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My Lesbian Ninja Orgy Party

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[Disclaimer] I don't own squat, so shut up.

[Author's Note] This story consists of both Izuna and Shino from "Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja", Nonoka from "Stella Glow", Ibuki from "Street Fighter", Konoha from "Arcana Heart", both Taki and Natsu from "Soul Calibur", both Kasumi and Ayane from "Dead Or Alive", April O'Neil/Karai/Shinigami from the "2012 TMNT" Nickelodeon show, Mai Shiranui from "Fatal Fury", Yae from "Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon", Sakura Haruno from the "Naruto" series, Nurse Valentine from "Skullgirls", Ashi from "Samurai Jack" in season 5, Baiken from "Guilty Gear", and also Yuffie Kisaragi from "Final Fantasy 7", so... yeah. I'm really sorry about any typos and other writing errors, too! The N64 game "Bomberman Hero" is STILL my jam, son! :)

(Chapter One - My Lesbian Ninja Orgy Party)

Inside of Izuna's freshly built new home, the sexy ninja girl who is still currently unemployed mind you, some seriously sensuous activities was still ongoing and happening at the moment. Every kunoichi here inside of the house right now was butt naked, and some of them were also futanari, but that was simply thanks to drinking a couple of special potions made by Reimu Hakurei herself.

"Man, I feel so sore...!" angrily spoke Shino, the black haired teen folding her arms while looking pissed off. Shino then started to look around the house, her eyes seeing nothing but sexual debauchery going on all over the place. "For crying out loud! Isn't it almost, like, four o'clock in the morning now?"

"Yeah, so?" asked Izuna with a smile on her face, the ninja girl carelessly stroking her own hardened futa cock a few times as she spoke.

Shino smacked her lips together before replying back to her busty friend, "This get together SHOULD be over with by now! It all started at nine, didn't it?"

The pink haired ninja shifted her green colored eyes around a little bit, and then afterwards spoke out, "Aaaaand your point is WHAT, exactly? I don't get you, Shino-Sis."

Giggling with a very lovely looking smile on her face now, Nonoka soon playfully tittered out, "I think poor little Shino is just upset about how many times everyone here has taken her so far."

"Hey, no I'm not!" quickly yelled back Shino, blushing and looking quite angry now. "I-I just wish that my Sakuya was here. I really miss her..."

Nonoka couldn't help but to cuff her hands together after hearing Shino say that out loud. "Awwww! That is SO sweet of you, Shino! Nin, nin!"

After letting out a few loud sounding laughs, Izuna then expressed to her big breasted wife, "Oh, please, Nonoka. Don't let her get to you." Izuna then looked directly at Shino herself before she continued on to speak out, "Shino, stop acting like you didn't enjoy getting fucked and made a complete bitch by practically everyone here. Heck, your own wife wanted you to come here, anyway! And besides, soon as you go back home, you KNOW Sakuya is going to light your ass on fire! You KNOW she's gonna fuck you to heck and back all night long!"

"He, he. Oh, my, Izuna... I think you're right," giggled Nonoka, the sexy kunoichi blushing slightly herself.

Looking rather bothered again, the red eyed teen scoffed before softly saying back, "And I would love for her to do that...! I just feel so-"

"BULLSHIT!" suddenly screamed out Izuna, and afterwards even smacking Nonoka's big and soft bottom very harshly.

"Oh!" instantly squeaked Nonoka in response to getting her big butt randomly spanked like that.

"Nonoka was getting FUCKED... all night long, which looked SO HOT by the way, by just about everybody here and she's still moving around and feeling just fine!" boldly said Izuna, seconds later looking right over at her sexy wife. "Isn't that right, hot stuff?"

"Nin, nin, NIIIN!" was Nonoka's very happy sounding response to the horny and teenaged girl, looking very pleased and nodding her head a couple of times as she spoke out those simple sounding words.

The green eyed kunoichi then randomly began to grope the taller girl's bare, huge breasts. "Mm, hmm! Yeah, that's my girl!" joyfully purred out Izuna, now starting to crudely suck on Nonoka's right hardened nipple quite hardly all of the sudden.

