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Taking a risk

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He watched her.

It had become his new obsession of late, watching her. He watched from a distance where she wouldnt notice him, concealed in the shadows of the bulking fir tree. She liked to come to the gardens everyday he noticed. She would sit on the marble bench and look out upon the quiet lake immersed in her own thoughts. A peaceful serene place for reflection.

He itched to approach her. To sit down next to her and just watch the lake with her. He knew he couldnt, wouldnt. It was too risky. He would wait, like he always did, watch and wait.

Today, he thought she looked especially beautiful. Her hair was braided neatly down her back, her hair shimmering in the days light. She wore a tight blue dress, that flared at the waist and flowed down to her feet, her creamy shoulders were bared, exposed to the suns kiss. He ached to kiss that bared skin, to run his tongue across her flesh up to the side of her neck and suck on the delicate skin and elicit a soft moan from those gorgeous lips. He fidgetted in his spot, his breeches becoming uncomfortable as his erection bloomed underneath. HE ran a hand across the front to adjust himself, to bring light relief. HIs hand lingered as he continued to watch her, his fingers unconsciously stroking the front of his pants. HE could feel himself getting harder, as he stroked himself through his clothes. As he watched her, images started invading his mind, of her bent over, of him reaching to drag that blue dress up ovet her thighs, exposing those long legs to his view, him carresing the backs of her legs, the crook of her knee and up over her silky thighs as he reached the top to bare her arse and carress the fleshy mounds. HE wondered if she would be wet and ready for him, to him she is always ready, to him he can smell the musky scent of her arousal before he has even done anything, to him she already wants him and has wanted him for some time and is just as eager as himself to explore one another. HE closes his eyes for a brief moment imagining her cunt. IT is hot and swollen and dripping with her juices. IT begs for him to touch it, either with his fingers, tongue and his cock. HE wants to give them all to her, he wants it himself, he wants to taste her sweetness, wants to feel it on his fingers, want his cock to be slick with her juices. HE desires to hear her breathy gaps escaping her lips, moan his name, beg for more.
HE has to act and fast if he wants all his thoughts to become reality.]
Fuck the risk, he will deal with the consequences as and when they appear
He steps out from behind the tree and softly approaches behind her.
He stops and clears his throst and she turns to look at him with piercing blue eyes.
HE takes a breath, captivated by her beauty.