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The Baker Street Dozen

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It started with a text.

My heat came early, sorry Sherlock. For the love of God don't come back to the flat. JW

John, that's not fair. There are things I need to get, experiments I have to tend to, or at least remove so I can tend to them elsewhere. -SH

It isn't fair that I'm a bloody Omega either. Did you delete biology from that fantastic mind palace? If you scent me now you'll want to fuck me through the floor. And once the heat grips me a bit stronger, I might not even want to stop you. JW

I can't believe you haven't found another Alpha already willing to do that for you. Honestly, John, I can control myself. Just lock yourself in the bedroom. -SH

I don't want another Alpha said a small, sad voice in John's head. He sighed and tapped out a reply. Fine. But let it be on record that if you fuck me, it's entirely your fault. JW

If I fuck you, it will be because you were stupid enough to let yourself out of your room. -SH

Insufferable git. I'm locked in my room now. JW

Fine. Hold a rag or something over your nose, so my scent is less prominent. I'm coming in. -SH

Walking into the flat, John's scent was everywhere, sweet and cloying and making Sherlock's cock harden dangerously in his trousers despite himself. He clamped his scarf over his nose and mouth, silently cursing the Omega and his ridiculous heat.

What he didn't know was that after Sherlock's text about being able to control himself, John had deliberately walked naked around the flat, rubbing himself on every piece of furniture and soft fabric he could find. Locked safely in his room, he was far enough into heat to need something inside him, and was working two fingers in and out of himself, making his scent roll off him in sweet, come and fuck me now waves. He moaned a little, dislodging the pillow he'd covered his face with, more of Sherlock's scent slipping through.

John's scent began to penetrate even the Alpha-scented fabric of the scarf, coming in stronger and stronger waves until Sherlock could not get away. Fuck, the Omega slut was really asking for- Sherlock clamped down on the thought, willing it to a more general irritation that John was obviously deliberately doing something to heighten his scent. The Alpha could feel a wet spot forming in his pants, his cock fighting to be free of his restricting, too-tight trousers, but focused his mind on the kitchen, and the experiments he had to gather there.

John writhed helplessly on the bed, his heat beginning to drive him mad with the need for something inside him, he needed the small relief he was getting from his fingers. He began drawing in great gulps of air, Sherlock's scent with it, the Alpha scent making heat a little easier to bear. He let out a small whine of want before he could stop it and prayed Sherlock would be done soon.

Sherlock groaned when he heard the whine, his vision blurring for a moment, something in him demanding that he rush up the stairs and mount the Omega in the upper bedroom. He breathed through his mouth, bringing his attention back to the room around him, rummaging through the cabinets and becoming increasingly more frustrated as he didn't find what he needed. This was going to take longer than he thought.

John could hear Sherlock clattering around in the kitchen and began panting a little with the effort of not getting off the bed and unlocking the door. He wanted, god he wanted, Sherlock to mount him, fuck him roughly and knot him... wanted that even when he wasn't in heat. But Sherlock would hate him afterwards, free of the heat hormones, and he couldn't have that. He bit into his pillow and moaned a little louder, almost at the stage he'd have to resort to toys.

Sherlock growled in frustration, finally gathering what he needed, but unable to find a suitable container in which to transport it. He heard another moan from the floor above. "Will you shut up!" he cried, his voice a rough, Alpha bark. He huffed through his mouth again and moved to the sitting room where John's scent was even stronger. He knew he was producing a stronger scent for the Omega as well, and that if John was reacting to him that way in the kitchen, it would be even worse as he searched in this room.

John whimpered at the shout, his body instantly obeying the Alpha and refusing to let out another sound. Sherlock's scent had made him rock hard and desperate for something bigger than his fingers, so he crawled over to the nightstand and took out a toy, his hands nearly shaking with lust and need. It wasn't anything near as big as a real Alpha cock, but it was adequate for his needs, and would at least stop his begging moans. He plunged it into himself eagerly and began fucking himself with it, still not making a sound, but knowing his scent would have changed from Omega-in-heat to Omega-in-coitus.

Sherlock immediately smelled when something changed, and he hated it. John's scent immediately became repulsive, almost artificial since he was fucking himself with a toy. But either way, the Alpha could not stand knowing that there was something other than his cock filling the Omega's hole upstairs. "Take it out, John!" he cried in alarm, his self-control rapidly cracking, "For God's sake, take it out!"

"But I need it!" John cried petulantly, obeying nonetheless and desperately filling himself with his fingers again, hoping that would please Sherlock.

Sherlock sighed as the scent reverted, John's fingers not enough to change his scent to one of actual coitus. He didn't care how much the Omega needed it - if John had continued, he would have either been forced to flee the flat, or would have come and taken him twice as roughly for having had a foreign object inside him - and John would kill him afterwards, for having taken advantage of him while he was in heat. He'd move out, never want to speak to Sherlock again, never let Sherlock close anymore. Sherlock's composure rapidly fell back into place at the thought. The only thing that could make him lose it, he knew, was if John unlocked the door and came down to display himself to the Alpha. Sherlock had prepared and schooled himself for every other eventuality besides that one.

