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It could be a lot of fun or a great big disaster

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I do not own any of the characters from the books, they belong to Mrs Rowling and her team of rich people and I make no money from this story, it's all merely for pleasure.

The story deviates quite alot from the canon, Snape never killed the headmaster, as is probably obvious from the story and Harry is only a month or so away from turning eighteen. Warnings are for later chapters.

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Harry Potter stared at his NEWT grades again and grinned, for the third day in a row he marvelled at how well his exams had went, despite the constantly looming threat of Voldemort. He could now apply to become an auror, his grades were that good, and for once he had something in his life to truly look forward to. Tomorrow morning he would leave the school for the last time as a student and a slight twinge of pain hit him, Hogwarts had been his home, the only place he had been honestly happy. He knew he would always be welcome here though and that mollified him slightly.

Ron came barging through the door of the boys’ dormitory, throwing himself onto his bed and groaning. He turned to grin at Harry, who looked at him with expectation. The red headed Weasley stated simply ‘Ate too much’ while grinning sheepishly. Harry rolled his eyes, smirking playfully at his friend before resuming packing his meagre belongings into his trunk.

‘Oi mate, Dumbledore wants to see you, said to go to his office as soon as you were free.’ They both grinned at each other knowing what Dumbledore really meant was that he better come now or he’d find lemon drops growing out his ears by the morning. Dumbledore wasn’t a vindictive man but he wasn’t against using pranks to his own gain as Harry had experienced in the past.

Taking his leave of Ron, he headed out of the Gryffindor tower towards the headmaster’s office, humming happily to himself. He gave the password ‘Hubba Bubba’ to the grimacing gargoyle and headed up the moving staircase. He pulled back his arm to knock, but before his knuckles hit the wood, the door swung open. ‘Come in Harry, my boy, good to see you’ he ushered the young man in, practically pushing him into the seat in front of his desk, ‘Well done on your grades my boy, auror training next is it?’ the old wizard patted him affectionately on the back.

Harry turned to grin at Dumbledore but before he had a chance to reply, he heard a cool drawl from the corner of the office. ‘Ah yes Mr Potter, whoever thought there was a brain in that wooden head of yours, you certainly surprised us all, having never actually provided us with any evidence of supposed brain capacity’. An evil smirk succeeded this barb, but Harry merely smiled.

‘I think you actually managed to compliment me professor, amidst that barrage of insults of course.’ He grinned allowing his teeth to show as he flashed his patented camera smile at the potions professor.

Snape blanched ‘I did no such thing Mr Potter, even a giant squid should be able to learn something with a know it all best friend such as Miss Granger’

‘Complimenting Hemionie now Snape, you are so sweet. Yes she is rather intelligent isn’t she?’ Harry tried with all his might not to laugh as a faint tinge of rage covered Snape’s face. As he was obviously about to launch into another barrage of insults Dumbledore interrupted them, a gleam twinkling in his eyes.

‘Now Harry I have something very important I need to discuss with you’ he began taking his seat in his customary chair behind the desk. There is a…community of muggles at the top of Scotland and we believe there are death eaters using the place as a base for operations. There is certainly something going on and we fear that the muggles are in grave danger. We have had reports of unusual muggle deaths and we believe that Voldemort’s men are using the muggles as guinea pigs to try out new spells and potions.’ Harry listened intently as the headmaster continued ‘Now I have been in discussions with the head of the aurors and he has agreed that if you were to investigate the problem satisfactorily and bring us some useful information, then he will guarantee you a place in auror training’

Snape scoffed at this ‘Merlin help us, the fate of the world is now most certainly doomed’ Harry ignored him, focusing on the possibility that this was basically a free pass into auror training and he would most certainly jump at the chance. He began to tell Dumbledore that he would accept the assignment when the old wizard threw up his hand to silence the exited young man.

‘Harry there are a couple of conditions however that I must explain before you accept, and I would like you to seriously consider them before accepting my proposition.’ The headmaster then turned to the potions master ‘Perhaps Severus my boy it would be best if you waited outside for the moment’.

‘I don’t see…’ Snape began before Dumbledore called his name warningly but with no hint of annoyance; ‘Yes Sir’ Snape replied resignedly and walked out the office closing the door quietly behind him. Harry stared at the headmaster aghast; he had never seen Snape accept so easily.

Dumbledore smiled warmly at him, ‘Now Harry as I was saying the community is of a rather unique kind and very well secluded and secure. It is a rather large community but they have little to do with those outside of their own kind.’ Harry’s eyebrows knitted together, waiting for the headmaster to explain. ‘The community is made up of people who wish to live permanently in a Dominant/Submissive relationship. Do you understand what I mean by this Harry?’ Harry seemed to have momentarily lost his voice but nodded dumbly to the question. He was well aware of the type of relationship the headmaster was alluding to as it had fascinated him greatly for a few years, and he had even tried some of the games with his previous boyfriend Blaise Zabini.. The headmaster had a sort of knowing twinkle in his eyes which made Harry blush and suddenly find the paintings of the sleeping headmasters and headmistresses extremely fascinating. Dumbledore chuckled warmly before continuing, ‘As such they are extremely strict on who they allow to into their community but through constant applications’, the headmaster managed to make these last two words sound extremely tedious ‘they have agreed to allow you and your partner a two month trial stay.’

Harry whipped his head round to look at the headmaster, he knew he should have expected this, cringing slightly he asked with no small amount of trepidation ‘Who is my Partner?’

‘Professor Snape Harry, he is the only one suitable for this kind of mission’ Albus replied softly.

Harry jumped to his feet, ‘No way, there is no way in hell that I’m letting that …man’ he seethed through gritted teeth, ‘free reign to do whatever he please with me, with the freedom to humiliate and debase me, no way, I men it Sir’ he almost shouted staring meaningfully at the headmaster ‘No way can you persuade me to be submissive to him’

‘Harry’ the headmaster replied calmly but with increased authority and he waited silently until the young wizard had slumped into his seat, placing his head in his hands. So that was it, no guaranteed auror training for him then. ‘Harry’ the headmaster began again soothingly ‘if you had allowed me to finish I would have informed you that Professor Snape will in no way have free reign to do whatever he pleases and he certainly would never intentionally humiliate or debase you, as you say’ Harry looked at him incredously, had the headmaster never met Snape? he thought, of course the man would use every opportunity to use the situation against him. Albus continued ‘He will not do this Harry because you will be the dominant partner.’ The young man stared at him in shock, ‘Yes my boy, Severus will be your submissive’.

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Harry began to laugh, great big heaving laughs that caused tears to run down his face and eventually cause him to struggle for breath. Calming himself finally, he looked up to the headmaster who was staring at him as if he had grown two extra heads. ‘Oh C’mon headmaster, Snape’s not exactly the compliant little submissive type, we’d never pull it off.’

Pursing his lips in annoyance the headmaster replied, ‘I think you’ll find that Professor’, he placed emphasis on the ‘professor’ part; ‘Snape may surprise you’.

Harry retorted quickly, ‘we wouldn’t really last that long in the community headmaster if I was to go around calling him Professor, would we?’ trying not to smile as Dumbledore made no answer.

‘Professor Snape has already agreed to this Harry, though as is expected he is not very happy about the situation. As you yourself pointed out you would have free reign in the community to use him as you see fit, to humiliate and debase him’ Dumbledore’s eyes bore into him but Harry looked straight into those blue eyes with no hesitancy, feeling calmer than he had a moment earlier.

‘Sir I would never treat him unfairly, no matter what history is between us, you must know that’ Dumbledore looked at him before sighing and coming round to perch on the desk in front of Harry.

‘I do know this my boy; you are a good soul, however the community is very strict and you must take great care not to let the power go to your head. Although the submissives are protected from serious harm, they are expected, and enforced by the community, to obey their dominants in everything. He would not be able to go anywhere, purchase anything or basically do anything without your permission. You would be seen to have the right to punish him however you saw fit, and …’ he smirked with both amusement and sorrow at this ‘with Severus’, shall we say rather volatile temper concerning you, you will more than likely will have to punish him for some transgression or other.’ Harry looked at him in horror, as Dumbledore patted his arm before continuing. ‘You have to remember Harry that these people have freely chosen to live this life, the submissives have chosen their dominants before entering the community and live happily in serving. Severus has not chosen you, and it is extremely unlikely had he been given the choice, that he would have chosen you, so I am counting on you Harry to not abuse the gift you have been given and to treat Severus with the respect he deserves.’

The young wizard smiled at him sadly ‘Of course Sir, I will do everything I can to make sure that this is as easy for him as possible, although you speak as if Snape would have freely chosen a dominant had he been allowed to.’

The headmaster ignored the question with no more than another twinkle, ‘Does that mean you accept the terms of the mission then my boy’ the headmaster looked at him with barely concealed glee.

‘Yes Sir’ he replied with a strength he didn’t really feel at the moment.

‘Excellent, excellent my boy, now let us call on Severus and go over the rules the community as set down’ he went out to retrieve the potions professor who glared at Harry as he entered and took his seat. Harry merely smiled encouragingly at him, which for barely a second caused the professors’ mask to fall, revealing a hesitancy Harry had never before witnessed in the stern face, before the mask was firmly back in place and Snape turned away from him.

Dumbledore handed them both a manual, entitled ‘Community life’, Harry flicked through the pages, which began with an explanation of the community, some pictures which Harry found breathtakingly beautiful and some guides to admission, before he came across the part entitled ‘Rules of conduct’. The three wizards spent two hours discussing everything as Harry attempted to absorb the information. A large fee had already been given to the community to cover the cost of life there, and Harry and Severus were to be given there own ‘home’ in the heart of the area. If they passed the two month trial they would be allowed to purchase any of the available homes. The community was completely independent and strong, various shops, restaurants, bars and sports areas were all available and it appeared that many of the traders made a good living in the community. If Harry wished to earn money there were jobs available for both submissives and dominants, although not always the same types. The place really had everything they would need as the community had set up trading agreements with companies throughout Britain, to supply them with everything they could want, and while it was not encouraged to leave the area often, they were allowed to leave for holidays, or days out. All this sounded wonderful and Harry could not help becoming quite excited at the thought of the mission.

The rules of conduct explained basically the rights of both the dominants and submissives. As Dumbledore had explained, Severus’ rights would be limited, and would basically be set out by Harry. Harry could forbid him from entering a pub for example, and because of the closeness of the community everyone would be well aware of this restriction, and should Severus then attempt to enter one, he would be marched home by another dominant, who would well expect Harry to punish him for his transgressions. Submissives had to treat all dominants with courtesy, addressing them with Sir or Ma’am and would be expected to follow any basic rules by another dominant that did not conflict with his Masters’. All Submissives would wear a collar outside of their homes at all times, would be expected to kneel at their Master or Mistresses’ feet and to obey all orders. Corporal punishment was the preferred method and could even be administered outside in front of everyone. This was basically a consensual Master/slave community and as such submissives were treated in that manner. That did not mean that Severus’ could be treated badly, any sign that a submissive was truly unhappy would be investigated immediately and a sub could apply to leave the community at any time, however it took a week for permission to be granted to make sure that the sub wasn’t walking out in a huff. Submissives were treated with great respect, although different from that of a dominant, and sex or such in public was forbidden. This was not a community for sex games but for like minded people who wished to live happily in a dominant/submissive relationship.

Harry’s head swam as he tried to take in all this information, he glanced occasionally at Snape, who’s face remained completely devoid of emotion, but a soft pink hue had risen up the professor’s neck and cheeks which caused Harry to wonder. Dumbledore addressed Harry again. ‘I suggest you read through the pamphlet again tonight my boy, tomorrow you will spend the day with professor Snape as you have to appear to have been in a relationship for a while. You have both been given new identities which you should memorise and become accustomed to and of course you will have to wear a glamour at all times outside of the home, as you are both rather recognisable. The glamour’s are unique in that you two alone will be able to see through both and thus will not be affected by them. You leave for the community the day after tomorrow.’

Rubbing his hands over his face in exhaustion, Harry stood, thanking the headmaster before turning to his professor. ‘I shall see you tomorrow then Sir?’

‘Yes Potter’ he replied devoid of any emotion ‘Come to my rooms as soon as your friends leave for the train, I will key you into my wards’ Severus refrained from looking at him the entire time and Harry couldn’t help but sigh in frustration, if this was how hard it was for him now what was it going to be like when they actually reached the community?

‘Goodnight headmaster, goodnight professor’, he acknowledged reclining his head towards them both before turning and exiting the office. He walked numbly towards the tower, trying not to think about everything, it was hurting his brain too much. He reached the common room where he found his two best friends sitting in front of the fire. He explained briefly that he had been asked to go on a mission but refused to tell them the details, despite their best efforts. Bidding them both a good night he went to bed, trying in vain to get to sleep, something that was a long time coming. He couldn’t work out why Snape would agree to this, and he puzzled over his reactions to everything.

He deliberately tried not to imagine Snape in a number of submissive positions, something which caused him to become increasingly warm but his mind betrayed him when he eventually fell asleep. He dreamt that Snape was tied blindfolded and naked on his back to a large four poster bed, while Harry straddled him. Harry’s fingers ghosted over his skin, occasionally interspersed with using his nails to bring small welts across his chest. He licked his lips as Snape moaned beneath him, then arched up to meet him as Harry bit at his nipples before running his tongue over them to sooth the red skin as his lover hissed beneath him. He could feel how hard Snape was beneath him and it caused his own erection to strain painfully against his jeans. He bent down to kiss his lips that had swollen up as Severus had bitten them to stop himself from crying out. He soothed them with his tongue, before biting down hard which caused the body to buck beneath him. Snape began to whimper, soon followed by soft pleading as Harry continued his ministrations…

Harry awoke covered in sweat, his penis was so hard that it almost hurt; he began to rub frantically at the weeping cock as he continued his fantasy in his head and within seconds he was coming with a large cry. Panting, he was glad of the silencing spells he placed round his bed before falling asleep, it was bloody embarrassing when you got caught having a wank because you had forgot. He lay on his back contemplating the upcoming mission; he didn’t know if his attraction to Snape would make it easier or cause them problems. He had found the elder wizard attractive for a number of years and his voice was one of the sexiest things that existed. He had never imagined though that he would be able to dominant the barbed man, one of his ultimate fantasies, something which he rarely allowed himself to think about it felt so forbidden. He always assumed Snape would be a natural top with his prickly demeanour and natural sarcasm, the man almost oozed confidence and dominance. The way that Snape had looked at him in the headmaster’s office and Dumbledore’s cryptic messages made him think twice though, perhaps Snape would be a good sub. He almost laughed at this though; he would really have to see it to believe it. He grinned manically to himself, resigning himself to his fate and the mission; all in all it was going to either be a lot of fun or a great big disaster.

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If you can't bear Snape in a submissive role, I suggest that you don't read anymore. I know it's not to some people's pleasure.:) x x

The following morning, all the students left for the holidays. There were many tears and promises to always keep in touch from the seventh years as well as great excitement as everyone embarked on life as a fully fledged witch or wizard. Standing in the great hall, amongst his best friends Harry felt a tap on his shoulder, as he turned round, big wet lips suddenly descended on his own and he found himself kissing back fervently before they pulled away. Blaise stood grinning at him ‘Well Harry, if you ever get…bored, look me up’, Harry grinned in reply, promising to keep that thought in mind. The months with Blaise had been fun, and the sex had been fantastic. They had eventually parted, but more due to the fact that they had their Newts coming up and they knew the relationship wasn’t serious. Kissing Blaise again, they parted ways before Harry caught a glimpse of Snape glaring at him from across the hall. ‘Fantastic’ he thought dryly, he would be meeting Snape soon and it certainly didn’t look like he was in a good mood.

Harry said goodbye to Ron and Hermionie, and promised to keep them updated as to how he was while on the mission, before with great trepidation he headed towards the dungeons. He stood outside the door to Snape’s quarters simply staring, well this was it then he supposed, he was more than likely to get mutilated by an extremely volatile potions master, and he wasn’t sure it was worth the risk. Before he had decided on a course of action the door swung open to reveal Snape glaring down at him. Despite the fact that Harry had had a growth spurt the previous summer and was barely inches shorter than Snape, the man still managed to make it seem as if he was looking down at a very small child.

‘Well get in here you imbecile, before someone sees you. I’d rather not have my reputation ruined, thank you very much’ he spat with a sneer.

Harry struggled to hide his sigh before he proceeded to enter the dungeons. The door slammed shut behind him causing him to jump, for some reason he suddenly felt trapped in a cage with a large wild animal. Swallowing, he looked around the apartment, which to his surprise was quite comfy.

‘Sit’ Snape barked, pointing to a sofa near to the fire. Harry complied, before shooting a murderous glance at Snape’s back as he turned around to fetch something. Snape handed him a glass of whisky and as Harry looked at him speculatively he merely grunted ‘We’re going to need it’

They sat in an awkward silence for a while before it became unbearable and Harry practically shouted, ‘Why did you agree to this?’ He blushed slightly at the way it had come out, but he wasn’t sorry he asked, the curiosity had been burning through him since the meeting the previous day.

‘Eloquent as ever Mr Potter’ Snape retorted, but it was with less enthusiasm, and more resignation than he had expected. ‘Unlike some, Mr potter’ he stated pointedly ‘I do not need bribes or trinkets to agree to this, the safety of people are at stake and that is enough of a reason for me. Furthermore I do not need to go around screaming about the unfairness of the situation when there is nothing else to be done, I accept it as any mature adult would.’ Harry blushed remembering his outburst in the headmaster’s office and that the reason he was doing this mission was to become an auror, he had barely considered the lives of the muggles. Snape sighed knowingly at Harry’s blush and smirked as he looked away ashamed. What Harry didn’t know however was that what Snape had proclaimed, was far from the truth. He had screamed bloody murder for over an hour in the headmaster’s office until with a squawk of indignation Fawkes had set himself on fire, two months before he was due. The shock had calmed Snape somewhat, but it had still taken the promise of a substantial pay rise and the access to some rare ingredients before he had accepted.

The silence settled again, making Harry really want to squirm in his seat, but he refrained, if he was supposed to be the dominant he bloody well had better started acting like it. He took a deep calming breath and jumped in for the kill, ‘Shouldn’t we, you know, get to know each other or something, we’re supposed to be in a relationship and I know little more than you’re a potions master…and a great big git’ he added under his breath.

Snape narrowed his eyes at him, obviously not quite catching the whispered words or instead choosing to ignore them, ‘Very well, what would you like to know’.

‘Ummm…’ Harry began.

‘Excellent’ Snape replied dryly, ‘If they ask any questions, you can simply use your winning personality and Ummm at them until they leave, Fantastic, well there’s no more need for you to be here is there Mr Potter, the fate of the muggles rests easily in your hands’

‘Well you’re not exactly helping you know’ Harry shouted, his cheeks beginning to turn red. ‘Just bloody ask me a question then if you’re such a know it all.’

‘Watch your mouth Mr Potter’ Snape admonished angrily before sighing, ‘Very well, one question at a time don’t you thing, we shall take turns.’ Harry nodded at this, so Snape continued. ‘I shall start with something mundane then, what is your favourite book?’

Harry was pleasantly surprised, he had assumed that Snape would go right in for the kill, ‘As it all has to be muggle stuff, I suppose Angels and Demons, it’s a book by Da…’ he began as way of explanation.

‘I know who wrote it Potter’ Snape retorted hotly, and at Harry’s incredulous expression Snape drawled ‘As much as it may surprise you, I have vast knowledge of the muggle world, hence why I was chosen for the mission, as you well know my father was a muggle’

‘Oh right, sorry’ the younger wizard blushed ‘So what’s yours then.

‘Dante’s Inferno’ Harry screwed up his nose, not having a clue what the book was about, Snape sighed again, squeezing the bridge of his nose in consternation, ‘It is a rather long poem, around 291 pages I believe, depicting a man’s journey through hell, purgatory and heaven. I particularly enjoyed the descent through hell, all nine levels’ he looked at Harry with a smirk ‘They are various methods of, shall we say torture, for varying sins and I could well imagine with glee some of my rather imbecilic students placed there.’ His smirk became far nastier and Harry had to forcibly refrain from shivering at the sight.

For the next couple of hours they took in turns to find out as much mundane information that they could about the other, they stopped for lunch that the elves had delivered, and then continued on the quest for information. All was going surprisingly well until Snape asked about Harry’s childhood.

‘Is it really necessary for you to know that’ he asked softly, ‘I mean it’s not something I have ever spoke about at school, so it is not as if I’m going to start blurting it out there.’

Snape gazed at him curiously, ‘It would appear extremely strange if I was too have no knowledge of your childhood, whether they be pleasant or not. We are about to share experiences that no two people should have to experience outside of a relationship, I hardly think you need be embarrassed about some things you may have done while younger, I am well aware of your rebellious nature.’ There was no malice in the words however, so Harry took a breath and decided to tell him.

‘Well as you know I grew up with my aunt and uncle and my cousin Dudley, they didn’t exactly like me, I was pretty much a burden to them. I slept in a cupboard under the stairs until I was eleven.’ He forced a laugh at this to cover the pain the memories inspired.

Snape gazed at him almost softly, ‘Did they ever physically abuse you?’

‘Occasionally. I was pretty much their good little house boy, did all of the chores, cooked, cleaned, gardened, got beaten up pretty often by Dudley and his friends,’ he laughed again at this, ‘Sometimes if I didn’t get all my chores done, Uncle Vernon would take a belt to me, but other than that no, as I was more often ignored than anything else, they just didn’t want me around and they hated anything to do with magic, they thought I was a freak.’ He had half expected Snape to ridicule him for this, and braced himself mentally for the onslaught but the potions master said nothing.

After a while Snape continued, ‘My father was pretty strict,’ he began, ‘he never beat me other than the occasional cuff to the ear but my childhood was very limited. I was not encouraged to have friends and was expected to make something of myself, so was required to study often. Both of these have, as you are well aware, followed me throughout life, I have very few friends and I have indeed made something of my life, although I don’t believe this is quite what my father had in mind’ he gestured almost unconsciously to his arm where the dark mark lay below numerous layers of cloth.

Harry gazed at Snape, unsure as what to say to this sharing of intimate details, so he followed Snape’s example and remained silent.

‘Do you have any experience in the life we are now about to simulate’ Snape asked in a monotone.

Harry blushed again, ‘damn why couldn’t he stop himself doing that’ he thought, ‘Erm…well my ex boyfriend and I used to play sometimes and I have read a lot of books … and stuff on the subject’ he didn’t want to admit he had an extensive collection of porn in his trunk.

Snape smirked again, ‘And in this ‘play’, what role did you take.’

‘Always the dominant’ he replied with conviction, ‘I think it’s to do with the fact that I could never make any choices as a child, and even now with all the ‘boy-who-lived stuff’ he retorted sarcastically, ‘I still don’t get to make many choices, this way however I can feel like I have some control.’ The black haired wizard nodded in understanding, which again surprised Harry. ‘So what about you, I mean, do you have any experience?’

Snape regarded him with that blank expression, ‘Yes, I have had relationships in the past which included much of this aspect.’ Before Harry could open his mouth to ask Snape continued, ‘And before you ask Mr Potter, yes I preferred the submissive role, and I would thank you to keep that information to yourself’.

Harry stared at him with his mouth hanging open in shock, before nodding dumbly. ‘You don’t exactly appear the submissive type, I always assumed if anything you would be the dominant, what with your sarcasm and temper…sorry’ he added belatedly, suddenly realising what he had said and expecting Snape to explode.
‘With the right person my, as you say volatile temper, can be curbed and my nature can be very satisfying to a dominant, You however Mr Potter hardly inspire me with any great need to fall down at your feet, and thus I will have to attempt to keep my own temper in check.’ Shockingly Snape blushed, having realised that he had just implanted in Harry’s mind the image of Snape kneeling at his feet. An awkward silence fell between them again, until Snape decided they had talked enough and needed some time to collect their own thoughts before leaving tomorrow.

Suddenly Harry had been shepherded out the elder wizard’s quarters and the door closed firmly behind him. He stared at the door for a while trying to collect himself, before turning and heading back to the now empty Gryffindor tower. He had a lot to think about, he had found out a number of things about the man that he would never have guessed. Sitting in the deserted common room, he couldn’t help but replay in his head what Snape had said about his submission, and he found there was a rather hard problem growing in his trousers, letting his head fall into his hands, he groaned, ‘this was going to be a long two months’ he thought.

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Harry sat in the headmaster’s office alone, waiting on the others arriving. It was early morning and he yawned loudly, having not managed to get a lot of sleep the night before. ‘I wonder why?’ he thought grimly to himself. He gazed lazily around the room and noticed that Fawkes had awoken from his sleep. ‘Hey Fawkes’ he called over to the brightly coloured phoenix. A soft trill emanated from the solitary bird that caused Harry’s toes to curl in pleasure. He sighed happily, feeling calmer than he had all morning.

Suddenly the door flew open, banging against the stone wall and Snape entered growling and shooting daggers at the messy haired teen. Harry deliberately rolled his eyes at him knowing how much it would annoy the surly wizard. ‘Good Morning Professor’, he called cheerily’ smiling and blinking his eyes in a fake show of innocence.

‘And what, pray tell, makes this a good morning exactly? I cannot even begin to imagine a morning less enjoyable than this one. If I could rescind on my agreement with the headmaster I would happily spend the day being summarily tortured by the dark lord. Where is that old twit of a man anyway?’ he grumbled, falling gracefully into the seat next to Harry.

‘I should really punish you for your behaviour Severus’ he emphasised the word Severus, ‘it is quite inappropriate you know? However, perhaps I shall have to wait till later’ he stared seriously at the potions master, trying with all his might not to release the laugh that was fighting for its escape, then sighed dramatically. He watched as colour quickly spread through Snape’s cheeks, the fury building ominously. Snape pulled out his wand and aimed it directly at Harry.

‘Give me one good reason’ he fumed, his teeth gnawing together in anger, ‘why I should not kill you on the spot?’

Harry looked at him again, and then as if speaking to an errant child, he wagged his finger at him and said in no nonsense tone. ‘Bad slave. Bad. Don’t threaten your Master or I’ll send you to bed with no supper’.

He didn’t really know what had gotten into him, but for some reason he had courage today that he didn’t know even existed within him. Normally incurring Snape’s wrath was about as terrifying as being confronted with a herd of angry hippogriffs. He knew he should be worried, but even as the veins popped dramatically in Snape’s head and the eyes narrowed to an extremely dangerous level, he merely looked at him calmly.

‘I’m going to kill you Potter, I’m going to chop you into tiny pieces, grind you into powder and then present you to the dark lord to use as a litter tray for his numerous cats’ he growled, his magic crackling through the air.

‘Seriously, the Dark Lord has cats?’ Harry asked in astonishment.

‘Yes actually, strange obsession really’ Snape answered, his eyebrows narrowing in consternation. ‘He’s always had at least ten at any one time, we thought for a while Nagini was eating them so he kept acquiring more, and then we found them in a food store cupboard, and now he’s got about bloody forty of them. He lets them everywhere, you’ll be trying to have a meeting, listening to the Dark Lord rant on about the best and bloodiest way to wipe out a Trojan of muggles, when suddenly you’ll have a cat on your lap purring away happily and trying to lick you all over, bloody annoying beasts. But don’t attempt to change the subject Mr Potter, I’m still going to find the most painful way to destroy you’ Snape finished calmly putting away his wand, relaxing back into the seat and turning his head to stare straight in front of him.

Harry stared at him incredulously, ‘what the hell happened?’ he wondered. ‘I was only joking professor, it’s probably going to be a lot worse when we get to the community, just thought I’d lighting the mood, thought it’d break the tension’

‘Please refrain from that Potter, it’s a dangerous hobby for you to have’ he drawled as if bored.

‘What? Harry asked confused.

‘Thinking! If I believed you were partaking in that pastime often, it would cause me some serious nightmares’ Snape’s voice was monotone as if he was merely stating a well known fact, but then for dramatic effect he shuddered violently.

‘Ha bloody Ha, very funny’ Harry growled.

‘I do not believe I was attempting to provide comic entertainment, it is not in my nature. I was merely stating a universal truth’ Snape again kept his voice level and remained staring ahead not once looking at the younger wizard.

‘What is your…’ Harry raged but was cut of by the sudden entrance of the headmaster.

‘Ah you’re ready my boys, excellent, well I think we are all set. Harry I have taken the liberty of providing you with a number of clothes and such, befitting of your identity, they have been added to your suitcase. Well let us embark, we will port key to Kings cross and then you shall begin your adventure. How exciting for you both’ Dumbledore’s eyes twinkled as he spoke, but the two younger wizards refrained from making a comment and instead glared intently at the headmaster who pretended not to notice.

The journey to the community felt long and arduous as Snape divided his time between completely ignoring Harry and making sarcastic retorts. By the time they arrived, after journeying on two trains and a bus, Harry was in a particularly foul mood and felt considerably worse for wear. He looked up at the late evening sky and breathed deeply, trying to clear the stuffiness in his head that the journey had provided him with. The air was surprisingly warm for this time of night and he pulled off the jumper he was wearing, before tying it around his waist. He took in his surroundings; the bus had stopped outside a large gate beyond which they could see nothing. He turned and watched as Snape slid his long coat off his shoulders, and Harry’s mouth fell open in shock. Snape was wearing black jeans, that hugged his arse, which in Harry’s opinion was particularly delectable, but that were loose fitting and stylish and accentuated his long legs. He also wore a white t-shirt that did nothing to hide his extensive arm muscles and Harry casually wondered if he also had a six pack.

Snape turned to him smirking, ‘Are you attempting to make yourself considerably less attractive?’ he asked lazily, ‘because I fear that your personality will not give you something to fall back upon’

Harry was about to reply with what he considered a witty retort when the gates opened and a women began to approach them smiling. ‘Mr Harkin?’ she asked extending her hand to shake his. Harry nodded his head in agreement and shook her hand, taking an instant liking to the friendly openness of the woman. She appeared to be around fifty, but shet gave the impression of being young and energetic, and there was something inherently mothering about her. ‘I am Selena, the one you have been corresponding with’ she smiled again, ‘I am so glad you and your partner have decided to join our family,’ she stated warmly gesturing behind her. ‘I hope your journey was not too unbearable?’

‘No’ he smiled at her, ‘it was relatively uneventful, although long, presumably increased by the anticipation of arriving here’ he laughed casually. She grinned in return. Feeling foolish he suddenly remembered Snape, ‘This is my partner Gary’ he stated turning to Snape who had remained silent behind him.’

‘Welcome Gary’ she said warmly but refrained from extending her hand. It was bad practice to touch another sub without previous consent.

‘Good evening Ma’am’ Snape politely responded, his silky voice caressing the words. The tone caused Harry’s stomach to flip in desire; he loved what the potions Master could do with his voice when he wanted to.

She smiled again then turned to Harry, ‘Come then Mr Harkin, you must be tired, let’s get you settled in for the night’.

‘Call me Jamie please Selena, after all we may soon be family’ he replied smoothly laughing kindly, she grinned with happiness and then hooked her arm though his and began to pull him towards the gate.

‘Master?’ he heard from behind him, and turned to see Snape standing with his hands behind his back and his eyes lowered respectfully. His heart skipped a beat and he struggled to answer without his voice hitching.

‘Yes S-Pet?’ he asked trying to project an authority into his voice he didn’t quite feel at that moment.

‘I am sorry Master but I cannot manage all these cases, forgive me for interrupting you’ he said softly worrying his bottom lip as if afraid he had angered his Master.

Selena turned to Harry, ‘Such a respectful sub you have Jamie, I quite envy you, although I would not trade my Bill in for anything.’ She assured happily. Harry looked again at Snape, who shot him a haughty smirk behind Selena, who now had her back to the elder wizard.

‘I can assure you he can be quite a handful when he is in the mood,’ he shot a sickly sweet smile at Severus who merely sent back a silent snarl.

‘I’m sure he is’ she laughed ‘Gary’ she said, turning to him, ‘Fear not my Bill will help you with them. At that, a large man around forty walked out and stood silently behind Selena. ‘This is my Bill’ she introduced to Harry.

‘Good evening Sir’ the faintly rotund man stated, bowing his head slightly in acknowledgement.

‘Bill, help Gary carry the cases in’ she ordered, with not the slightest doubt it would not be done.

Soon they had been shown to their home and Harry had been shown around the warmly furnished, spacious one floor cottage. When he arrived back in the living room he found both Snape and Bill knelt on the carpet awaiting orders. ‘You may go and unpack Gary and then return to me as soon as you are done’ he ordered confidently. He felt wonderful here and with the presence of Selena, he felt confident and self assured.

He half expected an angry retort from he man who had despised him his entire life, but Snape simply stood, bowing his head in acceptance, ‘Yes Sir.’ Snape appeared to hesitate for a few seconds, until Harry asked him the matter. ‘Sir may I please thank Bill for his help and Mistress Selena for her kindness’.

‘Oh Gary’, she beamed at him, ‘No thanks are necessary love, but they are gratefully received, thank you’, she turned again to Harry who was trying not to gag ‘You’ve caught yourself a wonderful one there haven’t you?’ he merely nodded , planting a pathetically insincere smile on his face.

About half an hour later Selena and Bill took their leave, and Harry went in search of Snape, whom he found reclining on the large four poster bed. ‘What the hell was that all about’ he demanded glaring at the elder wizard.

‘I again fail to even remotely understand the gibberish nonsense that swarms out of your mouth, care to elaborate?’ he smirked nastily.

‘Oh shove it Snape’ he snapped throwing his jumper roughly on a nearby recliner.

‘Of course Master’ Snape replied insincerely, ‘But where exactly would you like me to shove it?’ he asked leering at the smaller wizard. Harry blushed, which caused the potions master to grin toothily, before he stomped his way to the bathroom and slammed the door shut. ‘Well’ he thought after a while, when he had eventually managed to calm down, if that’s how Snape wanted to play it fine. If Snape wanted to pretend to be the good little submissive, Harry was going to give him exactly what he wanted, damn the consequences. He barely even registered that Snape had actually unpacked, as he went in search of some sleepwear.

Chapter Text

Harry awoke to the sound of birds chirping and a soft stream of sun light caressing his face. He couldn’t remember the last time he had woken in such a peaceful way.

“You are lying on my hair” a voice barked from behind him, and he sighed internally.

‘Well there goes the peace’ he thought.

“Sorry” he mumbled, moving carefully so as not to pull at the hair. He sat up, before twisting around to face the other man, who was lying staring at the ceiling.

“I’m going to make breakfast, is there anything you fancy?” he asked, trying to keep his voice light.

“If I could assure myself that you weren’t trying to poison it, I would partake, however, I cannot, so I shall make my own”. Severus had the ability to make his words cutting without changing the tone or intonation.

Harry could feel his gut twisting, and it was taking every ounce of willpower not to bark back at the man. Part of him wanted to, but as he lay in bed last night he had promised himself he would try to make some level of exception for Snape’s demeanour. When he thought back to his reaction, when he initially believed Snape would be the Dominant, he could start to imagine how the other man felt. He was kind of surprised Snape had agreed, he knew that he probably wouldn’t have. To have someone he hated, holding that much power over him, would be torturous.

“What do you think we should do today?” he asked the other man, turning away from him, and avoiding answering the last statement. “I mean if we suddenly start asking loads of questions, it’s going to look a bit suspicious”.

Snape sighed, “I take it that means we will have to make small talk with these idiots”.

Harry snorted, “Just because they are muggles doesn’t make them idiots”

“I never mentioned the fact that they are muggles, that is an assumption on your part, and an incorrect one at that. I usually find most people, whether muggle or wizard to be some level of idiot” he answered, his voice monotone.

Harry couldn’t help but laugh “Oh how hard it must be to be so perfect” he replied, bitingly.

“I make do” Snape deadpanned.

Harry was finding it difficult to tell whether they were having a joke or not, so he decided that they were and he would avoid poking the hornet’s nest.

“You want to grab a shower whilst I make breakfast?” he asked.

“I will do so in my own time Mr Potter” the other man barked, and Harry balled his fist in an attempt to stop from retorting.

He stood, and wandered through to the kitchen. He made himself some breakfast and then sat for a while contemplating how they were going to get through even a day together if it was going to be like this the entire time. So far, things were definitely not going well. He wondered how Severus was going to be able to maintain an air of submission in public. He couldn’t keep up with that bizarre display from yesterday, and the last thing he wanted to do was to have to punish him publicly. He might not like the man, but he didn’t want to humiliate him. Snape had been a Master spy though, so he could only hope that his acting skills would get them both through this. As much as he hated to admit it, he was a little out of his depth and kind of needed Snape to guide them. He might be a Dominant, but he was also new to it all, and it was a little scary how much he had been completely thrown into the deep end.

At that Snape walked into the kitchen, fully dressed. Harry couldn’t help but admire the way that muggle clothes defined his shape and accentuated his muscles.

“See something you like?” Snape snapped nastily.

Harry shrugged “You look good” he answered truthfully. Snape looked a little taken aback, as if he hadn’t expected him to admit it. “Listen Snape, can we talk?” Snape nodded briefly, before sitting down across from him and folding his legs gracefully. “Look, you can make as much fun of me as you want, but I need to be open about this. I don’t really know what I am doing here. You’re the one with experience, so I was kind of hoping you might tell me if I was about to do something that was inanely stupid”.

“If you expect me to be able to stop you from every stupid action you make, I would need to be on duty around the clock” the other man sneered. Harry’s shoulders slumped, and he was about to tell the other man to forget it when Snape continued “However, I appreciate your honesty. I think it best if we set some ground rules”

“Ground rules?” he queried.

“Yes, that way we both know the limitations.” Harry nodded, and he continued “The rules of the community make it difficult for me to curb your behaviour, therefore I am relying on you to remember that I will make your life a living hell, should you use this as an excuse to humiliate me”.

“What you mean this is you being pleasant?” he asked, smirking.

“Mr Potter, if you cannot take this seriously, then I suggest we forget about it” Snape barked at him.

“I’m sorry Snape, I am taking it seriously, I think I’m probably just a little nervous” he hoped being truthful would limit the man’s hostility.

The other man seemed to size him up for a brief moment before continuing “I suggest that should I believe you are about to make a serious mistake, I will touch you on the arm” Harry, nodded, that seemed pretty sensible, and low key “And we can review the day’s events this evening.”

“Great” Harry agreed, “Let me go and grab a shower then and we can get going.”

By the time, Harry was ready to go, Snape was again wearing his collar, and a stormy scowl. He was glad they were going out where he would have a break from the other man’s berating. They decided to walk towards the main shopping area, to get a feel for the place. Many people stopped them on the way, introducing themselves, and shaking hands with him. He wondered what it would feel like to be Snape, always second in the conversation. Snape, for his part was polite and respectful throughout. Harry would have a hard time explaining this to Ron and Hermione. If he hadn’t seen it with his own ideas, he’d definitely never believe it.

“Hey, do you want to go sit in the park, it’s quite a nice day?” he asked him, when they had finally managed to break away. Severus shrugged, but essentially ignored him. “Fuck you” he thought, in his head. “You big crap bag fuckwart” he giggled in his head, he knew he was being childish, but it felt good. He might be trying to make this as easy as possible on the other man but it didn’t mean he couldn’t say in his head what he really wanted to say to his face. Considering how difficult Snape was being he decided he’d just make some decisions, and hope it didn’t piss him off too much.

Harry asked Snape whether he would like some ice cream, Snape ignored him (asshat, he said in his head), Harry bought Snape a vanilla cone, Snape ignored him and then tossed it in the bin (Hogfaced prickball), Harry asked him whether he wanted to sit in the shade or in the sun, Snape ignored him then walked off towards the shade (Big monkeyfart bogmonster), finally Harry asked Snape if he’d like a newspaper, or something else to read, Snape ignored him after giving him a derogatory look (pigman snotface, ok he was definitely starting to run out of insults).

“Jamie” a voice called out. Harry looked up from where he was sitting to see Selena walking towards them. He stood, smiling at her as she reached him, clasping him in a hug. “How’s your first day been?” she asked him warmly.

“Great” he returned, hoping his acting skills were up to par. “Gary has just been saying how much he is enjoying it here” he couldn’t help the dig at the other man, and he was surprised he didn’t react. Snape merely smiled at Selena, as if he couldn’t be more pleased (Tosspot!).

“We are having a bit of a show this afternoon. It’s an opportunity for the submissive’s to display some of their skills. Many of them are also having a “sing-off” karaoke. It’s all a bit of fun, most of them can’t even sing” she winked conspiratorially “I wondered whether you wished to enter Gary”

“Aww that sounds like fun, but Gary hasn’t been feeling that well this morning. I think he might be a bit jet-lagged, can we come and watch though?” he asked.

“Of course, it will be good for you to get to know people. Anyway, I must dash, so much to organise. The show is up at the outdoor theatre, and it starts at 2pm. I hope you are feeling better soon Gary” she shouted, even as she was walking away. Harry laughed, she was definitely a bundle of energy.

“Why did you do that?” Snape asked him, his eyes like slits.

“Do what?” he asked, desperately trying to think of what he had done wrong this time.

“You had the perfect excuse to humiliate me, and I would have had no way to retaliate”

Harry huffed, “I never even thought of entering you. I knew you would hate it, so I didn’t, there is nothing more to it.” Severus looked at him as if he were looking for a lie. Harry shook his head but said nothing else, he’d never be able to convince him with words.

“Listen, do you want to grab some lunch before we head up?” he asked, not remotely expecting an answer, and began contemplating his next insult.

“Yes” Snape replied before beginning to walk away. Harry blinked, before scurrying after him. Pigeonbeaked knobend, he said in his head, just for good measure.


Chapter Text

The showcase had turned out to be better than expected. The submissive’s seemed to be having a lot of fun, and it was clear that they enjoyed their time here. Selena’s assessment that most of them couldn’t sing also turned out to be true, which just made it all the more amusing. It would have appeared like any other family fun day if it wasn’t for; the lack of children, half of the people wearing collars, some even on a leash, and the amount of people kneeling everywhere. Ok so really it wasn’t that much like a family fun day but it was the closest thing he had to compare it with. The only person that didn’t seem to be having fun was Snape. He hid it well, but there was a rigidity to his posture that Harry couldn’t help noticing. Harry worried about him, but there was little he could do, it wasn’t like he would accept any support from him.

Everybody wanted to introduce themselves, and there was a dizzying number of names being thrown at him. He could feel himself starting to droop after a while, and he was struggling to maintain a smile for every new person he met. The community was much larger than he had initially anticipated, and he guessed that there were a few hundred residents. He could feel the start of a headache coming on and began rubbing his temples as he sat in one of the stands. A hand on his arm pulled him from his introspection. He steeled himself for a cutting remark when a glass of water was held in front of him. Snape looked down on him, holding out the water, without expression.

“Thank you” he said genuinely, surprised by the gesture. Snape looked away and said nothing, before sliding down to kneel at his feet. He’d been doing that all day, blending in with the other submissive’s. Harry had thought it might have turned him on, considering how physically attracted he was to the other man, but he’d felt nothing. There was nothing submissive about the kneel, and it also wasn’t for him, it was simply another necessity of community life. To be honest he was surprised at how little the whole thing affected him. He could admit that Snape looked good in his collar, but again it had been no more than a passing thought. He wondered if maybe he wasn’t as Dominant as he thought he was. He wondered whether the time with Blaine had simply been a passing fancy.

He was again pulled out of his internal world, by the sound of noise further down the stands. One of the male submissive’s was being hauled over a woman’s knee. “I’m sorry” he squealed, though he didn’t appear to be putting up a fight. Her back was to them so he couldn’t see her face but her body language suggested she was quite pissed off. They had quite a clear view of his backside, and without preamble she yanked down his trousers and underwear and began to spank him in full view of the other patrons. Nobody seemed to be that bothered, though some were watching with interest. Harry glanced down at Snape, and noticed his back was ramrod straight. Without thinking Harry placed a comforting hand on his back, feeling a sudden swell of protectiveness towards him. If Harry decided to spank him exactly like this, Snape would have no way of refusing him. He suddenly realised how much power he had over the other man, and how much he truly could humiliate him.

“C’mon, I’ve had enough for today, I have a headache” he said, grasping the man’s arm, and pulling him up gently. Snape let him, which surprised him and gave some insight into his current state. He found he didn’t want to let go, and risked the inevitable backlash that would occur later, but he kept his hand firmly on his arm, providing a source of grounding for both of them.

They walked back to the cottage in silence, side by side, their arms touching. Neither mentioned it and he was glad that Snape didn’t pull away. He needed the connection in that moment, as he felt a little shaken up by the realisation at the showcase. He was even more surprised when Snape said nothing to him as they entered the cottage, he’d been expecting at least a few cutting remarks if not a torrent of abuse. Snape said nothing, he simply walked to the bedroom and shut the door. A minute later he heard a bang and a crash, and he reasoned that Snape must have thrown something against the wall. He sympathised, he’d probably be feeling the same if he was in Snape’s shoes.

Snape hadn’t emerged from the room in over 2 hours, and it was now well into the evening. Harry had knocked earlier however he had been completely ignored. He decided he would make some dinner, and hope it might tempt the other man out.

“Snape” he called, knocking again on the door. “I made a curry”. There was again no answer from the other side. “I was kind of hoping you might come and play cards with me, I’m a bit bored. I mean I don’t just want you to amuse me, that’s not why I want you to come out, and it is muggle cards. It’s not like we have any wizard cards here, so they are probably not as fun, and I mean I don’t even know if you play cards, well you probably do, you’re pretty good at most things, and …”

At that the door opened, “What exactly are you blabbering on about Potter? Is there any point in your life in which you might actually start to make sense to normal human beings” Snape barked, although there was definitely less sting than was usual for him.

“I made curry” he said, repeating himself uselessly.

Snape rolled his eyes “Indeed”

Before Harry could say anymore the doorbell rang. Severus didn’t move so he went to open it himself.

“Ahh Jamie” Selena smiled “There you are. A few of us are heading up to the bowling alley for a few games, if you would care to join us?” she indicated to a bunch of people behind her, who were laughing and joking. Harry really did, he was sick of moping around the house with a sullen potion’s master, but he couldn’t put the other man through more socializing after the day he had already experienced.

“Mmm Selena, that sounds fab, but I am afraid we have a bit of a night organised” he stated, laughing conspiratorially.

She smiled, winking “Ahh yes, well I can see how that would be more fun than hanging around with a few fuddy duddy’s” and they both laughed, “Well I shall not keep you, but let’s do it again soon” Harry shut the door almost regretfully. He could hear the laughter from outside, and wished he was going with them.

“I think we should make this into a drinking card game” Severus stated, from across the room. Harry turned around in a bit of shock, but Severus ignored him, or at least appeared immune to his open-mouthed gape.

In fact, the night turned out to be rather amusing. They both got drunk, and played cards. The loser had to tell the other one an amusing story and Snape had regaled him of stories from his younger days. He particularly loved the one where Lucius accidently got soaked with a love potion and spent the next forty-eight hours proclaiming his undying love for Professor McGonagall. Snape also told him about some of the pranks that the students played, and how the Professors had a board in the teachers’ lounge where they marked the student’s efforts. No-one had yet been able to beat the 94% that a Hufflepuff student had accrued 9 years ago, when he blew up Filch’s cat to the size of an elephant and left it to go rampaging around the school. The dumb cat had freaked out and tried to jump onto Filch, breaking both his arms, and leaving him with a permanent limp.

The next day there was a sort of uneasy alliance between them, and this continued for the few after that. Harry found himself becoming more attracted to the other man, now that he was starting to see a side of him that wasn’t all prickly demeanour and scathing insults. His doubts that his Dominance had been a passing fancy, had been wiped away by the explicit random thoughts he was having throughout the day, concerning said other man.

A few evenings later they decided that they couldn’t be bothered cooking and wandered up to the restaurant to get a takeaway. They’d been quite sociable with the other residents, and fancied a night in. Snape’s anxiety appeared to have calmed, and Harry suspected he was starting to realise that Harry didn’t want to purposefully hurt him. As they were just collecting their order at the restaurant, Harry couldn’t help but overhear the conversation from the group behind him.

“He’ll stay down by my feet if he knows what’s good for him” he turned surreptitiously to see a bunch of, approximately 30 year olds, with one man kneeling on the floor. “He’s going to learn his place, and if he doesn’t well he knows what he’s going to get” the man barked, “my sub should know where he belongs, and that’s beneath me” Harry watched as the man bent down grabbing the hair of his sub and pulling him up. The other man squealed softly, desperately trying to keep his hands behind his back. Harry was instantaneously angry, and was just starting to move forward to give the man a piece of his mind, when a hand on his arm stopped him. He looked up and Severus shook his head surreptitiously, coking it slightly to indicate they should leave. Harry reluctantly followed the other man, who had already collected their food.

“What a complete tosspot” Harry fumed as soon as they cleared the vicinity “Isn’t there some kind of vetting for who they let in here? Why did you make me leave?” he spat. He didn’t wait for an answer. “And what about the sub, is nobody worried about him? For fuck sake” he ground out, kicking the dirt with his shoe.

“Perhaps the sub enjoys that kind of dynamic” Severus stated mildly.

Harry humphed “Well if that’s what being a Dominant means, then count me out. I think I’m missing the whole point of being a Dominant, because that’s not what I thought it was” he growled.

“Harry” the other man stated firmly, placing a hand on his shoulder. Harry stopped walking for a second, turning to look up at the other man, who was staring at him with concern. “What is this about?” he asked him, his eyebrows knitted together “Why have you taken this so personally?”

“Why haven’t you?” he fumed, “You can’t seriously think that’s ok? I mean that was abuse”

“I saw no indication of abuse” the other man replied, his tone still even.

“What?” he exclaimed unbelievably. How could Snape be so blind? Was that what he thought was normal?

“Well if that’s normal, I want no part of it.” Harry blew out an angry breath “I don’t want to be like that, that’s not what I thought it was about. I thought it was about caring and protecting the other person, and sharing something you both enjoyed. How can I be with someone who wants me to be like that? And I can’t bear the thought of someone I care about willingly being treated like that” he blushed slightly, hoping Severus wouldn’t read too much into that last statement.

Snape looked at him pointedly for a moment “Harry, a Dominant, Submissive relationship takes on many forms, just as any relationship does. You must account for different temperaments. However, that is not the real issue here”

“He was no better than a bully or an abuser, and if that’s what being a Dominant means, what does that say about me? Is that all I am, an abuser?” he spat at the other man.

“Harry, Domination is not the same as abuse. A true Dominant, Submissive relationship will meet the needs of both parties, and will be in a way that allows you to both live within your own value system.” He stopped for a brief second “Harry your violent reaction to his behaviour tells me your value system is very different. You are not an abuser Harry, you don’t have it in you. Even I must admit that.” He stopped for a second “You are not your Uncle, Harry”. And that was the real issue, Harry didn’t want to end up like his uncle. He didn’t want to think he was capable of hurting those around him. He’d read that some abused children become abusers themselves, and he was terrified that would happen to him.

“And Harry” he looked up, to see that Severus was smirking “They were playing”

“What?” he asked incredulously.

“It was a scene Harry, it wasn’t real”

“What, how…how do you know that?

Severus smirked, “It was rather obvious if you cared to look” his eyes flashed amusedly as he said it.

“Oh”. He contemplated that for a second, feeling some of his anxiety ease, before suddenly flushing.

“Do not worry, I do not believe anyone else noticed your behaviour” the other man pursed his lips amusedly.

“Only because of you. You saved me from making a fool of myself.”

“I already informed you that I understood keeping you from making an idiot of yourself was a full-time job” he stated snidely, but his eyes flashed with humour.

“Arse” Harry retorted, grumbling, and Snape merely laughed.

Chapter Text

Snape and Harry seemed to be developing the beginnings of a mutual friendship, and the following week became easier for Harry to manage. That wasn’t to say that Snape had miraculously transformed into “Mr lovely” overnight, however there was less of a sting to his remarks and he was just as quick to tell him if he had done something right, as he was when Harry was at fault.

So far, their search for any signs of the death-eaters had been a waste of time. Nobody was aware of any deaths, or missing persons, and there hadn’t been a hint of a disturbance. Harry was beginning to wonder if Dumbledore’s sourced had been mistaken. They had even resorted to hiking around the hills in the vain hope they might spot something, or lure the offenders out as the posed as two helpless muggles. The hiking was strenuous, and wasn’t made easier by the fact that he was less fit and therefore slower than Snap, a fact that the man tormented him with.

“Hey do you fancy going up to the bar for a drink? I’m exhausted after this morning” Harry asked the other man. It was late Sunday afternoon, and after a day of hiking, in which Snape had only been somewhat bitchy, he hoped the reduction in their animosity could be built upon by a leisurely afternoon in the pub, and hopefully a bite to eat.

Snape glanced at him, about to say something and then stopped, appearing to change his mind. “Very well, though I have expensive taste”

“Ha” Harry remarked,” I think I’d be more shocked if you didn’t” Snape smirked at him, which gave him hope that tonight might actually go well.

They both changed and then headed up to the bar, and there was a definite new found camaraderie between them. He enjoyed Snape’s cutting remarks when they weren’t directed at him, and he found that when he was relaxed, he was actually very funny. Snape was even managing to be generally agreeable, and at times quite thoughtful. At one point Harry started shivering a little, wishing he had brought his scarf, and the next moment Snape was handing his own to him. Harry took it, accepting the gesture graciously.

When they arrived, the bar was noisy and full of life, and there were few tables left. “Why don’t you try and grab a seat somewhere near the back so we can actually hear ourselves think, and I’ll grab us a drink” he shouted and the other man nodded, doing as asked. He realised he hadn’t asked him what he wanted to drink so he figured he would just order him an expensive Scotch. A few people waved to him, but they left him alone, as he weaved his way to and from the bar.

“Here” he said, handing the older man his drink. Snape took it without comment, and Harry sat across from him, taking a sip of his gin.

“Yum” he said, beaming at the other man, who merely rolled his eyes, though with good humour.

“So what’s a nice guy like you doing in a place like this?” he joked.

Snape looked at him shrewdly “Well my old cronies have started a muggle shish kebab, and my sadistic employer thought it would be a good idea to catch them by pimping me out as a sex slave” he deadpanned, and Harry burst out laughing, barely keeping from spraying the other man with gin.

“Oh dear god, that is the best response I have ever had” he remarked, continuing to chuckle, “though I seem to definitely have missed the sex-slave aspect of this trip” he retorted wiggling his eyebrows.

The other man smirked, but said nothing, and Harry couldn’t help feeling that there was a sudden moment between them. He was definitely coming to the conclusion that he wouldn’t half mind a bit of the sex-slave action with Snape.

There was a tense silence for a moment, before Snape changed the subject. “So you want to be an Auror then?” he asked, seemingly genuine in his curiosity.

“I think so, I don’t know if I’ll be any good at it, but here’s hoping” he replied.

“As long as there is no potion making involved then you’ll undoubtedly do fine” Snape stated matter of factly. Harry had to bite his tongue to keep from gaping at the fact that Snape had given him an actual compliment.

“Thanks, I hope so” he replied, “What about you, are you still planning to teach for the foreseeable future?”

The other man shrugged “I have considered opening a potion’s supply business, but I have to be realistic. As much as I crave some level of solitude, that much alone time would undoubtedly be unhealthy. Plus, as much as that old twit of a man makes me want to do unspeakable things, I owe him everything”

Snape was being uncharacteristically open, and Harry was definitely getting some fuzzy feelings in the pit of his stomach. He almost felt like they were on a date. He didn’t really know what to say to this uncharacteristic openness however.

“Yeah, he’s a good man” he said redundantly.

Snape smirked “I never said he was a good man. In actuality the man is only a few dead brain cells away from evil genius” Harry snorted, it was scarily accurate, and he’d prefer not to think about the horror of what Dumbledore could do if he was actually evil.

“Oh god, imagine what could happen if he teamed up with that psychopath we both know and love” he remarked with genuine horror.

“Do not even contemplate that scenario Ha…Jamie, it is not worth the sleepless nights” Harry couldn’t tell if Snape was joking or not, and he decided he really didn’t want to know.

One second they had been having a date-non-date and the next second it was like a horror-scene was unfolding. It started off innocently enough, someone bumped into him which sent his drink flying across the table and dripping down onto Snape’s lap. The man behind him, clearly merrily drunk, as evident by the heightened volume of his voice, turned, beginning to apologise, when Snape stood. Before Harry had a chance to stop him, Snape had snapped at him “Perhaps next time you might think of bringing at least a few brain cells with you when you have the audacity to leave the house, though from the looks of things you might not actually have any to spare” It was actually quite tame for Snape, but the real problem was that he had just insulted another Dominant. He seemed to realise his mistake as soon as he finished speaking, and for a second he looked panicked before his mask was firmly back in place. Those around the table stopped talking and the man looked outraged.

“How dare you” he barked.

Harry stood, smiling appeasingly, trying to salvage the situation. “I’m sorry about that, my submissive just gets a little protective of me, and we are still getting used to the community, I hope you can forgive him”

“He insulted me” the other man fumed.

“I know and I promise you I will deal with this as soon as we get home” he replied, retaining his false smile.

“No I want to see him punished, he needs to learn his place” the other man crossed his arms and stared at him stonily. Harry was very aware of the eyes of those around him. Whilst the rest of the bar might not have yet noticed, it was only a matter of time.

“We have only just arrived in the community this week. I promise you that he will be punished, but I am asking that just this once you allow me the opportunity to do this at home” He pleaded with the other man, hoping he would see sense. Unfortunately, the man was drunk and insulted, and it was clear he was trying to save face in front of his friends.

“No” the man stated stubbornly “You know the rules of the community, if he disrespects another Dominant, then he must be punished publicly”

Harry turned to Snape guiltily, who had his eyes trained on the floor. He couldn’t seem to find a way out of this mess, that didn’t involve putting the other man over his knee.

“Very well” he bit back, making it clear he wasn’t happy. “Give me room” he commanded to the group. He turned the chair around to face the crowd and then walked over to the other man. “Severus” he whispered getting the man’s attention. Snape looked up at him, his eyes shuttered. “Come” he commanded, allowing his dominance to seep through. He needed to try to a find a way to make this as easy as possible on the other man, and he considered that the best way was simply to dominate him, thus taking away any choices which could result in making the situation worse. He firmly grabbed the other man’s arm, guiding him towards the chair. He sat and pulled Snape over his knee. He was surprised by how compliant the other man was, but he was also thankful as it would make it harder for people to see them as a true couple if he couldn’t get him to obey.

“I will give him a warm-up here and then give him his full punishment at home, will that satisfy you?” he asked the other man, the edge to his voice making it clear it better be. The other man swallowed and nodded. The man just wanted to save face, and he had banked on the fact that it would be enough. Harry lifted his hand and brought it heavily down on Snape’s backside. He needed to make it hard enough that it would give the man the show he needed, but not enough that it would do any damage. Snape made no sound nor movement. Harry swatted him a dozen more times, but again there was no reaction, and it was clear that those around him were getting bored with the lack of show. He looked up at the other man, “satisfied?” he asked, pouring his dominance into that one word. He noticed that the other man backed off minutely, but nodded, before turning away.

“Come” he said, helping the other man up. He turned, to grab their jackets and then whispered to Severus “Hold your head up high, you have nothing to be ashamed of” he ordered. Snape said nothing, and did not look at him, but he noticed that his head was held up proudly. Harry grabbed his arm, pulling him out into the cool late afternoon air.

It was the longest ten minutes of his life on the walk home, and Harry had absolutely no idea what to say. He kept physical contact with the other man, hoping it would give him some support, but he couldn’t think of any words that would be suitable in that moment. As soon as they entered the cottage, Snape silently removed the collar, before heading straight for the bedroom, closing the door quietly. Harry debated with himself for a short while before deciding he needed to try to be with the other man. He opened the bedroom door slowly, unsure what he would find. Severus was lying on the bed, still dressed in all but his shoes.

“Severus” Harry stated tentatively, attempting to gauge the man’s current state of mind. Severus merely looked up at him, before turning his eyes away. For once, Harry was worried about the lack of a cutting remark. He knew Severus was a proud man, but he also knew he was a submissive at heart, and Harry needed to know how badly the incident had affected him.

Harry walked towards the bed and knelt on the floor next to where his head lay. “Severus” he began softly, forcing the other man to look at him “I know I’m not your favourite person in the world, but we are in this together” Severus snorted softly “No Severus, we are” he stated vehemently, though never raising his voice “Do you think that’s how I wanted it to go today? Despite what you may think I respect and care for you. I would never have willingly put you into that situation” Severus’ eyes narrowed, as if taking measure of him, but he said nothing. “Listen, we are here alone, and all I want to do right now is be here for you. Can’t you put your feelings for me aside just for a little while and let me take care of you? I promise I will never mention it after today if that is what you want” he could hear the pleading in his voice, but it didn’t matter. He couldn’t leave Severus to deal with this on his own. Severus watched him intently for a further few seconds as if searching for something, and then he nodded briefly. Harry’s stomach twisted with warmth at the acquiescence and he smiled warmly at him.

Harry stood, before walking around the bed and laying down behind the older man. He pulled the covers over them both and then wriggled his arm underneath him, pulling him into a warm hug. Severus was initially rigid in the embrace and Harry didn’t move nor speak, allowing him time to adjust to this intrusion of his personal space. After an interminable period of silence, it appeared as if the other man had made a decision and finally relaxed into the comfort of the hold. Harry pulled him in tighter, and placed his face into the crook of his neck.

“I am so proud of you Severus” he stated softly, unsure how the other man would react. Silence again loomed into the space between them and Harry felt himself holding his breath. Eventually, a small voice, that Harry would never have associated with the other man, answered him.


Harry’s heart broke at the self-consciousness that was clear in the reply. Harry pulled him round so Severus was lying on his back. He never once broke bodily contact, they both needed that at least. The man looked up at him questioningly. “Why?” Harry began, smiling down at the older man. “Because you are amazing” he began, meaning every word “I am proud of you for coming here. I am proud of you for being so selfless, and caring so much about the lives of others. I am proud of you for taking a part of yourself that is so precious and entrusting another to look after it. I am proud of you for everything you have gone through in your life and being the man you are today. I am proud of you for today. I am proud of you for right now. Severus, you make me want to be a better man. You should be so proud of yourself” he ended, truly sincere in his words. He watched the play of emotions flit across his face, and Harry realised how unguarded the other man was in that moment. That Severus had entrusted Harry to look after him and allow himself to go so deep into his submissive headspace, gave Harry a feeling he had never truly experienced before. He could feel himself slipping into his top space, and he felt like a lion who would have protected this man with everything he had.

“I want to kiss you” Harry stated and the eyes below him widened, “I promise I won’t take it any further, but will you allow me to kiss you?” A minute nod was all he received, but it was enough. “You will tell me if you want it to stop?” again a nod. Harry thought his smile would rip apart his face. He bent down to kiss the other man. He knew that if this kiss had been with a partner they would have described it as a claiming kiss. It was powerful and passionate, and sparks exploded in the pit of Harry’s stomach at the eagerness by which Severus returned the kiss. Severus’ lips were surprisingly soft and Harry used his tongue to push them apart. The other man complied without fight, and Harry’s tongue claimed his mouth. Severus returned the kiss with just as much energy, but there was no battle for dominance, allowing Harry to set the rules. The more Severus gave his power to Harry, the more powerful and Dominant Harry felt. It was like a drug, and he knew he already had a serious addiction. For such a powerful man to gift Harry with his submission was like an ordinary man suddenly being given the world. He pulled back from the kiss gently when he realised that his mind was screaming “mine”. Severus wasn’t his, and he had no right to feel like that towards him. To his surprise, Severus smiled gently up at him and he couldn’t help himself from beaming back. Harry lay back down beside the other man, pulling him again into a backwards embrace.

“Your hair smells amazing” he commented offhandedly.

“It is my own recipe” there was a pause “I like the smell of sandalwood, it reminds me of my grandmother”

“Oh yeah? Was your grandmother a nice person?” he asked genuinely curious to get a glimpse into the other man’s life.

“Yes, she died a long time ago now though” Severus stated sounding slightly sad.

Harry squeezed him gently, burying his face into the other man’s hair. They lay silently for a long time and Harry must have fallen asleep because the next thing he knew the sun was almost fully gone and Severus was nowhere to be seen. He climbed slowly out of bed, attempting to orient himself, feeling a little foggy after such a deep sleep. He heard a noise in the lounge and was immediately awake, steeling himself for a potential confrontation. He didn’t know how the other man was going to react to the situation, and a part of him was sad that what they had shared was now gone. He opened the bedroom door slowly, his old fears of Severus’ temper making him reluctant to face the consequences.

“Mr Potter” Severus barked and Harry jumped at the unexpected noise. The other man was standing in the kitchen, his arms crossed, and with a prominent scowl etched onto his face. Harry’s stomach twisted, awaiting the barrage of insults and accusations. “Why so terrified Mr Potter?” Severus asked him, his tone deadly.

“Ummm” Harry began, petrified he would say the wrong thing.

Before he could form any actual words, Severus cut him off. “Ah yes, back to your usual eloquence” he sniped nastily.

He knew he shouldn’t have expected any different, but there was a part of him that was genuinely hurt at Severus’ reaction. He needed to escape the situation now, and go somewhere to lick his wounds. “Erm sorry” he mumbled, turning away “I’m going to grab a shower”.

His hurt must have shown on his face because a second later he heard a soft “Harry” from behind him. He stopped, turning back fearfully. Severus looked at him briefly before glancing away “I am sorry, that was unkind” and Harry’s eyes flew open in shock. “I am not used to putting my trust in others, and I did not deal with that well. I am genuinely grateful for this afternoon, you have shown yourself to have many qualities that are essential in a good Dominant” he coughed, clearly embarrassed.

“Thank you, Severus, that took a lot of guts”. After a pause he smirked getting his own back, and attempting to break the mood “and if you ever want some more of these lips that you clearly enjoyed, just let me know” he laughed before running for the bathroom, not allowing Severus the time for revenge.

Chapter Text

Whilst he had been attempting to break the tension with light-hearted joking, and had found it funny at the time, he found himself beginning to worry as time passed. He spent longer in the shower than he necessarily needed to, replaying the conversation in his head, and stalling the inevitable. Twenty minutes later he had no obvious reason to remain hidden away in the bedroom, and he forced himself back out into the lounge. On entering, the first thing that hit him was the smell of food. He could see into the attached dining area that the table was set and he wandered curiously towards it. It was set for two, with wine and bread already on the table. Despite the fact that it was abundantly clear why a table would be set for two when there were two people living in the house, Harry felt completely bewildered.

“You may sit Harry” a voice said behind him, “Dinner will be served momentarily”

Harry turned, facing a stoic potions master. Despite his demeanour, there was something off about the man, and Harry suddenly realised he was nervous. He smiled warmly, “Thank you, it smells delicious”. The man relaxed almost minutely, nodding before turning towards the kitchen. Harry sat and Severus busied himself serving the food, before sitting opposite him. Harry’s first taste made him want to melt into the ground. “Oh my god, this is amazing” he said distractedly, focused completely on the food in front of him. After a few bites he remembered the other man was also there. He looked up embarrassed, but Severus was merely smiling amusedly. “Sorry” he laughed, “Honestly, this is amazing, though I shouldn’t be surprised considering your skills with ingredients”

Severus smiled genuinely, and Harry thought it was the most amazing thing in the world. “Thank you Harry” he stated quietly, beginning on his own food.

Harry was becoming seriously distracted watching the way Severus handled his food. For something so simple, he didn’t think he had ever seen anything so erotic. Realising he was staring he refocused on his food. “Do you enjoy cooking?” he asked, initiating conversation to cover up his embarrassment.

Severus thought for a second, “I enjoy cooking when I have someone to cook for. I often cook when I am in a relationship” He stopped and Harry looked at him expectantly but he did not continue. 

“Is it a part of your dynamic?” he asked gently. The other man studied him, and he waited silently.

“Yes” he answered eventually, “Whilst I would not say that I am particularly service orientated, I do enjoy taking time to do things that may please my partner. I suppose it is a natural thing within any relationship, but there is something about it that allows me a sense of tranquillity and to feel at ease in my submission.” He blushed, as if wishing to say something else.

“Severus, you don’t need to feel embarrassed with me. You can also ask me anything you wish. In fact, I would find it really helpful if you would be willing to share some of your thoughts with me” Severus looked at him curiously “I’m still very new to all this Severus. I want to be a good Dominant and I want to be worthy of someone’s submission. I could learn a lot from you if you would be willing to teach me.”

Severus said nothing for a moment. “I must admit I have underestimated you” Harry blushed but said nothing. “There are few good Dominants out there, and fewer who would willingly ask for help from a submissive. But it is precisely those people who make the best Dominants. Only by truly understanding a submissive’s needs can a Dominant seek to fulfil them. You have shown that you understand that the relationship should always come first and the power exchange second, and for that I am willing to help you learn, therefore you may ask me anything”

Harry smiled warmly and was pleased when Severus gave a slight smile of his own. “What else were you going to say before?”

“I also enjoy serving my Dominant when he has ordered it, particularly if he has set specific rules that I must follow. Despite what you may think of me, I enjoy the obedience of it” Harry couldn’t stop himself picturing Severus kneeling to serve him. He imagined what it would be like to gently cup his face, pulling him in for a kiss and praising him for following the rules. It was a very domestic scene, and it stirred a sense of longing in him. He must have zoned out longer than he thought because the next moment Severus was speaking again. “What is it Harry?”

He shrugged gently “I was just thinking how nice it would be to have a relationship like that. It’s weird but when I’m imagining what a relationship would be like it’s not usually the sexual side of it, but all of the little things that make up the relationship”

“You were picturing me, weren’t you?” Severus smirked, though not maliciously, and Harry blushed. “Tell me what you imagined”

“What? No.” he squawked. He felt embarrassed having been caught fantasising about the man, so he certainly wasn’t going to tell him about it.

“I think it is important Harry, if you truly want me to help teach you, it will help me understand what you are looking for in a relationship. Do not be embarrassed that you were picturing me, I take full responsibly for having placed the idea into your mind, and I think we are well past a normal sense of propriety”. Severus stated gently.

Harry couldn’t look at the other man as he answered “I’d been out at work all day and you were waiting to serve me when I got home.”

“Describe the scene to me Harry” Severus prompted.

He looked at the other man incredulously, but when he made no move to retract his statement he sighed and began. “When I floo’d home, you were waiting for me on your knees. I…” Severus coughed and when he looked up Harry realised he wanted it in more depth. He blushed but continued “You had your eyes down and your hands behind your back. It was your standard kneeling position. I was so pleased to see you and knowing you were waiting on me gave me a little thrill. I could see that you had dinner prepared exactly as I instructed and I was so proud that you had followed the rules without question. I came to you, pulling your head up gently. You looked up at me, and smiled softly, and I bent down to kiss you, whispering that you were…” he stopped, unable to continue.

“A good boy?” the elder man asked knowingly, and he nodded. Severus laughed gently, “Do not be embarrassed, I think it is almost an overt statement within a Dominant, Submissive, dynamic.” Harry was grateful. He was feeling very vulnerable and at that moment Severus had the power to truly hurt him.

“How are you feeling right now?” Severus asked him.

“Vulnerable” he admitted, unable to look at him.

“Good” the other man replied and Harry’s head shot up to stare at him.

“Good?” he asked unbelievably. “You wanted me to feel like this?”

“You mistake me Harry” he began gently “I did not want you to feel vulnerable, but it is important to know how that feels. When someone is in a submissive headspace they feel perhaps more vulnerable than you feel now. It is important to be aware of this and how easily it would be to truly hurt someone in that moment. How would you have felt if I had mocked your fantasy?”

“Devastated” he admitted.

“Exactly. When someone gifts you with their submission they are placing their trust in you that you will keep them safe. They are vulnerable and you have the power to do great harm. That is not to say that this vulnerability cannot be used within power games, but the rules must be clear and what both parties want. It is for that reason that you should never jump into playing without knowing what you both want, to avoid any serious repercussions.” Harry nodded, absorbing all the information, and feeling slightly winded at the amount of responsibility he must always hold in mind. “It is also important for yourself Harry to remember that you are a person too, with your own vulnerabilities, hopes and feelings. You should never be with a submissive that expects you to be strong and in control at all times. It is important that they put just as much care into looking after you. Again, it is the people within the relationship that should always come first, and the dynamic second”.

He was a little shocked, he’d always assumed he would need to always be the one in control and always be there for the other person. “So if I wanted to cry?” he asked tentatively.

“Then you cry” Severus answered vehemently.

“But wouldn’t that make the submissive think less of me?” he asked, again feeling vulnerable.

“If it does, then they are not the right person for you Harry. You are a person first and foremost. Personally, if my Dominant felt safe enough to cry in front of me and allow me to look after them then I would feel very honoured”, he answered genuinely.

Harry looked at him, feeling a little dissociated. His stomach jumped, suddenly realising he was having such a conversation with his hated…no not anymore…potion’s professor. His desire towards the other man was growing in leaps and bounds, and he realised that this man, right now, was exactly the kind of partner he wanted.

“I want to see you on your knees”.

He gasped as soon as he said it, clapping his hand over his mouth. He’d been caught up in his fantasies, and everything had felt so surreal, almost as if he was drunk, that he’d unintentionally voiced his desire. They both stared at each other in deathly silence, but before he had a chance to come fully to his senses and grovel to the other man, Severus was sliding from his chair. He moved the small distance towards Harrys chair before settling himself on his knees, eyes down and hands behind his back. It was exactly how Harry had described it and for a moment he could do nothing but stare amazedly at the scene in front of him. He had seen Severus on his knees many times since entering the community, but he’d never taken much notice, it was never really for him and held no meaning for him. Now however, it was like every fantasy he’d ever had was suddenly crashing down into reality, and he was rendered speechless.  

Severus had activated his Dominant side, and almost without thought he lent forward, gently grasping the other man’s chin and tilting it up. “Look at me” he commanded, keeping his voice low, and Severus obeyed. His eyes lifted to connect with his and he realised that Severus was again unguarded. He felt winded with the knowledge that Severus was putting his trust in him at that moment, and he felt his inner lion come to the surface. He would do anything in the world right now to keep from hurting the other man. “You really are amazing Severus” he stated, staring intently at the other man. Severus continued to gaze at him, remaining open and trusting. “Thank you so much for everything tonight” they continued to stare at each other, locked in something that could not be put into words.

“May I kiss you again” he asked him and the other man nodded as best he could whilst his chin was still in Harry’s grip. Harry began the kiss gently, but was soon overcome by the sensation and deepened it. Again, the sparks were shooting around in his stomach, and he never wanted it to end. Eventually, however he needed air and he pulled softly away from the kneeling man. Harry ran his fingers through the other man’s hair, revelling in the softness of it. He felt so content in that moment, and he could imagine how happy he would be to have this in his life.

“I want you to clear the table, but leave the dishes, I will do them in the morning. When you are done, you will change into comfortable clothing and you will sit with me on the couch to watch a film.” He ordered, “Will you do this for me Severus?” The other man nodded.

“Severus” he stated warningly.

“Yes Sir” the other man replied softly, his eyes a little glazed. Harry’s stomach flipped, those words were like the ultimate aphrodisiac.

“Good boy” he replied and there was nothing funny about the statement, it was exactly how he imagined it would be “On you go then”. Severus dropped his eyes in acknowledgement before standing, and quietly lifting some of the dishes from the table.

Harry wandered, slightly dazed, into the lounge, settling himself on the couch and pondering the evening. Despite how amazing it all had been, he felt a little sad. It wasn’t truly real and he began to wonder how badly it would affect him when they both left the community and consequently went their separate ways. However, in that moment Severus reappeared and looked at him shyly. It was a look he would never have associated with the sarcastic man, and he wanted to have Severus as much or as little as he would be allowed, damn the consequences. “Come” he ordered, smiling at the other man as he positioned himself along the couch. Severus obeyed, and Harry pulled him down to sit between his legs, pulling his back to rest on his chest. It was the perfect position for a couple, and he felt a little pang of sadness mixed in with the joy.

“What would you like to watch?” he asked.

There was silence for a moment “I have not had the opportunity to watch many films”

“No problem” he said brightly, “What kind of film are you in the mood for, action, adventure, comedy?”

“I would like to laugh” he replied bluntly.

“Great, then let’s see what we have” Harry scrolled the offering of comedy films, and then came across one of his favourites. He wasn’t sure Severus would particularly enjoy the silliness of it, but he thought he would risk it.

“This is one of my favourites, so feel free to mock me for it” he laughed.

“I am sure that it will not fail to represent your imbecilic nature” Severus shot-back acerbically, but there was definite jesting in the jibe. Harry snorted amusedly, settling down and pulling the other man flush against him. He didn’t pay much attention to the film, instead revelling in the fact that the other man was allowing him such liberties. He continued to run his hands through his hair and at one point even slipped his hand up underneath the other man’s shirt, enjoying the feel of the heat from his skin, and from his hard stomach. Severus never commented on his explorations, instead remaining pliant and soft against him. Harry also enjoyed the running commentary about the film, the interspersing of cutting jibes with genuine laughter. It was amazing to hear him genuinely laugh.

“I’m invincible…You’re a looney”. The words from the screen sent Severus into another peel of laughter, and Harry felt all soft and mooshy inside. It was the epitome of what he hoped for in a relationship, and he decided that rather than worry too much about the future he would concentrate on enjoying what he had now.

It was late when the film finally ended and Harry laughed when Severus commentated “What an imbecilic ending”. He looked slightly peeved as he said it which caused Harry to laugh harder, it was exactly the feeling he had when he first saw the ending.

Harry continued to chuckle as he began to push the other man up “C’mon I think it’s time for bed. We have the barbeque tomorrow”. He watched as Severus pursed his lips, and he remembered what had happened earlier that day. “Are you ok about it? We don’t have to go if you don’t want to”

Severus looked at him before sighing “No, we must go. I shouldn’t be embarrassed, many submissive’s have been publicly spanked and no-on else will think anything of it”

“It might be their way, but I don’t agree with it” he commented, beginning to feel angry “Punishment within a relationship is a private thing, and only occurs at the permission of the submissive. It shouldn’t be made public on someone else’s order” He was feeling angrier about this afternoon after what they had shared this evening. He felt more protective towards the other man and he was angry that he had been forced to humiliate him. A hand on his arm halted his train of thought.

“Thank you” Severus stated. Harry felt confused, unsure what he was being thanked for. “I no longer feel alone in this, and it makes everything else much easier to handle.”

“Oh Severus, I meant it when I said we were in this together”

“I am now beginning to understand this” the other man replied “Now let’s go to bed, so we can get tomorrow over with”

They both stood, but as the older man walked away, Harry grabbed him, pulling him back into another searing kiss. There was no resistance and he again marvelled at how this could possibly be the same man who had terrorised his schooling.

“Sorry” he said, when he eventually pulled away “Can’t help myself” he grinned cheekily.

Severus snorted “I shall somehow learn to cope with allowing you such liberties”

“You mean I can kiss you whenever I want?” he asked hopefully.

“You may” the other man answered bluntly.

“Even in public” he asked, knowing he was pushing his luck.

Severus narrowed his eyes, and Harry wondered if he had gone too far “You may” he answered eventually and Harry couldn’t stop himself from grinning.

Chapter Text

Harry’s first morning thoughts were whether the night before had actually happened. Had they really spent the evening curled up on the couch, kissing? Had Severus really said he could kiss him whenever he wanted? If this had been a mere week ago, Harry would have laughed himself hoarse if someone had suggested that Severus would ever voluntarily kiss him.

He turned to stare at the other man, who was sleeping soundlessly beside him. His stomach fluttered, and he couldn’t stop his thoughts from reflecting on how nice it would be if this were his partner that he was waking up to. Someone whose eyes lit up when they saw him, and who would smile warmly up at him as he awoke. He wondered what Severus would be like as a real partner. Prior to last night, he would never have imagined that the older man could possibly be interested in the domestic life, but last night he had been warm and caring, and the evening on the couch had been so akin to what he had imagined a ‘real’ relationship would be like. He knew that he and his friends weren’t the typical example of eighteen year olds. They’d never longed for the partying, or the adventure. Hermione had whispered one night as they were talking, that they’d seen too much war. They knew mortality, and destruction, and that left little room for the desire for adventure. They’d spent many nights simply talking about the simple things.  Even Ron, normally so full of life, wanted nothing more than to spend his life with the woman he loved. Harry’s own life had seen so little domesticity, that he craved the normality of it, and a person he could truly be with. Someone who would make him feel valued simply for being him, and who would want to be with him without reservation. He ached for someone to hold him when he couldn’t be the saviour, when he just wanted to let go. Someone who would accept him for his flaws, and protect him when he was weak. He’d thought that had been a pipe dream, he hadn’t known how to mesh this with his desire for domination. Severus had made him realise that he could have both, and this made his desire for a true partner all the stronger.

Severus stirred, and Harry’s stomach twisted in anticipation. He didn’t know how the other man was going to react to last night. He feared he’d have the ‘morning after’ regret, and he knew that would break him a little. Severus opened his eyes and stared at him, saying nothing. There was a moment of deathly silence before he smiled softly.

“Good Morning” Severus began, before smirking “You look a little nervous”.

Harry laughed softly “I have no idea why that could be” he deadpanned. The other man smiled amusedly but said nothing. “So” he said nervously, “Last night you said I could kiss you. Does that offer still stand?”

“It does” the other man stated bluntly. Harry couldn’t stop himself from grinning, and he swooped down to place a heavy kiss on the other man’s lips before drawing away, smiling happily.

Severus snorted “I forget you are eighteen, with the impulsivity of an eighteen-year-old. I suppose I should prepare myself to be ambushed at any moment”

Harry laughed before adopting a serious face and nodding “Yes, I think that might be a wise decision”

Severus merely shook his head exasperatedly, however there was an amused half smile on his face.

“Do you want some breakfast?” Harry asked, bouncing out of bed.

Severus sat up, and didn’t say anything for a moment “I could make breakfast if you wish?” he replied softly.

Harry turned, about to tell him that it was no trouble, when he saw a hint of nervousness in the other man’s demeanour. Harry stopped himself, it was clear Severus was trying to make an effort to promote their friendship, and it would be unfeeling for Harry to deny him. Harry also wasn’t sure whether Severus was offering him this as a submissive gesture. A part of him thought that he might be, but on the other hand, it could simply be his own desire for it to be, and he didn’t want to make a fool of himself by reading too much into it.

“Thank you, Severus,” he replied brightly, walking around the bed. He placed his hand on the back of Severus’ neck and planted another kiss “I am going to have a shower, so we can have breakfast when I get out?”

“Yes” Severus replied, and Harry was sure there was a hint of deference in the reply.

Harry went off to shower, and then they had a lazy breakfast together, before Severus went to ready himself. They spent the early part of the day strategizing their next moves regarding the potential death eaters, until it was time to leave for the barbeque. Before leaving the cottage, they talked about yesterday, and Severus had assured him that he would not be overly embarrassed by the incident. They walked up towards the town barbecue, and for once Harry felt calm and content. He didn’t feel nervous that whatever he said or did was going to piss Severus off. He felt that they were finally on the same page, and were working together to support each other through this.

The Barbeque was packed, and there was a smell of roasting meat, and beer in the air. “Do you want a drink?” he asked him, and Severus nodded. They managed to grab some food and drink and found a space on the grass. The sun was beating down, and he was glad they had decided on t-shirts. He was surprised it was so warm this far north. He had heard terrible tales of the Scottish weather, but today was lovely and calm. Harry sat on a rock, and Severus knelt down beside him, leaning in close to him. Severus had been kneeling like this since they had arrived at the community, always attempting to display that they were a real couple, but today it felt different. There was something personal about it, though he couldn’t put his finger on what exactly was different. Without thinking, he began running his free hand though Severus’ hair, and his stomach fluttered when Severus appeared to lean into him minutely.

“It’s a gie braw day in’t?” a man next to him asked cheerfully, “Ye’ll no see muckle mair a this, I’m telling ya” he laughed “oor yin day o summer” he laughed amusedly, and Harry could only smile confusedly, he had absolutely no idea what the other man had said. “So where yi fae?” Harry blushed, staring at him embarrassedly. He could tell the man had asked him a question, but he couldn’t work out it what it was.

A woman near him chuckled “He said that it’s a lovely day, and to take advantage of it because we don’t often see it. He then asked where you lived before coming to the community” The fact that the woman had been required to translate had clearly amused the other man, as he was now laughing heartily. Harry turned momentarily to stare gratefully at the woman before turning back to the chuckling man. He ended up having an amusing conversation with them, the woman originally translating, however once he got used to the accent he was able to understand much more of what was being said. The submissives’ were introduced, and whilst the others joined in eagerly, Severus remained quiet, kneeling submissively, and allowing Harry to continue to run his fingers through his hair.

“Are you alright pet?” Harry asked him a while later, concerned.

“Yes Sir. I am simply enjoying the relaxation of the day. It is not often that things are so peaceful” he replied, and Harry was confident that there was no hidden meaning.

“Do you want anything?” he asked him, smiling warmly.

“No thank you Sir, however would you care for something?” Severus asked, turning himself to kneel facing him.

“Mmm, I could use some water” he replied.

“Then allow me to fetch some, Sir” he replied, beginning to stand. Before he could however, Harry grabbed the back of his head, and pulled him forward into a kiss. This was their first public kiss, and Harry wondered how he would react. Harry needn’t have worried, Severus returned the kiss passionately. When they pulled away Harry smiled warmly, staring into the other man’s eyes.

“Get yourself something also” he commanded, handing the other man some money. Harry released him, and he smoothly stood, before wandering off in the direction of the food stands.

“Well I see you’re settling in” a voice commented beside him. Harry turned to catch sight of Selena, smiling down at him.

“Yes thanks” he replied, and she sat down on a rock next to him.

“I’m glad” she stated “I was starting to get a little worried” he looked at her confused “If you don’t mind me saying, both of you didn’t seem to be too comfortable. I’ve seen it happen before, the fantasy of living in the lifestyle and the reality not meshing. I was worried that it was causing a strain on your relationship, but I’ve been watching you for a while today, and it seems that things might have settled?” she asked him.

Harry smiled, “Yes, I think it took us a little while to get used to it, but we seem to be back on track”

“Yes, I can tell” she stated pointedly, and he laughed.

When Severus returned, they were chatting away like twa crows. Selena invited them to sit with her and Bill, and they spent the afternoon laughing and chatting. Severus seemed to get on well with Bill, and Harry was mesmerised by Severus’ laugh. He found himself constantly finding excuses to touch Severus, and the other man seemed to take it in his stride, never once seeming annoyed by the attention. They ended up spending the entire day at the barbeque. The weather had prompted the drama group to put on an evening show, and the grills were fired up again to provide everyone with more food. Harry had pulled him to sit between his legs and Severus had complied easily, allowing Harry to hold him and touch him gently throughout the show.

It was late evening by the time they headed back to the cottage, and there was a definite sense of anticipation in the air as they walked silently back. It almost felt like he was walking his date home and contemplating whether he was going to go in for the goodnight kiss. When they returned, Harry couldn’t help a small twinge of anticipation that he had misjudged his actions today, but Severus said nothing, simply offering to make him a cup of tea. They ended up sitting on the couch until the early hours of the morning, talking about everything and nothing. Everything Severus said was fascinating, or humorous, and Harry couldn’t have enjoyed the evening any more. Reluctantly they went to bed, when Harry couldn’t stop himself from yawning.

Just as they were going to bed, feeling bold, Harry asked him if he could hold him, and Severus nodded, smiling softly. They spent the night spooned together, and Harry found that he slept better than he had in a long time. When Severus was not deliberately goading him, he was Harry’s ideal partner. He tried hard not to think about the inevitable ending, convincing himself he would find someone just as amazing.

When he awoke in the morning the other man remained soundly asleep. Laying there he began to think of the ways he would enjoy waking up with the other man, and this started a chain reaction towards his penis. Judging it best to avoid the inherent humiliation that would occur should Severus find him in this position, he gently extracted himself, deciding he would do the dishes and make breakfast for them both. He put on the radio and by the time he was beginning to scramble some eggs he was bouncing around the room using the spatula as a microphone “One last thing before I quit, I never wanted…”. He was in the middle of a dramatic rendition of ‘Monkey Wrench’ when he noticed that Severus was leaning against the doorframe, amusement clear on his face. He couldn’t stop himself from blushing, he must have looked a sight, jumping around in his boxers.

He quickly turned off the radio, “Sorry, did I wake you” he asked, trying to cover his embarrassment.

Severus smirked “I would have hated to miss this display” he laughed.

Harry couldn’t stop himself from laughing “Glad I gave you a show”

“Oh you definitely gave me a show” he remarked, eyeing him, pointedly running his eyes up and down Harry’s body.

“Oi” Harry faked modesty, throwing his arms across his chest “keep your eyes to yourself” he commented.

Severus laughed “I apologise Mr Potter, you are safe from my leering advances”

“Hey, I never said I wanted to be safe from your advances” he quickly returned, grinning again.

The older man pursed his lips amusedly “Alas, my advances are entirely at your discretion”

“Careful” Harry shot back “I might take you up on that”

“How ever shall I manage?” Severus returned, the smirk never leaving his face.

“Go and sit down before I use this spatula for something it was never intended for” he joked. Severus’ eyes flashed and Harry stilled. “That turns you on” he stated bluntly. Severus coughed, looking away. “You like that idea” he pushed, advancing towards the older man. Severus said nothing but didn’t move either. “You promised to be honest” he continued, projecting some dominance into his voice.

Severus looked at him, but couldn’t hide the blush that had stolen up his face. After a moment, he seemed to decide that Harry was trustworthy enough. “Yes, I enjoy physical discipline from someone I trust”.

Harry stepped back, his stomach plummeting “Oh”

“Harry?” the other man questioned, clearly surprised at his reaction.

“Then the other day….” He couldn’t bring himself to continue “I am so sorry Severus” he finished looking up sadly at the other man.

“Harry” the other man began, having understood his sudden change of emotion “You had no control over that incident. Do not worry, you have not scarred me for life” he continued, projecting an air of amusement into the room. “It has not changed how I feel about domestic discipline in a loving relationship. That was an entirely different scenario”

“I am still sorry” Harry continued “To take something so important to you and twist it into public amusement makes me so angry”

Severus walked towards him “And that alone tells me you will be…I mean, already are, a good Dominant” Severus advanced into his personal space. “May I kiss you Sir?” he asked.

Harry was more turned on in that moment than he had ever been. That simple submissive request was beautiful. “Yes” he whispered. Severus dropped his head and pressed his lips gently against his. It was frustratingly soft and within moments Harry was taking control of the kiss, pushing harder and grabbing the other man’s arms. Severus easily relinquished the control and this only served to heighten Harry’s Dominance.

“Fuck” he eventually panted, pulling away from the kiss “You are going to kill me” the other man huffed in amusement, “What was that for”

“You deserved a reward” he answered, pulling away and walking towards the kitchen door.

“What?” Harry asked, confused.

“You are a good man. You genuinely care for the welfare of others and I thought you should be rewarded for that” Severus replied, turning to look at him.

Harry growled, advancing towards the other man. He watched as Severus visibly gulped, his eyes widening as Harry predatorily advanced towards him. It still amazed Harry how open Severus was willingly being with him. He was a master spy, he could easily hide his reactions should he so choose.

“You thought I deserved a reward?” he asked dangerously.

“No, I…” Severus seemed genuinely to be lost for words.

“You thought to control me, did you?” he asked, pushing Severus further into the corner of the room as he continued to advance.

“No…I just… I thought…” Severus stopped unable to find the words.

Severus was now wedged into the corner of the kitchen and Harry loomed over him “Is it your place to reward me?” he asked, his voice deceptively quiet. Severus shook his head. “Is it your place to try to control my behaviour?” he prompted, and again, Severus shook his head. “Do you think it acceptable that a Submissive rewards a Dominant for their behaviour?”

Severus shook his head fearfully and dropped his eyes in supplication “No Sir, I never meant that” he stated, appearing slightly flustered.

“Then did what did you mean boy?” he asked menacingly.

“I…You…you were so caring I just wanted to show my appreciation Sir” he whispered, keeping his eyes trained on the floor.

Harry watched him as if it was a film. His Dominant side was taking control of the situation, feeling justified in his actions, but the other side of him was saying “What the fuck?” as he attempted to dominate his potions professor.

“I think you should watch yourself boy, lest I find a genuine use for this spatula. Do you agree?” he asked.

“Yes Sir, I will watch my behaviour in future so as you do not have a reason to punish me” the other man replied without hesitation. Harrys stomach flipped, they were crossing into dangerous territory. Harry had essentially asked him if he could punish Severus for misbehaviour and the other man had clearly affirmed that he would allow Harry to set the rules and consequences.

“Very well” he stated, deciding to jump in with both feet “I expect you to be on your best behaviour today, but when we get home this evening we will be having a serious discussion regarding rules and punishments. Do I make myself clear” This was Severus’ chance to retreat from the situation and Harry waited with baited breath.

“Yes Sir” he eventually replied, lifting his eyes, and staring meaningfully at Harry. He was making it clear that he was consenting to Harry setting some rules for their relationship. Harry’s chest contracted, he felt like he was in a dream. He genuinely felt like he was the luckiest person in the world right now.

“Mmm, such a good boy” he praised, pushing himself bodily against the older man. He lifted his hand to tangle his fingers in the other man’s hair. Gripping it gently but demandingly, he pulled the hair, forcing Severus to lift his head up. Severus’ eyes were hooded and his mouth was parted. He presented a picture of wanton abandon.

“Are you going to be a good boy for me today?” he asked, and the other man nodded, which only served to pull harder on his hair, making him gasp.

“And what will happen if you are not a good boy?”

“I will be punished” Severus answered dropping his eyes.

“Yes Severus, you will be punished. Any misbehaviour means you will go over my knee.” he paused briefly “And it will not be like yesterday pet” he continued “It will be a real spanking. I think that is the only way you will learn.” He paused again, allowing the other man to absorb the information. “Do I have the right to punish you like this?” he asked, again seeking consent.

“Yes Sir. I will behave Sir, but if I don’t then you have the right to punish me” Severus answered. His explicit answer was making it clear that he consented to the development of their relationship in this way. Harry was momentarily distracted by the considerable hard-on that Severus was displaying, which was currently poking into his hip.

Harry smiled “mmm you are perfect, you know that boy?” he mused, not expecting an answer. He ran his other hand up Severus’s torso, before pulling slightly harder at his hair. Severus gasped, and Harry chose that moment to claim a brief bruising kiss. Releasing him, he pushed him firmly towards the kitchen door. “Sit, I will bring breakfast in a minute” he commanded, placing a firm pat to the other man’s behind before turning back towards his breakfast. His eggs were ruined, resembling more of an ash pile than scrambled eggs so he set about making them from scratch.

