to the floor, the cup cracking down the middle and tea spilling everywhere.

Minerva shook her head half exasperated half amused by the Potions Masters antics.

Chapter Text


Chapter 11

Figg Spills The Beans

Minerva watched Arabella with concern; she had tears running down her face. The guilt she herself had been feeling was reflecting in Arabella’s eyes. She wasn’t sure what to think, did she just feel guilty because she hadn’t seen it sooner or guilty that she’d seen it and done nothing? She repaired the cup and made a new cup of coffee for the shaken woman. Wondering if he’d feel bad for helping her in half an hour. Severus was already twitching in irritation obviously wanting to interrogate the poor woman again.

“Do you have a calming draught Severus?” asked Minerva, she was still shaking so badly to take the cup.

“No I have some Veritaserum thought,” said Severus petulantly, a pureblood like Arabella would know exactly what it meant. Purebloods learned Latin early in life, well before they realized she was a squib no doubt. He watched as she straightened her back, and glared at him. Severus in turn just smirked at her almost ferally making her pale considerably. Not many could withstand his glare when it was notched up to level ten. Which is exactly what it was right now, it promised death to those under it.

“Severus,” sighed Minerva, sounding irritated but her disappearing lips gave away the amusement she was feeling. Honestly the man could drive a saint insane within the matter of a week. There was no doubt; he certainly could irritate the life out of her when he wanted to.

“I want to get back sometime today, now sit now Minerva,” said Severus. He blinked in surprise when Minerva did exactly what he’d told her to. She must be as desperate as he was for answers; she always put up a fight if he ordered her to do anything. Not that he made a habit of it; she had taught him when he was a child after all. He’d found it odd speaking to them as equals when he first became a teacher and it had remained so for years afterwards.

“Did you or didn’t you know about the abuse?” asked Severus his tone dark and his voice low and threatening. He wasn’t going to leave until he had all his questions answered the consequences be damned.

Arabella stared at both of them, the fear she was experience heightening further. She had expected this seven years ago when the investigating began. Yet nobody had come near her house, despite the fact they had to know she babysat Harry. Her guilt had never faded either, and her faith in the magical world had plummeted to an all time low. They were Order members, she didn’t know if she could trust them with any information she had. Yet it seemed as though they weren’t going to leave her alone until they had the truth. “Does Albus Dumbledore know you are here?” she asked, she doubted it he would have wrote to her and told her.

Severus observed her; there had been a tone in her voice when she said his name. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but it certainly hadn’t been a good one. Not many people said Dumbledore’s name with other than awe as if he was the second coming of Merlin. “No, he’s unaware and it will remain that way.” replied Severus, ignoring the curious look Minerva shot him; she had evidently not picked up on Arabella’s tone of voice.

Arabella nodded, looking deeply conflicted.

“Start from the beginning, why were you assigned here?” asked Minerva sitting forward, wanting to know the whole story not just snippets.

Looked slightly relieved, she sagged slightly and began speaking, “I received a letter from Albus that day after You-Know-Who was defeated. I was to come here, and keep an eye on Harry over the years. With explicit instructions not to tell him about his parents or the magical world.” said Figg.

“You failed in your duty!” snarled Severus furiously.

Arabella flinched at Severus’ words and furious tone, “No, no I didn’t, I told Albus the truth, he wrote back a few times but after Harry was six I didn’t hear from him again. He instructed me to stop being melodramatic that a spanking didn’t mean he was being abused. Another time he said boys will be boys, that he and his brother had gotten into many scrapes.” she was half yelling half pleading with them to believe her.

“You told him Harry was being spanked?” asked Minerva confused.

“That’s just it!” said Arabella the tears once again slipping down her face. “I told him Harry had a hurt arm and a suspicious looking wound on his stomach. I gave him bandages and such and sent him home thinking someone would come and investigate it but nobody ever did!” the desperation in her voice couldn’t have been faked.

“You sent him a letter when Harry ran away?” asked Severus his tone going back to normal.

“At first I didn’t want to, he would have just sent him back there. If you had seen him, you would have understood. He was so very skinny, so hurt and so unhappy…I didn’t think he’d survive much longer…they told everyone he had an eating disorder. He didn’t have one! He ate absolutely everything I gave him…everything.” cried Arabella, seventeen years of frustration finally being released. “I knew the streets weren’t a place for a child, the likely hood of him surviving was even slimmer so I wrote to him. It was the hardest decision I ever made but I did it. Nothing came of it, I wrote again, the same thing over and over. It wasn’t until the child should have been eleven did all hell break loose.”

Minerva had a hand over her mouth, tears of her own in her eyes. She seemed incapable of talking; she was deeply shaken by what she was hearing as well.

“You should have taken him and left,” said Severus scornfully.

Arabella’s haunted blood shot eyes stared up into black ones, “I wish I had.” she confessed. “You know he used to sit there, and I’d show him pictures of my cats. I couldn’t let him even enjoy himself even here. I was so afraid the Dursley’s wouldn’t let him come anymore if he liked it. You are right, I did fail him, and I should have done more.” the self loathing in her voice was there for all to hear.

“Yes you should have,” said Severus bitterly, “Like take him to a hospital he had a broken arm and all you gave him was bandages to make a sling.”

Arabella blinked, how had he known the arm was broken? Or that Harry had made a sling? She hadn’t told him that, just that it was hurt and she’d given him bandages to help. Hope sprung like a rising inferno, as she realized the only way he could know “You know where Harry is? Is he okay? Is he safe? Is he happy?” she fired off in rapid succession.

Even Minerva was looking between them both wondering what she’d missed. Her hand had finally removed itself from her mouth as the anger began setting in. Not at Severus but at Dumbledore, being warned in advanced it might be true hadn’t helped the slightest. Her claws were out and she was ready to draw blood, for a boy she’d never seen since he was a baby, even then she’d only seen him a few times.

“Severus?” questioned Minerva her heart beating like a wayward drum. Did he know where Harry was? If so why was he keeping it a secret from Dumbledore? Because of what he had suspected…which had turned out to be true?

“He’s fine no thanks to you,” said Severus bitterly.

“Oh, oh thank heavens,” cried Arabella relief flowing through her, at long last she knew. Harry was alive, he was safe, if she had been standing, she’d have fallen, and weak in the knees the relief was so profound. It lessened the guilt a little but not completely. The guilt would never leave, that much she knew, she was stuck with it until the day she died.

“Severus…what?” asked Minerva looking shocked to the core. All this time she’d been worrying and for some reason Severus had been the one to help him?

“Not now Minerva,” said Severus. He had come here filled with anger and fury at this woman. Yet sitting on her dolly filled couch he couldn’t help but pity her. He knew he’d have done exactly what Dumbledore told him to a few months ago. Although he didn’t think it extended to watching abuse happen, he’d never really know. The knowledge she felt guilty helped immensely.

“Where are the Dursley’s?” asked Severus impassively.

“Vernon is in HM Prison Wandsworth,” said Figg quietly, it was the oldest prison in London and ironically enough used to be called Surrey House of Correction. “Petunia is in HM Prison Holloway.”

“Still?” asked Severus.

“Yes, the judge they had happened to be a sister of a Muggle born student, she knew very well who Harry was and what he’d done.” said Minerva her lips twitching in vindictive amusement. “They were given a tough sentence, setting an example that abuse was not to be tolerated.”

“Indeed,” said Severus his own lips were curling. “Do you still have any letters? Any proof?”

Arabella jumped from the seat she’d been sitting in, shuffling off to her writing desk. She brought out a large tin box, and brought it over. Inside was a great deal of things, noticeably not Muggle in nature. Including a galleon, Sickle and Knut. It made Severus feel rather sorry for her, for what she’d probably gone through as a young soon to be teenager. How disappointed she probably was when no Hogwarts letter had come for her. She shuffled through it, laying letters and odd pink coloured paper on her lap.

“These are the letters from Dumbledore, even the one I got for the assignment.” said Arabella, handing them to Minerva who was closest to her. “These are copies of the letters I sent Dumbledore.”

Severus took the copies, curiosity getting the better of him, as he began reading. It made his furious and sick, that Dumbledore could ignore her concern the way he obviously did. He looked over at Minerva who was reading one of them also. Now that he had the evidence he wasn’t sure what the hell to do.

“I don’t believe it, how could he? All this time he felt guilty but it was all for show!” shrieked Minerva feeling as though she was grasping at straws. She was standing up the letter scrunched in her hands. Breathing furiously, trying for some way to contain her anger.

“Why didn’t you tell anyone when they spoke to you years ago?” asked Severus.

“Nobody spoke to me, you are the first magical people I’ve seen other than Harry since I moved here.” said Arabella, “I expected someone to say something! Everyone around here knew I babysat Harry. These streets are filled with nothing but nosy gossipers!”

“Why didn’t you inform the authorities? The Muggle authorities?” asked Minerva.

“Harry Potter doesn’t exist on their records, he was born in the magical world.” said Arabella. “If I said anything records would indicate Harry didn’t live there. They would have probably thought it was a bogus phone call, and totally disregarded anything I could have said or done.” the social services wouldn’t have come she was sure of it.

“The police would have come.” said Severus.

“Oh,” said Arabella, as if she finally just understood what kind of authorities they meant. “Albus told me never to get the Muggles involved, if I did he would have just Obliviated them and pulled me from my position. I needed to be there for Harry, at least with me he got something to eat and a little bit of the help he needed.”

“Severus what do we do?” said Minerva passing him the rest of the letters, she certainly felt like drinking an entire bottle of Scottish whiskey now. This would shock the wizarding world to the core. They blamed him yes, but it was more to do with needing someone to blame than actually thinking he had done wrong. This, with this it was proof Dumbledore had neglected to take action.

“He could claim he never received the letters passed Harry’s sixth birthday.” said Severus.

“That’s a big fat lie!” snapped Arabella, “His Phoenix collected them.”

“Doesn’t mean he read them,” sighed Severus.

“Albus never gets rid of letters, he has an entire drawer full of them.” said Minerva.

“He doesn’t?” asked Severus curiously.

“Never, each time he places them in his left handed side drawer, beside his lemon drops but I am sure its sealed closed.” said Minerva, “I think its time I took a look.”

“The best time to do that is when he’s at the Ministry,” said Severus a plan forming between them.

“I agree,” said Minerva vindication lighting her eyes, a look Severus had never, ever seen her supporting before.

“How is Harry?” asked Figg interrupting their silent conversation. “When did you find him?”

“Dumbledore found him, Harry wasn’t willing to play along with them and they resorted to keeping him imprisoned within Hogwarts. What they were planning on doing I have no idea. I shouldn’t tell you anything more, should Dumbledore come he would know everything that happened and was said here.” said Severus.

“But he’s happy yes?” asked Arabella.

“Very much so,” said Severus.

“We are talking some more when we get to Hogwarts young man,” said Minerva sternly. Here she had been worried out of her wits and Harry was safe and well. She couldn’t even find it in her to be truly angry with him.

“I know,” said Severus wryly. Deeply amused at being called a ‘young man’ from his old Transfiguration teacher. Now that she was truly on his side, he would tell her everything. This would mean he had Poppy, Lupin as well as Minerva on his side, although Lupin didn’t know the entire truth yet, perhaps wouldn’t either. He didn’t fully trust the werewolf.

“Thank you for your time,” said Severus standing up.

“Will you tell Harry I am sorry for not doing more? That I hope he’s finally happy please?” asked Arabella, grabbing into Severus unaware of his disgust for people touching him. Yet the Potions Master didn’t jerk away, he looked into her eyes and saw they were similar to how own mothers had been. Desolation, despair, small degree of happiness and wariness. Both women had felt as though they’d been abandoned by the world, in some degree they were right. They had been abandoned by their families and let down.

Even Minerva was surprised that Severus didn’t draw back, the only person she’d ever seen him touching or allowing contact had been Lily. Perhaps it was because of his childhood, and the only touch he had known had been harsh.

“I will,” said Severus finally withdrawing.

“Thank you, thank you,” said Arabella her brown eyes filling with relief.

Severus simply nodded, staring at Minerva she nodded back and both of them Apparated on the spot. As soon as both of them were away, Arabella slumped back onto her seat. Relief pouring off her in waves; it felt so good to be able to confide in someone.

“Harry’s fine Tibbles,” said Arabella as her part Kneazle cat jumped onto her lap. “At long last Harry has found his way back home.” he was in his rightful world, and he obviously didn’t trust Dumbledore. Good, he had every right not to, hugging the cat close, she returned the box to the drawer and went upstairs to bed. She was so exhausted despite the fact it was early.

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Chapter 12

Minerva Learns Everything

Severus couldn’t have been more surprised, that the woman had been able to keep her mouth shut, during the return journey. They had walked instead of taking one of the coaches; Severus had needed to work off some anger. Minerva had followed him; she was completely quiet, too quiet. He was rather worried she’d unleash hell in his quarters once they got there. He would have found her silence amusing, if he wasn’t so furious himself. It was one thing to suspect but for it to be confirmed was infuriating. Ten minutes later the door of Severus’ quarters finally closed behind both of them.

“Where is Harry?” asked Minerva immediately.

“He’s here, Minerva.” said Severus wryly, regarding her shrewdly, waiting for the inevitable explosion. It didn’t come; she merely stared at him calmly as if trying to figure him out. Not that it would happen; many had tried and failed to understand him.

“Why? Why did you help him and no lies Severus! I know he’s Lily son but you still have no reason to help him and go against Dumbledore.” said Minerva. Severus would never have risked it unless he felt strongly about it. It was one thing to help him escape, but another thing altogether to keep him here under the old fool’s nose.

Severus waited until she’d quieted down; sitting on one of his chairs he continued to stare at her cautiously. Wondering how to tell her the best way, Poppy had understood, but he wasn’t so sure she would. Minerva was a strong independent woman, but would she understand those who chose to submit to others. “Minerva,” said Severus sitting forward as she sat down opposite him. “What do you know of Dominate and submissive relationships?”

“I think the names reveal everything don’t you Severus?” said Minerva not even batting an eyelash.

“What do you think of people in that kind of relationship?” asked Severus curiously. He wanted to know if she’d understand them. There was just no point in revealing it to her if she was going to be completely disgusted about it. Him asking had probably made Minerva put the pieces together, without him having to reveal anything.

Minerva eyed Severus knowing there was a reason for him asking, she wasn’t a stupid woman. She couldn’t see Severus submitting to anyone, so she knew he was what was commonly referred to as a ‘Dom’ in the relationship. She also knew Severus, and had known him for years. He would hurt anyone; he wasn’t the hurt young man he had been when he joined the Dark Lord Voldemort. Does that mean that he’d taken Harry on in such a role? Considering Harry had been living on the street, she was surprised he’d want such a relationship. She would have though him to be independent; of course what did she know? She’d had a normal childhood and adulthood; she could barely imagine what Harry had gone through never mind live it. “To each their own Severus, its more popular in pureblood circles, most of them wouldn’t blink at the fact. It’s the Muggle born’s that might take it the wrong way.”

“What the wrong way?” asked Severus, she knew, he hadn’t even told her and she knew.

“That you and Mr. Potter are in a relationship.” said Minerva wryly, “I must admit I am surprised, he did not react well to anyone else…from what I’ve been told he even threatened them.”

“Do not call him that,” said Severus his eyes automatically going to his bedroom where Harry should be doing his work. As of today Harry had been learning things he should have in primary school. He had yet to look at it, so he didn’t know how well Harry was doing so far. “He does not like it.”

“But it is his name,” said Minerva blankly.

“Yes, most likely followed by being beaten,” said Severus, he didn’t understand Harry’s fear of his own name yet. He’d get to the bottom of it sooner or later, Harry had to talk about the abuse or it would eat him alive. However, if his Uncle did yell his name before beating him it might explain the fear.

“Well yes that would cause it,” said Minerva, “May I meet him?”

“Perhaps, but you might want to read this first,” said Severus, handing over Harry’s scan results.

Minerva took it with trepidation, unsure if she wanted to see it. “Poppy has seen him?” her name was on the bottom of attending Medi-witch so it was a safe bet indeed.

Severus smirked wryly, Minerva sounded jealous, not something he’d ever expected to hear from her. It seemed Harry was bringing out strong emotions in everyone, and they’d barely met him. He knew she’d gotten to the most important part when her eyes widened in astonishment. “You’ve bonded?” she rasped understanding the meaning behind it. “He’s seventeen Severus!”

“Yes,” said Severus simply as if he wasn’t being accused of something untoward. “He’s a Metamorphmagus, I was under the impression he was eighteen years old at the time. I only found out when I went to give him his breakfast a few days ago.” it was hard to believe it was only a few days ago, so much had happened it felt like months opposed to forty eight hours.

Minerva just continued to gape, unable to express her feelings.

“He left a year ago, without so much as an explanation turned out he had seen Dumbledore coming to my flat. Fearing he’d been found out and that he’d be sent back to his abusive relations…something I cannot be angry at him for. He blocked his magic, so of course I had no idea he was magical either. The first time I touched him with his magic unbound, the bond formed on its own. There was never an official ceremony or bond spilled to seal the deal.” said Severus smugness dripping into his voice, who could blame him? Someone like Harry willingly wanting to be with him so much wild magic had bonded them together forever. Even if they did want to split, a part of him would always remain in Harry, and in turn Harry in him.

“Oh, the poor dear,” said Minerva shaking her head sadly, “Does he know how far Dumbledore’s deception goes Severus?” she dreaded to think what a young man, who’s life had been filled with dark dreary nights and endless fights would want to do to the Headmaster. The kicker was? She wouldn’t want to stop him; it was his childhood, his life the old fool had destroyed.

“Of course not, he just believes Dumbledore is responsible for placing him with the Dursley’s not the rest.” said Severus, and he couldn’t keep something like this from Harry. He would need to be told, he didn’t want his submissive oblivious and unaware of the extent, and it could and maybe would put his life in danger. Dumbledore obviously didn’t care about Harry the slightest. He didn’t think Harry would ever trust Dumbledore, but he knew just how persuasive the old bastard could be. He took no chances when it came to his submissive. “I will have to explain everything to him however.”

“May I see him?” Minerva asked again, her brown eyes filled with excitement.

Severus raised an eyebrow, “After the tales the others have told, you want to meet him?” his lips were twitching in amusement. He wasn’t about to rein Harry in, he had a mind of his own, if he didn’t like someone he didn’t like them. It was as simple as that, it helped that he wasn’t overly fond of anyone either. Just because Harry submitted to him, he didn’t want him that way with everyone else.

“I have put up with you for years have I not Severus? Seventeen years nearly in fact.” said Minerva; she wasn’t going to be put off by an attitude. She was aware it was sometimes just a front for someone scared or insecure. For Harry she’d bet it was because he was unused to associating with anyone or having a proper conversation.

“Sixteen, Harry was a year old when I began working here,” said Severus smartly.

Minerva just gazed at him impatiently, she wanted to meet Harry.

“Harry?” called Severus, a second later the door opened and Severus really did have to hold back his amusement. It seemed Harry hadn’t been doing his work; no he’d been listening in on their conversation. It seemed his little Sub had been curious, he couldn’t find it in him to be annoyed about it…curious. Normally things like that would have angered him beyond words. He would have to find out how much he’d listened to though, and perhaps explain Dumbledore. Not tonight though, he had plans for his little sub and it wasn’t explaining information. Arousal furled through him, making his stomach flutter pleasantly. Oh he couldn’t wait until Minerva left.

“Yes?” asked Harry eyeing Minerva in much the same manner he had Poppy, as though the woman was a poisonous snake ready to strike. Truth be told he was actually interested in her; she was different from the rest. Her magic was much like Poppy’s honest, light, but he had a feeling if anyone pissed her off they’d find out just how much a fighter she was. Her magic was powerful; he wondered how she was able to hide it from everyone. He normally couldn’t until Sev and he had bonded.

Minerva wasn’t as shocked as she would have been at the size of him if not for the scan results. There was a reason for everything Severus did, and she knew that this was it. He looked so thin, anorexic thin, she knew under those clothes he had on every one of his ribs was probably showing. Not that she’d seen anyone with anorexia in the magical world. He wasn’t anorexic just starved. Despite how skinny and short he was he was very extremely good looking. He was always going to be, both Lily and James had been lookers, but Harry certainly had gotten the best of both parents. If she hadn’t been so old, she would have tried as well. “Hello Harry, it’s nice to see you again, the last time I saw you, you were just a baby.” said Minerva, a baby she’d let lie out in the cold and followed Dumbledore despite her protests. It was definitely the worst mistake she’d ever made that was for certain.

“Obviously didn’t mean a great deal,” said Harry bluntly, sitting down on the arm of the chair Severus was in. Relaxing fully as Severus’ hand automatically began rubbing soothing circles on his back. His Dom was just sitting there smirking at the witch in obvious hilarity. Finding amusement in her uncomfortable situation.

“I do not blame you for thinking that Harry,” said Minerva, refraining from calling him ‘Mr. Potter’. “I offer or make no excuses, but I hope you are happy now?”

Harry grinned he liked her; she wasn’t just pretending she’d cared or saying she’d just wanted him to have a normal childhood. Those excuses had all been used and they grated on his nerves. “Yes I am.” said Harry, honestly. Harry didn’t like thinking on the past or hearing peoples excuses. She wasn’t trying to simulate herself into his life so he could live with that.

“Very glad to hear it,” she said, she was blown away by his smile, he truly was happy here. Severus was like a whole different person right now, he wasn’t scowling, and he was completely relaxed and finding amusement in the situation. So that’s where the changes had stemmed from, she was amazed.

“I am sure you have homework to correct Minerva,” said Severus from where he sat.

“Very well, Severus, but I will be back.” said Minerva aware that Severus was just kindly trying to get her to leave. With such a gorgeous young man in his life, well she didn’t need to wonder why. Her lips twitching she vacated the rooms; her brown eyes twinkling despite the fact Dumbledore had let her down in ways she couldn’t comprehend. Harry was home, and as long as Severus remained Harry would too. She had seen the love shining through those beautiful green eyes of his. They would be good for each other, dark enough to understand one another but light enough to keep each other straight.


“Go through to the room, undress and kneel on the floor facing the door.” said Severus, a bolt of arousal not his own shot through him. The bond was about to take an interesting turn, it was a good job Severus had iron clad control. Or so he thought, he wasn’t sure how much control he’d have with both their feelings thrumming through him. By the time he was out of his thoughts, Harry was already gone.

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Chapter 13

Willing To Submit or Not?

Harry slipped into the bedroom as if the grim was on his heels, not out of fear but pure wanton need. It had been far too long, an entire year and one month to be exact. As he’d told Severus there hadn’t been another. Sev had been the longest Dom he’d ever stayed with as well. Stripping out of his clothes, he was already hard and aching yet he ignored it as he took up position the way his Dom had asked. Waiting in anticipation, his entire body was thrumming with anticipation. The carpet was thick and soft under his knees; it was much more soothing than the thin carpet back in Severus’ London home. Then he heard footsteps, Severus was joining him.

Severus felt himself stiffening in his robes; Harry truly was the most beautiful boy he’d ever seen. When the scars were gone, and his skin unblemished he’d look even more striking. All his were the possessive thoughts to run through him. He twirled the box in his hands, wondering what Harry’s reactions would be. At least, he would know exactly what Harry was feeling, even if he didn’t show it. He didn’t like those green eyes staring at the floor, especially knowing they were filled with need and lust. He wanted those looks directly aimed at him, he didn’t know why but green eyes had always been a weakness of his. Not only no matter what they did, with that colour of eyes, you knew how they felt. Even Harry, who barely displayed his emotions, only doing so when he wanted or was too happy to remember to wear his ‘emotionless mask’.

“You left instead of trying to get answers,” said Severus standing straight in front of his submissive. Purposely trying to intimidate him, but it took more than that to bother Harry. “You left rather than trust me, to care for you, to do what was in your best interests as I had promised the day we entered this relationship.”

“Yes sir,” said Harry breathlessly, trying to concentrate on what Severus was saying. When he spoke like that, it was hard to do anything. He wanted so desperately to touch himself, relieve the ache that was slowly building. He didn’t, he may not have been taught the restraint that came with the dominative and submissive relationship but he did have self control. He’d heard it all before, it didn’t stop the shame he felt hearing the disappointment. He’d do anything to regain that trust, to make Severus realize he did trust him - more than anyone else in the world, both worlds.

“I have thought long and hard on an appropriate punishment for your lack of faith, and I have decided upon something. It will be a constant reminder of who you belong to, who cares for you, and who will always put you first and make things easy for you.” said Severus, he could sense Harry’s lust and curiosity. “You have a choice whether you want it or not, it’s entirely up to you.” Harry was suddenly apprehensive, stiffening up, his insecurity raising its ugly head. No doubt wondering what would happen should he chose not to accept whatever it was that Severus wanted to do to him.

Severus opened the box and placed it on the floor next to Harry, and in an uncharacteristic move, especially with both of them playing their roles. Severus knelt down next to Harry, lifting his chin and meeting his submissive’s eyes. “It is not just a collar Harry; it is charmed so no potion can be ingested without your permission. It also has a tracking charm imbued in it along with a Portkey. A Portkey will transport you from wherever you are in the world back to me. It cannot be removed by anyone except me; I’ll admit it isn’t just because of your previous actions. It’s also just in case you are kidnapped.” not just by the Dark Lord or the Death Eaters, he wasn’t sure how far Dumbledore would go to get Harry to end the war.

Once the news had been digested, Severus spoke again, “If you do not want it, leave it in the box. If you wish to be mine completely, place it in your hands palms up. I will give you five minutes to decide is that understood?”

“Yes sir,” said Harry his Adams apple bobbing up and down showing the nervousness he was feeling. Severus left the room, and Harry closed his eyes unable to decipher his own feelings. Staring at the collar, he picked it up out of morbid curiosity. It was beautiful, and probably more expensive than anything he’d ever held before in his life.

Fourteen caret gold with emerald set all the way around it, apart from one single square in the middle. It looked more like a river of emerald colour rather than chunks of jewels; one could see it had been magically made. Nobody in the Muggle would ever believe it was emerald since they couldn’t get their jewellery to look like that. They would assume it was coloured plastic. Those of Pureblood would realise how rare and expensive it was, and know he was well looked after and by a rich pureblood wizard or witch. It had the Prince coat of arms carved into it on one side, on the other side it was S.S written on it. You could barely see either of them; they were only subtly there for those who look hard enough to see it.

Harry bit his lip, he was very conflicted, and it was different from anything he’d done before. He had willingly submitted to him, yet the collar was different. It would truly mark him as a submissive, would make him Severus’ in every way. Did he want it? To truly belong to someone in every sense of the word. The last strip of freedom he felt would be stripped away. No it wasn’t freedom, but something else, it wasn’t free will either, but something he couldn’t put into words. This was what he had to do to show Severus he did feel bad for leaving. To show him he really wanted to be his submissive and have the protection that came with it. It wasn’t just punishment from what his Dom had said, but also a way to keep him safe.

The time was ticking by, he didn’t have long to decide at all. His heartbeat was shooting through the roof. Sweat was pouring off him, drying quickly in the coolness of the room. Harry relaxed, his magic had apparently already bound them together, what did it matter about the collar? If this was what it took to feel secure, wanted, loved, cherished then so be it. He’d do it, for himself and to show his Dom he really wanted this. His heartbeat was still pounding away. Closing his eyes, taking a deep breath trying to settle himself. He positioned his hands, letting the collar rest in his palms as he waited for Severus to re-enter the room. Despite the fact he wanted this, he still felt like a nervous wreck, and he had no idea why.

Severus went through to his kitchen, pouring a little with whisky, closing his own eyes as he felt everything Harry was experiencing at the moment. Emotions were high, they were mingling with his own and he wasn’t sure where his ended and Harry’s started. He strengthened his Occlumency barriers, feeling his own emotions fade into the backgrounds. He also blocked Harry’s feelings as well, his submissive should be allowed privacy. They’d always be there though, no matter how many times he blocked the emotions. It was his duty after all to make sure Harry was happy and well cared for. Severus threw the drink back, not wanting to admit how nervous he was at what Harry would decide. The scales were lined precariously, if Harry accepted it would cement their relationship if he didn’t, there would always be a lingering doubt that one day Harry might run again. It would place a strain on their relationship.

Severus returned to the room, hardening immediately once again, he definitely preferred his submissive this way. He had the collar in his hands, he was accepting him. Warmth surged through him, mingling with pride. He knew how difficult this must be for Harry, and he was very proud of him for it. The worst wasn’t over with unfortunately; Harry still had time to back out. Standing over him once again, he took the collar from Harry’s hands.

“Do you want this Harry?” asked Severus, his voice soothing and calm.

“Yes sir,” said Harry his eyes closed his breathing erratic.

“Very well then,” said Severus, who then placed the collar around Harry’s neck, words was whispered and the collar joined with no visible opening. It would never open for anyone else; his own magical signature was recorded in it. Severus couldn’t have stopped the smugness rolling off him if he’d tried. Ironic really, he’d never considered collaring any submissive, but he hadn’t felt a fraction of the feelings he had for Harry. “Up.” said Severus; he wasn’t getting on his knees again.

Severus felt appreciation stirring in him, even through the entire thing Harry’s erection hadn’t flagged the slightest. Harry had always been so easy to arouse, knowing what he did about his past it made sense. Harry wasn’t used to kind touches, and tonight he would make sure Harry never forgot just how good he could make him feel. Cupping his chin, bringing Harry’s face to meet his. “Well done,” he said, “I am proud of you.” Harry’s green eyes dazzled him after that statement.

“Tonight Harry, I am going to make your body sing,” said Severus, causing Harry’s eyes to flutter closed and a moan to rip out of Harry’s throat. That sinful voice, it could make him loose complete control. He didn’t need Severus to touch him to feel as though he was about to explode. Severus smirked before he attacked Harry’s lips in a bruising domineering kiss that had Harry weak in the knees. Harry grabbed into his Dom’s robes, as he gladly submitted to the breathtaking kiss.

Drawing back, he chucked in amusement when Harry whimpered breathlessly, his face flushed and his green eyes filled with wantonness. Severus urged Harry backwards, he fell laying spread eagle on the bed. Merlin to see him lying there, with only the collar on, was far too much to resist. He flicked his wand undoing all his buttons and removing the stiff charmed teaching robes. They were spelled against fire, potions spillages, and everything else he could think off at the time.

Harry used his legs to push himself further up the bed, as his Dom joined him once again. The collar felt heavy on his throat, a reminder of who he belonged to as Severus had said. He wondered very briefly if he’d get used to it or if he’d always feel it. Then everything left his mind as he felt Severus’ all around him. He squeaked in surprise as his hands were invisibly tied to the bed, his head automatically trying to see the ‘invisible’ restraints. All he could see was the strands of magic, around his wrists. This was new; he was used to being tied up with either ribbons or cuffs. He wondered if he could remove them, but he wasn’t about to spoil the mood.

Severus smirked as he began licking and nipping his way down Harry’s neck. Nuzzling just under the collar, giving it more attention sucking on the skin, nibbling and biting. Once he was satisfied it would leave a mark, he began to descend further.

Harry continued to quiver under his Dom’s body and talented tongue continued to taunt and tease him mercilessly. Harry was never able to last long; he could already feel the impending orgasm looming. Yet it didn’t, and Harry was already beginning to feel as though he was going mad.
As Harry continued to writhe under him, Severus true to his word was making Harry’s body sing with desire. Gasping, he cursed inwardly; his sweet little minx was rubbing himself desperately against his own body. Thinking of all the less desirable potion ingredients he’d had to cut up over the years, to stop himself ending this too soon. Oh, no, he wanted this to last a few hours at least. He literally wanted to drive his little sub mad with extreme desire.

Harry arched determinedly into Severus, desperately wanting to find release. Yet Severus just leaned away, stopping the friction he’d found. Whining in displeasure he wiggled even more desperately against Severus. He stopped wiggling when Severus got close to his very impressive erection, a guttered groan left his lips when Severus paid no attention to it but continued on passed the part most clamouring for his attention. Harry banged his head against the pillow, his toes curling as he tried to maintain at least a shed of his control. Which by the way was already gone, long gone.

“Please, please, please, please,” chanted Harry, his body still writhing under his Dom. His body glistening with sweat, as the sheets under him rumpled even further as the sensual torture continued. “Please Sev’rus,” whimpered Harry. He was well past his endurance.

“Soon my little minx,” said Severus into Harry’s ear, causing Harry to pant in desire some more. “Turn over.”

It took a few seconds before the request penetrated Harry’s sex addled mind. Grunting Harry managed to flip himself over, wiggling his backside at his Dom. A smirk appeared on his face, when he heard a sharp inhale of breath until another moan was ripped from him as a finger circled his hole already oiled up.

Severus ran his finger over Harry’s pucker, smirking when it spasmed already eager to have him inside it. Harry wiggled around, whimpering, begging for him to continue. He picked up the jar of oil and placed it on several of his fingers. Harry was trembling under him, desperate for more. Harry wouldn’t be able to come until he removed the spell, it was the first time he’d been able to use it on him. He had often wanted to, but thinking he was a Muggle he hadn’t. There was nothing stopping him now, once his fingers were well oiled he placed the vial on the nightstand again. His fingers once again found Harry’s pucker, rubbing soothing circles around his opening until he was wiggling once more impatiently.

Impatient himself, Severus pushed his finger into the opening and all the way down. He could have used a spell, but there was just something more intimate doing it this way. The feeling of the heat blazing in on his fingers, and the way he clenched down around him, and arched back, desperate for more. Removing the middle finger until only the tip remained; he eased two into Harry’s tight heat. Twisting his fingers, with expertise he found what he was looking for and hooked his fingers around it. Harry arched up, causing his fingers to sink impossibly deeper into the blazing heat.

Harry cursed and panted, as Severus continued to play with that spot that made sparks dance across his vision. He was taking his time on purpose, and it was driving Harry to distraction. It felt so good, and so bad at the same time, he wanted to cum but he couldn’t. Unable to cum he continued to writhe against Severus. Hoping to find some friction but there was none to be had, not without Severus stopping what he was doing. Not something Harry wanted any time soon.

Severus lined the three fingers once Harry was loose enough for him to continue, then four. Only once he was satisfied Harry was sufficiently loosened did he remove his fingers. By this time Harry had stopped writhing against him, just heaving in exertion and lust. His entire body was thrumming with tension; he knew Harry was at the end of his tether. He was as well; he was close to coming and wouldn’t last long tonight. After a year of abstinence, his body was begging for it just as much as his mind wanted it.

Lining his impressive erection at Harry’s slackened opening, he waited a second before he began to slowly penetrate Harry. Cursing silently as Harry continued to clench down around him, he was loosing control and if Harry didn’t stop soon he would. He tightened his hold on Harry’s hips, warning him to stop without saying anything. Making sure not to press too tightly, Harry was still too skinny and he didn’t want to accidentally hurt him. Severus ran a soothing hand over Harry’s back when he stopped. Then finally, he was completely inside his submissive. Claiming him again, this time it meant so much more, since they were bonded in every way. After today there would be no doubt Harry knew he belonged to him.

Harry squirmed around, wanting his Dom to move, despite how good it felt to be filled again. Then Severus did, a quick brutal thrust Harry forgot to breathe as pleasure mingled with pain shot in every direction. His eyes closed as his body arched again, as Severus continued his fast pace, unable to think or do anything as his body experienced too much desire for him to handle.

Severus continued to thrust himself into Harry, who was mumbling incoherently now. He had never seen Harry so…debauched before. So wanton, so full of lust and need and it was because of him. He could feel his impending climax, so he muttered the words of the spell, releasing Harry from it as he finally came. Emptying himself inside of Harry, claiming him once again, a blinding light lit the room sealing the bond completely. If he’d felt Harry’s emotions before, it was ten times more potent now, feeling Harry releasing as if it was his own, was too much. A man of his age, it certainly caught him off guard as he orgasmed once again.

Severus managed to stop himself falling on Harry, it was a good thing he was strong despite his slenderness. Once he’d managed to slump onto the bed, he removed the magical restraints from Harry who slumped against him still breathing like a racehorse. Severus chuckled, it seemed as though he’d completely worn his little sub out. He magicked the duvet from under them and flung it over them both. Only then remembering the mess that Harry was currently lying in, and used an additional spell to remove the spillage.

Severus carded his hand through the long dishevelled and sweat soaked hair, removing it from his face. Cupping his face, trailing down to the collar, causing pleasure to furl through him again. He didn’t think he’d ever get placid about the commitment his little sub had made. He was under no delusions; he knew how hard it must have been for Harry to accept it. He vowed never to break his promise, he’d keep Harry safe and happy for as long as he had breath in his body. “Are you okay little one?” asked Severus, knowing perfectly well that he was he could feel Harry’s emotions greater than he ever had just an hour ago.

Harry just murmured quietly, curling himself into Severus’ side, completely spent.

A genuine smile lit his features, before he turned the lights out, bathing the room in total darkness. The curtains around his bed remained where they always did. Severus never had a need to use them, since the dungeons were under the school; there was no light to bother him to need to use the curtains. Lying back, sleep came remarkably easy for both men, despite their horrendous childhood/teenage years.

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Chapter 14

Start of Another Day

Harry groggily woke up, wondering where he was, his green eyes sprang open. Stretching himself leisurely, a small smile appearing on his face, he ached in a place he hadn’t in quite a while. His body was still completely sated, and he did not want to get up at all. Severus had never been quite so…passionate before. Just thinking about it caused him to stir in appreciation. It had been so maddening when he was unable to come, he’d never been deprived like that before…yet when he’d finally came; it had been unlike any he’d ever experienced before in his life. He certainly wasn’t going to be against it happening again, despite his thoughts last night!

He didn’t think he’d be able to get out of Severus’ hold this time, he’d fallen asleep buried in his chest, and his Dom’s arms were tightly wrapped around him. Harry looked up, his Dom was fast sleep, and none of the worry lines were present. Even in London he sometimes got worried, he’d never known what caused it. He’d asked but Severus had just shaken his head. He’d always been extremely private, even with him but it must have been to do with magic and Voldemort. Severus had never known he knew about his Dom’s magic. The door in his London home, one he wasn’t allowed in, and was always locked, must have been a makeshift lab of sorts. Potions sounded fascinating, he couldn’t wait to share that side of his Dom. He wanted to know everything about him, he’d never really cared at the beginning, just like he hadn’t cared about his other Dom’s. Severus had been different; it had been more about him and taking+ care of him than punishments or even sex. That had been what drew Harry in, he genuinely cared. He had denied it of course, but continued to stay in the end it crept up and consumed him whole. Harry only finally acknowledged and realized it completely when he’d ran. That’s along with the feeling of Betrayal and fear when he saw Dumbledore. He only wished he’d trusted Severus enough, he wouldn’t have been in this mess now if he had.

Harry removed Severus’ arm, slowly holding his breath hoping not to wake him. Severus wasn’t a deep sleeper; any movement usually woke his Dom up. Today it was different; he remained asleep as Harry slipped from the bedroom, donning the bathrobe Severus had given him. Slipping into the bathroom, he filled the water, copying what Severus had done as always. He also added the two potions into the bath, he couldn’t wait until he didn’t have to anymore, and he loved bubbles but couldn’t add any until the Potions were stopped. Sinking in loving the feeling of the warm water lapping around him. He could feel all the scars tingling, he hadn’t the first few times, but now, he did. Grabbing the cloth, he began to rub his scar, ensuring lots of water soaked into it; he repeated the process a few times before he washed his hair and simply lay in the bath for a while longer.

Once the water began to cool, Harry got himself out, it seemed even with magic water didn’t stay warm long. Well not without pouring more hot water into it anyway. The first time Harry noticed when he finally got out of the bath was that his scars had actually faded. Even the worst one on his stomach. Truth be told he’d forgotten all about them. Being able to change forms…he’d never returned to ‘normal’ as his Dom called it. He hadn’t forgotten how they all happened through; he remembered each and every instance, even the ones that hadn’t left him permanently scarred. Even the scars that were covered by his hair were gone, those had been made by Petunia as she cut his hair, and scalp. He’d been five years old, just about to start primary school. Harry shuddered, his eyes closed as he remembered how he’d felt that very first day. He didn’t know why he could remember things that others couldn’t. Like Dumbledore and Hagrid, even his Dom was surprised he’d been able to remember them.

Harry had never really been anywhere before, just the house and sometimes the garden. There were times when Petunia did take him shopping with her and Dudley, not that it happened a lot. He was usually injured and he would have held them back walking as slow as he would. He’d hated it, he always felt as though he was being watched. He’d gotten Goosebumps all over, and felt tense, his innate magic warning him.

At school, everyone had brand new clothes. He hadn’t, his aunt dyed old t-shirts and tops to go the same colour as everyone else’s. He’d looked so shabby compared to everybody. Some of the kids hadn’t cared, but they hadn’t been able to deal with Dudley. The fat fucking idiot had scared away everyone that spoke to him. It wasn’t enough he’d alienated him at home, in their street but school had become a nightmare too. He’d had nowhere to hide, nowhere had been safe, ironic really that he’d felt safer on the streets. He was safe now, safer than he’d been before; his Dom knew everything and was still willing to protect him. Harry had just dried himself off and put everything in the hamper, as Severus hated anything untidy. Living with someone for three years had made Harry imitate Severus, so he tended to like things neat and tidy. Not that the opportunity had been available for the last year. He could smell breakfast being made, he doubted it was Severus, it was still really early. So it had to be that damn bloody house elf, he wanted to do it, he’d always done it. He was supposed to be the one taking care of his Dom. Determination thrumming through him; he walked out the bathroom and into the kitchen only to find two large trays of food already cooked and nobody in sight.

Grumbling obscenities at the poor elf, vowing that he’d make breakfast before he had a bath in future. Since there was nothing he could really clean here, cooking seemed to be the only thing he could do for his Dom now. A low buzz was heard, before it was silenced and he heard Severus getting up. Noticing once again, only pumpkin juice, he opened the fridge and removed oranges. He began to meticulously drain them, getting as much juice from them as possible. If nobody got more then the oranges wouldn’t last the rest of the week. He supposed he’d just have to live with water and milk, there was no way he was drinking more pumpkin juice. He really shouldn’t complain it’s more than he got living on the streets. It was human nature though, to worry argue and complain like it was nobody’s business. There was one thing Harry didn’t do though, was moan or complain about how his life had turned out. He accepted what came his way, there was just no point groaning about how life was - it didn’t change anything.

Severus woke up, more relaxed and happy than he’d been in a long time. Despite the early morning, which he hated, no matter how used to it he was. Especially if he was getting up to teach dunderheads all day. He couldn’t wait until the day he was free from it all. He’d resigned himself to dying before he could actually get out there and experience the world. He’d been stuck here since passing his Mastery, his own fault, he had joined Voldemort, and this was his punishment. Admittedly it was better than being stuck in Azkaban, but in a way he was still imprisoned here. It didn’t stop him dreaming of all the countries he could visit, the ingredients he could buy get and experiment with. He’d thought of taking his submissive with him back then, now it would be a miracle if they both made it through the war. He’d do whatever it took though, to survive and give Harry he life he deserved.

Severus walked into the living room, observing his submissive in the kitchen. He was making himself some orange juice. He smiled slightly, wondering if he’d tasted Pumpkin juice at the age of eleven if he’d have liked it then, or have asked for something else…he winced just imaging his own reaction to it. Something along the lines of saint Potter being allowed to have the rules bent for him. The orange juice was only given at breakfast and two jugs of it for the entire table. As he’d said pervious everyone preferred pumpkin juice. He wasn’t one of them; he’d had his fair share at school now he preferred black coffee. He needed all the caffeine to keep him awake.

“You don’t have to do that you know, the house elves can have orange juice brought up.” explained Severus as he came into the kitchen, flicking both trays making them float through to the dining table in the corner of the living room. “Grace?”

“Yes sir?” asked the house elf, coming through from the living room where she’d been putting wood into the fire to keep it going strongly.

“Keep the fridge stocked with fresh orange juice, remove the pumpkin juice it will not be drank here.” said Severus.

“Yes sir,” said Grace immediately moving to do her Masters bidding.

Harry looked back as he was urged into the living room, his head cocked to the side. There was just something about the way she’d automatically did whatever it was he asked. They were odd creatures he’d say that about them, he sat down still curious. “You didn’t say please or thank you…the elf didn’t even look put out…” finally identifying what was bothering him.

Severus smirked wryly, “No I didn’t. If I had dared to say thank you or please,” explained the Potions Master grimacing at the thought. “The house elf would either get emotional and start blubbering or go into shock. Most aren’t treated well, they are thought of as useless slaves to most people. I however am not one of them; I treat them as fairly as I am able. I didn’t grow up having one at my beck and call, or having my family treat them badly and following their example.”

“Oh,” said Harry watching the elf a little more feeling rather sorry for her…she was named grace after all. Did they even have a life? Or did they just wait for their next order. Shaking off his thoughts, knowing better than to think he could change the world. At least he knew one of them was being looked after, and they weren’t evil or rather all evil. He still had a grudge against the one who’d hurt him, and he’d pay it back someday.

“Drink these and then eat,” said Severus when Harry continued to stare at where the house elf was.

Harry refocused his attention, opening the corks he dunked them back as quickly as possible, and then swallowed trying not to taste them. Grabbing the orange juice he gratefully drank it washing away the flavour still thick on his tongue and the back of his throat. After that they ate their breakfast, and as Harry was getting used to, he floated the plates back through.

“Harry? I want you to banish these to the kitchen sink,” said Severus placing the two used vials in front of his submissive. His eyes widened in astonishment having obviously not anticipated the order.

“I don’t know how!” said Harry, he swallowed thickly he didn’t know how to do that kind of magic.

“Harry, look at me,” said Severus, feeling Harry’s worry and fear. “Calm down, you’ve done magic before. This is isn’t a test; I only wish to see what happens and what you are capable of without a wand. If you can cast magic without one, it might be detrimental to you and your magical core if you do start using one.”

“Look at them, imagine them gone…just do what you normally do.” said Severus, watching Harry with hawk eyes. At least he had calmed down, now he was just apprehensive, no doubt of screwing up. He didn’t expect Harry to be able to do it properly the first time anyway. He knew deep down Harry would be able to banish them successfully but did not think they’d end up in the sink. Harry had told him he’d banished things before. If he could do this, then Severus planned on showing Harry more defensive spells, to keep himself safe from harm. Then the other spells could come later, he still didn’t know if it was best to get him a wand. If he could do the spells and it didn’t exhaust him, then he’d refrain from doing so.

Harry nervously looked up but calmed down when he noticed Severus was regarding him soothing and encouraging. Closing his eyes, visualising the vials in his minds eye, imagining them disappearing and reappearing in the sink he’d hovered over just yesterday morning. He felt his magic react flowing from him then fade away again, he knew it had worked. Opening his eyes he grinned in triumph basking in the proud look Severus was giving him.

“Do you feel exhausted?” asked Severus cupping Harry’s chin staring into his eyes looking for any hints of it.

“I used to get like that, barely managed to get out of the shop before I passed out,” said Harry sheepishly, rubbing at the back of his neck self consciously, he found it weird talking so openly about what he’d done, yet it felt liberating. He’d never told anyone anything about what he’d done to survive.

“At nine years old?” asked Severus feeling sorrow for the child he’d been and had to be. Harry nodded the affirmative, “I am not surprised, accidental magic is exhausting never mind actually casting a spell someone learns at the age of seventeen.”

Severus caught sight of a phoenix Patronus floating through his door, and stood up eyeing it curiously. Wondering what Dumbledore could want, it was not even time for breakfast yet. He found out soon enough as the Patronus message began speaking in Dumbledore’s voice. Severus had to smother his amusement at the startled and surprised look on Harry’s face.

“Order meeting, Grimmauld Place, now.” message sent, the Patronus disappeared in a puff of smoke.

“Now that was cool,” said Harry, he wanted to learn how to do that! It was even the same voice.

“Indeed,” said Severus wryly, “Continue your work, I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

“Yes sir,” said Harry, moaning as Severus brought him into a quick passionate kiss before he disappeared through the fireplace. Cursing him under his breath, he shook his head and allowed the butterflies playing around in his stomach to calm down. Idly walking through the library, looking for a book he picked up one from the lowest level with the number two on it. Closing his eyes, palm resting on it, he mentally repeated the words Severus had used. Biting his lip he opened the book, and touched one of the words and grinned as he realized he’d done it successfully. Magic was so cool, the grin never once removed from his face as he sat down and began reading over the words. Memorizing them as he went, this really was a nifty way to learn what he’d missed. He truly loved Severus and all he was doing for him. He unconsciously fiddled with the collar, and he’d proved it. His stomach fluttered pleasantly again just remembering the look of pride. There was nothing better than seeing it, and he’d do anything to see that look shining through his Dom’s eyes.


Severus came out through the Floo Network, looking around the room in barely concealed distaste. Noticing once again, students attending the meeting, Granger, Weasley and the female Weasley. They shouldn’t be there, not just because he couldn’t stand them, but because the Order should be for adults only. Unfortunately, Albus Dumbledore wasn’t as picky. There was only twenty four people in the Order, twenty of course if you didn’t add the students and Figg who didn’t attend meetings, and hadn’t since the last war, he knew why now.

Severus found the only seat available was next to Minerva and Remus Lupin. Minerva had a smirk on her face as she observed him, before it disappeared. Remus on the other hand was watching him with piercing eyes. He said nothing, as he sat between them. Already feeling irritated that his time with Harry had once again been interrupted.

“Severus you made it, good.” said Albus smiling brightly at his Potions Master.

“Albus we have classes, can you please get to it?” asked Minerva her lips pursed.

Severus glanced at her, his black eyes boring into her own; she never spoke to Dumbledore that way. He was suspicious no doubt the old fool would be, her lip twitched in what could only be irritation before her face suddenly looked tired.

“I apologize Albus, I didn’t get much sleep last night.” said the Deputy headmistress tiredly.

Severus’ lip twitched, she was good he had to hand it to her.

“Not at all Minerva,” said Albus kindly. “Harry’s magic went off at Hogwarts late last night, and again just after I had set the meeting. We know he is in Hogwarts walls, we just have to hunt thoroughly.”

Severus stiffened unnoticeably, along with his three others in cahoots with him. “You recorded his magic?” asked Severus, barely able to hide his fury, concealing it instead with disgust. Everyone else looked just as horrified as him anyway, so his response thankfully didn’t stand out too badly.

“Why is that a bad thing?” asked Ron staring at the adults completely bewildered.

“It’s not just wrong, it’s illegal, it’s like putting a tracking charm on someone, only so much worse. It’s a violation of privacy, almost like raping someone’s magic. The only condition it’s allowed to be used in is if they are traitors to the magical world. People used to record someone’s magic for many nefarious purposes, innocent people got put in prison because someone stole their magic and left their signature in something.” said Hermione grimly, for once too horrified to give a text book answer. “If it’s done the perpetrator could face the minimum of fifteen years in Azkaban Prison.” her brown eyes were filled with tears, she’d always trusted Dumbledore, and that he was light and good. He’d broken the one rule nobody ever broke, not even Voldemort had gone that far. The image she’d had of teachers, authority figures crumbled into a million pieces before her eyes.

“But the Ministry puts a trace on the wands,” said Ron not seeing the seriousness of the situation.

“Yes, the ministry do, but the magic is only recorded in the vicinity. They trace it back to which wizard or witch is registered there, and if there’s an underage magical person then they’ll know who it was.” said Shacklebolt seriously, as always having his head calm in the face of problems. Everyone else was still sitting there completely gob smacked.

“Why Albus?” whispered Minerva her eyes impossibly wide. She shouldn’t have been surprised, but she was. The silence was deafening, each of them staring at the table top, unable to meet Dumbledore’s eyes or each others.

“We don’t have time for this, we need Harry to win the war, without him we are doomed.” said Albus softly, “Of course I shall suffer the consequences once the world I love has been saved.”

“You expect us to keep quiet about this? I am an Auror.” said Shacklebolt standing up.

“You did it for Sirius,” said Albus.

Shacklebolt stiffened at the thinly veiled threat, he couldn’t believe it. Dumbledore was actually threatening him for keeping Black safe when he was a wanted man. He’d made the Ministry think Black was in Tibet for ages, now for that help Dumbledore was basically telling him if he told on Dumbledore then that information would be put out. He’d loose his job, he was backed into a corner and he didn’t like it.

Bill, Charlie, Fred, George, Moody, Severus, Minerva, Tonks and Remus looked from Albus to Shacklebolt, also realizing Dumbledore had essentially threatened Kingsley. The others were obvious to the fact, and still stunned by Dumbledore’s admittance. Hermione on the other hand was replaying the words over and over again, having caught their reactions wondering what she’d missed.

“Oh Albus, what have you done?” said Molly sadly, tears filling her eyes she came from a pureblood family; the rules in her eyes always had to be upheld. “Is this how you found Harry in the first place?”

“No,” said Albus, lying bare faced, “I only recorded it once we had him, when I realized it might run.”

Severus gritted his teeth, realizing Dumbledore was lying; he wasn’t a spy for nothing. Dumbledore had looked to the left, indicating he was fabricating a memory rather than recalling one. He was better than the best of profilers; after all he’d been watching people since he was eighteen years old. Memorizing their body movements, after so long you picked up on certain traits.

“How did you find the boy?” asked Moody suspiciously, his old friend disappointed him, as an Auror (There was no such thing as an Ex-Auror) he upheld the law rigorously no exceptions. He doubted he could turn him in, but he doubted their friendship would ever be the same.

Just wait until they found out just how egregious his actions really were on a whole.

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Chapter 15

Unexpected Turns

“Enough,” said Dumbledore standing up, “We must find Harry Potter, he’s still within Hogwarts walls and probably starving.” he said to put them off interrogating him. He couldn’t believe what he’d let slip. He’d been unprepared for it, and he had not been caught of guard like that in a very long time. He inwardly cursed Severus for his sharp assessment; he unfortunately couldn’t do anything about it now. If he could turn back time, he would have simply said he used the locating charm. This gave proximity of where the wizard or witch was. It could only be used in around three to five mile radius, from the person you are tracking depending on how powerful the wizard or witch was. It certainly wouldn’t help in a magical castle filled with wizards and witches.

“Albus do not change the subject, how did you find the boy?” asked Moody, aware of the tactics, he’d interrogated a lot of dark wizards in his day. They tried to wind you up, change the subject and all manner of things to get you off their back. It didn’t work for them, and it sure as hell wasn’t going to work here. Albus wasn’t getting off that easy, friend or not. He was fast becoming enraged with the Headmaster; he had no right threatening Shacklebolt as he had.

“One of my contacts informed me that there was a boy who looked like James Potter in the area. I immediately sought out Remus and Sirius before going to retrieve him.” said Albus calmly, his twinkle missing. His eye twitching slightly, at the fact his own Order was questioning him. Changing the subject or ordering them to do something had always worked before. He did not like how everyone was looking at him, after everything he’d done for the magical world.

“That’s not true, he could have been anyone, he doesn’t even look like James much.” said Sirius coming out of his depressive sulk to add in his own five Knuts.

Severus suppressed a smirk, they had no idea how little he looked like Potter. He had the same hair colour as Potter but that’s as far as the similarities went. He had a little bit of Lily in him, around the eyes and face, but he was shorter than both his parents had been. No doubt thanks to the malnutrition. The rest of Harry was purely his own man, and that’s how he liked it. It wouldn’t have mattered if Harry looked like James’ double, he’d fallen in love, much to his consternation, and when Severus gave his heart he gave it completely.

“I suggest we get to Hogwarts and begin searching, we will scour every inch of Hogwarts until we find him.” said Dumbledore his face a mask of irritation.

“I have a job to get to,” said Shacklebolt standing up, well at least for now. He didn’t know about the coming months. Maybe he should inform Cornelius Fudge that he’d lied during the investigation. That way Dumbledore wouldn’t have a hold over him, but his job meant everything to him. He’d sacrificed a lot to get to where he was; including the fact he didn’t have a family because he worked all the time. He was the head of the Auror department, taking over from Rufus Scrimgeour who was now the adviser and undersecretary of the Minister. “You will just have to do it without me.”

“Me too,” said Tonks as both of them left without a word, drawn and noticeably shaken by what had just taken place.

“What about those of us who have classes to teach Albus?” asked Minerva her lips pursed together.

“Finding Harry is more important, give them assignments in the library.” said Albus. “I shall see you all back at Hogwarts,” stepping into the fireplace Albus left Grimmauld Place back to the school.

“Do you think he was telling the truth about how he found Harry?” Ginny asked her mother.

“I don’t know sweetie,” said Molly trying to sound normal and failing, she was definitely affected by the Headmasters admission.

“Go on; let’s get back to Hogwarts,” said Arthur, “Whether he did or not, Harry is in that castle somewhere cold and hungry. We must do what we can to help him; he may be lost and unable to get back.”

“Right then, let’s go.” said Vance the plump witch in question standing up as she reached the fireplace first and was whisked away.

“And if Harry wants nothing to do with the magical world?” asked Bill pensively.

“Nobody can force him, he’s legally an adult if it comes to it he goes back to the Muggle world.” said Arthur adamantly. Which really surprised everyone there, Arthur was barely able to stand up to his wife, never mind make independent decisions for a group.

“You are going to class, I don’t want you searching for this boy.” said Molly, speaking to her two youngest children. She didn’t trust him not to hurt them, he’d threatened her and she’d be damned if she allowed anything happen to her family.

“BUT MUM!” protested Ginny ardently. She didn’t want to miss out on the fun; she really wanted to meet Harry Potter. Ginny had grown up with stories about the boy who lived, and she had been enamoured ever since. She didn’t care what the others were saying, or even her mum come to that.

“No buts Ginny, you are not looking for him.” said Molly determinedly. She couldn’t even say Harry’s name, she’d been calling Harry him or boy ever since that day. Even if she didn’t admit it, Harry had terrified her; his eyes had been filled with loathing and fury. She’s gone up against Death Eaters without the fear Harry invoked in her.

“She can if she wants, but you come with me, I don’t want you wandering yourself.” said Arthur. It was much better than her wandering off alone and ending up just as lost as Harry may be. Arthur hadn’t met Harry yet despite his actions to Molly, it wasn’t in his nature to be disparaging. He understood how Harry felt, after all they’d brought him to a magical castle, kept him locked up and he’d reacted as any teenager would have. Molly just didn’t seem to understand that, not that they’d spoken of it often. He needed to get her to understand through, Harry was going through a lot right now. “Ron if you are going, I want you with your mother, you also Hermione. Fred, George you don’t split up. Stick together.”

“Yes, dad,” said his youngest children all grinning gleefully, there was an awe in their voice. Their dad had never stuck up for them like that before, even when he felt differently. Like he’d been so excited to know how the car flew, but when their mum started yelling he’d changed, told them he was disappointed in them. The other Weasley’s stared at each other amused half amazed.

Severus snorted, shook his head and quickly took his leave exasperated beyond words. He truly couldn’t stand anyone in the blasted order. He would never admit to being impressed with Arthur’s sudden spine growth. If the man had been Animagus he’d always imagined it would have be an invertebrate, he’d have used rat as an example but he was aware they actually had spines. He’d dissected a few in his time. He’d done experimental potions, and had to do an ‘autopsy’ to see the damage or effects it had.

Looking around his quarters his heart jumped into his throat when he couldn’t see Harry immediately. He calmed himself down, remembering he’d have felt anything through the bond if Harry had been distressed. Harry was still here, or at least he had better be, if not he’d make sure Harry didn’t attempt such a thing again. He did not do well when he was worried; in fact he hated being worried. He checked the bedroom first, and was rewarded with his Submissive lying on the bed. In a rather provocative way, but that might have just been his own imagination. He was reading a book or rather listening to one, he had not spelled it, and his little minx had successfully done it himself. Part of him wanted to demand Harry to stop using magic, but he couldn’t do that. He could no more stop Harry using magic than he’d stop using his own. It was only a matter of time before they found him, and despite his precautions he was rather apprehensive of what would happen when it did. It was time he told his Submissive everything.

“Harry, come through to the sitting room.” said Severus, before twirling around and leaving the room. The temptation was almost too much to bear, considering he was only in a bathrobe. He had too much to do, he couldn’t as much as he would like, make his submissive scream and writhe in pleasure…although tonight was a whole other matter.

Harry closed the book, and curiously made his way through, sitting on the couch waiting on his Dom joining him. Which didn’t take long, he wondered what on earth had happened to make him so…serious and defensive. Or rather more serious than normal, because Severus was rather solemn most of the time.

“How much of the conversation did you overhear between me and Minerva?” asked Severus facing Harry intently.

“I only heard her asking to meet me,” said Harry shrugging his shoulders.

Severus thought back on the conversation and realized Harry had only overheard the ending of it. Perhaps why Harry hadn’t said anything or questioned him further about it. “I went to see Arabella Figg yesterday, Minerva accompanied me.” Harry stiffened an ugly look stealing across his features. He could only imagine the obscenities going on behind those green eyes.

“What she told us was…disconcerting to say the least.” said Severus, “It seems Headmaster MAY have been aware that you ran away and definitely knew that you were abused.” this didn’t seem to surprise Harry the slightest.

“Mrs. Figg kept letters, copies of her own and replies from the Headmaster.” continued Severus. “We want definitive proof before we tell anyone.”

“And you think they will listen even if they see the proof?” asked Harry sceptically. It wasn’t the way the world worked; they buried anything they didn’t want to know. Pretend it didn’t happen, and the Headmaster was in a position of power, he had a hold over everyone. Otherwise those stupid fucking idiots who kept bringing him food would have let him out. He didn’t expect anything to change.

“Yes, you’ll find in this world the higher they are regarded…the harsher the fall.” said Severus a sadistic smirk gracing his lips. It certainly wasn’t a look Harry was used to from Severus, and to Harry it made him look sexy as hell. He was very happy to have someone as jaded as him about the world in his life. He couldn’t have put up with some happy go lucky Dom who viewed the world with a plain view. Black and white, good and bad, there was a mixture and sometimes, just sometimes people can overcome their upbringing. Diverting off the yellow brick road and creating there own path. This was exactly what Severus had done; he’d seen the darkness and had overcome it. Harry crawled over to his Dom, stopping within touching distance, waiting for his nod. When he did, Harry sat himself on his Dom’s lap, there wasn’t anywhere in the world he’d rather be.

Severus shifted slightly, aligning their stirring hardness together. “Remus Lupin has kept the fact you are here…a secret.” added Severus, remembering he had to tell him everything. Which by the way was extremely difficult when Harry was rocking provocatively against him.

“So what?” asked Harry petulantly, stopping in what he’d been doing, cocking his head to the side, his Dom surely had a reason for telling him.

Severus’ dark eyes bored into Harry’s own, “He wants to meet you.”

Harry stiffened “I’ll do it if you want me to,” said Harry but his distaste for the task was pretty evident by the look on his face.

“You do not want to?” asked Severus stating the obvious.

“Do I fuck, I hate the spineless fucking arsehole,” scowled Harry.

Severus was barely able to choke back his laughter; it was scary how alike he and Harry were sometimes. Although Harry’s insult had been slightly similar to Severus’ only his vocabulary made the insult even more…colourful and less uncouth. “Indeed.” was all Severus replied, he could never have imagined this, seventeen years ago. Harry in his arms, and his loathing for Black and Lupin clear. Merlin the world was truly screwed up, and he didn’t care as long as he had Harry.

Severus stiffened, moving Harry from his lap and standing up when a loud blare surrounded his quarters. Not only that but he could feel people trying to get into his quarters. This definitely had to be a gift Harry had, because he’d never been able to sense these kinds of things before. He was either found out or it was Minerva or Remus, perhaps both of them.

“Go into the bedroom,” said Severus, hoping to delay the inevitable, at least for a few days at least, a couple of weeks at most. Harry grumbled dragging his feet, but he did do what Severus had asked. Honestly, it was really annoying he felt like some sort of dirty secret right now. He knew his Dom was just trying to protect him, which made him feel a little bad, but he wished everyone would find out already. It wouldn’t change anything, he was learning magic now, and if they tried to take him away he’d fight back. If he had his weapons he’d defiantly have been able to fight back. Unfortunately they were still under the floorboard of the condemned house he’d been using. No doubt someone had taken over it, and maybe even found his stash. He had to talk to his Dom; he was beginning to feel pigeonholed. He was used to being able to go where he wanted, when he wanted. The upside of having nobody to answer to…or well…wrong example, just used to going where he wanted and not being locked up.

Severus then opened his door quickly and violently, wanting whoever it was to jump in fright. They didn’t, the first thing he registered was red hair, two sets of red hair. What on earth were the twins doing trying to get into his quarters? Severus glowered at Fred and George Weasley; such a look would have had anyone running for the hills. They didn’t, they had a calculating look on their face, one that would have made Severus’ Slytherin’s proud. They wore identical grins on their face, which indicated they were up to something.

“What do you want?” snapped Severus his irritation obvious. He had been glad when those two ‘terror twins’ as they’d been daubed by the staff, graduated Hogwarts. Seven years of both of them pulling prank after prank, they’d beaten the Marauders when it came to the detention count. He could tolerate them though; they didn’t just target the Slytherins. No they didn’t discriminate, they pulled pranks on everyone.

Fred and George looked at each other before holding up an old piece of parchment. Old it may be, but it was filled with moving dots. The most disconcerting thing of all was Arthur and his daughter were coming his way, and Harry was on the map. It was the most ingenious work he’d ever seen and he was very impressed and alarmed. Grabbing the boys by the collars he yanked them in, and closed the door the wards automatically locking into place.

He was glad to see Fred and George at least looking nervous as he stared at them, Severus could only imagine what he must look like.

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Chapter 16

Terror Twins

George exited the Headmaster’s office, waiting until everyone else had left in various different directions. They didn’t want to reveal their map to any prying eyes. No doubt it would be taken from them. They might not be in Hogwarts anymore, but the map meant a great deal to them. Fred and George had contemplated giving it to Ginny, but decided to keep it a secret, maybe one day give it to their own kids. Soon after Fred joined George just in the corner beside the Headmaster’s office. Grinning in triumph the map safely clutched in Fred’s hand, he passed it to his brother and in unison they said the words that would open the map. Brown eyes eagerly devouring each and every dot and name attached to it, looking for Harry Potter.

“Maybe Dumbledore was wrong,” said Fred as they both continued to look, the map stretched open fully.

George made a noncommittal noise as he continued to look.

“We have to hurry, the Headmaster is coming our way,” said George noticing the old man’s dot moving closer to them.

“Oh Merlin, look!” said Fred wide eyed, staring at the map as though he couldn’t believe it. He was tempted to think the map was malfunctioning, but he knew that wasn’t possible. In all the years they’d had it; it had been one hundred percent accurate. “Maybe we should get dad?”

“Come on, he’s round the corner!” said George gesturing to Dumbledore on the map, and both of them took off. Running towards the dungeons, down steps and through corridors. It’s where their father was, and they weren’t sure who to trust and what to do. Harry was with Snape and the man had said nothing to the Order. Was he holding Harry captive?

“Wow! Look.” said Fred stopping his eyes filled with frank astonishment. Harry’s dot was moving towards Snape’s…not just beside but on top of him. “He’s there on his own free will unless he’s under the imperious.”

“Come on, let’s go find out.” said George with a calculating look on his face. Fred looked at his brother’s face and grinned, their brown eyes filled with amusement as they with purpose made their way towards Snape’s quarters. Avoiding their dad, sister and Hermione along the way. They were still joined together as Fred and George successfully made it to their Potions Master’s quarters. They’d never ventured down here, or actually noticed Snape on the map often. At least not when he was down here, the office yes and the classroom. They had never been curious enough to watch. Dumbledore’s had been fascinating to them, he paced a lot at night. Always, without fail as if something was really bothering him. All through the years they’d been students at the school.

Fred tried to open the door with an Alohomora, but jumped to high heavens when a loud blare surrounded them. It stopped after a second, and then Snape advanced on the door. Foreknowledge managed to keep them from jumping as the door was flung open almost violently.

“What do you want?” snapped their irate Potions Master.

Grinning Fred and George flashed the Marauders map in their Potions Master’s face. They leaned back when the Potions master grabbed them, with strength they hadn’t thought the man capable, he had them in his rooms and the door slammed shut with an echoing bang. Their grins faded leaving behind rather apprehensive twins at the look Snape was giving them.

If the saying six feet under had applied…they’d already be dead with that glare.

“Why didn’t you inform the Order about Harry?” asked George, speaking without his twin adding his own part for once. There was obviously something going on that they didn’t know about. They were suddenly wishing they’d attended all the meetings, but they were just so busy sometimes trying to start their business. Which wasn’t going very well at all, they only made small profits of each product. Which only left them enough to buy more stuff; their dreams of opening a shop were looking less and less likely the longer they kept at it. They’d tried getting a loan, but with nothing to their names, they’d been declined several times.

“What makes you think its any of your business?” snapped Severus his eyes narrowed in danger, making Fred and George feel as if he was measuring them up for their coffins.

“We are supposed to help him.” stated Fred seriously, “Despite what YOU or anyone else may think we aren’t just pranksters, we have feelings and thoughts as well. We want to help, this is our world and we love it.” which Dumbledore seemed all too eager to ignore. They were never given any duty to do; they faded into the background constantly. They were hardly acknowledged even with the others Order members, and it wasn’t because they were young, Ginny got more attention than they did, not that they were unhappy at the fact their sister got more attention.

“You feel a duty, I know, I can understand that more than you could possibly fathom.” said Severus grimly. His duty had been much more unbearable than what the twins could think off, they could never understand what he went through. Not many people could, the fear you always experienced spying on someone, who would torture you without a second thought then leave you to die an agonizingly painful death. He had Harry to thank that he was spared the very thought of such a fate.

Fred and George shared a surprised look that was deep for their Potions Professor. He’d never showed anything other than a deep loathing for everything and everyone. To hear him say those words, made the light switch on for the twins and really know or realize there was more behind his surface than he gave away. They’d always had a niggling suspicion, he’d always let them away with the explosions they caused, and allowed them to use the lab when they did get detention for their rather…violent experiments/potions blew up.

“Sir why do you have Harry?” asked George.

“What makes you think he has me? I could be the one having him.” asked Harry a sexy smirk gracing his features, leaning against the door jamb looking extremely comfortable in his bathrobe. His hair messed up; he actually looked like he’d just been thoroughly fucked.

Fred and George flushed bright red finding their shoulders or the floor very interesting. They were not used to that kind of talk, at least not so openly, and certainly not with a teacher present.

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Chapter 17


Harry watched them, almost expecting them to start whistling in pretence of not hearing what he’d said. His smirk stayed firmly planted on his face, they were acting like twelve year old virgins, not the young men they were. He wasn’t sure how old they were, but he had a feeling they were older than him for sure. Not by much, they were incredibly tall, red haired and freckled, if he didn’t know any better he’d say they were that woman’s children, if that was the case no wonder they blushed in embarrassment at his words. He was very good at reading people, he’d had to be, being a Submissive was dangerous business especially if the Dom wasn’t shall we say appropriate? Harry had stayed clear of the ones he’d felt weren’t, which to be frank was only two. Most Dom’s actually did care.

