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It could be a lot of fun or a great big disaster

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He couldn’t stand the screaming; he needed away from it, it was too much. Suddenly he was everywhere, hundreds of him, breaking apart in front of him. He was tearing apart, being devoured, Harry just stood there, watching him, listening to the never-ending screams of terror and pain, and he knew he had caused it.

“You killed him”, a voice said beside him, and he turned to see his mother staring at him with hard, disappointed eyes, as if she didn’t know who or what he was.

“I had to”, he returned, desperate for her not to look at him in that way. She just shook her head in disappointment. “I had no choice”, he cried desperately. Why couldn’t she understand?

“You’re a murderer”, Albus snarled, stepping out from behind his mother.

Harry could feel the tears beginning to well up in his eyes, “I know”, he said sadly, “But I thought that was what you wanted?”.

“How could it be what I wanted?”, he barked at him, “I’m not the one that is evil. I never killed anyone”.

Severus stepped out and walked up to him, looking sad. Harry reached out to grasp him, knowing he would make it better, but the other man pulled away from him. Severus stared at him, almost looking through him. “I’m sorry Harry but I don’t think we should be together”.

“No, please”, Harry begged, and the other man shook his head again.

“I can’t be with a murderer, you know that. You are not who I thought you were”, he said, before turning and beginning to walk away.

Harry was beginning to hyperventilate. “You promised you wouldn’t leave me again”, he screamed, “Severus, please, please don’t do this, I need you”.

“Harry, wake up”. There was a soothing voice around him, but he couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from. Harry twisted around, searching frantically, desperate to be with someone who would talk to him as if he wasn’t a cold-blooded killer, “Come on, wake up”.

Harry jerked awake, his entire body on alert. His stomach was churning, and he couldn’t tell whether to run away or scream. “It’s ok”, Severus soothed, “It was just a nightmare”. The elder man pulled him in close, wrapping him up in a cocoon of comfort. Harry lay for a few minutes simply breathing in the scent of his partner, clinging on to him, desperate to know he was still here and was still his.

“I’m sorry I woke you”, he said eventually.

Severus kissed his shoulder, “Never apologise for waking me, Sir. I had expected this”.

Harry turned his head, but he couldn’t see anything but an outline in the dark, “You did?”, he queried in surprise.

“Yes, you should never have had to kill. You are far too good and selfless a person to have had to bear that. Despite the fact you saved the world, it is going to play on your mind for a while. However, the fact that you are already having nightmares may be a good thing. It shows that your brain is already trying to process it. It is normal after a significant event”, he said gently.

Harry contemplated that for a moment, but the knowledge didn’t take away the overwhelming pain. “I killed someone”, he whispered. This was the first time he had really acknowledged it, or said it aloud and thought about what it actually meant.

“I know, Sir. But you saved the world”, his submissive returned.

He sighed, feeling the tears well up again, “I dreamt that you left me again. You said you couldn’t be with a murderer”.

Severus pulled him in even tighter, “I shall never leave you, no matter what”, he promised.

“I killed someone Severus. I took his life”, he croaked, and the tears began to spill down his face. “I’m a murderer”.

“You are not a murderer”, Severus said forcefully, “You are a saviour”.

Harry shifted round and pushed himself desperately against the other man, sobbing brokenly. He needed him in that moment. He felt alone and filled with unbearable pain, and he needed the strength and comfort of his partner, to make him feel whole again. He cried with abandon, and Severus merely held him close.

He cried for a long time, releasing what he needed to. He knew it wouldn’t be the only time he was impacted by it, but it took away the pain for the moment. He didn’t feel embarrassed about his tears. He knew that Severus wouldn’t judge him for it, and there was a safety in that. He felt supported and not alone.

When he was finally released from the choking hold of his pain, he pulled back slightly and leaned up to kiss his partner forcefully, thanking him simply for being there. He couldn’t imagine how painful this would have been, or how he would have coped if he had been on his own. He was surprised, however, to feel wet tear tracks on the other man’s face. “You were crying?”, he asked, gently.

Severus pushed him down onto the bed, climbing on top of him, and kissed him again, “It is difficult to see you dealing with so much pain and self-doubt, but I am thankful that you allowed me to support you”, he said gently. Harry loved when his partner lay on top of him. It made him feel safe and secure to have his weight pressing down on him.

“Thank you, Pet. I don’t think I could have managed that on my own”, he told him, wrapping his arms around him and squeezing gently at his buttocks. He was careful not to squeeze too hard, considering he had just caned the man a few hours ago. They lay like that for a while, kissing intermittently.