 They enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, the tension being released by a heated discussion regarding the importance of history of magic in the school curriculum. It was soon time to leave the house and Harry commented offhandedly that he wasn’t wearing his collar.

“No Sir” Severus replied, a continued air of submission in his voice, “I thought you may wish to put it on” There was a sudden atmosphere in the house, and Harry was not ignorant to the enormity of the gesture.

“Thank you, Severus,” he voiced genuinely, “It is a privilege to be allowed to collar you” Severus inclined his head in acknowledgement but remained silent. “Will you kneel for me?” he asked and Severus did without hesitation. Harry ran his hands over the collar, revelling in the feelings of power he was currently experiencing. As he neared, Severus raised his head, giving him access to his neck and Harry lent forward, running the leather around his neck before buckling it behind the now bent head. They both paused for a moment, acknowledging the action, before Harry ran his fingers through the dark hair and then ordered him to stand.

On leaving the house, Harry took the bold step of linking his hand into the other man’s, and Severus squeezed his hand in reply. They were like any young couple, out on a first date, happy and carefree. They walked into town, their hands never unclasping and their bodies consistently pressed together.

Chapter Text

“Jamie, Gary” a female voice called from behind them.

Harry twisted around at the sound of the voice. It was difficult to turn when clasping onto Severus’ hand, but he was reluctant to let go, so he settled for craning his neck awkwardly behind him. He heard Severus laugh quietly beside him, and he turned to mock glare at him. The other man ducked his head, muffling his laughter in the collar of his shirt, as Harry craned back around to see Selena waving at him. She was walking towards him, accompanied by a gaggle of laughing people.

“Ah there you are boys, I was hoping to catch you. We need two more for our weekly versus bowling teams, please say you will join us”.  She pleaded, batting her eyes soulfully at him.

He laughed “Don’t try the puppy dog eyes on me, I am immune” he declared.

“Oh Gary, won’t you please persuade him?” she giggled.

Severus laughed, and it was heart-warming to hear him so relaxed in a social setting. “Alas Ma’am, I fear I have no control over my Master, however, I shall do as you requested, though I do fear the consequences” Severus turned to him, and mimicked Selena’s puppy dog eyes, making him look sad and innocent “Sir, I beg you not to leave this fair damsel in distress”. Although Severus was only joking, Harry desperately wanted to kiss away any sadness that Severus could possibly ever have.

He pulled the other man closer, before replying. “Very well” he huffed, pretending to be put upon.

“I thought you said you were immune” Selena laughed, clearly amused by Harry’s reaction.

“You found my weak spot” he grumped.

Selena continued to laugh, “I should warn you, we are all rubbish, but it’s a lot of fun, so c’mon let’s go”

Selena was right, there weren’t many good players, but the atmosphere was hilarious. It had been so long since Harry had been able to relax and truly enjoy something, yet with every passing day in the community he could feel his spirits lifting. Severus also looked like he was enjoying himself, often laughing and making jokes with some of the other residents. Harry enjoyed watching him, loving seeing him so relaxed and happy, and so easily joining in the banter. He seemed like a different person from the one he had previously known. Harry knew Severus hadn’t changed, but suspected that this was who he really was, when he wasn’t weighed down by the stress of trying to balance powerful wizards, and trying to keep the student populace alive.

Whilst most players weren’t very good, Severus was excellent, though he was adamant he hadn’t played since he was a child, and that had only been once. Considering they were playing submissives versus dominants, Harry’s team were losing spectacularly.

Gordon, a fellow Dominant, who was large and roguish, with a playful demeanour, slid up to him accompanied by Selena. “I think we are going to have to resort to cheating” he whispered.

Harry looked at him, and a nodding Selena, unable to stop himself from laughing at their conspicuous demeanours. “Cheating?” he queried.

“Your boy there is too good, you are going to have to do something” he replied adamantly.

“And what exactly should I do?”

“I don’t know, you must know some ways to distract him. We can’t lose for a third week in a row. Do you know what this week’s penalty for losing is?” he asked, his eyes widening comically.

“Hey you never said there was a penalty” he declared, turning to Selena and narrowing his eyes.

Selena coughed, looking away “Erm, yeah, the penalty is that whichever team wins has a party whilst the other team buys the drinks and does the serving." She paused briefly "Erm and it’s in costume”

“What” he spluttered. “What costume?”

“Well, I’ve heard tales of duck costumes” she groaned.

Harry pursed his lips, he really, really didn’t want to have to wear a duck costume. “Fine” he declared “I’ll handle it”

He walked over towards Severus, who was searching for his next ball. He placed his hands around his waist from behind. “I’ve decided to cheat” he declared.

“Mmm?” Severus queried.

“Yes I have decided that you are only allowed to play with your left hand” he stated, turning the other man around.  

Severus narrowed his eyes at him “So you have decided to use your powers for evil then?” he declared.

“Yup” Harry nodded, sighing as if it was a burden. He laughed “You are showing everybody up”

“And that is my problem how?” Severus asked him, crossing his arms in front of him.

“Well it’s not, but if you are a good boy, and do as I say then I’ll cook you a nice meal, and I’ll buy you a present” he pleaded.

Severus humphed, clearly amused “Is that an order Sir?” he asked.

“Yes” Harry replied, pulling the other man in for a kiss.

“Well it better be a good present” he declared. “It’s my shot” Harry released him, and he walked over towards the aisle. Harry watched him lining up the shot, staring at the way his ass looked in the jeans as he bent over, and he wondered what it would feel like to run his hands over it, and …. He stopped himself, now was definitely not the time for inappropriate thoughts. A cheer went up from the crowd around him, and Harry snapped himself out of his thoughts to see a smirking Severus walking back towards him. Harry looked up at the scoreboard to see Severus had gained another strike.

The man walked back over to him, and Harry asked in disbelief, “That was with your left hand?”.

Severus nodded, clearly pleased with himself, “I still expect that present” he declared.

Harry nodded dumbstruck “Fuck, he was going to have to wear a duck costume”


As expected the submissive’s had won the game by a fair margin, and Harry was dreading the upcoming party. They had joined the others for a celebratory dinner, and Harry couldn’t remember a time when he felt so peacefully happy. On the walk home, however, that happiness morphed to worry. Things had progressed fairly fast with Severus, and whilst a part of him felt it was completely natural and right, another part of him was terrified that he was perhaps out of his depth. Severus was an experienced submissive, and he was nothing more than a newbie. He suddenly felt like a child trying to play with the big boys, and having no clue what to do. He worried about what Severus would expect from him, and whether he would become annoyed at his experience, and maybe even laugh at him. He wanted to be a good Dominant, he wanted to learn, and he couldn’t imagine learning with anyone other than Severus, but there was a part of him that was genuinely scared.

When they arrived home, and had changed into more comfortable clothing, Harry asked Severus to sit on the couch. They both knew what it was about.

“Are you sure about this?” Harry asked him.

Severus studied him for a moment before replying, “It appears to me that it is not I that is unsure.” Severus observed, “You are under no obligation to continue”

Harry’s stomach twisted with nerves. He needed to tell Severus how he felt before they went any further. “It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I don’t really know what to do. I mean you’re really experienced, and I don’t think I can give you what you need, and I mean I don’t really know why you’re doing this, I can’t really understand why you would want to do this with me. I don’t even know what you expect from me, and what if I screw it all up?” he rushed it out, not giving the other man a chance to interrupt. He blushed, and despite the change in the way Severus acted towards him, he still couldn’t stop the doubt that the other man would ridicule him for his fears.

“Breathe Harry” Severus stated, smiling amusedly at him, though there was a definite warmth to it. “Perhaps it would help to clarify what the expectations are, and then you can make a decision as to whether you wish to continue?” Harry nodded, grateful that the other man was guiding this. “You told me that you wished to learn how to be a good Dominant. I believe that this would provide you with a good opportunity to learn. I do not expect you to know everything Harry, and I certainly don’t expect you to try to be something just because you think it is what I want. I want you to learn in a safe environment. You can view me as effectively a ‘hands-on’ guide” he smirked, and Harry couldn’t help smiling back. “We would set out clear guidance as to what the expectations are, and it will be something we both agree to.”

“Ok, that makes sense, but what do you get out of it then if it’s just to help me learn?” he asked.

“I hardly think it will be a chore.” He began, laughing “You are passionate and you have a natural dominance that intrigues me.” He stopped for a second, and the humour seemed to dissipate from the room “I do not trust easily Harry. There are very few people in my life whom I have ever allowed to even glimpse my submission. As much as it surprises me, I trust you. It has been a considerable while since I have indulged my submissive side, and being with you over the last two weeks has made me realise how much ignoring this part has affected me. I trust you Harry and I would like to give you my submission for the time that we are here. It gives you an opportunity to learn, and myself an opportunity to get in touch with this side of myself. I have found myself craving rules recently. It is a large part of my dynamic, and something which I rarely have the opportunity to indulge in. You can set rules, and I will follow them, and if I do not then you will have the right to enforce consequences”

“Oh” Harry said, unable to think what else to say in that moment. He’d been so worried about it, but Severus had the ability to make it all sound so safe.

“I want you to go at your own pace” Severus continued “I have no expectations of you, other than that you will use this as an opportunity to explore your own dynamic”

“I don’t really know that much about my own dynamic at the moment, what if it doesn’t match up with yours?” he asked.

“That is why we continue to discuss our expectations as we go. If we find that our dynamics do not mesh then we will simply stop at that point, and re-evaluate whether we should continue. I will also have a safe word, and as you said I am not a novice, I am not afraid to use it. I will not allow you to go too far, but you must also promise that you will not push yourself to do things which make you uncomfortable.” Severus replied, staring at him seriously.

Harry nodded, feeling a lot less worried than he had ten minutes previously “Ok, thank you. I’m glad I told you, I think I would have been too worried to do anything”

Severus nodded thoughtfully “It is important that we share how we feel, and be truthful with each other, otherwise it will never work”

“Yeah, I get that” Harry affirmed.

 “Do you wish to continue then?” Severus asked him.

“Yes” Harry replied without hesitation. Now that he felt more assured in his role, he was definitely feeling some excitement.

“Very well, why don’t you start by telling me what rules you would like to have, and I will tell you whether they are acceptable”

Harry thought for some time “It’s really important to me that any partner I have is honest with me, and comes to me if they are worried about something, or need help. Could that be a rule?” he asked, unsure whether he was making sense

“Yes, I think that is an appropriate rule. Therefore, the first rules are that I come to you with any difficulties I have and I must be honest in my communication” Harry nodded, relieved that they were making a good start. Before he had a chance to think of the next rule Severus continued “You should be aware Harry that whilst I respect this rule, and will endeavour to honour it, I do not find it easy to share my problems with others”

Harry thought about that for a moment “I don’t think rules are really supposed to be easy, otherwise we wouldn’t need them, would we?” he asked.

Severus narrowed his eyes “I continue to underestimate you Mr Potter, I fear that I may be getting into something in which I have not fully appreciated.”

Harry huffed in laughter “Too late now Severus”

“Indeed” the other man stated wryly. “What else?”

“I don’t even know how to phrase this. I would expect my partner to be generally respectful and obedient to me but I also don’t want you to lose your personality, and I’m not sure I even know what I really mean by that. I just want you to be how you have been the last week.” it was frustratingly harder than he thought it would be to come up with simple rules.

“I understand Harry. For ease of helping you to find your boundaries, rather than go straight to punishment, why don’t you give a warning when you find any of my behaviour unacceptable. If I feel you are being too controlling I will inform you of this. If not, then any further disobedience can lead to punishment. Would this satisfy you at the moment?” Severus questioned him.

“Yes, that sounds really good” he replied smiling, he was grateful that Severus seemed to be on the same wavelength as him, and was making it so easy for him. “I don’t really know what else” he stated, unsure.

“Harry I am giving you my submission to do with as you please, I would have expected you would have at least a few things you would like to try. Do not be afraid to say what they are, I will tell you whether they are acceptable”

“I want to really see your submission Severus. I want to see it in the home as well as outside. I want to be able to give you orders. I want you to be able to be submissive with me in the way you want to be.” he stated, blushing.

“I believe they are all acceptable rules” Severus replied. “I already informed you I like to be given specific instructions, therefore that is not a problem. In regards to my submission in the home, I would like for you to see this. I enjoy obedience, and I enjoy doing things which I think will make my Dominant happy. However, you must promise me that at any time if you feel unsure or it is too much too soon, you will tell me. I will not be offended, we are both trying to work out our boundaries at the moment”

“Thank you, Severus, for making this so easy” he stated meaningfully.

Severus inclined his head “I also wish you to explore your dominance Harry, this morning you were very much in touch with it. You were firm and demanding. You should explore this further, do not be afraid that I am going to break” he stated, smirking “And I will have a safe word”

“What will your safeword be?” he asked him.

“Elephant” he replied, and Harry was surprised by the choice “It is not something which will generally come up in conversation, and it will also be very clear if it is part of the conversation or not.

“Ok Elephant, got it.”

They took a moment to reflect on what had already been discussed and then Severus continued, “Do you believe that this is enough for now? We can revisit this at any time” Harry nodded “Very well, in regards to punishment” he began, and Harry blushed.

“You mean spankings?” he squeaked. Despite the fact that he had felt so enthusiastic this morning, actually sitting here discussing potentially spanking his ex-teacher, was a whole other level.

“Yes I mean spankings” he replied smirking.

“Ok” Harry stated, blushing furiously.

“There is a significant difference between reminder spankings, in which they are quick and to the point reminders, and serious punishment spankings. I suggest that you may wish to explore both. It is important that you are able to effectively judge this. I do not envision many scenarios in which a full punishment spanking will be warranted, however, if this should arise you have my permission for this” Severus stated matter-of-factly.

Harry nodded, “Ok” he stated, feeling a little calmer at Severus’ demeanour “What can I use?”

“You may use your hand and I would also feel it appropriate to familiarise yourself with the brush, bath-brush, and” he paused, smirking again “the spatula. I will be able to guide you through using these, as I believe you have very little experience in this area?” Harry nodded again. He couldn’t understand how Severus could so calmly discuss being spanked, but he was eternally grateful that he was. He couldn’t imagine what it would be like if he actually had to lead this discussion. “You also may want to think of more creative punishments, spankings are only one method” Severus stated smirking again.

“Ok” he repeated, feeling like a parrot. “That all sounds reasonable, thank you” he stated, finally finding his voice. Severus inclined his head but said nothing. “Are we done” he asked, unsure how they were supposed to progress from here. Severus nodded, and they sat for a few moments in silence. Harry was starting at his hands, feeling slightly overwhelmed. He was supposed to be taking the lead in this, and he couldn’t even think how to start.

“Sir?” a voice interrupted his maudlin thoughts, and Harry looked up “I am going to make a cup of tea, would you care for one?” The other man looked at him expectantly, and Harry was suddenly overwhelmingly grateful for how amazing the other man was.

“Thank you, Severus, I would, but first I would like to kiss you” he stated, suddenly feeling a lot calmer and in control “Come and kneel for me” Severus slid wordlessly from the couch, and took up a submissive pose in front of him. Harry kissed him warmly, revelling in the feelings of the warm soft lips, and how light and calm Severus made him.

“Can I ask you something personal?” Harry asked him. Severus merely nodded. “Why do you identify as submissive?” he queried.

Severus regarded him for a moment. “I do not believe there is a particular reason why I am submissive, it is simply who I am. Unlike muggles, and indeed most of the wizarding world, Slytherins, particularly those with lineage, find dominant submissive dynamics to be very normal.  Throughout history, many blood lines have identified as dominant submissive pairings, and you will find many Slytherins now who live privately within these relationships, and do not see anything wrong with this. Many Slytherins learn from those older than them, and there is no shame in identifying as either dynamic. It is true that many still view submissives as the weaker half of the pairing, however this is generally by those outwith Slytherin, or whom have no lineage. It is part of the reason that many Slytherins are against muggleborns, they feel they have warped something sacred into something shameful. I have no shame in identifying as a submissive because I was brought up by Slytherins.”

“Oh” Harry replied, for once having a very slight regret that he hadn’t accepted his position in Slytherin. “I’m glad you feel so comfortable with it. I wish I had, had friends to help me understand it was normal. It was just another reason to add to the 'Harry is a freak' narrative” he sighed.

“You are anything but a freak” Severus replied, looking at him meaningfully.

Harry smiled, and they sat in silence for a moment, before Harry pulled him in for another kiss.

“You know, the hat originally wanted to put me in Slytherin” Harry told him, running his hand down his cheek.

Severus narrowed his eyes, “I truly fear that I am continuing to underestimate you, and it may be my downfall”

“We can only hope” Harry smirked, before grabbing his hair and pulling it back firmly. Severus gasped, closing his eyes slightly “Now, weren’t you going to make me a cup of tea?”

“Yes Sir” Severus replied, and Harry stole another kiss before he allowed him to go.

Chapter Text

“And where do you think you are going?” Harry mumbled, his voice barely audible through the pillow beneath him.

“I was about to go to the shop to collect the paper as I normally do” Severus replied snidely, though he had ceased his ascent from the bed, and was now sitting at the edge.

“No” Harry mumbled.

“No?” Severus queried, a hint of amusement in his voice.

“No” Harry repeated “Come here” he lifted himself blearily from the pillow, and grabbed the other man’s waist, hauling him back into the comfort of the bed. Severus laughed quietly, allowing himself to be manhandled back under the covers. Harry grabbed his wrists, pinning them above his head as he peered sleepily down at him. “From now on, you are not to leave this bed until I give you permission” he commanded, leaning down to place a kiss against the older man’s warm lips.

“Is that an order Sir?” Severus queried, smirking amusedly.

“Definitely” Harry replied, “Call it a perk of my position” he smiled, “I like waking up next to you”

“Then I shall endeavour to obey your command” he replied, trying and failing to be serious.

Harry kissed him again “Mmm, you taste like thunder and lightning” he mused.

“I fail to understand how thunder and lightning can produce a taste” Severus replied, his eyebrows knotting together.

Harry looked away briefly “You’re right” he laughed.

Severus looked at him shrewdly, “There is something you are not telling me”

Harry could feel the warmth spread to his cheeks. It had been a stupid comment to make. He had voiced it without thought when, for a moment, he had felt content. Telling Severus what it meant was revealing far too much about himself, and he wasn’t entirely sure that Severus wouldn’t laugh at him. He looked back towards the other man, who remained pinned to the bed. He realised that he truly did trust him. He’d known for a couple of years that Severus wasn’t truly working for the ‘dark side’, and while he might have trusted him to save his life, he hadn’t trusted him not to use the opportunity to hurt him. He now realised that despite Severus’ prickly attitude, he was in all honesty a good man, and although no-one else would believe it, caring and considerate. He was realising that Severus’ nastier attitude was likely a defence to keep himself safe, and to allow him to cope in a sea of war and manipulation. Severus didn’t trust people and his attitude kept others from getting too close. Harry decided that now that he did trust Severus he needed to start showing him. He had asked Severus to be honest with him so the man deserved the same.

“I had only been at Hogwarts for a month the first time we had a thunderstorm” Harry began “I remember sitting on the window ledge, listening to the rain hammering on the ground below, and watching the lightning streak across the sky. For the first time in my life I felt safe. I knew the thunderstorm was dangerous, but it also represented a warmth and security for me. The lightning was like a barrier, keeping others out. I stuck my tongue out the window, and the rain tasted amazing, like freedom and safety. I’ve always loved thunderstorms since then” he looked down at the other man, embarrassed at being so open. Severus simply stared at him, but his fingers curled round to brush against the hand that continued to pin him to the bed. Harry smiled warmly at him “Now as for you” he remarked, lowering his voice “I do not like being parted from you today, so I want you home by five.” Harry narrowed his eyes, when Severus merely nodded.

“Yes Sir” Severus amended.

“Good, I was going to make Pad Thai, do you like that?” Severus nodded again. Harry pulled back the covers, staring at the man below him. He wore a t-shirt and pyjama trousers, but the t-shirt had ridden up to reveal part of his stomach. Harry ran his fingers across the exposed skin, wondering if he would ever get to see the rest of Severus’ body. “I want you to wear the tan trousers today, I like seeing you in them” Harry ordered, giving a gentle push to the wrists pinned beneath him.

“Yes Sir” Severus replied without hesitation, a slight hitch to his voice. Harry stared at the man below him, who was remaining submissive and pliant. He wondered what it would be like to hold the other man down while he pounded into him. Would Severus be just as submissive in sexual matters? The thought definitely made his cock begin to take some interest in the proceedings. Despite how much he wanted Severus sexually, they had only just started this…well whatever it was…and he wouldn’t pressure the man, even subtly. He didn’t want to push it too far too fast, and lying next to him with an erection could probably be construed as pressure.

“Go on, I’ll make breakfast while you head up the shop” he stated, kissing him again, before releasing his hands. Severus obeyed, though not before pushing his head up to place a short kiss against Harry’s lips. Harry was surprised as Severus had rarely initiated physical contact, but it made him feel warm, and Harry hoped it was an indication that he was feeling more secure in their relationship. Despite the dominant submissive dynamic, he enjoyed the low-key intimacy that was inherent in a romantic relationship. Harry tried very hard not to think about the fact that this wasn’t actually a romantic relationship, instead deciding to focus on what he had right now.

After a quiet breakfast, Severus headed out, as he was required to attend a monthly private meeting that was mandatory for all submissives. Its purpose was to give them space to talk about any problems they were having. It was only due to last a few hours but Severus had been invited to an after meeting get together. They both thought it would be a perfect opportunity for Severus to quietly ask about any disappearances. Harry used the opportunity to go into town as he needed to do some shopping.

By the time Severus returned that evening, Harry was just putting the finishing touches to the meal he had prepared. He’d lit candles, and had soft music playing in the background. Severus entered quietly, his eyebrows knotting together when he viewed the arrangement. Harry pulled him in close, claiming him with a dominating kiss.

“Dinner is almost ready” he informed him.

Severus nodded, “I will wash up, and be through shortly, though I must ask what is the occasion?”

“Do I need an excuse to have a nice meal with the person I am living with?” he joked. He ran his hands up the other man’s stomach. “I just wanted to have a nice evening with a someone I enjoy spending time with. Now, no more questions or I will burn the dinner, and then you’ll regret it” he stated, only half joking, and Severus’ eyes widened in comical horror. In actual fact Harry was a good cook, and Severus had grudgingly acknowledged this a few weeks prior. This evening’s meal was no different, and they both fell into easy conversation.

“So did you find out anything?” Harry asked him curiously, spooning the last of the pad thai into his mouth.

“Not exactly” Severus began hesitatingly, and Harry was suddenly intrigued. “Have you noticed that according to the residents no-one has either left nor joined the community in the last six months? Although according to some of the other submissives, before this, there were always at least one or two couples going through the two-month initiation at any one time. I find it highly curious that no-one appears to have taken much notice of this or even commented upon on the curiosity of it.” Harry had to admit he hadn’t thought of this before. “Have you also noticed” Severus continued, becoming more animated “that at times someone appears to begin a story, and then suddenly forgets what they were saying and changes the subject? It appears to be happening much too often to be a coincidence. I had begun to suspect something over the last couple of weeks, however it became more apparent today when I was deliberately prompting them.” Severus looked at him expectantly. Harry thought back over some of his conversations with the residents, particularly with Selena, and only now, since Severus had brought it to his attention, could he recognise that this had occurred on a number of occasions.

“I think you are right, but what do you think it means?” Harry asked him, finally feeling as if they were starting to make some headway. For a month, there had been no leads, and they were due to check in with Albus in a week, so It would be good to have at east something to report.

“I am unsure” he mused for a couple of seconds “My gut reaction is that there is some sort of memory spell at work, though I am unaware of any that can work on such a large scale” Severus sighed “It may all just be coincidence.”

“You don’t really believe that though, do you?” Harry asked him. There had been something in Severus’ tone that indicated he was trying to stop himself from becoming too hopeful.

The other man looked at him contemplatively “No I don’t. You are right, I think there is something darker at work”

Harry smiled at him “You are so clever Severus, I don’t think I would have caught onto this myself” Severus looked away briefly, clearly embarrassed at the praise. “Come here” Harry commanded, and Severus complied easily, coming to kneel in front of him. Harry grasped him by the chin “I am proud of you Severus”. Again, the other man tried to look away but Harry stopped him “You better get used to the compliments Pet because I am not going to hide praise when you deserve it” Severus didn’t answer and Harry didn’t expect him to, however he was pleased that he hadn’t tried to argue. “I have something for you” Harry informed him, a blush rising to his cheeks. He wasn’t sure how Severus would react to being given this present. Severus merely looked at him expectantly, so Harry grasped the package he had placed beside his chair, handing it to the other man.

Severus felt the weight and structure of the package “It’s a book” he replied confidently, smiling, and Harry smiled, thoughtt he blush was still evident in his face. Severus opened it, and his eyes widened in shock. “Harry, I…how did you…why would you get me this?” he stammered.

“Because I wanted to” Harry replied bluntly “I ordered it last week. I remembered you telling me it was your favourite book, and the guy at the store told me this was a rare copy”

“This must have cost a fortune” Severus stated, his voice slightly awestruck. Harry watched as Severus ran his hands over the cover of Inferno.

“Do you like it?” he asked nervously. Harry had desperately wanted to buy him something meaningful, but he wasn’t sure if it was too early in their friendship for such a gift. He didn’t want to come off as too needy, and scare the other man away.

“I love it” Severus replied sincerely. He looked up at Harry with naked happiness, and Harry couldn’t help but fall for him a little more in that moment. Almost as quickly as the expression came it was gone, and suddenly Severus’ expression had shuttered. “What may I ask do you expect in return?” he asked his tone a little clipped.

“What do you mean ‘in return’?” Harry asked him, confused at the sudden change of temperature in the room.

“Exactly what I have asked, what are you expecting in return for such an expensive gift?”

“I’m sorry Severus, I don’t understand what you mean. I simply wanted to get you a gift” he replied meaningfully.

“No-one gives a gift of such value without expecting some sort of repayment” he countered quickly, his eyes narrowed.

“Perhaps that is what you expect, but it is not what I expect. I value your friendship, and I wanted to give you a gift to honour that. Perhaps then what I want in return is for our friendship to continue. I really do value you Severus and this is simply my way of showing it. I truly am sorry if I have upset you” Harry didn’t know what else to say, and he was upset that something which he had hoped would show his affection for the man was being taken in such a way.

Severus stared at him as if sizing him up, and then he moved forward, resting his hands on Harry’s thigh. “I am sorry that I reacted in such a way. I forget that you are not a Slytherin but an impulsive irrational Gryffindor” he smiled warmly showing that it was meant affectionately “I truly love the gift, and I find it difficult to understand why you would want to give me it, however I will accept you rational and am truly honoured that you would value our friendship in such a way. I also value your friendship though I am less inclined to indulge in insanely expensive gestures as means of proving it” he smirked “I thank you Harry, truly”

Harry smiled, “I am glad you like it. Now” he stated changing the subject, as he was feeling rather embarrassed with all the praise “let’s go through to the living room, I want to eat chocolate and then kiss you” he smiled cheekily, and Severus screwed his nose up. In his head, he was imagining many other things he could do with Severus and chocolate.


For the next few days they continued in the same vain, both beginning to feel each other out, and to find some ease in their dynamic. Harry wasn’t ready to push it too far too fast, he needed to feel out his own dominance, and to feel comfortable in dominating a man as powerful as Severus. He’d found it easier than expected, however, to adjust to his own dominance, and he’d been surprised at how natural it felt around the other man. If he had told himself 6 weeks ago he’d be dominating his potions professor he’d have thought he had gone a bit off his rocker. Despite this, they had barely had time to do more than snatch a few hours here and there, as their social schedule was becoming a bit too hectic. They were also realising that it was making it difficult to be able to investigate their theories further. They had started to turn down invitations, however it was now Friday night and Harry was currently standing in front of the mirror, glaring at himself. It was the night of the party, and as promised Harry was now dressed up in a ridiculous duck costume which had been delivered earlier that day. It was a full yellow body costume, though thankfully the headpiece was simply a cap with a large duck bill. He hadn’t yet put the hat on, and was hoping to get away with ‘pretending’ he had left it at home. Sighing, Harry turned away, deciding he needed to face the music sooner rather than later. Harry stepped out of the room with trepidation. Severus took one look at him and burst into peals of laughter. Harry simply crossed his arms and glared at the man who was struggling to control himself.

“Yes, it’s incredibly amusing that I look like an idiot” he huffed.

“You really do” Severus retorted, laughing again.

Harry glared at him again for good measure, before smiling amusedly despite himself, “Come here” he ordered, but Severus ignored him.

“Quack, Quack, I’m sorry I can’t understand a word you are saying” the other man replied.

Harry frowned, “Severus come here” he commanded again, putting an edge of dominance into the tone.

Severus snorted at him “Quack, sorry Quack, what might you be quacking about?”

Harry was less amused by the direct disobedience “Severus I am giving you a warning. Come here” he ordered again.

“It’s really hard to take you seriously in that outfit” Severus smirked, again refusing to move from where he stood.

“Severus, you are being disrespectful and disobedient, if you do not come here this instant, you are well aware of what the consequences will be” Harry informed him, a hint of steel in his voice.

“And what are you going to do about it, flap at me?” Severus retorted, the smirk still firmly in place.

Harry walked away from him, further into the living room. He pulled a chair from the dining room table. Turning around he stared meaningfully at the other man, before planting the chair firmly in the centre of the room. Severus’ smirk was gone, and he was looking a little less assured of himself.

“Severus, you are going to go into the bedroom and get me the hairbrush…” he began, but Severus cut him off.

“You are not spanking me in a duck suit” he stated loudly. Harry wasn’t fooled by the loudness of his voice, Severus was nervous. He was realising that he had pushed Harry too far. Harry had given him a warning which he had ignored, and now he was going to show Severus that he was in charge, no matter the circumstances. He wanted Severus to know where the boundaries were so he could feel safe within them.

“You will refrain from interrupting me Severus. I do not need to allow you to go this evening, and you are dangerously close to outright disobedience.” Severus said nothing, but he dropped his eyes briefly, and a blush began to form on his cheeks. “As I was saying, you will fetch me the hairbrush, then you are going to present it to me respectfully, and I mean respectfully” he warned, his voice low and dangerous “then you are going to lower your trousers and place yourself over my knee. If you manage all of this, I will know that you are regretful of your disobedience, and that you are submitting to me. Do you understand?” Harry stared meaningfully at the other man, and Severus dropped his eyes.

“Yes Sir” he replied softly.

“Very well, go” he commanded. Severus immediately walked towards the bedroom. Harry sat himself in the chair, and was surprised at how calm he felt. Within seconds Severus was walking towards Harry and he knelt down submissively in front of him. His eyes were downcast, and he held out the brush without a word. Harry took it, and Severus stood. He unbuckled his belt, and pushed his trousers to his knees, never making eye contact with him. Without a sound he moved to the side of Harry and lowered himself across his knees, balancing himself with his hands and feet on the floor.

“I am going to lower your boxers Pet” Harry informed him “What is your safeword?”

“Elephant” Severus answered immediately, though his voice was soft and submissive.

“Good boy” He replied, pleased. Harry waited for a second to see if Severus would use it and when nothing but silence filled the room, he proceeded to lower the boxers. For the first time in his life he was seeing Severus’ backside, the object of much of his random fantasies. His mouth was suddenly dry, and he was very glad of the padding in the duck suit, because certain parts of his anatomy were becoming very interested in the proceedings. He knew that what they were doing had an inherent sexual nature to it, but they had never talked about it, and despite his eagerness he remained adamant that he wanted to give the other man time to see if this was what he wanted. For now, this was enough, the fact that Severus had given him this level of his submission was better than any fantasy could have prepared him for. He felt so powerful right now, fully in touch with his dominance. Severus’ submission was beautiful and addictive, and he wondered how he would ever be able to give it up. He’d never felt this powerful, no matter what Blaine and himself had done, and that was far more than he and Severus ever had. Harry stared at the buttocks in front of him, before placing his hand gently on top of them, revelling in the smooth toned muscles beneath him. Harry had given Blaise some short spankings, so he wasn’t too worried. He knew how to give general spankings, it was the full punishment spankings that were an unknown, and made him nervous.

“This is a reminder spanking Pet, not a punishment one” he informed him, just to be clear “I will give you a short warm up, and then I will give you twenty with the brush.”

“Thank you, Sir” Severus replied softly.

Harry smiled, unseen by the other man, but brushed his hand soothingly over his back in reward. He lifted his hand and began to spank the older man, just enough to provide a soft pinkness. Severus didn’t move or make any noise, but his breathing seemed to have become slower, and he was more relaxed in his position. Harry stopped before lifting the brush, and brought it down across the palm of his hand to indicate to the other man that they were stepping it up. He didn’t give the man a chance to adjust, and immediately brought the brush down fairly hard on his left buttock. Severus jumped minutely, and there was already a slight red on the skin. Harry did the same on the other side before planting one right in the middle. He watched as Severus’ buttocks tightened as he awaited each stroke. By the tenth stroke he was beginning to move a little more and by the twentieth he was dancing slightly over his lap, though he did not make any sound. The fact that he was responding to the pain, allowed Harry to know that he was responding to him as a submissive. He knew that Severus could, in reality, take pain ten times this without flinching.

“It’s over now Pet, you did well” Harry praised, running his hand soothingly over the now reddened skin. “You can get up now pet” Severus lifted himself awkwardly from his lap, and then immediately dropped to his knees in front of him, resting his head in Harry’s lap. Harry was surprised, but felt a warmth rush through him.

“Thank you, Sir” the older man stated, barely above a whisper.

Harry ran his hands through Severus’ hair, enjoying the domesticity of the scene.

“Good boy” he praised again, and silence continued in the cottage, as they both enjoyed the comfort and closeness. Eventually though they had to move, and Harry lifted Severus’ head up to look at him.

“Perhaps now you will take me seriously?” he asked, unable to hide a slight grin.

Severus smirked, “I think it would be difficult not to. However you do realise that I will now always remember that the first time you ever spanked me was in a bloody duck suit” he grumped.

“Well at least you won’t forget it” Harry laughed.

“Indeed” he deadpanned. Severus sat, seeming to be thinking so Harry did not interrupt him “You truly are becoming more confident in your Dominance” he commented “I am hard pressed to think that many people could get me to submit whilst looking as ridiculous as you” he huffed out a laugh.

Harry laughed, “Well, I suggest that you take my warning seriously from now on.”

“Mmmm” he stated noncommittally.

“C’mon let’s get going. I wouldn’t want them thinking I am shirking my duties” he stopped for a second, cursing himself for his insensitivity. He grabbed Severus’ face gently “Do you feel upto it?” he asked.

Severus smiled, almost as if he was pleased with him “I am fine thank you, but I am pleased you have asked me” he stated warmly.

Harry pulled him in for a soft kiss.

Chapter Text

The party had ended up being a lot of fun. Despite how ridiculous Harry had looked, Severus hadn’t used the opportunity to humiliate him. Even when some of the other submissives had used it as an excuse to ridicule their Dominants and order them around, albeit in good humour, Severus had not. In fact the more Harry thought about it the more he realised that in public Severus hadn’t shown him anything but obedience and respect. Harry had spent a lot of the party just watching him, contemplating on how very different he was now. Socially he was just like everyone else, making conversation and laughing. He was still quick witted and sarcastic, but this appeared to endear him to many rather than push them away, as there was no harmful intent. It was clear that he was liked by many, and Harry could see that there were a few submissives whom he was particularly close to. He was also amazed by how much younger and more vibrant he looked without the stress he was normally subjected to. Of course, he was the only one that could see the real Severus, but he hadn’t failed to notice that a few of the other dominants were spending longer looking at Severus than was strictly necessary. He found himself, as the night wore on, becoming more possessive of the other man, often making overt displays of ownership, either holding him by the back of the neck, having him kneeling at his feet, or kissing him in a manner that could only be described as claiming. It was made all the worse by the fact that Severus simply obeyed without comment, though there was a smirk that grew ever larger as the night wore on. Severus’ overt submission to him was having rather a profound effect on both his physical and mental status. At times, he became a little worried about how possessive he was becoming of the other man, wondering if it was normal to feel it so intensely. He’d spent some time that night lying in bed worrying about it, and it had taken a while before he eventually fell asleep.

The next morning Harry awoke to the smell of chocolate, and groaned, already feeling his mouth water. Still with his eyes closed, he placed his hand across the side of the bed, expecting to find Severus asleep beside him, instead he found nothing but sheets. Sleep dazed and confused, he opened his eyes, turning to evaluate the scene. Before he had the chance to consider why Severus wasn’t in bed beside him, the other man entered carrying a tray.

“Hangover cure” Severus stated, smiling wryly.

He grinned up at the other man, turning to sit up in the bed, “Something smells amazing”

Severus screwed up his nose “You have an unhealthy preference for chocolate that I would normally attempt to discourage, however since it is the first time you have imbibed alcohol since we arrived, I felt I could let you off”. Severus smirked, before walking towards Harry, and placing the tray on his lap.

Harry snorted, “Well I thank you for your permission”. Severus began to walk round the bed to join him but was stopped, “Wait” Harry commanded. Severus turned to look at him curiously “What rule have you broken this morning?” Harry asked him, his voice slightly dangerous.

Severus stared at him, as if considering Harry’s resolve. “Considering I made you pancakes, I had assumed you would let the rule slide” he retorted, a slight sneer in his voice.

“So, my rules apply only in certain circumstances, and when you believe it’s ok to disregard them?” Harry asked him.

Severus again looked at him “That is not what I meant” he replied, though he appeared to be less confident in his manner.

“Stand at the end of the bed, feet apart, hands behind your head, and eyes straight ahead” Harry ordered him. Severus looked at him briefly, considering, and then obeyed. “When I order you to present this is how you will stand” he commanded.

“Yes Sir” Severus replied without hesitation. Harry gazed at him for a while, enjoying the way he was on display for him. He couldn’t fail to notice the slight tenting that was emerging in Severus’ trousers, the longer that he was made to stand.

“Look at me” he ordered eventually, and the other man complied. “I do not want to have to punish you pet, not when you have done something that I truly appreciate, so consider this a warning.” Severus nodded his head, but said nothing. “You chose to disregard my rule because you believed that something else was more important. Whilst I understand your reasoning, if you choose to disobey my rules whenever you think you have a reason, then you are only obeying me under your conditions. You are also not trusting me to know what is best. Disregarding my rules whenever you consider it appropriate lessens the importance of our relationship, and devalues your submission to me, even under these circumstances.” He paused for a second “I don’t know if I am explaining this well”

“Sir” Severus began, and Harry nodded at him to continue “I think you have explained yourself very well. It is important to set boundaries within a relationship, and what your expectations are. You are making it clear that your rules are absolute, and that you will not tolerate deviation from them. You set a rule, and I disobeyed it, therefore punishment is appropriate. However, by giving me a warning, you have recognised that I did not intentionally mean to disobey you, and now I will be more aware of your boundaries”

Harry smiled, pleased that Severus was approving of his reaction, as part of him had felt guilty for doing this when Severus was so obviously trying to make him happy, but he also didn’t want it to appear as if his rules only applied whenever it was convenient.

“Come Pet” he ordered warmly. Severus walked over and sat on the bed. “Do you think that this was appropriate, or am I being too demanding?”

“I cannot answer for every submissive, however I believe that you are being entirely appropriate. Your rules are not overly demanding, and you have clearly set your boundaries at each step.”

“I know that it will be different for every submissive, but right now I am concerned about you. I want to know if you are ok with this?”

Severus smiled “This is supposed to be about you finding your own boundaries, and I will inform you if I believe you are being inappropriate”

“You have really supported me to begin to find out my own boundaries, and I thank you for that, but I think it is about time that I also consider your boundaries, I want to be able to anticipate my submissive’s needs, and not only think of my own” Harry replied seriously.

Severus considered him for a moment “I believe that is not something you will have to worry about. You have been anticipating my needs from the beginning, you are able to do this almost instinctively”

Harry decided that Severus needed to be encouraged to share with him. He was beginning to realise that Severus was constantly retaining control over the situations, and he was going to need encouragement to let go even slightly. Harry pulled himself out from under the covers, crawling over and manoeuvring himself until he was straddling the other man. He pushed Severus backwards until he was lying on the bed, then grasped his arms and locked his wrists together above his head. “Mmm, I’m pretty sure you knew what I was asking, yet you chose to deflect it. If you truly do not want to share with me I will respect that, and I will not ask again. But I do want to get to know you better. I want you to make a choice right now Severus, either you will continue simply in the mentoring role, or you will choose to explore this with me, and that will mean sharing yourself with me. I know you are already experienced, but I would have thought that a new partner would allow you to explore new parts of yourself. I wouldn’t have thought that understanding yourself is a quest that is ever truly finished.” Harry paused, giving the other man time to think it through. Initially Severus looked away from him and Harry gave him time. After a short while Severus looked up at him, and there was a definite vulnerability in his gaze. “Will you tell me what it is you look for?” Harry asked him.

“I do not like to feel suffocated by rules, but I do enjoy explicit rules, and for my partner to be strict with them. I find that I respond well to your rules because you do not set too many, however you are clear with the ones you do have.”

Harry nodded, smiling. “What about rules outside the home, because If you don’t mind me saying Pet, you do seem to enjoy public submission”

Severus contemplated that for a moment “You are right, I have enjoyed the public aspect of the submission within this community, however I would not be comfortable with this at home. I do enjoy giving my submission in public but in a subtler manner that would not be noticed by anyone else.”

“You mean it’s just for you and your Dominant to know about” he interrupted, smiling knowingly.

“Exactly” Severus smirked “I like rules that mean I have to be creative to avoid embarrassment” he blushed at this, and Harry bent down to kiss him encouragingly. Severus sighed, but continued “For example, being given a time to come home when socialising, meaning I have to come up with some excuse in order to obey, or wearing particular implements that can make it very uncomfortable. No-one else knows but it makes me feel privately submissive” Harry was feeling a little light-headed, imagining himself giving these rules and knowing that the other man was obeying him even when he wasn’t around “I will not, however, tolerate interference in my teaching, or allow anything that could be construed as sexual. In this regard my submission is limited to simplicities such as what I wear”

Harry thought about that for a moment, and then huffed amusedly “Oh god, that’s why” Severus looked up at him confused “In third year, there was about three months where you wore the most random collection of shirts, everyone was talking about it, they thought you had gone barmy.”

Severus laughed, “Yes, he had absolutely no taste in clothing. What I wore was the milder end of the scale. I had to throw a few tantrums to avoid some of the more horrendous choices”

They both laughed, and then Harry bent down to kiss him again, “Thank you Severus for sharing this with me”

Severus nodded “You continue to surprise me. Your views show a maturity that is far beyond what I would have been capable of at your age. You are right, we should never stop learning, and I am happy to continue my learning with you”.

They both sat silently for a moment, and then Harry smirked “Now I think it’s time for chocolate”. He reached over awkwardly whilst continuing to hold Severus down with one hand, grabbing one from the plate. He bit into it and as usual it tasted amazing. He offered a bite to Severus, who looked at it distastefully, and clamped his mouth shut. Harry took that as a challenge, and they spent the rest of the morning with Harry trying to force him, interspersed with disgustingly long chocolatey kisses.

It was a few days later that Harry was again indulging his chocolate cravings. Severus was out with some of the other submissives, and Harry was using the time to bake. They were due to attend a get together the following afternoon and Harry wanted to bring something he had made himself. He was enjoying the peacefulness of the baking, and was currently reminiscing about the last time he had baked with the Weasley matriarch. He wondered how they were all getting on, and whilst he did miss them, he wouldn’t give up this time with Severus for anything. A knock at the door interrupted Harry’s quiet musings. Wiping his hands on the towel, he wandered through to answer the door. He smiled warmly at the man at the door, though he wasn’t sure he knew him. Harry had met so many people over the last month that he was struggling to recall who he had met. 

“Hello, my name is Daniel” the man began formally. “May I please speak to you in private, it is important”.

Harry wasn’t getting a particularly good vibe from the man, but he nodded out of politeness, holding the door open to allow the man to enter. “Please sit” he stated politely, indicating where the man should seat himself. Harry sat nearest the door, so that if he turned out to be less than stellar, he could make a run for it.

“I am sorry to bother you Mr Harkin, but I felt it was my duty to tell you about something important.” The man stated seriously. Harry was confused and a little worried, was Severus ok? He nodded to the man to continue. “I am very sorry to tell you that your submissive made a…well this is difficult to say…well he was, shall we say, flirting with me” Daniel looked at him seriously, and a little apprehensively, as if expecting Harry to blow up. Harry couldn’t really understand what the other man was talking about. Sure Daniel was handsome, but he didn’t for a moment think Severus would have been flirting with him.

“I am sorry Daniel, I think you must be mistaken, I do not believe that Gary would have been deliberately flirting with you” he began, unsure how to handle this situation.

“There is no mistake Mr Harkin, this morning I met your submissive whilst I was out on my morning walk. I have met him a few times before, and I initially thought he may have been flirting, however I was unsure. This morning however there was no mistaking his proposition, he stated that he was feeling unsatisfied.” the man looked away as if embarrassed “At home, and then asked if I would be willing to alleviate the problem. I of course turned him down, I am perfectly happy with my own submissive. I was reluctant to come and tell you, however, I thought about whether I would wish to know. I really do hope I have made the right decision in telling you” Daniel looked at him pleadingly.

Harry had no idea what to make of the man, he was either delusional or lying. Deciding that either way, he’d prefer to have him out of the house, he thanked him for the information, and promised to speak to his submissive. Harry then led him out of the home, shutting the door firmly behind him.  Whatever that was about he couldn’t wait for Severus to get home to discuss it. He didn’t really think it could be connected to the potential death eater activity, however, it would be good to get Severus’ opinion on the matter.

Harry continued with the baking, and about ten minutes later he heard the front door open. “I’m in the kitchen” he shouted, unable to remove his hands from the bowl of cake mix he was currently smooshing.

“Good afternoon Sir” Severus intoned behind him, his voice smooth and toe-curling. Uncharacteristically, Harry felt Severus’ arms wrap around his waist, and he sank back into the embrace. “What are you making?” the elder man asked, his voice clearly portraying an apprehension that he would be forced to eat whatever it was that currently looked like brown sludge.

Harry snorted “It is going to be a chocolate mud cake…I think”

“If your potions making ability is any indication of your baking ability then chocolate mud cake is unlikely to be the end result” Severus countered snidely.

“Bitch” Harry huffed “If my hands were free you’d regret that comment”

Harry felt rather than heard the laughter from the chest behind him “Lucky for me then you are otherwise engaged”

Harry flicked the last of the mixing from his hand. Pulling himself reluctantly from Severus’ embrace he headed towards the sink. “Hey, I had a weird visit today” Harry began, changing the subject. “This man came to tell me you had propositioned him.” He snorted, shaking his head “I mean he was really weird, but hey you chose me so there’s no accounting for taste” he huffed at his own joke, before finishing washing his hands and turning towards the other man with a grin. He turned in time to see Severus cross his arms, a look of hurt passing across his face before his blank mask was firmly in place. The grin fell away from Harry’s lips.

“Yes of course, because I am obviously so desperate that I would willingly give myself to anyone and everyone” Severus bit out, his tone sharp.

“Wai…” Harry attempted to interject but Severus cut him off.

“Why would you think to even ask if it was true?” He mocked, and again Harry attempted to intervene in the growing tirade, however Severus was too quick.

“I mean an ex-death eater, who could take their word seriously?” he spat.

“Severus” Harry snapped, unwilling to allow the other man to go any further. Severus stopped immediately, however there was no mistaking the glare that was aimed in Harry’s direction. “Not that you gave me a chance, but unlike what you are clearly intimating, I never asked if it was true because I knew it wasn’t” Harry stated, his voice firm. Severus looked a little less assured, but he was unwilling to give in so easily. “Look Pet, unlike you, I trust you.” He stopped sighing, he hadn’t meant it to come out so accusatory. Regrouping, he changed to a milder tone “The reason I told you about it was because I wanted your opinion on whether there could potentially be any death eater involvement, not because I was accusing you. I was trying to make a joke out of it so you would see I didn’t believe it, but that clearly fell flat on its face” he finished, smiling self-depreciatingly.

Severus stared at him with wide surprised eyes for a few moments as if processing what Harry had said. There appeared to be an internal war going on in the submissive before eventually he dropped his arms and his eyes. “I am sorry, I should not have jumped to conclusions”.Harry walked towards him, pulling the other man into a comforting embrace, before grasping his hand and pulling him through to the living room. They both sat on the couch, and Harry kept his hand on top of the other man’s.

“Severus what was that all about?” he asked him, a part of him was hurt that Severus so obviously didn’t trust him.

“I wrongly assumed that you would believe it was true. I am unused to people assuming I am innocent”. Severus was saying so much with that statement, but Harry didn’t feel ready to pull at that string yet. He needed Severus to truly trust him before they talked about all of that, and he needed to feel prepared to support him in it.

They both sat in silence for a while, with Harry hoping that the other man might continue. When he didn’t, Harry eventually broke the silence, “We are back to the trust issue again, it is going to be difficult if you do not trust me” Harry stated.

“I do trust you” Severus replied immediately “I would not have offered you my submission if I did not trust you.

Harry couldn’t stop himself from sighing. “Pet, you trust me only within the boundaries that you have set. You do not truly trust me not to harm you.” Severus made to interrupt him, but Harry gave him a warning tap to his leg “Pet, I am not angry at you. You cannot learn to trust someone overnight, but I want you to be willing to try with me. To at least try to give me the benefit of the doubt while I prove to you that you can trust me”

Severus looked at him, as if he was about to argue, and then sighed, “It is not easy for me, but yes I would like to be able to trust you”.

Harry smiled “You are too much in control Pet, and that is one of the reasons you haven’t learnt to trust me. It is like we said the other day, you are not embracing your submission to me, because you are trying to lead everything. You are setting all the rules, and actively avoiding feeling any sense of vulnerability. How am I going to be able to prove that I won’t harm you if you never give me the opportunity?” Severus didn’t reply but he blushed, giving Harry the acknowledgement regarding the truth of his statement.

“Pet, I want to tie you up, will you trust me enough to try this with me?” Harry asked him.

Severus looked at him shrewdly “Yes I trust you to tie me up.” he hesitated for a second “Is this a punishment?”

Harry quickly shook his head “No it’s not a punishment, I am not going to punish you for your fears, I am not a monster” he stopped and smiled “Thank you for trying to trust me pet.” He leant over and placed a warm comforting kiss on the other man’s lips “I want you to get three ties. Place two on the bed, and place one on the couch. I want you to strip to your boxers and kneel down in front of the couch. I am going to place the baking in the oven, and then we will begin.”

“Yes Sir” Severus replied, ducking his eyes.

Harry sent him off to prepare whilst he placed his cake into the oven at a low heat. When he re-emerged into the living room Severus was kneeling on the floor, his back to him. Harry could see that his back had a number of scars, and he felt momentary sadness for what Severus must have gone through. No wonder the man had trust issues. He wanted to ask Severus about it but he didn’t think they were there yet. Knowing this wasn’t the time to deal with these sorrows, Harry picked up the tie from the couch. Kneeling down he tied Severus’ hands behind his back. “Now Pet, I want you to close your eyes, and I don’t want you to open them again. I am trusting that you will keep them closed, and you will trust that I will keep you safe”.

“Yes Sir” Severus replied, his tone already submissive.

Harry ran his hands down Severus’ back, tracing his fingers across the scars. He knew it would likely be difficult for the other man to allow this, but to his credit he did not flinch. “Stand up Pet” he ordered, “And keep your eyes shut”. He helped the other man up, which was made difficult without the use of his hands. “Come” he ordered, guiding him towards the bedroom. Initially Severus’ steps were hesitant, however he quickly seemed to make a decision that he would trust Harry and his steps became more confident, allowing the younger man to easily lead him towards the bed. “The bed is directly in front of you. I want you to kneel up onto it.”

“Yes Sir” he breathed, his voice lighter than it had been a few minutes before. Severus lifted himself onto the bed, his feet dangling from the end. Harry picked up the other tie and secured them around his feet, binding them together. He then took the third tie and bound the two ties together so that Severus was now tied in a kneeling position. “Good boy” Harry praised, running his hands though the older man’s hair. “Move forward until your feet are on the bed” Harry commanded, and Severus complied without hesitation. “I am going to help you, but I want you to lie on your stomach.”

Between them they managed to get the other man lying comfortably on his stomach, his hands bound behind his back and raised to meet his feet which were bent up. Severus was now almost immobilised, and was likely to be feeling vulnerable, as it would be difficult for him to fight against Harry should he now choose to hurt him. Harry leant forward, placing his hands on Severus’ back. The other man jumped, but Harry did not reprimand him. He simply removed his hands, and waited. About a minute later, he placed his hands onto Severus’ thigh, who again jerked, and another minute later he placed it on his ankle. Severus had not flinched, however ten seconds later he placed them on his arm, and Severus jumped, clearly having been expecting a minute’s interval. Harry then waited three minutes, giving Severus time to wonder if this was over. This went on for some time, Harry changing the intervals between the touches, until Severus no longer flinched. Harry threw a small object across the room which clattered against the door and then placed his hand on Severus’ thigh. Severus did not flinch at either, and Harry smiled.

“Good Boy” he praised “I am so proud of you”. Harry ran his hand through Severus’ hair, kneeling down so his face was close to the other man’s. “You can open your eyes now Pet”. The other man opened his eyes slowly, and Harry smiled warmly at him. Severus looked at him, though his eyes had a faraway look in them. “I am going to untie you now beautiful” he told him, but Severus said nothing. Harry knelt up to untie him, gently placing his arms and legs back onto the bed. He lay behind him on the bed, pulling him into a warm hug. They lay like that for a while, before Harry interrupted the silence “Why don’t we skip a wholesome dinner and have toast, chocolate cake and watch a film?” he voiced, he teased.

“Yes Sir” the other man replied.

Harry was surprised he had agreed, Severus had been pretty adamant that they have dinner each evening. Harry turned him around, and Severus smiled at him almost shyly. Harry couldn’t stop himself from grinning, and kissing the other man deeply. Severus was beautiful in his submission, and his vulnerability made Harry feel so very protective of him. He truly hoped that they were starting to make some headway in the whole trust factor.

Over the next couple of days Harry began to notice a shift in their relationship. His desire for Severus was growing exponentially, and his desire to dominate the man was growing just as rapidly. He continued to be a little worried regarding the level that he wanted to possess the other man, but considering they both appeared to want it, he had managed to push the critical little voice to the back of his mind. Severus too seemed to be more in touch with his submission and more in touch with Harry. He seemed to respond to Harry exactly the way that he hoped for. A part of Harry wondered if the other man’s responses were designed for him; whether they were a part of the mentor role rather than what Severus truly wanted, because he seemed to take Harry’s increased dominance with no more than a blink and a smirk. It didn’t matter how possessive Harry became, the older man simply went along with it. However, despite his worries, Harry couldn’t seem to stop himself. Severus wandered into the living room, and he stood from the couch. He approached him predatorily, and Severus seemed to sense the change in atmosphere. The older man stopped, dropping his eyes, and placing his hands behind his back. Harry loved the other man’s responses, his ability to predict what mood Harry was in and respond to it. It must have taken years for Severus to become so attuned to his own submission, and Harry felt lucky to be given the chance to see it, and to learn from him. He grasped the other man firmly, sliding one hand up to grip his neck “Just because the headmaster will be present, don’t forget your place” Harry warned, his voice hard “Do not think it is an excuse for disobedience, or for you to be disrespectful to me”. The headmaster was due to contact them by video feed shortly, although Harry’s confidence in his ability to successfully work a computer, never mind the internet and video chatting, was not very high.

“No Sir” Severus replied, his tone submissive.

“On your knees” he commanded, and as the other man did so he gripped his hair pulling it back firmly so he had no choice but to stare up at him. “I mean it boy. Remember that when the headmaster is gone you will have me to answer to”

“Yes Sir” he breathed out softly.

“Good boy” he praised before claiming the other man’s mouth in a dominating kiss that left him a little dizzy. Harry was turned on again, which was becoming an almost consistent state when he was around the other man. He was struggling more and more with his ability to keep the relationship non sexual and he was starting to wonder whether he should attempt to broach it with the other man. On the other hand he was worried that Severus would feel uncomfortable with the sexual aspect, and would decide to call a halt to the entire thing. He really didn’t want to risk losing what they already had, as he knew it would break him a little. Luckily for him the ringing from the laptop signalled the headmaster, and he was saved from making any rash decisions. They both sat in front of the laptop, thankfully his lower half was hidden beneath the desk, and Harry answered the call.

“Ah there you are my boys” the headmaster smiled, his face unnecessarily close to the screen. “Ooo how fascinating. You look almost lifelike.” Albus enthused. Harry watched as the headmaster reached out to touch them on the screen, effectively blocking their view. Harry turned smirking towards Severus who was staring at the screen with a mildly disgusted sneer

“Albus” Severus barked, “We can’t see you when you block the screen. Can we please just get on with this without being subjected to your idiotic fumblings”

The headmaster came back into view smiling, “Well it’s good to see that your trip hasn’t dampened your good humour Severus” he replied, twinkling. Severus scowled and opened his mouth as if to retort but Harry chose that moment to place a comforting hand on his leg, unseen by the man on the screen. Severus turned to him, then sighed, closing his mouth, however the scowl remained firmly in place.

“It’s good to see you Headmaster, did you have any trouble?” Harry asked him, smiling.

“Ahh not particularly my boy” the headmaster pulled back, and Auror Kingsley’s slightly perturbed face popped into view. “We have rented a room in some muggle hotel, though I had some difficulty with the money. Apparently paying for a room in fifty pound notes is a cause for alarm, as they were required to do a number of checks” Harry laughed at that, “I also believe that they thought we had some arrangement, I distinctly heard one woman whisper sugar daddy to her colleague. I am flattered that they think I could catch myself a man as handsome as Mr Kingsley” Harry couldn’t help but notice that Kingsley was distinctly redder than he had been moments before. Considering, however, that he might be his boss in the near future Harry wisely chose not to comment, instead smiling uncomfortably.

“Albus, can you do your flirting on your own time? I believe we have some business to attend to” Severus bit out. Harry was forced to look away briefly, desperately trying not to laugh.

“Yes, yes Severus. You are right as always” the headmaster replied mildly. “But first, how are things going with you both. It has been almost a month now, how are you bearing up?”

Harry looked at Severus, who smirked and clamped his mouth shut, clearly signalling to Harry that he was leaving that part up to him. Harry narrowed his eyes at the other man, but turned back to the screen “They are fine Headmaster, the community has been very welcoming, in actual fact they have been a little too welcoming, we barely have time on our own.”

The headmaster was nodding at that “Ahhh yes, I assume it will be difficult for you not to make friends wherever you go Harry”

“Actually” Harry interrupted him “I’ve had more difficulty with the amount of social invitations that Severus gets. I’ve actually had to turn quite a few of them down”

“Ahh Severus” the headmaster smiled warmly, and there was no mistaking the hint of pride in his voice “I am pleased that people are getting to know you.” It was clear that the headmaster wanted to say, “the real you” but he also didn’t want to unnecessarily embarrass the other man. Regardless, Severus’ scowl had grown deeper and Harry figured he was embarrassed by even the hint of praise. Despite how well he accepted it from Harry, it was clear that in his real life he continued to find it difficult. It made Harry feel warm that they shared a connection that the other man didn’t have with anyone else, even the headmaster. Harry got to see a side of him that no-one else did, and it made him feel special. Despite the difficulties they were having with trust, it was clear that Severus trusted him far more than he trusted nearly everyone else.

“Headmaster, do you have any more information for us?” Harry asked him, changing the conversation. He could see how uncomfortable Severus was and this had brought out his protective side.

The headmaster looked at him appraisingly, but did not comment on the subject change. “Unfortunately not, they seem to have gone quiet…”. The headmaster went on to cover some minute details that had been discovered. Whilst Harry listened attentively, unseen by the men on the screen he snaked his arm around Severus, quietly pulling each arm back until he could grasp his wrists together in one hand. The other men were oblivious to any changes however Harry could feel that the submissive had relaxed minutely into his grasp. “What about yourselves, have you found anything?” the headmaster asked eagerly.

“Severus, do you want to tell them about your theories?” he asked him.

“Yes, S…” he began, before smoothly covering himself. He told the headmaster what they had hypothesised, and a few other details “I am fairly sure there was some magical residue coming from one of the other homes that is used during initiation, however it was too faint to be of any use”

Harry cut in at this point “There is a new couple due to join the community next week, so we will be able to watch them. We think that the initiates might be the main targets, though nothing has happened to us, so we might be completely off base”

The headmaster nodded contemplatively “Well you seem to have things in hand my boys” They spoke for a while longer, with Kingsley providing tips on remaining surreptitious, until Severus barked at him to shut up as he was far more capable than a primped up prima-Auror, which effectively ended the conversation, resulting in the two men glaring at each other across the screen. “Good, good, that’s settled then” the headmaster stated happily, breaking the deathly silence. “Now Harry” he began, suddenly appearing slightly nervous, “I do not wish to offend you, but would you mind if I speak to Severus on his own”

“I have no need to speak to you on your own…” Severus began, however Harry cut him off.

“Severus, I think it would be a good idea if you were to speak to him on your own” there was no hint of dominance in the tone, but Severus did not mistake it for a request.

He nodded surreptitiously to Harry and then turned towards the headmaster, “Fine” he sighed, “Make it quick old man”. Harry could hear a hint of fondness in the old man comment, and he was pleased that someone else had a true relationhsip with Severus' and good recognise his real value.

“Good evening Headmaster, Auror Kingsley” Harry intoned to the two men on the screen. He left them to it, heading into the bedroom, and lying spread out on the bed. A short while later Severus came in, frowning slightly.

“Let me guess” Harry laughed, “He wanted to make sure that big bad Harry wasn’t treating you badly”

The other man smirked “Indeed. I was happy to confirm his suspicions. I believe they are sending the garrison to rescue me”

“Well if I am to be thrown in a dungeon, I suppose I should make the most of my last hours of freedom” he retorted, wiggling his eyes suggestively.

“And how might you go about that?” Severus replied, his tone teasing.

Harry looked at him seriously “With that big bar of chocolate that’s in the fridge” he laughed, bounding from the bed and running past the other man. “There’s nothing better in life than chocolate” he shouted, once he had reached the kitchen.

“I’ll remember that”. Though Severus didn’t shout, his tone was undeniably deadly.

Chapter Text

There was no other word for it, Severus was being a bitch. He’d been difficult since he had returned from his morning walk to the shop. Harry had asked him on numerous occasions what was wrong, only to be met with sneering. Harry had given him a warning, which had lessened his snide remarks for a short while, but they had eventually returned full force. He’d also been fairly disobedient, reluctant to obey, and often adding cutting comments. At one point he was fairly sure that Severus had slammed the bedroom door in his face, though he was adamant it was an accident. Harry recognised that Severus was obviously struggling with something and tried to give him time to calm down on his own, but Harry had finally had enough when the other man’s comments were becoming personal and hurtful.

“Enough Severus, come here” he barked, projecting a fair amount of dominance into his voice. It was perfectly clear from his tone of voice that he was seriously annoyed. The other man immediately silenced, however the haughty scowl never left his face. Despite this he walked towards him without argument, stopping when he was looming over the younger man, who was sitting on the couch. “Down” he ordered. Severus pursed his lips in annoyance but obeyed, dropping into his usual submissive pose. There was a rigidity to it however, letting Harry know there was something seriously off about him. “Look at me” he commanded and the eyes shot up to stare menacingly at him. “What is going on Severus?” he asked and the other man shrugged. “Severus, do not evade the question, there is something the matter. You have been disobedient and bad tempered all day. You no longer have the option of keeping things hidden from me, so I will ask you again “what is the matter?”

Severus again pursed his lips in annoyance, but he seemed to have accepted Harry’s rationale, as he immediately began talking. “It’s the red-capped reprobate that works in the grocery store”.

Harry frowned, “The young one?” he asked, and Severus nodded. Harry knew the one he was talking about, he was a young Dominant, only a couple of years older than himself. He was the only unattached Dominant in the community, as they were not normally allowed, but he was the grandson of one of the communities’ residents. His grandfather had recently lost his submissive wife, and was no longer able to run the shop that he owned. His grandson had been allowed to join the community on a temporary basis, to support his grandfather and temporarily run the shop, under the promise that he would be the responsibility of his grandfather.

“What about him?” he queried.

“Every time I go in, he seems to revel in giving me the most mundane orders. Gary, kneel down and tidy up that shelf you messed up. Gary, apologise for that remark, no on your knees boy…” Severus, had been speaking in a mocking voice, but he jumped when Harry growled.

“You mean he has been trying to dominate you?” he asked, his voice quiet but deadly.

“It’s not a problem, I was just annoyed. He just enjoys having power over someone older…” the other man rattled off.

“Severus” Harry cut him off, his voice like steel “I asked you a question”

Severus blinked, clearly taken aback by Harry’s demeanour “Yes Sir” he said quietly.

“How dare he” Harry stated coldly, struggling to reign in his anger. How dare someone try to dominate Severus. It was true that other dominants could give orders to any submissive, but everyone was respectful with it, limiting them to necessities. They usually weren’t as a means of dominating someone directly but simply as a culture of the community. However, this boy was unattached and clearly was abusing his position. He took a deep breath, calming himself and refocusing on the man in front of him, who was staring up at him.

“I will deal with this...” he began

“But…” Severus attempted to cut-him off but the look Harry gave him silenced him immediately.

“No Severus, you put your trust in me. This is no longer your decision” he waited and the other man nodded.

“Yes, I will deal with this today, however right now I wish to deal with you” his voice made it clear he was unhappy, and the other man flinched minutely. “If something was bothering you, no matter how small or meaningless you thought it was, what should you have done?” he asked.

“Come to you” the other man answered softly.

“Yes Severus, you should have come to me, it is part of our rules. Therefore, you disobeyed me” the other man dropped his eyes. “Not only that but you were rude, disrespectful, and generally disobedient. I would expect you to be upset, but there is no excuse for that kind of behaviour” the shoulders in front of him slumped slightly.

“You will be punished Severus, as you have previously agreed to. Is it my right to punish you?” whilst the other man had already agreed to it, that had been theoretical, now it was a reality and he needed to make sure he still agreed. The other man nodded, but he saw him clench his fists. “Severus” he warned.

“Yes Sir, you have that right”, he replied, though not without some haughtiness to his tone.

“Very well, stand in the corner whilst I get ready” he ordered and the head shot up. If looks could kill, the daggers that were currently aimed in his direction would have felled an elephant.

“I am not a child” the other man spat.

Harry merely looked at him, refusing to rise to the other man’s temper “You were disobedient, rude, and kept things hidden from me. Whilst you are not a child Severus, you acted in a very childish manner” the daggers lessened but he still remained stubbornly on knees. “Severus, gifting me with your submission means you agree to obey me. That does not mean only obeying when you want to, or when you enjoy it. Obeying me when you find it difficult, gives true value to your submission, by trusting me to know what is best for you” Harry told him. This must have gotten to the other man because his eyes dropped and the fight lessened from his stance.

“Good boy” he praised, “Now do not make me tell you again, into the corner. I want you to spend some time thinking about what has brought you here, why you are being punished, and what you will do differently in the future” he placed his hand gently on Severus’ cheek, and was gratified when the other man lent into it. As he took his hand away Severus rose without lifting his eyes and headed for the corner, placing himself exactly as Harry had described. Harry watched him, his stomach somersaulting. The fact that he had gotten this proud, strong man to voluntarily place himself in the corner like a child, was like a drug to his Dominant side. He stared at him for a while before leaving the room to find the bath brush that they had previously agreed could be used as an implement. He took his time, pottering about, getting some water that he could give to the other man if needed. He wanted to give him time in the corner to truly contemplate why he was there, hoping that Severus would realise that he needed to be open with Harry about his worries and fears.

After roughly twenty minutes he judged it long enough, and he wandered back into the lounge. Severus remained in position and he was pleased at his obedience. He sat in the middle of the couch, with the bath brush settled on his knees.

“Come here pet” he ordered, keeping his voice gentle. Severus needed to know he wasn’t being punished out of anger, but for his own good. The other man turned, blanching slightly as he caught sight of the brush. Before he crossed the room, Harry stopped him. “I want you to strip and kneel down in front of me”. He kept his volume low but the tone left the recipient with no leeway. He needed the other man to recognise he was completely in charge, so as he would let go and put his trust in him. Severus studied him for a fraction of a second. Harry imagined he was sizing him up, and he could almost see the internal sigh as he gave in to the inevitable. The other man blushed, a red hue that grew with the more skin that was revealed. Later Harry would be able to marvel at the gorgeous body in from of him, all hard and toned, but right now he was concentrating on giving Severus the dominant that he needed. The need for nakedness was to strip him of any outward defences, to allow him to fully feel his vulnerability with the aim of helping him to let go. They needed to forget the outside world, and their past, and focus on right now, on this relationship and this moment, a submissive obeying his dominant.

Severus placed the last of his clothing onto the armchair and quickly knelt in front of him. Harry grasped his chin, “Look at me”. Severus’ eyes rose and there was a play of emotions in them. “Why are you here pet?” he asked him, keeping his tone gentle but serious. Harry didn’t allow him to drop his head, keeping a firm grip on the chin. He couldn’t let him hide from what was happening, otherwise he would feel as if he was being ‘done to’ rather than an active participant in this event.

“I was rude to you, and I disrespected you in many ways with my disobedience. I should have trusted you to help me with this. Instead I acted out and treated you in a way that you didn’t deserve.” He took a deep breath “I am sorry Sir” he stated meaningfully, “I am not used to trusting others to truly care for me, and my pride also got in my way. I was angry with myself that I couldn’t deal with a child”

Harry was a little hurt, if he thought the other man was a child, and he was a couple of year’s older, then how did Severus see him? How was he going to be able to continue with this if this is how he was viewed? “Is that how you see me pet, as a child?”

Severus’ eyes widened almost comically, and he shook his head “Of course not Sir. You have proven yourself to be mature well beyond your years. I could not trust you or give you my submission if that is how I saw you. I cannot view you as a child when your actions are of a mature competent man. I would view that man as a child whatever his age, he is a spoiled, immature brat, and the fact that I could not deal with it was what the real problem was” Severus was genuine in his reply and Harry felt warm inside. To know he was viewed in such a way by this man that he cared so deeply for, made him feel ten feet tall.

“Severus, the nature of this community does not provide you with any direct ways of dealing with the situation. In reality, you could have easily squashed him like a bug, and the fact that you didn’t makes me so incredibly proud of you.” Severus blushed in acknowledgement. “But pet, you must trust me to look after you here, just as I trust you with my very life. You are my protector, just as much as I am yours, and there is no shame in that”

The other man gazed at him, in a way Harry would describe as awe. “I do trust you Sir, and from now on I will come to you when I need to. I am sorry for my behaviour, and I do feel guilty for the way I treated you.” He took another breath “Will you please punish me Sir?” he asked him. Harry could imagine how much it would have taken for Severus to admit he needed punishment and to ask for it. He pulled him gently forward, and placed a chaste kiss to his lips, a reward for his honesty.

“Come on pet, up and over my knee” How Severus managed to make the whole thing look so very graceful he would never know, but suddenly he was over his knee, his naked buttocks in prime position, and his head burrowed into the couch. He’d been wondering why the couches were so very long, and now he understood why. It was the perfect length to accommodate a man as tall as Severus. Harry stared down at him, suddenly feeling incredibly nervous. Whilst he had played with Blaise, he had never given a true punishment spanking. What if he hurt the man? He was beginning to wonder whether he could truly go through with this when the other man spoke.

“Harry” he said softly, and Harry looked over to him, “I know you are inexperienced, but I trust you. The only way you will learn is by doing, and I am proud to be the one for you to learn with. I have my safe-word Harry, I will not allow you to go too far. If I use it, it is not a reflection of you, but as a tool to help you to learn my limits. Only then will you be able to be truly safe. But Harry, I also need you to push me, do not stop because you are afraid of hurting me. If you do not provide me with the release I need, then I will not be able to let go of this guilt and this will only make things worse” Harry smiled, thankful to the older man for his trust. His nerves had eased and he felt ready to begin.

“Thank you pet, you make me prouder by the second” Severus blushed again, before turning his head to rebury it into the couch. Harry took a breath and began. The first hand spank resounded loudly in the room and left little more than a tiny hue on the pale skin. Severus did not move nor react to it and this encouraged him to continue. He reigned down handspanks until his hand was sore and there was a warm pink across the buttocks in front of him.

“That was the warm up pet, now prepare yourself for the real punishment” he warned as he lifted the bath brush. The first strike, he judged to be too soft, and the second a little harsh as Severus jumped a little more than was expected. By the third strike he felt confident he had found a good balance and he continued to strike the buttocks below him. Severus at first began to move slightly, and then moans started from the buried head. As he settled into a rhythm, the other man’s feet began to kick and his protests grew louder. Eventually, the other man began to cry. He continued for a short while longer, allowing Severus time with his tears, and then he judged the punishment to have been enough. He dropped the brush on to the carpet, and gently rubbed the flaming skin.

“Good boy” he soothed gently, “such a good boy, I am so proud of you for taking your punishment”. He continued a litany of praise until the other man was calm enough.

“Up pet” he ordered softly, and helped to guide the other man back onto his knees. Severus’ face was covered in tears, and he continued to let out little gasps. Harry pulled him into an embrace, and he felt all the tension leave the body. Severus cried a little harder, releasing everything he needed to. When the sobbing finally stopped, and Harry released him, he knelt back and stared up at him, in a way that Harry could only describe as reverence. He could imagine that he would do anything in the world to be deserving of that look again.

“It’s over now pet, you did so well. I am so proud of you” he praised him, running his hand down his cheek.

“Thank you” the other man replied.

He smiled “How do you feel?”

“I feel good Sir” he grimaced slightly “well as good as one can feel with a throbbing backside” he acknowledged ruefully. Harry smiled gently in acknowledgment. They sat like that for a while, both reflecting on the afternoon, until Severus interrupted the silence.

“Your judgment of the entire punishment was exact. As you have no experience, I can only describe you as a natural.” Severus looked at him shrewdly “If this is you as a novice, I am terrified for the sub that you will have when you are experienced. You are formidable” he smirked, but Harry was a little concerned, had he been too harsh? His face must have given him away, as Severus sought to reassure him “You judged everything perfectly, from the gentle scolding, to providing me with rationale, and as much as I hate to admit it, even the corner time. I was initially angry with you for treating me in such a way, but I found that I needed it. I needed the time to sort through how I was feeling, and to acknowledge that I needed punishment. You could have easily gone on a power trip, but you didn’t. You judged what I needed and you gave me it. When I said, I was terrified for your sub, I am also jealous. You are formidable Harry, and that is scary in an exciting way. Your Sub will get away with nothing. If you can take me, an experienced sub and help me to easily let down my defences and trust you, then when you are experienced, your sub will get away with nothing but complete honesty and submission. If you can find the right sub, you will have a connection few can only dream of.”

“Thank you, Severus, you have no idea what that means to me. I have come to rely heavily on your judgement and guidance, and I thank you for continuing to encourage me” the other man inclined his head but said nothing. Harry drew him forward into a comforting kiss. As he felt the cold tear tracks against his face, it suddenly hit him what he had done, and he could feel himself falling into his top space. He took control of the kiss, grabbing the back of Severus’ head to pull him in. He entwined his hand into the hair, giving a gentle tug that caused the other man to gasp into his mouth. He deepened the kiss, pouring his dominance into it and was gratified when the other man kissed back just as eagerly”

Pulling away, Severus smirked knowingly “Feeling a little toppy?” he teased gently, and Harry growled, tugging on the hair in warning. Severus’ eyes flashed and he stared meaningfully at him. “Perhaps you would like me to help you with that Sir?” he asked, in an almost nervous way. Harry was momentarily confused, until he followed Severus’ line of sight and noticed that his desire was making itself seriously known, and even he was impressed with the bulge that was currently straining in his trousers.

“No Severus” he began and he saw the other man deflate in front of him, his eyes becoming guarded. “Don’t get me wrong pet, I want it. You have to know by now that I desire you” the other man looked at him, clearly unsure how to feel “Right now I can’t trust that this is what you truly want and is not simply a reaction to this afternoon.” Severus made as if to interrupt him, and he gave a warning tug of his hair. “If this is something you truly do want, then we will discuss it later. We will talk about it sensibly and set some clear guidelines. You yourself warned me that I should never play without knowing what we both want”

“I stand by my assessment, you are formidable” Severus smiled, again relaxed and unguarded.

“Come on, why don’t you go and have a shower, and if you feel up to it, I would like to take you to the restaurant for dinner, would you be up for that?” he asked

“Like a date?” the other man asked him softly.

Harry decided to jump in with both feet “If you feel that is something you would like, then I would love to take you on a date. But if it is not something you want, then it is just two friends spending time together socially”

Severus considered it “I would enjoy a date” he answered, his voice soft.

Harry beamed “Great, but remember only if you feel up to it. I don’t want you dropping in the middle of dinner. Now go on.”

Severus inclined his head in acknowledgment, before standing. He gathered his clothing and then walked towards the bedroom. Harry watched him retreat, marvelling at the red of his backside. He really felt like he needed to pinch himself, had that all really just happened?

An hour later, just as they were preparing to leave, there was a knock at the door. Harry answered it, whilst Severus stood slightly behind him. “Selena”, he acknowledged warmly, “Would you like to come in?”

“No, no, she replied, I’m just here to invite you over for dinner on Friday. Bill has been learning some new recipes and he is eager to show them off” she laughed.

“We’d love to come”, he replied, turning to acknowledge Severus in the reply, who nodded his head politely. Severus was now standing directly beside him, but made no move to interrupt the conversation.

“That’s settled then. I did come by a little while ago but you seemed busy” she smiled knowingly, and Harry turned to watch as Severus’ cheeks became instantly red. Selena laughed warmly, “Oh no need to be embarrassed son, my Bill often finds himself across my knees. I’m surprised you haven’t heard him, honestly he could scream down the neighbourhood” she chuckled again.

“Actually, Selena, I do need to talk to you. The reason Gary was being punished was because he had failed to inform me of an ongoing situation. He informed me that the young man who runs the grocery store has been trying to dominate him when I am not around”

Selena’s face grew instantly serious and concerned “What?”.

“Tell her pet” he commanded, placing his hand encouragingly on Severus’ back. Severus looked at him almost as if he was drawing courage from him, before replying.

“He keeps ordering me to my knees for trivialities, usually on the pretence that I have been rude and need to apologise, or I have messed up a shelf and need to fix it. I acknowledge that I may not always be the most courteous of men, but I can honestly say that I have never disrespected him. This morning when I was there, he ordered me onto my knees to apologise to him for not saying thank you Sir after each item he scanned through. He even ordered me to drop my eyes and put my hands behind my back” Harry’s anger was rising again, and it must have shown because Severus began leaning into him.

Selena looked just as angry as he felt “Gary I am so sorry, and to you Jamie. That is despicable. Rest assured he will be dealt with. I assure you that kind of behaviour is not tolerated here. All submissive’s should feel safe here.”

“I do feel safe ma’am, and it has not changed how I feel about the community, please do not worry yourself. I trust in my Master to protect and care for me” Harry’s breath hitched, that Severus would so openly acknowledge his trust in him, was amazing. He ran his hand up and down his back in acknowledgment and comfort.

“Thank you, Gary, that is one less worry to be sure. I am still very sorry though” they both inclined their head to her.

“Well I will get on now, but I must say you both look very handsome this evening” she smiled, breaking the sombre mood.

“I am taking Gary to the restaurant for dinner” Harry replied.

“Ah well, have a great time, and I will update you soon regarding the situation” she waved at them as she retreated and Harry shut the door.

“Are you ok pet?” he queried.

Severus smiled “I was a little embarrassed, but yes I am fine. Thank you for dealing with the situation”

“Always” he replied.

Chapter Text

The food had been excellent at the restaurant, and the conversation had flowed easily. Harry couldn’t help feeling a little smug every time Severus winced when he moved position, and he desperately had to try not to let that smugness show on his face. It made him feel both powerful and protective at the same time. He found himself slightly mother henish, making sure Severus was content and happy despite his aching backside. The other man sneered at him a few times but generally allowed Harry to look after him. Harry had known about aftercare but he was surprised by how important it was not just for the submissive but how much he really needed to give it.

The night had definitely felt like a date and despite how far their relationship had progressed Harry was still nervous. Silly things made him self-conscious; whether he was talking too much, whether he had food in his teeth, whether Severus was bored. In reality the night had flown by as they talked and laughed, wrapping their hands together whenever they had a break from eating. It wouldn’t have mattered if a flock of dancing seagulls had paraded through the restaurant, it would have been doubtful if either man would have noticed. By the time, they were heading back into the cottage, Harry was feeling content and happy. He threw himself onto his back on the couch, and watched as the other man headed into the bedroom. It was definitely a little backwards the way their relationship was progressing. They’d just had their first date, yet they’d been sleeping in the same bed for a month, Harry had already seen him naked, he’d tied him up and he’d spanked him. Despite the fact they’d just had a date, Harry didn’t even know if this was progressing in to an actual relationship, or if it was still only limited to the time they were in the community. It was all very confusing, and the thought of losing the other man now was a little hard to think about. Deciding not to dwell on anything melancholy, after such an enjoyable evening, he thought back to this afternoon and Severus’ offer to help him with his erection. Harry wondered how he might bring up the discussion again to see if it was something he truly wanted. The thought of Severus on his knees, his mouth wide around his cock, was a fantasy he’d had for quite some time.

“I already offered to help you with that” an amused voice stated, pulling him out of his visualisations. Severus was smirking down at him, and he realised that his daydreaming had been a bit more physical than he realised. He didn’t have the energy to be embarrassed however and merely laughed. Well Severus had certainly provided him with an opening for the discussion. 

“Mmm, I faintly remember you mentioning something about it” he smirked, and the other man laughed before sitting onto the couch beside him. Harry couldn’t help but smirk gently when Severus winced as he sat down.

Harry pushed himself up into a sitting position “So are we going to talk about it?” he asked suddenly feeling nervous.

Severus laughed, “You’ve had me on my knees, in bondage, and bent over your knees naked, and this is when you get embarrassed, talking about sex” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

Harry couldn’t help but giggle, it did seem a bit ludicrous. “I get what you are saying, but when I think about it, all of that came almost naturally, and I let my Dominance guide me in it. I can’t do that here, I need to know that it is mutually agreeable, so my dominant side is safely tucked away”

Severus looked at him shrewdly “Harry, I don’t think you can ever just tuck away your dominant side, it’s a part of who you are. Think back to how many people have followed you simply because you commanded it. You are a natural leader and a natural dominant.” Harry contemplated this, Severus did have a point, “However, you’re approach to this has been very mature, so yes I would like to talk about it”

“Ok well, really you’re the one with the experience here” he stated, unsure where to begin.

The other man blinked, “If you would permit me then, may I ask you some questions? I will then better be able to guide you on your approach to this”. Harry was truly grateful to the delicate way Severus was managing this, he wasn’t humiliating him, and in fact he was deliberately keeping Harry in the authoritative position through his deferential approach.

“Yes Severus, you may” the other man inclined his head in acknowledgement.

“Can you tell me what you have done before with your partners?” he began. “Do not be embarrassed about your perceived lack of experience, you are 18. Many 18-year old’s have never had the opportunity to have sex, nevermind try anything else”

“Well I’ve only had one sexual partner” he began, thinking about Blaise “We had sex, and blow-jobs, all the usual stuff, but in terms of the dominance, submission, we never delved too deeply. It was really just about exploring how we felt to take on that role. I’d tied him to the bed a few times, tried out some light spanking, nothing like today” he commented eyeing the other man, who blushed softly “we’d started trying anal plugs, and submissive poses, but then we split up”

“I think it would be important, Harry, to continue with these ideas, before trying anything which could be considered more intense. You need to feel comfortable in the sexual side of your dominance before exploring your kinks further” Harry nodded agreeably. “Might I suggest therefore, that initially If you wish to explore this with me, that you limit it to things you have already tried before, or things that are in a similar vain. Once you feel comfortable, then we can think about some other things you might be interested in”

“Yes, that sounds like a good idea, it makes it seem less scary” he acknowledged, though he felt a little vulnerable having admitted his fear. Severus merely smiled reassuringly. “Would you feel comfortable with this?” he asked.

Severus smiled again “Yes Sir, I believe I would rather enjoy it”

Harry smiled, “So you are ok with having sex?” he asked.

Severus chuckled “Harry I am hardly a blushing virgin. Yes I am very ok with having sex” he emphasised the word ok, parroting Harry’s own words.

“Great” Harry smiled, unsure what to say to that.

“Harry, I want you to take this at your own pace. Don’t try to push yourself because you think it is what I want. Don’t try to be all knowing either. If you are unsure ask, if you are nervous take your time. I am your guide. Many people in the lifestyle have had one, and I am honoured that you trust me to be yours”

“Thank you, Severus, it makes it all a lot easier” he paused “Ok so can you just outline what the limits are at the moment” he wanted Severus to do it so that he didn’t have to say the word blow job out loud again.

Severus huffed, clearly trying not to laugh “We are sticking to” he began, again using Harry’s words. “Anal sex, you also have free reign to use my mouth whenever you wish” he smirked, and Harry guessed he knew exactly what those words would do to him, “you can incorporate play spankings, light bondage, you may gag me but I would prefer that you not blindfold me until we are more comfortable with each other. We can also go to the shop tomorrow for lubrication, and to peruse some items that you may be interested in, such as anal plugs, handcuffs, ball gags, and light paddles, if you so wish”. Harry was definitely beginning to feel hot under the collar.

Before he lost himself to the fantasies he needed to clarify some issues “And you will keep your safe word?” he asked him, and the other man nodded, “But I’ll always stop if you say no anyway”

“I know you would Harry, but you have not considered that as we progress you may wish to incorporate role-play scenarios, in which No might not actually mean I want to stop” Severus smirked again knowingly, and Harry wondered if he knew about some of his more forbidden fantasies.

“Okay,” he croaked, beginning to find it difficult to think straight. “So, if you use your safe-word then we stop”

“Might I suggest that we have two safe words, one for slow down and one for stop. If I say amber, then I need you to slow down, to perhaps pause. If I use my original safe-word “Elephant” then I need you to stop whatever you are doing.”

Harry nodded, then creased his brow, “What if I gag you though, and if you are bound, how will I know you want to stop?” he asked concerned.

“At that juncture, we agree on a hand signal, might I suggest that if do this” he provided a demonstration of a one handed clap for clarification “Then I am in need of your assistance. You can then remove the gag and I will give you one of my safe words”

“Okay that all sounds fair. The advice that you gave to me all stands for you though. I want you to feel comfortable and to always stop me if I start to go past what you are comfortable with. Can you promise me that?”

“I will Harry, thank you for your consideration”

“One last question, what are the boundaries of when I am allowed to …” he didn’t really know how to continue the question.

“Use me sexually?” the man asked, and Harry nodded, finding Severus’ words making a beeline straight for his cock. Severus smirked, “Whenever you desire” he stated bluntly, and Harry looked at him expectantly. “It is part of my dynamic that I am always available for my Dominant’s sexual needs, and considering how far our relationship has progressed, I would consider you my Dominant within this temporary arrangement” he started to look away but Harry stopped him with a hand on his arm.

“Thank you, Severus, I am honoured that you would consider me worthy of such a role. I can’t think of anything I would love more than for you to be my submissive here” he replied with genuine warmth.

“Thank you, Sir,” Severus stated, and silence reigned as they took a moment to digest the sudden clarification of their role. Eventually Severus broke the silence “I should inform you that whilst I may respectfully offer my services to you, and I may make some teasing advances,” he smirked playfully “I would prefer to never have to initiate sex” Harry cocked his head “It is again part of my dynamic, I feel it is the Dominant’s place to make decisions regarding the sexual aspect of the relationship. Therefore, unless you specifically order me, for example, to come up with a role play scenario, I would prefer that all sex should be initiated by you.”

To Harry that seemed incredibly hot, to know that he would have that much control over the other man had his head spinning. “Mmm thank you for telling me that Severus, I enjoy getting to know more about you. I think that would suit me well” He decided that he wanted to set his own rules too “I also don’t want you to play with yourself or to orgasm without permission. I want all of your sexual needs and release to belong to me. Do you understand Severus?”

“Yes Sir” the other man’s breath hitched as he replied, “I shall endeavour to stick to your rules.”

he lowered his voice, a clear warning that the rule wasn’t to be taken lightly, “Good boy, and I suggest you try very hard to stick to the rules because I don’t think you would enjoy the consequences for disobedience”. The other man nodded, his eyes a little glassy.

“As I said Mr Potter, I doubt you are ever able to act completely without Dominance” he commented shrewdly.

“For some reason, and I can’t think why, you seem to bring it out in me” Harry commented darkly, and Severus nodded.

“Likewise, Sir, you seem to naturally bring out my submission around you, now that I know you do not intend to harm me”

“I would never intentionally harm you Severus, I will always try my hardest to keep you safe. You have given yourself to me, therefore you are now mine to protect.”

“Yes Sir, just as I will attempt to care for and protect you”

“You always have done pet” Harry acknowledged knowingly, and the other man looked down uncomfortably.

“Now, how do you feel about orgasm denial?” he asked, something he had been aching to try.

Severus’ eyes shot up and his breath hitched again at the sudden change in direction, “My orgasms are completely at your discretion Sir” he replied. God Harry was so turned on.

“So, I can use you sexually whenever I want?” he clarified and the other man nodded. “Very well, on your knees” he ordered. The other man blinked, clearly taken aback that it had happened so quickly. “You know you were deliberately teasing me boy, and you are going to follow through” he stated, his voice holding a hint of danger. Severus slid to the floor, dropping into his submissive pose in front of him. “Good boy, now let’s see what you can do with that mouth of yours” The other man nodded before leaning forward. He set about releasing Harry’s cock from its confines, and Harry was rock hard by the time he was released. His penis stood up strong and proud, and he watched as Severus’ eyes clouded in lust. He wasn’t a vain man, but he knew he was generously proportioned. It was hard not to know when you had attended a boarding school. Thinking about Hogwarts, he wondered what his classmates would say if they knew he had their potion’s master on his knees, about to swallow his cock. He never wanted any of them to find out though; Severus’ submission was only for him. Harry watched as Severus lent forward and brushed his lips onto the top of his penis. Harry hissed as the sensations coursed through his body. Severus opened his mouth, guiding the tip gently in, allowing the heat from his tongue to sear through his penis. He played with the tip for a while, massaging it with his lips and tongue before achingly slowly dropping lower, until his mouth was covering most of his cock. The feelings were amazing, and he acknowledged Severus’ skills. This was different from anything he had experienced with Blaise, they seemed like teenage fumbling’s in comparison to what this man was currently doing with his mouth. Harry watched as Severus pulled himself up until barely the tip of his penis remained in his mouth. He looked up and their gaze caught, before suddenly the older man was swallowing him to the root. Harry bucked up, as the sensations overcame him. Severus was deep throating him, something Blaise had never managed, and Harry was feeling lost. He couldn’t stop himself from grabbing Severus’ head and holding it down on his cock. Severus moaned, causing little vibrations on his cock that pushed him right to the edge. “I’m going to come” he gasped, wanting to give Severus the option of pulling away. Severus remained however and moaned again, which completely undid him. He was coming harder than he ever thought possible. Severus continued to pleasure him, until the last tendrils of orgasm were gone. He pulled off his cock, delicately wiping his mouth as he did so. Harry merely looked at him with adoration, as he continued to come down from that impossible high.

“Are you satisfied Sir?” the other man asked him, and he could do nothing but nod. “May I be permitted to ready myself for bed?” he asked, awaiting permission to be excused. Again, Harry merely nodded. Severus said nothing, but there was a definite Dumbledore like twinkle in his eye as he retreated.

The following day, after a night spent locked in each other’s embrace, they again decided to hike into the hills. The rain had finally let up and it was a perfect opportunity to search for any signs of death eater activity. Isolating themselves from the group would also lure out any potential perpetrators as it would give them a perfect opportunity to pick off easy muggle prey. The hike had been fruitless however, and they were both a little grumpy by the time they returned. Harry knew that his grumpiness was because he was horny, watching Snape’s arse all day and being unable to do anything about his consistent half-erection was maddening. They just couldn’t risk it with potential death eater’s in the area. He’d also had to put up with Snape’s constant bitching about how slow Harry was.

Harry walked into the cottage ahead of the other man, but as soon as he had closed the door Harry pounced, bodily pushing him up against the door. He grabbed his wrists and pushed them above his head, pinning them in place with one hand. Severus’ dark eyes widened in shock, and his pupils were blown with lust. “You have teased me all day with that arse of yours” he growled, “And with your consistent sniping, I wanted nothing more than take my hand to your backside” The other man swallowed. Harry used his free hand to burrow under the layers of clothing, to feel the heat of his naked skin. He leaned forward, placing a crushing kiss against the other man’s lips, before removing his own and reattaching them to his neck. He sucked on the skin below his ear, revelling in the sounds that it pulled from him “Now if you can curb your mouth for the next couple of hours, we are going to take a shower and have something to eat. Then we are going to go to the shop, and buy some of the things we talked about yesterday. Then tonight I am going to find a much better use for your mouth than the consistent sniping it has been doing all day. Am I clear boy?”

“Yes Sir” Severus breathed, and after attacking his mouth again Harry released him.

They showered and ate as planned, and then walked up to the entertainment store which was always open late. It took them a while to reach the store because they didn’t seem to be able to go more than a few minutes before stopping to kiss and touch each other. As they entered, the little old-fashioned bell above the door made Harry giggle. The owner Carla, waved at them from behind the counter where she was serving another young couple he could only recognise by sight. “Give me a shout if you need anything Sir” she called to them.

“Now S…I mean Gary” this is your domain, where shall we start?” the shop was large, and spanned two floors, and he had no idea where to go first.

“Might I suggest the bondage cuffs, it is perhaps one of the easier places to start” he replied, and Harry nodded. They wandered over to a row of beautiful leather cuffs. “Some of the cuffs are for more advanced bondage, but you might find these ones more suitable”, he stated, indicating a row of about 10 different cuffs. Severus lifted one set that had rings and a padlock attached. These allow you to padlock them together but they also allow you to attach them to other things with rope and such like.” he indicated, holding them out to Harry. Harry liked the design of them, they were black, and would contrast beautifully with Severus’ pale skin.

“Come here” he ordered,” I want to see how they look on you”

Severus acquiesced immediately, holding out his wrists to allow Harry to cuff them together. He padlocked them because he wanted to see the full effect. As he took his hands away, his mouth suddenly became dry. Severus looked amazing in the cuffs. He had his head bowed and he looked a picture of submission.