Severus groaned, staring at the ceiling of his quarters wondering if he’d be able to look anyone in the eye. That’s what happens when one had a submissive didn’t have a filter, or care of what people thought. He was happy with whom he was, and knew no shame, at least in whom and what he was. Perhaps a small dose of shame and pride in how he’d survived the streets. Looking back at Harry, shaking his head in wry amusement, he realized…he wouldn’t change anything. He was a very private man by nature, but unfortunately sooner or later everyone would find out. Thankfully by the blushing the twins were doing, they wouldn’t understand the nature of the collar, not many would. The old ways were dying, with each influx of Muggle born and Half blood students admitted to Hogwarts. Dumbledore had abolished the old way classes, and with it the man who had been teaching it his entire life. Of course he hadn’t known him; it was his mother who had told him of that little fact. Thankfully most purebloods were educated in the old ways before attending Hogwarts. Every single one of his Slytherins did, and those that didn’t he ensured they did, he gave them books about them the first night there. So they didn’t get ripped to shreds by the other Slytherins. It wasn’t their fault the parents hadn’t thought to teach them about the old ways, and preserve their history.

“Your mum has red hair too doesn’t she?” asked Harry staring at them head cocked to the side in curiosity. Their magic was very light, much like Poppy’s. Minerva had a small smidgen of darkness in hers, Sev had quite a bit in his.

“Yes,” said Fred cautiously, their mother wasn’t happy with Harry to say the least. He didn’t seem so bad, too honest and straightforward about things they didn’t want to know about. A certain image of Harry Potter and their Potions Master was firmly planted in their mind and the only way it would leave is if they Obliviated themselves. Probably another reason she wouldn’t like them. Their mother was rather narrow minded in certain regards, they weren’t ignorant to her faults, but they loved her regardless. Even if all she did was moan at them these days, she didn’t think that being pranksters was enough to get them through life. She kept putting pressure on them to get a ‘real’ job; she’d even gone as far as to arrange interviews for them. It was getting to the stage that Fred and George just wanted to move out, get their own place. Something they couldn’t do, they wanted to buy a property in Diagon Alley, that’s what they were saving up for. It was going excruciatingly slow but they were nothing if not determined to get their way.

“Have a brother called Ronnie?” asked Harry a sly smirk working onto his face, just remembering her face. He’d burnt the clothes, of course, in the fireplace of his ‘prison’. Their clothes were in better condition than the other boy’s was. The boys flushed even darker, praying Harry didn’t know their nicknames! Their mother didn’t half give them the most embarrassing nicknames.

“Yes,” said George looking as though he wanted the floor to swallow him whole. Nobody outside of their family should know that. They’d never heard their mother talk about them or Ron like that. Ron was more than likely going to die of shame if Harry mentioned it. It was going to be hilarious! And they hoped they got to see it. “If you are going to call him that…do me a favour? Make sure we are there please!” a cheeky grin spreading across his face.

“Fuck yeah, its going to be priceless.” said Harry his own grin spreading across his face, he liked them! They weren’t telling him he had a duty, or about his parents, they had nothing to do with what had happened to him. They were fun, even if they were a little on the naïve side.

Fred glanced at his twin and smirked, both agreeing they liked Harry without saying anything. They might have found a kindred spirit, all they had to do is see if he liked pranks and potions as much as them. It would be so fun training someone else; it would give them something to do at least. Plus it might make things go faster if they had someone else helping with the products.

Severus pinched the bridge of his nose, feeling a great big headache coming on. Of all the people Harry would like it had to be the twins. He could feel Harry’s amusement and not quite happiness but rather contentment as well as a dose of curiosity for the twins. Great he was going to have to put up with the twins forever, unless of course they proved themselves unworthy. One wrong move and he’d make sure they knew never to darken his doorstep again.

“I’ll be in my lab, do not leave the rooms.” said Severus.

“I don’t want to hide anymore,” said Harry quietly, his tone filled with resignation and something Severus wouldn’t have deciphered without the ability to feel Harry’s emotions. It was an emotion he knew all too well. Harry was feeling backed into a corner, pigeonholed, irritated at being in the same place. Being in Hogwarts, unable to go anywhere because of his duty, he understood it.

“We will discuss it later,” said Severus softly, aware that the twins could hear everything.

“Ok,” said Harry. With that he watched Severus disappear into his lab, getting a good view of his backside as he did so. Turing back to face the twins, he saw they were blushing again. Obviously they’d watched him checking out their teacher. “Are you still students here then?” asked Harry sitting down still with only his robes on.

“No, we finished two years ago, term wise,” said Fred in explanation.

“Oh,” said Harry not sure what else to say as he stared at them, he wasn’t used to having people to talk to. He didn’t have ‘friends’ on the street they only looked after themselves. They’d give you up to save their own skin in a heartbeat, so they tended to avoid each other unless they wanted a fight on their hands. Fighting for territory mostly.

“So you are dating Snape?” asked Fred, obviously not afraid to ask.

“Do not call him that…or use that tone.” said Harry narrowing his eyes defensively. “To answer your question yes.” although they were passed dating, he’d never considered it dating either. It must be a polite term they used for fucking someone; he would have to remember it.

“Don’t worry we like Snape, he’s pretty cool,” said George, “Although we could have done without the image.” gagging playfully at Harry.

Harry rolled his eyes, “You like him?” he asked his green eyes watching both of them closely.

“Not like that!” said Fred gulping wide eyed.

“Not that we have anything against it,” piped in George just in case Harry got the wrong end of the stick.

“Uh-huh,” said Harry, they were amusing, but not funny enough to make him laugh; it took a lot to make him laugh.

“We’re working on a new product want to see?” asked George slyly.

“Sure,” said Harry apprehensively. He had a feeling he was going to regret this, he’d have to wait and see.

They grinned devilishly at him, bringing out a telescope, small hand held ones. “Here you go, look into it.” said Fred.

Harry accepted the telescope, halting the magic so whatever it was meant to do - it wouldn’t. Harry looked into it, not feigning much confusion, because he wanted to know what the magic was supposed to do “What’s it meant to do?”

George frowned, taking it back and with it Harry withdrew his magic so it didn’t stop it anymore. Looking into it, Harry’s lips disappeared before he burst into hysterical laughter, as George yelped as he was punched in the eye with the trick telescope. Fred reacted in much the same manner definitely amused.

“How did you do that?” winced George, rubbing at his eye, bloody hell that had hurt. How did Harry avoid getting hit? He must have cheated or something.

“Just stopped the magic reacting,” said Harry, “So you make jokes?”

“Yes, we create them, sell them too,” said Fred.

“They must be popular,” said Harry wryly, they didn’t even have to punch them, just send them that and boom it does it for them.

“Not bad, but most people go to Zonko’s joke shop,” said George honestly.

“What else do you create?” asked Harry.

“Here is some lunch Master Harry,” said Grace placing three large plates full of food and Harry’s preferred orange juice in front of him.

“Thank you,” said Harry, not caring that Grace burst into tears, sure he wasn’t the politest boy in the world, but when it came to food he knew how lucky he was.
“Hold on a minute,” said Harry, picking up a plate for Severus, and a drink. Sliding off towards his Dom’s lab, knocking only once and lightly. Not wanting to make too much noise and startle him. Only once he’d been called to come in did he go, closing the door behind him. Placing the plate and drink on a clear side of the lab bench, and out of reach of any potion splatter or fumes. Walking forward, burrowing himself in Severus’ side, was it stupid to have missed him already? He’d only been down here for around ten minutes. The bond was very strong, he was hyperly aware that his Dom wasn’t in the room with him.

“What had you so amused?” enquired Severus cupping Harry’s face, he’d never admit to being the slightest bit envious that he’d never heard Harry laugh like that in his company. He wasn’t about to get jealous of Fred and George Weasley, he absolutely drew the line.

“They tried a joke thing on me, it backfired,” sniggered Harry, “I stopped it but when he tried to see why it wasn’t working he got punched in the face with this telescope thing.”

“You like them,” said Severus, he was rather glad for that, at least it wasn’t Ronald Weasley or heaven forbid Neville Longbottom.

“They’re alright,” said Harry.

“Good, go on then, go get them,” said Severus, stroking his large thumb along Harry’s perfectly smooth chin. Curious why he’d never had to shave, at this age he should have had to, perhaps it was because of his Metamorphmagus abilities.

Harry grinned at him, kissing him lightly before he scampered off, leaving his Dom to brew his potion. Closing the door lightly behind him, he sat back down and picked some food for himself. “Aren’t you going to eat?” asked Harry staring at them blankly.

“Sure, thanks,” said Fred shrugging his shoulders and lifting a plate for himself, “Not had any Hogwarts food for years! I’d forgotten how good it is.” he said as he bit into a delicious sandwich.

“You stopped the magic in that telescope without a wand,” said George.

“Yeah I don’t need one, Sev says it might be detrimental to my magic if I get a wand.” said Harry.

The twin’s eyes boggled out of their mind, they could barely comprehend the magic necessarily to guide it unaided. “Awesome!” they said in unison a few seconds later.

“What else did you create?” asked Harry, reminding them of their previous line of questions.

And so the twins launched into an explanation and detailed description of all the products they’d made. Including ideas they’d had and how they planned on getting their premises in a few years time.

“We’ve even decided on a name, Weasley Wizarding Wheezes,” said Fred finishing his brother’s sentence.

Harry blinked still trying to process everything they’d just said. His neck was actually beginning to hurt, they liked to talk over each other and finish each sentence. He settled on nodding and sliding the information away for another time to actually process it. “So is Ronnie your triplet?” asked Harry changing the subject, the clothes had been about the same size as they were. They were actually, since they had belonged to the twins before being given to Ronald Weasley, Harry wasn’t to know this though.

“No he’s our younger brother,” said Fred snorting at the thought of Ron being their triplet.

“Youngest?” asked Harry perking up, they had a big family?

“Yup,” said George, “We have five other siblings.”

Harry’s eyes widened that woman had seven kids? Jesus bloody Christ it was no wonder she was used to getting her own way.

“William but he prefers Bill, he works at Gringotts wizarding bank, Charlie, he works with dragons in Romania, Percy who works in the Ministry of magic, (he’s stuck up prick said Fred butting in). Ron who’s ages with you and in his final year at Hogwarts, and our only sister Ginny who’s just started her sixth year here.” said George.

“What was it like growing up with them all?” asked Harry, he’d dreamed of a family every night he was out on the streets. He couldn’t even imagine growing up with them, he really couldn’t.

“It was alright,” shrugged Fred, “We are close I suppose, none more than me and George. We liked to get into trouble a lot, but our mum preferred to pander to Ginny, she’s the first female in the Weasley line for generations.” it would have been better if they hadn’t had to wear Percy’s clothes all the time.

“Tell me about Dumbledore,” said Harry veering off completely taking the twins by surprise.

“Don’t you already know him?” asked George placing his empty plate back on the tray. Harry was still eating his; he seemed content to eat at a slow pace. He certainly wasn’t like Ron, who ate like a pig at every meal.

“He’s a fucking bastard, he locked me up in a room and kept me prisoner, that’s not knowing someone.” said Harry bluntly.

Fred inhaled sharply, they’d thought that at the meeting but it was a whole other thing hearing someone actually say it out loud. If they’d dared to say anything like that, even now, their mother would go absolutely nuts.

“Well, he defeated the Dark Lord Grindelwald when he was younger, he was revered after that. Most people almost compare him to Merlin, he’s been thought of as a beacon of light ever since….but,” said George.

“When you defeated You-Know-Who when you were a kid, it became all everyone ever spoke about.” finished Fred.

“What did they say?” asked Harry out of curiosity.

“Just about you defeating HIM,” shrugged George, “We are only two years older than you Harry; we were three when it happened we don’t remember the last war.”

“But they do know what your Uncle did, it was in the paper.” warned Fred.

“WHAT?” shouted Harry spilling the remains of his food on the floor as he stared at them horror drawing itself across his face. Breathing ragged Harry lost control; his magic began to vibrate everything in the room.

“What the hell’s happened?” asked Severus coming out of his lab quicker than lightening, the twins could have sworn before any noise or indication of something happening.

“We…er…well, that is to say,” said Fred clearly lost for words, his brown eyes wide with worry for Harry.

“Spit it out!” snarled Severus the teacher in him coming out.

“Fred told him that everyone knew about his uncle,” winced George the glare Snape was sending their way was ten times more evil than they’d ever received.

“Leave now,” hissed Severus quietly, still crouched down next to Harry.

“Will he be okay?” asked Fred looking concerned, it thawed Snape’s glare just slightly.

“Just leave, he will be fine.” said Severus enunciating each word, lacing his demands behind it. The way this needs dealt with wasn’t something he could do with the twins there. Thankfully they did start backing away before leaving completely.

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Chapter 18

That’s life

To say Minerva McGonagall felt the last dredge of loyalty leave when Albus Dumbledore implied he’d taken a sample of Harry’s magic to track him, was putting it lightly. He’d been avoiding the issue, threatening poor Kingsley; even she knew his job was everything to the Auror. He wasn’t the man she thought he was, it hurt a great deal, but the anger that was simmering dangerous close to the surface made it more bearable. Then he’d even ignored Alastor’s question, had he been contacted by someone or had he done something really illegal? She didn’t want to think it; to access those records was tantamount to being a traitor. Those records were sealed for a reason; he’d been trying to convince the ministry to let him access them. Now out of the blue he was ecstatic then conveniently found Harry? The scenario playing around in her mind made more sense than someone writing to him to tell him someone was walking around London looking like James Potter. The thing was Harry didn’t look like his father, the boy she saw was his own man really. Sure he had small pieces of his parents in him, as all children do.

She was the last one to leave Grimmauld Place, other than Remus and Sirius, but they didn’t seem intending on helping the search. Sirius looked depressed and Remus seemed well…content really. She had to wonder if Remus was aware of where Harry was and their relationship. She didn’t say anything just in case Remus didn’t know it was up to Harry anyway. Stepping out, spelling away the ash and soot on her clothes, Albus used the fireplace a lot. So she always had to get rid of the mess on her robes when using this particular fireplace. She was alone, really alone, Fawkes was gone who knows where, the portraits were even missing from their frames. Perhaps they had joined in the search for Harry; thankfully there weren’t portraits in the lower Dungeon’s. Apart from the portrait guarding Slytherin common room of course.

She looked at his desk, before coming to a decision; she closed and locked the door, and then demanded Hogwarts to temporarily shut off the Floo network until she wanted it up again. Once the school had done as she wanted, she sat at Dumbledore’s desk and opened the drawers, looking for the drawer that held his correspondence. Each drawer was opened and discarded, blank paper, ink, quills, lemon drops, calming draughts, a few legislation papers he was trying to change. The last one wouldn’t open, so she cast a series of unlocking spells but none worked. Minerva calmly stood up, aimed her wand and cast a mild blasting curse, blasting the entire second of drawers into smithereens. Now the lock was useless since she could see into the drawer from the top. It was quite obvious it had been expanded magically, since everything in there was not possible in a normal drawer.

Digging in, she extracted all the paper, placing it on the ruined desk, and found a potion she didn’t recognize, she slipped it into her trouser pocket, vowing to have Severus look at it. She got a bad feeling, especially with everything else she’d learned. Plus he had it locked up for a reason, whatever the reason may be it couldn’t be good. Under the potions were books on warding, picking them out she opened the first page and was rather shocked. They’d belonged to her friend Charles Potter, they’d attended school together, and she obviously had taught her son.

Property of Charles Potter

Picking up the others, she found the same thing written on them all. Minerva picked up the package wrapped in brown paper. She was confounded when she saw the invisibility cloak. Charles had used it a few times, James even more so. That was one of the most revered Potter heirlooms! It had been in the family so long they weren’t sure which Potter had received it. It was not something James would give to Dumbledore, never in a million years. James wouldn’t even let anyone use it, not even the Order; Moody had supplied his cloaks instead. She didn’t want to believe Dumbledore was a vulgar little thief.

Minerva sat there in the Headmaster’s chair completely dumbfounded, jumping out of her skin when a dark detector began whistling. Narrowing her eyes, she immediately connected the dots. Dumbledore had taken this thing with him everywhere; it would tell them when the spell had been placed on it. If it was before Harry was found they had their answer, grabbing it she silenced it before transfiguring a quill into a nice big tartan bag, she placed the books and the cloak into it. Taking a deep breath feeling anxious, she didn’t want to be caught, she immediately began going through the large amount of letters on the desk. To start with nothing had anything to do with Harry, so she placed them back in the broken drawer. It didn’t take long for her to get to them though, so she placed them in her newly transfigured bag she’d read them properly later. Right now she needed to get everything done and get to see Severus. She worked fast, but not too fast she didn’t want to risk missing anything vital.

“Right, that’s, that done.” said Minerva her accent slightly thicker than normal, placing the last lot of letters into the bag, she repaired the damage done to the desk, and now it looked as though it never happened. Unlocking the headmaster’s door, along with it the gargoyle guarding it, demanding the Floo network back on she stepped down the spiralling staircase shaken by all she’d discovered. Some letters was all she expected, not thievery. In Hogwarts thievery was not looked upon kindly, any attempts successful or not were always dealt with expulsion. It was stated at least ten times in the rule book they received upon accepting their place at Hogwarts. Perhaps Charles had given Albus the books, but James wouldn’t have passed on that cloak under any circumstances.

She went up to her office, placing the bag under lock and key, keeping the potion on her. Once that was done, she sat and had a coffee, no doubt Albus would call a meeting soon, for an old wizard he was actually very impatient. As she drank her coffee, her mind drifted to Aberforth Dumbledore and the reason for them not getting on. They never spoke to each other, and when they had to it was forced, tense, and the anger in the room could have been cut with a blade. Maybe she should go and talk to him, she had a feeling he wouldn’t be surprised by his brother’s actions.


“What the hell did we just do?” asked Fred his eyes wide; he’d never seen anyone act like that before. The magic that had poured off him had been almost as scary as it had been awesome. They’d someone hurt him, not physically but mentally, they could remember the Daily Prophet that day, letting the cat out of the bag so to speak. They’d been three days into their third year of Hogwarts. Everyone had been in tears, at least those who were old enough to realize what he’d gone through. The younger years didn’t get the newspapers, in fact they hadn’t either, they couldn’t afford it. The newspapers had been passed around like wildfire though, by the end of breakfast everyone knew. Surprisingly the Slytherins hadn’t been laughing or amused, they’d never even made one small wisecrack about it. They had been just as affected by it; of course their hatred of Muggles had probably gone up some more.

“Obviously he didn’t know,” said George his face paler than his twin had ever seen it, not even when their mother had caught them in the car flying it, did they look so devastated. He could see it from Harry’s point of view, the thought of everyone knowing his life story, something he obviously didn’t want people knowing had probably shocked the boy. They’d be lucky if Snape even let them near the door again, never mind actually talking to him.

“What do we do?” asked Fred.

“Keep it quiet,” said George grimly, “This might be the only way Harry will stay, if we say anything they might leave.” he’d seen the way Snape had looked at Harry before they left. It’s the way their father looked at their mother. The undying devotion, the love, fear of anything hurting her, and feeling of being useless that he couldn’t help her. It had happened recently during a fight, with the Death Eaters, what else? They liked Harry and didn’t want him to leave, it was nothing to do with Dumbledore, Death Eaters, You-Know-Who or surviving the war. Fairness, kindness and decency had been drummed into them since they were old enough to walk. Of course there was always an exception; their parents had never taken to kindly to the Malfoy’s or anything Slytherin. It’s for that reason alone they’d begged the hat to put them in Gryffindor.

“Alright, I can’t believe they are…you know,” said Fred, it was also a good job they could lie straight faced. They’d gotten a lot of practise over the past nine years at perfecting their ‘innocent’ façade.

“Why not? He’s hot!” said George admittedly.

“There is that.” said Fred wryly; too bad both of them were as straight as a post. Not that they had a chance, they’d never screw Snape over, he’d bury them alive if they’d even thought about it, never mind actually tried. Professor Snape might not be a Death Eater anymore, but he sure as well had the deposition of one and the memories too. Push came to

“What time is it?” asked George out of the blue as they made their way up from the dungeons.

“Obviously just passed lunch time,” said Fred wryly, “I’d say two forty.”

“Let’s just go and meet up with Dad, did you see how he was acting?” asked George deeply impressed. Their dad, as much as they loved him, had always been a push over. It’s maybe why he didn’t have a better job at the Ministry.

“That was cool, I think he surprised everyone!” chuckled Fred. The looks on their faces, despite the situation, had been priceless. They just didn’t know their father had it in him to do that. Percy would have loved it, he’d have been extremely proud of their dad for that. He’d even stood up for Harry, making it clear he’d have no part in keeping Harry somewhere he didn’t want to be.


Severus sighed in relief once the twins were gone, he should have known better than to think everything would be fine. He couldn’t really blame them either; he was the one that had failed to inform Harry. He had once again let his submissive down, he was supposed to look after him yet somehow he kept messing up. Using his influence on the bond, taking the excesses wild magic, stopping Harry hurting himself or Severus in the backlash. At this age they should have enough control, but Harry hadn’t been given that opportunity. If anything he’d made everything worse for himself. Pretending to be an adult when he was just fourteen, he’d buried his emotions. Even fighting more than likely didn’t give him the release he needed, from the pent up emotions. He was basically just now going through all stages of adolescence and maturity when it was supposed to be spread out from the age of twelve to sixteen. He understood why Harry had done it; he too would have done anything to avoid the harshness and brutal reality that was London for the homeless children and adults alike.

Summoning a calming draught, uncorking it and with difficulty, lay Harry’s head on his lap, forcing him to swallow it. Severus then dropped the vial, staring at his hand blankly, unable to form a coherent thought never mind sentence. Flexing his hand, and setting it into a fist mesmerized as though he’d never seen it before. He had summoned that potion not just non-verbally but Wandlessly without. His. Wand. In. Reach. Until Harry had banished the potion bottles away, he’d only ever seen small instances of Wandless magic, opening doors right next to it and lighting candles, again with your hand right next to it. The only people he’d seen to it were the Dark Lord, Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall. All required your wand upon your person and very close to the wand hand. Harry was unique, his magic may, for most part control him, but when it didn’t, he controlled it; it was unlike anything he’d ever seen. He’d always been powerful in his own right; he was no slouch when it came to magic. One could argue his power came from his ability to spell cast. That wasn’t the case any longer, somehow someway; Harry’s wild magic had affected his own. Was it just because he’d absorbed some of it or would it remain that way? He was rather hopeful it would remain, not just because he’d be more powerful, but to keep Harry safer. The more magic you had at your arsenal the better chance of winning. Just look at Dumbledore and the Dark Lord for example.

“Feeling better?” asked Severus shaking off his lingering thoughts, later, he’d think on it much later. Harry needed him right now, he wondered if there would ever be a time when he didn’t need him. If there was it would be a long time before it came, five years at least. Harry deserved the world and everything in it, not stuck in this…this school.

“You…everyone knows what he done?” asked Harry, his voice trembling.

There was the crux of the matter, Harry was more embarrassed the fact he knew rather than everyone else. Shaking his head, he with strength nobody could have suspected he had, hoisted Harry into his arms and sat them both on the couch. Despite the fact he should be helping ‘look’ for Harry to avoid suspicion he couldn’t care less right now. He also hoped the twins had enough common sense not to blab to anyone. Unfortunately if he was anything like their younger brother, who was a blabber mouth, then he could expect the entire order at his door in the next couple of minutes.

“Yes everyone knows, at the start up feast, you did not show up, a letter couldn’t and didn’t get sent out to you. Since you had been on the register since you were born, your name was down on the list, which Minerva calls out during the sorting feast. The next day a few teachers, including myself went to Privet drive to enquire why you hadn’t appeared.” said Severus soothing Harry as best he could, as the young man, for that was truly what he was. He certainly wasn’t an adult, no matter if the age of seventeen regarded them as ‘coming of age’ and ‘legally being an adult’. Inwardly he shuddered just remembering the ‘welcome’ they’d received at the Dursley’s.

------0 FLASH BACK 0-----

Minerva, Severus and Albus Dumbledore walked down the street, all of them dressed impeccably or rather Severus and Minerva was, Dumbledore on the other hand stood out rather nauseatingly. He looked like a hippy, and on a man so old, well lets just say it was no fault of the parents to cross the road with their children in front, gaping wide eyed in fright. Truth be told, it looked as though Minerva and Severus were escorting an insane old man to an asylum. It didn’t help matters that he was sucking loudly on a lemon drop humming now and again.

“Ah! Here we go!” said Dumbledore happily opening the gate and walking down the path of number four Privet Drive. Minerva shook her head, her lips twitching in amusement. Severus however was less than impressed, not to mention bored and infuriated that Potter was already getting special treatment and he wasn’t even in the school yet. The next seven years were going to be hell on earth, protecting a boy he wanted to wring the neck of.

Dumbledore knocked on the door waiting patiently for it to be answered.

“Coming!” called a rather stiff voice with forced friendliness. Severus stiffened his lip curling in disgust before he even saw the woman. Oh, how he loathed Petunia, she’d been a disgusting girl, no doubt her deposition had remained the same, a sour faced bitch. Oh yes, she certainly was the same, she looked almost like a female version of him, as if something disgusting was lingering under her nose. “Oh, its you!” she said as if they were poison.

“Hello Petunia is Harry unwell?” asked Albus kindly.

Severus watched Petunia closely; her eyes were filled with fear and nervousness, how strange. She swallowed thickly as if she’d chewed on a very sour lemon; she truly hadn’t changed a bit. Dumbledore didn’t seem the least bit bothered by that, it was enough to irritate him! Then again it might be because he hadn’t actually wanted to come.

“He no longer lives here,” said Petunia starting to slam the door closed.

“WHAT?” boomed Dumbledore, with strength not expected in an old man, he forced the door back open and entered the house. “Where is he?” he demanded, no sign of his genial mask anywhere in sight.

“I don’t know,” said Petunia her brown eyes large as she backed away terrified of Dumbledore, as if she’d just remembered what the likes of him could do to the likes of her.

“He is your nephew, how can you not know?” asked Minerva in clear disapproval.

“The bloody ungrateful brat ran away when he was nine years old!” hissed Petunia defiantly.

“Minerva, please go and get Alastor and a few Auror’s please,” said Albus his voice made of steel. Despite how steady and cold his voice was he seemed close to breaking down.

Minerva stared at Albus, questioning him silently, but nevertheless did as she was asked and Apparated on the spot after four words. “I’ll be right back.”

“Albus?” questioned Severus, it was obvious to him Albus had raided Petunia’s mind, he was almost tempted to do so himself to know what had happened. Yet he didn’t want to go near that woman’s mind, he still to this day couldn’t believe she was Lily’s sister.

“Do you still carry a potions bag around with you Severus?” asked Dumbledore a picture of composure, apart from the magic he could feel emanating from the old warrior.

“Yes,” said Severus staring at Petunia who was trembling in the corner, twitching as if she was itching to run but knowing it was useless.

“And Veritaserum?” he asked, never removing his eyes from Petunia.

“Of course,” replied Severus, his heart felt like it was sinking into the abyss, he had a feeling whatever he was going to learn tonight…was not going to be good at all. It had to be extreme to have Dumbledore let his guard down and act the way he was at the moment. Not many people realized this persona existed beyond the grandfatherly exterior. He had, the very night he’d went to him begging the old man to save Lily. Only to be met with an ultimatum. Spy or Azkaban, not much of a choice, he’d chosen to spy, and knew if the Dark Lord ever returned he would have to do so again.

“Good.” said Albus angrily, uncaring that Petunia was acting like a cornered rat.

Just then more men entered four Privet Drive with Minerva in a tow.

“What’s going on?” snarled Moody, not that he was in a mood per say, it was just his normal way of speaking.

“Go to Grunning Drill Company and arrest Vernon Dursley for child abuse, child endangerment, attempted murder and neglect, add any you can think of in between.” said Dumbledore, causing Petunia to whimper and flinch. “Then go to Smelting’s to retrieve Dudley Dursley, and place him into protective custody until the trial is over.”

“YOU LEAVE MY SON!” hissed Petunia cat like, finally finding her backbone.

“Arrest her, same charges.” said Dumbledore “I’ll see you at the Ministry in ten minutes. Come Severus, we have much to do and little time to accomplish it.” with that he Apparated away the picture of a furious hero.

Chapter Text

Chapter 19

Not Ready Yet


Albus Dumbledore stalked through the halls his gait strong and determined. He looked every inch of an avenging warrior, his face set in a grim line, having aged ten years seemingly over night. It certainly gave the employees of the Ministry of magic to stop and look in cautious curiosity. They hadn’t seen Dumbledore look like that since the night James and Lily Potter had died, or at least those that had been there long enough to realize. It was soon apparent to them all something big was going down, the Wizengamot members were running in the direction of the courtrooms. Their faces filled with grim determination as Dumbledore’s had been. If that wasn’t enough, they were gifted with the largest, loudest Muggle they’d ever seen shouting and roaring being man handled by Alastor Moody.

“LET ME GO YOU STUPID FREAK!” boomed Vernon, struggling to get out of his hold.

“Shut it before I put yeh out of your misery!” grunted Moody, as he kept a tight grip on the obese man. A smug creepy smirk lighting up his face, one that put the likes of Barty Crouch Junior to shame. Dumbledore wouldn’t have had him go and arrest the Muggle without some proof. As head of the Wizengamot he had the authority to order someone to the Ministry on charges.

“YOU CANT USE YOUR FREAKISHNESS ON ME!” shrieked Vernon spluttering his face going steadily more puce. He’d never been more humiliated before in his life, his boss had looked so embarrassed after hearing the charges, until he’d heard them he’d tried to defend him. He was out of a job now he knew it, stupid freaks! He’d spent years working up the ladder now it was gone.

“Wanna try me Muggle?” snarled Moody, shoving him into the elevator, pressing the button, everyone else who wanted to get in just stared staring at the ceiling, floor or walls in apparent fascination deciding to wait a few more minutes for the elevator. The last thing they saw was Moody shoving his wand into the meaty back of the suspects back.

Vernon started screaming, falling to the floor at the speed the elevator was going, and purely magical too, no strings to hold it up and work mechanically. Moody just stood there grimacing in disgust at the disgusting huge pile of flesh before him. That’s the man Dumbledore had decided Potter would grow up with? The man was the biggest cowardly human he’d ever encountered. Hopefully the Potter boy had gotten his father’s courage. Then again, considering the charges, they may be lucky the boy was still alive. He’d taught James Potter everything he’d known, he also knew how proud a father he was. He’d have been sick at the thought of anything happening to his heir. If he had done anything to their hero, well, he wasn’t about to defend him, if anyone’s hand decides to slip.

“Get up!” shouted Moody, making those at the other side of the elevator to jump in shock. His eye could see outside of it, and Moody’s scarred lip curled up in amusement. Impatiently he grabbed him by the neck and with strength that shouldn’t have been possible, managed to get the squirming worm on his feet. The doors opened and he continued on towards courtroom ten. He hadn’t been inside it since Crouch’s trial after what they did to the Longbottom’s.

“Ah, Alastor you made it,” said Albus his voice kind, but his eyes were ice chips as he regarded Vernon Dursley. Oh, he knew how much the man loathed the magical world; he knew how the man would treat the boy. Potter was supposed to have been broken down and subservient not living on the street and out of his reach. That’s if the boy had managed to survive all these years. He’d expected the Muggle to find him or the boy to go crawling back after a few days. He’d find him; unfortunately he wouldn’t be able to come back here. After living on the streets, no doubt the boy will welcome Hogwarts with open arms and he’d make sure he was the main influence in the boy’s life. Even if it meant he had to take him in, the boy would obey him and him alone. He had plans for the boy, he’d defeat Voldemort and he’d have his world safe, truly safe.

“What in the blazes is going on here?” demanded Fudge coming into the courtroom his accusatory gaze going from the Muggle, to Dumbledore and back again. Wondering what on earth had happened, and why he’d been summoned by his own Auror’s no less!

“Ah, Cornelius thank Merlin you are here, we couldn’t do this without you,” said Albus, his face a picture of defeat and happiness, he was a man who knew how to manipulate any situation he was in. To get what he wanted, he knew he had to make it seem like Cornelius’ idea and let him have the praise. “We have uncovered a very grave situation, Mr. Potter didn’t appear for Hogwarts, we went to Privet Drive and I’m afraid to say he’s missing, according to the aunt, who should be here any second…he ran away at the age of nine. We must work hard to recover him and bring him to the safety of our world once more. I heavily suspect they have been abusing him.”

Cornelius predictably puffed up in righteous indignation. Just as the high up members of the Wizengamot filled in, they evidently knew what was happening since they glared at Vernon Dursley, who by the way was shouting and yelling under a silencing spell. Moody was standing there smug, so there was no need to guess who had cast it. The high up members were those who had been there for over seventy years, serving their Ministry well. The five newcomers sat down on the front row, impassively waiting for whatever was to come.

“VERNON! VERNON! OH VERNON THEY HAVE OUR DUDDERS!” shrieked Petunia her deafening tone making everyone wince, as her loud grating voice sounded like nails on a chalk board. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY HUSBAND!” she added when she saw he was screaming at the top of his lungs with no sound emerging.

“Silencio!” intoned Moody rubbing his temples as if he was in pain from her loud screams. Now both of them were red in the face, screaming but blessed silence had finally been blessed in the courtroom once more. Once again, Moody grabbed him and shoved him back and into the lone chair in the middle of the courtroom. Grinning with sadistic glee as the magical restraints wrapped around him.

“Snape?” grunted Moody; he was the only Potions Master available on such sort notice. He would need to make sure the spineless Muggle survived the ordeal. Just in case he had any allergic reaction to the potion or went into shock. He’d seen it all happening with the potion.

Severus came out from the shadows, looking more like a Dementor than a wizard. His long pale white hands reaching into his robes. He’d already removed it from his potions pouch, knowing it was going to be needed. Truth be told, he’d been watching everything and he was apprehensive of what was going to happen. What had Dumbledore seen in Petunia’s head to force this reaction from him? To actually come straight to the Ministry when he had a school to run?

Moody grabbed Vernon’s head, forcing his head up, prying his jaw apart, as Snape came closer. For once nobody had anything to say about ‘treating the prisoner right’ and ‘innocent until proven guilty’ they just wanted answers and now. Three drops of the tasteless, odourless potion was slid down the Muggles’ throat. Almost immediately after the third drop hit his tongue, he stopped moving. His eyes glazed over and he just stared straight ahead as if awaiting orders.

“What’s your name?” asked Severus smoothly.

“Vernon Dursley.” stated the Muggle calmly, no emotion showing in his eyes or voice.

Severus nodded his head at them, it was working. “Where do you work?” Severus then asked.

“Grunning’s Drill Company, Surrey.” said Vernon.

“When did you last see your nephew, Harry Potter?” asked Severus when Dumbledore sharply nodded his head in Severus’ direction. Obviously wanting him to continue questioning the Muggle. Why him he did not know, he didn’t even know why they were here. He hadn’t been the one to see into Petunia Dursley’s mind. It had to be bad; Dumbledore was all for ‘second chances’ and believing people weren’t as bad as they liked to pretend. Dumbledore had employed him after all, despite his rather dark past. He could have made him spy and left him to fend for himself, yet he hadn’t. He’d protected him after the Dark Lord’s downfall. Severus wasn’t completely stupid, he knew it wasn’t solely out of care, but because the Dark Lord wasn’t truly gone. It was the cynical Slytherin in him; it had served him well throughout his life.

“Thirty first of July 1989.” intoned Vernon.

Harry Potter’s ninth birthday, mused Severus staring at everyone out of the corner of his eye. They looked worried, they had a right to be, and Harry had been on the streets for what? Three years now at that age, surviving the harsh reality of the street didn’t look good. If the street hardened homeless Muggles hadn’t done away with him, the weather would have. The weather in London was brutal, even with active magic most adult wizards wouldn’t survive. He hadn’t been taken in by a family and adopted; otherwise he would have received a letter. As long as someone stayed somewhere long enough for magic to take hold, and decide that it was your ‘address’ and where you were most of the time, it would have been written out. At least that’s how he assumed the letters were written out, he, fortunately, wasn’t the deputy or headmaster so he didn’t have to worry or think about the acceptance letters.
“What happened that day to cause Harry to run away?” asked Dumbledore still standing where he’d first been when they all entered. Everyone else apart from Severus, Moody, and of course a reluctant Petunia were sitting down. Fudge was sweating profusely, clutching his disgusting lime coloured bowler hat, which matched his robes.

“Nothing out of the ordinary,” said Vernon, quite slyly managing to side step the question without even meaning to.

“Give us a run down of everything you did that day,” said Severus his eyes narrowed in on the obese Muggle.

“Got up at six thirty am, dressed in a suit for work, went down the stairs ate breakfast, gave Potter a list of chores to do that day. Left for work, I called prospective clients to see if they’d become clients with the company, saw clients and ensured deliveries were on time. Then I went home at five o’clock, had dinner and punished Potter for not having his chores done. Watched television until ten o’clock then went to bed.” said Vernon passively.

“Punished how exactly?” asked Dumbledore his voice wobbling slightly, as if he was terrified of the answer.

“I gave the brat exactly what he deserved,” said Vernon.

Everyone inhaled sharply, obviously the man truly believed what he was saying, he was under a very strong truth potion, he couldn’t lie. Nobody could lie under Veritaserum; it’s why they used the potion to interrogate suspects and prisoners.

“What did you do?” asked Severus his eyes flashing dangerously, his anger building momentously.

“I beat him, when he was unconscious I threw him into his cupboard.” said Vernon having no choice to answer.

Severus stared at the Muggle in disbelief; he’d actually risked laying a hand on a wizard? Not just any wizard but a boy he knew was famous in the magical world? Then again he knew being a wizard didn’t scare Muggles, his father was an example of that. Fortunately for him, for most part, his own father had been too drunk to hurt anyone. Mostly it was just his parents yelling at each other until his father passed out, there was a few times he’d hit him, but there was hardly anything to it, he didn’t have a good aim, being drunk hadn’t helped.

“How often did you beat him?” asked Severus, his stomach slightly queasy, each and every word he’d thought about Harry being spoiled made him want to be sick. He’d sworn to protect Harry, vowed to do so, he’d failed not just in that but Lily too. He probably didn’t feel as bad as the others, his life hadn’t been easy, and he knew the harsher side of reality. A side most people probably didn’t think about until they saw something atrocious in the newspaper. Then they’d sit and wonder how anyone could do something like that, before getting on with their life forgetting about someone’s life being violently taken. The human mind, liked to rationalise things, when they couldn’t their mind liked to forget about it and focus on more positive things. Most people in here though, had seen two violent wars, but it was different, Harry was a hero, if there was one person they could say, deserved it the least, after loosing his family, it would be him.

“Almost every day,” said Vernon, who was beginning to struggle, not just to stop answering the questions, but to try and get out of his bonds. The sweat and amount of fat on him had probably made the potion work harder to get around his body, making it less effective for long. It would have been fascinating if he wasn’t so furious, how his magic wasn’t crackling around his room he didn’t know.

“Place a few of the worst memories in a pensive, I shall gather the rest of the wizengamot, we’re going to need them to pass judgement.” said Fudge standing up, wiping his wet brow, the sweat was glistening in the gas lit light in the room. He’d let Dumbledore convince him into leaving Harry there, he knew this was going to look badly on him. He’d be lucky if he was elected as Minister ever again, damn Dumbledore straight to hell, he kept thinking he knew everything. When was he going to learn Dumbledore wasn’t infallible? When he was dead? Cursing himself silently he added “I shall be back as soon as possible.” it was possible that Fudge was going to the toilet first, he looked liked he was going to be sick.

“Of course Cornelius,” said Albus looking two hundred years old, his twinkle, which annoyed every living breathing person on the planet, who came into contact with him, was noticeably absent. He looked devastated, as he should, this was his fault, against everyone’s wishes he’d sent Harry to the Dursley’s.

“Severus? I’m sorry to have to ask you to do this,” said Albus looking years older, “However, I cannot do it.” not because he felt guilty per say, he just didn’t want to see the results of his manipulations. He wanted Harry subservient but he didn’t want to see it happening before his eyes. He did what he did for the greater good, he knew he had to, and so had someone else do his dirty work for him. Someone brought up in a happy loving home, would under no circumstances want to end another persons life. It was regretful but someone had to experience the harsh side to life to do what needs done.

“Of course,” said Severus, very uncomfortable with Dumbledore’s display of regret and guilt. The thing was he didn’t know if the Headmaster meant it. He was very good at drawing people in, if Severus wasn’t aware of the mask he had personified - he’d have been suckered in along with everyone else. Severus had to concede that it was probably genuine; Albus Dumbledore adored the Potters, and wouldn’t see anything happen to his precious hero’s. A grimace set across his lips, he had to stop that, it was apparent Harry was nobody’s precious hero, he had nobody. He was alone, out in the streets, and this entire affair would be splashed across the magical wizarding globe. It was probably going to be like Halloween all those years ago, with horror instead of celebration. The whole world would be out for blood.

“They will be here in five minutes, my assistant is currently getting in touch with them all.” said Cornelius coming back in, sweat patches adorned his underarms and neck. He nervously sat back down, unable to look at anyone.

Dumbledore nodded grimly at Severus, as the others just sat there still trying to digest what they’d learned. Nobody seemed sure how to proceed; the rug had been pulled from under them. Petunia hadn’t stopped trying to get up since the interrogation had begun. Moody though was not taking pity on her, forcefully sitting her back down on the only other wooden chair on this side of the courtroom. She may not be able to say anything silenced as she was, but she sure as hell could hear her worst fears coming to life. She was terrified of what was going to happen, to her, her husband and of course her little Dudders.

“Legilimens!” said Severus, his wand pointed at the Muggle, who promptly began screaming and moaning. Severus wasn’t being gentle; he was raiding every single memory for the past eleven years from his mind. He was barely able to focus, as the horrible memories or deadly boring flowed through him. It was like watching a movie on rewind, as memories flowed backwards. Once he’d got far enough back, he pulled out, barely able to keep himself from retching. Only then did his mind process them, putting them in some normal semblance of normalcy. He stood there for five minutes, breathing deeply, regaining his equilibrium. Seeing as much as he just had, made him extremely dizzy and disorientated. Thankfully outwardly, he displayed none of this, ensuring his reputation was as always, firmly intact.

“Just place a few of them in here,” said Ian Mallard, the second oldest Wizard within the Wizengamot, only one year younger than Albus Dumbledore. He was clean shaven, holding onto a Ministry Pensive, if the coat of arms was anything to go by.
Severus was surprised to see everyone packed in, not that he showed it. Had he been out of it that long? They were sitting there waiting on him, sneering for good measure; he removed the memories, one by one and placed the floating memories into the metal container.

“Thank you,” said Mallard nodding grimly, as if he was aware how difficult it was for Severus.

Severus just nodded curtly, surprised by the thanks, he wasn’t used to it. He was taken by granted by a great deal of people. How many years had he wished for a simple thanks from the Order? After all those years of risking his life? None had been forthcoming. A few had implied he hadn’t really left and he was spying for the Dark Lord.

“Gentlemen it’s time.” said Mallard walking towards the Wizengamot members. One of them created a hollowed in stone pillar for the pensive to sit in. All as one, Cornelius taking up flank, as if they were used to seeing memories in pensive. Their wands stretched out, and they were pulled into Vernon Dursley’s memories.


“….They tried to keep it quiet, but with something like this it was next to impossible. The money they probably got for blowing the whistle on it was probably a large generous sum.” said Severus, “And all records can be viewed by the public, or at least a certain copy of it, it was just which writer got to it first.” finishing everything thankful, he didn’t like dwelling on it. There was hardly anything in his past he liked dwelling on.

“You saw everything?” asked Harry his eyes closed feeling sick to his stomach.

“Yes,” replied Severus, he hadn’t lied to Harry, he wasn’t about to start now.

Harry jumped from the couch and bolted through to the bathroom, with just enough time to spill the entire contents of his stomach down the toilet. He continued to retch painfully, until his throat burned with bile trying to force its way it. Tears leaked from his eyes with his inability to breathe, until after a few minutes the violent retching had ceased.

Severus grabbed Harry’s hair, stopping the long tresses from becoming covered in sick or water from the toilet. Rubbing his back, helping him ride it out, the worst thing was, he could feel the humiliation Harry was experiencing. He’d never felt anything quite like it before, not even that day James Potter hung him up by his underwear could be remotely compared to this.

It was apparent Harry wasn’t ready to face anyone never mind his past.

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Chapter 20

Stronger Than You Think And Information Overload

Severus must have knelt there beside Harry for half an hour, while Harry tried to get control of himself and his emotions. Thankfully he had control of Harry’s magic, at least control over his accidental, raw, wild magic. So Harry didn’t end up hurting them both in his overly emotional state. It grated on Severus’ nerves at how humiliated Harry felt. He had no idea how to sort this, and he wished he did. Eventually the empty retching stopped, and Harry just lay his head on the toilet lid his breath raspy. Harry was trying to regain control of his breathing, his throat still burnt from the bile. The taste of it almost made him sick again, even if there was nothing left to puke back up. Severus flushed the toilet to get rid of the smell, hoisting Harry up he guided the exhausted teenager to the couch. Once he was sat down, he entered his lab and got some orange juice for him. He could have got a house elf to do it, but Severus wasn’t one for asking others to do everything. It was just pure laziness, and not something he strived to be.

“Drink,” said Severus handing him the uncorked Potion, which Harry did, before promptly banishing it. Severus smirked in wry amusement when he heard a definitive clink, which indicated the vial had successfully landed in the sink. Harry was a fast learner, he’d of course realized that when he charmed the book to read to him, but it truly dawned on him here and now. Severus then passed over the orange juice, to wash away the rest of the taste. With his stomach settled drinking the potion, the orange juice shouldn’t make a reappearance. He took the glass back once it was emptied.

After putting it on the table he sat down, cupping Harry’s neck he urged him to lie down. Once Harry was in his lap, still red in the face and feeling humiliated, he began to card his hand through the lush thick hair. It still shocked Severus when he felt so useless, it made him realize just how much he loved Harry. You wouldn’t care about how to help them if you didn’t love them now would you? Then an idea hit him, perhaps Harry wouldn’t be so embarrassed if he knew about Severus’ past? Harry knew nothing about him, well other than the fact he’d joined Voldemort. He didn’t like discussing his past, but it dawned on him he needed this as much as Harry did.

“I’m going to tell you a story about a young boy. His parents, Eileen and Tobias, married very young, eighteen years old Eileen was when she got married and shortly after got pregnant. Tobias used to work in the mill until it was closed down, leaving him without work, he turned to drinking to block out how bad he felt his life had got. To make matters worse, his wife turned out to be a witch, and Tobias who was a Muggle, didn’t know how to deal with it. In the end the little boy grew up unhappy, his parents were always shouting and arguing. Almost bordering on abusive, but fortunately for all concerned Tobias was always too drunk to hit anyone more than once.” said Severus, he could sense Harry knew he was talking about himself, his life. “I don’t pretend to understand even marginally what you went through Harry. Our lives were very different, but I know what it’s like to be unwanted, punished for something you have no control over, because of magic.”

Harry sat there listening to Severus, he knew right away he was talking about his life. It was nice to actually know something about Severus. Even if it was only the basics of his life, it meant more to him than anything. He knew how private Severus was and knew how much it probably took for his Dom to say anything. Were they still alive? His parents?

“The Dursley’s as you know are in prison for their actions Harry, it should tell you more than anything that they were in the wrong. Nobody thinks any less of you for what happened when you were a child. A little boy who had no way out, no chance of defending yourself against such a big man. You were the victim, but now you are a survivor, yes people know, yes some will pity you but most will be in awe of all you managed to overcome.” said Severus, if you could say he had overcome anything, his past obviously still haunted him. “I do not think any less of you, I tended to your scars, I know what they did but Harry…you are so strong, so capable that I know you do not need to feel ashamed and embarrassed that I know.” truth be told he knew everything, every sordid little thing Vernon had done and thought about his nephew. Every single memory from the day Petunia had found Harry on the doorstep of their home. He’d refused to touch Harry, right away they’d grabbed Dudley’s cot mattress and placed it and Harry into the cupboard.

“Are your parents…still alive?” asked Harry, flushing once again, this time with pride and happiness. His Dom thought he was strong? He didn’t feel it very often. He swore a lot when he was uncomfortable and defensive, which had been nearly all the time other than when he was with Severus. Was he strong? Is that what people really saw when they looked at him? It surprised him, he’d always thought people could see right through him and how weak he was.

“Merlin no, both of them are gone.” said Severus, it might have sounded harsh, but neither of his parents had wanted him. His coming of age couldn’t have happened sooner, as soon as he could he was gone. He had never looked back, never saw them but he had been alerted of their deaths and dutifully attended and arranged funerals. Not that many had come, his parents hadn’t been liked, and by then all neighbours had left the area. Looking for a better life than the run down place it was now and had been then. Soon afterwards he’d received the Prince inheritance. He was the last heir, with his mother gone it was his, apparently it had also been his grandfather’s wish. Who knows why, but it didn’t matter to him, he hardly used it. He had no need for it since he made enough money making and creating potions, and being a full time Potions Master/Head of Slytherin house.

“What…Happened to Dudley?” asked Harry, he couldn’t believe he’d actually asked it, but he had.

“He went to his only remaining relative, Marge Dursley I believe.” said Severus, “I do not know where he is now.” the newspaper had done a thorough job getting all facets of information. They’d been in the paper for around a week, once the verdict had been given and they were behind bars it quieted down.

“Oh,” said Harry, hopefully the little two faced brat had changed, but he wasn’t about to hold his breath.

“Wizards and Witches here wanted the Dursley’s to receive the Dementors kiss for what they did to you.” said Severus, continued on. “Unfortunately Muggles cannot be punished via magical means, and as hard as they pushed for it - they didn’t succeed.”

“Dementors kiss? Sounds kinky actually,” asked Harry, wondering what kind of punishment it was and why there had been an undercurrent tone of voice when his Dom said it. It seemed like a sex act rather than a punishment.

Severus choked, not sure whether to laugh or be shocked, shaking his head in amusement. “No, they are magical creatures, no one is sure how they came around, they are for the moment guarding Azkaban prison, a magical prison. Their allegiance however, can be bought by simply offering them more souls than they get. Dementors are considered one of the foulest to inhabit the world. Dementors feed off human happiness, and thus cause depression and despair to anyone near them. To be near them, causes your worst memories to come to life. They can also consume a person’s soul, leaving their victims in a permanent vegetative state.”

Harry gaped, “They really have things like that here?”

“Indeed, there is no known way to kill them, but there is a way to defend yourself from them. You saw one version of it, and said it was cool if I remember rightly. A Patronus charm will protect you and hurt them at the same time. The spell to cast it is ‘Expecto Patronum’.” said Severus. As always the educator.

“And people really wanted them to be kissed? Be turned into vegetables?” Harry could barely believe that, they didn’t know him, yet they’d defended him, wanted the Dursley’s to pay a very heavy price.

“Yes,” said Severus firmly, finally getting through to Harry properly. “Fortunately Vernon is getting a taste of his own medicine in prison. There are a few things Muggles in prison don’t tolerate, that’s child killers and child abusers, it may surprise you but Prisoners do have boundaries they don’t cross.”

A sudden knock at the door disturbed their conversation. Severus stiffened, but he needn’t have worried. Minerva’s voice sounded from behind the warded door. Severus flicked his wand, opening the door and granting her access. She slipped in and closed the door behind her, looking rather pale and shaken. Severus observed her warily, realizing whatever they were discussing wouldn’t be good. She also had a large tartan bag with her, she never usually carried bags anywhere with her. If she had anything it was shrunk down in her cloak or floating behind her.

“What’s wrong?” asked Severus, wondering if they’d found out Harry was here.

“I got into Dumbledore’s drawer,” said Minerva grimly, smiling slightly at both of them, they did make an adorable couple. It just went to show most people didn’t care about looks, that they looked beyond it to see what lay underneath. Severus wasn’t the ugliest looking man in the world, especially when he wasn’t scowling, like right now. Although he did have a few worry lines as he stared at her. She stared at him then at Harry again something unspoken in her eyes.

“I told him everything Minerva, if he is to survive in this world, he needs to know. Keeping things from him isn’t advisable, in the long run it might end up being the wrong thing to do.” said Severus, in more ways than one anyway, no to keep Harry safe it was best he knew absolutely everything.

“Of course,” said Minerva, sitting down on the available seat. “I know the spell Lily used to keep Harry safe.” grabbing the book she opened it at the book marked page and passed it over to Severus.

Severus’ eyebrow rose, he was rather impressed to say the least, but only Lily could have pulled this off and succeeded. He’d always known something happened that night, how many parents had stood in front of their child to protect them? With the inevitable being both mother and child dead? Too many to count, nobody had been able to figure it out though, well at least they had thought so. It seemed Dumbledore had known all along, it wasn’t as if she’d used illegal magic, just…forgotten magic really. This book nearly dated back to the founders time, it must have been in the Potter vaults for generations.

“They didn’t report any injuries,” said Severus, “or reports of her healing herself, they’d did Prior Incantatem on her wand, to see if she’d done anything that could explain Harry’s miraculous survival.”

“She must have had a second wand they overlooked, either that or she somehow managed it wandlessly.” said Minerva.

Harry swallowed thickly, they were talking about his mum, he had for so long thought they’d gotten themselves killed in a car smash. It still surprised him when he heard otherwise, he still wasn’t sure what to think of them. Not embarrassment or anger anymore that was for sure. He made a vow to read that book, find out what they were talking about, he hated not being smart like his Dom. As if sensing his emotions, his Dom once again began carding his hands through his hair, almost making Harry purr in contentment.

Severus thoughts slid to Harry, perhaps his Submissive was more like his mother than anyone anticipated. He thought back to all the instances of Lily using magic, even at the age of eight she’d had incredible control. Lily had been in control of her magic, showing off what she could do to her sister. She’d controlled her descend from the swing, one might consider that she had been flying. Not many people could actually do that, Voldemort could, and so could he that’s because he’d rather admired how graceful it looked. Even if it was Voldemort he couldn’t care less. He’d pushed himself until he succeeded, had Lily’s abilities been diminished because he’d told her all she was doing was accidental magic? That she’d get a wand and cast real magic? Was Harry truly one of a kind or was it something the Evans line would be able to do? He wished he knew, but there wasn’t a way unfortunately. Lily couldn’t confirm or deny anything she was gone, and had been for sixteen years.

“She may have actually managed it wandlessly, Harry is capable of it, whether he got it from his mother or its something he mastered on his own is anyone’s guess.” Severus admitted, it was something everyone would find out sooner or later.

“Really?” asked Minerva her impressed gaze meeting Harry’s, who in turn just blinked at her. He didn’t see what he did was amazing, he was grateful for magic nonetheless, it had stopped him starving and being frozen cold in the winter. When he’d made food and clothes invisible and removed tags in the shops. “I wouldn’t mind him in my class, he could teach the students a thing or two.”

Harry arched an eyebrow, he was actually young enough TO be the student. In fact he could have been if a letter had been addressed to him. He wondered what his life could have been like if he had attended the school. He did know he wouldn’t have had his Dom, the way he treated the students…well there was a good chance Harry would have hated him. He treated all the students harshly, he understood his Dom’s view of it, but probably wouldn’t have as a student. Even if he had treated them fairly, his Dom wouldn’t have looked at any of them once. He never took a Submissive under the age of eighteen, he still felt a little guilty about that…making Severus break one of his rules. Yet he couldn’t bring himself to be too bothered, at the end of the day he belonged to Severus and that’s the way he wanted it.

“So it wasn’t guess work, he knew blood magic was involved, that’s why he placed Harry at the Dursley’s.” said Severus as he continued reading the book, wedged on his right knee and the sofa, since Harry was still on his lap. “He didn’t need to stay with blood relatives, having one alive was enough to keep the blood wards active. That’s if Muggle blood even worked, she had no magic I don’t see how it could possibly harness Lily’s sacrifice, although its possible through Harry’s blood.” it was pretty obvious to Minerva that Severus was speaking out loud now. Not something Severus did a lot, must be a Harry affect.

“Aren’t you curious how Dumbledore had this?” asked Minerva.

“I suppose,” said Severus steeping his fingers together, his mind obviously still on the book.

“This was bought by Charles Potter, or at the very least found in the Potter vaults by him.” said Minerva, “Do you remember this?” she said bringing the cloak out.

Surprise flickered over Severus’ eyes as he took the cloak, the silky material brushing over his fingers. “Potter would never have given Dumbledore this.” he stated firmly, that much he did know. He’d sneered at Potter and called him an immature brat because he wouldn’t give it to Dumbledore for the Order to use. It got to the point that Moody was sick of Dumbledore asking that he gave up his two, he got them back since because they were being used again.

“He would have used it if it had been there,” said Minerva.

“I doubt it, I don’t think they had time to think never mind anything else.” said Severus quietly, he felt bad for sitting here discussing their deaths with Harry lying there hearing everything. “Does he have control of the vaults? It may be how he procured these.” if that was the case he had to get Harry to Gringotts immediately.

“I have no idea Severus, I thought I knew him…but I don’t.” said Minerva sadly, she didn’t know what the old man was capable of. “This also went off when I was in the Headmasters’ office earlier, did Harry do magic?”

“Yes,” said Severus sourly, staring at the object as if he wanted to shatter it into a million pieces.
“We need this to prove whether Dumbledore did or didn’t do what we suspect.” said Minerva, snatching it back. “I’m going to pull in a favour from Amelia Bones. Of course if the results are bad, she will be legally obliged to tell the proper authorities.”

“How long?” asked Severus cautiously, continuing to soothe Harry.

“To scan it?” asked Minerva at Severus’ nod she continued, “A complete one will take four days.”

“Scan what? What is going on?” asked Harry sitting up, staring at them, there was still so much he didn’t know. They could have been talking in a foreign language for all he understood.
“That device there, is a dark detector, it shows you enemies, shadows of your enemies. Innocuous enough, except for the fact he’s imbued your magic into it. It is not dangerous to you, but it is illegal to record someone’s magic in any way. It’s not so illegal if he recorded it from you, but if he copied it from your records he will be charged very heavily and most likely be given the Dementors kiss.” explained Severus quietly.

“How is it done?” asked Harry staring intently at the device.

“A spell is cast,” said Severus.

“No I mean can he do it far away, is it when I do magic or does it need to touch me?” asked Harry firing them off quickly.
“He has to be touching you, to transfer your magical signature from you to the device.” explained Severus, as he’d promised being truthful to Harry. He’d rather him know, than risk being betrayed or hurt by not appropriately informing him. Perhaps after the war he could do his duty as a Dom more appropriately and protect him from everything and everyone.

Harry’s lip curled, “I wish I could say he didn’t get close enough. Unfortunately he did.” unconsciously rubbing at his chest and wrist, remembering the stunning spell and the bracelet. “I think it’s time I made a reappearance.”

“Are you mad?” asked Minerva her Scottish accent showing through in her shock.

“No, I need to do this; I’m not used to being pigeonholed, or hiding for that matter. Plus I’m not alone, my Dom will protect me.” said Harry, and he truly believed that.

“Dumbledore will know immediately,” said Minerva, “He will know the meaning behind your collar.”

“Then he will, but he won’t know who.” said Harry.

“You agree to this Severus?” asked Minerva.

“I may be the Dom, Minerva, but Harry has a mind of his own. He could probably make a great argument. His feelings are more important than anything else bar his safety. He wants out, then so be it both of us will have to live with the consequences.” said Severus. Even Minerva had misconceptions on how their relationship was. She assumed if he said no that was the end of it. That Harry would just bow down, submit and forget about it. It wasn’t like that; they had opinions and deserved to be heard. Truth be told, when it came to Harry he would do anything to make him happy, even against his better judgement. If he wasn’t secure in their power though, he’d never do this, never put Harry potentially in harms way.

“You cannot protect him out there without giving yourself away.” said Minerva.

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Chapter 21

Plans and learning

“I only want to see him once,” said Harry, his eyes slightly glazed as he stared straight ahead. As if he could see through the bedroom door and straight into their bedroom. There was so much he wanted to say to Dumbledore, so many words, words that his Dom definitely wouldn’t approve of. The best part though was that his Dom wouldn’t say anything. His Dom let him say whatever he liked, as long as it wasn’t directed at him or anyone he respected. From what he could gather, there weren’t many people who he did.

“Harry?” asked Severus, shaking him trying to bring him out of whatever daydream he’d ended up in.

“Just before he’s arrested, I want him to see me, to know I’d been here all along.” said Harry.

“He already does, he has every single teacher out there looking for you.” said Minerva, still staring at Harry in apparent concern. What had made him space out like that for five minutes? Severus was also concerned, so it was obvious it didn’t happen often or if at all.

“It’s not as if he will find me,” grinned Harry wryly. He was safest here of all places, Dumbledore would never suspect him to be here. Everyone thought his Dom would hate him, god he was glad he’d changed when he did. So Severus got to know him, the real him. Not James Potter, or how he imagined him to be, he couldn’t imagine his life without him. He certainly wouldn’t be here that’s for sure.

“Yes, that’s true.” said Minerva, Severus’ known hatred for James Potter had finally been of some use. “Do you have any belongings out there Harry? Things you’d like brought to you? Has anyone even asked before Dumbledore swiped you off the streets?”

Severus didn't outwardly react, but he felt bad for not asking Harry before. He'd been too busy healing him, deciding on how to punish him. One could argue it hadn't been a punishment, but Harry certainly had screamed at some point.

“I didn’t have much, just some clothes and weapons hidden away,” said Harry. “Now some other lucky fucker is going to find them.”

“Language!” chided Severus, unable to completely hide his amusement. “If you would like to go and retrieve them, we can.”

“You’re going to let me carry knives around?” asked Harry grinning sadistically; he already imagined using them on someone…one wizard named Black in particular. Just as he’d wanted to all those days ago, how he hated that man.

“Perhaps not,” said Severus eyeing him warily, able to feel his emotions, reading his surface thoughts were…amusing to say the least. Harry truly hated Black with every iota of his being. It shouldn’t amuse him really, but Black had brought it on himself. He was supposed to be Harry’s godfather, yet he’d imprisoned him, kept him here at Hogwarts against his will. He should have protected him, took him away and in doing so - he would have been the one Harry trusted. He was even less fond of Lupin for some reason, despite the fact in the end he helped. Lupin had seen Harry more than Black had though. Its too bad Tonks was part of it, Harry would never trust her, and it would have been handy having a real Metamorphmagus train Harry in his ability. It would take him forever to find someone; Harry’s learning would just have to come from a book. He seemed to have some control over it, which was something at least.

“I completely agree,” said Minerva her lips twitching. They looked so comfortable together; she couldn’t help but wonder what he’d looked like while he was in a different form. “What did Harry look like a few years ago? When you first started your relationship?”

“Actually similar, his hair went longer, a little darker. It’s his eyes that he changed the most; they turned a clear ocean blue colour. Almost as mesmerising as his natural green ones.” said Severus. “He was of course taller, filled out, he did his homework. For an untrained Metamorphmagus he did very well.”

Harry grinned, his green eyes flashing with pride at his accomplishments.

“With the right motivation, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.” said Minerva, a rare smile on her face, it was nice to see Harry looking happy. It seemed so odd; it took someone as anti-social like Severus to accomplish it. He seemed to thrive off the praise as if he couldn’t live without it. Perhaps in a way he couldn’t, that’s why he’d become a submissive. He needed approval as much as he needed air, and in a normal relationship you’re taken for granted. Being a Sub in relationship they were always told when you’d pleased their Dom.

“I don’t think he believes that just yet, but he will.” said Severus solemnly. His hand automatically carding though Harry’s long silky hair, when he laid himself comfortably on his lap again evidently finished with the conversation. Severus knew better, he was listening to everything and would continue to do so. Unless of course he fell asleep, but he shouldn’t, he was getting used to sleeping at night again. After nearly three weeks of hardly any sleep, and only sleeping in the afternoon.

“So what are you planning? For Harry to reveal himself just before the Auror’s come? What if he tries anything?” asked Minerva concerned, getting back to the original topic. “What are we going to do about the Order Severus? They will panic.” it wasn’t a question, it was guaranteed that the Order would panic, probably more than the public. Everyone in the Order was very close to Dumbledore. They all trusted him with their lives; they did everything he asked without question. Apparently even keeping Harry locked up in Hogwarts against his will.

“We still have a few days to go over the final details,” said Severus, “By the time Amelia gets back in touch, we will have a definitive plan.”

“Understood,” said Minerva. “I think someone’s asleep.”

“Oh he’d good at that,” smirked Severus, “Sneaky as well, he is not asleep.”

Harry proved his statement by smothering laughter into Severus’ leg.

“There’s no doubt where Harry would be placed.” said Minerva snorting in amusement, it was strange, and she’d never had this kind of relationship with Severus. All he ever showed her was his severe side, unless he’d had too much to drink, which admittedly wasn’t often. Yet here he was more open than ever, not just when he spoke but with his emotions too.

“Indeed,” said Severus. There had been little doubt; someone living on the streets didn’t survive with Huffelpuff, Ravenclaw or Gryffindor traits. Well maybe one Gryffindor trait - bloody sheer stubbornness. However the strive to survive, the things one had to do, going to all lengths to do it and succeed. Make a better life from themselves and never trusting another soul was Slytherin traits. Hufflepuff’s wouldn’t last; they’d trust someone and it would be the end of them.

“These things by right belong to you Harry,” said Minerva handing over the books from her bag. “They might be a bit advanced for you right now, but you’ll understand them in time.”

“Thanks,” said Harry taking them, he didn’t regard books in the same manner as he had just a few days ago. That’s not to say he wasn’t embarrassed anymore, he was very much so, but it’s not as if he’d been able to read out on the streets. At the age of nine, the streets had been the alternative to staying at Privet Drive. He was beginning to know some words, before it was said by the spell. Plus every night he was writing them down as well, he felt like such a baby sometimes, but it would be worth it. He was just glad nobody else knew it would have made everything ten times worse.

“This will be used with caution and with my knowledge, Dumbledore and Moody can both see through it. So no funny business, I mean it Harry. I’d hate to have to rescue you again.” said Severus sternly. Handing over Harry’s invisibility cloak. The urge to confiscate it was strong, Harry was so new to this world, and he probably would be tempted to use it. He would just have to trust Harry that he wouldn’t go against his wishes.

“Again? You make it sound like my doing!” said Harry outraged, he hadn’t asked Dumbledore to take him to Hogwarts. He hadn’t asked his own bloody Godfather to be a weak arsehole, who wanted to obey orders more than wanting to rescue him. His supposedly beloved Godson, what a lot of rubbish.

“I did not say that,” said Severus, glaring at Harry in warning, there was a few things he wouldn’t be argued about. Harry’s safety was one of them; he’d use his position as ‘Dom’ to Harry ensured it. Right now his eyes were telling Harry not to argue, that he wasn’t to be trifled with on this point.

“Sorry sir,” said Harry quietly. He should have known better than fight him. Especially on this point, he was zealous when it came to protecting him. Stopping him from coming to harm, even back before he knew he was Harry. It was his right, his duty after all; it’s all part of the Dom and Sub relationship. He’d have it no other way, he wanted what Severus offered.

There was a tense silence for a few seconds before a knock on the door brought them out. The three of them immediately stiffened, on instinct Harry got up, grabbed the cloak and disappeared into his Dom’s room. Still inwardly cursing himself for being an idiot. He kept near the door, curious about who’d be coming here. Minerva was usually the only person that came down. Then he heard it, a sneer painted itself across his lips. Of all the people in Hogwarts, it had to be him. He was content to just stay in here thank you very much.

“What are you doing here?” asked Severus, slamming the door closed, he couldn’t get a minute to himself these days. The quicker this war was over the better in his opinion, maybe then he’d get some rest. Minerva he could tolerate, but the wolf he could not. He was honestly surprised; Minerva had been closest to Dumbledore of all people. Been with him the longest, she’d been but a child, from the age of eleven being taught him, returning straight after she’d gained her Transfiguration Mastery. She’d never left, so one can say she’d been with him almost her entire life. She had been loyal, completely loyal, never once questioning him until…sixteen years ago. She had believed the Dursley’s unacceptable in bringing up the Potter’s child. Apparently Dumbledore had other plans. They should have listened to her, and Harry wouldn’t have been abused.

“I told you I’d be back,” said Remus warily, “Professor McGonagall.” he nodded respectfully at her. Did she know? It seemed impossible after all she adored the ground Dumbledore walked on. Any fool could see that, little wonder they’d worked together longer than he’d been alive.

“Remus, what are you doing here?” asked Minerva clearly astonished at the young man’s arrival. The rug seemed to be permanently being pulled from under her feet. Severus helping Harry, now Remus seems to be helping them both. If not, then she had best keep quiet.

“I just need a word with Snape,” said Remus vaguely.

“She knows, now what do you want?” asked Severus exasperated, sitting down rubbing his temples in unconcealed irritation.

“I was hoping to see Harry,” said Remus.

Minerva stared between both men, wondering if Remus knew the full truth. She couldn’t see him accepting it, but lately she’d been constantly surprised. She vowed never to take anything for granted anymore. Maybe then she could soldier on and one day figure out the world.

“The fact Harry doesn’t want to see you just doesn’t sink in does it?” replied Severus staring at Remus impassively.

“I just need to see him.” said Remus quietly, pain flaring in his amber eyes.

“The other times not painful enough? I didn’t peg you for a masochist Lupin.” said Severus smirking wryly.

Minerva started coughing her eyes budging wildly, unable to believe what Severus had just said. The man was just staring blankly; she was pretty sure Remus had no idea of the type of relationship Severus and Harry had. She glared at Severus for his words, but just finding him smirking back, with great amusement, a playful one. She hadn’t seen such a sight since Severus was fifteen years old…since Lily. When Lily had denounced him as her friend, all the good in Severus had died, but it seemed it had returned thanks to her son.

“I don’t plan on going to near him.” said Remus confused, staring between Minerva and Severus. They seemed to be having some sort of conversation, one he wasn’t privy to. His mind mused possibly scenarios but he couldn’t come to one that made sense. So instead he shook them off, focusing on Snape alone.

“Harry, come out here,” said Severus, never once raising his voice, which confused Minerva and Remus. He was speaking in the merest whisper, how could anyone hear him even from a different room? Severus knew Harry was nearby; close enough to have heard Lupin. He sensed the hatred flaring in Harry the second he’d heard Lupin’s voice, added with his own of course.

“Now I do wish I’d gone back for my knives, I need some target practise.” said Harry as he came out of the room, he had an air of petulance around him. Grinning sadistically, when Remus stepped back fear flashing across his face along with doubt.

“Ha-Har-ry,” stuttered Remus nervously, licking his lips, his hands securely in front protecting his balls from any more damage Harry might inflict on him. It had hurt like blazes the last time, and that had just been a book. The talk of knives made him decidedly very bloody nervous. He didn’t doubt Harry would do it, he was merciless.

“Why won’t you fucking leave me alone?” snapped Harry, unable to help himself. His green eyes flashing dangerously, he wanted to go over there and beat the hell out of him. So he did, he ran over to him and began beating on his chest, screaming at him. “I fucking hate you, do you hear me? You locked me up like a prisoner! Tried to make me some stupid little thoughtless solider! You don’t give a fucking damn unless it’s me killing the stupid dark lord! You lied to me! You said it would be what my parents wanted but its not! They died for me; they didn’t want me growing up in a world or war! Some best friend of my parents you turned out to be. Lying manipulative bloody arsehole! I hate you.”