"A-aaugghhh...! Oh, y-yes, Izunaaaa..." deeply moaned the shy acting and big breasted shinobi, both of her blue colored eyes looking half lidded now.

'D-damn these two! Izuna's large boobs always pissed me off whenever I looked at them, but Nonoka's huge knockers actually TICK me off even more! Shit, her tits are just... j-just MASSIVE! Man, fuck this giddy, always fucking shy acting, h-hot, super pretty, big breasted, fat and juicy a-ass having BITCH...! Gosh, I bet Izuna is always fucking hitting Nonoka's thick ass RIGHT each and every day... just like how my beautiful and amazing Sakuya does me, too. Oh, Sakuya...' spoke Shino inside of her own mind.

Overtime, Izuna eventually stopped sucking on her busty lover's big breast, her pretty eyes now looking over at Shino. "Hey, are you dozing off or something?"

"H-huh? What?" then gasped the black haired teen.

Now starting to hug and cuddle with Nonoka, Izuna soon let out a giddy sounding laugh before speaking back to her seemingly humdrum friend, "Shino-Sis, look around you! There is still so much fun to be had here, don't cha know?"

Shino simply backed away slightly. The unemployed ninja gently let go of her bashful lover, walked over towards her black haired friend, and then stood herself right in front of Shino.

"Gosh, Shino-Sis... you really need to lighten up! You need to let loose again! Oh, I have an idea!" And after stating that out loud, Izuna quickly turned herself around as she then began to smoothly shake and grind her soft, rounded, juicily plump looking ass right up against of Shino's very wet crotch.

Nonoka then placed her hands over her own mouth, both of her blue colored eyes intensely focusing on the two best friends getting back naughty again.

'Oh, Izuna, y-you're such an idiot...! B-but, man, does this plump butt of yours feel so damn soft or what...! And it looks s-so round, so big!' thought Shino inside of her mind, now slapping Izuna's left buttock really sharply.

Seconds later, Shino tightly gripped onto Izuna's stunningly curvy waistline, and then perversely began to harshly collide her wet crotch right up against of her moaning best friend's rippling, soft booty cheeks. The sounds, and the sight of course, of the two merely doing this was like music to Nonoka's ears, too.

"Y-you're s-s-such a dumb w-whore, Izuna..." delightedly breathed out Shino, the now happy looking teen starting to look around the very crowded house with flushed cheeks.

Konoha was fucking Ibuki from the back with her large futa penis, and Ayane was right next to the ninja girl futa fucking her own sister, Kasumi, in the doggy-style position, as well.

"O-o-ohhhhh, shit, that h-huge dick f-feels so g-g-gooooood!" moaned Ibuki, drooling a little bit.

Konoha just giggled and started to thrust herself even harder inside of Ibuki's ever tightening pussy straight after hearing her current lover's words.

"Faster, A-Ayane!" groaned out Kasumi in utter heat. "Fuck me HARDER!"

"Such a fucking whore you are, sister!" laughed back Ayane, the purple haired girl now tugging hardly on her brunette sister's very long ponytail as she soon began to indeed plow the screaming kunoichi much more harder than before.

Standing back while watching the immoral foursome in action was April O'Neil and Yae.

"Y-you know, tonight has been... honestly fucking surreal as ever. I mean, I thought that meeting four giant and mutant turtles was already shocking enough! But, after all of this shit here tonight? Hah, hah...! Well, I now think otherwise. Fuck, if only Marinette Dupain-Cheng was a ninja, too," chuckled April with a smirk on her cute face.

"Mm, I do agree," murmured Yae, looking over at April now. "Marinette, you say? Is she a... friend of yours?"

Blushing and continuing to closely watch the four girls still having their fun, the redheaded teen soon answered back in a very soft sounding voice, "Girlfriend, actually."

The green haired girl then chuckled as she looked back over at the heated foursome happening right in front of them both. "I figured as much. She has a very beautiful sounding name, April."

"Yeah, she sure does," was April's simple reply.

