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All Was Well

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I wish a merry year to you
For it might not be so
Beware you Firsts and Olds alike
There's something you should know

A new year starts and magic blooms
But it is not the end
A man brings forth our Hogwarts' doom
And we must all defend

The young shall stand alongside old
And fight wars long since fought
And stories that have yet been told
Should carefully be taught

But who am I? A Sorting Hat
I know not much of you
I live to sort and introduce
And that's what I shall do

The bravery of Gryffindors
Need not be proven twice
And wisdom of the Ravenclaws
Is not without a price

The Slytherins are not yet done
Surprising they will be
A Hufflepuff might be the one
To come to with the key

So warned you are and wiser still
But unprepared, I fear
All that is left is wishing you
A merry, merry year