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Movies from earth that was

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Movie Night became a regular tradition for the crew of Serenity.

They would all crowd into the galley and watch a film they had "voted in" the week before. They enjoyed watching science fiction and comparing what their ancestors thought the universe would be like in the future and to reality. They watched comedies from all eras but mostly they enjoyed action or adventure movies.

One evening Willow transferred a movie called, "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring," onto a hologram projection.

After supper the crew got comfortable, made snacks and choose seating carefully. Couples paired up to snuggle: Wash and Zoe, Simon and Kaylee, Mal and Will, Jayne and Vera…. Others sat in dog piles on the floor like Dawn, River and Xan. When the crowd settled Willow began the hologram playback.


"The party is making me hungry. Pass the popcorn..." Dawn stage whispered to Faith.

"Get your own."

"That is mine."


"Sorry." "Sorry."


"Eep!" Kaylee hid her face in Simon's chest and he smoothed her hair behind her head.

"S'ok now. The Black riders are gone."


"That leaves you out Pip."




"My Precious!"

A few of them snickered and looked over to Jayne as he clutched Vera to his chest.


"..But I'm coming with you."

Willow smiled down and Xander and made eye contact, for just a moment they shared a smile.


"What do you mean it's a three part movie? That was over three hours long! You mean I have to sit through two - TWO! more movies like that?" Mal was screaming… sorry… emphatically questioning Willow just after the credits began rolling.

Xander gave Willow a pitying look. They had forgotten the reactions people had when the movie came out. Many had not realized that there was not going to be a resolution, and they had neglected to tell the others.

"We have the other two! You don't have to wait to watch them…. They are really good! More battles and everything…"

The quelling look Mal gave her made her lip tremble just slightly.

Before Xander could protest Mal's behavior… "Aw, Hell. Will, I ain't mad at 'cha. I just wasn't satisfied and now I'm frustrated. Please don't cry."

Everyone crept out of the room as Mal hugged Willow close, so they missed the quirk of Willows lips as she whispered into Mal's ear. "Oh, so you're frustrated and want to be satisfied huh?"

As the last one out Xander thought he heard Mal yelp but he must have been mistaken.