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Uneasy Lies the Head That Wears a Crown by Nny

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Uneasy Lies the Head That Wears a Crown by Nny

Summary: Brian and Wensleydale, a little while past canon.

Some things can never be quite forgotten.
Categories: General Fanfic Characters: Brian
Genres: Angst
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Published: 21 Sep 2005 Updated: 21 Sep 2005

n/a by Nny

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown


A hand stuck out imperiously from under the bed.

"Give me Hat."

"Which one?"

"Hat." As though it should be obvious.

"Brian, they're all called Hat."

"Are not."

"They are, actually."

"They are not."

Wensley grabbed a handful and crawled around to the side of the bed, avoiding the Megatron 2000 but managing to kneel painfully on a little lego jedi. He displayed one of the hats to the pair of glittering eyes that was all he could see of Brian.

"Okay, what's this one called, then?"


"And this?"

"Hat too."

"Hat two? They're numbered, then?"

"No, just Hat. That's Hat as well."

Wensleydale sighed, and rolled his eyes.

"Fine. This one?"


He held out the last of the hats he'd grabbed, silently.



"Nothing wrong with Wilbur. Stands to reason there's nothing wrong with it, my uncle's called Wilbur."

"There's nothin' wrong with it. Just seems more like a pet name than a hat name."

"My uncle's not a pet, and he's called Wilbur. He's got a dog called Lemon, though, so I shouldn't pay much attention if he was decidin' on a name for my Hat."

Brian wriggled a little closer to the edge of his bed and Wensleydale shifted backwards, crossing his legs, letting Brian have the room to come out if he wanted to. Light fell across the younger boy's face, showing up the streak of dirt across his nose and the redness around his eyes.

He'd been under the bed since the party, the one in Norton, when they went to the Burger Baron and everyone had got a crown and Brian hadn't wanted to wear it. Brian's mum had said he was too old to make a fuss like that, and Wensley's mum had been sympathetic and patted her arm and told her that young Jeremy was a blessing. And Wensleydale had sat in the back of the car on the way home and tried to pretend that he didn't notice that Brian's hot arm was shaking a little against his.

Sometimes he had nightmares, too.

"My uncle's got a cat called Dog," Wensley offered.

"Maybe we should introduce him to Dog, see if they make friends. We could say it was a scientific experiment." There was a little bit of a smile, it looked like.

"My mum doesn't like your scientific experiments very much, not after that volcano we made."

Brian wriggled out from under the bed, wiping his nose on his sleeve.

"I can't be told off for not knowing I wasn't supposed to shake it, can I? No one told me I wasn't supposed to shake it. And it was Pepper's idea to put the paint in it, anyway."

Wensley shrugged, one shouldered, and handed Brian one of the Hats.

"I didn't like that T-shirt anyway."

Brian grinned at him, looking a lot better.

"See? I knew you knew which one was Hat."

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