“Oh aren’t they lovely on him,” Carla cooed, having suddenly appeared behind them. If she had been a Dominant, he would have felt threatened by her comment. As it was he still felt incredibly protective of the other man, and he stepped in closer to gain physical contact. Carla smiled warmly at them, but stepped away, and Harry guessed she must have sensed some toppy vibes from him. She voiced again that she was available for help but retreated considerately.

Harry immediately set about removing him from the cuffs. Once they were removed Severus placed his hand on his. “Sir?” he questioned, seemingly having picked up that something was wrong.

“I don’t want anyone else to see you like this. I don’t like it” he growled.

Severus squeezed his hand, and Harry looked up at him. He smiled “I am yours Harry” he whispered, risking saying his name “You need not feel threatened by anyone else.”

Harry breathed out, then nodded, pulling the other man down for a brief kiss.

“Do you wish to purchase these Sir?” he asked, holding up the cuffs. Harry warred with himself, but eventually the desire to see Severus in them again won out over the fact that Carla had seen him in them, and he nodded.

“Better get two of them, we wouldn’t want your ankles to feel left out, now would we?” he smirked. He watched as Severus’ swallowed, and his eyes widened fractionally, before he grabbed another set and placed them both in the basket he was carrying. Severus directed him to more bondage equipment, and they also decided on under bed restraints and a spreader bar. Just as Severus was about to lead him up the stairs to the paddles, Harry caught sight of a row of leashes. He stopped momentarily, staring at them. He had seen some couples using them and he wondered how it would feel to have Severus at the end of his leash.

“You like them” his submissive announced knowingly as he came up behind him, and Harry nodded. “Would you like to purchase one?” he asked gently,

Harry looked up at him, “That was never included in our agreement” he replied.

“Not directly no, but I believe they could be classified as part of light bondage”

“How would you feel about wearing one?” he asked, wanting to ensure that the other man was not opposed.

“To be honest I have never had cause to use one before” he stopped, thinking momentarily, before bending down to whisper in his ear, “However, I find myself liking the idea of being on the end of your leash, a visible symbol that I belong to you,” he whispered, his voice smooth in his ear. Severus’ voice never failed to curl his toes when he spoke in that tone.

Harry’s breath hitched and he turned to peruse the display. “I want you to choose one” he commanded and Severus turned to study the offerings. He eventually selected a jet-black set of collar and leash, with silver buckles. He pulled it down from the display and handed it to Harry. He ran his hands over the smooth leather, imagining what it would look like for Severus to be wearing it.

“Sir” Severus interrupted his thoughts, “Perhaps you would care to continue so as we can soon return to the cottage, and I can offer you my services” he looked down towards Harry’s groin meaningfully, and he suddenly realised he was rock hard. He smirked and Severus returned it.

“C’mon then upstairs” he ordered, placing the leash into the basket Severus was carrying and grasping the man’s free hand.

By the time they were nearly done, they had also chosen: lubrication; a paddle; a ball gag; two different anal plugs, one of which vibrated; a cock ring; rope; and gel which was designed to cool reddened skin.

Before going to purchase the items, Harry stopped him, “I still owe you a present from the bowling. I want you to choose anything you wish, even if you think it’s not something that we will be trying until later on”

Severus stood for a moment, clearly considering what he had seen in the shop. Eventually he nodded, and walked back towards the bondage cuffs. He lifted a slightly more complex set that were attached to strong looking silver chains “These cuffs are specifically designed to be able to support suspension. They will allow you to chain me to the hooks above the bed or in the living room, though they can be used for heavier suspension at a later time. They will support my wrists and hands in a way that the other cuffs would not when chained from above.”

Harry couldn’t stop the play of images that went through his head. He definitely liked the thought of chaining the other man up. “Are you sure? I mean that would leave you pretty vulnerable to me if you were fully chained up.” He smirked playfully though the question was serious.

Severus smiled, his eyes flashing “I am sure”

Harry was a bundle of enerrgy on the walk home, a mixture of nervousness, excitement, and downright horniness. Severus did not comment on it, merely making mundane comments about the sky or a building they passed. Harry barely acknowledged him, but that didn’t seem to deter him. On entering the cottage Severus set about cleaning the equipment as per Carla’s instructions whilst Harry hovered, admittedly, annoyingly nearby. To his credit, Severus said nothing.

“Might I suggest Sir that we keep the equipment in the small chest in the room. I took the liberty of emptying and cleaning it whilst you were in the shower earlier. I have sterilised it and it should make a good storage container”

“Organised aren’t you” he commented dryly.

“It is in my nature to try to see to all your needs Sir, and to limit any unnecessary hindrances” he replied, and he seemed suddenly unsure. “I am sorry if I have overstepped my place”

Harry walked towards him, feeling a twinge of guilt “Thank you Severus for thinking of me, and my needs. It was thoughtful of you, and I am lucky to have a submissive who thinks of such things” Severus let out a small breath. “Now are you finished with all that cleaning?” he asked, unable to hide his eagerness and frustration any longer. He saw Severus war with himself, having to push himself not to laugh or make a comment, and it showed how much he was really trying when he merely inclined his head.

“Well then, I want you to go into the bedroom. Remove your shoes and socks but leave the rest of your clothes on. You will lay out the wrist cuffs and lubrication, and then you will kneel at the side of the bed. Oh and leave your collar on” he ordered, his voice dropping into a more dominant tone.

“Yes Sir” Severus replied, immediately heading to the bedroom with the selected items. Harry spent the time trying to get himself under control, he was too heightened and if he didn’t then he’d never last very long. He tried to think of things which normally served to wilt his erection at inopportune moments including Rita Skeeter naked, Hermione lecturing him about studying (though he didn’t think she’d appreciate knowing the manner in which she was used in his head), and Dumbledore dancing in a thong. It was useless, no matter what he did or what he thought about, nothing was a match for knowing what lay in store for him in the next room, and he couldn’t get his erection to remotely behave. He was already dripping pre-come knowing that he was going to be finally fucking the man he’d had a crush on for years. He decided the best thing he could do was use Severus’ mouth to come once, which would take the edge off and give him time to build himself back up. 

Walking into the bedroom he stopped to survey his submissive. It still took his breath away that Severus was allowing him this. He walked over and grasped his arm, pulling him up. Severus stood, placing his hands behind his back. Harry immediately set about unbuttoning the other man’s shirt. When the chest was free he ordered the man to place his hands behind his head and then began running his fingers across the skin. This was the first time he had full access to Severus’ body without worrying about how far he could take it, and he wanted to enjoy simply exploring him. He ran his fingers gently over the nipples, squeezing them softly, and enjoying the tiny gasps that were coming from the older man. Clearly his nipples were an erogenous zone, if the current squirming was anything to go by. He left the shirt open, and set about unbuttoning his trousers, pulling them and his boxers down to his knees. Severus was already hard, and Harry stepped back to admire his pet. Severus looked completely wanton, with his hands behind his head, his shirt open, his trousers and boxers around his knees, and his long cock standing out in front of him. He walked around the man, running his hands over his buttocks, and across his back, mapping out every inch of his body.

“Mmm you look beautiful pet” he declared on coming again to stand in front of him. Severus blushed, but did not reply. Harry didn’t think he could stand much more of this, he really needed to release some of the tension. “Remove your clothes and get on your knees” he commanded, and Severus complied immediately. “Give me your hands” he ordered once Severus was kneeling in front of him. He held them up but kept his eyes trained on the floor. Severus’ erection did not wilt, and Harry was gratified to know he was enjoying the situation. He cuffed Severus’ wrists but did not padlock them together. He looked at him kneeling on the floor in his collar and cuffs, and another spot of pre-come leaked from him. “You really are amazing boy” he acknowledged and watched as a small blush again rose up the other man’s cheeks. “Come, you are going to take the edge off for me before we go any further”. Harry unzipped his trousers and pulled his leaking cock out. Severus immediately leaned forward and began to lick at the head. Harry was definitely feeling toppy, and he grasped his submissive’s neck, deciding he was going to guide him. He began instructing the man on every step “Use your tongue on the head…wet the head and blow on it…take a little more but no further”. Severus appeared to enjoy the control as he began to moan softly. Eventually Harry was again being deepthroated, and it didn’t take long before he was coming down Severus’ throat, clinging onto the sideboard for balance. He panted for a while, enjoying the after effects of the orgasm whilst absentmindedly running his hands through the other man’s hair.

“Present” he commanded eventually, and Severus complied, standing naked with his cuffed arms behind his head, and eyes straight ahead. “Now I’m going to play with this body for a while, and you are going to hold position” he commanded.

“Yes Sir” Severus breathed, his cock bouncing slightly at the command.

Harry began by running his hands over his chest, and then down to feather brush across his cock and balls. Severus stood stoic but a faint gasp escaped him. Harry smirked, this was definitely going to be fun. He again ran his fingers gently over the nipples, massaging them, before leaning in to lick across them. Again, there was a noise from above, and Severus swayed almost minutely.  Harry pulled away from the teasing and ran his fingers around the side until he was right behind him. He swatted the clenched buttocks a few times, which were still marked from the day before, which was why he had decided not to use any spanking implements. He pushed himself flat against Severus’ back and snaked his hands around the front, seeking out his nipples. This time he was a little harder, squeezing them softly but interspersing this with sharp pressure. Severus was rigid in his stance, his muscles taut, and at one point he groaned before catching himself. Harry’s smirk grew wider, he was definitely enjoying teasing the other man. He kissed his back a few times, running his tongue over the skin, which was warm and flushed. He then trailed his hands down the body, finding Severus’ cock. He grasped it firmly in one hand, and used the other to cup his balls. He massaged the balls gently, and then ran his hand softly up and down the cock. Severus began to move, and Harry pulled away immediately, swatting his backside.

“Bend forward” he commanded, his voice like steel, and Severus obeyed, bending forward enough that he could still remain standing whilst keeping his hands behind his head. He spanked the other man a dozen times as he held position and then ordered him to present again. No words were spoken, but it was clear that this had been a warning for moving. Harry again returned to his explorations, and Severus stood perfectly still. Harry again found his cock and began running his fingers over the head and along the shaft. Severus moaned, clearly unable to control both his body and his vocalisations. By this point Harry was hard again, and was seriously enjoying the way Severus was beginning to lose control.

“Kneel up on the bed” Harry ordered, and watched as he obeyed without hesitation. “Good boy” he praised, running his hands through the other man’s hair. Harry pulled him in for a kiss that was so deep it sent sparks throughout his body. “Mmm you taste delicious, I can spend every day kissing you and die a happy man” he stated, kissing his way down Severus’ neck.

“Likewise, Sir” Severus replied softly though his voice was already slightly ragged. Harry smiled into his neck, feeling a rush of warmth. He pulled away, and began to strip off his clothes. Severus watched every movement he made as if he wanted to devour him. Harry stripped completely, and stood, allowing the other man to finally see all of him. Severus stared at him, his eyes clouding over in lust.

“See something you like?” he asked, smirking as he remembered Severus asking him that very question.

“You are gorgeous” Severus whispered, lifting his eyes to stare meaningfully at him.

Harry smiled, genuinely pleased. “Would you like to touch me?” he asked him teasingly.

“Oh God, yes Sir” Severus replied in a tone filled with arousal.

Harry smirked, and lay down on the bed. “Straddle me” he ordered. Severus obeyed, sitting so his butt was lying against Harry’s erect cock. “Well then, have your fill”. Severus stared at him for a moment, and then began to run his hands softly over his chest and nipples. His touches were feather soft, almost reverent.

“May I use my mouth Sir?” he asked him, never lifting his eyes from staring at his chest.

“You may” Harry offered, and Severus immediately began to kiss his way up Harry’s chest, licking softly at his nipples before tracing his way up Harry’s neck and placing a soft kiss against his lips. It was maddeningly soft, and Harry used the opportunity to swing the other man on to his back, looming above him before attacking his mouth with frenzied claiming kisses. Harry reached down to grasp Severus’ cock, and the other man gasped into his mouth, rutting up to rub himself against him. Harry pushed himself against his submissive, allowing their two cocks to rub together. They both moaned and panted as the sensations coursed through them.

Harry eventually pulled away. Severus was panting and his eyes were hazed over in abandonment. “God, I need to fuck you” Harry gasped, unbelievably turned on by the state of the man below him. “Grab the bar on the headboard, and keep your hands there” he commanded forcefully. As Severus obeyed, Harry reached for the lubrication and the padlock. “I want to face you for the first time. I want to watch you fall apart. I want to see you scream, and if you’re good I want to see you come”. A strangled groan escaped the other man, and Harry’s cock jumped. He padlocked the cuffs together and then sidled his way down the bed. “Part your legs” he demanded, and watched as Severus pulled them apart, his eyes flashing. Lubricating his fingers Harry brought them down and began to gently tease him, running his fingers around the opening.

Severus moaned, “Please” he ground out, trying to push down on his fingers.

Harry pulled his fingers away and looked at him dangerously “Try that again and you will not like the consequences. Who is in charge here Severus?”

Severus’ cock jumped at Harry’s firm tone “You are Sir”

Harry nodded but continued to stare at him, pinning him in place with his eyes as he brought his fingers back to again tease him. He watched as Severus gripped tighter to the bar of the headboard, his knuckles turning white as he forced himself to stay still. Harry began to push in with one finger, enjoying the heat of his submissive. “God” he gasped, “You feel amazing”. Struggling to keep his arousal at bay, he began to open him up with the one finger, then added a second. Severus was making tiny gurgling noises but remained motionless below him. When the third and fourth finger had finally breached him, Harry could wait no longer. He pushed Severus’ knees up, and locking eyes with him, he lined up his cock and began to push in gently. Severus was tight, and Harry thought he could come just from feeling the heat around his cock. Severus gazed at him with unadulterated lust as Harry continued to push into him. Severus panted harshly as Harry continued to push in, and Harry couldn’t stop himself from moaning. Eventually, when he was fully inside his submissive he gazed in wonder at the beautiful man beneath him.

Severus looked at him with something Harry couldn’t name, and whispered softly, almost pleadingly “Please take me Sir”. Harry felt such a mix of passion, tenderness, forcefulness, lust and so many other emotions that he thought he would burst at the seams. He pushed forward, bending the other man further and brought their lips together in a messy kiss. He began to move but their lips never parted as they fucked each other’s mouth. Harry desperately needed more friction, and pulled back, kneeling up and placing Severus’ legs against his shoulders so he could use them to push off against. He pulled out and then pushed in deep, angling himself to where he thought Severus’ sweet spot might be. It took a few tries but eventually he was rewarded with a heightened moan. He pushed in again at the same spot and they both panted heavily. Harry pushed against Severus’ legs, trying to hit him deeper and harder, and Severus used his hands to push against the headboard, impaling himself deeper onto Harry’s cock.

“Please Sir, please” Severus cried out and Harry moved faster. Harry was overwhelmingly turned on, and knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

“Use your hands to rub your cock, but don’t you dare come before I give you permission” he demanded with authority. Severus complied immediately, grasping his cock and rubbing it in time to Harry’s ever increasing thrusts. Harry pounded into him harder. He was sweating with the effort, and he could feel the pressure of his impending orgasm rising within.

Severus was trembling below him, held in place only by Harry’s grasp of his legs. He was clearly overwhelmed by the competing sensations from his arse and his cock “Oh god, please, please Sir, please let me come” he cried.

“Not yet boy” he commanded, and Severus let out a hoarse moan.

Harry pushed into him hard, running his nails up Severus’ thigh. He looked at his submissive’s face, which was lost in a lust filled face and pounded into him harder. Severus all but screamed out a mixture of frustration and need, and that completely undid Harry. He felt his orgasm beginning to slip over the edge and he cried out “Come” before losing himself completely to the sensations. He heard Severus cry out at the same time, and Harry rode the wave of orgasm as it blinded him with its intensity.

Harry collapsed onto him, laying his head onto Severus’ chest as they both lay panting. Severus ran his hands through Harry’s hair and he enjoyed the feelings of tenderness it brought. He eventually pulled himself up, kissing the other man lazily. No words were spoken as the smiles and tender kisses said everything that was needed. Realising that they were sweat soaked and covered in come, they showered together, unwilling to break physical contact. They both seemed to be in a haze, also unwilling to break the comfortable silence that existed between them. They climbed back into bed, and Harry held up the cuffs. Severus nodded, and Harry buckled him back into them and padlocked them together, his heart swelling at the fact that Severus trusted him enough to sleep bound. Harry kissed him tenderly, before pulling him into a backwards hug, claiming his submissive for the night.


Chapter Text

When Harry awoke Severus was still fast asleep, curled on his side, his arms still bound in the cuffs. He felt an overwhelming sense of ownership and protectiveness. That fact that Severus had allowed himself to sleep bound, demonstrated a vast amount of trust in him. Harry gazed at him for a while, revelling in the fact that Severus was his submissive, at least for the time being. God, Harry just wanted to own every part of him. Severus’ submission was like crack, and he couldn’t get enough of it. He felt his cock rising as his dominance settled over him, and he knew he needed to claim his submissive in that moment. He sat up, leaning over to grab the cuffs of the bound wrists. He pulled them up, pushing them above the other man’s head as he pulled Severus onto his back. His submissive’s eyes were now open, but still slightly drooping with sleep. Harry climbed on top of him, pinning him to the bed, as he continued to hold his arms above his head.

He stared down darkly at him, “Do you need the bathroom?” he asked, and the man below him shook his head. “Are you in any pain?”. Harry was asking whether it was safe to take him again, and he knew Severus would understand. Again, he shook his head, and Harry grinned ominously. “I am going to use this body” he began, keeping his voice low and demanding, “You will not speak, and you will not come. You are going to stay silent and I am going to use you for my pleasure”. Severus’ eyes flashed but he said nothing. Harry leant forward, claiming his mouth in a bruising kiss before moving off him. Severus was already rock hard, and Harry was pleased that he was enjoying the situation. “On all fours” he commanded, grabbing the lubrication from the bedside table. There was going to be no warm up. He was going to claim the other man roughly, use his body, and dominate him completely. As he turned back Severus was already in position. He knelt behind him, giving him a quick swat that resounded heavily in the silent room. There were still some marks left from the punishment spanking, and this only added to Harry’s feelings of power. He lubricated his fingers and used them to gently open the other man up. A quick gasp was all that could be heard. He moved the finger around and continued until another could be added. Severus moaned and he swatted him with his free hand.

“Silence” he commanded “I don’t want to hear you. This is not about your pleasure” Severus choked but he said nothing more. Harry continued to open him up, occasionally swatting his buttocks and enjoying the sound it made in the silent room. A slight sheen of sweat had broken out on the other man’s back, and the choked panting suggested he was definitely enjoying himself. When he felt he had opened him just enough, he lined himself up, pushing steadily into his submissive. He was tight, and he wondered how Severus was enjoying the feeling. His subsequent groan suggested he was definitely enjoying it. Before Harry had a chance to swat him for making noise, Severus stopped his groan mid flow. When Harry was fully inside him he stopped, adjusting himself to the overwhelming feelings.

“Head down” he commanded, and Severus obeyed immediately, dropping his head to between his arms which were still cuffed out in front of him. Severus was so obedient, it was like a rush to him. Considering how volatile he normally was, the amount of obedience he demonstrated to Harry gave him immense feelings of power. He wanted to own that side of him, to be the only one that Severus gave his submission to. Harry grabbed the man’s hips, setting up a steady, almost brutal rhythm. He wanted to make the man feel used and vulnerable. He was unbelievably sexy in his vulnerability. He also wanted to give him the space to let go, to revel in his vulnerability, allowing his submission to come to the forefront. He wanted to give him a chance to not have to think about reading him or being a guide. He knew Severus would use his safe word if he needed to. Harry fucked him hard, pulling out and plunging back in. When Severus keened involuntarily Harry figured he had managed to angle himself well, and he deliberately pushed in that direction again. Severus must have caught himself moaning, and in trying to obey the rules his body was now rigid. He was panting heavily, but he never lifted his forehead from the cover. Harry was overwhelmed with the man’s obedience to his arbitrary rules. He couldn’t imagine ever feeling more turned on than he was now.

“Fuck” he ground out, sparks shooting through him as the desire built. “Head up” he ordered, and straight away the elder man obeyed. Harry reached out, grabbing his hair, and pulling it back, forcing him onto his fingertips. Harry slammed into him harder, pushing himself towards the edge. He came hard, using Severus’ body to hold up him as the orgasm ripped through him. He felt boneless, like there was nothing left in him, as he panted his way through the aftershocks. He pulled out gently, giving the other man a firm swat as he pulled away. Harry flopped onto the bed, pulling Severus down onto his back and closing his eyes briefly.

“Wow Pet” he panted, “That was amazing” He rubbed his fingers absentmindedly over one of the other man’s nipple, his eyes still closed. He heard Severus make a painful noise and his eyes flew open. He turned, pushing himself up to peer at the man in concern. Severus had his eyes shut tight and he appeared to be in pain. “Pet, what is it, did I hurt you?” he asked worriedly.

“No Sir” the other man stated, keeping his eyes clenched shut, “I am trying very hard to obey your rules and any extra stimulation is making that extremely difficult” his tone was somewhere between submissive and condescending. Harry looked down to see that Severus’ cock was rock hard and wet with pre-come. He smirked internally, but he was also amazingly proud of the other man for going through so much just to obey him. It gave him an enormous toppy high.

“Good boy” he praised. “You are being so good for me”. He brushed his hair back from his face but avoided touching his skin. He was feeling a little wicked though “I wouldn’t want to have to punish you boy” he intoned.

“Sir, please” the other man gasped, his cock giving a slight jerk.

“Sorry baby, c’mon relax, you are doing so well” he failed to completely keep the self-satisfaction out of his voice though, he wasn’t sorry at all really. He also didn’t want to rescind his order. He wanted the other man to know his orgasms were completely at his mercy, and he also wanted him to know that his rules remained absolute. He liked the dynamic they shared, and he didn’t want Severus to think he could start pleading his way out of things. He wanted him to know that when he gave an order he meant it. He wanted to maintain the boundaries so Severus knew where they were, and could always feel safe within them. Boundaries also helped Harry to judge how his submissive was doing emotionally. If Severus started deliberately pushing the boundaries then Harry would know that something wasn’t right with him, and could address it. He continued to praise him as Severus brought himself back from the brink. When his penis had begun to wilt, he opened his eyes, staring up at him. Harry could see the vulnerability in them, and he guessed that he was floating around his subspace. Harry felt such tenderness and protectiveness towards him in that moment. He bent down to kiss him gently “Mmm you always taste so good” he informed him. He ran his hands gently over his chest as his submissive lay staring at him. “You have no idea how proud I am of you right now” he told him, “Your obedience to me is simply gorgeous. You make me feel on top of the world. I don’t think I’d have guessed in a million years you could be this obedient”, he chuckled. Severus said nothing, but his eyes crinkled in the corners, clearly amused. Harry lay back down pulling him into an embrace, with Severus’ head lying on his shoulders. They both lay staring at the ceiling, their sweat cooling on their bodies, the chill of the room a calming draught.

“Is that how I should expect to be awoken from now on?” Severus broke the silence, his tone clearly amused. 

Harry snorted “You never know, I am full of surprises”

“You certainly are” the other man mused “I am a little concerned as to how well you have taken to dominating me. Should I worry that I have created a monster?” he asked, now somewhere between being amused and horrified.

“You love it boy” he joked, “And if you have then you only have yourself to blame”

“Indeed” the other man replied cuttingly, but did not say anything else.

“Was that too much this morning?”. Harry was a little concerned that he may have pushed it too far, too quickly.

Severus turned to him “I enjoyed this morning Harry, very much. I enjoy seeing that side of you. You dominated me completely, literally from the second I awoke” he replied, narrowing his eyes, and smirking gently. Harry laughed at that. “Despite how difficult it is to physically refrain from releasing with that level of stimulation, the fact that you left no room for disobedience, was in its own way a significant release. My struggle to obey you allowed me to release emotionally rather than physically” Harry smiled, thankful that Severus had found it as amazing as he had “And” he continued “If I had any concerns you would be the first to know”. Harry definitely didn’t doubt that. “I enjoy the fact that you feel safe enough to explore your dominance with me and I encourage you to continue”. Harry grabbed the back of his head, pulling him in for a dominating kiss. God, he wanted the man again. He could spend days wrapped up in him. He could feel his cock beginning to rise as he continued to explore his mouth.

As he pulled away, Severus assessed him, “When I stated that I would always be available for my Dominant’s sexual needs, I did not take into account that he might be a young man with endless amounts of energy. I am starting to consider that it might not be the death eaters that are the most concerning aspect of this mission” Harry laughed, kissing him again. He didn’t intend to use him again at the moment anyway, but knowing that he could, gave him wonderful toppy feelings.

Harry and Severus spent the day at a town meeting, the first that they had been invited to. It was held monthly, and was designed to discuss any issues or upcoming events. On the walk to the meeting they met Selena, who introduced them to the new initiates, who had moved to the community that morning. They were a good looking, female dominated, married couple in their mid-thirties. They both seemed friendly, and had invited Harry and Severus over for drinks in a few days. They had readily agreed, hoping it would provide them the opportunity to begin their surveillance. Selena also drew them aside to inform them that she had agreed that the young man in the shop who had attempted to dominate Severus would be leaving in three weeks. This would allow his grandfather time to find someone else to look after the shop. She was sorry that she couldn’t ask him to leave any earlier, but it was completely out of respect for his Grandfather, who had been a stable part of the community for years. His grandfather was mortified at the situation, and Selena was concerned that it would impact upon their plans to continue with the final weeks of initiation. They assured her that the outcome was reasonable, although Harry privately agreed with Selena that it would be ok to a pay a visit to the young man to give him a friendly warning. She had simply smirked, and then stated that she hadn’t heard what he had said.

“I will come with you to the shop” he declared, the following morning, as Severus readied himself to go for the newspaper.  

 “I am hardly in need of a babysitter” Severus retorted, looking a little miffed.

“Did I say this was for you?” Harry replied, raising his eyebrows at Severus’ tone. He knew Severus had difficulty with anyone thinking he was weak, and whilst Harry didn’t want to perpetuate that, he needed to accompany him. In actual fact, it was more for him than his submissive, he needed to warn the other man off for his own peace of mind. “Come here” he commanded, holding up the leash. Severus came to him, baring his neck to allow Harry to clip it on. He stepped back, amazed that Severus was allowing this, and feeling himself becoming all hot and bothered again. Before he had time to act on his desires, and waylay their plans, he kissed the other man before leading him out the house.

They walked up to the shop, and Harry couldn’t help revelling in the power and toppiness that came with having such a powerful man on the end of his leash. As they stepped into the shop, there was one other customer, so Harry waited until he was gone before approaching the register. The young Dominant looked at Severus, and then at Harry, and unmistakeably at the leash. A brief snarl crossed his face, almost undetectable unless you were looking for it, before he schooled his features into a fake welcoming smile.

“How may I help you?” he asked, his tone not even pretending to be friendly.

Harry stared at him for a few seconds, and he noticed the other man swallow. “I believe you know my submissive?” Harry asked him, his tone even but with just a hint of danger. He watched as the young man’s eyes widened fractionally, before he composed himself and smiled derisively.

“Yes, I believe it is because of your submissive that I am no longer welcome here, though I did nothing wrong”

Harry looked at him condescendingly “My submissive informed me that you were attempting to dominate him”

The other man interjected “I never did”

“Are you calling my submissive a liar?” he asked him, and there was no mistaking the danger in his voice this time.

The young man bristled “I have no idea what he is, but I refuse to be ejected for something I didn’t do” he retorted, his voice rising slightly.

“Look me straight in the face and tell me that you never attempted to dominate my submissive” he commanded darkly.

The other man flinched, “I…” he began, before looking away, and then crossing his arms in a fake show of indignance.

“Listen to me” Harry ordered, putting the weight of his dominance behind the order. The man looked at him immediately, his eyes wide. “If you attempt anything like this again then you and I are going to have a serious problem”. Harry never raised his voice but the threat was clear. He watched as the young man nodded, taking a subconscious step back from him. “You will treat my submissive, and in fact all submissive’s with the respect they deserve. When it comes to my submissive you will not even look at him wrongly, do I make myself clear” he ordered, dropping his voice into a dominant tone again.

“Yes” the other man replied immediately, nodding emphatically.

Harry looked at him meaningfully for a few seconds to ensure the man was taking him seriously and then he turned towards his submissive who was staring at him with a mixture of undisguised awe and lust. Forcing himself not to smirk, or to react in any other way, he led Severus out of the shop, before leading him around the corner and pushing him up against the wall, attacking his mouth.

“You out-dommed a Dominant” Severus breathed, his tone full of lust. “That is one of the hottest things I have ever seen” Harry smirked, and pushed himself against his submissive, the power from this morning coursing through him. “Please let me serve you Sir” his submissive begged quietly.

“Not here, but I’ll take you home, put you on your knees and you can spend the afternoon showing me what an obedient submissive you are” he commanded, dropping again into a dominant tone. Harry walked him home, and Severus did in fact spend most of the afternoon on his knees, being systematically teased and denied, until he was finally allowed to come. Afterwards they sat together on the couch.

“This is getting ridiculous” Harry laughed, “How are we going to get anything done at this rate?”

“I take no responsibility for your inability to control yourself.” Severus shot back contemptuously “After all you are the one in charge”

“So, you begging me to use you was what, a conversation starter?” he laughed.

Severus smirked “I am merely a helpless submissive, completely at the mercies of my big bad Dominant” he replied, faking a helpless tone of voice.

Harry laughed again “Completely, I mean whenever people talk about you, the first adjective they use is helpless” he retorted.

Severus smirked then schooled his features “Yes, but they do not know what I have to deal with, what a formidable Dominant I have, how he orders me around, keeps me on my knees, and beats me whenever he desires”

Harry moved himself until he was straddling Severus sitting on the couch “Yes” he replied, smirking and, lowering the tone of his voice “You are completely under my control, my Pet to use as I see fit. I could keep you tied up all day, available for my use, and no-one would come to help you.” He felt Severus’ cock harden beneath him, and laughed “As I said, this is getting ridiculous, but hey if I die of over-stimulation, then I’m taking you with me” he continued, grinding himself against the other man.

Later that evening they were supposed to be going out for dinner, but Harry was fussing around so much that they were now running considerably late for their reservation.

“What is the matter with you?” Severus asked him, slightly snidely.

“What, nothing” he replied, and he couldn’t help the slight bark in his tone.

Severus narrowed his eyes at him, “You Mr Potter, are procrastinating”.

“Oh, so it’s Mr Potter now is it, I’m only Harry when it suits you” he sniped, beginning to feel a bit pissed off.  Severus looked a little hurt, and that only served to make him feel worse. He knew he was pissed off with himself, and it was unfair that he was taking it out on the other man “Sorry” he ground out, “Look, I think I just need a bit of time by myself ok, there’s nothing wrong”. He looked away from the other man.

“Harry” Severus stated, putting a slight firmness into his tone, and Harry glanced up at him. “You told me we were in this together. You made me come to you when I was struggling with something, do I not deserve the same respect?” he questioned him.

“Severus, of course you do” he shot back “Have I not shown that I respect you?”

“You have” Severus acknowledged “Then I am left to wonder what is so difficult for you that you cannot share with me. I am not just your submissive Harry, I am your friend, your confidant, and for the time being your partner”

Harry sighed “Look, I truly am sorry that I sniped at you”

Severus smirked, “I think a bit of turnabout is fair play, I do think I use more than my share of allotted sniping allowance” Harry snorted softly “What did I tell you before any of this started?”

Harry looked at him, racking his brains, “That it is the people first?”

Severus nodded pleased “Yes Harry, you are a person first and foremost. If you want to be pissed off about something, then be pissed off. Shout and scream for all I care. If you don’t want to talk about it right now then that’s ok too, but when you are ready just promise you will come to me to support you”

“Severus it’s not that I don’t want to come to you, I know I can come to you about anything, don’t ever think that I wouldn’t. I trust you completely” Severus inclined his head in acknowledgment. “I’m just embarrassed ok, I’m not sure this is something I really want to say out loud”

“The only reason someone is embarrassed is because they fear the reaction of the other person. What do you fear I might do?”

“I don’t know, laugh at me probably or think I am really immature” he replied, cheeks flaming.

Severus sighed “Harry, I am sorry you feel like that. In all honesty, I cannot promise not to laugh, we are unable to predict our reactions, but in terms of your maturity, I think I have made it very clear that I think of you as very mature”

“I know” he paused, “Look can we sit down then?” The other man didn’t bother answering, just backed up and sat on the couch. Harry sat across from him, and began twisting his hands in his lap. This was excruciating, he felt humiliated already and he hadn’t even said anything. “It’s you… no… it’s not you, it’s me, it’s just…” he huffed, unable to think how to put it into words. Severus remained patient, allowing him time to think. “I want to dominate you all the time” he burst out, unable to think of a more delicate way of framing it. He felt like his face was a furnace, and he wondered how ridiculous he looked. Severus merely blinked at him, but said nothing, and he was thankful that he could try to frame it a little better. “I can’t seem to get control of these feelings” he continued, “I want to touch you all the time, keep you next to me, keep you on your knees. I can’t even deal if someone looks at you. It’s like my brain is screaming “mine” all the time. I worry what I might do, and I worry that I’m always going to feel like this. I mean it’s not so bad here, there are rules, no-one can touch you, but what about later, am I going to go insane just because someone shakes your hand” he kind of felt like crying, and at the same time screaming, he was so bloody frustrated.

Severus, stood, crossing the room, and sinking to his knees. He laid his hand on top of Harry’s, smiling at him gently “I am sorry Harry, I have been neglectful of you”

“What?” he gasped, staring at him in shock. Of all the reactions he had expected, this was certainly not one of them.

“Harry, these feelings are natural, and will certainly not last forever. You have just started to truly explore your dominance, and it is to be expected that the feelings might overwhelm you for a while. You are in a place filled with other Dominants, which makes your feelings more acute and you are likely going to feel a little threatened for a while. As your guide, I should have prepared you better for this. When I first began to explore my submission, I was exactly the same. It was difficult to switch between submissive and student, and at times I felt overwhelmed by my submission. It is ok to feel like this for a while, you are trying to feel out your boundaries and to feel safe in your dominance.” Harry looked at him in shock, well at least he wasn’t going mad. “Harry, despite the other dominants, this is the perfect place for you to safely explore your dominance, with people who will understand. I will endeavour to fulfil your needs, until such time as you no longer feel threatened by others around you.” Severus smirked “You Mr Potter, are essentially marking your territory”

Harry pursed his lips, trying to act offended, and Severus huffed in amusement. “So it’s ok if I’m a little toppy for a while”

Severus snorted “You might drive me insane after a while but I will endeavour to support you. If you need me to be a little more submissive whilst you work through this then so be it”

“Severus, you are perfect, I don’t need you to be anything other than what you already are. If I can just make everyone else go away then that would just be swell” He smiled making clear it was a joke.

“Perhaps it’s a good thing we bought that leash. You may find it easier to deal with other Dominants when I am wearing it” Severus remarked shrewdly.

“How do you manage to be so bloody perfect all the time” he grouched “It’s starting to get annoying”

The other man laughed “I cannot help my perfection”

Harry shoved him, making him topple over slightly, but before he could laugh the other man grabbed him, hauling him onto the floor. They fought for a while, and whilst Harry knew that Severus’ strength far exceeded his, the other man allowed him to triumph, until Harry sat above him, pinning his arms to the floor.

“Oh Master, you are so very strong, I am so very at your mercy” Severus said in a mock tone of voice, blinking his eyelids comically. Harry laughed, feeling the weight that had been crushing him all morning, dissipate.

“You are an idiot” he retorted, laughing.

“Yes Master, whatever you say Master” the other man replied grinning.

Harry bent down to kiss him, laughing as he did so.

Harry definitely started to feel a little better, knowing that he wasn’t alone with his fears, but it didn’t remove his fears completely. He still worried about how strong the feelings were, and what they really meant, but for the next couple of days Severus would just smirk whenever he was being a little difficult, and Harry was able to push it aside to some extent. Tonight, however, he had another worry playing on his mind, that he hadn’t shared with Severus.

“Are you coming to bed?” Severus asked him.

“No, I’m going to stay up a bit longer” he replied, feeling a little distracted “You go, I won’t be long”. Harry would be eighteen in twenty minutes. Every year he had stayed up to wish himself Happy Birthday, feeling alone and desolate. It was different this year. He was free, and for once in his life he was actually happy. There was still a sense of melancholy that hung over his birthday however, and it was a feeling that he couldn’t seem to shake. A small part of him still felt so isolated in that moment, as his birthday brought back so many memories of being alone and afraid, of missing his parents, and wishing he could be anywhere but here. It was such a pervasive feeling that it was hard to separate it from it being just his birthday.

Severus sat down next to him, and pulled Harry against him “What is it?” he asked gently. Harry hesitated, he’d never really talked about his feelings to anyone. He didn’t really know whether he wanted to give them up, it was almost a perverse sort of punishment. Realising that was quite an unhealthy way to think about things, he took the plunge and tried his best to explain how he felt. He worried a little that he would be putting pressure on Severus to do something for his birthday, or to rush out and buy him a present. That wasn’t what it was about, he didn’t need gifts, he just needed someone to be beside him.

“I am sorry for what you have been through” Severus stated meaningfully, “It’s up to you now to make every birthday significant. To fill it with good memories to balance out the bad. The memories will never go away but they don’t have to be the only memories you have”

Harry smiled “Thank you”

Severus stood up, and Harry was suddenly nervous that he was going to leave him alone for his birthday. It was only a few minutes to midnight. He didn’t want to pressure the other man though, perhaps it was just a little too sentimental for him. Instead of heading into the bedroom, his submissive disappeared in the kitchen. He reappeared a minute later with an enormous chocolate cupcake, with Happy Birthday iced into the top, and one lone lit candle. Harry looked at him in shock, as Severus came to sit next to him.

“I was going to leave this until tomorrow, however, I think it would be more appropriate now. Though I beg you not to eat all the chocolate tonight” he stated wryly. Harry didn’t know what to say. The fact that Severus had remembered when his birthday was, and had went out of his way to buy him something, was more special than he thought possible. He could already feel some of the isolation lift from him. “Happy Birthday Sir” Severus told him, and Harry looked to see that the clock had struck midnight.

“Thank you, Severus, you have no idea what this means to me” he stated, suddenly feeling emotional. He blew out the candle, and made a wish, blushing even though Severus would not know what he had wished for. They talked for a while longer and then went to bed. For the first time ever Harry did not feel alone or isolated on his birthday, and he was suddenly excited about being eighteen, and finally being legally recognised as the adult he had felt for a long time. When they awoke in the morning, Severus again wished him happy birthday. He leaned over the side of the bed, and pulled out three packages from underneath. They were wrapped in deep silver paper that was elegant and understated, which seemed to fit Severus’ personality well. Harry took them, feeling a little overwhelmed. The first package was small, and contained a framed muggle photograph of Harry’s mother when she was a teenager.

“Severus” he stated softly, unsure what to say as he stared at a smiling Lily.

“Your mother took that camera everywhere that summer. She asked me to take that one, and then she gave it to me before we went back to school” he told him.

“Why did you have it with you?” he asked him, feeling a little confused. A part of him was a little worried that Severus had been in love with her, and perhaps Harry was a substitution. He wasn’t entirely sure that Severus was only attracted to males.

“I brought it for you” Severus told him, smiling slightly. “I had wanted to give you it for a while, however it was difficult when we were at Hogwarts. I assumed you would think it was some kind of dark plot” he smiled self-depreciatingly. “I forgot that I had brought it until I was trying to think of something for your birthday, so I got it framed hoping you would like it”

“I truly love it Severus, you have no idea” he replied. “Can I ask you something personal” Severus nodded “Were you in love with my mother?”

Severus frowned at him. “What gave you that idea?”

“I know you were good friends, and well, I …” he trailed off, feeling embarrassed.

“Harry, I liked your mother very much but we were hardly great friends. We spent one summer together and were potions partners for one year. However, I was then taken from class to complete individual advanced potions, and we had very little to do with each other from then on. We were in different houses, and my father was reluctant to allow me to socialise. The summer that we spent together was a lot of fun, and your mother felt comfortable with me because I was gay. She was at the age where she was beginning to really notice boys, but wasn’t quite ready to date yet, so I represented a safe alternative for her. Do not get me wrong, I do not resent her for this Harry, it was probably the best summer I had” Harry felt overwhelmingly relieved. He didn’t really know what he would have done if he had discovered that Severus had been in love with her.

“I really do love this photograph, she looks genuinely happy, and I have very few pictures of her” he reached out to touch the picture, a sharp stab of sadness overtaking him. Harry decided that right now wasn’t the time for melancholy, and placed the picture on the side table.

The second package was a watch that was both stylish and suitable for a young man. Severus told him that it had been difficult for him to think of a present that wasn’t magic related, and he seemed nervous when Harry opened it. Harry loved it, it was chosen especially for him, and he made sure to tell him that.

Finally, Severus handed him the last package, blushing slightly. “This one is not a serious gift Harry, it is more just for fun”

Harry opened it, and immediately laughed “Oh my god, I love this” he replied. It was a standard wooden paddle but a comical duck had been carved into the top of it. Whilst it was intended as a humorous gift, it was clear that the paddle would have also been quite expensive. Harry was sure that it was also meant to signify their time together, therefore to him it was truly meaningful.

“Honestly Severus these presents are amazing, thank you” he kissed him with heartfelt thanks, and then turned to place the picture of Lily face down. Severus looked at him with confusion, and Harry smiled darkly. “I want to play with my new paddle, so over my knee”

Severus narrowed his eyes, “I have done nothing wrong, why am I being spanked?”

Harry considered him for a moment. He knew that Severus actually enjoyed being spanked, when it wasn’t a true punishment spanking, so he wasn’t quite sure why Severus was querying it. “You are mines” he replied, “Are you truly questioning my order?”

“I just don’t see why I deserve to be spanked” he huffed, though he pulled himself out from under the covers and placed himself, already naked, across Harry’s knee.

Harry rubbed his buttocks, deciding to ignore his submissive’s last comment. He brought the paddle down onto his backside. “Mmm I like the sound this makes” he grinned, rubbing the red print that had appeared on his backside.

“I am just a toy to you aren’t I?” Severus grouched, crossing his arms, “I’m just some object for you to play with”

Harry frowned, “Are you truly bothered by this, or are you just trying to get a reaction from me?”. When his submissive said nothing, Harry gave him a harder swat, and he jumped as it connected “Answer me” he commanded.

Severus didn’t look at him, but he mumbled into the covers “Just a reaction”

“Something tells me you’re needing a bit of a firm hand this morning. I think my boy needs to know his place, what do you think?” he asked him, his tone deceptively light. It was clear that Severus was pushing the boundaries slightly, and it was up to Harry to respond.

Severus had obviously sensed the change in his dominant’s tone of voice “Yes, Sir”. His voice was barely audible as he refused to lift his face from the cover.

“Give me your hands” Harry ordered and Severus put his hands behind his back. Harry grabbed both wrists in one hand and held them pinned at the small of his back. “Now, I think it is time that I properly try out my new paddle, so I would suggest that you expect to be in this position for quite some time”. He could feel that his submissive was hard, his cock digging into Harry’s thigh. “Now, ask me for it” he commanded. Severus didn’t say anything, and Harry guessed he was embarrassed. “Severus” he warned, his tone becoming firmer.

“Please will you spank me, Sir” Severus returned, again barely audible.

Harry began to spank him, enjoying the sounds that the paddle made as it connected with his submissive’s backside. Severus jumped whenever the paddle connected, and as they built he began to moan, and move as if trying to escape the onslaught. Harry kept him firmly in place with his wrists and continued to swing the paddle with firm but measured swats. He enjoyed the paddle, he’d never used one before, but he liked the way it covered a large section with each spank, and left a rosy hue. It wouldn’t do any real damage, but would definitely be causing Severus a good level of discomfort.

“Please, Sir” Severus had remained relatively stoic, but now appeared to be resorting to pleading. Harry had been about to stop, but he didn’t want the other man to think he was stopping because he had begged. He spanked him for a short while longer, and Severus was starting to move so much that he was having difficulty keeping him in place. This told Harry that Severus was remaining unguarded and open for him. Severus had been the victim of vast amounts of pain under Voldemort’s hand, and had he so chosen, he could easily have taken the mild spanking without so much as a bat of an eyelid. The fact that he was reacting to the sting told him he was taking it as a submissive. Harry stopped, and placed the paddle down on the bed beside him. Severus was panting, his face turned away from him. Harry ran his hands over his backside which was rosy, and hot to the touch.

“Have you been spanked enough boy? Are you going to be less mouthy?

“Yes, Sir” Severus answered immediately.

“Good boy”. He rubbed the flaming skin for a little longer, until Severus was more relaxed and pliant. “Go over to the chest and get me the plug” he ordered. Severus slid from his lap, keeping his eyes downcast the entire time, and fetched the item. “Back over my lap” he commanded as Severus approached him again. He saw a faint blush immediately creep up the other man’s face, but he handed Harry the plug, and complied without hesitation. Harry opened him up, enjoying the squirming that Severus was doing over his lap, as the fingers stimulated him. Eventually he was open enough that he could begin to push in the plug, and he used it to open him up until it could be fully pushed in. “You will keep this in today, you will remove it only if strictly necessary, and then you will immediately re-insert it, do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Sir” Severus replied, his tone soft and submissive. Severus appeared to be about to say something and then stopped.

“What is it boy?”

“Sir” he began hesitatingly, “May I please be allowed to serve you?”. His tone was completely submissive, and Harry realised that Severus really needed this.

“Yes, you have been so good for me. I would like to feel my submissive’s mouth around my cock” he replied, stroking his hands through the other man’s hair. Severus knelt up, and again his eyes were downcast. Whilst surprising, for whatever reason, this morning appeared to have pushed Severus into quite a submissive headspace. Severus reached out as if to touch his cock, however appeared to hover, and Harry realised he was awaiting permission. “On you go boy” he commanded softly. His submissive began using his hands to stimulate his half hard cock, and eventually moved onto using his mouth. Severus seemed to be even more vigorous than usual, and Harry could barely remember his name he came so hard.

“Are you satisfied Sir?” he asked him.

“Mmm Yes boy, you have pleased me greatly. Now come here I want to enjoy touching my boy” his tone was a cross between commanding and tender. Severus lay down beside him, closing his eyes, and seeming to relax into Harry’s touch. Harry spent some time teasing him, running his fingers over his body, teasing his nipples, and massaging his balls. Severus was a mixture of relaxed, compliant, and responsive. He gasped with each touch, and arched up when his nipples were squeezed, but he did not try to manoeuvre his dominant or hint for more touch, he simply accepted what he was given. Harry had never seen him quite like this, and it was beautiful to watch.  He decided that Severus deserved a reward. Harry began to massage his cock with his fingers, and Severus moaned, his eyes still closed, simply enjoying the ministrations. Harry bent down and licked at the head. His submissive’s eyes flew open, and their eyes met. Harry hadn’t taken him in his mouth yet, and it was about time he did. He licked and sucked at Severus’ cock. He was nowhere near as skilled as the older man, but that didn’t seem to effect how much he was enjoying it. Harry enjoyed the gasps and moans, and after a while he could see that Severus was gripping onto the covers below him. Harry worked for a while longer then pulled up briefly. “You may come whenever you wish boy” he allowed, and then set to work again. Barely thirty seconds later Severus was arching off the bed, and into Harry’s mouth as he came hard, groaning out his release.

Chapter Text

Though Severus hadn’t specifically said anything, Harry was pretty sure that he must have gone quite far into his sub space. For the rest of the morning and into the afternoon he was reluctant to leave Harry’s side even for a few moments. This was a new experience for the younger man, and he was desperate to make sure that he gave Severus exactly what he needed, He wanted to make sure that Severus felt cared enough to feel safe in going there again, but he also wanted to minimise any unnecessary embarrassment. They spent the day holed up in the cottage, until they both felt ready to face the outside world. They ate waffles for breakfast, which Severus prepared for them, though Harry made sure to hover nearby. They then lay entangled on the couch watching movies, interspersing that with chocolate cake, and the required wholesome food that Severus insisted upon. Harry was reluctant to leave the comfort of the cottage. He’d enjoyed spending the time with the other man, and he’d enjoyed seeing him so relaxed. Harry had also found himself revelling in the way Severus allowed himself to be looked after, and to be mollycoddled without complaint. Harry loved being able to look after him, and he felt overwhelmingly lucky to be allowed to see this side of the grouchy potions Master. He doubted that anyone else would even believe it was possible, and it made him feel special that he was privy to something that most people would never get to see.

Whilst Harry was reluctant to leave the cottage that evening, Severus clearly wasn’t. By the early evening, it was clear he was well over Harry’s over-protectiveness, and despite the fact it was Harry’s birthday it didn’t save him from a Snape-like tongue lashing when he tried to avoid them getting dressed and subsequently having to leave the house. They’d already agreed to attend Selena’s for a few evening drinks, so Harry found himself reluctantly heading towards their house. When they arrived however, the few evening drinks turned out to be a surprise birthday party for him. Harry ended up having an amazing night, both due to the fact that he’d never had the chance to have a real birthday party before, though they all thought it was for his twenty-fifth rather than his eighteenth which was kind of weird, but primarily because Severus had gone out of his way to arrange this for him. He’d never have believed that his best birthday would be because of his once-hated potion’s master. For the first time in his life, his entire birthday had been amazing, there had been no cowering in his cupboard, no pain, and no requirements to escape out of locked rooms with flying cars. Instead he’d spent it with people he cared for, laughing, and eating as much chocolate as he dared to before risking Severus’ disapproval.

The following morning, as they were finishing dressing, Harry turned to him “I want to take you clothes shopping” he announced.

Severus looked at him “And why would I allow that?” he asked him coolly.

“I seem to have a habit of giving you the impression that I am making a request, I really should find some way of rectifying the situation” he replied in an offhand sort of way.

He watched as Severus narrowed his eyes “I refuse to wear anything ridiculous, do not get any ideas of putting me in some fetish gear” he retorted snappishly. Harry raised one eyebrow as a subtle warning at his tone towards him. “Sir” Severus amended, though there was rather less respect than Harry would have liked.

“I simply want to buy you a few daily clothes. You didn’t bring a lot with you, and I would like to know you are wearing something which I chose” he informed him.

Severus smirked at him “Possessive, aren’t you?”

“I think we have already established, that yes, I am possessive of you” Harry replied, crossing his arms defensively.

Severus’ smirk grew wider, and Harry noticed that he was standing a little taller than he had been moments before. “Very well, although I reserve the right to veto anything outlandish. If you make me look like I should be in a circus, or indeed like Albus, I am out of here”

Harry laughed at that, “Deal. Now go and fetch your leash”

They made their way up to the centre of town, and perused a few shops. Harry bought both himself and Severus some new clothes, and his submissive seemed to approve of most of the choices, though he huffed at the choice of a shirt which looked suspiciously Gryffindorish. They decided to try one more store, to look for something for an upcoming evening gala, before heading home. Harry grabbed a few items, and was just about to head towards the changing rooms when he stopped at a row of leather trousers and shorts.

Severus picked up a pair of tiny leather shorts and snorted “Who the hell would wear these?” he asked in disbelief, “They are obscene”

Harry laughed “Please, please try them on”

“No” Severus retorted, looking utterly disgusted.

Harry couldn’t stop himself from laughing “Oh god, please try them on, just for me”

Severus screwed up his nose “I will, on the condition that you try on that horrendous sparkly green furball that has the audacity to call itself a jumper”

Harry looked over to the offending article, and began choking as the laughter overtook him again. “Deal” he managed to reply, in between breaths, as tears of laughter collected at the corner of his eyes.

“Can I help you Sir?” a young shop attendant asked him from behind.

Harry managed to quell his laughter, and turned to smile warmly at the young submissive, who blushed “Thank you Liam” he replied, looking at the nametag “My submissive would like to try on a pair of the leather shorts.

“Of course, Sir. Let me fetch the right size. Would you care for anything?” he replied, batting his eyelashes subtly. Harry wasn’t sure, but Liam seemed to be flirting with him. Whilst Harry might not be sure, Severus clearly was. He was now scowling and glaring daggers at the back of Liam’s head.

“No MY” Severus emphasised the word “Dominant does not require anything else, and I suggest you hurry up” he shot at him, glaring.

The young man flinched, and Harry pulled Severus towards him, subtly tapping his backside in warning. This didn’t seem to deter him however, as the Snape death glare continued to grace his features. It wasn’t helped by the fact that Harry kind of liked seeing the possessive side of his submissive, and was reluctant to stop him. The shop attendant found the correct sized shorts, also handing them disposable underwear which could be worn underneath; there certainly wasn’t going to be enough room in the shorts to wear normal underwear. Liam directed them to a dressing room, which was specifically designed to be shared, so that the dominant could oversee their submissive. Harry tried the jumper on first, and they both had to try very hard not to laugh so loud that the shop attendants would be offended. He looked like a flamboyant muppet.

Having fulfilled his end of the bargain, Severus reluctantly tried on the shorts. He looked at himself in the mirror, scoffing at his appearance, “I look offensive. Who would actually wear these?” he turned towards Harry “I mean who would…actually…buy…” he trailed off having clearly caught sight of Harry’s face, and sighed, slumping his shoulders “We are buying the shorts aren’t we?” Harry could only nod, he didn’t think it was possible for Severus to look any hotter, but apparently, it was. The shorts left very little to the imagination, only enough that Harry wanted to rip them off to see what was underneath. “I refuse to wear these in public” his submissive informed him, crossing his arms.

“You think I would let anyone see you in them?” Harry retorted quickly, growling at the thought of it. This seemed to pacify the other man slightly, and they were bundled into the clothes that would be purchased.

When Harry took them to the counter, Liam ran over “Did you find everything you needed Sir?” he asked him sweetly.

Harry smiled at him again, though he was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable, “Yes, thank you”

“I suggest you hurry up and put our items through, we have a rather busy evening planned” Severus informed him, lifting his eyes suggestively. A small frown passed Liam’s face, and Severus smirked.

When they exited the shop, Harry turned to him “You were awfully rude in there” he commented.

“I cannot help if he is incompetent at his job” he shot back.

Harry chuckled “Yes, his incompetence was clearly the problem”. Severus huffed but did not answer. “Ah well, perhaps I shall go back later and have a word with him, you know, to apologise”

“Don’t you dare” Severus cut in.

“Possessive aren’t you” Harry replied, trying not to crow. Severus did not deign to answer, instead he began to walk away, realised he had a leash around his neck, and then resorted to scowling and crossing his arms. Although it made him feel good to know that Severus could feel that way about him, Severus didn’t deserve to feel jealous. He’d never done anything to make Harry feel jealous, and it was unfair to him. Harry pulled him in close, bringing his head down for a kiss. Severus was initially reluctant, but it wasn’t long before he melted into it. Harry poured all his reassurance into the kiss. “He doesn’t hold a flicker to how amazing you are” he told him truthfully, “A hundred naked men could walk by, and you’d still be the only one I’d notice”. Severus assessed him for a moment, before looking away, however he nodded in acceptance.

“We should go” Severus announced, “We are due at the Carmichaels for dinner in an hour”. It was clear that he wasn’t going to acknowledge the statement, and for some reason that just made Harry feel warm and mushy. As much as Severus was getting better at trusting him and accepting praise, his ability to accept genuine affection was still limited.

They walked home, quickly showering, and changing, and then headed up the road to the Carmichaels for dinner. The Carmichaels were the new initiates that had invited them for drinks, however they had been forced to cancel at short notice due to the Dominant, Karen, getting the cold, and instead had invited them round for dinner and drinks this evening. They hadn’t really spoken to them yet, other than a brief introduction, so they had no idea whether tonight was going to be enjoyable or tedious. Harry and Severus had already surreptitiously planted muggle detectors outside their front door, and were using them to watch for any late-night comings and goings which they could be ready to act upon at short notice. So far there had been nothing suspicious.

They knocked on the door, and were answered by Karen, who greeted them with a warm smile. “Come in” she ushered, opening the door wide. “Dennis is just in the kitchen, apparently he cannot leave it right now or his masterpiece will be ruined” she chuckled, “I’ve already been banned from the kitchen” she told them, rolling her eyes in good humour. “Grab a seat, what’s your fancy?” she asked them, motioning to an array of drinks.

“I would love a gin” Harry announced, “I don’t like wine, although apparently that makes me unsophisticated and boorish” he joked, flicking his eyes towards Severus, who narrowed his eyes just enough to be almost unnoticeable.

“Oh, thank God. I hate wine. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to pretend to be grown up all night” she laughed. “Gin for two then” she announced, “What about yourself Gary?”

“I would like some red wine if it isn’t too much hassle” he stated politely.

“Of course not. Dennis will probably join you”. She turned to begin fixing the drinks, and Harry sat on the couch. Severus looked at him but didn’t move, and Harry realised after a moment that he was asking whether he should sit on the ouch or the floor. He smiled, patting the couch next to him, and Severus sat. “Dennis is our resident chef” she stated, continuing to fix the drinks “He cooks, and I eat it, we have a good balance going on there” she joked, handing them their drinks. She lowered her voice “Whatever you do, don’t say anything negative about his puddings, I can’t handle three days of sulking if you do” she rolled her eyes, appearing to be only half joking.

“Can I offer my assistance Ma’am?” Severus asked her.

“Oh no, you relax” she smiled.

“Gary is a fantastic cook, and he enjoys helping. Honestly, if it will help Dennis out, he’ll be glad to lend a hand” Harry told her.

“Ah well, he probably could do with some support, seeing as I am banned. Thank you, Gary,” Severus nodded, then stood, and wandered through to the kitchen. “So how are you enjoying it here then?” she asked him, once they were alone.

“We love it” Harry told her truthfully. She smiled, but for once it didn’t reach her eyes. “I think it can be difficult to get used to the change, no matter how much you might look forward to it” he stated, “We had a little bit of time at the start where we struggled to adapt, but it didn’t last long”.

Karen suddenly looked relieved, “That’s good to know. In all honesty, I was starting to wonder if it was a mistake. We’ve never been public about our dynamic at all, not even our close friends know. We came here because we wanted to be free of the restrictions, thinking it would be amazing to live the way we’ve imagined in our fantasies, but truthfully, we are struggling with the public nature of it all. We almost feel quite constrained by the rules, and how Dennis is supposed to behave. He’s a service orientated sub, so he’s not used to real spankings, or having real restrictions”.

Harry nodded understanding “We’re still on initiation, so we’re kind of in the same boat as you, though we’ve only got two weeks left, but, I think the thing to remember is that you haven’t committed yourself to this, that’s what the trial is for, to figure out if it’s for you. There is nothing wrong with saying that it’s not for you, no-one will judge you for that. The people here are generally thoughtful, understanding and kind. I know you might be worried about Dennis at the moment, and the perceived restrictions, but you will probably find it’s not quite as bad as you are expecting. The submissive’s are treated with a lot of respect, and we have a lot of social gatherings where they can let their hair down. It might be good for you to come to the team bowling night tomorrow night, even just to watch, and maybe have a few drinks with us, that way you can get a real feel for the people, and the less formal settings” he told her.

She smiled genuinely “Yes, I think we would like that. If you don’t mind me asking, how about your Gary, how does he manage the public nature of it?”

He lowered his voice a little “I’m actually quite surprised by how much Gary seems to enjoy the public aspect of it. Like yourself he’s never had the opportunity to be public about it, and I think even he is surprised by how much he enjoys it. He’s incredibly obedient in public” he chuckled “He’s definitely not quite so obedient in private” he frowned in mock exasperation, and Karen laughed warmly. Harry found himself warming to Karen very quickly, finding he could talk to her easily about things. “Have you had much opportunity to spend time with other couples”.

“No, not really” she replied, “I’ve been pretty unwell, and Dennis has been a bit anxious about how to act outside, so you’re our first real guests” she admitted.

He smiled “I’m not surprised you’re feeling a bit nervous. We have a few get togethers over the next week, why don’t you come as our guests. They are really informal, and will give Dennis a chance to hang out with the other submissive’s, but with you not too far away. Gary has made some really good friends, and I’m sure he’d be happy to show him the ropes”. He genuinely wanted to help them out, he really liked Karen and wanted to support her in engaging in the community, but it would also give them an excuse to be around them more. That way it wouldn’t seem to suspicious while they monitored the potential death-eater problem. She nodded gratefully, and was about to reply when they were interrupted by Dennis calling them through to dinner. The dinner was lovely, and whilst normally Severus tended to be quiet and submissive during public gatherings where Harry was present, tonight he was in the centre of the conversation, often joking and making sarcastic comments that had them all laughing. Dennis, though initially quiet, was soon eagerly engaged in the conversation, and Harry couldn’t help but notice that Severus had deliberately made sure to include him. Harry was pretty sure that Severus’ entire demeanour this evening was as a way of helping Dennis to feel at ease, and to realise how much submissive’s were truly part of community life. When they returned to the living room for more drinks, Severus knelt down in front of Harry but continued to make conversation. Dennis appeared to hesitate for a moment, and then blushing knelt down in front of Karen.

“If you want the recipe for the pudding, you are welcome to it” Dennis stated to him, “Sir” he quickly amended, stuttering, and blushing furiously.

Harry smiled warmly at him, deciding not to mention it “That would be amazing thank you. I think Gary would be particularly pleased with anything that isn’t chocolate based” he laughed.

“My Master has an incredibly unhealthy obsession with chocolate that has left me quite turned off by anything remotely connected to it” Severus interjected in exasperation

“Watch it you” Harry laughed.

“Forgive me Sir for my terrible habit of telling the truth” he stated wryly, turning, and deliberately rolling his eyes at Dennis, who was watching the exchange with a mixture of anxiety and amusement.

Karen laughed, dropping her hand to rest comfortingly on Dennis’ neck, “If you love chocolate, there is a restaurant a couple of towns from here called the chocolate factory. It’s basically pages and pages of chocolate”.

Harry was instantly excited, “Sounds amazing, I can’t wait”

“Oh God” Severus moaned, his shoulders slumping in defeat, as he looked over in desperation at the other submissive, who merely laughed and shrugged. “I’m in hell” he retorted defeatedly.

When they left, after walking down the road a little away from the house, Harry turned to him, grabbing his arm to make him stop. He wasn’t wearing the leash tonight, and so they were walking side by side. Severus looked at him curiously, before Harry pulled him in “Thank you for tonight Pet. You are so amazing at picking up on what others need. You are so considerate, and I am so proud of you” he told him. Severus didn’t reply but he didn’t try to deny it either. Harry knew he found it difficult to accept praise but he was trying and all Harry could do was keep showing him how amazing he was. He kissed him, pulling him in close. “C’mon, you’ve been such a good boy tonight that I’m going to take you home, bend you over and pound into you, how does that sound?” he teased.

“I have had worse nights” Severus deadpanned, before turning and walking rather quickly home.

When they arrived home however, there was an envelope addressed to Severus. Harry walked into the bedroom, flopping down onto the bed, waiting for his man to come through. Severus stormed in scowling, “I never want to see that again” he stated in disgust, throwing the envelope onto the bed. Harry frowned, picking it up and pulling out the contents, which turned out to be photographs. At first, he wasn’t sure what he was seeing. The photographs weren’t the best quality, and initially all he could see was a window. However, as he adjusted to the darkness he realised that the first photo appeared to show Harry and an unknown man engaged in some sort of naked act. The second photo was clearer, and it was again him and another man in a more graphic sex act. Harry suddenly realised that the other man was Liam from the clothes shop, and this was confirmed in the final picture in which there was no mistaking the content. Harry’s stomach dropped and he looked up at Severus in shock, about to plead his innocence.

“Save it” Severus barked looking angrier than he had in a long time “I know it’s not real”. Harry stuttered in shock that Severus wasn’t even questioning him. “Don’t look so shocked, I told you I trust you so I trust you. I am merely angry that I was forced to see that, however they are clearly photoshopped, and quite badly at that. No doubt the work of some half-wit muggle” he seethed.

“C’mere” Harry stated affectionately, unbelievably relieved that he wasn’t going to lose the other man. Severus huffed but reluctantly came to sit on the bed, and Harry pulled him in. “What the hell are we going to do about this though?”

“They are clearly trying to drive a wedge between us, first with Daniel and now with Liam. I am unsure whether we should question this or not. My best hypothesis is that they are trying to get us to leave, and they may be waiting on us leaving in order to capture us. It is entirely plausible that this is the means by which they are grabbing the muggles. It would mean that they never have to actually enter the community, and thus risk revealing themselves”

“Should we confront Liam?” Harry asked him.

“I am not sure if confronting him is a good idea. He may not actually have any knowledge of this, and we may be creating bigger problems. My suggestion is that we continue to act as if there is nothing wrong. This may force them to either, try something else which may make them reveal themselves, remember they still believe us to be muggles, or they will turn their attention to Karen and Dennis”.

“We have to ensure they stay safe though” he stated worriedly. Whilst it had been the plan for some time, to use the new initiates as bait, now that they were real people, and good people at that, it made it all the more real, and Harry was desperate that they wouldn’t get hurt.

Severus nodded “I suggest that we tell them privately that we have had these difficulties, stating that we think there might be someone in the community trying to drive out initiates, and thus to come to us if they have any problems like this. This will hopefully prevent them from leaving without notice, therefore preventing them from being taken on leaving the community, and forcing the death eaters to act in another manner. They must be starting to get frustrated by now, and will hopefully be forced to enter the community, giving us a magical trail, and activating the surveillance if they try to grab Karen and Dennis”.

Harry reluctantly agreed, though he couldn’t stop the worry that was now sitting in the pit of his stomach. Severus was also clearly still angry, and was now unbuttoning his shirt with far more force than was necessary.

“If you know that it wasn’t real, why are you so angry?” Harry asked him.

“I just didn’t like seeing that” he bit out.

Harry stood up, going over and placing his hands on his arms, saving the poor buttons from being ripped off, “I am yours” he stated simply. Severus looked at him, and then sighed, allowing some of the tension to leave his shoulders. Harry smiled at him, “Now I believe I had promised to bend you over tonight, didn’t I?” he asked rhetorically, now beginning to undo the other buttons, with much less force then Severus had given to the top ones. “I think my boy needs to be reminded of who he belongs to, don’t you?” Again the question was rhetorical, but Severus nodded anyway. “It’s late so I am not going to use anything, I’m simply going to bend you over and make sure that you forget your name for a few moments” he warned, though his tone was light and breezy, as if merely discussing the weather. Severus’ cock was clearly becoming hard within the confines of his trousers.

“Well then stop mouthing off about it and get on with it” Severus retorted snidely.

Harry couldn’t stop himself from huffing out a laugh, but then he looked up at the other man dangerously. “You would think that considering your orgasms are owned by me that you might be a little more respectful” Severus did not reply, but looked at him with eyes full of challenge. Harry set about stripping the other man until he was completely naked. Harry was true to his word, he was simply going to bend the other man over and fuck him. He grabbed him by the back of the neck, and then pushed him until the top half of him was bent over the relatively high bed. “Spread them” he commanded and Severus obeyed immediately. They didn’t need a warm up tonight, or to have a long drawn out session. They both needed it to be quick and claiming. Harry grabbed the lubrication, and began to open the other man, enjoying the fact that he was already moaning quietly, and pushing back onto his fingers.

He added a second and then third finger, teasing him open until Severus barked at him; “Would you just get on with it and fuck me...Sir” he added belatedly.

Harry laughed silently, unseen by the other man, but then spanked him a few times harshly in warning. Harry was still fully clothed, and he intended to stay that way, highlighting the difference between them in a less subtle manner. He pulled his cock from his pants, and coated it with lube. Severus twisted around to look at him, his eyes widening as he realised that Harry was going to fuck without him undressing.  Harry smirked darkly at him, “Face forward boy, get yourself ready for my cock”. Severus reluctantly turned back around, and Harry kicked his feet further apart before he lined himself up, grabbing his hips as he guided himself in. Severus moaned out loud, and Harry pushed himself until he was fully inside his submissive. He began by moving excruciatingly slowly, and he could hear the exasperation in Severus’ moans, though he did not attempt to cajole him into moving faster. “Do you want me to go faster?” he asked him.

“What do you thi...” Severus began sarcastically, before thinking better of it “I mean yes Sir”.

Harry shook his head in amusement. “Well then fuck my cock boy” he demanded. Severus complied immediately, pushing himself back onto Harry’s cock and then pulling off again just as fast. They both groaned out loud.  “You should see what you look like” Harry commented, his throat dry “Fucking yourself on my cock”. Severus moaned, “Imagine what others would say if they could see you now, bent over naked, getting yourself off on my cock” Severus choked, and pushed himself back harder. Harry smirked, pushing himself into the other man hard, before grabbing his hair and pulling his head up, turning it so he could see part of his face, “You like that thought, don’t you” he teased darkly, “You like the thought that someone might see what you’re really like, what a dirty boy you are?” Severus panted harshly but didn’t reply, “You like the thought that someone might see that big bad Snape is an obedient little boy who loves to be fucked on his Master’s cock” Severus choked and his whole body began to tremble, “Don’t you boy?” Harry demanded.

“Yes Sir” Severus stated meekly.

Harry knew they probably wouldn’t last long. He turned Severus back to face the front, but kept a hold of his hair, placing the other hand on Severus’ back to keep him steady. He fucked him hard, which was what they both needed right now. He pushed into him and back out, driving his cock in with force, making sure to hit Severus’ prostrate, which now felt like second nature to him. He fucked him for as long as he could, interspersing it with phrases which only served to wind the other man up.

“You are mines boy, and don’t you forget it” he ground out, feeling his orgasm building up inside him. He grabbed Severus by the back of his neck, releasing his hair, and then bent slightly forward, pushing in hard. “Do you think you can come without me touching your cock boy” he asked.

“Oh god yes, I’m so close Sir, please” he pleaded.

“Do you want to come like a dirty boy, coming all over the place without even having your cock touched?” he asked him, dropping his voice into a deeper tone.

“Please, please Sir” Severus begged him.

“Come boy” he commanded. He watched for a moment as Severus let go, fascinated by the way his entire body went ridged, and then he shuddered, moaning out his release, before Harry let himself go, following Severus into his orgasm, fucking himself into Severus as the orgasm continued to go on longer than he thought possible.

“Fuck, that was amazing” he commented, when he eventually got his breath back. He pulled out of his submissive, and then helped him to lie on his back before going in search of a warm washcloth. He cleaned himself and then his submissive, before straddling him and staring down into his eyes.  

Severus looked up at him chuckling, “Well that was unexpected” he stated.

Harry laughed and nodded “Very unexpected, though I now hope you are slightly less angry than you were”. Severus nodded. Harry bent down and kissed him warmly. “Thank you for being so amazing” he told him, before dropping down and laying his head onto Severus’ chest.  Harry had suspected for a while that humiliation was one of Severus’ kinks. It was such an antithesis to what he was normally like, and how he presented himself, that it was bound to be a kink for him. He knew that in private this was a safe place for Severus to get in touch with this side of him. There was a massive difference between private fantasy play and real life. Harry himself loved the thought of it in private, and they might even be able to try out some milder humiliation play in the community, but he’d burn down a city before he’d ever let Severus be humiliated in their world, and he drew the line at any kind of degradation. To some there was little difference but to him humiliation play and degradation play were worlds apart. Even in play Severus was far too valuable to ever be made to feel worthless or degraded. The fact that Severus had seemed to engage in the scene so easily made it seem as if he truly trusted Harry with his submission, and trusted him to know the limits of when it was appropriate. Perhaps they would be able to start incorporating more fantasy play as they developed. Harry certainly hoped so.

The next day they warned Karen and Dennis about the potential ‘troublemakers’ as they phrased it. It was easier to keep an eye on them by the fact that they attended the bowling with them, and two other get togethers that week. Severus had made an effort to support Dennis, who seemed to slowly be finding himself better able to manage the community lifestyle. It was still unclear whether they would adjust to it enough to want to stay, but they both seemed to at least be having some fun, and Karen made sure that Harry knew it was down to their support. Harry was growing very fond of them both, and hoped that they would be able to spend more time together. However, a few days later it was the evening gala, and between them they decided that it was perhaps too big of a step for Dennis at the moment. Thus, Karen and Dennis had opted to spend an evening at home, though they had been together for most of the afternoon, as Severus had taken Dennis to a submissive-only gathering, and Karen had accompanied Harry shopping.

“I will go and shower” Severus announced, getting up from the couch later that evening.

“I’ve laid out some clothes on the bed. I bought you something new and you will wear them tonight” Harry informed him. He gave his submissive a few moments in the bedroom alone and then wandered in after him. Severus was glaring at the items on the bed, and Harry was a little surprised by the reaction.

“No” Severus seethed, crossing his arms, and narrowing his eyes dangerously. He almost looked like a moody teenager refusing to go to bed.

Harry had to force himself to keep a straight face. “No?” he queried, his voice carrying an undeniable hint of steel. Severus appeared suddenly less sure of himself before regrouping and doubling his belligerence. Honestly, Harry was surprised he hadn’t stomped his feet already.

“I will not wear these” he ground out.

“What part of ‘you will wear them tonight’ gave you the impression that it was a request?” he returned. He never raised his voice but no-one could mistake the danger in the tone.

“I’m not something to be ogled at” the other man snapped.

“Watch your tone boy” Harry warned “You don’t also want to have trouble sitting tonight, do you?”

Severus huffed, and then seemed to decide that changing tack might help his case “Please Sir” he pleaded, staring at him meaningfully, “I’ll look ridiculous”.

Harry had never seen Severus act like this before. When he’d told him that he’d previously thrown temper tantrums over clothing choices, Harry had assumed it was a figure of speech. He now appeared, however, to be trying the ‘puppy dog eye’ approach. To Harry’s credit he managed to keep a straight face.

“You won’t look ridiculous” he stated meaningfully, before grinning “You’ll look exactly how I want you to look, hot as hell”.

“I will look ridiculous” he asserted again, blushing and crossing his arms.

Harry took a minute to metaphorically step back from the situation. It was extremely rare for Severus to be actively disobedient. Considering he had been out in a collar and leash, it was difficult to see why he was becoming so worked up about a pair of leather trousers. It wasn’t like he was showing any skin, and he would be pairing it with a formal shirt. Hell, he’d seen people wear leather trousers to the pub. It was obviously pushing at something for Severus and he needed to tread carefully, he didn’t want to actually harm him in any way. He considered him for a moment “You really have a problem with others seeing you as sexy, don’t you?” he queried.

“I don’t think sexy is one of the characteristics anyone would use to describe me” he answered. It was clear Severus was still annoyed but was desperately trying to remain respectful.

“I think you are sexy as hell” he replied calmly.

“You think my submission is sexy” Severus answered immediately “That is what you are attracted to” he sighed, “Look, I know what my assets are and what they are not. I am not ashamed, I am a Slytherin. I know how to use them to my advantage”

“Then you are wrong Pet” Harry replied forcibly. Severus merely looked at him. “I’ve been attracted to you since I was 14 love, well before I had any clue about your submission. You’re the reason I know I’m attracted to men”. The other man’s eyes widened in shock. Harry went to him, pulling them down to sit side by side on the bed. “Severus, you are gorgeous, and whoever convinced you otherwise needs their eyes tested and then shot.

 Severus snorted, before sighing again “It makes me uncomfortable”

“I know Pet” Harry empathised.

“Then, can I…” he began but Harry cut him off.

“No, you are mines Severus and you will wear them because I say you will” he paused “Trust me Pet”. The other man looked at him then nodded resignedly. Harry needed him to know he was attractive, and the only way to do that was to force him to see it. He knew he’d be there to support him through it. He wanted Severus to see himself like he saw him. He wanted to support Severus to build up his self-confidence in the areas that he needed to. Severus had done that for him, so it was time he returned the favour. 

By the time the evening ended, however, Harry was grumpy; an understatement if ever there was one. The night had backfired spectacularly. As expected, Severus had looked amazing in the leather trousers, and whilst he had initially been self-conscious, the more compliments he received, and the more the other Dominant’s looked at him with undisguised appreciation, the more his confidence had seemed to grow. Severus had suddenly known what it was like to feel sexy. Part of Harry had been ecstatic that he had been able to give this to him, but as the night wore on, another part of him was seriously jealous. Severus had done nothing wrong, he was in no way to blame for how Harry was currently feeling, which was making it worse. He had been nothing but obedient and submissive the whole night, which made the amount of possessiveness he was feeling completely unjustified, and thus more difficult to cope with. The more that the other Dominant’s had looked at him, the more possessive Harry had become, to the point he’d made him kneel down beside his table, which he had deliberately chosen so that Severus would be kneeling behind a large pillar, effectively blocking him from view. It had been completely unfair on his submissive, in that he’d taken something away that he was clearly enjoying. Harry was currently feeling like he had abused the other man. Considering how possessive he had felt towards him anyway, having other Dominant’s leering at him had made him insecure and defensive. He knew he was being completely unreasonable, and it was only made worse by the fact that Severus had said nothing about his ridiculous behaviour. He’d simply obeyed, and become, if possible, even more submissive, barely uttering a word unless asked a direct question. He’d also kept his eyes downcast and began leaning into him. Harry had even started to wonder whether Severus was a bit scared of him. He hoped that the other man knew that he would never deliberately hurt him, but then another part of him knew he had the blood of his uncle in him and he was scared of what he was capable of. The little voice in his head tormented him with the fact that he had the potential to be an abuser. He began to consider that perhaps he was drawn to being a Dominant because it gave him a way to excuse himself of his behaviour. They had walked home in complete silence, giving Harry the time to convince himself that he was an unconscious abuser. He’d locked himself in the bathroom as soon as they’d arrived home, trying to build up the courage to face the other man. He looked at himself in the mirror and he was deathly white.

“Sir” Severus called to him, concern clear in his tone as he knocked gently on the door. Harry opened it, staring up at the man, and begging him without words to help him. He felt completely alone and overwhelmed, and he didn’t know what to do. Arms came around him, pushing him forward, and he simply trusted them to lead him where he needed to go. Harry held him like he was a lifeline, and it took away some of the feelings of loneliness, and provided him with an anchor. Severus sat him on the couch and just held him for a while. Harry laid his head against his chest listening to the other man’s heartbeat, and it was like a balm to his frayed nerves.

“Harry?” the other man eventually questioned softly.

“I’m sorry” he mumbled flushing, embarrassed that Severus had seen him in such a weak moment. Harry was sure that he’d never want him as a dominant now. He thought that maybe that was a good thing, as it would mean he didn’t have the chance to hurt him.

“Harry, what’s wrong?” Severus asked him, genuine concern in his voice. So, Harry told him. He told him about his fears, warring emotions, and predictions. He talked until everything was laid out, and he had nothing left to say. Severus knelt down in front of him, forcing him to look at him. Harry flushed again.

“Harry, I understand how much this must be hurting, but if you don’t mind me saying, you are an idiot” he declared, smiling warmly to counteract the words. “There are so many things about your fears that just don’t make sense. You, Harry, are the kindest natured, and least abusive, person I know” Harry looked away, how could that be true? “Harry look at me” Severus stated firmly “Am I weak?” Harry shook his head immediately “Do I come across as someone who would fall down at any Dominant’s feet?” again Harry shook his head “Do you think I would allow someone to abuse me without first making sure that there would be no witnesses to find the body?” Harry couldn’t help but laugh softly. “If I turned around right now and said I no longer wanted you to dominate me, would you go ahead without my consent?” Harry looked at him horrified, and Severus smiled in confirmation. “Harry, I am not an easy man, and I certainly don’t trust people easily. In my entire life, there have been 3 people I have truly trusted, and you Harry are one of them. If I thought for a moment you were capable of abuse, or indeed tried to abuse me I’d be off like a shot, and probably not before removing a few appendages first” he stated ruefully.

Harry thought over it, realising that he could trust Severus to keep him grounded. He could put his fears in the other man and know he would hold them “Thank you Severus. Sometimes I get lost in my head and it all seems so real”

“Well then I will just have to show you the road back out again. I will always be your friend Harry” Harry tried to ignore the sadness that accompanied that statement, knowing that Severus was highlighting that this was still only a temporary relationship.

“What about the jealousy though? That can’t be right?” he asked him.

Severus considered that for a moment. “There are two possibilities Harry” he began “Firstly, it could simply be, as I said that you are young and exploring your dominance. It could be that you have not yet learned to temper your emotions. You are surrounded by Dominant’s whom you see as a threat. You are effectively like a kid in a candy store who doesn’t want to share” he smirked “And for your information, I definitely don’t mind being the candy” Harry laughed at that, running his hands through Severus’ hair, feeling the warmth start to creep back into him.

“You said there was another possibility” he asked him.

Severus appeared to be contemplating for a moment before speaking, “You asked me before whether there was a reason that I was submissive.” Harry nodded in recollection. “Well I wasn’t entirely honest about that”. Harry wasn’t really sure what to make of that statement so he just waited for Severus to continue. “I am a bloodline submissive, and the other possibility is that whilst the above is still true, there could be an added element in that you may be a bloodline Dominant” he stated. Harry had no idea what he meant by that, and the confusion must have shown on his face. “This is difficult to explain. I mentioned before that many Slytherin couples live in dominant, submissive pairings. Their dominance or submission runs through the generations within the family. Many who live in this dynamic have had parents, and grandparents who have also lived in the dynamic. We call them bloodline Dominant’s or submissive’s because it is passed down through generations, and becomes part of their magical inheritance. For example, when a bloodline Dominant chooses to embrace their dynamic they can effectively channel their dominant inheritance. They are where the definition “Natural Dominant” comes from. You have taken to your dominance very quickly Harry, and you seem to be able to perceive situations in a manner that it should take you far longer to attune to. I had not previously considered that you were a bloodline Dominant because they are rare outwith Slytherin, and I am fairly certain your father wasn’t one, however you may find that many of your ancestors were Slytherin, and were bloodline dominant’s or submissive’s”

Harry really didn’t know what to make of that “So it’s not really my dominance then?”

Severus breathed out “As I said Harry it is difficult to explain, it is completely your dominance, it just means that you are far more naturally inclined to it than the average witch or wizard”

“But it’s not really me making the decisions then on how to act in a situation if it’s just my bloodline”

“Definitely not” Severus stated emphatically “Just because you are naturally inclined towards your dominance does not dictate how you choose to use it. It is the same as your magic. You are born with magic, but it does not dictate how you use it, or even if you use it. Like your magic your dominance is all you, it simply means that you feel more comfortable in your dominance, and less inclined to second guess yourself when you access it. It effectively just gives you a bit of a head start” Severus smiled at that.

“Ok, I think I understand, but what does that have to do with my jealousy” he asked him.

“If you are a bloodline Dominant, which I am relatively sure you are, by connecting with a bloodline submissive for the first time, you have accepted and effectively unleashed your bloodline. You are feeling your emotions to a greater extent than you normally would, and whilst your bloodline settles it may be difficult to reign in its full extent. It is akin to before you learned to control your magic, when it was unpredictable. You will have a period of time where you are learning to control and manage it. Getting a head start does not unfortunately come without its consequences. I would suggest that you just enjoy it. It is likely that the level of emotion you feel will pass as you learn to trust in yourself, and your bloodline settles. That same exuberance which you feel in your jealousy and possessiveness you are likely feeling in every other emotion; however, your fear is making you much more attuned to. If I had any concern I would tell you, however I do not.”

Harry considered that for a moment, “Does my being a Bloodline Dominant effect you?” he asked him nervously.

“You mean am I compelled to fall down at your feet?” Severus teased. Harry smiled but nodded “No, your bloodline has absolutely no impact on me, other than getting to enjoy it” he joked “There is no compulsion involved, please do not worry about that. I choose who I give my submission to, and it makes no difference whether they are bloodline dominants or not. I have been in relationships with both. Bloodline dominants are more attuned to their own dominance from an earlier point, however, other than that there is no real difference”. Harry was relieved, he didn’t know what he would have done if he had found out that Severus was only giving him his submission because of his bloodline. He still wasn’t really sure what it all meant, but at least he knew it didn’t really affect the other man.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this before?” he queried.

Severus smirked “I am sorry Harry, but you seemed pretty freaked out by it all when we started, I didn’t want to add any extra anxiety than was necessary. I did not suspect that you might be a bloodline, so it would have made no difference to our relationship. The only reason that I am telling you know is that you are winding yourself up about your jealousy. It is important that you are aware of this and recognise that this is normal. Trust me Harry” Severus continued “I went through the same thing at your age, I only wish I had someone who I could have trusted to help me manage it”

“What do you mean?” Harry asked him.

“I am not sure this is something you would wish to hear. It is in relation to why I became a death eater. It is the only part of my submission in which I am ashamed” he hesitated for a second “And in some small way it involves your father and godfather”

“Whatever it is Severus I want to hear it. I feel like you know the depths of me and yet I still know very little of you”

“Is that an order Sir?” the other man stated, glancing at him shrewdly.

“No Severus it is not, you must decide freely whether you wish to share. This is a part of you that should only ever be given willingly”

The other man sighed “Very well” he paused, appearing to have trouble knowing where to begin. Harry used the opportunity to run his hands comfortingly through his Pet’s hair. Severus closed his eyes briefly, appearing to find comfort in the touch and then he looked up at him. “When I was a little younger than you, at the end of my second last year at Hogwarts I began to explore my submission. I had known for a while I was submissive, and I’d known since childhood I had the potential, as my family have been bloodline dominant’s or submissive’s for generations, without fail. I drew the eye of a Slytherin from the year above, and he began to explore it with me. His name was Larkin, and he was amazing. For a Slytherin he was rather kind and gentle, in a dominant sort of way” he stated wryly, “Thinking about it, he had many of the same qualities that you have, only nowhere near the same extent” Harry felt warm hearing this. “He began to help me understand my submission, and thus released my bloodline. Unfortunately, just as I was getting to the point that you are at, when things were becoming overwhelming, school ended. I do think he would have continued with the relationship and that he did feel guilty, however he joined a secret ministry organisation and was transferred overseas. I do not know if he is even still alive” he appeared slightly sorrowful at this, and Harry couldn’t stop himself from gently kissing him, before encouraging him to continue “I was alone, lost in my submission, and overwhelmingly sad. For a long time, I struggled with it, throwing myself into my schoolwork, and studying for the NEWTS. A few other bloodline dominants did approach me, and offered to support me. In hindsight, I should have found someone to work through it with, I felt lost and abandoned, and I just wasn’t interested” he stopped for a second “Are you sure you wish me to continue, the next part does not reflect well on your godfather?” Harry nodded, smiling encouragingly “One evening, I was studying in the library. Everyone else was gone. I had been there so often that the librarian had resorted to giving me a key to placate herself from the worry of throwing me out every evening. It gave me a place of solitude. Your father and godfather came in one evening and began taunting me, as was custom for them at this time” Harry grimaced, feeling ashamed “Do not get me wrong, normally I would give as good as I got, however I had been thinking about Larkin and trying for once to process my feelings towards him. I was feeling vulnerable and a little in my submissive headspace. This must have been obvious because Sirius…” he stopped, clearly noticing that Harry was suddenly angry.

“He tried to dominate you, didn’t he?” Harry asked, trying desperately to remain calm.

“Yes. He began to taunt me, laughing that the big bad Snivelus was a pathetic little sub” Harry’s fingers were digging into the arm of the couch. If his Godfather was here now he’d have a hard time not punching him in the face. “I ignored him, as our never-ending feud suddenly just seemed so very childish, and I couldn’t be bothered with it. I got up to leave and he pushed me to the ground. As I tried to get up he forced me to my knees, saying that’s where I belonged. He grabbed my hair, and then…” he stopped, seemingly struggling with the words. Harry touched his cheek gently “he tried to push my face into his groin. I fought him off, and at the same time your father, who had merely watched and taunted up until this point, must have recognised that Sirius had gone too far, because he suddenly shouted at him to stop. To be honest, thinking back, I believe Sirius was also shocked by what had happened, because he suddenly ran from the room. Both your father and godfather never taunted me from the day. They must have felt guilty, however I just felt angry and helpless. I was angry at myself for being a submissive, for being weak, and for drawing towards me people like your godfather” Harry continued to rub his cheek gently, though the anger was boiling inside him. “I eventually confided in Lucius, who used the opportunity to convince me that what I needed, to be strong, was to join the death eaters. He introduced me to Riddle who was this powerful Dominant. I was young and naïve, and he made it seem like I would be part of this invincible group. Plus, my submissive feelings were still erratic and overwhelming, because I had not given them an outlet, and I was drawn to this Dominant, hoping he could give me the stability I was so desperately craving. I still can’t believe how naïve I was, and I was barely inducted when I realised the full extent of my stupidity. I ran to Dumbledore, confessing everything. He saved my life. He gave me a job as an apprentice Potions Master, giving me the cover I needed to remain a death eater without ever having to kill. Death eaters who are no longer loyal do not have the option of leaving. Being a spy meant that I had to be protected, and shielded from suspicion, therefore I was never sent on raids. That is what I meant when I said I owe Albus everything. He not only saved my life, but my sanity, and my soul.”

“For what it’s worth I am sorry. I always knew you were one of the bravest men I had ever met but even I didn’t realise how strong you truly are. I am a little in awe of you” he admitted, and Severus flushed. “What you have been through, to be able to come out the other end as amazing as you are…well I just feel luckier every day. You make me feel so strong when you are beside me, and like I could manage anything” he paused “I can’t believe Sirius though, no wonder you hate him. I can’t believe I could have been so wrong about him”

“Harry, it is true that I will never forgive him, but he was young and foolish and by all accounts has turned into a good man”

Harry stopped him “That is no excuse. He was barely younger than I am now, and I’d never dream of doing something like that”

“No, however you are in a league of your own Sir” he stated ruefully.

Harry couldn’t help but smile softly at him “Don’t get me wrong, I am also angry at my Dad, how dare he just stand there” Severus didn’t say anything, but he reached up and began to rub Harry’s knee comfortingly. “I understand why you were so wary of me Severus, but I promise I’ll never ever treat you like. Though you are right, you’ll never let me get away with anything like that, and that’s why I feel so safe with you. I realise that it’s not just me that has to think about it, we are both responsible for making this relationship safe. I am truly sorry that I didn’t think of that before, and if I made you feel as if I didn’t think you were strong enough. You will never truly know how strong I think you are. It’s the reason that I want to be your Dominant, because to me there is nothing sexier than someone strong choosing to give themselves up to you. Knowing that I am the only one who gets to really see that side of you is amazing.” Severus smiled, seeming to be both pleased with Harry’s development, and embarrassed at the level of praise. “Pet, if you don’t mind me asking though, after everything that happened, how are you now so comfortable with your submission?”

“Albus” he stated, and Harry had a disturbing thought of the headmaster as a dominant. His disgust must have shown on his face because Severus laughed “No, not like that. He encouraged me to meet a Dominant he knew and trusted, who became my guide. He helped me to accept myself and to feel proud of myself, my strength, and my submission. I am no longer afraid of it overwhelming me. I rule my submission, and give it only when it is earned” he smiled, and Harry couldn’t help but feel warmth, and just a little bit special.

“You Severus are amazing” he stated genuinely. “Thank you for sharing this with me, and for supporting me tonight”.

Severus smiled “You are welcome Sir” they sat for a little while processing the evening until Severus interrupted his thoughts “Now, I have in front of me a Dominant who wants to possess me and yet here I am, fully clothed, and without anything to keep me occupied. You know I am starting to feel a little neglected” he smirked, before sighing dramatically.

Harry laughed “I wouldn’t want to be accused of neglecting my submissive” he dropped his tone of voice “So why don’t you be a good boy, and get into that bedroom, before I find a less appealing way to occupy your time”

Severus’ eyes flashed “Yes Sir” he smirked, before immediately heading into the bedroom.

Harry followed him, a mixture of emotions coursing through him. Today had been difficult, but in some way, it had also further cemented the connection they had. Harry was really starting to worry about how he would ever manage to cope without him.



Chapter Text

“Perhaps if you had a few more brain cells, you may have been able to use this dedication in your potions making, but alas” Severus stated, sighing dramatically.

“Really?” Harry replied, gobsmacked, “This is the time you choose to be a bitch?”

“It simply came to my attention as I was awaiting you” he stated without tone.

Harry snorted “You would think you might watch your tongue, considering our positions”. Severus merely raised an eyebrow in reply.

“You really do need punished” Harry stated, unable to hide his amusement.

“Clearly I do” Severus retorted wryly “And how exactly are you going to teach me a lesson?”

“Mmm… perhaps I will leave you here to contemplate your actions” Harry stated, looking away thoughtfully before turning back.

Severus looked at him expressionlessly “I believe that would be appropriate” he paused “However, if I was to promise to curb my tongue for the next few minutes, is there any chance you may just get on with it and stick your cock inside me?” he deadpanned.

Harry was both amused and turned-on by Severus’ ability to appear so very in control whilst he was tied spread-eagled to the bed.

“Your ability to curb your tongue is seriously in question” Harry retorted, crossing his arms and faking annoyance.

“Well perhaps you might like to assure yourself that I do not have the ability to use my tongue” Severus replied, raising his eyebrow suggestively.

“Mmm, that might work. It would also mean nobody will be able to hear you scream” he intoned darkly. Severus’ eyes flashed, but he said nothing. Harry walked towards the chest, and pulled out two items, turning to show the other man.

“Erm, Sir, I …” Severus began nervously, before Harry cut him off with a raised hand.

“Ah, so now you decide to be respectful” Harry stated, shaking his head “Perhaps, you might now be regretting your behaviour?” Severus looked like he was about to reply, but Harry continued “This could have been such a nice afternoon. I was going to let you ride my cock boy” he stated, his voice darkening “However that tongue of yours has gotten you into trouble again. I don’t want to hear another word out of you.” he commanded “And you’ve lost cock privileges. Instead, I’m going to watch you writhe around the bed, your eyes begging me to make it stop” he walked towards the other man, who was now looking at him with a hint of panic.

“Open” he commanded, and Severus obeyed, opening his mouth wide to allow Harry to place the ball gag on his tongue, and strap it around his head. He pulled back and Severus dropped his head to the bed. “Is it too tight?” he asked, and the older man shook his head. He watched him for a few seconds “You look good. Perhaps I’ll keep you like that all the time, collared, bound, and gagged; simply a body available for my pleasure.” He stated, his voice low and dark. He watched as Severus’ cock jumped and he couldn’t help a small smirk crossing his face. “Now let’s get on with your punishment” he intoned brightly.