Then from right behind of Miss O'Neil, Natsu suddenly spanked the unsuspecting redhead's shapely, taut butt from out of nowhere. "Smack!"

"H-hey, you!" playfully blurted April, the teenaged girl jumping up a little bit and smiling at Natsu now.

Natsu tightly gripped April's freshly spanked butt cheek. "Tsk, tsk, tsk, cutie! You should have sensed me behind of you. Ha! Some ninja YOU are, April," teased the curly haired teen, slyly smirking at her newly made friend.

"Aw, fuck you," jokingly spoke back April, still smiling at the always naughty acting girl.

Sakura Haruno soon got behind of Yae and hugged the girl from the back, both of her hands now beginning to tenderly grope the green haired one's really plump breasts with such amazing skill. "Hello again, sexy."

Yae giggled lowly, turned her head to the side, and then started to deeply kiss Sakura on her soft feeling lips. Haruno Sakura passionately kissed Yae right back with a whole lot of tongue action, the horny pinkette now loudly moaning inside of her green haired lover's own groaning mouth.

"Looks like Sakura over there is going to get that fine Yae booty once again! Mm, and speaking of booty..." purred out Natsu, roughly slapping April's bubbled butt yet again. "Yours is looking mighty fine just standing here like this, cutie. Mind if I hit that again, babe?"

April then pecked Natsu on her moist feeling lips and smiled even more widely at her. "Oh, what the heck, right? I'm up for it."

After spanking April's rounded ass even harder this time, the golden blonde haired teen soon expressed to her seemingly anxious friend, "Then bend over, bitch. I'm going to destroy this perky ass of yours all over again! Ha, ha, ha!"

April quickly got down on all fours and bent herself over, seconds later looking right in back of herself and smirking directly at Natsu. Now teasingly shaking around her own ass a little bit for her female friend, April giddily voiced back to the futa dick having girl, "Well, hop to it then, you horny little bunny."

Natsu hurriedly got down onto both of her knees, spanked the redheaded teen's left buttock HARD with a perfectly curved hand, firmly gripped April's really curvy waistline, roughly inserted in her large futa dick deep inside of the teen's tight feeling asshole, and then quickly began to hammer her crotch strongly up against of April's now jiggling, warm, and really soft feeling booty with such energetic-like vigor. "Ah, FUCK YEAH, BITCH!" yelled out Natsu in such pure feeling pleasure.

April O'Neil now had both of her blue colored eyes closed shut while moaning out loudly rather pathetically sounding. Natsu eventually pulled April's head back by roughly tugging on the teen girl's small looking ponytail, and afterwards brutally smacked April's right ass cheek four times straight as she continued to mercilessly fuck her butthole.

"Y-yeah, scream for me, you stupid whore! You're not a ninja...! You aren't no kunoichi! You're a slut!" screamed out a furiously horny Natsu, slapping April's round ass hard two more times. "You're n-nothing but a bitch w-who loves to get fucked! And preferably in your ass! You nasty, sexy, dumb fucking cunt...!" finished yelling the curly haired teen, sharply spanking the redheaded girl's firm, yet jiggling buttocks again and again.

April eventually began to moan even louder now, the teenaged kunoichi looking totally lost in such euphoric feeling pleasure as her own tongue hung from out of her drooling mouth like a dog as her shapely ass steadily continued to get fucked brutally hard like crazy.

In the left side corner of the front room of the house, Taki was sitting down on a plastic chair while Mai Shiranui was sitting down on top of her own lap, both of the Japanese women passionately making out together with open mouthed, seemingly exaggerated, and very harsh looking, and sounding, tongue sucking kisses. Taki was firmly groping and tightly squeezing both of Mai's huge, perfectly soft feeling booty cheeks with her hands, as well.

Shiranui Mai groaned noisily against of the older woman's moist feeling lips, pulled away slightly, spat a wad of saliva inside of Taki's wet mouth, and then quickly resumed back to their deep, lewd kisses once again. Taki only laughed throatily, harshly slapped both of Mai's round shaped, jiggling butt cheeks twice with sharply curved hands, and just simply continued to French kiss the younger woman back with such heartfelt and emotional passion.

