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my secret life

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"Viper wake up its a dream wake up!!!" Harry jolted away as his master yelled at him.

" you do know that there is easier way to wake me up right master cobra"

" yes I do but what fun is that"

"UUhhhh whatever whats the mission today??"

" killing madeye moody good lluck " cobra walks out smiling

" this is going to be a pain in the ass" harry gets up and drewses in his black assassin suit.

His weapons straped over his back and side and hes ready to go on a kill.

" well madeye I guess you finally messed with the wrong person"

Im off to do my job this is me harry potter died long ago that night he did
that to me and then left me tofend for my self oh well at lest im good at hiding even in the light. After all what good is a viper who cant strike.