“Severus!” cried Minerva alarmed as both of them fell to the floor, Harry still screaming obscenities at him. Still raining blows on the surprised man, who could only cry out in pain unable to form a coherent word never mind sentence.

Severus wrapped both arms around Harry’s midsection, trapping his arms within. Tightening his hold, with strength that would surprise everyone. He needn’t have worried, as soon as Severus touched him he went still in his arms. Allowing himself to be carried away without a word or movement of protest. Soon both disappeared into the bedroom. Harry was shaking; the adrenaline was still thrumming through him. Depositing Harry on the bed, Severus raked his beside cabinet grabbing a potion. He used his teeth to take the stopper out.

“Drink,” said Severus in full Dom mode.

Harry knew that tone, opening his mouth he allowed the potion to slide in, he swallowed without grimacing. Harry could feel it working, the anger, the rage, everything began fading away, leaving him lethargic. Not too sluggish as he guzzled the water, getting rid of the aftertaste.

Severus magicked the duvet from under him, as he shifted him placing him properly on the bed. Sighing sadly, his mind replaying the shouting Harry had done, finally understanding why Harry had reacted so violently to Lupin. Why it seemed he was the one who always got hurt apart from Tonks that one time. To call it hurt would be exaggerating, Harry had merely stunned her in his bid to get away. Stroking his face, vowing silently once more, to keep him safe, as Harry leaned into him even sleeping. Spelling his clothes off, he put the duvet over him. Standing over him for a few more minutes until he was sure Harry was asleep and only then did he leave the room.

“Was any of that true?” growled Severus, his onyx eyes flashing dangerously. He knew Harry spoke the truth. Harry had been too angry and full of hate for it not to be. He’d always believe his Sub over Lupin. Harry didn’t lie, at least not often, apart from his age Harry had always been truthful.

Remus swallowed thickly, from where he lay on the floor, Minerva was beside him trying to help him up. Remus might be skinny but he was a big man, and one who was in severe pain. Gasping in agony, he sat up panting, trying to ride the pain. Why had it gone so wrong? He’d came to ask for forgiveness. It had gone terribly awry, he didn’t know how to fix it, Harry’s words…made him realize it wasn’t going to be possible. He’d always known it deep down, but this confirmed it without a doubt. Maybe Snape did have a point, perhaps he was a masochist. “He twisted my words,” said Remus, wincing once more, as fire raced on through him. His lip was split, blood trickling down his mouth, he slumped down suddenly without energy. He wanted to cry like a little boy, at the unfairness of the world, but his pride wouldn’t let him.

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Chapter 22


Remus glanced at Severus and became instantly wary, the hair on the back of his neck stood up on ends. He had thought he’d seen Snape at his maddest. He’d received so many looks of hatred from the man; he didn’t think there could be a worse one. Yet the look on his face now…he didn’t think even the Dark Lord could hate so foully. Remus was truly terrified that the wizard was going to pounce on him any second now. Gulping painfully, and for a moment as he watched Snape his pain was forgotten.

“Remus…how could you?” asked Minerva shaking her head, horrified to even contemplate how he could say such things. Backing away, her eyes sparkling with tears, not for him but for Harry and how everyone seemed to have betrayed him. She now no longer blamed him for how he’d looked at her upon meeting him. She was finally beginning to understand why he was, the way he was. “He’s Lily’s son, why did you lie to him? Lily never wanted this for her son!”

“I just wanted him,” choked Remus, Merlin he was in agony, everything hurt. “To learn magic, to be part of the magical world.” and he’d wanted desperately to impress Dumbledore. He’d looked so sad, defeated and wary, he was such a fool, in his bid to impress Dumbledore, and Harry hated him.

“But to tell him his parents wanted him to fight a war?” gaped Minerva, “I never pegged you as stupid Remus, but right now I’m being forced to evaluate everything I’ve ever known.” it was true, first Dumbledore now Remus. A man who he thought would love Harry; he’d been just as desperate as the others to find him.

“Get out; do not ever step within five foot of Harry ever again. If you do, I will make sure it’s the last thing you ever do.” said Severus, his voice cold and hard. His hands balled into fists as he stared at Remus with so much disgust that the werewolf could smell it leeching off him in waves. “Get out and never come back.”

“I suggest you do as he says Remus,” warned Minerva, realizing how close Severus was to cursing the man. Knowing Severus as she did, it wouldn’t be a tickling or stunning charm, it would be something more painful and lethal.

“I really did just want to know him,” said Remus weakly, as he hoisted himself to his feet.

“You know Remus…I don’t think you did. Nobody that wants to know someone does such a thing. You were manipulating him into a situation he didn’t want to be in, after kidnapping him from the only world he’d ever known.” said Minerva bitterly, Merlin she felt sickened to the core just thinking on it.

Remus bowed his head, hunching in on himself as he shuffled out of the room. The words they’d spoken more blows to his battered body and mind. Walking out of the dungeons, his thoughts circling like vultures, he knew…he just knew for the first time he had no chance. What he’d done…had been wrong, Harry would never want anything to do with him. It took him twenty minutes, walking slowly, thankfully not bumping into any students on his way out. He couldn’t go to Poppy; she’d probably ask too many questions. He would have to dip into his monthly potions supply. Not that he cared right now; Snape wouldn’t brew him the Wolfsbane potion anymore. He was well aware the grudges that Snape could hold, and truth be told, he deserved it. Hopefully Sirius would be forgiven, and they could have some sort of relationship. If he’d screwed it for Sirius too then he didn’t think he could live with himself.


“I cannot believe him,” said Severus still furious, and it was all his emotion. Harry’s had all but toned down completely, upon falling asleep. Worse still he hadn’t understood why his submissive hated him so much. If he had even an inkling he would never allowed Lupin access. It was pretty clear to him that he and Harry had to really talk, not something they’d had much time to do since they’d been reunited.

“I never thought he could do anything like that.” said Minerva sadly.

“Indeed,” said Severus inhaling sharply, regaining control of his emotions. “Harry has met the Weasley twins.” he said to change the subject.

“He has?” asked Minerva shocked.

“Yes, he liked them.” said Severus wryly, “That’s until they mentioned the fact what Vernon had done to him had been published in the newspaper.”

“Oh no, how did he take it?” asked Minerva her hand over her mouth once again. She seemed to be doing that a great deal as of late.

“He was understandably embarrassed and mortified.” said Severus, “Fortunately I managed to get him to see the world was on his side.” he doubted it helped overly much, especially not for someone like Harry. He had a certain toughness bred into him from a lifetime on the street. Although he was lucky to see that there was another side of it, the others didn’t get to see it. They probably never would come to that, as he’d said before, the bond had been the best thing to happen.

“I best be off, I have to see Amelia about the case.” said Minerva.

“Of course, keep me updated.” stated Severus, if she didn’t he’d just ask.

“I will, Severus.” said Minerva before she picked up her tartan bag and Floo’ed from Severus’ rooms back to her own.

Severus sighed once he was alone, getting up he made his way through to his bedroom. Sitting down he began flipping through the workbook, Harry had made rather good progress. He’d obviously remembered the basics in mathematics from primary school, since that was done. His writing left much to be desired, and that was with a Muggle pencil, he couldn’t imagine how he would have been with a quill. His Latin workbook grade one was just begun, this didn’t surprise him. Most Muggle educations didn’t offer Latin, unfortunately Harry had to learn it, and it was a vital part of understanding spells and their reactions. Everything else was nearly completed; nodding in quiet satisfaction he replaced the workbooks. So much to do, with very little time to accomplish it. So much so he’d never stopped to really think or enquire to what Harry was feeling and why he was feeling it. If he had, tonight would never have happened.

Two weeks, then everything would be blown sideways, and truths realised. The order would protest heavily, he knew that, which was why he was going to leave the letters until then. Once they knew what Dumbledore had done to Harry, it would seal his fate. Regardless of that, he knew none of them would be happy with his relationship to Harry. Never mind the nature of their relationship, but D/S relationships were widely misunderstood. Most normal people couldn’t understand why they’d want that sort of relationship. That’s exactly what they were, normal. Harry nor he wasn’t, they hadn’t been for a long time. He could try and get them to understand, but he doubted many would. Perhaps collaring Harry hadn’t been the best of ideas. A great deal of them would know without having to be told. Shaking his head, no, he didn’t regret it, couldn’t actually.

Removing his heavy teaching robes, completely exhausted, mostly mentally. He slid in beside Harry, and cuddled into him. It was still odd having him here; a few years ago he’d been wishing Harry could see Hogwarts. Experience what his life was really like, but knowing how his father had reacted to magic, he didn’t have good experience with normal people accepting it. He had thought Harry was a Muggle back then, he had missed him dearly. He’d often wanted to Floo over, just for a few hours, see him. He’d been magical all along, it was ironic really.

Relaxing, Severus closed his eyes and began to meditate, strengthening his Occlumency barriers. It was the only way he’d sleep tonight, for some reason, despite how tired he was he couldn’t stop thinking. Eventually with iron clad control, he stopped his mind running amok and drifted to sleep.


Severus woke up with a start to the feeling of fear stirring in his heart. Opening his eyes he relaxed somewhat, it seemed as though Harry had just had a nightmare. Without moving he brought Harry into a hug. His brow was wet with sweat, soothing him, rubbing his back letting him get his breathing back under control.

“Nightmare?” asked Severus his voice rumbled with sleep.

“Yeah,” murmured Harry, lying his head on top of Severus’ chest, his head rising and falling to the rhythm of Severus’ breathing. Feeling the beat of Severus’ heart under his ear, nothing could have calmed him quicker.

“What was it about?” asked Severus.

“Just when Dumbledore caught me,” said Harry shaking his head slightly, he didn’t really want to talk about it.

“He will never hurt you Harry, I won’t allow it.” said Severus sharply.

“Yes sir,” said Harry warmth sliding into his belly, he loved how possessive Severus got. His hand trailed down Severus’ chest, revelling in the hitched breathing as he slid under his sleeping pants. Softly and tantalizingly touching the stirring organ in appreciation. He stopped and looked up, silently asking for permission.

Harry’s gorgeous green eyes met Severus’, and Severus could do nothing but arch up. Such trust in those eyes, the heat, it scorched him more than any of his touches could. He quickly changed his mind when that skilful hand began stroking him to full hardness. A hiss left his lips as Harry’s sinful lips descended upon his shaft. Severus shifted his legs, allowing Harry better access.

Harry settled himself comfortably, staring at the organ in awe, he was so big. Most times he was surprised he fit in such a small space. But fit he did, pleasure shot through him just thinking about it. Shifting slightly, his erection brushed Severus’ leg. A moan ripped out of his mouth. Harry licked the head of Severus’ shaft, causing it to pulse slightly and leak more. Licking up and down, Harry massaged the balls with his palm, unknowingly rocking back and forth against Severus’ knee. As the pleasure both were feeling mounted higher, Harry sucked the head, moaning around him causing Severus to curse loudly. A smirk curled around Harry’s face before he swallowed as much of Severus as he could, bobbing up and down, tasting as much of Severus as he dared. His teeth grazing gently, feeling him pulsing again, he wasn’t going to last long. He was right, a few seconds later his Dom came, clutching at Harry’s hair, as he rode the orgasm out. Harry swallowed everything, sucking on him until there was nothing more to give. His own need still evident, pressed against Severus’ leg.

Severus flipped them over, his hands latching onto Harry’s and placing them above his head. When he did he noticed Harry’s lightening bolt scar was faded, nearly completely. He hadn’t expected that, then again why not? It was a scar after all. Why hadn’t it been done the night of the attack? Then again Dumbledore had used it and Harry as a symbol for years. Merlin was there nothing Dumbledore wouldn’t do? He had no Morales whatsoever.

“Mine,” breathed Severus, over Harry’s lips before capturing them and kissing him senseless. Revelling in the way Harry desperately writhed against him, desperately seeking release. Deciding against torturing him more, knowing they didn’t have long, he rocked himself back and forth. His eyes never leaving Harry’s face rupture in pleasure, his green eyes filled with wanton need, and debauchery. He’d never get sick of this sight, not even after ten years. His eyes fell closed as he felt his release nearing. “Come for me Harry,” whispered Severus.

And Harry did, before flopping back on the bed exhausted, his eyes opened revealing satisfied and sated in them.

“She cooked breakfast again,” grumbled Harry, looking irritated as the smell of breakfast wafted through the room.

Severus chuckled, as he sat on his side, cleaning up their mess, “Does it bother you that much?” asked Severus, regarding Harry solemnly. He needed to start listening to Harry properly, otherwise it would never work.

“There’s nothing else I can do here,” said Harry simply. No cleaning, no cooking, he was used to a routine especially with Severus. Not having one was kind of making him antsy, even when he was living on the street he made a habit of having one. A routine made him feel well useful, as if he was accomplishing something.

“Alright, how about making dinner every night?” asked Severus diplomatically. Harry wouldn’t be a submissive if he didn’t feel the need to be useful. To be told he was doing something good.

“But you eat in the great hall,” said Harry, blinking in confusion.

“Barely,” said Severus wryly, “If you would like to do it, then do so.” he finished a bit more firmly.

“Yes sir,” said Harry he missed cooking more than anyone would believe. There was something about cooking, making new food, trying new ways and seeing if his Dom would like it.

“Very well,” said Severus, “Go run a bath for us, I will be through in a minute.”

“Yes sir!” said Harry getting up, unashamed of his nakedness wandered out of the bedroom, presumably making his way to the bathroom. He had not picked up on the lack of routine bothering Harry either. It seemed he was messing up in more ways than one, something he would soon rectify. The quicker Dumbledore was out of their lives the better, for all concerned. The next fortnight couldn’t fly in quick enough in his opinion.

Although he wouldn’t be saying that soon, Harry and the twins were about to have some…fun with the old fool.

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Chapter 23

The Terror Trio Forms

Severus paused in mid-sentence, not something he had to do very often. Nobody usually interrupted his class, they didn’t have the guts. If it did happen it was merely a teacher’s idea in the first place. As per usual though, the student was the one to receive the cutting remarks, for their Professor’s laziness. The students immediately craned their necks curiously, they were first years. They didn’t know how rare it was, for someone to venture into the dungeon bats territory, as he was known as. They would soon though, as everyone always did, it didn’t take them long to hate their Potions Professor either. Whispering to each other curiously, wondering why nobody had come in yet? Had someone knocked on the door and ran? The professor would be so mad if that’s what had happened. Would they find their heads stuffed in the pickled jars and preserved? Would they see a head floating in a jar the next time they saw the classroom? Professor Snape was going to murder whoever it was.

“Silence!” hissed Severus effectively making the class quiet, but their naked curiosity remained. More so, on the Gryffindor side; most of his Slytherins would have already been given fair warnings. The Slytherin’s didn’t like loosing points; they lost enough from other teachers - without loosing them from their head of house. If you loose points without prejudice in Slytherin, you receive hell for it in turn. Draco Malfoy had learned that lesson the hard way. His holler than thou attitude had made him greatly disliked by the teachers within Hogwarts. “Enter!”

“Hello Sir,” said Fred nodding his head coming into the classroom. Followed as always beside his perpetual shadow called George Weasley, his twin brother. His gait confident and self assured they’d even been like that as students. For some reason they hadn’t really been scared of Snape. “I just need to do something in your office.”

“Then we will be on our way.” said George, chiming in, not letting Fred have all the fun.

Severus narrowed his eyes at them, by Merlin; they could drive a saint insane. Harry liked them, and he really needed friends close to his own age. They might not be able to understand him completely. Yet they were a more suited match than Draco Malfoy, or even their brother Ronald Weasley. He could cope with them, and if Harry wanted them there so be it. He could feel Harry’s curiosity over the bond, but refrained from smiling. Now that would certainly have everyone all over Hogwarts talking. “Very well,” he said through gritted teeth, looking furious, but if one looked close enough, his eyes lacked the usual scorn within them.

“Thank you sir,” said Fred and George in unison as they continued on, closing the door between the office and classroom. Fred cast a silencing spell so they couldn’t hear anything they said. They’d been thinking on everything for a while, and they were honestly sorry for what they’d done. It made them realize they should think before speaking, especially about someone’s personal history. They liked Harry a great deal, and wanted to get to know him better, they felt drawn to him for some reason. Harry was sitting on Severus’ desk, a workbook open on the table. A Muggle pencil in his hand, their dad had a really small one in the shed. There was lead (graphite) according to the results of the spell, inside of it helping Muggles to write. They had to admit the idea was a good one; at least they didn’t get splattered ink everywhere. Still, it was strange to see such a Muggle item lying on the professor’s desk.

“What are you doing here?” asked Harry, cocking his eyebrow curious. Not showing how happy he was that they’d come back. He could imagine it’s what being a friend entailed, plus he wanted them to do him a favour. They were a little to innocent for his tastes, but not everyone could be as experienced as him. Although if they stuck around…they’d just might find themselves even less…innocent. The things he’d done would make them shudder, of that he was certain.

“Is that the thanks we get for coming to see you?” said Fred shaking his head sitting down on one of the chairs, tutting playfully.

“You are a bundle of laughs aren’t you?” said George sardonically. After everything Harry had been through, they couldn’t blame him for being cautious. They could still remember the paper, they’d read it despite their mother demanding that they not. Telling a teenager not to do something, well you might as well tell them to! You do the opposite of what you were told. Then again Fred and George hadn’t needed to be a teenager to do so; they loved messing with everyone’s head from an early age.

“Sue me,” said Harry wryly. Oh yes, they were fun, and they didn’t even seem to care he was sarcastic. Harry felt hopeful, despite his wishes, that he’d found a friend at last. It’s all he’d wished for, beside someone to look after him. A friend, someone to have fun with, to talk to, to experience it - see what it was like. Dudley had scared everyone away in primary school, so he hadn’t made any friends there. Out on the street, he knew better, the second someone smarter and more powerful came along they’d be of. That’s if they were generous and didn’t literally stab you in the back, or betray you by leading them to where you hid/crashed for the night.

“I’d be rich if I did that,” sniggered Fred, the Potter’s was well known for their wealth. Not that the twins cared, they worked hard at earning their own money. They had been that way since leaving Hogwarts. Despite the fact their mother disapproved of their…career choice. Honestly, nothing they did would ever be good enough for her, and they’d learned to live with it unfortunately.

“Oh I doubt you’d win,” said Harry a smirk spreading across his face, “I am a very good actor.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” said George airily as if such a thing could never bother him.

Harry snorted and shook his head; the twins really were something else.

“What are you up to?” asked Fred.

Harry’s face immediately closed up, moving the workbooks out of sight. There may be things he wanted to share, but this was not bloody one of them. He refused to let any weakness be seen, not for them to use it later. He didn’t know them well enough to truly trust them yet. This followed by an immediate silence that felt as though it would last forever. Fred and George unsure of what to say, but knowing not to push it. Judging by what their mother said he wasn’t to be trifled with.

“Would you like to help me get back at Dumbledore?” asked Harry after a few minutes silence. Wondering why it had seemed easier in his Dom’s rooms.

“Oh that I can do!” said George huddling closer, his eyes filled with unholy glee at the prospect. Dumbledore was admittedly one person they hadn’t pranked or attempted to prank before. A new challenge set before them, one they actually liked the sound of. Fred moved closer also, as if afraid someone could possibly overhear them. No, the only person who could have the slightest inkling would be Severus. He wouldn’t know exactly what at, since he could only read Harry’s emotions. They knew it wasn’t going to be like their normal pranks, after what Dumbledore had done; well their outlook on the world had shifted exponentially. Although they were surprised anywhere in Hogwarts could keep Harry, he was so powerful, even at his age … he’d had a bout of accidental magic, in HOGWARTS. It was unheard of, and frankly astonishing to say the least.

“What do you have planned?” asked Fred their heads almost bashing together as they eyed each other. The eyes on each person in turn were twinkling madly, although admittedly the green eyes were more malicious than Fred and George’s.

“There’s a spell that makes everything someone eats taste like ash,” said Harry his eyes twinkling in triumph.

“Oh,” said Fred, blinking, strangely disappointed in that, it wasn’t very creative at all. He noticed the collar, it was beautiful, odd thing was something was nagging at him. As thought he’d read about it somewhere, or at least something similar. He made a note to ask George about it, maybe he’d remember what he couldn’t.

“Well that’s easy, but all it takes is a simple ‘Finite Incantatem’ to remove it.” said George.

“Only if the spell is said in English, or rather Latin as the case may be.” said Harry.

“You know I never thought of it that way, but spells aren’t written in any other language.” added George.

“There are other languages, mermish, gobblygook, they would take months to learn never mind finding the variation for the spell you want.” said Fred it was an interesting concept. He was certainly going to look into it further. Perhaps they could make it a joint effort; he’d never take credit for something that wasn’t his.

“Exactly, but I was thinking of another language,” said Harry.

“What language?” asked George blankly, they didn’t learn any other languages that had a basis of their own spells.

“I can speak snake,” said Harry.

“Yo-ue-er a Parselmouth?” stuttered Fred, unable to help himself. They’d been brought up believing many things dark and evil. Or rather been told so often they’d believed it. Parseltongue was indeed one of them. His mother had always insisted there had never been a decent snake speaker, in the entire line of wizards and witches who were blessed or cursed if we were talking about Molly. Salazar Slytherin himself had been a parseltongue, which probably didn’t help matters. Their mother seemed to fear and hate all things Slytherin; they’d never quite understood it. Someone her age so staunch in their belief, when most realized after leaving that it was ridiculous. Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, they were all magical beings. The only reason it was so bad during their Hogwarts years, was because of the competition to be the best. At Quidditch, at their work and also of course, the House cup. Most of them being the keyword, some of them in the Order were still prejudice actually.

“Parselmouth?” enquired Harry; there was an actual name for it? Perhaps it wasn’t so strange after all.

“That’s the name for someone who can talk to snakes, parseltongue is what it’s called when you speak it.” explained George, it was evident that Harry had not realized what he was. Which meant he didn’t understand how rare the gift is, maybe even Snape didn’t know.

“Oh is it normal being able to talk to animals?” asked Harry curiously.

“Well Mages can talk to animals, but they are born with a tattoo on the side of their face, you aren’t one. There hasn’t been one for hundreds of years, at least no one that’s came forward with it. You can only talk to snakes; it’s not a gift that’s popular in our world. Salazar Slytherin was the first recorded Parselmouth in history. It’s why the sign of Slytherin house is a snake. You-know-who was the person to have it last.” said Fred.

“You-Know-Who?” snorted Harry, “Why do you call him that? It’s stupid you’re just giving him power over you.” parseltongue, he’d have to remember that, and tell his Dom. If he found out he wouldn’t be happy that Harry hadn’t told him.

George and Fred just shrugged; they had lost their uncles in the last war, before they could get to know him. With the tales their father told them, they had been named appropriately. Their mother couldn’t bring herself to talk about them, it still hurt she’d lost her brothers all those years ago. Fabian and Gideon had been pranksters, headstrong Gryffindor’s but never prejudice. They’d pranked the Gryffindor’s as much as any other house. Fred and George had strived to be like them.

“Alright snake tongue it is, I’m curious to see if it will work!” said Fred ecstatic. “Alright let’s try! Here turn that into a…needle see if it works.”

“I don’t know how to talk snake language without a snake.” said Harry sheepishly.

“Hmm…” said George looking around looking for anything that would help them, he so wanted to see if it worked. If it did, it would take pranking to a whole new level. Getting up he removed the snake fang infested jar and put it in front of Harry. “Imagine the snake now, we’ll tell you if you are talking it.”

Harry stared at it, imagining a snake in front if him, disregarding the snake fangs; they’d be no help whatsoever. Once he’d stared long enough he spoke, it sounded English to him but to Fred and George - it was hissing.

“It’s working!” cried Fred, “Try it.”

George told him the incantation for it, remembering that Harry hadn’t been in the magical world long. He might not know any magic at all, just accidental and Wandless magic, bullying magic to make it do what he wanted it to. George admittedly felt jealous, to be so powerful - it would have been brilliant. Although they were powerful in their own right, they looked like a toddler pool compared to Harry’s tsunami.

Harry waved his hand over it, hissing for a few seconds before stopping.

Fred and George held their breath, anticipation thrumming through them, praying it worked. They lived and breathed for pranking, and if they could just prank Dumbledore without him countering it - they’d be legends, no they’d think of Harry as the legend. The boy who could do the impossible. Their breath was lost, chests hitching as the pencil turned into a very sharp pointed needle. His first try? Well he was seventeen now, not just eleven years old.

“Let me try and cancel it,” said Fred, removing his wand from its holster, he hovered the tip of it over the needle. Now was the real moment of truth, could the spell be undone by Latin after being spoken in a different language? If it didn’t, Harry may well have created a whole new way of spell casting. He may have just invented…Parselmagic, parselscript? Either one, it would be interesting to see it expanded.

“Finite Incantatem!” said Fred with as much power behind his spell as possible. Dumbledore was no weakling after all, they had to make sure all this planning wasn’t for nothing. Nothing happened, the pencil remained the same.

“Together?” suggested George.

A brief nod before two simultaneous “Finite Incantatem.” sounded through the air.

The needle didn’t even twitch.

“Finite Incantatem!” chanted Harry, his voice English as he tried his own luck. A creepy grin twisting his face, illuminating his eyes, which danced with a fiery joy. Oh yes! He was going to enjoy these two weeks, perhaps he wouldn’t be as bored as he’d assumed a few days ago. Pigeonholed was exactly what he needed, to plan and prepare for what he wanted to do against the old fool.

“Okay try Parseltongue again,” said Fred, both twins were leaning forward, mesmerised by the needle as if it had blown their beliefs to smithereens.

Harry closed his eyes, thinking of a snake in his inner eye, willing it to come and do his bidding. His green eyes snapped open, his hand hovering over the needle, hiding it from view. He hissed the spell, and the three of them stared at one other, had it worked? Slowly but surely Harry’s hand withdrew….revealing a pencil once again. He’d done it, they had done it.

“So you want anything he eats or drinks to taste like ash you do?” asked George, leaning his elbow on the table, his hand on his cheek as he regarded Harry. Merlin he might as well have been a god before them, the way they were staring at him.

Fred grinned and followed his brother’s example; they hadn’t felt like this since before leaving Hogwarts. It was exhilarating, nothing to worry about, just immersing themselves in a prank. Oh how they had missed it, they didn’t care that they were nineteen years old. Pranks had always been their passion, not even their mothers scorn could make it fade.

“Just for starters,” said Harry vindictively.

“Spill! Come on Harry, don’t keep us in the dark!” said George his eyes gleaming with wickedness.

Harry leaned back against his Dom’s chair, staring at them, judging them, but he must have found something there. “You do realize it’s going to get nasty?”

“Yes, the whole ‘Bastard’ thing gave it away,” drawled George, sounding like Draco Malfoy. They wanted revenge for what he’d done to Harry, they weren’t sure why, they barely knew him. Both boys had a very ridged sense of fair play, what went around, came around, as the saying went. Like a boomerang.

“Well I was thinking of something to mimic the plague, you know the spots, the smell and the pain that comes with it.” smirked Harry.

“How truly vicious!” said Fred and since it was just to mimic it he had no problem whatsoever. Prank they will, but they would never truly aim to kill someone. Not even Dumbledore, no matter how horrendous his actions had been.

“How about one to make his hands shake? People would notice that and see Dumbledore wasn’t infallible.” said George, getting into the pace, truly loving it.

“He wouldn’t be able to hold his wand properly, I think we will leave that to last.” said Harry, that way when the Auror’s came for him he wouldn’t be able to fight back.

“How are you going to get close enough?” asked Fred pointing out one flaw he saw in their master plan.

“Just attach it to his chair,” shrugged Harry, “Late at night when nobody is around. As soon as he sits down it will activate.” his magic always did what he wanted it to, so he believed it would work.

“Oh you are a genius you are!” said George passionately, his awe evident. “Why didn’t we think of that?”

“I have no idea,” said Fred impressed.

“Now we just have to work in an excuse to be there.” said George laughing in amusement.

“Well I guess you can’t go to the library to look up the spells,” said Fred frowning, since he was obviously hiding out in Professor Snape’s quarters he evidently didn’t want him seen or caught.

“No he cannot,” said Severus hearing the end of the statement. He could feel Harry’s disappointment, curious, why would Harry want to go to the library? His reading had come along, but was it good enough that he’d be able to read books without the twins detecting he had been illiterate for years? Harry’s face remained impassive, not showing his emotions. Despite his disappointment he trusted his Dom to do what was right, and that’s what prompted Severus to add - against his better judgement, especially not knowing what they were up to. “There however, is my library, the books are to be handled with the utmost care is that understood?” it was his personal library, not many people actually got to see it. Severus wasn’t just possessive of his lovers; or rather submissive’s but all his possessions. Growing up without the basic necessities had made him that way. He’d been seventeen, before he actually owned something nobody else had before him.

“Are you sure sir?” asked Harry surprised, and showing it.

The twins frowned at how he was addressing Severus; they knew them to be lovers after all. Harry had confirmed this upon their first meeting, very defensively as well. Then suddenly like a lightening of brilliance Fred realized the significance of the collar, and the manner of which Harry had referred to Severus. George was still confused, but Fred, why, Fred was actually stunned. He didn’t understand it completely, but he knew enough to get the gist of it.

“Indeed,” said Severus, his lips twitching “You will not like the consequences if anything happens.” he then said to all of them in turn.

“Thanks Sev!” said Harry grinning as though he’d won the lottery.

“You know the way,” said Severus just as the warning bell went; he regretfully had more students to teach. He’d find out later what his little minx was up to, he’d found it extremely difficult to concentrate on the students. The vindication, the smug satisfaction, the happiness, and last but no mean least the distinctive emotion of someone planning something, anticipation. He was admittedly actually curious, the only time he’d sensed anything remotely like this, was when Harry had commented about wishing he’d had his knifes with him. His piece said, he went back through to the classroom, ready to scare ten years of another class of students.

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Chapter 24

Spanish Inquisition

Fred and George silently followed Harry to Severus’ quarters, Fred deep in thought, staring at Harry, wondering why a seventeen year old would want that kind of life. It was a violent one from what he’d read, he was the same age as their little brother! But he knew he shouldn’t jump to conclusions, he was definitely going to be asking him some questions. Snape better not be abusing his power, or he’d have him to answer to. He might not be as powerful as Snape, but he was just as cunning, cunning enough to talk the hat out of putting him in Slytherin. At the age of eleven, he’d been more concerned about his family than having independence. To this day he often wondered what it would have been like to be in his true house. How his family would have reacted, his older brothers he mused might have understood. Ginny too, at that age she wouldn’t have cared…but now though she seemed to have adopted their mothers view. They didn’t know, after all they hardly saw her other than at meetings and family dinners and even weddings. What they did know was that she had grown up into a gorgeous girl, and it was their duty to keep her safe.

Harry opened the door to their quarters, using his palm as Severus had shown him. It immediately allowed him access, as always the place was spotless, stupid elf Harry couldn’t help but think. He remembered where his Dom had said everything was, and led them through to the library. He noticed they were quiet, but wasn’t sure what to say. He wasn’t a sociable person, he didn’t know how to connect with many people…and not ones he wanted to be friends with. It was all so new to him, but hopefully given him it would get easier.

“Wow, there’s more books here than in the library!” gaped George, looking around the obviously charmed room. It was bigger on the inside than it was on the outside. You could fit a tent in a thimble with the spell, very handy if you want to speak stuff past the teachers. He and Fred used it, especially after they got a lot of their stuff confiscated. Granger had turned them in for using the products on first years. They hated the bossy know it all, as she had been then, but she was friends with Ginny so they had to tolerate her.

“Is there?” asked Harry in surprise, his Dom owned more books than the Hogwarts library? That was a surprise, but it shouldn’t be really, his Dom was forever reading things. Maybe he would be that way too, once he got the hang of reading properly.

“Yeah,” said George nodding viciously to prove his point, it would take them forever to get through them all. That’s if there was even a spell invented to imitate the plague, if not they would actually have to make one themselves. It wasn’t something they’d ever attempted, but Harry was opening their eyes, to make them see magic in a different light.

“So, the question is, where do we start?” said Harry looking around, strangely at peace.

“What kind of relationship do you have with Snape?” asked Fred, staring inquiringly at Harry. His brown eyes filled with determination, he wasn’t going to be brushed aside. Harry could threaten him all he liked; he just had to be sure he was okay.

George stared at Fred in confusion; to him it was obvious what kind of relationship they had. He’d told them they were dating, when they had first found out about Harry. So why was he asking the question again.

Harry smirked and said “I would think that is obvious don’t you?”

“Fred…are you alright?” said George baffled by his brother’s sudden grim nature and questions.

Harry just smirked; observing Fred right back…maybe the boy wasn’t so innocent after all. He wondered if he had the guts to come right out and say what he thought. Harry leaned back against the table, remarkably calm and amused. Simply waiting for Fred to talk or not if the case may be.

“He’s a submissive,” said Fred, his brown eyes shadowed.

“A what?” asked George looking between both of them feeling extremely out of the loop.

“Snape’s his Master.” replied Fred, turning to face his brother; it might come as a surprise to many that he knew something his twin didn’t. They were close, sometimes closer than a noose, but they were two individual people, and had dated different people.

“Master?” said George wide eyed, a vision of Voldemort and the Death Eaters coming to mind. Harry was a slave? But why would he want that? What? What? What? He was just so confused right now. Why would Harry need a Master? And why Snape of all people?

“Not like You-Know-Who,” said Fred wryly, shaking his head understanding all too well what his twin was thinking. When he’d first heard the concept he had thought the same thing. Unfortunately he had read a few chapters into the book his girlfriend had given him before telling her he wasn’t interested in doing any of that. Which meant they split up, Fred had never understood her for that.

“Who introduced you to it?” asked Harry, arching an eyebrow at the wizard. Watching him flush bright red, causing a wide grin to appear on his face. How could he still be so…innocent? Or was that merely embarrassment? He was very good at reading people, but the twins were a conundrum or maybe just Fred. They acted so innocent about everything yet he knew about the BDSM world. Someone who had been in that kind of relationship, or introduced to it would never be so…naïve.

George just stared between them wildly.

“One of my Ex-Girlfriends…she was into that scene, she wanted something from me that I couldn’t give her.” said Fred subdued.

“Was she as Dominant or Sadist?” asked Harry curiously.

“What the hell are you both talking about?” yelled George, the talk of Masters and Sadists were making him decidedly nauseous. He was also feeling slightly betrayed that Fred had kept something from him. It was obviously Rachel, who he was talking about; he’d refused to speak about her after they broke up. Even to him, which was unusual and George had thought he really loved her.

“Just listen,” said Harry sharply, “Demanding answers don’t get you anywhere.” at least anywhere close to understanding anyway; it wasn’t simple as just a sentence to make it understandable. He turned back to Fred expectantly, waiting for him to answer. His face however, was completely blank.

“There’s a difference?” asked Fred.

“Yes,” said Harry rolling his eyes, “There are many aspects to the BDSM scene, different reasons for wanting to be part of it.”

“BDSM?” asked George sitting down, the heat from the fireplace warming him up. Harry and Fred joined him, they might as well get comfortable, and it was going to be a long conversation. It was obvious Fred wasn’t going to leave it alone.

“Bondage, Dominance, Sadism and Masochism.” said Harry as if they were every day words, although they had been for him, for quite some time too. “Well? What did she say? Did she even try and explain it or did you run before she could?”

Then understanding began to dawn on George’s stunned face. He didn’t need to be a genius to work out what it meant.

Fred flushed once again, “She gave me a book to read, when she told me she preferred a singular lifestyle. There was no way I could have done what she wanted of me.”

“Yes, but what did she want?” asked Harry getting irritated at the evasive answers.

Fred just shook his head, he didn’t know.

“She could have been one of many things,” said Harry, “You should have investigated further.”

“What does it mean for you? If there are reasons for being a Submissive?” asked George curiously.

Harry rubbed his forehead; it was getting far too personal for his tastes. He was used to keeping everything in, but being able to confide in someone, was having a friend though wasn’t it? They already knew his past, so they weren’t really going to be told something they didn’t already know. Although he wasn’t going to tell them the age he’d started, but considering he was only seventeen they might make an accurate guess.

“He doesn’t hurt you does he?” asked Fred, he wasn’t sure he wanted to know the question.

“You assume the Dominant has all the power in a relationship right? Just because a submissive does what she or he is told?” stated Harry, already knowing the answer. “You’re wrong; can you imagine the courage it takes to put ones life in the hands of another? To trust them so completely? It’s easier to lead than to be led.”

“You like it though? Being told what to do?” asked George, wondering how he’d feel if he was in that situation. He’d never done what he was told a day in his life, it was much too fun being unpredictable and well…doing what he wanted despite what others said. He could never do that, be that way, but its just who he was, not everyone was like him he knew that.

“At the Dursley’s its all I knew, being ordered around and being beaten a…” said Harry, but was interrupted.

“Now you let Snape do it.” said Fred cutting Harry off.

“Argh, shut the fuck up will you?” snapped Harry furiously, “You aren’t listening to a damn fucking thing I have to say. If you are going to judge me do it somewhere else, fuck off.”

“Sorry,” said Fred backing off apologetically.

“Sev is my Dominant, not a Sadist.” said Harry, “There’s a big difference, if you will just open your mind to it - you’ll realize that.”

“What’s the difference?” asked George, he wanted answers, unlike his brother who seemed to have made up his mind about that kind of relationship.
Harry sighed it was much more difficult to explain, especially to those who didn’t have a clue. Well one did, and had not been introduced properly, and got the wrong end of the stick. Sometimes reading books wasn’t the best way to go about it; no doubt it gave a biased view or an impassive one. He hadn’t been introduced through that means, obviously, since he had been unable to read. He like Severus had stumbled upon the club, and never looked back.

“Sadist and Masochists are in it for the pain, both receiving and giving. I’d ask you not to insult them, sometimes you just need something to feel alive; many of them have had horrific things happen to them. It’s just the only way they can cope with it, some don’t remain that way but others do. It’s their choice, it’s consensual, if they don’t like it they can say one word and it stops immediately.”

They both nodded that they understood, but their thoughts were anyone’s guess.

“Can you remember what you were doing on your ninth birthday?” asked Harry, changing the subject much to the twin’s confusions.

“We had a party,” said Fred.

“I wasn’t given that luxury, I was sleeping behind dumpsters, being beaten by older boys, and freezing cold. Can you even imagine that scenario? Never mind live it? All I wanted was for someone to take care of me; I didn’t want to worry where my next meal was coming from. I was never really safe outside, I saw the club one day when I was older…stepping into I felt accepted. I wanted what they had, what they were offering. Of course it wasn’t perfect, at least not at first. I had a few Dom’s before Severus, all with different needs and expectations. I stayed for the sake of it, but never remained after thee months, in my opinion they weren’t giving me what I needed, what I wanted. That’s not to say they didn’t try, because the one thing for a D/S relationship to work is conversation. We have to know what the each other wants, otherwise it just wont work.” said Harry quietly.

Fred and George shivered, the hair on the back of their necks rising. They didn’t know why, but they could feel echo’s of what Harry felt. The gnawing hunger, the fear, terror, the loneliness. They had Goosebumps by the time Harry was finished, Harry was so desperate for them to understand he was actually conveying his emotions through magic. They’d never felt anything like it before in their life, and prayed they never did again. Harry had been through enough without them disparaging his relationship with Snape. Fred felt like a right idiot, and promised himself never to judge another person that way again.

“I was in the club one night, looking for someone else, when I met Severus. He never knew my real name, I never told him. I never used my real name, I didn’t want to be found and sent back to the Dursley’s. He only found out when Dumbledore forced me back to Hogwarts. He took care of me every way I wanted and needed. You have it all wrong Fred, it’s not about controlling, violence, pain, hurt, whatever you think its about.” said Harry, “Can you remember as a child craving your mum and dad’s approval? The feeling it created when you knew you’d done something right? Even just once?”

“Yes, but it was few and far between, we had so many brothers and a younger sister, we ended up starting to antagonize everyone…prank them just to have our mothers attention on us for more than one second.” said George honestly, their mother loved them they knew that, but as a child they hadn’t got much attention having to share it with everyone. It had actually started when they accidentally got angry at Ron and turned his teddy into a spider.

Fred nodded in agreement with George’s assessment.

“I never had that,” repeated Harry, “Not even once. I wanted to do something for someone, so I knew I was doing good, being good. For someone to test my limits, to realize what I can do. I hate sitting around doing nothing, I need something to do. I like a routine, an order to everything I’m supposed to do. And I really, really hate the cold. There really is so much more to it, and I cannot think of what else to say to make you realize this.”

“No, I understand it, you are safe though? You have a word and he doesn’t hurt you?” said George.

“Safe word it’s called. If I use it whatever we are doing stops immediately, Sev would never put me though anything I couldn’t cope with. It’s what any good Dom does, he’s never hurt me in any way I don’t want. It’s not because I have been manipulated into it. I knew what I was getting myself into. I knew what the Dursley’s were doing was wrong, otherwise I wouldn’t have ran away.” said Harry.

“No, Harry we understand,” said Fred in protest, at least a little bit. He would need to go back and re-read that damn book. What if he’d thrown away a good relationship with Rachel for nothing? If only he could re-wind time and do things differently, if it was that easy - which it wasn’t. Time travel was tricky business, if something was meant to happen it would.

“What’s his relationship got to do with his collar?” asked George.

“I’ll loan you the book,” said Fred shaking his head.

“Do not bother, I will give you one that would shed a better light on it.” said Severus sharply coming into the library scaring them half to death. He had immediately sent the class to the library after Harry’s feelings took a nose dive. He had not interrupted them, mostly out of morbid curiosity to see what his submissive would say. He was proud of him, for not only sticking up for himself but also him. He knew how hard it to explain your needs, even harder still to those that didn’t understand or want to if the case may be. Even if they knew about the kind of relationships they still made assumptions. Minerva McGonagall was a prime example of that.

“Thank you, sir,” said Fred eyeing Severus speculatively, seeing him in a whole new light.

“Can you give us a minute?” said Severus, it wasn’t really a question it was an order. “Lunch is on the table, help yourselves.”

“Yes sir,” said George as both twins got up and walked out and into the living room. They couldn’t help but worry that maybe they’d gotten Harry into trouble. He didn’t look very impressed and that was putting it lightly.

“Come here,” said Severus crooking his finger as he did so.

Harry got up and walked towards Severus, stopping in front of him, not the least bit scared of him. As he’d told the twins, Severus would never put him through anything he couldn’t do. If things did to go far, he had his safe word, and he’d never once had to consider using it with him.

Severus brought Harry against his chest, just holding him close, carding his fingers though his hair. He’d often wondered how to get Harry talking about his past, without being obvious about it. Yet with Fred and George he’d been willing to talk, telling them things even he didn’t know. He wasn’t sure how to feel about that, part of him was glad Harry was able to talk about it, the more possessive part was irritated it wasn’t him. Hearing that conversation had made him realize he didn’t know near enough about him. He made a vow to speak to Harry about it. “I’m proud of you, you handled that very well.”

Harry smiled from where he was snuggled into Severus’ chest. He could remain this way all day and night. He’d been touch deprived for so long in his life, that comfort still surprised him. For so long the only touch he’d received was filled with bitterness and pain.

“Just what are you up to little one? Hmm,” said Severus still stroking his hair, aware of how content it made him. There was so much Harry had missed out on things even the Weasley boys took for granted.

Harry hesitated for half a second, before he spoke. “The twins and I just wanted to look up some pranks…to use on Dumbledore.”

Severus fought hard to keep his stance from stiffening, especially hearing Harry say pranks. He didn’t have good experiences with them, and he’d been humiliated enough as a teenager. It was the first instance he could actually say Harry was like his father. Yet he knew it was mostly to do with the twins, Harry wouldn’t have come up with it on his own. The ideas for them yes, but not pranks on a whole. “What exactly are you planning on doing?” asked Severus, keeping his suspicion and his disconcert from his voice.

Harry stared up at Severus, his green eyes probing, as if they could see into Severus’ very soul. Harry didn’t quite understand it, but he could sense Severus wasn’t happy. Was it their magic?

“I won’t do it if you don’t want me to sir,” said Harry nuzzling Severus’ neck, there was nothing sexual about it. It was purely just a comforting gesture.

“What do you have planned?” enquired Severus curtly; he couldn’t deny Harry anything, especially if it was some form of revenge against Dumbledore. He couldn’t let his personal distaste for pranks get in the way of that. This wasn’t about him; this was about Harry, and everything Dumbledore had done to him. He knew from personal experience, one needed revenge; it helps to some extent to get over it. He may not have been the one to abuse Harry, but he’d made sure it would happen. Then proceeded to do nothing, once he knew about it. He would also need to ensure Harry wasn’t caught, so he would take part in it. Only to keep Harry safe, or so he told himself. It had nothing whatsoever to do with curiosity.

“I wanted to look for a spell that mimics the plague, one that will make his hands shake constantly and one to make everything he eats or drink taste like Ash or something really disgusting. I want him to feel the same hunger and pain I have all those years.” said Harry darkly, his voice cold and dark. As it always was when he was thinking or talking about Dumbledore. He loathed the man with every iota of his being, even before he’d met him a few weeks ago.

“How devious my little Slytherin,” said Severus, he didn’t care that Harry hadn’t been sorted, he’d always consider Harry a Slytherin, he was too devious to be anything but.

“I’m a Parselmouth, or that’s what the twins called it, I just knew I could talk to snakes…” said Harry, trailing of when he felt his Dom stiffening, a burst of pure fear encased his heart. “Sir?” he could swear his heart could be heard pounding away like a drum.

Severus’ thoughts whirled dangerously having just heard his submissive was a Parselmouth. It was more shock than disgust or anything of the sort. It dawned upon him that he could remove the mark. The horrid mark he’d been forced to look at every day since he stupidly took it in his youth. Not only that but it was agony every time the Dark Lord called his followers. So far it hadn’t happened since Harry came back into his life, so he’d been able to hide it. He realized belatedly he was scaring him severely with his silence. He held him closer, breathing in the scent of the shampoo he used.

“How long have you known about your ability?” asked Severus, feeling Harry was still apprehensive about his response or lack of it.

“A few years,” murmured Harry, wondering what his Dom was thinking.

“Parseltongue is a very coveted ability, especially within Slytherin house. Unfortunately not everyone feels the same about such a gift. Just be aware that many will distrust you for it.” said Severus, “It is not how I feel, in fact I feel rather envious.”

Harry just wrapped his arms around Severus, holding him close, relief flowing through him. God, for the past few minutes his thoughts had gone haywire. He’d been terrified Severus wouldn’t want him anymore. He hated those doubts, but after the way he’d been raised it would never truly leave him.

“You are mine Harry, I’m never going to let you go, one day you’ll get that.” said Severus, as if he knew Harry’s thoughts, stroking his neck and the collar possessively. Merlin why had he never considered a collar before? There was something extremely erotic knowing someone wanted to be his, enough to allow it. Harry would always be safe when he wore it, and if Merlin forbid, something did happen he could save him from where he stood. The collar acted as a Portkey bringing his submissive back to him. The trust it must have took to do it…still astounded him. “Now go on, get some lunch, I think I have the books you are looking for.” said Severus placing his hand firmly on Harry’s back and pushing him in the direction of the living room.

“Yes sir!” said Harry happily wandering away. He couldn’t wait until tonight; he was definitely going to have that spell ready by then. He only had two weeks so he was not going to waste any time. He smiled at the twins, reassuring them; he realized it probably wasn’t going to be the only time. They’d learn though, his Dom would never hurt him. “Sev is bringing the books we need!”

“Brilliant!” cheered George, digging in more heartily; he’d expected their plans to be cancelled after that. The fact Snape was willing to help them did surprise him, but considering all the surprises he’d had today it wasn’t the biggest one. He and Fred had to have a long talk that was the only thing he was sure of right now.

Fred just grinned wryly, his eyes shadowed…it was going to be a long night; George wasn’t going to let him out of this one. It’s just what he needed; maybe he should have kept his mouth shut. Yet looking at Harry, he realized he felt better knowing. It was strange really, he felt very protective of Harry. More so than he did for his little brother and sister, was it because they didn’t need his help but Harry practically screamed for company? Then it dawned on him, Snape must sense it too. That’s why he was willing to put up with them, he truly cared about him…it was a revelation that had been long time coming.

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Chapter 25


It was an hour later before Fred and George left Professor Snape’s quarters. They took with them two books, both of them on BDSM relationships, from all different views. A Submissive, Master, Masochist and of course sadists view on things. Severus didn’t see them agreeing with everything in the books, but he was hopeful they’d understand Harry’s needs. Harry liked them, enough to reveal parts of his past. He needed friends, especially friends who knew what he was and why he preferred the lifestyle. Harry had explained it to the best of his abilities, but Fred and George would never truly understand it. They hadn’t lived through what Harry had endured, they’d been to put it bluntly, wrapped in cotton wool all their lives. Their mother had, despite the fact they didn’t have much money, kept them fed, watered, clothed and happy.

“Tell me about Rachel,” said George as soon as they Apparated to their room, at the burrow. They would have bought a flat by this, but to do that required money. They were currently saving it all to get premises for their joke shop. No matter what their money said, they were determined to do what they’d dreamed since they were small children. If anything, meeting Harry had strengthened their resolved. They were lucky, they knew that, and so they would continue on as they had.

Fred put up a silencing spell, not wanting anyone to overhear what they were saying. Which wasn’t out of character, they normally had silencing spells on their rooms. Especially when they begun testing new products or actually making them. More often than not the room looked like a bomb sight - another reason for their mother to shout at them. He sat down on his bed, feeling numb and a little angry at himself.

“She was sweet and kind, yet she loved pranks almost as much as we do. We dated for months, I really liked her you know George. I thought maybe she was the one for me, she didn’t think I was immature for still enjoying pranks, or irritated when I constantly spoke about them. I actually wanted to move in with her, make things a little more permanent.” said Fred wistfully.

George’s eyes widened, he truly had loved her - he was an idiot for giving it up. “So where did BDSM come into it?”

“One night she told me she really liked me, but she preferred a singular lifestyle. She said she’d tried to be normal, to have a proper relationship. Not just because she liked me but because of the pressure she was under from her family. She just couldn’t do it, she knew what she wanted she said.” confided Fred bitterness creeping into his voice. Even Harry had explained things better than she had. Then again he hadn’t exactly stuck around, too shocked and admittedly disgusted to hang around and find out.

“Do you still have the book?” asked George, sitting down next to his brother, patting his back in sympathy. He just looked so pathetic sitting there; it brought him back to when Rachel and Fred had broken up. He’d had no idea what had happened, now he did.

“No, can you imagine mum’s face if she’d seen it?” scoffed Fred wryly.

“Good point,” said George grimacing, she’d have gone utterly ape shit if she’d seen something like this on them.

“I truly screwed up didn’t I?” admitted Fred, it didn’t seem all that bad now since Harry had explained. What had Rachel been through that she preferred that lifestyle? And what part of it did she like? As Harry had said - it could have been one of four aspects.

“Looks like it,” said George, he hadn’t lied to his brother before he wasn’t going to start now. “Give me one of those books.”

Fred silently handed one over grimly.

George had just opened the book when a voice yelled at them “Boy’s! Dinner’s on the table.”

They didn’t have to wonder how she knew they were back, since the clock told her exactly where everyone in her family was. Ginny and Ron were of course at Hogwarts, it was just them as it always was. The rest of their older brothers had left home already, lucky as they were.

“Are you coming?” asked Fred staring blankly at his brother - he’d never turned down food before.

“I’m still full,” said George shaking his head negatively.

“Alright,” said Fred leaving their bedroom, and heading for the stairs. As he did so, a chime was heard and knew someone else had just come home. “Hey dad,” he said as he entered the kitchen making his way to his normal seat.

“Hello son,” said Arthur smiling at him, his brown eyes probing as if he could sense his son wasn’t quite himself. Coming in and sitting himself down, placing his faded bowler hat on the table.

“Any luck?” asked Molly as she put the large dinner in front of her husband. She had left just over two hours ago to make dinner, leaving everyone else to search for Harry Potter. She was still wary of her kids helping, there was something not right with the boy.

“No, nothing,” said Arthur despondently as he dug into his dinner, completely famished. He’d missed lunch trying to help everyone search for Harry. As well as avoid the students, who gave him curious looks. It wasn’t often they saw adults who weren’t teachers in the school after all. They weren’t stupid, they knew something was going on, and the rumours were flying thick and fast.

“Perhaps its for the best,” said Molly as she took her own seat, “Where is your brother?” she could never tell them apart, not even with their lettered jumpers on, since they switched them around too, getting everyone confused.

“He’s not hungry,” said Fred as he began to eat his own dinner, or more like picking at it.

“For the best?” asked Arthur his voice low and disapproving.

“You’d understand if you’d met him Arthur dear,” said Molly.

“He was locked up! A prisoner in a school how did you want him to react?” asked Fred gaping at his mother.

“He isn’t a prisoner,” said Molly shaking her head as if her son was overstating things.

“No? Then what was he?” asked Fred, standing up to his mother for the first time in his life.

“Albus kept him there to keep him safe,” said Molly as if she was talking to a stubborn two years old not an adult.

“Would you have let him do that to me?” asked Fred pushing the plate of food away, unable to eat anymore of it. Echo’s of Harry’s emotions still plaguing him, the gnawing hunger he’d felt, left him sick.

“You aren’t in danger son,” said Molly, “Harry was, and is, they were keeping him safe.”

“Against. His. Will.” enunciated Fred, shaking his head; honestly his mum was too stubborn for words.

“Fred,” cautioned Arthur, he didn’t want dinner spoiled.

“Dad come on! You agree with me!” said Fred.

Molly puffed up indignantly.

“I do, but there is nothing to be done about it now. Let’s just eat dinner and forget about it.” said Arthur sternly; he was too hungry to put up with any arguments right now.

“Arthur!” cried Molly angrily; she could barely believe he wasn’t taking her side on this. Her dinner forgotten standing up her hands on her hips, her lips pursed in displeasure.

Arthur sighed, rubbing his temples, after putting his cutlery down. It seemed as if his wish to have a quiet dinner wasn’t going to be possible. Stiffening his resolve, he stared at his wife, he loved her, but her constant belief in Dumbledore was out of order. It’s as though she couldn’t think for herself, see the wrongness in what the old man had done. Fred was right; they would never have let it be done to any of their own kids. He’d seen the wary looks shared amongst the Order members, especially when it became apparent Harry did not want to be there. That he was being kept prisoner like a common criminal, worse still when they found out he’d tried to leave.

“Molly if Albus decided to do this to Ginny what would you have said?” asked Arthur patiently, begging for more, because he knew he’d need it having to deal with Molly when she started her arguments.

“Ginny isn’t the one in danger,” she insisted.

“If it was?” asked Arthur, not letting the matter drop, it was as if his wife had no empathy, especially not for Harry.

Molly opened her mouth before closing it again; she stared anywhere but at her son and husband. As she really thought about the question posed before her, what if indeed? She knew deep down they’d have to get through her to lock her daughter up. She’d do anything for any of her babies, even kill. She’d do it time and time again; she loved every single one of her children. Probably a little too much, but when you lose someone close it’s expected. Her thoughts strayed towards Lily; she had been a staunch defender of the weak, adamant and powerful. Anything she thought wrong she would say so immediately, just like her. The men had said it was their red hair that gave them their tempers. Her heart jerked, she knew Lily wouldn’t have let anyone do anything to her son. She’d have defended even Molly’s kids, which made her feel ten times worse. She’d been older than Lily by a good few years, yet got to know her better. Especially when Lily had found out she was pregnant, her parents had been dead by this and she had no one else to rely on. Molly, who was familiar with pregnancies, having had a few of her own by this, knew how she was feeling and helped her a great deal. Especially having been pregnant with Ron at the time.

Molly eventually slumped down on her seat, her face pained as she finally acknowledged what her son and husband were trying to say. She suddenly found herself drained, unable to be angry at anyone not even Harry. Who had undeniably scared her, very badly, but she admitted reluctantly she may have behaved in the same manner.

“Alright, I concede your point,” said Molly quietly.

“He was probably just scared,” said Fred just as quietly, although he didn’t think Harry would ever admit that. Getting up he put his food on the worktop before slinking off up stairs, he just couldn’t eat anymore.


Harry Potter however, was able to eat his dinner without a problem. He had made it today, and he was feeling very happy with himself. This was what he liked, cooking for someone, doing something, being busy. Severus though had ordered dessert from the kitchen, strawberry tart. He’d loved it and vowed to find the recipe for it; he wanted to try it himself. The house elves had even used fresh strawberries you could tell. The plates and cutlery had once again washed themselves.

Both of them had then taken the secret passage way to the Great Hall. Harry had used Dumbledore’s chair and started his first act of vengeance against the old fool. Beginning tomorrow anything he ate would taste of something foul, different each time. Varying from dirt, ash, pee, feces, ear wax, plastic, wood shavings, and the things he hated more than anything else in the world. It would change with each item he ate, the better he liked it the worst it would taste. Severus couldn’t help but wonder what his…beloved lemon drops would taste like, with a wry vindictive smirk. Severus couldn’t help but gasp at the sound of the parseltongue in the empty hall. Oh Merlin, he’d certainly never had that kind of reaction to the language before. Thankfully…God help him should he have felt this when the Dark Lord spoke the snake language. Biting his lip, he regained control of himself just as Harry finished.

“Done,” said Harry switching back to English, he was getting the hang of speaking Parselmouth whenever he wanted.

“Then lets go,” said Severus, both of them were talking very low so not to draw attention. The hall made everything sound deeper, louder, just in case anyone came by they remained silent. Both of them quickly left the hall, through the secret passage way and back to Severus’ quarters.


“Come,” said Severus, walking through to their bedroom, if they were going to have this conversation they might as well get comfortable. Minerva had taken over his duty to patrol, so he had nothing to do tonight, unless something happened to one of his Slytherins.

Harry followed through, staring at him curiously, grabbing the nightshirt he was thrown. Harry stripped down immediately and put it on; loving the feel of the silk he’d never worn anything like it. Back at his Dom’s flat there wasn’t anything like this either. Sliding into the bed, revelling in the warmth that emanated from it.

“Sir?” asked Harry clearly a little confused.

Severus just ignored his question as he got himself comfortable, and then brought Harry into his arms. The tension on his little Sub melted away as he got himself comfortable. “Tell me about the Dursley’s Harry,” said Severus.

Harry stiffened in his hold, “You know about it, you said you heard everything.”

“Yes, but I want to know more from your point of view. You need to talk about it Harry. Do you trust me?” asked Severus, once Harry had nodded immediately he continued, “Then trust me on this, let it go, tell me.” his hand rubbing lazy soothing circles on his back and chest.

“What do you want to know?” asked Harry giving in.

“Tell me what a regular day was like for you there.” said Severus, as if what Harry had been through could be called regular! That thought was just laughable.

“Petunia would wake me up very early, six o’clock I think, she’d always hammer on the door of my cupboard. They didn’t give me pyjamas, not even Dudley’s old ones. So I was already dressed, I’d go out and she’d shove a frying pan in my hand and tell me to start cooking. I’d stand there frying everything they wanted. Once it was done they’d make me stand in the corner of the kitchen as they gorged themselves on all the food. Sometimes they’d leave the scraps for me to have, most often they’d just put everything into the bin so I couldn’t eat.” said Harry bitterness lacing his voice. Closing his eyes, he simply lay there and felt the comfort freely being offered to him. “After that I’d clean everything, the kitchen, living room and Dudley’s bedroom. Doing the laundry and ironing Vernon’s work clothes for the next day. I would then have to make lunch or brunch if Petunia had her friends over for book club. If she did I’d be stuck in my cupboard until they left, if not I’d be vacuuming then doing the polishing and dusting. If I didn’t get it done in time Petunia would threaten me, I’d make dinner and no matter what I did, he beat me up. I tried to do everything the way they wanted it. I worked so hard just to make them see I could be good.” his voice was croaked and filled with so much sadness.

Carding his fingers through his hair, cupping the back of his head he forced Harry to look at him. His heart clenched at the haunted look in those beautiful green eyes, Merlin he wanted to take it back and forget he’d ever asked Harry to speak. Yet he knew Harry had to do this, he had to understand it wasn’t his fault. “No matter what you did for them, it would never have been enough. Do you understand me? Everything could have been done to their specifications but they would have still hurt you. They took enjoyment of making your life as hellish as possible out of spite and anger. They hated magic, Vernon hated anything not normal in his eyes, and Petunia was jealous, she hated the fact she didn’t have magic and her sister and nephew did. She would have given you up, but the fact she’d be protected from people who she considered freakish decided for her. She also took you in out of spite so you didn’t grow up happy.” said Severus, noticing Harry’s flinch at the word freakish. No doubt Petunia had called him a freak as she’d done to her sister before her.

“I know,” said Harry warily, he knew no matter what he’d done it wouldn’t have been enough. “The only time he left me alone was when he had customers in, people he was trying to persuade to buy drills.”

“When did you decide to run away?” asked Severus quietly, allowing Harry to rest his head against his chest again.

“I’d wanted to since I started school, five I think I was.” said Harry sadly.

Severus’ heart jerked, yet he stayed strong, strong and steady was what Harry needed. His life hadn’t been easy, but even he hadn’t contemplated running away. Away from the house all day yes, but he’d always gone back after spending the day watching or eventually talking to Lily as he had.

“The first day went really well, people were even talking to me.” said Harry, the awe obvious for Severus to hear. “I had a friend, Jason, he shared his crisps with me at break time…I had thought for a minute there I wasn’t the freakish boy they’d told me I was. But Dudley came up and started bullying us with his friends. They soon realized that if they talked to me, Dudley would hurt them or get them into trouble. He was always getting me into trouble, no matter what. They stopped talking to me, they never let me play their games, and even the teachers wouldn’t give me the time of day.”

Severus had to stop himself panting in outrage; the Dursley’s hadn’t just destroyed his childhood but his education. Alienating him from absolutely everything and everyone, their depravity knew no bounds. The adults had been punished but Dudley Dursley had got away Scots free for his actions. Child or no, Severus loathed the fact he’d remained free for his actions against his submissive.

“I went home one day, I can’t remember what age we were…six maybe seven, both of us had results from a spelling bee quiz.” said Harry, gripping his Dom tightly, remembering the excruciating pain even now. “She took them out of our bags, Dudley beaming at her, and I was just trying to get my chores done before Vernon got back.”

Severus held onto Harry, just as tightly, feeling every emotion raging through his submissive like a tidal wave. Soothing him as much as he was able to, wondering what was going to be said next.

“She took the knife I’d been using to cut up the onion and stabbed me with it. Screaming at me for cheating, yelling that I’d swapped sheets with her precious Dudders. That a freak like me couldn’t do as well in anything.” shuddered Harry, “She left me there bleeding all over the place. She rubbed out my name and put Dudley’s in its place and put it on the Fridge. Calmly as she pleased she threw the first aid kit at me, telling me to clean myself up and have the kitchen and dinner done before Vernon got back.”

Oh Merlin he felt sick, Vernon had been the only one dowsed with Veritaserum. They’d gotten the impression from Vernon that it was always him, that Petunia had sit back and let it happen, nothing more. “How did you do it?” asked Severus, how had he picked himself up and continued after being stabbed? He had just been a child! A little boy. Petunia had thought he’d used magic to switch their results? Didn’t she know it wasn’t possible to do things like that? Well it was but for a boy who didn’t know about magic it was impossible!

“I didn’t do it fast enough; I had just started cleaning up the floor when Vernon came home. He waited until I’d cleaned up the blood before he stood on my arm, breaking it.” said Harry swallowing thickly. “He threw my in my cupboard, I was only allowed out to do the toilet in the morning and at night. One of those nights I had to go to Figg’s, she gave me clean bandages. I was able to clean the wounds in the bathroom, she had warm water. It was infected, and filled with puss.” a great big shudder left Harry’s body.

It was a good job Harry had been magical otherwise the Dursley’s would have killed him. He was sickened to the core with what he was hearing, and it pushed him further to get vengeance for his submissive.

“I squeezed as much out as I could, cleaned it out and put the bandages on it, it healed on its own after that. Mrs. Figg just sent me home, that’s when I decided I wanted to run away. I was just too scared to do it for a while. It was when Vernon stabbed me that I ran, I took nothing I just ran and ran and ran never looking back.” said Harry, still clutching Severus close. “It was better out there after a while, when I learned to fight back, started using magic to get clothes and food. I got to eat every day; I had warmer clothes on, clothes that fitted me.”

It sounded to Severus that Harry was trying to convince himself more than Severus.

“Hush, hush now, sleep.” said Severus; he didn’t want to hear anymore. “They will pay for what they did, I promise you, sleep little one, sleep.” Severus continued to soothe him, murmuring quietly until Harry had calmed down and slowly started drifting to sleep. He would have given him a calming draught or sleeping draught, but he didn’t want Harry addicted to them. When Harry was troubled, he would want the potions, and it was something Severus wanted to avoid. He knew the compulsion himself, for a long time to deal with the guilt he’d taken Dreamless sleeping draughts. So he could get a good nights sleep without seeing Lily’s dead body, or her accusing green eyes staring at him.

For a long time Severus stared at the ceiling, still unconsciously rubbing soothing circles on Harry’s now warm back. He had placed warming charms on the duvet the first night Harry had came here. The dungeons were draughty, it didn’t bother him overly much, he was used to it. Harry on the other hand, as he’d told the twins, hated the cold. After living on the streets Severus could sympathise with that. He wanted to do something to the Dursley’s, his body and mind was screaming out for vengeance, for blood. His black eyes sparkled dangerously, a sight nobody had seen since the night Lily died…when he’d wanted to go after Black and kill him. He had been under the impression the man had been to blame after all. He’d been too late when he’d gotten over his grief, ready to trace the bastard down, he’d been in Azkaban. Yet it wasn’t too late for the Dursley’s, they were still in prison. Did he give them a little taste of freedom before he killed them? Or did he do it while they were in prison and avoid suspicion? They deserved more than a quick death, torture was more appropriate for the likes of them. Judgement spell, if he cast it on them, they’d feel everything they did to Harry. Feel it as if it was happening to them, even the loss of blood without the physical wound to go with it. Once the spell had run its course…a Muggle Poison would do the trick. Unless…unless he used an undetectable wizarding poison, fast acting, painful as possible. He knew the best of the best, his lip curled in satisfaction, yes, they’d get their comeuppance, and he was going to have some fun first. Nobody hurt what was his and got away with it. They would rue the day they’d touched one hair on Harry’s head.

Severus settled down soon afterwards and drifted of to sleep, content at least

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Chapter 26



For the first time in Severus Snape’s life he began to see what Fred, George and even the Marauders felt when they were pulling a prank. The heightened anticipation, the wishing that time would go faster so it would happen quicker. Severus had never in his life felt like this before. He had the urge to shift about in his seat, very unbecoming of him; he was a man of infinite patience and decorum. Or so he had thought over the years, then out of the corner of his eyes he saw magenta robes, Dumbledore had made an appearance. As cheerful as ever, he sat down and Severus felt a rush of euphoria dance over his body.

“Good morning!” beamed Dumbledore smiling at them all, he’d drank a Pepper-up Potion before coming down. Spending so many hours up, searching every nook and cranny of Hogwarts wasn’t helping. Considering it was a magical school and doors appeared to whoever needed them…before disappearing it would be next to impossible to find someone who didn’t want to be found. There was also the fact the stairs liked to take you on wild rides, and contrary to popular believe, even he couldn’t control Hogwarts. Sitting down he waited on the food coming, which was never more than three minutes after he made his appearance.

Minerva glanced Severus’ way, nodding her head, silently letting him know she’d been to the Ministry. Yet she saw a look on his face, a cross between a cat that caught a canary and one that was waiting to see if he’d just won the lottery. He looked so smug and satisfied along with proud. Just what was he up to? Harry truly was bringing out the best in Severus. She’d never seen him so full of life before, and she was honestly blessed to be one of the few that knew the truth. She wasn’t sure he’d even seen her nodding.

Albus gratefully poured himself a coffee; the pepper-up potion only did so much. Taking a sip he spat it out in an undignified manner, gagging at the taste now on his palate. It tasted like gnats piss, and he was not happy with the house elves at all.

“Albus!” cried Minerva grimacing in distaste at such manners especially in front of the children. She automatically began to clean up the mess he’d made, shaking her head in irritation unknowingly infuriating Albus immensely.

Albus shook it of, deciding to have a coffee in his office, where it was quiet without students gaping at him. He filled his plate, vowing to speak to the house elf’s immediately afterwards. Digging into his scrambled egg, he once again spat it back out, it tasted absolutely disgusting. He didn’t even care about the students sitting gossiping around him.

“It seems I have been the victim of a prank Minerva,” said Albus not impressed, “If you would please reverse it.”

Her lips pursed she muttered “Finite Incantatem!” before her wand was put away. Now she knew this couldn’t have been Severus’ idea, he was more vindictive than that. He would rather use potions apposed to spells, especially weak ones that she or any wizard or witch could undo.

“Thank you, my dear,” said Albus, Minerva didn’t reply, she was unfortunately still not speaking to him. She didn’t approve of the lengths he’d gone to keep Harry safe. Everyone else understood, he didn’t know why she just didn’t join them and make everything less melodramatic. If only he knew just how most of his Order did feel about his…actions he may have rethought that through.

Albus took another tentative bite of his food, just to make sure it was gone. Only to find the spell had not been removed at all. Removing his napkin he spat the food into that disgusted. There was no way in this world he would have eaten that, every time he ate something it tasted of something equally revolting. His mind was whirling, why hadn’t Minerva’s spell worked?

“I shall leave breakfast early today,” said Albus, putting the cloth napkin down and leaving through the teachers exit.

Severus withheld a smirk with great difficulty, oh to be a fly on Dumbledore’s wall today. Soon he would learn what it was like to go hungry, get a taste of what Harry had been forced to endure. Perhaps he could even use it on the Dursley’s; there was no way for it to be reversed after all they’d never ask Dumbledore. From the state of Vernon he could certainly use it, but he’d probably had a lesser appetite in prison. These two weeks were going to be amusing to say the least; he could barely wait for what Harry had planned next! And wasn’t that a revelation? His entire life he’d loathed pranks, admittedly with good reason. Maybe now he’d understand the fun, and revel in the chaos it created. It was definitely shaping up to be a beautiful day, for all of them.

Well maybe not one of them, but he was only just getting his just desserts.

Minerva waited until Severus left; he always did exactly ten minutes before classes were due to start. Before Harry had come it used to be three minutes, the length of time it took for him to get from the hall to his classroom. Severus had always been one to keep his timing just right. He never appeared early and not since she’d known him had he been late for anything.

“Just what have you been up to Severus?” whispered Minerva as she too left by the secret entrance. She didn’t have class so she had no rush, for once she could do as she pleased.

“Nothing,” said Severus wryly, a sneaky grin appearing on his face, unfortunately for him Minerva saw it.

“Don’t give me that,” she said snorting in a very un-lady like fashion.

“It really has nothing to do with me,” said Severus

“Ah, more like his father than we thought? But why didn’t my spell work?” asked Minerva as they turned another corner, the lamps burning brightly so they weren’t in the dark.