“Sir, I am already prepared if you would care to use my body”, he told him softly.

Harry had sent him to bed with the anal plug in, so he was already prepared. He needed to gain some control of himself, and he couldn’t think of anything he would like better than to be inside his submissive. “Yes, Pet, I would. On your back love”, he said warmly.

They made love. It was gentle and slow, but with every stroke Harry felt a part of himself building back up, and being so connected with his partner made him feel safe and whole. They finally managed to get to sleep again but the morning of the ceremony came upon them far too quickly. Severus had just provided Harry with his morning wake up call, and they were now both lying on the bed, staring up at the ceiling, and attempting to will themselves to face a day of adoration and pointless ceremonial jibber jabber. Neither were interested in the ceremony or the resultant fame that would accompany it, and if it had just been for them, then they would have probably opted out of it. But they knew that the ceremony was not really about them, but of providing hope to the wizarding world that the Dark days were behind them, and that if in the future another threat should appear, that there would always be people willing to stand up and do the right thing. The ceremony was about honouring those who had sacrificed for the war, mourning those lost, and bringing the wizarding world together in a shared hope for future peace. Albus, Severus, and Harry were all receiving the order of Merlin First Class, whilst the order members and those who fought in the final battle were receiving the Order of Merlin Second Class. Whilst the monetary reward was nowhere near as substantial as what Harry and Severus would be receiving, it was a decent amount in itself, and would help to support the Weasleys’ and Lupin, who had limited funds.

Severus rolled over onto his side, and placed his hand onto his Dominant’s stomach, “Sir, would you like me to make you breakfast?”, he asked.

“I don’t think I could eat, I’m a bit too anxious”, he replied, before pushing his partner onto his back and leaning over him. He looked at him meaningfully, “You have no idea how proud I am going to be to see you up there, finally getting the recognition you deserve”, he told him, leaning down to kiss him softly.

Severus screwed up his nose once he had pulled back, “I could happily forego the honour”. He said the word honour in a sarcastic tone, rolling his eyes, “Although, it does finally mark the end to everything. After twenty years of being at the mercy of a deranged lunatic, it feels strange to be so free, and not to have to constantly worry about the next summoning, or the next order. I have lived my life fearing what he might order me to do. A large part of me believed this would never happen, and that I would be forced to end my life because of an order I could not follow through”. His submissive had not looked at him during the speech, staring sightlessly up at the ceiling, as if he was trying to make himself believe that it had actually happened.

Harry ran his fingers down his chest, “You have no idea how proud I am of you, and how much I am grateful that I get to be with you here today. We have our whole life ahead of us, and I want to spend it all with you”, he told him truthfully.

Severus looked him in the eye, “Likewise”, he said softly, before leaning up to kiss him gently. When he pulled back he smirked, “However, now I am at the mercy of a very demanding Dominant. How do I get myself into these situations?”, he asked, in mock exasperation.

Harry laughed, feeling the heavy mood in the room begin to lighten, “Clearly you don’t think things through, however now you are completely at my mercy, and unfortunately I am never letting you go, so you better get used to being completely under my thumb”, he returned, smirking with just a hint of danger.

Severus rolled his eyes again, “It is clearly my own fault. I gave you far too much power over me right from the start, and now I must live with my folly”.

They eventually managed to will themselves out of bed, and Severus went to shower. Harry laid out the new formal robes he had bought them both, which his partner had not yet seen, and then joined him in the shower, which was in hindsight a bad idea, because it ended up taking three times as long as it should have.

His partner dressed him with reverence, stepping back to admire the sight of his Dominant in full ceremonial robes. He was completely naked, so Harry couldn’t fail to notice how aroused he was. Harry’s robes were fitted, but open, being connected with a clasp at his chest. They were an almost black dark green, with gold trimming that was delicate and tasteful. He paired it with a plain white shirt, and a tie which matched the robes. Severus then dressed himself, as Harry stood over him, inspecting his progress.

“Kneel with your back to me”, he ordered, when he was fully dressed, and his partner complied. Harry spelled his hair dry. He was beginning to use his magic in small amounts, as he had been advised by the doctor, and was pleased to note that he wasn’t generally tired as long as he kept the spells simple. He brushed his hands through his hair for a while, and watched as the tension in his submissive’s shoulders released as he calmed under his Dominant’s ministrations. He then pulled his hair back and secured it behind his head. He ordered his partner to stand and then circled him, pulling his robe into the perfect position, and fixing any creases.