John was going mad, he was sure of it. He needed something bigger than his fingers and Sherlock was still here. "For crying out loud Sherlock, please either leave or fuck me, because I need something inside me and so help me god I am putting that toy back inside me in five minutes whether you're here or not," he called through the door, having to grip the sheets tightly to stop himself wrenching the door open.

"You won't!" Sherlock called from the sitting room, "That's an order. And I'm not leaving until I have what I want!" Sherlock shuddered at the Omega's invitation - but no, he couldn't. John didn't care for him like that - it was nothing but the heat talking, making him say things he didn't mean, and Sherlock wouldn't give in. He could cope with his feelings for his partner as long as John stayed, but John leaving would shatter him - and John would leave, once the heat faded and he realized what had happened. His cock was engorged well past the point of pain, straining excessively against his trousers, which were drenched with his precum, but he continued to search with trembling fingers.

John moaned in frustration, battling his body's urge to obey his Alpha. His Alpha?! No, the Alpha. Sherlock. "You can't order me, you're not my Alpha," he yelled, just to annoy him. Sherlock didn't have to know that while he might be able to say that, he absolutely could not do it now that Sherlock had forbidden it. He was beginning to feel a little unhinged with the need to be filled and fucked and claimed, felt his head tilting invitingly when he caught a strong blast of Sherlock's scent. He let out another needy, wanting whine, unsatisfied and hating it, wanting Sherlock more than anything, hoping the idiot would realise soon why John hadn't invited another Alpha round.

"I'm the only Alpha here," Sherlock growled, oblivious, "I'm as good as 'your Alpha' at the moment! And I'm commanding you to shut up and obey me, you ridiculous Omega whore!" His voice rose to a thundering pitch. He could feel John's scent getting stronger, needier, and while it only made him feel the pull of desire annoyingly more, he was secretly pleased that John was so uncomfortable - it served the Omega right for talking back to an Alpha like him. John was lucky Sherlock was so self-controlled; any other Alpha would have had him in a second. His hand moved to his zipper, desperate to relieve some of the pain, but he yanked it away, blinking hard as he tried to stay on track.

Sherlock's dominance hit John like slap in the face and embarrassingly he felt his scent change to include submission to the man. He knew what he'd smell like now; I'm in heat, I need your cock, I submit to you, fill me with your cock and breed me, claim me, I'll take care of you. He hated himself for loving it. Sherlock hadn't forbidden him to touch himself, though, so he kept fucking himself on his fingers and wrapped his other hand around his aching cock, gasping at the extra sensation, hoping it would be enough to push him into his first orgasm, which would do little but take the edge off.

Sherlock scented the difference and growled low in the back of his throat. "Don't come," he barked, knowing it would be even worse then - and almost wanting to punish the Omega for having tempted him so much, having deliberately left his scent around the flat to tempt the Alpha. If John wanted to play that way, this is what he would get. The only way he would ever have relief would be for him to present himself directly to Sherlock, otherwise he would just have to suffer without relief, at least until the Alpha left. Sherlock would be kind to him, then, and take back his orders.

John nearly screamed in frustration. "Are you trying to kill me?" he moaned. "You know I need it, Sherlock..." In spite of himself, he took his hand off his cock, but added another finger inside himself, purely thanks to the need to have something in there. "How much longer will this take? I can't... I can't hold out much longer, I want... I want... you should leave," he finished desperately, unable to admit he wanted Sherlock.

"It will take as long as I want it to take," Sherlock purred, his voice at its deepest baritone. "This is my home, how dare you ask me to leave? Perhaps I should stay, make myself comfortable," he said, wanting to further punish the Omega for his insolence. He himself was shaking from the effort of staying put, sweat dripping down his back, and couldn't help but take his cock out of his trousers, pushing down his pants and letting his enormous member spring free to protrude proudly from his open fly. It wouldn't be satisfying, but touching himself would arouse John even more, he knew. The Alpha's scent would be irresistible.

John felt Sherlock's scent change and twitched violently, having simultaneously tried to throw himself at the door and stop himself from doing so. "Order me to stay in my room, please!" he all but screamed. "I can't... oh, god... I want..."

"No," Sherlock rumbled, grinning at all the noise. This was more delicious than he thought. "No, I will not." He sat down in his chair and slowly began stroking at his length, his scent filling the flat and growing stronger by the second.

John knew exactly what Sherlock was doing to himself and the image made his mouth water. He crawled off the bed and towards the door, shaking, reaching for his handcuffs. If he could handcuff himself to something in his room, he'd be safe. "If you don't order me to stay I might not be able to stop myself coming out... and then you'll fuck me, and then you'll hate me," he called, trying not to rut against the carpet, knowing his increasing arousal would only spur Sherlock on.