“No, he’s nothing like his father.” said Severus in dispute. “This is his way of making him see what he’s been through. All his plans leave Dumbledore vulnerable, hungry defenceless, just like he has been throughout his life.” it’s the first thing Severus had noticed about Harry’s planned spells. It would make him fragile, helpless, starving as his body went through changes, and changes he couldn’t stop or spell away.

“I see,” said Minerva, she would have preferred him being like his father, but regardless, after all he’d been through she couldn’t blame him for wanting some revenge. She was surprised Severus was allowing him to do it! He was always adverse to pranks. Their relationship aside, Harry seemed to have Severus wrapped tightly around his finger. “I can understand that desire.” she added quietly, she’d wanted to confront him for so long herself.

“So can I,” said Severus grimly, his black eyes glinting maliciously, he wanted to murder the old fool in cold blood. Unfortunately Dumbledore was too well know and liked for it to go over well. Everyone at Hogwarts would be under suspicion, and especially him with his…past. Even he was incapable of beating the effects of Veritaserum; otherwise he would have done it.

“How is he?” asked Minerva, never using names just in case they were overheard. The place was crawling with Order members everywhere, so they did have to be quiet about it. She had noticed Sirius hadn’t once looked for Harry and was rather curious about it. She didn’t bring it up with Severus, she knew they both didn’t get on - okay that was just putting it lightly. If murder wasn’t illegal the both would have been duelling long ago.

“Actually I think he’s better than he’s been in a long time. Speaking about his past seems therapeutic to say the least.” said Severus.

“For him maybe, I can’t imagine it’s gone over well with you.” said Minerva knowingly. Severus was a very unforgiving soul; anyone breaks his trust then its forever. He never forgave and forgot, yet he had very solid principles yet was willing to go to harsh lengths to avenge someone he held most dear. Lengths that even she wouldn’t want to contemplate because they weren’t legal.

“It hasn’t,” admitted Severus growling low in his throat, “They stabbed him Minerva, Petunia stabbed a six year old boy because he’d done better than her odious son in a bloody spelling quiz.” there was no hiding the indignation in Severus’ voice.

Minerva swallowed thickly, the bile threatening to bring up her breakfast. The image Severus had presented to her wasn’t nice in the slightest. It did bring tears to her eyes, Merlin she wished she had done more; she was as guilty as Dumbledore in this. She hadn’t fought harder; she should have done, gone to see him at least. She would have seen, known and acted. She didn’t deserve Harry’s forgiveness. Yet he seemed to have given it, or at least forgiven but not forgotten. She doubted he knew the doubts she’d had, the doubts that had plagued her for months afterwards. She had to work hard to ensure Harry was happy and free at least.

“Take care, Minerva,” said Severus making his way to his quarters.

“You to Severus,” said Minerva to the hall, he was already gone. She wondered what Severus had up his sleeve for the Dursley’s. There was no way in hell Severus was going to forget the information Harry had told him. He was going to do something; she almost wanted to be a part of it.

Minerva swiftly left the teachers secret passageway, and went up to her office. She had more homework to correct, some of the students needed grammar lessons. The mistakes they made were just atrocious. Sitting down she pulled them out, just the seventh year work left, looking at the name she groaned. Hermione Granger, Merlin she was irritating to say the least, always giving more work than necessary. Bracing herself, she began to get them over with and return them appropriately marked.


“Poppy can you do a scan?” demanded Dumbledore swiftly making his way into the hospital wing. He’d tried eating his lemon drops they tasted like ear wax and he was rapidly loosing his patience. He was hungry and he wanted to eat damn it! When he found out who had done it he was going to give them a lesson they’d never forget. Nobody got the better of Albus Dumbledore and lived to tell the tale. He was the only one Lord Voldemort was afraid of, the only reason Hogwarts was safe! How dare they mess him with? He was quite rightfully furious.

“What is the matter? Are you feeling unwell?” asked Poppy bustling over, eyeing him in concern. Shooing him over to the bed, sitting him down as Dumbledore tried to fuss against her.

“No, its just one of the students playing a prank stop fussing,” said Dumbledore impatiently, swatting her hand away when she tried to put her hand against his head. “One that makes everything I eat or drink taste rancid.”

“Oh I see it’s a simple spell then.” said Poppy rolling in her eyes, “Finite Incantatem! There that should do it.”

“It didn’t work when Minerva cast it, can you just check?” asked Dumbledore blankly, honestly why did he have to explain every little detail? He wouldn’t be here unless it was necessary! He just wanted a coffee so he wished she’d just get on with it and quickly.

“Of course,” said Poppy staring at the Headmaster strangely, casting the scan she waited for the results, once the glow was done parchment unfurled out of her wand. Opening it she patiently read the results, she tutted in irritation when she saw he was taking calming draught again. It wasn’t good for him at all, but she couldn’t stop him - he never listened to her. Other than that everything seemed to be in order.

“Albus according to this reading there is nothing on you, the spell has been removed.” said Poppy, showing him the results, “And please stop with the calming draughts, it’s not good for you. Keep it up and when you try and stop you’ll get seriously ill.” cold turkey came to mind.

“I will keep it in mind,” said Dumbledore having no intention of listening to her. Everyone got on at him for it, and he wasn’t having any of it. He seemed to be under the impression he was invincible. Finally he could eat something, just wait until he found out who did it. “Thank you Poppy.” he said before he left the hospital wing with a spring in his step.

Poppy just shook hear head in exasperation, Albus had to be the most infuriating man she’d ever had the misfortune of advising. She had no idea he’d be sending quite a lot of time in her hospital wing in the coming week or so.


“How did it go?!” asked Harry grinning widely as he stared at him. Closing his workbook he hopped up and down like a child at Christmas. It was a sobering thought really; Harry hadn’t had a proper Christmas. Even Severus hadn’t once celebrated it with his submissive. This year would be different; he would make sure Harry had a good time. He would make up for all the lost years; it was no more than his submissive deserved.

“Very well,” said Severus wryly, “I am to assume you knew the counter curse wouldn’t work?”

Harry beamed at him, nodding viciously; he threw himself at Severus hugging him tightly. He didn’t know why, but he was just so full of happiness and excitement he could barely contain it. It wasn’t something he experienced often; it was almost contagious as Severus smiled at him. Severus didn’t even have the heart to tell him to calm down.

Remembering the chocolate, he summoned it feeling it was very forgetful of him. He opened it and said “Pick a few things from here, its chocolate.” he added unnecessarily.

“It’s not a real frog is it?” asked Harry staring at the closed package curiously.

Severus smirked outright this time, it was the exact same question Lily had asked the first time she’d seen one. Severus gave Harry the exact same answer he’d given his mother all those long years ago. “No, it’s in the shape of one and it leaps just once before it goes still.”

“Wow!” said Harry dying to open it.

“Go on then,” said Severus, as if he could read Harry’s thoughts. Tonight he would place the memory in the pensive and show Harry it. He was in for one hell of a surprise, since he didn’t even know the existence of pensive’s and he’d enjoy Harry’s reaction immensely.

“That’s awesome!” cried Harry, grabbing the slippery frog, an awful lot of work for someone just to eat it within five seconds though. There was more air than the chocolate itself. It was like the expensive chocolate bunnies that you get at Easter. He’d never really bothered to steal chocolate, preferring instead to take stuff he’d be able to fill himself with. Of course it had to be something he didn’t need to cook, unless he was living with one of his Dom’s then he could. He’d done it a lot staying with Severus, since he didn’t come home during the year.

“Indeed,” said Severus with a small chuckle. “Are you coming today or staying here?” inwardly wondering if the twins would come to his class again.

“Coming, my workbook is there anyway, I want to learn more Latin.” said Harry, especially now he was learning all those spells. His cheeks went a little red; it was slightly embarrassing learning things like that at his age. It was admittedly better than not learning at all. Only Severus knew and it would stay that way, he trusted his Dom completely.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” said Severus his hands threading through Harry’s soft hair, it was an addictive feeling. It was also so soft against his calloused hands, and it always made Harry purr like a kitten. “I am very proud of the process you are making; you’ll get there if you continue on as you are.”

Harry arched into the touch, closing his eyes basking in the praise, as long as he had this - nothing else mattered.

“Let’s get going then otherwise I will be late.” said Severus and he did not do late. Turning Severus left their quarters, Harry as always following him.

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Chapter 27

Bones And Headmaster’s


“Now for homework, I want two feet on how to turn your familiar into a goblet, and the consequences of doing it wrong by Friday next week.” said Minerva staring at the new first years pointedly.

“Yes, Professor McGonagall,” chorused most students in unison.

“Very well, class dismissed,” said Minerva “Leave last week’s homework on my desk as you go.”

Minerva accepted the homework as they went, placing it in a neat bundle as she went. She was glad the day was over; then again she thought that every day. She was getting old, but she knew she’d be bored within a day if she retired. Not that she would right now, the school definitely needed her. Especially with a Headmaster who’d taken steps she didn’t approve of. She heard her door opening again, looking up expecting a bashful student who’d forgotten something.

“Amelia, I didn’t expect to hear back from you so soon,” said Minerva, staring at the woman in surprise. Placing the homework in her drawer, clearly apprehensive about the upcoming conversation. Standing up to face her, a strained smile on her face.

“I called in a few favours, they’ve been at it for two days,” said Amelia. “I got the sense that when you gave me it - it was of utmost important…was I wrong?” she asked her eyes regarding Minerva shrewdly. She knew she wasn’t wrong, but the results were extremely shocking, it’s why she’d come in person.

“It was important,” agreed Minerva, giving her a deadpanned look, she already suspected as such. It was extremely odd seeing her without her monocle on. He hadn’t seen her outside her office or courtrooms since they were extremely young. She’d seen her for a few minutes on parent’s night, but her niece wasn’t in Gryffindor so it hadn’t been her job. “But not at the expense of someone working on it for two days non stop.” the fact Amelia was here meant it was bad news indeed. Otherwise she would have just Floo’ed over; she prepared herself for the worst.

“Here are the results,” said Amelia grimly handing it over, “I couldn’t keep it quiet, I am sorry. Minerva we need to know who this belongs to.”

“Who did you inform?” asked Minerva sitting back down, closing her eyes warily.

“The Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge and the Head of the Auror department Rufus Scrimgeour.” said Amelia, “They wanted to come themselves, but I convinced them to be reasonable. Whoever it is might be at Hogwarts after all, and you aren’t to blame.” alarmed by the look that had spread over the Transfiguration teachers face.
“Minerva are you okay?” asked Amelia, she didn’t know what to do. Minerva was also so calm, composed and stern she never showed emotion. Right now she looked close to breaking down as she read the results. It was as though she knew something they didn’t.

“The date, it’s before he was found. How did he get into the records room?” Minerva asked clearly stunned and stumped.

“Records room?” echoed Amelia stepping back horrified. “The Confidential records room?” realizing who they were talking about without names being mentioned. There was only one person who had constantly wanted a file from the records room. She was talking about Harry Potter being found, what did she mean by that? Why was it being hidden? Kept a secret? There wasn’t even a whisper of suspicion or speculation of Harry being there. That wasn’t the worst of it though, so she didn’t linger on it for long. It meant Albus Dumbledore had gone too far, and they wouldn’t have even known about it. Someway, somehow he’d gotten around the wards on the room. If Dumbledore could do it, then it also meant Voldemort could if he put his mind to it.

Minerva looked up at the horrified woman and nodded curtly. Amelia was normally much like Minerva herself, in nearly all aspects in actuality. Proud, stern and extremely powerful, she could hold her own against anyone. It’s why she was now the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. This meant she could investigate all cases the Auror’s were working on active or cold case. She was also present during the trials, and Minerva believed her to be a very fair woman and always gave people the benefit of the doubt. If ever she was accused of something, she would want Amelia Bones on her side.

“Oh, Albus, what have you done?” sighed Minerva quietly, shaking her head warily. Keeping Harry locked up in Hogwarts was one thing, but to have used his confidential records was a betrayal to far. Then again, Dumbledore taking Harry to Privet Drive and leaving him to be abused was so much worse.

“I will need you to testify that this was Albus Dumbledore’s.” said Amelia insistently, “Otherwise he might be able to protest his innocence.”

“Wait there please, don’t move until I’ve returned.” said Minerva standing up, grabbing Floo Powder and shouting in her destination.

Minerva stepped out at Severus’ quarters, looking around, it looked empty but she could hear noise from the kitchen. Stalking forward, she looked into it but found only Harry there, he was startled to see her alone and apprehensive. She hoped he didn’t remain that way; she’d loved both his parents, and wanted to know him as well. “Hello, Harry, sorry to disturb you, Do you know where Severus is?” the smell of the food left her feeling extremely peckish.

“He’s in the great hall, he always goes to the great hall for twenty minutes before coming here.” said Harry, his hands still continuing to stir and shake their dinner as it cooked. He stared at her in wonder, he had only been here for a week and he knew his Dom’s schedule and habits now. Severus had been working here for a very long time, almost as long as he, Harry, had been alive. How is it that she didn’t know his every move? Were people really that dim? She didn’t seem it, she looked smart and she was very powerful. So why was she here and asking him? Then it dawned on him. “What’s happened?” she had to be shaken by something to not be thinking clearly.

“Everything is fine, I just need Severus,” said Minerva smiling solely for Harry’s benefit.

Harry snorted, “And I’m the Prime Minister.” he told her sarcastically, not believing her for a second. “I am not a child or stupid.”
“No, no you aren’t.” said Minerva, “But isn’t the reason you are a submissive is so you do not have to worry about problems?” she pointed out.

“Partly. But no, I’m a submissive because it’s what I need, what I want. To look after someone, and have someone do the same back. So I don’t have to worry where my next meal is coming from, to know I’m doing something right.” said Harry impassively, he knew she didn’t really understand their relationship; she thinks she did but she truly had no idea. Maybe one day he’d help her see, but right now he just wanted to cook their dinner. Although judging by her worry, they might not be eating it.

“Still, its Severus I need, you cannot help with this.” said Minerva, “I’ll find him, thank you Harry and I’ll see myself out."

“Wait, he’s coming back,” said Harry sensing his Dom getting closer, how weird was that? That hadn’t happened before, never in all the years they’d been together. Was this something to do with the bond they had formed? He really had to read that book and find out more about it. Does that mean Severus could sense him as well? Then again with the collar he would always know anyway. His Dom told him from the start before he put it on; it had a tracking charm on it as well as a Portkey. He did wonder exactly what a Portkey felt like, he knew what it did but that was about it. He couldn’t imagine how if felt being transferred back to Sev no matter where he was, it obviously wasn’t the same as ‘Apparating’ which is what he had done a few times, but called it ‘Popping’ or disappearing. He called it Popping because of the noise it created, like a backfiring car. The idea grew on him quickly, and found he didn't really care what caused it.

“What is going on here?” demanded Severus as soon as he entered his quarters. He’d felt the Floo activate and had all but jumped and ran from the Great Hall. Nobody should be able to get into his Quarters without his permission. His mind had immediately feared the worst, from Dumbledore to idiotic Order members. To see it was just Minerva he felt extremely irritated and relieved. Irritated at his overreaction and relieved it had just indeed been an overreaction. He was a cautious man; he hadn’t survived this long by now being. Still the look on his face spoke volumes, and even Minerva was dumbstruck for a few seconds. She’d never seen him so…intense before, she’d known Severus loved Harry but this proved it beyond any doubts.

“Minerva needs you for something,” explained Harry, not the slightest intimidated by Severus. Harry had seen his Dom in a much worse mood than this before. Then again he could imagine the sight he must have made. His clothes ripped, torn and bloody, split lip and black eye, the other idiot that started it though had been much worse. His Dom had been shocked to the core and furious, even more so when he got the truth, or a version of it anyway.

“Well?” asked Severus staring at Minerva enquiringly, his emotions finally settling after the scare. Not that he would ever admit to it, unfortunately Minerva will know, she was to shrewd not to have guessed. He wasn’t a man who displayed emotion easily, and only under extreme duress.

“Amelia Bones is in my classroom,” said Minerva grimly, “The results are in, unfortunately the gravity of the situation got to her and she’s told the Minister and the Head of the Auror’s.”

“I thought she would do it on the down low?” demanded Severus swearing under his breath.

“Severus she couldn’t not tell them, she has a duty, come up to my office.” said Minerva, her face still ashen her normal colour had yet to return.

“Very well,” said Severus looking extremely pissed off.

“Wasn’t this what you both wanted?” asked Harry arching an eyebrow, “You knew what he’d done; it was just a matter of time. It’s just quicker than you thought. They might not even do it right away, they’ll be smart enough to realize they need all the evidence they can get. So that Dumbledore can’t worm his way out.” it meant he wouldn’t get to play the pranks he’d hoped to. Unless they put it of and don’t arrest him until they built up a solid case, he could only hope.
Minerva's lips twitched in amusement, pride twinkling in her eyes; calm under pressure he was good. She wondered if there was anything that could get him into a panic.
“Indeed,” replied Severus wryly, “Well let’s go see her.”

“Can I come?” asked Harry, he wanted to be there, especially if they would discuss him. “I won’t interfere.”

Severus stared at his submissive, feeling his need to be there for this. He knew Harry wouldn’t be able to keep his promise not to interfere. Especially if they were discussing him, but he had a right to be. Everything Dumbledore had done, he’d done to Harry, no one else. He loathed Dumbledore with good reason. Severus was conflicted, on one hand he understood, on the other he wanted to protect Harry, it was his duty as a Dom. Yet could he really protect Harry from this? All he’d do by denying him was alienating Harry. No it wouldn’t, he’d accept it but if it blew up in his face, Harry would be the first one to say ‘I told you so’. Harry wasn’t weak. The way Minerva was looking cemented his answer; she was expecting him to deny Harry his request. He’d need to sit down with her and discuss it properly, or ask Poppy to.

“Very well, try and keep the swearing to a minimum.” said Severus giving Harry a pointed look, oh he knew Harry would forget himself if he got angry.

Harry gave his Dom a curious look as he nodded, why was he so sure he’d get angry enough to swear? He only really began to swear when he felt cornered; it was more of a defence mechanism. One picked up on the street.
“I suggest we use the Floo then,” said Minerva.

“Obviously,” said Severus, “Go on through we will meet you there in a few seconds.”

“Very well,” said Minerva, stepping into Severus’ fire, she shouted in the destination - her own office. When she got out she was relieved to see Amelia was still sitting there. She smiled in silent thanks, summoning some refreshments from the house elves while they spoke.

“Ready to do this?” asked Severus.

Harry nodded solemnly walking towards the fireplace with apprehension written across his face. He’d never used the fireplace before, but he needn’t have worried, Severus got in beside him, holding him close. As Severus shouted their destination, flinging some powdery stuff on their feet Harry caught glimpse of the pensive. A grin appeared on his face, he’d already watched the memory a dozen times. He loved it; he’d been so surprised and amazed when his Dom showed him it the first time. He’d been able to walk around, see everything in 3D, almost as if he was really there. He’d been able to see Dumbledore’s expression, his face, it had been hilarious. According to Severus, Dumbledore hadn’t eaten since then. He looked worn and haggard and was in an extremely bad mood. So much so he was no longer looking for Harry. Even the Order had stopped, they’d given in, they’d searched everywhere - it was pretty evident Harry wasn’t in Hogwarts.

Harry’s first impression of the woman, when they stepped out was she was stern, yet very, very powerful. He could sense it on her, the magic; none of them were more powerful than Severus though. Probably because the witches were restricted to ‘light’ magic, dark magic expanded the magical core, since more magic went into successfully casting them. Yes, he’d learned a lot since coming here, he was coming along, and he could read most of the book without needing the spell to tell him what it said. There were longer words that sometimes got to him, but he’d just begun. His Dom was extremely proud of his success. So he must be doing something right, and that’s what Harry always strived to do.

“Is this him?” asked Amelia staring at Harry speculatively.

Now Harry understood why Severus had warned him, he did NOT like the way she was staring at him. He made it known by glaring back, the wrath he wanted to let loose evident in his icy green eyes. She didn’t even seem the least bit perturbed by his behaviour or his silent warning. She was one tough witch to crack, almost like Minerva. The only reason Minerva looked away was because of her guilt, this witch didn’t have any.

“Amelia, I’d like you to meet Harry Potter, Harry, this is Amelia Susan Bones, the head of the Department of Law Enforcement.” said Minerva.

“It’s nice to finally meet you Mr. Potter,” said Amelia nodding curtly.

Harry just nodded, not doing the disservice of lying and telling her it was nice to meet her. Her lips quirked as if she understood the reason for his silence.

“What was found?” enquired Severus bluntly, his black eyes glaring at them astutely.

“Here,” said Minerva handing over the results of the testing done to the Dark Detector she’d lifted from Dumbledore’s desk.

“Are these one hundred percent accurate?” asked Severus his eyes widened upon seeing it, no doubt at the exactly part Minerva had also. The date, it was two days before Harry had been ‘found’. Which meant Dumbledore really had broken the law. They hadn’t been sure if he’d spelled it after Harry was found to make sure he always knew where Harry was. This was just so much worse; it spoke of the dire nature of this situation.

“Yes, the results were tested twice.” said Amelia her tone clipped and formal.

“Harry, did you use magic just before you were caught by Dumbledore?” asked Severus. Staring intently at his submissive, conveying the dire nature of the conversation, and to be one hundred percent honest with him, even in present company.

Amelia twitched at the term ‘caught’ not liking the sound of it at all. The potions Master was making it sound as though Harry had been taken against his will.

“Yes,” said Harry swallowing thickly, a little nervous, after all the witch was part of…what did she call it? Department of Law Enforcement. Which meant she was essentially magical police for all intents and purposes. He’d made it his aim in life to avoid them as though they were the plague he wished upon Dumbledore. “I’d just gotten out of the shop when I saw them and bolted.”

Amelia twitched yet again, the hero of the wizarding world bolting from his own people - it sounded really nefarious.

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Chapter 28

Conversations And Reactions

The house elf’s all stared at one another, their eyes filled with worry and reluctance from the kitchen in Hogwarts. None of them wanted to go to Headmaster Dumbledore’s rooms. They were unfortunately bearing the brunt of his illness, they were actually contemplating going to Madam Pomfrey, yet they’d been told not to. They couldn’t disobey their Masters wishes, but he was getting sicker by the day. Not only that they were being yelled at something terrible, even shoved and hit if they got to close. They’d never seen the Headmaster like this before; he was always kind to them.

“Put your names into the pot, whoever gets picked goes.” said Dane his voice solemn, he was the Head of the house elf’s here at Hogwarts. He appointed all duties, and kept everything in working order, and also taught the young baby elf’s that came along.

With great lack of enthusiasm they all began doing as they were told, taking their time, folding the pieces of paper and adding it to the cooking pot they were using. It was stirred with Dane’s hand to mix them all up for a few seconds, before he had one of the children elves pick the piece of paper. They watched Dane take the parchment, barely breathing, hoping their name did not get called out.

“Tish,” said Dane, she was an older elf and made of sterner stuff than a few younger ones that had served him so far. It was a good thing, she wouldn’t take to heart what was said, he was sure of it.

“Do I take some food for Master Dumbledore?” asked Tish her eyes wider than usual, that was the only display of apprehension she showed about her appointed duties. She was a house elf, and she would never disobey orders, they’d been bred into her from the moment of her birth.

“Just some soup, see if he will eat it,” said Dane his eyes clouded, he wasn’t sure if he would eat it, since he hadn’t eaten anything they’d given him for two days. He really was in a bad state, yet they couldn’t directly disobey his Orders…unless he worked around it. He needed a healers help, house elf’s couldn’t cure sicknesses like Dumbledore’s. They could cure sickness that elves got (or rather healer elves), which were different from wizard illnesses.

“I will do that,” said Tish, grabbing a few essentials she’d need she ‘Popped’ away reappearing in Headmaster Dumbledore’s office. The trays were filled with correspondence, both urgent and otherwise. Keeping a tight grip of the tray, she popped’ up the stairs, the steps were for humans, which meant for her they were large and awkward, especially carrying a tray of heavy food. Once she got to the door she wished it open, and Hogwarts did her bidding. They were connected to the school on the deepest level. Or anywhere they were, manors, houses, if they had wards the house elf got connected to them. Every house elf knew where Harry Potter was, even if they couldn’t sense him so much now. A house elf must have warded the area he mostly vacated. Hogwarts herself didn’t ask them to send him food, so he must be well cared for by Master Snape. Since nobody asked them, they didn’t tell. It’s just too bad Dumbledore didn’t think of connecting his house elf to Hogwarts, and then he would have known from day one, where exactly his hero was.

Tish walked passed the extravagant, expensively furnished and designed living area, and headed straight for the Headmaster’s bedroom. It always took them forever to clean the place, with so many knickknacks and exclusive portraits and ornaments, even with magic. Yes they did everything in the Headmasters quarters and office, whereas the other teachers preferred their privacy and they were asked not to do it. Lockhart had been the only exception to the rule as of late.

Opening the bedroom door, she warily and watchfully entered, placing the tray on the large oak ottoman at the bottom of Dumbledore’s bed. Unsurprisingly it had been done with red stain varnish; everything the Headmaster owned was mostly gold and red. It was almost as if Dumbledore was still lost in his Hogwarts years, unable to move past his house pride. She got to his bed, and levitated herself up, so she could see him. Wincing slightly at the state of him, he really was much worse. He was sweating so badly, shaking none stop moaning in agony, the potions bottles the elves had left were still there. The smell of sick was thick in the air, and such a repugnant odour she had to hold her breath. She was going to need help; she had no choice but to call for aid.

“Dane?” whispered Tish. She could only do one kind of magic at a time, her daily use of magic mostly consisted of making bedding disappear and levitating, they cleaned normally, unless it was the ceiling and wall, and they enchanted the brushes and cloths to do it itself. You couldn’t get magic to clean ornaments magically; otherwise it would just break them.

“What is Tish needing?” asked Dane looking up at her, reverting to normal house elf speech.

“I need help,” said Tish, “The Headmaster is in a bad way, he needs changed.”

“Come down, I’ll levitate, you change.” said Dane, climbing up on a chair and he raised his hand, clicking his finger and the old Headmaster began to rise in the air.

“Let me down!” roared Dumbledore, his blue eyes opening, with a fiery anger in them. Big black eyes were shrunken in their sockets as he continued to shake as if he was freezing cold. The smell on his breath made Tish arch back slightly, he needed cleaned immediately.

Tish clicked her finger; it was the way House elves did magic, apposed to a wizard having a wand. The only thing they could do without clicking their fingers is ‘pop’ but to do it as silently as possible they had to click their fingers. She removed the bed sheets, and cleaned the mattress ensuring it was dry and sterilized she put new bedding on. That done in the matter of five seconds, she had Dumbledore’s pyjamas magically changed as well, instead of bright red he now had bright neon ones on. The amount of power one wizard had certainly didn’t account for taste, that’s for sure.

“LET ME GO!” snarled Dumbledore, spit flying everywhere sounding more like a rabid dog.

“Master Dumbledore needs some help, can we’s go get Mistress Poppy?” said Dane as he levitate the delicate wizard back down. He’d lost so much weight; they couldn’t live with themselves if anything happened to the powerful wizard. Yet they knew changes were coming, the seer elf had indicated as such, changes that would inevitably be good for them and their entire race. Nobody knew about seer elf’s its something they kept utmost secret. They’d made that mistake nine generations ago, one hard learned and they wouldn’t have a repeat of it.

Dumbledore mumbled incoherently, already sweating through the new pyjamas.

“Master Dumbledore needs to eat,” said Tish, moving around sitting on the bed next to him, ready to pop away should the need arise. The elf healer had already had to heal five bumps to the head because of Dumbledore’s petulant reactions. She poured the chicken soup into his lax mouth, only for Dumbledore to spit it out at her.

Dane looked at Tish then at the Headmaster, they couldn’t do this anymore, Dumbledore needed help, and the consequences be damned. He would take the responsibility for it, even if it meant getting clothes for disobeying a direct order. Dumbledore wasn’t going to survive much longer if they didn’t do anything soon. With a bit of luck he wouldn’t remember anything anyway.
Making his decision he popped away, reappearing directly in the Hospital wing at Hogwarts. Looking around he found nobody there, he could sense where she was, her office. As quick as his small legs could carry him, he made his way to her office, knocking hastily on her door. Waiting impatiently for her to answer, which she did nearly right away. Her chair was near the door, so she didn’t even need to get up.

“Yes?” she asked surprised to see a house elf, she hadn’t asked for one…was one of the students hurt? She stared in silent concern at the house elf, waiting on a reply.

“Headmaster Dumbledore is very sick Mistress Poppy, he is telling us not to say, but he looks real bad now…” Dane trailed of looking unsure. Twisting its ears for being bad and doing this when Dumbledore had specifically told them not to.

Poppy nodded, grabbing her emergency bag, she immediately left her office. She had suspected something was wrong, since he hadn’t been down for the past few days. Minerva had made excuses for him, but never once went near the Headmaster’s office. Poppy suspected that Minerva knew about Harry, all of it. Either that or she was still in a foul mood with the Headmaster over the…actions he’d taken in regards to Harry. She didn’t say anything just in case it was the latter.
“Dane can take us up right away, Mistress Poppy?” suggested Dane, staring at her awaiting her decision.

“Go on then,” said Poppy putting her hand out, making it easier for the elf to transport them without having to stand on the tip of its toes. She cared about everything living, no matter its species, gender, preferences and status. It was part of the oath she’d taken ‘do no harm’. She’d found out afterwards that it was much like the Muggle Hippocratic oath they took. Instead of swearing upon healing gods, they swore to Merlin himself, the founder of their very society. Or that’s what they liked to refer to him as, after all he was the most known wizard throughout the entire world, even Muggles knew about him.

Dane grabbed Poppy’s hand and took them directly to Dumbledore’s bedchambers, as they had once upon a time been called. She gasped at the state of him, and immediately began scanning him, despite what he’d done; she had sworn to heal everyone. It was her duty as a Medi-Witch; it didn’t mean to say she had to like him. Poor Harry had been through so much. The results of the scan were not good at all, she put him onto a stretcher, and he needed the hospital wing. Once he was secure on it, magically strapped, because of the convulsions.

“I will take it from here, thank you.” said Poppy smiling her thanks at the two house elf’s before she took the Headmaster out of his rooms, through the office and down the gargoyle, which admittedly was a bit tricky. She met no one on her way to the hospital wing; all the students were probably in their common room, letting their ‘hair’ down after a hard day at school. It took them a few weeks to get used to the workload after a summer of sleeping in and doing whatever they wanted. The seventh years snuck in and tried to take away pepper up potions, to cope with the workload. Not something she allowed, her cupboards were locked and charmed, nobody got into them without alerting her.

Five minutes later Dumbledore was lying on a charmed bed, so he couldn’t get up or fall out accidentally. The convulsions had yet to stop, and she knew they wouldn’t. He was going through a rather nasty withdrawal; his body was purging itself of the calming draught. She’d warned him it would get nasty, but she hadn’t expected him to stop them altogether. He had to ease himself off the potion otherwise well…the evidence was lying in the bed. He was having trouble keeping anything down, if the state of his throat was anything to go by. He kept regurgitating anything he ate, from what she could see it wasn’t even getting into his stomach. The lining in his throat was burned rotten with the acid he was bringing up.

“Let me go, I’m fine,” murmured Dumbledore, his eyes pained and tired.

Poppy ignored his barely discernable words as she continued on.

Charming quarter of a bottle of calming draught into his system, just enough to satisfy it and was relieved to see most of the convulsions stop. He was starving, she would need to get something into him, as well as a drip, and the magical world had the same crude method as the Muggles did. She didn’t normally have to do it, since nobody got sick to this extent - not in Hogwarts anyway. Swiftly making her way to the cupboard containing the less used Muggle medicine, she took them out, sterilising them as she did so as a precaution.

“Let go at once Poppy!” demanded Dumbledore finding dredges of energy from somewhere. Straight after his words he went lax again, panting in exhaustion.

Poppy continued to ignore him, tapping her wand in his inner arm, the needle inserted itself into a vein. She placed the bag on the curtain pole, with a hook, keeping it above him so it would get into his system. Summoning two additional potions, she magically put them into his system. One was a nutritional remedy, replacing the vitamins and such he’d missed for the past few days. The second was a sleeping draught; his body was exhausted and needed rest. Hopefully after this she could help him overcome the affects without resorting to this madness.

Once she was sure he was resting as comfortably as possible, she went back to her office, kneeling at her fire, grabbing a handful of powder she yelled into it. Finding herself in Minerva McGonagall’s office, which was empty, she called to her waiting patiently for an answer. Unless of course she was nowhere near the room, if that was the case she’d need to wait for a call back. Minerva had a ward on her Floo Network; she knew when anyone was calling her.

“How can I help you Poppy?” asked Minerva making her way into her proper office, one she didn’t bother to use much. Preferring to use her office in her classroom, her quarters resided just on the opposite door of her real office. The only use this one had was the Floo network, her classroom didn’t have a fire.
“The Headmaster is in the Hospital wing, you might have to take over his duties.” said Poppy in explanation.

“What is wrong with him?” asked Minerva her lips pursed, brown eyes flashing in anger, something that wasn’t lost on Poppy.

“Withdrawal, he stopped taking the calming draughts, he’s exhausted, enormously dehydrated and starving, I’ve given him a sleeping potion.” said Poppy, wondering what Minerva had learned to make her even angrier at Dumbledore. Poppy had never seen her so angry before, and that was saying something. She needed to speak to Severus, find out if Minerva knew.

“I see,” said Minerva her expression turning to delight and self righteousness. Dumbledore had brought everything upon himself; he deserved everything that happened to him now. She almost wished Harry would do something else, it said a lot about how she was feeling since Minerva normally wasn’t one to have a vindictive streak. Well unless she was fighting a Death Eater, then they found out just how formidable an opponent she could be.

“I assume you will be able to cope with the duties?” asked Poppy.

“Indeed I shall do what I must.” said Minerva, pretty soon Dumbledore would be arrested and she’d be dealing with everything anyway. “I must go, Poppy, I’m in the middle of a meeting I apologize. I shall come down later and speak to you properly.”

“Of course,” said Poppy nodding in acceptance before withdrawing from the fire completely.

Taking a deep breathe she went back through to her classroom where everyone was waiting on her. Harry had just handed them their vital piece of evidence against Dumbledore. He had admitted he’d used magic just before Dumbledore came. He’d seen Amelia’s reaction to the use of ‘caught’ and when he’d confessed that he’d ‘bolted’ (as Harry put it) from Dumbledore. Harry wasn’t taking well to Amelia, she wasn’t sure why not, and she’d never imagine it was because she was an authority figure.

“Sorry, Dumbledore has been admitted to Hospital ward, he stopped taking the calming draughts and is going through a withdrawal.” said Minerva rolling her eyes in a gesture very unbecoming of whom, Minerva was.

Harry’s lips pressed together as he stifled his amusement, he knew Dumbledore hadn’t stopped out of his own free will. He was probably starving and it made Harry feel giddy inside, not something he was used to that’s for sure. Dumbledore would rue the day he messed with him and had the audacity to bring him into the magical world and expect him to be his little saviour.

“Considering he didn’t find Harry when he was eleven he didn’t have his magical signature, he somehow got into the records room.” said Severus his disgust tripling.

“Yes, Minerva has already suspected as much,” said Amelia grimly.

“What’s the records room?” asked Harry frowning at the reactions it gained from the three others.

“The confidential record room is where every single wizard and witches records are kept, even long after they are gone from this world. Records that are kept closely guarded and monitored, since it holds the blood of a wizard as well as a master copy of their magical signature. Two items held most sacred in our world, blood is a tool that could be used for evil deeds as well as magic. For only one purpose can anyone see the room let alone use the records, that is if they’ve committed treason without doubts. Such a thing hasn’t been used since Grindelwald’s time, a good few generations ago. It isn’t used lightly at all, the fact he’s gained entrance…puts every wizard and witch at risk - we have to find out how he accomplished it. If Albus Dumbledore can do it, then the Dark Lord Voldemort may accomplish it, this could cause mass devastation and destruction across the entire magical British Community.”
“You mean like their medical history?” stated Harry trying to store it away in an acceptable and understandable way.

“That’s exactly what it is,” said Minerva nodding to Harry that he had it right.

“Indeed,” said Severus gravely.

“Do you have enough to arrest him?” enquired Harry.

“More than enough, but he need to gather a strong case if we are to take on Albus Dumbledore. We can leave no room for error or doubt, because he will use it to his advantage.” said Madam Bones her voice professional. “You say Dumbledore caught you, can you tell me what you meant by that?” here she wasn’t just talking to Harry; she was staring at all three of them suspiciously.

“I think it speaks for itself don’t you?” said Harry sarcastically, staring in incredulity, and he’d through she was smart.

Severus withheld a sigh of irritation, seriously contemplating the idea of making Harry leave while they had this conversation now. They needed Amelia Bones on their side; the more they had on their side the better it was for them.

“He forced me to come to Hogwarts,” said Harry, sensing his Dom was loosing patience, he really need to speak to Sev about this. He could sense how far away he was and now he was sensing his emotions? Not only that, he needed to read that damn book. “I bolted the second I saw them, but unfortunately they just Apparated, Black grabbed me but then let go when I screamed that a pervert was trying to kidnap me.”

Severus coughed a few times, looking away from them all. Minerva and Harry both realized he was more than likely deeply amused by the words that had come out of Harry’s mouth. He turned back to face them, all trace of amusement gone; his eyes though had a twinkle to them.

“Then what happened?” asked Amelia her complete concentration on Harry, regarding him pensively.

“Why don’t we take a seat and have some coffee and something to eat?” suggested Minerva, the warming charm on the coffee and tea pots wouldn’t last forever.

“What about our dinner?” asked Harry.

“Grace will finish it and keep it under a warming charm, until we return.” said Severus soothingly, sitting down on one of the chairs, immediately helping himself to a cup of coffee, pouring one for his submissive as well. Using just a tad more milk knowing Harry didn’t like it to strong, or cold for that matter.

The 'our' and ‘we’ wasn’t lost on Amelia who stared at them speculatively as she took a seat.
“I kicked him in the ba…” said Harry stopping when Severus cleared his throat loudly, guessing exactly where Harry was talking about and about to say. “Privates. Then I ran again, but one of them stunned me, I woke up in a room here at Hogwarts.”

“You kicked Sirius Black?” asked Amelia Bones for confirmation and clarification.

“Yes,” said Harry bluntly.

“Sorry, please continue.” said Amelia, Harry for some reason didn’t want to discuss it, but if they’d taken Harry against his will then it was no wonder he wasn’t keen on the discussion.

“I tricked them into believing I was coming around, they wanted to show me Hogwarts. As soon as I got out the door I slammed it in their faces. Took me ages to get around the dungeons, but I eventually got out but as I neared the doors they closed on me.” said Harry his face screwed up in distaste at being stopped.

“The doors?” asked Amelia wondering what he meant.

“The entrance hall.” stated Severus calmly, as he took a drink of coffee.

“They knew you didn’t want to be there.” stated Amelia shaken. She knew Sirius Black was the boy’s godfather, what was the idiot thinking?

“Obviously.” said Harry exasperated.

“How many were there? Just the two of them?” enquired Amelia.

“Three.” stated Harry, after swallowing a tuna and cucumber sandwich. “Black, Lupin and Dumbledore.”

“Sirius Black, Remus Lupin.” said Minerva just in case Amelia was unfamiliar with their last names, no doubt she knew Sirius, he’d been an Auror and imprisoned at one point.

“Do you wish to press charges on all of them?” asked Amelia, not sure who Remus Lupin was, but the other two she knew personally.

Harry looked at Minerva and Severus, stuck on what to do. Severus gave nothing away, letting Harry know this was solely his decision and he’d stand by it. Did he get Black and Lupin arrested as well as Dumbledore? It would serve them right, but Lupin had kept it secret - which had enabled them to get this far. “No, just Dumbledore, the others are just sheep they can’t think for themselves.” said Harry derisively; for once it wasn’t aimed at Amelia but at the two idiots who’d allowed Dumbledore to control them. Lupin had at least seen the errors of his ways, but he wasn’t sure about Black yet.

Severus smirked in feral amusement; he didn’t know how many times he’d through that about the entire order. Apart from a select few of course, which consisted of Minerva, himself, and Shacklebolt most of the time. Although as of late Arthur Weasley seemed to have grown a bit of a spine, standing up to the Order and even his own wife.

“I see,” said Amelia evidently baffled by his statement. She wouldn’t understand she didn’t know the extent of the hold Dumbledore had over the people in close contact with him.

“Did they ever lay a hand on you?” asked Amelia, “Or hurt you with magic?” she didn’t like the thought but had to ask it nevertheless.
Harry felt like replying with a sarcastic repartee, at least his version of it anyway. Almost as if Severus could sense how he was feeling, he butted in, passing Harry another plate of food. Without even saying anything Harry knew Severus wanted him to eat it. It’s all Severus did, want him to eat or learn; he wasn’t so underweight anymore, especially with his Dom’s potions. The weight had just piled on; in fact he’d gained nearly a stone. He was much healthier than he’d been in his entire life that’s for certain.

“Dumbledore chased Harry out of the school, resulting in Harry falling down the steps at the entrance hall, not only that but told a house elf to stop him by any means necessary. Which resulted in Harry being blasted ten feet in the air, Dumbledore did not check to see if he was alright. Merely put him back in the room he had imprisoned him in. when I got to him, his entire back and legs were bruised severely. He also put a tracking charm on him, imbued in a gold bracelet he put on Harry ensuring he couldn’t get away even if he tried.” said Severus in short curt explanation.

Amelia almost wanted to sigh in exasperation, was there nothing Dumbledore hadn’t done to this boy?

“We should also tell you that Albus Dumbledore let Harry with the Dursley’s his last remaining family.” said Minerva.

Amelia glanced at the Deputy Headmistress, there was something underlying in her voice, she would know pretty soon by the sounds of it. “Yes, I am aware of that.” said Amelia, wondering why she’d brought it up in the first place.

“He allowed Harry to be abused; he had letters to that effect from Arabella Figg and did nothing. We only found out ourselves when Severus removed Harry from the room Dumbledore had Harry locked in.” said Minerva sadly.

This time Amelia did sigh, “Anything else you want to tell me?” she asked in obvious irritation.

“We have all the evidence you need as proof that he knew,” said Minerva, “I’ll give you copies, and I’d rather the originals were somewhere safe.”

“Of course,” said Amelia, it wasn’t an unusual request to make. “I must report this to the Minister tonight.”

“Let us know how it goes.” said Severus standing up, leaving his empty cup on Minerva’s desk. Harry immediately stood as well, grateful to be leaving - he was feeling very exploited sitting in this room.

“I will,” said Amelia nodding in understand, getting to her feet as well. “It was nice meeting you, I just wish the circumstances were more pleasant.” she said that a lot in her line of work unfortunately.

“Indeed,” said Severus wryly, understanding the irony in her statement.
Amelia walked out the door, instead of taking the Floo network, she needed to think. Needed to get her mind around everything Dumbledore had done, and then she'd have to explain everything to Minister Fudge. He would either be appalled or amused that he finally had something on Dumbledore that the old man didn’t already know about. The relationship Fudge had with Dumbledore was complicated to say the least. He was either awed at him or suspicious, it never ended in all the time he’d been Minister of Magic. Normally she’d just ignore it, but she wouldn’t be able to. It took her fifteen minutes to walk to the edge of Hogwarts wards. Taking a deep breath, she Apparated to the Ministry and grimly shored herself up for what was coming.

Chapter Text


Chapter 29

Cornelius Fudge

Cornelius Fudge sat in his office; he had been Minister of magic for a few years now. The office had his own stamp on it, surrounding him were all the previous Ministers that had received honours and portraits, none were in those particular frames at the moment. Not everyone did such a thing, preferring to have a portrait with family, but these men had put their career before anything and anyone else, which incidentally meant they didn’t have a family. Everyone assumed Cornelius was stupid, which suited him quite fine, but contrary to popular belief he knew what it took to stay in power. Keeping Lucius happy, allowing Dumbledore to believe he was firmly under his thumb. Although with the Dark Lord Voldemort back, he had to take care with Lucius, and how often he was seen with him. He couldn’t allow the public to think he was turning to the dark, oh no, it was one thing he wouldn’t do. He would never shame his families name with such an association. He wanted to be remembered as a great Minister who heralded the magical world into a new era. Merlin he could remember thinking it when he was just a fresh face taking his N.E.W.T’s. He’d been determined, went on to become an Auror, and worked his way up the ranks before applying for Minister. It had taken him three times, and then low and behold he succeeded. Along the way, snapping up an Order of Merlin, first class.

All previous Ministers had offered the magical world something they needed and wanted, or even near Ministers. Barty Crouch Senior for example, had taken to almost crucifying all Death Eaters. Stating they deserved Azkaban without trial, and oddly enough everyone wished for him to become Minister. Then it all turned sour, his own son was arrested and convicted of being a Death Eater and sentenced to Azkaban. Then the niggling thoughts began, if he couldn’t control his own son…how could he lead the magical world through war?

That’s when Cornelius realized he needed to take a stance that nobody had before, so he stood out against all other applicants vying for the Minister position. With Lucius able to thoroughly manipulate the purebloods and Dumbledore who was followed by the entire Muggle born and half blood (as well as light sided purebloods) would do as he suggested. Two people, one goal, and it had worked wonders, they had no idea he was the one manipulating them. They thought themselves so clever and superior to him, well they were wrong. Maybe one day he’d let them know, but not until he was done as Minister of Magic anyway. He knew both men better than they thought he did, Dumbledore was by no means ‘light’ and benevolent as he liked to portray. Just like Lucius wasn’t as evil as he liked to entertain he was. Lucius Malfoy had his weaknesses; his family was the main one.

Two loud raps against his door brought Cornelius from his thoughts, to find his quill still posed to sign the newest legislation. Which by the way was useless, the link had blotted all over the parchment, and ate through to his desk below. Cursing mentally he banished the mess and straightened himself up, it was only dinner time but he felt as though he’d been working non stop for weeks. “Enter,” said Fudge curiously, he had no meeting scheduled and his assistant had left early in an emergency.

“Ah, Madam Bones, how can I help you?” asked Cornelius out of formality, than any other reason, since he knew why she was here. He’d allowed her to go to Hogwarts alone and deal with the culprit. More so to do with avoiding Albus Dumbledore than anything else. When he first started as a Minister, he made sure to make it seem like Dumbledore was making the decisions, writing to him often to ask his opinion. Which had backfired, since he was constantly on his case, advising him even years later.

“I spoke to Professor Minerva McGonagall, she has alerted me to some damning information.” said Amelia, entering the office and closing the door tightly behind her. The silencing spells were promptly placed around the room, giving them their much desired privacy.

“Alright let’s hear it,” said Cornelius, his face becoming grim as he stared at the normally stoic witch with appreciation, not sure if he was going to like any information revealed tonight.

“I think it’s best if I actually showed you the meeting,” said Amelia solemnly.

“Very well,” said Cornelius hiding his wariness, immediately opening his bottom drawer and removing a pensive from within it. It belonged to the Ministry, and it was used (seldom) during courtroom trials to prove someone’s innocence or guilt. Memories were extremely private, as such most people elected not to use this means to prove it. Cornelius didn’t understand it; he would rather remove a memory than consume Veritaserum. Sitting back down, he removed his reading classes, rubbing his tired eyes. He had a feeling that the day was just about to get a whole lot worse. “I don’t suppose you’ll tell me the suspect’s name?”

Amelia just shook her head gravely, before stilling completely, removing the memory from her mind. The silvery substance attached to the end of her wand, following it in an eerie manner. To someone first exposed to it, it looked like a spirit, an entity coming out the end of the wand. Slowly she lowered it until her wand was on top of the pensive before she flicked it away. The memory drifted further down, almost like a feather, swaying side to side before stilling completely in the bowl. The pensive had to be the best piece of magic invented ever, in her opinion, and well deserved had the inventor’s order of Merlin first class been.

Together they touched the pensive with their finger, and allowed themselves to be dragged into its depths.

Cornelius stared around immediately recognizing Hogwarts; he had attended the school after all in his youth. In fact he had been taught by Albus Dumbledore himself, and also Minerva McGonagall when she took over from him. Neither of it had affected him, since the Fudge’s always ended up in Huffelpuff, the house of those who were loyal. His own nephew had been placed in Huffelpuff. Rufus Fudge, a young man who was following his uncle’s footsteps making his way up the Ministry.

"Amelia, I didn't expect to hear back from you so soon," said Minerva.

"I called in a few favours, they've been at it for two days," said Amelia. "I got the sense that when you gave me it - it was of utmost important…was I wrong?"

"It was important," said Minerva "But not at the expense of someone working on it for two days none stop."

"Here are the results," said Amelia handing it over, "I couldn't keep it quiet, I am sorry. Minerva we need to know who this belongs to."

Cornelius watched the interactions closely; both of them were surprised and a little apprehensive. He had been informed of the results; Amelia Bone's first loyalty was to the Ministry. In fact she was one of the few people he trusted completely. He summarized Professor McGonagall knew who it was already, judging by the look on her face.

"Who did you inform?" asked Minerva.

"The Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge and the Head of the Auror department Rufus Scrimgeour." said Amelia, "They wanted to come themselves, but I convinced them to be reasonable. Whoever it is might be at Hogwarts after all, and you aren't to blame."

Despite knowing Cornelius was naturally alarmed by the look that had spread over the stern teachers face. His mind immediately whirling, who could it be? There wasn’t many who could surely cause Minerva this much aguish over the results being known.

"Minerva are you okay?" asked Amelia.

"The date, it's before he was found. How did he get into the records room?" Minerva asked incredulity playing across her face.

Cornelius gasped sharply, inhaling in shock, almost not wanting to believe his ears. His eyes immediately went to Amelia who was in the pensive with him. Silently demanding answers, not willing to wait any more. The records room...oh no, quickly the Minister of magic put the pieces together and two add two became four - Albus Dumbledore. Coming to the conclusion long before it dawned upon Amelia Bones. It had to be, he was the only one who'd been desperate to get into the room. He understood his desire, don't get him wrong, it was awful what Harry Potter had been through. He never joined sides, just agreeing with whomever he was speaking to when it was regarding Harry Potter. Having a nephew himself, he couldn't understand why the Muggles had done what they did. Muggles abusing a wizard, it was unheard of, unethical and wrong on so many levels. He didn't know what had become of the child, and he would like to know. If he was alive he deserved to have his magic trained and his inheritance. He didn't believe for one minute Harry Potter would end the war. He was a child, he'd survived by a miracle but that didn’t mean he would do it repeatedly. No, if anyone had a chance of ending the war it was the Auror’s and even though it turned his stomach to admit - Dumbledore. Which if he was correct, might not actually be possible anymore.

"Records room?" echoed Amelia stepping back. "The Confidential records room?"

Cornelius Fudge mirrored Amelia Bones' horror still unable to form a single thought or word. Minerva didn't reply, so Cornelius had to assume she'd nodded while he'd been in his stupor.

"Oh, Albus, what have you done?" sighed Minerva quietly.

"I will need you to testify that this was Albus Dumbledore's." said Amelia insistently, "Otherwise he might be able to protest his innocence."

"Wait there please, don't move until I've returned." said Minerva standing up, grabbing Floo Powder and shouting in her destination.

Cornelius wasn’t perturbed when the memory shimmered and landed him in the next scene. He'd used pensive’s often enough he knew every feeling by now. He was however, taken aback when two additional people Floo’ed inside the ’memory’ room. One young man he couldn’t recognize, the other was in fact Severus Snape, Potions Master and teacher at Hogwarts. He'd been a spy; unfortunately his cover was blown when Crouch ordered his arrest. Albus Dumbledore had come forward proving his innocence at the end of the last war. Staring intently at the young man, trying to figure him out, his eyes were drawn to the collar, and despite it being a memory Cornelius threw Severus Snape a speculative look. One he dare not have sent him if he’d been standing in front of the wizard. It wasn’t just school children who feared Severus Snape, oh no, adults were down right terrified of him as well.

“Why are they here?” enquired Cornelius yet Amelia didn’t respond she was busy staring at the stranger who had yet to be identified. She had a sad look on her face, yet a probing one, as if she was trying to unravel the mystery or understand the person better. He was rather hoping he wasn’t going to be dealing with Severus Snape during the investigation; the wizard could scare the living day lights out of him with just one single look.

"Is this him?" asked Amelia staring at Harry speculatively.

"Amelia, I'd like you to meet Harry Potter, Harry, this is Amelia Susan Bones, the head of the Department of Law Enforcement." said Minerva.

"It's nice to finally meet you Mr. Potter," said Amelia nodding her head curtly.

“POTTER?!” cried out Fudge sputtering in shock, his eyes once again drawn to the young man, and had to admit he did have a superficial resemblance to his father. He didn’t have the complete ‘Potter’ look through, the short messy bird-nest hair, the tall muscular build and the features in the face that all the Potter’s did. Then again James’ hadn’t, he’d been lanky, but that’s because he hadn’t had a chance to grow old. Fudge’s eyes darkened slightly at his thoughts, no James Potter had died at the age of twenty one, a child by magical age standards. He mentally calculated Harry’s age, seventeen, should be in his last year at Hogwarts unless he was mistaken.

Amelia observed the angry yet indignant stance Harry adopted at her query of ‘is this him’ he certainly didn’t like being stared at. She didn’t blame him for how he was; she’d dealt with worse during her tenure as the head of the law enforcement. Normally attitudes like his grated on her nerves, yet Harry was an exception. She didn’t understand either, maybe it was because she knew of his past and realized it could be a defence mechanism.


Amelia and Cornelius observed Harry nodding his head without commenting.

"What was found?" enquired Severus bluntly, his black eyes glaring.

Cornelius shuddered slightly; there was something decidedly intense about Snape. His eyes alone could make you feel two inches tall.

"Here," said Minerva handing over the results.

"Are these one hundred percent accurate?" asked Severus his eyes wide.

"Yes, the results were tested twice." said Amelia her tone clipped and formal.

"Harry, did you use magic just before you were caught by Dumbledore?" asked Severus. Staring intently at Harry, conveying something that neither Amelia nor Cornelius was privy to.

“Caught?” spluttered Cornelius once more, Harry Potter wasn’t some sort of criminal! Caught indeed. Then he realized by the way Severus Snape asked the question that Harry knew about magic. Frowning in contemplation, staring intently at both of them, realizing there was something going on between the two. The way he was staring at Harry was telling it was like they were having silent conversation. You could only do that with someone you’d known a long time, one that you knew a great deal, especially what they were thinking.

Amelia just sighed she’d basically had the same reaction as the Minister had, so she could say nothing as she observed everything happening with a critical eye. She wondered what his next reaction would be, keeping an eye on Harry, she watched the Minister...wanting to take some morbid pleasure out of it. It was extremely out of character for her, but she’d been shocked so much tonight herself she just wanted some amusement.

Was it wrong to want some merriment out of this? Probably.

Yes," said Harry swallowing thickly, looking decidedly nervous for some reason. "I'd just gotten out of the shop when I saw them and bolted."

Amelia twitched a look of what could only be described as confused horror appearing on her face momentarily.

"He ran away?" gaped Cornelius in complete and utter bafflement, why? what? what? what? He shook his head as if hoping to jumble everything together again and so it would make sense. Why would Harry run away from his own people? His heart sank at the prospect of Harry not trusting wizards, was it because of the abuse? Had Dumbledore ruined Harry’s life and magical prospects? The thought left him cold.

"He tried." said Amelia speaking for the first time since they'd entered the pensive, and begun watching the memories.

"Sorry, Dumbledore has been admitted to Hospital ward, he stopped taking the calming draughts and is going through a withdrawal." said Minerva rolling her eyes.

"Withdrawal?" questioned Fudge, he couldn't wait to get out of the pensive and discuss everything properly.

Harry's lips pressed together as he stifled his amusement.

"He does not like Dumbledore," said Cornelius feeling a marginal respect for Harry Potter rising. There weren't many people who didn't like Dumbledore that wasn’t on the dark side.

"Considering he didn't find Harry when he was eleven he didn't have his magical signature, he somehow got into the records room." said Severus his disgust obvious for all to hear.

"Yes, Minerva has already suspected as much," said Amelia grimly.

"What's the records room?" asked Harry frowning at the reactions it gained from the three others.

Cornelius' eyes dimmed, there was so much Harry didn't know, that he should. If he'd been raised by his parents he would know everything there was to know.

"The confidential record room is where every single wizard and witches records are kept, even long after they are gone from this world. Records that are kept closely guarded and monitored, since it holds the blood of a wizard as well as a master copy of their magical signature. Two items held most sacred in our world, blood is a tool that could be used for evil deeds as well as magic. For only one purpose can anyone see the room let alone use the records, that is if they've committed treason without doubts. Such a thing hasn't been used since Grindelwald's time, a good few generations ago. It isn't used lightly at all, the fact he's gained entrance…puts every wizard and witch at risk - we have to find out how he accomplished it. If Albus Dumbledore can do it, then the Dark Lord Voldemort may accomplish it, this could cause mass devastation and destruction across the entire magical British Community." Amelia Bones told him.

"You mean like their medical history?" stated Harry trying to store it away in an acceptable and understandable way.

"That's exactly what it is," said Minerva nodding to Harry that he had it right.

"Indeed," said Severus gravely.

"Do you have enough to arrest him?" enquired Harry.

"He really doesn't like him." stated Cornelius wryly.

"More than enough, but he need to gather a strong case if we are to take on Albus Dumbledore. We can leave no room for error or doubt, because he will use it to his advantage." said Madam Bones her voice professional. "You say Dumbledore caught you, can you tell me what you meant by that?"

"I think it speaks for itself don't you?" said Harry sarcastically, staring in incredulity, and he'd through she was smart.

Cornelius grinned unable to help himself, he definitely knew Snape long before this meeting. He spoke like the man, it was a dead give away, and he wondered if the others realized what it meant. He could barely wait to meet the young man, the best part he could be himself.

"He forced me to come to Hogwarts," said Harry. "I bolted the second I saw them, but unfortunately they just Apparated, Black grabbed me but then let go when I screamed that a pervert was trying to kidnap me."

Severus coughed a few times, looking away from them all.

Cornelius gaped had the man just smiled? Actually almost laughed? Wow, he was stunned; the world truly had turned on its axis.

"Then what happened?" asked Amelia.

"Why don't we take a seat and have some coffee and something to eat?" suggested Minerva.

"What about our dinner?" asked Harry.

The minister nodded his head as if it had just confirmed every thought he had regarding Harry Potter.

"Grace will finish it and keep it under a warming charm, until we return." said Severus. Sitting down on one of the chairs, helping himself to a cup of coffee, pouring one for Harry as well.

Amelia who stared at them speculatively as she took a seat.

"I kicked him in the ba…" said Harry stopping briefly when Severus cleared his throat loudly. “Privates. Then I ran again, but one of them stunned me, I woke up in a room here at Hogwarts."

"You kicked Sirius Black?" asked Amelia Bones.

"Yes," said Harry bluntly.

"Sorry, please continue." said Amelia.

"I tricked them into believing I was coming around, they wanted to show me Hogwarts. As soon as I got out the door I slammed it in their faces. Took me ages to get around the dungeons, but I eventually got out but as I neared the doors they closed on me." said Harry his face screwed up in distaste.

"The doors?" asked Amelia.

"The entrance hall." stated Severus calmly, drinking some coffee.

Cornelius stared wistful at the hot brews; he certainly felt the need for one right now. The more he learned the more he realized why she hadn't just told him but elected instead to show him.

"They knew you didn't want to be there." stated Amelia looking shaken.

"Obviously." said Harry his tone one of exasperation.

"How many were there? Just the two of them?" enquired Amelia.

"Three." stated Harry. "Black, Lupin and Dumbledore."

"Sirius Black, Remus Lupin." added Minerva.

"He kept his own godson locked up in Hogwarts...after what he went through in Azkaban?" asked Fudge beyond baffled by their actions.

"He did." said Amelia quietly, keeping her attention on everything that was happening.

"Do you wish to press charges on all of them?" asked Amelia.

Harry looked at Minerva and Severus, stuck on what to do. "No, just Dumbledore, the others are just sheep they can't think for themselves." said Harry derisively.

Cornelius watched Harry, seeing him looking at Severus for an answer made him finally acknowledge what he suspected about the collar. He knew if he so much as tried to look at Snape wrong well...Harry Potter would defend the man with his life. Harry Potter was a submissive, a willing one by the way he was looking at Severus Snape. There was never a hint of fear in those green eyes. It was a comfort to know he was happy and that he was treated well. To separate them, even if Harry was manipulated into it, would do the young man no good. Denial was something nobody could deprive anyone of if they wished it hard enough. Sheep! He was half indignant when he realized what the boy said. Yet he knew what the boy was talking about, he'd thought it often enough.

"I see," said Amelia evidently baffled by his statement.

"Did they ever lay a hand on you?" asked Amelia, "Or hurt you with magic?"

"Dumbledore chased Harry out of the school, resulting in Harry falling down the steps at the entrance hall, not only that but told a house elf to stop him by any means necessary. Which resulted in Harry being blasted ten feet in the air, Dumbledore did not check to see if he was alright. Merely put him back in the room he had imprisoned him in. when I got to him, his entire back and legs were bruised severely. He also put a tracking charm on him, imbued in a gold bracelet he put on Harry ensuring he couldn't get away even if he tried." said Severus in short curt explanation.

"Merlin's balls, what was the man thinking?" exploded Cornelius unable to keep his thoughts to himself any longer.

"We should also tell you that Albus Dumbledore left Harry with the Dursley's his remaining family." said Minerva.

"Yes, I am aware of that." said Amelia.

"He allowed Harry to be abused; he had letters to that effect from Arabella Figg and did nothing. We only found out ourselves when Severus removed Harry from the room Dumbledore had Harry locked in." said Minerva sadly.

Cornelius just gawked wide eyed unable to feel anything but horrified disbelief.

Amelia sighed before adding "Anything else you want to tell me?" sounding irritated.

"We have all the evidence you need as proof that he knew," said Minerva, "I'll give you copies, and I'd rather the originals were somewhere safe."

"Of course," said Amelia, it wasn't an unusual request to make. "I must report this to the Minister tonight."

"Let us know how it goes." said Severus standing up, leaving his empty cup on Minerva's desk. Harry immediately stood as well.

"I will," said Amelia nodding in understand, getting to her feet as well. "It was nice meeting you; I just wish the circumstances were more pleasant."

"Indeed," said Severus wryly, the irony written all over his features.
“This is going to be a difficult process,” said Cornelius, staring across at the head of the department of law enforcement. They both had cups of coffee with something stronger added, they both really needed it. Cornelius didn’t make a habit of drinking on the job, but sometimes it got too much and he had a little nipper.

“It is,” agreed Amelia rubbing her eyes and pinching her nose tiredly. It was almost difficult to believe it was only six forty-five at night. It felt as though it was past midnight, her body was demanding sleep, either that or she needed to sleep on the sudden influx of information she’d received. She’d never been over friendly with Dumbledore, but she’d stupidly believed him a good wizard who strived to make the magical world better. She was usually a good judge of character, so this blow was a devastating one that’s for sure.

“We need to keep this between the two of us, nobody else can know is that understood?” said Cornelius the boss in him coming out.

“I understand,” said Amelia, the more people that knew, the more likely it would be to reach Dumbledore’s ears, not something they could risk.

“Good, if you need help I will do what I can to help.” said Cornelius meaning every word, and not saying it as a platitude.

“What about Rufus Scrimgeour?” asked Amelia remembering the wizard.

“Leave him to me,” said Cornelius grimly. “I’ll set up a date for the court hearing, leaving the names blank. It will raise their curiosity but its better than them knowing before the date.”

“I should do that, it will raise less questions coming from me rather than you,” said Amelia arguing the point.

“Very well,” conceded Cornelius nodding, knowing without a doubt she had a point. He didn’t make a habit of making court dates; it was after all Amelia’s duty, although he’d changed a few times in his day or held it back.

“The quicker this is dealt with the better,” said Amelia bleakly.

“Indeed,” said Cornelius, “Go on home, have an early night, you’re going to need it.”

"I will there's a few things I'll need to collect from my office." said Amelia standing up recognizing the dismissal.

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Chapter 30

Lucius, Plans and Gringotts

Lucius Malfoy had been up for hours already, it was only six o'clock but lately he'd been unable to sleep. Not just because the Dark Lord was staying in his manor, things were strained between himself and Narcissa. Right now he was staring at the latest statement from Gringotts without really seeing it, his mind a million miles away. His son had withdrawn over four thousand galleons from the main Malfoy Vault yesterday. He'd never put a limit on the vault, his son had always got everything his heart desired. If there was one thing he loved more than his own life, it was his son and of course his wife came next. His mind drifted to the day Draco was born, he'd ignored the Dark Lord's call, there was no way he'd miss his sons birth. He'd paid heavy for it, but it had been nothing on being able to hold his newborn child in his arms, listening to his cries. Healthy, strong, blonde haired and blue eyed, and he'd been over the moon, it was the only thing in his life he was truly proud of. Nothing could ever compare to it, certainly not the Dark Lord or any of his other accomplishments in the wizards services.

He knew deep down he was about to lose it all, with the Dark Lord taking up residence here in his Manor, his wife had been terrified constantly, not to forget distant. Even his own son had been avoiding him as though he had the infectious disease Dragon Pox. He'd been worried for weeks, now this was cementing it in a way that made Lucius feel like his heart was giving out on him. If he hadn't been a healthy man his heart would have given out. He was having heart palpitations, terror which the likes he'd never known before was enveloping him.

"Dobby!" rasped Lucius as it worsened, Merlin help him he couldn't allow the Dark Lord to see him this way. He immediately hid the Gringotts statement for fear of the wizard finding it. He should have burnt it, but his heart was going to crazy and he wasn't able to breathe never mind think properly.

"Yes sir? How can Dobby help Master Malfoy?" asked Dobby bowing low, his green eyes were dead, staring up at the wizard to whom he was bound. His eyes widened seeing the state of his Master and stood back fearful that he'd be on the receiving end of his anger.

"Calming…Draught…Now." gasped Lucius pausing to try and regain his breath but unable to do so.

Dobby disappeared immediately, but not for long, he was back and handing the evil wizard the calming draught he'd demanded. He remained in the corner, bowing low keeping himself as invisible as possible, not wanting his Master's attention upon him. Yet not daring to leave him until he was dismissed. Staring intently at the floor, never removing his nose from it. All the house elves had been treated badly by the Malfoy's. Constantly hit or forced to punish themselves, but they'd never known how easy they had it until the evil Dark Lord had come to stay. Now they had to endure the Cruciatus curse cast on them whenever they were called, they all wanted out. Yet they couldn't until they were freed, and they weren't hopeful enough it would happen any time soon. Or at all come to that.

Lucius swallowed the potion urgently, and breathed a sigh of relief when it immediately began working. Closing his eyes in exhilaration as his heart began working again and he could breathe. He could barely comprehend the fact he'd just had a panic attack, he was Lucius Malfoy, heir to the noble house of Malfoy, never in all his years had such a thing happened before. Opening his eyes, his lip curled at the trembling creature before him. He'd never been overly kind to them, but he didn't appreciate the Dark Lord trying to curse them into insanity. Although the first few times had been amusing it was getting irritating now "You can go." he told the shocked elf, which did exactly what he'd been told without pause. He had other worries than terrorizing a stupid house elf.

He wasn't surprised that Draco didn't want to follow in his footsteps; he truthfully didn't think the younger generation did. Apart from a few who had been weaned on the fact they were born to be a Death Eater. Then again he'd pegged Marcus Flint as one of those, expecting him to be initiated as soon as the Dark Lord came back. Yet the second he had, Marcus had faded from the face of the earth. Nobody had seen him since that day, his parents had been furious and embarrassed and punished lengthily by the Dark Lord then killed. His Lord didn't tolerate failure or his people not acting accordingly, and the Flint's had done neither.

Draco was planning on running, he couldn't let his son do it alone, and he probably didn't know the first thing about hiding. If he was going, well he would make damn sure Narcissa went with him. He would pay for it with his life, of that he was certain but he wouldn't allow anything happen to his family. He could never live with himself if they were murdered because of something he did when he was a teenager (taking the mark). He'd offered his service, nowhere did it say his wife or child would, his son must be so confused and conflicted right now. He would have to get to Hogwarts as soon as possible, but that would have to wait until the Dark Lord left his premises. He couldn't be caught, not until everything was in order. Closing his eyes he realized his own death would soon come to pass. The oddest thing about it was that Lucius didn't feel scared, he felt calm, at peace no more games, no more worry, just saving the people that meant more to him than anything else on the planet.

It was time; deep down Lucius had always known it would occur sooner or later. His wife had been too relived sixteen years ago when the Dark Lord was defeated.


"Harry, wake up." said Severus shaking his submissive awake, they had a lot to do today and he wanted it done as quickly as possible. He had been awake for twenty minutes; he had showered and dressed, allowing Harry to sleep longer. Yesterday had been a tough experience for him, by the time they'd eaten dinner Harry was almost asleep on his feet. He'd sent him to bed, and he had joined Harry a few hours later.

"What's wrong?" asked Harry looking blearily around, confusion the most prominent emotion on his face. He was so tired, it must be extremely early, much earlier than he normally got up for sure.

"We have a lot to do today, up, shower get dressed, breakfast will be waiting on you." said Severus.

"Why? What are we doing?" asked Harry stifling a yawn as he removed the bedcovers, shivering as he did so. The dungeons were always so cold, especially at night when there was no fire burning. He was tempted just to burrow back into his bed, and into the warmth. He jumped onto the rug, stopping his feet from getting cold on the dungeon tiles.

"Stopping at Gringotts first and foremost." said Severus, as Harry left the room making a beeline for the bathroom. He could rest easy about the fact Dumbledore was still to out of it to do much, but it wouldn't be the case forever. Then there was the fact Dumbledore had contacts at just about everywhere, including Gringotts. He didn't use the Order, he used people he'd indebted to him, and it varied. Dumbledore had tried that with him once and only once, he wouldn't have any of it. He wasn't some bloody idiot to be ordered around. He'd made that clear to Dumbledore without using so many words.

Harry undressed and ducked under the warm spray his Dom had left going for him. Grabbing the shower gel as he scrubbed himself clean. Gringotts he knew that place, that was the wizarding bank. Where his money was kept. He'd gone years without a penny, living on the streets while he had money in an underground vault the irony wasn't lost on him. He hated Dumbledore, to Harry everything that had happened to him was his fault. Now he was about to get his just desserts, it seemed like a serious thing he'd done taking his file? Or maybe folder from the 'records' room, he needed to find out more about that. There was so much he wanted to find out about, especially the bond.

"Breakfast is out," said Severus.

Harry turned of the shower and dried himself of magically just like he'd seen Severus doing a few times. Grinning wryly when he noticed his clothes waiting on him, he hadn't even heard anyone coming in either. When Severus said breakfast was out, what he meant in other words was get out of the shower now, we don't have all day.

"You dried your hair magically didn't you?" said Severus smirking as Harry emerged from the bathroom, a billow of steam breaking out as he did so.

"Yes," said Harry blinking at Severus in confusion, "How did you know?" other than the fact it was already dry, duh, stupid question. He sat down not really expecting an answer to it, well maybe just a sarcastic one.

