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Wherever the Storm Takes Us

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“I don’t feel like it. There’s just gonna be a bunch of too young people in too much make-up, obnoxious shit-ass music and no one to talk to.” Miya glared at his cousin. Ju-ken ignored him and held up a shirt, tilting his head as he thought about it. He finally nodded and shoved the shirt to Miya’s chest.

“Here, wear this.“

“Are you listening? I’m not going.”

“Shut up and just put the shirt on already.”


“Shut it. I need a wingman and you need to get out. Preferably get laid. Put the damn shirt on.”

Miya sighed and grabbed the shirt irritably. “Why don’t you get another of your idiot friends to join you? But, no, you have to drag me to a club full of kids pretending to be sooooo cool.”


“I’m not! How am I whiny because I don’t want to watch kids make fools of themselves?”

“You so are! You’re like a grumpy old man. One would think you were forty-five instead of twenty-five!” Miya flipped his finger at his cousin and reached out his tongue, and Ju-ken chuckled. “Fine, just come with me and wait until I’ve hooked up with Haru, and then you can leave, ok?”

“Why can’t you hook up with Haru without me?”

Ju-ken rolled his eyes. “Duh! Because he’d think I’m an old fart who’s preying on kids if I’m there alone.”

Miya sniggered. “But you are,” he grinned, not one to pass up on the opportunity to tease his cousin.

“Fuck you! He’s twenty-three! Hardly a kid.” Ju-ken sighed and decided to try a different tactic. “Just come, please? A drink or two, that’s all I ask. You can stand in a corner and frown all night, if you like. Just, please, come? I want him.”

Miya sighed deeply, being overdramatic just for the hell of it. “Fine, whatever, I’m coming. But you’re buying my drinks.”

Ju-ken lit up. “Sure! Well, the first one anyway. I owe you one!”

“Damn right you do,” Miya muttered as he pulled his shirt off, putting on the new one. This was a night he’d endure, and then Ju-ken was so going to pay him back for it.

. . . . .

Masa applied another layer of mascara, looking at himself critically in the mirror. “Are you sure about this?” he asked, glancing at Sora behind him.

“Of course!” Sora said, grinning widely. “You look at least twenty! We’re gonna knock ‘em dead!”

Masa looked back into the mirror, making a face. “Father’s gonna kill me if he catches me like this. What’s so important about getting into that club anyway?”

Sora stared at him, uncomprehending. “What do you mean? There’ll be gorgeous alphas who’re all over twenty there!”

“So?” Masa muttered. “It’s not like they’re gonna look at me twice anyway.”

“What? You’re hot! They’ll fall at your feet.” Sora suddenly looked suspicious. “You’re not gonna tell your dad about this, are you?”

Masa stared at him in horror. “Are you kidding? He’d flay me alive!”

Sora relaxed again, grinning. “Good. Come on, time to go. Got your fake ID?”

Masa glanced down at his outfit, wincing a bit. It was definitely on the slutty side, and the long curls falling over his shoulder didn’t help. He should never have let Sora dress him, but he wouldn’t have known what to wear, anyway. And if it gave him a spot in the cool crowd at school, then yeah. Sure. Here came the slut.

“Let’s go, the others are waiting!” Sora yelled excitedly, grabbing another beer on the way out as he dragged Masa with him.

. . . . .

Miya looked around the club. The dance floor was filled with alphas and omegas just over the club’s age limit of twenty. Himself and Ju-ken were definitely among the elders in this crowd, and he sighed and made a face as he dunked down yet another sake. He was well on the way to being drunk, but when Ju-ken had pointed it out, he had defended himself with saying drunk was the only way to be at a place like this. And since Ju-ken kept the drinks coming while he was courting his darling Haru, Miya stayed for a while. The least he could do was enjoy the view of tons of young omegas dancing.

At around midnight, he was getting bored. He was tired of drinking, and now all he did was stand around glaring at people. Ju-ken had ignored him completely for the last hour, and he had just about had it with this place. Not even the sight of young, slutty omegas shaking their asses on the dance floor were enough to keep him here any longer, and he dunked his last sake before he slammed the glass down on the bar.

