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A Letter Home

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From Mr. Mervin Bunter

To Her Ladyship, Lady Peter
Talboys, Paggleham
Nr Great Pagford, Herts


Your Ladyship,

As your lord husband has been reduced to, in his words, "nonsense and piffle" he has instructed that I "compose to the Domina a missive of substance so her nights are untroubled by concern for the demmed fool she married." Contrary to what your ladyship might fear, his lordship is in a fair state both body and mind. I shall, with your permission, endeavor to keep him so.

Your letters are most welcome and, if I may be so bold, largely why his lordship fares as well as he does. Your keen commentary on the winter's activities and your narratives of the children's exploits are read and reread as the miles pass. Many evenings the letters are the last things to be secured before his lordship succumbs finally to that "most frustrating inconvenience" - his need to sleep.

As per your wishes I have kept an eye on his lordship in that regard and can say that his slumber is more restful than BH but not *as* restful as AH. I have endeavored to do what I could to assist in this matter, but I fear that only a return to his familiar slumbering place will completely ease his rest.

As to that, we are no closer to knowing when that return shall be.

Until such time that I may return his lordship safely to your side.

I remain your Ladyship's faithful servant,
M. Bunter