"Magically drying ones hair makes it staticky, causing it to stand up on end, and very difficult to tame." smirked Severus, before solemnly adding, "Your father used to do it, which made his look even messier." he hated talking about James Potter, yet Harry didn't have anyone else to talk to about him. Harry knew he wouldn't get a lot of information from him, about James Potter at least anyway. Harry was aware they had been enemies and wouldn't look for more information. Swallowing his pride and telling Harry about him was more than he would have done a few years ago. Harry truly was affecting him, and it was for the better.

"He wasn't a face-changer." said Harry smugly. To prove his point, he changed his hair length, growing it longer and straighter. Not too much though, he wasn't a girl and didn't want mistaken for one either.

"Indeed not," said Severus impressed, his abilities were coming along swimmingly, and he was gaining more control over it. Harry didn't just change his basic looks now; he could change things like the size of his chin, ears, even shape of his eyes. Practise makes perfect and Harry was doing his best, not just with that but everything else. "The technical term for your ability is Metamorphmagus." he added as an afterthought.

"Is it normal to have so many different abilities?" asked Harry, his forehead furrowed as he thought about it himself for the first time.

Severus sat back staring at his submissive curiously, trying to discern if Harry was worried or cautious about the fact he had more than one ability. "You mean your Parselmouth and Metamorphmagus gifts?"

Harry nodded his green eyes curious.

"It's not unheard of to have multiple abilities. Most are passed down through the family, just like your Metamorphmagus, your grandmother on your fathers side was one. It runs in the Black family, you aren't the only one. Nymphadora Tonks has the ability and I believe you've met her. You stunned her in when you tried to get away." said Severus, finishing of his breakfast.

"And the Parseltongue?" asked Harry noticing Severus hadn't said anything about that.

Severus smirked in sardonic amusement, not surprised that Harry had picked up on that being lacked in the conversation. He would have asked as well, Harry was smart and intelligent; he wouldn't want his submissive any other way. "That ability runs though the Slytherin line, Salazar Slytherin was the first recorded Parselmouth, and his descendants always had the ability. The only known descendant is the Dark Lord."

"You mean I'm related to him?" asked Harry screwing his nose up at the thought.

"All pureblood's are inner-related Harry, it's just how related that matters." said Severus.

"I'm not pureblood," pointed out Harry as if he'd found a flaw in his statement.

"Not far of it, any child you have would be pureblood if you dated another pureblood or half blood like yourself." said Severus right back.

"I'm not related to you am I?" asked Harry sort of alarmed at the thought.

"I have no idea, I've never requested a family tree, and I do not have an interest in learning more about my Prince inheritance. Even if we were, it's at least four or five generation's back." said Severus chuckling wickedly, the look on Harry's face was comical to say the least.

"How do you get a family tree?" asked Harry inquisitively.

"A spell, either that or you can get one requested at Gringotts for a small fee, it's generally better to get Goblins to do it." said Severus, "Finished? Good let's go. I do not want the students seeing you just yet."

"Why the goblins?" asked Harry, as he made his way through to their bedroom, grabbing his invisibility cloak.

"It gives you the entire history, not just six generations." explained Severus, "Put it on."

"Yes sir," said Harry grinning as he disappeared from view feeling like a child. Moving towards the door and stepping through when it was opened. Silently of course, you had to be on the streets.

"Just remember I know exactly where you are," purred Severus into Harry's ear despite the fact he shouldn't have been able to.

Harry shuddered, electric sparks shooting all over his body with how close Severus was and response to his words. Biting his lip, he inwardly grumbled at the unfairness of it. Severus just laughed quietly, then abruptly all emotion was erased from his face. Harry regardless could sense how Severus was feeling right now. His Dom was amused; Harry was determined to find out just how he knew this. Just as soon as they returned from Gringotts, thank god it was the weekend; he had his Dom all to himself.

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Chapter 31


If anyone had looked outside of Hogwarts that morning, they would have seen a strange sight indeed. Severus Snape with his arms wrapped around thin air, or perhaps they might have had the smarts to work out it was someone invisible. Unfortunately the students of Hogwarts didn’t seem to have a smart thought between them, especially for children exposed to magic for so long. As it was, nobody was awake other than the house elf’s preparing for a long day ahead. Cleaning and cooking for the hundreds of students within Hogwarts walls. In fact most students would be taking the time to sleep in, since it was the weekend and they didn’t have classes to attend.

Once they were in Diagon Alley, Severus removed the cloak, since they didn’t know what Harry looked like - they wouldn’t assume it was him. Not that anyone in their right mind would think Severus Snape would go anywhere with Harry Potter, especially without a barge pole between them. The hatred between Snape and Potter was legendary; of course they shallowly thought the hatred would be passed on to the second generation. Which might have been true if Harry had ended up at Hogwarts at the age of eleven. Although it was debatable, since he may have ended up in Slytherin, and Severus may have seen a different side to the Potter heir. As it stands though, they couldn’t change the past, or beat how they feel, which was the only reason Severus had helped Harry. No if it was easy to stop how one feels, then there wouldn’t be heartbreak or lost love between people.

“Is this it?” asked Harry somewhat disappointed, sure the items in shops were fascinating but the area itself…well it wasn’t very advanced. It’s what Harry imagined to be a back street place for people not well off, or back in the early days of Ancient Rome. He wasn’t sure what he had expected, well he did, and he’d expected more.

“It is,” said Severus wryly, feeling Harry’s disappointment, he hadn’t been mesmerised like Lily had been when first getting their things. Or rather when Lily had gone for her things, since most of his school items had been second hand. In fact he had his first piece of magical chocolate that day if he remembered correctly, and ice cream. Lily’s parents had treated him like a son they never had, at least until they’d fallen out, a year later the Evan’s had died and Lily was alone…not she’d had James Potter.

Both of them walked through Diagon Alley, Severus pointing out shop after shop as they walked. Most of them were just opening, that’s how early Severus had dragged Harry out of bed. The newspapers were just being placed on stands, owls being sent of with deliveries and not just the Daily Prophet either. Owl order was very popular, probably the only reason they continued with it. Who would get up and leave their house if an owl was capable of delivering it? Even if it did cost a galleon in price for delivery. He did garner a few curious looks from the shopkeepers; after all he wasn’t stalking around like a bat out of hell, but actually talking to someone. Especially people who knew him, shops he frequented often.

“That looks out of place,” said Harry cocking his head to the side, the towering marble building was breathtaking to say the least; it towered over all the other shops. Two Goblins flanked the burnished bronze doors, with red and gold uniforms on. Harry goggled at them, magical or not, it didn’t take a genius to figure out what they were. Even the Muggle world knew what ‘goblins’ were, although their descriptions varied…mostly making them green.

“Indeed,” said Severus, “This is Gringotts, let’s go.” they stepped up the marbles stairs and passed the open bronze doors. Inside they found another set of doors which were silver instead of bronze; Harry observed writing on them and curiously wandered over to read it.

Enter, stranger, but take heed
Of what awaits the sin of greed
For those who take, but do not earn,
Must pay most dearly in their turn.
So if you seek beneath our floors
A treasure that was never yours,
Thief, you have been warned, beware
Of finding more than treasure there.
“Goblins take their tasks of guarding their bank very seriously, they also have a code of secrecy, if one does break it the Goblin nation considers it treachery, they have their own way of dealing with it.” said Severus sounding amused. Reading the inscription over Harry’s head. “They have many enchantments that prevent people getting down there, including dragons and spells that drop you into pits. Nobody is insane enough to try, well nobody sane is.”

“Cool,” said Harry impressed for the first time, it was worth coming just to see this building. It was awesome, and he did wonder if it was real bronze and silver, and if he’d find a gold door also within these halls. Even Hogwarts was growing on him now that he didn’t want to get away from those entrapping him within her walls.

“Indeed,” replied Severus, guiding Harry further into the building, passed the silver doors and to see the beauty within, if you didn’t include the Goblins of course. They weren’t a sight you’d want to look at every minute of every day after all. Vast marble counters as far as the eye could see, sitting at them were hundred of goblins. Behind them were two passageways guarded with goblins as well, leading down presumably to the vaults.

Right now the place was practically empty of any wizards, with confidence Severus stepped up to a goblin staring impassively, waiting on the goblin recognizing him.

“Can I help you?” asked the Goblin, the query sounded friendly enough if it wasn’t for the fact the goblins teeth were bared in an animalistic manner. Quite possibly it could be their version of a smile, but one never knew.

“Mr. Potter is here to enquire about his vaults in private,” said Severus his voice low but dangerous. Despite his focus seemingly on the goblin, he was taking in his surroundings, ensuring there was nobody there within earshot. He didn’t want it to get out until Dumbledore was safely behind bars. He took no shortcuts when it came to keeping his submissive safe. A slow smirk worked its way onto his face when the goblins eyes widened comically at his pronouncement. Its eyes automatically tried to see Harry’s forehead, but unfortunately with the long hair it was impossible.

“Follow me,” said the goblin, before disappearing completely from view behind the marble counter.

Severus and Harry walked towards the opening, and followed the goblin; they went into a small room presumably used as a lounge to talk to people regarding their vaults. There wasn’t much in it; no doubt anything of value was kept under lock and key. Goblins prided themselves on secrecy, so it wasn’t as though they’d leave anything about anyone’s vault lying around to be read by anyone in these rooms. With a click of his fingers a folder appeared on the desk, where he’d summoned it the wizards did not know.

“Does Mr. Potter have his key?” asked the goblin sitting on his seat staring at them through beady eyes.

“Yes my parents gave it to me when I was one years old,” said Harry sarcastically, rolling his eyes not impressed at being treated like a child.

“By this I assume his key has already been taken?” asked Severus his voice harsh and cold.

“It has,” said Griphook his black eyes actually looking weary, and no wonder with the look on Snape’s face.

“By who?” demanded Severus his lip curling in disgust, so much for the goblins running the bank securely. Strength through loyalty indeed, they needed to change their motto.

“Albus Dumbledore removed it in the summer of 1991,” said Griphook.

“When did the name Harry Potter turn into Albus Dumbledore?” growled Severus his magic reacting to his anger, but he was just able to contain it.

“For the oversight we will change the lock on the vault for free, a new key will be produced immediately,” said Griphook in order to appease them. Writing down on a piece of paper and clicking his fingers, the paper disappeared.

“That’s not the point! Why did you give my key to him?” demanded Harry furiously, as he always was when Dumbledore was brought into the equation.

“We were under the impression he was collecting you from your Muggle relatives.” said Griphook, “That the key would be given to you to use as you wish.”

“By the fact it requires a key, I am to assume it was just his trust fund?” said Severus, the family vault was lower down and required a goblin to access it. As was required for all pureblood security vaults.

“Yes, it’s also where the contents of Godric’s Hollow were stored.” explained Griphook.

“Has anything been removed from his trust vault?” requested Severus. If the answer was yes, the Goblin better run and hide he wasn’t in the mood for games.

“Nothing that’s been placed in there has been removed, we take our security measures extremely seriously.” said Griphook surely.

“No family heirlooms are missing?” challenged Severus. Knowing good and well a few books had been removed from the family vault and of course the invisibility cloak. If he didn’t know about them, and wasn’t trying to hide the fact things had been removed to safe face, then they were removed by the Potter’s themselves.

“Nobody other than the Potter’s have removed items from the vaults.” said Griphook once again, his eyes filled with honesty, voice full of adamance.

“What were the last items removed by the Potters?” asked Severus out of curiosity.

“Lily Potter removed several Potter books and pouch of money in 1981, James Potter removed his invisibility cloak two weeks after.” said Griphook looking at the ledger, they kept a keen eye on everything removed and added to the vaults. Otherwise they would have an insurance nightmare on their hands.

“‘81, is that the year they died?” asked Harry mentally calculating the years.

“Yes,” said Severus sadly, she must have removed that book on runes, that’s when she knew deep down if anything happened to her, Harry would survive. She must have suspected Pettigrew even just a little bit to have contemplated needing it. It wasn’t a comforting thought at all, why hadn't she said something?

A knock on the door interrupted their conversation.

“Enter,” said Griphook loudly.

“As requested the new key to vault 687,” said the goblin, passing it over before immediately leaving the room, obviously aware of what had gone on. The old key would be a melted puddle of goo wherever it was, and if it was in someone’s pocket well needless to say they’d have been scalded by the melting gold.

“Has a stockbroker been investing the Potter money?” enquired Severus.

“Nothing has come or gone from the vaults since the death of James Potter.” said Griphook immediately.

“Something will have to be done about that,” said Severus thoughtfully.

“What about the twins?” suggested Harry perking up.

Severus turned to face his submissive cocking his eyebrow curiously as if to say what about them?

“Their products are good; if they could just get their business started and premises they could make lots of money. Maybe even expand overseas.” said Harry, who evidently had faith that the Weasleys could make a go of the business world.

“It would be your own risk.” cautioned Severus, not about to deny Harry something he obviously wanted. Yet if he was going to do this he’d have proper paperwork drawn up. He wouldn’t just hand over money without having a proper contract to ensure he received a percentage of the income. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have the money, if it didn’t work out it wouldn’t leave him penniless. Plus as he’d told Harry he would be paying for all his needs, he also wanted to make sure Harry would have plenty of money if anything happened to him.

“They are very shrewd.” admitted Griphook. Unfortunately Gringotts wasn’t able to provide the Weasley twins with the loan they requested. They had nothing of value for them to take should their business venture fail. They just felt it wasn’t worth the risk, to give them the amount they requested. If it had been up to Griphook though, he’d have taken the chance but no, it wasn’t his decision.

“Very well, I would like a contract drawn up on both ends, thirty percent of all income goes to Harry.” said Severus swiftly, always thinking on his feet.

“How much do you want to put into the business?” enquired Griphook writing on a pad of paper. Investments were a daily part of business at Gringotts.

Severus mentally calculated everything that would be needed to begin a business, products, premises, testers; it was no small fee to start it up. “Ten thousand Galleons it should be more than enough,” said Severus.

“How much is that in pounds?” asked Harry more out of curiosity than anything, if his Dom was handing that much of his money out without a concern…just how much did he have? He trusted Severus completely though, and would never doubt him. He was as always looking out for him and doing what he thought was best, exactly what he'd signed up for and wanted.

“Five thousand British Pounds,” said Griphook before Severus could reply, it was automatic, numbers were easy to him. He spent his days surrounded by it, changing and exchanging money, taking people down to their vaults, it was constant.

Severus nodded that the Goblin was indeed correct.

“How much do I have?” asked Harry his mind boggling at the amount, he wanted to laugh at the absurdity of this. Here he had been scrimping to get by, stealing when he couldn’t and all this time he had thousands of pounds in a vault here at Gringotts.

“These are the two vaults you have, with a list of contents in both,” said Griphook handing them over.

710 was his family vault which held twenty times the amount of his trust vault. 687 was his trust vault that had over a million galleons in it, that wasn’t adding the Sickles and Knuts he didn’t know the equivalent of. He was set for life, he could if he desired make his own way in life. It wasn’t one of his desires though; he just wanted someone to take care of him, for someone not to expect him to kill a wizard. Although for Severus he’d be willing to do it, just to keep him safe. Most people assumed it was the Dom taking care of the submissive, for most part they’d be right, but the submissive did look after the Dom in more ways than one.

“The proceedings of the Weasley investment will go into the family vault,” said Severus offhandedly.

“Very well,” said Griphook.

“Mr. Potter would like a copy of his family tree, remove the fee from his trust vault,” said Severus remembering Harry’s desire to know more about his family.

“I will have it done immediately, if you would like to go back to the main room, I will be back with everything you need in three minutes.” said Griphook.

“Let’s go Harry,” said Severus standing up immediately glad this business was done; admittedly it had taken longer than planned.

“Bye,” said Harry catching up with Severus, glad that he’d not had to deal with all that, it was slightly confusing for him. After all Harry had never had to deal with money, vaults, investments, loans or anything of that nature. He probably would have ended up ripped off, either by the Goblins or the twins, as honourable as the twins are…they would never hesitate to try and make more money. It’s the way of the world, especially for those who grew up without it. Plus the twins were sneaker than anyone Harry had met bar himself, oh and Severus of course.

They’d just got to the main part of the building when Severus froze in place, stopping Harry in his tracks. Taking a bruising grip on his arm, keeping him hidden behind his back. Which was admittedly easy to do, Harry was short and much skinner than Severus due to the malnutrition he’d suffered. Harry was deadly curious about who or what could cause his Dom to act like that, but didn’t dare disobey his silent orders.

Severus had frozen upon seeing Lucius Malfoy at Gringotts, not because he was afraid of the wizard, in fact in a one on one duel he knew he could get the better of the wizard. Malfoy fought dirty but nobody knew dirty like Severus, plus the spells he’d invented put Lucius at a serious disadvantage. His black eyes scanned his surroundings, wondering if there were other Death Eaters waiting to invade Gringotts. Lucius didn’t look as though he was casing the place, in fact his face was pale and gaunt, he’d yet to spot Severus either. He’d never seen the proud man like that before, had Narcissa been killed? If so that would kill Draco, it really would. The boy loved his mother more than anything else in the world, so much so he was willing to go against the Dark Lord on her say so.

Lucius had always been a private man, yes he flaunted his wealth but never to order so much at the desk. Over a million galleons, just what the hell was he up to? He could see even the Goblin was shocked so it wasn’t a normal thing. Was the Dark Lord on the move again? Gaining more followers through people desperate for money enough to join? He’d done it during the last war, only using the imperious curse when he had to. Money and family connections were the only reason the Dark Lord was lenient on Lucius Malfoy. Without either of them there was little doubt the man would be disposed off. No something was off, Lucius was cagey, and he looked ready to flee. Was it from the bank or from the magical world one had to wonder, that’s of course if he was right.

Belatedly realizing he still had a tight grip on Harry, he lessened his hold the last thing he wanted to do was hurt him. He and Lucius had never been, what you could call best of friends, they’d gotten to know each other well through their services to the Dark Lord. Since the boys who’d pulled him into the fold wanted nothing to do with him afterwards he hadn’t really had much of a choice but to survive. Narcissa had always been kind to him when he was at Malfoy Manor. Probably why she’d named him godfather, he did wonder with the new information from Draco if there had been an ulterior motive. Had she known even them his heart wasn’t in it? That he’d left the Dark Lord’s services a year before he’d been brought down? It mattered little since he probably wouldn’t find out.

“Here is the contract, both copies, just send one back when they’ve been filled in. This is the family tree he requested, sign this form to allow us to remove the fee from the vault.” said Griphook, speaking to Harry. Having the sense not to name any names here in the lobby, especially with a Death Eater a few feet away. Harry took one look at the quill in the Goblins hand and scowled, grumbling obscenities under his breath he reluctantly and slowly signed his name. Swearing that he would never use one again, thankfully it had been a self inking quill; otherwise the paper would have had more splodges than a signature.

Harry could have sworn he heard the Goblin stare at him strangely and say something in a language he didn't understand.

Their conversation drew Lucius’ curiosity, or rather half of it, he glanced over before turning to stare at Severus thoughtfully. He could do one last thing for his family, his mind drifted to the journal given to him by the Dark Lord all those years ago. He had to be quick about everything he wanted to do; his mind shields were pretty useless, especially against the Dark Lord. If for one second he suspected anything that would be it, his entire family would be killed before his eyes. Lucius plastered his ‘Malfoy’ persona and masks on, which didn’t get the desired reactions from Severus if anything he just grew tenser. Curious, for the first time that day, he felt more than just worry or panic.

Then much to Lucius’ shock, he noticed someone else with Snape, he was absolutely stunning, it was little wonder Snape was cautious. No doubt Snape would be keeping a keen eye on him in the future, and boy Lucius was tempted. As much as he loved his wife, he still desired him, not that he’d cross Snape, or had the time for it right now.

“Who is that?” asked Harry catching a look at the wizard from the corner of his eye. Long blonde hair, manicured hands. “An Ex?” with the way his Dom was behaving and the way the man dressed well…it just screamed gay to him.

Severus choked at the thought, having to stop himself laughing desperately. “No.” he managed to get out, sounding very unlike himself.

“What? He is gay isn’t he? I mean look he has manicured hands!” said Harry, glad to see his Dom returning to normal.

“He has a wife,” said Severus chuckling darkly, if only Lucius could hear this.

“And?” asked Harry questioningly.

“Let’s go,” said Severus, his amusement fading fast, he was a walking target for the Death Eaters, he could protect himself. Unfortunately he didn’t want to have to protect Harry as well; because he wasn’t one hundred percent sure he’d win. Especially not if they used Harry as bait, it wasn’t something he wanted to even contemplate. Unfortunately he wasn’t naïve and that’s what had saved his life so many times in the past. If Lucius told the Dark Lord before they could get back to the safety of Hogwarts…well he dreaded to think what could happen. It was time to return, they could get clothes another time, ask Madam Malkin’s to make a personal appearance in his quarters and fit Harry herself. The closest Floo Network was in the Leaky Cauldron, which is where he quickly stalked towards, keeping hold of Harry, ignoring Lucius completely.


“Bloody heck!” grumbled Harry as he picked himself up off the floor, wiping the soot from his clothes. Someone really needed to clean that system it was filthy! And he didn’t have many clothes as it was. His Dom chuckled and with one spell his clothes were as good as new.

“Go on then, ask.” said Severus throwing his submissive a knowing look. This brought Harry back to his earlier thoughts.

“You can sense my emotions can’t you?” said Harry, sitting down crossing his legs staring at his Dom.

Severus stiffened; he hadn’t anticipated that question so soon. Unfortunately he couldn’t keep it from him forever, but it wasn’t his fault, Harry had been the one to instigate the bond. No, that technically wasn’t right, both of them had on a subconscious level wanted it, and magic had acted it out for them. “Yes.” admitted Severus, “Magic bonded us on the highest level, I have yet to put that to the test, with other things to deal with.” he did wonder how Harry had worked it out, it was only natural for him to have questions regarding what just happened.

“Aren’t you curious why I’m asking?” asked Harry.

“Indeed,” said Severus.

Harry laughed; he was curious but not enough to ask in other words then. “I’ve been able to sense how you feel…how does this bond work?” Harry told him.

“If you had read the book you would know,” said Severus dryly.

“You haven’t given me anything other than potion books,” said Harry frowning wondering if he was forgetting something.

“Ah,” said Severus, “My mistake, I’ll get it for you this afternoon.”

“Afternoon?” repeated Harry blankly.

“I told you it was going to be a busy day, I’m going to bring someone here to measure you for clothes.” said Severus.

“Measure me? You know my size.” said Harry confused.

Severus silently shook his head, “Clothes are made to fit here, tailored to size, and it’s not like the Muggle world…since we are a small population we do not make for masses.”

“So it takes weeks if not months to make them?” asked Harry doubtfully.

“Magic,” said Severus as if the one word explained it all, and it did.

“Do I have to?” grumbled Harry.

Severus glared at him in warning; he didn’t want to make an argument out of clothes. He knew how hard it would be for Harry to accept them. It hadn’t been part of their life in the past, since he had his own wardrobe. He was used to fending for himself in that regard, but Severus was determined to get his own way. Harry needed to dress like a wizard, especially while he was here unless he wanted stared at. Severus didn’t want to force Harry, and he probably wouldn’t push come to shove. He’d let Harry learn from his own mistakes, fighting with him over it was one of them.

“Alright.” said Harry giving in with that look. “But I’m not wearing dresses.”

Severus smirked in amusement, “No closed dress robes,” he said in compromise.

Harry gracefully got up from the couch, considering just how ungraceful he’d been coming out of the Floo Network. His green eyes were filled with fire, as he sauntered over to Severus, he’d been ignored all but once since coming back and he didn’t appreciate it. But, oh, what a once it had been, he’d love a replay of it. He stirred in remembrance of that night, desire thrumming through him. Like a panther ready to strike Harry sat himself on Severus’ lap gratified beyond belief that his touch was accepted. He wasn’t sure what he would have done if Severus brushed him off. Harry edged in as far as he could, their swelling cloth covered erections meeting.

“I think I should show my appreciation don’t you sir?” whispered Harry seductively his lips touching the shell of Severus’ ear, stroking it, enhancing the sensations further.

Severus groaned he’d forgotten how easy it was for Harry to garner reactions from him. He was always so in control, but with Harry…he knew deep down he never had any. Harry could make him feel like a teenager again, eliciting the most embarrassingly quick responses from the stoic man. Then again if any outsider saw them, they would understand after all Harry was stunning. Who could be near him and not respond to his administrations? A blind deaf eunuch that’s who. Not many of them around, so needless to say there wasn’t anyone out there that could resist him. He reminded himself they had things to do, things that couldn’t wait. Then Harry had to go and say the most damning thing of all.

“I need you,” said Harry feeling Severus’ emotions, perhaps this thing would come in handy. Harry couldn’t help but think quickly, “Please sir.”

Severus closed his eyes his reluctance fading completely, once again cursing his inability to say no to his Sub. And he was lost in the sensations Harry was bringing out of him, as he was kissed senseless by him.

Chapter Text


Chapter 32


Harry loved each sound he was able to elicit from his Dom; he always seemed so stern, stoic and untouchable. He knew Severus wasn’t, but it hit it the most during these times. Nothing excited Harry more than to hear Severus lost in pleasure, well maybe except his Dom being the one to do this to him. Squirming slightly, Harry found a deliciously sensitive bit of his Dom’s neck to nibble and bite on, feeling the groan and shudder passing through Severus’ throat. His fingers busily undoing each and every button Severus had on, which was many by the way, Harry was certainly glad he wasn’t going to have to wear them.

“How many layers have you got on?” grumbled Harry as he was met with another layer after undoing all the buttons.

Severus chuckled sounding a little breathless this was a first, a few years back when he’d been with Harry he’d only ever wore Muggle clothes. He had been under the impression Harry was a Muggle after all, more fool him. Although there had never been any indication that Harry was magical, no accidental magic, he hadn’t been able to see through the charms he’d placed on his books. After all if your lover was reading a book on potions you’d say something wouldn’t you? But no, Harry had acted as though the book had been what he said it was.

Harry gave up trying to get the clothes off Severus, it was just impossible; it was almost like the damn dress was glued onto his Dom. Instead he continued to nibble and kiss at Severus’ throat, as Severus’ fingers caressed his back causing Goosebumps to appear.

Severus’ deft fingers removed his cloak from his submissive, and then the t-shirt followed before Harry’s mouth latched onto his Adams apple. Severus teasingly twisted at Harry’s nipples causing him to moan, pressing their foreheads together, and feeling one another’s pleasure. Green eyes met black ones, as they tried to calm themselves down, not wanting to end it so soon; despite the fact they had things to do today. Merlin he needed Harry more than anything else in this world.

“Up,” said Severus, waiting until Harry had removed himself from his lap before urging them through to the bedroom. He wasn’t a teenager anymore, he certainly didn’t want to try and make love on the couch. Which by the way was extremely uncomfortable.

“Undress, slowly.” said Severus sitting himself down on the chair he had at the corner of the room. Flicking his wand at the fireplace and begun a fire. Warming the room up so his submissive didn’t remain cold, knowing he didn’t like it. His black eyes were gleaming with passion and anticipation as Harry’s green eyes lit up with fire. When both of them got into their roles Harry felt everything more deeply, it’s as though it turned him on further being told what to do.

“Yes sir,” said Harry breathlessly, no hint of shyness or a blush upon his face. After everything they’d done together, this wasn’t their most erotic. No his Dom had well and truly made Harry comfortable in his own body over the years.

Severus watched his beautiful submissive bare himself to him, his black eyes watching Harry’s hands, hardening further at the sensual display. Merlin, he was a lucky bastard, he knew that just seeing Harry like this. Nobody else ever would if he had anything to say about it. Which he did, he though, gazing at the collar on Harry’s neck, the only thing on him right now.

“Lie on the bed,” said Severus his voice hitching as he got a good view of Harry's backside before it was firmly planted on the black bedding. Making Harry’s skin seem even more milky white than usual, Merlin how could the bedding colour make Harry more ethereal? He was convinced Harry could be dressed in a black bag and somehow make it look trendy. Not just trendy he'd start a new fashion statement he was sure.
“Touch yourself, Harry.” said Severus, still able to see Harry perfectly from where he sat.

Harry squirmed, this was so hot and erotic as heck, he was as hard as hell and he knew he wouldn’t last long. Not with the way Severus was talking, feeling and most importantly how he could feel the scorching look directed at him. Severus had never done this before, but he was definitely going to follow his orders.

Severus knew Harry wouldn’t last; he was already hard and leaking. So was he as a matter of fact, but he had more self control - or so he told himself anyway. Merlin he wanted to end this prematurely and fuck him into the mattress. His aching member agreed wit him, as it twitched violently in the confines of his trousers. Straining to be let free, wanting nothing more than to be inside Harry.

“Oh no Harry, let me hear you little one,” murmured Severus as Harry bit his lip savagely trying to keep silent. Like a good little submissive a moan tore from Harry’s throat as he allowed himself to lose his composure and enjoy what was happening without reservation. Breathy grunts and moans met Severus’ ears, as he tried to stop himself shifting to stop the pressure building inside of him.

“Severus,” said Harry, his voice a raspy whine as he tightened his hand, trying to stop himself from coming so soon.

“Come for me,” said Severus his own voice raspy.

Harry choked out a relieved grunt as he came his entire body floating as if on cloud nine, his toes curling as pleasure continued to dance over him.

A whispered spell was the only indication from Severus before Harry’s eyes were covered in black silk, stopping him from seeing anything and his hands bound to the bed posts by the same kind of silk. He spelled the mess from his bedding, as he stood there gazing at the beauty in front of him. It was a testament to how much Harry trusted him that he didn’t even twitch in discomfort. Which made Severus’ heart swell with pride and love which the likes he’d never felt before.

Harry felt the bed dip but nothing further, he wanted to squirm impatiently but refrained from doing so. The first touch made him gasp, the sensations enhanced by the fact he couldn’t see anything through the blindfold. Oh, Harry couldn’t help himself but squirm now. Each touch was just so much more than usual; a surprised squeak left Harry’s lips as something cold slithered its way onto his chest. A shiver breaking out over him, it relentlessly continued, over his nipples, down his stomach and into his bellybutton. His chest hitched as Severus’ tongue replaced the coldness, warming him again. Arching up onto his Dom, begging for more, for anything as pleasure was rained down upon him.

Hissing as teeth bit at his nipples, before clamps were placed on each of them in turn, causing a combination of pain and more pleasure to wash over him. Severus knew it wasn’t too tight, the bond once again coming in handy, he wouldn’t have to worry about going too far - not that he would. He knew his submissive, he’d know if something went wrong. Not only because his knew Harry’s body from top to bottom, as well as his responses, but because he trusted Harry to use his safe word, if it came to it. Harry never had needed to use it, and if he had anything to say about it - he never would. To need to use it meant he wasn’t doing his duty as a Dom properly, to hear the word was wrong on so many levels to any self respecting dominate.


Feather light touches caused Harry to squirm and giggle slightly where it tickled him. He’d never been a ticklish person; at least he’d never thought himself to be one. Yet it seemed as though he would need to rethink about that, when he could actually think without being overwhelmed anyway. His mind was practically as garbled as his body was. His breathing was harsh against the silence of the room, his body felt as though it was drenched in sweat.

Severus gazed down at the debauched sight his submissive made, impatient himself now, he was through playing he desperately wanted him now! And he’d have him, not that he thought for a second Harry could complain. Unable to hold off, he used his wand to prepare and stretch Harry before he slid blissfully inside him holding him in place. This was where he wanted to be, he stayed still letting Harry get used to him being there. Even with the spell it was uncomfortable without stretching but not enough to hurt. He removed the clamps, laving the abused buds with his tongue as Harry moaned as more pleasure was added to his exhausted body. He knew his sub wouldn’t be awake much longer, so without more ado, he slid out and in, making sure to hit Harry’s sweet spot with each thrust. It only took three times before Harry came once more screaming out incoherently.

The luscious channel squeezing tightly around him caused his own release to follow. Severus bit down on Harry’s shoulder as he rode it out stifling his own moans. Feeling himself slipping out, he dug into his ‘toy’ drawer and pulled out a plug. Slicking it up with lubricant he’d made himself, he pushed it passed Harry’s loosened ring of muscles, and deep inside him, stopping any of his cum from escaping. Biting his lip, Merlin he really did feel like a teenager again, he almost wanted to come from the sight it made. It had a mild relaxant in it, which would stop any discomfort Harry felt having it inside him. Banishing the restraints and blindfold, he was unsurprised to see Harry barely conscious.

Using a cleansing charm to get rid of their spillage and sweat, before spelling the covers over Harry and himself. Harry turned to face him, and buried his head on his Dom’s chest, completely spent. Severus brushed his hand through his hair, before idly playing with Harry’s collar, the possessiveness he felt was nearly overwhelming to him. He had always felt it had been a weakness of his, the feeling of being possessive of everything he regarded his own, or at least he’d thought of it as such, until he found the club. Now he knew better, it was a good thing, most of the time unless it got out of hand. The possessiveness he felt for this delectable creature in his bed though was much more intense than he was used to. Harry’s breathing had evened out a little, he was deeply asleep now. It looked as though they wouldn’t get much else done today after all. He had no intention of getting up, he was far to exhausted for that. Yet to keyed up to sleep, and so he just gazed at his submissive thanking his lucky stars at whoever had brought Harry into his life. What surprised Severus the most, was the fact he didn’t care that he’d only turned seventeen. He hated teaching, and would never have considered becoming one, his hand had been forced. Anyone could say what they liked; if it came to it a simple drowse with Veritaserum would prove he’d done nothing wrong.


Severus cursed silently when he realized he’d actually fallen asleep, turning to look at the clock on top of his drawers. He relaxed when he realized it had only been going on two hours, grabbing an unused pillow, he slid out of bed, and placed the pillow under Harry’s head. He didn’t stir once, Severus scooped up his clothes and put them on, deciding against the closed robe, he couldn’t be bothered with the buttons right now. Once he was dressed he left the bedroom, letting Harry rest for a while longer.

“Sir?” said Grace, the house elf making herself known.

“Yes?” replied Severus arching an eyebrow in her direction, waiting on her replying.

“Someone tried to Floo over from Malfoy Manor and a house elf from there also tried to gain entrance to your quarters.” explained Grace. “Would Master Severus like some lunch cooked?” her voice hopeful.

“It’s a bit late for that,” said Severus, “Make a three course meal for dinner, Harry needs to eat properly. Since he missed lunch he can make up for it later today.”

“What can I make for Master Severus and little Master?” asked Grace her eyes gleaming, a three course meal that was heaven for her.

“A Hearty soup, a large steak and asparagus with gravy, and any dessert but nothing with banana in it.” said Severus authoritively. “If you need anything tell them to charge it to my account.”

“Yes sir!” said Grace making her way to the kitchen as quickly as her small legs could carry her.

Severus grabbed some Floo powder and shouted in his intended Floo Network he wanted connected to. “Madam Malkin’s Diagon Alley!”

“Can I help you?” enquired someone stepping into view, squeaking in fear obviously knowing who he was.

She had him at a disadvantage since he wasn’t sure who she was. Not that he was interested in her; he had Floo’ed to speak to someone else. “I wish to speak to Madam Malkin immediately.”

“Yes sir,” she squeaked once again before scuttling out of his view, Severus rolled his eyes in exasperation.

“Can I help you?” asked Madam Malkin a squat, white haired Witch making herself known. She recognized him; of course, he bought the best robes when visiting her shop and demanded lots of charms woven into his clothes.

“I need an entire wardrobe tailored to fit a wizard, do you still do home calls?” enquired Severus. Tempting her first with money that would come from an entire wardrobe. After Hogwarts started no doubt the shop was rather quiet which meant less income. He wasn’t a Slytherin for nothing; he knew how to manipulate people.

“Of course,” said Malkin immediately, not passing up the opportunity. Also curious, a wizard would anyone be less informative? “When would be the best time?”

“Six thirty if possible, otherwise we can leave it until tomorrow.” said Severus not willing to compromise.

“Six thirty is fine, what is the Floo address?” asked Malkin’s agreeing to meet with him then, picking up a quill ready to write down the address.

“Hogwarts, Severus Snape’s quarters,” said Severus.

“Of course, I shall see you then,” said Malkin nodding her head, once Severus was gone from her fire she went back to her waiting customer.


Sitting down on the chair, his lips pursed, his finger flicking back and forth against his lips. What on earth could Lucius Malfoy be wanting from him? Curiosity over seeing Harry? Was there a chance he’d recognized him? He dismissed the thought immediately. Harry didn’t look anything like everyone assumed he would. No the Potter’s had all looked alike, the ancestors and the descendants. Harry had enough of his mother in him to give him a unique look not a clone of his father, he was grateful for it. He loved Harry yes, but would it have been enough to look at the face of a boy who’d made his school life a living hell? At Spinners End, his only thought had been ‘I cannot wait to get to Hogwarts’ to be with his own kind, learn magic properly, and get away from his abusive father. It hadn’t been as simple as he’d wished. In fact he hadn’t even gotten to Hogwarts before he’d made enemies of Potter and Black.

The look on Lucius’ face made his thoughts go back to the aristocratic wizard. He’d never seen him like that before; he’d looked almost wild and desperate. Sitting back, pinching the bridge of his nose, deeply conflicted on what to do. If there was even a chance of Lucius wanting to convert to the other side…they should encourage it. The information they could get would help immensely.

Severus had no idea just how much help it could be.

Flooing over was unusual for Lucius, who always felt it beneath him to kneel next to a fire, but not at the feet of a Mudblood as he liked to call them. Sending a house elf after him was equally uncharacteristic of him. Yes he used the elf to do everything but not normally to send him to someone. Then again news was that the Dark Lord was currently taking up residence in Malfoy Manor. Perhaps he was being cautious about it, if he was there could only be a few reasons for it. He wanted out, or he was planning something without the Dark Lord’s knowledge.

“Sev? Are you okay?” murmured Harry coming out of the bedroom, his eyes still half mast evidently still exhausted.

“Come,” said Severus gesturing to his knee.

Harry didn’t need told twice, wincing slightly as the plug sank deeper into him as he sat on Severus’ lap. Severus moved his leg so Harry’s plugged backside wasn’t on his knee. Harry brought his knees up and curled up beside him relishing in the feel of Severus, their magic mingling together was like a security blanket. His eyes closed again as he relaxed.

“Do you want me to remove it?” enquired Severus; he didn’t normally put one in for long, only when they were playing.

Harry just shook his head he didn’t want to move. It wasn’t often they had a chance to just sit like this here, being so busy they were just too tired to sit by the fire or as Severus liked to do read a book. It was Harry’s favourite past time, and was glad to be doing it again. Although he could tell it wasn’t exactly peaceful, his Dom was worried about something.

“Hungry?” queried Severus.

“Little bit,” murmured Harry.

“Rest, dinner will be ready soon.” said Severus.

“You okay?” asked Harry purring as Severus carded his hand through his hair.

“I’ll be fine, I am just pondering something.” admitted Severus; there was no point to worrying Harry over something that might be nothing. It didn’t take long for Harry to fall back asleep, curled up right next to the fire and warm.

The wards alerted him to Minerva approaching his door, he flicked his wand at it before she could knock then cast a silencing spell on Harry. She came through a surprised look on her face, which turned into a warm smile seeing both of them together. Severus looked so relaxed it was truly an honour to see him so happy.

“Is he okay?” asked Minerva, sleeping during the day, she hoped Severus wasn’t working him to hard.

Severus’ lips twitched, a twinkle coming to his eyes as he thought on earlier, “Just tired.” he said.

Minerva did not want to know judging by the look on his face. She sat down on the seat opposite him, her face turning curious now.

“What’s wrong?” said Severus frowning at her.

“I found this potion in Dumbledore’s desk, I forgot about it with everything else that was discovered. I found it again just ten minutes ago, can you tell me what it is?” asked Minerva handing over an oddly coloured potion, it wasn’t like any she’d seen before. It certainly wasn’t the calming draught Dumbledore liked to take too much than was healthy.

Severus took the potion, uncorking the lid he sniffed at it his nose identifying the ingredients he could smell inside it. His eyebrows rose in shock, unless he was very much mistaken this potion was two mixed together in a lethal combination.

“Judging by the look on your face it’s not good.” said Minerva a sigh leaving her lips, bracing herself she then asked “What is it?”

“It’s a loyalty based obedience potion, it would make the drinker more than just susceptible to his suggestions. This is basically a liquid imperious curse.” said Severus replacing the cork. Severus summoned the results of the scan Poppy did, reading over it again, relived to see no potion had been in Harry’s system other than the ones he’d given him. Perhaps Harry not eating while being in that room was a good thing, the vial wasn’t full, which meant he’d at least used it three times he’d summarise. He had been putting it in the food, he just knew it. “He has been trying to feed this to Harry.”

“But he seems fine,” said Minerva.

“That’s because he refused to eat anything they gave him Minerva, if not for Harry’s suspicious nature…he would have been beyond my reach.” said Severus, the thought left him cold inside.

“The potion cannot be beaten?” asked Minerva aghast.

Severus grimly shook his head before replying, “He would have always retained the mindset that Dumbledore was trying to instil in him. In some way we can say its worse than the imperious curse.”

Minerva closed her eyes in horror, swallowing the lump in her throat.

“Harry told me that Dumbledore would come in, spew the same nonsense at him before leaving. Which was that he was responsible for defeating the Dark Lord, that he would learn magic and join the students at Hogwarts for his seventh year. He was waiting on the potion taking affect, probably getting impatient as well since Harry wouldn’t have shown signs of wavering. I suppose we can be grateful he didn’t just give it to Harry straight while he was unconscious.”

“I must get this to Amelia,” said Minerva taking the potion.

“How’s Dumbledore?” asked Severus his voice showing he wasn’t asking out of worry for the dear old Headmaster.

“Still in the hospital wing, he still has trouble eating, but Poppy is just spelling the potions straight into his stomach. It’s keeping him well enough until she figures out what’s wrong with him. It won’t be long until he’s out I’m afraid.” said Minerva grimly.

“I doubt that,” chuckled Severus wryly, knowing very well Harry already had his second ‘prank’ planned. Harry was smart enough to realize if they all happened in the Great Hall he’d get suspicious quickly. No he planned on going to the hospital wing. He’d just have to recommend to Poppy to give him a dreamless sleep; she wouldn’t allow Harry to do what he was doing if she knew. Not because she cared about Dumbledore, but she took her oath seriously, to heal people no matter their age, status, origin and of course their blood status.

“What does he have planned?” asked Minerva sitting forward curiously, a vindictive twinkle catching in the light.

“You’ll soon find out.” replied Severus wryly, not wanting to spoil the surprise.

“Very well, I best get going, he’s left everything in a right state, and I have to get this to Amelia,” said Minerva.

“Of course,” replied Severus in understanding.

“Tell Harry I said hello,” said Minerva receiving an “Indeed.” from Severus before she left through the door closing it tightly behind her.

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Chapter 33

Lucius Malfoy

Lucius Malfoy was at his wits end, he’d tried various ways to get in touch with Severus Snape. He’d been hurt being flung back through out of his own fireplace. Whatever Snape had on his Floo Network, meant not only couldn’t he get through to his fireplace, but he couldn’t even speak to him in it. He’d sent Dobby only for him to be unsuccessful too; he had to admit Snape seemed to have his Quarters locked up tighter than Gringotts. It had never been that way before; he’d been over there a few times back in the day. Before Severus had betrayed them all by joining the side of light, he’d never dare mention him or heaven forbid visit him. If he had been seen doing such a thing, he’d have been killed on the spot by a furious Dark Lord. Such trivial things didn’t matter when you knew your own imminent death was upon you. Lucius would have been proud of Draco following his footsteps, but he didn’t, he wasn’t any less proud of him regardless of his choices.

Glancing at the time upon his desk, he noticed he didn’t have long before the Dark Lord would be back. Narcissa would be coming home soon as well, the house in France (his wife’s favourite country and a language they all spoke and understood) was already set up and under every charm he could think of. Dobby would be going with them; he’d charge the elf with keeping them safe. With money anything could be done with haste, and Lucius had spared no expense. His money and manor would be passed onto his son anyway, and the manor locked up, further setting the Dark Lord back.

The main question now, was did he go and see Severus collect his son and send them away at the manor, or did he take Narcissa with him? He didn’t want his wife alone in the manor with the Dark Lord; the idea was repugnant to him. There was also the fact he’d promised her he wouldn’t, and he’d already broken so many of his promises to her that he was unable to do so with this one.

The wards shifted making the decision for him; she was home, checking his pockets one last time, assuring himself he had everything they’d need. Closing his eyes, he stalked over to his liquor cabinet and removed the crystal tumbler which had been crafted with his coat of arms, a wedding present his new wife had gifted him with. He poured himself a whiskey from the decanter and gulped it down in greedy gulps. Breathing deeply, he looked around his office one last time, material possessions meant nothing when compared to his family.

If there was one thing he missed was his wife’s warm voice, calling to him when she came home. Sounding so carefree and joyful, instead of walking around the manor with the disposition of a ghost. Closing the door to his office, his cane firmly planted under his left armpit. Stiffening his spine, and with determination he walked down his stairs to greet his wife in their large grand foyer. The gold chandelier twinkled merrily, as it always did, unaware of the moods the occupants.

“Lucius,” said Narcissa blinking at his unexpected appearance.

“Put it back on,” said Lucius, stopping her from handing her cloak to the house elf, guiding it onto her again, and waiting patiently for her to place her arms in it. Once it was on, he inhaled her scent, enjoying the rare closeness they shared. She had been sleeping in a separate bed since the Dark Lord invaded the manor. Not just a separate bed, but in a separate room away from him.

“Lucius?” questioned Narcissa swallowing thickly, her husband was being decidedly odd, and it definitely wasn’t like him.

“Let’s go,” said Lucius intertwining their hands, grateful that she didn’t pull back as he led them away from the oppressive manor as of late.

Narcissa’s first instinct would have been to pull away, but her husband’s out of character display had her completely bewildered. So she allowed him to lead her, following his lead and being Apparated away from her home. One she loved yet hated at the same time. So much bad had happened in those walls, seeing her husband coming back every other night injured when she was young and pregnant and then with a baby to look after. Now it was further sullied by the fact the cause of it was there. She had counted down the days vigorously waiting for her son’s safe journey back to Hogwarts. It was probably the only year she’d been truly glad to see him go. Just before it departed, she’d whispered into his ear, ‘Talk to Severus, do not go to Dumbledore, be safe I love you son’. Now her husband was acting…she froze, it may be someone else under Polyjuice potion, yet it was next to impossible to get into the manor…no it was him.

The sight of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and Wizardry greeted her; her husband never came here, with one exception to get one over Albus Dumbledore.

“What was the first thing you ever said to me?” said Narcissa, pointing the wand squarely at the wizard’s back, suspecting him not to be her husband at all.

Lucius slowly turned around, his eyes hooded but honest, “I told you that you were the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen and you would be mine.” replied Lucius, watching her lower her wand in surprise.

“What are you up to, Lucius?” asked Narcissa warily; there was no way her husband would ever ask anyone for help, especially not Dumbledore.

“Not here,” said Lucius, who knows how many spies the Dark Lord, had in Hogwarts? Worse still Dumbledore could complicate matters should he realize he was here.

“Has something happened to Draco?” demanded Narcissa her eyes dilate in fear, as she began walking hastily towards the school.

Lucius caught up with his panicked wife without breaking sweat, “Draco is fine, trust me.” said Lucius, holding her arm tightly, trying to convey how much he loved her and what he’d be willing to do for her. If her confused look was anything to go by, she evidently did not get it.

The doors of the school were open, and children in their normal clothes walked about, a dozen of them near the lake and a few inside the cooling waters. Lucius knew where to go to avoid too many people seeing them, he had been a student here after all - nothing had changed. Most of the Slytherins chose to remain in their common room, but as Head boy his son would have his own private rooms. Which was lucky, since he and Narcissa had been Head boy and girl during their times at Hogwarts.

“I want you to go and find Draco, do you understand? Then have him bring you to Severus’ classroom.” said Lucius, his voice firm and adamant he wasn’t about to let his wife protest to this.

“I won’t let you hurt Severus while Draco is here Lucius, I wont have my son in any part of that!” snapped Narcissa freezing, not budging when Lucius tried to get her to go. “Severus was a good friend, our sons godfather…how could you bring me here?” tears were entering her eyes against her will.

“Narcissa,” said Lucius sighing in exasperation, a strange urge to pull at his own hair overcoming him. Her heart hurting at the tears, Merlin he had failed as a husband, he’d sworn to take care of her and he hadn’t done that. Leaning in, he whispered into her ear. “Please just do as I ask, I swear I’m not here to hurt Severus, and if I need to I’ll swear an oath right here and now. We do not have time for this, I love you, please, just do as I ask.”

Narcissa’s heartbeat accelerated, Lucius had never been a man of many words. He chose to show his love in other ways, or said it after physical pursuits which wasn’t the same thing. Something was going on, and she began to fear the worst, but her husband was here, maybe he was getting them out of this war, maybe her family was safe at last. Yet something nagged at her, why was he saying he loved her so often? It was almost as if he…no, she wouldn’t allow that. Knowing there was no time to waste, she would do as her husband asked, and Narcissa was going to make sure he didn’t do anything stupid.
“Alright, I’ll see you in fifteen minutes, promise me,” said Narcissa, staring into her husbands eyes, everyone said they were cold and hard, but never for her. He loved her and Draco, nothing else mattered to her but that. Although admittedly back when she was younger and she’s seen his harsh looks it had terrified her. Yet he’d never once laid a hand on her in anger, which made him better than most other pureblood wizards. Even her own father she’d later learned occasionally lifted his hand to her mother.

“I promise, go get Draco.” said Lucius refraining from touching her face, he could feel the eyes of the students who were lingering in the hallway on him. As he turned around and stared, he was glad to see none of the offspring he knew, and probably not Death Eaters to be. Straightening his spine, he put his best ‘do not piss me off’ attitude on and began making his way down to the Dungeons. Hopefully Severus was still in the same rooms, the rooms in which Slughorn had previous had. He’d been a member of the Slug club, and knew where they were, his favourites had always been allowed anywhere. Despite the fact that there were a dozen school rules against students being unaccompanied in the teachers living quarters. Although truth be told that rule was as old as Hogwarts itself.

As he wandered down, he heard snippets of the students conversations, Dumbledore had been absent from meals for nearing a week. Apparently the little idiots were worried about the old man, no doubt they were. Dumbledore was very good at appearing a genial loving grandfather figure. Some learned he wasn’t quite that way, others stayed enamoured forever. He on the other hand, had never once been drawn into it, not that the mudblood cared; after all he had been in Slytherin. He couldn’t care less; he favoured his little sheep following Gryffindor’s.

Nearing the door he tried desperately to contain his anxiety, he wasn’t quite sure why he felt that way. Knocking sharply, waiting, tapping his cane with impatience as he placed it on the floor. Grasping the handle of it, where his wand was always concealed, he went nowhere without it.
“Lucius,” said Severus staring at the wizard without emotion, seemingly unsurprised to see him.

“Severus,” said Lucius dipping his head to the side, “Do you have a minute? It’s about Draco.”

Severus’ black eyes glittered judging Lucius, he knew the man had half lied, what he wanted wasn’t about Draco. He could barely believe Lucius had actually got up of his own backside and came here. He had half expected the wizard to keep sending Dobby, who was probably right now paying for the fact he properly warded his quarters from intruders. He had a good reason to do so, nobody would get to Harry.

“Very well, come in.” said Severus, his curiosity getting the better of him, but he did keep a close eye on Lucius to ensure he had nothing up his sleeve so to speak.
Lucius looked around in interest, it hadn’t really changed much in the past what? Six or seven years, he couldn’t quite remember the last time he’d been here. Knowing how meticulous Severus was, it didn’t surprise Lucius in the slightest. It didn’t look like he had a significant other, perhaps it had been a transfer student. No, he knew it wasn’t, nobody got that defensive over someone they didn’t know. Severus had all but dragged the gorgeous wizard out there, Merlin despite his turmoil his thoughts had been on him, not as often as his wife and son though.

“Well?” demanded Severus not playing host.

“You aren’t going to make this easy are you?” asked Lucius dryly, sitting down keeping his face to Severus’.

“I have no reason to,” said Severus, he hadn’t stayed alive by not being cautious.

“I need your word that nothing we say here tonight will be repeated.” said Lucius, he was going die he knew that, but if the Dark Lord found out from anyone what he was doing, he wouldn’t just be killed. The Dark Lord would keep him alive torturing him in a million different ways. That’s not after killing his wife and child slowly in front his eyes; nobody could say the Dark Lord wasn’t a vindictive son of a bitch if you got on the wrong side of him.

Severus narrowed his eyes further, until they were nothing but slits. “Just who do you think I will tell Lucius? Do I look like a gossip to you?” sneered the dark haired wizard, he wasn’t about to get into an Oath or Vow with the likes of Malfoy. He couldn’t risk the information being too important, he’d rather not know if he was being truthful. Then his eyes filtered towards his room, where Harry should be working, if he knew his Sub as he did, he would be listening to everything. If could swear the oath, but it would only apply to him not Harry.
“Regardless I have to ask it of you,” said Lucius impassively, not showing any of his nervousness to the wizard. He didn’t want to take the chance that Severus would use Legilimency on him, and so refused to look him directly in the eye.
“And I have to decline,” said Severus, refusing to be drawn into the man’s game. No information was worth taking an oath for; since he was bonded to Harry he wasn’t under any circumstances going to make oaths that may affect him. He didn’t know how the bond worked, the information on such bonds were extremely vague. Harry’s life and magic wasn’t worth anything Lucius could say. In fact
“Severus this is vital information,” said Lucius trying to entice Severus into giving him what he wanted, without showing his desolation.

“Tell me, when have you ever known me to change my mind?” sneered Severus crossing his arms, staring at Lucius with scorn.

“Then you are damning the wizarding world to slavery.” said Lucius cruelly.

Severus scoffed at the weakness he could see in Lucius’ eyes, “I’ll keep that in mind.” he replied, not in any way bothered by the wizard’s words. “One has to wonder…why are you here Lucius? Don’t you have the Dark Lord to get back to? Take your part in enslaving the wizarding world. Killing off more purebloods, all in the name of what? Ah yes, blood superiority.”

Oh, now he knew his submissive was listening, a burst of amusement not his own burst through him. He was barely able to stop himself smirking; instead he kept his sneer firmly planted on his face. Did the man know Draco was intending on getting his mother out of there? Had Draco told his father what he said in a fit of weakness? Was this why he was here? But no, he wouldn’t be asking for an oath if it were true.

“Very well,” said Lucius standing up, praying Severus would buy his bluff. Cold merciless blue eyes stared at Severus for a second before remembering not to. He made for the door; each step was torture as he waited to see if Severus would give in. He didn’t care for the light side, they were pathetic, but if his wife and son were to survive, they had to know how to bring down the evil wizard. If it weren’t for them, he wouldn’t be doing this. Hell he would gladly dance on Dumbledore’s rotten corpse but it had nothing to do with him. He wasn’t going to tell the old fool; Severus had been the only one he would impart this knowledge on.

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Chapter 34

Finding Out The Secret To Voldemort

Severus watched the aristocratic wizard get up, finding amusement at how slow he was walking; it certainly wasn’t Lucius’ normal dramatic exit from wherever he was. With the exception of when he was in the Dark Lord’s company of course. He did wonder if the wizard would break down and tell him what he was so desperate to tell him. There was little doubt Lucius WAS desperate, but Severus wasn’t curious enough to bind himself to the slippery blonde. Just then someone else was knocking on the door; Severus simply waved his wand, allowing the door to open. He wasn’t as surprised he should have been, at the fact Narcissa and Draco were there. It made sense; the family were attempting to flee, giving him information to help the war, for fear of being found by the Dark Lord. Severus internally snorted; he had to admit it was a smart move.

“Father…what are you doing here?” asked Draco, looking at him with terrified blue eyes. Everyone noticed how he put himself bodily in front of his mother, as if to keep her safe from her own husband. He should have known his withdrawal from the bank wouldn’t go unnoticed, yet he’d hoped in vain for a reprieve. He hadn’t even gotten the chance to look for properties in other countries yet like his godfather had suggested. He had no way of getting her to safety now.

“Calm down, Draco.” said Lucius, his heart aching for his son, had he given him the impression he’d ever hurt them? It seemed to be the case with the way Draco was guarding his mum.

“Why are you here?” Draco demanded again.

“Draco go and gather your things at once, Narcissa go with him. I will meet you both in the entrance hall as soon as possible. There is something I need to discuss with Severus, no, Draco I mean it both of you go.” said Lucius, he wasn’t going to let his son try and demand answers from him, not this time.

“Why?” asked Draco stiffly, he didn’t want to leave Hogwarts.

“Go,” said Lucius his eyes flashing angrily, damn it, if there was a time he ever wanted to hit his son, and it was right now. He had to stop himself from whacking Draco across the head, to get him to concentrate on him just for one minute.

“Let’s go son,” said Narcissa, seeing her husband loosing more control than normal, especially when it came to dealing with their son. With strength that she didn’t look like she had, she physically moved her son out of the room. A sight indeed since her son now hovered over her, and she was tall as well. She was still stewing on what on earth her husband could be up to.

Severus watched the entire scene impassively, a little irritated that they were all here in his rooms. He had other things he must get done, his world didn’t revolve around them at least not anymore. No it was Harry that was his world, and had been for a long time without him realizing it. He himself had only realized how much he cared when one day Harry just didn’t return. Stupid brat that he had been, it seemed as if he’d at least learned that particular lesson.

“I have things I need to do Lucius,” said Severus, wanting him to leave without saying anything, he was sure Lucius would get the picture. Lucius turned to face him looking even more defeated and desperate if possible.

Severus began to realize this information, could actually be potentially tipping the balance from the Dark to the light. Lucius must think it was really important at least, otherwise he wouldn’t be so desperate to share it, but cautious enough to make sure it didn’t get spread around. If it was so important why was he adamant that he take an oath to ensure it didn’t get passed him? If it had just been him, he may have accepted the oath, worked around it where he could. It wasn’t just him now; he and Harry were bound on the deepest level, magically, emotionally. He would never forgive himself if he did this and it affected Harry in some way.

“Alright,” growled Lucius his bluish/silver eyes flashing furiously at Snape, he just knew Severus knew he had him by the balls. Which was making this even more infuriating, Severus didn’t even twitch, and he remained watching the wizard coolly. “Fine. Here I’m pretty sure you can work out what this is on your own.” Lucius handed over a battered, ink splattered singed book, almost as if someone had rammed it with a hot poker, causing a hole in the middle then poured ink all over it.

“What am I looking at?” said Severus an eyebrow rose in curiosity and derision; this was what Lucius had come here to give him? It was pathetic, but even he knew just because he looked disgusting, didn’t mean it was. Magic could be deceptive, its one of the first things he’d learned.

“Do you remember what happened during my son’s second year?” enquired Lucius.

Suspicious black eyes met silver; “Indeed.” was all the Potions Master had to say. It had been one hell of a year; he still didn’t have the full picture of events either. The ‘Chamber of secrets’ had been opened again, roosters been killed, Dumbledore suspended which admittedly hadn’t bothered him much. Ginny Weasley had been possessed by the Dark Lord. Which admittedly did confuse him, there had been no indication that the dark wizard had been there. He had felt him when he had been on the back of Quirrell, who had been swiftly dealt with. It was only afterwards they found the Philosopher stone within his possessions. It had been he who had taken the stone; no doubt he’d planned on creating a potion with the stone as its main ingredient to restore the Dark Lord to his former glory.

“Did Dumbledore tell you what really happened?” sneered Lucius mocking Severus for his allegiance to the Muggle loving fool. He’d been furious that Dumbledore had been reinstated as Headmaster, Dumbledore had known he did it, giving him the diary back and been a sure indicator. As always he didn’t do anything about it, since he didn’t have definitive proof of his guilt.

“I received a cursory version,” said Severus impassively, barely able to stop himself from hexing the wizard.

“I spent years trying to figure out what it was, I finally realized what it was five months ago.” replied Lucius, his blue eyes filled with what could only be described as fear. Lucius didn’t worry about being overheard, if he had his quarters locked tighter than Gringotts, there was little doubt he had it soundproofed as well.

Severus stiffened, what was this that made smug, superior, stoic Lucius Malfoy fearful? Staring down at the black book, his eyes narrowed in suspicion. Whatever it was, it was surely broken by the looks of thing, he was admittedly curious now. Staring back up at the blonde, this didn’t bode well for the light side, especially now of all times. Lucius picked his moments, that’s for sure. “Alright Lucius, you have my attention, what is it?” asked Severus, he truly wasn’t in the mood for games tonight.

“This book will tell you better than I,” Lucius admitted, handing over a book, a large faded Slytherin bookmark wedged between the pages, taking a seat again, looking tired.

“What is it?” asked Harry unable to stay within the confines of the bedroom, not even with Lucius Malfoy out there, who his Dom apparently didn’t trust within sighting distance. If he got in trouble so be it, he was just too curious about the conversation and how worried his Dom was.

Severus gave Harry a ferocious glare when he came out, completely exasperated by his Submissive’s actions. Sitting down irritated and jealous by Lucius’ blatant stare at his Harry. Severus could do nothing since he hadn’t told Harry to stay in there. Normally only Minerva, Poppy or recently Lupin visited his quarters. He knew Harry was beginning to feel claustrophobic being cooped up in one place, little wonder when he was used to going wherever he wanted. It hadn’t been so bad today, since he’d been able to get out and see Hogwarts and Diagon Alley for a while. Even when Dumbledore was locked up he was going to be extremely wary, of Harry being out the rooms. With the collar though he would relax a little, since he would know if anything happened.

Harry didn’t flinch at the look, merely going closer and sitting himself next to Severus’ not even giving Lucius a glance much to Severus mollification after his outburst of jealousy. He stared at the open book, able to read it, something he wouldn’t have been able to do just a few weeks prior. His eyebrows rose in shock, at what he was seeing, so far all the magic he’d been exposed to have been light fun, maybe a little vindictive like the plague mimicking spell, but this…this was dark stuff indeed. Sure he’d beaten the hell out of people, but only because its fight of be beaten unconscious. He’d had his share of being hurt, he’d learned to fight and made sure everyone knew better than to mess with him. His Metamorphmagus stopped people seeing how small he’d truly been; thankfully otherwise they’d have continued thinking he was a pushover, easy to defeat. Cocking his head to the side, reading the title, secret to the Darkest Art, well it was appropriately named. Killing people and splitting your soul into pieces, while immortality had its seductive allure, he certainly wouldn’t want to do that. What’s the point of living forever completely insane? It fucks with your insanity, and not to mention looked. He’d never been vain, but he would rather not be disfigured. It didn’t even specify how you were disfigured either, apparently this had been written by one man who’d done the deed himself.

“Aren’t you going to introduce us Severus?” asked Lucius his eyes flashing in indignant when the young boy didn’t even spare him a look. Yes most people who knew him did look at him with distrust, but it wasn’t always that way. He was one of the best looking pureblood’s around, most looked like the back end of a dog or the front.

“It’s destroyed now though right? Which means he’s no longer immortal?” asked Harry, completely ignoring Lucius.

“Maybe,” said Severus cautiously, closing the book with a snap, his gut told him there was more to this than met the eye. If anyone knew, it had to be Dumbledore, if he did and had kept this a secret, well he would have to find out. Tonight he would go down to the Hospital wing and find out for sure. The Headmaster had always been secretive, but with all this new information they’d found out, how far he was willing to go…it wouldn’t surprise him the least if he knew about the Horcrux. “How did you get this back Lucius?” looking up at the wizard, his left eye twitching at the fact the blonde was still staring at Harry.

“Introductions?” enquired Lucius in turn ignoring their question.

“It’s none of your fucking business,” said Harry his green eyes glaring at the smug blonde.

“Such foul language, you should control your little conquest Severus,” said Lucius looking at him with his nose in the air as if Harry was completely inferior to him.

“Don’t you have a Muggle-born to bow down to?” said Harry in retaliation a feral smirk on his face.

Lucius puffed up indignantly, but there was a lingering confusion within his eyes.

“Don’t,” said Severus in warning, placing his hand possessively on Harry’s leg, although his lips were twitching in supreme satisfaction. Since he’d found out about the Dark Lord’s true blood status he’d been dying to let the others know. He’d always wondered at the expressions on their face, as the pure-blood’s learn they were bowing to what they commonly referred to as ‘Mud-blood’s’ a word he refused to utter since that devastating day. Prodding him off his lap, causing the teen to stand up, staring down at Severus in confusion. He could feel his merriment through the bond, Severus wasn’t staring at him but at Lucius, so Harry did as well.

“Lucius, I’d like to introduce you to Harry Potter,” said Severus, the look on Lucius’ face was one Severus would savour for many days to come.

“Mr. Potter, we meet at last,” said Lucius regaining control of himself, standing up placing his hand out for the teenager to shake. Inwardly he was completely astonished, this was Harry Potter? Severus was dating the schoolboy, a son of his worst enemy.

Harry stared at the manicured hand, still smirking but reluctantly shaking his hand, and then to his fury, Lucius grabbed him forward, and with his cane, swept his hair aside, to see the faded scar upon his forehead. “Your scar is legend. As, of course, the wizard who gave it to you.”

Harry’s green eyes flashed in anger before he kicked him viciously in a place no man wishes to be hit. The wizard groaned falling to his knees not used to being assaulted in such a contemptuous Muggle manner. Harry stepped back only to be embraced by Severus who had his wand out just as full of rage as Harry was.

“The wizard that gave me this scar, as you eloquently put it, has a Muggle father, to a pure-blood like you the thought must be intolerable.” said Harry mockingly. He really did sound like Severus, only now he actually understood what the words meant instead of trying to discern them.

Severus knew his Submissive could take care of himself; otherwise he wouldn’t have survived the streets. Although it was becoming glaringly obvious, he would have to make sure Harry thought to use MAGIC first, otherwise he wouldn’t win here. Yes sure he had been surprised, but it was only because of him, that Lucius hadn’t already retaliated against Harry’s rather…crude Muggle method of defence.

“What are you up to Lucius?” mused Severus, “You gave me this information only as a last resort.”

“I did,” said Lucius in agreement getting himself to his feet, glaring furiously at Harry. His heart wasn’t in it though, since his mind couldn’t help but replay everything Harry had said. Was the Dark Lord Muggle-born? He was the heir of Salazar Slytherin to be sure; he was a Parselmouth, only Salazar’s descendants had that ability, so he’d never thought to investigate further. With his new focus…he wasn’t quite so eager to throw down the gauntlet so to speak, the thought of him bowing to a Mud-blood was horrifying.

“I am to assume you are turning tail and running?” sneered Severus, staring at the wizard in disgust for his cowardice.

“I’m getting my family away from the war Snape,” snarled Lucius not liking being judged by Snape of all people.

“And they are just going to leave?” asked Harry, his eyes going to Severus, he knew he’d never leave him. Not even if he demanded it, nothing would budge him from Severus’ side, unless the wizard got sick of him and no longer wanted him as a Sub. The fact Malfoy’s family were actually going to leave told Harry a lot of what family meant to the wizarding world. Maybe it was because he’d never had a family, he believed they should stick with each other through thick or thin.

“Madam Malkin’s will be here momentarily, go and look at the catalogue find some things you like.” said Severus.

Harry nodded reluctantly, knowing it was Severus’ way of getting rid of him - he obviously had something he wanted to say to the in the closet (or so Harry believed) wizard. He lingered for as long as possible without being obvious about it.

“If you leave, you will condemn all future generations to bear the Malfoy name with embarrassment and shame. For once in your life Lucius, do the right thing, do not stand behind someone with more power deluding yourself that you are more powerful because of it. Doesn’t it infuriate you knowing that you’ve been consorting with a Muggle-born? Merlin Lucius, you’ve seen what length he was prepared to go to stay alive and in power.” Severus said to him, gesturing to the book as he did so, where the information pertaining to Horcruxes that lay innocently enough in print.

Lucius just stared at Severus with contempt before turning around and leaving, his back stiff seemingly resolved in his actions.

Severus watched him leaving, once the door closed he swiftly made his way down to his Potions lab, retrieving a potion from his personal cupboard. He stared down at it, conflicted; he didn’t believe that Obliviating Dumbledore was the way to go about it. Unless he heavily sedated the old fool, then more than likely he wouldn’t remember it happening. Either one had its risks, nodding grimly, his mind made up; he removed a vial of sedative from the shelf as well, placing them in his pocket along with the Veritaserum his face grim. He had to know if the old fool knew about the Horcruxes. Thankfully Harry wasn't completely naive or innocent; otherwise he dreaded to think what he was thinking right now. He'd seen the darker side to life, which was helping him understand the Dark Lord.
“For the duration of Madam Malkin’s visit you’ll be Harrison Blake again,” said Severus as he entered the bedroom, Harry was sprawled out on the bed, flipping through the catalogue.

“Why?” asked Harry exasperated, they’d find out sooner or later, he was opting for sooner he hated being cooped up! Then his mind drifted to Dumbledore, Lupin and his own ‘godfather’ willing to lock him up to fight the war. He knew Severus was only doing this to protect him, and giving him a hard time made him feel very guilty. Especially with the knowledge that they’d tried to use a potion on him to bend him to their will. “Alright, Harrison Blake it is.” he added before Severus could say anything.

Severus glanced at Harry a mixture of surprise and curiosity written across his face. If there was a time he wanted to read Harry’s mind it would be right now. He’d gone from feeling wound up, to thoughtful then guilty in one second flat. Sitting down on the bed, kissing Harry’s forehead, and soothing him. “It won’t be for much longer, I promise.” said Severus, and he always kept his promises.

Harry nodded his head, his guilt receding.

A chime from the fireplace alerted him to the fact the witch was here. “Let’s go greet our guest.” getting up “Bring the catalogue as well.” he added as afterthought.

“Madam Malkin, I’m glad you could make it,” said Severus nodding curtly, “I’d like you to meet Harrison Blake, as I stated earlier, he needs a full wardrobe.” he lied without blinking.

“Mr. Blake, it’s nice to meet you,” said Malkin, placing the tools of her trade on the floor, setting up without missing a beat. Magic washing over it causing it all to return to its proper size, leaving everything much larger than previously.

“You too ma’am,” said Harry politely, something that was nearly completely foreign to him, at least since leaving the Dursley’s.

“Step up on the stool!” she said cheerfully, causing Harry to refrain from curling his lip in distain, its how Petunia always sounded when she had her book club over or her so called ‘friends’. Nobody had really liked Petunia; they always avoided her if they could. He’d seen a few ducking into stores to avoid her at all costs. Harry had hated going shopping with them, he’d always felt as though he was being watched.

Harry stepped onto the stool, nearly jumping off when the measuring tape began twirling; he glared at Severus when he felt his amusement. It wasn’t funny! Honestly he didn’t see how it would get his real measurements at all, but Malkin’s was humming away quite happily, nodding occasionally. It didn’t take long for Harry to become extremely bored, standing still waiting for what seemed like eons.