“I’m leaving,” he announced, Ju-ken finally lifting his head to watch him instead of Haru, who was well on his way to getting plastered himself. The alpha’s hands were embedded underneath the omega’s shirt, and it didn’t take a lot of imagination to guess where the couple would end up tonight.

“Are you sure?” the alpha asked, one hand slipping down to grab Haru’s ass firmly.

“Yeah. I’ll just grab a smoke and then I’ll be off. See you later.” Miya waved at Ju-ken, who was already looking back to his date, nodding an absentminded goodbye at his cousin. He made his way over to the stairs, weaving between couples dancing or making out.

The staircase was narrow and he got stuck for a while, waiting behind a few others to get past the bouncers, who were currently skeptically checking the ID of an omega who looked positively buried in make-up. Sighing, he started to search his pockets for his pack of cigarettes, fishing one out and putting it between his lips as the omegas were finally approved and the line started moving again. He fiddled with his lighter, focused on the door as if it was his rescue line in this hellhole of a club, and he didn’t even glance at the people going up as he squeezed past them on the way to salvation.

The scent of an omega hit him full on, and he stopped dead on the stairs, eyes widening as a rich, sweet scent hit every nerve of his being at once. It was buried underneath perfume and powder, but the scent beneath it all it was so… vibrant… that it almost made him choke. He spun around and stared up the stairs, his heart pounding hard in his chest as his eyes searched for the source of his reaction.

A young omega, covered in ridiculous amounts of make-up but with the most gorgeous eyes Miya had ever seen, was standing just as still as he was, staring down at the alpha. His cherry red lips were slightly parted, and he was breathing heavily. Their gazes met for what felt like forever, and Miya felt himself drown in those amazing eyes, until he was roughly awoken from his trance by the person behind him, annoyed that the alpha was holding up the line. Miya frowned at the cocky young alpha, but started moving down the stairs again at the same time as the omega’s friends started pulling him up to the club with an irritated ‘come on’. A final glance between them, and then the omega was gone up the stairs, and Miya found himself standing on the street outside the club, his whole body shaking. Some time during the event he had dropped the cigarette, and he swore at how he must have looked like an idiot, gaping so much at a kid that he couldn’t even keep a cigarette in his mouth. He fished out a new one, putting it between his lips and lighting it with trembling hands. He had to calm down, now. What the hell was wrong with him? That omega was way too young, maybe even under twenty and using a fake ID to get in. It was hard to tell with all that make-up, but knowing how the bouncers on these clubs worked, he was probably only nineteen or something and they let him in anyway. Too young. Maybe it sounded ridiculous coming from a mere twentyfive-year-old, but he really wasn’t too keen on dating people who were that much younger than him. They were all still into the party zone, and he was a working man trying to get somewhere in this world. Their priorities didn’t match, and every time he tried dating younger guys, things ended badly. But god, that scent! It was like something inside of him had been awoken, and now his whole body ached to go inside again and find that omega, his omega, and claim him for his own.

It was ridiculous, of course, the guy wasn’t his by any definition of the word. For a second Miya wondered if the omega was nearly in heat to elicit such a reaction from him, but no, he hadn’t smelled any heat scents, only sweetness and richness and spices and… God, he really was pathetic. He’s too young, he told himself. You’re leaving. You’re just finishing your cigarette, and then you’re gonna go home. He took a few deep breaths, fidgeting as he smoked, doing his best to think about other things. After one cigarette, he was still trembling, and so he went straight for another, hoping to calm his nerves but only managing to get more tense. When he had finally ground the cigarette into the asphalt, he shook his head to clear it and looked down the street. The train station was four blocks away. Just start walking. You’re going home. A raindrop fell on his cheek and he glanced up at the sky. If you go right now you might make it home before the rain really starts. Go. Another drop hit his bared elbow, and Miya’s feet finally started moving.