"I'm ordering you not to restrain yourself. Your choice is your own," the Alpha rumbled, stroking harder, his scent becoming even more irresistible as he caught a whiff of the Omega's increasing arousal. A part of John's plea cut through the haze, however, and Sherlock blinked in confusion. "Why on earth would I hate you?" he asked slowly, before dismissing the matter and increasing his pace, making pleasured noises for John to hear.

"You don't want to fuck me, it's the heat talking," John almost sobbed, Sherlock's order not to restrain himself sealing his fate. He had to obey, had to give in, however hard he would have restrained himself otherwise. He unlocked the door with a loud click, giving a keening whine when he heard Sherlock pleasuring himself. He began to inch towards the top of the stairs, the breed me part of his scent getting stronger the closer to the Alpha he got.

Sherlock grinned predatorially, smelling the Omega getting closer and closer. He moaned louder, a siren call urging the Omega to come nearer, quicker, to present himself to Sherlock to be claimed and bred.

John began to slide down the stairs, gripping the bannister so hard his knuckles were white. "You don't want to fuck me or bond with me or breed with me," he insisted again, still close to tears at the painful thought. "You're not even trying to look for that thing you need anymore... you're... you're going to fuck me, aren't you?" he gasped, half-hopeful, half-afraid.

"Perhaps," Sherlock purred, but something stirred in his heart at John's distress - he wanted all those things with John, he always had- but he had been so sure John didn't want them. Now he didn't know what John wanted, but it didn't matter. John had asked for it, starting things by rubbing his scent everywhere, and Sherlock was well intent on finishing the mess the Omega had begun.

John was nearly at the bottom of the stairs, the only thing slowing his journey towards Sherlock the certainty he felt that the man would hate him after his heat was finished. "You said... you said you could control yourself," he panted. "I'm not... I'm not on birth control, Sherlock, if you fuck me you'll definitely breed me," he added, hoping that might be enough to put Sherlock off, after all Sherlock had never wanted children. He felt more of the Alpha scent hit him as he reached the foot of the staircase and a fresh gush of fluid dribbled down his thighs. He knew Sherlock would scent it.

"Yes, and you saw fit to rub yourself on every available surface, moan loud enough for me to hear you, stick that thing inside you while I was here. Perhaps you should have thought of the consequences first," the Alpha hissed, standing and growling in anticipation as John's scent grew, smelling incredible. "I'll breed you, make you swell up large with my children, put as many inside you as you can hold, and you'll still be begging for more your entire pregnancy." He inhaled through his nose, the scent of John's heat fully hitting him and sending him spiralling into an uncontrollable Alpha lust.

John bit back a lustful moan at the thought of Sherlock breeding him. "I did that because your comment about self-control pissed me off!" he snapped. "I couldn't control the moaning, I didn't know you'd react that badly to the toy, I just needed it... Oh, god... I want... but you, you don't, don't want me" he mumbled plaintively, unable to stand so crawling towards Sherlock slowly on all fours, as if drawn to him by magnetic force, wanting to fight it but Sherlock's order making it impossible. He wasn't sure really how much he minded. If Sherlock hated him later, he could blame that order. He'd never have unlocked the door otherwise. Probably.

Sherlock frowned at the Omega's resistance. John should be completely succumbing to his scent, practically throwing himself at the Alpha - but here he was, dragging himself along the floor, resisting as much as it was possible for an Omega in heat to resist. Something in Sherlock softened as he gazed down at the pitiful man, "Where on earth did you get that idea?" he asked, easing out of his dominant standing position and back down into the chair. Perhaps this was a bad idea, a small part of his brain supplied. "John," he began slowly. It was so difficult to think, for once. "John, I want you so much- but if this is just the heat talking- I- I can go... you can... use the toy... anything you want..." His hands gripped the leather cushions hard, his fingernails penetrating the taut covering. "I ...retract my commands... I apologize..."

John froze, wanting to move closer and retreat at the same time. "You... you want me? Outside of heat?" he gasped, suddenly energised. He began crawling towards Sherlock with more purpose. "You never... no signs... are you... are you sure?" he purred, happier now that he could see Sherlock wanted him for him and not hormones.

"Always," Sherlock murmured, his eyes widening in surprise as John moved towards him eagerly instead of fleeing to the bedroom, "John, you know how good I am at hiding things... but I... I have always wanted you. But I won't take you if this is... just because of your heat..." he groaned, bowing his head and forcing himself to look away, "I will not allow that to happen..."

John had reached his limit, he was too exhausted from the effort of restraining himself to move further, so he stopped and looked up at Sherlock, concentrating very hard on making his scent as sweet, submissive and enticing as possible. He wanted to see Sherlock snap, lose control, fuck him roughly, claim him... "This isn't because of my heat," he murmured softly. "Do you really want to breed me? Fill me with your babies until I'm round and swollen with them?"

