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Basement Dale

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A young girl stirred awake. Instantly she knew she wasn't in her room. Her dad would have woken her up before she was groggy. That and it was nearly pitch black. It was nearly impossible for Arlen to ever be this dark. Something was wrong here. In the corner of her eye, she noticed a trace of light on the floor and followed it to the source. Connie's vision came upon a dark outline of a figure in a lightened doorway, the only sign of what it was, was an orange dot. She could smell something pretty awful. The speck suddenly grew brighter and reflected in the eyes... no. Sunglasses of somebody. A smoker who wears glasses... Connie knew exactly who it was.

It was Joseph's dad. She recognized him from the times when they ate at the cook outs Mr. Hill would throw for the neighborhood. Why wasn't he saying anything? Why was he just standing there?

Everything about the situation just made her want to run.

So she did.

Connie didn't get far.

Nearly reaching where he stood, Connie was whipped down to the ground by an unseen force grappling onto her ankle. Her knee collided first with the merciless cement, then the rest of her. She rolled with a pained groan as she held onto the badly hurt knee with both hands.

"Oh my god." Connie heard his voice then a pull of a switch, her squinting eyelids now assaulted by light. He reached out a helping hand in her blurry vision. "Are you alright?" She bypassed it and looked down to her foot to see what had swept her off her feet. Connie raised an eyebrow at the tether around her ankle. "I was gonna go with a really long chain but a really long bike lock was cheaper." His voice raised, trying to look on the bright side. "Plus it won't chafe as bad."

"Mr. Gribble, why am I tied up?" There was stress in her voice that was hard to contain. She didn't understand any of this.

"I'll tell ya. All in good time... all in good time." There was a long pause. Connie surveyed the room and there wasn't much here besides her restraint, a bucket and a bed. She cautiously sat on the only piece of furniture. Staring down her young leg, Connie was reminded of her imperfections. Bruises and scratches hidden by her skin colour to the average person, but she could recall all of them quite well. She could see her kneecap changing shade. She then looked at her... captor, with a bit of anger. Dale took a long drag off his cigarette. "Ah screw it." As he flicked it down and stomped on it. "I plan to use you to further the human race after the nuclear holocaust." Dale stated like it was a normal thing in his monotone voice. "I originally scrapped the plan out of respect for the boy. Now that you two are broken up, I am free to roll my plan into fruition."

Connie couldn't even believe what she was hearing, her voice stuttering and on edge. "Mr. Gribble. Aren't you married? Can't you use your wife?"

He adjusted his cap then responded. "No. As sad as it is to say, my dear Nancy has seen better days and even though my boy is made of one hundred percent all American Gribble." His thumb poked his chest several times without any humility. He continued. "I don't have faith in his abilities to survive what's coming. Even with the training and lack of mind controlling inoculations."

Connie had to ask this question and make this statement. It would hopefully dissuade him. "Why me though? I'm just a kid."

His hands moved trying to make a picture of his idea to her. "According to my research... ON THE INTERNET. The Laotian people are a richly indigenous culture who are capable of surviving in harsh conditions. Able to harvest and conquer the vast and dangerous outdoors and make simple homes out of bamboo and mud. It makes you a great candidate. With my stringy body but impeccable survival skills and your peoples ability to live near communist China, our genetics are a perfect match and it works out for the both of us!" Dale had a well intentioned smile across his face as he leaned in, arms raised, while Connie was completely disgusted with her nose flared up. The smile faded on Dale and he went back with his arms to his sides. "I see you're not as enthused about the unmatched equilibrium our interracial offspring will bring."

"Yeah!" She blurted out. "Mr. Gribble I'm not sure if you've noticed, but I'm THIRTEEN YEARS OLD!" Connie really was disturbed by how callous Mr. Gribble was acting. Did he even think about how she'd feel about this?

"Which is why we should start now. You'll need to be there to train them what I know when I pass." Dale started another cigarette and let out some smoke. "Plus your mother's too old and Laos doesn't offer mail order brides." Even though he didn't want to make her feel like a last resort he had to least say he considered another way.

Connie coughed out as she breathed in the second hand smoke. Then Connie worked up the nerve to threaten him. "What if I screamed and screamed Mr. Gribble?"

Dale let out a laugh like an asthmatic that had just ran. "The only person that knows about this place is a Mexican-American named Octavio. They'll never find you down here. Trust me, he threatened to lock me down here if I didn't pay him. So I know."

Connie studied music almost religiously thanks to her father, and decided to wail on the vocal chord in her the throat that was gonna produce the loudest possible noise.

"A geet!" Dale was really caught off guard by the screaming, but his god given reflexes got him to turn and having to use the strength of both arms, he heaved on the valve attached to the door, closing them into the room. He turned, fingers clenched in the palm of his hand. "What are you tryin' to do? Get us caught?"

Connie stopped. Her one chance and she hoped she hadn't blown it. "I'm not gonna stop until you let me go Mr. Gribble." A claim she hoped he wouldn't test out because she already felt a little strained. Dale took a step forward, which gave Connie enough reason to close her eyes, tilt her head back and start screaming again.

She couldn't hear anything over herself, but then without question, she could hear that calculating voice of his. "This outta shut you up." Connie's eyes flashed open but she wasn't fast enough to anticipate what was to come as she stared into the slight paunch of Dale's untanned navel. Connie felt a long piece of warm meat shoved between her lips and it went further, past the tongue and now near her throat. She tried to swallow but ended up gagging and the screaming had already left her with barely any breath. Inhaling through her mouth resulted in her receiving a horrible salty taste. Searching up, Connie could only see herself reflected in those silver shades of Dale Gribble, doing whatever it is she was doing, his face unreadable besides the cigarette in his mouth wafting smoke. However her expression was quite clear: absolute fear.

Trying to breathe through her nose resulted in a double barreled nose blast of her snot exploding onto the man in the orange hat's penis. That didn't seem to dissuade him as he grabbed her head through her long black hair to work himself in and out. He could feel every root as he ran his fingertips through. Her teeth with slight scrapes against the tops and bottom of his length unintentionally worked off the stuff into her mouth

Dale had never done this with any girl. Not even his wife. Yet here he was, using this young girls mouth for his own pleasure. He would have to make this a monthly... no weekly thing between them.

He really rammed her now, forcing her against the cement wall of the specially constructed holding cell. Every time he pushed into her mouth, her head smacked against it. "Connie I'm gonna cum!" Dale whined out. She had no idea what he meant until she felt his cock head hit her tonsils. Connie wasn't able to get her first taste as gobs of Dale's jizz poured down her gullet. Connie began coughing and really felt like she was choking as something entered the wrong entrance, which made it even worse on her currently sore throat. Dale only extracted when he was clearly finished with her, his tip leaving a drop in her mouth, her tastebuds finally getting a taste. That seemed to trigger it as she rushed to lean over the side of the bed. She aimed for the bucket but the mix of semen and stomach acid hit the cement with a splash.

The high he had off his orgasm faded. The events hitting him freshly. Dale's eyebrows met in the middle and he wasn't sure what to do. He was about to place his hand on the small of her back to comfort her while she coughed it all up, but pulled away feeling uncomfortable. Moving to the door, he fumbled with it like a fool before finally getting the combination correctly and rushing out.

Connie had just finished puking her guts out when she turned to hear the door open and slam shut. She felt too sick to cry as she collapsed back, but the tears still formed on her face.