The stairs were just as narrow on the way up as they had been on the way down.

. . . . .

“Why were you staring at that old guy?” Sora wanted to know, slightly pissed off. His plan for the evening had been to bring Masa along as another sidekick that he could impress, someone to stand in his shadow and admire him as he had a whole bunch of alphas fighting for his attention. And then the little prick had to start by stealing the show right away? He should be grateful Sora had offered him to come along with the cool guys, not try to trump him. He wasn’t supposed to be ogled by a hot alpha straight away, dammit! Especially not one that old!

Masa felt the disapproval, though he wasn’t quite sure what it was for, and cowered slightly. “He just smelled really nice,” he mumbled, slightly confused. Hadn’t Sora said he looked good and that they were there to dance with older alphas, after all? “Anyway, he was leaving, so…” he mumbled, and apparently that was enough to make Sora happy again and turn to his other friends, all of them more adoring than Masa at that moment. With his own personal court trailing after him, Sora made his way to the bar to find an alpha willing to buy him a drink. Masa walked last, glancing at the stairs over and over, covertly so as not to upset the others. That alpha… His scent – he had just smelled so, so good. Masa had never smelt anything like it. He even felt himself harden slightly and slick starting to seep into his underwear, and he thanked the gods that Sora had made him wear a rather voluminous (if short) skirt that hid his growing erection. He just hoped that the crowded club full of smoke and sweaty people would hide any notes of arousal to other alphas, or this could get nasty. He quickly took a swig of the drink Sora handed him, courtesy of an alpha who had his eyes set on getting his own omega court for the evening. He wasn’t used to alcohol, and it burned on the way down, quickly making him feel a little dizzy. Luckily, the sensation took his attention away from his erection, and he relaxed enough to will it away.

He still couldn’t help glancing at the stairs, though, in the vain hope the alpha would return. But still, what would he do if he did return? The alpha was insanely hot, but way too old for him, and no matter what, they would never be able to date. He was still in school, and his father would kill him if he as much as looked at an alpha that age. He took enough of a risk coming here tonight with Sora and the others, and actually doing anything with anyone here would be digging his own grave. Father would find out. Father always found out.

When Sora and the others went out onto the dance floor, he shook his head and held up his drink as if to say he just wanted to finish this first. It was a lie, of course. He was already feeling uncomfortable with the whole situation. He regretted hooking up with Sora to come here, the didn’t even like the guy and he didn’t really need to be in with the cool kids if they were gonna drag him to places like this. He felt uncomfortable in his slut suit and he didn’t like the alphas looking him over like he was a piece of meat as they passed by. He pulled at the hem of the short skirt and wished he hadn’t agreed to this in the first place.

He sighed and took another sip of the drink, throwing another surreptitious glance at the stairs.

. . . . .

Miya stepped into the club again, mentally berating himself for doing this. He was just gonna go find Ju-ken and talk some more, that was all. And it was raining. He didn’t want to go home in the rain. Nothing more to it. Nothing at all.

But there he was, over by the bar, sipping one of those overly sweet drinks with an umbrella, and suddenly the world shrank. It was just the two of them, the rest of the club turned into a backdrop for a stage where he was the glimmering center. Miya swallowed and took a step forward, but stopped again as another alpha walked up to the omega and leaned on the bar, striking up a conversation. The omega turned his head away so that Miya couldn’t see his face anymore, but the young alpha smiled and laughed. Well, that guy was more appropriate in age anyway. He should be going home. Go home. Now. Leave this thing behind before you do something stupid.

And he was ready to, almost turning away when he noticed a certain unease in the omega’s stance. The alpha reached out to touch his hand and the omega pulled it away, looking to the dance floor, probably searching for his friends. When the alpha didn’t get the hint and took another step up, invading the omega’s personal space, Miya suddenly saw red. Afterwards, he couldn’t remember the walk through the crowd. He just remembered standing with his arm around a trembling omega’s waist, pulling him tightly against him and feeling the smaller body give in immediately and mold itself to his.