Sherlock couldn't resist his gaze suddenly snapping back to the Omega. John had done something- something impossibly incredible, and his cock swelled even more at the Omega's new scent. It wasn't just the scent of an unbonded Omega looking for someone to fuck them through a heat- it was something so much more- it was the scent of an Omega who really, truly wanted him. It told him everything he needed to know about the other man, and in one split second, all barriers dropped and he lunged, tackling John and pinning him on his back before shoving his enormous cock roughly inside his entrance, pumping in and out feverishly. "Mine," he snarled, placing a possessive hand over John's belly, "Going to make you swell so big with my babies that you can't even walk. Put so many in you that your belly bulges out past your thighs when you sit and everybody will see how I've bred you, how I fucked you and made you mine." He licked and sucked roughly at John's neck, eager to sink his teeth in and bite.

John screamed in pleasure as Sherlock shoved his cock inside him, loving the fervour with which he was fucking him. "Yours, yes, yours, oh god Sherlock, only yours! Yes, please, fill me with your babies, I want them... ohhhh god, your cock feels so good, so full... want everyone to know you bred me, want to be so full of your babies I can't even stand... aaaahhhhh! Fuuuuuuuuck, Sherlock..." he screamed again, writhing eagerly on Sherlock's giant cock, shivering with pleasure at the attention to his neck. He tilted his head to give Sherlock better access.

John's screams and submissive cries urged Sherlock on, making him fuck the Omega harder, faster, slamming his cock in so hard that fluid spurted and leaked from John's abused hole. "Mine, mine... You won't be able to stand, I'll make sure of it. You're going to balloon out so big, so full...," his hand rubbed over the flat belly, as if encouraging it to prepare to hold his young. "Fuck, you're so tight, so wet just for me... Mine," he growled nuzzling the Omega's neck roughly in anticipation of the bond bite. He snarled as John bared his neck to him, the submissive gesture sending him into a frenzy, and he clamped down, sinking his teeth hard into the Omega's sweat-drenched flesh.

"Ahhhh, Christ, Sherlock, yes, yours, all yours, always and only yours... want to swell so huge with your babies, I want a whole litter of them... you set my heat off early, my body wants your babies Sherlock, ohhhh god..." He screamed in bliss as Sherlock bit him. "Knot me, please, knot me, now, please, I need it, impregnate me, fill me with your brood, plug me full of your come," he mewled, nuzzling his Alpha's shoulder.

Sherlock groaned loudly, feeling his knot swelling huge and fat at the base of his cock. "Going to fill you so full, you're going to have more than just a litter, you're going to be- oh, fuck- gargantuan with my children, so huge you won't know what to do with yourself besides beg for my cock again and again as you wait to birth. I can feel how much you want it John-," he grunted. "Gonna plug you so full, give you exactly what you want, mark you even more than I have already. You're mine," he snarled, and with the final declaration, shoved his knot hard into the Omega, shuddering and moaning as he felt John clench around him, his partner's body milking the knot as Sherlock spurted hard, filling him.

John panted eagerly, getting close. "Fuck yes, Sherlock, I'll beg you for it every day... want you to fuck me while you rub my pregnant, swollen belly, filling me even while you touch your babies inside me... Yes, I want it, I want it... yours! Oh, fuu-!" he babbled, his whole body spasming when Sherlock knotted him, his own orgasm washing over him as soon as he felt Sherlock's come spurt into him. He gasped and shivered as his body milked as much come as it could out of Sherlock and he pressed his face into Sherlock's neck, seeking reassurance. "I love you, Sherlock," he mumbled quietly into the crook of his neck.

Sherlock groaned softly as John contracted around him again and again, feeling his cock pulse as every last drop of his seed was wrung from him. He nuzzled John's temple, pressing gentle kisses along the side of his face. "I love you, too," he murmured, exhaling slowly in the realization that they hadn't even properly kissed yet. He nudged at the Omega's face, bringing a hand up to cup John's jaw and turn the man's head gently so he could see his eyes. "I love you," he repeated so John could look at him as he said it, and dipped down to capture his partner's lips in a tender kiss.

John hummed happily into the kiss, the warm contented feeling of being knotted and full of come making him more relaxed. He rubbed his belly fondly. "You've definitely put your babies in me now, I can feel it," he murmured, his Omega biology telling him he'd conceived. "Oh, Christ... be careful what you wish for!" he gasped, his body telling him exactly what was happening.

Sherlock could smell the Omega's scent changing underneath him, and closed his hand over John's, nearly purring with delight over what they'd done together. "Tell me how it feels," he rumbled, his eyes shining eagerly, "Tell me everything."