He knelt onto the bed between Severus’ legs. He admired the cock in front of him, giving it a soft brush with his fingers. It was just enough to give frustratingly soft stimulation, and he heard a huff of breath from the other man. He lowered his fingers down to find the anal plug that was already in the other man. He pulled it out slowly, throwing it onto the bed behind him. The plug he was about to use was wider and longer, somewhere between a standard plug and a dildo, so he spent some time rolling it around his sub’s opening before gently pushing it in, continuing to roll it and stretching the man as he went. Severus couldn’t stop himself from moving, and began to push back towards the plug. Eventually it was settled, and Harry looked up to the other man, grinning evilly. Severus’ forehead was already slightly damp with sweat, and his hands were clenched. Harry got up, walking back over to the chest. He found the remote and turned back towards his submissive.

He walked over to him, staring down intimidatingly, before switching the plug onto the first vibrating setting. Severus groaned and his cock jumped. Harry simply stood watching him, admiring the naked body in front of him. Despite how many times he had seen it, he still felt in awe of the beauty in front of him. It wasn’t because it was by definition perfect; Severus’ body had a number of faint scars.; but to Harry he was beautiful, he adored every part of his submissive’s body. The awe he felt was from the fact that Severus had so willingly given his body in submission for Harry to explore. He didn’t try to hide who he was, he was confident in his trust in Harry, and it was that which made him so beautiful. Harry continued to stare down at him, relishing the power he felt in overseeing his pet’s current condition. Severus was desperately trying to remain stoic, unwilling quite yet to give into the sensations coursing through him. Harry stopped the vibration, and Severus looked up at him.

“Perhaps, you are beginning to regret your earlier choice of words?” he asked him. Severus made no move to provide any confirmation, and there was a hint of challenge in his eyes. “Very well, perhaps you are ready for level 2 then?”. Severus’ eyes narrowed. Just before Harry turned the setting, he smirked “There are 5 settings Pet, and I intend for you to experience each one” Severus’ eyes widened immediately, and Harry smirked again. He turned the switch to the second setting, and immediately the older man began to move, his hands clenching in their bonds. Harry kept watch on the other man’s hands, to ensure that he was not trying to signal any distress, but his movements were simply his inability to remain stoic in the face of increasing stimulation.

Harry kept him on the setting for at least two minutes and then without allowing him any kind of respite, he increased it to setting three. Severus moaned, a cross between pain and pleasure. His eyes were unfocused, and his movements became wilder. His body pulled at the bonds tying him to the bed, and Harry was thankful that the cuffs were padded, and were designed to stop him from getting hurt. Harry watched as pre-come collected on the tip of his submissive’s cock. He decided to be lenient, knowing at this point Severus must be trying to keep from going too close to the edge. He stopped the vibration, and Severus groaned, a mixture of relief and exasperation. His eyes quickly sought out Harry’s, and they seemed to have lost their defiance. He walked up to the other man, running his fingers down his chest, which was rising and falling quickly.  He desperately wanted to kiss him, however the gag was making that impossible.

“Do you have anything you wish to say to me?” he asked him, allowing Severus the opportunity to indicate whether he wished to use his safeword. The other man shook his head, and Harry smiled. “Two more settings to go Pet” he reminded him, “Perhaps you will remember this the next time you feel like mouthing off at me?” Severus nodded his head, and Harry smirked, knowing that hell would freeze over before Severus was ever able to curb his tongue completely. In all honesty, he loved it. He loved how Severus could seamlessly switch between so many different aspects of himself, from obedient submissive, mentor, supportive partner, to acid-tongued tease. He hoped that he gave Severus all the aspects of himself that he needed.

Without warning, Harry switched to the fourth setting, and Severus’ entire body arched up. He moaned loudly, now barely even muffled by the gag, and he pulled desperately at the bonds. Harry knew that the pleasure must be almost unbearable by now. He watched him for over a minute and then turned it off. Severus sank back onto the bed, huffing in a mixture of exasperation and relief. Harry smiled at him wickedly when his eyes sought out his pleadingly. He stared down at him and as Severus’ eyes locked with his, he surreptitiously turned it back to setting four. Severus groaned, and he began writhing again. Harry turned it off again after ten seconds, and just as the other man was looking back to him with confusion he turned it on again. He did this a few times, watching his submissive as the sensations overwhelmed him. Harry was amazingly turned on by the display, and was desperate to come. He turned it off again, and Severus groaned out in frustration, his cock weeping.

“I’ll make you a deal Pet” he stated, dropping his voice. “I’m going to turn the setting back to one, and remove your gag. If you can watch your tongue long enough to take me in your mouth and get me off, I will turn it up to setting five and you can come whenever you want, but…” he continued, his tone dark and warning “If there is so much as one word out of you that is not Yes Sir or No Sir, I’ll gag you again and leave you here for the rest of the afternoon, and believe me, if you come without permission, you’ll not come again for a month. Do I make myself clear?” he asked him.

Severus’ eyes were wide, and he nodded immediately. Harry bent down to remove the gag, massaging his jaw as he did so. Severus groaned but did not say anything. Harry opened his trousers, pulling out his cock and rubbing it a few times to bring it back to full hardness. He continued to pleasure himself as his submissive watched him, his eyes locked on Harry’s cock. He pleasured himself harshly, enjoying being on display for Severus, knowing the man was desperate to have him in his mouth. When he was quite close he knelt up on the bed and then straddled his submissive’s chest.

“You have been warned boy” he reminded him, “Are you going to be good”

“Yes Sir” Severus answered immediately, dropping his eyes for a second to signal his deference. Harry stared at him for a second before switching it back to setting one. Severus moaned low and opened his mouth. Harry moved forward, pushing himself into the warmth of his submissive’s mouth. Severus rolled his tongue around him, and sucked at him for a while. Harry groaned at the sensations, and rocked himself into him. He was already quite close, and looking at the way Severus was bound in front of him was a major turn on. He pulled out after a while, needing more friction than Severus could give in his current position. He rubbed himself harshly until he was right at the brink and then pushed it back into his submissive’s mouth. Severus sucked at him and moaned around his cock, sending vibrations up the shaft that pushed him over the edge. Harry cried out, allowing himself to come deep into Severus’ mouth, as his submissive continued to moan around him. When he was done, he pulled out and blindly turned the remote to the last setting. Severus cried out, arching up under him. Harry bent down and sucked at his neck, and that seemed to push him over the edge. His submissive bucked and cried out as he released, and Harry felt some of it hit his back. Severus panted harshly though the aftershocks, and when Harry was sure he was done he turned off the remote. He knelt up, looking down at his submissive who was panting and sweat soaked.

“So, are you going to behave now?” Harry asked him. “Are you going to keep that tongue in check?”

Severus looked up at him “Definitely, Sir” he began, still panting “That’s at least six hours of good behaviour” he replied, looking up and smiling at him innocently.

Harry laughed, “You are a nightmare” he replied, flicking on the remote for ten seconds, just as a little reminder.

The following morning Harry was sitting on the couch, attempting unsuccessfully to set the planner to record a programme he wanted. Frustrated he gave up, leaning back into the couch cushions. “Pet” he shouted through to the bedroom. Severus wandered through immediately, wearing his trousers, one sock, and a shirt which he hadn’t yet buttoned up. He came to kneel in front of Harry and relaxed into his standard pose. Harry sat staring at him for a while. He hadn’t called him through for anything really, he just missed him, which he realised was a little bit ridiculous, considering they were in the same house. He leaned forward and ran his hands down his submissive’s chest. It wasn’t a sexual touch. Harry had been so caught up in the excitement of having a submissive, that he hadn’t really taken the time to realise that he had a submissive; to understand that Severus was his, at least for the time being. He hadn’t taken the time to fully appreciate what that meant. He reflected for a few moments on the level of power that Severus had gifted him with; the fact that he had put himself in Harry’s hands to do with what he wished. For now, at least. Severus belonged to him, and for a moment he wanted nothing more than to have Severus simply for himself, untouchable by anyone else.

Harry traced his hands over every curve of his submissive’s exposed skin, imprinting into memory every aspect of him. Severus remained still, taking what his dominant gave him. He remained relaxed and compliant, simply following where Harry led. “I have to go out later” Harry told him, not expecting an answer “I want you to stay in today” he commanded gently, “The cottage needs a bit of a tidy up. I am going to leave you a list of things to do. I want you to do them in order, and I will check when I return home”

“Yes Sir” Severus agreed easily, relaxing into Harry’s touch. Harry ran his fingers through his hair, watching as the older man’s eyes drifted shut. He looked relaxed and content, and Harry enjoyed seeing him like this.

“I want to know that you are remaining obedient and submissive to me all day” he continued, his voice still soft, “I want you to remember that you are mine, and that you are serving me with me everything you do”

“Yes Sir, I am yours to command” he breathed out softly. They sat for a short time as Harry continued to run his fingers over the other man, enjoying the softness of his skin, and the quiet connection that came with the moment. “Sir?” the older man queried softly.

“Yes Pet?”

“I wondered whether you wished to have me cook for Selena and Karen. They have now both had us round for dinner on more than one occasion, and I thought you might like to return the invitation. I could make you a list of some potential food options”. Severus looked up at him softly, awaiting a command.

Harry smiled, “Yes, I would like that, thank you”, he paused for a moment, before changing the subject. “Strip for me” he stated, his tone neutral. He didn’t need to raise his voice, or put on a commanding tone. He knew Severus would obey him, and it was a heady feeling. Severus stood immediately, and despite the fact that he had only recently dressed, he removed his clothes and then knelt back in front of his dominant. Harry watched him for a moment, a comfortable silence filling the room.

“Spread your legs, put yourself on display for me” he intoned quietly.

Severus obeyed, parting his legs wider, his cock half hard against his thigh, and a slight blush on his face. Harry stood, circling his pet, taking him in from every angle. He still wasn’t feeling in a sexual mood, he just wanted to spend time drinking in his submissive. He knelt down behind him, tracing his fingers over the light scars on the elder man’s back, before leaning in and kissing his way down his back. The skin was soft and warm, interspersed with tiny ridges where his lips met the scars.

“Can you tell me about these Pet?” he asked him quietly, before coming around to sit on the couch in front of him.

Severus raised his eyes, but they were soft and there was a hint of something warm that Harry couldn’t quite name. “Please do not be upset about them Sir, I have long since processed my feelings towards them. I no longer have any emotions attached to them”. Harry smiled at him but did not say anything. “They were from Riddle” he began, and that gave Harry a shock. Of all the people he had considered may have given him the scars, Voldemort was not the one he had suspected. “Not long after I confessed myself to Albus, Riddle took an interest in me as a submissive. By this point I already knew what kind of man he was, and had no interest in him. I was scared that he would make me his submissive without choice, but then I realised he wanted to subjugate me, rather than take me as his submissive. He began to order me around on nonsensical trivialities. He wanted me to worship him. His desire for power comes from a deep-seated insecurity of not being good enough, and of being less than others. He could see that I wasn’t one to be easily dominated, and his inability to make me want him infuriated him. Don’t get me wrong, I was deferential to him. I needed to be to survive, but he knew that I didn’t desire him as a dominant. Despite his outward appearance, Riddle is terrified of losing his followers, and of being overtaken. It is for that reason that he keeps many of his more powerful supporters segregated from each other, and inflicts so much pain on them, so that they are too terrified to group together to unseat him. A leader who has true loyalty has no need for fear and pain. Only those who would be unseated without it, rely on it so heavily. It is for that reason that he inflicts so much destruction and pain on his followers. One evening he was infuriated with me for treating him simply as a leader, and not looking at him as a dominant, and he made up some ridiculous excuse for punishing me. He decided that I needed a personal lesson, and he whipped me rather than using the normal pain spells he is partial to.”

Severus looked at him with wry disgust, and Harry leant forward to kiss him softly. He was getting really sick of hearing about the ways in which Severus had been hurt. To know that he had been through so much infuriated him, and he wanted nothing more than to make sure he would never be hurt again. He knew it was a ridiculous expectation; they were at war, but as his dominant he just wanted to protect him.

“I was ashamed of the punishment I had received” he continued, “and was determined that no-one should find out. However one of the wounds became infected, and I ended up becoming very sick. When I recovered enough to tell Albus what had happened he was furious with me. He hadn’t even really been angry with me when I joined the death eaters, but this time he was apoplectic.  He lectured me about keeping it hidden from him, and not trusting him enough to seek help, to the extent that I had put my very life in danger” Severus stopped for a second, blushing, “I think it is one of the only times I have ever seen him so enraged. I was devastated that he was so angry with me, when he had done so much for me. I felt so guilty, and like a small child being lectured.” He looked down briefly “Albus might not be a dominant, but he certainly has the traits when he chooses to use them. For a moment when he was lecturing me, I honestly thought he was going to put me over his knee.” He grimaced slightly “Instead, he insisted I meet with his Dominant friend. Albus had been encouraging me since the beginning to meet with him but I had been refusing. I didn’t want to be a submissive, and was determined to avoid that part of myself completely. Albus insisted at this point that I at least meet with him, and I was feeling so guilty at disappointing him that I agreed. It is only because of this meeting, that I met and decided to be guided by his friend”

“I know you said you are ok with it all, and I am glad you were able to work through it but I am still sorry” Harry told him meaningfully.

“Thank you, Sir, but I assure you that Adducere, my guide, supported me to work through this. I am no longer upset by it all. Believe me, Riddle’s general punishments are much worse, and as soon as I took Adducere as my dominant Riddle backed off. He at least respects the dynamic that much”

Harry smiled at him, pulling him forward into a deep kiss, that was both comforting and claiming. By the end Severus was panting slightly.

“You were turned on by the thought that he would put you over his knee, weren’t you?” Harry asked him, clearly taking the other man by surprise.

Severus blanched “Albus is the closest thing I have to a real father” he stated.

“Yes, now he is, but back then he was the headmaster and you were barely out of school. Are you telling me that you weren’t turned on by the schoolboy fantasy of being spanked by your teacher?” Severus blushed and looked down, unwilling to reply “Have you ever lived out that fantasy? The naughty schoolboy being spanked by the strict teacher?” Severus was now almost crimson as he shook his head. Harry leaned down, whispering in his ear “Would you like to?” the hitched breath and hardening cock of his submissive told him all he needed to know. He smiled, running his hands through his hair. “Well perhaps I might be able to help you with that” he promised, lowering his voice. Severus moaned, and Harry pulled him in for another kiss, before chuckling, “But unfortunately not today, I need to go out soon, and I don’t have time to do that fantasy justice”. Severus sighed slightly but did not comment, and Harry was proud of him for his obedience.

A short while later, after thirty minutes of Harry being unable to pull himself away from kissing Severus, and ultimately making him slightly late, Harry went out to meet with a friend, and left Severus tidying up. He left him the specific instructions and promised to be back in time for them to go to their team bowling. Tonight, was going to be particularly fierce as they were mixing it up into couples, and so it was going to be a little more even. Severus’ skills were going to be balanced out by Harry’s inconsistencies. Some nights he was great and some he spent most of the night in the gutter.

By the time he returned, Harry had ended up being out longer than expected, and it wouldn’t be long until the team would be coming to get them. When he entered the cottage, Severus wasn’t in the living room and Harry wandered into the bedroom in search of him. He found his submissive sound asleep, curled up on his side wearing his trousers and a t-shirt. It was unusual for him to sleep during the day but Harry definitely didn’t begrudge him it. He stared at him for a moment, wondering what he was dreaming about, and whether he might be playing a starring role. He was definitely starting to think that it would be fun to try out some role play scenes, and he wondered if the other man had any particular fantasies he hadn’t disclosed yet.

Quietly, Harry pulled off his shoes and socks, and then laid himself out behind the sleeping man. He snaked his arm around him, and whispered seductively in his ear. “Wake up Pet” he commanded gently, “We have to get ready for the bowling. Although” he teased “I want to know what you were dreaming about and whether I can use it to make you scream”. He snaked his arm under his t-shirt, to slide up the warm skin of his chest, and tweak his nipple softly, whilst he leaned in and began to nibble at his ear. The next thing he knew he had been thrown off of Severus and was now pinned to the bed with the elder man’s hands around his throat. Severus looked down at him, seething with anger and hate. Harry had never seen such hatred pour from him. The other man wasn’t choking him with all his strength, but it was tight enough that Harry could feel himself starting to struggle for breath.

“You think this is a game Potter?” Severus spat at him. “You think that your position gives you the right to do what you wish?”

“Wha…” Harry breathed out, unable to gain enough breath to make any actual noise.

Severus pushed his throat a little harder, his eyes wild as he snarled at him “You are just like your godfather. Get this straight Potter, this is acting. You think that playing the Dominant gives you the right to do what you wish? Touch me again and I will kill you.” Severus pushed his throat again, causing Harry’s eyes to water, and suddenly Harry felt scared of the other man.  He grabbed at the hands around his throat, desperately trying to pull them off. Severus looked down at him with disgust before he pulled himself up and off the bed, freeing the younger man. Harry grabbed his throat, coughing, and desperately sucking in lungfuls of air. Severus left the room without looking at him, and Harry curled in on himself. What the hell had happened? Severus had genuinely scared him, and he had no idea what had brought all that on. Had it been Severus’ attempt at a scene? Because if it had been, Harry hadn’t felt remotely turned on, he just felt alone and scared. He replayed the last few days, wondering if he had done something to hurt him that would make Severus act this way. For a moment, Harry wondered if the whole thing had been some elaborate act. That Severus being his submissive had been some sort of joke, and was payback for what his godfather had done. Had all of this been a way of Severus revenging himself on the other man? He tried to dismiss that thought, but there was a niggling doubt in the back of his mind. How could Severus go from being so caring this morning to staring at him with such wild-eyed hatred? He needed to speak to him but a part of him was scared. He pulled himself from the bed, and sidled towards the bedroom door. He suddenly felt very small. It felt like he was a child again, trying to judge whether it was safe to come out of his cupboard; whether his uncle was in one of his moods that meant Harry would be on the receiving end of, at best, verbal abuse. He could hear Severus banging around in the kitchen and his heart was in his throat. He felt desperately hurt and alone.

The elder man must have sensed him enter the kitchen, because he turned, crossing his arms, and glaring at him as he leaned against the kitchen counter.

“Severus” Harry began nervously “What was that about?” he paused for a second “You really hurt me” he added softly, having to desperately push down tears that were threatening to rise up.

The other man continued to stare at him coldly “I think you got off lightly considering you just tried to sexually molest me”

Harry couldn’t make sense of Severus’ words, and he couldn’t stand the other man looking at him with such pure hatred. “Has all of this been just to get back at me for my godfather?” he asked, needing to know but scared of the answer.

Severus frowned slightly, “The way I feel about your mutt of a Godfather has nothing to do with your actions Mr Potter. Just because I am pretending to be your submissive does not give you the right to sexually assault me”

“Pretending?” he asked him, suddenly feeling anger rising within him.

“Yes Mr Potter” the other man spat, eyeballing him with a look of disdain “Are you delusional? This is all an act”

“Well fuck you then” Harry screamed, losing it a little, “Fuck you. How dare you. How could you be so fucking cruel to make me think you cared for me? How could you even do all that only for revenge?” Harry knew he was losing it, but he felt like his insides were ripping apart. Severus made to interrupt him but Harry didn’t want to hear anything from him, he hated Severus more than he thought possible in that moment “Well done Professor, you really got me this time, didn’t you?” he seethed, “Well fuck all of this, I’m outta here as soon as I can pack. You can get some other sucker to play the Dom” he turned, running into the bedroom, and slamming the door behind him. He yanked open the chest of drawers and began pulling out the clothes within. He could barely see what he was doing, and wasn’t entirely sure if he was pulling out his or Severus’ clothes. The door opened a moment later but Harry ignored him, continuing to throw things onto the bed.

“Mr Potter” Severus barked but Harry continued to ignore him “Mr Potter, stop acting like a child and talk to me”

“Talk to you?” Harry seethed, then laughed almost manically “What could I possibly have to talk to you about?”

“I am curious Mr Potter, what about my behaviour led you to believe I cared about you?” he asked, sounding both inquisitive and disgusted at the same time.

Harry turned to him in disbelief “Wow” he said, unable to think of anything else to say to him. “Just…wow”

“Seriously Mr Potter, in the 24 hours we have been here, what could possibly make you think I cared for you”.

Harry stopped, feeling his entire body tense “24 hours?” he asked.

“Yes, in these past 24 hours, what about my behaviour gave you reason to believe I cared for you enough that you felt it reasonable to sexually assault me?”

“Severus” he began, and he could see the other man tense at the informality of the address “Do you really believe we have been here only 24 hours?”

“Well perhaps it has been slightly less, however I find no reason for you to play with such semantics” he ground out.

Harry stared at him in shock, the pieces suddenly starting to make an illogical sort of sense “Severus, we have been here nearly seven weeks” he replied, his voice softer now that his anger had dissipated so suddenly.

Severus frowned at him “Seven weeks, what in Merlin’s name are you talking about?”

“Check the paper, it’s nearly seven weeks since the day we arrived”

The other man suddenly looked unsure, immediately turning to exit the bedroom. Harry followed slowly from behind. As he entered the living room Severus looked up at him with shocked eyes. “Is this some sort of joke?” he barked. Harry stared at the other man, realising that this was Snape from the day they arrived. The man who didn’t trust him and thought Harry’s objective was to hurt and humiliate him. His heart suddenly ached for him, for what he must be going through, and he desperately wanted to take him in his arms and make it all ok. But that would only make the situation worse. He had no relationship with this man and would rightfully see any advances as Harry abusing his position. No wonder Snape had reacted so aggressively. If he had been in his position and Snape had suddenly lain beside him, touched him and made sexual comments, he’d have probably tried to hex the man into oblivion, and that didn’t even take account of the issues Severus had with his Godfather. He needed to help the other man at this moment, and work out what was going on for him. He would have time later to feel sorry for himself.

“I know you don’t particularly like me P…Professor, nor trust me, but do you really think I would make something like this up? You’ve known me for seven years. Do you think me capable of this?” he asked him, genuinely curious. Snape looked at him briefly before shaking his head, his eyes wide in shock. Harry was gratified to know that Snape at least trusted him that much. “Professor, can we sit down and try and work out what is going on?”. Without waiting for an answer he went to sit on the couch and Snape followed suit, though sat as far away from him as was humanly possible.

“How can I have suddenly lost seven weeks of my memory?” he asked him.

“I don’t know” Harry shook his head, “you were fine when I left a few hours ago. We do know that, or at least we have hypothesised that, the death eaters are using some sort of memory spells in the community. I don’t know how you alone might have become affected though”

“Tell me everything you know so far” Snape barked at him. Harry told him about the last seven weeks, deliberately avoiding the topic of their intimate relationship, merely describing their theories, and their time in the community.

Snape was about to ask him a question when the doorbell rang. Harry couldn’t stop the rising panic “Do you want to go into the bedroom, I’ll tell them you have a headache”

Severus sneered at him, “No I want to see exactly if this is true or not”

Harry wanted to beg him to go into the other room but didn’t want to start an argument, “Fine” he ground out “But remember we are supposed to be in an intimate relationship, and you are really good friends with many of the people here” Snape looked at him with a little shock. “So just play along”. The other man nodded, standing to follow him to the door.

Harry threw on a scarf to cover his neck before opening the door nervously “Hey guys” he smiled, faking happiness at seeing the crowd at his door. He could feel the bile rising up his throat, and he desperately swallowed it down.

“Gary, we are going to smash them tonight” a voice called out from the crowd, “Wait til you here what the penalty is this week” a few of them sniggered, and there was a fair few groans from the crowd.

“I’m sorry guys, I’m really not feeling too well tonight” he replied, and the mood sobered immediately.

Selena looked at him “You really don’t look too well Jamie” she stated concerned, “Do you need anything? Do you want me to call the doctor?”

“No it’s ok, I think I just need a night in bed. I’m really sorry”

“Don’t worry about it, you just get yourself better, and let that man you adore look after you for the night” she smiled, crinkling her eyes up at Severus.

“I will, thank you” he replied, making a show of placing his hand onto Severus’ back, who tensed immediately.

Selena looked at them curiously but did not comment. “Good, well I shall call round tomorrow and find out how you are doing”

Bill piped up at this point “Gary I have those recipes you asked for. If you don’t make it to the get-together tomorrow, I’ll hand them in on the way back”

“Thank you” Severus replied, managing to make it seem easy and natural.

“No problem, though I’m going to be mad at you if we lose the game because we don’t have our star player” he joked.

The crowd said their goodbyes and Harry had the distinct feeling of dejavu, with the dread of closing the door to spend the night with a sullen potions master. As soon as the door was closed Severus jerked away from him as if he was on fire, turning to stare at him with daggers.

“What exactly is the nature of our relationship”

Harry swallowed nervously, backing off to put a safe distance between himself and the other man, fearing a reprisal of earlier. “Does it matter right now?” he asked.

Severus sneered “I would like at least some kind of explanation for your earlier behaviour”

“Fine” he sighed “We were…intimate”

Snape looked at him with disgust “Why would I ever choose to have an intimate relationship with you?” he asked.

Harry shrugged “I don’t know, you never really told me. I just figured we liked each other. I mean it’s not exactly been the most conventional of relationships, but I think we were happy, you said I intrigued you” he realised he was talking about their relationship in the past tense, and a ball of pain nestled into his chest.

Snape bared his teeth, but said no more “A memory spell can only take effect if I have ingested it or have made bodily contact with it. Look around for anything that is out of place. If you find something do not touch it, I will touch it. The spell has already taken effect so it will do me no further harm”

Harry nodded, beginning to look around. The living room showed nothing out of place, and they moved into the bedroom. Harry deliberately didn’t look at the bed, not allowing himself to either remember all the times they had shared, or the incident from earlier. He was trying so hard not to think of his Severus. It almost felt like a death had occurred, despite the fact that the man was across the room from him. He turned around to see Snape crouching in front of their toy chest.

“I wouldn’t look in there if I was you” Harry told him, before he had a chance to open the chest.

The other man turned to look at him coldly “And why not?”

Harry shrugged, “I just don’t think you’d appreciate knowing what is in there”. A part of him wanted Snape to look; for him to see exactly what they’d been up to the last seven weeks. He was hurt and alone, and angry towards the other man simply for not being his Severus. But the other part of him knew that it wasn’t really Snape’s fault; that he wasn’t deliberately trying to hurt him. He also didn’t want the man to ruin something that was so special between him and his submissive. He couldn’t help thinking of them as two separate men. Snape seemed to hesitate for a second before sneering and turning to open the box.

“Please” Harry pleaded.

The elder man looked up at him frowning before smirking nastily “You seem almost scared Potter”. He turned again, and this time lifted the lid of the chest. He stood up abruptly, turning to glare angrily at Harry. “What is this?” he shouted. “Was this what you were expecting this trip to be about?” Harry slumped, how was he going to explain this. Right now, in Severus’ mind, he probably seemed like a fiend who was trying to take advantage of him. Severus knelt down again, pulling out some of the items. He lifted the spreader bar, gaping at it in astonishment. He threw it to the side, before pulling out the overhead bondage cuffs. This too was thrown with some level of anger.  Next came the leash and Harry thought Snape’s eyes were going to pop out of his head. Snape then pulled out the paddle with the amusing carving of the duck, and he turned to glare at him in a mixture of revulsion and anger. He made to throw it across the room, but Harry hollered at him to stop, making him freeze.

“Please, please Snape, please don’t break that, anything else but that” he pleaded.

Snape’s nose crunched up in confusion as he stared down at the paddle, probably thinking that Harry had gone a bit mad. “And what’s so special about this ridiculous paddle?” he sneered.

“It just is ok. I got it from someone I truly care about” Snape must have sensed the sincerity in his voice because he merely threw the paddle onto the bed before walking away from the chest. Harry gathered all the pieces back together, placing them in the box, and tucking the paddle safely away out of sight. Just as he was putting the last piece in he noticed a padlock that he hadn’t seen before.

“Snape” he shouted, and the man came back in from the other room.

“There is a black padlock in the bottom of the chest that I haven’t seen before, it’s definitely not one of ou….mines” he stated, looking up at the other man, who frowned.

“Why exactly would I be poking around in your toy chest” he asked, folding his arms. Harry blushed but didn’t know how to reply. Severus scoffed at him “That will not be the object. It has to be something I have actually touched”.

He made to walk away, and Harry realised he would have to tell him “It isn’t my chest Snape” he called out softly, and the other man turned slowly. Harry guessed he already knew what the rest of the sentence was going to be. “It was our chest”. Snape stared at him with a blank expression. He gave nothing away but stepped forward and gingerly took the padlock from the chest. He walked away and Harry followed him curiously. He went into the kitchen, rummaging around until he found some vinegar, sugar, and oregano. He poured a little of each on to the padlock.

“Yes this is it” he declared “It is a simple memory spell that will require an antidote. We shall have to contact Albus to bring me one from my store”

“How do you know” he asked, and Snape sneered at him.

“Did you ever listen in potions class?” Harry had a flashback to this morning, and for a second he had to push himself not to laugh, but then he looked up and caught sight of the other man and he sighed, feeling the ball of sadness hit him a little more. Severus sneered at his lack of reply, “When you cannot use magic to screen for a spell, you can use these items, it will release a subtle smell if it comes into contact with particular types of spells”

Now knowing what it was, Harry used the emergency telephone to contact Mr Weasley, who contacted the headmaster to arrange a video call for 8pm. It was arranged that Albus and Kingsley would meet them at a muggle hotel a couple of towns away the following morning, once he had arranged a portkey. Harry and Severus sent a message to the bowling alley that Harry really wasn’t feeling well, that they were going to the local A and E, and would contact Selena in the morning. They packed a small case and left immediately to catch a taxi to the hotel. They had agreed that they would tell Selena in the morning that Harry was being kept in for a couple of nights for observation, and that way they could spend time with Albus and Kingsley doing a bit of strategizing. Neither said a word to each other on the taxi drive there, and Severus insisted on separate hotel rooms.

When Harry entered his room, he locked the door, and for the first night in seven weeks he was going to be sleeping alone. Tonight had been awful, and he let the grief overtake him. He cried, sobbing all of the hurt and fear out of him, curling in on himself on the bed, and pulling the covers over until he had made a cocoon. He cried until there were no more tears left, and then lay for a while simply replaying the day over and over. A knock startled him, and he quickly brushed away any remaining tear tracks. He glanced at himself in the mirror, and he had to admit that he looked awful. His cheeks were puffy, he looked withdrawn and exhausted, and there was bruising around his neck. Shrugging, there was little he could do about it, he threw on the scarf again and went to open the door. Severus stood on the other side, seemingly a little nervous.

“Can I come in?” he asked, unable to look at him. Harry really didn’t want to deal with anything else tonight. He wanted to get tonight over with and hopefully have his Severus back tomorrow, however he had no real excuse for denying the other man entry. He nodded, pulling the door back and bracing himself for further disparaging. “You have been crying” Severus stated bluntly. Harry didn’t have anything left in him to be embarrassed and merely shrugged. “Why?” the elder man asked him, seemingly genuinely curious.

“Does it really matter?” he asked tiredly.

“Yes” the other man replied, he stopped for a second but Harry chose not to respond. Snape sighed, “I have been musing on today. Do we truly have an intimate relationship?”

Harry looked at him, unable to really fathom what the other man wanted “You will find out tomorrow if you get your memory back, don’t you just want to wait until then?”

“I am unable to stem my curiosity until then. An intimate relationship between us does not seem likely, and I cannot understand why I would be drawn into one” he replied. Though his tone was not meant as hurtful it caused Harry a stab of pain.

“Well thanks very much” he replied desolately.

“That appears to have caused you some distress, however I did not mean it in that manner, I am simply curious”

“Do you want to sit down?” Harry asked, motioning to a chair as he sat on the bed. Snape complied and turned to him expectantly

“Yes we are in an intimate relationship, though it didn’t start off that way” he snorted in a dejectedly amused sort of way “Actually it started with me spanking you.” Snape growled and was about to say something, but Harry quickly intervened, “It was mutual consent”

The other man blushed before snapping at him “Why would I give you the rights to spank me?”

Harry thought about it for a little while “I was forced to spank you once in public about a week and a half after we arrived. We’d kind of started to build a bit of a friendship by then, and we’d been at the pub. Some idiot knocked my drink all over you and you weren’t exactly friendly about it” he snorted, that was an understatement. “I had to spank you to get you out of the situation” Snape’s blush deepened and he scowled “Don’t worry, you remained completely clothed” Snape sat back, though he didn’t look happy. It was really weird explaining their history to a man who was part of it. “I think you realised that I really didn’t want to hurt you, and well things kind of developed from there. You offered to help me to learn, to understand my own dominance. It started out non-sexual, but I suppose it didn’t take long before we developed a sexual relationship.” Harry smiled in tired amusement “To be honest the whole thing went really fast”.

Snape stared at him curiously “You are barely eighteen, why on earth would I allow you to Dominate me?”

Harry shrugged again, these were quite subjective questions, and he really didn’t want to start a conversation about bloodlines “I don’t know. You said you thought I was really mature” he offered, and Snape scowled “I don’t know Snape ok” he bit out, becoming frustrated “Severus and I were intimate and we just seemed to fit. Our dynamics meshed well but as he would always say it was the people first and the dynamic second. We got on, we had fun, we laughed, we looked after each other, and we cared a hell of a lot about each other.”

Snape’s eyes had widened at Harry’s speech, and he studied him for a moment “You do not see me as the same person, do you?” he asked.

Harry looked at him, suddenly realising what he had said “I’m sorry, that was really unfair. I am just tired, but you didn’t deserve that. It’s just hard to think about what he… I mean you were like this morning, what we had. I know you are right there, but you also aren’t. You’re not the man I talked to this morning, and I miss him.” he looked straight at Snape, knowing he was being completely unfair to him but unable to stop “You are my best friend, and you’re not there to help me to cope with this, and what’s worse is you won’t let me be there to help you.”

“Your best friend?” the other man asked him astonished.

Harry smiled “Of course you are. I can tell you anything. I can come to you about anything, about any worry or fear and you somehow make everything so much better and so much easier to handle. When something happens you’re the first person I want to tell.  When something is funny I can’t wait to see you to share it with you. I’m sorry this doesn’t make much sense to you. To you I’m just that unruly Gryffindor whose arsehole godfather…well you know” he hadn’t really meant to mention that.

Severus’ eyes widened comically “I told you about that?”

“I’m sorry Snape, I shouldn’t have brought that up. I am really tired, I’m not thinking straight. You don’t know you’ve told me that and I shouldn’t have mentioned it” he genuinely felt regretful that he had brought it up.

“I’ve only ever told three people about that” the other man breathed out in shock. He paused for a moment, and looked at him contemplatively “I would only tell you about that if I truly trusted you. I do not sense manipulation on your part, therefore I must conclude that we are in a relationship, or I have gone completely off my head, though I am inclined to think that both may be true” he smirked, and for a moment Harry caught a glimpse of his Severus.

Harry smiled genuinely for the first time that evening “Well, that’s definitely not the first time you have said that to me”

They both sat in silence for a moment before Snape stood “Well I shall see you tomorrow, Mr Potter” he stated, inclining his head towards him, and Harry couldn’t stop himself from smiling. Before the other man reached the door, he turned back to Harry “What is with the ridiculous duck paddle?” he asked.

Harry laughed, a mixture of humour and sadness “I definitely don’t think that is a conversation for this evening. I think it’s probably better that you get that memory back with the rest of them.” Snape appeared as if he was about to say something and then thought better of it.

“Very well, good night”. At that he left, and Harry curled back into bed. Whilst the meeting with Snape had made him feel slightly better, new worries began to pop into his mind as the night progressed. Snape had seemed genuinely disgusted by the thought of a relationship with him. What if this gave him new insight, and with his memories back he would re-evaluate their relationship. Additionally, even though he now knew that Harry had not made non-consensual advances towards him, what if his fear that he had, had permanently damaged his trust in Harry?  Harry’s anxiety built as the evening progressed and it was a long time before he fell into a restless sleep.

Chapter Text

Harry hadn’t managed to get much sleep during the night, and it certainly showed. He didn’t mind admitting he looked a mess. He brushed his hair, attempting to make it look something akin to tamed. He stared at himself in the mirror, putting a fake smile on his face in an attempt to conceal the gaunt grey that was his current complexion, hoping it would be enough to fool the headmaster. He glanced at the ring of bruises on his neck, picturing the look of pure hatred on the face of the man… he shook his head, unable to think about it any longer. He threw on his scarf, hoping to convince Albus that he was merely a little under the weather and feeling the cold, which should explain his complexion and unusual attire.

He wandered down the corridor at ten past ten, knowing that the other men should have arrived already, and knocked on Snape’s door. He was greeted by Auror Kingsley, who smiled and gave him a brief nod as he stepped back to let him in.

“Harry my boy” Albus enthused on catching sight of him. As he walked towards him smiling, his face turned to one of concern “Harry you do not look well, are you ok?”

Harry smiled, genuinely pleased to see the headmaster “I am fine headmaster, I think I’m just getting a bit of a cold” He saw Snape look at him briefly before he turned away abruptly. Harry looked at the headmaster expectantly, he really hoped that Snape hadn’t already taken the antidote. If he had, he certainly didn’t look like he wanted to be anywhere near him.

“Severus has taken the first batch, he will be required to take another in about an hour, and if it works it should work immediately after the second dose” Albus told him.

“Of course, it will work Albus, I brewed it” Snape shot at him indignantly.

“You might have had an off day my boy” Albus returned, winking surreptitiously at Harry as Snape narrowed his eyes.

“Perhaps I shall have an off day around your tea sometime, old man” he replied without tone.

“You wouldn’t dare” the headmaster countered, putting his hand to his chest and feigning hurt.

“Try me” Snape replied, smirking evilly

It was nice to see them joking, Harry had never seen Snape joke prior to coming to the community. In fact, he couldn’t remember him being anything other than difficult. It was good to see that his life hadn’t all been war, fear, and pain. They talked for a while, going over some of the details about the memory potion.

“What I am trying to work out is why we were targeted” Snape mused, “They cannot know we were wizards. We have used no magic, and have made no mention of the wizarding world”

“What about the glamour’s?” Harry asked tentatively, unsure if he was saying something stupid, and equally unsure of the other man’s reaction.

“No” Snape replied calmly “It was not our magic, and should not have aroused suspicion” Harry was confused, and it must have shown.

“There are countless muggles out there with spells on them” Albus began “Protection enchantments for muggle family members, memory spells when magic has been witnessed. One spell would not have drawn suspicion from anyone. Only yourselves, Kingsley and I can see the real you, as it is our magic. Every witch and wizard has some level of ability to sense spell magic, but this is usually only in the presence of large spellwork, and if it has been cast fairly recently. There are some, though they are rare, wizards and witches who can sense spell magic at a minute level. They can sense spells at the site they were created, even if it was weeks ago, and can sense whether the spell cast on someone is by them. It makes spells, if created by the person, instantly recognisable. We placed the enchantments on you so that even if there was by chance a sensitive, then they would feel that the magic was not coordinated with your natural body rhythm, and would then assume that you were a muggle who had a spell cast upon them”

“Oh” he replied nodding, it did make a lot of sense.

Auror Kingsely interjected at this point “Why do you think they targeted you if not as a wizard?”

Snape sighed “They have been trying to drive us out for weeks, I assume they meant to attack both of us, though I cannot understand why they specifically targeted us. It may be that we have seen something they want us to forget, though we do not realise it, or it is part of the manner in which they have been abducting initiates”

They talked for a while longer, attempting to make some sense of the turn of events, until Snape interrupted them “It is time for me to take the second dose. I would like to talk privately to Mr Potter beforehand, so leave” he commanded to the other men. Harry’s heart jumped into his throat. What did he want to talk to him about, was he going to tell him that he didn’t want to continue to pursue a relationship?

“Where are we supposed to go Snape” Kingsley argued, clearly annoyed at being ordered around by someone whom he evidently wasn’t keen on.

“Go for a coffee, purchase a newspaper, don a pair of glittery fairy wings, a pretty pink dress and dance the conga in a male burlesque show for all I care, as long as you are not here” he barked, turning away from him.

Harry had to turn away to hide his laugh, catching the eye of the headmaster who also appeared to be having difficulty in keeping a straight face. Kingsley looked affronted, and opened his mouth to respond when the headmaster smoothly cut in “I believe that is a good idea, perhaps we shall look for somewhere to wet our whistle, what say you old chum?” he announced brightly, pushing the Auror out of the door. “We shall remain in the hotel, so please come and find us when you are done” he stated to them, before closing the door behind them. Severus turned and picked up the antidote, pulling out the stopper and beginning to lift it to his mouth.

“Wait” Harry urged, and Snape stilled, “I thought you wanted to talk?”

“I said that merely to get rid of the bothersome twins” he replied “I imagine that however this works out, you and I are going to need some time once I get my memory back. Either you are telling the truth and we will need to talk, or I will be throwing you out of a third-floor window” he smirked, and Harry wasn’t entirely sure if he was joking.

“Can I ask you one thing first” Harry asked him tentatively and the other man nodded. “Are you really disgusted by the possibility of a relationship between us?”

Snape peered at him “If what you say is true, then no, I am not completely averse to a relationship”. At that, he upended the antidote, and it was gone. There was a moment when the other man looked a little hazy, and then it was obvious that the potion had worked as his entire body language changed in a second. His eyes swung to meet Harry’s and there was a look of naked pain across his face. “Oh god, Harry” he breathed, then stopped speaking, unwilling or unable to finish his thought.

Harry wanted nothing more than to run to the other man but he couldn’t help feeling afraid. He didn’t know if Severus still wanted him, if he was angry with him, or even if he was afraid of him. “Severus, are you ok?” he asked him tentatively, unable to keep the tremor from his voice.

“I am fine.” He replied, looking away briefly before looking back at him with trepidation.  Severus wasn’t putting up a blank mask and this gave Harry some hope. “I am so sorry Harry” he said meaningfully, his voice filled with sorrow. Harry crossed the room in two strides, pulling the other man against him, and burying his head in his chest. Severus wrapped his arms around him tightly, and they clung to each other.

“Severus, I missed you so much” Harry breathed into his chest, unwilling to let go. The older man pushed them back towards the bed, laying Harry down and climbing on top of him. Severus stared down at him, smiling warmly before bending his face to kiss him. It was both tender and passionate, full of warmth and protection, and Harry melted into the kiss. Severus pulled back for a moment, and unwrapped the scarf from around his neck. He stared at the bruises, and his face contorted into naked shame and horror.

“Harry, I am so sorry. If you can’t forgive me for what I have done I will understand. I have no excuse for physically hurting you”

Harry grabbed his face “Listen to me boy, you have every excuse. You thought I was sexually assaulting you. If it had been anyone else I would expect you to do much more than give them a few bruises. You did not hurt me out of choice, but out of a fear reaction that you were unable to control. I think if it had been me you’d have ended up a lot worse than with a few bruises. I don’t want you to think about it anymore, do you understand me”

Severus smiled down at him, his eyes crinkling in amusement “Yes Sir” he chuckled. He stopped smiling after a second. “I am still sorry, what you must have been through” he sighed, shaking his head before leaning down to kiss gently at the bruises. Harry melted into the kisses, allowing his hurt and sorrow to be gently soothed by the presence of the other man. He ran his hands through Severus’ hair, basking in the comfort of the physical closeness and enjoying the protective weight of him over his body. Severus pulled his head up, and his eyes crinkled again in amusement “So you didn’t want to tell me the story of the duck paddle?” he asked him.

Harry laughed “Exactly how do you think you would have taken it?”

“I think it might have been a toss-up between throwing you or throwing myself out of the window” he snorted.

Harry laughed again and then there was silence “Severus, when you couldn’t remember us you seemed genuinely disgusted by the thought of a relationship”

Severus nodded “At first yes, but remember Harry, before I came to the community my vision of you was clouded by your father and godfather and my preconceived notions of what I thought you to be. The more we talked last night the more I had to admit to myself that there was something about you that was intriguing. I believe that had I not regained my memory, I would very much be at risk of falling under your spell all over again.”

Harry was both relieved and astonished “What was it about last night?”

“There were two aspects. The first was when you emphatically informed me I was your best friend” He smiled warmly “Whilst I have no need for overly sentimental Gryffindor declarations” he smirked “I must convey that this is true for me also. I never thought I would have a best friend, and certainly not one as noble and selfless as the great hero of the wizarding world” he mocked, and Harry used his hand to swat at his backside in pretend indignance. “The second aspect…well it was generally everything about you. I lay in bed last night going over your outbursts, realising how truly you cared for me and how passionate you were. The way you treated me with respect and consideration, even after everything, was something which I was unable to ignore. It would have taken me a while to admit it but I respected you”.

Harry looked at him, feeling genuinely vulnerable “Please don’t leave me like that again” he pleaded.

“If I have any say in it, you will never be without me, whatever happens. As I said, you are my best friend Harry, and I will always be there for you no matter what” Severus answered genuinely, and for a few moments they simply stared at each other. They talked for a while longer, interspersing this with comforting kisses, and Harry could feel his fear and loneliness lifting with every second.

“Now as much as I might want to lie here all day with you, I suppose we should inform the brainless wonders that I am returned to the enigmatic man I always was” Severus joked.

Harry snorted “At least try to be nice to them”

Severus scrunched his nose “If I must”

Harry kissed him again “Mmm, are you sure we can’t just tell them to bugger off so I can do some unspeakable things to you?”

“As much as I would like to be at your tender mercies, fulfilling my role as your dutiful slave, I fear we have other duties” Severus huffed in amusement.

“Mmm, I like that slave idea” he laughed, only half joking, attempting to gauge Severus’ reaction.

“Yes, I wondered how long it would take before you had the courage to mention that” Severus smirked at him.

“You knew?” Harry asked him astonished.

“Of course I knew. I mean those ridiculous shorts, there was no mistaking what I looked like in them” he replied shrewdly.

“So?” he asked tentatively.

Severus sighed as if put upon “I may have a way of accommodating you, however you must promise not to ask any more about it”

Harry’s eyes widened and he could feel his cock beginning to rise “ok” he breathed “Now are you sure we don’t have time…”

“No” Severus laughed, and Harry growled.

Leaning down, he whispered seductively “I mean, respectfully Sir, as much as I deserve to be spanked and put on my knees being made to serve you, we really must go”.

Harry couldn’t stop himself from moaning as the fantasies assaulted his brain. He loved when Severus was playful. “You tease” he breathed, pushing himself against the older man. Severus smirked triumphantly.

Harry pushed him, rolling him over until he was now above him, pinning him to the bed with his weight and grinding against him. “Perhaps I need to remind you of your place boy” Harry stated, dropping his voice into a more dominant tone. Severus’ smile fell away as his eyes flashed. “Perhaps I need to make sure you know exactly who you belong to” he paused “and make sure everyone else knows it too”. He knew the threat of public dominance would get to Severus, and he applauded himself internally as the other man moaned and began to rub against him. “I wonder what they would think if they came in here and you were naked on your knees with your mouth around my cock?”

“Oh god, Sir” Severus panted, “Please” he pleaded.

Harry continued to rub himself against his submissive, whose cock was hard against him. Knowing that the other men were close by and could essentially walk in at any time was giving him a thrill that he hadn’t expected. “Imagine what they would think of you right now boy, the big scary potions master rutting against me, willing to do anything just to be allowed to come” he teased, bending down to nibble at his ear. Severus moaned again, and sped up his thrusts, “You want to come, don’t you?” Harry asked him, and Severus nodded emphatically. “Are you going to come in your clothes like a dirty little boy?” he teased, knowing full well that he was just as close as the other man. Severus groaned, biting his lip to keep from crying out, desperately trying to keep quiet knowing that they might be overheard.

“Please Sir” he begged, looking a little wide-eyed and ruffled. Harry lifted himself up a little, stuffing his hands down Severus’ trousers, and gripping his cock messily. 

“If I let you come are you going to be a good boy?” he asked him, lowering his voice to the dominant pitch that he knew drove Severus wild.

“Oh god, yes Sir” he moaned.

Harry knelt up, pulling the other man with him. He hurriedly unbuttoned Severus’ pants and then his own “Grab my cock” he commanded and Severus hastily obeyed. They pleasured each other hard and fast, their hitched breaths and stifled moans synchronising along with their movements. “Come boy” Harry commanded, and they both came together, rearing up, desperately trying not to scream as they came over each other’s clothes.

“You are entirely to blame for that one” Harry panted as the orgasm finally ended.

Severus tried to smirk and failed, instead collapsing onto the bed. “Thank Merlin our magic isn’t restricted here and we can actually use cleaning spells. I think we would have a challenging time explaining to Albus why we both needed to change clothes”

Harry laughed and then pulled him in for a long kiss “I don’t want to be apart from you again today” he stated.

Severus huffed “I doubt I will be able to continue with this charade that I hate you any longer anyway. You and Albus appear to be my kryptonite…and yes I do know who superman is, and I find him a very real likeness to myself”

Harry couldn’t stop himself from laughing “Modest, aren’t you?”

“I am merely stating a fact” he deadpanned, before sighing “Sir, as much as I find myself able to be open about my feelings in the community, this is not so easy outside of it…”

Harry interrupted him “Pet, I don’t want you to be open about your feelings. I don’t care if no-one ever knows what we have. I don’t want you to change for me, and it’s private between us anyway. All I ask is that you just don’t leave me today okay?”

“Okay” he smiled, leaning forward to place a small kiss against Harry’s lips.

They cleaned themselves and Harry placed a glamour around the bruises, feeling stupid for not having thought of that this morning.  He’d gone so long without magic that it wasn’t an immediate thought anymore. A look of shame passed again over Severus’ face when Harry incanted the spell, but Harry simply pressed himself against him, showing him there were no hard feelings. It might have been terrifying at the time but in Harry’s mind it was justified, and Severus didn’t deserve to blame himself simply for defending himself against a perceived sexual attack.

They found Albus and Kingsley tucked away in the corner of the hotel bar. It was quiet, with only a couple of other residents, who were across the other side of the bar, affording them a good level of privacy. The headmaster looked at them expectantly, and Severus nodded.

A grin covered Albus’ face “Excellent” he announced happily. Harry and Severus sat, and Albus turned to look at him “You are looking much better Harry” he declared.

“Yeah, I feel a lot better actually. Don’t really know why though” he replied. He could see out the corner of his eye Severus deliberately shaping his face into a blank mask.

“Did you talk then?” Kingsley asked him.

“Yes, we had quite an intense talk” Harry returned, keeping his tone neutral.

“Good, good” Albus replied “I hope it was productive for you Severus”

Severus also kept his voice neutral “It was unexpectedly enlightening”

Albus smiled warmly “I am glad you seem to be getting on a little better”

“Yes, we seem to have tied-up some issues” Severus replied coolly, and Harry had to work very hard to keep his face straight.

“I believe it is approximately lunch time, shall we find somewhere to eat before continuing our discussion?” Albus asked them jovially.

“Oh..” Harry began excitedly.

“No” Snape interjected immediately, and Harry turned to him with sad eyes.

“Aww…” he began

“No” Snape again interrupted him, crossing his arms.

“But…” Harry tried again.

“No” he maintained.

Harry looked at him then smirked “Quack”

Severus narrowed his eyes, obviously understanding the reference “Which?” he asked. Harry smiled evilly, knowing that Severus was asking whether he would be spanked or not. Harry didn’t reply, letting Severus make up his own mind about which was worse, and which he would actually prefer. He sighed eventually, “Fine” he ground out, “We are going to the Chocolate Factory for lunch” he announced, in an annoyed tone of voice, before standing and striding towards the exit, refusing to wait on the other men. Harry smirked triumphantly. He got a thrill from Severus’ public submission to him, though undetectable by others, and he was pretty sure that Severus would be feeling the same. He turned to the other men who were looking at Harry as if he had gone a bit mad, waiting for an explanation. Harry merely smiled, before following Severus out the pub.

An hour later Harry was in heaven. There had been three pages of chocolate desserts from him to choose from. Severus had looked at it with disgust, and then in absolute horror when Harry’s chocolate fudge cake knickerbocker glory arrived. It was enormous, and had a full piece of chocolate fudge cake on a funny little edible plate sticking out of the top of the glass. Harry and Dumbledore hadn’t bothered ordering actual food. The headmaster had ordered a chocolate fountain with an assortment of dipping paraphernalia, and giggled with boyish delight when it arrived. Kingsley had ordered soup and then gave into Dumbledore’s offerings and began helping the man devour his chocolate fountain. Severus had ordered paella, and opted for no chocolate, spending the entire time gazing in disgust as Harry, Albus, and Kingsley turned into “chocolate covered children” as Severus informed them.

“Are you sure you don’t want any?” Harry asked him, as he dipped his fudge cake into the headmaster’s fountain.

Severus didn’t even bother answering, instead opting for gazing at him judgementally. Harry laughed, and then made a show of licking all of the chocolate from his spoon, “Yum” he announced, looking up at Severus. He’d meant it as simply a way of winding him up, but as he looked up he caught a flash of desire in Severus’ face, before it was quickly replaced with a neutral mask. Luckily the other men weren’t looking and were at that moment debating whether to order extra marshmallows. Harry hadn’t realised that what he was doing could be construed as erotic, but then he thought about what he must have looked like. Harry looked at him meaningfully, and then brought his fingers to his mouth, and began to lick off the chocolate.

“Ow” a sharp pain lanced through his leg and he realised that Severus must have kicked him under the table.

“Are you alright my boy?” Albus asked him.

“Yes, sorry, I just banged my knee on the table leg” he replied, still rubbing his leg.

“Try to be more careful Mr Potter” Severus chimed in. Harry looked at him, and Severus merely raised one eyebrow at him.

“Thank you, Snape. I wouldn’t want to have any more accidents, they could have serious consequences” he returned neutrally.

“Indeed my boy” the headmaster acknowledged “that could be painful”

“Exactly” he nodded at the headmaster, but flicked his gaze towards his submissive. Severus did not react but Harry was fairly sure he got the message.

They finished their desserts, and ordered some coffee., chatting about inconsequentials before turning to more serious matters.

“Snape, how are you going to explain the lack of you know what if you go back to you know where tomorrow” Kingsley asked him.

Severus rolled his eyes, clearly annoyed at Kingsley’s unsophisticated manner of being discreet. “By not addressing it, we be may be able to make them think that it simply did not work, instead making Harry and I very ill. The only problem I can foresee is that it is my own…concoction… thus if there is a sensitive they may be able to sense this, though I find this unlikely”. Albus and Kingsley nodded.

“I am still concerned that they know you are not a muggle” Kingsley stated quietly.

“I still do not see how, we have been very discreet, there has been nothing non-muggle, not even in private. And nothing which would have drawn suspicion, we have acted very much like a normal muggle couple. We have acted within the expectations of the community lifestyle, and we seem to have been accepted as genuine” he flicked his gaze briefly to Harry then returned to Kingsley, “It would be difficult to see how someone could have believed we weren’t muggle if we have not had anything which would have identified us as ….” Severus stopped, his eyes widening, and his mouth dropping open. Harry was about to ask him what was wrong when he growled “I am such an idiot” he ground out, and Harry watched as his fists clenched on the table.

The headmaster looked at him in concern “Wha…” but he didn’t get a chance to finish the sentence, as Severus stood abruptly.

“We must return to the hotel now” he barked, though his voice was low, and he looked slightly defeated. They quickly paid, and took a taxi back to the hotel. The journey was tense and silent, and Severus wouldn’t even look at him. Harry was worried; his stomach somersaulting, wondering if he had done something wrong. As they entered the hotel, however, he was genuinely relieved when he surreptitiously rubbed his fingers across Severus’ in the elevator, and Severus did the same back. At least it seemed the other man wasn’t angry at him. As the door shut in Severus’ room, they all looked at him expectantly. His submissive looked angry, and tense, but Harry was shocked to see a blush creep up his neck.

“I have only now realised that it is possible that they may be aware we are wizards. If certain witches or wizards were nearby, they would easily have been able to recognise our magic”. He sighed, “I take full responsibility for this”. He turned to Harry, “I am sorry Harry but I must tell them”. Harry was confused, he didn’t know what Severus meant. The older man looked genuinely pained as he turned to Dumbledore and Kingsley. “What I am about to tell you should not leave this room” he barked, and the two men nodded. Severus looked back at him, his eyes almost pleading forgiveness, before he looked away. “I have reason to believe that Harry is a Bloodline Dominant” he began.

Harry’s stomach flipped, why would Severus have told them this? The other men turned to him, their eyes wide, and he couldn’t stop himself blushing. He looked up at Severus for an explanation.

His submissive looked directly at him. “Your bloodline is base magic Harry. Because you have only just released it, when you first tapped into it, it would have been like setting off a bunch of fireworks to any other bloodline dominants within the area. They would have felt it. When I told you that you were effectively marking your territory, that was in actual fact what you were doing. You were placing your magic around me so that other Dominants would know not to approach me.”

Harry could tell that his cheeks were Scarlett, but he ignored it “I thought you said it wouldn’t affect you?” he asked him, trying to keep the accusation out of his voice. It was difficult to talk about something so private in front of the other men.

“I did not lie Harry, it does not directly affect me. Placing your magic on a submissive only occurs during this initial period, when your bloodline hasn’t settled. It is not really about you or I, but about giving a warning to more experienced Dominant’s that you are new to your bloodline, that you are not yet able to fully manage it or your emotions, and that you feel threatened by them. If you had been in Slytherin you would have found that older bloodline Dominant’s would have supported you during this period, and would have made sure to act cautiously around the submissive you were involved with, so that they could support you in settling your bloodline. It is the same with submissive’s. If I had also been new to my bloodline, it would have placed my magic around you” Severus sighed, turning to the other men. “I have only recently realised that Harry is most likely a Bloodline Dominant, and because the magic marking only occurs in the initial stages, and we are not around other Bloodline’s, I did not think about it until now. Bloodline Dominant’s are primarily Slytherin based, and unfortunately Slytherin makes up the main bulk of Voldemort’s forces, therefore, it is likely that at least one Bloodline Dominant is around” Severus sank back into a chair behind him. He looked devastated, and Harry could also tell that he would be feeling responsible and guilty for blowing their cover. Harry wanted nothing more than to hold him, but Severus had been forced to reveal a lot about himself. For an intensely private man Harry could only imagine how excruciating that must be, and he didn’t want to add to that.

“Thank you for telling us Snape, that can’t have been easy for either of you” Harry was shocked that the speaker was not Albus but Kingsley. Snape looked up at him, also wide-eyed, and Kingsley smiled “I do not know much about Bloodline Dynamics, but I do understand how important they” he smiled “And I recognise how much this must have taken to forgo your privacy in telling us this. Now, what we have to think about is what this all means. Why give you the memory potion?”

Severus stared at him for a moment longer, and then seemed to decide Kingsley was being genuine “Either they intended to distract us long enough to enact their plan, or they needed to get rid of us. Either way, I assume that our presence was making it difficult for them to engage in their usual methods of removing the initiates. It is possible that if we are to return now that the other initiates will be gone, and the community won’t remember them”

“Oh God” Harry breathed, his stomach twisting.

“We will get them back Harry” Severus told him, his tone assertive. Harry looked at him, nodding, trusting in the other man.

“Why did they go for a memory spell, and not just try to kill us?” he asked his submissive.

Auror Kingsely interjected at this point “It is surprisingly difficult to kill a wizard, and aside from the unforgiveables, there are not a lot of options.  Your magic has a natural defense so it would have been difficult to take you by surprise. That level of spell would have meant that you would have retaliated, and that would have been far too high profile for them. I assume that they were banking on the fact that you would act in a manner that would continue to keep your cover”

“Do you think they know who we are?” he asked him.

Kingsley shook his head, “I doubt even the desire for concealment would have stopped them from taking the chance to take you both down.”

“I also have not been summoned” Severus cut in, “The dark lord believes that I am on a two month potions expedition and agreed not to summon me unless absolutely necessary. He values my potion making ability too highly. However, if he believed for a second that I was not where I informed him I would be, he would be summoning me for an explanation. He would not wait for his death-eaters to kill me, he would rather have that pleasure himself” he stated sardonically.

They agreed that Harry and Severus would return to the community, both to try and seek out any magical residue, and to speak with Selena. They would inform Selena that they were undercover detectives, and that they needed her to allow Dumbledore and Kingsley into the community that evening. They would also be asking her to get everyone to stay inside tonight, making up some story that there was someone dangerous hiding out in the community. Albus and Kingsley would be rounding up some other Aurors who would be able to attend if things got out of hand.

“I need a moment to speak with Severus” Harry informed them, his tone clear that it was not a request. The other men nodded, looking at him appraisingly before leaving, agreeing to use Harry’s room to organise things. As soon as they left Severus fell to his knees, his head bowed.

“I am sorry Sir” he stated, his voice full of guilt.

Harry strode over to him, pulling his head up forcefully, wrapping his hand around the back of his neck, and bending down to take him in a possessive kiss.

“You have nothing to be sorry for boy” he informed him.

“Respectfully Sir, I must disagree. I hurt you, I revealed confidential information without your permission, and I may have put lives in danger because I was too wrapped up in my own selfish desires to think about the consequences.” He looked down, shame and defeat in every line of his body.

“Severus” Harry began softly, though his voice was firm, “Look at me”. The other man raised his eyes to him. He looked tired, and as if he had the weight of the world on his shoulders. “I am so proud of you” he began, and Severus’ eyes widened fractionally. “Do you even realise how proud of you I am for choosing to tell them everything, knowing that you were revealing intensely private information about yourself. You are amazing, Pet. You haven’t put anyone in danger, you’ve helped to save people because you are so damn smart, and so bloody selfless. You make this world a better place, and you make me a better person, just by standing by my side. I don’t care how selfish it is, but I would never have given up these last two months for anything. And Pet, our relationship has probably saved a lot of people, because by knowing we were wizards, the death eaters have probably been too wary to enter the community. They’ve resorted to a memory spell to push us out because we’ve represented a barrier to them. And now that you’ve figured it out, we can use this to find Karen and Dennis, and stop them being able to hurt anyone else. Without you, and our relationship, the community would have been in a lot more danger. Whilst it hasn’t been ideal circumstances, things have worked out better than we could have hoped for”. Severus seemed to be taking time to process the information, and eventually must have realised that there was some truth in Harry’s statement, because his body language changed.

“Thank you, Sir” he sighed, “Though I know that you are right, I still feel guilty for hurting you and revealing your status without your permission”

“I know Pet” Harry smiled at him warmly, “I am not angry with you, and I don’t blame you for anything, but because I know you need it, I will punish you. I would rather we waited until after this is finished though. Do you think you will manage until then?”

“Yes Sir, thank you. Knowing that you will punish me is enough for now”, he stated.

Harry pulled him in for another kiss, and then silence reigned for a few moments while Harry tried to steel himself for what was coming next, “Severus I need to speak to you about something important”. The other man looked at him with curiosity, “Can you come and sit on the bed for a moment? I need this to be an equal conversation”.

“Harry, are you alright?” Severus asked him, his face betraying a hint of concern as he sat next to him on the bed.

Harry rubbed his face, the nerves somersaulting in his stomach “Look I know this is probably not the best time, but I really can’t do this anymore. What we have is amazing but…” he glanced up at the other man whose face had suddenly shuttered into a blank mask.

Severus cut in, “Harry you need go no further, this relationship was only ever temporary, and I held no allusions that it would continue. It does not change our friendship however. Please do not think any more about it, It is probably for the best that this stops now, that way we can both return to the wizarding world without any awkward conversations” he smirked though it was devoid of humour, and made to stand.

Harry grabbed onto his shoulder, “Is that really what you want?” he asked him, a deafening pain building up in his chest, “Friendship?”

Severus sat down again “I was led to believe that you desired a friendship between us, though I understand if this is not something you wish to continue when we return home” he replied neutrally, no longer looking at Harry.

Harry was a bit confused about the conversation, and was starting to think they were on different pages. He decided however that he needed to be upfront, even if it meant losing the other man’s friendship. “Severus, I’m not sure if we are having the same conversation here. Look…” he sighed, trying to find the right words “please let me just get this out, and then you can say what you want” the other man nodded, and Harry ran his fingers through his own hair “Severus, I’ve grown to care for you a lot over the last two months, and I do realise that this is probably the worst time to bring this conversation up, but I can’t go into this, well whatever we are going into, knowing that there is a possibility that one of us might not make it back, and I haven’t done this. And I also don’t want to go home and have months of trying to figure things out afterwards. I need to know where I stand. I love what we have, but Severus I can’t keep living under this arbitrary end date, it’s too hard. I want to have a real relationship with you, without an end date, and if it’s not something you want then I need to know now” he turned fearfully towards the other man who was looking at him wide-eyed.

“You want to have a relationship?” he asked him, seemingly a little unsure.

Harry nodded “Well yes. I mean I know that even if you do you might not want to tell people about us for a while, and I suppose I’m ok with…”

Severus cut him off “Do you think I am embarrassed by you?”

Harry looked away briefly shrugging “I don’t know, I mean maybe”

Severus pulled himself off the bed, and knelt in front of him, grasping his hands, “Harry, you have no idea how much I want to have a relationship with you, but I never imagined you felt the same.” Harry made to cut in but Severus continued “Don’t get me wrong Harry, I know you have come to care for me, you are a typical Gryffindor, wearing your heart on your sleeve, but I thought it was merely as a mentor and in a friendship manner. I never for a second believed you would want me for more than that, but if you do I am not going to second guess it. I would love to have a real relationship with you however you want this to progress, and whilst we will have to keep the relationship private for a while, a necessity of war I am afraid, I have no concern about your friends and family knowing. Never think I am embarrassed by you Harry, you are positively the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are strong, beautiful, caring, kind, thoughtful, and generally an amazing person, and I feel unworthy of you, however you have also made me feel more secure in myself in the last two months, and for the first time in my life I believe that I can have some real happiness”

Harry was blushing at the praise, but in that moment he felt on top of the world. He stood, pulling the other man up, and kissing him deeply, the kiss cementing their attachment to each other.

“So, you’re my boyfriend then?” Harry laughed, squeezing his bum.

Severus screwed up his nose, sighing and rolling his eyes “What a ridiculous notion… though I admit that it is an apt description of this new relationship”

Harry smiled “I know we have a lot to talk about, we need to set new boundaries if we are going to find a balance between being partners and continue with our dynamic, but I’m glad we know we are going to make it work”

“Indeed” Severus stated shrewdly “I doubt you would be able to continue a relationship without incorporating your dynamic now. I believe I only have myself to blame in that respects. I have given you entirely too much free reign over me… Sir” he sighed dramatically, raising his eyebrows.

“Mmm… but now you are officially mine, so you better get used to catering to my every whim” he joked, “No-one will rescue you, now that I have you completely under my power, boy”

Severus narrowed his eyes, “Entirely too much free reign” he asserted. “You’ve gone on a mad power trip”

“When it comes to you, you better believe it” he stated, a little darkly “If I could tie you up and keep you under my control all the time, I would”

“I suppose that is my burden to bear. Now that I have created a monster, I must take responsibility for my actions” he shook his head, as if burdened with a terrible knowledge.

Harry couldn’t stop himself from laughing at the ridiculous conversation, though he was admittedly quite turned on. “So boy” he began, returning to his darker demeanour “How are you going to keep your Master happy right now? How are you going to fulfil your responsibilities?”

Severus ran his hands down Harry’s chest before dropping to his knees, “I think I should show my Master that I understand my place. That I know my place is on my knees, serving him” he teased, his voice like dark silk, looking up at Harry through hooded eyelashes.

Harry could feel his desire curling in his stomach, as he watched the submissive display. “Yes boy, I think that would be a good idea. We wouldn’t want you forgetting your place, and me having to remind you, now would we, not when there are so many people close by?”

“No Sir” he gasped softly “your boy definitely doesn’t want reminding. He knows his place, and would like to show you just how good a boy he can be” Severus returned, his voice tinged with unmistakeable desire.

“You will not come” he commanded, “The next time you come, we will both have returned safe, and I will bend you over and make sure you know your place, do you understand” he asked him. Severus nodded, looking up at him with a mixture of desire and gratitude. Harry was making it clear that he was demanding that they both return safe, and this was his promise to them both; to his boyfriend, his best friend, and his submissive. He didn't know what was going to happen, but for a few moments they could forget about what was coming. “Now show me what a good boy you are” he stated, his voice dominant, and immediately Severus set to work removing his cock, and showing his Dominant exactly how much he appreciated him.

Chapter Text

It was nearly 6pm by the time they made it back to the community. They had organised that Albus and Kingsley would join them at 9pm all going well, allowing them a general cover of darkness. This would give Harry and Severus time to speak to Selena, and begin some reconnaissance. They took a taxi back to the community after phoning Selena to tell them that they were on their way back. They used their key to unlock the gate, and when they stepped inside it almost felt like coming home, which was ridiculous considering they had only been there seven weeks. But it was undeniable that when they were in the community they didn’t have to hide a fundamental part of themselves. Harry grabbed Severus’ hand as soon as they stepped through the gates, and a short while later he turned to him, pulling him in for a claiming kiss. The other man wrapped his arms around him, and Harry could feel him relax into his grasp. He pulled Severus tight against him, grabbing his buttocks, and deepening the kiss. The elder man was his now, and he was definitely taking advantage of that.

“Would you put him down” a voice stated behind them, amusedly. Harry and Severus pulled apart, though Harry didn’t let go of his hand, to see Selena and Bill smiling at them, clearly entertained.

Harry laughed, “Sorry… well, no actually, I’m not sorry at all. Don’t give me such fun toys if you don’t want me to play with them in public” he retorted, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. He could hear Severus huff with laughter next to him, whilst Selena rolled her eyes at him in exasperation.

“Honestly, if it gets any steamier, we are going to have to put a warning label on you two. Someone would think you were new lovebirds the way you carry on” she stated, smiling indulgently at them.

“Well…” Harry replied, conspiratorially. Selena and Bill looked at them in confusion. “Later” he promised.

“How are you feeling?” Selena asked, changing the subject “I was worried about you”

Harry’s amusement vanished in an instant, “I’m fine, thanks, but we really need to talk to you. Can you come back to ours?”

Both Selena and Bill nodded at them, and the four of them headed back towards the cottage. When they entered, Severus and Bill made them some tea, whilst Harry and Selena sat on the couch making inconsequential small talk. It was awkward, as Harry was desperately trying to keep it light until Severus returned. When the submissive’s were finished, they brought the tea through and knelt in front of their Dominants.

Harry looked at Severus, “Don’t you want to sit on the couch for this?” he asked him.

“No, my position hasn’t changed just because there are new dimensions to it” he replied mildly. Harry smiled at him, running his hand through the back of his hair.

He took a deep breath, unsure how Selena and Bill would react to what they were about to say. “This isn’t easy to say, but I ask that you allow us to explain fully before you make a judgement about us” They both nodded, looking concerned, and Harry continued, “I want to start by saying that this has been the best seven weeks of my life, and I think that Gary feels the same.” He felt Severus’ head nod in agreement, “However, we aren’t actually here because we want to join the community” he hesitated, “we are undercover detectives, and we’ve been trying to fish out some people we believe may be hiding out here”.

There was a stunned silence for a moment, and despite the seriousness of the situation, Harry desperately had to try not to laugh at the gaping fish looks that the other two were currently sporting.

“Are you joking?” Bill asked quietly.

Harry shook his head, “No, I’m sorry. We really didn’t want to deceive you but it was the best way to keep everyone here safe” he replied sincerely.

Selena took a deep breath and she looked angry, “We have been your friends, and your neighbours, and you are now telling me this was all a lie. You have come into our community, and ridiculed us. We took you in, made you a part of us, and none of it was real. The people here need to feel safe, and you have flaunted the rules for you own gain. Not only that but you have hurt people personally; people who have shared intimate and personal things with you, and you aren’t even who you say you are.”

Harry’s stomach was twisting with guilt, and he was about to reply when Severus cut in “Ma’am, I understand that you will be angry with us, and we cannot change what we have done. In truth, we would not change it because, even though we have hurt you, we have kept you safe. However, the people you met, the people you spoke to and socialised with, they are still us. I was chosen for this mission because I am a submissive, and Jamie was chosen because he is a Dominant. In reality you probably got to see more of the real us than anyone outside of here. So, although you are angry, none of what you have given to us has been in vain. As my Master said, these seven weeks have been some of the best weeks of our life.”

Selena looked at them appraisingly, though her voice was still angry, “You still call him your Master. Are you actually a couple?”

Harry huffed out a laugh, “Yes” he stated bluntly, “To be truthful we weren’t a couple when we first arrived” Severus laughed below him, and he smiled “Ok to be really truthful we kind of hated each other when we first arrived. But we grew to care a lot about each other, and I formally asked him out this morning. He is now my partner and my submissive” he declared.

“So, you’re our own real life fairy-tale then” Bill cut in, amusement clear in his voice.

Selena lent down and swatted him playfully on the back of the head, “I am trying to be angry here, please do not make me feel gushy towards them”. Harry and Severus both laughed as Bill hung his head then looked up surreptitiously and winked at them.

“Honestly Selena, if we could have done this any other way we would have. We are still us” he stated hopefully.

Selena sighed, and he could see that they had won her over, “You know, you both need a good spanking for this” she told them in exasperation.

“Ooo if it’s over your knee, then sign me up” Harry grinned, and she couldn’t help scoffing in return.

“Don’t tempt me” she replied, before shaking her head and smiling “No wonder you can’t keep your hands of each other, you are new lovebirds. Heaven help us”. Harry grinned at her, and then her eyebrows drew together in confusion, “If you are only now going out, then why did I hear you spanking him a few weeks ago?” she asked.

Harry smirked “Well, we kind of did this all backwards to be honest. Gary has a lot more experience than me and he offered to allow me to explore my dominance with him whilst we were here. It all just escalated from there, and now, well he’s not getting away from me again”. He heard Severus groan below him.

“Watch it boy”, he stated towards his submissive.

“Sorry Sir” Severus smirked, looking up at him with fake innocent eyes.

Selena couldn’t seem to stop herself from smiling, “You are a good fit for each other. It is clear how much you both care for each other. I am still annoyed at you, but I can at least know that we have played a part in bringing you together”

“A big part” Harry enthused, “I doubt we’d even be friends now if we hadn’t come here”

She smiled “You know I was coming here today to tell you that the board has unanimously voted to allow you to stay”. A pang of sadness hit him when she said that and it must have shown, “I take it you will not be opting to stay with us then?” she asked kindly.

Harry sighed, “Unfortunately no. As much as I would personally love to, we have responsibilities at home.” Severus turned, placing his hand comfortingly on his, and he smiled down at him.

She nodded, “I understand, though I will say that you will be much missed”

“Thank you, Selena,” he smiled sadly, looking up at her “But now we must discuss the case. Pet, do you want to tell them?”.

Severus nodded, “We are fairly certain we will be able to flush out the perpetrators tonight, so we have two requests of you. Firstly, we need you to allow us to bring in two of our superiors. We also have some other agents on hand, however, we will only allow them to enter if there is no other choice. Secondly we need you to try and get everyone to stay in tonight”

She looked a little scared as she nodded, “Are we in danger?” she asked.

Severus replied to her in a reassuring voice, “If you stay in your house tonight then no. Allow us to do our job, and we will come and report to you as soon as we are finished. It would be best, however, if you do not tell everyone why they are staying in as it is likely to incite a mass panic. It would probably be best to tell them that there has been a gas leak and people are coming to fix it this evening, and for their own safety they need to stay in the house. This will also explain the presence of strangers if anyone should be looking out their window when we pass”.

“Ok” she replied, though she still looked nervous. Harry definitely couldn’t blame her for that.

“Have you seen Karen and Dennis today?” Harry asked, his stomach twisting with anxiety.

Selena furrowed her eyebrows, “No, I saw them yesterday but I haven’t seen them today. Why, are they in danger?”

“No” he smiled in as convincing a manner as he could, “I was just checking up on them”. He must be a better actor than he thought because she nodded, before getting up.

“OK, I’ll go and get everyone inside, please come to me as soon as things are settled. I don’t think I’ll sleep a wink until then”, she told them, a modicum of fear in her voice as she stood.

Harry stood, walked over to her and pulled her into a hug, “I promise you will be safe. We are good at our job. Just stay inside and everyone will be fine”.

She nodded, looking at him with a new level of respect, and more than just a touch of warmth. “Please be safe, both of you”.

As soon as they left Severus walked into the bedroom and Harry followed him. He knelt down and pulled out his suitcase from under the bed. Hidden in a sealed compartment, where they had kept their wands until last night, were a few emergency items. Severus pulled out a small vial with clear liquid, and looked up at the younger man. “This is a healing draft I brought in case of an emergency” he stated, looking a little sorrowful again, “Here” he pronounced, holding it out to him, “it will clear up your bruises in less than an hour”

“Don’t you think we should save that for an actual emergency? It’s just a few bruises” he replied.

“Please” he pleaded, and Harry could see how much it was hurting him to know that Harry had been marked by him, even though they couldn’t be seen through the glamour he’d used earlier.

Harry sat down on the bed where Severus was kneeling, “This really bothers you doesn’t it?

“Harry, I’ve never in my life deliberately caused physical harm to anyone, other than to keep myself or others safe, and I certainly have never hurt someone I care for. You didn’t deserve what happened to you, and knowing that I hurt you makes me feel physically sick. You’ve been abused in the past, and I’m truly scared that you might think I could harm you in that way. I know taking the bruises away won’t change what happened, but if I can at least take away any physical discomfort it will be a start towards making amends to you”.

“Baby, I know you could never truly hurt me. Yes, I will admit that I was afraid at the time, but I also know what it’s like to be truly afraid and to lash out to try to keep yourself safe. I’m not scared of you, I promise. You are not an abuser Severus, please trust me. You are the most caring person I have met, and I truly feel safe with you. I wouldn’t have asked you out otherwise” he told him sincerely. He hated the fact that his submissive was working himself up so much. He truly didn’t have any hard feelings towards him, and he only wished he could show him that. “If it will make you happy I will take the potion, however you are going to have to forgive yourself for this”

“I will try” the other man stated despondently.

“Severus, are you afraid of me for sexually assaulting you?” he asked him.

“What? no” he stated in shock “You didn’t assault me and you know that”

“Yes, it was a consequence of the memory potion, just as your reaction was” he replied adamantly.

Severus narrowed his eyes, “You are determined to be logical about this, aren’t you” he smiled softly.

Harry laughed, “Wow, whoever thought I’d be the logical one in this relationship”.

“Arse” Severus countered.

“Excuse me boy?” Harry asked, his tone suddenly deadly.

Severus swallowed, his breath quickening “Sorry, Sir”

“Remember your place boy” Harry told him, standing to tower over him, and Severus nodded. “Stand-up” he commanded, and the other man obeyed immediately, dropping his eyes, and placing his hands behind his back. “Lower your trousers and underwear, and bend over the bed. I am going to give you a quick reminder of your place” he intoned, dropping his voice into a darker dominant tone. Severus obeyed, a slight blush the only visible sign of his emotions, at least until he dropped his trousers and Harry realised he was already half hard. He walked behind the elder wizard, “Look at me” he commanded, as soon as Severus had bent himself over the bed. His submissive turned his head to gaze at him. Harry deliberately made a show of unbuckling his belt and pulling it loose from around his waist. He doubled it over, and smacked it once against the palm of his hand. Severus’ was clearly turned on by the display, his fast breathing, and blown pupils a clear sign of his desire. “Tell me what you have done wrong and then ask me for it” he commanded.

“I was disrespectful Sir, and I forgot my place.” He stopped, clearly embarrassed, “Will you please punish me with your belt Sir?” he ended meekly.

“This is a reminder spanking boy, I will give you fifteen, and you will thank me when I am finished. I expect you to keep count in your head and know when I am finished, do you understand?”.

“Yes Sir” he replied softly.

Harry gave him fifteen strikes. They weren’t hard, and they weren’t designed to cause any significant pain, as Severus couldn’t risk being distracted tonight. They were simply a reminder of who was in charge. Harry was worried about how much Severus was winding himself up about the bruises, and he wanted to take him out of his head for a little while. He wanted to give him enough punishment and Dominance that he could relax enough to concentrate on what was coming up. When the strikes were finished, Severus thanked him.

“Have you learned your lesson?” he asked, and Severus replied in the affirmative. “Who is in charge here boy?” he asked, as he buckled his belt back in.

 Severus watched him put the belt back on, his breath labouring, “You are Sir” he replied quietly.

“Good boy” he praised, pulling him up and against him for a warm kiss.

 Severus was still half undressed and his cock was digging into his side. Unfortunately, however, they didn’t have time to indulge in anything, as they had work to do. They readied themselves, and as soon as it started to get slightly dark they walked up towards Karen and Dennis’. They needed a little bit of cover in case they were required to use their wands. As soon as they were within the vicinity of their cottage Severus stopped.

“Harry, I don’t think they will be there” he warned.

“How do you know?” he asked worriedly.

Severus looked about him, before answering. “It’s steeped in magic, and definitely more than just one person’s”.

Harry frowned, he didn’t know how Severus could do that, it was rare that he was able to feel someone else’s spells. “I don’t feel anything” he stated, feeling slightly stupid.

Severus looked at him, “It takes a certain degree of practice and skill to be able to channel your senses to feel spell work, however” he hesitated, “if you will permit me I can use my magic to guide yours. This will allow you to experience what it feels like, so you are aware of what you are looking for”.

Harry looked at him confused, “You can do that?”

The other man nodded, “Yes, it is not generally spoken about, because to allow someone access to your magic is an incredibly personal experience. It is far more personal than having sex. Our magic is the core of who we are as wizards, and to allow someone access to that, is to allow them to experience who we are at a fundamental level. I have never before allowed anyone to access my magic. Whilst there is no lasting consequence to it, the act itself is sacred, and from what I am aware, a somewhat heady experience, therefore I will not be offended if you do not wish to allow me to connect to your magic”.

Harry couldn’t believe Severus was offering this, and he felt overwhelmed with the connection they had, but he also felt safe, and he couldn’t imagine sharing this with anyone other than Severus “Thank you, Severus, I would be honoured”.

The elder man went behind him, gripping him at the waist, “Close your eyes”. Harry complied. “Now, I want you to feel me, feel my magic”. Harry took a deep breath, basking in the warmth and protection of his submissive around him. Without thought he could feel the other man’s magic as clear as if it was an object physically in front of him. He gasped, “How can I feel your magic so easily?” he asked.

“You are my Bloodline Dominant. We have both accepted this. Our magic recognises that connection, so while we are together our Bloodlines can allow us a deeper connection if we choose to allow this” he murmured into his ear.

“Wow” he breathed. The connection felt warm and comforting, but there was also a tendril of the erotic about it. “Do you…?”

“Yes” Severus cut in, “It is an immensely personal thing to allow someone to feel your magic like this. It is naturally very erotic. It can be used to enhance love making, but it should be done sparingly. To allow that level of connection between two people can be more powerful than drugs. It can become addictive and difficult to live without.”

“You feel like courage, protection, and promise” he stated, basking in it for a moment.

“And you feel like warmth, guidance, and care” Severus replied.

Harry was finding himself beginning to float, “You need to stay grounded Harry. It is far too easy to get lost in the connection”. He nodded, and anchored himself to his own magic, pulling back slightly from Severus’. “Now follow my magic” Severus stated into his ear, sounding a little breathy. Harry was able to follow it without thought. It was a weird feeling. It was like being in two places at the same time, both grounded in his body, and floating with his magic. “Can you feel that?” his submissive asked him, and immediately Harry could. The best way he could describe it would be to say that it felt like coming up against two brick walls, and they both felt dark.

“What is that?” he asked in disgust.

“That is the remnants of two dark spells” Severus replied.

“They feel wrong”

“Yes. Not all magic will feel like this, but dark magic will. I want you to push through the walls” he intoned.

“How?” Harry asked confused.

“Just feel yourself sliding through them” he whispered softly, “Feel where my magic goes, and come with me.” Harry did. It was difficult at first but as Severus’ magic passed through the walls, he suddenly felt bereft and desperate for the connection again, and it was this that pushed him through the walls. “Can you see where it goes?” he asked him, and Harry nodded.

“Good, that is how we follow the spell to its source. The spells are fresh so there is still a trail. We are not far behind those who cast them. Light magic does not travel, but dark magic does. It is a consequence of the power of them. Their use, whilst providing the caster with more power than light magic, leaves them with vulnerabilities for a while after, which light magic does not. It is the karma of it, and a risk that the caster must be willing to take if they wish to indulge in the dark”. Severus informed him, and Harry was amazed by it all. “Now, we must break the connection. We have been connected longer than we should have, and I can already feel myself unwilling to let go” Harry nodded, feeling exactly the same. “Bring yourself back Harry. Feel yourself ground into your own magic”. Harry did, pulling himself back to exist only within his physical body, and disconnecting from the other man. He suddenly felt desolate and devastated without out. He looked up at the other man. “It will pass shortly” Severus grimaced, “it is effectively the come down from the high. The longer you are connected, the worse the crash. It is our first time, and we did not stay connected for long, so it should pass soon” he replied.

“I can see why people get addicted” Harry reflected, pulling the other man against him for comfort.

“Yes, it is why it should be done very sparingly. I would not advise trying this again anytime soon” he replied.

“I know it feels rubbish right now, but thank you Severus, that was amazing” he told him truthfully.

“You are welcome, Sir” he replied warmly, leaning in to kiss him. “Now let us check to see if Karen and Dennis are at home, and then we must follow the magic before we lose the trail. I will follow it to its source and we will then gather Albus and Kingsley” he stated resolutely, pulling back.

Harry nodded before walking towards the cottage. As expected Karen and Dennis were not at home. Harry couldn’t stop himself from worrying as he followed quietly behind Severus. He remained silent, stewing in his head, not wanting to distract Severus from his deep concentration whilst following the magic. The spell took them to the outskirts of the community, to where some of the garages were, where the stored tended to hold their wares. The community tended to order in bulk and store throughout the year, as they were reluctant to have constant unnecessary deliveries that would bring outsiders to the community.

“This is where it leads. We should head back and get the others” Severus stated once he had stopped.

“I don’t think you’ll be going anywhere” a voice intoned behind them. They both turned sharply, to be confronted with two men, one standing with a wand pointed in their direction.

“Daniel?” Harry breathed, and the other man smirked nastily.

“I gave you plenty of opportunities to leave” the man spat at him. “I didn’t initially plan to harm you, but when you wouldn’t take my warnings, well…it became rather personal. You made it difficult for me to fulfil my duties, and the person I work for definitely does not like to be failed.” Daniel grimaced before smirking nastily, “I knew you’d be intrigued by the memory spell, and now…well I think I might have a bit of fun with you both before I kill you”

Chapter Text

Harry and Severus were led into the warehouse, right to the back, and behind a large vat. Daniel barked at them to wait as the other wizard pulled open an access hatch on the floor, and stepped onto a ladder inside. “In” Daniel snapped at them, and Harry led the way into the darkness below. The man at the bottom was waiting for them with his wand now drawn, and once Severus and Daniel had joined them they were led through a dark and dank corridor. Harry could feel his adrenaline rushing through him, and he was desperately trying not to imagine what lay in store for them. He could only hope that Dumbledore and Kingsley would also be able to follow the magical trail, otherwise they were on their own. They came to a door, which was clearly sealed by magic, although it opened once they were close, obviously recognising Daniel and the other wizard’s magical signature. The door opened onto a chamber, that was sparse except for some large cages lining the walls. Harry caught sight of two bodies lying in one cage, and his stomach somersaulted. If that was Karen and Dennis, he could only hope they were knocked out rather than dead. Daniel pointed them to one of the cages on the far side of the hall, and when they were in, he sealed it with magic. The two other wizards began conversing, and Harry turned to Severus, grasping his hand in comfort.

Severus smiled down at him reassuringly, “It will be best if you keep them occupied” he whispered quickly, “I will try to survey what is going on, and look for a method of escape”

Harry nodded, and despite the overwhelming dread he was feeling, knowing that Severus was beside him gave him some hope. “Ever the spy” he whispered, smiling. Before they could say anymore the other wizard left, leaving through a door that Harry hadn’t previously noticed and Daniel turned to them, looking at Harry with pure unadulterated hatred.

“Are you going to drop your glamour’s now, or are you going to force us to make a potion?” he asked them coldly.

“What do you think” Harry answered, projecting out far more confidence than he felt.

Daniel smirked, “I’m glad you said that” he began darkly, “Because now that you are here and we have time to kill, I’m going to have some fun breaking you”.

“Why do you hate me so much?” Harry asked him, crossing his arms. Daniel stared at him, a look of disgust, and something else Harry couldn’t name, on his face. “It can’t just be because we are wizards. There’s something else going on, you haven’t stopped looking at me with hatred since we got here.”

“I just don’t like those who think they are better than everyone else” he spat.

Harry looked at him in confusion, “When have I ever said I was better than you? I barely know you”

“You act all high and mighty because of who you are, and it’s disgusting” he barked. Harry’s adrenaline suddenly fired in that moment, did he know who he was? Was he referring to the whole boy who lived idiocy? Harry surveyed him for a moment, realising that if they truly did know who he was, they wouldn’t be waiting around for a stripping spell, he’d have already been killed or taken to Voldemort. The only other thing he could think of, was that he was referring to his Bloodline. Harry looked at him, suddenly comprehending that fact that Daniel was jealous of his inheritance. He was about to say something when Liam entered the room, and Harry kicked himself, he should have realised that the two would have been working together. He looked over at Severus, who was remaining inconspicuous, surveying the scene, and drawing out information.

“Come” Daniel barked, and Liam walked over to him, dropping to his knees, and gazing up at the other man in a combination of fear and awe.

“Master” he whispered softly, “One of the other wizards said that he needs you to come through”

“Which one?” he asked, staring down at him with disdain.

“I am sorry Master” Liam began, shaking slightly in fear, “I cannot remember his name”

“You are useless” he barked, backhanding the younger man, causing him to sprawl to the floor.

Liam pulled himself up “I’m sorry Master, I’ll do better, I promise”

Daniel huffed, before hauling Liam’s head back with his hair and clamping his lips down onto his. “Stay here, on your knees” he ordered, before striding from the room. Liam dropped his eyes, and Harry could hear a slight sob. The young submissive looked terrified and subjugated, and Harry felt overwhelmingly sorry for him.

“Liam” he began in a whisper. The young submissive glanced over tearfully, however he didn’t reply. “We can help you get away from him” he continued, “You just need to go to our cottage, there are people there that can help”. Liam looked at him with fear, shaking his head. “Honestly, if you can just go to the cottage, then you’ll be safe”

“But they are wizards” Liam returned, shaking slightly, “And my Master gets really, really angry if I disobey him”.

“We won’t let him hurt you anymore, and we can help you to get away” Harry replied encouragingly, keeping his voice soft and warm.

“Who are you?” he asked, looking at Harry curiously.

“No-one special” he answered, smiling at him.

Liam looked unconvinced, “You are obviously somebody if my Master is so intent on hurting you. I’m not doing this if I don’t know who you are. If you just tell me who you are then I’ll feel safer helping you”

Harry stopped for a moment, there was something not quite right about this conversation. He looked over at Severus who was shaking his head minutely. He walked over to him and bent down, keeping his voice low. “What?” he asked.

“I have seen Liam’s type before” Severus began, whispering, “He will not betray Daniel, he is trying to get information from you that he can take back to him to curry favour. Liam does need help; however, it will take a lot more than a kind word for him to betray his Master”

Harry nodded, laying his hand on Severus’ cheek, before standing and walking back over to Liam. “I am sorry Liam, you are right, I was lying about having people to help. I was just trying to get you to help us, but my submissive has pointed out that it is unfair to put you in danger. I truly am sorry” he said again, smiling self-depreciatingly. Liam surveyed him for a moment, and then seemed to decide he was genuine. Harry sat down next to his own submissive and did not address him again. They sat for a while, the silence only interrupted when Liam would occasionally change positions. About an hour later, a wizard walked in whom Harry didn’t recognise.

“Leave, Muggle” he ordered, his voice dripping with condescension, and disgust. Liam stood and practically flew from the room. The death eater walked over to the cage and stood silently for a moment, surveying them. “So, you’re the baby Bloodline then?” he asked rhetorically, looking him up and down as if he was something he had stepped in. Harry simply raised his eyebrows, unwilling to dignify it with an answer. The man smirked, “A shame really that you’ll have to die, although at least I’ll be able to have a little fun with you before you do”. His smirk became far nastier, and Harry wasn’t ashamed to admit that in that moment he started to feel truly afraid, although he was adamant that he wasn’t going to allow the other man to see it. The man deliberately and slowly drew his eyes from Harry to Severus, who was still sitting against the back of the cage, his face devoid of emotion.

“Don’t even think about it” Harry retorted menacingly, his fear turning to terror.

The man’s smile grew wider at Harry’s reaction, “I can still feel your magic on him, so my guess is, you are still in the possessive stage” he asked conversationally, “am I right?”. At Harry’s refusal to answer, he chuckled, “Yes this could definitely be fun. Even a handshake from me would likely turn you inside out, but the things I am going to do to him” he paused, “well, I’m sure you can guess” he drawled, gesturing vaguely, “and don’t worry, I’ll let you watch everything”. Harry felt sick, and he couldn’t stop himself moving to stand in front of Severus, shielding him from the other man’s view. The other Dominant laughed at Harry’s reaction “Yes, I’m not sure how much of you will be left when I’m finished with him. I wonder if you will go insane?” he mused, still chuckling.

“X” a voice shouted as he entered the hall, “The potion needs stirring”.

The other man, or X as he was known, huffed in annoyance, “Don’t go anywhere” he chuckled, moving away. He walked out of the hall, leaving them alone in their cage.

Harry turned to his submissive, “I want him to die a long painful death, screaming in agony”. Severus smirked, though Harry noticed that he was looking a little whiter than he had moments before, a look that was probably mirrored in Harry’s face. “I won’t let him touch you” he stated, adamantly.

“Harry” Severus sighed, “You might not have a choice”

“The fuck I don’t. No-one is touching you, and that is final” he barked.

Severus smiled, though it didn’t reach his eyes, “Sir” he began, keeping his voice deferential, obviously sensing how on edge Harry currently felt. “We need to stay alive for as long as possible. If we can just stay alive long enough that our friends” he stated covertly, “can get to us, then we might have a chance. If you try to fight him without your wand he is likely to kill you”.

“How can you just expect me to sit by and watch. It wouldn’t matter what stage my Bloodline was at, there is no way I am going to let you get hurt” Severus made to interrupt, “No” he stated warningly, “Think boy, you are a bloody genius, think of a way to get us through this that doesn’t involve you sacrificing yourself again” he demanded.

Severus looked at him, clearly recognising his level of resolve, and nodded. Harry paced the cage like a wild animal while Severus remained sitting, his eyebrows knotted together as he thought. “Sir” he eventually replied softly, “I have an idea, although it is risky”.

“Tell me” Harry demanded. Severus told him, and although Harry didn’t like it, it was probably the best plan that they were going to get.

Daniel walked into the room a short while later, eyeballing them with hatred. “Come back for a little show?” Harry spat at him, running his hands through Severus’ hair, who was kneeling beside him with his eyes downcast.