“Piss off,” Miya snarled at the young alpha, looking down his nose.

“Hey, I was here first,” the alpha started, but quickly backed up when Miya’s face darkened further. He held his hands up in defense and backed away slowly. “Ok, fine, you want him so bad, have him. There are others a lot cuter here anyway.”

“I said fuck off,” Miya growled, and the alpha quickly turned on his heel and disappeared into the crowd, leaving Miya with a dilemma. Hold on or let go? The omega had buried his face against his chest and let the alpha hold him, shivering, and he felt so perfect there. The scent he had felt earlier filled his nose again, and he had to close his eyes for a second to steady himself before he forced himself to let go of the body, fighting down every instinct he had to keep, hold, bite, own. He released the omega and gently eased away, feeling the omega’s arms slowly untangle themselves from the tight grip on his shirt.

“I’m sorry about that,” Miya said, smiling. “You just looked uncomfortable, and I didn’t like the way he looked at you.”

“Thanks.” The omega blinked, large eyes finally rising to look into his, and god, the world disappeared completely as the alpha lost his balance for a second. He had to force himself to concentrate on what the omega was saying. “He scared me. I’m very grateful for your help.”

“I’m glad I could help,” he said, forcing out a shaky smile. “I’m Miya, by the way.”

The omega smiled shyly, looking down and biting his lip before he answered. “Masa. Nice to meet you.”

“Likewise.” The alpha was starting to find his footing again, the words flowing easier now. “Can I offer you another drink?”

“Oh… I probably shouldn’t.” The omega looked uncertain, and Miya swore internally. Crap. So he wasn’t interested. “It’s just,” Masa continued, “that I’m not used to drinking so much, and I think I’ll get sick if I drink another one of these. They’re too strong for me, I think.”

Yes! Thank god. This, he could work with. Miya smiled widely. “No problem, you can have anything you want, no matter if it’s water, coffee or booze. I’m not aiming to get you drunk, I just want to spend the night talking to you.” Shit. Did he actually say that? Fuck. Too much sake, stupid. If Masa backed away now, who could blame him?

But he didn’t. He smiled cutely, blushing until even his ears turned pink, and Miya found himself weak to the knees again. “Ok,” the omega said, “maybe just a coke then?”

The alpha grinned and nodded, waving at the bartender to come over and take up his order for two cokes. He didn’t need to get more drunk than he already was either, not if he was going to try to impress this beautiful being with the amazing scent. Once they got the drinks, he reached out to grab the omega’s hand gently and lead him over to a table in the corner. He felt Masa flinch, but then the smaller hand relaxed in his and the omega let himself be guided over to his seat. On the way, Miya saw Ju-ken stare at him in surprise, but he was quickly distracted by Haru who was dancing close, apparently completely wasted by now. Miya gave his cousin a quick wave anyway before he sat down and focused all of his attention on the young beauty next to him. Masa glanced at the couple on the dance floor and then back to the alpha, looking a little curious.

“My cousin,” Miya explained. “It’s his fault I’m here tonight, that guy he’s dancing with likes this place. Ju-ken’s hoping to be his boyfriend before the night is over.”

“Oh.” Masa looked back out at the couple, biting his lip cutely before he smirked. “It looks like he might get his wish, but I wonder if his boyfriend will remember tomorrow.” He looked relieved when Miya laughed at the joke.

“True,” the alpha chuckled. “Haru likes his booze almost as much as he likes stringing Ju-ken along.” He grinned and looked back at the omega. “And you?”

“And me what?” Masa blinked, suddenly looking nervous.

“What’s your story for being here tonight? Come here often?”

“Oh, right. No, it’s my first time actually. Sora – that’s the guy in the red skirt over there dancing – invited me but I’m not sure I like it.” He blushed again before he added, tentatively, “Not until now anyway.”