“You can step down now,” she said scribbling away with a quill; Harry couldn’t help but wonder if he’d ever be that practiced with one. They were extremely difficult to use, he hated them but he would have to get used to them, its what Wizard’s used. They were all very backwards in terms of buildings, writing implements. He was half convinced if he looked hard enough he’d see wizards in stone buildings with nothing on but animal skin. It was as if they were still stuck in the Stone Age.

“Great,” said Harry sarcastically.

Malkin’s just smiled, oblivious of the sarcasm either that or not stupid enough to say anything and risk the sale.

“Do you have an idea on what you want?” she then asked, speaking to both of them.

“Nine, self-ironing, self-repairing, warming charm woven casual summer black robes, one winter robe with only four fastenings.” said Severus, aware Harry didn’t want a ‘dress’ as he called them, so closed robes were off the menu so to speak. “Five pair of black dress trousers, six pair of casual jeans in each colour, five white shirts, ten t-shirts, Mr. Blake will give you the colours he’d like for those. One pair of dress shoes, a pair of black boots, two sets of underwear again of his choice, two sets of socks his choice.” the sets were packs of twelve. He knew Harry liked his boots, so he was going to get him his own pair stop him hogging his.

“Instead of the dress shoes can I get a pair of green dragon hide boots?” asked Harry his green eyes twinkling brightly.

“Add both,” said Severus not willing to compromise, he was just glad Harry wasn’t grunting and groaning through the entire thing. Perhaps it was getting through to him that he was doing because he cared. Not that he’d fought much, but Severus had sensed Harry’s reluctance of an entire wizarding wardrobe.

Malkin’s nodded her hand writing hastily to get everything Snape was saying written down.

“He may also choose a hat scarf and gloves set,” said Severus, purely as an afterthought, the colder weather would soon be coming in. “Add a pair of dragon hide gloves.” he would be brewing potions soon and would need protection. Which reminded him, he’d been a set of robes with protection spells. “I also need a set of blue robes with my normal protection spells woven into them for Mr. Blake.”

“Yes sir,” said Malkin’s her wrist hurting but not stopping.

“And anything else he would like,” said Severus, giving Harry a look to get whatever he liked, no matter the price.

“I marked them off on the catalogue,” said Harry grinning, the feeling of getting whatever he wanted was infectious. He’d have rather it be his money, but he knew Severus would never go for that. He may as well just enjoy it, he could just spoil Severus back - all he needed to do was figure out what Severus would like. He passed it over and could see she was slightly relieved.

“Alright, it’s just the colours for…” said Malkin looking at her list to find what she was looking for. “Ten t-shirts.” she finished staring at 'Harrison' curiously. Snape had always been a loner, she was curious about him there was no doubt about that.

“Um, black, white, green, royal blue, dark blue, grey, khaki, brown and um…cream and dark red.” said Harry thoughtfully naming all the colours he liked.

“Underwear?” asked Malkin’s without blinking.

It took everything Harry had to stop himself from blushing at the thought of an old woman asking what he liked to wear. “One set of Boxers and one set of briefs, the ones with the darkest colours and no patterns.”

Severus nodded his approval and to let Harry know he was doing alright.

“Socks?” she then asked.

“One set of trainer socks and one set of normal ones, dark colours again and no patterns.” said Harry.

“Add a set of thick boot socks in as well,” said Severus, “Black.” that way he wouldn’t end up with blisters when wearing his dragon hide boots. That was something he had learned the hard way, he hadn’t been able to wear them for days afterwards. Potions were miracle workers but didn’t get rid of something immediately.

“Alright, which scarf set would you life? Huffelpuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Gryffindor?” she asked.

“He didn’t attend school here,” said Severus quickly before Harry could drop himself in it. “It will be a normal set without the badges on it.”

“Alright, what colour would you prefer Mr. Blake? Scarlet and gold is the Gryffindor colours, black and yellow are the colours of Huffelpuff, blue and bronze for the Ravenclaws and of course emerald green and silver for Slytherin.” said Malkin’s.

“That’s it?” gaped Harry, “No wonder people don’t grow up stuck in the mindset of a teenager if that’s the choices they get, guess house pride comes first.”

Severus coughed whether he was trying to get Harry to quit or finding amusement in it Malkin’s would never know.

“Alright fine, um, emerald green and silver then,” said Harry finding it difficult to choose between the blue and bronze or the Slytherin colours as Malkin had termed it.

“Is there anything else I can get you?” asked Madam Malkin.

“No thank you, that’s it for now.” said Severus immediately.

“Very well, that will cost sixty galleons approximately,” said Madam Malkin’s, “I can have it sent over tomorrow either in person or via owl order?”

“Owl order, take it from my usual account.” said Severus flippantly, money was of no consequence to him.

“Very good, it was nice to meet you Mr. Blake.” said Madam Malkin packing up her things magically, shrinking them and before they knew it she was disappearing into the Floo network.

“Dinner is ready sir,” said Grace eying Harry slightly wary, she knew he liked cooking the dinner. She had to accept it, but she thought it was wrong that her Masters partner was cooking; it was a job for a house elf, for her. Considering she could still be stuck in Prince Manor, this was a win whether she cooked dinner or not.

“Just this once,” said Severus before Harry could say anything.

Harry conceded it with a nod of his head too excited about his new clothes to care too much right now.

“We have much to do tonight, I am going to question Dumbledore, so if you wish to use the spell tonight would be a good time.” said Severus.

“Great!” said Harry, oh this was brilliant! He felt so hyper and he didn’t know why. “Wait why are you questioning him?”

“I have to find out if he knows about the Horcrux.” admitted Severus.

“Oh, right,” replied Harry sitting himself down on the table waiting on the food, barely able to sit still. “Is there a way to get in touch with the twins without anyone knowing?”

“Yes, write a message and I’ll have either Grace deliver it or get an owl to do so.” explained Severus.

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Chapter 35


Lucius stalked through the halls of Hogwarts, not having to put on his normal masks, as he was stoic, his eyes glinted furiously, reacting to his emotions. The thought of the Dark Lord being a Mudblood turned his stomach; he’d bowed down to the dark wizard, spoke of him in reverence! This couldn’t be happening, the Horcrux had been too much information for him to digest but this…this was the straw that broke the Hippogriff’s back. His hand clutched at his cane, his knuckles going white. He forced himself to relax as he approached his wife and son. He had to admit his son’s actions had stunned him. He’d always assumed his son knew how much he loved them both. He’d loyally screwed everything up. He could console himself with the fact his son wasn’t marked by the mudblood if Potter’s claim was true. Potter, that was another surprise, he’d nearly passed out when Severus had spoken.

“Lucius what are you up to?” asked Narcissa as her husband finally came into view, determined to find out here and now.

“Not here, lets go.” said Lucius, taking a hold of his wife’s upper arm as to lead her out.

“No,” said Narcissa her stance screamed hostility, yanking her arm back.

“Leave her alone.” snapped Draco still in the same mood as before.

“Draco,” warned Lucius, getting extremely aggravated by his son’s attitude.

“I’m not leaving until I get answers Lucius,” added Narcissa. “I’ve gone through that for twenty years, well no more.” ever since she married him she’d followed him, and would have followed him to hell and back, even turned a blind eye to his infidelity. He knew of course, Narcissa was a strong woman, she wasn't about to let it continue. It's alright for him, he could actually do anything he wanted, and it’s her that was contracted with a fidelity clause.
“Please?” begged Lucius, praying she’d agree and he could get them out of Hogwarts. It was too crowded, too noisy and with two many eyes that could report to the Dark Lord where they were.

“No,” repeated Narcissa adamantly, no more games, no more stalling.

“I have a safe house set up for you and Draco, I have everything here,” gestured to his pocket patting at it. “That you will need, you will be comfortable I promise.” his voice was barely above a whisper.

“I’m not going anywhere,” hissed Draco his mercury eyes flashing in fury that his father was trying to play the concerned parent and husband now.

“You will do as you are told.” Lucius told his son, glaring at him exasperated.

“You forget I’m legally an adult and able to use magic father,” said Draco, “I’m not afraid to use it. You taught me well, I’m staying at Hogwarts, someone has to bring light to the Malfoy name after the disgrace you heaped upon it.”

Lucius twitched once more, his ire rising further still. “Draco you do not understand, things are about to get serious.”

“They already are,” replied Draco, “Take mum but I’m not coming.”

“Draco!” choked Narcissa her eyes wide with terror, what was happening to her family? They had been so close all these years until lately. What had happened to make Draco hate his dad? Did he hate her too? “We should all go. Together.”

“I’m sorry mum, I can’t, this is my home, my world and I have to do my part.” said Draco soothing her, his eyes solemn.
“I’m not going without you,” said Narcissa, she absolutely refused.

“You are both going,” snapped Lucius.

“Then you will lose us,” said Narcissa, “I’m not about to stand aside and let my son fight alone.”

“You think you will be able to fight your own sister?” drawled Lucius going for her weak spots. Despite the fact Bellatrix was completely crazy; Narcissa loved her for some insane reason.

“For my son, anything.” said Narcissa angry at Lucius for preying on her emotions, and in public too.

Lucius sighed in exasperation, “The manor isn’t safe Narcissa, even if I evict him…he will do everything in his power to kill us - do you understand? If Draco stays here, he will have to constantly watch his back.”

“I have someone I can ask to take us in, somewhere the Dark Lord won’t think to look.” said Narcissa, worry shining in her eyes, she wasn’t sure if it would pan out, but she also knew her sister would still do anything for her. Family always came first; at least to the Black’s until everything got screwed up with the Dark Lord and the beliefs that Muggle borns and half bloods didn’t belong in the magical world. For a long time she had believed it, her parents had constantly told her as a child…and every child believed their parents knew best. Then at Hogwarts her preconceived notions had been shot to hell, but habits were very hard to break.

“Where?” asked Lucius guardedly. Narcissa didn’t have many friends, at least not in the United Kingdom. She had a few in France she liked spending time with, Vela’s who liked shopping as much as she did. Since she was adamant about not leaving, it had to be someone in the UK somehow that didn’t comfort him.

“I’ll need to speak to her first,” said Narcissa, “Go back to the manor and close it down, meet me at the Leaky Cauldron.”

Lucius opened his mouth to speak but wasn’t given the chance.

“No, Lucius. You’ve been in charge and its lead us here, its time for me to get us out of it.” said Narcissa holding her hand up, she wasn’t going to let her husband talk her out of it.

“I have homework to do, write to me and let me know what’s happening okay mum?” said Draco, speaking only to his mother. It had been hell on earth during the summer holiday’s cooping himself in his room for fear of setting eyes on the Dark Lord and being cursed. He had admittedly been curious at first, it’s why he’d snuck in through a secret passageway and observed one. It had been one hell of a wake up call, nothing like he’d imagined all his life. Watching as the Dark Lord cursed them left, right and centre for not doing something he wanted. He just demanded things without any thought whatsoever. It wasn’t the life Draco had envisioned, it made him feel awful but he wasn’t about to let it happen. His dad had constantly said he’d take his place in the circle after leaving Hogwarts. It’s why he was so angry at his father, for duping him, for wanting him hurt that way. A shudder wracked his frame, just remembering his father writhing in pain.

“Of course,” said Narcissa, hugging her son close, swallowing thickly, aware of how wrong this can go and how quickly. “You be careful son, you hear?”

“I will be,” said Draco adamantly, lessening the fear his mother felt. He was curious about who she was going to go to for help.
“Son,” said Lucius nodding curtly, as always practically emotionless when dealing with his teenage son.

Draco stared at his father coolly before leaving.

“Let’s go,” said Lucius staring around, he had a manor to shut down, and he wanted to do it before the Dark Lord got back. He could barely believe what he was about to do, yet he wasn’t about to serve a mudblood. The humiliation slithered all over him, making him feel disgusted and sick.

“I’ll meet you at the Leaky Cauldron,” said Lucius, “Please be careful.” he said once they were at the end of Hogwarts wards.

Narcissa nodded and Apparated away, contrary to Bellatrix’s belief, she had seen and visited her sister twice since she’d been disowned.

“Are you ready to go?” asked Severus emerging from the bedroom; Harry was sitting at the desk he’d asked Grace to bring down. Harry was working on his Latin at the moment, the scene should have been strange but it wasn’t. It was funny how quickly people got used to changes, even more so for Severus, who didn’t usually handle change very well.

“Yes,” said Harry looking up, abandoning the work he was doing, stretching his hand it ached from all the writing he’d been doing. He had also memorized the spell he planned on using on Dumbledore, and written to the twins not bad for a nights work. He was determined to learn everything he could about his new world. There were also a few questions he actually wanted answers, things that had come to him a short while ago.

“Then let’s go, do you have your cloak?” asked Severus.

“Yeah,” said Harry nodding as he donned it, knowing Severus liked him wearing it outside the rooms. He couldn’t wait for the day where he didn’t have to hide; it was going to be so great being able to go wherever he wanted - with Sev’s permission of course.

Severus and Harry walked stealthily towards the hospital wing, since it was past curfew no student was out somewhere they’d be caught by a teacher. They liked to go to less…watched areas to get amusement. Since it was a castle, there were a thousand of places they could go that a teacher wouldn’t check.

“Hey, look a cat.” whispered Harry, making no attempt to pet it; if he went near he’d probably scare the hell out of it.

“That is Mrs. Norris, the caretaker Argus Filch’s cat.” explained Severus.

“Cool,” said Harry, out on the streets he’d become rather fond of cat’s, well not the wild ones, they’d scratch your eyes out quicker than look at you. Ones that either belonged to someone else or in crude terms ran away and lived rough.

“You like cat’s?” asked Severus, his lips twitching.

“Cat’s and dogs,” confessed Harry. “They aren’t like humans, they’re loyal, can’t betray you.”

“Indeed.” said Severus, saddened by the fact Harry didn’t trust people, but not surprised by it. At least Harry had one person he could trust and rely on, and he would make sure that never changed.

“What about you?” whispered Harry as they continued their walk to the hospital wing. There was still so much he didn't know about Severus. Things you didn't think to ask at the age of fourteen or fifteen years of age as apposed to growing up and becoming an adult and taking a greater interest in their partner. In his own partner.

“I don’t bother either way,” admitted Severus, growing up he’d never had anything never mind a pet. He hadn’t even had a familiar when the rest of his classmates at Hogwarts did. Writing home he’d used the school owls, during his Mastery he hadn’t had anyone to write to so never required an owl. He’d never contemplated having cat or dog.

Harry rolled his eyes, saying something yet nothing at the same time. Now he realized why he didn’t know much about Severus, he never revealed anything about himself.

“As you know my parents didn’t exactly have much income, pets not only cost to buy, but they require food that they couldn’t afford.” added Severus feeling Harry’s emotions.

“Yeah,” said Harry slightly subdued, for him it had been the other way around. The Dursley’s had plenty money but refused to spend it on him. It was good to know that they were paying for their crimes against him. Being in prison they wouldn’t have the money they were used to, Vernon wouldn’t have such a good job, maybe not even a job at all once he got free.

Severus opened the door to the Hospital wing, as predicted it was completely deserted. No student had been hurt, thankfully so it was only Dumbledore. Poppy was no doubt sleeping in her quarters behind the hospital wing. Taking a deep breath, he walked in silent as night barely able to see. Only two lamps were lit creating a warm orange glow on two of the walls.

“Fucking hell,” cursed Harry tripping over the bars of a bed, rubbing at his knee as if he could remove the pain.

“Shh,” said Severus taking a hold of Harry, who was unfamiliar of his surroundings, he shouldn’t have left him to enter alone.

“Lumos!” cast Severus, a ball emerging from his wand instead of just a light shining out of the tip of his wand. It hovered above them; Dumbledore lay asleep still unaware of what was going on.

“He doesn’t look like he’s suffering,” murmured Harry mulishly.

“Trust me, he is.” said Severus wryly, “And will be.”

“What now?” he whispered.

“Now we begin,” said Severus smugly, casting a sedation spell on Dumbledore, he gave him a potion to sedate him. One could fight through a sedation spell, potions weren’t so easy to defeat. He would be less likely to remember as well, which was a bonus. Once that was done, he removed the spell and waited one minute. Once the time was up, he placed the Veritaserum on Dumbledore’s unresisting tongue.

“Does it always work?” asked Harry watching everything in fascination. His Dom had told him what he was going to do; or rather Harry had wiggled it out of him. Veritaserum, he was far enough into his Latin lessons to know what Verita meant - truth.

“It does.” said Severus.

“He doesn’t look like he will answer anything,” said Harry, his hatred already stirring in his heart. He hated the headmaster, more than he’d hated anyone, even the Dursley’s and that was saying a lot.

“The responses are automatic, you can’t think under the potion.” explained Severus.

“Ever the teacher,” teased Harry.

“I never wanted to be,” admitted Severus his lip unconsciously curling at the thought of students, classes and marking horrifically written homework.

“Him?” sneered Harry, his green eyes glinting coldly.

“Not completely, his decision,” admitted Severus, “But I didn’t have a great deal of choice in the matter. Now keep quiet while I question him.”

Harry nodded standing aside but still keeping a good view of the proceedings. His hands itching to use the spell he had specially found for Dumbledore.

“What’s your first name?” asked Severus praying it worked and the sedation potion hadn’t been too powerful on Dumbledore’s weakened body.

“Albus,” murmured the Headmaster sounding very groggy.

“Do you know the secret to the Dark Lord’s immortality?” enquired Severus.


“What is it?” asked Severus.

“Tom created Horcruxes.” admitted Dumbledore slurring his words.

“How many?” demanded Severus furious, barely able to contain his rage.

“I got out of Horace that Tom asked about being able to split the soul into seven pieces.” confessed the Headmaster.

“Of course,” whispered Severus to himself wanting to slap his forehead in exasperation.

“What do you mean?” asked Harry his green eyes illuminating in the light.

“Seven is considered a…magical number, the most magical number in our world.” said Severus.

“Why?” asked Harry, it was just a number he was admittedly baffled.

“You were born on the seventh month; seven is the age experts believe magic is first accidentally cast. You attend Hogwarts for seven years; it was actually an Arithmancer who first established the magical properties of seven. There is also the fact that the seventh born Weasley, a girl shows the most magical promise. If she goes on to have seven children…it would be significant powerful…the seventh child of the seventh child.” explained Severus.

“I did accidental magic before then,” said Harry confused.

“But that isn’t the case for everyone, and nobody has lived through what you did.” explained Severus quietly.

“Does that mean you didn’t do magic until you were seven?” asked Harry.

“Actually I did my first accidental magic when I was three or four I believe.” said Severus.

“What does Horace have to do with this?” asked Severus concentrating on why they were here once again. Harry could distract him from anything, even reading an interesting book!

“He was a teacher while Tom was a student, he was the one that told him about the Horcruxes.” said Dumbledore a dark tone in his voice.

“You’ve known since the Dark Lord was in Hogwarts?” asked Severus his voice raspy.

“No, I only got the information from him two years ago.” admitted Dumbledore.

“How?” asked Harry out of curiosity.

“I used Legilimency on him then Obliviated him.” acknowledged Dumbledore.

“That doesn’t surprise me,” sneered Harry infuriated by what he was learning.

“Are any of the Horcruxes destroyed?” asked Severus closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose in irritation.

“Yes,” agreed Dumbledore.

“How many?” asked Severus.

“Three,” he said.

“What are they and where were they?” Severus demanded.

“The Gaunt Ring from the abandoned Gaunt shack. Slytherin locket from Grimmauld Place. Ravenclaw’s diadem I found in Hogwarts. I suspect he may have also placed one in Nagini but I haven’t been able to get near the snake.”

“That isn’t seven.” stated Harry.

“Which means he doesn’t have them all.” said Severus, “There is two more still out there.”

“Don’t you mean three?” questioned Harry.

“Not when you include the part inside the Dark Lord.” said Severus.

“No I mean the snake,” said Harry. “He only destroyed three, which means there are three more out there.”

“The diary has been destroyed, there is only two.” said Severus.

“Oh,” said Harry sheepishly, of course. “Why didn’t he mention it then? Surely that’s how he found out about them?”

“Unless he didn’t know it was one, and only figured it out later.” replied Severus. “At least if he’s correct about Nagini then there is only one unaccounted for.”

“Why Hogwarts?” whispered Harry, so low that Dumbledore didn’t hear.

“Actually its an ingenious move, nobody would think to suspect Hogwarts of holding such a dark artefact…plus the fact the place is so huge its like looking for a needle in a haystack.” said Severus.

“True,” admitted Harry.

“Does anyone know about the Horcruxes?” asked Severus.

“No,” confessed Dumbledore.

“Go on,” said Severus gesturing for Harry to do what he wanted, he was through with the old fool. He was sickened to the core that Dumbledore had kept this secret, he should have told someone. If he’d died the secret would have died with him, allowing the Dark Lord to continue returning and terrorising the world until nothing was left but ash and ruin.

Harry’s sadistic gleeful grin made Severus shiver but not in fear but pleasure. He had someone as dark as him, but one who would never turn out like the Dark Lord. He believed the saying there’s no good and evil, just what you chose to do with your magic. He was a grey wizard; at least he liked to think himself as such. He used magic light magic and more dark magic, it was the intent. He didn’t have moral when it came to using magic, just with other things.

“Pestis Signum,” cursed Harry in parseltongue, imagining a snake with as much conviction as possible. The spell hit Dumbledore’s unresisting body causing him to twitch as the spell hit him.

“What spell did you use?” asked Severus biting his tongue, as he felt himself reacting to his submissive’s speech. There was something alluring, sexy as hell in hearing Harry speak that language. It wasn’t dark, tainted and tarnished like the Dark Lords was.

“Did you like that?” hissed Harry watching Severus with devilment in his eyes. Oh he was so going to enjoy using this language. He was going to drive his Dom insane with need for him.

“Not here,” warned Severus, adjusting himself and regaining control of himself.

Harry pouted his amusement still evident, “I used Pestis Signum.”

“Ah,” said Severus nodding his approval. “Let’s go before we are seen.”

As they departed they didn’t see Dumbledore beginning to groan and clutch his stomach in agony…one of the first symptoms was beginning to make its appearance.

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Chapter 36

Mrs. Norris

“Don’t lock her out!” protested Harry, as Severus tried to shoo Mrs. Norris from the doorway. The cat had followed them all the way down, without its customary hissing and meowing as if trying to get them found out. Or more specifically he’d followed Harry’s invisible shadow down, able to smell him and no doubt curious. Very un-Mrs. Norris behaviour Severus had said, or rather the ‘damn cat doesn’t usually act like that’ more like. Which did admittedly amuse him beyond words; he really wasn’t an animal person.

Severus turned to stare at Harry drolly; Mrs. Norris took her chance and dived into Severus’ quarters. She stalked around like she owned the place, head held high sniffing around inspecting them. Severus scowled at the cat, but she paid no mind to him. Rolling his eyes he closed the door to his quarters, hoping she would get bored quickly. He’d never liked that cat, until today she always hissed at him when he passed. The things you do for people, he thought as he shook his head half amused half exasperated.

“You don’t like her do you?” grinned Harry, drumming his fingers on the arm of the chair, teasing Mrs. Norris and getting her to jump up. Rubbing at her ears, causing her to purr and butt further into his hand demanding more. It had been a while since he’d seen one, but he still knew their preferred scratching parts. Which were normally ears, chin, back and the tail.

“If you’d attended Hogwarts you wouldn’t either,” said Severus dryly, as he poured himself a drink of fire whiskey, giving Harry over a glass of Butterbeer.

“Can I try yours?” asked Harry slyly.

Severus blinked, on one hand Harry was legally allowed to drink now he was seventeen, on the other hand there was no way he’d be able to take fire whiskey, it took a lot of getting used to. Curiosity got the better of him; he handed over the glass watching him closely, deeply amused.

“Thanks,” said Harry grinning, taking a sip of the drink, and found it tasted very rich and delicious. He took a gulp before giving it back to his Dom. His mouth and throat tingling warmly, it reminded him of the drink he’d taken on New Year four years ago. Unfortunately it had lowered his inhibitions and landed him with the worst beating he’d ever received and lost his little hide out to boot.

“You’ve drank hard liquor before,” observed Severus dryly.

“Just once,” admitted Harry, “Learned that lesson the hard way, got beaten up pretty bad, I thought they’d fractured my jaw for days.” rubbing at his left side as if feeling phantom pains still.

Severus stiffened “What happened?” he demanded looking pissed off.

“Got the shit kicked out of me on New Year, around seven months before I met you I think. I got him back a month later once I recovered; come to think of it…I think I may have done magic as well. I never did see him again, don’t think I hurt him that bad.” said Harry scratching his chin thoughtfully, as Mrs. Norris continued to purr as his left hand stroked her absently. Nor had any of his crew came near, curious.
Severus bit his tongue, the desire to say something was overwhelming. Unfortunately Harry came with past, one that wasn’t discussed during dinner that’s for sure. He did absently wonder about the boy, had Harry’s magic came to defend him and killed the boy. It was possible, Harry’s magic wasn’t light, it was defensive used solely to protection and survival.

“Oh, I remembered I wanted to talk to you, you know about the Dark Lord,” said Harry, he wasn’t about to use the term ‘You-Know-Who or He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named’ and Severus had asked him not to say Voldemort so the Dark Lord was his only option- he didn’t really care if people would think he was his supporter. Harry had never bothered with peoples expectations of his character, and never allowed them to dictate his future.

Severus raised an eyebrow at the term Harry used to refer to the Dark Wizard, but brushed it off, it was better than Harry using Voldemort. Not only would it be dangerous when the Dark Lord put a Geis on his name, but it hurt like blazes when the name was mentioned within his vicinity through the Dark Mark. “Why do you want to discuss him?” enquired Severus.

“You said he was destroyed right, his body anyway, how did he come back and when?” asked Harry curiously. Picking up Mrs. Norris, he used both hands to scratch her ears, slightly surprised she’d allowed him to do it so long. Normally they got bored quick and tried to find somewhere as warm as possible to sleep.
“Ah,” said Severus in understanding, he threw back the rest of the fire-whiskey letting it burn down his throat. Even after all the years he could still remember exactly what he was doing when he felt the mark burn as if someone had applied a branding iron on it. Thankfully it had been summer and none other than Minerva and Dumbledore had been there to see his horrific loss of composure. Flitwick and Sprout made an appearance just afterwards, enabling Severus to regain his masks with iron clad will.

“Sir?” asked Harry looking concerned slipping into Sub mode without thought.

“I’m fine,” said Severus shaking off his thoughts. “The Dark Lord returned during the summer holidays. June the twenty fifth, before your fourteenth birthday.” not something he liked thinking about, since he’d met Harry a year later. He tried not to dwell on the fact he’d slept with a fourteen year old boy, even if he’d had the boy of an eighteen year old.

“How?” asked Harry still unsure on that part.

“We unfortunately only had theory’s to begin with, since I did not return to him, even if I did there was no guarantee I would have found out.” replied Severus, “The most speculated theory was he’d used a ritual to bring himself back. Bertha Jorkin’s went missing that summer, her body was never found which leads to the belief he used her to come back.”

“Bertha Jorkins?” echoed Harry blankly.

“She worked at the Ministry, the Department of Magical Games and Sports.” said Severus. “According to the Order she was an idiot, and it wouldn’t have been hard to lure her into a trap.”

“So not only are they sheep but gossipers as well?” sneered Harry his lip curling. “Who are they to say anything like that?! Not everyone can be smart.” the statement had obviously hit a nerve.

“She was actually on holiday, Albania, somewhere Dumbledore suspected the Dark Lord to be hiding out. It took them a while to realize something was wrong, since she was so forgetful all the time.” said Severus, “Of course they did look for her, but never found hide or hair, she had vanished of the face of the earth.”

“Okay, so what is he doing?” asked Harry, “Everything looks pretty normal for an evil wizard trying to take over.”
Severus threw Harry a droll look, “The Dark Lord’s plans are executed in a way that prevents one seeing what he’s up to until it’s too late. He is for most part subtle and sneaky unless things don’t go his way then he just attacks somewhere. During the last war, he had one foot in Hogwarts and the Ministry, if he hadn’t been destroyed both feet would have been dug in and the magical world would have paid the price.”

“So he’s smart then,” said Harry, it’s the sort of thing he would have done if he wanted to take over. Work from the side lines, getting supporters, making things work in his favour until he got bored and killed the good guys and made the sheep fall at his feet. Yeah, it was a good job he didn’t want anything like that, too much work and added to the fact he didn’t trust people wouldn’t be a good incentive to start. “What age is?”

Severus looked up at the ceiling, well this wasn’t a question he wanted to answer, he had a feeling Harry would freak out when he realized the number. “Let’s just say he went to school with Professor McGonagall.” replied Severus.

Harry’s eyes widened, “You all expect me to fight a man who’s in his seventies?!” yelped Harry standing up, causing Mrs. Norris to meow in indignation as she puffed up and walked towards the fireplace and curled up.

“Sixties, to be fair you could subtract an additional twenty four years off it as well, since he didn’t know about magic until he was eleven. Add the fact he’s spent the last thirteen years as a spirit.” said Severus in weak defence.

“Oh that makes me feel so much better,” said Harry slumping back on his seat.

“Harry,” said Severus pinching the bridge of his nose, “The Dark Lord was one of the best students to grace Hogwarts walls, beating Dumbledore’s scores, he has spent the last few decades trying to achieve immortality. He has only a few spells he likes using, his hubris that he believes he’s more powerful means he doesn’t think he needs to learn more magic which could turn out to be his downfall.”

“Not a very good pep talk, Sev.” said Harry wryly. “Especially since I’m a complete novice at magic, how could they think I would have been able to defeat him?”
“Nobody expects you to do it right away, they were going to train you just as I am.” said Severus.

“Yeah, in light magic, I suppose they expected me to defeat him with a tickling spell.” said Harry snorting in grim sarcastic amusement.

“It’s a jinx not a spell. Truthfully I think they expected the same miracle that happened sixteen years ago.” said Severus quietly. “As I’ve said you won’t be doing it alone.”

“Well thank god for that, otherwise I would have been a sitting duck!” said Harry, before searching for Mrs. Norris and found her comfortably asleep on the rug in front of the fire.

“Bring me the book you used for your spell, I want to see the list of symptoms.” said Severus, he knew the basics of Pestis Signum, or plague symptoms as it was, but he wanted to know more.

“Yes sir,” said Harry grabbing the book from his desk and handing it to him. A smirk appearing on his face, it was just too bad he wasn’t there to see the old fool suffer, it would have made him feel so much better. Oh well, he’d just have to be satisfied with knowing he was going through hell before he ended up in hell itself. Although it wasn’t called hell, but rather Azkaban prison.

“Don’t be too pleased with yourself, you will have to remove them.” said Severus, “At some point.”

“Why?” asked Harry indignantly. He was actually going to have to undo all his handy work? Damn that just sucked.

Severus’ lips twitched in amusement but didn’t offer explanations to why he wanted Harry to undo the spells at some point. Finding the appropriate page, he began to read the effects of the spell. Fever, coughing, chest pains, Dyspnea which meant a shortness of breath, Hemoptysis which of course was coughing up blood, lethargy, Hypotension low blood pressure, and shock. Then the black spots that appear sure sign indicator.

“Perhaps having something that sings the Muggle nursery rhyme would be appropriate,” said Severus smirking in sadistic amusement.

“What nursery rhyme?” asked Harry confused.

Severus paused perhaps it wasn’t the best topic to bring up, “You know, ring a round rosie. A pocket full of poses. Ashes, ashes we all fall down.”

“Huh, I’ve heard of the sneezing one,” said Harry.

“Same thing, both exist,” replied Severus.

“They made a nursery rhyme about the plague?” asked Harry unsure on how to feel about that one. Why did people let their kids sing nursery rhymes about the plague?

“Actually it’s not true, it isn’t a coded reference to the black plague, and people assume it is. They would be wrong, the poses idea is that plague victims smelt of ‘death’ before perishing, which of course is nonsense, it’s the lack of personal hygiene that caused the smell.” explained Severus.

“Back to why I have to remove the spells?” asked Harry sitting down next to Mrs. Norris and stroking her back getting a heat next to the fire.

“Oh you’d rather see him die quickly?” replied Severus acting surprised.

“No, can I at least leave the plague spell on?” asked Harry hopefully.

“As comforting as it would be to say yes, all that would be accomplished by leaving it on is him squared away in St. Mungo’s.” said Severus wryly.

“Good point, wouldn’t want him getting away with it.” said Harry hastily.

“Mmhmm,” was all Severus had to say to that. Burying himself back in the book, wondering silently which symptom Dumbledore would exhibit first, and how quickly before Poppy realized what it was. No doubt there would be a mass panic when she realizes what it is. Perhaps he should tell her about it, the fear would irritate him to no end, especially knowing there was nothing to worry about. Poppy couldn’t undo it anyway, so it wasn’t as if they had to worry about her removing it. Inhaling sharply, the book falling from his grasp as Severus’ hand clamped down over his forearm, eyes closed trembling in agony. He should have expected it; the Dark Lord had been too quite as of late.

“Severus!” cried Harry in alarm making his way over terrified, he could feel phantom pains of what his Dom was going through as Severus dropped to his knees. What the hell was going on? What was he supposed to do? He didn’t know what to do and he hated it. This was why he was a submissive, so he didn’t have to deal with situations like this! So he didn’t feel useless.

“Red potion, top drawer…bed…room…go.” rasped Severus, wincing as agony shot through him again. There had been no warning; usually there was a warning so he could get to the potion first. He tried to get to his feet, only to fall down again. Pressing his palm against the mark in a futile attempt to stifle the pain. The only thought to go through him was he was glad Harry had been here. He just could not move.
Harry scrambled to his feet again; glad to have something to do as he bolted towards their room. Jumping over the bed and yanking the drawer open. There was only one potion in it or at least only one colour so they were all the same potion - he hoped. Diving forward, out of the room he skidded to a halt next to Severus, still confused at what was going on. Yanking out the stopper, he poured it hastily into Severus’ mouth, watching him intently, as he seemed to calm down and feel a little better. It didn’t make the pain go away completely, Harry could still feel it. “Sir?” asked Harry feeling a little out of sorts.

“I should have warned you about it sooner,” said Severus straightening himself up with difficulty, sitting back on his seat, he patted his knee and waited for Harry to sit with him.

“It happens a lot?” asked Harry alarmed. “Isn’t there something you can do about it?”

“No, it’s the Dark Mark that causes it,” said Severus rolling up his sleeve, baring the Dark Mark to Harry. Harry had believed it was a simple tattoo back then of course. The area around the mark was extremely red looking and irritated. If you looked close enough you could almost see it pulsing violently.

“Isn’t there a spell to get rid of it?” asked Harry wincing at the state of it. “Would a numbing cream work? I mean do you have anything like that? Or Aloe Vera?”

“I’ve tried everything, unfortunately nothing takes the pain away completely.” said Severus, “He will get bored eventually and stop.” added Severus wincing as a particular vicious jab of pain radiated up his arm.

“I wish I could get rid of it for you,” said Harry, unwittingly slipping into Parseltongue. He realized quick enough when the snake began hissing back at him. Wide eyed he stared at it baffled, how could tattoo’s hiss? Then again they shouldn’t be able to cause pain either.

“Go away!” hissed Harry, not wanting this thing hurting his Dom anymore.

Severus inhaled sharply, not only was it hurting him it was turning him on - badly.

“Finite Incantatem!” snapped Harry still hissing, using the only spell he knew that could make the snake stop hissing threateningly at him.

Harry blinked and goggled at the bare arm, alright he hadn’t expected it to work…wow. “Does it still hurt?” asked Harry.

“No,” choked Severus, he’d thought briefly Harry being a Parselmouth may be the thing needed to remove the mark, but hadn’t put any credence to it. He’d felt it was fools hope, more fool him now, the mark was gone…his submissive had single-handedly done something for him he’d wished for seventeen nearing eighteen years now. He would need to find a way to repay him that was of course after reminding Harry who he belonged to. Wrapping his right arm around him, he brought him close and began to kiss him with a zealot’s passion.

Harry simply moaned and melted against Severus, allowing himself to be led as always trusting his Dom.

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Chapter 37

Pomfrey And Dumbledore

Poppy Pomfrey woke up to an irritating buzzing in her ear, as of late sleep hadn’t been coming easy. She slapped at her ear, as if trying to swat away an invisible bee. As she became more and more aware, she realized the buzzing wasn’t part of her dream or a bee, but the spell she had on someone in the hospital wing. Their vitals had shot way down and she was needed, grabbing her white sleeping robe she flung it on as she made a bee line for the ward. Closing her Quarters tightly, despite the fact someone would have to pass her in the hospital wing to get to her rooms.

Stepping around the bed, she moved the curtains aside to get to Albus’ bed, concerned by his moaning. He had been fine earlier; his withdrawal stage was over with. Although he still couldn’t eat much, but the potions kept him healthy by giving him the vitamins and minerals his body needed. Of course they couldn’t be used long term; they would have to find out what was wrong with him. It was beyond her ability, he would need a healer from St. Mungo’s to properly identify the problem he was having. More specifically the gastric department, Andrea would know who she needed to contact.

Pressing her hand against the Headmasters head, she realized his fever had risen exponentially in just a few hours. He must have come down with something, which shouldn’t have happened unless he caught something from someone who had visited. Shaking her head in irritation, she stalked over to her potions cupboard, swishing her wand removing the wards on it. She always made sure to lock and ward the cupboard door; it just wouldn’t do for students to help themselves to her potions. Not only was it dangerous to take potions with self diagnostic, she needed to make sure they got the help they need.
Removing a few potion filled vials she closed and locked it again, making her way to Dumbledore’s side. He wasn’t awake, so at least his suffering was minimal, but with a few potions his fever would be gone. As she always had to do, she spelled them into him. For some odd reason, Albus had continued to spit out every potion she tried to get him to take, insisting he just couldn’t bring himself to take them. Same with food, which had alerted her to a deeper problem. Nothing that made sense to her, it wasn’t a spell at least nothing that was showing up on her scan anyway. The symptoms lead her to believe it was, but the results denied her claim which did infuriate her. She’d never been so confused in her life. She was still waiting on a Floo call back from Andrea the head Matron at St. Mungo’s. They were extremely busy so she wasn’t expecting it for another few days at least. She could have said it was for Albus Dumbledore, but decided against it. He deserved to suffer after what he’d done to Harry.
Immediately she began to see a difference in Albus, he stopped moaning and his fever was significantly reduced. Steam rose from his body, she waited patiently for it to disappear then cast a cleaning charm on his nightwear. Once satisfied he would be fine for what was left of the night, she left him alone, closing the curtain again and making her way to her quarters exhausted. Slipping under her covers extremely relived to be back in the warmth of her bed. It was so cold out there, especially at night.


Poppy moaned as once again the buzzing in her ear woke her up again. Blindly searching for her pocket watch, it lit up at night so she was able to see the time. Magic truly was a wonderful thing, three hours she’d been back in her bed since seeing to Dumbledore. The fever reducers should have lasted a lot longer than that, six o’clock on the morning, there was no point to going back to sleep now.

Opening her cupboard door, she removed a t-shirt and a pair of trousers, and begun dressing herself. Once that was done, she put on her uniform, more out of habit than anything. Brushing her long grey locks, and designing it in her permanent bun. Sighing, acknowledging it was probably going to be a long day, she was tempted to take a dreamless sleeping potion and just sleep twelve hours straight. Oh what a slice of heaven that would be, unfortunately it wasn’t in her character to do such a thing.
Once again leaving the warmth of her quarters, she stalked along the corridor and slid into the hospital wing via a door only she used. Alarmed she stepped up to the Headmaster’s bed, hearing violent coughing coming from within. It sounded like he had a chest infection or pneumonia. Opening the curtains the sight that greeted her was worse; he was coughing up blood, never a good sign. Switching to nurse mode, she immediately began scanning him to see what exactly was going on. Conjuring a wet rag and wiping the blood away, and some of the sweat that gathered on her brow.

Blinking rapidly at the results, if she didn’t know any better she’d say he had all the symptoms of the plague. Stepping away from him alarmed, she immediately cast disinfectant and cleaning charms on herself as if it would help her. If it was pneumonic plague then she was already infected. Anyone that went near him was infected, since it was infective through breathing in the partials.

Flicking her wand she closed and sealed the doors to the hospital wing, stopping anyone from getting in. rushing through to her office, she grabbed a handful of Floo powder and called in the destination of the Headmaster’s office. Sticking her head in, she was relieved to see Minerva was up and in the office.

“Minerva, did you visit Albus recently?” asked Poppy urgently.

“No I haven’t been down. Poppy are you okay?” asked Minerva sensing something was wrong, had Dumbledore left the hospital wing? If so she had to alert Severus as soon as possible.
“Albus has developed pneumonic plague symptoms, I need Severus to brew the potion before it’s too late for him.” said Poppy extremely frazzled.

“Poppy I don’t think you need to worry,” said Minerva, her lips pursed so tightly her lips had disappeared completely.

“Didn’t you hear what I just said?” asked Poppy loudly extremely confused.

“Poppy, I’m afraid Albus has been a victim of a…prank.” said Minerva barely able to stop herself laughing.

“Excuse me?” asked Poppy glaring at Minerva, demanding an explanation.

“Harry,” was all Minerva had to offer.

Poppy deflated, “Of course,” she said sighing sadly. She couldn’t even bring herself to be cross at Harry or even Severus for his actions.

“It’s just a prank, it’s not contagious and certainly not life threatening, at least I don’t think so.” said Minerva, but she wouldn’t put it past Harry.

“Dear Merlin, what I am supposed to do? He’s exhibiting all the symptoms!” cried Poppy, then it dawned on her, the scan had shown the symptoms but not the problem…and no spell casting to indicate it had been cast on him. The fact Dumbledore hadn’t been eating made a lot more sense now. “He has something to do with Dumbledore not eating as well?” she added resigned.

Minerva’s lips twitched in amusement giving away the answer.
“I don’t understand, if its pranks, how am I not able to stop it?” asked Poppy flustered now feeling rather inadequate. After all Harry had been in the Muggle world all his life, never knowing the magical world. She on the other hand, had known magic all her life. Now along came the child, able to successfully cast spells she couldn’t undo, it would make anyone feel defective and incompetent.

“That I cannot understand,” admitted Minerva, “You would have to take it up with the boy’s, even my own spell wouldn’t stop it.” and she was no slouch when it came to magic, anyone she went up against would tell you that. It’s also why she was an Order member; the Order of the Phoenix was made up of pretty powerful and formidable wizard and witches. Well most of them, unfortunately Mundungus Fletcher was not included in that category, but he was mostly Dumbledore’s informer.
“Did you ask?” enquired Poppy.

“I did, but I didn’t receive the answer I wanted. Severus told me about how Harry desired revenge against Dumbledore. The pranks he’s playing, if we can call them as such leave Dumbledore starving, fragile and obviously defenceless. Everything that Dumbledore heaped upon Harry as a small child.” explained Minerva, no longer feeling the urge to laugh as she thought on it.

“I see,” said Poppy looking saddened, remembering the results of the scan and conceding the point.

“Poppy, Albus won’t be here much longer,” confessed Minerva.

“What do you mean?” asked Poppy.

“He will be arrested by the Ministry, I don’t have an exact date, but I can’t imagine it will be too long.” Minerva told her. “Nobody can know about this, I’m sure you understand?”

“I do understand,” said Poppy, “But what are the charges?”

“You’ll find out soon enough,” said Minerva not up for getting into that discussion.
It had to be bad if Minerva wasn’t willing to speak about it that much she realized. “I shall leave you to it, I must get back to the Headmaster.” replied Poppy when it was obvious the conversation was stilling. Plus she was on her knees, she was an older woman it wasn’t so easy anymore.

“I’ll see you at breakfast,” said Minerva. “Be there, you need to keep yourself fit. It does no good if you end up sick as well.” Poppy had missed breakfast and lunch yesterday, Minerva had noticed and it wasn’t good.

“Of course,” said Poppy more of a platitude than anything.

“I mean it Poppy,” warned Minerva, “We do not want another healer coming into this mess.”

“Very well,” conceded Poppy in defeat.

“Good, glad to hear it.” said Minerva.


Severus woke up, and switched his alarm off; he was so used to getting up that he no longer needed his alarm. Yet continued to set it without thought just in case, he was never late for anything and he didn’t want to start. Staring down at his submissive, his lips twitched just remembering last night. Harry was definitely his most responsive bed partner, so impatient too. He had completely worn Harry out, no doubt he’d sleep in today. Slipping out of the warm covers, making sure not to disturb Harry, shivering at the cold air. Grabbing his clothes and then robes he left the room, closing the door slowly so it didn’t creak.

He stood silently, still as a statue staring down at his left forearm, completely mesmerised. He could scarcely believe that the Dark Mark was gone. The horrid mistake he’d made as a teenager gone, by a young man with hardly any magical experience. Harry didn’t seem to understand what was and wasn’t possible, even Dumbledore had looked into it but was unable to come up with a solution. Then again knowing Dumbledore, he probably hadn’t tried too much. The same couldn’t be said about himself, he had tried everything, potions, spells, and even invented one for the mark to at least change it. It had of course been a futile exercise. He did wonder what Harry had done, or said in Parseltongue to make it disappear. He’d been too elated and…excited last night to ask, and he wasn’t going to spoil the fun by asking.

He was tempted, very tempted; to go to the Great Hall in nothing but a t-shirt, too bad it would ruin his reputation. Although he could roll his sleeves up, no, he couldn’t do that, it would draw unwarranted attention to him especially by the Dark Lord. That’s if he didn’t already know who knew what kind of backlash could occur? Well he could dream of course.

Shivering again, he quickly got dressed not wanting to end up sick. Flicking his wand he lit the fire to warm the place up. It would be for Harry though, since he would be in the Great Hall for breakfast. Since Harry was sleeping in he’d be actually eating a proper breakfast. He was starving; no doubt Harry would be as well. Little wonder with their activities last night.

“Grace?” called Severus, his voice low.

“Yes sir?” asked Grace appearing, speaking as low as her Master.

“Make breakfast for Harry when he wakes, let him know the twins are coming at one o’clock, if he wishes he can join me, but to go to his usual spot.” said Severus.

“Of course, sir.” said Grace nodding eagerly.

"Good." said Severus, with that he left his quarters, feeling the wards go back up; he made his way to the Great Hall. Deciding to eat there for once, wondering if Harry would be able to join him soon. As always, the students quietened down upon seeing him, but resumed talking when he took his seat.

"I had Poppy calling me," said Minerva staring at Severus.

“I see,” said Severus his lips twitching.

“How is he doing it Severus?” asked Minerva. It had been irritating her since Poppy spoke to her earlier this morning. She just couldn’t understand it at all; her spells should have cancelled it. Then again Poppy’s should have as well, it was baffling and she didn’t like being confused.

Severus just chuckled under his breath, in no hurry to give away Harry’s talents.

“Severus!” whined Minerva exasperated.

Just then the hall went ominously silent as they all craned their neck to see what was going on. A few even knelt on their seats, and a few had the guts to stand up. The staff all looked up curiously; wondering what had silenced the children. They then became silent themselves.

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Chapter 38

The End Of Dumbledore Or Is It?

Minerva stared around the hall, watching everyone’s reactions. Only she, Severus and Poppy were unsurprised by the Auror’s presence. Although she was admittedly intimidated by the large crowd of Auror’s Cornelius had amassed here to arrest Dumbledore. She calculated at least seventeen Auror’s and highly ranked, an Unspeakable and if she wasn’t mistaken even Hit Wizards. As they approached the teachers table, Minerva saw the difference in robes, and her suspicions were confirmed. Standing up, it was her duty since she was as of now acting Headmistress at Dumbledore’s absence.

“Where is Albus Dumbledore?” demanded Cornelius looking flustered. Or rather more flustered since he had been the entire time walking down the hall, when it had become evident that the wizard wasn’t in attendance.

“Perhaps we should take this up to my office?” suggested Minerva, “If you will give me a moment to address the students?”

“Very well,” said Cornelius, the only reason he wasn’t accusing her of siding with Albus and helping in his escape was the fact she’d brought the evidence forward. To writ this action wouldn’t be happening, but unbeknown to Minerva, the Unspeakables had been suspicious of Dumbledore for years, but found no tangible proof. This was the golden ticket, and they’d be damned if they didn’t act before something went wrong. He knew Albus had connections in every circle of the magical world, although he was sure every single one of them wasn’t exactly willing but rather indebted to him in some way.
“Students, due to unforeseen circumstances classes will be cancelled today. Now since there will be people in the castle, I want you all to represent Hogwarts with dignity and pride.” said Minerva her eyes moving from student to student, mostly those she knew would be trouble. “Anyone caught not doing as they are told will be given not only detention but the loss of two hundred house points.”

The students gaped as one, but didn’t for once second think she was kidding. Minerva McGonagall had made her reputation well known and feared. She was stern but not prejudice, never said anything she didn’t mean and absolutely did not tolerate prejudice. She had a one point thought it was harmless, then after seeing what happened to Severus, she realized it wasn’t after all. Then again she hadn’t caught them in the act, just heard the students whispering about it. No, it wasn’t until that horrible year she understood what she’d done by never stopping it. One of her own had nearly killed another student, a boy she had actually liked, since he always worked hard in her classroom. Also the fact he reminded her of herself at that age, she’d preferred studying than making friends. Ironic that they would later become colleagues and friends. Speaking of Severus she moved over to the stoic man, seeing how nervous he was around the Auror’s if the way his eyes were trying to filter from wizard to wizard was any indication, actually the only indication. Of course he had been arrested by them, and there was no way he would have gone quietly.

“I think perhaps you should get Harry down to the Hospital Wing to reverse that damage don’t you?” she whispered into his ear. "I shall take them to the Headmaster's office, meet us up there if you wish."

Severus nodded curtly before disappearing through the teachers entrance.

Cornelius watched the man leaving with a speculative look on his face, would he be meeting Harry Potter today he couldn’t help but wonder? Turning back to face Minerva, he waited patiently for her to deal with everything she had to here.

“Filius would you finish breakfast and have the children go back to their common rooms just for the rest of the morning?” asked Minerva turning to face the half goblin wizard. Asking instead of demanding as Dumbledore liked to do. He was always so sure nobody would deny him that he never thought to ask anymore.

“Of course,” said Filius staring at everyone curiously, wondering what was going on.

“Thank you,” said Minerva. “Shall we gentlemen?” she then said gesturing towards the doors.

Cornelius jerked his head, and the Auror’s, Unspeakables and of course Hit-Wizards trooped out the Great Hall leaving the students to relax and enjoy what was left of their breakfast. Gossiping about what it could mean and what was happening. Who were they after? And the teachers did nothing, since it was something they were thinking about too.

“You won’t need all these people to make the arrest, Minister Fudge; you can trust me on that. Two will be more than enough.” said Minerva as she closed the doors behind her, not naming names just in case anyone was listening in.

Cornelius stared blankly at the women, wondering what she knew that he didn’t. “Very well, Scrimgeour, Williamson stay here, the rest head back to the Ministry.” barked Cornelius so the large group could hear him. Nobody protested, they just walked away, Minerva observed Shacklebolt in the crowd. She nodded to him, leading him to believe the Headmaster was safe. His shoulders relaxed somewhat, leading Minerva to realise he’d bought her lie. He certainly wouldn't be happy when he found out. Then again being threatened out of a job he loved would freak anyone out.

The trip the Headmaster’s office was in complete silence; Minerva took her time giving Severus and Harry the necessary amount of time to reverse the damage on Dumbledore. They couldn’t risk him having to go to St. Mungo’s; it would delay any trial the Ministry had planned.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” asked Minerva as she closed the office door and took her seat.

“A coffee if you please,” said Cornelius, he’d been staying up late these past few days to ensure everything was done properly. Usually he’d just trust the Auror’s but not this time, he had everything double checked and also secured. Nobody other than him or Madam Bones had access to all the evidence for Dumbledore’s trial. So nobody could tamper with it, he wasn’t stupid; he knew Dumbledore had men in probably every department within his Ministry.

"Gentlemen?" enquired Minerva.

"Tea please," said the two of them in unison.

“What is going on? Where is he?” demanded Cornelius loosing patience, as Minerva summoned the tea tray and a cup of coffee from the kitchens. She ignored him for the moment, as she passed them out between the four of them. The coffee going to the Minister, the rest of them all had the preferred tea.

“I assumed duties as headmistress a week ago,” replied Minerva, “The Headmaster was admitted to the Hospital wing, and he’s been going through a withdrawal. He’d been taking too much Calming draught, we all warned him against it.”

Cornelius blinked; if he hadn’t known she brought the evidence forth he would have assumed she was concerned about him. It seemed she was putting on a façade; well two could play at that game. “Indeed, indeed, I do hope he’s recovered?” asked Fudge drinking some coffee.

“Of course,” said Minerva her lips twitching behind her cup.

“Well enough to leave Hogwarts without needing medical aid?” asked Fudge no mask in place, if not he’d rather just back away and come back. Preferable when Dumbledore was at full health so nothing could be used to jeopardise the case. Although a lot of Auror’s knew, it would result in the Headmaster being informed before nights end.

“I’m sure that is the case, if not Poppy Pomfrey will be able to tell you otherwise.” said Minerva. Finally able to lower the cup, without giving away her amusement. “I assume his trial date has been set?” the clinking of the cup setting on the saucer was the only noise in the room. The portraits were still and silent, but intently staring at the conversation not wanting to miss even a word of it. It wasn’t every day esteemed Headmaster’s of Hogwarts got arrested after all.

“It has,” agreed Fudge.

“Am I allowed to know?” enquired Minerva.

“Two days from now, I was able to successfully push a few back.” said Fudge smugly, and it hadn’t been easy, especially with him purposely leaving the name blank. After today it wouldn’t be blank though, if he got him in the holding cells, his name would be put where it belonged.
“Shall we go down and speak to Poppy?” asked Minerva glancing at the time.

“Yes,” said Fudge immediately, placing the half drunk coffee on the table eager to get to his true purpose. Once this trial was over and Dumbledore was in Azkaban then he’d sleep for as long as humanly possible. The Auror’s copied him, but their cups were drained and stayed one step behind him as they left.

Minerva made sure to take her time once again, hoping it had been enough time for Harry to reverse his damage. She truthfully hadn’t expected them for another few days, a week at the most. Opening the door to the Hospital wing, he saw only Poppy performing a scan so she assumed they had been and gone. Upon entering she saw that they were here, it seemed Harry was one to stick to his word. He wanted Dumbledore to know he was here, and had been all along. If she hadn’t already seen a Slytherin side to him, she’d know now which house he was best suited to.

“Poppy how is he?” asked Minerva stepping up to her.

“He’s in perfect health,” said Poppy. “Just made sure to feed him hearty meals before his trial, he hasn’t kept much down lately.” she had given him a few potions just before they entered, it would see him well enough and aware of what was going on.

Severus was impressed, Poppy had no tells on her to indicate she was lying. Dumbledore was anything but in perfect health. He’d been starved for the past two weeks, unfortunately didn’t get to suffer through the most severe plague symptoms. Harry certainly wasn’t impressed at having to remove them; he had sulked the entire way there and remained irritated even now.

“I will inform the house elf’s.” said Fudge. Nodding to Scrimgeour and Williamson to arrest him, which they did. Fudge was very disappointed with the way it happened; it had to be the Auror in him. He’d engaged in many a battle to arrest Dark Wizards in his day. He’d expected more, Dumbledore was after all the most powerful wizard of his time. It’s why he had been all too eager to have as many Auror’s on hand, as well as Unspeakables and Hit-Wizards if it took a turn for the worst.

“Cornelius?” murmured Dumbledore, seeing the wizard upon awakening; he couldn’t remember anything but agony and starvation. He wasn’t sure how many days had passed, but to him it felt like years but Albus knew it wasn’t logical.

“Albus Dumbledore, you are under arrest for the use of an illegal potion, illegally tracking Harry Potter’s magic and worst of all treason by means of removing Harry Potter’s file from the Ministry of Magic. Child abuse, child neglect, negligence, coercion.” said Cornelius grimly.

“Excuse me?” spluttered Dumbledore hearing only half of what he was saying but unable to believe it regardless. They couldn’t have proof, but it was enough to make him panic.

“You heard them, you’re anything but deaf old man.” sneered Harry his green eyes cold as ice gleaming with satisfaction. He’d spent his childhood terrified of this man; scared he would find him and send him back to the Dursley’s. He couldn’t understand anymore than Severus why he was able to remember it clearly. It didn’t change that he could; perhaps it had been a good thing. Otherwise he may have actually trusted the old fool, and ended up a mindless puppet. He couldn’t say what he would have done, what ifs and buts had no place in his life. Well maybe for a year, when he’d left Severus, but that didn’t matter anymore.

“Harry!” exclaimed Albus looking relieved; the potions should be active by now. No matter what anyone else was telling him what to say. The potion worked directly with him, Harry would defend him long after he was dead. “Please let them know I had nothing to do with the abuse, and that I didn’t know about it.”

Harry hissed like a cat, ready to leap at the old fool and pulverise him. It was an ingrained and automatic response one picked up on the streets. Unfortunately Severus was ready for it, and gripped Harry’s arm tightly preventing him from attacking Dumbledore. Not so much that he’d leave a bruise, Harry had received enough of them over the years to last him a life time.
“Mr. Potter, tell them the truth,” said Albus demandingly, coaxing magic into forcing Harry to do his wishes. Crying out he fell to his knees, panting in agony, somehow, some way Harry was able to protect himself from magic. It shouldn’t be possible; it wasn’t possible the boy didn’t know anything about magic.

“You better get him out of here, otherwise you will be burying him and arresting me for murder,” snarled Severus his own magic lashing out in anger but not enough to hurt anyone. It had been his magic that stopped Dumbledore’s, not that it would have worked fully since Harry didn’t have the potion in him. It was the intention that infuriated him beyond all reason. He now had the proof he’d been looking for, Dumbledore had used that Potion on Harry. Or at least tried, thank Merlin Harry had been suspicious of the old fool; otherwise as he’d told Minerva he’d be lost to them for good.

“Cornelius this is all a mistake, if we go through the courts I will have no choice but to make sure you are fired.” warned Dumbledore.

“Get him out of here,” said Fudge, also infuriated by the old man. “Minerva McGonagall I thereby instate you with full power as Headmistress of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.” normally the Ministry didn’t interfere with the school, but they did have the ability to do so.

“So mote it be,” said Minerva accepting the full responsibilities that came with it. Now she had twenty four hours to choose a Deputy Head, she had a feeling her first choice wouldn’t be accepting of it.

“You will all regret this, Voldemort will attack the school! I’m the only one he’s afraid of! All the students deaths will be on your head.” boomed Dumbledore as he was dragged from the Hospital wing by Scrimgeour and Williamson. Not that it was hard; his body was still weak from everything that had happened to him. Damn, he wished it had been Tonks and Shacklebolt who came to arrest him, and then he’d be able to get free. Unfortunately Scrimgeour and the other Auror weren’t familiar to him and not on his payroll.
“He’s gone,” said Harry staring at the Hospital Wing door, they really had arrested him. It was somewhat hard to believe, even more so that the magical world had wanted to turn the Dursley’s into vegetables for hurting him. Maybe he’d gotten the world all wrong, he thought powerful men always protected powerful men. What Harry failed to realize was that he too was powerful. Probably one of the most powerful men in the world if he wanted to be.

“Indeed,” said Cornelius wryly, “It’s nice to finally meet you Mr. Potter; I’ve been hoping this day would come.”

Harry’s eyes narrowed wondering what the Minister of Magic meant by that, he had no idea how politics worked.

“Our world owes you a great debt of gratitude, I can understand if you don’t want to think about that…for you paid a great price.” said Fudge. Harry had lost his parents, and been sent to abusive family members, then the horror living on the streets when he had properties splashed all over the world. “If there is anything I can do for you…let me know.”

“There is,” said Harry coldly, “Tell me what happened that night.”

Cornelius frowned looking from Harry to Severus clearly wondering why he was asking that question.

“Harry…you already know.” said Minerva frowning was he trying to measure the Minister? To see if he would be truthful? She could see no other reason for this.
“No, not that part, you said they were under the Fidelus Charm, right? Well how were they found? Wasn’t it still under the charm?” asked Harry. “How did they get me from the house if Pettigrew betrayed them?”

“The Fidelus Charm is one of the most complex and oldest pieces of magic in our world, and I have no idea.” said Minerva after trying to think of how it was possible. Harry did raise a very good point, and unfortunately she couldn’t give him an answer.

“Alright what happened just after the attack?” asked Harry.

“Albus realized what happened, he sent Hagrid to get you.” answered Minerva. “Hagrid informed me that Albus was going to number four Privet Drive. I had been unaware of why, but I travelled there, remaining in my Animagus form until he arrived.”

“What right did he have to decide that?” demanded Harry.

“From what we’ve pieced together, Sirius tried to take you, but Hagrid refused insisting that Albus had given him strict orders to bring you to him. Sirius was grief stricken reluctantly allows it, and gave his motorbike over to him to get you there.” said Minerva.

Harry gritted his teeth in fury.

“Later Sirius Black was arrested, we believed him to be the Secret Keeper and responsible for your parents deaths. His own actions to being arrested did not help colour him innocent.” said Fudge hastily "He was laughing in the middle of the street, completely deranged and surrounded by twelve dead Muggles."
"You were there?" asked Harry.

“I was,” admitted Cornelius, “First on the scene, as a matter of fact. I was a junior Minister in the department of magical catastrophes. All I saw was a crater in the middle of the street, so deep it had cracked the sewer below. Bodies everywhere. Muggles screaming. And Black standing there laughing, with what was left of Pettigrew in front of him … a heap of bloodstained robes and a few... a few fragments...all that was left was a finger." explained Cornelius. To this day it was still the worst scene in his career.

"Twenty members of the Magical Enforcement Squad took Sirius Black into custody while I set about modifying memories of the witnesses." added Cornelius.
“Hagrid took me away from my godfather, who was my magical guardian right? Since my parents had died? Could I have him arrested for kidnapping me? Black wouldn’t have been able to overpower a half giant.” said Harry. Not that he cared about Black, but he wanted everyone to pay who had a hand in causing him all the suffering in his life.

Poppy and Minerva pursed their lips, the urge to defend the half giant was strong. Yet they had to see it from Harry's side of things. They would just have to see how it went donw.

“They wouldn’t put him in Azkaban,” replied Severus, his voice quiet and slightly regretful. “Hagrid was already imprisoned once and also wrongfully expelled from Hogwarts. They would take pity on him, he would be lucky to receive a reprimand.”

Chapter Text


Chapter 39


Cornelius sat at his desk, his mind reeling with information and everything that had happened. The meeting with Harry Potter had been much more intense that he anticipated. He’d been prepared for a cool aloof young man, but not the vengeful soul he was. Cornelius swore blindly that he would never get on his bad side, the power the boy had…he’d be lucky if he just lost his job and didn’t become a reject from the magical world. Worse thing the boy could do was probably kill him, his and Snape’s magic was extremely powerful. He was powerful himself, had to be to get into the Auror academy, so he was no slouch when it came to power. He’d had Hagrid put in Azkaban a few years ago, but Dumbledore had him removed within a few months. It seemed the boy wanted everyone to pay, and it was his prerogative. After all he had been the one who had been wronged, in the worst way imaginable to wizards. Abuse just isn’t done in the magical world; all children were a gift, as long as they had magic (to a good portion of the magical world).

A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts.

“Come in,” said Cornelius staring at the clock, he didn’t have any meetings today; in fact he had no meetings until after Dumbledore’s trial. He prayed it wasn’t Lucius; he just didn’t want to deal with the drama right now. Although it would explain his arrival, no doubt him being at Hogwarts had reached his ears via his son.

“Sorry to interrupt sir, do you have a minute?” asked the voice entering his office.

Cornelius arched an eyebrow in curiosity, why would the Auror want to speak to him? “Very well,” said Cornelius not playing the part of bumbling Minister, he was in no mood to do it today. “Come in.”

“Thank you sir,” said Shacklebolt taking a seat, his stomach was queasy, but he had no choice he knew that. When the news reached him of Dumbledore’s arrest he’d known it was only a matter of time. He’d stupidly relaxed when Minerva had let him know Dumbledore was safe. He wasn’t, he’d been told by Scrimgeour that Dumbledore was in the cells and he wasn’t about to risk his freedom to get him out. The old fool was being watched closely, very closely according to the Auror, if anyone attempted anything the Unspeakables would come down on them.

“You wish to speak to me?” asked Cornelius blankly; the Auror was extremely worried, that much he could tell. His body language indicated he was extremely uncomfortable and desperate. The silence continued and the Minister began to wonder if he was ever going to open his mouth.
Shacklebolt tried to remain calm, professional and stoic as he usually was, but he’d prefer to face two Death Eaters right now than tell Fudge what he knew he must. If he admitted it he may have a little hope in hell of keeping his job, and remain out of Azkaban. He’d tampered with an investigation; he’d get at least a year in Azkaban. Azkaban strikes fear into everyone, for good reason.

“Auror Shacklebolt, sometime today would be appreciated,” said Cornelius irritated by the oppressing silence. Gesturing towards his pile of urgent paperwork. The ones concerning Dumbledore was under lock, key and spell, nobody was getting near them.

“I have something to confess,” admitted Shacklebolt rubbing his eyes tiredly.

Fudge sat up paying attention now, his eyes narrowing in on the Auror, wondering if it had anything to do with Dumbledore. The timing suggests it might be, but what would he have to confess? He knew the Order of the phoenix had members in each department. He just didn’t know who they were; even if he did they weren’t necessarily doing anything wrong.
“I mislead the investigation into Sirius Black.” stated Shacklebolt. Resisting the urge to shift about on the seat, at the look he was receiving from Cornelius Fudge. He’d gone over his reactions in his mind before coming, this wasn’t one of them. Stuttering, shouting, yelling, firing him, yet all the Minister did was stare at him.

“Misled?” enquired Fudge, refraining from sacking the Auror right there and then, he needed everyone he could get at the moment - they were at war. He’d wait for more information before making a decision on that front.

Kingsley stared at Fudge in surprise, was he actually wanting him to outright confess everything? Did he actually have a chance at keeping his job? “I knew where he was, and had everyone running on false information.” he’d even had Auror’s going to Tibet after Black.

“Why?” demanded Fudge, although he had a good idea why, he just wanted to see if the Auror would admit it.

“I knew he was innocent,” said Shacklebolt bleakly, unable to talk about the Order with anyone that wasn’t a member.

“Evidently, why didn’t you just bring him in and let him explain his side?” asked Fudge, was he seriously going to have to ask each question to get anything from the wizard?

“Without Pettigrew we knew that it was impossible,” admitted Shacklebolt.

Fudge stared at Shacklebolt in confused disgust. “And you an Auror, believed that?”

“Yes,” said Shacklebolt cringing, feeling like an utter idiot. He’d made bad choices, mostly by listening to Dumbledore in the first place. He’d often wondered why they didn’t, but last time Black didn’t even get a trial, so he hadn’t wanted to risk it. In fact lately he’d been questioning Dumbledore’s motivations more and more. Only to be brushed aside, something Dumbledore was very good at doing. “Black wasn’t given a trial, I was afraid it may be repeated.”

“I see,” said Fudge nodding his head in reluctant agreement, it may have happened but they’d never be sure. No, Pettigrew was dead now, and Sirius Black had been fully pardoned and compensated. His dead body had been found and identified, the missing finger heavily pointing in his direction as well. It made Fudge gag just thinking about it, cutting off ones own finger, and it was the most revolting thing he’d seen. “Turn in your badge and robes.”

Shacklebolt cringed once more, swallowing thickly, his broad shoulders hunched. Removing his Auror robes, he passed them over along with his badge which was attached to them. Just like that his career was over. His mind was going overdrive, wondering if he was about to be arrested as well.
“Kingsley Shacklebolt you are suspended for three months without pay, I do not want to see you in the Ministry during this time. Any raises and bonuses you have received will be stopped immediately, any promotions you were up for will be denied. When you return you will be given basic duty until you prove yourself, and your loyalty to the Ministry. Whether you believe someone to be innocent, the Ministry has to deal with it.” said Cornelius grimly. He didn’t want to sack the wizard, he was a formidable Auror. Fudge could see Shacklebolt as Minister one day; hopefully the suspension won’t hinder it. Unfortunately it was going to be marked down; he couldn’t let him away with it. One too many corners had already been cut.

“S-s-suspended?” squeaked Shacklebolt his brown eyes like saucers as he stared in blatant shock. He still had a job? He slumped back onto the seat completely numb. Okay this was something he hadn’t expected while he paced the corridor outside the Ministers office for half an hour.

“Pack up and leave,” said Fudge. “Just to be clear, the only reason you aren’t being fired is quite frankly we need everyone we can get - and because Sirius Black was indeed innocent.”

“Yes sir,” said Shacklebolt standing up and immediately leaving the office. He could feel all eyes on him, it was almost as if everyone knew, but that wasn’t possible. No it was probably because he didn’t have his robes on; they had to by law when they were on duty. He was grateful nobody was in the office when he went to pack his belongings and immediately Floo’ed from the Ministry to Hogwarts. He wanted answers from Minerva McGonagall, and had to find out what was happening to the Order with Albus out of the picture for now.
“Come in,” called Minerva as she approved the paperwork for Madam Pince to get the new books she wanted for the library. Dumbledore wouldn’t have allowed it; in fact he’d denied her often enough, probably why she was taking this time to ask her for it. Unlike Dumbledore, Minerva didn’t see the harm in learning magic that Albus would have considered bordering Dark Magic. No the money in the Hogwarts vaults were for the betterment of the school and this would educate them. “Ah, Kingsley, I have been expecting you.” she admitted as she placed the paperwork in the done pile she’d created. She wasn’t sure how Dumbledore kept track of everything without piles to help along the way. All the cluttering things had been removed from the desk, after being scanned for magic.

“Why?” demanded Shacklebolt.

“Excuse me?” said Minerva coolly not appreciating the tone the Auror was using to speak to him in.

“Why did you nod that everything was fine when it clearly wasn’t?” said Shacklebolt his accusatory voice still evident.

“Are you questioning me as an Auror, Kingsley?” asked Minerva her mood darkening even further. How dare he continue to defend that man after what he did? It sickened her to the core a man like him could or would.
“I’ve been suspended,” replied Shacklebolt sullenly.

“Why?” asked Minerva surprised, it certainly explained his mood.

“I told them about Sirius,” said Shacklebolt sitting down looking defeated. “It was only a matter of time before they found out anyway.”

“Ah,” replied Minerva, not sure what to say to the Auror. “It is better than being fired surely.”

“Yeah, it’s what I expected.” conceded Shacklebolt grimly. He was lucky, he knew that, but any hope of advancing within the Ministry was gone. At least he would still be able to help people by being an Auror at the end of the day. Merlin he wanted a drink so badly, Dumbledore hadn’t half screwed him over time and time again.

Minerva quietly stared at Kingsley with nothing to say. She pulled more paperwork towards herself, if he wasn’t going to say anything she may as well get more work done before the Order arrived.

“Why didn’t you help Albus?” asked Kingsley his voice just lost and confused.

“Do you not know why he’s been arrested?” asked Minerva incredulity.

“No, we weren’t informed,” said Shacklebolt blankly. “Why what has he done?” nothing bad surely? His mind drifted to the last Order meeting, and his heart sank damn it was bad then.