Daniel looked at him coldly, “And what exactly would I be watching?” he asked.

Harry smirked, “Oh I don’t know, what about a real Dominant?”

Daniel bared his teeth at him, “And what makes you a real Dominant”.

Harry laughed, moving to sit down next to his submissive, “Only the fact that I know how to truly satisfy a submissive”. Daniel didn’t respond, but Harry could see a red tint of rage creep up his neck. “You are jealous” Harry stated, and watched as the other man’s face contorted in rage. 

“Of you?” he replied laughing, although there was a definite insincerity to it.

Harry smiled at him nastily, “Yes, you’re jealous that I’m a Bloodline Dominant, aren’t you?” when the other man didn’t answer, he continued, “What, did Daddy not like you so much? Or were you not part of the in-crowd” he mocked, putting on a fake sad face. Daniel’s face was slowly turning a wondrous shade of red, “Or was it?” he continued, knowing in the back of his mind that he was in dangerous territory, “That you’re just not Dominant enough?” he laughed, “Yes, that’s it, isn’t it? You are not a natural Dominant, and you’ve always felt inadequate because it. Who was it? Was it your parents?” he laughed, “Were they Bloodlines, and they looked down on you because you didn’t inherit?”. Daniel was now so on edge, that Harry was surprised he hadn’t thrown a killing curse yet. “So, you’ve been striving ever since to show everyone you’re the big bad Dominant. Sorry to burst your bubble, but your show’s pretty pathetic. How many people do you expect to fool, when I’ve seen through you in ten minutes?” He laughed again, gesturing towards his submissive, “This is what a real Dominant gets, a real submissive, not some pathetic ingrate that will do anything for a bit of attention. You’re not a real Dominant, and you never will be, because you could never truly Dominate a submissive” he left that thought hanging in the air, and watched with an overwhelming sickness as Daniel’s eyes turned towards Severus, who hadn’t moved position.

“You think I couldn’t Dominate him?” he asked coldly.

“Not even slightly” Harry replied, crossing his arms, and staring at him with disdain.

Daniel suddenly smirked, then pointed his wand directly at Harry, “Petrificus Totalus” he incanted with dark glee, and Harry could feel himself suddenly locking up, thankful that he was sitting. “I’m going to let you watch me Dominate him” he stated nastily, unlocking the cage with his wand.

“Submissive” he shouted directly at Severus, who looked up at him in fear. “Come here”. Severus made to stand, shaking with fear as he did so. “No, bitch, crawl to me, show me how pathetic you are” he snapped. Severus nodded, getting onto all fours and padding across to the other man. As he approached, Daniel grabbed his hair, yanking it back, forcing Harry’s submissive to rear up. “Do you want to live?”. Severus nodded, as best he could. “Then are you going to be a good little bitch, and do exactly what I say?”. Again, Severus nodded, looking at him with wide eyes. “Call me Master you little bitch” he spat. Harry felt his stomach churning as he watched the display, and he could feel the anger boiling up within him. He was thankful that he was immobilized, as he would have happily killed the man in that instant, and it was doubtful he would have been able to control himself otherwise.

“Master” Severus whispered softly. Daniel smirked, glancing over towards Harry, bearing his teeth in triumph, “So this is what you meant by having a real submissive?” he mocked, “One little threat and he’ll spread his legs for anyone”

“Master?” Severus asked, awaiting to be addressed. Daniel looked down at him, and nodded, “May I be allowed to serve you?” he asked, his voice shaking with fear as he slowly brought his hands up towards Daniel’s belt.

Daniel smirked, his eyes flashing in pleasure, “What a little slut you are”, he laughed nastily, “Yes bitch, you may”.

Severus began to unbuckle his belt, and Daniel again looked over at Harry, dropping his arms slightly as he relaxed. In a second Severus had grabbed Daniel’s balls, through his trousers, in a one-handed death grip, causing the wizard to squeal, and with his other hand Severus had grabbed Daniel’s wand. He let go of his balls when he had full possession of the wand, holding the wand out menacingly, and glaring daggers him as he hunched over in pain. He kicked Daniel in the stomach for good measure causing him to fall to the floor, before using the same body binding curse he had used on Harry. He turned, immediately releasing his Dominant, who jumped up from the floor, anger flowing out of him like a beacon. He wanted to kill Daniel for daring to touch and degrade his Severus, even though that had been the plan all along. They knew that the other Bloodline Dominant would be gone for some while making the potion, hail Severus’ potion making knowledge, and had banked on the fact that Daniel wouldn’t be able to resist visiting them again. It had been the plan for Harry to wind him up, and for his submissive to seem weak and terrified so that Daniel would let his guard down. Using someone’s preconceived notions that submissive’s were weak had for once worked in their favour.

“What do we do now?” Harry asked him, relying on Severus’ superior knowledge to guide them.

“I would suggest we gather the troops. We are unlikely to be able to fend off a group of death eaters with one wand that belongs to another”.

Harry nodded, “But what about them?” he asked, gesturing at the bodies in the other cage.

Severus shook his head sadly, “I cannot levitate both of them with a wand that is not mine” he stopped, contemplating for a moment, “I believe we have about eighteen minutes before Mr Garrick” Harry looked at him in confusion “the other death eater” he gestured before continuing “is finished with this stage of the potion making, if we go now we may have a slim chance of beating them back with the others”.

Harry swallowed and then nodded, and they both moved silently out of the cage and across the room. They jammed the door open, and as soon as they exited the chamber into the corridor, they ran full pelt through it and out into the warehouse. Without stopping to breathe they ran along towards the original source of the magic, banking on the fact that Dumbledore would be following it. Sure enough, they found them about half way along. The headmaster had a look of concentration on his face as he followed the signature, and he was followed by Kingsley and a dozen other Aurors”

“My boys” the headmaster stated, relieved, and was about to continue when Severus shook his head

“No time Albus, we have about 11 minutes, c’mon, bring everyone”. They all set off at break neck speed along the street, uncaring whether they were witnessed. They led the Aurors back into the chamber, and luck was on their side. Just as they entered the chamber, Mr Garrick and another man were entering. They were taken unawares and were apprehended without difficulty. Their surprised faces would have been funny if the night hadn’t been so serious. Unfortunately, it alerted the other death eaters, and whilst they had all eventually been apprehended or killed, one Auror had been injured. She was a young woman, fresh out on her first mission, and although she was going to live, it was unclear if there was going to be any permanent damage. It placed a sadness over the expedition, and the Auror’s were both exultant at their catch, and sobered by their hurt friend. The Auror’s left, taking Karen, Dennis and Liam with them. Karen and Dennis, thankfully were just unconscious, and were being taken to a local muggle hospital. One of the Auror’s would be staying with them incase, when they woke up, they started shouting out about magic and wizards. Liam, would be taken to a wizarding mental health hospital, to assess him and consider ways of supporting him. Severus and Harry, along with Kingsley and Albus remained to survey the scene. Harry found their wands, feeling a whoosh of relive as he held it in his hands again. They were all in the potion’s lab, although staying out of Severus’ way as he surveyed it.

“Kingsley” Severus shouted over, though for once it was devoid of hostility. It seemed that the Auror was finally making some headway with him. Kingsley wandered over to him. “This is worse than I feared” his submissive stated, and Harry and Albus walked over curiously. “It is not the abduction of the muggles that were the main source of the mission” everyone looked at him with expectation. “We had originally hypothesised that they were abducting muggles for experimentation. Looking at the potions here we were way off base. I did wander how they were managing to affect the memories of so many muggles at the same time, and now I know. They are developing memory potion’s that can be used on muggles on a large scale. Looking at the notes they are continually trying to intensify it so that it can be used to wipe out longer and longer periods of time.” He stopped shaking his head, “Imagine the devastation if they can wipe out the memories of entire populations of muggles. It would cause havoc. It could start muggle in-fighting, and the eventual collapsing of infrastructures”

“Do you think this is everything?” Kingsley asked him worriedly.

“From what I can gather, the death eaters were sending regular reports, however this was only on a monthly basis, thus we may have at least slowed them down” he replied.

There was nothing much else they could do right now so Albus and Kingsley left the community as Harry and Severus walked back to the cottage, after briefly telling Selena that all was well. They had agreed that Harry and Severus would stay in the community, at least for another couple of days, and Albus and Kingsley would join them tomorrow. They would need to do some damage control around the community, and to interview potential witnesses.

Harry and Severus entered the cottage together, and as soon as Harry shut the door, Severus swooped down on him, grabbing him and pulling him into a heated kiss. It was still rare for the other man to be the one to initiate physical contact, and even when he did it tended to be soft and tentative, as if he was always waiting for Harry to take the lead. But there was nothing tentative about the way he was kissing him now, it was full of fire, and Harry could feel himself responding physically. When Severus eventually pulled back, Harry looked at him questioningly.

“I’m sorry Sir, I just needed to convince myself that you were here and you were safe” he replied, smirking, though it was tinged with sadness and fear. 

“Mmm I definitely don’t mind you taking liberties…. occasionally” he warned, smirking slightly, “I like knowing that you desire me”.

“All the time” Severus stated bluntly, before smiling again, “And seeing as I have already overstepped my place tonight, I may as well continue”. He pulled Harry forward against him, this time kissing him slow and deep. Harry allowed him to set the pace for a while and then he took over, pushing him backwards onto the bed. Severus sat, and Harry straddled him, never breaking physical contact. Harry deepened the kiss, sending sparks of arousal shooting through his stomach. Pulling back eventually, he looked into the other man’s eyes.

“Mmmm, boyfriend of mines” he began, laughing, “You taste delicious”

Severus huffed, “boyfriend” he parroted “what a ridiculous title”

Harry laughed, before sobering a little and running his hands down the other man’s face, “I don’t know what I would have done if you had been hurt tonight” he stated.

“I wasn’t Harry. Despite how awful tonight was, it went a lot better than I had expected it to. Nothing truly horrendous happened, and we are both safe, that is all that matters” he stated passionately.

Harry nodded, “Are you sure you are ok though? I know you’ve been in situations before that are life threatening, but there were other things you had to do tonight that should never have happened”

Severus smiled, “It is not something I will relish remembering, but knowing you were there, and that it was not real, was enough. I will not be scarred by this” he assured him.

“I know, but well the way he talked to you and the way you had to act…” he trailed off. “Well I just wish there had been another way” he sighed mournfully. He knew that Severus had a problem with being seen as weak, and he had been forced to play right into that stereotype tonight.

“Harry” Severus began softly, pulling him out of his thoughts, “I am not effected by what I had to do tonight, it was an act. The only thing that matters to be me right now is the way that you see me, and Harry you make me feel strong and valued with everything you do. It is for that reason that I find it so easy to give my submission to you” he stated sincerely. Harry looked at him, thankful that Severus was able to separate himself from what he had been forced to do tonight, and to truly understand how Harry felt about him. Severus then smirked, “In actual fact, I think it might be you who had more of a problem with it”

Harry growled, “I could have happily killed them all” he stated, before sighing, knowing that despite how angry he was, he really didn’t have it in him to kill, which worried him slightly, considering the expectations on him with Voldemort.

Severus looked at him appraisingly, seeming to read his mind. He leaned forward, kissing him reassuringly. “Sir, we are safe, and together, what else matters right now?” Severus asked, staring at him meaningfully. Harry looked at him, feeling comforted by his words, before kissing him again softly, ““Come on, let’s get ready for bed” Severus began, “and if my Dominant will permit it I would like to sleep for a week” he smirked, and Harry laughed softly.

Harry allowed Severus to go into the ensuite first. Tonight, had been tough but they were both safe, and as his Pet said that is what mattered. But Harry needed to convince himself that Severus was really there. He needed to assure himself he was safe, and that he was still his submissive. However, they were far too exhausted for sex, and it would be unfair on the other man to ask him, although Harry was sure he would not refuse him. Instead, when Severus came out of the bathroom, naked, Harry walked forward, holding up the wrist cuffs. Without replying, Severus held his arms out, and Harry cuffed him into them, padlocking them together. He also bent down and placed ankle cuffs on him, binding them with a short length of rope. Severus stood patiently whilst Harry worked, and then on command, shuffled towards the bed. Harry helped him in before going to ready himself for bed. When he was ready he gathered another length of rope, and bound Severus’ wrists to the headboard, although allowing him enough room to bring the cuffs down to his chest. This wasn’t about making him uncomfortable, but giving Harry the chance to feel safer by gaining some control over the situation, and ensuring himself that his submissive couldn’t go anywhere. They settled into bed, on their sides, and Harry pulled him close against his chest. Severus was pliant against him, and Harry kissed his back. “You are mine” he declared softly.

“Yes Sir” Severus replied easily, “always”

They fell asleep, though for Harry it was fitful and full of dark dreams. He awoke some time during the night, when it was still dark outside. Severus was lying on his back, his arms still cuffed above him. Harry stood up quietly, opening the curtains to allow some pale moonlight to enter the room. He stared down at Severus, still fast asleep, and now slightly illuminated. The covers were pooled down by his waist, and Harry watched his chest move up and down rhythmically. His hair was splayed out across the pillow, and it had become a regular source of amusement for them that Harry would wake up choking on it. He smiled, and realised in that moment how much he truly cared for the other man, and how much he couldn’t imagine life without him. Tonight had truly scared him, and now that it was over he was able to contemplate how much danger they were really in, and how close he had come to losing the other man. If it hadn’t been for his submissive, they would never have gotten out of that situation. He wasn’t sure, and he didn’t want to jump to conclusions after tonight, knowing that it could be making his emotions run wild, but he was starting to think that perhaps he was falling in love with the other man. It was both amazing and terrifying at the same time. He walked back to the bed, and eased himself under the covers.

Severus stirred, “Sir?” he whispered sleepily.

Harry leaned over, kissing him gently. “I need to take you baby” he stated softly, knowing the other man would understand his Dominant instincts.

“Yes Sir” he replied, his voice still thick with sleep, as he began struggling to open his eyes.

Harry straddled him under the covers, then began gently kissing his way down Severus’ chest. He circled both nipples with his tongue, feeling them peek under his ministrations. Severus gasped softly, but did not move. Harry continued to caress his body with his lips and tongue before moving lower, and beginning to tease his penis and balls softly, although he did not yet take him in his mouth. His submissive squirmed gently, but did not try to ask for more. Harry recognised that whilst he needed to Dominate him, his submissive needed to truly submit to him. After tonight, he would likely need Harry to show him that he was in charge and that Severus belonged to him. Harry shucked off the covers, laying his submissive bare. He knelt up again, running his hands up and down his chest, tweaking his nipples with just the faintest pressure.

“I want you to be a good boy tonight” he began softly, “I don’t want you to talk, I just want you to accept what I give you.” Severus nodded softly, looking at him with more than a hint of vulnerability. It was clear that he was letting himself go already, and Harry guessed he would probably embrace his subspace tonight “You are mines beautiful” he stated warmly and Severus smiled shyly.

Harry went back to worshipping his submissive’s body. Tonight, wasn’t about pain or exaggerated dominance, but about the subtle dominance and submission they shared, wrapped him in the tenderness that Harry felt for the other man. He spent almost an hour mapping out his body with lips, and tongues, and fingers. Severus gasped and panted, and arched up into his mouth when Harry eventually took his cock in his mouth, but he remained complaint and submissive throughout. Eventually Harry pulled up his bound legs, and prepared him. There was enough length in the rope that Harry would not be forced to release him. He locked gazes with his submissive, and then entered him slowly, relishing every inch as he moved into him. Harry moved slowly within him when he was finally seated, taking his time to enjoy their connection. He took him for a while, showing Severus how much he valued him with every moment. They eventually came together, as they normally did, but it was not with the same screaming urgency, but more of a bone deep shuddering that made Harry’s hair stand on end. They again fell asleep, and Harry’s nightmares had faded for the night.

The following day Harry and Severus went over to speak to Selena. As promised, they had briefly told her that everyone was safe, but had been too tired to provide many details.

“I’m just glad you are both safe” Selena told them after a while, “Though I am truly worried about Karen and Dennis. That they were injured under my watch” she sighed regretfully.

“This wasn’t your fault Selena” Harry informed her with a hint of assertiveness. “You could have done nothing to prevent this. They were master criminals who were using the place as a hide-out from the police. I am guessing that Karen and Dennis simply spotted them, and that put them at risk. They are safe however”

She nodded, smiling sadly, “I know you are going to be interviewing people today, but please remember that not everyone is as dearedevilish as you” she joked, “People will be scared”

“We will be gentle Ma’am” Severus returned, from his position on the floor next to Bill. “It will be important that you reassure everyone that the danger has passed, and that you took all measures to keep everyone safe. We will also remind them of this, that way they will have confidence in you”

She looked at them appraisingly, “Will you stay at least for a few days” she asked them, “Just so everyone can start to feel safer. I think knowing you are here will help them to settle”

Harry looked at Severus who nodded, “I am not due back at work for ten days, thus we could remain for perhaps a week, if that is suitable with you Master” he replied, and Harry nodded, smiling. It would give them a chance to relax for a couple of days before having to go back into the real world. It would also give them the space to talk about their expectations of the relationship before they returned.

Albus and Kingsley returned to the community later that day, and they set about interviewing the residents. Luckily, very few people had seen anything, and when they had there had been nothing that required the intervention of memory spells. Everyone was truly grateful to them for their work, but were saddened that they wouldn’t be staying. Severus had removed the collar whilst he was interviewing, allowing him to separate his position as a submissive in the community from that of a detective. It also meant that they weren’t forced to have any weird conversations with Albus and Kingsley. They still had a few more people to interview the next day, and they had agreed with Selena that the other two men could remain in their cottage for the night. They had ordered a takeaway, and chatted for a while, though it wasn’t long before they wanted to retire. The conversations had been a little stilted, particularly when Kingsley had asked why there were hooks in the Livingroom ceiling and then blushed before quickly changing the subject when Severus had replied with a smirk. They transfigured the couches into beds, and then, without providing any explanation, Severus and Harry moved into their own bedroom, shutting the door.

Severus walked into the bathroom, and Harry lay back on the bed. His Dominance was itchy tonight, and was demanding that he Master his submissive. He needed to own him. He also knew that they needed to have a scene in order to move passed last night, otherwise Harry would start to become too anxious to do anything. He could feel himself becoming hard as he contemplated how he might go about fulfilling his need. A short while later Severus came out of the bathroom, wearing a pair of pyjama bottoms, which amused him. it had definitely been a while since he’d worn anything in the bedroom. It was obvious the other man was trying to spare his dignity with the men in the other room, but Harry was feeling a little evil and he definitely didn’t want him to get too comfortable. He looked at him meaningfully as he came out, and Severus stopped, looking a little unsure, clearly trying to work out his Dominant’s mood. Harry smirked at him darkly, then clicked his fingers and pointed at the floor. Severus’ eyes widened, and he flicked his gaze at the door nervously.

“Shall I put locking and silencing spells up?” he murmured. Harry said nothing, but he narrowed his eyes in warning at his submissive’s slow response to his order. Severus blushed immediately however he walked over reluctantly towards him. Before kneeling down Harry stopped him, beginning to pull his trousers down. “Sir” Severus whispered desperately, though he didn’t attempt to stop him, which to Harry was a major turn on. Even in these circumstance, despite his obvious terror at being caught, he was still attempting to obey him. It was such a heady feeling for Harry, that Severus was so obedient to him, and it was only serving to fuel his dominance. Harry succeeded in getting the trousers down, and he raised his eyebrows expectantly at the other man, who proceeded to remove them completely before coming to kneel down at his feet. His posture was rigid, and the blush was now staining his cheeks, however Harry could also see that he was definitely turned on.

Harry leaned down, grasping his hair, and pulling it back, forcing him to look up at him, “I don’t want to hear anymore protests from you boy”. He kept his voice low, barely above a whisper, “If you don’t want to be heard then I suggest you try to remain silent” he paused, grinning evilly, “although I wonder how successful you will be when my cock is inside you and you are desperate for more?”

“Sir, please” his submissive pleaded, and by this point Harry wasn’t quite sure whether he was pleading for him to stop or to keep going, though it could be a mixture of both, as he appeared both humiliated and turned on at the same time.

“Now”, he whispered, in a clear ‘don’t push me’ manner, “stand up and place yourself over my knee”. Severus choked, shaking his head in protest but at the same time he stood and draped himself over Harry’s knee so that the top half of him was lying on the bed, with his feet still on the floor. “Spread your legs Pet” he ordered quietly, and the other man obeyed. Harry ran his hands over his backside, before going lower and beginning to tease his balls. He spread his own legs, widening Severus’, until the other man’s cock was hanging down between his legs. He began fondling it, before beginning to run his hands up and down the shaft. Severus had his head buried in the covers, panting as he wriggled over his lap. Harry grasped the lubrication that he had placed beside him on the bed, pouring some onto his fingers, and then began to open him up, enjoying the way his submissive was attempting to remain stoic and failing miserably every time Harry added another finger. Eventually when he was open enough, Harry pulled him up and then pointed to the bed, before divesting himself of his own clothes. Severus was kneeling up on the bed, awaiting instruction. Harry joined him, running his hands over his body, and kissing him deeply. Severus reciprocated with enthusiasm, winding his hands around his waist.

“May I touch you Sir?” he whispered into his ear, and Harry nodded. They continued to kiss, whilst his submissive began to fondle him, first running his hands over his backside, then moving round his body to begin stroking and massaging his cock and balls. Harry could feel himself getting harder under his touch, and he began to gasp into the other man’s mouth. He allowed Severus to pleasure him for a short while before pushing him away. He guided him onto all fours, and then excruciatingly slowly pushed himself inside. His submissive arched when he was fully sheathed, but remained silent. Severus was tight, and Harry was overcome with the sensations. This was the first time he was going to properly Dominate his boyfriend, and that thought alone made his stomach curl in desire. He still couldn’t believe Severus had agreed to have a relationship with him. The man was everything he could want in a partner. Strong, funny, good looking, caring, thoughtful, and submissive. Harry couldn’t believe how lucky he was. It was like all of the karma from the tough times had been balanced out and then blown away with the gift that was currently in front of him.

Harry rode into him for a short while, making sure he was fully opened up, and then pulled out and lay down on the bed next to him. “I want you to ride my cock Pet” he told him quietly, and Severus looked at him with undisguised lust. He straddled Harry without complaint, although he didn’t fail to notice the nervous glance his submissive gave towards the bedroom door. Harry smirked internally, but outwardly he gave his Pet a clear look of disapproval. Severus dropped his eyes in acknowledgement, and then leaned down, grasping Harry’s cock, and giving it a few strokes. Harry had to physically stop himself from moaning aloud at the sensations. His submissive then lifted himself up and eased himself down onto Harry’s cock. It was an erotic display to watch the other man impale himself on Harry’s rigid penis, and Harry could feel the tendrils of his topspace bearing down on him. Severus began to move, riding Harry’s cock, his own sticking out angrily in front of him. He began slow, biting into his fist to keep from making noise. “Hands” Harry ordered quietly, and Severus looked at him with panic, before immediately lifting his hands to place them behind his head. “Now move” he commanded, never raising his voice above a whisper. Severus obeyed, his jaw clenched shut, and his muscles rigid. Feeling particularly evil, Harry grabbed the other man’s cock, and began rubbing it in time with his movements. Severus’ breath hitched and he dropped his head, his fingers white as they clung onto his hair, in his attempt to control the competing sensations whilst maintaining silence. Harry himself was beginning to have a challenging time remaining silent. Watching Severus give his submission to him, and the way he was fully on display for him, was enough to drive a sane person completely mad; it was the height of erotic. Harry grabbed his hips, thrusting himself up into the other man, who was now beginning to whimper silently. He then ran his hands up Severus’ chest and tweaked at his nipples. The other man looked at him with a mixture of submission and unmistakeable frustration, his eyes pleading for him to stop.

He teased him for a while until it was clear Severus was truly struggling to remain silent. Finally deciding to be lenient, and needing more friction, he grabbed the other man, pulling him off his cock and then gripping the back of his neck and pushing him down, to lie on his stomach. Without any preamble, he pushed his cock into him, placed his arms underneath Severus’ arms, and set up a brutal pace, lying on top of him and pinning him to the bed with each thrust. Severus moaned, but they were almost completely muffled by the bedcovers, while Harry moaned into the skin of his submissive, occasionally biting his back to keep from moaning aloud. Harry felt powerful and completely in charge as he rocked into his submissive.

When he was getting closer to the edge he pulled out, flipping the other man round, pushing his legs up until he was nearly bent in half and then entered him again. Severus allowed himself to be manhandled by his Dominant, retaining his submission and compliance throughout. “Grab your cock boy” Harry ordered, no longer caring about keeping up the pretence of having to remain silent. Severus looked at him with wild panic, a blush overtaking him instantly, but he was too far gone to put up any formal protest, and his cock jumped at the humiliation of it. Severus obeyed, panting as he pulled at himself roughly. Harry watched him, moaning out loud as he plunged into his submissive. He pulled back slightly to give a harsh spank to the other man’s backside, gazing down at him, daring him to protest. Severus choked, his cock leaking as the spank resounded loudly in the near silent room. Harry gave him another spank, before thrusting into him roughly, felling himself about to come. “Come boy” he commanded, and watched as Severus let go, his entire body shuddering with the force of it, as he arched off the bed and moaned loudly. Harry followed him, immeasurably turned on watching his submissive let go. Harry’s orgasm was powerful, nearly blinding in its intensity and he cried out as he came, continuing to push himself into the other man in sporadic thrusts. When it finally ended, he looked down warmly at his submissive, who, now that the orgasm was over, had thrown his hands over his face in an attempt to symbolically hide from the horror of what had just happened. Harry leaned forward, pushing his hands away and kissing him.

His submissive kissed him back but it was tense, “Oh God” he murmured, as Harry pulled away. His eyes were large, and were pleading with Harry to make things right.

“Baby” Harry smiled, his voice comforting, “Do you trust me?” he asked.

Severus looked at him confused, “Of course, Sir” he stated without hesitancy.

Harry smiled, “I know you enjoy a little humiliation, but my guess is that this is beyond the acceptable levels, isn’t it?”

The other man nodded, and Harry raised his eyebrows at him in amusement. Severus looked at him confused then it seemed to dawn on him. “You already put up silencing spells” he stated.

Harry smiled, nodding, “Of course I did” he laughed warmly, “I just wanted you to think I hadn’t”

“You are positively evil” he retorted, now looking relieved and more relaxed.

Harry grinned at him, “Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy the thrill of it for a little while”

“I did no such thing” the other man responded indignantly, completely ignoring his blush and the current evidence of their recent activity.

Harry laughed, “Sure, whatever you say Pet”. He disentangled himself from his submissive, leaning down to kiss him before jumping off the bed, “You coming for a shower Pet?” he asked, looking back at him.

Severus nodded, “Harry” he said softly, “Thank you”.

Harry grinned again, pulling him up off the bed, and in for a kiss. “You are mine Pet” he stated, and Severus nodded. They showered together and then fell into an exhausted sleep which they desperately hoped would last for a long time.

Harry was in pain, so much pain. There was shouting, angry voices, blinding flashes of dark magic. Harry couldn’t make out what was going on around him, except for dark eyes, and screaming bodies. There was so much anger amidst the pain. Fear and desperation. Pleading, in desperate words that made no sense. He felt trapped, unable to escape. He screamed for Severus, unable to find him in the confusion. Where was he? Why was there so much pain? His head felt like it was going to explode…

“Harry” he heard distantly, worriedly. “Harry” that voice, like an anchor, he moved towards it. “Wake up Harry” the voice was familiar, comforting, he could feel himself being drawn out of the dark place towards that voice.

He awoke, sweating and panicked. The scar on his head blinding in the intensity of the pain.

“Harry are you alright?”. He nodded as best he could, opening his eyes to look up into the worried face of his submissive.

“Voldemort” he gasped, “He’s angry”.

Severus nodded gravelly, “I know Harry, I’ve been summoned”.

Chapter Text

Harry was now fully awake and staring at his submissive in panic, “What? No, you can’t” he stammered, fear rushing through him like a wave.

“I have to Harry. He will only give me so long to come to him, and then he will pull me to him himself. That has happened once before, and believe me, I’d rather it never happened again” he grimaced, looking away briefly, before turning back to him. “Sir, may I have permission to get up?” he asked him. Harry could only nod, feeling like his entire body was rooted to the spot. Severus started getting dressed, pulling out the clothes he would need from the closet, including a black robe that had been hidden inside a muggle jacket.

“Severus” Harry stated firmly, starting to get a grip of himself. His submissive turned to look at him, “Come here” he ordered, and the other man obeyed immediately, coming to sit on the bed beside him. Harry grasped his arm, “Tell me how you are going to stay safe” he demanded in a firm tone.

Severus held an air of confidence, though he grimaced slightly, “You are not going to like this”. Harry merely stared at him, waiting for him to continue, “Voldemort will look into my memories as he always does. I have enough memories of myself and potions ingredients to convince him I was on an expedition, and the headmaster is supplying me with rare ingredients which should cover this. However, it would be best if he knows that I am in a relationship, as it will explain the rest of my time over the last two months. I will be able to overlay the images of your glamour onto my memories, and they should be enough to fool him”.

“You want to show him our time together?” Harry replied softly, feeling as if he had been punched in the gut.  

“I will not allow him to see many of the moments, only those which are less consequential for us. I would prefer to show him us having sex as he does not like to see me engaged with another man. Whenever I have been in relationships before, the amount that he has entered my memories has lessened, and …” Severus broke off, hissing in pain.

“What?” Harry asked alarmed.

“He just provided me with a reminder warning” he stated off-handedly, “Sir, I am sorry to do this to you, but I really must get dressed, and go now”

Harry nodded, but then grabbed him just before he stood as something was bothering him. He knew Severus liked to think through the options, but he seemed far too organised and far too calm. “You knew he would summon you” he accused.

Severus had the good grace to look guilty, “I suspected he might”

“And you chose to keep this from me?”

Severus looked down, “You had enough to worry about”

Harry surveyed him for a moment, “We shall discuss this later” he replied, a hint of warning in his tone. He needed Severus to know that he was still his Dominant, and that he would always be, no matter what. He also needed to put on a face to show a strength he didn’t feel at the moment, so that Severus wouldn’t worry too much about him, and would be able to concentrate on keeping himself safe. Before allowing him to dress, he grabbed him, pulling him in for a tender kiss, “I order you to keep yourself safe, do whatever you have to, I don’t care. As long as you come back to me safe” Severus nodded, smiling, and kissed him again before standing.

“Can you go and tell Albus?” the older man asked him, resuming his dressing. Harry nodded, standing, before pulling on a pair of jogging bottoms and a t-shirt. He flicked on the light as soon as he entered the living room, causing the other men to groan.

“He’s been summoned” he barked, unwilling to allow them time to wake up.

Albus was fully awake and sitting up in less than a second. He didn’t say anything, but Harry could see his own worry mirrored in the older eyes. Even Kingsley looked shaken. The room was silent, with nobody moving or speaking. There was nothing to say, because they knew there was nothing they could do. Harry felt helpless and useless. He would have to stand by as someone else hurt his partner, and there was nothing he could do about it. Part of his job, not just as a Dominant, but as a partner, was to protect and care for the other man. Instead he would be forced to wave him off with a fake cheery smile on his face, to be tortured by a madman. He was also angry, which only served to make him feel guilty and selfish. How dare someone give orders to his submissive? Severus was his, and as his Dominant, only he should ever have this level of control over him. It made him feel guilty that he should be having these thoughts when the other man was in serious danger.

Severus followed him out into the living room less than two minutes later, fully dressed. He looked at the three faces around him, and if the other men’s features were any indication of how Harry looked, then he was white as a sheet, and doing a terrible job of hiding the fear. Severus sneered at them, “This is hardly my first summoning. You at least Albus should be used to this” he sniped at them.

“It might not be the first-time Severus, but it is never something I will simply be able to get used to” he stated softly, devoid of his usual trademark twinkle.

Severus shook his head but didn’t reply, “When I return, unless it is strictly necessary, no-one but Mr Potter should be touching me” he stated firmly, turning to Harry as soon as he was finished speaking, not bothering to wait on a reply. Harry wasn’t sure why Severus had made that statement, but for now it wasn’t important. He looked at him, desperate to simply pull him into a hug and never let go, or at least kiss him, but he figured the other man would not like their relations made public. He looked away, not wanting his need to be so evident to his submissive.He needed to be his support, not someone he had to worry about.

“Avert your eyes” his submissive snapped, and Harry jumped slightly, until he realised he was talking to the other two men, who politely complied. His submissive came close, leaning down to whisper in his ear, “I am yours Harry”, before kissing him gently. Pulling away, Harry smiled warmly at him, trying to show he wasn’t afraid. Severus smirked at him, and then touched his finger to his mark and was instantly gone.

Harry wanted to collapse right then; the fear was enveloping him, and he felt suffocated by it. Instead he needed to at least be proactive. “What do we need to do?” he snapped at the two other wizards.

Kingsley answered him softly, “I have a kit of potions which Snape supplied to the department before he left. I knew he would be unwilling to allow himself or…” he trailed off for a split second, before continuing carefully, “those he cares about to use potions which were not brewed by him”. Harry nodded, and then went to fetch some water, run a bath which he spelled to keep it warm, and tidy up the bedroom; anything which could possibly keep him occupied and stop his brain from overthinking. He knew they would be exhausted tomorrow, they’d barely had any sleep the night before and now it was 1 o’clock in the morning and they were all up again. Just as he was placing a cooling charm on the sheets, Albus walked into the bedroom, which felt a little intrusive to Harry.

“Harry” he stated softly, grasping him by the shoulder. Harry tensed, and pulled away. It wasn’t that he was ungrateful, but he didn’t want to give into the fear. He was on the edge of either screaming or crying; perhaps both, and he didn’t want Severus to return and see him like that. He looked up at the elder wizard to show him he wasn’t angry, and Albus smiled warmly at him. “He will be fine Harry. He might be a little worse for wear, but he is in no immediate danger. He has faced much worse than this”. Albus told him.

“It would probably help if you sounded at least slightly convincing” Harry returned, unable to hide a slight smile at the Headmaster’s attempt at cheering him up.

Albus chuckled, before sobering again “I do honestly believe he will be fine my boy, however I cannot help but worry about him despite my surety. He has however, become very adept at convincing people of things that are not quite true”.

Harry was sure that Albus wasn’t just talking about his role as a spy, and Harry nodded. He of all people knew how good Severus was at keeping himself safe, both from danger and from the possibility of other people hurting him “He should never have to be in that position though Headmaster” he sighed sadly.

“If I could have done anything else, I would have” Albus retorted, slightly defensively.

“I am not accusing you Headmaster” he reassured, “I know what you have done for him, and how much you care for him, and I know you would have done something if you could”, he sighed, “I am just worried”.

“I know my boy” he stated knowingly, before slumping down onto the bed, looking slightly defeated “I have often regretted that I was not able to stop him from joining with Voldemort.”

“You could not have known Headmaster.” He stopped for a second, “I feel guilty talking about him when he is not here, but I know what you both mean to each other, so I feel you are the only one who I can talk to about him. Severus would never blame you for that, he feels like he owes you everything”

Albus studied him for a second, “You truly care for him, don’t you?”

Harry blushed, but looked him straight in the eye, “Yes”.

The other man smiled, but did not push the subject, “Would you care for a cup of tea? Some of us old folk are not as good at running around chasing criminals, and being up at all hours of the night, without at least something to warm our old bones” he chuckled, and Harry nodded, smiling.

Whilst Harry did not feel much better, he at least was a little comforted by how much confidence the Headmaster had in his submissive to be able to get through this relatively unscathed. Considering he had been supporting Severus with this for twenty years, Harry decided he would as least have some knowledge of what he was talking about. They sat for a while on the couch making small talk, but Harry found it hard to concentrate, and after the first hour he began pacing the cottage, winding himself up. To their credit, neither other man tried to get him to sit down, well at least they didn’t after the first attempt when Harry had bitten their head off. Intellectually Harry knew that Kingsley would be evaluating him on whether he would make a good Auror, and he knew he should be trying to make a good impression, but right now he couldn’t have cared less.

It took three hours for Severus to finally return, at which point Harry was seriously beginning to worry that he wouldn’t come back. He apparated in without a sound, startling them all. He was still completely dressed in death-eater garb, complete with mask, so it was impossible to evaluate how he was doing. For a split-second, the entire room froze, and then without knowing how, Harry had managed to cross the room. Harry grabbed him, and he felt Severus fall into him slightly, clearly having difficulty in maintaining his own body weight. His submissive was still proud however, and this would have been barely noticeable to anyone else. Albus began to move forward, and Harry turned to glare daggers at him. The elder wizard halted immediately, and only now did Harry understand why Severus had told them not to touch him. Harry was in ultimate protective mode, and the thought of someone else touching his submissive he knew would have driven him a little insane. Even through it all, his submissive was still thinking about him, judging his needs, and making sure they were seen to. Harry suddenly felt inadequate when compared to the other man, but now was not the time to contemplate that. It was time for him to step up and be the Dominant and boyfriend that Severus needed. He supported his submissive to walk into the bedroom, allowing him to retain as much dignity as he could. Severus nearly fell onto the bed, and before Harry had a chance to turn and close the bedroom door, it had already been closed, and he felt earnest gratitude to the other men, in foregoing their own need to check Severus was safe, and allowing them this time alone.

Harry pulled off the mask, and had to put every ounce into not flinching, instead smiling warmly, and turning to grab the pain potions. Severus was deathly pale, his face sickly grey and clammy. Harry could tell by the grimace, and the unfocused eyes that the other man was in unimaginable pain. He steeled himself to stay strong, pulling out the stopper, and turning to hold it up to his submissive’s mouth. Severus drank it without protest, not even attempting to lift his hands to take it from him. Harry did the same with the energiser and healing potions, and then ran his hands softly through the other man’s hair, before kneeling down in front of him.

“Baby” he said warmly, and it came out a lot more confident than he was expecting. His submissive’s eyes slowly drew towards him, but it seemed to take time for him to focus. “I have a bath ready, do you think you would manage that?”. Severus nodded almost imperceptibly, and Harry smiled at him proudly. He set about removing what clothes he could, and managed to get everything off except his trousers. He leaned down to kiss him very gently, his stomach twisting in relief when the other man managed to kiss him back, even though it was slight. “Ok, Pet let’s get you up” he continued, pulling back, before gently helping him up, and through to the bathroom. He stripped off Severus’ trousers and underwear, worrying when the other man stood compliantly without speaking, and swaying slightly on his feet, even though it was barely more than five seconds. They eventually settled him in the bath, and Severus leaned back, closing his eyes. Harry ran his hands down his chest, “Does this hurt?” he asked.

“No” Severus croaked, his voice scratchy as if he had been screaming, and Harry decided not to think about that right now, “Inside”, he finished, clearly exhausted by the effort.

Harry sat with him for a while, allowing him to enjoy the comfort of the bath, before eventually ordering him out, wrapping him up in a warm towel, drying him, and then helping him into bed. He was starting to look a little less grey, but it was clear he was exhausted. Harry slid under the cool sheets, and pulled his submissive in against him, needing the comfort of the closeness. Severus was asleep within seconds, and Harry smiled, feeling some of his anxiety lift, knowing that at least the other man was home safe. He was still on the verge of tears, and he continued to check on Severus a number of times before, with a lingering sadness, he eventually drifted off to sleep.


Harry’s stomach was curling in desire, and he didn’t know why. It made no sense. Something was warm, and wet, and oh so amazing, but hadn’t he just been locked in a cardboard cut-out of a faceless American Ninja? No wait, that made no sense, why would it be American, surely a Russian would make more se…aaaahhh, something made him want to arch up, what was that? Oh…Harry awoke to sensations of pleasure running though him, and he opened one bleary eye to see a large lump of quilt below him which was moving suspiciously, “G’ah” he managed, and the warm heat was suddenly gone. He leaned down to lift the covers, and Severus’ head appeared, smirking at him darkly. Harry wanted to ask him how he was but he also wanted that mouth back on him. Still with only one eye open, he tried to signal his intent to the other man, who snorted quietly.

“Sir” he whispered, “There is no silencing spell up, so I suggest you may wish to be quiet”. At that he dropped his head down to again envelope Harry’s cock in his mouth, who had to force himself not to moan out loud. It was really difficult to use that many cognitive processes so early in the morning.

“You can’t be serious?” he finally managed to whisper, and Severus again popped his mouth off his penis, looking up at him with a deathly smirk. Harry huffed, annoyed that he was suddenly bereft of his submissive’s mouth.

“I am deadly serious Sir” he replied, “There is no silencing spell”

“Well, just let me get my wand, and…” Harry didn’t get a chance to finish that sentence because the other man had suddenly leaned down, licked his way right up Harry’s cock, and then without wasting a second, deep-throated him. Harry arched up, grasping onto the bedcovers with one hand, and using the other one to pull a pillow round to gag himself. Severus kept up his ministrations and Harry moaned into the pillow, his eyes rolling back into his head as Severus both hummed and deep-throated him at the same time. He thrust up into the other man’s mouth, feeling the orgasm rushing towards him. Without warning his submissive, he came hard, screaming into the pillow which was now clamped over his face. Severus continued to suck at him for a while, then wriggled out from underneath the covers and lay down next to him with a self-satisfied smirk. Harry really wasn’t sure how well he had done at hiding the sound. He hoped it was completely muffled, but he’d been so lost in the orgasm he could have been howling and he wouldn’t have known.

“Revenge huh?” he asked to the man who was now lying with his eyes closed, with the smirk still playing on his features. His submissive simply nodded. “You did put a silencing spell up though, didn’t you?” Harry asked nervously, and the other man shook his head. “Severus tell me the truth, did you put a silencing spell up?” he asked, now slightly worried.

“I am telling you the truth Sir, I did not put a silencing spell up” he answered in monotone.

“Oh God” Harry groaned, slumping back onto the pillows. “You are going to be the death of me”. Whilst he was embarrassed that the other men might have heard, he was also feeling more than a little warm at the fact that Severus appeared to be willing to let other people know they were in a relationship. He’d known it was selfish to want it, but a part of him really wanted to be able to proclaim to the world that he had a boyfriend, that somebody truly cared for him simply for being him.  He knew that he was generally a confident person, but there was still a little bit of him inside that worried that he was unlovable. And even if he was truly cared for by the other man, he’d kind of assumed that it would all be behind closed doors. Before he’d ever considered a relationship with Severus, he’d imagined romantic dinners, and shared holidays, and as mushy as it seemed, walking along the beach holding hands. He’d resigned himself, however, to the fact that Severus was the kind of man who wouldn’t be big on public displays of affection, not accounting for the community of course, and whilst he had initially felt quite sad at that, he’d taken it as a necessary consequence of getting to even have a relationship with the other man. But Severus had kissed him in front of the one person in the world whose opinion Severus truly valued, and with his display this morning, perhaps Severus wouldn’t be quite as closed off as he had expected.

“Consider that revenge,” Severus stated, interrupting his thoughts “both for last night and for the ‘There is nothing better in life than chocolate” statement” he retorted, again without emotion.

“What?” Harry asked unbelievably, “That was like a month ago”.

“I am perfectly capable of enacting revenge years down the line” he returned, his voice holding a hint of danger.

Harry narrowed his eyes, before crawling up to straddle the other man, pulling his arms up and pinning his wrists to the bed above his head, “And I am perfectly capable of spanking your arse every day for a week, and not allowing you to come for a month” he replied, looking down at him dangerously, his voice barely above a whisper; and he watched in satisfaction as Severus’ smirk faltered slightly. Harry snorted, leaning down to kiss him deeply, “Perhaps you might want to reconsider enacting revenge on someone who has that much power over you?”

“Perhaps it might be a prudent course of action” he replied shrewdly, causing Harry to laugh.

“I take it you are feeling better then?” he asked in a fake jovial manner, running one hand down Severus’ chest.

His submissive looked at him appraisingly, “Harry, I am fine. My potions are of course top quality” he smiled amusedly, then sobered when Harry struggled to react. “Sir, I am fine. It was no worse than is normal when he is angry.”

“It was truly horrible to see you in that much pain. I felt so helpless” he returned sadly.

“I was having difficulty concentrating last night, but I did not fail to notice how well you looked after me Sir. It would normally be morning before I would have the strength to even fetch a pain potion” he replied.

“I don’t ever want to see you in the much pain again”. Severus did not reply and Harry knew it was because he couldn’t give that level of assurance.

“Look we can talk more about it later, just promise me you are ok right now?” he demanded, and Severus nodded, smiling reassuringly. Harry bent down to kiss him again, before pulling back to stare at him. He really needed to take charge of the other man, and his intent must have shown on his face because his submissive suddenly swallowed. “When I let you up you will fetch me the plug. I want you to bend yourself over the end of the bed, and spread your legs. I will insert it when I have finished in the bathroom. I expect you to wait patiently. If I have found you have moved, you will be very sorry.” he ordered. He kept his voice low so as not to embarrass Severus but it was clear that disobeying him would be a fatal move.

“Yes, Sir” he replied softly.

He stared down at him darkly, “You will also wear the black shirt, and trousers; you look professional in them, and you will forego underwear. I want to know that I can have easy access to you anytime I wish”. Severus’ eyes widened, and Harry could feel his cock digging into him, but he had no intention of providing it any release.

Severus obeyed as soon as Harry let him up. Harry put up silencing and locking spells to protect Severus’ dignity; he couldn’t imagine what would happen if the other men came in and found his submissive bent over the bed waiting to have a plug inserted. When Harry had inserted the plug, also giving the other man a few warning spanks for his display this morning, they then dressed. Harry was ready slightly before the other man, despite the fact that he had procrastinated quite a lot as he was nervous about facing the other men. He was still nervous by the time he finally gathered enough courage to step out into the living room. He was unsure how much the other men would have heard of this morning, despite Severus’ reassurances that he hadn’t made any noise.

He found Albus drinking tea on the couch and it looked like Kingsley was nowhere to be seen. The Headmaster smiled at him when he entered. “Good Morning” the headmaster intoned warmly, back to his usual cheery self, “I take it Severus is feeling much better?” he asked. Harry didn’t know what he meant by that statement, whether it was a genuine assumption or because he had heard.

Harry couldn’t stop himself blushing, “Yes, he’s fine” he squeaked, blushing even more at how high his voice had suddenly become. The headmaster didn’t comment, instead simply smiled at him continuously, his eyes twinkling. Harry didn’t know what to do, ending up standing dumbly for a few seconds until his submissive entered the room. Severus stared at their twinkling standoff in confusion, before shrugging and sitting himself on the couch to glare at the headmaster.

“Just try it” he warned.

Albus looked at him and smiled, “I fear there is no need to ask you how you are, your sunny disposition does all the talking for you”. Was the headmaster mad? Harry thought. He’d begin edging closer to the couch but decided it would probably be safer to stay where he was.

Severus looked at the older man and rolled his eyes, “Some days I wonder how I have managed to survive, considering I have had to put up with your inane waffle”

“Ooo Waffles Severus, do you think there is any chance of a nice muggle waffle?” the headmaster asked excitedly.

Severus furrowed his brown in thought for a moment, “There is a restaurant up the road that provides a decent breakfast”, he replied without tone.

“Let us depart then, and you can fill me in on all your adventures” Albus replied, hauling himself off the couch with the energy of a young man.

“You do realise that you are the strangest looking muggle” Severus stated, eyeing the headmaster’s large red Jumper covered in penguins, and long white beard, “Although” he continued thoughtfully, “You barely pass as an actual human being so perhaps they will think you are merely an art project”

“Good, good” the headmaster replied, his eyes flashing with excitement, “It will offset well against the lovely shade of black you are sporting my boy. I must say Severus you have outdone yourself this year, that’s a shade of black I haven’t seen on you before”.

Harry was struggling to keep up with the flow of the conversation. It was like watching a gameshow and having no clue what the rules were. They continued to bicker, interspersing it with real conversation. It made Harry realise that they had their own way of interacting, and he likened it to the first time he spent time with the Weasley’s. It was familial interaction that was confusing to an outsider, and he supposed that Severus and Albus were the closest thing to family that they each had.

“Severus?” Harry asked softly, reluctant to interrupt. His submissive turned to him expectantly, “I’m not sure it would be appropriate to take the headmaster to the restaurant, haven’t we kind of intruded on the resident’s solitude enough?”. Whilst it was important not to make things worse by unnecessarily parading the headmaster through the community, he was also pretty sure that Severus had forgotten that if he was going out into the community not in the role of a detective then he would be required to wear his collar.

“You are right Harry, please excuse my indiscretion” the Headmaster replied, smiling to show he was not offended.

“I will make the old coot some waffles. If only to get him to stop twinkling at me for two minutes” Severus huffed, rising from the couch and heading towards the kitchen.

They had breakfast and then finished interviewing the remaining residents, before the Headmaster met up with Kingsley, who had been doing some extra boundary checks, and they both left. Severus and Harry had walked them to the gate, and then sighing in relief, walked back towards the cottage holding hands. It was relaxing and comforting to just be the two of them again, but that sent Harry wondering what it would be like to actually go back to reality. He suddenly had a whole catalogue of new anxieties. How would real life impact upon their relationship? How would they balance their relationship, their dynamic, their lives, and the war? What if Harry’s friends didn’t accept the relationship? What if Severus decided he hated all his friends? He imagined Severus sitting in the middle of the Weasley kitchen and grimaced. He was also a little worried about their dynamic. Harry’s confidence had grown in leaps and bounds since coming here, and he knew that he generally didn’t need Severus to be a guide anymore, but in the community he was generally living without restrictions. He wondered whether he would have the confidence and skills to continue to be a good Dominant when real-life got in the way, and he wondered if he’d manage to be the kind that Severus needed. Would he become too strict or lenient? Would Severus become bored without the public nature of it? What if his job took up a lot of time, and Severus started to feel neglected.

“You look troubled” his submissive commented, interrupting his rumination, and Harry realised he must have zoned out for a while.

He smiled at him, “Just thinking”. He would talk to Severus about his worries, but they had a few other things to discuss first. They entered the cottage and Harry sat on the couch, motioning for his submissive to kneel on the floor. Severus complied, and Harry ran his hands down his face, before lifting his chin so the other man would look at him. “Look, I know we have a lot to talk about…and a few things to deal with” he stated wryly, and the other man nodded, “But, we have both been through a lot the last few days. I really want to take you out for dinner, and then go bowling, just me and you, just to have a little fun.” He smiled warmly at him, “But, we do have to deal with you keeping things from me, and I will not deny you the punishment you previously asked for. I don’t want you to worry about this so you have the choice Pet. We can deal with your punishment this evening and then spend tomorrow together, or we can go out this evening, and then deal with the punishment tomorrow. I would not normally even think about waiting but these are unique circumstances, and I think it would be unfair to push this on you right now. I trust you to know yourself Severus, and what you think is best”

Severus looked at him mildly, “I would like to go out this evening Sir. You are right, I would normally prefer to get it over with, but I am not in the right headspace to be able to process my punishment properly. I thank you for asking me. I will not worry about it this evening, I would like to be able to switch off from things for a night and spend some quality time with my Dominant”.

Harry smiled warmly at him, pulling him in for a kiss, “I just want you to know Pet that I am so proud of you” the other man blushed slightly but he did not look away, “I am so proud of you for who you are and everything you do, and I am lucky to have such an amazing partner.”

“Sir, I am also proud of you. You have been amazing these past few days, and I cannot help but be awed by you. I have no doubt that you will triumph in what is to come, and I also feel lucky that you are mine”.

Harry was embarrassed, but there was a big part of him that wanted to make the other man proud, and he couldn’t help feeling good about the praise. “Thank you Pet” he stated graciously, bending down to kiss him again. They kissed for a while, enjoying each other’s company, and the space to be intimate again. After a while he felt Severus’ hands on his thigh, slowly inching their way up. Harry pulled back, and immediately Severus removed his hands, staring up at him innocently. “Stand up” Harry ordered. Severus obeyed, standing, before looking down and smirking at him. Harry narrowed his eyes, he was definitely in a playful mood. “Straddle me”. His submissive complied, coming to straddle Harry sitting on the couch, supporting himself in a kneeling position. Before Harry had a chance to do anything Severus had bent down to kiss him, sticking his tongue into his mouth, and using his hand to rub Harry’s cock through his jeans. When he pulled away Harry smiled up at him, “Well you’re in a mood” he stated wryly. Severus did not answer but there was a wicked gleam in his eye. He bent down again, and began kissing Harry’s neck and at the same time softly grinding down on him. Harry moaned, his cock instantly hardening. He didn’t realise that is neck was such an erogenous zone, and he’d never seen Severus like this before. He was confident and playful, and it was turning Harry on. He was normally quite passive, and as he’d previously said, he wasn’t one to really initiate sex, but today he seemed to be throwing all of that out the window. It was amazing to watch his submissive develop; to watch him feeling safe and confident enough to try out new things. He could feel Severus’ hands burrowing under his jumper, sliding up his chest and gently pinching his nipples. Harry allowed him to explore for a while, relishing the attention, and not wanting to stop his submissive when he seemed to be enjoying himself so much.

“You make me so hard Sir” Severus intoned into his ear, his smooth voice making Harry shiver. He ground his hips again to drive home the point. “You make me want to be on my knees for you all the time, to beg you to stick your cock in my mouth, or to fuck me into oblivion” he teased, his voice low. Harry’s cock jumped, and he moaned. Severus talking dirty was now one of his top five things of all time. He grabbed Severus’ hips, pushing him down onto his cock. It was frustrating; he was so turned on but there was definitely not enough friction. Harry grabbed his wrists, pinning them behind his back, but that didn’t stop Severus leaning forward to bite gently at his bottom lip. Fuck, Harry was so turned on.

“Go and get your collar, it’s been far too long since I’ve seen you in it” he ordered, his voice breathy.

“Yes Sir” his submissive replied into his ear, making his voice dark and teasing, causing another spike of desire to hit Harry low in his belly.

“In actual fact get your leash and your wrist cuffs too” he demanded, and watched as Severus’ eyes flashed.

The other man stood immediately to fetch the items, and was back merely a minute later. He again straddled his Dominant, laying the items next to Harry. The younger man picked up the collar, securing it in place and then attaching the leash. He wrapped the end of the leash around his hand and then pulled the other man towards him, who had no choice but to come.

“Mmm that is better” he stated, smirking “Keep you a little more under control”.

His submissive used that opportunity to wriggle his hips again and without warning descended a second time onto Harry’s mouth. Harry took control of the kiss, and fucked the older man’s mouth, keeping him in place with a tight hold on the leash. When they eventually pulled apart, panting, Harry set about removing the older man’s shirt. Once it was removed, he released the leash in order to cuff Severus’ wrists and padlock them behind his back. He ran his hands up his chest, pinching his nipples and exploring his body. He used his nails to scratch softly down his chest, enjoying the way that his submissive was gasping. His eyes were closed, and he appeared intently focused on the sensations. Harry popped open the buttons on Severus’ trousers, and plunged his hands inside to pull out his cock. He looked obscene kneeling on Harry with his cock pocking out of his trousers. Harry grasped it firmly, and slid his hands up and down the shaft, causing the other man to moan. He stopped, leaving it there, and went back to playing with his nipples, teasing him.

“You should see yourself Pet” Harry stated, “You look completely wanton. I am glad you are mine, because you look delicious, and I think I’d have to fight for you”. Severus looked down at him, smirking, and wriggling his hips against Harry’s cock. The younger man growled, “You are asking for it boy. Stand up” he ordered. Severus obeyed, the playful smirk still on his face. Harry pulled down his trousers, and Severus stepped out of them. Within seconds he had sat down and flipped the older man over his knee, landing a stinging spank to his rear. Severus moaned and Harry could feel his cock digging into his thigh. He gave him a dozen more, and by this time Severus was thrusting into his leg. With each spank, it must have been pushing the plug deeper into him. “Stand up” he ordered again, and then rearranged the pillows along the couch, before helping the other man to lie on his back with his cock directly under Harry’s hand, and his hands still cuffed behind him. The younger wizard grabbed the leash again and then began teasing Severus by fondling his balls. He looked directly at his submissive, who was staring at him with wide blown pupils. He kept eye contact as he licked right up his hand, and then brought it down to swipe at the older man’s cock. Severus choked, gasping as Harry continued to pleasure him.

“I am willing to allow you to come, but only if you can immediately get hard again, because I am going to bend you over and fuck you Pet. Can you do this?” he asked him, his tone hard.

Severus swallowed, but nodded, “Yes Sir” he gasped. Harry smirked, and then set to work pleasuring the other man with his hand, as he kept a tight hold of the leash with the other one. Severus moaned and thrust up into his hand. As Harry continued, his submissive threw his head back and his moans increased. “Please Sir” he gasped between moans.

“What?” he asked, feigning ignorance.

“I need to come”, he choked out.

“Ask me nicely” he demanded, smirking.

Severus groaned, “Please may your submissive come Sir?” he moaned breathily.

“Come whenever you wish Pet” he allowed, “But remember you must get hard again, because I want to stick my cock inside you and fuck you into the couch” he teased, his tone Dominant and dark. Severus cried out as soon as he said it, thrusting up into Harry’s hand as he came, his eyes squeezed shut. It was turning Harry on to watch the other man come, and the complete abandonment on his face was amazing to watch. As the orgasm passed, he panted, and his movements slowed down until he was lying spent over Harry’s knee.

Harry allowed him a couple of minutes, running his hands soothingly over his chest. When he eventually opened his eyes, Harry could tell he was at least a little in his subspace. He was open and unguarded, and looking at Harry with such trust that his stomach flipped. Harry smiled warmly at him. “Ok boy. You were warned, I’m going to flip you over and give you a little warm up spanking, and then I’m going to use your body for my pleasure”. Severus nodded, smiling shyly at him. Harry helped him to turn around again, releasing the leash so he could grab onto the padlocked cuffs. He then set about giving the other man a lazy spanking, occasionally interspersing it with harder swats, and at times pushing his fingers against the plug. It didn’t take long for the other man to start gasping again, though it was with less urgency than earlier. Harry finally pulled out the plug, before whispering a wandless lubrication spell, and opening his boy up further. Severus moaned softly but he lay compliant over his lap, barely moving. When Harry had opened him up enough, he helped Severus to stand up. His submissive stood with his eyes downcast as Harry shed his clothes and then half sat, half lay back onto the couch, in way that would allow his submissive to straddle him properly.

“Come” he ordered, grasping the leash, and manoeuvring his submissive into position. He lifted Severus up, and lined his aching cock up with his entrance, before bringing him back down and watching as it slid in. They both gasped at the sensations, and when he was settled Harry leaned forward to flick at his nipples, before giving a slight swat to his backside to indicate he should move. Severus lifted himself up and then impaled himself again on Harry’s cock. The younger man leaned back, keeping a hold of the leash and simply watching his submissive ride him. Severus had his eyes closed, and was concentrating on pleasuring his Dominant, and that in itself was a huge turn-on for Harry. He had intended to bend him over the arm of the couch and take him hard, but watching Severus ride him, completely submissive to his will, was mesmerising and there was no way Harry could have given that up right now. He would have to save his plans for another day.

“Kiss me” he ordered, and Severus opened his eyes and stared at him with need. He brought himself back down until he was fully seated on Harry’s cock, and then leant forward to give him a soft but passionate kiss, his tongue flicking out to rub circles around Harry’s tongue. Harry brought his spare hand up to run through the other man’s hair at the base of his neck, and then used it to push him further onto his mouth. It was gentle but demanding, and he mirrored this as he took over the kiss. When allowed, Severus pulled back, beginning to move his body to again pleasure Harry. Harry grasped his submissive’s cock, and began to pleasure him, watching as he moaned and panted. The younger man was surrounded by sensations and he could feel his orgasm beginning to build up. He released his submissive, who seemed to recognise he was close, and then set up a fast pace, his own cock bouncing out in front of him.

“Am I allowed to come again Sir?” his submissive asked him softly. There was no demand or expectation in the question, he was merely ascertaining his boundaries.

“Normally I would say no. I don’t want to spoil my boy too much, but you have so good for me, and you deserve a reward” he replied.

“Thank you, Sir,” the other man stated gratefully, before returning to concentrate on his task. Severus impaled himself again on Harry’s cock, and he must have hit his pleasure spot because he gasped and reared back up.

“Do that again boy” he demanded, his cock jumping as he observed him. Severus complied, and he groaned out with pleasure. Harry watched him a few more times, and then he couldn’t hold out any longer.

He grasped Severus’ cock again, pleasuring him quickly, “Come for me” he ordered, dropping his tone to the Dominant pitch that he knew would affect the other man. Severus reared up on his cock, and then slammed himself back down and Harry was lost. He screamed out his pleasure, and at the same time watched as Severus came for the second time, which only served to intensify the orgasm.

They both moaned and panted through their orgasm and then Severus pulled himself off Harry’s cock, before slumping down onto him, breathless and clammy. Harry pulled his face up, kissing him softly, and marvelling at the unguarded eyes that gazed at him gently. “Mmm, Pet, you are amazing” he stated, before releasing him. They both lay for a while, and then Harry pulled him up to look at him, “What got into you this evening?” he asked, smiling in pleasure to let the other man know it wasn’t a criticism.

Severus shrugged, before narrowing his eyes, “I am eager to get back to my laboratory, I fear you might have bewitched me. I seem to be acting in ways that are very contrary to my nature”. He smirked, and Harry laughed.

“Well seeing as we are going home soon, I should definitely use you to my fullest advantage whilst you are still under my dastardly spell” he intoned, wiggling his eyebrows.

Severus huffed, before learning forward and kissing him with enthusiasm. “Whatever you have done, it is still not going to save you from the humiliation of your defeat at bowling”.

“Is that so?” he asked.

“Yes” the other man replied, “And as I am so confident, I think we should make a wager”.

“A wager?” he asked, intrigued.

“Yes, whomever wins will get to choose the penalty” he returned darkly.

“I don’t think I’m going to like this, am I?”

“Scared?” his submissive mocked.

“Oh you are asking for it boy” Harry growled, and Severus smirked, “Very well, I accept your challenge”. Severus’ eyes flashed and Harry suddenly felt like he had made a serious mistake.

Chapter Text

Somehow, and Harry had absolutely no idea how, his bowling was on form this evening. He managed another half strike and decided to rejoice by engaging in a celebratory dance. Severus was trying desperately to appear pissed off but he was failing miserably under the pressure of Harry’s ridiculous dance.

“I wonder what I will make your penalty when I win?” Harry asked rhetorically.

“I would not advise getting too comfortable” Severus returned, “You are merely ten points ahead”

Harry ignored him, “Perhaps I will have you spend time extoling my virtues”. He had no idea what the word ‘extol’ actually meant but he figured it would make him sound clever. “Or” he continued, as Severus lifted his ball, “I might have you give me private potion’s tutorials, and make you test all my concoctions”. He laughed at the absolute look of horror that etched itself onto the other man’s face.

In hindsight, he probably should have kept these thoughts to himself, because it only served to spur Severus on. He suddenly fought back with a vengeance and ended up beating him by eighteen points. As the game ended his submissive turned to him with a look that was a cross between triumph and deviousness.

“So what is my penalty then?” he asked, the dread he was feeling clear in his voice.

Severus grinned darkly, “Nothing much” he replied, “I was going to have you cater to my every whim, however… I rather liked your suggestions, thus, you will create me one potion, and you will extol” he stopped for a second and raised his eyebrows, making it obvious he knew that Harry didn’t have a clue what it meant, “my virtues for one hour”.

His penalty didn’t sound that bad, which made Harry think that there was more to this than what it appeared, “What’s the catch?” he asked, crossing his arms.

His submissive smirked, but he also seemed quite proud that Harry had thought to look for more, “The potion will be created without my support, however I would like something to look at so you will create it naked…and you will test the finished product”.

Harry suddenly had a sinking feeling, “What does it do?” he asked nervously.

Severus walked over to him, and bent down close to his ear “If created correctly it will simply be an aphrodisiac” he stated, his tone dark and seductive, “and should you actually by some miracle manage to perfect the potion, then I will of course be at your beck and call to help you with the aftermath”.

Harry definitely liked the sound of that, but he also wasn’t fooled, “And if it isn’t made correctly?”.

The older man stepped back, and smirked “If made incorrectly it will unfortunately have the opposite effect. It will act as a suppressant, and will last for approximately two days”

Harry was confused, “You mean I won’t get turned on?”

Severus looked at him darkly, “Oh you will be turned on, you just won’t have the ability to do anything about it, and I will again be right there to enjoy the aftermath”, he grinned wolfishly.

Harry was horrified, “You are an evil bastard, you know that?”. Severus simply continued to grin. Harry sighed, “And what about the other thing? I think you already know what I think of you, why do you want me to tell you how great you are”.

The other man raised his eyebrows, “It was your idea” he stated bluntly, “This one is simple, you will spend an hour praising me, however… it will be at an hour of my choosing”.

Harry was confused, Severus had difficulty enough with accepting praise, why would he want to spend an hour listening to all of the things that Harry thought about him? Then it hit him, “You’re going to make me do it in public, aren’t you? Severus bared his teeth in a nasty smile, “I’m going to seem like a nutcase” he sighed. His submissive was about to say something, but Harry cut him off, “Yes, yes, I know I’m already a nutcase” he rolled his eyes, and Severus laughed softly. Harry stopped for a second and then stalked towards his submissive who was now sitting on one of the benches “You know, as your Dominant” he began, “It’s really my job to keep you in line, and to keep you on the straight and narrow” he grasped the back of Severus’ head, and pulled his hair back roughly. Despite how busy it was, it would be difficult for others to see them as there were curtains separating the lanes. “I think you are definitely straying” he stated ominously, leaning down to claim a deep kiss from the other man. “I also think” he continued, “That you might be continuing to underestimate me. I wonder if this will be as simple as you assume it will be?”. He watched as the other man suddenly looked a little less assured, but then he crossed his arms and looked at him with belligerence. Harry raised his eyebrows, “Really?” he asked, “You are going to test me?” I have absolutely no qualms about putting you over my knee right now” he warned. The other man gasped, and his eyes flashed. Harry was trying to figure out whether Severus wanted it or not when a cough behind them interrupted their development. Harry swung round to see Karen trying really hard to keep a straight face, and Dennis looking at them with a hint of uncertainty. He looked back at his submissive who was blushing but at the same time looking a little annoyed at the interruption.

“You’re back” Harry exclaimed happily, rushing over to grasp Karen in a large hug, “How are you both?” he asked, looking at Dennis.

“We are fine, though we don’t really remember anything, one minute we were having dinner and the next we wake up in hospital”. They all sat down, and Karen looked at him seriously, “It’s all quite scary to be honest” she sighed, “But I hear that you are our heroes”. She looked over at Severus and smiled. They spent some time reassuring the other couple and then agreed to a game of bowling and a few drinks.

By the time they got home it was late. As they lay in bed Harry turned to him. “We have to deal with your punishment tomorrow” he stated, and the other man nodded. “Tell me Pet, why are you being punished?”. Severus looked a little confused as to why he was bringing it up now but he answered anyway, “The main reason is because I kept things hidden from you again” he sighed, “I really must stop doing that” he joked, and Harry couldn’t stop himself from snorting before shaking his head to let the other man know that it wasn’t really appropriate to be making jokes now. “Sorry Sir” he stated, a little abashed, “I am also being punished because I hurt you and I gave out private information about you without your consent”.

“You do realise that I am not in agreement about your punishment for the other two” Severus made to interrupt and Harry looked at him in warning, “However I have included them because I know you need this. However, you are right, the main reason is because you again chose to keep things from me. You didn’t trust in this relationship or me. I know you didn’t mean to, and that you thought you were doing what is best, however by keeping it from me, you disobeyed a direct order” Severus looked down, and there was guilt in his body language. Harry didn’t want him going to sleep upset, but he needed to do this tonight because he intended for the punishment to begin as soon as he awoke. “I’m sure we have had this conversation before” he stated amusedly, and Severus looked up at him, his eyes crinkling. “Your punishment will start in the morning, and then all will be forgiven and forgotten, OK?”

“Yes, Sir” he replied.

Harry nodded in approval and then pulled him against his chest as they lay down. They both fell asleep quickly and it was early morning before Harry awoke. As he had hoped, he awoke before his submissive did. He sat up and gazed at the other man, before taking a breath, and putting himself into the right headspace.

“Wake up Pet” he ordered, his voice hard. Severus stirred, opening his eyes quickly to gaze up at Harry who was looming over him. “Kneel up now” he ordered. The other man obeyed immediately, and settled into his usual pose. “Look at me”. His submissive lifted his eyes, and Harry could tell that he was off guard; there was a vulnerability seeping off him. This was what Harry had hoped for, he wanted to push him down fast. “This is the start of your punishment. You will not speak unless spoken to. If you need anything, you will put your head down into the begging pose, and wait to be addressed. You will not do anything without permission”. Harry softened his voice and leaned forward, running his hand through his submissive’s hair. “You are going to learn to come to me Pet, you are going to learn to trust me. This will be hard Pet, but I know you can do this”. Severus dropped his eyes in acknowledgment, and then looked back up at him. Harry wanted him to know that even though this was a punishment, he was still cared for and would be looked after. Harry pulled back and dropped his voice into a stricter tone, “Eyes down” he ordered. When the other man obeyed Harry stood and then ordered him to follow him through into the living room.

“Kneel there” he demanded, and then left him briefly to get some food from the kitchen. When he brought it through he sat in front of his submissive and then broke off a piece of toast and held it out to him. Severus lifted his hand, “Do not push me” Harry barked, and he watched as his submissive balled up his fist, before placing it back on the floor. Again, Harry held it out, and the other man simply stared at it for a few seconds. He saw him bare his teeth slightly but then when Harry did not relent, he seemed to give in and leaned forward to take it from his fingers. They went on like this for fifteen minutes, with Harry interspersing feeding himself and the other man. Severus was rigid in his kneel, and clearly pissed off. There was a defiance in every line of his body. Harry knew this would be hard on him. Severus was so used to trusting only in himself and being independent, that it would be difficult for him to give himself up completely to him. He was also very proud, and being fed like this, which was not intended as an erotic display, would be a level of humility he wasn’t used to. When they were finished, his submissive knelt forward to lay his head on the floor. “What is it Pet?” he asked.

“I need to go to the toilet…Sir” the break was only for a split second, but it was long enough that it was clear that the title was added grudgingly.

“Very well, come” he replied. Severus stood and followed him but he huffed when it was clear that Harry was not going to leave him any privacy. Severus bared his shoulders, and then went to lift his penis, but he was stopped when Harry ordered him to place his hands behind his back. His submissive swung his eyes to look at him in disbelief, and Harry stared him down, his eyes displaying how serious he was. He pursed his lips but he allowed his Dominant to help him in the intimate act. Harry watched him, and he could tell that he was becoming more wound up. They returned to the Livingroom, and Severus knelt slowly in front of him. Harry knew that this punishment would be much harder for him than a spanking ever would be, and he guessed he was starting to be deliberately difficult to try to manoeuvre Harry into giving in and putting him over his knee. Harry refused to rise to the bait however. He picked up a newspaper and put on a show of reading, however every part of him was focused on the other man.

“I am thirsty” Severus stated eventually, anger evident in his voice, and Harry could see him staring up at him defiantly. When Harry did not acknowledge him he huffed, and dropped his head to the floor.

“Yes Pet?” he queried.

“You already know what I want” he ground out.

“I think you might wish to address me again”, Harry warned, his voice harder than steel.

Severus breathed out, “I am thirsty Sir” he stated, punctuating each word as if he was talking to an idiotic child.

Harry left him to collect a glass of water, and then returned, holding it up to his lips. “Severus didn’t fight him, but his fists were balled at his side as he drank. Some of the water had spilled down his face, and Harry deliberately wiped it up. Despite how angry Severus was, and how defiant he was being, the fact that he was still obeying him showed how much he truly trusted in their relationship and the sanctity of their dynamic. He was being difficult, but not so much that he was would be crossing the line into being actively disobedient.

“Do you need anything else” he asked, and the other man shook his head. “I am going to give you some time to think Severus. You are going to kneel in the corner, and I want you to think about how much you want to be part of this relationship. Being in a relationship with me means trusting in me, it means making decisions together, and it means that you accept me not only as your partner but as your Dominant. I want you to think about whether you can truly do this. I know you are independent and used to making your own decisions, and that will not change. But when something is really important, you will trust in our relationship and in my guidance. This relationship is not about losing a part of yourself, but of being a part of something in which you can feel safe to bring all of yourself. I trust you completely Pet, and I trust in our relationship. You now have to make the decision about whether you can do the same”.

He could tell that Severus had lost some of the rigidity in his pose, and his acceptance of Harry’s rationale was shown when he went into the corner without protest. Harry left him contemplating and went to collect some items from their chest. After twenty minutes, he ordered him to stand. He secured him into a pair of bondage cuffs, the ones that Severus had chosen as his present, and then, clipping a small chain between them, he lifted his submissive’s arms and placed him so that he was now chained to the hooks in the ceiling. He bent down and placed the spreader bar between his ankles and then stood back to observe his handiwork. “Pet, look at me” he ordered, his voice low, and Severus looked up at him with now only a subtle hint of defiance. “I am going to gag you Pet, and I am also going to blindfold you. You are going to have to trust me to look after you. Do you truly trust me to do this? He gave his submissive time to think it through, and a few seconds later he seemed to come to a decision. He nodded, and then dropped his eyes again. Harry smiled, “Do you need anything? You are going to be here for a while, so think it through carefully, do you need the toilet or anything else? The other man shook his head, and Harry bent down to pick up the ball gag. He placed it into Severus’ mouth, and then picked up the silk blindfold. This was the first time he had ever blindfolded his submissive, and he knew this was going to be difficult for him to be completely cut off, and have to put all his trust in Harry. Harry lifted the elder man’s chin, and smiled reassuringly at him. He didn’t want him going into this thinking that Harry was angry with him, “I am so proud of you Pet” he told him, before reaching up and gently tying the blindfold around his eyes, ensuring that he couldn’t see. Harry left him and walked away to sit on the couch. He would never leave him alone, but he wanted him to focus on the feeling of being so vulnerable and not to be thinking about him. Harry watched him continuously, watching for any sign of discomfort. Severus shuffled occasionally, but did not indicate any distress.

Harry left him for an hour and then walked towards him, “Pet” he stated, keeping a little distance from him so as not to startle the other man, “I am going to remove the blindfold now” he warned. Severus did not flinch, and remained settled as he reached up to untie it. The eyes that gazed back at him, once he pulled it away, were completely unguarded and a little hazy. Harry smiled warmly at him, before then untying the ball gag, and lifting his arms from the hooks. Severus did not speak, and remained compliant as he massaged his arms. He took off the bondage cuffs, and knelt down to release him from the spreader bar. Immediately his submissive dropped to his knees.

“Come” he ordered gently, and Severus stood, following him into the kitchen. Harry poured a glass of water, and then held it to his lips. Severus didn’t even try to fight him, and his body language was relaxed and compliant. Harry grabbed a few strawberries from the fridge and then led them back into the living toom. This time Severus took the food without any level of defiance. When they were finished, Harry picked up his newspaper and his submissive remained kneeling in front of him. A few minutes later he brought his head down to the floor. “What is it Pet?” he asked him.

“May I sit and lean against you Sir?” he asked softly. Harry was not oblivious to the enormity of that admission. Severus was telling him that he was feeling vulnerable and needed physical comfort. He was admitting that he needed help from Harry and was trusting him to know this.

“Yes Pet” he replied, his voice full of warmth. His submissive manoeuvred himself to sit with his back to his Dominant, and they sat in silence for a while, with Harry running his hand through the other man’s hair. It was silent but comforting and there was an intimacy to the whole act that couldn’t be described. After a while Harry leaned down, “Turn around and look at me baby” he said, his voice already showing how proud he was of him. Severus looked up at him, and Harry leaned forward to kiss him softly. “Your punishment is over, you were amazing and I am so proud of you” he intoned warmly. A small blush spread across Severus’ cheeks but he did not attempt to look away. “Do you have anything you wish to say to me?” he asked.

His submissive nodded, “Thank you Sir” he stated, and his voice was clear and strong, and he looked at him with surety “The punishment was difficult” he began, “And there were certain parts I would really rather never repeat again” he stated wryly, smirking up at him softly, and Harry smiled back at him, “But it was what I needed. I cannot say that I will be able to change right away, and as loathe as I am to admit this, I have a feeling we will probably be having this conversation again” Harry laughed, of that he had no doubt, “However, I truly do want to trust in our relationship. You are an amazing Dominant, and I do trust you. I will try not to keep difficult things to myself, and to bring them to you, of that I will promise”.

“That is all I ask of you Pet” he replied, pulling him in for another kiss, “And for the record, you are better than any submissive I could have ever imagined of”. The other man snorted, but Harry stared at him meaningfully until he seemed to accept the truth of the statement.

They spent the rest of the day simply being together. Severus was clearly feeling quite submissive, and he was adamant that he wanted to serve him. Severus wasn’t sulking or overly vulnerable, but he seemed relaxed and comfortable in his submission. He made him lunch, and Harry hovered nearby, whilst Severus amused him with a funny story. He often reached out to touch his Dominant, and would occasionally ask for a kiss, but otherwise he didn’t appear overly clingy. When they went through to watch a muggle programme that Harry had become fond of since living in the community, Severus asked if he could give him a foot massage. He seemed content as he dedicated himself to this, whilst Harry watched the drama. During the adverts, his submissive asked him if he could serve him, and Harry instinctively knew that he didn’t want it returned. Severus wanted to dedicate himself to serving, and Harry made sure to let him know how appreciated it was.

In the late afternoon Severus turned to him, “You have expressed an interest in a particular type of scene. If you will permit me, I would like to arrange it for us when we return home”

“Oh yeah?” Harry asked, intrigued, there had been a few scenes in which he had expressed an interest.

“I would like to make it a surprise” he replied, his voice giving nothing away.

Harry ginned, “Ok, on you go, can’t wait”

Severus sighed, “I would like to buy some things at the Adult store for this” he replied, a slight tinge of annoyance creeping into his voice.

Harry frowned, “Ok, you don’t need my permission to do that, you have your own money with you” he stated.

Severus huffed again, “Actually I do, I am not allowed to go into the adult store on my own without your written permission…Sir” he added, a little sullenly.

Harry smirked, trying very hard not to laugh, “You mean you need a note?”

Severus crossed his arms and glared, “Effectively yes”

Harry crossed over to him, “That’s weirdly hot”, he breathed, wrapping his arms around him.

The other man huffed, though he was more relaxed in his embrace, “Yes I thought you would enjoy having that much power over me” he stated shrewdly.

He pushed the other man up against the wall, pinning him in place. For some reason that had turned him on way more than it probably should have. He pushed his arms up the wall and grasped his wrists in one hand. Severus merely looked at him expectantly, making his body easily manoeuvrable for his Dominant. Harry bodily pushed himself against his submissive as he leaned in to bite at his bottom lip, before claiming his mouth. Without giving the other man a chance to say anything he flipped him around and then again pinned his wrists to the wall above his head. He leaned round and unbuttoned his trousers, and manged with one hand to pull out the other man’s cock. He played with it for a few seconds, enjoying the slight gasps it pulled from his submissive, before managing to shuck down Severus’ trousers and underwear to his knees. He whispered a wandless lubrication spell, and then slowly drove one finger into the tight heat of his submissive. The other man pushed back at him slightly as Harry drove the finger in and out, swirling it around to open it up. He added a second finger, and then a third and fourth, and when he was open enough, he pulled out. “Hands flat against the wall” he ordered. He grasped his submissive’s hips and pulled them away from the wall, until he was half bent over with his hands against the wall. He left him there for a few seconds as he unbuttoned his own trousers, slipping them and his underwear down to his knees. “Spread your legs as wide as you can” he demanded, his voice dipping into a dominant tone. Severus was hindered by his clothing but he managed to spread them wide enough. Harry grabbed his hips and then pushed in firmly, holding the other man in place. They both groaned when he was seated, and Harry leaned forward to again grasp his submissive’s cock, rubbing it a few times. “Use one hand to pleasure yourself, and keep the other on the wall he commanded.” And then without waiting to ensure it was done, he began to move, pistoning himself in and out of his submissive.

He lasted a lot longer than he thought he would, considering how turned on he was, and they were both on edge by the time he finally gave the order for his submissive to come. Severus’ entire body trembled, and he lost his grip on the wall as the orgasm overtook him. Harry kept a hold of him, until he regained his composure. “Hands back on the wall” he ordered, and then he fucked him harder. It would have taken a lot of Severus’ strength to keep himself in place as Harry used his body harshly, but he managed, and when Harry gripped his hair, pulling his head back as he rode him, Severus continued to hold himself in place. Harry was on edge, and he could feel the orgasm building but he needed the roughness of his own hand to take him over the edge. He let go of his hair and pulled out. “Turn around and kneel down” he commanded, and it was clear from his tone of voice that he wasn’t to be disobeyed. Severus complied, looking up with hunger as Harry stepped up to loom over him. He grabbed his cock and harshly began to pleasure himself, moaning and panting as the orgasm built up. He looked down and they locked gazes, and it was that which finally pushed him over the edge. He came hard, spilling out onto his submissive’s face, and the way that Severus simply accepted it, only served to push his orgasm into an even higher state of pleasure. He pushed one hand against the wall in an attempt to keep himself upright and rode out the last few moments of pleasure.

When he eventually came back to himself he pulled back, looking down to his submissive who was looking at him with narrowed eyes. “I simply asked to go to the shops, and now I am on my knees with your come dripping down my face” he stated sarcastically.

Harry grinned cheekily, “I can’t even apologise. It was too amazing.” He pulled out his wand and cleaned them both, “Was that ok though?” he asked, making sure he hadn’t pushed things a bit too far.

Severus bared his teeth at him, “I would not be completely averse to it happening again” he returned refusing to give him any more. Harry laughed before helping him up and eventually allowing him to make it up to the shop.

Harry made them dinner whilst Severus went up to the shop. Harry had asked him to collect a package he had ordered, with a clear command not to look inside. They went for a walk after dinner. The evening was cool, and they walked for a couple of hours, simply enjoying spending time together. When they returned, Harry felt it was an appropriate time for them to think about their expectations for their relationship when they returned home in a few days.

“Come here Pet” he stated, indicating for Severus to sit with him on the couch. “I think we need to talk about what might be different for us when we return home, have you had any thoughts about it?” he asked.

Severus contemplated the question for a moment, “I enjoy the private dynamic that we have presently. Obviously, it will change publicly, and for the most part, the majority of people will not even know we are a couple” he stated.

Harry smiled, “I also enjoy the dynamic we have, but we set up the boundaries for this when we thought it was just a temporary relationship, do you still wish to give me the same rights over you that I currently have, in terms of rules, sex, and punishments?” he asked him, and the other man nodded his assent. “I would like to add in a few other rules which I will tell you of in a moment, do you have any you wish to add?”

Severus thought through the question, “Considering that we will be spending much less time together, it might be good to have some rules which I can follow during the day”

Harry nodded, “Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking. One of the things we have to bear in mind is that we will no longer be living together, however I would hope that we would still be spending a lot of our evenings together”, when the other man nodded, he continued, “When we are together I will continue to choose your clothing when I feel it is appropriate, and I will also make you a schedule of evenings which will be non-negotiable for spending time together.  I have been lax in providing you specific rules around meals and chores, and I will not be so when we return home” he stated meaningfully, and Severus nodded, seemingly pleased. “You will not make any significant decisions without first coming to me, and you will never agree to place yourself in any kind of dangerous situation without discussing it with me first.” He stopped, “Do I make myself clear on this point?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir” he replied.

“Good” he nodded approvingly, “It will take time for us to figure everything out, but I think we have the basics, do you have anything else you wish to add?”. Severus looked away briefly, and Harry placed his hand on his knee, “Never be embarrassed to ask me for something you need” he told him warmly.

“I like the feeling of being owned during the day” he told him.

Harry thought about that for a moment, “You will come to me to ask permission if you wish to socialise at night, you belong to me, and your time belongs to me” he ordered, and he watched as Severus flushed, appearing to like that idea, “When you come to visit me, or I come to visit you, you will greet me on your knees, and you will wait to be addressed” he paused, allowing that to sink in, “Are they both acceptable rules for you?”. His submissive nodded. “I also have something for you” he told him, picking up the package that Severus had collected for him. He pulled out a new collar, it was jet black, with the softest of leather, and silk lining. It had been expensive but completely worth it. “This was what I asked you to pick up earlier. The collar you wear was not chosen by me, and I wanted to get you one that was only for you.” He handed him the collar to inspect, and watched as Severus ran his hands over it, revelling in how soft and beautiful it was. It was simple yet elegant.

“Thank you, Sir,” his submissive replied, handing it back and then going to his knees. Harry buckled it around his neck, and it looked beautiful contrasting against the pale skin.

“You are officially mine now” he told him, pulling him in for a kiss, and at the same time running his hands along his throat, enjoying the feel of smooth leather and warm flushed skin.

“Yes, Sir” he replied, a little breathily.

“I also have this for you”, he pulled out another band of the same material, which was thicker, “This is a wrist band. It will be hidden by your clothing but I expect you to wear it whenever you are unable to wear your collar outside of the home. You will keep a visible simple of my ownership on you at any time that you are not with me. This rule is not negotiable”.

“Yes, Sir”, he replied, gasping softly. Harry could tell that he seemed to like the rules, and that he was even grateful for them. Harry too was relieved, he knew he was going to find it difficult to be parted from the other man for such long periods of time, and he knew it would help if he was actively displaying his submission to him. Whilst his jealousy had definitely decreased recently, his level of possessiveness of the other man definitely hadn’t, and he wasn’t sure whether it was part of the initial Bloodline problem, or if he was in actual fact just going to end up being a rather possessive Dominant. Severus seemed to have some sort of hold over him, as he had never considered himself a possessive kind of person before.

Severus looked up at him and smirked, “Considering that four weeks ago you squeaked when I mentioned the word sex, you seem to have moved past any nervousness you had rather quickly” he stated shrewdly, narrowing his eyes. “You have taken to your dominance very quickly, and I rather think I have been caught up in the whirlwind that is your typical Gryffindor head-on blatant disregard for rational reasoning”.

Harry smirked, “Perhaps you should have thought through the ridiculous notion of putting yourself under the tender mercies of a Gryffindor”, he told him darkly, deliberately mimicking phrases Severus would use. Severus shook his head, in a mixture of amusement and exasperation, rolling his eyes at him. “There is something I want to talk to you about though” he began, the nerves suddenly shooting up into him. Severus looked at him expectantly, “I want to tell you something, but I also don’t want to scare you”, he stated, his stomach knotting with nerves.

Severus looked at him in concern, placing his hand onto his knee in reassurance, “Unless you are about to tell me that you killed Albus, then I doubt there is much to say that can scare me, and even then I’m sure we could work around it” he joked.

Harry laughed, feeling a little of the tension leave him. He took a deep breath, “I want to tell you this, but I also don’t want you to feel that you have to say it back or anything, and I also don’t want you to feel like you have to feel the same, because I mean you might not be there yet, and this is all kind of fast I know that, but…”

“I love you” Severus cut off his ramblings, and Harry gaped at him. His submissive blushed slightly but he also looked at him with amusement, “Well I didn’t know if you were ever going to get around to finishing your preamble” he shrugged.

“You do?” he queried, a little unsure.

“Yes” his submissive replied confidently.

Harry threw himself against the other man, knocking him messily to the floor, “God, I love you” he returned, pushing his shoulders into the carpet and kissing him deeply.  They made love on the floor, it was warm and caring, and cemented their bond to each other. Harry had never felt so on top of the world before, and so lucky to have been given the gift that was their relationship. It had all happened fast, just like the rest of their relationship, but it felt right. They seemed to fit, and he could only hope that his friends and family would also be able to see that.


The following day they went to a small garden party, held by one of Selena’s friends, with roughly 20 other guests. Severus was currently standing chatting with a few a few other submissive’s, whilst Harry had been across the garden with a few of the Dominant’s.

“Pet, what do you think you are you doing?” Harry demanded crossly, coming up behind his submissive.

The group around him went silent and Severus turned to look at him, his eyebrows knotted together in confusion, “Sir?” he asked.

“Did I give you permission to drink alcohol?” he asked sternly. Harry was taking a massive risk here, and was desperately hoping he wasn’t making a huge mistake. They had never talked about alcohol, or Severus having to ask for permission.

“No, Sir” he answered quietly, placing the beer down on the table next to him. The other submissives were still silent, staring beadily at them, and Harry watched as a blush stole up Severus’ face.

“I do not appreciate this disobedience boy”, he scolded, his tone firm.

Severus immediately lowered his head, dropping his eyes, and placing his hands behind his back. He looked very much like a scolded submissive. “I am sorry, Sir” he replied, his voice low and subservient.

“We shall discuss this further at home, and I suggest that you are prepared to have trouble sitting this evening” he warned.

“Yes, Sir” Severus stated weakly, his voice now barely above a whisper. Harry had continued to think about the other evening in the bowling alley, and he also thought over the past few weeks. Severus had definitely seemed interested in the idea of being publicly spanked, however Harry wasn’t sure if the fantasy and the reality would mesh well for him. He’d seen a number of couple’s initiate public scenes, and it was hard to go a day without seeing a submissive scolded or spanked, so he knew it was a safe place for them to try this out. However, they were due to leave in two days so he figured that if it didn’t work out then Severus would quickly be able to escape the situation. He also chose to reduce the risk by only implying he was about to be spanked, rather than actually doing it. He’d already checked with the other man that it would be ok for him to set up a scene, even if it was slightly public in nature, so he knew he wasn’t crossing too many boundaries.

“I am going to say goodbye to Selena. Say goodbye to your friends” he began, making Severus sound like a recalcitrant school boy, “Do not move from this spot, if I find you have you will be extremely sorry” he ordered, pouring his dominance into the statement. He turned without another word, and walked back over to the other side of the garden, where some of the other Dominant’s were waiting for him.  They were all staring wide-eyed, clearly eager to see him.

“How did it go?” one of the other Dominant’s, Julie, asked him, amusement clear in her tone.

“Too early to tell” he announced, biting his lip dramatically, causing her to laugh.

“Shhh” he scolded, smirking “I’m supposed to be angry here” he announced, and the group snickered.

“Sorry, sorry” she giggled, using her hand to attempt to cover the smirk.

“You are useless” he huffed, also trying to keep a straight face. He liked Julie, she was young and boisterous, and wasn’t much older than himself. Her submissive was a lovely young man, who was about twice the size of her, and built like a rugby player. She didn’t look like she could dominate a fly, but she ruled her submissive with an iron glove. For his part, it was clear to everyone around her that he adored her, and he spent most of his time looking like he was in a blissed-out haze. As a couple, they just fit, and he’d rarely seen two people so very much in love.  He also knew that Julie spoiled her submissive rotten, and he liked that about her.

“I’m not sure that was a good idea” another male Dominant, Theo stated, “I introduced my Lena to public spanking a couple of years ago, and now I can barely get her to behave in public”, he rolled his eyes in exasperation and Harry laughed.

“Thank goodness we are leaving then, in public’s the only time he bloody does behave” he returned sniggering. “If I lose that leverage, then I don’t think I could legitimately call myself a Dominant”, he screwed up his face to make it more dramatic, and the group laughed. “Well I better get going, and see whether I am about to have one horny, or one very sullen submissive on my hands” he sighed theatrically.

“It’d probably be better if you didn’t quite look like the cat who got the cream” she snickered, teasing him. He punched her playfully on the arm, rolling his eyes. She merely laughed, turning her head away in an attempt to hide it from the submissive’s across the garden. He extracted himself from the group, and walked across the garden to collect his submissive. The other submissives were whispering excitedly, and one had his hand supportively on Severus’ arm. As he approached they again fell silent.

“Come” he ordered, and Severus moved silently beside him, his eyes again downcast. “Goodbye” he announced to the rest of the group, to be met with a chorus of “Goodbye Sir”.

It only took a couple of minutes to reach home, Severus remaining silent throughout, retaining his submissive stance. They passed a few people but his submissive did not take any notice. Harry opened the door, allowing the other man to enter before him. As soon as he closed the door and turned, Severus gripped onto his shirt, his eyes flashing darkly, and his breath racing. For a moment, Harry thought he was going to hit him.

“Oh God, please fuck me Sir” he begged, his voice breathy and pleading. Harry didn’t think he had ever seen his partner as heightened as he currently was. The fact that he was begging to be fucked when he had previously stated he would never initiate sex, was turning Harry on more than he thought possible.

“I don’t think I should. You have been very disobedient” he scolded.

Severus’ eyes were glassy, “Oh god please, please Sir” he begged. Harry’s cock was now rock-hard hearing Severus beg and plead.

“Strip now” he commanded, crossing his arms, and gazing stonily at the other man. Severus tore off his clothes, and then stared at his Dominant expectantly. “I promised you a spanking boy” he told him, his voice dark, “We wouldn’t want anyone to think that I don’t live up to my promises”. He grabbed his submissive, marching him round until he was sitting on the couch and then hauled him over his knee. He gave him a few swats, though it was only for show, just a way to prolong the scene for his submissive. “They all know where you are right now” he intoned darkly, “They all know you are over my knee, getting your arse spanked”. Severus moaned low, and began to thrust his penis against Harry’s trouser covered thigh. Harry spanked him a few more times, before ordering him up and through into the bedroom.

“Now on your knees on the bed” he demanded and Severus complied immediately. His submissive’s cock was standing proud and angry out in front of him, and his eyes were completely glassed over. His breathing was heavy, and he was staring at his Dominant with desperation. Harry stripped quickly before walking to the side of the bed. He pushed Severus forward onto all fours, and began to remove the plug he had inserted this morning, in an attempt not to keep the other man waiting if everything went to plan. He removed the plug, and then got on the bed behind him. He gave the man a few more swats before he immediately began pushing in. Severus keened and pushed back against him. “Doesn’t my naughty boy appreciate his Master’s cock?” he asked him. Severus whined but did not answer. Harry had never known him to be completely incapable of words, he hadn’t even thought it could be possible. Harry fucked him hard and fast. “This is what happens to disobedient submissive’s who have to be told off in public like naughty little boys” he said in a scolding voice. “With all his friends watching him. I should really have just spanked you right then and there.” He continued “Put you over my knee and let everyone see how I deal with you” Severus groaned, panting heavily, and Harry could see he was gripping onto the bedsheets for dear life. He pulled his submissive up, and grabbed his cock, rubbing it a few times. “Come” he commanded, at the same time as thrusting into him. Severus screamed as he released, and the complete abandonment was such a turn on that Harry spilled immediately after, thrusting up into the other man, as he continued to rub at his cock.

