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The Marauders and the Sorcerer's Stone

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Disclaimer: I am not JK Rowling, I do not own these characters, only the comments they make on this story. A lot of this story will contain the actual first book of the HArry Potter series. The parts in bold in the text of the story belongs exclusively to J.K. Rowling. 

Messrs Moony, Padfoot and Prongs were of the few left at Hogwarts during the Christmas vacation, one of their own absent on holiday. Along with them, were a few Ravenclaws, a handful of Hufflepuffs, absolutely no Slytherins, much to their delight, and only one other Gryffindor.

It’s not difficult to assume which other Gryffindor had the misfortune of spending the vacation with nobody but the Marauders as company in Gryffindor Tower. She usually found herself in situations regarding the Marauders, situations she did not particularly cherish.

Or so everyone thought.

Mr. Prongs was especially delighted at the prospect of having to spend the entire Christmas vacation in close proximity with Lily Evans. The other two, delighted as well, were rather put out at the fact that Mr. Prongs was so desperately in love with Lily Evans, and she was to be with them the entire vacation, mercilessly rejecting the poor boy.

This is not a classic ‘boy meets girl’ story, it’s not even the classic tale of the legendary couple. It is, however, the tale of a twist, which will ultimately change everything.

James Potter strutted down the corridor, hands in pockets, chin held high, pronounced smirk displayed on his face, but, nobody could possibly know what was going on underneath that demeanor. Inside, James was in pain; Lily Evans whom he had sworn to himself he was going to marry back when he was 11, had just rejected him, once again. James was now 16, and she was all he wanted.

“Oi!” he turned around quickly, to see his best mate, Sirius Black, sprinting towards him, hair flying around and a grin on his face, “Found you!” he said happily, throwing his arm around James’s shoulder.

“I wasn’t hiding,” James pointed out, as they continued to walk down the corridor, heading to the kitchens, “And you have the map,” he continued, causing his best mate to snort.

“Whatever mate, I still found you,” Sirius said, and James chuckled, “Sorry about Evans, mate, she’ll come around.”

“When?” James asked desperately, looking at his friend, who bit his lip.

“Wouldn’t know mate. You can’t predict what a girls going to do,” he said wisely, and James snorted, loudly. They reached the painting of the fruit bowl, and Sirius reached forwards slowly to tickle the pear, when the door opened, causing them to yell out, revealing none other than their Headmaster.

“Oh, hello!” Professor Dumbledore said happily, eyes twinkling happily behind his half moon spectacles.

“Hello sir, fancy seeing you here,” James said smoothly, while Sirius gaped, open-mouthed, at their headmaster. Admittedly, it was a rather odd sight. It wasn’t everyday one saw their bearded, bespectacled, tall, stereotypically wizardly headmaster emerging from the kitchens with his arms full of books and chocolate pudding.

"Likewise, Mr. Potter,” Dumbledore said, eyes twinkling, “And yourself Mr. Black. I see you’re on your way for a snack. I’ve always believed that snacks help the brain function,” Dumbledore mused, not failing to notice the boys exchange amused glances, “Of course, I am assuming you are doing your holiday homework,” Dumbledore winked, before swiftly walking around them, “Toodle-doo,” he said cheerfully.

“He’s off his rocker,” Sirius chuckled happily, and James grinned. He took a step forward and felt his foot land on something that was not the floor. He looked down to see a book.

“Oh! Sir!” James yelled after Dumbledore, “Professor, you dropped a book!”

Either Dumbledore had not heard, or was choosing not to; the Professor continued to walk merrily down the corridor, humming tunelessly, a slight twinkle in his eye.

“Er, Prongs,” James turned to see Sirius holding the book in his hands, looking down at it, “I’m not sure you want to return this,” he said, and looked up at his best mate

“Why?” James asked curiously, walking over to look at the book. Sirius watched as his best friends eyebrows shot up, “‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’,” James said.