“Albus has been arrested for the following reasons, child abuse, child endangerment, the use of an illegal potion, which by the way is equivalent of an imperious curse without being able to remove it. Tracking someone’s magic, though means of removing their file from the records room by which means still currently unknown. Negligence and last but not least coercion.” Minerva summarized for the Auror.

Shacklebolt’s jaw dropped, “Child abuse?”

Minerva wasn’t surprised by the fact that’s the one he picked up on, to most it was a crime most unconceivable. “Indeed.” just wait until he found out who it was.

“Who?” he asked baffled, the only children remotely close to Dumbledore was Ginny Weasley, Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger and yes they were all children, they hadn’t graduated Hogwarts yet. They shouldn’t be in the Order, it wasn’t right, but it might explain why if he had abused them.

“Are you being deliberately obtuse?” asked Minerva incredulity wafting from her in waves. She could barely believe what he'd just asked her, had he suffered a recent blow to the head? He had been at the last order meeting. She had no idea just how much she sounded like Severus Snape at that moment.
Shacklebolt thought back on what she’d said, and his eyes widened in disbelief. They had to be talking about Potter, there was no other explanation. So he hadn’t recorded Harry’s magic after he managed to get him to Hogwarts, he had somehow gotten into the records room and stole it. He had often wondered why they didn’t use Voldemort’s to find him. Unfortunately he had found out his answer, Tom Riddle a.k.a Voldemort hadn’t been born in the magical world or registered. No he was essentially a Muggle born, since that’s normally the only way they aren’t registered. Children with at least one magical parent were registered in the Ministry.

“Harry Potter?” asked Shacklebolt, “He abused Harry Potter?” unable to believe it. He was a hero, what on earth had Dumbledore been thinking? He was according to the old man their last hope.

“The Order will be meeting here in an hour, why don’t you go and get a rest or something to eat?” suggested Minerva, and digest everything he’d just learned. She was going to have to repeat herself to the entire order anyway, and it wasn’t going to be easy.

Shacklebolt just blinked and got up, in a daze barely able to believe it.

“What are you guys doing here?” asked Hermione seeing the twins, walking towards them, the coin she had created for the Order told her they were meeting at two o’clock it was only one so why were they here?

“Business,” said Fred, lying through his teeth and having no problem doing it. Hermione Granger was the biggest teacher’s pet they’d ever seen.

“Are you going to the meeting?” she asked her voice quiet.

“Yes,” replied George. “You okay?”

“No, not really.” she sighed sadly, “I can’t stop thinking about the other meeting, what Dumbledore done.” she had believed him so completely. Defending him against anyone who dared to call him names, mostly against the Slytherins, but she just didn’t have it in her to do so anymore. Her world had been turned upside down; Hermione wasn’t sure whether she wanted to remain in the Order anymore. Oh she was so conflicted, she wished she had someone to talk to, but Ginny was too young and Ron was a…well not someone she could talk to - he was too immature.
“I know,” said George, not as surprised as her, they may be Weasley’s but they didn’t think anyone was above doing whatever it took, including Dumbledore. They had longer to get over what he done, having met Harry and learned a great deal of the truth.

“Do you know what happened earlier?” asked Ron joining in.

“What happened?” asked Fred worried.

“Dozens of Auror’s came into the Great hall,” said Ron in a rush, “We got off classes! And Dumbledore hasn’t been seen in weeks…” that unfortunately wasn’t usual since Dumbledore liked to go off on some quest or something. He’d been doing it all last year.

“Huh,” said George curiously.

“Might learn…”

“At the meeting…”

“Later today…”

“With a bit of luck.”

“Now, we have to go…”

“So goodbye.” finished George, walking away with his twin right beside him.

“Man!” groaned Ron shaking his head, “I wish they would stop doing that.”

“You say that every time you talk to them,” said Hermione exasperated, “I need to go to the library.”

Ron quickly tried to come up with a reason why he couldn’t go with her, wracking his brain didn’t help, he couldn’t think of an excuse. Instead he was grabbed by the arm and led towards the library, staring longingly at the hall he reluctantly went with her - wondering what the twins were doing. They didn’t have any products with them, which was very unlike them if they were actually really here on business. He was smarter than he liked to think (or anyone else thought) just too bad he didnt apply thought to every day situations or while working/studying.
“Did we just have a tolerable conversation with Granger of all people?” asked George surprised. Granger and Ginny were friends, best friends, but she couldn’t tolerate Luna, so Ginny had to choose between them. So from one day to the next it would be either Hermione or Luna she’d hang out with. To make matters worse, Granger had begun hanging around with Ron as well, who actually fancied her ever since seeing her in a dress at the Yule ball. The tournament Cedric Diggory won glory to the Hufflepuff’s for once.

“Yup, the world must be ending.” chuckled Fred as they descended into the dungeons. Passing a few suspicious Slytherins as they went.

Passing through the classroom, not surprised by the lack of people knowing that classes had been cancelled now. At least they didn’t have to annoy Snape again. The office was empty so there was only one other place to look - his quarters. It was one place they’d never gone as students, their teachers private quarters. Although it would have been a thrill to get into them, they were troublemakers after all. Fred knocked on the door waiting patiently for someone to answer it. They were admittedly curious why Harry wanted to see them; they hadn’t half jumped out of their skin when his house elf appeared. It wasn’t something they were used to; elf’s popping into their bedroom when they were working.

“Hey mate,” grinned George when Harry answered the door.

“Come on in,” said Harry smiling genuinely at them, it wasn’t a sight they’d seen before, he normally just smirked at them as though he had a secret they’d never find out. Or as if he found something extremely amusing about you, it did make Harry look years younger. He had to be really happy to show it, even after only seeing him a few times they knew he was a lot like their Potions Master. He didn’t show emotion easily or at all actually.

When they entered the lit room, they noticed the myriad of love bites on Harry’s neck and chest. Snape was one possessive Slytherin, and for the first time since they met Harry they didn’t blush. Not even at the fact Harry wasn’t properly dressed, just a vest and a pair of shorts that could actually be boxers. They were surprised Snape wasn’t making Harry go get dressed! They wouldn’t have been surprised he was extremely overprotective and selfish - he did want Harry to himself. No that wasn’t true, if he did... then they wouldn’t be here, he cared more about Harry than being selfish for himself.

“Did you get to use the pranks?” asked Fred eagerly, sitting down across from Harry, his twin doing the same.

“I did,” said Harry smirking with sadistic pleasure, reminding them of Snape when he handed out detention and deducted hundreds of points from Gryffindor.

“Spill!” said George just as excited as Fred for news.

“I had to remove them,” said Harry his smirk turning into a scowl.

“That sucks!” grunted Fred, “I hate when that happens.” they’d had to do it numerous times when they were at school.

“It does,” said Harry sighing. “Good thing is though nobody else could undo it, nor could they read the spells in a scan? Or something Sev said.”

“A scan detects what spells have been cast on you, so a nurse or someone with medical training can find.” explained Fred.

“I know,” said Harry nodding.

“But at least you got to use them, was it fun?” said Fred smugly.

“I didn’t get to see it,” said Harry, “But it was better than him getting away with it.”

“Where’s Sna…Severus?” enquired George, remembering to call him by his given name. Harry didn’t like it when they called him Snape for some reason. They weren’t doing it out of disrespect, they were just used to calling him Snape, he’d been their teacher, and you just didn’t call your teacher by his given name.

“Brewing more nutrient potions,” Harry told them his face screwed up in obvious disgust.

He’d tasted them before then. Given how thin and short he was compared to them, it was no surprise really. He was shorter and thinner than Ginny, although admittedly not by much. “All potions taste disgusting, but they work so can’t complain. Although we like the prank potions more.” agreed Fred.

“Course you do, speaking of pranks I have something for you,” said Harry.

The twins just stared at him curiously wondering what he meant. Had he invented a prank? Or come up with one? It wouldn’t surprise them the least. Harry produced a long wad of parchment and handed it to them. Opening it up their eyebrows rose in unison unable to believe it. Their eyes immediately sought out the amount he was offering them to get the business started. Bloody hell, they could buy the shop they’d been eyeing for years, the flat above it and get their products. There would still be a lot left; they stared at Harry in awe. He believed in them this much? Nobody else did, not Gringotts, not their parents, not a single person believed they had what it took. Yet a boy who’d only seen them twice was offering them all this money? They’d often dreamed of something like this happen, but didn’t believe it actually would.

“Is this for real?” asked Fred totally astounded.

“I get thirty percent of your income if it works out.” said Harry seriously, “And it will.”

“How can you believe that?” asked George baffled. “Even our own mother keeps trying to get us to get ‘proper jobs’ as she calls it.” She went on about Bill, Charlie and of course Percy all the time, and how they had jobs that got them reliable incomes. Constantly telling them to get their heads out the clouds, that it would never happen and the quicker they realized that the better. Here was a boy who didn’t know the magical world giving them something.

“Snape agreed to this?” added Fred, Snape of all people believed they could do it as well? There was no way he’d risk Harry’s money otherwise, surely? Thirty percent was a lot of money, but Harry was taking a much bigger risk in giving them money for this venture of theirs.

“It’s Severus,” growled Harry, he didn’t like people saying Snape like that, as if he wasn’t worthy of a first name.

“You know we don’t mean it disrespectfully Harry, he was our teacher, and we are used to calling him Professor Snape. It just got shortened when he was no longer our professor.” said Fred.

“You better get used to it; everyone calls him that, well most people, especially the Order.” George told Harry, adding to the conversation.

Harry grimaced sounded like a bunch of arseholes; didn’t they care what his Dom had done for them? He had to speak to him, find out if it was the proper way, or if he was just overreacting. Although if anyone disrespected his Dom they'd have him to answer to, he wasn't going to put up with it. He knew Sev wanted to take care of him, but it didnt stop Harry from wanting to look out for his Dom from time to time. In a way he did take care of Sev, just in a different way to how he was looked after.

Fred and George stared at each other, almost as if they were having a silent conversation together. In the end George nodded then his twin did the same. Having come to a conclusion they stared back at Harry seeing him in deep contemplation as well. Whatever it was, he didn’t like it, if the curling of his lips was anything to go on.

“Are you sure you want to risk it?” asked Fred seriously, changing the subject.

“It’s not much of a risk you know, it’s been untouched for sixteen years,” said Harry shrugging his shoulders. As his Dom had said, he would be taking care of him. His new clothes were proof of that, they’d come earlier making his mood a little better after having to remove the spells from Dumbledore.

“Alright then,” said Fred eagerly, “Do you have a quill?”

“They’re over there.” said Harry gesturing towards the desk where he did his work.

“Thanks,” said Fred jumping up he grabbed a quill and an ink pot, making sure it was black, all official documents had to be done in black - it was just the way things were done here. Dipping it in Fred signed his name first, his hand trembling with excitement, appreciation and anticipation. He was seconds away from his dreams coming true, and he was…well he just wanted to jump around like a mad man. Handing it over to George, he saw his brother was in pretty much the same state as him.

“Here,” said George his heart racing, half of him feared this was a wonderful dream…or a horrid prank. Harry huffed at the quill but began writing his name down, a bit messy but readable. The scroll wound up and disappeared in a puff of smoke.


“Sev says all you need to do is go to Gringotts, they’ll give you the key,” said Harry.

“Thank you,” said Fred and in a move only Gryffindor’s could make, both pounced on Harry to hug him. Unfortunately they didn’t count on Harry’s reaction; they only touched him once before Harry’s magic sent them flying into the bookcase at the other side of the room. Later they would be thankful it hadn’t been the fireplace, otherwise they would have gotten severely burnt. Right now though they were just groaning in agony completely winded and confused as they tried to sit up.

Unsurprisingly the noise drew Severus out from his laboratory.

“What happened?” asked Severus assessing his surroundings, arching an eyebrow in surprise at the scene before him.

Harry stared down at the floor feeling contrite; a very small part of him wondered if they’d still want to be friends with him after that display. Unfortunately he couldn’t help his reactions, they had been coming at him, and it was an automatic reflex. The street hardened part of him was impressed with what his magic could now do. It wasn't accidental otherwise he wouldn't have been able to do it. emotional or otherwise, he could control his magic now.

“Harry?” questioned Severus, his fingers probing Harry’s head to meet his.

“It’s not his fault,” said Fred groaning as he successfully managed to sit up.

“They came at me,” said Harry shrugging helplessly.

“We surprised him,” said George before Severus could turn on them.

“We wanted to thank him for…you know…helping us start our shop.” added Fred hastily, “It was just a hug, we didn’t expect him to react like that. We should have, sorry about that Harry.” inhaling sharply as his ribs protested to the movement of standing up.

“Yeah, we are sorry,” said George as Fred helped him up. “Crap are we late for that Order meeting?”

“No, ten minutes until its time.” said Severus immediately.

“It’s going to be fun,” said Harry smirking ferally, the episode with the twins evidently over.

“You’re coming?” asked Fred perking up. Oh this was really going to be fun! And they were getting front row seats to it. He couldn’t help but rub his hands in gleeful anticipation, wincing again Merlin he hurt. He made a mental note to NEVER ever sneak up or surprise Harry ever again.

Severus rolled his eyes and summoned two pain relievers for the twins, and handed them over.

“Oh that’s better,” said George gratefully as the pain immediately disappeared once the potion had been drank.

“Ready to go?” asked Fred his eyes twinkling madly as they always did when he was happy.

“Ready,” agreed George.

Harry laughed in amusement while Severus just shook his head and smirked. He was getting too comfortable around the twins, he didn’t know if that was a good thing or not.

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Chapter 40


Fred and George sat down in the left corner of the room, where they’d get a good look of the entire show about to take place. Everyone other than Minerva, Severus and Harry were here already, so they were lucky enough to get the seats. They couldn’t for the life of them remove the wicked grins on their faces, Fred and George, were just so happy. They had their dreams coming true, they could now buy their shop and a flat, finally leave the Burrow. Fred and George loved their family, and would do anything for them, parents and siblings, but it was just too much staying with them all the time. It made everything complicated when they didn’t agree with a particular situation, especially when it was their mother disagreeing. She was so loud and demanding all the time, they’d had enough as children…now it was beyond irritating. They didn’t blame their brothers for leaving as fast and as far as humanly possible. Although they were back here now, it was probably only for the duration of the war. They weren’t the only ones exasperated by their mothers overbearing ways. Charlie had gotten into an argument with their mother a few weeks ago, when she’d attempted to cut his hair brutally short. She constantly got on at them because their hair was long it was utterly ridiculous they were adults, it didn’t surprise them that Harry wasn’t overly fond of their mother either.

“What have you boys done?” asked Arthur sneaking up on his twin sons.

“What?” asked Fred innocently.

“What have you done this time?” said Arthur glaring at his sons, these meetings were too important for them to prank anyone.

“Nothing,” said George truthfully.

Staring at them shrewdly, but inevitably Arthur sighed not able to determine whether they were being truthful or not. He would find out he summarised quietly, and returned to staring around the room. Wondering if anyone other than the few who work at the ministry knew Dumbledore had been arrested. He’d been shocked to hear the rumours! Even worse when they had been confirmed. Had someone told the Ministry that Dumbledore had recorded Harry’s magic? It didn’t seem likely, not only where they loyal but they weren’t able to talk about the Order.

“Sorry to keep you all waiting,” said Minerva as she entered the room, her face as it always was impassive.
“Perfectly understandable,” said Arthur smiling at the woman in sympathy, no doubt she was in a right state. Between doing the duties of Headmaster, Deputy unless of course, she had signed one up for the job already. Now she was trying to run the order it seemed. She had a lot on her plate, especially today when she was going to have to reveal the news that Dumbledore was arrested. Arthur hadn’t even told his wife, not wanting to deal with the drama that would ensure. He only hoped she kept at least half a level head here. Although part of him would rather Molly get it out of her system before they went home. Arthur ignored the curious looks half the Order gave him at his pronouncement, including his wife’s.

“What’s happened?” asked Molly looking between her silent husband and a grim Minerva, her eyes narrowed demanding answers. Arthur refused to look at her, and Minerva didn’t answer her question at all, it was as if she hadn’t spoken at all. Molly didn’t like that the least, so did the only other thing she could. “Where is Albus?” he would answer her question.

Minerva sat down in her Headmistress chair, observing everyone waiting on the headache reliever Severus had given her kicking in. She almost regretted getting rid of Dumbledore’s calm infested lemon drops, she wanted to take a few, but considering what had happened to the old fool - she was going to stay away from them. It was easy to get addicted to potions, just as it was for Muggles to get addicted to their own medication apparently.

“Where is he?” asked Molly raising her voice but not quite shouting yet.

“Please, Molly, we can do without your temper tantrums tonight.” said Minerva raising her hand to stop the on coming shrieking match. If there was one thing Molly didn’t like, it was being ignored; sometimes she acted like a child, perhaps that’s why her youngest children had temper problems. Given that Molly kept demanding attention, the children had learned it’s the only way they get the attention on them.
Molly inhaled sharply unable to believe she’d been spoken to in such a manner. Albus wouldn’t have allowed it, how dare she treat her like a five year old? Arthur placed a hand on her, and she sighed and reluctantly remained quiet. She felt very hurt when they remained silent, as if agreeing with Minerva’s assessment. To make matters worse, her kids were in here and seeing their mother shot down. Embarrassment thrummed through her, closing her eyes and calming the rage and hurt quelling in her heart.

“I have a few announcements to make tonight, and I hope that you can all act like reasonable adults we all are,” said Minerva, her headache receding as she spoke. She relaxed slightly, sighing in relief. It really was going to be a long night tonight.

Everyone began talking to each other, wondering what was going on, and just what the announcements could be. Was Albus injured or hurt? They knew he liked to go off on his own? Had he been taken by Death Eaters? Killed? Their mind whirled with a million different scenarios on what Minerva was going to say, as they spoke quietly among themselves. None of the Order noticed how silent Arthur, Moody, Shacklebolt and Tonks were.

“Has this anything to do with Harry?” asked Sirius his blue eyes staring at Minerva with a hopeful look.

“Shush Sirius,” said Remus staring at the Headmistress in concern, she looked deeply troubled.

“Before I reveal anything, I need to ask an important question…has anyone taken any potions in the past twenty four hours?” asked Minerva.

“What does that have to do with anything?” asked Moody baffled.

“Just answer the question,” said Minerva her tone clipped.

“We had to take a pain reliever potion half an hour ago,” said Fred gesturing to both himself and his twin, for the first time they spoke a full sentence without finishing it for one another. They could see how stressed their old Transfiguration teacher was, which was more than they had elicited from her during their seven years at Hogwarts. They’d seen her shocked, outraged, angry, exasperated and very, very quiet but never like this, not even when the war started back up.

“What happened?” asked Arthur alarmed. Where had they gotten the money to buy the potion? They didn’t have many potions in the house, just enough for emergency so it wasn’t from the house. Unless of course they had raided the potions store cupboard, which wouldn’t impress Severus, he was glad the Potions Master wasn’t here yet. No doubt he wouldn’t be happy if someone had done this. Unless they went to Poppy, but he couldn’t see it, nobody went to that woman unless they had to. Even when he was at school she was a force to be reckoned with, only a few successfully managed to talk Poppy out of keeping them in.

“Nothing, its fine.” said George shaking his head.

One by one everyone else replied negatively, no they hadn’t consumed a potion in the past twenty four hours. Their confusion was plain on their faces, what on earth was Minerva up to? And why was it so important to know if they’d had any potions in twenty four hours? Unless…she thought they had been drugged, but that was stupid, they were all careful what they ate and drank.

“Severus will be up here in a minute to check every single one of you, with the exception of Fred and George of course for any tampering.” said Minerva.

Fred and George glanced at each other suspicion rooting in their mind, what had Dumbledore tried to do to Harry? That even McGonagall was weary? Did she know about Harry? They weren’t sure, but she had dismissed Sirius’ question about Harry quick enough. It was as if she wasn’t worried about him, which could only allude to the fact she knew where Harry was and was happy with the situation. Then again Minerva wasn’t one for showing her emotion unless she was pushed to the limit and unable to control herself.

“And if we do not want to do it?” asked Moody suspiciously, drawing blood wasn’t something Wizards or Witches were comfortable with. It was the first thing adults taught their children, especially if they were purebloods. Blood was a tool used in many dark rituals, from slavery spells to resurrecting the most evil of souls.

“You are all grown adults, I cannot make you.” said Minerva pursing her lips in obvious agitation. “However, if it’s not done then the Order will be disbanded permanently.”

Outraged cries immediately flooded the room as soon as Minerva was finished. They were not happy with her ultimatum at all; they were feeling cornered which led them to being angry at the situation.

“Quiet!” yelled Arthur somehow miraculously being overheard by the yelling room, even more shocking was the fact they actually listened to him. “You have a reason for doing this, perhaps telling us then letting making up our own minds may be for the best?”

“I believe someone close may have spiked our food or drink, if this is the case…we may be in deep trouble…there is no counter for the potion…at least not yet.” said Minerva, hopefully Severus would be willing to create a potion for them, if worst came to the worst and any of them were drugged. Just because that bottle was full it didn’t mean the old fool hadn’t already used a different vial a few years ago when the Order was reconstituted.

“I’ll do it,” said Ginny stubbornly, having received the famous Weasley bravery, or idiocy as Severus called it often enough.

“I have no problems,” said Charlie grimly, he unlike the others actually respected Snape a great deal.

One by one, they reluctantly began agreeing, until there was only a handful left, who conceded they’d do it, more out of peer pressure than anything else. What couldn’t be denied was how nervous they were about the entire thing. Before long, as if he had been waiting outside, Severus entered the office, a large crate of potions following him in, his face as it always was impassive.

“Why don’t you work your way around the room from this side Severus?” suggested Minerva pointing to the side where the most seats were occupied.

“I’d rather use this table and chair, may I?” asked Severus bluntly, as always never afraid to say what he felt or wanted to. The table and chair was at the side, near the large Library in the headmistress office, which hadn’t been changed - but given time Severus knew it would.

“Of course,” said Minerva, she should have expected it really, Severus wasn’t a people person, and if he could he’d disappear into the background and never emerge. Taking Harry with him, as well, she thought with a sense of smug satisfaction that he was happy. Not only that, but Harry was home, where he should have been all along.

“Who’s first?” asked Severus sitting down bored.

“I am,” said Ginny stepping around everyone and placing her hand out to her Potions Professor bravely. Her brown eyes staring at him without fear, even when his eyes met hers.

Severus picked up the needle, a smirk twitching at his lips as she warily looked down at it. Gryffindor’s, they were all the same, to him bravery was overrated. Taking a hold of the sixth year’s hand, he pricked it quickly, and allowed two drops of blood to drop into the potion vial. Sealing her wound closed immediately afterwards, and sterilizing the needle which acted to remove the remains of blood as well. The potion immediately went from murky cream to blue.

“What does blue mean?” asked Ginny staring at the potion curiously, never in her years at Hogwarts had she seen that.

“You are clear,” said Severus bluntly.

Relived she immediately sat back down as her brothers stood up to take their turn.

“What does that mean,” asked Charlie staring at the potion which hadn’t gone blue like his sisters instead it was sinister grey.

Severus stared up at the man; normally he never had a problem telling people what he thought. Regardless of how he was, how did he tell someone they had a controlling potion in their system they may never get rid of? Staring at Minerva, both of them seemed to have a silent conversation before Minerva nodded silently.

“It means you have a potion in your system designed to control you.” replied Severus.

“Control me?” asked Charlie wide eyed, as everyone behind him began gossiping loudly.

“This has gotten personal, I want answers…and I want them now.” said Arthur standing up, his face filled with worry. How many of his children were affected with this potion? Was he? It was at least some relief Ginny wasn’t controlled. She had already been through enough during her first year; he really couldn’t go through that again with his little girl. Not only that, it had been a fight with Molly to get her to allow Ginny to attend Hogwarts again.

“Trust me, Arthur, its best we get this over with first.” replied Minerva sighing tiredly, rubbing her temples; the potion didn’t seem to have worked very long.

“No, you will tell me now.” said Charlie his voice filled with panic and fury.

“Very well,” said Minerva sympathetically. “You are all aware that Albus implied he recorded Harry Potter’s magic?”

“Yes,” scowled Moody as the others all nodded in agreement.

“He didn’t record it after he met him; he broke into the records room, something even the Dark Lord wouldn’t do. It’s deeply ingrained into everyone that it’s not allowed.” said Severus bluntly.

“What does this have to do with the potion?” asked Sirius darkly.

“We were just giving you an idea of what Albus is capable of; I found a potion in the Headmaster’s desk and handed it to Severus. He was the one that told me about the affects it could have, and we soon realized he had been trying to drug Harry Potter. Fortunately he was lucky in this case, he didn’t trust him, quite rightfully and didn’t eat anything while he was here.” said Minerva.

“You mean he didn’t eat for three weeks?” exclaimed Remus looking shaken.

“Precisely, if he was willing to do it with Harry, I realized he may also have done it to us. Which is the reason for this meeting tonight along with a few other titbits of information you need.” said Minerva. She was thankfully compulsion free, mostly because she only liked one kind of tea, and it wasn’t served during order meetings.

“Where is he?” asked Charlie ready to hunt him down then gut the old manipulative bastard.

Everyone was panicking, demanding to be checked, terrified that they too had been tricked. Causing the potions to almost topple over, Severus glared at them, growling low in his throat - it was enough to deter them. They calmed down a little and sat back down, but judging by the look on their faces they weren't happy about it.

“Albus was arrested earlier this morning,” said Minerva her exhaustion showing making everyone pause.

“For trying to save the magical world? We needed Harry.” said Molly incredulity wafting off her in waves.

“MUM!” yelled seven voices simultaneously completely shocked to the core.

Severus stood up, his entire body trembling with rage he couldn't even begin to contain. He had every intention of hexing her face clean of her face. Reaching for his wand, he was stopped by a hand clamping down on his arm. Severus didn't remove his eyes from Molly, black eyes flashing dangerously, letting her know it wasn’t over. He would get her some way, some how - she'd pay for her words.

“Severus, sit down.” said Minerva in warning, tightening her hold on the potions Master who had stood up at her pronouncement fury pouring off him in waves. The Order also leant away, they thought they’d seen him mad, mostly at Black but this…this blew their preconceived notions to hell. He was intimidating, there was no denying that. Even Molly backed down wide eyed, and weary.

“I suggest we get back to testing everyone. Now.” said Minerva, never letting go of the Potion Master’s arm.


Twenty five minutes later everyone had been tested, each of the potions was sitting back in the crate. The ominous grey speaking volumes against the small collection of blue potions. It seemed only the younger generation had been spared on Dumbledore’s rampage to control everyone he came into contact with.

“Why not them Severus?” asked Minerva slightly lost, but thankful nonetheless.

“I can only speculate,” said Severus quietly, “Poppy does keep a detailed record of any student passing through her walls. If she found it, then it would have blown the lid of what he was doing. I mean if she cast a spell to find out when it happened, the list of suspects are narrowed down. Only a few people really have access to the kitchens, if they were all checked they’d have realised a pattern before long he’d be the only suspect.”

“Poppy sometimes sees to us,” replied Minerva.

“She does,” agreed Severus “But haven’t you noticed…unless you require a scan she doesn’t do it?”

“I believe you are correct,” said Minerva nodding in agreement.

“Perhaps we may find out at the trial.” said Severus. Along with everything else he wanted to find out, he should speak to Cornelius Fudge, make sure to have a list of questions. No doubt they wouldn't think to ask the more important details.

"What is he actually on trial for?" asked Tonks her hair black like her mood.

“He has been arrested for the following illegal activities, child abuse, child endangerment, the use of an illegal potion, which by the way is equivalent of an imperious curse, with no known anti-dote. Tracking Harry’s magic, by removing Harry’s file from the records room. Negligence and coercion all on Harry Potter might I add. Although kidnapping wasn’t added to the list of charges, it had better be before the trial.” said Severus bitterly.

“Why do you care, Snape?” spat Sirius bitterly. “You hate Harry.”

Minerva coughed, pursing her lips finding amusement for the first time that afternoon.

Severus smirked staring at Black with amusement, watching Lupin slink into his seat suddenly finding his feet interesting. Oh this had been the moment he was waiting for, Black would find out and he’d get to see his face. Not that he’d thought on it much, he cared more about Harry than getting petty revenge on Black. No, it was just an advantage of the current situation. It’s just too bad Dumbledore wasn’t here as well, so the old fool would finally realize he didn’t have complete control over his potions Master. Both he and Minerva were clean of the potion thankfully, probably because they didn’t eat or drink at the Order meetings.

"Severus," said Minerva wryly shaking her head, would the rivalry ever end between those two men? It was Harry who was going to be stuck in the middle this time. Although she didn't think Harry would necessarily be in the middle, no Harry would side with Severus. After Black's actions well, she couldn’t really blame the teen.


Severus turned to stare at Minerva; he could see she was amused as well. The twinkle in her eye gave her away, also the pursed lips which were twitching at the sides. Nodding at her, his head subtly jerking to the side, Harry had actually found his way to the Headmistress’ office. He’d done it as an experiment, to see whether Harry would actually be able to find him no matter where he was. He would have just used the twins map to find Harry if he got lost. Which wasn’t needed, he was rather proud of Harry.

The gargoyle grunted and groaned, making everyone turn to the door curiously. Nobody came here during Order meetings, not even once.

“He knows the password?” asked Minerva amused.

“Yes,” said Severus simply. “I told him.”

“Ah,” said Minerva nodding her understanding. “Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce our new Order member. I must warn you not to approach him, startle him or ask him too many questions.”

Understanding began to dawn on various order members faces, Sirius, Remus, Molly, and Tonks (who slouched in her seat). Last but no means least, Hermione, who had only suspicion about it. Fred and George were just soaking up the atmosphere stopping themselves jumping up and down on their seat. Their eyes trying to look at everyone at once, not wanting to miss even a little eye twitch from anyone. Grinning widely at each other, they turned to the room again, not seeing their fathers probing look.

"Please welcome - Harry Potter." said Minerva causing everyone to gasp as one. For once they were too stunned to speak gossip or shout. Their jaws just hung unattractively nearly on the floor.

Severus leant against the Headmistress’ desk, his arms crossed over his chest, his smirk still firmly in place. Idly wondering how long everyone would remain speechless. It’s the best look he’d ever seen on them, apart from the day they’d actually defied Dumbledore and questioned him.

Harry stood at the other side of the door; he could feel Severus behind it. It was extremely odd but liberating knowing where Severus was all the time. It meant he didn’t have to worry about ever getting lost in this huge castle. His hand stopped inches from the lion handle, not sure if he could do this. He wasn’t used to big groups, groups that usually came into contact with him usually ended up with fights. Plus the fact half of them he wanted to stab in the back, in payment for their so called kindness. He knew he wasn’t going to get on with any of them, cursing nastily, he should have told his Dom he wasn’t ready. No, he’d faced worse situations than this, he could do it, and he wouldn’t let his Dom down or Minerva who he sort of liked.

Squaring his shoulders, his face becoming a blank mask, as he opened the door and stalked into the room. Feeling ridiculous in his cloak, but it was better than a closed one. Harry stiffened, cocking his head to the side, something was nagging at him. He felt something familiar; it wasn’t like the twins, his Dom or the idiots who brought him food. No, he was something else entirely. But what? What was it? Scratching at the back of his neck as it prickled. His cold harsh face looked around everyone in the room, landing on one person in particular.

Harry’s eyes narrowed to slits, comprehension began to take hold, as he realized why it was familiar.

“Harry,” said Severus his voice going low, concern and warning lacing it. He could feel everything Harry was, but he couldn’t discern why or where.

Everyone began shrieking, moving out of the way, falling off their chairs or shouting ‘Bloody hell’ ‘oh my god’ or ‘Harry!’ as the teenager leapt over the table, causing the juice and food platter to go flying as he began pinned the wizard to the floor, choking him with one hand the other rained blows down on the terrified unsuspecting man. The snapping of a piece of wood was lost in the cacophony of noise surrounding the room. Nobody even thought of trying to stun Harry, too shocked by the very Muggle display of violence and fighting.

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Chapter 41


Moody’s magical eye had watched the boy coming up the stairs, then stand at the door obviously conflicted about entering or not. He wasn’t surprised like everyone else was upon hearing Minerva’s words. He was determined he’d give Potter that much, although he did look as if a single breeze would knock him over. Given that he’d spent his life outside on the street it was to be expected, he didn’t often feel sympathy for others. After all the fights he’d had and incidents happen to him, it kind of got knocked out of you. He’d lost his eye, leg, and been in more scratches than he cared to remember. Yet everyone here and in the magical world owed that boy their lives. Without him Moody wasn’t under any illusions they would have won. Nobody was under any illusions in this room that they would have possibly beat Voldemort. It had been a long time since he trained anyone, and wondered briefly if he would be training the next Potter heir. He would need to learn, Potter was in the magical world now. Moody watched him fly across the table impressed with his display; he may get the upper hand on a few wizards before they realized his game. He winced upon seeing the polished wood snap, he had just lost their wand.

Sirius’ eyes had widened upon hearing the news, Harry was here? He’d come back? He stared at his godson wincing at the blank look on his face. He would never get used to it, all his hopes and dreams were gone, he’d never have the carefree relationship he’d wanted when he finally found Harry. He was a younger version of Snape, nothing of James in him at all. If he hadn’t known Lily hated Snape by the time Harry was conceived he’d believe he was actually Snivellus’ son. Of course part of him realized he was being disingenuous. Sirius flew from his chair when Harry flung himself across the table, gaping wide eyed at him. He’d been threatened but never seen him actually hitting anyone. Sirius had seen Remus afterwards but that was it. His hands automatically cupped at his manhood wincing in sympathy for the wizard. Ouch, he wondered what this sad idiot had done to earn Harry’s wrath.

Remus watched Harry enter the office, the first thing he was drawn to, was ironically enough the green/gold collar around his neck. He could smell the magic in it; unfortunately he couldn’t tell what was what, with so many wards up at Hogwarts. His amber eyes twitched, he was very familiar with Harry’s moods by now. Impassive was general irritation, the eye narrowing, Remus jumped from the chair in the nick of time, knocking Tonks over causing her to fall on her backside. Hiding behind Sirius unable to help himself, the wolf in him howled in disgust with its human counterpart’s actions. Wolfs were proud creatures; they’d face down an enemy and die rather than walk away. Wincing in sympathy, knowing very well Harry could punch like it was nobodies business. Remus helped Tonks up feeling guilty, unable to hear anything coming from her mouth. He then clasped his hands over his ears, withholding a whine as his eardrums protested heavily at the loudness which was becoming louder each passing second.


Fighting passed the idiots boxing him in, Severus angrily shoved them aside, why did they all seem to be on this side of the room? He was tempted to just hex the lot of them and be done with it, it didn’t help that he wasn’t the only one trying to get to the front - Minerva was also. Her yells of ‘Stand aside’ was lost in the screaming and shouting the others were doing. As if yelling at Harry would make him stop.

“Someone really must get control of that boy!” hissed Molly, as Arthur tightened his hold on her. Stopping her from flying at Harry and giving him a spanking he wouldn’t forget. Then an idea hit her, flicking her wand out, she cast a spell aiming it at Harry “Incutio!” the younger Weasley children cringed and covered their backside out of habit, they’d had that spell cast on them often enough as a child. It acted as a spanking, hitting their backside until it was removed.

Severus’ anger mounted to intolerable proportions when Molly cast that spell against his Submissive. Watching in satisfaction as the spells he had on Harry’s collar (which stopped most minor hexes and jinxes) successfully deflected her spell. He was angry enough that Harry once again used Muggle fighting, all the spells he’d used his indistinct was to fight with his hands. He understood it would take a while to train that out of Harry, which was the only reason he didn’t feel the need to punish him. Unless he didn’t have a reason for doing what he was, but knowing Harry as he did, and he was very curious about it.

Fred and George looked at each other before shuffling away from their mother and father. By their reckoning that spell wouldn’t be hitting Harry, they stifled their laughter when they were proven correct. It returned to sender, causing Molly Weasley who was still in her husband’s tight grip to bear the brunt of the spell. Causing the loud woman to begin screeching something awful. Her face was red in both humiliation and pain as she jumped around, trying to avoid the spell to no success.

“Finite Incantatem.” said Arthur flicking his wand and ending the spell. Thankful when at least some of the screeching died down.

“Severus will you do something?” shouted Remus terrified that Harry wouldn’t stop, and it was plausible since he hadn’t stopped his attack yet. Even he hadn’t received such a beating before, what couldn’t be denied was how much it hurt. If anyone could convince Harry to stop, surely it was Severus? After all they were in a relationship. Then again, his dating Sirius didn’t mean he could stop him.

“Why would he do something?” asked Sirius from beside Remus confused.

“ENOUGH!” roared Severus his patience completely evaporating. Every single young order member froze, Tonks, Charlie, Bill, Fred, George, Ron, Ginny and Hermione. They had all been taught by him and had never heard him sound so cold before. Even Harry stiffened temporarily stopping his attack against the older wizard who didn’t have the slightest chance against Harry.

Finally everyone shut up; all that could be heard was quiet cries of the incapacitated wizard.

“Get up!” Severus snapped hoisting Harry off Doge, not even wincing at the state he was in. He was swelling ridiculously fast, blood trailing from a dozen different wounds on his face. Both his eyes would be black soon if they weren’t seen too, and if he wasn’t mistaken his nose was also broken.

“He broke me dose!” murmured Doge, unable to say ‘nose’ properly, moaning cupping his face in agony.

“That’s not all he broke,” muttered Moody but the silencing in the room meant he was heard.

"I should get Poppy up here," said Minerva horrified at the state of Doge, as she quickly hightailed it to the fireplace, shouting in the hospital wing address waiting patiently for the Medi-witch to answer her.

Severus led Harry passed Minerva’s desk and to the other side of the room, away form the crowd. He wished he could take a calming draught right now, he was still furious simply put. Harry was shaking, not out of fear but the adrenaline coursing through him. Closing his eyes he forced himself to calm, not wanting to do anything in front of these people. He pushed Harry into the squishy armchair, and then proceeded to pinch his nose.

“It looks as though someone can control him,” said Molly watching Snape closely.

“Molly, enough!” hissed Arthur, realizing something was going on, Minerva had said to them not to touch him, yet Severus could? It caused a few ideas to surface around his mind.

Arthur was proven right when the Potions Master stalked towards them, his wand jutting into his wife’s chin.

“You move to strike Harry or use any spells against him, what the Death Eaters did to your brothers, will pale in comparison to what I do to you. Is that understood?” said Severus his voice deceptively silky and calm. His wand still lodged at Molly’s throat.

Molly paled the fierce warrior she was fighting Death Eaters were gone replaced by a shaken woman. Even to this day she mourned the loss of her brothers, saddened that her children wouldn’t know their fun loving uncles. Although one set of pranksters was enough for any family, for sure Fred and George would have gotten on with them like a house on fire. Nobody had dared besmirch them in her presence.

“You go to far Snape,” said Charlie looking pained. He couldn’t quite remember his uncles, mostly because he’d been too young. Despite that he felt their loss, the fact Snape was bringing it up actually made him quite angry. They had been tortured and killed, formidable duellers they had been, and it had taken five Death Eaters to take them down.

“He’s got every right to be furious! Mum can’t go around hitting anyone she feels like it!” snapped Fred defending both Snape and Harry.

“Alright what happened here?” asked Poppy as she stepped out of the Floo.

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Chapter 42

A Pathetic Order

“Can you see to Doge, Poppy?” asked Minerva, now she definitely wanted a calming draught, what had stuck in Harry’s caw to do this damage? Even Remus hadn’t been beaten as badly as Doge, he was a member of the old generation, an advisor of the wizengamot, and he’d been in the order since its conception. Given what she knew, Minerva was surprised that Doge had been drowsed with the potion. Doge was one of Dumbledore’s oldest friends. She’d heard a few sentences here and there that Doge was referred to Albus’ dim-witted but devoted sidekick.

Once Poppy was seeing to Doge, Minerva stalked over to Harry, whose dark mood didn’t seem to have abated any. She said nothing about Severus’ words to Molly, but given Severus’ anger she didn’t want his wrath on her. He was entitled to defend Harry, Molly had no right, as her son said to go around using that spell on anyone. Given how vindictive Harry could be, Molly would only end up in front of the wizengamot for aggravated assault. It seems she knew where her children got their hotheadedness from; it certainly wasn’t Arthur who was calmer and quieter than anyone she had ever met.

“Harry?” said Minerva quietly, watching him with worried brown eyes.

Harry ignored Minerva, not wanting to say something he’d actually regret to her. He was so angry, usually he could just go out and fight to relieve the pent up emotion. That wasn’t possible here, for the first time since his Dom had taken him from that damn room, he felt the claustrophobia greater than ever. To make matters worse Poppy was over there undoing all his handy work. He really should have guessed, but the idiot he was he hadn’t.

“If you fix him, I walk.” snapped Harry unable to keep silent.

“Did you know?” asked Arthur whispering into his son’s ear, the twins had surely known something was up. They had been too happy, and very quick to defend Severus and Harry. Then again anyone with half a brain would have done so. Certainly nobody was coming to his wife’s defence, although he could see some of them were extremely angry at Severus bringing up the Fabian and Gideon, with good reason. Both men were considered heroes by the people in his room.

“Yes,” said Fred seriously, no sign of repentance on his face or voice. His lips twitching it was so like Harry to turn around and say something like that.

Poppy froze from where she was crouched over Doge, her gaze going from Minerva to Severus then to Harry. He was sitting at the other side of the room; arms crossed staring levelly at Poppy, no hint of remorse. The room was silent, waiting in bated breath for Poppy to do something, anything. Standing up from her crouching position, from what she’d learned of Harry was he was truthful. She didn’t want to test him; no doubt Severus would leave as well. Poppy had seen how attached Severus was, she knew when he loved, he loved very much and completely. The worst of the damage had been dealt with, his nose has been fixed, and the rest were just bruises which he could fix himself.

Severus felt amusement flash through him, Harry had only been here a few weeks, and seen Poppy and Minerva only two times, yet they knew how serious he was. It may have something to do with having nothing to loose, nothing bar him was keeping Harry here, and they didn’t even realize that. Or perhaps not everyone realised it, but he could almost see the clogs turning in quite a few people in the room. Arthur Weasley, Lupin, Moody even Granger but he wasn’t surprised by that. Black though just looked stupefied, he’d probably have to spell it out to him. How the idiot managed to become an Auror and remain one he would never know. His amusement didn’t last long, once he got the gist of Harry’s emotions.

Stalking over to Harry, ignoring the rest of the room, he pulled out a calming draught and handed it to Harry. Giving him a stern look that said he had better take it, otherwise he would shove it down his throat. He was tempted to take one himself! He couldn’t help but pinch the bridge of his nose. He wanted answers, Doge was useless, and he didn’t understand why Harry had attacked him. Especially if his confusion was anything to go by. Attacking Remus or the others was one thing, but Doge was an old man, not someone who could keep up with Harry. Unless of course he had his wand in his hand, then he would be classed as competent.

“What the hell are you giving my godson!” snarled Sirius stalking forward, only to be held back by an irate Remus. Glaring at Remus, getting annoyed at his constant interference especially when it came to Harry. First when he asked Minerva earlier now this, it was getting beyond exasperating. It was as if Remus was trying to keep him from his godson.

“Enough, Sirius.” said Minerva warning clear in her voice. She unlike Dumbledore, wasn’t about to let the two bicker at each others throat during meetings. They either buckled up, acted their ages or they were out, they had a world to save, not something they could do while arguing among themselves. “If you cannot behave yourself you will find Hogwarts is no longer open to you.”

“Ooo please misbehave, for me?” said Harry sarcastically, his green eyes dulling at the potion began to work and calm him down, but there was still a wicked twinkle in them.

Fred and George laughed (along with Charlie, Bill, and Ginny) the tension seemed to disappear as the twins wandered over to Harry, making their allegiance clear. They hesitated a few feet from them seeing the look Snape was giving them. They weren’t about to piss him off, not wanting to risk the budding friendship they had with Harry.

“You had better be honest with me Harry, I am in no mood for half hearted excuses, is that understood?” whispered Severus into Harry’s ear so nobody could overhear them, not even Minerva who was still standing pretty close to them.

Not that anyone other than a few were actually trying to listen in. the others were all gossiping about just why Harry had attacked Doge. Ranging from Harry being a deranged psychopath to being controlled by someone. Their long hard search for Harry had kept them going. Each of them imagining their hero to be pure and naïve, glaringly obvious that they didn’t understand what it was like to live on the streets.

“Yes sir,” murmured Harry, the calming draught had worked too well, he just wanted to close his eyes and sleep.

“Why did you attack Doge?” asked Severus a hint of sternness entering his voice. He did ask himself if he wanted to know, his mind was filled with all sorts of ideas none of them good. He knew Harry had several Dom’s before him, and as an older wizard and pureblood’s he probably preferred the D/s life. He liked to think Harry had more taste than to end up with a man one hundred and sixty years old. But as he had explained to Lupin, Harry would have done anything to get off the streets.

The room had gone silent hearing Severus’ question, their own minds curious. To say this was an Order meeting they wouldn’t be forgetting any time soon, would be putting it lightly.

“Harry,” repeated Severus in warning.

“I met him,” said Harry quietly, shooting a glare at everyone else in the room. Damn them, he didn’t want them to see him like this. Yet he couldn’t sneer or growl at Severus, not only because he respected him too much, but because his Dom would hate that. He wanted to prove how much he needed Severus, not drive him to being constantly angry with him.

“When?” asked Severus urgently.

“I was nine,” replied Harry.

“I presume you mean while you were still at the Dursley’s?” stated Severus resigned.

“The day before I ran away,” said Harry.

Severus inhaled sharply, causing the Order to frown, what did he know that they didn’t?

“Am I correct in the assumption that he is the reason Vernon Dursley stabbed you?” asked Severus sighing tiredly.

Understanding now each of them gasped, Ginny whimpered utterly horrified, she had been sheltered greatly by her parents and siblings. Despite being possessed by Lord Voldemort, she was in a worldly way innocent and naïve. Fred and George winced, unable to look at anyone, so much for knowing everything that had happened for reading a bloody newspaper. No wonder Harry had reacted the way he did earlier if his uncle had come at him with knifes during his childhood. The spell that spanked them seemed pretty damn mild now.

“I did no such thing!” exclaimed Doge wide eyed, blindly searching for his wand, terrified Snape would come after him next from where he sat against the wall. Pulling it out he whimpered pitifully when he realized it was in half, he’d had this wand since he was eleven years old. Utterly devastated he pulled out the second half and cradled his broken wand to him, suffering from a harsh blow.

Harry hissed glaring at Doge promising death if he didn’t shut up.

“How would you have seen Harry never mind interacted with him?” Minerva asked Doge.

“He followed me around,” snapped Harry, his voice softening he continued “Every time I went anywhere out of Privet Drive I could feel a creepy spidery sense…I never understood it. It just made me feel bad, wrong…I felt it the second I walked into the room again.”

“His magic was active at the age of nine?” asked Moody staring at Potter with undisguised pride, deeply impressed.

“What does that mean?” asked Harry frowning.

“Some people’s magic is more…aware than others, depending on how powerful they are. The fact you knew you were being followed speaks a great deal on how quickly your magic…matured.” said Minerva in explanation. “I do not understand why him following you would cause your uncle to…” she was unable to finish the sentence. She like everyone else had heard the unvarnished truth from Vernon Dursley’s mouth, but it seemed he had somehow managed to get around the Veritaserum and Severus’ Legilimens. They hadn’t known about Doge or the fact Vernon had stabbed Harry, but given what they knew…she wouldn’t be surprised if Dumbledore had something to do with it.

“You do not understand Minerva,” sighed Severus sitting down himself now, as everyone stood in silence not even attempting to talk or look at one another. “There was never a day that went by that Harry wasn’t hurt, in ways that an observer should have found troubling. If I had seen Harry back in the day, I would have known something was wrong…the fact a man of his statue and age didn’t report it…” Severus’ voice trailed off meaningfully. Doge been in the wizengamot, seen the lowest dredges of society dragged in, if anyone in here other than himself could and should have been able to spot abuse it was him.

Harry snorted bitterly, “He saw my aunt hurt me that day, he bowed to me in a shop, causing her to go nuts. She almost yanked my arm out of its socket, roared at him then proceeded to come back. I made the mistake of asking how he knew me, she slapped me and she basically dragged me home. The second my uncle got back she told him about it. It’s when I gave up hope of anyone giving a damn.”

“We do,” said Tonks.

Harry laughed derisively, “That’s only because you want me to fight the Dark Lord for you, don’t try and pretend otherwise I’m not fucking stupid. If you genuinely want someone to fucking like you, you don’t go around imprisoning them when it’s clear they don’t want to be bloody there! And don’t try and look innocent,” he said coldly looking around the room. “You all took part, and if for a minute I thought it would fucking stick…and things weren’t in bad shape, I would have you all arrested as accessories to kidnapping.” at this point Harry looked directly at Lupin, Black and Tonks.

“If I am not needed, I shall head back to the hospital wing,” said Poppy, looking very awkward, she was very angry at Harry’s situation, she’d known Dumbledore had kept Harry here against his will, not this entire group of people. She was simply put disgusted with every single one of them, and she wanted to get out of here before she did a Harry and attacked them all before flaying them alive with cutting words.

“Of course,” said Severus a known look on his face.

“I can see why you think that Potter,” said Moody moving in, his wooden leg clunking harshly against the stone floor. “Unfortunately we all trusted the wrong man, and everyone here can tell you how suspicious I am and he got to me.” his voice trailing off in a growl. As he did he noticed the collar properly, and see the magic in it, with his magical eye. His real eye widened, as his magical eye automatically went to Snape’s sitting form.

Harry scoffed and shook his head, why didn’t they listen to him? Standing up he caught Severus’ eyes and begged him without words to get him out of there. He was getting angry again, he was so tired of being angry all the time.

“I think we are done for today,” said Severus standing up swiftly, guiding Harry towards the exit.

“I don’t think so Snape,” said Sirius standing in front of the door.

Harry didn’t even given any warning this time, he just flung his hand out and Sirius went flying, falling to a thud on the table scattering books everywhere.

“Shall I tell everyone?” enquired Minerva.

“No,” said Severus bluntly, he would tell them himself, perhaps after the trial which was looming over them like a cloud. Two days, then they would know every dirty little secret Dumbledore had been hiding. “I do suggest you inform the Minister about the potion. Hopefully they will have been working on the Anti-dote, if not, get them to send over the results of all their tests and I shall do what I can.”

“Of course,” said Minerva quietly.

Then just as quickly as they had come, Severus and Harry were gone. Whether she told them or not, Minerva knew they were all speculating what could be going on.

“Ouch,” groaned Sirius shakily getting to his feet, ironically enough he’d fallen not far from where Doge was still sitting.

“That was…” gaped Fred.

“Totally awesome!” said George awed.

“Boy’s!” said Arthur shaking his head, the twins would always be the twins; even during war part of him was actually grateful for that.

“You were warned Sirius, you are only damaging any chance you have of getting to know Harry.” said Minerva.

“Potter is with him on his own free will isn’t he?” asked Moody, for once his voice was quiet.

“They are, neither Harry nor Severus were drugged Alastor. They came together on their own, try and keep it under wraps for now, I think Severus wants to be the one to give the news.” said Minerva.

“More likely to see everyone’s reactions,” smirked Moody, his scarred face stretching creepily. He'd never trusted Snape, but it seemed as if he was going to have to. He wasn't stupid, Snape was the only reason Potter was here. He'd made that pretty obvious in his earlier rant; he'd stared at everyone other than the Weasley twins, Snape and Minerva.

“I wouldn’t be surprised,” admitted Minerva wryly.

"Why did he leave with Professor Snape?" asked Ron disgusted.

"I think its best if you get back to Gryffindor Common room." said Minerva "Twenty five points from Gryffindor for disrespect Mr. Weasley, do not forget yourself."
"Yes Professor McGonagall," said Hermione immediately, grabbing Ron she basically dragged him from the room. Ginny followed them away, without saying anything to anyone, still shaken up by what she heard. There hadn't been anything like that when her mum told her the story of Harry Potter the boy who lived.
"I suggest you all refrain from going to the trial unless the potion is removed from your system." said Minerva sympathetically, as she looked around the room, it certainly explained Remus behaviour, if Dumbledore had told him to do it, and then the young man had no hope of being able to fight it. Perhaps once the potions removed from Black she would see an improvement from him. Although once he figured out his godson’s relationship it might all be unravelled IF Harry gave him a chance.

“What about Doge? If he remains in the Order I’m out.” said Fred bitterly.

“Me too,” said George unneeded since one twin never went anywhere without the other.

“What?” cried Doge his rasp evident this time when he spoke.

Minerva stiffened looking caught in the headlights, “Please, we shall reconvene after the trial, only then will any decisions be made.”

“Very well,” said Moody, “Tonks, Black move it.” they had work to do. As promised he would keep quiet about Snape and Potter, between both of them - well he'd hate to get on their bad side. He could sense the power rolling off both of them.

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Chapter 43

A Look Back In Time

Severus had taken Harry straight back to his quarters, putting him straight to bed, the calming draught had been a little too much on his system. His body was so new to Potions, they all had a big affect on him, plus the fact he was slightly malnourished wasn’t helping matters. Lying down next to him, all the little pieces of the puzzles falling into place, things he hadn’t been able to understand in Vernon’s mind and of course Harry’s story. It genuinely surprised him Doge had been following Harry. It explained why nothing came of it though, Doge was…well for the lack of better words his head was lodged up Dumbledore’s backside. He vowed to keep an eye on him; he didn’t trust him as far as he could throw him. How dare he follow Harry and ignore the pain a child was in? It’s just too damn bad they couldn’t have him arrested. He would simply use the potion as means of excuse, or perhaps the potion had prevented him from speaking up about it. Either way it didn’t look good, it was little wonder Harry absolutely didn’t trust wizards. He thanked Merlin Harry had known him before all this; otherwise he would never have wanted anything to do with the magical world. His magic would never have been allowed to flourish, and by Merlin what a waste that would have been. Wandless magic, the ability to see wards/magic, his ability to talk to snakes, he was amazing, and he through the bond had received some of that. Another thing they should all be grateful for was that Harry hadn’t become like the Dark Lord. For with his power he had more chance than the Dark Lord of enslaving the world. Yet he didn’t, the others hadn’t seen a good side to Harry yet, but Severus knew it was there. Just look at what he’d done for the twins without even blinking; it seemed having someone to care about him was bringing all the goodness out.

“What are you thinking about, Harry?” enquired Severus softly, feeling the amusement and happiness bubbling through his submissive.
“The day we met,” murmured Harry tiredly.

Severus smiled in remembrance as well; he’d gone to the club to feel more…in control. The Dark Lord had come back and he was well worried really. His searches for Harry had been hitting dead ends for years, and simply put he was tired of searching for a child he couldn’t even get a glimpse of. To think he had found him and hadn’t even realized it. No, Harry had found him, when he first met him he wouldn't have thought he had a submissive bone in his body...until he'd taken him home and had his wicked ways with him. Harry had been very addictive, so responsive and eager to please. Unlike any submissive he'd ever had before.

-------0 FLASH BACK 0------

Shivering at the cold, despite the fact it was the summer holidays, Harry walked quicker wanting out of the wretched weather. He’d been outside all winter, unable to find anyone suitable and he was simply put getting desperate. Not just for a sound fucking but somewhere warm to sleep, a bed sounded so good right now. His bones ached something fierce from sleeping on the freezing floor all the time. Sniffling, his nose was choked up; he hoped he wasn’t coming down with anything. Earlier he’d been shopping so at least he had warm, nice, new clothes on ones that wouldn’t stand out with it being summer. He only had one jacket on, but it was the best one yet, it was waterproof, insulated, and had a fleece underneath. He should have got a set of gloves, scarf and hat while he could; then again there were a few shops that had them still. It could do that tomorrow, nodding in agreement to his plans feeling better at having something to do.

Then the club came into new, it was slightly secluded, not many shops nearby and it was meant to be that way. The owners didn’t want ‘idiots’ stumbling onto their club. Idiots being people who didn’t care or respect the life people chose, such as they did in the BDSM world. It was a world of its own, because normal people just didn’t understand why people wanted to ‘debase’ themselves as they thought it. Harry shivered but this time not in cold but anticipation; he really wanted someone to look after him, to look after someone else in turn.

He checked his pocket for the money; he’d made it magically come to him while one of the registers had been open at the shop today (invisible so nobody could see it floating towards him). He didn’t take money often, just when he was coming to the club. The first time he’d been here a few people had brought him drinks, but he preferred getting his own, that way he knew they weren’t tampered with. He lived on the street, he saw the darker side of the world, and he didn’t want to experience it any further than that.

Slipping into the club, his entire body relaxing just seeing the familiar people surrounding him. Of course none of them recognized him, which wasn’t surprising he had a new look, he’d changed his appearance. He had filled out more so he could fit into the jacket he just bought. There had only been one left, and he’d really liked the look of it so he’d taken it. He half wanted to go over to Sarah and speak to her, but he couldn’t. She wouldn’t recognize him, but she looked happy and that’s all that mattered.

“Can I help you?” asked Carson staring at the newcomer trying to gauge him.

“Budweiser please,” said Harry nodding curtly, he didn’t drink anything stronger; he liked his wits around him at all times.

“Sure,” said Carson relaxing slightly, the boy didn’t seem hostile. Grabbing a bottle from under the bar he opened it and handed it over to the young man. Surprised when the boy gave him the correct amount without him saying anything. Taking it he rang it in the till before moving on to serve a few others.

Harry looked around it seemed pretty quiet tonight, just the regulars, or so he thought. A shudder ran through him when he heard a voice. Dear god, it was the most enticing voice he’d ever heard before in his life. His magic began to strain, as if it wanted to get to the man. Cursing quietly, he reined it in, boxing it up further - nothing like that had happened to him before. He sought out the man with the sinful voice, watching him from the corner of his eye. The man in question began looking around, almost as if he had felt Harry staring. Harry made sure to remain unobtrusive, a few unattached submissive’s were eyeing him too.

“Another,” said Harry after finishing off his Budweiser, handing him the empty bottle. Handing over the twenty pound having no other change. He’s used a ten pound note earlier to get a sandwich, actually paying for something for once. Accepting the change, he pushed it back into his pocket and continued to watch the man as he had been doing for the past hour.

He learned a lot about the man in that short hour, he did not like smokers, and he didn’t even spare them a glance. He also didn’t look or even give anyone a chance under the age of eighteen. He sent Evan and Rick away because of their age. He wasn’t the most gorgeous man in the world, but he certainly had his appeal. He was tall, dark and handsome. His eyes were just mesmerising, he could probably get lost in them, despite the fact they had a screw with me and ill kill you look in them they also screamed mysterious. He also liked Whiskey, hard drink and he wasn't showing signs of being drunk which meant he could hold his liquor.

He seemed to deny anyone a chance within ten minutes of spending time with them. Harry felt the challenge rising up in him; drinking the rest of his beer he made his way to the bathroom and slid in. Closing himself off in the stall instead of using a urinal. Once he was finished, he closed his eyes and brought his magic out, letting it make him older, just a little bit so there was no doubt he was over the age of eighteen. He didn't want to wait any longer in case he did give someone a chance. Once he was done, he sealed his magic back up.

“A Whiskey and a Budweiser please,” said Harry as he neared the bar again. Thankfully he hadn’t changed too much otherwise they would have gotten mighty suspicious. Handing over the correct amount, he knew the prices of a great deal of the drinks in here. He’d been coming for a long time, none of his Ex-Dom’s was here tonight, and he wondered briefly if they had someone knew. He didn’t wish any of them ill, and he hoped they were happy.

Grabbing the drinks, he wandered over to the corner wondering if he even had a chance with the guy. He exuded confidence, mysteriousness and all around worldliness that he didn’t have. Still he was up for the challenge, and it wouldn’t be the first time he was denied, just the second. Nobody in their right mind denied him, he was good looking or so they said, and he used it to his advantage.

“Drink?” asked Harry, his now blue eyes dancing in amusement, “Don’t worry I’ve not poisoned it.” he said as he placed it on the table.

“What makes you think I’m worried?” asked Severus sneering, but there was a hint of amusement in his eyes. Which were currently roaming over Harry’s fit form, appreciating it. He couldn’t quite figure out if the young man was a submissive or not, he certainly wasn’t acting like a typical submissive. Although whether he was or not, he wouldn’t mind a night with him. He could be a Dom, but then why approach him? He certainly wasn’t a submissive the thought made him want to laugh.

“Well, might as well not let it waste,” said Harry moving to take it back and drink it himself.

“Not what I said,” replied Severus taking it before Harry could get his hands on it.

“Of course not,” said Harry, grinning outright.

“Sit,” said Severus, watching him though his black eyes.

“Thank you,” said Harry, accepting the seat. "I'm Harrison Blake."

"Severus Snape," replied the wizard, checking the whiskey for anything, he did not trust easily if at all.

Harry blinked when he felt the magic, this man was like him! He didn’t seem to have the trouble he did controlling it. That was hardly fair, how did he get such control over it? Maybe it came with age…he hoped so anyway because he hated how his magic was right now. Severus Snape, that name was certainly unique; he’d never met anyone with that kind of name before.

“Do you have a job?” enquired Severus. Once he was satisfied there was nothing in the whiskey did he begin sipping it, watching his companion curiously. It helped take his mind of the aching Dark Mark and the knowledge the bastard had returned.

“I did,” lied Harry barefaced, “I quit, I’ve decided to go to college in a year or so, I don’t want to be stuck at a dead end job all my life. It’s what my parents would have wanted, I think.” He doubted it very much; his parents had been drunks who got themselves killed in a car crash that nearly killed him too.

“Would have?” asked Severus sympathetically, he had lost both his parents when he was young too. Although he was glad they were gone, he knew everyone didn’t treat their children the way his own parents had.

“They died when I was sixteen, its why I had to get a job straight after school,” said Harry, it was so easy to lie, he’d been doing it for years. So long that he didn’t have the behavioural ticks that accompanied people who lied. It was for this reason that Severus Snape, spy extraordinaire, wasn’t able to pick up on it. It was also a good thing wizards couldn’t use magic on Muggles otherwise the man would have known for sure Harry was lying. As it was Harry was safe from discovery since he had his magic boxed up from detection.

“And what is it you’d like to do?” asked Severus, so the boy was at least eighteen years old - he hoped.

“I have no idea, it’s why I’m going to take a year, figure out what I really want.” said Harry.

“How long have you been working?” enquired Severus taking another sip of his drink.

“Three years,” said Harry. “What about you? What do you do?”

“I’m a chemistry professor, I got my Mastery in science, youngest recipient to receive it.” replied Severus. He couldn’t very well tell a Muggle he had a Mastery in Potions now could he? Chemistry was the closets to it that a Muggle could hope to understand.

“Impressive,” stated Harry, he was way in over his head, the man was far from stupid, how long did he seriously think he could dupe him into thinking he was smart? He was also getting ahead of himself; Severus might not even be looking for a submissive. He wasn’t exactly sure what a Mastery was, but given how he was boasting about it…it was big. “You work at a college?”

“School, private boarding school.” said Severus. His voice showing just how much he liked that.

“Private? Sounds like fun,” replied Harry wryly.

Severus snorted, “Indeed.”

He’d guessed right, a lazy grin stretching across his face and he had lasted longer than ten minutes which was a very good sign. Ah well, if things went sour he would just run and change his looks as he always did. Right now he wanted to know if he was interested, hopefully he was he didn’t want his night to be in vain. He really wanted a around of great sex and somewhere to sleep. Hopefully he would be willing to provide it, it’s why he never went for younger guys, they liked going to the older guys place. Which would have been him, so his Dom’s had always been older than his outside look. First he had to find out what he was into, before going further.

“What is your thing?” asked Harry curiously.

Severus raised an eyebrow, slightly impressed with the frank way he’d asked. “Can’t you guess?” he said in reply.

“I had you pegged for a Dom but I’ve been wrong before,” said Harry wryly, he’d spent twenty minutes talking to a sadist - he wasn’t a masochist so it wouldn’t have worked out. At. All. Although he had gotten to know the guy quite well, as Harold Wilson but he wasn’t him anymore.

“Not this time, you however, I cannot place.” said Severus, he acted like a Dom, not once had he looked away from him. He acted confident, and he was well aware of his own appeal, normally people like that turned Severus off, but Harrison Blake was different he didn’t seem to believe himself better than everyone else because of it.

“I’m a sub,” said Harry, holding his breath, “Interested?” he enquired.

Severus stared at the young man; he was certainly the youngest he’d contemplated on taking on as a submissive. The others had been older, more experienced, whereas Harrison didn’t look like he had much experience. Especially if how the conversation had panned out. It might be interesting taking on someone who wasn’t as experienced. He certainly looked like he could challenge him, but they weren’t in one yet, things could still change. He really shouldn’t be thinking about taking on another submissive, but he wanted one, he missed the lifestyle. For the past four years all he’d been doing during his summers was looking for Harry Potter. Which was a completely futile effort; there wasn’t a single clue to where Harry Potter was. The entire order was out there looking for him, he wouldn’t be missed. He was a Slytherin, and was going to take advantage of the situation that had plopped into his lap so to speak. Gulping back the rest of the whiskey, reasoning he’d kept him waiting long enough, placing the glass on the table he nodded. Watching the eyes light up with an inner fire, arousal flared through him, he had waited long enough. He was going to take him back to his flat and have his way with him. If things worked out then all was good, if not then he could always come back here and look for another potential submissive.

"Let's go," said Severus.

"Yes sir," said Harry breathlessly.

Oh yes, he was definitely a submissive alright, thought Severus as they stood and left the club.

---------0 END FLASH BACK 0---------
Jerking awake, Severus looked around temporarily disorientated, damn it, he hadn’t meant to fall asleep. He was doing that more often than not these days, and then another knock on the door made him realize what had probably roused him in the first place. The wards around his rooms flared slightly, allowing him to see the colours it still mesmerised him…and this was how Harry saw it all the time? It was amazing. Jumping up from the bed, he hastily made his way to the door, hoping they didn’t knock again, he didn’t want them wakening Harry up.
“What is it?” snapped Severus, opening the door to find Minerva and Percy Weasley standing at his door; his lip curled just seeing the idiot. Honestly the boy had his head so far up his arse; he was surprised he was able to see the world for what it was.

“The Min--n--ister of mag--ic as-sked me t-oo give yo-ou this,” said Percy wide eyed, stuttering at his old potions professor. Acting nothing like the smug man he had been walking down to the dungeons with his old head of house mere seconds ago.

“What is it?” sneered Severus looking at the paperwork as if he expected it to bite him.

“The--ey need your help,” said Percy successfully managing to say most of the sentence without stuttering.

“Give it here,” said Severus snatching the parchment from the boy’s hands.

“Severus,” said Minerva shaking her head. Honestly, sometimes she hoped he would change having someone in his life, but no, unfortunately not. Severus was never going to be a social man, no matter who he ended up with, even that that person was Harry Potter. Although if anyone could do with being taken down a few pegs, it was admittedly Percy Weasley. He had an inflated sense of self worth, about his place in the world. She'd spent the entire trip down here listening to him brag about his accomplishments.
“What kind of idiot do they have working on the potion?!” muttered Severus busy reading the information, didn’t they realize it would just poison them? It was a relief that they had sent it to him. As much as he didn’t like the idiotic Order members he didn’t want them dead…at least he didn’t think so.

“Is anyone not an idiot when it comes to potions next to you, Severus?” enquired Minerva her lips twitching in amusement.

Severus looked up smirking wryly at her, amused at her teasing; it was something Harry would say.
Percy craned his neck, trying to see in his professor’s quarters, Potter was rumoured to be there, according to the letters he was getting. His mother didn’t like him at all, but Fudge seemed to worship the ground he walked on. He wanted to see who was right, his mum or Fudge, but unfortunately he couldn’t see anything.

“You can go.” snapped Severus, infuriated by the boy’s nosing into his private life.

Percy jumped a foot in the air, “Yes sir!” squeaked the young boy before hastily making his way back to the entrance of Hogwarts. Glad to be away from the oppressive teacher, he’d forgotten just how intimidating the wizard could be.

“Is it about the controlling potion?” asked Minerva stepping in, allowing Severus to close the door.

“Yes,” said Severus walking through to his personal potions lab, grabbing items he’d need, parchment and ink. Setting the recipe from the Ministry to one side, he began his own set; they hadn’t even got one direction right! He could barely believe the Ministry had someone so incompetent working in their potions department. At least they had the smarts to send it to him, although he didn’t think it could be completely reversed he’d give it a try.
Minerva watched Severus create an anti-dote for the potion, barely looking at the original recipe or the ingredients in the controlling potion. He was a genius at potions; his Mastery was wasted here at Hogwarts, teaching it. Without Dumbledore manipulating him…would he remain? On one hand she knew he deserved to focus on it more…on the other she’d be slightly lost without him, he was good man despite how he treated the students. Yet she understood, Potions was such a volatile class, she knew how the students got; she could remember the first time that had occurred. It was his third day at Hogwarts, teaching third year Slytherin’s and Gryffindor’s; it had caused an explosion five students had ended up in the hospital wing, thankfully nothing permanent or long term. Severus hadn’t stopped ranting about it for five hours straight. It wasn’t until then he’d began ruling them with an iron fist, making sure they feared him enough not to pull what those students had all those years ago.
“Your Mastery is wasted here isn’t it?” said Minerva voicing her thoughts.

Severus looked up curiously, wondering why she would be bringing it up at all.

“It’s true, I mean look at you, you’ve nearly solved something someone has been working on for days in a matter of minutes.” said Minerva, awed.

“Whoever it was is a dunce at potions, Harry could do better.” snorted Severus scribbling away again.

“I have a feeling you won’t be staying at Hogwarts long term,” said Minerva, she really would miss him.
“Perhaps not, but I have a feeling that will cause celebration amongst two thirds of the school.” said Severus wryly. “That reminds me, did the twins get tested?”

“They have been yes, and no they aren’t being controlled, but I must say I’m not surprised.” said Minerva.

“Why is that?” asked Severus arching an eyebrow.

“Albus didn’t seem to…care much about them, I think they were only allowed in because the rest of the Weasleys were in it.” said Minerva. Which was true, Albus hadn’t spared them even a single glance; he never asked anything of them it was like they were invisible.

“His loss, I think they are the most powerful and resourceful of all the Weasley’s,” said Severus seriously. Despite the fact they didn’t have the money, they kept trying to live their dream. They hadn’t given up, and continued to create pranks and sell them and now they would go on to invent a whole chain of them he was sure. When challenged, the twins probably could pull it off.
“Does the Ministry want me to brew this?” asked Severus putting the quill down, having successfully created the Anti-dote. Smugness and satisfaction rolling off him in waves; it was good to know he was just that good. Picking up the letter he began reading it, but it didn’t say anything in regards to brewing it. If the idiot couldn’t figure out a recipe then there was no way he would be able to brew this. At least he might only need to brew one cauldron’s full for everyone in the Order…maybe two it would be a close call either way.

“I have no idea, Severus, I merely escorted Mr. Weasley down,” said Minerva. “Would you like me to get in touch with Cornelius?”

“No, it doesn’t take long, I’ll do it.” said Severus.