Miya’s heart fluttered at the words, and he had to take a deep breath to steady himself. “I was actually going home,” he admitted. “But after I scented you on the stairs…” He stopped, realizing he was sounding creepy as hell now. “I mean, I just liked your scent, I’m not a stalker or anything, I swear!” The words tumbled out nervously, and he only stopped because Masa laughed. And god, was he beautiful when he laughed. His nose scrunched up cutely, just like every damn thing he did was cute. Oh man, I’m falling deep, he thought.

“It’s fine, I don’t think you’re a creep,” the omega smiled, tilting his head so that the black locks fell in a cascade over his shoulder. “I’m actually glad… I was hoping you’d come back.”

Miya blinked in surprise. “You did?” he stammered, trying to hide being flustered by taking a big swig of his coke.

“Well, yeah.” That adorable blush was back, and that little bite to a plump lower lip that he was already in love with. “I… I kind of…” The volume went down rapidly, and Miya had to strain to hear the last words. “… I liked your scent too.”

He smiled widely, letting his fingers brush against the omega’s quickly before he grabbed his glass again and took another swig. They talked for at least an hour, long after the cokes were gone, and though Masa seemed unwilling to tell him anything of importance about himself, Miya felt himself falling deeper and deeper. The omega was witty and funny, and they shared a sense of humor. He was incredibly beautiful, and the way his eyes sought out Miya’s every few seconds made the alpha’s heart pound hard in his chest.

Out on the dance floor, Masa’s friends were getting more and more drunk. Sora was wobbly and laughed too loudly, flirting sluttily with every alpha in sight. Masa watched him for a moment, unconsciously making a face when Sora took a false step and spilled most of his drink over himself, giggling hysterically. Miya followed his line of sight and looked between the two omegas carefully. He sensed something was off here, but he didn’t want to push any buttons.

“Your friends are having a good time,” he remarked quietly, Masa turning his eyes back to the alpha and oh god he was so gorgeous holy fuck how could this angel even be looking at him...

The omega sighed and shrugged a bit, immediately having to adjust the top so it wouldn’t reveal more than it should (which was quite a lot already). “We’re not really friends. We’re more of acquaintances really. I guess I just wanted to fit in with…” Masa stopped himself, and Miya wondered what he almost had said that could make his cheeks so flushed. “I just wanted to make an effort to make new friends, I guess,” he finished meekly instead, looking away and biting his lip. Miya tilted his head and peered at the omega curiously, watching him pull at the hem of his skirt for the umpteenth time.

“He picked your outfit as well, didn’t he?” he asked, smirking as Masa jumped and looked at him with wide eyes and pink ears.

“Yeah… How did you know?”

“Please don’t take this the wrong way, because you’re really, really beautiful, but… You don’t seem too comfortable in that outfit, no matter how good you look.” Miya smiled, hoping that the omega wouldn’t be offended. Instead, Masa smiled softly.

“You’re right,” he said, glancing down at the offending garments. “I usually don’t wear stuff that are this revealing. And besides, my…” Once again, he stopped and seemed to choose another ending to the sentence. “My boss wouldn’t like me to wear this kind of clothing.”

Miya peered at him, but sensing the omega’s unease, he let it go and just smiled. When a slow song started playing, he suddenly gave in to an impulse in order to change the mood.

“Let’s dance,” he said, holding out a hand in offer. Masa blinked and hesitated, but then he placed his small hand lightly in the alpha’s and smiled shyly. Miya’s legs were shaky as he led the omega up onto the dance floor, but it was nothing compared to the trembles he felt going through the omega’s body as he put his arms around the other and gently started swaying to the music. He lowered his head enough to be able to let the omega’s scent fill his nostrils, blocking out all the other scents of the crowded club. He let his arms tighten just slightly around the slim waist, and he more felt than heard Masa gasp as he scented his neck, but the omega didn’t back away. They soon found their rhythm and gently swayed to the music, perfectly in tune with each other. Miya felt the omega yield to his every move, following easily in every turn, and he smiled softly as he raised his head enough to be able to look into Masa’s eyes. For a long while, they just looked at each other, and then Miya carefully leaned down and pressed his lips against the omega’s. He felt the uncertain shivers that went through Masa’s body, but then he tilted his head slightly and easily let Miya take control. His scent held new notes of slight fear, but also of arousal and eagerness that the alpha took as a sign to proceed, but with caution. He didn’t want to scare Masa off, after all. Slowly, he let his mouth caress the other’s plump lips, and once the fear notes had subsided a bit, he gently probed that amazing mouth with his tongue, asking for entrance. The omega had just parted his lips and accepted the intrusion, letting Miya get a taste of heaven, when they were rudely interrupted.

