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Zatarra: A Tale of Revenge

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Nikita sat with her legs crossed on the hood of the Cooper. She nibbled her lip. "Seriously, this is going to suck."

Chihiro passed her a hot cup of tea and sat beside her. She looked up at the tower stabbing at the sky. "I think this is going to be a shit job with a side of two fucks and a damn." She looked over at the older woman staring at her. "What? Tell me I'm wrong. The security system learns from intruders so going anywhere near a door or an elevator is going to land you in the shit eventually. We could drop from the roof, but that is still ten floors too high and no guarantee we could get back up to the helicopter we don't have in the first place."

"Lobby is fine one way but the moment we crack into the biocontainmnet floor where this Guardian asshat secured the black box thingie and try to get it out past the doors..."

Nikita tilted her head. "We don't have to smuggle it out. As long as we render it useless, its a win."

"So no smuggling." Chihiro leaned back onto the windshield. She immediately sat up. "Ew tell me I didn't put my new shirt in bug guts." She struggled to pull her shirt forward enough to check before catching Nikita's thoughtful expression. "What?"

Nikita hopped down. "I have an idea but its going to mean more bug guts, a little out running and maybe a little flying."

"Thought we established we don't have a fucking helo." Chihiro's eyes narrowed as Nikita's smile broadened. "Oh fuck. I shoulda known Alex would fall for someone more fucked in the head than she is... What the fuck. It's Friday and I want to deserve my drinking binge. Let's do it!"



Nikita got the phone number for the building's front desk as they traveled up the side of the building on a window washer platform. Chihiro got out the fire extinguisher, as Nikita pressed in the phone number. "Hello," Nikita began. "Yes. I am up on 39th and I am having a problem with my key card in the lab lock... No... It just doesn't read... No... I know there is no sign of entrance in the last fifteen minutes. My. Card. Is. Not. Reading. Just get your security guy up here to spit in the damn thing or whatever they do to make it read... Right then." She pressed the button and slid the phone back into her pocket. "Two minutes til the security guys will be in front of the lock. Ready?"

Chihiro stopped the platform in front of an empty office. She began spraying the extinguisher on the corner. "Little known fact, the center of the window is actually able to withstand more cause its flexible. The CO2 will make the shatter in the corner even more fun." Nikita pulled a metal rod and smashed the corner of the window and drew the rod down for a second hit closer tothe middle. She leaped into the office. Chihiro remained behind on the platform, weapon drawn.



Nikita ran down the long hall, people shouted in alarm as she pushed back. She threw her rod at the security guy who ducked just as she powered into him, smashing them both onto the floor. Nikita smashed her fist into his face and snagged his badge throwing herself at the lock. Sliding the the security badge she got entrance and pulled containment cell 213. Frozen in a block of ice was a black box. This was one dramatic guardian, she thought. She threw herself behind a lab table as bullets flew into the lab area. A scientist screamed. "Don't fire in here!" Nikita reached into a cabinet and broke the gas pipe placing the box next to it. She slid down to the corner and spotted a security officer helping the first up. She ran at them and threw herself down sliding toward the door.

A well placed kick on the fly took out a knee to the left and her momentum sent her close enough to punch the guy on the right. "Grenade," she yelled in warning as she rolled it back in toward the lab. The scientist and the two security guards were pushing their way out. Nikita got halfway to the platform before the first explosion. She fell into the wall. Pushing upright she ran at the hole in the window and Chihiro. The Japanese woman stood on the edge of the platform and tossed a pack at the fleeing Nikita before leaping off the building. Nikita hurriedly fastened the pack as she ran for the edge and flew herself.

Nikita free fell for what seemed forever before triggering her pack. She and Chihiro aimed their base jumping parachutes at the top of the nearby parking structure. She pulled in the chute and shoved it into the trunk with Chihiro's. "I was thinking subtle, but that, that was fun."

Chihiro laughed hard. "Fucking A. Why be a ninja when I can be a bird?" She started the car and pulled it to the street just as police cars began converging on the general area of the parking structure.

"Time for some liquor and some girl talk."

"Awww no time to randomly blow shit up?"

"Chihiro..." Nikita trailed warningly.

"Damn. Alex was always up for blowing shit up. You're no fun." Chihiro pouted and pulled up in front of their hotel.



Hours later saw them on the bed drinking and talking. Chihiro shook her head. "Damn Alex... See the girl, she is grey. Good, bad, its relative. Everything is seen through the lens of her goals oriented ass. She is a dumb ass to mess up with you but she is a genuine dumb ass. She may not have known just how bad this would have been with you." She tipped up her minibar vodka. "Weak shit, these little bottles."

Nikita shook her head and passed another bottle. "I love her. I am trying to remember she is all about the plan but its hard... Maybe too hard. Amanda, queen of the damned. What the hell was she thinking?"

Chihiro frowned. "You two, you got love. Thats something right there. Don't let her go. Just... take a little time. Let her work her shit out. Take time to work your shit out..."

Nikita hesitated but she knew Chihiro was one of the trustworthy ones when she wasn't trying to kill her trade partners. Part of the sisterhood of honorable spies and assassins. "There's something else."

Chihiro groaned. "Tell me you didn't fuck this Amanda chick too."



"I killed her father." Nikita whispered before drinking down another mini bottle.


"Yeah, shit."

Chihiro tossed the rest of the bottles in the wastebasket. "We are going to need a whole fuckload of drunk tonight. Let's go sunshine."

Nikita nodded and got up to follow.