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Lions and Tigers and Igigi, Oh My

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Tony unloaded an entire clip into the suspect, trying hard to not panic when the Marine kept coming at him, the eyes shining like a demon rising from hell, and Tony had definitely watched too many invasion movies.

"Boss!" he called, an edge of desperation in his voice as he backed up the steps and pulled another clip out of his pocket. Dropping his empty clip so that it clattered to the floor, he slapped the new one in and started firing again. Nine, ten, twelve holes, each trailed a line of blood out of Captain Kest's chest, so Tony knew the bullets were hitting. However, whatever shit this guy was on, it was keeping him moving when he should be falling over dead.

"Aim for the head, DiNozzo!" Gibbs' friend called out. Normally Tony wasn't good at taking orders from anyone other than Gibbs, but desperate times called for desperate measures. He changed his aim just in time for Captain Kest to turn to face the new voice.

"You," Captain Kest said, his voice echoing oddly. Well, not echoing exactly, but Tony did not have a word for the current weirdness. O'Neill stood on the catwalk with Gibbs.

"You know, I thought I killed you once... or twice. I might have killed you twice. I've killed so many of you guys that it's getting hard to keep track of," O'Neill said with a casual shrug. The man was insane. He was insane and standing next to Gibbs. Tony's stomach churned with acid as he realized that the bad situation had just gotten a lot worse.

"NCIS, drop the knife and get down on the ground," Tony ordered, desperately trying to take control of the situation. Unfortunately, everyone seemed to be ignoring him.

"You have no idea how much pain you'll suffer," Kest snarled at O'Neill.

"Suffering, pain, subjugation. You guys promise more than you deliver."

"Jack," Gibbs warned. Tony recognized that tone. Unlike everyone else in the universe who jumped when Gibbs got cranky, O'Neill got a wry grin.

"Now me, I'd be happy to play all day, but these folks need to get back to their lives. So, you can either surrender and get out of that sailor, or I can add one more snake to my kill list." O'Neill was all cheerful smile and frightening insanity. Clearly the man had been in the special forces for a little too long.

Kest slowly turned to face Tony, his wounds still sluggishly bleeding. "I'll get out of this host," he agreed, and some little prey part of Tony's brain recognized the predatory look in Kest's eyes before he leaped straight at Tony with inhuman speed. Tony emptied his entire clip into Kest's head, the blood and bone turning to a mist that settled to the ground behind the body that crumpled in slow motion. Tony had killed in the line of duty, but this time was different. His heart pounded so hard that he couldn't stop pulling the trigger until the weapon clicked as the hammer fell on the empty chamber over and over.

"Tony. It's okay. You can stop now." Tony didn't know when Gibbs had moved, but he was there at Tony's side, his fingers curling around Tony's wrist. "It's safe now."

"Yeah, keep telling yourself that."

"I will keep him safe."

Tony was losing his mind because now it sounded like Gibbs' voice had that same echo.

"Samas, it's getting harder and harder to tell the difference between you and Gibbs."

"Fuck off," Gibbs said, and this time his voice sounded normal. Normal and almost amused.

"Boss?" Tony asked.

"Don't worry about it, Tony. You're safe. Let's just get you out of here."

"And have a little conversation about gou'uld and tok'ra and the igigi," O'Neill suggested.

"Don't bring him into this," Gibbs snapped. Tony stiffened. He was Gibbs' second, and whatever Gibbs was in, he should be there to back up his boss.

O'Neill sighed. "Both of you are stubborn bastards. No wonder you get along so well."

Tony had no idea what he'd said to make O'Neill think that, and even more oddly, O'Neill was staring only at Gibbs. Yeah, something was going on, and so far, the only movies that seemed to apply were alien invasion movies. In Tony's experience, that was never a good thing.