Nonoka was now currently sitting down on the smoothly wooden floor while watching Shino fiercely bouncing herself up and down on top of Izuna's large, veiny looking, and very thick futa cock like a complete slut. 'Shino-chan's soft butt looks SO cute jiggling all around like that! Nin, nin! And Izuna sure looks like she is enjoying herself, too! It's SO HOT!' were Nonoka's rather foul sounding words inside of her mind, the super busty girl strongly fingering herself while watching her own wife fucking another girl right up the ass like a horny and sexually deranged rabbit.

'Fuck, her huge boobs feel so good pressing against of my chest like this...! Who would have ever thought that I'd be inside of a house chockfull with a bunch of other amazingly hot girls while getting brutally anal fucked by my best friend who now has a huge, rock-hard, throbbing dick? Not me, I'll tell you that!' said Shino inside of her head, biting her bottom lip and trying her absolute best not to moan so damn loudly now, but failing ever so miserably in the process.

Izuna moaned deeply as her iron grip on Shino's velvety soft feeling ass cheeks tightened even harder now, the groaning green eyed girl's vicious hip thrusting speed also steadily increasing by the second, too. Now gritting her white colored teeth together very hardly, Izuna soon began to thrust her large futa penis deep inside of Shino's anus the absolute hardest that she possibly could. With both of her red colored eyes closed shut, Shino just continued to moan really loudly.

"Ahhhh...!" groaned out a hardly panting Shino, her lithe body now beginning to convulse and shudder around. "OH, I-IZUNA! I'M SO CLOSE!"

Izuna tightly hugged Shino's body as she then started to smile very brightly. "Me, too! I am, too, Shino-Sis!" happily screamed out the pink haired kunoichi, thrusting her huge dick deep inside of her best friend's butthole five more times super roughly before violently ejaculating quite a hefty load of futa semen all up inside of Shino's tight feeling anus. Izuna couldn't help but to sigh long and deeply immediately afterwards, too.

"Oh, shit...! That felt SO good!" said Shino with a satisfied sounding tone of voice, the raven haired teen opening back up her red colored eyes before leaning herself back upwards again as she now looked straight down at the smugly smirking Izuna.

"Heh, heh. You liked it, huh? Tell me, was I good?" asked the green eyed girl, patting Shino's soft butt a few times as she spoke to her.

Shino then nodded her head and laughed rather quietly sounding. "Y-yes, very. You're an idiot, but you sure can fuck a girl good, Izuna. I must give you that, I guess..." humbly spoke Shino, lovingly smiling down at her silly acting and very busty friend.

"Oooohhhh, noooooo...! W-why'd you two stop for? You can't stop now, r-right?" whimpered out Nonoka looking sad, the beautiful kunoichi touching her soaking wet womanhood while watching the two best friends.

Izuna let out a laugh before saying out loud, "My girl is ALWAYS horny, I swear. Isn't she hot as fuck?"

"Geez, you two are certainly something else," calmly spoke Shino, soon looking back irritated again as she carefully got off of Izuna's still hardened futa dick, and moments later sitting herself down on the floor now.

Izuna then looked over at Nonoka with a smile on her pretty face. "Aw, come here, baby."

"Oh, Izuna...!" emotionally cried out Nonoka, the sexy ninja now crawling over towards her wife, getting on top of her, and then willingly impaling her own wet pussy with the pink haired kunoichi's big futa cock. Nonoka bounced up and down so very wildly on top of Izuna's dick, moaning really deeply and long. "Mmmmm... f-fuck me, Izuna! Please! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

Izuna then slapped Nonoka's big butt super hardly with a curved left hand, the spunky pinkette grunting loudly in pleasure as she now began to harshly rut deep inside of her very busty wife's wet, tight womanhood like an out of control piston. With both of her hands tightly grabbing onto the taller girl's sexily curved hips, Izuna soon deeply moaned out to her very beautiful lover, "Nonokaaaa...! Oh, b-baby, your pussy feels SO goooood...!"