"I can feel your knot in me, huge and hot, stretching me out and keeping all of your come in me... I can feel my body drawing your come into my womb, feel it pooling inside me... I can feel... oh, Christ! I can feel my eggs dropping to mix with your come," John panted, squeezing Sherlock's hand. I can't feel it when the eggs are fertilised, but I can feel it when they attach... want to guess how many have attached so far?" he teased, grinning, thrilled he really was going to be full of Sherlock's babies.

Sherlock kissed up and down John's chest and neck as the Omega spoke, John's descriptions sending thrills through his body. He squeezed John's hand back, leaning down to kiss the man again. "Four?" He murmured his guesses between kisses. "... Six? ... Seven?"

"Five," he grinned, purring with pleasure at Sherlock's kisses. "Mmm.. ohh! Fuck, that's... another one... make that six," he smiled. "Seems like the more you kiss me, the more my body wants to accept your babies."

Sherlock grinned broadly, peppering the Omega's shoulders and chest with kisses before capturing John's lips again, this time more passionate and insistent than the rest. He kissed John deeply, lovingly, pressing his tongue into the other man's mouth and exploring until they were both breathless from it. "How many does that make?" he panted with a smile when he finally pulled back.

"Eight," John whimpered happily, kissing along Sherlock's jawline. "Christ, we... we have to stop now, or I will genuinely burst," he pleaded. "We... we'll be knotted for a while, we should start thinking about names. We've got eight to decide on... sixteen if we include middle names... and we'll need eight sets of boy names and eight sets of girl names just in case... that's... thirty-two names we have to agree on. Better get started," he beamed at Sherlock. "Shall we start with the girls? I like Viola. And Iris," he murmured into Sherlock's ear, nuzzling him.

Sherlock nuzzled John happily, complying with the Omega's request. God, John was going to get incredibly big - the thought sent a shiver of excitement through him. "Lucy," Sherlock rumbled, "Imogen..."

"Mmmm, I like those... Eleanor. Evie?" he purred, feeling Sherlock's shiver and responding. "I'm going to get so huge, Sherlock... I'll be so swollen with your babies I won't be able to walk," he whispered darkly into his ear. "Two more girls names, then we can start on the boys... we can choose middle names later."

"Careful," Sherlock crooned, just barely stopping himself from pressing more kisses to John's skin, "Keep talking like that and I'll make sure your belly fills the whole bed. It's already going to take up more than half of it..." He had to mindfully take a few deep breaths, trying to bring his concentration back to the names. "Enora..." he murmured, "And Phoebe."

"Perfect... unusual, but beautiful. Very fitting for a Holmes," John smiled, shivering with pleasure at the thought of Sherlock kissing him again and forcing another egg to attach. "Boys, now... Blake. Everett."

"And yours are more common, but equally as special," Sherlock acknowledged. He hummed thoughtfully for a moment, his lips hovering teasingly over John's cheek. "Abby," he breathed, "and Felix."

John frowned a little. "Abby is a girl's name," he breathed, trying not to arch into Sherlock's lips, loving the idea of being even more full of Sherlock's babies, but not sure his body could handle it. "Arthur. Benedict. Adam," he murmured, nuzzling his mate again.

"Abby is a gender neutral name," Sherlock corrected softly, "Miles - and Alistair, if you truly don't like Abby." His lips still hovered dangerously over John's cheek; he loved the chance of it - one little brush, and they could have even more. He was sure John could handle another two at most.

"I knew an Abigail who went by Abby... Alistair is better," he hummed. "I feel like it's a mix, though. I can't tell the ratio, but I feel like we've got some of each," he purred contentedly. "Mmmm... if I'd known you knotting me would feel this good I'd have thrown myself at you the second you got here..." he moaned, clenching on Sherlock's knot again, suddenly delirious with bliss, knowing he was stuffed full of Sherlock's babies. "And now you've filled me so full of your babies... I'll look full term with one baby by the time I'm five months gone with these ones... I'll have to sit with my thighs spread to accommodate my huge, swollen belly, stuffed with the babies you've given me," he whispered, not caring anymore if that spurred Sherlock on to try and encourage more eggs to attach, even wanting to hear him say it.

Sherlock sucked in a breath, groaning as John clenched around him again. "You'll be even bigger than that," he said, suddenly unable to resist pressing a few additional kisses to John's reddened lips. "People will think you're ready to birth twins by the time you're four months pregnant, and you won't even have hit your biggest growth spurt then. You're going to get so fucking big," he moaned, "So enormous. You'll need a walker to even stand by the fifth month. I can't wait to see you on the bed, trapped under the weight of your enormous belly and still growing constantly. Your libido is going to grow and grow, as well - You'll be wanting my cock in you constantly by the time you're ready to spread your legs and give birth."

"Mmm!" John agreed, panting a little. "Careful... any more kisses and more eggs will attach," he half-warned, half-pleaded. "My belly is going to be stretched and swollen enough as it is... you don't want to put more babies in me do you?" he asked innocently. "I'm already going to be so huge... I'll look so ripe, ready to burst, everyone will know how you bred me, how many babies you put in me, what a strong Alpha you are," he crooned.

