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Zatarra: A Tale of Revenge

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Chirhiro fired into the ground at the door frame causing the agents just beyond to pull their heads back in. "Don't they know we're trying to save their ungrateful asses?" she shouted as a bullet struck the edge of the stair she hid behind.

Nikita frowned. "Most of them are too new. They don't have it worked out just how disposable they are." She pulled another panel loose.

Birkhoff looked at the diagram in the adjacent window. "You want the black wire next." He frowned. It was one thing when he was sending people he barely knew into danger, but his hands shook slightly at the sounds coming through Nikita and Chihiro's ear-buds. "Nikita before I do this next thing, I think you're already burned...again so don't kill me." He opened another window and crossed his fingers a micro-second before starting to type.

Chihiro and Nikita exchanged looks before Chihiro went back to cover fire and Nikita looked for the right wire. The Japanese woman grunted as a cut formed on her cheek from a bullet that sought her out in her hiding place. "You fuckers! Do you know how hard it is to cover that shit effectively?" She fired three more times and ejected her clip for another. "Last one Niki. Make it good."

"Attention Division Drones. This is the Shadow Walker. Put down your weapons. The agents that have infilitrated your facility are trying to save your lives. Your leaders are trying to implement a fail safe to contain your dumb asses permanently. Go to your rooms or the nearest broom closet and lock yourselves in. If you don't... kiss your asses goodbye."

Nikita cursed quietly as she followed a wire down to make sure it was the right one. "That'll either work or..."

Chihiro fired into the doorway again. "Or bring down the mother of all shit storms on us. Good thing for you Nerd..." she told him, her voice tight as she watched for idiot agents to put their big heads where she could shoot them off.


"If it doesn't work, you won't have to worry about my boot up your ass. I'll be too busy being dead." Chihiro growled as the number of bullets swelled to a killer crescendo.



Michael grunted as Alex's boot caught his stomach. They both went over in a tangle of limbs as the gun flew to the far side of the room. She slammed her hand over his ear, stunning him for a fraction of a second. She kicked out but was blocked.

Amanda dropped low and came at Percy under the staff tackling them both down. She hit him across the jawbone before yanking her shoe and hitting him hard enough to tear his skin. Amanda pushed off him and snarled as she yanked at her other shoe. Percy stood slowly.

Alexandra smiled as Michael circled her. "Did I offend you?"

"This isn't you. You're better than this Alex."

Amanda barked a laugh from twenty feet away. Alex pointed over her shoulder. "Listen to the wise uber bitch."

Amanda pulled the staff from the floor near her foot. "Michael is naïve and we are trying to kill one another. Good leadership."

"Excellent leadership," Percy sneered as he touched his torn cheek. "Its just as well I will be ending this for all-"

Everyone's eyes widened at the announcement made by Birkhoff as it came through the P A. Amanda recovered first striking Percy across the jaw and turning and running for the stairs. Alexandra snarled and ran after her tackling her former boss into the stairs. Amanda's fist threw back and knocked Alex off. Michael grabbed her and yanked Alex sending her rolling to the middle of the floor. Percy laughed and found a mat to sit on.

"If nothing else, the end will be entertaining." His eyes tracked Amanda as she crawled up the stairs. He managed to extract the gun and began walking after her. She thought she had a back door out. He would enjoy seeing that illusion shattered.

Michael crouched nearby. "You have to end this Alex," he reasoned.

"Nikita was here when she murdered my father. I bet you were her controller even then. You guided her murder of my family. You should have ended this then." She circled. "I bet Nikita is the infiltrator. Why don't you go find her and proclaim your unending love?" she sneered.

He flinched. "She doesn't want that from me. She wants it from you." He laughed harshly. "Or is she the next corpse?"

"That would fall under shut-the-fuck up," she snarled and leapt at him.



Amanda came to the escape hatch and pressed the numeric combination. She yanked hard at the sealed door, cracking her nail. "Come on, come on." she muttered. She froze as she heard a safety being clicked off. She turned with a smile. "Hello Percy."

"Amanda," he greeted with a single nod.

"It doesn't have to end like this. Alexandra did this, let's take her out."

His lips curled slightly as the gun came up. "I'm sure that Alex taking me out of the equation so you could take the throne was all her idea."

"It was," she protested.

He laughed harshly. "I don't have time for deliberation Amanda. I have just enough time to watch your heart stop."

The lights went out.