'Damn, I'm still so horny! But, why? Am I... really this much of a slut? Well, Sakuya tells me that often, but...?' thought Shino while staring at the two girls making passionate love, and moments later her scarlet colored eyes looking around her own surroundings soon enough.

Karai casually walked over towards Taki and Mai, only to then suddenly insert her own large futa phallus deep inside of Shiranui Mai's tight butthole. "Oh, yes!" sighed Karai as she gripped onto Mai's really broad looking hips; Mai instantly tilted her head up and shouted out very loudly in mind numbing pleasure. "Y-yeah, scream, bitch!" crudely spoke Karai, quickly beginning to wildly buck her curvy hips forward and against of Mai's round, fat ass. The black haired ninja soon aggressively grabbed onto the older woman's long ponytail and roughly tugged her head back with force, Karai laughing loudly as she did so. "Just listen to those s-sounds...!"

"Mm, yes. Fuck her, Karai. Fuck her nice and deep!" seductively murmured Taki somewhat loudly.

Karai then spanked Mai's left butt cheek two times rather fiercely, even soon increasing her vicious humping speed as she then started to passionately kiss Mai on the lips, Karai's broad hips simply continuing to thrust forward so very quickly. Mai Shiranui helplessly moaned inside of Karai's tongue sloshing around mouth, her voluptuous body also squirming around in complete ecstasy now, as well.

"Mai is such a slut. I've never seen such a... genuine whore before. Well, not quite like this, anyway," spoke Taki with a smirk while squeezing both of Mai's huge, jiggling breasts with her two calloused hands.

Karai soon stopped kissing the big breasted woman's wet mouth, roughly slapped Mai's jiggling booty yet again, and then afterwards bit her own bottom lip slightly. "F-fuck! This huge ass of hers feels super fucking tight, t-too, Taki! Gosh DAMN...!"

"Trust me, I know," quietly laughed back Taki in response to the Japanese woman's truthful words of sexual enjoyment.

Shinigami slowly walked over towards April and looked down at the girl, but then smiled over at Natsu mere seconds later. "What's up, bitch?" then asked Natsu with a smug looking leer on her face, still thrusting her hips strongly up against of April's perky ass cheeks.

"Nothing really," answered back Shinigami with a shrug. "Say, mind if I...?"

Natsu then hurriedly pulled herself from out of April's now widely gaping asshole. "Sure, be my guest!" happily chirped out Natsu, smacking April's plump booty very roughly, and then quickly walking right in front of the teenaged girl herself.

Breathing really hardly with her blue eyes looking half lidded now, April began to noisily shout out, "F-FUCK! What, is THAT all you got or-"

Natsu then painfully smacked April across of her face. "Bitch, shut up." The curly haired kunoichi then forcefully shoved her large futa penis deep inside of April's hot feeling mouth and all of the way down her throat, Natsu now starting to aggressively face-fuck the gagging teen girl's cute looking face with absolutely no remorse whatsoever. "Shut up and suck my dick, Apes!" laughed the golden blonde haired girl as she continued to violate April's now drooling face.

Shinigami walked in back of April, got down onto her knees, grabbed onto the teen girl's sides, and then strongly inserted her own big, thick futa phallus balls deep inside of April's dripping wet womanhood. The pale skinned girl then threw her head back as she now began to viciously fuck the gagging, and moaning, teen's special hole with utterly amazing looking speed.

Natsu spat down at April's face before coldly speaking to her, "Fucking slut! You f-fucking fine ass, worthless piece of shit!" And with that, she merely continued to powerfully fuck April's well used face like a perverted maniac.

Yae slowly parted her moist lips away from Sakura's own soft feeling mouth as she then smiled at the girl. "You're such a great kisser, Sakura," romantically breathed out Yae.

"Why, thank you, Yae! You are, too!" giggled back a happy looking Haruno Sakura.

"I-I'm going to BLOW!" loudly yelled Konoha, the ninja girl afterwards ejaculating hot, whitish, lady spunk deep inside of Ibuki's tight and really warm feeling anal cavity. Konoha moaned pleasurably as she then began to pump her thick cock inside of Ibuki a few more times before pulling her futa phallus from out of the hard breathing kunoichi's very thick ass.