“There is another question that’s been bothering me I must admit,” said Minerva.

“Which is?” enquired Severus as he set up his cauldron, putting water in, he let it boil as he removed all the ingredients he’d been from the cupboard, floating the ones he couldn’t along beside him.
“Where and how did Albus create that potion?” asked Minerva.

“He did get Outstanding in all his classes, which I assume does include Potions. He is into alchemy, which does intimately connect with potion brewing. I doubt very much it would have been difficult for him to whip this up. Admittedly it is curious where he could have done it, there are questionable ingredients here that would have certainly raised some eyebrows if he were buying them.” replied Severus.

“True,” admitted Minerva.

“Have the Order meet after dinner, the potion will be ready then, you might as well let the Minister know I will be brewing it. If it’s required I will send some over if he fears others may have been tampered with.” said Severus, as he measured out the first of the long list of ingredients.

“Of course,” said Minerva. “How is Harry?”

“The thing about Harry is he gets over things like that rather quickly, it was a normality to him…fighting that is. He can go from being furious to happy in a nanosecond.” said Severus wryly, although that hadn’t been the case earlier. Beating Doge to a pulp had just made him angrier, which is why he’d had to give him the calming draught. He knew one thing that would have successfully distracted him, but he wouldn’t have done it in a room full of Order members.
“Good to hear it, I must say the twins were very vocal in their protest about Doge remaining in the order. They insisted if he remained they were out, it seems Harry has a good protector in both of them.” said Minerva.

“They need protecting from him,” smirked Severus chuckling darkly, “They tried to hug him earlier today, all that happened was them being blasted into the wall. Pretty much the same manner as Black was as well.” oh he wouldn’t be forgetting about it in a hurry, in fact he’d put it in his pensive for future use.

“Oh dear!” said Minerva her lips disappearing in suppressed amusement.

“Indeed, they won’t be trying that again any time soon.” said Severus in agreement.

"I shall set up the Order meeting and let the Minister know, I'm afraid we must get classes started back up before the students begin to think they can do what they like." said Minerva.

"Have them start back up; I will just set them up with quizzes in the library. Perhaps have Draco Malfoy or Hermione Granger take the first and second year classes." suggested Severus, they were both brilliant at Potions so he had no reservations about it.

"Good idea, Severus, why didn't I think of that?" asked Minerva exasperated.

"Because you are overworked and over thinking everything." said Severus simply.

"Would you like me to ask them?" asked Minerva.

"If you don't mind," said Severus.

"Alright, I shall see you later, Severus." said Minerva, nodding grimly, a plan of action in hand she left for her office. Writing of letters to Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger for them to come to her office when it was suitable for them. Setting an Order meeting time up, then Floo’ed the Minister of Magic.

Chapter Text


Chapter 44


Minerva had just corrected the last of the seventh year's homework when a knock sounded at her classroom door. She'd been waiting an hour for Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy to appear. No doubt they had been in class; Granger would have appeared straight away if it wasn't the case. Placing the corrected work into her desk, she should really move everything to the Headmasters office. Or rather her Headmistress office, it was taking some getting used to that's for sure. Not only that, she was going to have to employ a new Transfiguration teacher to take over from her, and her duties as Head of Gryffindor house. Either Filius or Spout would be taking over as Deputy Head, if they were amendable to the idea of course.

"Come in," called Minerva grimly, dropping her quill into the pot with the rest. Sitting up straighter waiting on them coming in.

"You asked to see me Professor McGonagall?" queried Hermione coming in, Draco Malfoy scowling behind her as he too entered the room.

"I did, come in and sit down." said Minerva, observing the seventh years, wondering if they could take on the tasks ahead of them.

"Is something wrong?" asked Draco frowning, "Is everything okay with Professor Snape?" he added worried about his own Head of house and godfather. It wasn't every day he was called mysteriously to Professor McGonagall's office; she was after all in charge of the Gryffindor's not Slytherin's.

"No, Mr. Malfoy. Everything is fine, or as well as they could be at the moment." said Minerva. "I have something to ask of both of you; it's not something that should be agreed to lightly. Do not hesitate to say no should you feel the task is too monumental for you. Especially with your N.E.W.T's this year, there are other students I can ask."

"What task?" asked Hermione sitting up straighter, her brown eyes eager for something to do. Ever since the Order meeting she'd felt so sick. The newspaper hadn't told them half of what happened to Harry Potter. She could barely conceive that his uncle had stabbed him, family loved one another. She didn't have Aunt's or Uncles, but she imagined they would have been like her parents. Ginny had gone straight to her bed traumatised; she'd refused to go to the Hospital Wing when she suggested it.

"I need someone to temporarily take over Potions and Transfiguration classes, just the first and perhaps second years. It will be credited, and you can use this as work experience and I shall be all too happy to be a reference for whichever career path you take." said Minerva laying it out for them.

"Potions?" said Draco, why did his godfather need someone to take over classes? He so badly wanted to ask but he was too much a pureblood to do so.

"Why do you need someone to take over the classes?" asked Hermione blankly. Did this have something to do with the Order? Dumbledore's trial? But if that was the case why only two classes?

Draco threw a look of incredulity at Granger for her words; she shouldn't be asking questions like that. Her teachers were teachers not her equals and didn't have to answer questions like that. She was speaking to McGonagall on equal footing; it was like speaking to Dumbledore as if you were best friends.

Minerva pursed her lips evidently not impressed.

"When are the first through third year Potions classes?" asked Draco removing his timetable from his Gladrags designer school bag.

"Ah," said Minerva shuffling about in her pile, searching for a copy of the Potions Master's class schedule. "The first years are first two periods on Monday's."

"I can do that," said Draco, his schedule was free then. "Second years?"

"Third and fourth period on Wednesday," said Minerva.

"I have a class on the fourth period, but its Herbology, I can skip a few of them it won't affect my grades." said Draco, "If Professor Spout would be willing to give me an outline of the class?"

"I will inform her," said Minerva relieved that Draco was helping when he could.

"Third year?" asked Draco.

"Are you sure Mr. Malfoy?" asked Minerva looking at the schedule.

"Yes ma'am," said Draco scribbling away on his timetable.

"The third years are the fifth and sixth period on Tuesday." said Minerva.

"I assume the seventh year Potions is cancelled for the time being?" asked Draco looking up.

"Indeed," said Minerva surprised at how…maturely Draco Malfoy was acting. He genuinely looked as though he was looking forward to the experience. He had grown up, and without her even realising it, she felt proud, and it was always nice to see the students growing into mature adults. The same couldn't be said for Ronald Weasley yet, who only had three classes this year. Nothing of which would get him a decent job, the rest of the Weasley's had taken at least six N.E.W.T's classes, and passed them, even the twins. She was surprised Molly hadn't blown a fuse over it if she was perfectly honest.

Draco nodded pressing his wand to it, and study time appeared over the potions class writing. It was highlighted yellow so Draco knew it wasn't permanent. He loved Potions, so it was no hardship to want to take over the classes. He had been learning about Potions from his godfather since he was a toddler. Not that he'd come around every day, mostly only a few days a year, birthday, Christmas and oddly enough Halloween. Which didn't happen now with him being at Hogwarts, he did still receive a present and card for his birthday though.

"Does Professor Snape have a class schedule for me?" asked Draco putting his timetable away satisfied.

"I am sure he will have," said Minerva.

"Was that everything Professor? I'd like to get some studying done since it's been reduced?" asked Draco. He would just take some books from the library and read in his rooms. Which by the way were to die for, nothing extravagant like his rooms at Malfoy Manor, which admittedly had been sullied by the Dark Lord's presence.

"It is, thank you Mr. Malfoy," said Minerva almost smiling at the teenager.

"No problem," said Draco professionally before moving out of the room, heading up towards the library.

"Has it got anything to do with the Order?" asked Hermione once the door was closed.

"Mr. Granger, contrary to popular belief, you don't need to know everything. I did not agree to students at Hogwarts being allowed in the Order to begin with…" said Minerva.

"You aren't kicking me out?" gaped Hermione shocked.

"There may not be an Order for much longer; it just depends on how things go. Unfortunately as you are officially of age, I cannot really tell you what to do. Truth be told, you are extremely intelligent, and could be one of the best Order members we have. If you didn't insist on knowing everything, now I have much to do and not a lot of time to accomplish it, can you take over the Transfiguration classes or shall I ask someone else to do it?" asked Minerva honestly. She reminded him too much of Dumbledore, her need to know everything was truly disturbing.

"I can do it," said Hermione the chance to teach was too big an opportunity to pass up. Plus she'd already read every single one of her seventh year school books three times. Although whether the students would agree with her...was another thing entirely.

"Thank you," said Minerva her exasperation showing, honestly she should have thought about using another student.

"When are the first years due?" asked Hermione following Draco's example and writing it down. Removing her diary she used her Muggle pen that came with it poised at the ready.

"Tomorrow second and third period." said Minerva not having to look at her schedule.

"Okay, second years?" asked Hermione, scribbling away on her diary blanking out her 'study' sessions.

"First thing tomorrow morning, first period and Thursday fourth period." added Minerva, "Third years if you can do it is Wednesday third and fourth period." Taking a piece of parchment from the tray, she began to write down what she had planned for her lessons with the third years since she'd only planned on them having the first and second year classes.

"Its fine," said Hermione relived, none of her classes would be interrupted.

"Thank you Miss. Granger." said Minerva.

"It's no problem, professor McGonagall," said Hermione immediately, anything that helped her find work after she left school was fine by her.

"Here is my class schedules." said Minerva handing over three pages of parchment.

"Thank you, professor," said Hermione smugly, standing up she placed them in her folder, intending on going up to her Head Girl room and practising for her first class. Excitement thrummed through her; finally she was going to get to show people what she was made off. The teacher thought enough of her to ask! Slinging her satchel over her shoulder she left the room. She only had an hour to practise after all, since there was an Order meeting after dinner.

Minerva sighed in relief when they finally left, that was one thing of her plate. Now she just had to Floo Cornelius Fudge before getting some dinner before the Order meeting. Speaking of which, she best get that set up now before she forgot again. Opening her drawer she hunted for the small trinket, once she found it she removed it, it was a gold coin with a phoenix on it, with some numbers and letters. Tapping it with her wand, she set the new meeting; it was cast successfully when it grew warm in her palm. Placing it in her pocket, she stood up, calling for one of the House Elf's.

"Can I help you Headmistress McGonagall?" asked Drip, gazing at the woman who was now effectively in charge of all of them.

"I need all my possessions packed and boxed up before being moved to the Headmistress' office please. Do so when you can without disrupting dinner." said Minerva, to the House Elf.

"We can do it now Headmistress McGonagall!" chimed Drip immediately, there was over a hundred House Elf's down there, and only around thirty of them were cooking. Everyone else was cleaning, and putting the used utensils and items back in their appropriate spots.

"Thank you," said Minerva kindly to the Elf before moving off towards her quarters to use the Floo.


"Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic!" shouted Minerva her face disappearing into the Floo.

"Can I help you?" asked a sugary sweet voice, dripping with feigned interest.

"I would like to speak to Cornelius Fudge," said Minerva her tone clipped.

"He isn't available right now, can I pass on a message?" asked Umbridge.

"Perhaps you didn't hear me, I need to speak to Cornelius Fudge." said Minerva irritated.

"The Minister of Magic is a very busy person!" said Umbridge loosing her own cool.

"Then go and retrieve him," said Minerva as if she was talking to a five year old.

"You cannot speak to me like that!" she shrieked, angered by this woman's audacity.

"What is going on?" demanded Cornelius Fudge entering the room, glaring at his secretary, why was she in his office? How many times did he have to tell her to stay out of it? She had her desk outside his room and that's where she should remain.

"This woman demanded your presence, despite the fact I told her you were an extremely busy man, running the Ministry as you do." said Umbridge her sugary tone back, gazing at Fudge in awe.

"Why are you in my office to begin with?" demanded Cornelius less than impressed. Why was it so hard to get someone to bloody listen to him? Oh yes, they though he was an idiot, sighing inwardly, she was truly grating on his nerves.

"I was returning my application to be your senior undersecretary," said Umbridge sweetly, pointing her pink finger nailed hand at the lone application adoring his desk. What she failed to mention was the fact she'd 'misplaced' the applications by the other applicants, especially Madam Bones, she knew against her she didn't stand a chance. She really wanted the position; to become senior undersecretary meant she would only have to answer to Cornelius Fudge. The man was an idiot and with persuasion she could have him doing whatever she wanted. She had so many legislations she wanted to pass, mostly related to the filthy half blood creatures she hated so much. She was also sick of acting as a scribe during the trials; she had so much she wanted to say.

"Leave." said Cornelius, closing his eyes, he half admired her, and no doubt she'd removed all the other applications while she was at it. Unfortunately he just wasn't in the mood to play games, at least not these days anyway. Without Dumbledore and Lucius he had to make his own name, his own way, which meant he would have to get the public onside himself.

"Would you like a coffee, sir? You seem worried?" asked Umbridge concerned.

"I do believe the Minister asked you to leave." said Minerva from the fire, she was getting irritated, and her legs weren't up for long communications via the Floo network now.

"I wasn't speaking to you," said Umbridge in that sickly baby voice.

"I do not want coffee," said Cornelius, standing away from the door silently gesturing for her to leave.

"Yes sir," said Umbridge reluctantly leaving, taking her seat outside his office. A small plaque on her table read 'Delores Umbridge Secretary for the Minister of Magic' she'd had it created herself. She tried to listen in, but heard nothing obviously a silencing spell had been cast. Growling in irritation, the quicker she got that job the better. There was a rumour that Harry Potter had been found. The fact Hogwarts was in touch with him could only point to the brat.

"Can I help you, Minerva?" asked Cornelius sitting down resignedly.

"Really Cornelius? Delores Umbridge as your undersecretary?" asked Minerva her disapproval clear. She could remember her, a Slytherin, mousy girl with the most horrific voice. She had a hatred for anything not pure, and was making life unbearable for them. "That certainly won't win you votes; she's a real piece of work."

"She isn't yet," said Cornelius tiredly, rubbing his eyes. "How can I help you?"

"Severus has theoretically and most probably likely found an anti-dote to the potion, he is brewing it and is enquiring if you need it?" said Minerva.

"Ah, already?" asked Cornelius blinking in surprise, it seemed he had made the right decision to send Percy Weasley over. Who was as of right now his junior secretary, both Umbridge and Weasley were fighting over the smallest tasks trying to win his favour. Oddly enough he hadn't seen him yet since his return, and wasn't at his desk.

"He isn't the youngest Potions Master for nothing," said Minerva her lips twitching in pride.

"No, I don't suppose he is I'm having Weasley check the Wizengamot for any tampering when he gets back. Which if he doesn't in the next half hour it will have to wait until the next trial is over with." said Cornelius staring at the time on the wall, the days seem to drag lately.

"Just owl Severus if you need him," said Minerva. "You best not send Percy back; I doubt very much he would want the task."

Cornelius stared at her trying to suppress his own amusement; it's exactly why he had sent him in the first place. Plus he was just morbidly curious to know if Severus Snape had lost his touch. It looked as if he hadn't despite the fact he had a lover in his life.

"You did it on purpose," said Minerva drawing to the correct conclusion.

"Perhaps," replied Cornelius.

"Well if you will excuse me, I'm currently making the move from here to the Headmistress' office." said Minerva.

"Of course, I'll leave you to it, I'll see you tomorrow for the trial." said Cornelius.

"You will," agreed Minerva before disappearing from the Floo.


Ginny jumped when she felt the coin warm up against her hip, sitting up; wiping the tears from her eyes she fished the coin out of her pocket. Wiping her nose she looked at it and found another Order meeting later today. She felt so sick by everything she'd learned. Her poor Harry, he'd been through so much, she had known he'd been hurt by his family so he'd ran away. She hadn't been allowed the paper or to know the full story, her mum stopped anyone talking about it when she was near. Stabbed, she couldn't help but shudder at that. She would make sure he knew she was there for him; help him get over his childhood. If anyone understood it was her, after what happened with the diary…she'd start as a friend to him, before making a move. Hopefully he would remain at Hogwarts, so she could get to know him properly; they could even get engaged before she left Hogwarts. Mrs. Ginevra Potter, her mum had said it might happen but until now it had been nothing but a distant dream. Yet it could happen now, Harry had come back to the magical world, although not the way she'd hoped. He wasn't exactly open or friendly; the fight had been brutal against Doge. He had every right to be angry through, she knew that.

Sighing sadly, she grabbed her tissues and wiped her face hastily, before sneaking into her roommate's trunk, grabbing her make-up bag. Normally she used Hermione's since she had some but rarely used it. In fact she'd only used it once that she could remember, during the ball for the Tri-Wizard tournament the Yule ball. Grabbing her best clothes she made a run for the bathroom and took a hastily shower. Drying herself off, she put the clothes on not impressed with how shabby she looked. Such a thing hadn't bothered her since first year, when she'd had to wear second hand robes her mother bought from the shop. Nobody was nasty about it, well apart from Draco Malfoy occasionally; she couldn't wait to have money to spend on clothes! It's definitely the first thing she'd do when she had galleons to spend.

Going over to the sink, which had mirrors on the wall she began to rummage around in her room mates make-up bag. Picking out a few things she wanted to use that would go well with her features. Most of the lipsticks were red though, not something she wanted to use so she decided to nix the idea. With her chosen items she placed it on her face, taking her time since she was still unused to putting it on. Nodding in satisfaction she dried her hair magically brushing it glad for once that her hair was long, straight and thick. The girls were all envious of her long hair, another way she and Harry were similar, his hair was long. Longer than Bill's was, no doubt her mum was irritated with that. She didn't think long hair on a man was appropriate.

There now she was pretty enough to attract attention, she hoped her parents didn't make too much of a fuss when they saw her. She didn't want to be embarrassed in front of Harry, she almost wanted to take her cloak as well, since hers was going grey apposed to the black it was meant to be. Her stomach grumbled causing her to remember dinner; she still had time before the meeting so that's exactly what she was going to do. Running back into her dorm she replaced the items she'd taken, shoved her towel on the bed, grabbed her raggedy cloak and quickly made her way to the Great Hall.


"How would you like to eat in the Great Hall?" enquired Severus when he noticed Harry returning to the land of the living. He'd only slept for three hours; hopefully it wouldn't prevent him from sleeping tonight. If it did well…there was certainly something they could do to…help with that. Thought Severus, his black eyes gleaming with wickedness, he didn't care that Harry made him feel like a teenager again. It had bothered him in the beginning, but not anymore.

"Really?" asked Harry his head peaking out the covers as he looked over at Severus who was currently buttoning up another dress. Harry hated them with a vengeance, not because he thought they looked silly, okay, they did to him, but because of all the bloody buttons on them. It took forever for him to get his Dom out of them, sort of spoiled the mood for a few minutes. He was so used to seeing Severus in normal clothes; it's all he'd worn back in London. He drooled at the sight of Severus' strong pale muscular chest, he was getting hairy again, his Dom didn't like having a hairy chest. Pouting slightly when the buttons closed over it, not allowing him to see anymore. "Have you been brewing?" he added sniffing the room, it certainly smelt like it, what had he missed?

"Yes, and yes." said Severus wryly, finishing the buttons, before putting his boots on.

"I'll get it," said Severus when another knock surrounded his door. Slipping his last boot on he made his way to the door, wondering if it was the Ministry again. "Yes?" asked Severus coolly not recognizing the person standing before him. Judging by the fact he didn't have uniform on it wasn't a student.

"Hello, sir. I'm Madam Malkin's assistant, I'm here to deliver your things, we wish to apologise for the delay, and several materials we needed were late in coming." she said, handing over the extremely large package, which had thankfully been made feather light. She had bought two calming draughts at the apothecary before Apparating here.

"Thank you," said Severus taking the package, giving her a galleon for delivering it before closing the door without saying anything else.

"Your clothes are here," said Severus laying the brown wrapped package on the bed.

"Brilliant!" exclaimed Harry sitting up, unable to help himself by ripping into the package with eagerness. He always got excited over new things, although usually he stole them, there was something even more exhilarating knowing they'd been paid for, weird but true. He found more brown packed packages when he ripped it open, even more fun. He grabbed one, and ripped it open to find his dragon hide boots. They were awesome, much better than they looked in the catalogue. He was definitely wearing them today, they felt scaly, and sturdy, they would last him a long time. Ripping into the other packages, until the bed was littered with the stuff, and his new clothes were all folded and piled up around him.

"Put it all away," said Severus as he automatically began banishing the brown paper.

"Yes sir," said Harry automatically, getting up he left the clothes he wanted to wear before starting to hang up his clothes. There was already space available for all his things in both the cupboard and three of the drawers. Severus didn't have many wizarding clothes, Harry noticed, he definitely had more Muggle clothes. He made sure to make them all neat and tidy, he hated things being messy, and thankfully his Dom was pretty much the same. "What's it like eating in the Great Hall?" Harry asked as he closed the cupboard door, his stomach was doing flips; he wasn't used to being around so many people.

"They will be staring the entire time," said Severus truthfully, "It's not every day we have guests at Hogwarts. If you would prefer Minerva not to announce who you are then that's perfectly fine."

"I'd prefer that," admitted Harry. At least until he got a good look at them and gauged them, none of them would understand him though. He probably wouldn't like many of them either, according to what Sev had said they were mostly spoiled brats. Of course Harry had been under the impression it was a normal school he worked at teaching chemistry for gods sake. He knew if they started on him he'd want to kill them, or rather just punch their lights out, but it wasn't acceptable behaviour or so his Dom had made abundantly clear time and time again. No doubt he would be on the receiving end of it before they went.

"Then it will be done." said Severus simply.

And that is why Harry loved being a Sub.

"Before we go there are a few rules," said Severus staring at Harry pointedly.

"I know, no fist fighting, no swearing," said Harry solemnly. He would do it, he didn't want to let his Dom down by acting out. It wasn't easy though, when someone pissed him off his first instinct was fight or flee, and to flee wasn't an option or at least it hadn't been on the street.

"And no using magic," said Severus.

"What?" asked Harry staring in shock; he wasn't going to agree to that. Sure he didn't have trouble controlling his magic, but it was even more awesome now, the fact he'd been able to throw Black across the room by just willing it was amazing.

"Let me rephrase that, do not use your magic to send anyone flying across the room." said Severus wryly.

"That's just for the great hall right?" asked Harry, it had better be because it wasn't fair. His green eyes flashed in confused anger. The urge to say more was nearly overwhelming him, but he managed to keep quiet.

"Of course, I would never deny you use of your magic, Harry. You've just started to use it, and until you learn how to use it properly, you cannot control the power behind it. You must understand the consequences of using it like that, you could throw someone into a wall and break their spinal cord, or they could hit the wall with such force you could kill them. I am not doing it to be spiteful or to punish you for what you did to Black. I'm not even doing it to protect the students, I am doing it to protect you." said Severus cupping Harry's chin, speaking frankly to him. Stroking his thumb across his face still amazed this slip of a boy wanted him of all people.

Relief flowed through Harry, closing his eyes he leaned into the touch relishing it. His magic was causing sparks between them, he allowed his Dom to manipulate him into his arms. Leaning his head against his chest, the smell of potions clung to the clean robes even after being washed. He hadn't thought about his magic doing that, but it made sense to him. He really had to stop doubting his Dom; he didn't want to lose him because of his constant insecurities.

"Ready to go?" asked Severus after they'd been standing there for a few minutes. He knew Harry could remain standing there for hours just basking in the contact. Even after their two years together he was still extremely needy, well not two years really, since they'd only spent the summers together. The rest of the year he'd been alone, well that wouldn't be the case this year. "I think perhaps during the Christmas holidays we should take ourselves off on a holiday of our own. What do you think about that?"

"Somewhere warm?" asked Harry his heart pounding, he'd never been on a holiday before, and it sounded so good.

"Of course," said Severus wryly.

"I'd love that sir," said Harry.

"Good." said Severus, "Now let's go otherwise we will be late, and as you are no doubt aware, I do not do late."

Minerva almost dropped her goblet when she saw Harry enter the Great Hall through the teacher's entrance behind Severus. She didn't know why she was surprised, but she was, very much. Her eyes automatically went to where Hagrid was sitting. Perhaps it was best for everyone to move down a seat, so Severus and Harry could sit on her other side.

"Hagrid? Can you sit next to Madam Pince? And allow Severus' guest to sit next to him?" asked Minerva saying it quietly as possible but unfortunately Harry heard. Dear Merlin he had the hearing of a cat! She made a mental note to remember that.

"Aye, o'course! Nice ter meet ya," said Hagrid, his large body getting up and thumping towards the other side. Having no idea who it was, or how Harry felt regarding him.

"Thank you, Minerva." said Severus sitting down and Harry took his seat next to him. He could feel how nervous Harry was, but he had a blank mask displayed to the world.

"No problem," said Minerva smiling at them in welcome, she was sitting in middle chair officially taking up mantle of Headmistress of Hogwarts - much to the confusion of the majority of Hogwarts that is.

"Don't announce who he is," whispered Severus.

"I'm afraid that might not be possible, Severus." said Minerva drawn to the Gryffindor table, nearly all the Gryffindor's were staring at him. Speaking in hushed tones to their partners before they too looked up gazing in awe. Trying to see Harry's forehead for the legendary scar.

"Damn it," snarled Severus quietly. Damn Granger or Weasley to hell, he hadn't even thought of them - bloody stupid Gryffindor's. He turned to glare at them only to find they were already looking away, arching an eyebrow he turned to face Harry to see him glaring ferociously on his own. Yes, when it came to this Harry didn't need his help; he was more than capable of dealing with this on his own. Hopefully without using defensive magic.

"Where's the food?" asked Harry, once he had successfully cowed the students. "Do the House Elf's come and give it to everyone?" if that was true there must be a huge amount of House Elf's in Hogwarts, there were hundreds of students.

"No, Harry, they do not. It arrives magically in containers allowing everyone to help themselves. Down in the kitchen there are replicas of each table, once the food has all been placed it is transported magically." said Minerva.

"Oh," said Harry nodding his head, of course it came magically it was a magical school.

Minerva clinked her glass before rising to her feet, "Good evening students, as you know the classes have been a little hectic recently. Starting tomorrow the classes will go back to normal; you may have noticed Professor Dumbledore isn't in attendance. It's with regret I announce that Professor Dumbledore is no longer the Headmaster of Hogwarts, and that I have taken over his duties as Headmistress. If anyone has any questions, my door is always open. Now let's eat our dinner shall we?" she said before sitting down, and as she did the food appeared on every available surface. Paying no attention to the gossip the students were doing now that they knew.

Harry gaped, "You eat all this?" asked Harry staring around at the food. Sure he'd never really starved stealing food as he had, but he hadn't truly ever been full.

"No, a great deal of it goes back to the Kitchens, but the House Elf's I'm sure put it to good use." said Severus quietly. He understood why Harry was reacting like this, only someone who had gone starving more often than not could react like that.

"Eat," said Severus firmly, as he put food on his own plate, he wanted Harry to put weight on and that required proper meals. Remembering the nutrition potion, he dug into his cloak pocket and removed one. Handing it over without saying anything, in turn Harry drank it down grimacing in distaste he really hated the taste of them. He looked around the table but found no orange juice, just the horrible pumpkin juice he didn't like.

"Grace," said Severus quietly.

"Yes sir?" asked the house elf appearing behind the teachers table, speaking in the merest whisper.

"Bring up a pitcher of orange juice," said Severus, very much aware of Harry's personal distaste for pumpkin juice.

"What's wrong with the pumpkin juice?" enquired Minerva, as the rest of the teachers listened in curiously.

"I don't like it, its disgusting." admitted Harry.

Minerva blinked, not sure what to say, that was a first, she'd never met a student who didn't like it yet in her entire career. "I see," she said before going back to her meal.

"Why do they keep looking at my head?! Do I have something on it?" asked Harry exasperated, rubbing at it as if suspecting he had a dirty smudge on it.

"Haven't you told him, Severus?" asked Minerva cautiously.

"Of course I have," said Severus rolling his eyes, "They are merely looking for your scar Harry. There isn't a child who grew up in the magical world unaware of it."

Grace reappeared, handing Severus the pitcher before disappearing again. Severus then placed the pitcher on the table, after automatically filling the goblet.

"That does raise an interesting point, I do not think I've seen it yet." said Minerva.

"It faded," said Harry, going back to his meal, it wasn't as good as his own food but it was nice enough. He personally preferred more seasoning in his food, and nothing was piping hot. He gratefully drank the entire goblet of orange juice.

"Faded? When you were a child?" asked Minerva, after swallowing her corn.

"No, when I gave him something to help remove his scars," said Severus whispering low enough only Minerva would hear.

"Ah, I understand." said Minerva nodding. "I did not think it would disappear with it being Dark magic."

"Dark Magic? As apposed to what?" asked Harry. That was a new one; he'd never heard magic referred to 'Dark' yet.

"Light magic," explained Minerva.

"What's the difference?" asked Harry curiously.

"There is no difference." said Severus at the same time Minerva replied, "Dark magic is considered widely dangerous."

"Which is it?" said Harry, he supposed it didn't matter what they said, and he would probably go with his Dom's views. If anyone here knew his Dom as he did, his arguments were always sound and logical, meaning you'd think it was your own idea at the end of it.

"Everyone has their own opinion, I shall demonstrate further later." said Severus reluctantly, he didn't want to get into an argument about light versus dark magic right now.

"Okay," said Harry agreeable. Shovelling the food around in his plate, the peas had been frozen, he could tell. So had the sweet corn come to that, and the meat was cold already. Normally he wasn't a fussy eater, eating everything put before well if you didn't count the food his captors had brought to him. His stomach felt fuller than normal, maybe it was the potion, since he didn't normally take it then immediately begin eating. The nutrition potion was taken an hour before, when he begun making their dinner.

"Are you not enjoying the food, Harry?" asked Minerva.

"I'm full," said Harry.

"He's not used to eating three meals a day yet," said Severus sitting back having finished his own meal.

Dessert was served afterwards causing Harry's eyes to widen; there was so much to choose from. He didn't normally eat dessert; on the street he'd only taken food that would fill him up. Then when he was with his Dom they didn't normally eat after their dinner. If he got hungry he'd just have a few biscuits with a coffee later at night.

"Try a few things," said Severus encouraging Harry to try and eat more.

"I'd rather go back to our quarters," said Harry, he was sick and tired of everyone staring at him. His Dom had warned him about it, but he was in no way prepared for it. He was used to being ignored, well other than when he was in the club or with his Dom's but that had been one person...not the sea of faces staring at him curiously despite the fact he was telling them to fuck off with his eyes. Even the teachers were giving him sideway glances every now and again. Even more now since his last statement.

"Let's go," said Severus standing up, he was well aware of how uncomfortable Harry was he could feel it. His Submissive came first, before his reputation, the teachers, the Order absolutely everything. "I shall see you in twenty minutes." he added to Minerva.

"Of course," said Minerva smiling sadly in understanding, it was obviously a little much for Harry. He would get used to it; hopefully, she didn't want to see him leaving.

"That was Harry Potter?" asked Pomona Sprout a little shocked.

"Yes," said Minerva her tone stern, she wasn't about to start gossiping like a student nor allow the teachers to do so either. She did notice that Pomona had waited until Severus and Harry were both gone before saying anything - to her amusement.

"Dear Merlin!" she said still staring at the entrance hall where they had left. The other teachers could only agree, their minds dwelling on the 'Our' Harry had said about the living sitation.


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Chapter Text


Chapter 45

It's never been mentioned in the books that Bill Weasley can SEE magic so in this story he won't have that ability...I've read sooo much that I'm begining to wonder if I'm not mixing facts from the books with fiction or rather the other way around lol fiction with facts from the book :D anyway there we go on to the next chapter.

Antidote and Possessiveness

Severus and Harry were the last ones to enter the 'Headmistress's' office which was doubling at a meeting room for the Order of the phoenix. They were carrying with them, large boxes filled with Potion vials, they could hear them clinking together as they placed them on the table in front of Minerva. Everyone was gazing at Harry, seeing him for the first time in a proper wizarding attire, well those who hadn't been in the Great Hall that is. A pair of expensive Dragon Hide boots, welsh green Charlie noticed with an impressed look, he really liked the boots, but it was far too spendy for him to go buying a pair whenever he wanted. Welsh green was a rare dragon hide; the Welsh green was different from the common Welsh green. None more rare than the Hungarian Horntail of course, they were the most vicious of dragons; to kill them was extremely difficult. Wizards liked to hunt dragons down and kill them for their hide and teeth, which they sold on the black market. He hated those wizards, and if he'd seen one he would kill them, after all Charlie protected Dragons, working in a preserve in Romania.

"Glad you could make it Severus, Harry." said Minerva smiling slightly in welcome.

"No problem, drink this," said Severus, handing the potion over to the first person he saw, Arthur Weasley.

"Do you think it work?" asked Arthur, his stomach twisting, he'd been avoiding going into the Ministry because of this, and he didn't know how strong the compulsion potion was. He wasn't taking the chance of feeling the need to rescue to Dumbledore, he wasn't about to become a traitor to the wizarding world or Order.

"Only one way to find out," said Severus, refraining from sneering since Arthur looked genuinely hopeful, and it wasn't a derisory remark against his Potion skills. "How do you feel about Albus Dumbledore? Answer as honestly as possible."

"Part of me hopes it was all a big misunderstanding, I trusted him and he drugged my family. Something I cannot and will not tolerate." said Arthur seriously, his brown eyes flashing in the anger he truly felt against his old Headmaster. The fact his wife was trying to defend the old man was making things very strained at home. He couldn't just agree with her, it went against his morals.

"Drink it," said Severus, evidently it didn't make them feel totally loyal to him, since he was furious at Dumbledore. Which meant there was no full proof way to test the reliability of his Antidote.

"You look very dashing in your new wardrobe, Harry." said Minerva teasing the young man.

"I know," said Harry smirking in amusement. The jeans were skinny making the jeans look attached to his legs, a black vest and emerald green shirt half open. With his long black cloak, which he hadn't bothered buttoning up, it was odd not wearing his jacket but he was warm enough to not complain.

"You do," agreed Ginny, beaming at Harry as if they'd known each other for years.

Harry arched an eyebrow at her odd behaviour, refraining from sneering, turning to face the twins to see if they could explain it, but they just sank into their seats looking embarrassed. How…weird, nobody usually took such a happy go luck approach with him, for a reason admittedly. Shaking it off he turned back to his Dom, who was unobtrusively watching everything not just Arthur Weasley.

Removing his wand, Severus began chanting, until a wad of parchment furled from it grabbing it he began reading the results. He didn't need to use a wand anymore, or at least the Wandless spells he'd used so far had worked. It would take time to get used to it; he was a Slytherin though and wouldn't allow others to know about his new abilities. Or rather the abilities he'd received/been transferred when Harry's magic had bonded them together. He kept meaning to talk to his submissive about it, especially about his ability to see magic. Wait what had Harry said the first few days back with him? That he'd known Severus was like him, as in magical, and he'd been about to confess about his abilities when Dumbledore entered his flat. Had he known from day one? Definitely something he should investigate, he wanted to know how long Harry had been able to see magic with the naked eye.

"Right, the Potion has been neutralised according to the results, the ingredients in the original potion though should have made it impossible. Anyone taking that potion should have always retained the mindset Dumbledore had in mind for them. Such as if Dumbledore had succeeded in drowsing Harry with it, he would have retrained the mindset of needing to destroy the Dark Lord and become an Auror." said Severus placing the results on the desk, frowning thoughtfully.

"You created the Antidote though, it was only permanent because there was no known Antidote." said Harry seeing it for what it was. "I can't see any red in him anymore…nearly everyone else has it."

"What is he talking about?" asked Molly baffled, raising her nose at Harry as if she was above him.

"You can see magic?" asked Bill awed what he would do for a gift like that! Especially with his job of cursing breaking for Gringotts.

Harry stared at Bill impassively, inwardly though he was impressed with his dress sense; he looked like he'd just stepped out of a rock concert. Well apart from the Dragon hide boots, you couldn't get anything like that in the Muggle world. Otherwise he would have had a pair of them a long time ago. He had on fang earrings and a large fang pendant to go with it; he had a thing for them it seemed. This must be one of the twins bother; they looked too alike especially with their long hair. "Sorry, I should have introduced myself, I'm Bill, Bill Weasley."

"Right," said Harry, "I'd introduce myself but everyone already knows." he added bluntly.

"I work at Gringotts as a Curse Breaker, mostly in Egypt but I recently applied for a desk job." said Bill explaining further not put off with Harry's attitude.

"And are fascinated with dragons," said Harry pointing towards his items.

"Gifts from my brother, he works with dragons," said Bill gesturing towards Charlie.

"Pass them along," said Severus handing the Potions along, and continuing to do so until everyone in the room had the lime green potion in their hand. Well everyone that had been given the Controlling Potion by Dumbledore anyway, there was absolutely no reason to waste the Potion if they didn't need it.

"I'm Charlie," said the Weasley waving, not sure that Harry probably wouldn't shake his hand.

"And I'm..." said Ron standing up eagerly, his hand outstretched.

"Ronnie? I know." said Harry smirking.

Ron flushed bright red making him clash horribly with his hair, utterly mortified standing there gaping his hand still outstretched.

Severus coughed to prevent himself from laughing; he had been there when the twins had suggested Harry use the name. Fred and George however, weren't quite so reserved; they burst out laughing in glee at their brother's expense. Slapping each other on the back, and thumping the desk as they hooted out their amusement. Oh that was just hilarious! They would never forget the look on their brothers face, they hadn't thought Harry would do it, they'd been proven wrong. The rest of male Weasleys had their lips pursed trying to hold in their own merriment at their brother's expense.

"Don't call me that," whispered Ron in despair unable to believe anyone knew that horrific name his mother insisted on calling him. "My name is Ron."

Harry just shrugged still smirking in amusement, this was so much fun.

"Does this mean we can go to the trial?" asked Sirius, his eyes narrowed and lip curled. Whether it was because he was talking to Snape or about Dumbledore nobody knew. Either way Tonks winced at the look on Harry's face and scooted her chair away from Sirius not wanting to be caught in the crossfire. Bill just grinned at her from where he was sitting, finding the entire situation amusing. Remus, who was on his other side, just stared at the table, looking as if he wanted to disappear.

"I wouldn't recommend it," said Severus bluntly, he couldn't even be bothered to come up with a scathing retort. He wanted at least one Order meeting to end on time and without unnecessary drama.

"I am going," said Remus quietly looking up, "I want to be there, hear it from his own lips."

"It's up to you," said Minerva tiredly, she wasn't going to fight with them all.

"How are you finding the Magical world, Harry?" asked Ginny blinking up at him, brown eyes innocent. Sliding forward, cocking her head to the side. When she'd seen him in the Great Hall, she knew she had to act fast; everyone around her had been drooling over how gorgeous he was. She had to get his attention quickly and keep it; she wasn't going to lose him. Not to someone like Lavender Brown or Parvati Patil, she was better than both of them. Harry would see that, although she didn't like how close he was to Snape. She hated him; Bill hated him too, so he'd have to put distance between them. He was far too old to be Harry's friend anyway, unless he'd been tutoring him in Potions…that did make more sense than Snape ever having a friend.

"Are you serious?" asked Harry staring at her as if she had two heads, he'd been kept here against his wishes, and she had the gall to ask him how he was finding it? What age was she? Twelve? Thirteen? She certainly seemed and looked the part. He stared at Severus as if he could tell him what the hell she was thinking. Unfortunately he wasn't paying any attention, he was talking to the red head male, probably the twins father. "I thought this was supposed to be a secret organization that worked to fight Voldemort? What is a twelve year old girl doing here?" asked Harry turning to Minerva since Severus was busy. Frowning when nearly everyone flinched as if they had been struck. What had he said? Throwing the room a confused slightly bemused look.

"What the hell's wrong with you all?" snapped Harry, rolling his eyes.

"Nobody usually says his name, Harry they call him You-Know-Who or He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named." said Minerva in explanation. She wasn't one of them, not since Harry had defeated him, even at that she'd merely done it out of habit. Everyone else around her other than Albus had called him You-Know-Who she had as a habit begun to call him that as well. Then there was the fact there were rumours he'd put his name under a Taboo. She didn't think it was true though, because Albus had encouraged people to use the name stating that fear of the name increases the fear of the thing itself. She speculated it had been a plan…something he wanted to do but didn't get the chance because of Harry.

"Why?" asked Harry his upper lip raised to the left, eyebrow rose confused by their cowardice. It reminded him of the movie he'd watched in his Dom's flat, must have been at least two years ago now, the mummy had been called He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named…admittedly not for long.

"You just don't understand," said Molly angrily, furious at the teenager for looking at them as if they were stupid. "He's tortured and killed many wizards and witches and will continue to do so."

"And NOT saying his name will make it all better?" asked Harry sardonically.

"Harry," said Severus in warning, even he didn't like saying the Dark Lord's name although lately he had been saying it instead of 'The Dark Lord'. He wasn't cowardly enough to say You-Know-Who like everyone else. He understood Harry's sarcastic says, fearing something just couldn't be done on the street it made you vulnerable.

"It's true, they're supposed to be branding together to bring him down but they're saying You-Know-Who instead of Voldemort." said Harry defending himself.

"I know, but the last war was horrific, hundreds of Wizards and Witches died. He decimated nearly half of our population, if he has it his way…our way of life may become obsolete." said Severus quietly, "Then there is the fact the Dark Lord had plans on placing a Taboo on his name."

"Taboo?" questioned Harry sitting down his attention solely focused on Severus.

"It's Dark Magic, if anyone said the name the Taboo was under they could be found and killed." explained Ginny, hating the fact Snape was on the receiving end of all Harry's attention. It seemed to her that Snape was the only one Harry could tolerate and it irked her completely.

There was Dark Magic mentioned again as if it was something disgusting and foul, he really had to speak to Sev about it soon. There was so much he didn't know, and he wasn't about to bring it up right now. It was obvious something that people extensively debated and had different views about it. The two people he had asked about it had very diverse opinions, McGonagall and Sev. Diverse? Okay he was learning from Severus again already.

Ginny sighed in exasperation, despite the fact she'd answered his question, it was Snape he was still staring at. What was she going to have to do to get his attention? She had to do it now, before he was introduced to the rest of the school. But what? She had no idea what he liked! He hadn't even answered her question about how he liked the magical world…to add insult to injury he'd thought she was twelve years old!

"Have you learned any magic yet?" asked Ginny, glad she'd chosen to sit here so she was next to Harry.

"Yes," said Harry, trying to be friendly, for the sake of the twins but the questions were irritating him.

"Oh," said Ginny, so much for that, why was this so difficult? "I could help you learn more!" fluttering her eyelashes at him.

"I'll be fine," said Harry. Oh great, she was flirting with him, disgusting! She was a little kid, and he hadn't been friendly to her or nice the only conclusion he could reach was she wanted something from him. Money? Or was it because of who he was? Either way he wasn't impressed. He was just about to tell her what he thought when Remus spoke up.

"Have you been to Hogsmeade yet Harry?" asked Remus quietly, speaking up after the room went into an awkward silence.

Moody leaned forward and whispered to Arthur so low nobody could hear him (surprisingly because this was moody they were talking about) "You might want to stop your daughter." he said. There was no way Snape was going to put up with it when he realized what was going on. That's if she's lucky, Potter didn't take shit from anyone, and he'd leave her humiliated and traumatised for years.

"Hogsmeade?" questioned Harry, "No, but I've been to what's it called?" he turned to face Severus unable to remember what his Dom had called it.

"Diagon Alley," said Severus amused.

"Yeah, there." said Harry.

"You took Harry to Diagon Alley?" asked Sirius envy shining through his blue eyes. Hurt thrummed through him, how could Harry let the slimy snake take him shopping when Harry wouldn't let him? It wasn't fair; Snape had been as much a part of this as them. He had known about it, although a snide through entered his mind, Snape had been against it, warning them they were going about it wrong.

"What did you do?" asked Ginny speaking again.

"Went to Gringotts," replied Harry shrugging glancing at her before staring at Black, was he actually hurt? He had the gall to be hurt? Harry didn't know whether to punch him or screech at him. The hypocrisy of the situation just made him furious. Black had kept him here against his will yet was expecting Harry to like him and want him to go to Diagon Alley with him? He was probably one of the idiots who'd wanted to keep his fortune from him. "Got the money you would have kept from me."

Sirius cringed and Harry realised he'd pegged him right.

"I think it would be best if we let the past lie, work towards a brighter future don't you?" said Minerva, staring at Harry, while she understood his anger, they did have more important things to sort out. Not that his anger wasn't important, it just wasn't productive to everything they had going on at the moment.

"Would you?" asked Harry irritated, glaring at McGonagall, causing the Transfiguration teacher to wince, perhaps she'd brought this on herself. "If you were kidnapped by normal people, unable to use magic, when you did them stopping you…hurting you in the progress would you have suddenly forgiven them, let bygones be bygones and simply integrated yourself in the normal world forgetting all about your past and playing happy?"

"Muggles, we call them Muggles." said Hermione.

"Shut fucking up," snapped Harry.

Hermione inhaled sharply, unable to believe the language he was using, the others just looked resigned. Fred and George though were sniggering in amusement. How long had they wanted to say that to her? Too long, she liked to think she was better than everyone else but the truth was she wasn't. They knew everything she had preached at them, it was better to listen then walk away instead of getting into a stupid debate with her.

"Harry, enough." said Severus,

"You aren't Harry's father, Snape." snapped Sirius, "He can say whatever he wants, you have no right stopping him!" pissed off that Harry was actually listening to him. He even looked at him apologetically, what the hell! This wasn't supposed to happen, all those years of looking for Harry needing him, for Snape to be the one closest to Harry? It was supposed to be him! He was supposed to get Harry into Quidditch, comment on how much he looked like his dad, tell him tales about their escapades, even encouraging him to prank people. Training him how to become an Animagus and his friends so he could recreate the Marauders, talking to him about girls, watching him get engaged and married. Being there when he had his first kid, just everything James wasn't going to get to see.

Moody, Minerva, Fred, George, Harry and Remus choked at Sirius' statement.

"Thank Merlin for that," said Severus wryly, his black eyes glittering malevolently. "I may be many things according to you, Black, but I'm not into incest." this had been the moment he had been waiting for, unfortunately instead of the dawning horrified light all he saw was confusion spreading across Black's face. Was he really going to have to spell it out to the Auror?

"What?" cried Sirius, his face screwed up as he tried to figure out what the hell Snape was talking about.

Hermione gasped an outraged look crossing her face that was just disgusting! He was a teacher and Harry was young enough to be his student. There were laws against that sort of thing, and she would be reporting him as soon as possible. She would save Harry from himself, he was desperate for somewhere to live that he was accepting Snape and allowing the man to manipulate him. Worst thing was nobody seemed to be reacting; Professor McGonagall should be putting an immediate stop to it.

Remus closed his eyes, knowing what was coming and that Sirius would more than likely freak out. Coming out looking like a homophobic arse, when it would just be his partner he had a problem with. He'd tried as hard as he could to get Sirius to see Severus in a better light, subtly manipulating him. Being more obvious about it when Harry had revealed himself, but Sirius was just too bitter from both the past and the fact Harry was being friendly with a man he hated.

"He…" was all Harry got out before his mouth was covered by Severus' hand.

"Do not even think about it," said Severus his lips twitching, no doubt it would have been something extremely filthy coming out of Harry's mouth. Harry didn't understand what was appropriate and what wasn't, too many years on the street he didn't have a handle on it, at least not yet.

Harry merely licked at Severus' hand in devilment, causing him to shake his head in exasperation and remove his hand.

Fred and George just ginned in amusement watching them, remembering the first time they'd seen Harry and his frank and open statement. They couldn't help but lean forward, eagerly waiting on the fireworks to start.

"It's wrong! He's seventeen years old, you're an adult! You teach children his age! It's against the law!" protested Hermione.

"What are you talking about?" asked Ginny, bewildered; she didn't understand what they were getting at, at all. If Hermione was protesting against it, it must be something really bad.

"They're in a relationship!" said Hermione exasperated.

"No way!" shouted Ron his eyes wider than normal, swallowing thickly trying to stop his stomach from throwing everything he'd eaten. How could anyone like Snape in that way? He was ugly! He was evil, he was horrible, and there was nothing redeemable about him whatsoever.

"Over my dead body!" snarled Sirius standing up, his blue eyes blazing with retribution.

"Can be arranged," said Harry growling low in his throat. He wanted to gouge the bushy haired girl's eyes out, how dare she try and tell him how to live his life? And the way 'Ronnie' was acting made him want to ensure he couldn't use his manly parts ever again.

"Stop it, Sirius!" snapped Remus, yanking Sirius back into his seat.

"You knew about this didn't you?" hissed Sirius his face filled with betrayal.

"Yes," admitted Remus.

Sirius opened and closed his mouth unable to say anything, utterly stunned and hurt by Remus' treachery.

"How could you let them Professor?" asked Hermione shocked staring at Minerva in condemnation.

"If you don't shut up, I'm going to enjoy making sure you cannot speak again," snarled Harry, his green eyes flashing furiously, his magic reacting to his anger but never once hurting anyone. It just showed how powerful he was and not to mess with him.

"Harry its wrong, he's a teacher, you don't have to worry about somewhere to stay, there are lots of rooms in Hogwarts…once you get sorted you'll be able to stay in Gryffindor dorm room with friends." said Hermione.

Harry burst out laughing; it was far from light and filled with amusement but bitterness and dripping scorn and sounded slightly evil. He could barely believe the audacity of the girl sitting there, all self righteous and judging him as if she had that right. "Oh please, you think I'm with him for somewhere to stay? Oh no little girl, that's not the reason, we've done things you will only ever fantasise about. Believe me there are a million other reason why I choose to stay with him." said Harry smirking at her, watching her squirm uncomfortably, her cheeks heating up. Harry ignored Black's choking and incoherent spluttering.

"You can't be with him!" protested Ginny wide eyed, he was supposed to be with her; he had to be doing this to wind Hermione up.

"Ginny, stop." said Arthur finally understanding what Moody was referring to.

"But dad…" protested Ginny hurt flashing across her face.

"No." said Arthur firmly.

"But Hermione said it was against the law!" said Ginny grabbing onto the only point she could bring up.

"I think you'll find its not," said Severus smugly, everyone knew Harry was his now and he felt extremely elated. The only reason he was telling her it wasn't, was because he could feel Harry's worry and fear. Taking a hold of his hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. Placing their inner locked hands on top of the table letting everyone see. Oh the look on Black's face, it wasn't something he'd forget any time soon. It was much greater than the look on Dumbledore's face, he may just have a new memory he wanted to look at in the pensive. It wasn't just Black either, the entire Order were stunned, although none other than Black, Granger, and the two youngest Weasley's were displaying disgust. Oh add the mother to the list, Severus mentally added, she was staring at him as if he was dirt under her shoes. Considering the shoes were around fifteen years old…there was plenty dirt under them to begin with. "He is seventeen and officially an adult in the wizarding world; I was and never have been his teacher." the relief poured through the bond.

"It's unethical," said Hermione, not letting it go.

"I wish I had my knives," said Harry wistfully, "More than one way to skin a human…always fun."

Hermione shuddered gulping fearfully, not sure if he was kidding or not…surely he was on the wrong side with comments like that. After what she'd heard of him doing to Tonks, Molly and Sirius as well as Remus she wasn't going to take any changes. Ron cuddled her against him, not even having the guts to glare or stick up for his girlfriend.

Minerva's lips twitched, she'd never in seven years seen Hermione Granger go quiet when she had a complaint about something. She had learned when Harry was angry or uncomfortable he threatened people with bodily harm. She couldn't blame him for feeling that way, after all they were judging him and his Dom. Something Harry wouldn't tolerate easily, Harry loved Severus, it was obvious to see not only because of what she'd seen…the bond wouldn't have activated as it had.

"Harry…he's old enough to be your father," said Sirius looking defeated.

"So?" said Harry simply, and it was simple because he didn't care. "Who cares?"

"I do," said Sirius, he was supposed to continue the Potter line! Have the next marauder date and marry a girl! Not stay stuck with Snape for the rest of his life.

"Life sucks, doesn't it?" said Harry his lip curling.

"I think we should consider this meeting suspended," said Minerva, they'd had the potion there was no further reason for them to be here.

"What do we do now? I mean with Dumbledore no longer running it? Are we still the Order?" asked Tonks subdued.

"Where you here to answer to Dumbledore or fight Voldemort?" asked Harry bluntly.

"Fight," admitted Tonks.

"Then you're still an Order aren't you? Grow a spine. How have you managed to go so long? Having people making your decisions all the time?" said Harry. "Voldemort isn't going to stop just because Dumbledore is out of the picture."

Severus arched an eyebrow, not at the hypocrisy of the statement, it was a relationship choice not something he did all the time. Yes Harry did what he asked him, but that's because it's what Harry wanted. If he didn't want to do something, and was really against it he would say something. Harry had a bigger spine than any of the others, there was no doubting that. "Indeed not, if anything he will become more active…" said Severus agreeing with Harry, not to forget how furious he'd get when he learned Harry was back.

"So how do we decide who's in charge?" asked Moody curiously. Thinking ahead, he really liked this Potter, perhaps Snape was good for him.

"Pick someone that knows what they are doing," said Harry rolling his eyes heavenward.

"Perhaps waiting until after the trial may be the appropriate thing to do?" suggested Doge.

"We won't be here if you are," said Fred bluntly.

Doge blanched, he had hoped everyone would have forgotten what happened.

"Boy's!" said Arthur frustrated.

"If it's over I'm going to pack," said George.

"Pack?" asked Arthur going from frustrated to concerned in seconds, he knew Molly and him were arguing all the time but why would the boys want to leave? Where would they go? It wasn't safe to stay at Jordan's place, they didn't have adequate wards.

"We're moving into our flat." said Fred. They'd tried to tell their parents but they'd been too busy fighting so they'd left them to it. It wasn't something they were used to, their parents never used to argue. Their father had always agreed with Molly, probably to have a quiet life.

"What flat?" screeched Molly, scoffing.

"We bought a flat with our money, and premises." said George.

"What money?" asked Molly narrowing her eyes.

"Yeah!" said Ron loudly, they didn't have money.

"We got an investor," said Fred.

Molly snorted "Nobody in their right mind would waste money on pranks. You boy's need to get a proper job like your older brothers."

"Molly," said Arthur disapproving of the way she always put the twins down.

"MUM!" said Charlie and Bill not liking how she was bringing the twins down. Fred and George had commented on it in their letters...but they'd never seen it. To put it bluntly they were furious with her for acting in such a way.

"I'm not surprised most of your kids live in a different country, if that's the way you speak to them." said Harry, looking at her in disgust. "For your information the twins are inventive, their pranks are genius, they aren't design to humiliate but all in fun. It was me who gave them the money to start up their business, and if either of you give her money when your shop lifts off…I'll strangle you both myself."

"HOW DARE YOU?!" shrieked Molly.

"I'm bored, Sev can we go now?" asked Harry completely ignoring Molly and her oncoming rant.

"I couldn't agree more," said Severus standing up, surprised when Harry cuddled into him, was he trying to destroy his relationship? Oh but the look on their faces made it worth it, wrapping his own arms around him, nearly chortling in amusement, Black's eyes looked as if they were about to pop out of their sockets. With that they made their way out of the room, leaving behind one shocked Order.

Fred and George followed shortly after, they might not show it but they were saddened by their mother's remarks. She always put them down, but with Harry he believed in them, he was right, when their shop took off, they weren't going to give her a Knut of it. Hopefully they could have everything moved out of their room before she got home.


"Go run us a bath," said Severus as soon as they were back in their quarters, he wanted nothing more than a long soak and relax. He may not have showed it but he was furious at the idiots for judging him. None more than Granger, how he'd wanted to wring her bloody know-it-all neck. She would pay in the next Potions class that much he was certain off. Their expressions were enough to take the edge of for now though.

"Yes sir," said Harry automatically, wandering through to the bathroom, turning the taps on, pouring in Severus' favourite scented bubble bath into the water, watermint and sea minerals. Retrieving a few items from the cupboard and placing it on the ledge, before grabbing towels and face clothes. Putting them on the rail, situated close to the bath so they could reach it without getting out. Relaxing, already feeling better about everything even in a small way just doing this. Inhaling the scent surrounding the room, before adding the cold water into it. They both liked their baths extremely hot, so he didn't add too much of it. He could sense how tense his Dom was; hopefully he could help him unwind.

Once the water was half way up the tub, he closed off the cold tap and allowed more warm water to go in until it was hot enough. Satisfied Harry wandered through to their bedroom and removed his clothes, folding them up on the chair at the side of the room. There was no point to washing them, they weren't dirty. His jacket was lying there innocently, Harry sighed staring at it, and he did miss the simplicity of life in the normal world. What he didn't miss was the pressure of trying to keep his magic boxed up, or the cold. Maybe this holiday would be a good thing, a warm country, normal world and just the two of them. If anything, Harry knew sacrifices came with a better life. As long as he had Severus, he knew he'd make it here, despite the fact they constantly judged him, demanded from him and expected him to adopt their ways. That Granger had said he'd be in Gryffindor, expectations, upon expectations it would never end he knew that.

Shaking off his thoughts, he made his way back to the bathroom; Severus was already in the warm water.

"Are you alright?" asked Severus cupping Harry's face tenderly; he wasn't the only one feeling it tonight.

"Just a little bit angry," admitted Harry smiling half heartedly.

"I can understand that," said Severus his arm dropping back into the bath.

Harry squirted the Dead Sea mineral shower gel into his hands, climbing into the water behind Severus. Sitting on the edge of the bath, dunking his hands into the water so make it bubbly. Before he began to massage Severus' shoulders, kneading the tense muscles, working out the kinks, he always did this when he came back after being at work all year. He was always so tense, but if it was possible he was worse than usual and he'd only been here a few weeks, the students only for a few days. He was brilliant at giving massages, and the noises Severus was making he knew he was doing it the way he liked it. Once he was finished he began to scrub his back, washing him properly. Once that was done, he grabbed one of the wash clothes, and began to wipe away everything until his skin was red.

"Come here," said Severus moving slightly so Harry could move around him and sink into the bath. Moving one of his knees up between Harry's legs and gesturing to his chest. Harry lay against Severus, as he put his arms around him; relaxing into his hold he closed his eyes and cherished the closeness.

"You've handled everything very well, I'm proud of you." said Severus, he had a few slips here and there, when he was angry but Severus couldn't be angry at him for that. Not when he had come close to loosing his own cool a time or two.

"I know you warned me, but I didn't expect it to be so bad." said Harry quietly, his eyes still closed.

"I'm afraid it's only going to get worse," said Severus sighing in resignation, it's why he'd been contemplating a holiday, to get away from it all. At least in the Muggle world Harry wasn't getting gaped at, he wasn't sure if Harry would be able to deal with the stress of being in this world all the time. He wouldn't mould to their wishes that was certain, which might make him open to ridicule and torment constantly.

"I was afraid of that," said Harry but not surprised. Sitting up, he moved aside and grabbed the shaving foam, and sprayed it into his hand and began to cover Severus' chest. Dunking his hands into the water wiping off the remains of it, before grabbing the shaver, and carefully began removing the unwanted hair.


Eleven pages :O whoa probably the longest chapter...and as you can see they've not discovered the most shocking part of their relationship yet! Mahwah probably will AFTER the trial I think although I'm kinda stuck on a way WHY it would be revealed LMAO! So I didn't get as much as I wanted done in this next one will probably have smexy between Sev and Harry as well as a flashback about the beginning of their relationship! Will Dumbledore want to kidnap Harry to force the boy to kill Voldemort? Determined to train him himself? Or will he try and kill Voldemort himself in hopes of making everyone revere him again? In his deluded mind...or will he try and kill both Severus and Harry believing that they betrayed him and deserved death for it? Then want to go after Voldemort? Would you like to see Fred go to his Ex and see the conversation between them? Will she have a new partner and have her and Fred part friends? Or will she be available and Fred deciding he wanted to try? What would/could Fred be if he does get into the scene? ;) Sadism? Masochist? Dom? Sub? R&R PLEASE GUYS!

Chapter Text


Chapter 46

A Look Back

Sliding down, he lathered Severus’ legs with the shaving foam, massaging lightly as he did so. Or at least the part that was out the water, and leaning against the edge of the bath. Then he began to carefully shave the unwanted hair. Even at the age of seventeen he’d never been bothered with hair, he didn’t understand it. He was in his normal form, or at least everything but his hair was anyway. He’d made it longer and straighter a few days ago, but other than that he hadn’t changed forms much. Not that he was fussed, just curious really; he’d just be shaving as much as his Dom did if he got hair.

“What’s all the fuss about ‘Dark Magic’?” asked Harry curiously, he’d been dying to ask it all day.

“The Dark Arts are many, varied, ever-changing, and eternal. Fighting them is like fighting a many-headed monster, which, each time a neck is severed, sprouts a head even fiercer and cleverer than before. You are fighting that which is unfixed, mutating, indestructible.” said Severus passionately. “Unfortunately the Ministry have declared nearly every form of magic ‘Dark’ when there is possible other uses for it other than considered Dark.”

“Like what?” enquired Harry, beginning his Dom’s other leg as Severus other leg reached over and used his foot put the hot water tap back on, pouring more water into the cooling bath.

“Such as the killing curse, it could be used to give peace to someone in unbearable pain instead of watching them suffer torment of the damned. To give wizards and witches whom are trapped in their own mind the release from their useless broken bodies. To use the spell is guaranteed a lifetime in Azkaban whether you wish them harm or not.” replied Severus. “There is of course, the fact using it to save yourself from Dark wizards who have no qualms about using said curse.”

“You said no magic was different, which is it?” asked Harry trying to understand.

“The Dark Arts are pragmatic in nature, where every time a branch is defeated, it only comes back fiercer and cleverer than before. It is therefore imperative that one's defences must be as versatile as these foul arts themselves.” replied Severus. “There is also the fact Dark Arts require malicious intent to be successfully cast. Many believe that those who cast it, inevitably becomes corrupt with the magic they are casting. Such as Albus Dumbledore believes using Dark Magic corrupts the soul, rips it apart in fact.”

Harry rolled his eyes; he didn’t even understand half of what Severus was saying. Thankfully he did get the gist of it. “Corrupts how?” he said as he turned the hot tap off, it was getting too hot for even him.

“The Dark Arts are very addictive, your magic turns dark, and the dark arts become more…shall we say easier than light magic. Sometimes it can disfigure you in a way that makes people see you as repulsive as your soul they say. There is also the fact it’s impossible to perform the strongest light magic such as the Patronus charm, like you saw Dumbledore doing a few weeks ago. There is only one thing that can save you either from being drawn in completely or getting you out of the thrill.” said Severus.

“What’s that?” asked Harry placing the stuff back on the ledge of the bath as he sunk further into it enjoying the warmth and closeness of his Dom without being interrupted.

“Remorse, regret, and finding something to love greater than the Dark Arts.” said Severus a far away look in his eyes.

“The way you talk suggests there are differences between Dark and Light magic…but you did say there was nothing different between them.” said Harry, he was getting a greater understanding of Dark Art’s but more confused on why he seemed to think they were the same. Dunking under he wetted his hair, before grabbing his shampoo and scrubbing his scalp, listening to Severus intently.

“There isn’t but the ongoing debate is there are.” said Severus. “One spell you learn in first year that levitates feathers and such could be used to send someone flying down the stairs or raising them high enough up in the air that when they fall they’d meet a grim unrelenting end. Or a slashing hex to the neck could kill someone. Even the tickling charm could be used until they could no longer breath, causing them to suffocate to death. All are considered light spells, and approved by the Ministry.”

“How can people argue with that logic?” asked Harry grinning wryly, dunking back under to wash off the shampoo.

“Because it’s inconceivable to them that they are using ‘Dark magic’ most wizards and witches find it intolerable.” said Severus. “The argument is the fact those spells have counter charms, most Dark Art’s you’ll find don’t have counter curses. At least not many of them do.”

“Seems to me it’s just the intent behind the casting of magic that makes it what it is.” said Harry. Personally Harry didn’t understand what all the fuss was, magic was magic. Unfortunately living on the street Harry didn’t have a perspective of what was right or wrong. To Granger stealing was shocking and horrifying, to Harry it was needed as part of his life. Harry didn’t have a perspective of normal children; he hadn’t been brought up as one. He’d been fighting and possibly killing people since he was old enough to fight back. He didn’t know what happened to the people he was fighting, for all he knew they got up, walked away before collapsing and dying shortly afterwards.

Severus’ lips twitched in pride, “Exactly.” he replied. Moving down he proceeded to wash his own hair, it was getting cold again he’d spent more than enough time in the bathroom. His mind couldn’t help but drift to the first time he and Harry had used his bathroom in the flat in London…it was Harry’s fault, he’d been thinking on it a lot recently since he mentioned reminiscing about the day they had met.



Remus warily watched Sirius, who hadn’t spoken a word since Harry and Severus had left Minerva’s office. He’d been spluttering and muttering incoherently for a few seconds afterwards, and then he proceeded to get really quiet. It wasn’t usual Sirius behaviour and Remus was actually worried about him. As long as he didn’t go and try and attack Severus then he supposed it was a win-win situation. He didn’t know if they had a chance of getting to know Harry or not, but the likelihood was much higher if Sirius didn’t go around attacking Severus. He wasn’t deluded, Remus knew Severus was the only reason Harry was still there. Harry still held a grudge about how he’d come to be in the magical world, his statement to Minerva made that pretty damn obvious.

“Coffee?” asked Remus, but it sounded more like a suggestion, as he continued to watch Sirius, slump down on the chair.

“Coffee? Will that make your betrayal easier to bear?” asked Sirius his blue eyes flashing to those of his lover.

“Betrayal? You want to talk about betrayal?” asked Remus slamming the cup down, causing Sirius to jump, startled by Remus’ sudden anger.

“What?” squeaked Sirius; maybe betrayal was the wrong word to use. “No.”

“No? What’s wrong? I thought you wanted to talk about this!” snapped Remus, his hands balled up into fits and on the table as if he didn’t trust himself not to strike out at Sirius. “How about talking about the fact my boyfriend should have trusted ME above all others, instead of suspecting I was a spy. Not only that but it would have saved you from twelve years in Azkaban! Instead you shut me out of your life, and I lost everyone close to me in one swoop.” hissed the werewolf completely enraged.

Sirius cringed; they’d gotten back together and never once spoken about this. Both of them had decided it was better for the past to stay buried. It seemed as if that rule was well and truly out the window, he regretted using betrayal as the word choice.

“You can’t keep using that against me, Remus it’s not fair.” said Sirius weakly.

“Can’t keep using it against you? When have I ever done that?!” spat Remus his amber eyes glowing with his temper.

“I’m sorry alright! How many times do you want me to say it?” shouted Sirius standing up in anger.

“That’s the first time you have.” hissed Remus.

“Look if I could go back in time and do things different I would.” said Sirius wearily, he didn’t want to fight with Remus. “This…I…don’t want to fight with you too.”

“Could have fooled me.” said Remus, he felt betrayed? He didn’t understand the meaning of the word.

“How long did you know about Snape and Harry?” asked Sirius.

“I knew from the beginning.” said Remus arms crossed now, glaring at Sirius daring him to start again.

“How could you keep it from me?” whispered Sirius depressed.

“Given how you always react can you blame me? You never think of the consequences of your actions. Not even Azkaban has drummed that out of you! You act first think later! If you think at all.” replied Remus calming down slightly, sliding back into his seat.

“He’s MY godson,” snapped Sirius possessively. It’s what had gotten him through all the years in Azkaban, until the Auror’s found Peter Pettigrew’s body after a particularly bloody battle. They’d expected to put him right back in Azkaban for murdering thirteen Muggles, but they were sorely disappointed when he was innocent.

“You keep saying that as if it matters, Sirius. It doesn’t, Harry is seventeen, he has no need for a Godfather and hasn’t needed one - he survived the streets for Merlin’s sake.” said Remus. “To him you are a kidnapper; you locked him up and kept him there. You knew you were doing wrong, otherwise you would have continued to visit him.”

“You are too,” said Sirius hotly.

“I know,” said Remus calmly, causing Sirius to deflate. “I at least had reservations about what we were doing, despite the potion I actually managed to stand up to Dumbledore. I guess what I thought was right overpowered what potion Dumbledore fed us. Either that or it never fully worked because of my lycanthrope. I lied to him, Harry was in Severus’ quarters and actually happy to be there.”

"Why did you lie? Why didn't you pull me aside and tell me?" whined Sirius.

"Other than the fact you wanted your Godson imprisoned in some stupid attempt to make him like you? I couldn't stand having him locked up at Hogwarts Sirius, it was wrong of us to do it in the first place! You cried havoc when Snape suggested giving Harry his money that must have screamed wrong to you. You know the rules, that was Harry's inheritance, his birthright it's illegal to keep someone’s fortune from them." cried Remus exasperated.

"Why did Snape help him?" asked Sirius, changing the subject, as he realised something important. "He hates the Potters! We know he does we have to warn Harry! He's obviously using him to get back at James and us for all the things we did."

"NO!" cried Remus quickly, "Do not do that." waving his hand in a negative way, this sucked, and he didn't really want to be the one to tell him how long Harry and Snape had been dating.

"It must be what he's doing!" said Sirius standing up, ready to go and confront Snape.

"They were dating before Severus knew who Harry was," said Remus shouting it, causing Sirius to freeze at the door, his shoulders hunching as another idea was struck off the list.

"Snape DID know who Harry was, what the hell are you talking about?" said Sirius alarmed as he turned around. Staring at Remus pointedly, demanding answers.

Shit, how did he get out of this one? He'd promised Snape he wouldn't reveal Harry's secrets. "Swear on your magic you won't tell anyone what I'm going to tell you." replied Remus removing his wand.

"No, tell me!" snapped Sirius.

"Swear it." said Remus coolly not even breaking the slightest. He wasn't going to risk it getting back to Snape; he would live up to his threat and kill him. Of that Remus had no doubt whatsoever.

"Fine," grumbled Sirius gritting his teeth, raising his wand he spoke the words of the oath, swearing on his magic never to reveal the information. If he did, as consequences of breaking an oath sworn by all that was magic, they lost the very thing most important to them - their ability to use it. Quite a few magical people had lost the ability to use magic by these means, until the world had learned how deadly the consequences were and took them very seriously indeed.

"Harry's a Metamorphmagus," said Remus proudly. Not only that but he'd just learned he could see magic. If he didn't know any better he would have said Harry was a Mage. Mages had multiple abilities; strong magic and well...legend was they were only born when one was needed. A hero, rising from the ashes creating a better world. Many say Merlin himself was one, and had kids who became Mages. A tattoo always appeared, but nothing of the sort had appeared on Harry. At least he hadn't been informed, considering they had though he was a spy - probably not.

"Really? Awesome! He must have got it from his grandmother," said Sirius happily, but quickly sobered. "What does this have to do with Snape? Harry can't keep seeing the Slimy snake! We have to get him to see sense, Snape's using him."

"Harry was using it to appear older when he was fourteen...he began dating just to get off the street." Confessed Remus, watching the dawning horror wash over Sirius, this was going to get ugly. "He must have been quite the accomplished actor, he managed to fool Severus. Harry left him, I