"I want to put as many babies in you as your body can possibly handle," the Alpha purred, "I... want more, as many as you'll let me give you, but not against your will." Sherlock nuzzled his Omega. "Everyone will know that you're mine, what a good, fertile Omega you are. They'll all seethe with jealousy, knowing that it was me who made you like that, so big and pregnant, that you're mine and only mine." He licked over his bite mark gently, his instincts moving him to tend to the punctured, swollen skin.

"Mmmm... give me more, Sherlock, my body won't accept more than it can handle," he purred, wanting as many babies as Sherlock could give him. "They'll see us together and know you bred me, know I'm carrying your litter..." He shivered gently as Sherlock cleaned the bite mark.

Sherlock carefully finished his work, then placed the first gentle kiss on top of the bond mark. The thought of John swelling bigger than he was going to already, carrying even more of Sherlock's children, made his cock grow hard inside the Omega again; he rocked his hips a little, making them both shudder and moan in pleasure. He kissed up John's neck, around the soft shell of his ear, on his forehead, both his eyelids, his cheeks, his nose - and finally his soft mouth again, suckling at his mate's lower lip before deepening the kiss, all the while cupping and stroking John's belly. "Fuck, you'll be gigantic," he breathed, "No one could mistake you as not being mine, my mark on your neck and your growing belly on your front, filled so full with my babies. They'll look at us and everyone will know how you must have begged to be like this. I'll have to help you even walk down the street after a while, then just across the flat when you become housebound, and then I'll have to do everything for you, when you can't move from the bed." He continued to kiss John in between sentences, wondering how many his Omega could hold.

John blushed and moaned softly at Sherlock's words, gasping as he felt another egg attach. "Yes, everyone will know," he agreed breathlessly. "They'll know how you filled me with as many babies as I can hold... I'll be so huge I won't be able to find pregnancy clothes to fit me, I'll just have to wear my trousers underneath and my t-shirts on top of the curve of my belly and you'll be able to see it protruding constantly.. Oh god," he moaned as Sherlock rocked his hips. "We'll have to find a bigger house to keep our brood in... Our bedroom will have to be on the ground floor, I'll be to enormous to even climb stairs after a while, now you've put so many babies in me... Oh, fuck, Sherlock, I love being filled with your babies," he gasped softly, knowing now he couldn't hold anymore. The thought made a small orgasm pulse through him. "Aahhh.. That's it now Sherlock, my body won't accept any more, I'm as full of your babies as I can possibly be," he purred. "Guess how many you've filled me with," he smiled, kissing him again, putting his hand on top of Sherlock's to help stroke his belly.

Sherlock shuddered through another small orgasm of his own as he thought of John with his belly out, unable to find anything big enough to cover it. He growled low in his throat at John's words, nipping possessively at the shell of the Omega's ear as his partner came again. He rested his forehead against John's after the kiss, trying to guess based on the number of times John had moaned in pleasure. The Alpha hoped all the eggs John had dropped were attached now - he wanted to see every single possible combination of their genes John could give him, wanted each little ovum to be fertilized and become his child. "Ten...? Twelve...?" he breathed hopefully against the Omega's lips, "More..?"

John inhaled deeply in the crook of Sherlock's neck before replying. "Thirteen," he breathed. "Miracle of Omega biology... Unlucky for some... Perfect for us," he beamed. "I'll be so swollen with your babies I won't be able to stand for at least the last month... You'll have to rub lotion on my gigantic, growing belly every day to stop me scarring from stretch marks, I'll grow so fast... I'll look round and ripe in no time with this many babies in me," he purred, kissing Sherlock softly on the lips.

Sherlock gasped, feeling a strong surge of pride pulse through him at John carrying such a high number. "I would guess the last two months, at least," Sherlock murmured. "You'll be showing so soon - with this many in you, you'll look full-term with one at just your second month. But your belly will be teeming with thirteen of my babies," he rumbled, "Thirteen children I fucked into you and made attach to your walls." He kissed John headily. "I'll take such good care of you, my brilliant Omega. You'll never want for anything. I'll rub lotion into your belly as you swell up larger and larger every day, just as you asked, fuck you as often as you need, feed you and our babies until you are all satisfied, tend to you when you become bedridden. I'll always be by your side." He hummed and kissed him again, "Most Omegas these days wouldn't even be capable of conceiving so many. It's rumoured that only the strongest and most compatible bonds will allow so many eggs to fertilize and attach."

John crooned in happiness at the attention and Sherlock's words. "I know you will... My brilliant, strong Alpha, you'll take such good care of us, you'll be such a good provider... My body must have recognised its perfect mate for so many to attach," he purred. "You're right, normally four or five is the most a pair will produce in one litter. A really strong Alpha will cause more eggs to drop, though, and the more a couple kiss and rub each other after the Alpha comes, the more eggs attach, because the body recognises a caring provider. But most Alphas couldn't fertilise all of them," he hummed with pride. "I can't wait to see their faces at the yard when I turn up in a couple of months, my belly already ripe and swollen with your brood..."