Ibuki giggled before uttering out, "You f-fuck like a man, Konoha-AH!"

The short and dog tail having kunoichi then randomly, and also really aggressively, slapped Ibuki's right booty cheek with a flipped up hand while the teen girl was in midsentence. "Don't you mean 'better' than a man?" playfully asked Konoha with a giggle.

Ibuki just laughed and began to shake her very round shaped ass in the air. "Y-yeah, that's what I meant to say. Oh, man...! You fuck me just as good as my girlfriend Makoto does, girl! Holy shit, you're so good!"

"Look at me when I'm fucking you, bitch," lowly breathed out Ayane, pounding her brunette sister hard in the missionary position at the moment.

"Oh, fuck," whispered back Kasumi, now simply doing what she was told to do.

Many moments later, Izuna was now bent over a table while getting roughly fucked by a futa Sakura Haruno. Nonoka was futa fucking Taki in the doggy-style position. April O'Neil was happily eating out Nonoka's fat and soft ass the whole entire time. Ibuki was futa fucking Karai in the missionary position. Both Yae and Mai were double team futa fucking both Natsu and Shino very harshly on all fours. A futa Kasumi was currently plowing a bent over Ayane rather hardly from the back. And Shinigami was getting completely hammered from behind by a wild futa Konoha, as well. All of this, and many other lewd things, went on for about two more hours straight.

Skipping to seven o'clock in the morning, Izuna was lazily sitting down on the ground with her back leaned up against of the wall, the unemployed ninja's right hand down on top of Nonoka's smoothly bobbing head, and also both of her green colored eyes closed tightly and her open mouth breathing really hardly. While sucking off Izuna's veiny and huge futa penis with such unbridled-like enthusiasm, which she has been doing for quite a long while now, Nonoka then soon sucked very, very, VERY hardly on her moaning wife's throbbing member all of the sudden.

Izuna gritted her white teeth hardly and her body now started to twitch around uncontrollably. "OH, S-SHIT!" then screamed Izuna as she exploded deep inside of Nonoka's seemingly hungry mouth. The now sighing kunoichi thrust her curved hips forward somewhat strongly a few times, but then instantly stopped seconds later. "Holy fuck...! Nonoka, baby, SHIT!"

Nonoka wetly popped her mouth from off of Izuna's twitching dick, laughed cutely, and then sweetly pecked her wife right on the lips. "Nin, nin! Thanks for the milk, Izuna! It tastes so sweet!" happily spoke Nonoka with a tired looking smile.

Izuna then yawned as she smiled right back at her incredibly sexy lover. "You're so hot, Nonoka..." quietly voiced the sleepy girl, softly pecking her busty wife's moist feeling lips back in return.

Nonoka also yawned cutely, smacked her lips together a couple of times, and then afterwards started to rub her left eye a little bit. "I'm tired now..." she gently spoke, now snuggling up against of Izuna's sweaty body.

"Aren't we all, though?" asked Izuna with a slight chuckle. "Hmm...?" she then said, slowly turning her head to the side and looking over at April and Natsu now.

April O'Neil was currently fucking an unconscious Natsu very roughly from the back in futa form, the blue eyed kunoichi girl eventually smacking Natsu's left butt cheek hard with a quick left handed swipe. "Fucking jerk...! You can't talk shit to me NOW can you, you fucking whore!" jaggedly rasped out the pelvic thrusting redhead, slapping Natsu's tight booty firmly yet again, but twice this time. "Not when you're knocked the FUCK out, bitch...! You stupid, dumb, slutty fucking sack of shit!"

Blinking a few times in confusion, Izuna soon looked back over at Nonoka. "H-how didn't I notice that happening earlier before? And let alone not hearing April fucking Natsu like that, too?" Almost instantly, Izuna then noticed Nonoka resting her head against of her own shoulder, the cute girl snoring so very quietly as she now slept soundly and peacefully. Smiling now, the unemployed ninja soon began to whisper out, "Aw... rest easy now, my precious, sweet Nonoka. You had a super rough night tonight, anyway."