“You related to a Harry, mate?” Sirius asked, and James shook his head, “Well, I think you are, this bloke looks just like you!” he said, pointing to the picture of the boy on the cover. The only differences between James and the boy were that the boy had green eyes and a scar on his forehead, and was significantly smaller.

“He does,” James mused, looking down at the boy, “Let’s go-“

“Ask Moony?” Sirius said, “My thoughts exactly, come on.”

So the boys departed, all thoughts of food forgotten.

“WHAT?” Remus shrieked, looking down at the book in his friend’s hand, “You took Dumbledore’s book? How stupid are you? We could get expelled for this!”

“Moony, I think you’re being over dramatic,” Sirius said, rolling his eyes. They had walked into the Common Room to see Remus on the comfortable couches in front of the fire, and Lily by the window, doing some of their holiday homework. At Remus’s outburst, Lily’s head snapped up.

“You stole a book from Dumbledore?” she asked bluntly, looking at Sirius.

“We didn’t steal it, par ce,” Sirius said, throwing himself on Lily’s favourite armchair, “He was exiting the kitchen and it slipped from his arms”

“You should have returned it,” she said, resolutely not looking at James.

“We tried!” Sirius said defensively, “Prongs here yelled after him but he continued walking”

“He’s old,” Lily said, and James grinned

“So you’re suggesting he’s going deaf?”

“Oh bugger off,” she muttered, going back to her work. James’s grin slipped a little.

“Anyway,” Sirius said, trying to break the obvious tension in the room, “Once we looked at it, we decided we simply couldn’t return it,” he said, and Remus glared at him, “Look at it,” he said, throwing the book at Remus, who caught it skillfully.

“Harry Potter? Who’s Harry Potter?” he asked, and James shrugged

“We were hoping you would know. That bloke looks exactly like me, with a few differences,” he said, and Remus nodded

“Have you ever heard of any famous Potter’s?” Sirius asked, and Remus shook his head, “Oi Evans!”

“No, I haven’t,” she sighed, slamming her textbook shut, “Show me the book,” she said, holding her hand out.

“Isn’t this against the rules?” Sirius asked, causing Remus and James to laugh. Lily chose to ignore him, and looked down at the boy on the cover.

“He does look shockingly like you,” she said, looking down at the boy, “Except for the scar and the eyes,” she said. They all jumped as Sirius wolf-whistled.

“You pay attention to Prongs’s eyes?” he asked delightedly, and Lily rolled her eyes, her cheeks tingeing pink.

“No,” she said, embarrassed, “It’s just pretty obvious,” she shrugged, “And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a scar on his face,” she added, “Because I’ve never given him one.”

They all sat in silence for a second, before promptly bursting into fits of laughter. James sunk to the floor, while Remus leaned back, Sirius clutched his stomach, and Lily sat down on the sofa, laughing.

“Sorry,” she chuckled, wiping her eyes

“No! That was brilliant!” Remus laughed, and Lily grinned.

“You’re not so bad Evans. I think we can share our special book with you,” Sirius grinned, and Lily smiled. She met James’s eyes and smiled slightly, causing James to grin happily.

“Well, aren’t you going to read it?” she asked, and they looked at her incredulously, “Honestly, I’m going to read it,” she said, and Remus choked


“I’m curious!” she said defensively, opening the book to the first page.

“So are we!” James said, “That’s mini-me on the cover!”

“Mini you?” Lily said skeptically, and James nodded.

“Just read it out loud,” Sirius said, “Like story time,”

“Fine,” Lily sighed, and looked around, “I have to read it out loud?” she said, and the three boys grinned.

“I’ll do it,” Remus said, holding his hand out. Lily smiled at him happily and handed over the book.

“Chapter One: The Boy Who Lived-”

“Oooooooh, mysterious,” Sirius said dramatically, and they threw him dirty looks, “Sorry! I’ll be quiet.”

“Start again Remus,” Lily said, while James stuck his tongue out at Sirius

“Chapter One: The Boy Who Lived”

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