“Masa! We need to go.” One of the omegas from Sora’s gang, Seiichi, stood there, pulling at Masa’s sleeve and eyeing Miya with a slightly disgusted look on his face. Masa glared at his friend, clearly annoyed, and leaned into Miya even further.

“Why?” he asked. “I want to stay.”

“Sora’s in the bathroom, throwing up.” Seiichi frowned. “We need to get him home. Besides, you’re staying at his place tonight, right?”

Masa closed his eyes and sighed. “Yeah, I am,” he muttered, turning to Miya anxiously. While Seiichi waited impatiently, he blinked wide-eyed at the alpha. “I’m sorry, I have to go. I…” He stopped, nervously chewing his lip. Miya felt his heart drop at the thought, but didn’t want to argue.

“Do you need help to get home? I don’t want you walking far alone in this neighborhood.”

Before Masa could answer, Seiichi broke in. “We’re fine, old man. Stop being creepy and piss off. Masa, come on!”

Masa looked mortified by the other’s words, and he quickly shook his head and looked pleadingly at Miya, trying to undo any possible negative effect of Seiichi’s words.

“We’re fine, it’s not far. But I really appreciate the offer.” The omega’s eyes clearly stated that if it had been up to him, he would have wanted the alpha to come, and Miya smiled reassuringly to let him know it was fine. He fished out his wallet and grabbed a business card, handing it over quickly. “Here, take this, my number’s on the bottom. If it’s not too much of a bother, won’t you please text me when you’re home safe? If not, I’ll worry.”

Masa took the card with both hands, carefully reading the name and then smiling shyly. “I will,” he said. “Thank you for saving me earlier, and for the coke and….” He trailed off. Even as Seiichi was turning away to go, Masa got up on tiptoe and pressed a quick kiss to the alpha’s lips before he hurried away, blushing furiously. Miya watched him go, heart beating like crazy. He licked his lips to catch the last of the omega’s flavor, and was so lost to the world that he jumped when a hand landed on his shoulder. Ju-ken sniggered at the reaction where he stood, arm around Haru’s waist. The omega was completely out of it, and Miya raised an eyebrow at his cousin.

“I’m taking him home,” Ju-ken sighed. “To sleep!” he added when Miya looked at him suspiciously. “I’m not such an asshole as to take advantage when he’s drunk.”

“I know.” Miya grinned. “I just enjoy teasing you.”

“Yeah yeah. You seemed like you enjoyed something else tonight as well. I thought you were going home, not making out with some kid?”

“I was, but…” Miya suddenly looked dreamy. “He smelled so good you wouldn’t believe, and those gorgeous eyes…”

Ju-ken eyed his cousin in surprise. “Woah, go easy on the infatuation, you drunkard! I thought you said no more younger guys? How old was he anyway, just turned twenty?”

Miya shrugged, still a bit drunk and too happy to care. “I don’t know, he didn’t say, but I think he might be nineteen or something. Got in on a fake ID, maybe, since it took so long with the bouncers.”

“He’s young,” Ju-ken pointed out.

“I know. Six years younger than me if he’s nineteen, five if he’s twenty. But he seemed much older and more mature. And he was funny and cute, and…”

Ju-ken laughed. “… and you’ve got it bad. Yeah yeah, just try not to get too broken-hearted this time when he turns out to be too immature for you.”

Miya glared at his cousin, but didn’t say anything as he followed the couple out of the club and started making his way home. Tonight had turned out much better than he had thought.