“You look very handsome, Pet”, he told him truthfully. His partner looked healthy and fresh, the years of fear and strain absent from his complexion. He had a healthy glow that he had been missing since they had left the community, and it made him look younger and more vibrant. The robes he was wearing were high necked, which helped to cover his collar, and were buttoned down to his waist. It was fitted to his waist, hugging his curves, but separated and became loose from the waist down. They were black, but had an intricate pattern of green and silver spun through it, that shimmered when he moved. He looked almost regal in the outfit, and exceptionally powerful. “Make me proud today”, he told him firmly.

“Yes, Sir”, his submissive replied, smiling softly.

They made their way to the ceremony grounds. It was an outside venue, and there were hundreds of thousands of individuals crammed into every available space. It had been magically expanded to fit the crowd, but even still it didn’t look like there was any space to spare. Harry could feel the nerves rising in his chest, and he was having to swallow continuously to stop himself from potentially throwing up. They were ushered into position beside Albus, who was smiling at them both with unabridged pride. “My boys”, he said, his eyes twinkling with tenderness. “I was not sure I would ever get to see this day, or get to see you both so happy. You have made an old man’s life complete”, he said, in an uncharacteristic moment of openness. Knowing how much Severus would be struggling with it, he then turned away and began to chat with Kingsley, as they awaited their cue. Harry placed his hand on his back, a mixture of comfort and possession, and he could feel the other man relax against him. He spotted Hermione and Ron, who waved at them from a little away. The rest of the order would be going up after them, and then the Aurors who had participated in the final battle.

Harry was called up first, and was directed out onto a stage. The place was silent as he ascended onto the stage and walked towards the new Minister of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt. When the wizarding world had found out about Voldemort’s death, there was an uproar. Fudge had spent years denying his existence, and had put no effort into helping to defeat him. The entire wizarding world had rapidly descended with criticism on the British ministry, and Fudge had been outed from his post before he could blink. In order to try to claw some respect back from the rest of the world, the council had immediately made Kingsley Minister, and the wizarding world had rejoiced at finally having someone competent, and someone who had fought for them and kept them safe.

Kingsley smiled at him warmly, and asked him to kneel. He went into a semi-long speech about the sacrifices Harry had made, but was careful to make sure to hide any connection to his Bloodline. People listened with rapt attention, and you could have heard a pin drop. When he was finished Kingsley brought out the ceremonial wand, and Harry lifted his own wand, placing the tip against the one Kingsley held out.

“For services rendered to the magical community, for sacrifices beyond comparison, and for keeping the magical community safe in times of their greatest need, I award you, Mr Harry Potter, the Order of Merlin First Class. Please stand”. When Harry stood, staring out towards the faceless sea of the crowd, Kingsley affixed the medal to his dress robes. “There is no higher award in this land, and we, the magical community recognise you Mr Harry Potter, as being beyond worthy of this award”. Kingsley turned to the crowd, “I present to you Mr Harry Potter, our Protector and Saviour”. The crowd erupted into applause and screams of joy, the noise deafening. It was far too surreal to take in, and he was thankful when he was finally directed from the stage, to a private box, just off to the side of the stage where he could watch the rest of the ceremony. Albus was currently receiving the same treatment, and again the crowd erupted when he was directed from the stage. Albus joined him just as Severus was walking across the stage. He knelt as directed, and Kingsley went through his list of achievements. Harry noted that he was making sure to highlight that he had never killed during the war, and the constant threat he had been under in keeping the world safe for the last twenty years. The Minister specifically mentioned that he could not imagine what he had been through to be so ostracised by the world, who believed him to be a dark wizard, when he was fighting with every last part of himself to protect them and ensure that they and their children were safe. Harry could feel silent tears of pride roll down his cheeks, and when a hand descended onto his shoulder he looked over to see the Headmaster gazing down at him, his own face suspiciously wet.

Severus kept his face blank the entire time, even when having the medal pinned to his robes. “I present to you Mr Severus Snape, our Protector and Saviour”. Harry’s heart was in his throat, and for one interminable second the place was silent, and then the crowd erupted into cheers and applause, and Harry felt his world settle again. He didn’t know how the crowd were going to react to Severus being given the award, but the sentiment by Kingsley seemed to have turned the community in his favour. It was obvious that Kingsley had grown to respect Severus, and whilst his partner wouldn’t have admitted it, he felt the same, to the extent that Severus had invited him to his pre-party get together tonight. The only issue they come across with regards to the ceremony was that officially Severus was now registered as Severus Potter, and they were grateful that Kingsley was now Minister, as he had been able to fudge some of the documents. They were also grateful that he hadn’t even asked about why they had not reversed the bonding as yet, simply frowned, blushed slightly, and promised to fix it.

