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Personal Musings

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Jongdae has a problem. His problem is shorter than him but not by much, has the brightest smile, and is the nicest person he has ever met. His problem is Kim Junmyeon, his boss.

Jongdae can’t seem to keep his eyes off of Junmyeon. It’s only been a week into his job at the flower shop and Jongdae is going insane. He assumed that, since Junmyeon was the boss, he wouldn’t see much of the elder, but he was wrong. Junmyeon is around almost all of the time, tending to the flowers and answering questions that Jongdae couldn’t answer.

The shop is new, so Jongdae is the only worker there besides Junmyeon. He works a full shift, too, meaning he sees Junmyeon for nine hours straight. On the plus side, Jongdae has gotten much closer to the elder in a matter of days. When there aren’t any customers, they would both lean against the counter and just talk. This is when Jongdae notices the small things about Junmyeon, like how he automatically brings his hand up to cover his mouth when he laughs, or how he runs his fingers through his hair absentmindedly, or even how his eyes-

Jongdae is so screwed.

At closing time, Junmyeon places his hand on Jongdae’s lower back, telling the other that he wants to talk to him in his office. Jongdae nods, busying himself by watering the plants. It’s not unusual for Junmyeon to want to keep him a bit after closing time; they usually talk about the flower sales and which ones to order the next time.

Junmyeon waits until Jongdae flips the open sign to ‘closed’ and shuts off the main lights before gesturing to his office. Jongdae leads the way and Junmyeon closes the door behind them, locking it.

The office is not spectacular, consisting of only a desk, a filing cabinet, and several plants. The smell of the gardenias and jasmine placed in the room fill the air. Junmyeon walks over to his desk, leaning against it, and Jongdae stands in the middle of the room. Neither of them say anything for several moments, Junmyeon staring at Jongdae and the latter’s gaze purposely not meeting the other’s.

“The magnolias are selling out pretty quickly,” Jongdae blurts out, the tension and silence becoming unbearable. “We should probably-”

“Jongdae.” Junmyeon cuts in. Jongdae flinches. “Come closer.”

Jongdae comes forward, tentatively. Junmyeon sighs and drags the other forward by his belt buckle. Jongdae lets out a surprised yelp and Junmyeon stands, their bodies just centimeters apart. Junmyeon places his hand on the other’s neck, leaning towards Jongdae, and this is everything the latter has been wanting for the past week but-

“What are you doing?” Jongdae blurts out. Junmyeon pauses and the smirk that appears his face is nothing like the Junmyeon he’s been working with and it’s fucking hot.

Junmyeon leans in again but completely ignores Jongdae’s mouth, instead placing his lips close to the younger’s ear. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

Junmyeon turns his head to brush his lips against Jongdae’s jaw and the latter lets out a small moan. Junmyeon pulls away only to properly kiss Jongdae. It’s slow at first until the elder impatiently swipes his tongue along Jongdae’s lip. Junmyeon tilts his head to press in closer, licking into the other’s mouth. Junmyeon’s hand tightens its grip on Jongdae’s nape and Jongdae wraps his arms around Junmyeon, pulling him closer. Jongdae’s hands drift up, unbuttoning Junmyeon’s shirt, and the elder pulls away, glancing down. He laughs lightly, entwining his hands with Jongdae’s. Junmyeon presses a chaste kiss to Jongdae’s mouth.

“Let’s get dinner.” Jongdae pouts, his hair disheveled and lips a dark red.

“You’re such a tease,” Jongdae mutters as Junmyeon pulls him toward the door. Junmyeon turns back to Jongdae, half of his shirt unbuttoned, the smirk back on his face, and winks.

Jongdae is so screwed.