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It wasn’t the first time, but it was definitely the most memorable. He didn’t even realize that it was Tom Riddle at first. The last time he had seen him as a teenager, he had been fighting for his life against a basilisk. He wasn’t able to appreciate how handsome he was then, he had to save his best friends sister after all.

It was after his third lesson with Dumbledore that he finally had a dream about him. He thought it was normal that Tom was sitting with him in the common room at first. Tom was wearing his Slytherin robes and sitting next to him by the fire. 

To Harry, in his dream altered reality, the situation seemed normal. Harry was sure he was reading a book about new tricks he could perform on his broom, and Tom was writing in his diary. For the first time in a long time, Harry felt completely relaxed. 

“Do you normally dream about me?” Tom asked him.

“Sometimes, but you are usually killing someone,” Harry answered honestly without looking up from his book. He was sure that he was reading about a physically impossible flip he could do on his broom to help him find the snitch faster.“I’m usually watching through your eyes while you do it, too.” 

“My eyes?” Tom put his diary down and observed Harry. “Why is that?”

He was sure that he shouldn’t tell him, but this was just a dream wasn’t it? What was there to worry about? “We are supposed to have some kind of connection. Dumbledore says it’s because you left a piece of yourself with me when you were a baby.”

Harry didn’t see Tom’s reaction, but if he did, he would have seen a look of surprise with a hint of fear on his face. “Is that so?” Tom’s tone gave nothing away about how he was truly feeling. 

Harry shrugged. He was still trying to figure out how to preform that particular flip on his broom. 

“And... Why aren’t you seeing through my eyes now?” Tom’s attention did not leave Harry’s face.

“I don’t know. Maybe you’re not doing anything today. It doesn’t happen all of the time. Just when you are feeling a strong emotion.” The words on the page seemed to run together, making it unreadable. But, that didn’t seem to bother Harry at all.

“And... why are you seeing me as a teenager?” Tom leaned closer to Harry, so that their shoulders were touching.

“Probably because Dumbledore has been giving me lessons about your youth. You were handsome, like unbelievably handsome. What happened?” Harry turned the page and the book became blank. Still, Harry didn’t seem to care.

“My looks became useless when I finally gained the power that I wanted. It is easier to control people with fear than a handsome face.” Tom pulled the book out of Harry’s hands.

“Hey! I was reading that!” Harry protested as he tried leaning over Tom to get it back.

“No you weren’t.” Tom threw the book across the room. It’s pages turned into paper birds and flew out the window. “ Harry, why is Dumbledore trying to show you my past?”

“I don’t know. He hasn’t gotten to that part yet.” Harry sighed in frustration as he sat back up. “Why do you even care?” 

“Because my past is none of your business, Harry.” Tom sneered at him. Harry still did not look at Tom. Instead, he looked longingly at the paper birds that lined up one by one and threw themselves into the fire. Frustrated at the lack of attention Harry was giving to him, Tom placed a hand on Harry’s knee.

“Why? I mean, I think if you had someone there for you, none of this would happen. That matron was a bitch. She reminds me of my aunt. I think Dumbledore was in the wrong for leaving you there in the first place. I mean he knew what was going on in the muggle world at the time, and how you were treated there, and still he did nothing. He is a professor. It’s his job to help his students and he just...leaves people like us in places where clearly we aren't wanted.”  Harry ranted. 

“Are you feeling pity for me, Harry?” Tom’s face grew closer to Harry’s. “I’m touched.”

“Less pity, more understanding. Dumbledore may have done a lot of great things, but he has failed too many times where it counts.” Harry scoffed. “I don’t even understand the point he is trying to get at, showing me all these memories of you. What does he except to happen? He kept trying to show the differences between us, but all i’m seeing is the similarities. If he wants me to outright kill you, he is making it more and more difficult for me.”

“Is he now?” Tom questioned leaning in closer. “and... what are these similarities?”

“I...” Harry seemed to have just noticed how close Tom was getting to him, and the hand on his knee. “I... um... What are you doing?” 

“The similarities, Harry. What have you noticed?” Tom tried again. 

“I... I’m dreaming. I’m dreaming.” Harry tried to pull away, but found that he couldn’t. Tom, or maybe even the dream itself was preventing him. “This is a dream.”

“Are you sure, Harry?” Tom said with a hint of disappointment. “Because that would be a shame if this where just a dream. Think of all the things we could do.”

Harry finally turned his head and looked at Tom Riddle. Instead of the natural dark eyes that Tom Riddle had, he looked into the blood red eyes of Lord Voldemort.