When they were both finally spent, Harry pulled out gently, dragging the other man down into an embrace. His eyes were still glazed over and he had a hazed-out look on his face. Harry spent some time lying staring at him, occasionally running his hand through his sweat soaked hair, giving Severus time to come gently down from his subspace. The elder man was relaxed and content, and it was fascinating to watch. Harry really had taken a risk with the scene. He knew that Severus had already tried most of his kinks, however the public nature of it was all new to him. He seemed to revel in being dominated in public, and Harry had suspected for a while that he had a public scolding and spanking kink.

Eventually he began to stir “You back with me baby?” he asked, kissing his forehead.

“I am not entirely sure what just happened, however yes I appear to now be back in reality” he replied. Harry pushed him onto his back, running his hands down his chest and kissing him repeatedly in a relaxed lazy manner.

“May I ask what spurred that on?” the other man voiced, staring up at him.

Harry kissed him again, “I had an inclination you might enjoy it”

“Indeed” he stated, “What gave you that impression?”

“Mmm, are you telling me you didn’t enjoy it?” he asked, kissing him on the mouth before allowing him to answer.

“I believe that my reaction to the event would make it difficult for me to seriously claim not to have enjoyed it” he replied in monotone, and Harry huffed in laughter.

“Pet, I have never seen that kind of reaction before. Seriously, when you asked me to fuck you I thought I was going to come right there” he exclaimed in awe.

“That reaction also took me surprise, however, you have yet to answer my question”

“Mmm I’ve seen how much you seem to enjoy public displays of submission, and last week, I watched you when one of the submissive’s was scolded and spanked. You seemed to be more than intrigued by it. I took a big risk, you could have killed me, but I was hoping I was right. I didn’t want to spank you though just incase, and thought that implying you were about to be spanked might be enough”. He replied, smiling down at him.

Severus looked up at him, his brows knitted, “So that was all done for my benefit?” he asked.

“Well, it’s not like I didn’t enjoy it” he laughed, but Severus did not react.

“Baby, what is it? Did I make a mistake? Was it too much?” he asked concerned.

Severus sighed, “No, I enjoyed it very much, I am simply surprised by the fact that it was merely for my benefit”.

“What do you mean?” Harry asked, panicking a little “Have I made you feel that it’s all just for my benefit?”

“No, you have been extremely giving with your time and energy, however I always believed that it was because we had shared desires, and therefore it was mutually beneficial. I do not believe that I have ever had someone do something simply for me” he replied, sounding slightly disturbed. Harry’s stomach jumped at that, and he felt overcome with the need to coddle and protect the other man. He wasn’t stupid though, he knew Severus wouldn’t react well to that, and would likely react even more negatively to it in his current state.

“Well you better get used to it, because I ain’t gonna stop” Harry joked, kissing him again. “You deserve everything pet, and I want to give you it. I enjoy seeing you happy, it makes me happy, so it is mutually beneficial” Severus nodded thoughtfully “Now tell me” he smirked, “How did it feel to be scolded in public”

Severus snorted “Utterly humiliating…and a major turn on” he blushed “I cannot describe why, but standing there being told off and knowing that they all thought I was about to be spanked, made me feel so vulnerable…and horny” he replied, amusedly “You do realise that they now all think you are terrifyingly strict and formidable”.

“I am very strict Severus” he replied, in a mock-serious tone “And don’t you forget it”.

The other man laughed “Of course not Sir” he paused “However, I will reaffirm my statement that you are formidable”

“You love it boy” Harry replied.

“Indeed” he paused for a moment, “Perhaps we could incorporate the alcohol into one of our rules however” he stated, lifting his eyebrows.

“Mmm, I do like any excuse to give me more power over you” Harry returned.

“On second thought…”

“Too late” Harry grinned, cutting him off, before bending down to kiss him and seal their agreement.


The next two days went by in a blur of goodbye’s and it was with a slightly heavy heart that they finally walked out of the gate and heard it lock behind them. The one consolation was that the board had agreed that because of their work to keep the community safe, whilst they did not normally allow such a thing, they were welcome to return anytime for holidays, and of course would be welcomed with open arms if they decided to return to live permanently.

They walked around the corner with their bags, and then shrunk them to fit in their pockets. Severus gripped him into a hug, and he felt the sadness lift a little.

“Are we really doing this” Harry asked eventually, grimacing.

Severus looked at him with a hint of disgust, “I fear we must”

“I hate it” Harry replied

“I think everyone hates it, and they seem to obtain even more incompetent drivers every time” he returned. Harry lifted his wand and was reluctantly about to signal for the Knight Bus, when they were suddenly drenched in a freezing liquid. They both turned, immediately raising their wands, to be confronted by two death eaters.

“Finite Incantum” the voice drawled lazily, and even with the full-face garb Harry knew in an instant that it was Lucius Malfoy. Harry looked over at Severus and realised that his glamour spell was gone, recognising that this must have been what the liquid was for. Lucius chuckled, “Severus Snape, and Harry Potter, my my, won’t the Dark Lord be pleased when I bring you both to him” he directed his voice towards Severus, “I am particularly interested to see what he will do with you Severus. I am sure he will not be happy that his favourite Potion’s Master is a traitor, and shacking up with the wonderboy” he tutted in amusement, “You could have had everything Severus. The Dark Lord wanted you for his own, you could have been one of the most powerful men in the world. Instead you chose that” the disgust and disdain was evident in his voice as he gestured towards the younger wizard. Harry wasn’t able to turn to look at his submissive, but his posture was rigid and defensive next to him.

“Enough” the other man barked, “Take them”.

Lucius threw a stunning spell at them without warning, but their quick reflexes held it off.The other anonymous man sliced at them wordlessly and Harry felt it graze the side of him. There was a twinge of pain but nothing that would slow him down.

Severus stood forward and incanted a spell which took Lucius off his feet briefly but he didn’t fall, instead throwing a blockade around him which kept him standing upwards.At the same time the anonymous man advanced on Harry. Harry knew his shields weren’t strong enough to hold off a powerful hex and he needed to rely on his quick reflexes and the power of Severus’ shield. He ran to the same spot as his submissive and instantly felt the shields surround him.

He threw out a series of stunning spells, and at the same time manifested a rock that flung through the air and knocked the man off his feet. His back was to the other men, and he couldn’t see what they were doing but he could hear a series of spells, shouts, and grunts.

The death eater quickly got to his feet and sent a powerful spell at them that rattled the very foundations of Severus’ shield. Harry fortified them with his own magic, but he knew that they needed to take the other men down quickly or the shields would never hold out.

Harry sent off his Patronus almost without thought, and it galloped off into the distance, disappearing faster than it had been summoned. Harry aimed a spell at the ground and the force of it sent the other man off his feet again. He growled menacingly and hurled another spell that knocked into Harry with force, sending a deep pain lancing through his shoulder. At the same time, he heard Severus gasp as something hit his shields with a tremendous force.

“Hold the shields” Harry shouted. He summoned every reserve he had and poured it into one spell. He was about to release it when he felt a surge of power come through him out of nowhere. It wasn’t attacking him, but bolstering his own power. He channelled it, and sent out a surge of energy that knocked the two men clean off their feet, to land sprawling on the ground. Neither of the enemy wizards moved, and Lucius’ mask had fallen off to reveal that he was out cold.

He turned confused towards his submissive, however Severus’ eyes had rolled up into his head and he was swaying on his feet. Harry caught him as he fell forward, and helped him gently to the ground. He held him tightly, eyeing the other men warily, but there was no hint that they were going to move anytime soon.

Suddenly Albus, Kingsley, and McGonagall appeared at their side, their wands raised defensively. They lowered them when they surveyed the scene and immediately Kingsley bent down.

“What happened?” he asked, worry clear in his voice.

“I don’t know” Harry stated in panic, he just collapsed. “We were fighting them, and then he just collapsed. I don’t know if something hit him or not”. He looked at the Auror pleadingly.

“The other Aurors are on their way, I will make sure these two don’t escape. You take the portkey and get him back to the infirmary” he looked at him meaningfully, “You need to get yourself checked as well”. Harry looked down, and realised that his shoulder probably shouldn’t look like that. It was definitely dislocated, but he’d been too caught up in everything to even notice. Albus levitated his submissive, but Harry kept physical contact with him the whole time. They all port keyed back to the Headmaster’s office before flooing directly to Madame Pomfrey.

“You sit there” the matron ordered Harry.

“I am not letting him go for a second” he returned, his voice making it clear he would not be swayed on the subject. The matron surveyed him for a brief second and then nodded.

As Pomfrey dealt with Severus, McGonagall came up to him, smiling reassuringly. “This will hurt Harry, but it will be over in a few moments”. Harry nodded, gritting his teeth as the older woman set about putting his shoulder back into place. The pain was excruciating, and the few moments felt like a lifetime, but he was distracted by his worry, and when it was over he was left with just a dull ache.

“Here” McGonagall stated, handing him two potions, “Pain potion and energising potion. They are both Professor Snape’s concoction”. She turned towards Albus, “I must go, I left some parents waiting on me. Find me as soon as there has been a change”. The headmaster nodded, and then sat quietly next to him. Harry was thankful that he wasn’t going to start quizzing him in that moment.

“What is wrong with him?” he asked Pomfrey quietly, not wanting to disturb her.

She shook her head in confusion, “He is completely magically drained, I do not understand it. Thankfully it is nothing that cannot be sorted. A few of his potions and a few days rest and he will be right as rain. Unfortunately for these few days he will be unable to use magic. His reserves are completely drained and anything more could have more serious consequences”.

“I don’t think he’ll have too much problem not using magic for a few days, he’s been managing fine for a few weeks” he turned to the headmaster, “I think I know why he is drained, but it is not something I wish to talk about without first discussing it with Severus” he told him. The other man looked at him appraisingly but then nodded.

Severus didn’t stir for nearly twelve hours. Harry fell asleep in a transfigured chair next to him, still refusing to break bodily contact. He awoke when he heard a soft moan coming from his submissive. He pulled himself up, and squeezed Severus’s hand as the older wizard slowly opened his eyes, screwing them up against the harsh light. Harry lowered the intensity with a spell, and then smiled down warmly at him.

“How are you feeling Pet” he whispered. Pomfrey was through in the back office but he still didn’t want to risk being overheard.

“My head feels like it has been trampled on by a herd of dragon’s” he complained. Harry picked up the potion’s next to the bed that Pomfrey had left for him to take if he should wake up. Harry helped him into more of a sitting position, and gave him the potions. It was clear the other man was exhausted, and that it was an effort just to move his head.

“What did you do?” Harry asked, half in accusation, making it clear that he was worried about the other man.

“I channelled my magic into yours” he returned, sighing as he rubbed his temples.

“Mm I thought you did. That was a big risk to take, but you saved us…yet again” he rolled his eyes, and huffed in laughter. “I didn’t know that was actually a thing you could do”.

“It isn’t usually. It’s a combination of us previously having connected our magic, the fact that you are my Bloodline Dominant, the willingness of me to do it, and the fact that we were in danger. Without all of these factors it would not have been possible. The fact that I am now so drained means I am effectively defenceless for the next few days until my reserves build back up again. We are naturally geared to protect our magic, and thus without the elements above, our bodies would not allow us to channel our magic like this” he told him, slipping into teacher mode.

“Wow” Harry breathed awestruck, “You are amazing. Thank you for saving us, though I would prefer you never have to do that again”

“Likewise,” Severus stated, and then sank back into the bed, clearly exhausted.

“I am going to get Madame Pomfrey to check on you. Just rest” he ordered.

Severus screwed up his nose in frustration, “Oh great, I will have to put up with her annoying flapping for the next two days” he huffed out.

Harry bent down to kiss him, before whispering in his ear, “Yes, but if you are a really good boy and do what you are told, then I will have to think of a suitable way of rewarding you”. He pulled back, wriggling his eyebrows meaningfully.

Severus narrowed his eyes, “Very well, go and fetch the annoying woman, and I will try very hard not to kill her…or make her cry”.

Harry laughed, shaking his head, before bending down to kiss him again, “I love you” he stated warmly.   

Chapter Text

“You are supposed to be returning to teaching in three days, do you think you’ll be ok by then?” Harry asked the other man, who was sitting up in the bed reading a potion’s journal. Severus had fallen asleep again for another twelve hours, and Harry had spent the night asleep in a transfigured chair. Whilst he had used the opportunity to shower and change, he had refused to leave Severus, and Pomfrey had given up trying. She had also given up trying to find out how his submissive had expended all of his magic, as Severus had very clearly, and with more than a hint of danger, told her to keep her curiosity to herself, “because everybody knows exactly what killed the cat”.

Severus huffed at the interruption, and forcibly dropped the journal to the bedcovers, “I will have no choice other than to be ok” he parroted, sneering at him, “If I was to suddenly be too unwell to teach, at the same time that Lucius is captured, it might look a little suspicious”. He rolled his eyes before picking up the journal again, “Peer reviewed” he snapped, “Whoever these Peers are, they have no business reviewing anything”, he stated disgustingly.

Harry was a little annoyed at the attitude, however he was trying to give the other man some leeway, considering what he had been through. He knew Severus was also exhausted, as, despite his outward appearance, his eyes were drooping and he hadn’t turned a page in almost fifteen minutes.

“What do you want to tell the others about what happened? The Headmaster has called an order meeting a week on Sunday”, he continued, keeping his voice mild.

Without moving his head, his submissive flicked his eyes menacingly towards him, and his hands clenched against the journal, “We can simply tell them we fought them and won, it should come as no surprise considering who you were fighting alongside”, he smirked in self-satisfaction before resuming his reading. Harry breathed out silently, but did not rise to the other man’s attitude, despite the fact that his Dominant side was eager to put his submissive in his place. He was more concerned about trying to get the other man to stop reading, it was clear he was struggling and he wanted him to rest.

“Why don’t…”, Harry began.

Harry didn’t get a chance to finish his thought before Severus interrupted him. “Fine” he snapped, and threw the journal onto the floor harshly, before crossing his arms “Happy now?” he sneered. Severus suddenly froze, clearly realising he had gone too far, and a heavy silence descended on the room. His submissive slowly dropped his arms and then flicked his eyes over towards his Dominant. Harry’s jaw was clenched but there was no other outward sign of his emotions, until the other man’s gaze reached to Harry’s eyes, and he flinched.

Pomfrey bustled into the room, interrupting any further progress. “Oh, you’ve dropped your journal Professor” she hummed, oblivious to anything in the room. She handed it back to the man who took it, his face emotionless. “So how are you feeling?” she asked, and it was clear by the set of her shoulders that she was bracing herself for an angry retort.

“I am fi…” the elder man began before looking at Harry and then seeming to change his mind, “I am tired and sore, but otherwise there is no lasting damage” he admitted. Pomfrey was clearly shocked by the reply, her widened eyes and gaping fish impression was a dead giveaway.

“Well…” she began, before shaking her head and regrouping. She handed him another potion, which he automatically evaluated before consuming, “I want you to stay here until tomorrow. If you are feeling a little better then you can probably go home, although strictly without the use of magic” she warned, and Severus merely nodded.

“Madame Pomfrey” Harry interrupted, “If the Professor has someone to help him at home, can he go home today?”

Pomfrey evaluated him briefly, “I appreciate the offer Mr Potter, however the Professor needs rest, and considering your history of animosity towards one another I doubt that would be the most appropriate environment for him”.

“Mr Potter and I have been living together for the last two months during this mission, we have managed to overcome our animosity. In all honesty, I would rather be under his care than stuck in this…place” he finished mildly.

The matron surveyed them both briefly before nodding, “Very well. I will organise things and draw up a list of instructions. The Headmaster and Auror Kingsley are due to see you shortly. I will tell them they can meet you in your quarters”, and without waiting for a reply, she bustled off.

As soon as she was gone Severus dropped his eyes, “I am sorry Sir. I am frustrated, however that was no excuse for being disrespectful”.

Harry stood and sat on the bed, “I know you are frustrated, and I for one am worried about the fact that Lucius knows about us and what that will mean. I was trying to give you a bit of leeway, but in reality, this was my fault. I shouldn’t have let you away with the first time. My boundaries are more important now than ever, not just for you but for me too. We need to maintain them so we can at least have something to rely on. Since it was mainly my fault, consider this a warning. I don’t mind you being grumpy but there is a limit to my patience boy” he smiled to let the other man know he was teasing.

Severus looked relieved, “You are very annoying, you do realise that?” he stated, narrowing his eyes.  

Harry laughed, “And why is that?”

“You are too damn rationale, it is very hard to get angry with you when you are so rationale. I simply wish to wallow in my self-pity, however I am going to be thwarted in my attempt by an annoying Dominant who is determined to be reasonable”, he crossed his arms grumpily.

Harry leaned in towards him, and dropped his voice, “I have to be reasonable, otherwise I would not be able to resist putting you in your place right now, by showing you exactly who you belong to, however I shall simply have to contend myself with this…” Severus looked at him warily, “When you are feeling better…Detention Mr Snape”. The other man’s eyes widened, and Harry smirked darkly at him, “Let us schedule your detention for a fortnight today, I think that should be enough time for you to recover” he stated, his voice carrying a hint of danger. Severus crossed his arms in a show of indignance, but he did not fail to note the look in his eye that signalled that the other man was very interested in the idea.

Half an hour later they floo’d back to Severus’ quarters. The house elves had clearly kept the place clean and fresh smelling, and they had set up some tea and sandwiches on expectation of their arrival. Harry helped the other man to sit on the couch. He was fully dressed and Harry knew he wanted to present himself as resilient to the other men. Harry sat down beside him, taking the opportunity to have a little alone time with his boyfriend.

“You know the last time you were in here you told me..” he deepened his voice in an attempt to mimic the other man “You however Mr Potter hardly inspire me with any great need to fall down at your feet”, he snorted, and Severus narrowed his eyes at him.

“I am still not one hundred percent sure that you have not placed a spell upon me. I am pretty sure that I used to have at least some of my faculties fully intact, and my reluctance to fall down at your feet certainly proves that point” he sniped.

Harry laughed before leaning over and kissing the other man warmly, “Now that we are back, are you still sure that you want to be with me?” he asked, feeling a very slight hint of worry in his stomach as he asked.

Severus looked at him, “Of course I am sure Harry, do not worry that my feelings are about to suddenly change. I am rather stubborn. Once I have made my mind up about something, there is very little that can change it”.

“Good” Harry stated, “Because you are not getting rid of me that easily”.

The floo flared to life, interrupting them. It rang throughout the apartment, indicating a call, and Harry went over to answer it, allowing the other men to step through. They both smiled warmly at them, and Kingsley nodded his head respectfully towards Severus who grudgingly returned it.

They spent some time talking through the recent events. Kingsley had managed to take Lucius and the other death eaters back to Azkaban, and at the moment they weren’t being allowed visitors. They had both had their recent memories wiped, and there did not appear to be any leaks of Severus and Harry’s identity.

“It’s not all good news unfortunately” the Auror sighed, looking over at Severus. “The other death eater…well…he was an Auror”

“What?” Harry spat in disbelief.

Kingsley sighed again, looking troubled, “No-one apart from Albus and I knew of your real identities. Not even the Aurors who came to help us at the end, so at this time I do not believe that he has had a chance to communicate to anyone else of your real identity. However, it worries me how easily he has managed to slip passed us, and I am not naive to the fact that he may have accomplices. As I said, we have wiped their memory, but we are going to have to be careful on who we allow access to him, as memories can be restored with the right potions.”

Severus nodded, looking a little paler than he had moments before, though there was no sign of any worry in his demeanour “I will visit Lucius in the coming weeks, to determine if I can get anything out of him, however I will wait awhile as it might seem suspicious if I know too quickly that he is there. When I do visit I will inform it that it is on the Dark Lord’s command, in order to find out what he knows. He may provide us with some vital information”.

The other men nodded, and they talked for a while longer, before Kingsley pulled Harry aside, “Mr Potter, your work has been exemplary, and I would like to take this opportunity to officially offer you a training position. There is a new cohort due to start in just over two weeks and I would like you to be part of this group. Will you accept?”

Considering that two months ago he would have been ecstatic with this offer, he merely felt a mild pleasure. Too much had happened since then, and there was so much to worry about. However, he wasn’t going to turn the offer down, and so he accepted, plastering on a fake smile. “Thank you, Sir, I would be honoured”.

Kingsley nodded, smiling warmly, though with a knowing quirk to his nod, “I will send you out the paperwork, I look forward to officially working alongside you” he returned.

The two men departed, and Harry looked at his submissive with worry, “Severus, this is getting really dangerous for you” he stated, unable to hide the anxiety in his voice.

The other man shrugged, “I am simply going to have to be more on guard”, he stated unemotionally.

“How can you possibly me more on guard? You are consistently on edge with it anyway” he asked in disbelief.

“What other choice do I have?” he snapped, slamming the teacup he was holding down onto the table, “I cannot simply run. This is not merely a symbol of my affiliation” he barked, gesturing at the dark mark, “This allows him to communicate with me, and to bring me to him, therefore I cannot simply run. There is a reason that wizards used to mark their slaves hundreds of years ago” he stated shrewdly, “Unlike muggle slaves who could run if they ever saw an opportunity, the only time wizarding slaves could escape was when their owner was dead, and before they were marked again. The only time I will ever be free of him is if either of us is dead”.

“I’m sorry Pet” Harry soothed, sidling up to him on the couch. “It’s a difficult situation, but we’ll get through this, I promise”. Severus nodded, sighing, “What I can’t understand is why so many people would willingly take a mark that used to be used on slaves?”.

“People are easily corrupted by the promise of power. When people believe in their cause they are more likely to do things that they would normally balk at”.

Harry gazed at the other man, and he looked exceptionally tired, “C’mon, you need some rest”. He was surprised when Severus didn’t even put up a token protest, and that only served to worry him more.

Over the next two days Harry tried to lighten the mood, and to some extent it worked. That wasn’t to say that his submissive was suddenly the ideal patient. He wasn’t disobedient per se but he was grouchy, he sniped at him constantly, and bitched continuously about how bored he was. There was only so many times Harry could warn him about his attitude and it wasn’t long before Severus realised that because he was recuperating there was very little Harry could do about it. By the night before he was due to start teaching again, Harry was immensely grateful that he was up and about again, and he was starting to have his old Severus back.

“How are you feeling about going back to teaching tomorrow?” Harry asked the other man, who was arranging his class schedule.

“Ecstatic” he deadpanned.

Harry snorted, “Yes I can tell”. Silence descended on the room again. Harry was feeling agitated and out of sorts.

“What is it?” the other man asked, seeming to pick up on his mood. He shrugged but did not reply, “Clearly it is because you are going to be missing my enigmatic company” Severus intoned, with a hint of humour.

Harry shrugged again and did not react to the jest, “We’ve barely spent more than a few hours apart, and now I won’t see you for two days. It just feels like a long time”.

Severus came over to him, sitting on the couch and pulling him against his chest, “You are meeting with your friends tomorrow, and then we are spending merely one night apart. You will be back to annoy me before you know it”.

Harry huffed in laughter, “Yeah I know”, he paused, “You will wear your wrist band, won’t you?”

“Of course I shall” Severus returned, before pausing, “Are you still feeling possessive?” he asked him curiously.

Harry sighed, “Yes” he stated bluntly, “But I don’t know if it’s the Bloodline thing, or just you” he grouched.

“Luckily, I am not averse to a possessive Dominant” he smirked, running his hands over Harry’s stomach.

Harry melted into him, “You might not be bothered, but it’s kind of hard to be this possessive of someone when they actually have to have their own life, and I can’t see them for two days” he grouched.

“Well you will just have to make tonight worth it then, won’t you?” his submissive teased dropping his voice into a dark whisper.

Harry moaned, turning around and lifting himself to straddle the other man, kissing him passionately. They would have sex tonight but Harry would have to watch not to tire the other man out too much. Whilst he was much better than he had been, he still needed a couple of days to fully recuperate. “You know, I never rewarded you for not making Madame Pomfrey cry”.

“Mmm?” Severus queried, looking at him expectantly.

“You have a choice, you can have a small reward now, or a large reward if you are a good boy this week and put up with an annoyingly possessive Dominant” he returned, leaning down to kiss him again.

“Can you outline these rewards so as I can make an informed decision?” he asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Well I can put my mouth around your cock right now” he teased, and watched as Severus shifted uncomfortably, “That’s your small reward, or…” he paused for dramatic effect, “for your large reward I was thinking I might let you stick your cock up my arse” he stated vulgarly.

Severus breathed in “You would allow this?”

“Mmm I have been curious about it, I would like to try it once to see whether I like it. You certainly seem to respond well to it” he smiled in amusement.

“It can be very pleasurable” the other man returned, smirking, “Unfortunately many Dominant’s believe that it is simply the submissive’s place to be penetrated”

“What a load of crock. If that’s their attitude I would think they weren’t very Dominant to start with. Just because you would be inside of me, I don’t think you would be in any doubt who was in charge. It also doesn’t really make much sense, because female Dominant’s with male submissive’s are penetrated, but it doesn’t make them any of less of a Dominant.”

“I fully agree with you” Severus returned, “However, not many people think like you do”

“The only reason we haven’t done it before now is because I have been far too turned on by the feelings of power when I bend you over and take you” he teased, smiling devilishly.

Severus rolled his eyes, but then smiled, “You are still due to make the aphrodisiac, perhaps we can combine the two. It would heighten the pleasure for you, and minimise any risk of pain for your first time”.

“I won’t break you know, I can handle a bit of pain” he returned, though it was with humour.

Severus nodded, “I would just rather your first time was enjoyable”.

“You are only making sure that you maximise the chances of getting to do it again” he returned.

“You have cleverly weedled out my master plan” the other man replied theatrically.

Harry laughed, enjoying having this side of Severus back; the one who could make any situation so much better.

Harry took him to bed and let him know exactly who was in charge, feeling a lot calmer by the time he fell asleep. The next morning his possessive grumpiness had returned however, and he realised that he was ordering Severus about like a maniac. The other man took it in his stride, but even Harry recognised that if he went on like this any longer he’d slap himself, he wouldn’t need to wait for the other man to berate him. Eventually Severus headed off to class, and Harry floo’d into wizarding London. Hermione and Ron had agreed to take a long lunch break form work to catch up. Harry spent the few hours beforehand wandering melancholically around the shops, occasionally buying some things he knew his partner would like. He arrived at the café well before the time he was due to meet his friends. He ordered a coffee and sat outside, enjoying the mild, end of August, air.

“Harry” he heard from across the courtyard. He couldn’t stop himself grinning, you could always tell Hermione was coming from a mile away. He stood up and she ran up to him, grasping him in a crushing hug. “Oh Merlin Harry, we’ve missed you”. He hugged her back, laughing warmly into her hair, which thankfully was now a lot more tamed.

They spent some time catching up, and he could feel his melancholy lifting with every second he was with them. Hermione told him about her exciting apprenticeship in the ministry. It was a six-month training course with varying government officials, a very exclusive traineeship that she had earned through her high marks. She had deferred her University placement in order to take up this apprenticeship, though she wasn’t sure what she would be doing with the remaining six months before beginning her course. Ron on the other hand hadn’t yet decided what he wanted to do and was working in his brothers’ joke shop for a few months until he made some decisions. He was actually loving it so far, and admitted that he seemed to have a head for business, as he had already made some suggestions for expansion. Harry told them about his Auror training, but he was light on the details of the mission. They would hear what they needed to at the order meeting next weekend.

“So how was eight weeks with Snape then?” Ron asked eventually, grimacing and looking a little whiter than he had a few moments before.

Harry looked at them both, suddenly really unsure how they would take it. He really wanted to think that they would support him, but their hatred for Snape had ran almost as deep as his, and they didn’t have the benefit of getting to know him. “I really need to talk to you about that actually” he stated softly, and by the change in their facial expressions they both knew something was up.

“You didn’t kill him did you” Ron joked, trying to lighten the mood slightly, “Are we going to have to harbour a fugitive?”

“Sorry Harry” Hermione laughed, swatting Ron lightly across the back of the head, “I made the mistake of introducing him to muggle movies”

Harry laughed softly, suddenly thankful to be back amongst his friends, “Don’t worry I definitely didn’t kill him, but well…. I’m not sure how you are going to take what I’m about to say, but please guys, try to keep an open mind”. They both nodded, looking a little concerned, “Well, Severus and I kind of got to know each other a lot better when we were away, and well…” he couldn’t stop himself blushing, “We’re kind of going out”. The sudden shock in their faces would have caused Harry to laugh if he wasn’t so nervous. The air took on a heavy silence, and despite the fact that it only lasted a few seconds, it seemed to go on forever.

“Going out?” Hermione queried softly, “As in romantically?” He nodded, unsure what else ‘going out’ could mean, but he didn’t want to interrupt her processing.

“Ok” Ron stated unsure, “Great?” he said, half way between a statement and a question.

Harry smiled, it was clear they were trying, “Yeah it is” he said sincerely. “Look, I know we have a history, and that’s not going to just magically disappear, but I really want you to get to know him. He makes me really happy” he trailed off, unsure where else to go with this.

Hermione nodded, “Of course Harry, you know we’ll support you whatever you choose, it’s just it’s a little shocking, I mean you kind of hated him before you left, and now you’re going out”

“Harry might have hated him, but that didn’t stop him fancying the pants of him” Ron joked, again trying to lighten the mood. Harry looked at him quizzically, “Mate, you weren’t always so great with your silencing spells”. Harry blushed crimson in an instant, and the other two laughed. Immediately the oppressing silence was gone and they were back to their usual selves. Despite what he had been through in the past with Ron, he knew that the other man had grown up a lot in the last couple of years, and he was more able to regulate his emotions. He was much more open-minded and took time to think things through before he reacted.

“So, imagine we don’t know him, tell us about him” Hermione asked, and Harry was grateful to her for trying so hard.

He grinned, “Well he’s a little older than me, sarcastic, funny, caring, kind…”

“Kind?” Ron spluttered. Harry looked at him with a slight frown, “Oh God, that came out wrong, I didn’t mean that I don’t believe you. He’d have to be for you to go out with him, it’s just I never thought I’d hear Snape and kind in the same sentence, it takes a little getting used to.”

Harry snorted, and then feeling mischievous, continued, “Oh, and he’s amazing in bed”. Despite the fact that it was embarrassing for him to say that, it was totally worth it to see Ron’s face go green. Hermione couldn’t stop herself from laughing out loud, and it eased the rest of the conversation. They arranged to meet up again, and his friends deliberately made sure to invite Severus, which made him thankful that he had told them. They were honestly trying and he was grateful for them to be able to put aside years of hatred and mistrust in order to support him.

Somehow, he managed to get through until the following evening, but he found himself consistently checking the time until he could floo over to the other man. They had dinner and then Harry sprawled out on the couch as Severus sat at his desk planning some lessons. Harry felt content and comfortable just to sit in silence and let the other man work. Simply being in the room with him was enough. Severus was physically fully recovered, though he still had to be light with his magic for a few days.

“What are you doing on Saturday?”, Harry asked his submissive after a while. He was currently lying across the couch trying to absorb some of the pre-reading material for Auror training, but he was bored; it was the definition of dry.

Severus looked over at him, “There is a new muggle gallery opening this weekend, I was considering going on Saturday as there are going to be some seminal pieces. From what I have heard there are also going to be works that have never before been housed within the UK”, he replied.

Harry looked at him with disgust, “Seriously you have a whole day off, and you want to spend it looking at stuffy old paintings?” he asked in disbelief.

He could tell that Severus was trying very hard not to laugh at him, “There will also be stuffy old sculptures as well”, he replied, raising his eyebrows, “You may accompany me if you wish”.

Harry screwed up his nose, “I can definitely think of better ways of spending my Saturday off”

His submissive rolled his eyes, “It will help you to develop a sense of culture, and appreciation of the arts”.

Harry definitely didn’t want to spend his Saturday off going to a gallery, but he would. He wanted to try to get involved in the things Severus enjoyed. His submissive spent so much of his time trying to cater to his needs, so a little turnabout was fair play. He was also conscious that, despite his outward appearances, he knew Severus would do anything to make him happy. He was worried that if he didn’t hold that in mind Severus’ own interests could be forgotten about.

Harry contemplated it all for a few seconds, then he had an idea, “Sculptures?” he asked innocently.

The other man narrowed his eyes, clearly recognising that Harry was up to something, “Yes” he replied warily.

“Mmm perhaps…” he began, “If you were to give me a preview of a sculpture I might be interested in, then it might make me more inclined to go” he replied, smiling mildly.

“What do you mean?” the other man asked, crossing his arms defensively.

Harry’s smile suddenly turned dark, “Strip”. His submissive simply glared at him, and was about to reply when Harry cut him off, “Am I going to have to repeat myself?” he asked, his tone filled with warning.

Severus sneered at him but stood and began removing his clothes. “You could at least warm the place up a little” he snapped.

“Oh, don’t worry, I doubt you will be cold for very long” he returned placidly. He did surreptitiously increase the heat in the fire, he just didn’t want his submissive to know, not wanting to seem as if he was rewarding his current attitude.

Severus was maddingly slow at stripping, removing each article of clothing and folding it neatly before moving to the next. When he was naked he crossed his arms, and stared at his Dominant. Despite his nakedness, he still had the ability to look genuinely menacing.

Harry smirked at him, “Place the pouffe in the middle of the room”, Harry gave him time to complete the order, “Now sit down, spread your legs, and place your hands behind your head”. The other man complied, and despite the belligerence in which he completed the order, his cock was showing a slight interest in the proceedings. “Now you are going to act as a sculpture, that means absolutely no moving. I want to see whether I might be remotely interested in this gallery opening”.

“I doubt you will see many pieces quite like this” the other man replied bitingly, but he remained still.

“I’m pretty sure that art doesn’t talk” Harry mused.

“I’m modern art” Severus replied acerbically, “Although it is no surprise you are unaware of the potential of modern art, it requires a certain level of open-mindedness and culture”

“Ok I’m definitely sure that even modern art doesn’t insult its viewers”, Harry returned.

“I’m a unique piece” the other man replied haughtily.

“You certainly are” he stated, staring at the other man meaningfully, deliberately drawing his eyes up and down his body. Severus rolled his eyes but he did not move position. Harry stared at him for a while, moving his head back and forward, and furrowing his brow as if he was contemplating the piece. He kept him in that position for about ten minutes, simply staring at him silently, and he watched as the other man’s cock grew more interested the longer he was kept on display.

“Mmm, I’m still not seeing the potential of this modern art thing” he stated eventually, “…perhaps if I touch it, I might get more of an understanding of it”.

“There is definitely no touching in a gallery” Severus retorted quickly.

He stood, walking over, and leaning down close to the other man’s ear, “Oh I think I forgot to tell you, I bought this piece, it belongs to me, so I’m pretty sure I can do whatever I want with it” he stated darkly. Severus’ breath hitched slightly. “However, it’s still a statue, so regardless of how much touching I do, it’s definitely not allowed to move”.

Harry began by running his hands down his back, before moving to the front and gently teasing his nipples. The body below him tensed but it did not move.

“You clearly have no appreciation of the arts. Even a novice collector would be horrified at the disregard you show for the sanctity of this piece”, Severus snapped at him.

Harry couldn’t stop himself from sniggering, before schooling his features and dropping his tone “I defy anyone to have this piece on display and not want to touch it” he murmured, before harshly grasping a nipple. The other man gasped, and Harry could see that he was struggling to remain in place. “Now, this piece is starting to become a little too mouthy for my taste”, he told him, his tone continuing to remain easy-going, with just an underlying hint of steel.

Severus huffed, but did not say anything else. Harry continued to explore the body, running his hands down his stomach, and then lifting his half-hard penis. As he held it, he became fascinated by the fact that it continued to harden and grow in length as it rested on his palm. “Mmm, this piece seems to be getting larger, I’m pretty sure statues don’t just magically get bigger” he mused, trying not to laugh.

“Oh for heaven’s s...” Severus stopped, taking a deep breath, “It’s not like I have much control of that part” he stated tersely. 

Harry began running his hands up and down the length of his submissive’s cock. Severus moaned and he rocked forward into his hand. “Now, I’m pretty sure I told this sculpture that it wasn’t allowed to move”, he warned, his tone becoming slightly dangerous.

“I am trying you know, it’s not like it’s easy to stay completely still when someone has your cock in their hands”, Severus snapped caustically.

Harry laughed. He was quite enjoying his submissive’s rhetoric’s so he allowed him to continue. A few minutes later he pulled back, “I’m getting bored of this piece, I think I might mould my new statue into a different position”.

“That’s definitely not how art works”, the elder man returned, though he continued to hold position.

“I’m pretty sure that’s how my piece works, and well if it doesn’t it might just find that it’s going to be very sorry that it doesn’t”. He kept his tone light, but he was sure that Severus understood the warning underneath.

His submissive huffed, “Well perhaps it’s a new fancy type of modern art that the viewer can change position to suit themselves. It’s not like you weren’t going to anyway” he retorted.

“Stand-up” he ordered. Severus obeyed, and dropped his arms, rolling his shoulders to get rid of any stiffness. “Now bend over the pouffe on all fours” he commanded. His submissive did as he was ordered. “Spread your legs”. He waited for the other man to move position before continuing, “Now again, you are not allowed to move”. He stopped, smirking evilly to himself, “I should also mention that you are forbidden from coming. I have been far too indulgent of you recently, and I think you are forgetting who you belong to.” He leaned down, running his hands gently over his backside, “In fact I think I might give you a little reminder right now”.

He removed his belt and folded it over, “Your attitude tonight tells me that you have forgotten that you are mine” he stated darkly, “You have forgotten that I own you and that you obey me” he wacked the belt against his hand, and the body below him flinched. “I am going to give you fifteen with the belt, however” he dropped his voice to a dominant tone, “you are still a statue. Every time you move, I will add another strap. Am I clear?”.

“Yes, Sir” the other man replied, his voice taking on a slightly deferential tone.

“Good boy, now brace yourself, and do not move”. He whacked the belt against the other man’s backside, enjoying the red that appeared almost instantly across the pale skin. His swats were measured however, as he had no intention of doing any real damage. Severus groaned but he did not move. Harry placed another swat quickly after, and then another. He managed eleven before the other man eventually moved.

“That’s one extra” he told him. His submissive breathed out harshly but he didn’t try to fight against it. He managed another three before Severus moved again, “That’s another extra one” he stated, his voice dripping with disapproval. “You can do better than that boy. I have given you an order and you are disobeying me” he barked.

“Sorry Sir” he replied submissively.

Harry reached out and gently rubbed the now flaming backside, “You have three more to go. I suggest that you do not move again”.

He gave the other man the last three and this time his submissive remained in place, though he moaned through each one. “Good boy” he praised when he had given the last one. “Now, I am going to use this art piece for my pleasure. It is going to stay in place, isn’t it?” he asked forcefully.

“Yes, Sir” the other man replied without hesitation.

Harry whispered a lubrication spell and then began to remove his clothes. He didn’t hurry, taking time to prepare himself as he left his submissive in place. Severus didn’t move and he was proud of him for that. He knelt down and prepared the other man, slipping his fingers into the tight heat. His submissive remained in place but his body was coiled tighter than a spring. When he was ready, Harry knelt down and pushed firmly into the other man, who groaned aloud. He gripped his waist, and pushed in the entire way until he was fully inside him. He sucked in a breath, overtaken by the sensations that were surrounding him. He was also suddenly overwhelmed by a tenderness towards the other man.

“I love you Pet” he told him warmly, before pausing, “Now I know you can be a good boy and stay in place while I use your body, can you do that?”

“Yes, Sir” his submissive replied softly.

Harry began to pull out slowly, and when only the tip was in place he just as slowly pushed back in. He repeated the act a few times, continuing at the same pace,

“Sir, please” the other man pleaded, and Harry couldn’t stop himself from smirking.

He kept the slow pace for a while longer and then sped up, thrusting into the other man, overpowering the compliant body in front of him. He stood up, and placed himself over Severus’s body, thrusting in from that angle.

“Sir, please” his submissive pleaded again, “It’s too much” he begged.

“You can take it boy. I have ordered you to, so you will do it” he told him, his voice firm.

The other man let out a breath, “Yes, Sir”, he replied, his voice taking on a breathy disconnectedness.

Harry took him hard, dominating him with every thrust, and holding him in place as his body covered him. It wasn’t long before he felt his orgasm overpower him, and he thrust in hard as he came deep inside his submissive. Severus remained still over the pouffe, although his breath was heavy. Harry pulled him up, and it was clear that the other man was drifting in his subspace. Harry summoned two dressing gowns and wrapped them both up warmly, before sitting them on the couch. Severus followed all his orders without hesitation, and Harry enjoyed being able to care for the other man for a while. It was good to know that despite all his worries, he still felt safe enough to let go around him, trusting in him to keep him safe. Harry couldn’t imagine ever being able to give the other man up, and he was desperately trying not to think about his fears about what could happen to him. He just wanted to enjoy this time with him, and block out the outside world. He could deal with the worries another day, right now he had Severus, and he had his friends, and that was all that mattered.

Chapter Text

“So, what’s this supposed to represent then?” Harry asked in confusion, staring at a large wooden board, covered in what appeared to be old pieces of metal. Whilst he had ended up really enjoying some aspects of the museum, particularly Severus’ commentary on the pieces, he was really struggling to understand this section of the museum, which was supposed to be a tribute to ‘days gone by’. He really didn’t understand modern art, and at one point, as he looked at some of the other patrons emphatically discussing a metal football, he’d wondered if it was a set up, and had started looking around for hidden cameras.

Severus stared at it critically for a few moments, “I believe it is a representation of the period of rationing, and the struggle for mothers to adequately feed their families”, he replied seriously. Harry screwed up his nose, how in the hell did he manage to get that interpretation from a few bits of old metal? Severus came around behind him, and leaned in to whisper into his ear, “Either that or some of the buildings structure has fallen down from the ceiling, and nobody could be bothered tidying it up”. Harry snorted, and turned to look at him. “I have absolutely no idea what any of this drivel represents”, Severus muttered, looking around disdainfully at the pieces. “I have viewed some very effective modern art pieces, however this is more akin to a child’s playroom”.

Harry had to agree; he really didn’t understand how a paddling pool in the middle of a room was supposed to be art. “I definitely prefer the sculpture I have at home” he stated innocently, and Severus narrowed his eyes.

“I sold that piece”, he returned, “I’m afraid you will have to live without it from now on”.

“Oh really?” Harry returned, raising his eyebrows, and pursing his lips, “So what am I supposed to do now to occupy my time when I am feeling artistic and cultural”.

“Perhaps, you could think about reading a book once in a while”, Severus returned sneering, “You might actually learn a thing or two”, he paused, appearing to think upon it, “I would suggest starting off with something which would match your level of intellect. I have heard that ‘the hungry caterpillar’ is very popular.”

Harry couldn’t stop himself from laughing, “You really are a …”. He was saved from thinking of a suitable response when a female voice called Severus’ name. His submissive turned, and Harry could see his posture become subtly more rigid. Harry stood beside him, and placed his arm gently onto his back. An older couple came towards them. They were both dressed expensively, and it was clear from the way they held themselves, and their air of subtle disdain for everyone around them, that they came from money.

“Aaah Severus”, the woman stated, looking down her nose at him as if he was something she had stepped on, “How wonderful, and very unexpected to see you here”, she exclaimed, smiling coldly.

“Madame Limus”, Severus returned just as coldly, nodding his head in greeting.

“I am surprised to see you here considering that I heard you had a new partner”, she looked towards Harry, who was wearing a glamour. They realised that Harry would be forced to adopt a Glamour similar to that of ‘Jamie’, so as not to arouse suspicion with Severus’ memories the next time he was summoned, although different enough that anyone else who had seen them in the community would realise, at close up, that they were different people. She nodded her head at him, though her demeanour was icy. Harry stared back at her but did not deign to provide any greeting. Harry looked over to the other man, who was hanging off her arm, however he looked utterly bored, and wasn’t even pretending to be involved in the conversation.

“This is my partner Dr Coryphaeus”, he replied, and Harry could tell by the steel in his voice he was pissed off. He was definitely getting good at reading the subtle differences in Severus’ tone. 

The woman ignored him, “Well Severus” she stated, and Harry realised that she was deliberately using his first name rather than addressing him by his title, “As much as I would love to catch up, we have a number of important meetings. We are of course very busy, though I believe that you may be less so”.

Severus’ shoulders stiffened, “I shall not keep you then Madame, good day” he returned, nodding his head, before turning to Harry. “Shall we go?” he asked, and Harry nodded. Ignoring the other couple completely, Severus placed his hand on Harry’s back and they walked away. When they were out of eyesight his submissive dropped his hand, but when Harry grasped it, he did not put up a fight. They walked out of the museum with their hands clasped, but no words passed between them, other than Severus asking if he would like to visit a café further down the road. When they arrived they ordered their beverages, and sat in a secluded alcove. The café was fairly busy though most patrons were sitting out in the terrace, as the weather was mild.

“What was that about?” Harry asked gently, as soon as they sat.

Severus rolled his eyes and grimaced, “As you may have guessed we are not exactly on friendly terms, and I think you can gather how we know each other?”, he questioned, and Harry nodded. “She is extremely loyal to him, almost fanatically so. She is also wholly disdainful of muggles, believing they should be wiped out. There is no reason she would be attending that museum out of choice. That chance meeting was no chance at all” he growled. He stopped as the waiter brought them their coffees, and waited until he was out of earshot before he continued, “She has been tasked with checking up on me”, he stated, and Harry’s eyes widened. “The fact that she emphasised that I am less busy than her, is a subtle dig that I have not been summoned a great deal recently, or tasked with any new missions. I doubt she would have been given instructions to approach me, however she has always been jealous whenever I was in favour. It appears that she has been unable to restrain herself from approaching me to make it clear that she is in favour again. However, by doing so, she has unintentionally informed me that my loyalty is in question”.

“Why?”, Harry asked, his stomach churning with worry, “Do you think he knows about us?”

Severus shook his head, “No, I would have been summoned if that was the case”, he paused, “No, at this point they are simply suspicious. He must be having difficulty in believing my cover story about the potions expedition, and the fact that I have a sudden new partner that nobody knows anything about, particularly one who has no affiliations with anyone connected to him.”

“Yes, but Kingsley has already created me a backstory, that I was trained abroad, and that we met on the potions expedition”, he replied.

“It will still appear suspicious; however, as they have seen us together today, in a social setting, it may help to provide some confirmation to this”, he sighed, “They may also be checking up on me if he is considering tasking me with continuing with the potion creation. He will have to ensure my loyalty before allowing me that level of knowledge of his plans”.

“So, either you are under suspicion which puts your life at risk, or you are deemed loyal and have to help create a potion that could decimate muggle life in Britain” Harry exclaimed, his tone a mixture of anger and sadness.

“Effectively yes”, the other man replied, his shoulders slumping. Harry wished with everything he had that he could make this all ok for his submissive, but he wasn’t ready to take on Voldemort. They had agreed with Kingsley and the Headmaster that Severus would begin training him again in defensive and offensive battle techniques, and this would now take place weekly, starting from the following Monday, however, he definitely wasn’t equipped yet for battle. “If he does task me with this”, Severus continued, “I can probably delay the finished product for approximately 6 months. There are ways of adding unnecessary ingredients which should not impact the finished product, however will require a far longer brewing time.”

“You already know how to create it, don’t you?” Harry asked him, slightly in awe.  

Severus nodded, “I have been studying the notes we collected, and yes, I believe I know how to fix their errors. This may actually provide us with a good cover story, in the event he tasks me with this. If I can prove I know how to make it, how long it will take, and that I can create it without aide, it will eliminate the need for any further testing on muggles, and he will be eager to continue my cover, thus this should minimise the need for others to be involved”.

They talked for a while longer on the subject, before Harry had another question, “What did she mean when she said she was surprised to see you there, considering you had a partner”.

Severus sneered, “She has very little understanding of Bloodline Dynamics, and believes that submissive’s are weak. She has this misguided notion that they are useless without a Dominant, and spend all their time on their knees in the home”.

“I thought Slytherin’s were brought up to understand the dynamics”, he asked.

“She was not in Slytherin. She was a Ravenclaw”, he replied.

“Oh”, he paused for a second, “Severus I am sorry, that came out wrong”, Severus looked at him confused, “That was really prejudiced of me to assume she was a Slytherin, and considering that the two boyfriends I have had are both Slytherin, and the fact that they are both good men, you’d think I’d be a bit less judgemental”.

Severus smiled warmly, “No offense is taken. Slytherin do themselves no favours. Even if they are not death eaters, they do have a tendency of playing into the role that all Slytherin’s are evil. In reality, most Slytherin’s enjoy having others fear them, and actively perpetuate this myth”.

Severus lapsed into silence, and Harry could tell there was something else playing on his mind. “What is it?” he asked, putting his hand across the table and grasping the other man’s.

Severus looked up at him, “It is nothing really” he sighed, “I have simply not seen her for a long time, and when I do it brings up memories that I would rather forget”, he looked away, “She killed someone in front of me”. Harry’s mouth dropped open, and he didn’t know what to say, so he settled for rubbing his thumb comfortingly over the other man’s hand. His submissive looked back at him, “I barely knew him; however, it was not long after I had joined. He had failed on a mission, and the Dark Lord wanted to make an example of him. He gave the honour to Madame Limus as she was his favourite at the time.”, he stopped closing his eyes briefly, and his mouth curled up in disgust, “She used the Cruciatus on him, and then walked away. She just left him to die, screaming in agony. Lucius actually saved my life that day. He saw me move. I wasn’t even doing it rationally. I just needed to help him, but Lucius stunned me until it was over. He might be an evil bastard, but he cared about me in his own twisted way.”

Harry felt sick listening to the story, and emotionally numb. It was hard to keep hearing about all the trauma that someone you loved had been through. Not caring about the public nature of it, he stood and walked over to sit beside his partner, linking their fingers together and pulling him close to kiss him. He pulled back, and drew an envelope out of his pocket, “I got these for tonight, I was going to surprise you at dinner, as I’ve booked us somewhere fancy”. He handed the envelope to Severus,

“King Lear?” his submissive asked him in surprise.

Harry nodded, “I saw all your books on the shelf. I don’t really understand Shakespeare, so I’m hoping you can stop me making a fool of myself”, he grinned.

“I thought this was sold out”, the other man replied, and it showed just how rattled he was that he didn’t provide a snide reply to Harry’s comment.

“I have my ways” Harry smiled playfully, before sobering, “Do you still fancy it tonight?” he asked, a little worried about him.

Severus smiled warmly, “I would love to go Sir” he whispered, “Thank you for your thoughtfulness”.

They ended up having a lot of fun that night, but every once in a while, Harry would see his eyes take on a faraway look, although it was only for a second. Harry was worried about the ever-amounting danger that was being placed on his submissive, and it was difficult, as a Dominant, to actively allow him to continue to put himself in these situations. Every instinct in his body was screaming at him to protect the other man, but he was forced to rely on Severus’ judgement, and skills.

The next day they were due at the order meeting. Severus left before him, to avoid suspicion, and Harry waited for ten minutes before flooing over to Grimmauld Place, where Sirius was now staying permanently. Mrs Weasley bustled up to him as soon as he arrived in the house, hugging him and proclaiming that he looked well. She admonished him for not coming to visit since he returned and he promised to come for dinner soon. Severus stood in the corner, his face expressionless as he avoided the other recipients, who consisted of Albus, Sirius, Lupin, Kingsley, and McGonagall. After a brief catch up with everyone, Harry was grasped into a hug from his Godfather.

“Harry, why didn’t you tell me you were back?” he asked, a slight hint of annoyance in his tone.

Harry pulled away and subtly glanced at his submissive to see his reaction, but he was looking away. “Sorry Sirius, I’ve been really busy”. It was difficult to know how he felt about his Godfather. On the one hand, he was angry at his treatment of the man he loved, but on the other hand he was still his family.

Thankfully, Ron and Hermione floo’d in, halting any further conversation, as they started to make their way into the kitchen. He held back slightly as the other’s bustled in and he felt rather than saw his submissive come up behind him. Severus leaned into him, whispering, “I am invoking the wager”, he declared.

Harry looked round at him in alarm, “What, now?” he whispered desperately, and the other man nodded, “You can’t be serious, I’m going to come off as a deranged fanboy”. Severus merely smirked, before sauntering into the room ahead of him, leaving Harry feeling a little queasy. He walked reluctantly into the room and sat down at the round table between Mrs Weasley and Lupin. Albus started them off by giving them a brief overview of recent activity, and then bringing it around to the recent mission. The Headmaster was discrete, and did not mention the nature of the community, merely giving the impression that it was a muggle village.

“Thanks to Mr Potter and Professor Snape we managed to apprehend them all” the headmaster declared proudly.

“Oh, it was mostly Professor Snape, I mean we wouldn’t have figured it out without him. He was really amazing”. At least it was true, but he did realise he sounded a little overenthusiastic. He looked over at his submissive who raised his eyes almost imperceptibly, and Harry knew he was saying, “you’re going to have to do better than that”.

Albus continued, “Can you give us an overview of what you found Professor?” he asked.

Severus gave them a brief overview then paused, “It is important that we recognise that it is likely that the Dark Lord will eventually ask me to continue with the work”

Harry interrupted him, “Well that’s because you are so brilliant at potions, of course he would ask you” he tried for nonchalant, but it definitely came out a little more obsessed idiot. He could feel the eyes of the others on him and he couldn’t stop himself from blushing. Severus didn’t reply, and his facial expressions didn’t change but Harry could tell by the crinkling of his eyes that he was highly amused. Oh he’d definitely have to find a way of getting him back for this.

“How did you get out of the cage?” Lupin asked them gently.

“We managed to get one of the wands from the perpetrators” he stated bluntly.

“Yes, Professor Snape was really quick and strong, it was incredible to watch”, he deliberately didn’t look at anyone but his submissive, who again seemed to take no notice of his remark.

By the time he’d made his eighth comment he could tell that some in the room had caught onto what he was doing, “It’s amazing how you were able to make the links, you are unbelievably clever” he stated, by now feeling a little green. He could see Hermione and Ron snorting into their hands, trying desperately to keep a straight face, Dumbledore was twinkling like an idiot, Lupin was trying to supress a laugh behind a yawn, and he could see even Severus was having a hard time maintaining his neutral expression. Unfortunately, not everyone had yet caught on. McGonagall looked confused, the Weasley Matriarch was looking at him with pity, and Sirius was staring at him as if had gone completely round the bend.

“Snape, how do we know you are not playing us?” Sirius snapped at him.

Harry could feel his ire rising, and he realised he could use their game to his advantage, “Oh Sirius, I really don’t think Snape would be playing us” he countered mildly, “But if he is, well we’d never know, he’d outwit you in a second”. He smiled at him mildly, and Sirius looked at him with a mixture of anger and concern, before looking at the headmaster. 

“I still don’t understand why I am supposed to trust him so implicitly”, Sirius ground out.

“It is hard to think about all the factors at once to weigh up your opinion as to how trustworthy Severus is” Harry soothed condescendingly, “I mean his intellect is so high and his achievements so vast, that it is hard to remember everything he has done, or understand everything he has said. Perhaps it might be easier for you if you just don’t try, and leave it up to the headmaster to trust him”. He again smiled mildly, trying hard not to laugh at the confusion on Sirius’ face. It was clear he was trying to work out whether Harry was really insulting him or not.

Sirius didn’t make any more cutting jibes towards Severus for the rest of the meeting, but Harry continued his worshipping. It was now more funny than embarrassing, and by the time the meeting was over, he knew everyone but Sirius had eventually clocked onto what was going on, and the atmosphere was definitely more buoyant than miserable, considering how bad the situation currently was. Harry wondered whether part of the reason he had invoked the wager now was just for that purpose.

Ron passed him on the way out, “That was brilliant” he proclaimed, laughing, “What did he have over you to get you to do that?”

“He played on my vanity, and I lost a bet” he returned, now quite amused by it all.

“Evil” he declared, shaking his head in amusement. “Anyway, shall we see you on Saturday?”.

Harry nodded, chatting briefly with Ron and Hermione before they left. He said goodbye to everyone else, before having a brief chat with Kingsley. He attempted to then leave but his Godfather cornered him, stating he wanted to talk in private. He sighed but agreed, and watched as his submissive and everyone else left.

“What is going on with you?” Sirius demanded, as soon as they were alone, “Have you completely lost it?”

Harry crossed his arms, “It was a dare Sirius” he replied annoyed, “Everyone else seemed to catch on, how could you remain so obtuse?”. He knew he was being harsh, but he was struggling with his feelings towards his Godfather, and a part of him wanted to wind him up.

“With the greasy git?” he asked gobsmacked.

“Don’t call him that” Harry barked at him.

Sirius looked at him appraisingly, “What is going on Harry? I am seriously worried about you”

“You have absolutely no reason to worry” he replied bluntly, “It is not my fault that you are completely blind when it comes to Severus”

“Severus?” Sirius gasped, gaping like a fish, “Since when did that Bastard become…”.

He didn’t get a chance to finish because Harry cut him off, “If you call him that again Sirius” he began dangerously, “then I won’t be responsible for my actions”

Sirius stopped for a moment, and gazed at him, “Harry, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you” he paused, “I am your Godfather Harry, I’m just concerned about you, what is going on?”

Harry sighed, “You’re not going to like this, but take a moment to think before you react because I’m not going to put up with you insulting him again”. Sirius looked at him in confusion but he nodded, “Severus and I are in a relationship” he declared, and the room suddenly descended into a thick silence. He could see that Sirius was warring with himself not to react, and he gave him a little credit for that at least.

“In a relationship?” he asked, his tone neutral. Harry nodded. He was struck by how many people needed for him to confirm what he had just said, Hermione and Ron had reacted exactly the same. “Well, I definitely didn’t see that coming” he breathed out, looking a little ashen. “Harry…” he began carefully, “you can’t expect me to feel ok about this, your father would have been horrified”

“Yeah well, you and my father aren’t exactly my role models” he bit out.

“What?” the older man asked in confusion.

“Severus told me how you treated him…”

“Oh yeah, I bet he did” the other man spat, “Of course he did, made you think he was the perfect little angel, innocent little Severus”

“I never said he was innocent” Harry stated coldly, “I know he gave as good as he got, but he also didn’t sexually assault you, so forgive me for thinking you came out of this looking worse than he did”.

Sirius’ face fell, and he had the good grace to look guilty, “I can’t take that back Harry, I never meant that to happen, but it was a long time ago, I was a child.”

“You think that excuses it?” he exclaimed, “You were barely younger than I am” he bit back, struggling to contain his ire.

“No, I don’t think it excuses it, but we’ve all done things we regret. If I could take it back I would but I can’t” he sighed, “Look I am sorry for that, but it doesn’t change who Snape is. He’s the same age as your father Harry, and he’s a death eater. How do I know that he’s not corrupting you?”

“Oh, he’s definitely corrupting me” Harry smirked, enjoying watching the sudden horrific realisation on the other man’s face. Sirius now looked distinctly greyer than he had a few moments before.

His godfather coughed, “You’re a young man, why would you saddle yourself with someone like him?”

“It’s none of your business why we are together, the only thing that matters is that we are, and if you continue to speak to him or about him in a derogatory manner then I will be forced to choose between you, and I think you already know who is more important to me right now”.

Sirius looked angry but he seemed to be trying to reign it in, “Ok Harry, you’ve made your point. I am your family, and if this is what you choose to do then, well, I won’t exactly support you in it, but I will try and come to terms with this. Your parents would be so disappointed though”.

“Don’t try and use my parents against me, that is unfair” he stated, feeling a little hurt.

“Ok, ok, I’m sorry. Look maybe it will help if we spent a bit more time together, then I could try to understand what you see in him” he stated in a placating tone of voice. “I haven’t seen you in months Harry, can we meet up for dinner, just the two of us” at Harry’s look he continued, “I promise not to say anything negative about your…relationship” he finished weakly.

Harry nodded. Sirius clearly cared for him a lot, and he could kind of understand where he was coming from, he could only imagine how he would feel if his godson started dating Draco Malfoy, “Ok, what about tomorrow evening. I am starting Auror training a week tomorrow so I’m going to be pretty busy?”.

They arranged some plans, and Harry managed to finally floo back to his home, where Severus was waiting for him on his knees.

“Mmm there you are” Harry stated, pulling the man’s face up so he could lean down to kiss him, “You are in so much trouble” he declared in amusement.

Severus smirked at him, “I thought it was rather amusing myself”.

“I bet you did” he replied sarcastically. He flopped down on the couch and Severus stood to join him, “Until everyone caught on, I don’t think I’ve ever been so humiliated in my life”.

“I find that hard to believe, Sir”, the other man returned, in monotone.

Harry tapped his leg playfully, “Watch it you, my paddle is never that far away you know”. He lay back on the couch and closed his eyes, feeling unusually tired after the conversation with his Godfather. The couch moved and Harry opened his eyes to watch Severus kneel in front of him, and start removing his shoes. Once his Dominant’s shoes were removed he lifted one foot onto his knees and began massaging it.

“I take it you had words with your Godfather?” Severus asked.

Harry groaned at the wonderful finger work Severus was doing with his feet, “I told him about us”, he informed him, unsure how his submissive would take it.

“I suspected as much. I gather he was unhappy with it?”

“You could say that” Harry smirked, and the other man snorted, “He’s just being an arse”, he paused for a second, “I have arranged to go for dinner with him, are you ok with that?”.

“He is your family, you do not need to ask me”, the other man replied.

“You are more important to me though, if it makes you uncomfortable then I will cancel”, he told him meaningfully.

Severus smiled warmly at him, “I thank you for your consideration, however I have no concern with you spending time with him”, he stopped and smirked, “Do not worry, I will certainly tell you if I change my mind”.

Harry laughed, “I am sure you will”, he groaned again, “Can I just say, you are amazing with your fingers”.

“Did you really expect any less?” the other man deadpanned.

“Mmm, I suppose not, although there are definitely other areas of my body that also require attentions from your hand”, he smirked.

Severus snorted and shook his head, “You are insatiable; however, I am in the middle of preparing dinner so you will just have to wait”

“Are you actually refusing me?”, Harry asked him in surprise.

Severus hesitated, “I would just rather my lasagne didn’t burn because my Dominant was a horny reprobate” he sniped, “however, no, of course I am not refusing you”.

“What would it take for you to actually refuse me?”, Harry returned, genuinely interested.

His submissive thought about it for a moment, “I do not know” he stated sincerely, “I cannot imagine you would put me in a situation in which I would be genuinely forced to refuse you”.

Harry thought about that for a moment, and the amount of power that Severus was truly giving him, “Why do you give yourself to me?” he asked, “Why do you continue to obey me?”, Severus looked at him curiously, “I just can’t imagine ever being able to place myself at the whims of someone else”.

Severus shrugged, “That is because you are a Dominant. You will never truly understand what it is I get from serving.”, he paused for a second, “I trust you”, he stated simply, “You seem to understand my needs, and to genuinely care about meeting them. I do not feel used by you. I feel valued and respected. I feel that our relationship is paramount, in that we care and support each other, and our dynamic is second. It is easy to give yourself over to someone when there is mutual respect and trust. Do not get me wrong, submission is not always easy. There are definitely times when I would rather not be obeying, however that is what makes my submission to you meaningful, and where I must rely on your judgement. That is where the trust comes in. If I did not trust you, then I would not be able to rely on your judgement, and I would not be able to truly give you my submission,” he stopped for a second and thought, “I do not want to have to disobey you. You know my dynamic. I do not like to think I am not meeting my Dominant’s needs, and truly disobeying you or refusing you would not be meeting your needs. As I said, I cannot imagine a situation in which I would be forced to refuse you because if I did, I would be in a situation where you are not caring for my needs, and I cannot imagine you doing this. At least, this is what I assume on consideration of your behaviour up until now”.

“Wow”, Harry breathed, “I mean I know that I trust you completely, and I know I can rely on you to support me, but I didn’t realise you felt the same. I mean I knew you trusted me to some extent, but I didn’t realise it was so much”.

“It is not easy for me to trust”, he returned, “And that has made my submission difficult in the past. On reflection, I would say that despite having relationships, I have not truly given my submission to anyone since my guide Adducere”, he screwed up his nose, “Despite my best efforts, you have weasled your way in, and without even realising it, I suddenly trusted you. I have allowed you to see parts of my submission that no-one has ever seen”.

Harry really didn’t know what to say. He felt awed by Severus’ reply, and no words would really match the depth of his admission. He settled for pulling his submissive in for a kiss, pouring his love for the other man into it.

When he pulled back the other man smiled at him, “Sir, I must see to dinner shortly”.

Harry nodded, “Oh one other thing, I spoke to Kingsley and I have to go to a meet and greet on Tuesday. It’s to meet the other Aurors and some of the key people from the community”.

Severus nodded, “Yes, I will be there” he screwed up his face in exasperation, “Albus insists I go to represent the school every year, though Merlin knows why”.

“You will be?” Harry asked innocently, feeling excited. Severus had already begun taking a potion which would to some extent mask any lingering magic from Harry that was still around him. It would still be felt by any other Dominants, however it would not be recognised as Harry’s magic should they be caught in company together, thus he wasn’t concerned about being in public with him.

Severus narrowed his eyes, “You always put on an innocent voice when you are up to something…Sir”.

“Well this will be the first time we will truly be in wizarding public together, I think a few rules might be in order”, he replied, wriggling his eyebrows.

Severus sighed, though Harry didn’t fail to notice the slight flush that had crept up his face.

Harry didn’t see Severus again until the event. He went for dinner with Sirius the following evening, and whilst it had been enjoyable at times, at others it was awkward and stilted as they both tried to avoid the subject of his new relationship. He agreed to meet with him again the following week, and he hoped that he could bring the other man around by showing him how happy he really was.

When he arrived at the meet and greet, it was already quite busy, and he was waylaid for a while by Kingsley, who introduced him to the other new recruits. He recognised one Ravenclaw from his year, and a couple of people from the year above him, and he realised, by looking around, that he would be one of the youngest recruits. It seemed that it was actually quite hard to get accepted onto the training programme and normally took candidates at least two attempts at applying.

He was then encouraged to meet with some of the people from the community, and he paired up with the Ravenclaw, Ipsum, from his year, to begin the endless introductions. There were individuals from varying organisations, both people he recognised and people he didn’t. After about twenty minutes they decided to grab a drink, and a bit of food.

After fetching some punch and a few sandwiches, they again resumed mingling, taking their alcohol with them. “There’s Snape”, Ipsum whispered, and Harry smirked internally at the little bit of fear that crept into the other man’s voice, “God, are we going to be forced to make small talk with him?”.

“Probably”, Harry returned, “Do you want to get it over with?”. The other man nodded reluctantly, and they both walked over to his submissive who was standing chatting to a couple of other recruits. As they approached, the other recruits nodded to them, looking relieved and quickly scurried away. Harry had to try really really hard not to laugh.

Severus stared at them coolly. “Good evening Professor Snape”, Harry stated, nodding his head briefly, and Ipsum mumbled the same. The Professor merely raised his eyebrows, a clear look of disdain on his face. “Please tell me they did not allow you onto this course Mr Potter. I thought the purpose of Aurors was to protect us, not cause more chaos”.

Ipsum drew in a breath beside him, “Clearly you have a different opinion of me than Auror Kingsley does, Sir”, he replied snidely.

Severus sneered at him, but did not reply, “Good evening Mr Scitus”, the Professor intoned, “At least one person appears to have some brain cells”. Ipsum clearly didn’t know how to reply to that, and settled for mumbling incoherently. “Perhaps I was wrong”, Severus returned, rolling his eyes.

“Professor, would you care for a drink?” Harry asked innocently, He saw Severus’ eyes flash almost imperceptibly.

“No, thank you” he replied in monotone.

“Are you sure? I mean the punch is delicious”, he returned, smirking slightly. He had already forbidden Severus from drinking this evening.

Severus narrowed his eyes at him, “I do not care to imbibe in alcohol at these occasions”, he sniped.

“Do you lecture on the course Professor?” Ipsum asked, suddenly gaining some courage.

“I do, though I may withdraw this year, considering who I would be forced to teach”, he returned nastily, glaring at Harry.

Ok that was pushing it a little far, he wanted his submissive to keep up pretences, but he had also warned him to remain respectful. He brought his fingers down, and tapped it subtly against his belt, and he watched as Severus’ eyes widened almost indiscernibly. They had agreed that this would be Harry’s way of giving him a warning. He was allowed two warnings throughout the evening, and the third would mean he would be taken home and bent over the couch to have the belt used on his backside.

They talked for a short while longer, until Harry suggested that they had to go and meet some other guests. Ipsum wasn’t even able to remotely hide his relief. “I shall hopefully speak to you again later Professor. I would love to hear more about your potion’s lectures, however I am really interested in that chocolate cake they have over there”, he stated, his voice innocent.

Severus didn’t react, but Harry wasn’t fooled. His submissive nodded briefly then walked away in a flurry of robes. It was difficult for Harry to concentrate over the next ten minutes, and he might have come off as a little distracted, but knowing that his submissive was in the bathroom touching himself, and trying desperately not to let anyone find out, was a very distracting concept. Harry had previously ordered him, that if Harry said the word chocolate tonight, Severus would have to go into the bathroom and make himself come. Harry had also warned him that if he dared use a silencing spell or locking spell he’d regret it. It was humiliating for the other man, and he’d begged Harry to allow him to use a silencing spell, but he’d remained adamant. Harry had surreptitiously put up a ‘notice-me-not’ spell on the door as soon as Severus entered, but he hadn’t told him that, and he could only imagine how turned on the other man was, thinking he was so very at risk of getting caught. By the time he eventually returned, Harry was straining in his trousers at the thought of what he had been up to and he had to keep his arms crossed to keep his robe covering his bulge. Severus looked completely unruffled, but he looked a little more relaxed than he had ten minutes before.

Harry mingled for a while longer, and then realised that the only person he hadn’t approached was Lockhart. Sighing he looked for the man, and surprisingly found him over talking to Snape. Ipsum bowed out at this point, stating he couldn’t deal with Snape again and would catch Lockhart in a bit, thus Harry walked over by himself.

“Ahh Mr Potter” Lockhart stated with fake enthusiasm, when he arrived “How are you doing my boy? Has all those lessons I gave you helped you to make something of yourself?”

“Well, I’m starting Auror training” he replied, trying to hide the condescension, and plastering a less than pathetically sincere smile on his face. Severus stood expressionless, and it was difficult for Harry to keep his gaze focused on the brainless halfwit in front of him.

The other man’s face took on a sympathetic expression, and he nodded his head sadly, “Ahh Well. Unfortunately, fame isn’t for everyone, some have it and some don’t”. Harry was pretty sure he hadn’t managed to stop the disgust showing on his face, but Lockhart seemed to take no notice, “Now on the other hand, some people have a fascination without even trying”, he turned and placed a winning camera patented smile towards Severus. Harry was gobsmacked, Lockhart seemed to be trying to flirt with Severus. “Mr Snape, I do have some potion needs, and I wonder whether I could trouble you to help me with them?” he asked, now completely ignoring Harry.

Severus’ expression did not change, “If you send me an owl with your requirements, I will consider whether I shall be able to accommodate you”.

Lockhart lifted his arm and placed it onto Severus’. His submissive’s eyes widened fractionally before glancing surreptitiously at his Dominant, “Oh I really think I need to speak to you personally about this. Perhaps I can meet you some time to discuss it more in-depth” he laughed, then dropped his voice meaningfully, “That is of course, as long as it is safe”.

Harry’s blood was boiling. This idiot was flirting with his submissive, and even worse he had the audacity to touch him. Harry was having to consciously hold himself back from ripping the other man’s arm out of his socket, and beating him into the definition of a bloody pulp. What was really pushing Harry’s anger almost over the edge however was the disrespect Lockhart was showing Severus. It was clear that what he was most attracted to was the potential danger that Severus represented. He was clearly turned on by the bad boy image. It was sickening, and it was maddening to think that his submissive could be treated in such a way.

His Potion’s Master crossed his arms, and stared the other man down. The look on his face represented his obvious disgust and disdain for the other man, “I suggest Mr Lockhart” he began dangerously, his eyes flashing, and Lockhart immediately dropped his arm, his eyes widening, “That you might want to reconsider being alone in a room with me”, he continued, leaning predatorily towards him, and Gilderoytook an unconscious step back, “You never know what I am truly capable of”. Lockhart coughed, and glanced around him for an obvious escape route. Silence reigned for a few seconds before Severus continued menacingly, “Perhaps Mr Lockhart, you no longer need my help with your potions?”.

“Of course, of course, you are right, I really don’t need any potions at the moment” he was trying to hide his fear under an uncomfortable smile, but it was failing miserably, “Ah there is Cornelius, I must speak to him immediately, good day Mr Snape, Mr Potter” and with that he fled.

Harry was a mixture of possessive rage, amusement, and being unbelievably turned-on by the fact that someone who could strike the fear into a grown man with a few words would willingly kneel to Harry. It was the definition of a power trip, and he had a new appreciation for what people meant when saying power went to your head. Severus turned to him and was about to speak, when Harry shook his head surreptitiously.

“Home Now”, he commanded, his voice never rising above a whisper, but there was no way his submissive could mistake the meaning that lay behind the order, and the danger should he chose to disobey. Severus’ expression did not change and he dropped his eyes for only the briefest second, but it was enough to indicate his submission to the order. Without saying anything else he immediately strode away, leaving the room without bothering to tell anyone he was departing.

Harry survived another ten minutes before he couldn’t cope any longer and told the others he was leaving. He’d managed to calm his rage down considerably, but he was still heightened and on edge. He hoped that his submissive would recognise this and not attempt to push him. His Dominance was definitely running the show, needing to cement his place in their relationship, and the last thing he needed was his submissive testing the boundaries. He floo’d back to his cottage, and was immediately met by Severus on his knees with his head bowed. He had stripped and was now wearing only the leather shorts and his collar. His legs were spread wide, and his hands were on his knees, palms up, displaying his deference to his Dominant. Harry should have suspected that the other man would recognise how Harry was feeling and know exactly what to do to support him. He really couldn’t have asked for a better submissive.

He left him kneeling in the middle of the floor, whilst he went to collect a crop he had ordered, that Severus wasn’t aware of. He walked back into the room, and then stood; towering menacingly over the other man. “You are mine”, he barked. The other man remained silent. “You let someone else touch you” he scolded, “You allowed someone to touch what is mine”. His voice was dangerous and cold. He knew Severus hadn’t done anything wrong, in fact he had been the perfect submissive, but he needed to Master the other man, and he instinctively knew that Severus needed the same.

His submissive moved position and dropped his head forward to the ground. Harry’s stomach jumped; this was a new level of submission. Severus had never before willingly prostrated himself to him. His Dominant side reared up even further, and he stood for a few moments simply gazing down at the prostrated form.

“Look at me” he barked, and Severus knelt back up, bringing his gaze up to meet his. There was a mixture of vulnerability and strength in the gaze, and it was captivating to witness. At the same time Harry brought up the crop, and began to whack it firmly against his hand. Severus’ gaze darkened and Harry could see that his cock was straining in the tight leather shorts. Harry stared down at him coldly, and he could tell that Severus desperately wanted to drop his eyes. “Do you think it acceptable to allow someone else to flirt with and touch what belongs to me?” he asked him, his tone severe.

“No, Sir” the other man replied quietly.

Harry continued to gaze at him, his eyes narrowing “Who do you belong to?” he asked him, his voice dangerously low.

“I belong to you Sir”, the elder man answered immediately, though it was breathy, and the definition of submissive.

“Yes, you belong to me” he stated darkly, “I suggest that you remember this”. He paused for a moment, “Do you know what it is like to see you being hit on by someone else? To see him flirting with you and pawing at you?”. He was being rhetorical and he did not expect a reply. He brought the crop down to run it gently over Severus’ face, and then he leaned down close to him, “I wanted to rip him apart” he stated menacingly though barely above a whisper. Severus was gazing at him, his eyes wide with lust and just a hint of controlled fear, “and then I wanted to throw you to the ground right there and show you exactly who you belong to”.

His submissive’s breath quickened, and his eyes were beginning to take on a glassy veneer. He knew that this was a lot darker than anything they had done before, but it felt right, and he knew Severus wouldn’t fail to use his safeword if he was at all uncomfortable. Without warning he grasped the back of Severus’ hair, and pulled him up and back, until he was just barely on his knees. Harry looked into his eyes and knew that the elder man was fully engaged in this. His pupils were blown, his mouth was parted, and he was panting in short silent breaths.

“You need a lesson” he growled, before leaning down and attacking his throat with his mouth. Severus moaned, and then Harry pulled back again, “I suggest that you do not even think about disobeying me” he warned, baring his teeth slightly. He pushed the other man away and he fell messily onto his back. He glanced up briefly and Harry caught something in his eyes. He seemed to be assessing Harry, seeing a side to him that he hadn’t seen before. Immediately Severus righted himself, and dropped his eyes again, settling himself into his familiar pose. Harry walked around him, circling him like a vulture, but the other man did not move.

“Look at me” he ordered again, and Severus dragged his eyes up to gaze at him. “I bought this Pet, and I have practiced with it. You can choose this or your paddle for your lesson”. He wanted to give the other man a choice. Whilst his submissive had given him permission to try out different tools, he wanted to always have explicit permission for each new item. “Be warned, he continued, it will not be the only thing I will use on you today”.

“The crop, Sir” his submissive replied without hesitation, but at the same time he visibly swallowed. Harry quirked his lips very slightly, and narrowed his eyes, and the other man shivered briefly.

“Down” he commanded, and Severus obeyed, placing his head and arms on the floor, with his buttocks sticking up in the air. They looked amazing in the leather shorts, and Harry could feel his cock rising all over again. He dragged the tip of the crop along the other man’s back, and then began light taps against the leather shorts. They would barely feel more than a feather touch. Slowly he began to intersperse it with harsher taps, but again it would cause little more than a light sting.

“Ask me for it” he demanded from the other man.

Severus sucked in a breath, “Please, Sir, may I have your crop?” he asked, and Harry could tell, without looking that he would be blushing at having to ask for it.

Harry ran the length of the crop along his buttocks until it was flat against it, and then lowered it to just below the line of the shorts, where his buttocks met his thigh. He gave a few feather-light taps and he could see the other man tense, before he pulled back slightly and gave a meaningful switch of the crop. His submissive gasped, and then moaned as the sting settled over him. Harry had already practiced with the crop, both feeling it out against his own skin, and against a pillow; making sure he knew exactly how much pressure to put behind it to give a sting that would be just the right balance of pain and pleasure for his submissive. He gave him another switch in the same area, and Severus rocked forward, gasping as he did so. Harry gave him another three until the elder man’s breath was catching in his throat, and he was struggling to stay in position. When Harry placed the crop against the same spot, Severus rocked forward, trying to get away from it. Harry coughed, and his submissive slowly moved back into position. He smiled to himself, before giving him one last swat of the crop and Severus moaned low and deep.

“Stand up” he ordered, before turning away and walking back into his bedroom to collect the other items he needed.

When he walked back in Severus was standing in the middle of the room with his hands behind his back, and his eyes lowered. “Present”, he demanded, and the other man swiftly got into position. Harry circled him again, admiring how he looked in his leather shorts. He reached out and roughly grabbed his rather impressive bulge through the shorts. Severus moaned in a mixture of pleasure and pain. He released his cock, and then opened his shorts, pulling his cock out. It had wilted slightly at the rough handling but was still definitely interested in the show. Harry pulled back, and then sat on the couch, staring at him.

“Look at me” he demanded for a third time. When Severus complied, he leaned back and settled himself comfortably. “You are going to entertain me”, he told him, swishing the crop against his hand. “You are going to play with yourself, but you are going to give me a show”. The other man’s cock jumped slightly, and he nodded in acquiescence, though he was beginning to blush at being so very on display. “On you go”, he ordered, keeping his voice cold and strict.

Severus immediately dropped his hand to his cock, and slowly began to run his hand up and down it, but he did not break eye contact. He brought his other hand down to grasp a nipple gently, massaging it, and moaning at the sensations that it seemed to spark in him. He moved to the other nipple and did the same, and then began to move his hand a little faster on his cock. He kept eye contact with Harry; and his Dominant’s continued cold gaze, and display with the crop seemed to be increasing the stimulation for him. His cock was now rock hard, and he was interspersing moans with hitches in his breath.

Without warning, Harry stood and walked away from him towards the kitchen. Severus stopped, until Harry turned and glared at him darkly, “Did I give you permission to stop?” he snarled. The other man flinched, and immediately resumed. Harry walked up to him, grasped his hair roughly and pulled him down sideways, until he was now slightly below him, gazing up with wide eyes. “You think it’s ok to disobey me now?” he bit out.

“No, Sir, I am sorry Sir” Severus returned quickly, keeping his voice deferential.

Harry sneered at him and then released him, walking away without a further look. He assumed that Severus had continued, considering the now heightened moans. Harry took his time having a glass of water, and by the time he returned Severus was panting harshly, and his moans were echoing in the silent room.

“Please” he begged, when Harry came back into sight. Harry crossed his arms, and merely lifted his eyebrows at him, as he stared him down. The other man’s cock jumped.

“Stop” he ordered eventually, when he could see that the other man was really struggling. Severus dropped his arms but he whined softly in frustration. Harry came towards him, pulling his shorts down and Severus stepped out of them. He threw them to the side and then walked behind the other man to pick up the paddle. Without warning he brought the paddle down hard against his submissive’s backside. Severus jumped and cried out loud at the shock. He gave him another ten, making sure they were hard enough to give a meaningful sting. The other man was struggling to stay in place, and he was moaning aloud at the intensity. Harry checked and Severus’ cock was now only semi-erect, which had been the purpose of the paddling. He picked up a new a set of chains and circled round to the front of him. Without even glancing at the other man, he immediately grasped his cock and fed it through a cock ring. Severus let out a strangled moan, but Harry ignored him. The cock ring was attached to chains, and on each end was a nipple clamp. Considering this was the first time, he had kept them relatively loose, however they would still cause a decent level of pain. He looked up at Severus and smirked darkly, holding his gaze as he clamped on the first one.

His submissive let out a painful moan, and tried to back away from him, so Harry pulled gently at the chain of the nipple that was already clamped. His submissive gave a painful cry but stopped moving immediately. “Try that again, and I’ll make you stand with these on every day for a week”, he stated warningly. Severus curled in on himself slightly at the forcefulness of Harry’s Dominance. Harry had no real worry that the other man was afraid of him. He knew that Severus could stop this at any moment. He suspected that his submissive was enjoying tapping fully into his vulnerability, and was allowing himself to fall into a very submissive headspace.

Harry clamped the other nipple and then stepped back to admire his handiwork. His submissive’s cock was rising again, and the chains were taut against his skin. Any movement on Severus’ part would cause them to pull. Whilst they would be painful initially, this would likely morph to pleasure once the endorphins hit. He picked up the crop again, and without warning began to tap it along his submissive’s buttocks, enjoying the already heated skin and the reddened stripes at the very top of his thighs. Severus rocked forward at the first tap, and then gasped as the chains pulled on his nipples. He forced himself to stay as still as possible, but whenever Harry interspersed a harder hit, he would move forward and then immediately return to position to escape the onslaught of the nipple pain.

“On your knees”, he ordered.

His submissive carefully dropped to his knees, but he gasped and moaned with every slight movement. His cock was now rock hard. Harry opened his trousers, pulling out his cock and immediately pushing it into Severus’ open mouth. Instantly the warm heat enveloped him, and he moaned at the sensations, using the other man’s mouth without mercy. Severus was desperately trying to stay still but Harry was too forceful, and every few seconds the other man would gasp and moan around his cock as the chains pulled at his nipples.

“Lie down”, he commanded after a while. He pulled off his trousers and underwear and then knelt down in front of his submissive. He pushed his legs up and apart, and then immediately began opening him up, before slowly pushing himself inside. Severus wasn’t even looking at him anymore, his head was rolled back and he was panting at the sensations. Harry leaned down and gently pulled at the chain, pulling both nipples at once. Severus gave a strangled gasp, and looked up at him pleadingly. Harry’s expression did not waver from the cool domination, and he pulled again to make a point that Severus was completely at his mercy. He rode him for a while, thrusting into him, and occasionally pulling at the chains, or running his hands up and down his cock.

He stopped after a while and stared at his submissive, who was looking at him with a sense of worship.

“I am going to ask you some questions” he stated, drawing the other man’s attention, “If you can answer them correctly then I will remove the clamps. Without waiting for an answer, he asked the first question. “Why am I so possessive of you?”.

“Because I am yours” his submissive answered without hesitation.

“Yes, and why are you mines?”, he asked him forcefully.

Severus looked at him slightly confused, but Harry stared him down. “Because you love me?” he answered eventually, slightly in question.

“Yes, and why do I love you?”

Severus’ eyes widened minutely, but it did not take him long to reply, “Because you like me as a person?”.

Harry smiled at him for the first time, “Good boy. Yes, I like you because you are amazing and I know you are a good person. I respect you and I want to make you proud of me. I am possessive of you because you give me everything I need in my life. You are strong, caring, and beautiful, and I can’t stand the thought of someone else having you”.

Without waiting for a reply, he immediately removed one of the nipple clamps, and Severus cried out as the pain hit him. His penis began to wilt immediately, and as Harry removed the other one, and again the pain hit, his penis wilted even further until Harry was quickly able to remove the cock ring. He began to move again, and he watched as a change overtook the other man. It was clear that the endorphins were hitting and transforming the pain into pleasure. Severus keened and his cock began to rise. Harry leaned forward and licked softly at the reddened nipples, and the other man moaned heavily, his cock pulsating beneath him. Harry pulled back and began to set up a brutal pace, fucking him into the carpet. Claiming him and dominating him with every thrust. He touched one nipple and at the same time leaned forward to kiss him, capturing the moan into his mouth as Severus arched up at the touch. Harry could feel his orgasm building and he pulled back up to slam again into his submissive.

“Do you want to come?” he gasped. Severus merely moaned in reply, arching up as Harry hit his prostrate. Harry pulled out and slammed back into his submissive. Severus keened loudly, his body covered in sweat, and his eyes swinging to Harry, begging him silently for release. He thrust into him a few more times, then as he felt his orgasm reach its tipping point he ordered the other man to come. Severus screamed out his release and Harry watched him for a brief second in fascination before his own orgasm thundered through him. It was powerful and different from any he had had before, and he couldn’t stop himself from screaming.

Severus was completely in his subspace by the time they were finished, and Harry was exhausted. He spelled the carpet to be much softer, and grabbed some pillows from the couch, curling up next to his submissive, before falling asleep next to him.

Harry ended up flooing to Hogwarts with him the next morning, wanting to spend the day finishing his pre-reading, and then he cooked a romantic dinner for him, and they spent the evening just being a couple. To an outsider it was probably sickeningly loved up, but Harry had never felt so close to the other man, and he was also feeling incredibly protective of him. On Thursday Harry went for dinner with the other new recruits, as they wanted some time to get to know each other without the bigwigs around. There were 14 new recruits overall, and there were definitely a couple of others that Harry could see himself getting on well with. It was late by the time he floo’d over to see his submissive, and Severus was already in bed, though he was sitting up reading. Harry undressed and slid into bed beside him. Severus barely even looked at him, and he didn’t attempt to greet him.

“Are you ok?” Harry asked in concern. The other man shrugged, but did not answer. “Severus”, he warned, “I asked you a question”.

“There is nothing wrong”, the other man snapped, “Just because I am not falling down at your feet, does not mean there is anything wrong”.

“Watch your manner”, Harry cautioned him. “Now, what is up with you this evening?”

“Nothing”, his submissive growled.

“Then why are you so defensive?” he asked him, genuinely concerned about the sudden attitude.

“I am not defensive”, he retorted, “I am simply grumpy. Am I not allowed to be grumpy now?” he bit out, “Sorry, Sir”, he snapped with contempt, “I didn’t realise that being your submissive meant I had to be your bloody perfect little slave boy every second of the day, and wasn’t allowed to actually have any feelings”.

Harry furrowed his brow, feeling both hurt and concerned. This had seemed to come out of nowhere and escalate very quickly. “Of course, you are allowed to be grumpy”, he soothed, “Do you feel that I am stopping you being yourself?” he asked worriedly.

Severus looked at him angrily, “See I’ve upset you, I clearly can’t be what you want all the time”.

“Severus stop” Harry stated forcefully, unsure what Severus was talking about, “Have I done something to upset you?”

“It always ends up being about you, doesn’t it?” he raged, before throwing the covers back, grabbing a dressing gown, and storming out of the room.

Harry sat for a few moments, trying to process exactly what had just happened. This was their first real fight, and Harry wasn’t quite sure how to handle it. It really didn’t seem the time to try to Dominate the man. For the first time Harry was worried that real life with him, outside the community, wasn’t living up to how Severus had imagined it and that Harry wasn’t living up to his expectations. He thought over the last couple of weeks, and whether he had given his submissive what he needed. He wondered if he had been selfish with his needs. He’d tried to hold the other man’s needs in mind, but perhaps he had missed the mark. For the first time in a while his old insecurities of not being good enough, reared their ugly head. He vowed he would try harder to make the man happy. He really couldn’t deal with the thought of losing him.

He followed Severus into the living room, and found him sitting on the couch, his arms folded. “I’m sorry Severus” he told him, “I didn’t realise I was being so demanding. I know I have been possessive but I’ll try to tone it down. I am truly sorry”.

For some reason this only seemed to wind the other man up further, “Why can’t you just give me some space to think? Stop following me around like a lost puppy”, he growled.

Harry really didn’t know what to do for the best. He was hurt by the other man’s words, and the harshness of his tone towards him, and the fact that he didn’t know what to do made him really question his ability as a good Dominant. He didn’t know whether Severus was looking for boundaries from him, or truly needed space. “God, I’m useless” he thought to himself.

“I’ll give you a bit of space, but when you are ready, please come and talk to me”, he stated meaningfully. Severus didn’t reply and he began walking away before hesitating and turning back, “Do you want me to go home?”, he asked, terrified of the answer. Severus looked up at him briefly, then shrugged and looked away. “Look, I really don’t want to go home, I’d rather just go into the room and give you a bit of space, is that ok?”. Again, the other man shrugged, and Harry supposed that was the best he was going to get.

He walked back into the room, laying down and futilely attempting to sleep. All he could think about was how much he had failed the other man tonight. It had truly rocked him and his belief in his ability to be the Dominant and partner that Severus needed. He lay for what seemed like forever before the other man eventually walked back into the room. He could hear him removing his dressing gown, and then slide into bed behind him, before running his hands around Harry, grasping him into a backwards hug.

“I am sorry Sir”, he stated quietly, and it was clear he knew Harry was awake.

Harry placed his hands over Severus’ on his stomach, “Are you ok?”.

“I am fine”, he chuckled, thought here was a forced quality to it, “I simply had a difficult day at work.” He paused, “I had no excuse for taking it out on you. You did absolutely nothing wrong, and I am sorry for my words”.

“Are you sure?” he asked, “If there is anything I am doing that is making you unhappy please tell me”.

“Sir, you have done nothing to make me unhappy, you are perfect”, he replied and Harry snorted, “You are Harry” he returned forcibly, “I love you”.

Severus didn’t often express his love for him, but when he did it didn’t fail to make him feel better. He turned to him, “Is there anything you want to talk about?”.

Severus seemed to hesitate for a second, but then shook his head, “No I simply had a difficult day”.

Harry sighed, “I am sorry Severus, I really didn’t know what to do for the best”.

“I needed some space, and I thank you for giving me it. I am not an easy man when I am grumpy. I am surprised you put up with me” he smirked.

Harry stared at him vehemently, “There is nothing to put up with Severus, you make me unbelievably happy. A normal part of being in a relationship is allowing the other person to be able to be themselves, and be in a mood if they want to.” Severus nodded, but he did not look him in the eyes. Harry paused, “You are feeling guilty, aren’t you?”, he stated knowingly, and Severus nodded. “You know you are allowed to be grumpy. I would hate to think you didn’t feel safe to be able to express yourself when you need to, or ask for space when you want it.”

“I know” he sighed, “But I shouldn’t have taken it out on you. I upset you, I can tell”.

Harry sighed, “C’mon then”. He knew when Severus was like this that simply saying he was forgiven wasn’t going to be enough, and this wasn’t just magically going to go away. “Go and fetch the bath brush, let’s get this over with”, he commanded.

“I am sorry for needi..” Severus began.

“Listen to me boy. Don’t you ever dare apologise for needing this. This is a part of our relationship and is not a chore. That is not why I am bothered about this. I am just concerned that you are placing unrealistic expectations on yourself, and that you don’t feel safe to vent without needing punishment. I want you to feel safe just to be you Severus”. The other man looked down, but did not reply, “Look, let’s talk about this later. Let’s just sort you out”. He dropped his voice into a more dominating tone, “I am sure I gave you and order, and you are still on this bed. Are you questioning me boy?”, he asked dangerously.

Severus’ eyes widened at the sudden change, “No, Sir”, he replied instantly, before getting out of bed, and fetching the bath brush. When he returned, he immediately placed himself over Harry’s knee without being ordered.

Harry began to spank the other man. He would not go easy on him tonight. He needed to give him the release he craved. In reality Harry was really worried about him however. Severus was a prickly person, hell Harry had certainly seen his fair share of it during his life, and he’d expected this to some extent. This was real life and Severus didn’t have the luxury of staying with his submission all the time. Now that they were home, it was obviously going to take some adjustment to stepping in and out of the role. What was worrying Harry was how quickly he had escalated and blown up, and the level of guilt he was feeling. It seemed irrational, considering he’d never really held back before. Harry was sure there was more going on than he was admitting, and if he was lying to him, then that would better explain the overwhelming guilt he was feeling. He was really concerned that Severus didn’t feel safe enough to tell him what was going on, and he just hoped that he could encourage the other man to open up. Deciding he would try again tomorrow, he set to work being the Dominant that Severus needed right now.


Chapter Text

Harry awoke to Severus’ hands rubbing circles on his stomach. It was a nice feeling, and a comfortable way to wake up.

“Mmm”, he sighed contentedly.

“Good morning Sir”, his submissive intoned into his ear. “May I be permitted to serve you?”.

“Mmm” was all he managed again, still not willing to open his eyes, or attempt to form actual words.

The bed beside him moved, and he could feel the other man wriggling his way down into position. Severus licked softly at his penis. It was gentle and warm, the perfect beginning for a decent wake up. His submissive continued in a gentle manner, licking first at the head, and then taking it into his mouth to softly and slowly move up and down. He was clearly putting a lot of effort into waking Harry up gently.

It didn’t take long for Harry to come fully awake, and he thrust up into Severus’ mouth, needing more heat and friction. His partner must have sensed the change, and immediately began to take him deeper and harder. Harry groaned out his pleasure, beginning to grip onto the bed sheets as the sensations started to build within him. Suddenly, however, the mouth was removed, and Harry lifted the cover to look questioningly at the other man, who looked at him warmly.