Sherlock's eyes lit up brilliantly- so he had fertilized all of them, and John's confirmations made something in his chest swell warmly until he thought he would burst with love for his Omega. He shifted gently on top of John, pulling his partner closer, their bodies slotting together perfectly. He crashed his lips into John's less carefully, the kiss filled with passion and a primal Alpha possessiveness. "Mine," he couldn't help but purr.

"Yours," John whimpered submissively, his heat fading fast now he'd conceived, the air clearing of scent. He knew Sherlock's knot would go down soon, now conception had been achieved and the hormones were fading. "We'll be able to find out in eight short weeks how many we're having of each... I have a feeling we're having more boys than girls. Seven sons and six daughters," he purred, nuzzling Sherlock. He leaned back, looking at Sherlock warily. "But this is the only brood I'm having, alright? Thirteen children is quite enough," he smiled.

"Don't worry," Sherlock soothed, sensing his mate's apprehension, "As much as I would love to see you swell with more after these, I believe you are right. I will not give you any more than you ask for, John. I won't force you to carry another brood. If you say thirteen is enough, then it is enough, and we'll make sure you are on birth control as soon as possible after our children arrive. I'll make sure to look into finding a pill for myself, as well, so you will be doubly protected." Sherlock knew that many Alphas would override such a request from an Omega and force their partner to continue carrying, but Sherlock loved John far too much for that. John's comfort came first, and though he was sad they wouldn't be having any more, he would respect the Omega's decision.

"You... You'd like more?" John realised, stroking his Alpha's cheek. "The only things I'm worried about are space and money. We made this many babies because we fought it so long, I was exposed to more of your scent and dropped more eggs and our bond was already strong enough for you to fertilise all of them, if we have another litter it will be smaller, but I don't know how we'll manage for money as it is... If money was no issue, I'd give you as many babies as you want. I love the idea of being constantly swollen with your babies so everyone will know what a strong, fertile Alpha you are," he breathed into his ear, kissing it. "We should... We should go shopping. With this many babies in me, I'll start to show in about three weeks... We'll need lotion... And I'll develop breasts as well, full of milk to feed your babies... I'll need multivitamins," he mused happily.

"I would fill you as many times as you would let me," Sherlock admitted, "If it were possible, I would keep you constantly pregnant with my offspring, your belly always large and heavy with a new litter, showing everyone how good an Omega you are, and how potent an Alpha I am to always have you that way." He cupped John's cheek and stroked his thumb across the skin gently. "Perhaps we shall see. I have quite a large inheritance put away, but I want to make sure we can take care of these first. I do not intend to stretch our resources thin just for the sake of having more children." He kissed John gently, sharing his partner's happiness. "We can go as soon as you like. There will be quite a lot to buy..." He absently stroked over John's chest, tracing over the nipples that would soon become swollen as the area grew heavy and full, "They'll be so big, absolutely sloshing with milk...," he inserted into his musings without thinking. "We'll have to look for a house as well, something with lots of bedrooms..."

"Mmm, we'll have our hands full with thirteen babies... I'll need to be able to move around while they're young, so we shouldn't conceive again until they're at least a year old, ideally two," he mused, happily nuzzling Sherlock at the admission he wanted to keep him constantly pregnant. "You're right, we'll need loads of bedrooms..." he stroked a hand over his belly protectively. "Who shall we tell first?"

Sherlock groaned loudly at a sudden realization. "Well," the Alpha admitted, his cheeks blushing a dark, embarrassed red, "If... if Mrs Hudson has been home through any of this, then perhaps we should inform her a bit more formally. If she has not already guessed, we'll need to tell her that we'll be looking for more space soon enough..."

"She's a Beta, she could smell my heat and decided I could use some privacy... She's gone to stay with her sister," John exhaled softly, unable to stop himself rubbing his stomach again. "Please can I be there when you tell Mycroft?" he grinned, knowing the Alpha would be intensely jealous and irritated by the proof of his younger brother's extreme virility. "And I want to see you tell Anderson and Donovan as well," he added with a conspiratorial smirk.

Sherlock breathed a sigh of relief, a pleased smirk spreading across his own features at John's request. "You will be there when I tell everyone," he almost growled, noting how John couldn't keep his hands off of his stomach. "You'll be holding your belly, and I will be behind you with my own hands splayed over your middle when I announce that you're carrying. And then we'll tell them just how many I gave you..." He nuzzled his mate proudly, picturing Mycroft's scowl and Donovan and Anderson's jealous seething.

