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Namjoon's heat was close. Way too close. He had spent his pre-heat staying away from the members as much as possible and scrubbing the scent blocking soap all over his body every day. It was hard.

Everyone thought Namjoon was a late bloomer. Maybe his body wasn't ready. But he was surely an alpha in every one's eyes.

That was the main reason Namjoon hid his sub gender. He was the leader of the group, he had to be dominant. But to contradict his (and everyone else's) expectations, he was an omega.

He had presented a little before I Need U had come out. He'd thought he was ill so he had went to a hotel. He didn't want the other members to become ill right before a comeback.

Well, he'd figured it out at the end of the first day. He was an omega. A fucking omega. He had taken cold showers and slept in the bathtub. It was a fucking mess but he couldn't tell anyone. Whenever an alpha passed from his door, he would run there and as he opened the door, he would stop himself. He would claw at his skin and return to the bathtub and masturbate.

After his heat had finished (which had been a week long) he had went to a McDonald's and ordered 3 menus and ate all of them. He did get weird looks but he couldn't care less. He was hungry.

It had been approximately 2 years now. Jin had almost found out, with him being the oldest of the pack he had sniffed it on Namjoon. But when he'd asked, the boy had laughed and said "no" confidently. That was all the evidence he needed. Why would Namjoon lie anyways?

Well, now Namjoon was having a hard time hiding it. Over his pre-heat he'd gotten weird looks from Yoongi but Namjoon knew how to be careful. He had stayed away from Yoongi as much as possible and whenever Yoongi looked like he was going to ask something, he would go to another room.

Now with his pre-heat almost over, he was staying in a hotel, again. He knew what to do now, after a lot of trial and error. He had bought dildos, vibrators and he brung his plushies and had made a nest with tons of pillows and blankets. He had went out and bought a lot of water and movies. He had to put his mind off of things somehow.

He was now lying in his nest watching American Beauty. He was eating potato chips and cuddling a Ryan plushie.

He fell asleep like that and when he woke up, all he could feel was wetness and warmth. Everything was hot and his clothes were sticking to his body and he was leaking.

He took off his clothes, touched his hard-on and he shivered. He was way too sensitive, more sensitive than any other heat he had passed. He started jerking off but he whenever he made any movement a shiver passed down his spine.

An alpha was passing the corridor. His mind went blank and he focused on the smell of leather, but he couldn't get up. His limbs felt useless. He moaned, tears pricking his eyes.

"Al- pha," he called out but his voice was weak. He sniffled, not knowing when he started to cry. No, he wasn't supposed to call them goddamnit. He turned around, closing his eyes. He had to sleep, he had to take his mind of off the alpha that was passing- holy shit there were two alphas now.

Namjoon grunted and got a plushie and hugged it. He tried to focus on the smell of the laundry detergent coming from the stuffed toy, ignoring everything else.

The alphas walked past his room and entered their own room that was in the end of the corridor. Thank god that was over.

Namjoon rolled around again, grabbing for his dildo. He didn't need lube, since, well, he lubricated himself enough. He lifted his left leg and propped himself up, slowly putting the dildo inside himself.

He breathed hard after the dildo was completely in. He then moved his wrist and started thrusting the dildo into himself.

He focused on the sensation, wishing it was someone's cock. Only if there were an alpha knotting him, touching him-

He quickly cut that train of thought out, if he thought about stuff like this his heat would get worse. After a couple of minutes, he moaned and came on his stomach. He hadn't even touched himself. He shivered, the heat coming at him with giant waves. He scrambled up, the effect of coming would stay at most ten minutes, he had to be quick.

He went to the bathroom, starting the shower. He put it on the coldest and he felt the water drops prick at him like needles. At least they calmed the heat down.

He crouched down, hugging his legs to himself. He felt his head ache, with everything being too much. The water drops hurt him, the heat was coming back, he was sensitive and he just wanted someone to fucking touch him.

He stayed like that for a couple of minutes cursing on everything in his life but more specifically, mother nature for making him an omega. He felt angry and sad, he wanted to break something but he also wanted to cry. He wanted to hysterically laugh at the cruel joke life was playing on him but he wanted someone to touch him and comfort him as well. It was all too fucking much. He swayed back and forward. Once. Twice.

He passed out.