“Sir, we have a little time if you would like to use my body this morning?”.

Harry studied him for a moment. It was clear the other man was feeling quite submissive to him this morning. His choice of words was deliberate, and Harry recognised that the other man wanted him to use his body and at the same time deny him his own release. This worried Harry a little however. Normally when Severus was like this, and then Harry used him, he could be quite vulnerable after, but considering the other man had to teach today he didn’t think it was a good idea. He wasn’t worried that Severus would have any outward difficulty with it, there was no way the other man would allow himself to be effected during the day, but considering the changeability of his emotions at the moment, and whatever was playing on his mind, Harry needed to support him rather than trying to strip him down.

“No”, he smiled, and Severus looked at him questioningly, “I don’t want to use your body, but what I do want to do is make love to my boyfriend”, he teased, smirking playfully, “so, come here”. Severus huffed in laughter, but came back up the bed to lie down beside him. Harry immediately rolled over, climbing up to straddle the other man. “I love waking up next to you”, he told him, swooping down to kiss his neck.

“I have had worse ways of waking up I suppose”, Severus replied, pretending to be bored.

Harry had to stop his kissing in order to snort with laughter, “You really know how to set a romantic mood, you know”, he said sarcastically through his laughter.

“It’s my speciality”, the other man returned bitingly. Severus ran his hands around to squeeze at Harry’s backside, before leaning up to clamp onto Harry’s neck with his mouth.

“Mmm” Harry moaned softly, enjoying the sensations. Severus brought his hands back round to the front then removed his mouth, before immediately beginning to squeeze gently at Harry’s nipples. The younger man couldn’t stop himself from gasping, and he could feel his cock jerking below him. “I really need to be inside you”, he gasped out. Severus reluctantly stopped his explorations, and Harry grasped his wrists, pinning them above his head, before leaning down and biting gently at the nipples. Severus moaned low at the sensations, and then keened softly as Harry began licking them, his tongue warm and wet before blowing on them and watching them harden under the cold air. He knew they didn’t have a lot of time, so he moved himself off his submissive, releasing his hands and setting to work opening him up. “God, you are so beautiful Severus”, he told him affectionately, as he pushed the man’s legs up. Harry could see that his backside was marked from last night, and he made a mental note to check it before letting him for work.

Harry lined himself up and pushed into him, never breaking eye contact. Severus was gazing at him warmly, and with more than a hint of lust, and he moaned as Harry pushed in. When he was fully inside he leaned down and kissed at Severus’ chest before pulling back and beginning to move. His submissive brought his hands up from above his head to twist his Dominant’s nipples gently.

Harry groaned, “I want to watch you pleasure yourself Pet”, he told him, and the elder man nodded, bringing his hands down to cup his balls with one hand and stroke himself with the other. Severus couldn’t seem to drag his eyes away from gazing at him, and it made him feel desired and cared for. Harry made love to him. It wasn’t harsh or demanding but neither was it soft and sweet. Harry adored the other man and he needed him to know that. He poured every inch of this into their lovemaking. They came together in a twist of bodies, their lips and hands touching and exploring each other.

Afterwards they lay panting for just a few minutes as Severus would be forced to get up soon. “Are you feeling better this morning?”, Harry asked him.

Severus smiled at him lazily, “Yes, I am no longer grumpy”, he teased.

Harry pulled himself up, “Over my knee”, he ordered.

His submissive furrowed his brow but did not hesitate to obey, placing himself over his knee. Harry explored his backside gently. It was quite bruised, and Severus would probably have a little trouble sitting down today, He pulled some cream from the bedside drawer and began massaging it gently into the bruises. Severus sighed contentedly.

“Is there anything you want to talk about?”, Harry asked him. He wasn’t going to force the other man to talk, but he hoped that he would open up.

“No, as I said I was merely grumpy, there is nothing I wish to discuss at the moment”, he returned without tone. That didn’t really tell Harry whether there was something troubling him, but he gave him the benefit of the doubt and hoped it was as simple as him being grumpy.

“I want you to wear the purple shirt today. You look hot in it”, Severus growled slightly at the compliment but did not protest. “I am also postponing your detention until next weekend”, he told him.

“You do not need to” Severus began, but Harry interrupted him.

“No, it was supposed to be fun, and you will hardly enjoy it with your backside currently as it is. I think you will have a hard-enough time sitting down today as it is”, he teased, and the other man huffed haughtily but did not deign to dignify it with a retort. 

“I would like to make you dinner then”, his submissive stated, still lying over his knee. 

Harry nodded unseen, “I am going to the bank to sort out my finances and I need to do some shopping for some work clothes. I want you to floo over to mines as soon as you are free. You will be spending the weekend at mines” he ordered, “I will be home at six. You can begin preparing that fish dish I like”.

“Yes Sir”, Severus replied.

“You can bring any marking you have to do with you. I am going to be finishing the pre-reading material tomorrow so you can do it then before Ron and Hermione come over”. He felt Severus stiffen slightly at that. He knew he was a little worried about the first meeting, though he had not said anything. They were originally supposed to be going to the other couple’s for dinner, however Harry figured that Severus would probably feel more comfortable having some control of the situation, so Harry had changed it to drinks at his. “I would suggest that you find some marking to do”, he replied teasingly, “Otherwise I will find you some chores to complete”.

“I have mountains of marking Sir. So much marking I will be lucky to even carry it to yours without doing my back in. I mean if you saw how much marking I actually had you’d…”

“Ok, ok” Harry laughed, cutting him off “I get the point, you have a lot of marking”.

He eventually let Severus up, who went to shower and dress for the day. He watched his submissive as he dressed, enjoying the domesticity of it all.

Severus glanced at him, narrowing his eyes. “I feel like a piece of meat. Kindly remove your beady eyes” he huffed indignantly.

“Oh yeah? And how are you going to make me”, the younger wizard returned, leering at him.

Severus mused for a moment, “Well I do know how to explode an individual’s eyeballs. It’s actually quite a simple spell”, he stated thoughtfully.

Harry stared at him horror, “Please tell me you are joking?”.

“Nope”, Severus returned smiling nastily, as he pulled on the purple shirt, “I could show you if you wish?”.

“Dear Merlin no”, Harry returned, now feeling a little green.

Severus laughed at him, then came over to kneel onto the bed with one knee, and leaned down to kiss him tenderly. Harry ran his hands down the warmth of the other man’s chest, enjoying the affection that Severus was gifting him with. His submissive stood up again and continued dressing. When he was ready he pulled open a drawer, and brought out two pieces of parchment. He handed one to Harry, “This is a communication parchment. Whatever you write on one will appear on the other, until it has been read. If you place your magic onto it at the same time as I do then they can only be read by us. It will allow us to send important messages to each other if anything comes up.” He narrowed his eyes at Harry, “It is only to be used sparingly, and not for any sexual content whilst I am teaching. As I said, I will not tolerate anything which could be construed as sexual whilst I am teaching”.

Harry smiled warmly at him, “Thank you Pet”. He was not unaware of how intimate this was, and the meaning behind the gesture. They placed their magic on the parchments and Severus folded it into his robe. When he was ready he kissed Harry again, and then realising that he needed to move now or he was going to be late for breakfast he just about ran out of the door.

Harry made it about two minutes after he left before he began writing on the parchment. “I love you. Have a good day”, he wrote. About thirty seconds later, as he was getting out of bed, he felt a soft tingle in his magic, and he looked over to see that words had appeared on the parchment.

“I do not think you understand the meaning of important information Mr Potter”, it stated, and Harry could almost hear the biting sting in the words. He laughed to himself, shaking his head amusedly. About thirty seconds later his magic tingled again. “Likewise”, was all it said, and Harry couldn’t stop himself from grinning.

Harry took his time getting ready, lazing around having breakfast and reading the latest Quidditch magazine before heading to Gringotts. When he arrived, he walked up to the counter and waited for the goblin to deign to speak to him. The elderly goblin finally looked over at him, narrowing his eyes as he studied him, “Yes?”, it said in a bored tone. Harry handed him the letter he had received on returning from his mission, asking him to come in, now that he was off age, and legally an adult.

 “Why has this taking you so long to come in Mr Potter?”, it asked disdainfully.

Harry gritted his teeth, “I apologise. I was travelling and I have only recently returned”, he replied, smiling tightly. 

“Very well”, it replied haughtily, “Berdrock will escort you to the signing chamber”, it finished, handing him back the letter before ignoring him completely.

“Mr Potter”, another goblin addressed him, this one appearing much friendlier. “If you will please follow me”.

The Goblin escorted him through a dizzying array of passages, until Harry was worried that if Berdrock left him he would never find his way out again. They eventually reached a door that was pushed open to reveal a standard room with another Goblin who was pouring over a stack of parchments.

“Mr Potter is here for his signing”, Berdrock stated, and the elderly goblin looked up to stare at him beadily.

“Mr Potter, Mr Potter”, it mused for a moment, before something obviously clicked in his brain, “Ah yes Mr Potter. You are very late you know”.

Harry smiled insincerely, “Yes I know, I apologise”.

The goblin huffed before standing and moving to the other side of the room. It moved much faster than Harry would have guessed it could for a Goblin who looked so old. It placed its hands against a metal drawer before opening it and pulling out a large scroll. “Sit here”, it ordered Harry, and he couldn’t stop himself rolling his eyes before doing as instructed. The goblin placed the scroll in front of him, “Place your hand here”, it commanded pointing to a seal, and Harry did. Immediately the scroll opened and words began writing themselves quickly upon it. The scroll continued to open up as more and more words were added.

“Now that you are of age, you have inherited your parents’ full vault, the Potter family inheritance vault, and your Bloodline inheritance vault. Your existing vault contents have been moved into your parents full vault, however due to the decrees on the other vaults these have remained separate”, the elderly goblin informed him.

“My Bloodline Vault?”, Harry asked quizzically.

The Goblin studied the parchment for a moment, “You are the first Bloodline Dominant or submissive in your family for four generations. Only a Bloodline can access this vault, therefore it is now yours”.

Harry was in the stuffy warm room for over three hours, and by the time he emerged his head was spinning with information, only half of which he fully understood. The Goblin had gone through the list of what he had inherited from each vault, and where the vault was. Whilst he didn’t understand half of what he had inherited, one thing he did know was that he was now very wealthy. His parents’ vault, and the Potter family inheritance had been substantial enough, but the Bloodline Vault had been enormous. He had some plans already for what he might do with some of the money, but in reality, wealth had never really been that important to him, and he had no intention of letting it rule him or change who he was. The only thing he had asked for out of the vault was an old, extremely rare, potion’s manuscript that he had spotted on the inventory. He didn’t really want to tell anyone about his inheritance just yet, not even his submissive. It wasn’t that he wouldn’t share it with him, but he didn’t want it to change them at the moment whilst they were still really establishing themselves as a couple. He was due to return in a month to speak to an advisor about investing some of the money, and he decided he would talk to Severus about it then.

He spent the evening with his submissive having dinner and then most of Saturday preparing for starting Auror training on the Monday. He did stop on occasion however to pin the other man to the floor and use his body until he came screaming above him. Severus seemed a lot calmer, and Harry was beginning to think that perhaps the other man had just been grumpy on Thursday night. However, on occasion he did catch Severus starting at him in a contemplative manner, though every time Harry questioned him about it he denied it.

It was now Saturday evening and Severus was hovering around making sure the place was ready for Ron and Hermione. As the time had grown closer he had definitely started getting a little bitchy with him.

“You realise you have been absolutely no help whatsoever”, the elder man grouched, “honestly”, he huffed, “a flubberworm would have been more useful than you today”.

Harry narrowed his eyes at him in warning, “Hey, you made me make that stupid jam roly poly thingummy. I think that was very helpful”, he grinned, flashing his patent camera smile.

Severus sneered at him, “I’ll count that a success if we haven’t all died of food poisoning tomorrow”.

“I can’t win with you. I tried to help and you grouched at me, then I didn’t help and you grouched at me”, he replied, shaking his head.

Severus turned to glare at him, “Perhaps you are simply useless”, he snapped.

“Watch it Severus”, Harry warned, no longer finding this particularly amusing. Severus wasn’t very good at manging his worry whilst retaining at least some level of respect.

Severus ignored him, “They are going to be here in ten minutes and you aren’t even dressed”, he sniped, “I would rather not have the first meeting with them thinking that you are depressed, or becoming a lazy good for nothing. You could at least show some decorum…”

“Severus” Harry interrupted him, his voice firm, “Go and get your paddle now”, he ordered.

Severus looked at him with wide eyes, then glanced at the door frantically, his cheeks instantly flaming “But Sir” he stated quietly “They will be here any minute”. He looked at Harry pleadingly, but the younger man didn’t react. His submissive glanced again at the door, and then at Harry, assessing his resolve, before dropping his head, and immediately going through to the bedroom. When he returned to the Livingroom he stood in front of his Dominant, who was now sitting on the couch. He kept his head lowered, and his hands were twisting around on the handle of the paddle.

“Give me the paddle”, Harry ordered, and Severus handed it to him without looking up. “Now lower your trousers and underwear, and then place yourself over my knee”, he commanded. The other man blushed again, but immediately obeyed, lowering his underwear to his knees, and then placing himself in position over Harry’s lap. Without being asked, he placed his hands behind his back, and this confirmed to Harry that the other man was looking for some stabilisation from him. Harry grabbed both wrists in one hand and then placed the paddle on Severus’ legs, before running his hands comfortingly over his submissive’s now only slightly bruised buttocks. Severus was more rigid than usual, but he was still more relaxed than Harry had expected him to be.

“Why did you place yourself over my knee?”, Harry asked him.

“Because you ordered me to?”, Severus answered, his voice slightly unsure.

“Yes, and why did you do it when you knew that Ron and Hermione were due and may be able to hear you?” he asked him.

Severus was silent for a moment “Because I trust you to know what is best” he answered, sighing, and Harry smiled, squeezing his buttocks gently as a sign of praise.

“Yes love, you trust me to know what is best. I know this is difficult, it’s the first time you’ve truly had to balance being my submissive and being my boyfriend. I know it was different in the community where you didn’t have to worry about being humiliated, but do you honestly think I would ever allow you to be intentionally hurt or humiliated?”, he asked him.

“No Sir” he replied without hesitation.

“Exactly Pet. We are in this together. You don’t have to be perfect or to worry about getting everything right. Just remember that I am your Partner and whatever you do I will support you with it. I am also your Dominant, I won’t let you be humiliated, I promise. You trusted me right now, so trust me tonight. Just act in the way that you know would please me, and you will be great.” He paused giving the words a few seconds to sink in before continuing, “Hermione and Ron aren’t coming until half seven so we have plenty of time, I knew you’d work yourself up so I wanted to give you the chance to have some space before they came”.

“Thank you, Sir,” Severus breathed out, relaxing, “I just…well, normally I wouldn’t give a toss whether someone liked me or not, but well…”, he trailed off, shrugging.

Harry lifted his hand briefly from around the wrists to run them through the elder man’s hair, “Pet, I know what you are trying to say. Listen, things weren’t easy for anyone back then, and nobody holds anything against you. We weren’t exactly angels”, he chuckled. “Don’t you think that they are just as nervous? I mean you are the most important person in my life, if you don’t like them you could essentially make me choose between you”.

“I’d never make you choose. I’d never try to split you from your friends and family, no matter how much they hated me”, Severus stated meaningfully.

“I know that Pet, but that’s because I know who you really are. I don’t expect you to let them see all of you, but I would like them to at least see some of the real you. I just want you to try to be yourself, exactly how you were in the community with your friends, not the submissive but the man. They loved you just for you, but even if you can’t don’t worry about it. You are mines, and we are always in this together”

Severus sighed, “Thank you Sir”

“Good, but right now my beautiful Pet, you need a bit of grounding”, he stated, grasping the other man’s wrists again, “So I am going to give you a short hand spanking, and then a paddling. This isn’t a punishment Pet, this is what I think is best to help you at the moment”. He rubbed his hand across Severus’ buttocks again, comforting him.

“Yes Sir” Severus replied, relaxing further into Harry’s grip.

Harry hand-spanked him for a while, enjoying how much Severus seemed to be soothed by it. He switched to the paddle after five minutes. He kept them firm but not especially hard, as he didn’t want Severus having trouble sitting tonight. He just needed him to relax, and he knew that by Severus giving himself up to Harry’s judgement it would dissipate some of his anxiety. He knew the moment that it was all enough, as the last of the rigidity from his submissive disappeared, and he began to moan slightly at the sting.

“It’s over baby” he stated, placing the paddle down beside him, and rubbing at the red skin below him. Severus hummed, but did not move. Harry let him lie for a few moments, simply being Harry’s submissive, without the other worries. “C’mon Pet up, they’ll be here in a while, and I still need to get dressed, as you so helpfully pointed out”, he stated amusedly.

Severus maneuvered himself off, and knelt at Harry’s feet. “Thank you, Sir,” he stated genuinely. Harry pulled him forward for a kiss which began comforting, but ended up rather passionate, and Harry was half hard by the time they were finished. “Do I have time to serve you Sir?” Severus asked him, looking up at him with a wicked smirk.

Harry smirked, “I am sure with your skills, you can make it fast”. Severus huffed out a laugh, before using his hands to remove Harry’s now fairly hard cock from his trousers. Severus set to work with his usual skill, and before long Harry was crying out as he spilled into his submissive’s mouth.

“God, thank you Pet, that was amazing, though I think we might both be too relaxed now for tonight”, he laughed.

Severus smirked at him, “May I get re-dressed now?”, he asked him, screwing his nose up in feigned exasperation.

Harry cuffed him gently on the back of his head as he stood up “Watch it boy, I still have that paddle handy”, he grinned, “I’ll go and get ready, why don’t you get the wine out of the fridge”.

Harry readied himself, and was just walking back into the living room when the doorbell rang. Severus looked at him with a hint of anxiety, but he was much better than he had been an hour ago. “Come”, he stated, and Severus followed him to the door.

“Hi Harry”, Ron said happily as he bustled his way in as soon as the door was opened, “Hi Professor” he also stated, though somewhat more formally, catching sight of the Potion’s Master who inclined his head politely.

“Good evening Professor” Hermione stated smiling, after hugging Harry fiercely.

“Good evening Ms Granger, Mr Weasley” he acknowledged, his voice neutral, “Though I would prefer if you call me Severus”

“Thank you, Severus, you can call us by our first name also if that is ok with you?” she replied immediately.

“Thank you, Hermione, may I take your coats?”, Harry placed his hand softly on Severus’s back, rubbing it surreptitiously in praise, before Ron and Hermione handed over their outerwear. Just as Severus was about to leave he turned to them, “May I offer you a drink? We have wine, and an assortment of other alcoholic drinks”

“Ooo thanks, I’d love a cider or a beer if you have one, and Hermione loves red wine. Do you want a hand with that?”, Ron asked.

Severus smiled softly for the first time, “No thank you, but I appreciate your offer”. His submissive disappeared for a few minutes as Harry began chatting and laughing with his old friends, bustling them through into the living room. Severus had already laid out a bunch of snacks on the coffee table, and Ron homed in on the muggle chocolate. “God thanks Harry, you know I love these peanut thingummies”.

Harry smiled, and whispered conspiringly, “Severus got you them, he asked what you might like and then went into muggle London for them. Don’t tell him I told you though, he doesn’t want people to know he actually cares”. He winked at them in an exaggerated camaraderie. Harry needed them to know how much of an effort Severus was truly making but he didn’t want him to be embarrassed. Ron looked at him for a moment, almost assessingly, and then smiled.

Severus wandered through with the drinks for Ron and Hermione, and then looked at Harry meaningfully. Harry was confused for a moment until Severus flicked his eyes surreptitiously at the alcohol. Harry smiled, nodding, he’d completely forgotten to tell Severus whether he would be allowed to drink tonight or not. His submissive returned a minute later with wine for himself, and a gin for Harry, settling himself down next to him.

“Yum”, Harry beamed, “How do you get this so perfect, I can never get it to taste like yours?”, he asked.

“Do you really want to start the conversation about your potions ability again?”, Severus asked, smirking.

“No, please, let’s just pretend that it’s because I am so awesome at everything else, that there was no room left to be awesome at potion’s”, he laughed.

“And if I am so awesome at potion’s does that mean I am not awesome at anything else?”, Severus asked, narrowing his eyes dangerously.

“Oh god, I’m just digging a hole here, aren’t I?” he turned to his friends “Help me out, won’t you?” he pleaded. Ron and Hermione were watching the exchange with a mixture of shock and amusement on their face.

“You are on your own there Harry”, Ron returned, “I have a hard-enough time keeping myself out of trouble with one Brainiac. They have the ability to twist all your words upside down, until you don’t know which way is up”. Hermione smacked him playfully on the leg in retaliation.

“Are you saying that I’m not brainy?”, Harry asked, pretending to be offended.

“Oh God, there’s three of them. Please Merlin help me”, Ron cried, throwing his hands out dramatically.

They all laughed, and the tension which had been there since the start now seemed to be lifting. They had a few drinks, and the night took on a more causal air, with them all laughing, and joking. Severus joined in but he was quieter than the rest of them. Harry didn’t think he was uncomfortable but that he seemed to be trying to get a sense of his friends. The drink was making them all tipsy, and everyone was starting to get a little louder. Harry had also turned the music on, so the atmosphere was buoyant. Harry turned himself until his feet were on the couch and he was nestled against the side of Severus’ chest. He was gesturing widely as he told them a story, but he didn’t miss Severus’ hand coming to rest on his thigh closest to the back of the couch. Despite the fact that it would be unlikely that the others would see, it was a large step for someone so intensely private.

“Do you want another? Severus picked out some wine which he assures me I am going to like, though I’m pretty sceptical”, Harry asked. They nodded, and Severus went to stand immediately. “I’ll come with you”, Harry told him, and his submissive followed him into the kitchen. When they entered Harry turned around, pulling his man towards him. “I am so proud of you” he told him, grabbing his buttocks, and pulling him in for a kiss. “I love you”, he reminded him.

“Obviously” Severus replied in pretend self-satisfaction.

Harry laughed, kissing him again. “How many have you had?” he asked him.

“Three small glasses of wine”, he returned.

“You can have one more, and then I want you to stop”.

Severus nodded, and Harry pulled him in for another kiss, massaging his buttocks, knowing that they would probably still be a little sensitive.  Harry poured some of his dominance into the kiss, taking control of it, and giving Severus a little reminder of his place. A noise drew them apart, though Harry was pleased to note that Severus didn’t try to pull fully out of his grasp.

“Erm, sorry” Ron stated, his voice slightly higher than normal, whilst backing slowly out of the kitchen.  “Hermione was wondering if she could also have some water?”, he asked, blushing.

“Of course, I shall bring it through momentarily”, Severus replied neutrally, and Ron nodded before scurrying away, his cheeks still flaming.

Harry laughed, “I wonder if he liked the show?”.

Severus smirked “Perhaps we should ask him?”.

Harry snorted, “How to make someone leave in twenty seconds or less”

“Oh, I have many ways of achieving that goal” the elder man deadpanned, raising his eyebrows.

Harry pulled him in again “Mmm…I bet you could write a book on it” he kissed him again, “Although I’d much prefer to read a book on how to be a good boy so your Dominant rewards you with bending you over and fucking you senseless”, he whispered, snaking his hand up to tug gently at his submissive’s hair.

Severus gasped softly ,“Well I think number one would be for him to get on his knees and be available to take his Dominant deep into his mouth”, he teased darkly, and Harry groaned, “And perhaps number two would be to help his Dominant to achieve all his dark dirty fantasies, like having his boy tied up and helpless, available for him to do with as he pleased”, he whispered into his ear.  

“Fuck Pet” Harry ground out, instantly becoming hard, “Now is really not the time to have a hard on”. Severus smirked darkly. “You are going to regret this Pet”, Harry whispered, tugging at his hair harder, and Severus gasped. “Perhaps I should put you on your knees right now. Remind you who exactly is boss around here”, he intoned, his voice dropping into a more dominant tone.  Severus whimpered, and Harry could feel his submissive’s cock digging into his hip. He chuckled, pulling away, “As I said, now is really not the time”

Managing to get their erections under control, they poured the wine, and went back into the living room as if nothing had happened. The younger trio were in good spirits and had a fair amount to drink, and he often caught Severus rolling his eyes at them, though with an air of good humour.

“Oh c‘mon Severus, don’t be a spoilsport, here have a shot”, Ron shouted at him, his voice loud in his drunkenness.

“I am not as young as you miscreants, I do not have the luxury of avoiding a hangover in the morning”, he retorted, sneering.

For some reason, in his drunken state, Ron seemed to have taken to Severus, and seemed to find all his cutting jibes quite amusing. He wasn’t sure but he had the feeling that Severus was also quite amused by the other man.

“Well you are really old”, Ron returned, widening his eyes dramatically.

“How dare you, you…”, Severus began, but he stopped suddenly, jerking almost imperceptibly. He swung his eyes to Harry, and then looked meaningfully down at his dark mark.

“No”, Harry stated in panic, feeling his stomach drop.

Severus turned to their guests, “I am sorry, I will have to excuse myself. Please accept my apologies”, he stated formally before rising. He turned to Harry, “I must go”, he told him.

Harry jumped up and followed him towards the room, before turning to his friends, “Can you wait a few minutes? I won’t be long”, he pleaded, unable to keep the worry out of his voice, and they both nodded silently. When he entered the bedroom, Severus had already pulled on his robe and was currently downing a potion. Harry looked at him expectantly.

“Sober up”, Severus stated, “I must be fully alert”.

Harry nodded, “Do you have one for me?”, he asked.

“Harry, continue with your friends. I do not want to waste your evening because of my foolishness”, he returned.

“I am not going to argue with you Severus. I asked you a question”, he replied, his voice tight. Severus merely nodded, before pulling out another bottle from his drawer and handing it to him. Harry pulled him into his arms, kissing him with everything he had. “Please come back to me safe”.

“I will, Sir”, he replied, kissing him again.

A few seconds later he was gone and Harry’s stomach felt like it was filled with lead. He walked morosely out into the Livingroom where Ron and Hermione were staring at him with concern. “He was summoned”, he stated.

“Harry I’m sorry”, Hermione stated warmly, coming over to sit with him and pull him into a hug. Ron also joined them, and they sat silently for a few moments in a big heap.

Harry couldn’t stop himself from sobbing. He hadn’t yet taken the sober up potion, and the combination of the alcohol, the fear, and his friends’ presence was setting off his emotions. “You have no idea how hard it is to sit here while the person you love is facing some unknown danger. You should have seen him the last time he returned. I’ve never seen anyone in that much pain”.

“He will be fine Harry”, Ron assured him, “He’s been doing this for a long time”.

“I’m sorry I shouldn’t be burdening you with this…” he began, but Hermione cut him off.

“We are your friends Harry, this is exactly what we are for”, she stated emphatically.

They sat for a moment in silence “So…”, Ron began, “You Love him?” he joked, and Harry could tell he was trying to lighten the mood, “I’m pretty sure you failed to mention that little fact last time we met”.

Harry snorted, “I wanted to ease you into that revelation”, he returned jokingly.

“Probably a good thing”, he nodded seriously, I’m not sure I could have coped last time. It might have been the end of me”. Harry laughed, elbowing him playfully in the side. “ooof”, Ron stated dramatically, “You know though, I honestly never thought I would say this, but I like him”, he replied.

Harry looked over to him, “You do?”, he asked.

Ron nodded, “I suppose I could get used to him”, he deadpanned, and Harry huffed in laughter.

“You are good together. You just have to look at the way you interact, it’s quite seamless. You seem to anticipate each other’s movements”, Hermione stated, thoughtfully.

“You’re drunk”, Harry laughed, amused by the concentrated seriousness on her face.

“I reject your accusation”, she replied indignantly.

They stayed for a little while longer but Harry eventually asked them to leave. He didn’t want Severus having to deal with being vulnerable in front of them. He paced for a while, and then kept himself busy by tidying up. His submissive appeared again about two hours later. Harry rushed to help him, but Severus pulled off his mask and smiled gently at him.

“Are you ok?” he asked warily, not wishing to touch him until he knew it was safe.

“I am fine”, the other man returned, unbuttoning his robe. “He was ok this evening. A few short temper tantrums but nothing that will provide any lasting effects”, he walked over to Harry pulling him in for a deep kiss. “He wishes me to visit with Lucius and find out what he knows”.

“You were expecting that though weren’t you?”, Harry asked, pulling him into the kitchen, and then setting about making tea.

Severus nodded, “Yes, I shall speak to Kingsley and we can arrange to go some time this week”, he paused, “I am sorry that your evening was interrupted”.

“Bugger that”, Harry replied, “There are plenty of evenings”.

“Yes, but you shouldn’t have to be dealing with this. It is unfair”, he returned meaningfully.

Harry looked at him concerned, “It’s part of being at war Severus. It’s not your fault”. The other man shrugged but did not reply, “It’s not Pet”, he stated meaningfully.

Severus stared at him for a few moments, and then changed the subject, “So am I still getting my reward tomorrow?”, he asked, smirking. Harry allowed him to change the subject, but he wasn’t going to let this lie. Tonight, however Severus had dealt with enough, and they spent the rest of the night lounging together, happy that Severus had come back relatively unscathed.

The following day was the second part of Harry’s wager and he was now staring down into a pot of bubbling potion in Severus’ private laboratory.

“Seriously, do you even know what the definition of finely chop is?” Severus snapped at him.

Harry ignored his comment, “Hey, who is making this potion?”

“Well clearly not you”, the other man returned snidely, “Whatever you are making is certainly not a potion. It is more a random collection of ingredients thrown into a pot”.

Harry snorted, “You would think, considering how much trouble you have had sitting down this weekend, that you would be on your best behaviour today”, Harry stated wryly.

“I like to live dangerously”, Severus returned, audaciously. Harry rolled his eyes, and was about to reply, when Severus barked at him again. “Dear God, you would think you hadn’t ever taken a potion’s class. Would you just stir the bloody thing”.

“Watch yourself”, Harry warned him, but Severus just sneered. Despite the fact that the other man was sitting naked on the desk, his legs spread wide, his hands and feet bound in cuffs, and his backside still striped from his spanking on Thursday evening, this appeared to present no deterrent to his attitude. Severus had thought himself clever to put into the wager that Harry would create the potion naked, but what he had forgotten was that Harry was his Dominant, and could order Severus naked at any time. So now they were both in Severus’ private lab, naked, and growling at each other across the room, as Harry attempted to not ‘fuck up’ the aphrodisiac.

“I swear to Merlin, if you don’t stir the bloody thing, and stop me from having an apoplectic fit at the fact that you seemed to have learned nothing in seven years, I am walking out this door right now Potter”, he growled menacingly.

“First things first” Harry began, his voice deceptively light as he peered down into the cauldron he was stirring, “If you call me Potter once more, that spanking that I gave you the other night is going to seem like a few feather taps compared to what I will do to you”. He glanced up at his submissive, who had now crossed his arms in front of his chest and was glaring at him. Harry gazed at him dangerously, “Secondly”, he began, his voice stern, “threaten me again, and you will see exactly how I deal with disobedient, disrespectful submissive’s, and believe me that is not something you will even remotely enjoy”. Severus dropped his arms, his eyes widening. He knew Severus would understand that this was not an idle threat. “Do I make myself clear Severus?”. The other man nodded slowly. “Severus”, he barked.

“Yes, Sir”, his submissive breathed, dropping his eyes briefly in supplication.

Harry continued to gaze at him, “Now, I don’t mind you providing advice, but I will not tolerate that level of disrespect. Do not ruin this Severus. I would rather not spend my evening having to deal with you”, he warned.

“Sorry, Sir”, the elder man replied, his voice now holding a modicum of respect. Harry returned to the potion making. He really wished he had known that this was how to shut the other man up during all those hours of dreadful classes.

“Sir”, his submissive interrupted.

“Yes, Pet” he asked, his voice now carrying only a hint of danger.

“I would like to respectfully suggest that you now add the Valerian Root. If you don’t add it within the next forty-five seconds, the potion will be ruined”. Though his voice was strained with exasperation, he was, at least for the moment, attempting to remain respectful, though Harry wasn’t fooled that it would actually last that long.

Harry looked up and smiled at him warmly, “Thank you Pet”, he replied, adding the root as suggested. He stirred it again, and peered down into the now aubergine purple liquid. “Is it supposed to be quite that purple?”, he asked, worried that he was going to spend the next two days without the proper use of his penis.

Severus snorted, “Yes. For once you actually seem to have been able to follow instructions. Whoever thought it was remotely possible…Sir?”.

“Hey”, Harry began, winking, “There’s a reason I’m the one in charge, I’m not good with following other people’s instructions.”

Severus rolled his eyes, “I have to agree. You would positively be the worst submissive. Your Dominant would have offed himself within a week”, he returned snidely.

“Well lucky for me I found a completely respectful obedient submissive”, he stated sarcastically, placing one hand on his hip as he glared at Severus.

The other man merely smirked, “You would be bored stiff. At least this way I keep you entertained”.

Harry couldn’t stop himself from laughing, “The annoying thing is you are right, I wouldn’t change a thing about you Pet”, he stated sincerely.

Severus grinned, “You should never meddle with perfection”.

Harry smiled at him, and then realised how sickeningly mushy he was when it came to the other man. “So how long will this actually last?”, he asked, changing the subject.

“It is one drop for one hour. That is assuming you manage not to screw it up in the last twenty minutes”, he sneered, “I would suggest taking two drops”.

“Would you like to take it as well?” he asked him. Severus hesitated in his answer. “I meant if I actually make it correctly. I won’t make you take it if I fail”.

“It’s not that Sir”, he began, “With the ingestion of the potion, the level of stimulation is increased, and it is difficult to control release. I doubt I would be able to release on command, or hold off when you order it. Additionally, if I actually managed this, if you only allowed one release or forbade it completely, this would become extremely painful and would make me sick”, he stated seriously.

Harry was alarmed, “Do you actually think I would do that?”.

“No, not intentionally, but the potion enhances your own natural tendencies, thus you are likely to be in a heightened Dominant state whilst I will be in a heightened submissive state”.

“Ok, but then if I am in a heightened Dominant state, and my natural Dominant tendencies are to protect and care for you, wouldn’t that also enhance these qualities?” Harry asked, a little confused, and a little hurt that Severus would think he naturally only cared for himself.

Severus thought for a moment, before nodding, “Yes, I am sorry. I wasn’t thinking straight”, he paused, “I wasn’t really thinking of your role. I was more worrying about my own reactions to you”, he sighed, and Harry was shocked to see him blush, “You have mentioned how it has surprised you how possessive you are of me, and that it seems to be out of character for you. I have also been surprised by my own reactions. The level of submission I show you is uncharacteristic for me, and is not something I am used to. Whilst I am not worried about this generally, I am concerned that I may not, in a heightened state, naturally try to look after myself. I fear I would be more concerned with trying to please you than making sure I didn’t get sick, and this concerns me”.

Severus looked troubled, so Harry cast a stasis spell over the cauldron and walked over to him. He placed his hands on his thighs as he stood between his legs. “Severus, I understand how much this must be hurting, but if you don’t mind me saying, you are an idiot”, he smirked, mirroring something Severus had said to him when he was worrying about his possessiveness. Severus didn’t fail to catch the reference and smirked amusedly at him. Harry sobered, running his hands soothingly up his submissive’s thighs, “Pet, the only reason that I am able to be Dominant with you is because I trust you to know your limits, and where your submission to me should end. I trust in your ability to keep me from hurting you and that is why I feel safe to be able to Dominate you. If you were not strong in yourself, I wouldn’t feel safe. I would be constantly second-guessing myself or wondering if I was hurting you. I know however, that you would tell me in a heartbeat if I was doing something to hurt you so I can feel safe to try things out. You say that you are worried, however you have just told me about your fears, and what you are at risk of doing in your heightened submissive state, thus you have already protected yourself from the problem. I suspect that you are feeling safe in your submission to me, in my ability to protect you, and your ability to know where the line is, so you are letting yourself go a little deeper in your submission, knowing that we will always be doing it together”. Severus looked at him, and after a few minutes of thought the relief showed on his face. “What we have is amazing. We both enjoy it, we both care for each other, and we both want the best for each other. Does it matter then if we are both a little out of character?”.

His submissive smiled at him, “I suppose you are right, however I cannot ever imagine feeling comfortable in this level of submission with anyone else”.

“And I cannot imagine being this possessive of anyone else. It looks like we are stuck with each other”, he grinned, before becoming more serious, “Honestly Pet, I also can’t imagine feeling this safe with anyone else. I feel safe to be able to just be me, to try things out, to be Dominant when I need to, but also to be just me, and to be vulnerable when I need to. I can’t imagine ever having that connection with anyone else.”. Severus rubbed his hand over Harry’s that was still lying on his submissive’s thigh. Harry paused for a second, “Is this what has been bothering you recently?”.

Severus looked away, before shrugging, “I suppose”, he returned unconvincingly.

“Pet, you know you can tell me anything”, he stated sincerely.

Severus looked at him and sighed, “I know this, however there is nothing specific I need to discuss with you”.

Harry was a little disappointed, but he tried not to let it show, instead smiling warmly, “So would you like to take the potion with me?”

The other man nodded, “Yes, but I would suggest that it might be best to take a drop every hour, as there is still the unfortunate possibility that I might be summoned, though this is unlikely.”

Harry finished the potion, and brought him back up into the Living room. Harry took a drop and then placed one on Severus’ tongue, before placing it on the sideboard.

“So how long will this take to kick…”, he didn’t get any further because immediately the world around him started to become a little hazy. All he could see was Severus, and he wanted him with every fibre of his being. He recognised it wasn’t really that much different to how he normally felt about the man, but it had a sharper edge to it, and a need that was immediate. He could feel his cock rising, and he could see that his submissive was also becoming visibly aroused. He could feel his Dominance rising up, and he stared at the other man, whose eyes were starting to become a little glassy. Severus dropped to his knees, staring up at his Dominant with undisguised need. Harry bent down, grasping the back of his head firmly and pulling him in for a domineering kiss. He pulled him up, desperate to be inside him, and pushed him over to the side of the room, bending him over the sideboard. He pushed one of his legs up onto the sideboard, and immediately began to open him up, his need for the other man becoming almost painful. Severus groaned aloud, pushing back onto his Dominant’s fingers, and that only served to wind Harry up even more.

“You can come as many times as you wish Pet”, he told him, “as long as you obey me I mean”, he warned him.

Severus moaned but did not reply. Harry pushed into him when he was finally open enough, and without giving the other man time to adjust he took him hard. He pinned the other man to the sideboard and fucked him without mercy. He heard the other man begin to pant and moan below him, as he continued to thrust into him. He fucked him for a while, making sure to hit his submissive’s prostrate.

“I’m going to come Sir”, Severus breathed out harshly, before immediately keening loudly and shuddering his way through an orgasm. Harry continued to hold him in place, using his body roughly until he could feel his own orgasm building up and then rushing through him. He screamed out loud, the intensity of it almost overwhelming. Panting, he pulled out, but he was barely free when he could see his cock rising again and he could feel the need for Severus take hold of him again. He pulled the other man up, turning him to kiss him and grab hold of his cock. Harry pleasured him with his hands and Severus grasped onto the sideboard to keep himself up as he screamed though another orgasm, spilling himself onto the floor. Harry pushed him over to the couch, pushing him to lie done on his back, and then without any preamble, he leaned over him and shoved his cock deep into the other man’s mouth, whilst using one hand to pin his arms to the couch. Severus pleasured him with enthusiasm, and Harry fucked his mouth into another blinding orgasm.

“Please, please, use me Sir”, Severus begged, his eyes downcast, and Harry couldn’t remember ever being this turned on. Severus was giving off unbelievable submissive vibes, and Harry’s Dominant side was roaring. They both took another drop as it was coming close to the first hour and they didn’t want it to wear off.

Harry pushed him through into the bedroom, ordering him to kneel up onto the bed and lean his hands against the wall. He came up behind him, giving him a few mild spanks, and his submissive groaned with desperation. Gripping his waist, he eased himself into his submissive, taking him roughly again, as Severus clung onto the wall to keep himself upright. Unbelievably they both came for a third time that night, and they had barely caught their breath when the potion set to work again.

“It’s time for your reward boy”, Harry told him smirking, and Severus’ eyes widened with lust. “Do you want it Pet?”, he asked teasingly.

“Yes Sir, please”, he begged, and Harry smirked, lying down.

“Come here Pet, open me up”, he ordered.

Severus looked at him with awe, and then knelt in front of him, his eyes downcast as he gently pushed one finger into Harry. Harry groaned, he’d never had anyone touch him there before and it was a new exciting sensation. Severus spent some time swirling the finger around until Harry had to order him to put another in. By the time he got to four fingers Harry was desperate to feel the other man inside him.

“Enough Severus”, he ordered, “I’m bloody open enough, anymore fingers and you could fit a boat in there”, he joked, letting the other man know he was still comfortable with the proceedings.

Severus looked up at him, “May I serve you now Sir?”, he asked.

“Yes Pet”, Harry told him affectionately, drowning in Severus’ submission.

Severus pushed his knees up gently, and then began to push in. Harry knew the aphrodisiac was enhancing the feelings, but he definitely wasn’t disliking the sensations. By the time Severus was fully in, Harry was desperate for him to move, he felt almost split open, but at the same time he needed more.

“Move boy”, he commanded, “Show me what a good boy you are, and pleasure me”.

Severus began to move, moaning, and choking as his cock began to gently pull in and out of him. Severus moved his body around a little until he hit something that sent sharp tendrils of pleasure through Harry’s body, “fuck”, he ground out, and Severus did it again.

“You better start moving faster boy”, he commanded, “I am not going to break, and if you don’t start serving me like you mean it, then I’ll stop this and you’ll never get to do it again”, he told him warningly. Severus gazed at him momentarily, then ducked his head in deference, before beginning to move faster, thrusting in and out of his Dominant. They continued like this for a while then Harry decided he needed more friction. “Stop”, he commanded, and Severus obeyed immediately. “Lie down and grab the headboard”. Again, his submissive obeyed without protest. Harry smirked, gazing darkly at his pet, as he straddled him, and then rearing up he grabbed Severus’ cock and guided it inside himself. The elder man gazed at him in awe, and Harry could feel his cock jump inside him. He grabbed his own cock and began pleasuring himself and at the same time used Severus’ cock to fuck himself. There were so many sensations, and when he hit his pleasure spot, it felt like the world was tilting. He continued like that for a while, teasing them both. Every time they both came close he would stop until they had calmed down and then he would start again. Severus was begging and pleading with him before he was even half way done with his teasing. This position gave him a lot of control over the other man’s body, and he was finding that he liked it.

Eventually, his submissive couldn’t hold on much longer, “Sir, can I come?”, he begged desperately.

Harry fucked himself a little longer and then as he felt his orgasm rush towards him he ordered the other man to come, and Severus screamed, his entire body jerking up, and his fingers white as they gripped desperately to the headboard. He pulled at his own cock harshly as he continued to thrust himself on the other man’s cock, and the orgasm overtook him. He spilled out across Severus’ chest, as he screamed out his own release. He panted harshly, and looked down at his submissive, who seemed to have lost himself to his subspace. He gazed at him affectionately, and then tiredly pulled himself off, grabbing his wand to cast a few cleaning spells. Thankfully, the potion appeared to have worn off, and he was utterly exhausted. He grabbed the two pain potion’s from the bedside table, which they had placed there in anticipation. He took one and then softly coaxed his submissive to take the other, before covering him with the quilt. He pulled him in and stared at him wonderingly. He recognised amusedly that he was currently doing the creepy stalker thing, gazing at his submissive whilst he slept, but it never failed to amaze him that Severus felt safe enough to truly let himself go into his subspace so deeply when he was with him. Harry curled up next to him, feeling content, and drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Text

“Good morning, Pet”, Harry intoned into Severus’ ear, at the same time as grabbing his wrists and pinning them to the small of his back. Severus was lying on his stomach, his face turned towards Harry. His eyes flickered open, and he smiled softly as he gazed up into his Dominant’s eyes.

“How are you feeling this morning beautiful?”, Harry asked him, his voice tender.

“I am good, Sir”, he replied.

Harry narrowed his eyes at him just slightly in warning. Severus dropped his eyes briefly and that told him that the other man was feeling vulnerable. It was exactly what he had expected, considering how far his submissive had gone into his subspace last night. Harry smiled at him warmly.

“Spread your legs”, he ordered, and the elder wizard obeyed. He began opening him up, but kept his submissive’s wrists pinned behind him. There was no rush about it, as it wasn’t even really about the sex. Harry just instinctively knew that his submissive needed the physical connection of their bodies and needed the opportunity to be obedient whilst he was in this vulnerable headspace.

When Severus was opened enough, Harry released him and lay down on the bed. “Ok Pet, up and get yourself onto my cock”, he ordered firmly. Severus immediately raised himself up, and manoeuvred himself until he was straddling his Dominant. He kept his eyes downcast as he pulled himself up and then eased himself fully down onto Harry’s cock, gasping as he impaled himself.

“Wait”, Harry commanded before he could begin moving, and the other man held position as Harry used his hand to open the bedside table drawer and pull out the collar and leash. “Lean down Pet”, he commanded, never raising his voice. The Potion’s Master submitted to the order, and leaned down so Harry could buckle the collar around his neck and attach the leash, wrapping it around his hand so that the other man would feel it tug him when he lifted himself up on his Dominant’s penis.

“Ok Pet, show me what a good boy you are.”. He paused as Severus pulled himself up again, never raising his eyes as he began to move gently on Harry’s cock. “Hands behind your back Pet”, he instructed, “And concentrate on pleasuring me, because you won’t be coming today”.

“Yes, Sir”, his submissive replied, his body shuddering as he processed the command. Severus rode him for a while, and Harry just stared up at him. Whilst Severus needed the opportunity to be obedient and feel Harry’s control, Harry equally needed the opportunity to look after the other man and to be obeyed without question. It cemented their roles and their relationship, and made them both feel safe.

Eventually, Harry gripped his hips and began pushing himself up into the other man. His orgasm overtook him lazily and he rocked up into his submissive, groaning out his release. Severus continued to ride him until Harry lay boneless on the bed. “Good boy”, he praised, as he pulled the other man up slightly to allow himself to slip out. “Now come here and kiss me”. The elder man leaned down and kissed him softly. Harry rolled him over until he was lying flat on his back, pinned his arms above his head with one hand, keeping a hold of his collar with the other, and took him in a Dominating kiss. Severus was still hard, and he gasped into Harry’s mouth at the forcefulness of the kiss. Harry kissed him for a while, letting the other man know that he was under his control.

“Come”, Harry commanded after a while, getting up and pulling at the leash. Severus followed obediently, and he led him into the shower. He spelled a waterproof charm on the collar and leash, as he had absolutely no intention of releasing the other man, and they showered together. Without being asked, Severus picked up the cloth and body wash, and began washing his Dominant, then knelt down to wash his legs and feet. Severus did not speak, and Harry only spoke to give him orders. It was intimate and personal, and Harry felt content and at the same time completely in charge.

When they were clean Harry led him into the kitchen, ordering him to kneel down and then magically secured the leash to the door handle, as he set about making them breakfast. Severus did not protest, instead looking relaxed and calm, though he had blushed at being leashed naked to the door. Severus remained obedient and content throughout the day, and in the evening, they decided to go out for dinner and go bowling, having missed it since leaving the community. Later that night, Severus had asked if he could organise his Dominant’s clothes and the other things that he would need for work on his first day, and Harry had agreed, giving him explicit orders on what he would need. It was nice to see his submissive so relaxed and content, and so in his submissive headspace.

The following morning Severus had awoken him by sucking on his penis, smirking at him wickedly, as Harry arched up. It was clear he was back to his usual self, as Harry barely had his eyes open before being assaulted by the other man’s biting tongue and sarcastic jokes. However, Severus also made him breakfast and had asked if he could dress his Dominant. Harry had agreed, and Severus had set to work dressing him with dedication, even going so far as to put on his watch and straighten his tie. His submissive had also stopped on a number of occasions to lean in to kiss him playfully.

“Are you nervous Sir?”, Severus asked him, as he walked over to get Harry’s new robe out of the wardrobe.

“Mmm, a little bit”, he replied.

“You should be”, Severus stated, widening his eyes dramatically, as he walked back over to him.

“Oi”, Harry returned indignantly, and his submissive simply smirked, before swooping down to begin kissing at the spot on Harry’s neck that he knew made him boneless. “Gnghh”, Harry stated inelegantly, his breath hitching at the wonderful feelings Severus was bringing forth with his mouth.

His submissive pulled back smiling, “You will be great”, he announced matter of factly, and it was amazing how that simple statement could make Harry so happy. Harry brought his hand up to tweak a nipple of the naked man in front of him, and then leaned in to bite at the other one gently. Severus breathed in sharply. “Sir. You will be late”, his submissive reminded him, and Harry bit at the other nipple quickly, just to even it out. He looked down as he pulled back and saw that the other wizard’s cock was definitely becoming interested.

Severus lifted the robe and helped Harry into it. “I will set up a classroom for our first training session, Sir. You should floo to the Headmaster’s office when you finish work and then come to find me. It would be best if you were to come with your glamour, at least until we are in the classroom.”.

Harry nodded, “Ok, I will see you this evening”. He pulled the other man in for a kiss, and then feeling mischievous he pushed him until he was bent over the bed and then gave him some hard swats. “Be a good boy today”, he ordered, and then walked out of the room. He could hear the other man huff as he left, and he couldn’t stop himself grinning.

Harry’s first day had actually turned out to be a lot more boring than he had expected. It mainly consisted of paperwork, and being shown around the different departments and systems. He’d been introduced to a dizzying number of people, and he knew there was no way he would manage to remember them all; he was generally pretty terrible with names anyway. Kinglsey had called him into the office at one point during the day to check on the plans for his defence training with Snape. His new boss was very formal throughout it, and it was clear he was trying to set some boundaries as his superior. Harry guessed he didn’t want them to become too familiar, considering their recent interactions.

As agreed, Harry floo’d to Albus’ office, and was waylaid for half an hour as the headmaster insisted he have some tea, wanting to find out about how he was getting on and his first day at work. By the time he made it to Severus’ classroom it was after seven pm, and he was an hour late.

He knocked on the Potion Master’s door. “Come”, he heard barked from inside, and he opened the door to see his submissive sitting behind his desk, marking papers. It was weird to see him like that. The last time he had entered the potion’s classroom he had been a student, and the last time he had been alone in the room with him had been during detention, when Severus had been his usual nasty self.

“Professor”, Harry smirked, nodding his head in greeting.

“So, you finally arrived”, his submissive sneered, finally glancing up. Harry merely looked at him expectantly. Severus crossed his arms, “So, you’re not going to even apologise for making me sit here for an hour waiting on you”, he sniped. Harry also crossed his arms, and lifted his eyebrows. Severus huffed, “Really, what should I expect. You just expect me to cater to your every whim”, he snapped. Harry sighed internally. Severus’ mood seemed to have switched again, and gone was the obedient loving submissive of this morning.

“There is a classroom along the corridor which I have set up for our purposes.”, Severus stated and with that he stood and walked haughtily straight passed Harry, in a swirl of robes.

Harry shook his head at the display, though part of him was slightly amused, and he followed him along the corridor. As soon as they entered, Harry shut the door and placed locking and silencing spells on it, before removing his glamour. Severus turned to him, and immediately Harry stalked towards him. Without bothering to waste any words, he grasped his submissive by the back of the neck, and pushed him until he was across the room and bent over the desk. He pinned him to the desk with the back of his neck, the side of his face pressed into the wood.

“Do not push me Severus. I am here to learn defence skills from you. You might be the teacher here but never ever forget who is really in charge”, he warned, his tone strict, “If you cannot do this with respect, then we shall simply return home, and I will deal with you. I will then have to inform Kingsley that we were unable to complete the training because of your disobedience and disrespect”, he snapped.

Severus huffed, and tried to push himself up from the desk. Harry pushed his neck further, bearing his teeth in anger. He’d never known Severus to actually try to disobey him by fighting back. “Are you choosing to disobey me?”, he asked dangerously.

Severus stilled, appearing to suddenly realise what he had done, and he immediately went limp in his Dominant’s grasp. “No, Sir, I am not disobeying you”, he replied, his tone deferential.

“Now are you going to remain respectful”, Harry asked him, his voice like steel.

“Yes, Sir”, he stated.

Harry held him for a few moments longer, “Do you think I should just let that level of disobedience slide?” he asked the other man, his tone clear what the answer should be.

Severus swallowed, “No, Sir”.

“What do you think I should do about it then?”, he asked.

He could feel Severus tense beneath him, and he watched as his cheeks flamed. “Perhapsthebelt”, he mumbled.

“What?”, Harry snapped, making it clear his response was unacceptable.

His submissive took a breath, “Perhaps you could use your belt, Sir”, he replied.

Harry let him up, “No, I will use your belt. Remove it and offer it to me”, he commanded, his voice low as he glared at his submissive.

The other man brought his hands down to his own belt, and flushing, removed it, before handing it to his Dominant without looking at him. Severus didn’t wait to be ordered, instead unbuttoning his trousers and lowering them and his underwear, before removing his robe and bending himself over the desk.

“I seem to be spending a lot of my time correcting your behaviour recently Severus”, Harry stated, swinging the belt to crack down on the desk next to his submissive, who bodily flinched. “What is going on with you lately?”, he asked.

“Nothing, Sir”, the other man replied, though there was a hint of uncertainty to it.

“Do you think it is appropriate for a submissive to be so disobedient and to require so many corrections?”, he asked, his voice severe.

The elder man’s voice was barely above a whisper when he answered, “I am sorry Sir. I do not mean to be so disobedient”.

Harry sighed, coming towards him and running his hand down his back, “I know you don’t boy”, he stated tenderly, “But do not worry. No matter how many times you are disobedient, I will always be here to correct you”. He stood back and dropped his voice again, “Now, I will give you ten with your belt. You will take them all and then you will thank me for it. I would like to actually get home at some point this evening”, he stated dangerously.

“Yes, Sir”, his submissive replied obediently.

Harry gave him the ten, making sure they were hard and would leave a lasting impression. He could see that the other man was working hard not to move and to thus prove his obedience. When it was over, Severus stood, and went to his knees.

“Thank you, Sir, for taking the time to correct me”, he told him meaningfully.  

“I always will Pet, but I really wish you would tell me what is going on with you”. He paused for a second, giving the other man a chance to interject but his submissive remained silent. He couldn’t stop a small sigh escaping him. There was definitely something going on. Whilst Severus was a sarcastic person, with Harry this tended just to be for fun. It was extremely rare that he would use his words to attempt to hurt him or to genuinely just be mean, but that seemed to be his norm at the moment.

“I do not tend to wear a belt very often”, he mused, “I think you should wear yours regularly out of the home. That way you will have it available to offer me, whenever I need it”, he stated, his tone making it clear that this wasn’t a request. 

Severus breathed out, “Yes, Sir”.

Harry pulled him up and kissed him deeply and then ordered him to begin the lesson.

“I would like to work on your wandless magic, Sir”, his submissive began when he was fully dressed again. “You have shown some aptitude for this, but it is only for very small pieces of magic, that would have little to no use on the battlefield.”, he paused, slipping into teacher mode. “By consistently having to say your spells aloud, you are giving your opponent an advantage and leaving yourself vulnerable. If you can at least cast some spells wandlessly this will keep your opponent off guard”.

“I thought that not everyone could do wandless magic? How do you know I even have the ability for more complex spells?”, Harry asked, genuinely curious.

“Your magic is incredibly strong, Sir. My magic is one of the strongest of my generation, however not many people are aware of this. I am considered a dark wizard, and if they knew that I had this level of magic, I suspect that certain individuals, no matter that they consider themselves light wizards would not hesitate to take me out. I am well aware that there are many who allow me freedom only because they believe me to be controlled by the Headmaster. I could already feel that you were strong, however when we connected our magic, I could tell that it rivalled mine, however you have not yet fully tapped into it. I suspect that you have not fully unleashed your magic because you are not sure how to control it. I will aide you with this. Each week we will focus on another aspect of controlling your magic, and you will instinctively know when it is appropriate to unleash it, because you will have the ability to manage and control it. When your magic is ready you will be incredibly strong, although you will have to take care not to flaunt this. Many are terrified of witches and wizards with this level of magical ability, and you do not want to find yourself ostracized”.

Harry stared at him, trying to process it all. He knew he was magically strong, but hadn’t realised he possessed that level of power. “Who knows about your level of power?”, he asked.

“Only Albus, Adducere, and now you”, he stated. “Even the Dark Lord is not aware of this, because like you I did not recognise my own magical potential until later on. Albus helped me to recognise my power and to control it. I suspect he aided me in recognising my potential as a way of helping me to feel more powerful when I was struggling with my submission”.

“The headmaster has shown a lot of trust in you right from the start”, Harry commented, “I’m kind of scared of what would have happened to you if he had not trusted you and supported you.”

“I have often considered this”, Severus began, “No-one else, other than Adducere, and this would have not happened without Albus, has ever truly trusted me and shown me this. That is until you, Sir”, his submissive acknowledged. “Now”, he continued, clearly needing to change the subject, “I have an idea of what we could do that might just encourage you to tap further into your magic, though this will be dependent on whether you are willing to stick to the rules Sir, and not use your power over me to cheat”, he smirked.

“Oh yeah?”, Harry smiled, intrigued.

“I suggest that you wandlessly attempt to undress me. If you succeed then you may use me as you see fit. However, you must also be willing to agree to the following rules. If you are unable to fully undress me in the space of ninety minutes, then you must promise not to use my body at all this evening, and that includes my mouth”, he stated, narrowing his eyes, “no matter what I might do, and believe me I will use every opportunity to tease you”, he smirked darkly, “Additionally, every time it takes you longer than ten minutes to remove an article of clothing then I will replace one piece. I believe this should provide a decent incentive to encourage you”.

Harry agreed to the terms and Severus conjured a large clock which immediately began counting down. Harry quite quickly managed to remove his socks, as Severus lifted his feet when he felt the tug of magic at them, and he managed to get Severus’ shirt unbuttoned relatively quickly. However it was frustratingly hard to get any movement on the heavier items of clothing. It took him nearly forty minutes to finally get the other man’s robe removed, and even though he had felt an enormous amount of triumph at this, and whilst he then managed to get his shirt removed, it took him so long to remove his trousers that the shirt and one sock was put back on. He could see the clock counting down, and he could feel the stress in his stomach building. He was at seventy-five minutes when Severus replaced the robe, and the amount of frustration was overwhelming.

By the time the clock began to count down the last five minutes, Severus still had his robe, shirt, trousers, and underwear on. Shaking his head, Harry vowed he would do it, and he concentrated every last tendril that he had on just bloody getting the clothes off of the other man. He desperately didn’t want to be denied the use of his submissive’s body tonight.

Suddenly, it was like something just switched within him and it just all became so simple. It felt no more taxing than trying to bodily pick up a feather. In seconds Severus’ robe and shirt were gone, and his trousers and underwear were at his ankles. Harry even manged to wandlessly lift his submissive, to pull the trousers and underwear off.

He looked up in astonishment, and then over at the clock, “With two minutes to spare”, he crowed in self-satisfaction.

“You really wanted to use me tonight didn’t you?”, the other man smirked amusedly.

Harry snorted, “I’m absolutely exhausted with it, but it’ll be worth it when I have you pinned to the bed”, he grinned and Severus shook his head amusedly, “but how did I manage that?”.

“You tapped into your magical potential”, Severus stated, “You went after something you wanted without reservation. You stopped worrying about how you were going to do it and just did it. Yes, you will be tired, it takes a lot of energy to expel that amount of magic, even for someone so powerful”. He paused, “What you have achieved tonight is more than most wizards and witches will ever hope to achieve in their life, however you are still capable of much more”. Without any outward sign that he was trying, suddenly every item in the room lifted into the air, including the large concrete desk, all the chairs around the outside of the room, and a large stone gargoyle statue in the corner.

“Wow”, Harry breathed out, suddenly immensely turned on at the display. The thought of having someone that powerful willingly on their knees for him, was making Harry’s cock pulse. He turned back to the other man, who had now retuned all the items to the floor. Narrowing his eyes, he stalked towards him predatorily. “Get home now”, he commanded, his tone completely Dominant. “I want you on your knees with your mouth around my cock in the next ten minutes.”, he stated, and the other man’s eyes widened, but Severus couldn’t stop himself form smirking knowingly.

They went back to Severus’ quarters and Harry ended up pounding him into the bed, his Dominance wanting to Master the other powerful man completely. Severus willingly gave himself up to Harry, and whilst he was teasing and playful, he obediently followed every order Harry set without comment, and allowed Harry to overpower him completely with his tongue and his cock.

When they were finished they had a light supper to get their energy back but they were both magically tired. It had taken a lot for Severus to give him that display of his power, and they ended up falling asleep quite early.

The following day Harry didn’t see his submissive as Severus was back to having twice weekly patrols, although they did communicate by parchment. Harry gave Kingsley an overview of the defence lesson, though when he asked for more specific details Harry smirked, and was amused to see the other man blush and quickly change the subject. On Wednesday evening, he floo’d over to Severus’ as they had arranged to visit Lucius that evening with Albus and Kingsley.

When he arrived his submissive came out of the bedroom, and immediately walked over to kneel at his feet. Harry stared down at him for a moment, then walked past him without acknowledgement. He sat on the couch, and again spent a few moments gazing at the kneeling form.

“Come here”, he ordered, his tone making it clear he wasn’t to be disobeyed. The other man immediately did as he was bid, though Harry could see that he was frowning slightly in confusion. It was unusual for Harry not to greet him warmly.

“Kneel”, he commanded, as his submissive approached, and Severus settled into his usual pose. “Look at me”, he ordered, his voice never wavering from its strict tone. The other man brought his eyes up to look at him slightly apprehensively, and Harry could tell that he would be wracking his brains trying to work out if he had done something wrong.

Harry gazed at him sternly, “I am not going to tolerate any disobedience or disrespect this evening Severus, so I would suggest that you keep this in mind when considering how to behave”, he informed him, his tone clipped. Severus stared at him, still slightly confused by his Dominant’s sudden sternness. “I mean it Severus”, he continued, “I am warning you now and this will be the only warning you will receive. Should I find your behaviour to be unacceptable at any point I will not hesitate to address the situation immediately”, he told him forcibly, and his submissive’s eyes widened as he processed the implications of what Harry was saying.

“I have let you away with far too much disrespect recently and it is about time I rectify the situation. You have become far too complacent in the knowledge that I will not punish you in public, however, today is different. Both Albus and Kingsley are aware that you are mine, and I will not hesitate to show them exactly how I deal with you, should you push me”, he warned, staring the other man down. His submissive flushed, and Harry could tell that his breathing rate had increased. “Have I made myself clear?”, he asked sternly.

“Yes Sir”, the elder man replied quietly.

Harry stared at him for a moment, before dropping his voice into a “do not mess with me tone”. “What do I expect of you this evening?”, he asked.

The other man’s skin flushed a deeper red, before he answered, “To remain respectful and obedient to you, Sir”, he answered, his tone submissive.

“And what will happen if you are disrespectful or disobedient?”, Harry asked, keeping his voice low.

Severus hesitated briefly, swallowing nervously, “I will be punished”, he answered, his voice barely above a whisper. Harry could see, from the movement of his shoulders, that he was wringing his fingers together behind his back.

“And If I am forced to punish you, where and when will this happen?”, he asked his submissive. Severus dropped his eyes, “Look at me”, Harry barked, making it clear the other man’s behaviour was unacceptable.

Severus’ eyes shot up, and they gazed at him with a hint of vulnerability, “At the time, wherever it occurs”, he choked out, his voice meek.

Harry nodded, “I think you should remember this”, he suggested, “It will not be I who is humiliated if you do not”, he told him. “I will not hesitate to use your belt Severus if you push me, so watch your behaviour”. The other man nodded, swallowing heavily, but at the same time Harry could see that he was definitely turned on by the inherent humiliation of it all. Harry tugged him forward, placing his hand firmly against the other man’s neck, pulling him in for a dominating kiss, before drawing back slightly “You are mine, do not forget this”, he warned.

Severus nodded, “Yes Sir”.

In reality, Harry had no intention of ever punishing him like this, or allowing him to be so humiliated. He simply wanted to give him some boundaries, and the perception that he wasn’t in control. Hopefully this would allow him to relax a little, rely on Harry, and thus help him to get through this evening and the anxiety of confronting Lucius.

“Good boy, now go and finish getting ready. We will be leaving in ten minutes.”, he ordered.

Before the other man could rise however, he stopped him, “Actually, I want you to wear that black polo neck under your robes, and bring me your collar”. Severus’ breath hitched. He had never worn his collar out in wizarding public before. It wouldn’t be visible under the polo neck, but Severus would still know it was there.

Once they were suitably attired, they floo’d to the ministry to meet with Kingsley and the headmaster. Lucius and the captured Auror were now being held in an undisclosed location and Kingsley would be transporting them there using port key. That way Voldemort would not be able to devise the location from Severus’ memories. Harry was of course glamoured again, even though he had no intention of allowing Lucius to see him. Whilst Severus would be talking to him, Harry and the other two men would remain hidden behind a one way see through wall, very like the mirrors that muggles used in prisons.

As soon as they port-keyed to the unknown location Harry could feel the despair coursing over him, and he could see that it was having a similar effect on the other men. Severus had already shown him an effective way of bolstering his shields so as he wouldn’t be overcome by the memories, but it didn’t stop the pervasive misery that came with having Dementors as guards.

They were escorted by some trusted Auror’s through the underground building, which Harry found out was similar to Azkaban, however its location was hidden to nearly everyone. The only way to get in and out was through port-key and no-one, except Kingsley and a few other ministry officials, were ever provided with knowledge of the location. It was used to house very dangerous prisoners, who were at risk of being aided in their escape or having the ability to escape themselves. If they had known about Sirius’ ability to transform into a dog he would have been housed here. Thankfully Sirius had been pardoned the year before and he no longer needed to hide.

It took forever to reach Lucius, as they were taken deeper and deeper into the facility. When they finally reached him, Harry was shocked at the state of him. He was an absolute mess. He was dirty, had lost a lot of weight to the point he barely resembled his former self, and the misery was coursing off of him. Harry looked over at his submissive, who looked visibly shaken at the state of his former friend.

Harry turned to them angrily, “He might be a criminal, but nobody deserves this”, he spat, “This is inhumane. I doubt even the death eaters would treat their prisoner’s so immorally. Shouldn’t the point of prison be rehabilitation? What is the justification for this?”.

Kingsley looked at him appraisingly, “I have petitioned the board on numerous occasions to cease their use of Dementor’s, however they are adamant.”

Harry’s mouth set into a hard line, and he crossed his arms, “Well I for one refuse to be a part of such an organisation. I am formally giving you my notice of resignation Auror Kingsley”, he told him forcefully. He was adamant that he would never be a part of something that could treat human beings so disgustingly.

Kingsley was about to protest when Albus cut in, “Actually Harry, we might be able to use this”, he told him, “I too am disgusted by the treatment, however my influence with the ministry is limited. You on the other hand have far more power than you are aware of”. Harry looked at him curiously, “The ministry are well aware of the prophecy, and now that they know Voldemort is back, they are adamant that you be trained. It is the ministry who encouraged Kingsley to offer you the original mission, though I was unaware of that until recently”.

Kingsley interjected at this point, “I am sorry Mr Potter for deceiving you, though I was under strict orders not to reveal this”. Harry narrowed his eyes at him but did not comment.

“If Kingsley informs them that you are threatening to quit, due to the use of dementor’s, and also that you are threatening to go to the papers about it, they will be forced to act. Fudge is well aware that his power his tenuous at best, and that the wizarding public are likely to get behind something which you advocate. He will see this as a threat to his power and to the risk that you will not be ready to face Voldemort. If you give me leave to do this, I will protect you Harry”, the Headmaster told him seriously.

Harry looked over at his submissive, who nodded thoughtfully, “Ok Headmaster”, he agreed, though he was a little reluctant.

Albus smiled, “Will you promise to stay with the Auror’s for the moment then my boy?”. Harry looked over to Kingsley who smiled his approval and Harry nodded again.

At this point Severus went in to speak with his old friend. Lucius had no recollection of any of the events. He’d lost all memories of the week even leading up to the fight, and in reality, he wasn’t even aware of the how he was captured, or what the date even was. He had so-far not been granted any visitors, and that in itself upset Harry. Lucius’ family deserved to see their father and husband, although it was probably best that they didn’t see him in this state. Lucius’ conversation then appeared to make very little sense, however Severus later told them that he had been speaking in code. He had surreptitiously informed Severus that Voldemort was planning to seize the school, though it was unclear when, and that he would likely be drafted into help. Severus didn’t gain much information from the other death eater, though at one point Lucius had begged him for help, and Harry could see how hard this was for his partner. Lucius had once saved Severus’ life, and now to see a man once so haughty, brought down so low, was difficult to witness for anyone let alone his former friend.

Harry felt shaken by the entire encounter, and he could tell that Severus was feeling the same. It was only seven pm by the time they finished, and Harry deliberately took the other man out for tea, needing to put some sort of normality back into their day. Harry gave him the time to be able to say everything he needed to. Harry himself was worried about the potential backlash of going up against the ministry but he didn’t feel that Severus was in a place to be able to talk about that right now. He recognised that his partner needed to be pushed down, to help him to cope emotionally by being completely at Harry’s will. On returning to Severus’ quarters Harry floo’d back first, and immediately went to sit on the couch, awaiting his submissive. When Severus arrived, he did not give him a chance to speak.

“Come”, he ordered. The other man obeyed and knelt down in front of him. Harry grasped the back of his head, pulling him forward into a bruising kiss. When he pulled back the elder man was staring at him assessingly. “Eyes down”, he commanded, his tone severe. When his submissive obeyed, Harry pulled out his own cock and began to stroke it lazily.

“Your behaviour was appropriate tonight, so I am going to allow you to continue to show me how obedient you can be. You are going to be allowed to serve me boy”, he told him. “Now keep your hands behind your back. I only want to feel your mouth on me”, he ordered.

“Yes, Sir”, the other man replied softly, leaning forward to gently wrap his mouth around Harry’s cock. Severus’ entire attitude was deferential, both in the line of his body, and in the way he worshipped Harry’s cock. Harry allowed his submissive to pleasure him for a few minutes and then ordered him off.

“Lie down”, he commanded, and Severus obeyed without protest. Laying himself down and continuing to keep his eyes downcast. Harry stood and began circling the other man predatorily. He used his newfound wandless ability to remove each article of clothing one at a time, until Severus was completely naked, his cock hard and pointing upwards.

“Now you are going to offer me your body like the obedient submissive I know you to be”, he demanded, “You are going to open yourself up for me and then present yourself for my use”, he paused, “You are not permitted to speak, nor raise your eyes, so you are going to have to find some other way of indicating to your Dominant that you are ready to offer your body”, he informed him darkly.

He saw the other man swallow, and a deep red hue travel up his body, but he brought his knees up, and planted his feet, wide apart, on the floor. Harry continued to loom above him, as Severus brought his fingers down and slowly began to push one in. Harry incanted a wandless lubrication spell, and watched as his submissive’s finger disappeared. The Potion’s Master gasped, and then groaned aloud as he opened himself up, adding more fingers until he was panting and his cock was beginning to leak. Severus pulled his fingers out, and Harry watched as he blushed again, knowing what he needed to do. He paused, steeling himself, and then grasped his knees, pulling them up to present himself to his Dominant.

Harry almost came, watching the display in front of him, and he was hard pressed to bring himself back from the brink. He left his submissive in that position for a while as he began undressing, giving himself time to calm down. He then knelt down on the carpet, and immediately pushed himself into the other man. He paused when he was fully inside, and ran his fingers tenderly down the other man’s stomach.

“You will not come”, he ordered, dropping his voice into a Dominant tone, “You are mine, and you are going to continue to show me that you understand that you are mine to use as I see fit. You are not permitted to talk. You will stay still and silent, and concentrate on simply being a body available to serve me”.

With that he began to move. Severus held his knees in position, and kept his eyes downcast, but Harry could see that he was already drifting. His breathing was laboured, but his body had taken on an almost relaxed quality.

Harry pinned him to the carpet, dominating him completely as he used the other man’s body. It was fascinating to watch the acerbic man let go, and watch the lines of stress leave him. He used his body hard and then came deep inside his submissive. He groaned as he came and it was made all the more acute when Severus couldn’t stop himself from gazing up at his Dominant as he came. Harry then he spent a while simply kissing him lazily. Severus was drifting in his subspace, but he was still alert enough to respond to his Dominant’s commands. Harry watched a film, as his partner fell asleep lying in between his legs. In the end Harry didn’t want to move him and ended up transfiguring the couch into a bed.

A few days later, on Saturday evening, Severus and Harry had been invited for dinner at Ron and Hermione’s. After a leisurely dinner, prepared mainly by Ron, they were now lounging about in the living room, chatting, and having a drink.

“If you are not in a rush, then there’s a band playing just along the road in the muggle part of town. We could go and have a couple of drinks?”, Hermione asked them.

“Well we don’t have any plans tonight”, Harry stated, turning to his submissive, “What do you think?”, he asked, though it was merely for show. He knew that the fact that he had indicated his intention to go would mean that Severus would automatically try to accommodate him. His submissive simply nodded, smiling.  “Severus will have to wear a glamour if we do go though”, he stated, turning back to them.

Hermione nodded, “Great, give us twenty minutes to go and get ready, make yourself a cup of tea or something”, she declared, grasping Ron’s hand, and pulling him out of the living room.

Harry pulled him in for a kiss as soon as they had left, “Are you sure you are ok with this Pet?”, he asked.

Severus nodded, but then narrowed his eyes, “I am simply concerned that there may only be hard seating”, he returned bitingly, and Harry snorted.

Severus had been difficult for the last three days, and whilst initially Harry had been lenient considering his interaction with Lucius, Severus had continued to ignore Harry’s warnings. Thus, he’d ended up with the bath brush on his backside again. Harry was starting to get quite concerned about his submissive’s continued rapid changes in emotions. They didn’t seem to make much sense. One minute he was completely submissive to Harry, and the next he was being difficult and bitchy. This had been going on since the night after the Auror meet and greet, and therefore couldn’t simply just be about Lucius. In all honesty, Harry was having a hard time keeping up with the mood changes, and keeping the other man boundaried. It felt like he was constantly being forced into being this hard domineering Dominant, and he was really starting to miss the other parts of their relationship. He’d decided earlier that night, as he was spanking him, that he was going to force Severus to talk about what was going on for him, though he wanted to leave it until the following day, as he didn’t want to open a can of worms and then saunter off for dinner. 

“Want me to rub it better?”, Harry asked him, smirking.

“Oh yes, what a sight that would be”, Severus stated acerbically.

“Perhaps then, you’ll try to be a little better behaved before going out for the evening”, he warned him, only slightly joking.

Severus rolled his eyes, “Well I am going out with your idiotic friends to keep you happy, so I assume that could be counted as well-behaved”, he sniped.

Harry frowned, and sighed internally; clearly, he was in a bitchy moment. “Careful Severus”, he cautioned, “Ron and Hermione have been nothing but friendly to you. I do not think they deserve to be called idiotic. They are your friends now too remember”, he reminded him. Severus screwed up his nose, but did not say anything else.

“Am I permitted to drink alcohol this evening?”, he asked him after a few seconds of silence, his tone slightly belligerent.

Harry narrowed his eyes, “Do you really think that you deserve to drink alcohol?”, he asked seriously.

Severus huffed, “Well, then can I remove this plug?”, he asked, “I do not relish spending the evening trying to find comfortable positions to sit in”, he sniped.

Harry looked at him warningly, “If I wished you to remove the plug, I would have already informed you of this” he paused, “Why are you pushing me this evening Severus?”, he asked, his tone hard and slightly raised in volume.

Severus blushed instantly, turning to check the door was closed. “Severus” Harry barked, and the other man instantly swung his eyes round to meet his. “If I have to ask you again, the last thing you will be worrying about is whether the door is closed”, he warned, “I am not happy with your behaviour today, so take a second and think about how you are going to save yourself from the embarrassment of me having to tell them that tonight is cancelled because I am being forced to go home to deal with a disobedient submissive”.

Severus dropped his eyes, “I am sorry Sir…I” he paused, and Harry could tell he was really nervous about what he was about to say, “I should have told you this earlier, I had a visit from Larkin”.

Harry was shocked, off all the things he was worried the other man might say, that hadn’t even factored into it, “When?”

“Thursday evening, when you were having dinner with your Godfather”, he replied quietly. Whilst it didn’t really explain all of his mood, it would certainly explain the difficulties over the last few days. It gave some rationale to his constant shifting between being obedient and pushing the boundaries, he was clearly emotionally affected by this and needing Harry to contain him.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked.

Severus shrugged, “I don’t know” he sighed.

“Pet, look at me”. His submissive slowly brought his eyes up, clearly expecting to see disappointment in his Dominant’s face. Harry took his hand, “You should have told me. You have been dealing with this yourself for three days. You shouldn’t have had to go through this alone, I would have supported you”.

Severus looked at him appraisingly, “You are not angry with me?”, he asked.

Harry was surprised at the other man’s reaction, there was something seriously off about him. “Baby, what is going on?” he asked him.

“I don’t really know”, his submissive stated, sounding slightly frustrated, and dropping his eyes again, “I just feel off”.

“C’mon we need to go home and talk”, he told him.

Severus looked up at him with panic, “Please Sir, I’m so…”

Harry cut him off, “Pet” he stated warmly, “I’m only going to tell them something came up at work, and I have to go.” Whilst Harry could technically be called into work, as a new trainee it was very unlikely.


“No, boy. I am not going to drag you out when you are clearly needing some time to talk, now not another word about this until we get home”, he ordered gently.

“Yes, Sir”, his submissive replied, and Harry was pleased to see that he seemed a little more relaxed than he had all day.

Hermione and Ron had of course been understanding, but it was clear that neither of them believed he had a sudden work emergency, however they chose not to say anything and Harry was grateful to them for that. As soon as they floo’d home Severus walked off to the kitchen, and Harry followed him. His submissive put the kettle on, and started making tea, though it was with much more force than was usual for him. Harry walked behind him, and slid his arms around his waist, and he could feel the other man relax into him. Once the tea was made they sat on the couch to talk. Severus told him that Larkin had been transferred back to London, and had decided to look him up. Larkin admitted that he had always felt guilty for the way that he had left Severus, and had wanted to check up on him.

“Do you still have feelings for him”, Harry asked, a little nervously, “I will understand if you do”, he promised, “He was your first love”.

Severus shook his head adamantly, “No, I have no lingering feelings for him in that respect Harry”, he told him, “It simply brought up a lot of feelings that I thought were dealt with, but they are more about what might have been, or in my case what might not have been. I doubt I would have joined the death eater’s if I had not been so lost and angry.”, he paused, “Do not get me wrong. I do not blame Larkin for this, in the end it was my own decision, but seeing him again brought up all of the feelings I thought were long dead and buried”.

Severus sighed, and Harry pulled him over until he was resting with his back against Harry’s stomach, with their legs strewn along the couch. They talked for a while longer as Harry soothed him by rubbing circles on his stomach.

“Thank you for telling me Pet. I am proud of you for opening up”, he told him when they were finished, and he could feel the other man relax.

“I am sorry I kept it from you.”, Severus began, “It was not that I didn’t want to tell you, I just didn’t really know what to say or even what to think. I just needed a couple of days to sort it out in my head, Sir, though now I wish I had brought it to you earlier”, he sighed.


“You know you can always tell me anything”, Harry stated meaningfully. Deciding to take the plunge he continued, “I know this will have affected you over the last couple of days but I have been a bit worried about you for the last week and a half, and this doesn’t really explain that.”, he paused, “Is there something else going on?”, he asked him.

Severus seemed to hesitate for the briefest moment, but when he spoke his voice was clear, “No, I am merely concerned about the growing threat from the Dark Lord. I am sorry I have been so difficult”.

Harry tried to convince himself that was true, but a part of him was sure it wasn’t, and he felt like he was failing as a Dominant and a partner. If Severus couldn’t open up to him about his worries, then Harry wasn’t giving him what he needed; but at this point he wasn’t quite sure what to do.

The following day Harry went home for a few hours, and after a quick chat with Sirius by floo, he headed over to visit the Weasley brood. When he returned, Severus was in a foul mood, and it took all of Harry’s abilities to calm him. His submissive informed him that he was simply angry with himself that yet again Harry had been forced to cancel another night with his friends. Despite Harry’s reassurances, his submissive remained sombre, until Harry suggested that it was a good time to have Severus’ ‘detention’. He figured it would be a good way of getting the other man out of his head for a little while. They had previously postponed his detention because he’d recently been punished, and whilst he had again only been punished the day before, Harry figured if they didn’t do it now, at this rate they’d never get to do it. Severus couldn’t seem to go two days at the moment without needing punishment. His punishment the day before hadn’t been too severe, and had more been a reminder of his place, so they both agreed he would definitely be able to cope with a little more spanking.

Harry had told him about the room of requirement, and had provided him with instructions on how to get there. Using his invisibility cloak, Harry went to the room and pictured what he wanted in his head. He wanted it to look like a classroom, but different enough from the other Hogwarts’ classroom’s that they would be able to dissociate from the school during their scene. By the time he was finished it resembled more of a muggle classroom than a wizarding one, and Harry figured that it would be perfect. It still had a large desk at the front, with an imposing leather chair, and smaller individual desks for ‘students’. He had been specific to the room about the fact that he only wanted to allow Severus access and no-one else. He was also pretty sure that no-one else in the school even knew about the room, now that himself and his few friends who knew about it had left.

When his submissive arrived, and walked into the classroom, his eyes widened as he glanced about him, taking in both; the fact that he didn’t know until today that the room even existed, and the realism of it all. Harry looked up, and set his eyes upon him, causing the other man to stop in his tracks. He watched his submissive swallow. “Yes, Mr Snape?” he queried, in a hard tone.

The other man fidgeted as he stood, “I’m here for my detention, Professor Potter” he mumbled, looking away.

“Come” Harry ordered, and Severus moved slowly towards the desk. “Remind me Mr Snape, why are you in detention” he asked him, his tone severe.  Severus looked away, shrugging, and crossing his arms. Aahh so this is how he wanted to play it. “Mr Snape” he barked loudly, causing the other man to jump, and swing his eyes round to gaze at him warily. “I asked you a question, if I have to ask you it again, you will not like the consequences”, he promised.

Belligerence set in across Severus’ face, and his mouth set in to a hard line, “Because I was disrespectful” he replied, though there was a sullenness to the tone that wasn’t normally there.

“Yes boy, you were disrespectful. Now take a seat, you are going to begin by writing some lines”. The other man glowered at him but took a seat at the very back of the classroom. Harry had to stop himself from smirking at the display. He stood, and stalked down the aisle, placing paper, a quill and ink onto the desk. “I want you to write 50 times, ‘I am a naughty boy, and I need to learn some respect”.

“I am not writing that”, he shouted, crossing his arms, and glaring daggers at him.

Harry leaned down, bringing his face close to the other man’s and stared at him intimidatingly, “Just try it Mr Snape”, he said in a deadly voice, “go ahead, disobey, and see what happens”

The other man’s eyes widened, and his breath caught in his throat. He stared at Harry with just a hint of fear in his eyes. Harry stood, staring down at him, before turning and stalking back to the front of the class. He took his seat again and brought out a book. It was all for show, as he spent the time surreptitiously watching the other man. Snape initially began to write, but then as his confidence came back he began smirking, and Harry knew he was up to something.

“Mr Snape” he shouted, and Severus just about fell out of his seat he jumped so fast at the sound. Harry stood, and walked meaningfully towards him. The other man now looked a little fearful, and was surreptitiously trying to hide a piece of paper in his robe. “Give me that”, Harry ordered, holding out his hand. Severus blushed, but held out the piece of paper. Harry looked down at his text, noting that he had managed about ten lines before giving up. He opened up the piece of paper to find a drawing of him as a cartoon devil with horns, and a speech bubble that read, “I am the stupidest and evilest teacher alive”. Harry had to force himself not to laugh, but instead managed to keep a straight face and glared down at him.

“Stand-up” he ordered, and Severus did, looking nervous as he complied. “It is clear Mr Snape, that these newer forms of punishment will not be appropriate for you. I think we need to return to more traditional methods of discipline”, he stated, glaring at him.

“What do you mean?” the other man asked him, nervously.

“I mean Mr Snape, that I think the only way you will learn is through the time-honoured method of putting you over my knee and spanking out your disobedience”, he told him, his voice strict. 

“What?” Severus croaked, “You can’t”.

“I assure you I can young man, I have written permission from your parents to use any means necessary to bring you back in line”, he replied, crossing his arms and staring him down.

“I won’t…”, the other man replied, beginning to back away from him.

“I would not advise that course of action.”, Harry warned, “You will be spanked, and it is now up to you whether you will bend over my knee of your own free will, or I will have to chase you and take you over my knee wherever I am to catch you, wherever that might be” he warned, “I am sure, even you Mr Snape, would not wish to allow the other students to see you spanked”.

“Please”, he pleaded, looking at him with wide eyes, “Please don’t do this Sir”.

“It is too late for pleading boy, you have disrespected me on too many occasions. I will relish taking you over my knee and whipping some manners into you”. He turned and walked back towards the desk. He sat down in the large highbacked leather chair, and lifted his ruler, to begin patting it menacingly against his hand.

Severus looked at the door, his eyes wild, and then flicked back towards him, flinching as Harry whacked the ruler against his hand and eyed him meaningfully. He began walking slowly towards the desk, pulling his robe around him in defence. Harry pushed himself back from the desk as he approached.

“Come here”, he ordered, his voice as strict as he could make it. Severus complied, looking at him with pleading eyes. “Remove your robe Mr Snape”, he commanded. The other man flinched, but obeyed, pulling it off and placing it over the desk. Harry pulled him forward and began unbuckling his belt. Severus choked, and weakly tried to pull away. Harry ignored him, manging to unbuckle his belt, and pop open the button.

“Oh God, Please Professor, please don’t do this”, he pleaded.

Harry looked up at him, “Have you ever been spanked before boy?”, he asked, his tone severe. Severus shook his head. “Then I would take heed of this lesson, unless you want to find yourself over my knee on a regular basis”. Severus’ breath hitched, and Harry could see he was straining in his trousers, but he shook his head. Harry stared at him darkly, and then proceeded to lower his trousers and boxers, leaving him standing on display.

“What a dirty boy you are” Harry told him, flicking his eyes at his cock, which was now standing proudly on display. Severus blushed, his eyes dropping to the floor. “I can see that this spanking has been long overdue. That you would be so disobedient as to stand in front of me with an erection, tells me you have been given far too much free reign young man”, he declared, staring at him for some time. Severus shuffled, his cheeks a hot red, and his cock beginning to leak as he stood on display for him.

“Over my knee now”, he ordered, patting his leg. Severus obeyed, bending himself over his knee so that both his feet and hands were resting on the floor and his buttocks were in prime position.

“Now, I will give you a hand spanking, and then I shall move to the ruler. I suggest you do not push me or you will find out what other implements I have on hand, do you understand”, he barked.

“Yes, Professor Potter”, Severus replied meekly.

Harry began using his hand, enjoying the light sting he felt whenever it connected with the warm flesh. After a while he then picked up the ruler, and brought it down sharply on the upturned backside. Severus jumped, and his breath hitched at the sting. He gave him a dozen more, enjoying the way he wriggled with each spank. He then set about giving him a fair amount in rapid succession, and Severus’ breath began to catch in his throat.

After a while Harry pulled him up, and he could see Severus was a little confused; the spanking was nowhere near the amount that he was expecting. He stood, grasping Severus by the arm and pulled him towards one of the classroom desks. His trousers and underwear were now around his ankles and he had to shuffle to keep up with him. “Sit there”, Harry ordered him, and he obeyed, blushing again at what a sight he made sitting bare arsed on the seat, with the end of his hard cock sticking out from under the shirt. 

“As writing lines did not seem to be your thing, and you are obviously a sexual miscreant”, he stated meaningfully, looking down at his hard on, and Severus hung his head in shame, “You are now going to write me a description of one of your fantasies. I want to find out exactly how depraved you are boy”, he ordered. Severus’ breath hitched but he nodded meekly. Harry handed him some writing materials and then left him to it. After about twenty minutes Severus put down his quill.

“Stand in front of my desk boy”, he ordered, and the other man obeyed immediately, shuffling towards him. Harry stood, “Now, bend yourself over the desk, and place your paper so you can easily read it”. Severus shook his head, and Harry narrowed his eyes. The other man flinched, and then obeyed. “You are going to read me your fantasy Mr Snape, and I am going to spank out your disobedience whilst you do”. He stood behind him, pushing his shirt up his back to give him a clear view. “Now, begin” he barked, giving a single spank to the now very slightly pink flesh

“Dear diary. Today Professor Potter ordered me to come for detention again.” He began softly “He’s always keeping me in line these days, I can’t make any mistakes or I’m over his knee and he’s spanking me with that hated ruler”. The writing wasn’t elegant, and Harry suspected he was deliberately staying in the mindset of the student. Whilst it wasn’t elegant, hearing Severus talk, with his deep rich sensual voice, was making the story hotter than Harry thought possible. Harry spanked him again. “Sometimes, if I’m really disobedient, he makes me bend over the desk and he canes me. I hate the cane” Harry spanked him again, and Severus’ moaned. “But, if I take my punishment well, he sometimes lets me pleasure him afterwards. He pushes me onto my knees,” spank, “and takes out his hard cock” spank, moan, “and then I get to take him into my mouth before he spills down my throat.”

Harry faltered, his cock hard, and he was sure leaking in his trousers. Severus was panting, but he continued, as Harry gave him intermittent swats “Today when I went for detention, there were other students there, and it made me jealous. I got angry and belligerent, and shouted at him. The Professor got really angry and he hauled me over his knee in front of the other students.” Harry spanked him again, and it was clear by the resultant moan that Severus was seriously aroused, “I was so embarrassed, but at the same time really turned on. Professor Potter could feel how hard I was over his knee, so he ordered the other students to leave before he let me up. When they left, the Professor pushed me onto my back on the desk, and started putting his fingers inside me…”.

Severus didn’t get any further because Harry was far too turned on. He hauled him up, pulling him in for a bruising kiss. He grabbed him, dragging him round the desk until Harry was again seated on the large leather teachers chair, and he pushed Severus back over his knee. He swatted him a dozen times until Severus was bucking and moaning underneath him, then he pushed him back to his feet, before pointing at the floor. The other man went to his knees, hunger flashing in his eyes as he waited for Harry to release himself. He did, then pushed his cock deep into the elder man’s mouth. Severus moaned around his cock, sending vibrations up the shaft, causing Harry to groan aloud. After a short time, he hauled him up, then helped him to lie back onto the desk.

Severus looked at him with desire, “Please Professor Potter”, he begged. Harry growled, pulling off the other man’s trousers and underwear, and wandlessly spelling open his shirt, leaving his chest bare. He rubbed harshly at Severus’ nipples, causing the other man to pant and squirm. Without waiting, he pushed Severus’ knees up, spelled a lubrication charm and then shoved one finger deep inside him. Severus dropped his head back, groaning at the sensations.

“What a naughty student you are, seducing your Professor like this” he stated darkly. Severus just moaned in response. He opened him up further, enjoying the wriggling display that was his submissive over his desk. He then pushed down his own trousers enough that his cock was fully free and entered the other man, groaning as the heat enveloped him. He kept the rest of his clothes on, his robe wrapping itself around Severus’s knees.

He pushed in deep, and they both moaned aloud. “What a picture you make boy. What a little slut you are, over your Professors desk with his cock in your arse”. Severus choked, unable to reply as Harry pulled his legs, pulling his backside to the edge of the desk so he could set up a punishing pace. It was fast, hard, animalistic, in the way that Harry pounded into him, and Severus was trying desperately to grip onto the desk.

Harry grabbed the other man’s cock, rubbing at it as the other man whimpered. “Touch yourself boy”, he ordered.

“Yes Professor”, he panted, gripping onto his cock with one hand, and using the other to desperately try and hold himself in place on the desk. It was a highly erotic display, Severus was panting with the effort, and he looked completely wanton, bent over with his shirt undone and fondling himself. “Please Professor, I really need to come” he begged.

“Such a dirty boy” he pronounced, and Severus moaned again. Harry pushed in harder, bringing himself to the edge and then ordered his submissive to come. They both came hard, and it was all Harry could do to remain standing as it ripped through him.

“Bloody hell”, he pronounced, when they were both panting through the aftershocks. He lifted his head to look at his exhausted submissive. “Wow” he said uselessly, and Severus smirked.

“So, Professor Potter” Severus began, once he had caught his breath, with his smirk still fully in place, “Will I be serving detention again?”.

“Oh god yeah”, he declared, and Severus’ self-satisfied smirk grew just a little bit larger.

Despite how well the evening had gone, and the fact that Severus was in a much better mood for the rest of the evening, his submissive’s’ emotional changeability seemed to grow worse over the next few days.  During their second defence training session, Severus was obedient and submissive, whilst the following evening he was difficult again. On Wednesday evening he was almost clingy, and on the Thursday, he seemed preoccupied and distant, although he blamed this on the amount of work he had. Harry’s head was spinning with it all, and it was painful to watch the other man tear himself apart. No matter what Harry did he couldn’t get Severus to open up about what was going on. On top of that, Harry wasn’t able to share his own worries, because Severus seemed far too preoccupied. He missed having the support of the other man, but he knew that he needed to give Severus time to sort out his own stuff before overburdening him with Harry’s worries.

On Friday evening, Harry wasn’t due to see his submissive, as Severus was patrolling. He felt a little desolate. He’d become used to spending his nights with his partner, and despite the difficulties they were having he couldn’t imagine anywhere he’d rather be. He knew, however, that he would barely manage a couple of hours before conking out, and his submissive would be flooing over in the morning to wake him up. Auror training was demanding, as there was so much to learn, and Harry was exhausted by the time he stepped into the fire to floo home. He couldn’t wait to have a shower, some tea, and go to bed.

When he entered the living room, however, he was surprised to see his submissive sitting awkwardly on the couch, a small bag at his feet.

“What’s going on?” Harry asked, feeling his nerves rise up; something was definitely wrong.

Severus looked at him briefly then looked away, “I’m sorry Harry, I was waiting for you to return, as I wanted to tell you this in person”. He paused as if steeling himself, “I don’t think this is working out any more”, he said without tone.

“What?” Harry asked, his stomach dropping like lead, as he stared at the other man in disbelief.

