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Zatarra: A Tale of Revenge

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Alexandra ran her fingers down the sweat slick back of Amanda. Her eyes were half closed in pleasure at the other woman strapped to a bed frame. While the older woman did not immediately embrace not being in charge, she certainly seemed to be coming to terms. The younger woman raked her nails down Amanda's back. "You are such a slut Amanda." She was nearly purring. The struggle she had getting Amanda to lay down her attitude and her need for control had been exhilarating. She was enjoying this.

"Yes," Amanda breathed out. Her back arched to keep contact with the sharp pleasure over her skin. Her wrists were reddened by her struggle against the cuffs. She felt so wet and every inch of her skin was sensitive beyond belief. She groaned as fingers brushed from her ass to her clit.

"You are wet and ready for me." Alex fingers moved over Amanda's slit again gathering moisture. Alexandra slowly licked it from her fingers, savoring the flavor.

"Please," Amanda begged. She rocked the best she could against the other woman's feather touch.

Alex slapped Amanda's ass again leaving a red hand print. "You will have to do better than that," Alex growled. Her fingers slicked down to lightly pinch Amanda's clit. She jumped lightly in her thick leather bindings. "Oh God. Alexandra. Please, please fuck me." Her eyes were closed tight.

Alexandra smiled. She loved the sound of that. Tightening the straps on her dildo, she ripped the ankle bindings loose and got Amanda in position. She would use her tonight. Maybe she could make her pain dull or at least get to the point where she didn't give a shit. "I am gonna fuck you until you beg me to stop."

Amanda groaned from the center of her being as Alex plunged into her. She rocked hard against the younger woman and kept up with the brutal pace that Alexandra demanded of her.



Nikita frowned and paced back and forth across the loft. Her fingers stroked through her dark silky hair as her bare feet moved swiftly across the floor. Cerebus and Fenris kept pace with her for the first few rounds but soon retired to the futon to lay, their heads swinging back and forth with her constant motion. Chihiro watched from an overstuffed chair. "How overdue is she?" She was bundled in a fleece jacket and under a throw. She loved Nikita dearly but her tastes in places to live was just fucking drafty. Kick ass lairs were one thing, freezing her ass off was another.

Nikita shook her head. "We don't have set times, its safer that way, but I just..." She took a deep breath not knowing how to put it into words.

"You have a feeling." Chihiro dropped her fleece jacket on the chair and moved in closer. "Tell me."

Nikita nodded at the younger woman. "Maybe its nothing..." She stared at the door like Alex was just going to walk on through it at any moment. Why the hell was she not contacting Nikita? It was starting to freak her out. She had expected something more than a day ago.

Chihiro snorted. "Do you have a way to contact her?" Nikita raised an eye brow at the mooing slippers as she moved across the floor to her little desk. Cow slippers? Really? She smiled. What the fuck. It was Chihiro after all. She knew the younger girl had to have been crazy drunk to buy them. She sighed. Chihiro pushed one of the dining chairs over to the side of Nikita's.

Nikita sat the computer and opened her file. "I didn't want to use the shell program any more than I have to. Sooner or later, someone will see it." She finally got up the little box where tiny little super secret messages lived.

"Just give a shout see if she shouts back." Chihiro sat next to her. "We have enough shit to deal with, all those black boxes. I don't want to have to move up the riding in on a white horse shit... either way we need to know where Alex is."

Nikita tapped open the shell program.

R u there?

She chewed her lip. "Odds are good that she won't see this for a day. If then." Please let her answer, repeated over and over in Nikita's head.

Chihiro leaned back and stretched. "Fucking Alex is starting to piss me off." She sat upright as Nikita gasped. "What?"

"Someone else is in the program."

"Shut the fucker down!" Chihiro stood and paced back and forth behind the other woman with a frown.

Nikita was still her fingers poised over the mouse button to click the shell back into hiding but then the message... She read it over.

If u r here to shut D down. Count me in.

She typed in. Who? The response came back.

Who else but your one and only favorite nerd of all time... Shadow walker. Nikita laughed. He was her favorite nerd of all time. Too bad she couldn't tell him it was her that he was communicating with now. 

Contact again in two days. She responded. Only one person could evoke that much geek with one vague statement.

"Why two days and who is it?" The younger woman was frowning darkly. She stomped over to regain her fleece jacket and slung it on.

Nikita turned with a smile. "His name is Birkhoff. He is completely unsuited to lying so this might be straight up, but two days gives us forty eight hours to find out. Either Alex contacts us before then, or we sic him on her."

Chihiro nodded. "Buys me two days to work on my bad ass attack on the Fortress of Evil thing." She kissed her bicep muscle. "You said the next was in the neighborhood?"

Nikita nodded and swiveled back to the desk to pull up a map program. "Let's see what we're up against."



Birkhoff chewed at the corner of his thumb. He wanted to throw a tracker on the shell program to find out who was on the other end, but it could red flag the program in Division's server. He wanted out. He'd wanted out for years. He salted savings away that he hacked from the Government's own accounts for years. He set himself up a nice new life with millions on the outside. Birkhoff wasn't a hero, but Nikita didn't need to die. Dozens of others before didn't need to die either. He was tired of watching Percy destroy everyone he cared about. He always secretly had a crush on Nikita, her death was the final straw for him.

Alexandra walked through the tech area toward her locker. She was pleasantly sore but she still needed to hit something. She nodded a greeting at Birkhoff. She stopped as she realized he was a million miles away. "Birkhoff." She stomped. "Birkhoff."

He looked up. "What?" The computer geek slowly focused.

"Are you okay?" Alex asked with genuine concern. She had a quiet kind of fondness for the guy. She would never admit it but she always imagined having a little brother, and with her luck, this is how he would have turned out.

The computer expert shrugged. He couldn't trust her with the truth. He couldn't trust anyone. He smiled up at her. "Just trying to figure out if I can date a girl who likes Next Gen better than Deep Space."

Alexandra pinched the bridge of her nose and shook her head. "Why the hell do I ask?" Alex continued on toward her boxing gloves. He watched her leave and looked back at his computer. Two days to work out ninja computing. He was gonna be a hero, at least til the bullets started flying.