Izuna then looked around at everybody else's naked bodies as they all slept very soundly together. The green eyed teen yawned again as she stretched her arms out wide, seconds afterwards cuddling up with Nonoka. "Fuck it. I'm sawing some logs now..." groaned the beyond tired feeling ninja, gently closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep in only a matter of seconds.

April O'Neil soon busted her nut deep inside of Natsu, rode out her strong feeling orgasm, harshly spanked Natsu's taut butt once again, uncaringly tossed the unconscious girl to the right side of herself, and then roughly fell over onto the smoothly wooden ground down below, the red haired teenager panting so very hardly before falling into a really deep sleep herself now.

Outside of the large house, Nurse Valentine firmly knocked on the front door a few times, but unfortunately got no response from anyone there at all. "Well... fuck."

"Ha! You see that? I told you that we'd both be late," spoke a rather disappointed sounding Yuffie Kisaragi, folding her arms underneath of her chest.

"Oh, shut up! Let's go find Ashi and just fuck HER again! She's thick as fuck, anyway!" quickly yelled back Valentine, the both of them angrily walking away now.

Once the two ninja girls found Ashi, however, they both sadly discovered that she was currently... busy with somebody else at the moment. Right in the middle of some clean and grassy field lied both Ashi and her female partner Baiken, the pink haired samurai fully equipped with her very own stunningly well-endowed futa penis, and not to mention Ashi sitting down right on top of her dangerously brash lover's lap. Both Baiken and Ashi were stark naked, as well.

"A-AH...! Oh, fuck!" deeply growled Baiken with her one eye tightly closed, her normal hand hovering right above Ashi's left jiggling ass cheek as the big breasted samurai continued to somewhat slowly, yet ever so strongly, fuck the moaning ninja's firm, round, thick booty like a sexually perverse tyrant.

"O-oooo-oooohhhhhh! Oooohhhh, B-Baiken...! Yes, m-m-my love! Your d-dick feels so good inside of my ASS! Keep f-fucking my ass, Mistress! P-please!" sensually hollered out Ashi, the black haired woman closing her pretty eyes shut as she merely sat down perfectly still on top of the pelvic thrusting samurai's lap.

"The fuck do you think that I'm already doing to you, bitch?" then spoke the scarred woman through white colored and gritted teeth before aggressively spanking her young girlfriend's very tight butt thrice, Baiken's really rough thrusting actions now dramatically increasing in such seemingly violently looking speed.

"Y-YES!" immediately cheered Ashi, her face looking extremely exuberant and her mouth hanging wide open in the purely dissipated feeling pleasure of the flesh. "Fuck me fucking h-harder, Baiken! Fuck me! Oh, f-fuck me!"

"Geez, will you shut the fuck up, already? Fucking stupid whore...!" murmured the beautifully busty samurai with her one peach colored eye slightly open now, Baiken afterwards crudely spitting inside of Ashi's open mouth before suddenly starting to anxiously tongue kiss her youthful lover's amazingly soft lips. Baiken also soon started to full-blown pound deep and hard inside of Ashi's tight feeling asshole like a complete monster now, as well.

"Wow! She's really fucking the ever living shit from out of that sexy bitch of hers!" expressed Yuffie with a shocked look on her face as she stared straight at the large chested samurai woman and the thick ass having ninja girl.

"Curse you, Baiken..." grumbled Valentine in utter defeat, the ninja nurse angrily folding her arms across of her pleasingly healthy looking breasts as she, too, closely watched the two Japanese lovers publically make perversely heated, rowdily rough, and stupidly passionate love together ever so shamelessly.

Ever since the day when Baiken and Ashi somehow first met each other, and also when Baiken first found out about Hakurei Reimu's life changing futa potions to begin with, the ever so ripped Anji Mito simply just felt rather... confused about everything.

The End!

Thank you SO MUCH for reading! And may God bless your day/night, my friend(s)! ^_^.