Severus refused to look him in the eye as he replied “I don’t think we should be a couple anymore. I truly am sorry. I would like to be friends if you are still willing”.

“Seriously you’re giving me the ‘let’s just be friend’s’ speech?”, Harry asked him, feeling a mixture of anger and shock rising up within him. Severus merely nodded. “Can’t we talk about this?”, he pleaded.

“There is nothing to talk about”, he replied, his voice monotone and his face blank.

“What has brought this on? I thought we were happy, why are you doing this?” he asked frantically, hearing his voice become louder in his desperation. Severus shrugged again, still refusing to look him in the face. “Is this because of Larkin?” he asked, the jealousy stabbing at him. He didn’t want it to be, but at least it would give some sort of meaning to this sudden ending.

“No, it is not because of Larkin. I have simply come to the realisation that I no longer wish to be in this relationship”, he stated, his voice still devoid of emotion.

The anger suddenly overwhelmed him, “Why are you being so bloody distant with me, what have I done to deserve this?”, he shouted.

Severus looked at him momentarily, a brief flicker of guilt passing over his face, but it was gone within a moment, “I am sorry Harry, but this isn’t easy. I do not mean to be cruel, but I don’t want to give you false hope. I do not want to be with you anymore”.

It was like the world had suddenly tilted, and nothing made sense anymore. How could he be saying these things? Despite the fact they had only been together a few months, Severus had become his world, and he had truly thought that this was going to be ‘it’ for him. He stared at the other man; unable to really process what was going on. There was a sort of numb disbelief settling over him.

“Ok”, Harry replied, not knowing what else to say. He suddenly wanted him gone so he could fall apart, but at the same time he knew it was going to break his heart when he left.

“I am still willing to teach you defence skills, though I do recognise you might want to wait a while”, Severus replied, turning to pick up his bag, and heading towards the floo. “I still want to be your friend Harry, if you will let me”.

Harry nodded, feeling emotionless and dissociated. He watched as the man he loved stepped into the fire and without a backward glance floo’d out of his life. Harry just stood there, abandoned and alone in the middle of the room, and he felt the first tendrils of a pain that he knew would shortly overwhelm him.


Chapter Text

Harry spent the night in a numb state of shock, wracking his brains trying to work out what had happened. He couldn’t make sense of it all. He knew that Severus had been struggling with something, but he’d had thought it had been something outside of their relationship. Harry could have kicked himself for not realising that he was unhappy with their relationship. Perhaps if he hadn’t been so complacent in his trust that they loved each other, he might have realised the other man was going to leave him. It just made no sense though; Severus had told him only yesterday morning, as he was leaving for work, that he loved him. Though as Harry considered it, perhaps it was just an automatic response to Harry’s own declaration.

He’d spent the night pouring over his actions. Had he been too dominant and possessive with him? Or on the other hand not enough? Perhaps the other man had finally had enough of being submissive to someone who was so inexperienced, and realised that Harry could never truly give him what he needed. On the flipside, Severus had mentioned that he was concerned about how submissive he was to Harry. Perhaps he hadn’t paid enough attention to his concern? Or maybe he’d pushed the other man too far too fast. The worst thing was, he had nobody that he could talk to about this, as his friends didn’t know the type of relationship they had, and he’d never betray Severus’ confidence; he still had a responsibility to him in that manner. 

He sighed tiredly, as he stared into the fire. He’d lit it because he’d suddenly felt freezing cold, although the fire hadn’t really seemed to help. He was exhausted trying to work out what had happened, but it was easier to think than to feel. He was desperately trying not to let the despair overwhelm him. He knew that he had to deal with it sooner or later, but it was far too scary at the moment. It was like an ominous cloud hanging over him, threatening to burst at any moment. He worried that if he let go the pain would be too much. Intellectually he knew that he would eventually get over the other man, but right now he couldn’t imagine living a day without him, far-a-less his entire life. That thought alone, the possibility that he’d have to live every day of his life without him, made him want to throw up. He also knew that people would tell him that it was only hard now because Severus was his first love, and everyone thought their first love was ‘the one’. But Harry didn’t feel like most other eighteen year olds. He didn’t have the same intentions, and he seriously could see himself growing old with Severus. He was also frantically trying not to dwell on the fact that perhaps Severus had left him for his own first love. The thought of the other man leaving him for someone else was devastating. Had Severus really cared for him so little that he could so easily toss him aside for someone else? Someone that he hadn’t even seen in twenty years?

He lay awake on the couch the entire night, driving himself crazy with his thoughts, and then floo’d over to Ron and Hermione’s at first light. They were sitting on the couch eating breakfast, and he’d barely made it out of the fire before he was spilling out the bare essentials, sobs breaking through for the first time.

“Oh God, Harry I’m so sorry”, Hermione told him, her voice full of sorrow. She walked over to him hurriedly, pulling him into a hug. He let go in that moment, despair pouring out of him. He felt another pair of arms go around him as he cried, and that only made things worse.

When he finally pulled himself together, Ron made him some tea, and they lay huddled on the couch together, a big sandwich of people. Hermione pulled covers around them and they put on some movies, agreeing that they would stay holed up in the house for the day. Harry finally fell asleep in the comfort of their friendship, and when he awoke in the late afternoon, they ordered pizza, and remained curled up together.  When he finally felt together enough to talk, he told them everything that he could.

“I really don’t understand”, Ron declared, “I thought you both were so happy.”

Harry shrugged, thinking exactly the same, “I don’t know why” he sighed, feeling defeated. “I guess he just wasn’t happy. I mean he’d clearly been unhappy for a couple of weeks, and he definitely started becoming more distant, pretty much from the moment Larkin returned. Maybe he was already concerned about the relationship, and then Larkin was just more appealing.”

“Do you really think Severus would leave you for him?” Hermione asked, clearly unconvinced. Harry shrugged, unsure what to think. “It’s hard to imagine Harry. It’s pretty clear Severus loves you”, she paused, “actually”, she began contemplatively, “I don’t want to upset you but I would have said he adored you. I can’t imagine him throwing all that away for a man he hasn’t seen in twenty years.”

“First loves can hold a lot of power”, Harry stated, “Imagine you and Ron split up and then in twenty years he comes back into your life saying he wants you back. Don’t you think you would at least consider it?”. Hermione said nothing, which told Harry everything.

“Do you want me to kill him?” Ron joked, and Harry couldn’t stop himself from snorting.

“I definitely have a few ideas of where to hide the body”, Hermione cut in, smirking.

Despite how awful he felt, it was good to know he wasn’t truly alone. He’d always have true friends to help him through these things. He was grateful for Ron and Hermione, they were loyal and he couldn’t imagine more supportive friends.

Harry smiled at her, but it didn’t last long, “Despite how I feel about him right now, I do want him to be happy, and I know you started to see him as a friend. Unfortunately, I will be forced to see him again at the order meetings, and I don’t want you to feel like you have to cut him off. Just be normal with him”.

They both nodded, “If that is what you want mate, we will, but you will always come first, so if there is anything else we can do, just say”. Ron replied.

“Thanks”, he smiled half-heartedly, “though if you do end up seeing him or find out any information about him just don’t tell me about it right now. I need some space from him to try and sort my head out”, he told them, knowing that was the understatement of the century. He sighed, and then his face fell as he realised something, “Oh God, Severus teaches on the Auror course. I’m going to be forced to spend time with him.”. He let his head fall into his hands, and he felt his friends pull him backwards on the couch into another hug.

He ended up staying with them for a week, floo’ing to work and back, unwilling to go home and face the emptiness of a place that had become so full of life and energy, and would provide constant reminders of his ex. However, eventually he decided he needed to start to get some semblance of a normal life, and steeled himself for the trip home.

It was almost worse than he expected. The house was silent; oppressing in its emptiness. Deciding that he wasn’t going to be defeated by it, he put on some loud music, and set about cleaning up, though it was heartbreaking when he came across a present Severus had given him or one of their ‘toys’. He deliberately didn’t open their chest, as he knew that the duck paddle was in there and he couldn’t face seeing it. The worst thing had been a random photobook/scrapbook that he had started making to give to the other man at Christmas. He’d kept hold of the most random things, and despite how disgustingly sentimental it was, he had been really enjoying making the present. He couldn’t stop himself flipping through it, and seeing the random pictures, both muggle and wizard. In most of them Severus’ face was blank, or he had narrowed his eyes and sneered when Harry had forced him to take the picture. But he had also managed to get at least two where the other man looked genuinely happy, and in one of the wizarding photos he was laughing and shoving a grinning Harry playfully. Forcing himself not to cry again, he shoved them all away in a box, shrunk it and put it at the back of a rarely used drawer. He’d read that you needed to give yourself space for a while, and that meant putting out of sight, as much as possible, all the reminders of the other person.

He couldn’t, however, stop his thoughts being consumed by his ex. It didn’t matter how much he tried, he couldn’t seem to go longer than ten seconds without thinking about him. Harry had been sure that he would realise his mistake quite quickly, and then, as the days passed, he had convinced himself that Severus just needed some time to work things out in his head. But over a week had now passed, and he was becoming angry that Severus hadn’t even checked on him. He hadn’t even sent him a message. Keeping hold of their communication parchment had positively been the worst thing he could have done, because he had wasted hours of his life staring at it, sure that Severus would send him a message. He didn’t understand how it was so easy for Severus to just cut him out; when every second of every day it was hard for Harry to even breath; like there was a weight crushing his chest.

His floo flared to life later that Saturday evening, and for a moment Harry was sure it was going to be Severus. His stomach flew into his throat as he answered the call.

“Harry” Sirius beamed at him as his head entered the fire, and Harry’s stomach sank in disappointment. His Godather’s smile dropped as he looked at him. “What’s up Harry?” he asked concerned.

Harry shrugged, “Doesn’t matter” he stated, not really wanting to tell the man, who clearly hated Severus, about their breakup.

“C’mon Harry, talk to me” he insisted.

He sighed, a slight bite creeping into his voice, “Look Sirius, I appreciate you trying to help, but it’s about Severus, and I’d rather not have you disparaging him at the moment”.

“Harry” he replied, his voice comforting, “I promise not to say anything that might hurt you, just talk to me”. So, Harry did. He was pleasantly surprised by how much the other man deliberately didn’t try to provoke him, instead focusing on supporting Harry’s feelings. It had been a long time since he felt anything positive towards the other man, but he had to admit that he did feel a little better after talking to him.

Harry managed to survive the next two weeks with a combination of throwing himself into training, spending his free time with Ron and Hermione, and regular random chats with Sirius. His godfather had provided him with a shoulder of support, and had made him laugh when no others had. Albus had been sympathetic with him, but had eventually asked him, with a hint of concern, whether he would be willing to have at least once weekly defence training sessions with Severus. Harry didn’t remotely feel strong enough, but he knew that Voldemort wouldn’t wait for him to deal with his broken heart and he had agreed. So now, here he was, three weeks after breaking up with the man he loved, walking down the old halls of Hogwarts on a Monday night, about to face him for the first time. It was late in the evening and there were no students or staff hanging around so no-one interrupted him as he talked himself into thinking that tonight would go well. Reaching the classroom door, he didn’t wait for the nerves to hit, and immediately knocked.

“Come in” the voice shouted.

Harry opened the door, and Severus looked up from his desk. On first glance the other man looked tired, and for a moment there was something in his expression, but it was gone before Harry had named it, to be replaced with his usual blank mask. For some reason, this just pissed Harry off, and despite the fact that he was hurting beyond measure, he suddenly felt strong enough to be able to cope with this.

“Are you ready for practice?” Harry asked him, unwilling to try to make small talk.

Severus nodded, “I have created a space for us a few classrooms along”, he intoned, rising from his desk. “Shall we proceed?” he asked, and Harry nodded. The elder wizard led them down the hall. “I thought we could practice your shields this evening. However, I believe it might be best if tonight we focus on you trying to break through my shields. That way you can get a feel for how strong they can be, and what they feel like. Next week we will reverse, and you can try to block me.” He hesitated for a second, “Is that appropriate?” he asked. If Harry hadn’t known any better he would have assumed that it was his submissive asking permission. Shaking his head of these thoughts he looked at the other man and nodded his agreement. Severus flipped into teaching mode immediately, and within moments Harry was flinging spells at him.

“Put some effort into it Mr Potter” Severus shot at him, after the first few minutes, and Harry was suddenly angry. Now he wasn’t even Harry to him anymore? He channelled the rage, throwing spell after spell at the shields. It was impossible to break through Severus’ shields but he knew instinctively that at least once or twice he had given them a fair dent. At times the elder wizard was sweating with the effort of maintaining the shields, and in a small way this made him feel slightly better.

“I think that’s enough” the older man stated eventually. He looked drained, and Harry suddenly felt a little guilty for how much he had pushed it. “Your spell work has certainly improved recently” Severus acknowledged.

“Thanks” Harry stated, unsure what else to say. “So, shall we meet again next week?” he asked, unwilling to try to be social. Severus nodded, and Harry turned to leave.

“Harry” Severus intoned softly. He turned back questioningly. “How are you doing?”, the elder wizard asked.

Harry looked at him, trying to work out what he wanted, but Severus was giving nothing away. “I have been better” he admitted, shrugging in embarrassment.

Severus looked away, “I am sorry, I truly didn’t mean to hurt you”, he replied, before looking back at him, his face expressionless. Harry nodded, unable to reply. He almost wanted to beg the other man to take him back in that moment, confess how much he was struggling without him. Thankfully Severus used that moment to open the classroom door and walk out into the corridor, saving him from the embarrassment. The elder man turned to him, nodding, “Next week Mr Potter”, he acknowledged, before striding up the corridor. Harry watched him go, his stomach twisting as he was reminded once again that Severus’ wasn’t his, and wouldn’t ever be again.

That night had been hard for Harry, his stomach twisting and turning, forever on the edge of tears.  Their meeting had only served to reinforce how much he missed the other man. He knew it would take time for the pain to stop, but he honestly didn’t know how long he could put up with this. The not knowing was also killing him. They had been so happy, completely caught up in the honeymoon stage of their relationship, where they still couldn’t seem to get enough of each other, or ever feel close enough to each other, no matter how hard they tried, and then suddenly it was over. No warning, no explanation. If he could have at least been provided with a real reason for the ending, then he might have been able to put things into context and allow his brain to make sense of it all. He didn’t sleep at all, and his sorrow was made only worse when he found one of Severus’ Quidditch magazines. Harry couldn’t stop himself from replaying the memory in his head, feeling a mixture of sorrowful amusement, tenderness, and crushing bone-deep pain.

“Go and get your paddle Severus”, Harry had ordered him, smirking. The other man had been teasing him for a while, pretending to be ignorant of the fact that every movement he made, and sentence he spoke was designed to deliberately provoke his Dominant.

“Can’t”, Severus had replied innocently.

“And why not?”, Harry asked, furrowing his brow.

Severus looked suddenly sorrowful, “It’s gone. I think you must have thrown it away”, he returned seriously.

Harry had laughed at the display, “If I go into that room and find that paddle, you are going to be very sorry”, he’d told him, amusedly.

“I’m telling you it’s gone”, his submissive returned, his face still serious.

Laughing, Harry had gone into the room, and begun searching about for the paddle. Opening a random drawer on the bottom of the cabinet, he’d come across a giant stack of magazines. Pulling one out he’d sauntered back through to the Living Room, where Severus was waiting with a smirk on his face.

Harry smiled darkly, “Severus, what is this?”, he asked, holding up the magazine. The other man’s face fell immediately. Harry couldn’t stop himself from laughing, “Oh Merlin, you’re a Quidditch fanatic”.

“I am not”, the older wizard returned indignantly, “They were left here by an ex”, he spluttered.

“Oh yeah?”, Harry ginned evilly, “Well if that’s the case, I think we should probably just throw them away, I’ll just go and get them”, he began to turn and Severus jumped up from the couch.

“Ok, ok”, he stated frantically. He paused, blushing, “Yes ok, they are mine”.

Harry laughed, “Most people are embarrassed about having their porn stash discovered, you on the other hand have a secret stash of Quidditch magazines”.

Severus glared at him, “Yes very amusing. I cannot help my sickness.”

Harry smiled again, “Why have you kept this hidden, what is so embarrassing about Quidditch?”.

“It’s hardly a sophisticated pastime”, he grouched.

Harty walked over to him, pulling him in for a kiss, feeling rather tender towards him in that moment, “So you are worried about your reputation?”, he laughed softly in good humour.

Severus crossed his arms again, “I just don’t believe people need to know I have such a hobby”.

Harry smiled, finding himself feeling oddly affectionate towards the other man’s embarrassment that people might find out he was actually a normal human being, “Well, when we can finally tell everyone we are together, you will be able to go to as many games as you wish and blame it on being dragged along by me”.

Severus’ eyes lightened at that, “I’ve always wanted to go to the world cup”, he pronounced, “There is one next year”. Harry had never seen him so excited about something, and he couldn’t stop himself pulling him in for another kiss.

“Now, I’m sure I was looking for a paddle”, he pronounced, “I think you should undress and bend yourself over that couch, just on the off chance that I find it, or”, he continued darkly, “something else which may be just as effective”. Severus glared at him in pretend annoyance but immediately began unbuttoning his shirt. Just as Harry was turning to walk away he thought of something, and turned back towards the other man grinning, “What’s your favourite team Pet?”.

“The Chudley Cannons”, he replied offhandedly, and Harry couldn’t stop himself from laughing. Wait until Severus found out he had the same favourite team as Ron Weasley.

It was painful to relive the memory, but he couldn’t seem to stop his brain from doing that on a consistent basis, with every little thing that reminded him of his ex. He forced himself to put the magazine away with the other mementos. The memory had only served to remind him of the things he really missed about the other man, and the fact that they shared so much intimacy, and knew so much about each other. Severus had shared so much of himself with Harry, and entrusted him with things he had never told anyone else. That memory had been barely two weeks before they split up. It was difficult then to understand why, in the space of only a couple of weeks, he had changed from talking about their future together to wanting to end it completely. Harry slumped back onto the couch and sat brooding for the rest of the night.

Despite how hard it had been, however, by the morning he realised that, he had coped. It gave him hope that he would be able to claw out of this pit in time. Deciding he needed to not deal with his emotions right now he threw himself into helping out with a case at work. This kept him fairly distracted during the week, and his training also meant he had little time to ruminate. He also decided to finally get around to decorating his house, deciding to turn one of his spare rooms into an office. He went for dinner at Ron and Hermione’s on Saturday night, and Sirius joined them, and for the first time in nearly four weeks he found himself laughing. Sirius regaled them with stories of his younger days, and whilst there were mixed emotions, Harry found himself laughing along. He couldn’t fully push aside what Sirius and his father had done to Severus, but another part of him knew that his Godfather was the only connection he had to his family, and he selfishly needed some sort of grounding right now, even though it did make him feel quite guilty.

On Monday, Harry steeled himself again to face his ex. They practiced with maintaining Harry’s shields, which the other man managed to break through on a number of occasions, however Severus stated that he was doing very well, and that his defences would continue to increase if he kept on in this manner. Harry was exhausted by the end of it, barely able to put one foot in front of the other.

“I would advise that you have some hot chocolate before you leave”, Severus informed him, and, despite his desire not to be social around the other man, Harry was exhausted, so he nodded. 

The elder man summoned hot chocolate and tea, and they sat for a while. The conversation was initially stilted and awkward, and was made only more difficult when they accidentally brushed hands as they reached for their cups. The atmosphere was heavy, and charged, and the spark between them was almost palpable. They eventually fell to conversing about defensive skills, and they laughed when Harry told him about some of the antics of his school days with Ron and Hermione, and their endless quest to solve everything themselves.

“I better get going” Harry stated eventually standing. He was slightly unwilling to leave. It had almost started to feel like old times.

Severus nodded, standing also. “I would like, next week, to also start thinking about survival skills, particularly water and fire” he began “would that be amenable to yourself?” he asked. There was no mistaking it this time, there was definitely a hint of submission in the other man’s address.

“Yes, I think that would be appropriate” he smiled.

Severus smiled for a second and then narrowed his eyes, and crossed his arms, “I am, however, letting you nowhere near my Gillyweed”, he joked, and Harry laughed. The other man smiled warmly at him, and Harry could feel the air becoming heavy with anticipation. He knew that his feelings for Severus hadn’t lessened in the time they had been apart, and there was no mistaking the continued connection between them. Severus was so close to him, and Harry leant forward, his breath quickening as he moved his face towards the other man, who was leaning towards him with eyes that were hooded.

Just as he was about to connect their lips Severus stood back, leaving Harry standing alone and humiliated.

“Harry”, Severus began, apologetically, “I’m sorry, but…”, he paused for a second, glancing away, “ I’m seeing someone else”, he told him awkwardly.

Harry’s entire world rocked in that moment, and he felt like there was nothing solid beneath him to keep him upwards. He couldn’t tell whether to laugh, cry, or punch something. It was like a ball of ice had suddenly lodged itself in his chest.

“Seeing someone?” he asked, in barely a whisper, and the other man nodded. “We’ve only been split up a month, how could you? Did I mean so little to you?”.

“I’m sorry”, was all his ex replied, his blank mask firmly in place.

“Is it Larkin?” he asked him, suddenly, desperately, needing to know.

Severus looked away, appearing to grimace, “I don’t think it’s appropriate to discuss this”.

For a moment, Harry just stared at him, finally realising he had lost the other man. A part of him had held onto the belief that Severus would come to his senses, and that they would eventually get back together; he’d still thought of him as his one. But Severus was seeing someone else, and his clear indifference to him was like a punch in the gut.

“Ok” he replied uselessly, desperately trying to hold himself together, “I’m going to go”. Severus nodded and Harry stood from the couch, walking over to the floo and grabbing some powder. “Look” he began, turning back “I need a bit of space”. It was humiliating to admit his feelings to someone who had already moved on, but for his own sanity he needed away from him. “I know it’s important that I get some more training but there has to be someone else who can do this, at least for a while. I’ll speak to Kingsley tomorrow”.

The older man nodded again, his face devoid of any emotion, “I am sorry Harry”, he muttered, and for a moment there was a hint of sorrow breaking though his mask.

“Yeah well”, Harry shrugged, unable to deny it and not knowing what else to say, he turned away, and threw the powder into the fire. He entered the floo, and didn’t look back as he walked away from the man he loved.

Harry didn’t sleep at all that night, which was becoming an almost constant affair for him recently. By the morning, however, the bone deep pain had given way to a sort of blank numbness, and a pervasive anger. How could Severus have done that to him? How dare he? Harry had given everything of himself and he had not only been tossed aside with little more than a ‘see you later’, but he hadn’t even been respected enough to stop the man from jumping straight into another relationship. Harry could never have done that to him. If Severus could so easily forget him, then Harry really wasn’t worth much at all, was he? The way he was feeling right now, he couldn’t ever imagine trusting someone again. He’d trusted Severus completely, and he’d been betrayed and left broken. Harry felt bitter and angry that he could be used in such a way. He vowed in that moment that he’d never let anyone hurt him like that again. He’d never give anyone that much power over him.

He was sitting on the couch in the early morning, his eyes closed, trying to will himself to sleep for at least an hour before getting ready for work, when his floo rang to indicate a call. He frowned, reluctant to answer a call when he felt like this, but, despite his anger, a part of him was desperately hoping it was Severus. For a moment, he fantasised that the Potion’s Master was calling to tell him it was all a lie, and that he’d never meant any of it. Unfortunately, and as he realistically expected, the head that popped into the fire, once he answered the call, was not his ex, but Ron.

“Hey mate”, Ron beamed, but the moment he saw Harry’s face the smile fell away. “What’s wrong?”

Harry shook his head. There was no way he could open up now. He needed to keep a tight lid on his feelings or he’d never get through work. “I can’t, sorry. I need to get ready for work”.

Ron nodded, “Ok, why don’t you come over for dinner tonight”.

Again, Harry shook his head, “Tuesday’s are my teaching evenings. I won’t even get home until about nine.”

“Well come and sleep at ours. You don’t even have to say anything tonight. You can just come and sleep,”

Harry was about to say no, but he knew that he always felt just a little better being with his friends. It helped him to fell less alone and less worthless. “Ok”, he nodded, not even attempting to plaster a smile on his face.

Somehow, he managed to drag himself through the day, and through the teaching evening. He’d become quite friendly with Ipsum over time, who knew about his break-up, but Harry kept everything to himself for the time being. It helped somewhat, forcing himself to act normal. It helped him to at least get through the day. He floo’d to Ron and Hermione’s after teaching, and he was so exhausted he fell asleep within an hour. It was a fitful sleep full of dreams of his ex, but at least he slept. His anger was still at the forefront. It kept him fuelled, and energised through the day, and kept the feelings of despair from being all pervasive. On Wednesday night, he agreed to go back to Ron and Hermione’s, and his anger gave him the ability to confess to them what had been going on, without breaking down.

“That Bastard”, Ron fumed, and Harry could see him clench his fists.

“You know”, Hermione chimed in at that point, “I was watching a documentary that said there is a poison that can kill someone without being detected. I’m sure I could find out how to make it”, she smiled sweetly, and Harry wasn’t quite one hundred percent sure she was joking.

He couldn’t stop himself laughing, “Remind me never to get on the wrong side of you”, he told her, his eyes wide. She grinned, but in a way that look slightly manic rather than comforting.

“Seriously, how dare he”, Ron seethed, getting up from the couch and pacing over to the fire, “You are worth so much more, Harry. Don’t let him convince you otherwise”.

Harry smiled at him, “Thanks, you big softy”, he teased.

Ron looked at him in confusion, and then he laughed, the tension releasing slightly from his body. “Look, you can stay here as long as you want, or you can just floo over whenever you need to”.

“Thanks guys”, he stated meaningfully, feeling a little better about himself knowing that he had friends to support him.

They talked for a while longer, but Harry just found he was repeating things he had already twent over a million times in his head, and after a while he needed to change the subject. “Hey, what did you fire call me for yesterday?”, he asked.

“Oh, there is a small business event on Saturday.”, Ron began, “I’ve been thinking I might help my brothers to expand their business, or even set up my own, so I wanted to go and start to get some info to think about. I wondered whether you wanted to come with me. It’ll not exactly be fun, but I could use some backup”, he smiled self-depreciatingly.

Harry assessed him or a moment. He could see Ron being good as a business owner. He’d really come into himself in the last year. He was passionate but level-headed with it, and he had the dedication to make things work. He agreed to go to support his friend. It was the least he could do, considering how much they had supported him recently. He went for drinks with some of the other trainees on Thursday night, and went to see Sirius on Friday night, so between that and work, he didn’t have the chance to really become despairing. He was really starting to enjoy spending time with Sirius, and Lupin had ended up joining them for the evening, so for the first time in a while, he found himself laughing, and for a few minutes at a time completely distracted from thoughts of the man he still desperately loved.  On Saturday, he met Ron near to the event. It was in a large building and was sponsored by Gringotts bank, as there would be representatives there to discuss the potential for loans.

“Whoever thought you’d be thinking about starting your own business?”, Harry stated, slightly in awe, as they were walking through the entranceway.

Ron snorted, “I know, I really want to, but then at other points I don’t think I’m grown up enough for it all. I mean I still like to watch my cartoons on a Saturday morning whilst I eat my chocolate frogs”, he whispered conspiratorially, and Harry laughed, “I don’t suspect I’ll be able to get the funding anytime soon, but I’d like to start thinking about what I would actually need, to make it a success when I am ready”.

“Hey, I’d be willing to invest in your start up”, Harry told him seriously.

The redhead turned to look at him seriously, “That’s an awful risk”, he stated meaningfully.

Harry shrugged, “I know money is important, particularly if you don’t have it, but I’ve never been motivated by it. As long as I have enough to be somewhat financially stable, I am satisfied. I came into my inheritance, so whatever I gave you wouldn’t be taking away from my stability. It is extra money that I would be willing to risk”.

“Wow thanks, I mean we’d have to discuss it all seriously, but…”, he trailed off, suddenly baring his teeth in anger.

Harry looked at him confused, “What’s wrong”.

Ron was pulled away from whatever he was looking at, and gazed at Harry with a hint of panic, before masking it with a smile, “C’mon let’s come back later. I wanted to buy Hermione something. She’s been hassling me for a week, so let’s go do that and have lunch and then come back after”. His voice was slightly high pitched, and Harry was confused.

He turned to see whatever was causing this sudden change in Ron and suddenly his heart was in his throat. Of all the places he had hoped never to see his ex, this had certainly never featured as an option. Harry was about to turn back to Ron, and agree that they should hastily exit, when Severus looked up from peering at a leaflet, and their eyes met. Harry’s stomach lurched. He had absolutely no idea what to do. Should he smile? Should he pretend he hadn’t seen him? Should he pretend that he was completely over him, and saunter over to make a joke? Should they be pretending that they still hated each other, considering the threat from the Dark Lord? It was all very confusing, so instead he just stood there like an idiot, not making any kind of decision. Thankfully, Severus seemed to be having the same issue, and they both just stood staring at each other across the hall for what felt like an eternity, though couldn’t have been more than a second or two. Their staring was broken when a man suddenly put his hand on Severus’ shoulder, and the Potion’s Master turned his eyesight towards him. Harry was too far away to hear what was being said, but it was clear that they were friendly. The man laughed, shoving another pamphlet into Severus’ hands. Harry felt physically sick. He wasn’t ready to deal with this yet. He didn’t want to meet Severus’ new partner, or know anything about him. He wanted him to remain a faceless non-entity, that Harry could convince himself wasn't real. This was all too much too fast.

Ron grasped his shoulder, “C’mon, I’m desperate for cake”, the red head stated sofly, turning him away gently.

Chapter Text

Harry spent the next few days simply existing. He threw himself into his training. The one bright spot in all of this, was that he was so focused that his grades were excellent. He wasn’t exactly enjoying Auror training, but it was giving him something to focus on, and was equipping him for the inevitable fight with Voldemort. He’d also started receiving twice weekly additional training from an older Auror, and whilst he was definitely good at his job, he was very focused and it stripped any sense of fun out of it. It just made him anxious and worried about whether he was going to be strong enough to face the Dark Lord. Additionally, he was worried about truly showing his level of power, considering Severus’ warning, and he knew he wasn’t giving everything he had. This just made him worry more about whether he was really getting what he needed. On Friday evening, as he was leaving work exhausted, one of the other trainees, Davin, approached him.

“Hey Harry”, Davin smiled in greeting.

Harry smiled back, he liked Davin. He was about 23, and always full of good humour. “Hey, how did you find the training today?”, Harry asked, screwing up his nose. Today had been focused on legal report writing and had probably been the most boring day in Harry’s entire life, or that’s how it had felt to him anyway. It had been never ending, and had been presided over by a woman who didn’t seem to know how to change the tone of her voice. At times, Harry wasn’t sure she was actually human. It didn’t matter if she was discussing grammar or the murder of an entire family, her intonation and expression had never changed.

Davin simply screwed up his face, and Harry laughed. “Hey, so…” Davin began, and he shuffled slightly nervously, “I was wondering whether you fancied meeting me for a drink sometime?”.

Harry was definitely taken by surprise, he hadn’t felt any vibes from the other man, but then he’d been so caught up in his own stuff, the guy could have probably written it on an enormous banner and he wouldn’t have noticed. Harry could tell that his face was now red, “Oh”, he began, unsure what to say. He realised he’d never actually been asked on a date before. With Blaise, they’d gotten a little drunk at a party early in seventh year. They had been playing spin the bottle, and just hadn’t stopped kissing after they were paired up, causing the others to groan in disgust and move their game to another part of the room. That relationship had really been more about two virgins feeling safe to explore with each other, realising that their desires were complimentary. With Severus, that had been an experience that couldn’t even be described, but he’d certainly never been asked on a date.

“Thanks, that’s really nice, but well, I’ve only just come out of a relationship, and I’m really not ready to even think about dating. I’m sorry”, he replied, apologetically.

Davin nodded, “I heard you’d recently broken up with something. I didn’t know if it was serious or not, so I thought I would just ask”, he smiled and shrugged self-depreciatingly, just to let him know that he wasn’t upset.

“Yeah it was quite serious, and it wouldn’t be fair to date anyone right now”, he responded.

Davin studied him for a moment, “Look”, he stated, “Do you fancy still meeting up, you know just as friends. You’ve been working really hard, and I think you could use a bit of fun. I promise it’ll be completely platonic. We can ask a couple of the others to come along too”, he paused smirking, “Just so you know you are safe from my advances”, he wriggled his eyebrows and Harry laughed

Harry was about to say no, but then decided ‘stuff it’, he needed some fun with someone who didn’t know about his heartbreak, and he trusted Davin not to push it into something he didn’t want. They arranged to meet up the following evening, as he was going to the cinema with Ron, Hermione, Neville and Dean that evening. Meeting up with Neville and Dean meant that he wouldn’t be able to talk about Severus at all, so between that and the night out with Davin, he was hoping that this weekend would help him to start moving on with his life.

He floo’d over to his best friends’ place first, and told them about his non-date, before they went into muggle London to meet the others for dinner and the cinema. They all bought an enormous amount of pick and mix as Neville had never been to a muggle cinema, and were fascinated by all the muggle sweets. Dean had introduced him to muggle movies but he had never seen them on a big screen. They all had a brilliant time and it took Harry out of his head for an evening. Harry wasn’t entirely sure but he definitely felt a spark between Dean and Neville. They had both started at the same wizarding University, and had become closer as friends. Neville had taken up a course on magical culture, and he hoped to become a representative who could help to bring groups of magical creatures together under a common cause. He would essentially be a negotiator and advocate. Dean had decided he wanted to go into spell development. He had a dream of being able to research spells and having them accepted for common wizarding use. Neville definitely seemed to have gained some confidence since starting University. He’d also grown physically much more attractive, and Harry had to admit he was now rather good looking. Dean seemed to be more relaxed in himself, and they seemed to complement each other well. It was definitely a relationship he hadn’t ever considered before, and he suspected that they weren’t aware of their own feelings quite yet.

He’d also had quite a fun night out with the other trainees on the Saturday, but his mood wasn’t great. Just before leaving he’d been called by Albus asking him to attend an order meeting the next day. He knew he was going to have to see his ex, and it was putting a dampener on everything, and making him less than an exciting person to be with. He also wasn’t really one for big nights out. He’d tried really hard, and despite not really enjoying it, he was thankful when they ended up going to a club. He could dance and didn’t have to think of things to talk about.

He was up early the next day, the anxiety of seeing Severus ever present on his mind. By the time he was due to floo to Godric's Hollow he felt like he’d drunk twenty cups of coffee. He couldn’t sit still, and his body felt like it was vibrating. He floo’d in not long before the meeting was due to start, as he didn’t want to have to be forced to try to make small talk. He wanted to get in, have the meeting, and get back out as quickly as possible.

He was the last to arrive, and only Sirius was waiting on him. “There you are”, the other man greeted him warmly, “I thought perhaps you had decided not to come”. His Godfather glanced through into the kitchen, making it clear that he was referring to Severus.

Harry laughed, not wanting it to seem like he was still struggling. He felt a little pathetic for still being this bad six weeks after they had broken up. “Nah, I just had a bit of a hangover”.

“Oh yeah?”, Sirius smiled, “Big night then?”.

“I went out with the other trainees”, he told him, “I was still in the club at four. I definitely should have left before then, they put on the Macarena”, he grimaced in pretend horror.

Sirius laughed, “Well why don’t you stay for lunch after the meeting? I’ll make you my famous hangover cure”, he waggled his eyebrows, and Harry couldn’t help laughing at the ridiculous display.

“Can I see how I feel? I’m not sure my stomach will cope.” He smiled, only half lying. It definitely wasn’t his stomach coping that he was worrying about.

Sirius nodded, and then ushered him into the kitchen, placing his hand on his back to push him forward. “He’s here”, Sirius proclaimed as they entered, “But probably best not to talk too loud, our boy is a little tender”, Sirius laughed.

Everyone turned to him, and he smiled, “Hey I’m not that bad”.

“What time did you get home exactly?”, Sirius stated conspiratorially.

Harry huffed, laughing, and then threw up his hands in defeat, “Ok, it might have been sometime around five”.

He turned and saw Severus staring at him, but when their eyes met, he turned away. Despite the fact that his stomach was now in his throat at being so close to him, he felt a little satisfaction. At least the other man wouldn’t think he was lying at home pining away for him.

“Harry had a date”, Hermione pronounced to the room, smirking.

Harry’s eyes widened as he looked over to her. He understood why she was doing this. She was angry, and wanted to get back at Severus for him. She was the definition of a supportive friend. But, despite how angry he was with the other man, he didn’t really want to get into a “I hurt you, you hurt me” kind of scenario”.

“Ooo Harry, tell us about him”, Mrs Weasley stated excitedly.

Harry went mute so Ron jumped in at that point, “He is young and handsome, and is also a trainee”, Ron stated rolling his eyes in pretend wistfulness, before glancing over at Severus with a smirk. His ex, however, was refusing to look at them, and was studiously looking bored, as he sat with his arms crossed, staring at nothing.

“Ok, ok. Can we please change the subject? I’m sure we are here for a meeting, and I don’t remember the topic being my love life”, he returned sarcastically, though with good humour.

“Exactly”, Severus snapped, “I’m sure I have better things to do with my time than listen to your inane waffle”, he sneered.

Before anyone had a chance to react, the Headmaster interrupted them, but Harry didn’t fail to notice the angry looks on half the faces in the room. “Professor Snape was summoned yesterday, and he has an update. Professor would you care to tell us the details”.

Severus nodded, “As suspected, I have now been tasked with creating the memory potion. I have managed to persuade the dark lord that I need six months, and that it would be best if I create it on my own. I have convinced him that I can create it without assistance, and it will in fact aide in retaining my cover if I do not have known death eaters traipsing in and out of my home.”, he grimaced, “I have also been made aware that once this potion takes effect, the Dark Lord will use the chaos from this as an opportunity to attack. He would not provide specific details, however through observation I believe that this may be the ministry and the school. We therefore have a deadline of six months in which to come up with a suitable plan of action”.

“What if we can’t?”, McGonagall asked worriedly.

“I have no intention of creating a potion which will actually work. If we are unable to formulate a suitable plan then I will simply inform him I have failed. This should provide us with additional time whilst they come up with a new plan”, he stated without tone.

Harry could feel the worry rising within him, he knew exactly what it would mean if Severus were to fail. He doubted the Dark Lord would let him away with wasting six months, and ruining a plan they had arranged in so much detail.

“We won’t fail”, Harry stated meaningfully. Severus looked at him, but did not reply, though Harry was sure that his eyes had softened as he gazed at him.

“No, we won’t”, Ron reinforced. It was clear that, whilst he was angry at Severus, he still seemed to care for him.

Severus shrugged, “Whether we do or do not, we must be aware that if we do not, he will simply come up with a new plan and we will no longer have a spy within the ranks, or at least we won’t have one that has access to that level of information”. It was clear what he was saying with that information, and the room went silent as they absorbed the magnitude of it. Harry really wanted to be there to support him, and he could only hope that his new partner was helping him to deal with this, because he knew Severus wouldn’t share his worries with anyone else. The other man also looked exhausted, and his complexion was grey and gaunt. Harry suspected that it must have been a fairly difficult summoning, and he felt his stomach turn knowing that he might have had to deal with the aftermath on his own.

The order talked for a while longer, and they began to think of ways that they could manage this, and they agreed to have regular fortnightly meetings. Harry had also agreed to begin training more intensely, and had reluctantly agreed to train again with Severus, knowing that he was the only one that could really get him to where he needed to be. His broken heart didn’t compare to the lives of the entire muggle and wizarding worlds. He told them, however, that he wouldn’t be able to start for a fortnight as he was still training with the Auror. It wasn’t true, but nobody questioned it. He just needed a little time to prepare himself.

When the meeting was finished he walked over to his ex, cornering him before he could leave. “Severus?”, he asked, managing to hide the nerves that were thrashing around inside of him. The Potion’s Master turned to look at him expectantly, “May I speak to you for a second?”. Severus looked slightly panicked for a second, though it was almost indiscernible to anyone but Harry, and his eyes drifted towards the door as the other order members began to leave the room. “Don’t worry, it’s nothing to do with us”, he whispered, “I wouldn’t overstep the boundaries with your new…partner”. The words felt like acid on his tongue. To actually say it aloud; to verbally acknowledge that the person he loved had another partner and Dominant, was almost unbearable. 

The other man nodded without expression, though did not reply until they were completely alone. “I do not have long”, Severus informed him, his tone never changing, and it was like rubbing salt into the wound. The other man was making it clear that he was following an order not to be late, and his lack of intonation made it seem as if Harry was just a burden. He felt physically sick.

“I just wanted to check that you were ok? I know it’s not really my business anymore, but well…”. He didn’t bother finishing the sentence; the implication was clear that he still cared for him.

Severus looked at him, and for a moment it was as if he was about to say something, “I…”, he began, then paused, and his face shuttered again, “I am fine”.

“Okay”, Harry stated, looking away awkwardly, unsure what else to say, “Well, I just thought I would ask”, he shrugged, “I just remember how bad you were the first time I saw you summoned”.

“It was fine yesterday, he was in a generally pleasant mood. Well as pleasant as he can ever be”, the other man joked, though there was a forced quality to it.

Harry gazed at him, his brow furrowing, “Are you sure you are ok then? I don’t mean to be rude Severus but you don’t look well. I assumed it was because of last night”.

Severus swallowed, and looked away slightly, “I am just a little under the weather”, he paused, glancing back at him. Harry was about to ask something else when the other man’s voice suddenly took on a harder edge, “There is no need to concern yourself with my welfare any longer Mr Potter. Now I must go. Good day Mr Potter”. He turned away from him and left the room without a backward glance, leaving Harry standing alone and hurting. It was devastating to hear the person he loved address him so formally, and dismiss him so easily as he went back to meet with his partner.

Deciding that he really couldn’t face being alone right now, and knowing Ron and Hermione were going to the Weasley’s he decided to take Sirius up on his offer and stay for lunch. He wandered into the Living room where Sirius was sitting on the couch scowling. Harry frowned, he certainly didn’t seem in a good mood.

“Are you ok?”, he asked him concerned.

“I am fine”, his Godfather replied, his tone slightly clipped. He turned and looked at Harry, and he must have seen something in his look because his tone softened. “Are you ok?”, he asked him, smiling slightly.

He shrugged, “It’s just taking a while to get over him, but I’ll be fine.”.

“And yet you are dating again?”, Sirius asked, and there was something strange in his voice as he asked it.

“Is that a problem?”, Harry asked him, a little confused.

Sirius shook his head, “No, I am just a little surprised. I don’t want you jumping into something if you are not ready”.

Harry smiled, “Well I’m not actually dating. I mean he did ask me on a date, but I told him I was nowhere near ready. We just went out as friends, and there were other people there too. Ron and Hermione were just using it to try to piss Severus off, though it clearly had no impact”, he smirked sadly.

Sirius suddenly looked relieved, “Well, that’s good. I just want you to look after yourself for a while. I don’t want to be picking you up off the floor again in a few months”, he smirked warmly, to let Harry know it was said with affection.

“Thank you for being there for me through this. I know you don’t like Severus, but you’ve been really good at just supporting me. Without you, and Ron and Hermione, I’m not sure I would be as sane as I am right now”, he smirked.

“Of course, Harry, I will always be there for you”, he paused for a second and changed the subject, “Now, why don’t we go out and do something fun”, he stopped, smirking, “And you’ll even be able to be seen in public with me”.

It was a subtle dig at Severus and the fact that their relationship had to be kept so hidden, but Harry let it slide. His Godfather had been really good about it all, and it showed how much he was really trying, so a few digs were definitely allowed. He nodded, thankful that he would have something to take his mind of his ex, and what he might be doing right now with his new partner.

Harry really needed some space form his ex, but the universe seemed to be conspiring against him, because just five days later, on Friday evening, he was scheduled to teach the trainees. Harry was sitting beside Ipsum and Davin when Severus walked in, and immediately began writing some information on the board. He didn’t even glance at Harry.

“As you have all received the necessary grades to gain a place on the course I am assuming that you all have a general aptitude for potions”. It wasn’t said in a sarcastic manner, and Harry was surprised. “I will begin teaching you once a month over the next nine months. We will be focusing on how to detect dark potions, how to create necessary potions from limited ingredients, and how to discern subtle differences in potions which can mean the difference between life and death. Essentially, we will be focusing upon survival skills this year”, he told them, his voice becoming a little more passionate as he got into the flow of the teaching. “You will also have the option of specialising in advanced potions in your second year of training. Whilst you all have a general aptitude, I would advise only specialising in this area if you show an above average aptitude, and you are willing to commit yourself. Advanced potions is a difficult subject to Master, and you will be required to pass in order to graduate. I will be available in the final months of this year to discuss whether I believe it will be a suitable subject for you”.

Harry was surprised at the lack of sting in the other man’s words. He seemed to be treating them as adults rather than children, despite some of the trainees only being a year or so older than those he taught at school. In actuality, the class ended up being really interesting, and he felt like he was really learning something new. It was clear how passionate the other man was, and despite a few sneering remarks at certain individual’s he was generally agreeable. He was also inspiring, explaining clearly why something was so important, and what they could do about it. He only wished that Severus had been like this during school. He knew he would have enjoyed it so much more.

Whilst Severus was generally agreeable, he almost completely ignored Harry. Despite the fact that Severus wasn’t his submissive anymore, his Dominant side was itching to put him in his place. He felt disrespected, and humiliated. Ipsum had even whispered to him at one point, “He really doesn’t like you, does he?”. Harry had smirked, though inside he was seething.

The class didn’t finish until nearly half eight, and afterwards he left without even glancing at the Potion’s Master. He felt furious, and physically wound up at the way he was being treated. He was the one who had been dumped, yet it was him that was being ignored and treated like crap. He went out for tea with the other trainees, and they decided they would make this a regular thing after the monthly potion’s class. Nearly everyone had been to school at Hogwarts and had thus been taught by Severus, and for most of the night the conversation focused on how his demeanour with them was now so different.

The following morning, he received a fire call. He wasn’t expecting anyone, so he assumed it would be Ron, perhaps asking him to come over for tea this evening. They seemed to be trying to make sure most of his weekends were full. When he answered the call, however, the head that popped in was a complete stranger. For a moment, he thought it was going to be a sales person. He’d heard that they were beginning to cold call, and he was preparing himself to give a polite “fuck off”, when the voice spoke.

“I’m sorry to bother you Mr Potter, my name is Adducere. I believe Severus may have mentioned me?” he asked him mildly.

“Severus’ guide?” he queried. It was a fairly unusual name.

The other man nodded “I was wondering whether you would be available at the moment for a chat?”

Harry replied affirmatively, “Do you want to come through?” he asked him.

“Thank you, I shall be through momentarily”, the older man replied. Harry stepped back and immediately the other man stepped through, smiling warmly at him as he held out his hand to shake. On first impression he was very elegant, about ten years older than Severus, and handsome. Harry could see parts of Severus in him, and he could see why Severus might have difficulty in transitioning from someone older, elegant, and experienced, to a young, inexperienced Gryffindor.

“Would you like to sit down” he asked, indicating the chair.

Adducere smiled, taking a seat, “Mr Potter…” he began, before Harry interrupted him.

“Please call me Harry”. The other man nodded, and there was a slight pause. Harry couldn’t stop himself, “Is Severus ok?” he asked, desperately wanting to know why the other man might be here.

Adducere grimaced, “I think it is best I explain the situation Harry, but I assure you that he is physically fine.”

 “Oh” Harry said, unsure what that really meant or what to reply to it.

The other man sighed “Harry, I am betraying Severus’ trust in coming here today without his permission, so I ask that you please allow me to finish before you make any, perhaps, rash decisions” Harry raised his eyebrows but nodded. “I am happily married to my own rather feisty submissive” he chuckled, and it was clear he was trying to break up some of the heavy tension in the room. Harry smiled, it was the first time that he could openly acknowledge that Severus had been his submissive, and have a conversation that didn’t exclude a fundamental part of who they were. The other man continued, now serious, “However, I have always remained an intermittent guide to Severus, whenever he has needed me. With the permission of my submissive I have provided him with some stability when he has required it, although there is no sexual component to it. Severus can unfortunately go extended periods of time without a Dominant, and he will occasionally come to me to support him. He has been coming to me over the last seven weeks to provide him with a space for stability and reflection, and at times for, shall we say, more serious discussions”, he raised his eyebrows, and Harry knew exactly what he meant.

It did hurt to know that Severus was being spanked by someone else, an act that had been very intimate and important to them, but he understood why Severus would have needed this; though if he was seeing someone else, why wasn’t he going to them? The only solution that made sense was that the relationship was still too new for this level of intimacy.

Adducere interrupted his internal musings, “Whilst he has been coming to me, he would not provide me with any insight into your break up. I do not feel I am betraying his confidence in telling you that he has been spiralling since ending the relationship. I have never seen him like this. The way he cares for you is unlike anything I have seen, and I could not understand why he ended it. He came to me again last night, and he was in quite a bad way. He was full of guilt and desperate for some guidance and atonement, and afterwards he confessed everything. Apparently, prior to your breakup he was receiving visits from a man, Sirius I believe he said his name was, who convinced him that he was not the best partner for you, and that if he truly loved you he would let you go to find your own happiness in the world”.

“What?” Harry exploded, completely taken aback.

Adducere nodded gravelly, “I also must inform you that Severus is not in an intimate relationship. I am aware that he has informed you that he is with someone new, and whilst that was not technically a lie, it is not the entire truth. Larkin has been posing as his Dominant because Severus was worried that the Dark Lord would attempt to force him into a relationship if he was single. However, there is no romantic component to it”.

“Then why did he feel it was necessary to lie to me”, Harry asked, “Why did he have to hurt me so much by making me think he had jumped straight into another relationship?”.

Adducere looked pained as he continued, “Whilst I do not agree with his reasoning, I can understand it. From what I can gather, Severus was having difficulty in keeping his distance from you, despite his vow. As much as he knew it would effectively end your friendship, he decided that having you believe he was in a relationship was a means of forcing this distance between you. He has been struggling with this decision, both in term of the guilt of lying to you and the knowledge that you would be hurting so much. It is this, I believe, that has been slowly pushing him over the edge. I know you will be angry with him Harry, but I have never seen Severus so fundamentally connected to another person. I know his logic was mistaken but his love for you should never be in any doubt”.

Harry really didn’t know how to feel right now, there was a war going on inside him of competing emotions, “How do you think you would have reacted if your submissive, whom you loved, and were truly happy with, turned around one day, told you they didn’t love you, left you, and then claimed to be seeing someone else?”, he accused the other man, feeling as if he was being cornered.

Adducere sighed, “I understand your anger Harry, and I cannot advice you on what to do, but I felt you should know the truth. Severus is a good man, who loves you more than can be adequately described, but he has suffered many things in his life, and he can be misguided. He requires someone like you, who can help him to see straight and who can be a real partner to him. Severus is an incredibly strong man who finds it difficult to let his guard down, but you seem to have a way of making him let go of his walls, and provide him with the confidence and self-worth that he is sorely missing. There are very few people whom will ever know what kind of man Severus truly is, who can see behind the masks and the walls. With you he seems to have realised that he doesn’t need them, and I suspect that he would not be feeling this way if he did not also give something to you which you truly needed”.

Harry narrowed his eyes, assessing the other man, “Are you sure you are not Dumbledore in disguise?”, he asked him shrewdly, and the other man laughed.

“I assure you I am not, though as you are aware, he is a very good friend of mine” he replied, his eyes twinkling; extremely annoyingly in Harry’s opinion.

Harry thanked the other man for coming to him, before showing him out. As soon as he left, he threw powder into the floo, and seconds later stepped out into the living room of his godfather.

“Harry”, Sirius exclaimed warmly, standing from the couch.

Harry assessed him coldly, “You bastard” he seethed, “How dare you approach Severus”

“Harry, I only did what I thought was best” he stated, throwing up his hands in an apparent attempt to appease him.

“And who are you to make decisions for me?” he spat at him.

“Harry, I am your godfather, I care for you. I couldn’t stand by whilst you were saddled to an evil death eater like Snape” he stated.

“If you cared for me, you’d have looked past your petty prejudices and seen what I truly needed, and how happy Severus made me” he shot back.

Sirius sighed, “Harry you can’t see it now, but Snape wasn’t good for you. You need someone who can truly be there for you, who can support you, and who will love you the way you deserve”.

“And who exactly is going to fit this bill better than Severus?” Harry barked at him, shaking his head in exasperation.

“Well, someone like me”, Sirius replied quietly, staring at him meaningfully.

“What?” Harry asked, taken completely off-guard.

“Harry, I could be what you need. I could give you much more than Snape ever could” the older man stated enthusiastically.

“So that’s why you did this? it was nothing to do with my happiness, but because you needed Severus out the way to get what you wanted”, he seethed.

“Harry, Snape isn’t right for you, I would be exactly what you needed” he retorted quickly, taking a step forward.

Harry glared at him, making him pause in his advances, “I’m a fucking Bloodline Dominant, arsehole” he spat, and watched as Sirius’ face contorted into a look of shock, “So even if I was remotely interested in a relationship with you, do you want to spend your life on your knees, obeying my every word?”.

“I’m sure we could work something out” Sirius replied, although his voice was now hesitant and unsure.

“Don’t be so fucking ridiculous Sirius, there’s no way you’d have the balls or the strength to keep me happy. You’re a pathetic immature idiot, and the only thing you make me want to do to you is punch you in the face” he replied, his voice now cold.

“What, and you think that Snape can remotely make you happy?”, he shouted.

“I don’t think Sirius, I know he can. He is everything you’re not”, he returned, his voice still hard and cold.

“Oh c’mon, Snape’s Snape, he’s a hard-nosed bastard, and if he makes you so happy, and you’re so damn in love, then why did he leave you?”, the other man challenged with a light sneer.

Harry looked at him with disdain, “Firstly if you think he’s hard-nosed, you definitely don’t know the first thing about him, and secondly, he left me because as usual he has put other people’s welfare before his own. He is selfless, caring, and compassionate. Everything you are not”.


“No”, Harry cut him off, “I won’t discuss this anymore. I want you to stay away from me and stay away from Severus”. He lowered his voice into the most dominant tone he had, “If you come between us again, then you and I are going to have more than just words, do I make myself clear?”.

“But..”, Sirius began, his voice meek.

“I said. DO. I. MAKE. MYSELF. CLEAR?”.

Sirius merely nodded. Harry looked at him once more with disgust, and then throwing powder into the floo, he walked into the fire and headed directly to Severus’. He was surprised that the direct floo was still open to him but he was grateful that it was.

“Severus Snape”, he barked, as soon as he had landed in the sitting room, “Get through here now”.

A split second later Severus walked into the room, surprise written clearly on his face. “Harry, what are you doing here?”, he asked him, his tone giving nothing away.

Harry stared at him coldly, the anger and hurt wrestling inside him. He watched as Severus swallowed almost imperceptibly, and a brief flicker of guilt passed across his face. Harry was so attuned to the other man that he could see his expressions clearly, though to others they would be, most likely, unreadable.

“I had a visit from Adducere”, he announced, his voice hard.

Severus’ eyes opened to the size of saucers, “How dare he, I…”, he began angrily, but Harry cut him off.

“Don’t you dare Severus”, he warned, and the other man stopped speaking immediately. “You lied to me”.

The elder man glanced away. “It was for the best. Adducere had no right to tell you any different, I told him that in confidence”.

“You left me because of Sirius?”, he spat, “Did I truly mean that little to you that I was so easy to walk away from?”. Despite his anger, his chest was hurting at the sight of the other man.

“Of course not, I did it because you are everything to me. I wanted to give you the life you deserved. It’s not Sirius’ fault, he just pointed out things that I already knew but was trying to deny”, he stated adamantly.

“Like what?” Harry demanded angrily.

“You are only eighteen, you deserve to have some fun in your life, not have to worry about a beaten up old death eater. We can’t even be open about our relationship, no-one would accept it, and it would just mean you getting hurt over and over”, he said sincerely, appearing to truly mean what he was saying.

“What? So I’m supposed to party, get drunk, sleep around with a bunch of men who only want me for my fame, instead of coming home to the man I love and being truly happy? Oh yes I can see exactly why I’d be much better off” he spat sarcastically, “And don’t give me the crap about being old, you’re only in your 30’s and wizards live for a hell of a long time, and really you’re going to play the death eater card. But of course, poor Severus, the nasty old death eater, scared of what the papers might say about you?”, he shouted, finally losing his temper.

Severus looked at him with a hurt expression, which only served to wind him up more, because he didn’t want to feel guilty, or feel sorry for the other man. He wanted to be angry for everything he’d put him through.

“Sirius wanted you out the way because he thought that he and I should have a relationship” he told him, reigning in his anger to a cold bite, and he watched as Severus’ eyes narrowed angrily “But that is not the issue. You listened to someone else instead of coming to me, your partner and Dominant, and you made decisions about us that weren’t yours to make. To be honest I’m glad that you’ve done this now, because now I can truly see what you are, and I can be glad that I got out of it before this went any further.”

“It wasn’t just that Harry”, Severus began, his voice soft, “I nearly screwed up. He caught a glimpse of you in my memories. It took everything I had to come up with a decent lie. If he suspected for a moment that we were together he’d use me to get to you. I know you Harry. You are the epitome of good, and selfless to an almost destructive level. You’d come after me and put yourself in danger.”

“And we should have worked out how to deal with that together. It should have been us against the world, but you chose to disregard what we had. You made a conscious decision to break my heart Severus, rather than come to me to work it out together. If someone can honestly do that, then they weren’t in the relationship anyway, so you made the right decision in the end. You are right, you aren’t the right person for me”, he told him disdainfully. He stared at him for a short time, and felt even more angry that Severus had looked down and refused to look back up at him. He sneered angrily before turning swiftly and walking towards the floo.

“Harry” the other man stated suddenly, his voice suddenly a little angry. “It’s not like it really took you that long to get over me, so I don’t know how you have the right to say that I wasn’t in the relationship. I might have lied to you about being with Larkin, but there’s nothing in the world could have made me date someone else right now”, he crossed his arms and glared angrily at him.

Harry gazed at him emotionlessly, and he saw the other man twitch nervously. He guessed his expression was probably similar to how he looked when he was about to scold his submissive. “Not that it’s any of your business really, but unlike you I don’t actually want to consciously hurt you. I never dated anyone. Yes, he asked, but I told him I was still in love with someone else. Ron and Hermione just wanted to get back at you a little for hurting me”.

Severus’ glare fell away from his face and there were so many emotions flitting across his face that Harry couldn’t read them. They stared at each other, and then Harry sighed, turning away, his anger mingled with stomach turning pain. His heart was breaking into pieces again. It felt like it was literally ripping in two. He knew he’d barely make it home before breaking apart. He walked towards the floo, needing to get away from him.

“Harry”, the other man called again, his voice suddenly full of desperation, but Harry ignored him. He didn’t want to hear any more apologies, or any more explanations. He leaned up to grab some floo powder and was just about to throw it in the fire when a small voice behind him spoke.

“I love you”, Severus stated softly, his voice broken.

Harry halted, wanting to be able to just walk away. Severus’ love for him wasn’t really in doubt, and a part of him knew that the other man had done all this simply because he loved him so much, but there was another part of him that was badly broken by all this; bruised and devastated, and reluctant to prolong the agony.

“Please Harry”, Severus pleaded, “I truly thought it was for the best. I don’t know how to make this work, and to keep you safe, but I can’t… I can’t lose you”, he sobbed, a sob that ripped at Harry’s emotions. He’d never heard him so broken, or heard him cry without it being related to punishment. He turned reluctantly, wanting desperately to just escape from it all, but unable to leave when the man he truly loved was so broken, even if he had done it to himself. Severus was staring at him with wide pleading eyes, his eyes glassy with unshed tears. “I was stupid Harry, I know that. I wanted to make you happy, and to keep you safe, and I thought that in the end it would be what you wanted…but I was wrong,”, he paused, “please don’t leave”, he finished, his voice a mixture of desperation and defeat.

Harry stared at him for a few moments, “You really hurt me Severus. You honestly broke my heart. How do I know that the next time someone makes a comment about our age, or you being a death eater, or some other part of your psyche, or if someone threatens us, that you’re not just going to take off again? I can’t go through this pain over and over, it’s too much. It might be better just to end it now, because how can I feel secure in our relationship?”. He could feel his own tears welling up as he spoke.

Severus looked away for a moment, shame and guilt written into every line of his body, before he seemed to make a decision. He walked over to Harry and then dropped to his knees. “Harry, I can’t take back what I have done. I was mistaken, I realise that. All I can guarantee you is that if you give me one more chance I promise to always talk to you before I make any kind of life decision again. There’s a reason you’re the Dominant Harry, because I trust you to know what’s best. I know I’ve said it before, and whilst I did believe it, this has made me realise that I honestly do trust you to know what’s best… and I need you” he admitted, “I will always rely on your judgement. Sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough for you, and my insecurities take over. All I can do is promise to fully put my trust in you. I know I’ve hurt you Harry, and I’ll do anything to make it up to you”.

Harry contemplated things for a moment, “Severus if you were that insecure then clearly I haven’t given you what you truly need…”

The other man cut him off, looking at him seriously “You give me more than what I need. You changed me and you know that”, he said sincerely, “But I can’t completely change 38 years of insecurities in a few months. They will always be there, and sometimes I will need help to see passed them. You are the only person I have ever admitted my insecurities to”, he finished, staring at him meaningfully.

Harry thought about it, acknowledging how much his own insecurities had taken over since their breakup. He knew how easy it was to get lost in them and he truly couldn’t blame the other man for that, but it didn’t change what had happened in the last seven weeks. He sighed, “I can’t just jump back into a relationship. You say you trust me, and I am sorry to hurt you, but right now I don’t trust you”.

Hurt and pain flickered across the other man’s face, but he nodded resignedly, “I understand”, he stated, his voice cracking.

“Look” Harry replied, running his hands through his own messy hair in frustration, “I do love you, that hasn’t changed, but I’m hurt and alone, and I don’t know what to do. I need some time. Give me a few days and I will think about it. I will come and see you next Wednesday, ok?” he said softly, his chest hurting at the broken sight of the man he loved. Part of him just wanted to grab him, and never let go, but he knew he needed to sort things out for himself. He needed to know if he could forgive Severus and trust him again, because he didn’t want half a relationship with him. He’d rather have no relationship than a broken one.

“Ok” Severus replied softly, looking down.

Harry nodded, turning, and throwing the floo powder into the fire. Just before entering he turned back. Severus was staring at him with desperate eyes, kneeling on the floor, his posture broken. Steeling himself he turned again, stepping into the floo “I will see you on Wednesday, seven pm” he called, just before the pull of the floo took him into its grasp.

Chapter Text

By Wednesday, Harry still didn’t have a clue what to do. He loved Severus more than anything in the world, and he’d been sure that he’d wanted to spend his life with him, but what he had been through in the last month he knew he couldn’t go through again. He couldn’t reconcile the fact that someone who supposedly loved him so much could have voluntarily hurt him as badly as Severus had. How could he trust that the other man wouldn’t suddenly change his mind again in the future?

He’d spent the previous day with Ron and Hermione. It was clear that they wanted him to take Severus back, but they also understood where he was coming from. They didn’t have an answer for how he could learn to trust him, though Hermione had pointed out that in any relationship, by giving someone your heart, you were always going to leave yourself vulnerable and open to being hurt. It was why love was such a powerful emotion, because it left you stripped to the core, and defenceless. Sometimes he truly hated how logical she was. But, Harry needed to know whether he could let everything that had happened go, truly give the other man his heart, and trust in Severus to be his defences. He couldn’t be in a relationship where resentment lay, and where he couldn’t truly let his heart be overtaken.

Harry was due to floo over to Severus’ at 7pm, but by 6pm he couldn’t leave it any longer. He knew the other man would be working himself up, and with every minute he himself was pacing more and more, and his anxiety was steadily increasing. He hadn’t made a decision even by the time he was walking towards the floo. He needed to see Severus and properly talk it out, now that he was calmer. Sighing and steeling himself for the night ahead, he threw some powder into the floo, and landed rather inelegantly in Severus’ living room. He hoped that the other man would forgive him for coming so early. Severus wasn’t there, but there were voices coming from the bedroom.

“Larkin, would you get off that, you are going to crease it”. Harry’s stomach dropped, had Harry left it too late? Were Severus and Larkin now actually together? His stomach twisted, and he felt physically sick.

He could hear Larkin laughing, “Why are you putting so much effort into this? I hardly think Harry is going be swayed by how pretty you look” he jested, his tone mocking, but in a friendly way.

Severus sighed, “I don’t know. I suppose it gives me something to focus on.”

There was silence for a few moments, “Severus, stop for a moment will you.  You are exhausted. When was the last time you properly slept?”

“I don’t remember” Severus replied, and it was clear in his voice that he was drained. “Probably before I got myself into this mess”

“Would you stop already.” Larkin replied, sounding exasperated, “You’ve beaten yourself up enough over the last two months. Yes, you made a mistake but you did what you thought was best, and Harry sounds like a decent guy, so while he might be hurting right now, I’m sure he will eventually understand”

“You didn’t see him though” Severus replied tiredly, “Do you know what it’s like to stand in front of the person you would die for, to watch them crumbling in pain, and know that you caused it?”

Larkin chuckled, “This Harry has made you all soft, and poetic, I would definitely like to meet the man who can make Severus Snape wax lyrical”

“He may have a particular hold upon me, however you do not. I would have no compunction about ending your miserable existence” Severus stated darkly.

“Hey, hey” Larkin laughed, “Could you at least wait until I’ve seduced that cute redhead I met last night”.

“I am not completely heartless. I will grant you one dying wish” Severus intoned. At that moment, they walked out the bedroom, and Severus came face to face with Harry. His eyes widened immediately, and his gaze flicked between Harry and Larkin. “Harry” he began, “This is not what it looks like” he stated, a little desperately.

Harry smiled at him reassuringly, “I know”.

The other man, who was obviously Larkin, walked towards him, holding out his hand. He wasn’t classically handsome, but he was intriguing. He had a subtle aura of strength, and mischievousness in his air. “Mr Potter” he stated, nodding his head formally, “It is very good to meet you, I have heard much about you”.

Harry shook his hand, “Hello” he replied, unsure what else to say, he didn’t even know Larkin’s surname.

“I must go, I am dreadfully late. Goodbye Severus” he stated, turning to the other man, before turning back and nodding again at Harry, “Good evening Mr Potter, I do hope we shall meet again.” He advanced towards the floo and within seconds disappeared, leaving them alone, a silence overtaking the apartment.

“Harry, honestly, Larkin is just a friend” Severus told him, breaking the silence.

“I know” he reassured him, “I heard you talking. I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, I just couldn’t wait any longer so I came over early. I wouldn’t have come if I knew you had visitors”

Severus nodded “Do you want to sit down?” he asked, gesturing to the couch. Overall it was awkward. They were treating each other like formal strangers, despite the fact that they’d had sex on that couch more than once.

Harry sat, and waited for the other man to join him. Severus sat awkwardly on the couch, flicking his eyes at Harry before looking away. Harry studied him a moment, he really did look handsome this evening. He was casual but elegant, and it was obvious he had spent time getting ready. There was nothing sexual about his outfit, but to Harry he always looked pretty edible anyway. They sat for a while in uncomfortable silence, until Severus finally asked the question that was like a big pink elephant in the room.

“Have you come to a decision?” he asked quietly.

Harry looked at him, and their eyes met briefly, before he looked away again. He shook his head sighing. “No” he answered honestly.

Again, the silence descended between them as he thought. Harry looked over to the other man who was awkwardly fiddling with a crease in his trousers. He smiled to himself. Severus’ emotions were so open around him, even now; it would be rare for him to be open enough to let anyone else see if he was anxious or worried. Harry took time to really look at him. He looked tired and withdrawn. There were dark circles around his eyes, and he looked thinner than he had been. Harry realised how much this really must have affected the other man. He contemplated what it must have been like, to think you were doing the best for someone, and hurting yourself in the process.

“I need you to explain it to me. I need to know all of it”, Harry told him.

Severus sighed, but nodded, “The first time Sirius approached me was the night after you met the other Auror’s. You were late home, and he called me by floo. He was very reasonable and said that he just wanted to talk. If he had been difficult I probably wouldn’t have let him through, but I thought he was perhaps trying to bury our history in order to support you”.

“Severus, why would you do that after everything he did to you? I had no intention of ever asking you to try to be friends with him”, he stated meaningfully.

“I know, but I wanted to see if it was a possibility. I didn’t want you to have to worry about trying to keep us apart forever”, he grimaced. “When he came though however, he started talking about how worried he was about you, and the danger it was putting you in considering my role as a death eater. He remained very reasonable, and he seemed genuinely worried about you. He then began talking about how you deserved to have a normal life, considering everything you had been through, and genuinely asked whether I thought I could truly give that to you”, he sighed again, “I honestly didn’t have an answer, and he said he would give me time to think and we could talk again. You didn’t come home for another couple of hours, and it really started to play on my mind. I started thinking about how people would react to us having a relationship once the truth could be known. I honestly don’t know how to protect you from the backlash that will inevitably occur. I also started thinking about how even being in a relationship with me was putting you in danger, and how you shouldn’t be having to deal with caring for me after I have been summoned. You are 18, you shouldn’t have to be in a relationship that is so complicated, and stops you having fun”. His shoulders were beginning to slump as he spoke. “When you came home, I was angry with myself for letting you get into a relationship that was so difficult. I should have stopped it before it got to that point. But I also couldn’t imagine giving you up, and I felt selfish and worthless for holding onto something that I didn’t deserve. When you came home you were as caring as you usually are, and of course you thought you had done something wrong, which just made me angrier with myself, and I ended up taking it out on you”.

“Why didn’t you tell me that night?”, he asked gently.

“I nearly did, but then I thought about how it was just another way to make things more difficult for you. I knew you would be angry at Sirius, and I didn’t want to take away the last part of your family”. Severus had barely even glanced at him as he spoke, clearly it was taking a lot just to admit what had happened

“Severus, you were my family. You, Ron and Hermione, and the Weasley’s. Sirius was merely a last bit of connection to my parents”, he told him adamantly.

Severus gazed at him for a moment, and then sighed, “The next two weeks simply went in the same vain. Everything that happened made me question how good I was for you. Your plans with your friends kept being cancelled because of me, I nearly screwed up with the Dark Lord, and I kept seeing how good you were. You nearly quit your job because of a man who tried to take you to be murdered. Merlin knows what you would have put yourself through for me. I felt unworthy of you, and the visits by Sirius only served to reinforce that. You’d been talking to him more, so he always knew when you would be away. He visited four times overall. I still couldn’t face giving you up, but was trying to convince myself that it was what was for the best. I couldn’t control my moods. I knew I was being really difficult, and it was hurting more to see you trying to help me and second-guessing yourself. I was also constantly lying to you, and I wasn’t handling the guilt very well. I kept deciding that I was going to leave, and then you would smile, or laugh or say something meaningful, and I couldn’t imagine living without you, but in the end I had to stop being selfish, and I tried to let you go”

“Severus, you are an idiot. You made me so happy, more than I ever thought possible. I couldn’t imagine any other life that I would have rather had. And you are also one of the best men I have ever met. You talk about not being good, but everything you do is because you have such a good heart. You put yourself in danger every day to try to keep people safe. Even now you are putting yourself at risk with the potion, and you don’t honestly think I forgot about the fact that you were willing to let yourself be raped to keep me safe”, Harry told him meaningfully, and watched as Severus blushed slightly.

Severus coughed and changed the subject, although Harry was pleased he hadn’t tried to outright deny it. “I am truly sorry that I told you I was seeing someone else, but every day was hard not to contact you, and then when you nearly kissed me, I panicked.”

“Yes, that I am particularly angry with you about. You really don’t pick the best solutions to a problem, do you?” he stated, though there was a hint of affection in it.

“No. I’ve never been particularly good at seeing the best solution. I tend to make things ten times worse in reality”, he smirked self-depreciatingly.

“So, what should you have done instead Severus, with everything I mean”, Harry asked him seriously.

“I should have gone to my Dominant, and confessed my worries, and trusted in him to help me to work through things”, he replied seriously.

“Yes, you should have. You gave your submission to me so you shouldn’t have been keeping secrets. Even without that, I was your partner, you should have let me help you”, he told him and he couldn’t quite keep the scolding tone out of his voice.

“I know”, he replied, dropping his eyes.

They sat in silence for a while as Harry gazed at him. He realised that Severus didn’t have the luxury of deciding whether to give his heart to him, because he’d already done it. He’d given everything he had to Harry, and there was nothing left to give. Severus always seemed so strong, but there were parts of him that he needed Harry to look after, just as there were parts of Harry that he needed Severus to look after. Severus needed to know that his heart was safe with Harry, and that he would always be cared for. They were a pair, an indisputable weirdly perfect pair. There was no longer a choice for Harry, he couldn’t decide whether to entrust Severus with his heart, because in honesty it already belonged to the other man. All he had to decide was whether he was going to put himself through more pain by trying to live without it.

 “I don’t want to lose you” he said quietly, and Severus looked over to him, assessing what he meant.

“Does that mean…you will take me back?” the elder man asked nervously.

“We have a lot to discuss. I won’t put up with this kind of behaviour again, but…yes, I can’t imagine living without you”, he said, suddenly feeling really vulnerable.

Severus moved forward, dropping to the floor to kneel at his feet. He grasped Harry’s hands and leant down to kiss them. “Harry thank you for giving me this chance, I promise I’ll do everything in my power never to hurt you again.”

 “I love you Severus, please, just don’t do anything that stupid again” he pleaded, leaning down to grasp the man’s face and bringing it forward until their lips met. It was warm, and perfect; cementing their bond to each other.

“Never” Severus stated intensely when Harry pulled away.

“We need to learn to trust each other again. I want to date, just for a short while, ok? Just us, no Dominance or submission, just two people who want to have a relationship.”

Severus sat up onto the couch, pulling the younger man against him. “I will do whatever you wish Harry. If you want to date for a while then that is what we will do, although…”, he began nervously, “As much as I will try not to be submissive around you, it is unfortunately inherent in everything I do with you. We built our relationship initially on my submission to you, so I am not sure I will be able to fully stop”.

Harry nodded, “I know, I feel the same. I didn’t mean forever. I just meant going on a few dates, and getting to really know each other again. I know our dynamic will always be there, but I thought if we didn’t have to worry about you having to obey me, or me punishing you, then we might find it a little easier”.

Severus ran his hands over Harry’s stomach, ““I understand Harry, but you should also be aware, that I have been reliably informed by other Bloodline Dominant’s that my behaviour will likely push you towards being very strict with me, until you feel I have earned back your trust, and learned my place. I am not sure how well that will mesh with your idea of dating without our dynamics”.

Harry turned to look, “That doesn’t worry you?”.

Severus shook his head, “In reality, I am wracked with guilt, I will need that from you in order to forgive myself. I know myself that I will need to see your Dominance over me and your forgiveness of me, in order to let this all go”.

Harry nodded, leaning back against his chest and rubbing his hands against Severus’ which were still massaging circles into his stomach. “Well can we at least go on a couple of dates? I mean this seems to be getting more complicated by the minute”, he snorted.

“I will do whatever you wish Harry”, he returned, and Harry huffed.

“Oh yes, this no submission thing is getting off to a great start”, he dead-panned, turning to glare at him jokingly.

Severus looked at him a little confused, before suddenly huffing with laughter, “Take that as a loving partner wishing to please you rather than a submissive”, he returned amusedly

They sat in comfortable silence for a while before Severus interrupted it, “Harry, I love you” he stated meaningfully, “I am sorry I made you think otherwise. I know it will take time to forgive me for what I have done, but please know that my love for you was never in question”.

“I do know that Severus. It’s probably the only reason why I’m still here. You hurt me more than I thought possible, but even in all the pain I somehow knew that you loved me”, he replied sincerely.

“When you are ready Harry, I will ask you to punish me”, the elder man replied.

“Not yet Severus, but soon. I need time just to be us”, he returned, and he could hear a rumbling of agreement from Severus’ chest.

Harry went home later that night. They had agreed that they would have a few dates, and that they wouldn’t sleep over or have sex. Harry just wanted time to re-establish them as a couple, before thinking about boundaries and punishment. Harry really needed to feel safe in Severus’ love before he could think about giving him his Dominance. People always talked about how vulnerable giving submission was, and how it was a gift, but they rarely spoke about how it was the same for a Dominant. How they also needed to feel safe and trust in the other person, and how it was about giving a fundamental part of themselves to someone else.

They went out for dinner on Friday evening, and they put on their glamour’s and went to a Quidditch match on the Saturday. Harry had managed to buy tickets from a friend, to one of the International test matches, and had invited Severus, who had agreed eagerly. He had never seen Severus’ so excited, he lost himself in the game, shouting out when they made a mistake and cheering loudly when they scored. It made Harry feel all warm and gooey watching him be so very normal, and carefree. They went out again the following Monday to a comedy club which Severus had arranged, and whilst Harry had found the entire thing hilarious, Severus had barely cracked a smile. He guessed that the jokes were a little too immature for the Potion’s Master, but he didn’t fail to note the looks of affection he would give when Harry found something particularly amusing. It was comfortable and fun to spend some quality time with his partner, and he was a little perturbed at how quickly he seemed to be forgiving the other man, and trusting him again. He didn’t know whether that was a good thing, or he was simply setting himself up for more heartbreak.

He was however, really missing their dynamic. They had managed to keep their overt Dominance and submission to a minimum, but it was hard. Harry would catch himself directing what they were doing, and Severus tended simply to go along with everything he suggested. He also had to consciously hold himself back from giving direct orders, and he could see what Severus meant about him becoming stricter. It was almost overpowering how much he wanted to tell the other man what to do, and see his partner obey him.

He was sitting on his bed alone one evening, almost a week after they got back together, and he was really starting to miss the other man. He decided it wouldn’t really hurt to send him a couple of messages through their parchment.

“Are you awake?”, he asked, and for a few seconds his heart was in his mouth.

“Well, I am now”, the reply came through almost immediately. Harry didn’t really know how to process that, was the other man annoyed at him? Barely three seconds later his magic tingled. “Sorry, my sarcasm doesn’t exactly transfer well to the written page”.

Harry snorted, amused despite himself. “What are you doing?”

The pause was a little longer this time, “What would you like me to be doing?”. Clearly the other man had thought about whether to send this message or not. It seemed that whilst he was struggling with his Dominance, perhaps Severus was also struggling with his submission.

He couldn’t stop himself smiling, feeling his stomach begin to curl a little in desire. “I know exactly what I would like you to be doing, but it wouldn’t be very responsible of me”, he wrote.

“Must you always be so responsible?”

“You yourself said we should never do anything without talking it though first”, Harry replied.

“Clearly another example of my idiocy”, Severus replied, and before Harry could write a comeback another line came through, “Although technically we are talking it through right now”.

Harry paused, he knew this was crossing the boundaries he had set, but he couldn’t seem to stop himself. “Do you want to be a good boy for me?”.

Immediately the answer came through, “Yes, Sir”.

Oh God, Harry was getting hard and they hadn’t even done anything yet, but it had been so long since the other man had addressed him like this.

“Get on your knees”, he wrote.

“Sir, if you will permit, I can write wandlessley”.

“Yes, boy, I want you to get on your knees and take your cock out”, he waited a few seconds, “Now I want you to begin to touch yourself, though just barely”.

“Yes, Sir”.

“What are you thinking about whilst you touch yourself?”

“I am imagining being on my knees for you, with your cock deep in my mouth”.

Harry groaned, and decided that it would probably be best if he also tried this wandless writing thing. He put the page down, and then pushed down his boxers, grasping his cock.

“You really know how to turn me on. I’ve got my cock in my hand, imagining the same thing”

“Oh God, Sir” was all the reply that came through.

“You can begin to stroke yourself a little firmer, but I want you to keep it slow”, he paused, “Now tell me more about your fantasy”.

“You are standing above me, staring at me severely as I beg to worship your cock. I am trying to show you how obedient I can be. You haven’t been that happy with my behaviour, and you have been very strict with me all day.”

Harry was now hard as a rock, but he couldn’t stop himself smirking. It definitely sounded like their relationship. “Keep going”, he ordered.

“You grab the back of my head, and pull it back, to stare down at me firmly and you tell me I will only be allowed to come if I can pleasure you properly”.

Harry began to pull a little more firmly at his cock as he imagined the scenario that Severus was painting in his head.

“How turned on are you right now?”

“I am so hard, Sir. Going this slow is like torture”

“Continue”, he ordered, and he could almost hear the other man groan.

“I lean forward as you continue to stare down me, and I pull out your cock. You are half hard. I begin running my tongue up and down the length of your cock, and I can feel it harden against my tongue. When you are fully hard, I grasp it firmly, and begin slowly drawing my hand up and down it, whilst I take just the tip into my mouth”, there was a pause, “Are you enjoying this, Sir?”

“You have no idea boy”, he wrote back, “I am so hard, I can almost feel your warm mouth around me”, he paused for a second, “I am sure I didn’t give you permission to stop your story, now did I?”

“No, sorry Sir”

“Take that as a warning if you wish to come tonight”

“I don’t even know how to explain to you how hard you are making me, Sir”

“I like knowing I can make you so hard with only my words. now continue,” he ordered, “though you may begin to go a little faster”

“Thank you, Sir.” The words disappeared to be replaced by new ones, “I begin to move my mouth slowly along your cock, taking more and more of you into my mouth. You groan above me, and I like knowing you are enjoying yourself. I like knowing that I can be good for you. I move my mouth up and down your cock, starting off slow and going faster as you begin to pant and groan.

Dear God, Harry was so turned on. To know that Severus enjoyed giving him a blowjob as much as he enjoyed receiving one, and to have the other man detail it was exceptionally hot.

“I start to think about deepthroating you. I have to prepare myself, because you are so big when you are really hard, and it takes everything I have not to choke on you”.

“Go faster boy, touch your balls”

“Yes, Sir”. Severus continued with his story, but the sentences were shorter and more sporadic in nature and Harry guessed he was having trouble remaining focused. “I manage to deep throat you, and I can feel you slide into my throat. I groan with the pleasure. I feel completely submissive to you now, and I can’t stop myself from moaning. I can hear you groan above me, and my own cock jumps at how turned on I am. You order me to begin pleasuring myself, and you grab the back of my head taking control of my movements, plunging yourself in and out of my mouth. I am completely powerless to your will, and I am surrounded by sensations. I desperately want you to release down my throat, and claim me with your come”.

“Touch yourself harder boy, I want you to take yourself to the edge. I am not going to last much longer.

“Sir, the thought of you touching yourself is unbelievably hot. I am already close to the edge”.

“Keep touching yourself, bring yourself right to the edge, until the feelings are almost overwhelming. I don’t expect you to write anymore boy. I know how you lose yourself when you are this close. I love watching you let go, and seeing you shudder through an orgasm. I love watching you tap into your submission. There is nothing hotter than when I watch you feel safe enough to let go. I am going to come soon boy. I want you to keep pleasuring yourself, but watch the page for my order.

Harry pleasured himself roughly, replaying Severus’s scene in his mind. He was painfully hard, and he needed to come soon. He arched up into his hand, pulling at himself. When he was right on the brink he sent one word to the parchment, “Come”, and then he let the orgasm rip through him, screaming out his release, and grasping onto the bedcovers as it overpowered him.

When he had finally panted through his orgasm he turned back to the page, “Are you still there?”

“Yes, Sir, though I’m not sure my body is still alive”

Harry snorted, “That was amazing, thank you”

“You are welcome,”, there was a pause, “That was certainly a new experience. It was a lot hotter than I expected it to be”

“Are you ok?”

“Yes, sir, I did not allow myself to go into my subspace. I would not feel comfortable letting go without you here”

“Good, boy”, he returned, feeling warm that the other man would admit to how safe Harry made him feel. “Do you still want me to come over after work tomorrow?”

“Yes, I was not going to each much in the great hall. I hoped we might have a late dinner together?”

“Yes, I would like that, now I am going to sleep. I feel all exhausted now for some odd reason”

“I can’t think why that might be”.


Goodnight, Sir”

Harry woke up the next morning feeling happier than he had in a long time. He knew they still had a lot to work on and they had a lot to discuss but he was starting to think that he really might be able to get over it. He was also recognising that he would definitely end up being strict with the other man. He needed him to show his submission for him to be able to fully let this go. He had talked for a while the previous evening, with permission from Severus, with Adducere. He had explained his feelings, and his need for Severus to show him his submission to him. He wasn’t sure this was the best way to handle it, but Adducere had reassured him this was normal within Bloodlines, and that whilst he would feel the need to be strict with him, Severus would also be craving that level of Dominance. He was realising that there were things about his Bloodline that Severus hadn’t been aware of, and that made sense considering he was a submissive. But, Severus had initially told him it only gave him a head start, but he was coming to realise there were some differences. Adducere had informed him that his growing need to have Severus prove his submission to him, was a Bloodline thing. It would become overwhelming, and Harry would want to become stricter the longer it didn’t happen. It would also eventually break them up if Severus couldn’t prove himself, as Harry would never feel comfortable in the relationship. Apparently, it went back to when Bloodlines would bond for life, thus they had to make sure they were a compatible couple. That level of disobedience would mean that each partner had to prove they were worthy, both in terms of giving their submission and taking it, to ensure each person would be happy in a life-long bond. He was definitely finding it easier to manage things with having another Bloodline to talk to.

He floo’d into Severus’ after work the following evening as planned. It was well after teatime but the other man was waiting for him, and the smells coming from the kitchen indicated he had cooked him something.

“Hi”, Harry smiled, genuinely pleased to see him.

Severus smiled back, coming over to greet him, “Good evening”. There was an awkward pause at the end of the sentence, and Harry realised his partner wasn’t sure whether he should be addressing him formally or not, considering the previous night.

He smiled at him, pulling him forward for a warm kiss, “You can call me Sir, if you wish to”, he told him, and he could feel some of the tension release from the elder man’s body. “In fact, I think tonight would be a good night to start talking about our boundaries and expectations”.

“Yes, Sir”, Severus replied, looking pleased. This was the first time he had called him Sir in over two months, and Harry couldn’t help enjoying it.

“But first, something smells good, are you planning on feeding me at any point today?”, he teased.

“So demanding”, Severus huffed playfully.

Harry laughed, “Did you really expect anything less? I mean if you don’t want a demanding partner, might I suggest someone who is not a Dominant”, he shot back amusedly.

“I might have to think about it”, he said, but swooped down to kiss him forcefully, belying his words.

They had dinner and then Harry pulled him over to the couch. “I want us to start building a relationship again”, he told him, “We need to have a serious discussion before we go any further, so I want you to sit on the couch and we talk about this fully. No avoiding any questions by saying Yes Sir or No Sir, ok?”

The other man nodded, “I am glad that you have gotten to this point Harry”, he stopped for a second, “The last time we had serious conversations about setting up boundaries you couldn’t stop blushing, and you squeaked when I mentioned the word spankings. You have certainly come a long way since then”, he observed.

Harry smiled, “I had a good mentor”, he replied, and the other man nodded his head in acknowledgment.

“Severus, I want to be with you, but I won’t tolerate anything like what has happened these last few months. Be warned Severus, if you leave me again, no matter your reasoning, I will not come back, am I clear on that fact?” he told him seriously.

“I am not trying to be flippant here, but Yes, Sir. I am well aware that this is my only chance, and I am grateful that you have given me this. I do not deserve you”.

“And therein lies the problem Severus, you do deserve me, just as I deserve you. I know you struggle with that sometimes, just as I also struggle with it. Don’t you think there have been times where I have questioned whether I am really good enough for you?”, he asked.

Severus’ eyes widened, “But you are more than perfect, how can you honestly believe you are not good enough for me. It makes no sense”.

“And I would say the same back to you. So let us make a pact right now that if we have times where we don’t feel that we are good enough for each other we talk about it. We remember how much we love each other, and we remember the pain of what we have been through these last few months”. The other man nodded his consent. “But, I am making a non-negotiable rule. It is clear that you cannot be trusted to bring things to me which you are worrying about”, he watched as the other man blushed and looked down momentarily, “I know you struggle to bring your worries to me, but considering how bad it gets when you don’t, I am no longer going to allow you away with this. You will not hide things from me Severus. You will bring them to me and we will discuss them, just as I will bring my worries to you. I want you to take time to think about this one, because if you cannot agree to this rule then we will have to consider whether a relationship between us is appropriate”.

Severus stared at him meaningfully, “I agree to this rule Harry, not just as your submissive but as your partner. I will trust in you to support me. I have never had this level of intimacy or support before, and I did not manage it well, but I need your support now, just as I need to support you”.

Harry smiled at him proudly, “Good, but just in case, once a week, we will have a specific time in which we really talk about our week, and anything which is meaningful for us, both good and bad.” Again the other man nodded, “Additionally,”, he began, staring at him with hard eyes, “if I believe you are hiding something from me I will ground you until you are willing to confide in me. Are these both acceptable rules”.

Severus cheeks immediately turned red, “You will ground me?”, he asked meekly, clearly needing it clarified.

Harry affirmed this, making it clear by his demeanour and tone that it wasn’t an idle threat, “Can you accept this rule?”.

“Yes, I can accept this rule, though it is humiliating.”, he confessed, “I haven’t been grounded since I was a child”.

“And I will never need to ground you if you can follow the rules and not keep things hidden from me”, he told him seriously.

“Yes, Sir”, the other man acknowledged, his cheeks still flushed.

Harry smirked, “You told me to think of other means of punishment, you said spanking was only one of them”,

“Grounding was hardly what I had in mind”, he grouched.

“It is what I have decided is for the best”, Harry told him softly.

The elder man sighed, “I know”.

“Now, in terms of our previous rules, was there anything you wanted to change, or that made you unhappy?”, he asked him.

“No, Sir. I truly enjoyed the kind of relationship we had”, he replied.

Harry nodded, “As did I, so you still want to give me the same rights over you? That is punishment, rules, social time, alcohol etc?”

“Yes, Sir, I felt comfortable with the rules we had”, he returned, smiling.

Harry sighed, “What we do have to think about however is the next couple of weeks. As you have already been told I am likely to be very strict with you. I have been discussing this with Adducere, as I can already feel this need within me. He has assured me that it will not last long, but that I am likely to be very demanding of you over the next couple of weeks. I am unlikely to allow you away with even the smallest rule breaks, and this will seriously test your submission to me. It will not be easy and if you do not think you will be able to manage this then I need to know now”.

Severus stood up and then slid down to kneel at his feet, “I already knew this when I asked for you to take me back. I am also a Bloodline Harry, and as such I will need to feel your Dominance over me to feel safe again in the relationship and to let go of my guilt. I too already feel that need, and want to be able to give myself to you completely. I know it will not be easy, and I cannot guarantee I won’t rebel against it at some point, but I ask you now Harry, that if I do, that you use any means necessary to bring me back in line. I trust you to care for me, so I will give myself to you”. 

“I will always care for you Severus, and I will never intentionally harm you”, he told him meaningfully.

“I know that Sir”, he replied, “I might also add, that whilst you will be stricter than you have been before, you have become much stricter with me generally since you have become comfortable in your dynamic. I do not specifically mean the last two weeks of our relationship when I pushed you into it, but generally you became stricter as you developed.”.

Harry thought over the last few months, and realised this was true. When he thought about their relationship when they first started to the last month, discounting the last two weeks, he was certainly much stricter than he had been. “Did this make you unhappy?”, he asked, genuinely worried that it wasn’t what the other man wanted. He had said at the beginning that he did not like a lot of rules.

Severus smiled, “No”, he reassured him, “as much as it surprises me, I enjoy the level of control you have over me. If you had been this strict right from the start I doubt I would have continued with the relationship, but I find that I like our dynamic, and I would not like this to change”.

“Obviously the next couple of weeks will be different, but once we are settled again, if you feel I am being too demanding then you must promise to tell me”. The other man nodded, “Also, I feel I must be truthful with you Severus. I know you enjoy it when I am domineering with you, but I did not particularly enjoy the last two weeks of our relationship. I felt pushed into this on an almost constant basis, and whilst I do enjoy a scene, and it being part of our relationship to some extent, I do not think I can be like this all the time. I liked what we had before, and feeling supported by you. Knowing that you were my partner, not just my submissive, so if that is what you truly need I am not sure I am the right Dominant for you”.

“Harry, I would hate to have a relationship like that”, he admitted, “I enjoy a scene because it is exactly that, a scene. It is different from the normal and therefore exciting when it happens, but I would feel suffocated and stressed out if it was like that all the time. I want to have a relationship with you Harry, not just a dynamic”.

Harry could feel the tension leave his body, “I am glad”, he smiled, “Once we work through the next couple of weeks, then we can learn to be just us again, and really start to find our dynamic. I also did not share my worries with you at the end, because I was too busy trying to figure out what was wrong with you. I neglected my own needs. Thus I propose that as part of our weekly discussion we also discuss how we are feeling within our relationship, do you agree?”, he asked him.

“Yes, Sir”, he nodded, “I do not want to get to a point again where you were feeling neglected. You have no idea how that makes me feel as a submissive, to know that I was neglecting my Dominant’s needs, and as a partner, to know that I wasn’t supporting you”, he looked down, and Harry could see that his shoulders had slumped.

Harry grasped his hands, “Look at me”, he ordered gently, and the other man brought his eyes up, “They were exceptional circumstances. We will not allow that to happen again, ok”, he smiled. Severus nodded, and then Harry gazed at him seriously, “I want you to really think about this over the next couple of days, and then if you are truly able to accept all of these conditions then come to mines after work on Friday. You can contact me as much as you want my parchment, and we can fire call each other at night, but I want you to really take the time to think about it. If you come to mines on Friday then I will assume you are prepared to accept this, and we will truly begin the next chapter”.

Severus agreed, and they spent the next two nights apart. They talked by floo each night but Harry tried hard to keep the Dominance out of his tone. He wanted Severus to really think about whether this was something he really wanted. On Friday, Severus floo’d in directly from school, still wearing his teaching robes. Harry was undeniably relieved. Whilst he hadn’t really expected Severus to say no, a small part of him had been anxious that he just might.

Severus caught sight of Harry sitting on the couch, and appeared to know instantly that there was something up. He smiled but there was a hint off questioning in his raised eyebrows. Harry smiled warmly at him, gesturing for him to come forward. Severus came, and slid effortlessly to kneel at his feet. Harry leaned forward, pulling his face in for a warm kiss hello.

“Hello Pet” he said softly, feeling sudden tenderness towards him.

Severus smiled, his eyes flashing with pleasure, “That is the first time you have called me Pet” he observed.  Harry thought back over the last week and a half, realising it was true. It hadn’t been a conscious effort, but most likely an outward symbol of his disconnect from the other man.

“I am sorry, I did not