"And if we get one smart remark from Donovan or Anderson, I'll tell them how I begged you for them, wanted you to fill me with as many of your babies as I could carry," he purred. "I want to wait until I show to tell them... I can hide the bump for about six weeks before it's obvious, then we'll have a ripe little bulge to stroke, teeming with babies, when we tell them. "I can't wait to see the looks on their faces... I think Lestrade will be happy for us, though. Hmmm... We should make a birth plan. There's a lot to decide... Home or hospital, natural or caesarean, water birth or not, midwife or doctor... Whether you're in the room or not..." he smoothed his cheek over Sherlock's skin and buried his face in his shoulder.

"I want to be with you through everything, John," Sherlock said, "especially the birth. I'd prefer you to have them naturally, and to keep you at home, with no intervention other than a midwife. I dislike the idea of others being around you and our children at that time - but if you feel a hospital and doctor, or even a caesarean, is necessary, I will be accommodating. I want you and the babies to be safe." He kissed his mate's temple gently.

"I don't mind how I have them, really, so at home with a midwife sounds good to me." He closed his eyes at the kisses, the heat hormones now completely gone. He breathed the clear air in deeply. "If I managed to conceive this many without fertility drugs I can birth them naturally. But ... Oh god, it might take a full day to get them all out, there are so many..." he stroked his belly again, eager to feel the swell he knew would come. He buried his face in Sherlock, wanting time to speed up so he could show off his new bump to Sherlock, in private, then show everyone how well Sherlock had bred him.

"Quite so," Sherlock agreed, "but I did not know what apprehensions you may have had, regardless." The Alpha paused, imagining his Omega in the throes of labour, birthing one baby after another; the thought pleased him, and he felt his heart rate pick up. He reached a hand up to card through John's hair as the Omega eagerly stroked his own belly. "It will be incredible, seeing you like that," he murmured. His fingers pressed gently down to massage the man's scalp. "You'll be showing in no time," he said, almost reading the Omega's thoughts, "I cannot wait to watch you grow."

"I'm going to love showing you," he purred. "I can't believe you're still knotting me..." he clenched around him to prove his point. "My Alpha," he breathed contentedly into the crook of his neck. "Everyone will be able to smell our scents have mingled, that we've bonded. Only you will be able to scent our children in me though... I like that. It'll be our secret until we tell people. Can we go to bed now? Tomorrow might come sooner," he whispered, like a child waiting for Christmas.

Sherlock beamed, inhaling John's scent as the Omega spoke and revelling in how it changed, telling him that John was his and carrying his babies. "It took so long for me to finally have you that I don't think my body is ready to let you go just yet," he said softly. "My Omega. I cannot believe how lucky I am to have you as a mate. I've loved you for so long, John Watson." He placed another kiss to the top of the Omega's head, and very carefully rolled them both over, cupping John under his bum and lifting him so that they stayed together and didn't strain the knot as he carried his partner to the bedroom.

John buried his face in Sherlock's shoulder, grinning stupidly. "I'm not complaining, it feels... wonderful," he admitted shyly. "I think I might even be able to sleep like this... I've loved you too long to want to let you go either. Didn't you wonder why I didn't invite another Alpha round to help me through my heat? I wanted you and no other Alpha was good enough," he whispered into his skin, rapidly falling asleep, impatient for tomorrow.

"No," Sherlock replied in amazement, "I ... always assumed that you did not want to take the risk of being bonded or bred to someone you didn't truly care for. The thought that you could ever want me was one that I would not allow myself to believe. I have been throwing myself into my work around the times of your heat to avoid even thinking about you going through them alone, without me." He capably turned the covers down while still holding on to his Omega, and then eased them both down onto the soft mattress, rolling over so they were centred on the bed and then pulling the blankets over their naked forms. "I have never wanted an Omega, until you."

John perked up at Sherlock's words. "There was that aspect too... I had birth control but never wanted to risk being bonded. When I met you, and realised it was you or nobody, I stopped the pills, figuring I probably wouldn't need them... I didn't think you'd be interested and they increased the risk of some cancers. I'm glad I wasn't on them," he breathed into Sherlock's neck. "I'm so happy you bit me and bred me and there's no going back... Can't wait until my belly starts to swell." He tilted his face up to kiss Sherlock's lips. "I've always wanted you, Sherlock. You're gorgeous and brilliant and you're everything I need," he purred, snuggling closer, loving that they were still knotted. "I'm exhausted... Body preparing for pregnancy," he yawned. "Mmm… I could definitely fall asleep like this, with your knot still filling me... Do you mind?" he asked sleepily, closing his eyes.

"I'm glad you weren't on them either. Simply bonding would have already been better than my wildest dreams, but this... this is incredible. You are incredible." Sherlock gathered John closer in his arms, hooking their legs together and pressing his knot into the Omega just a little farther. "I don't mind in the least, John," the Alpha rumbled quietly, "Sleep now. You and our children need the rest." He felt his own eyes drifting shut as he held his mate, John relaxing into sleep in his embrace.