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Blinded By Realization

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She’d never really registered the white streak in his dark hair, not until the moment it almost all turned white. It was quite like everything else with Dante: half-hidden until you least expected it to make an appearance.


She hadn’t even begun to realize how much she’d started to care about him until those dark hours as the Order headquarters were overrun. She’d realized then that he cared, in that moment when Vergil had left her to die and Dante had knelt in front of her. The man she’d worshiped, that she would have done anything for had abandoned her…and in his place was his brother, his twin who for all of his roughness and foul-mouth was a better person.


More human. Though that realization hadn’t struck until the end, when Vergil had said those damnable words and tried to convince them - no, just convince Dante but she was nothing in his eyes - that he was right.


Kat bowed her head as tears welled in her eyes, shaking as that battle flashed through her mind. She had seen Dante and Vergil fight before as separate entities but the two of them against each other was something else. It was terrible. That feeling was something she had felt in her bones as she watched their swords flash and then it had turned into a screech of wrongness when Dante had won.


It had taken days for her to realize why she’d begged him not to kill Vergil. At first she had set it upon the tangled emotions that clung about the memory her childhood savior. Now, however, she recalled that wrongness had come when they had each unleashed what Vergil had called Devil Trigger.


In that moment when Dante had pinned his twin to the ground with Rebellion, shoving the blade further and further down into Vergil’s chest, he had not been the man she’d come to know. He had seemed wild, rage and anger without a cause, a force that would destroy everything in it’s path. A demon.


She hadn’t stopped him to save Vergil.


She had stopped him to save himself.


"Hey." The soft voice made her jerk, the bullet wound in her shoulder aching with the motion. Kat blinked, her mouth open in surprise, as she found Dante standing there wearing nothing but his jeans with a damp towel falling across his shoulders. His now white hair was standing up in messy spikes and she found that she missed it’s former darkness.


"Hey," she answered weakly, reaching up to wipe at her eyes. When his hands close over hers, his warm skin making her realize that she was freezing, Kat couldn’t help but gasp.


Slowly Dante knelt down in front of her where she sat on the couch in the abandoned apartment they’d taken over since the world had fallen apart. As he twined his fingers with hers, she was reminded of that terrible night and wondered if he would have touched her hands if he could have.


Lifting her head to look at him, Kat found herself caught in his blue eyes. They were so like Vergil’s but…alive. Dante’s eyes had always been so alive, so human, and Vergil’s had always been ever so painfully distant. How had she never noticed that until here, during the end of everything?


No, no, she amended, not the end of everything. She squeezed Dante’s hands with her own and smiled. This was merely the end of one chapter and the opening of another.


"Are you alright?" he asked, his voice still soft.


And she remembers staring at him, frightened, shaking, in tears…but sure that he would keep his promise.


"All you need to do is hold on for as long as you can. I will come back for you."


Kat nodded and answered, “I’m alright.”