Severus joined them in the booth, and they sat together watching the rest of the ceremony. It was amazing to watch his friends and family walk onto the stage, and be honoured, and humbling to see the number of people who had risked their life to defeat the Death Eater’s. They had deliberately honoured those who had passed away during the fight, at the start of the Second-Class honours, by bringing their closest relative on stage to receive the honour. It had been deliberately completed in that order so that the day could finish on a positive note, and people would leave in high spirits.

Severus and Harry headed back to Harry’s with Ron in tow. Hermione was going to get ready with Ginny and Molly, and then would be coming over in an hour or so. Severus was going back to Hogwarts in two hours, where he would be having some pre-drinks with Albus, Minerva, Kingsley, Larkin, Adducere, and Ben, whilst Harry had also invited Dean, Neville, and Ipsum. They would then be meeting up with everyone at the party in the evening.

The mood was buoyant when they arrived back, and Severus set about setting out the snacks he had prepared earlier, whilst Harry and Ron collected the alcohol, which was clearly the most important part of the night.

“You have an office?”, Ron queried, when Harry mentioned it.

He laughed, “Yeah, do you want to see?”. Ron nodded, and the three of them traipsed through.

“Wow”, this office is amazing, he declared, when they walked in, “Good to yourself, aren’t you?”, he teased.

“I’m worth it”, Harry returned, swinging his hair back with his hand.

Ron laughed and then began walking towards the desk, “Do you both use it?”, he asked.

Harry turned, smirking towards his submissive who narrowed his eyes at him, “No, Harry is rather precious when it comes to his desk”, Severus returned, smiling innocently.

“I am pretty sure you’ve spent your fair share of time in here as well. If you weren’t using my desk what exactly were you doing?”, he asked, tilting his head as if really wanted to know the answer, and trying desperately not to laugh at the scowl that was passing across the other man’s face.

“Probably avoiding you”, he replied, “You have an annoying habit of always being there”, he returned haughtily.

“Are you telling me that you come in here without my permission?”, he asked jokingly, though there was a slight hint of danger in the reply that he was sure only Severus would pick up on. His submissive swallowed subtly.

“Seriously dude, the desk and chair are amazing. I feel like a manager or something”, Ron exclaimed and they both turned to see him sitting in the chair with his elbows on the desk and hands clasped in front of him, pretending to be thinking seriously.

Harry turned to his submissive who was gazing at Ron looking slightly green. Harry placed his hand on Severus’ back. That was often how Harry looked when he was about to scold him, and the things they had done in that chair was definitely something Ron Weasley should have no part in.

“I need to bleach my brain”, Severus whispered.

“Don’t worry I’ll take you on the desk later and wipe every nasty old memory out of it”, he promised teasingly.

“You better”, the other man returned, screwing up his nose.

“What’s in the cupboard?”, he asked, walking towards it, and he saw Severus panic and throw an undetectable locking spell on it.

“Bondage gear”, Harry returned smirking, and Ron laughed when he found the door locked. Harry had known he wouldn’t believe him, “Nah, it’s Auror stuff. It’s confidential which is why it is locked. I really need to return it now that I have quit”. Ron seemed to accept that, and he watched as his partner let out a breath of released anxiety.

“Listen, the reason that I showed you this, was I wondered if you wanted to move in here for a bit? I have the funds together if you want to start thinking about building your business, and well, we aren’t going to be here for at least two and a half months, and then we want to buy our own place. You and Hermione could save on rent money while you save or set up your business, and then we can think about what we want to do in a few months”, he told him.

“Seriously?”, Ron asked, wide-eyed. “Harry, you really don’t have to do this”.

He smiled, “Severus and I have already talked about it, and he’s in agreement. He’d also be willing to help you out with anything he can when we get back. He’s got a good head for these things”.

Ron looked like he was overcome with emotions, and he watched as Severus screwed up his nose at the possibility that the other man might cry. “Thanks Harry…and you too Severus, you have no idea what this means. I’ll have to talk to Hermione, but I can’t imagine her saying no”, he said, and then stood. “But, you’re moving in together?”, he teased, clearly trying to take the focus off himself.

They went back into the living room, and Harry went to change whilst Severus entertained. Hermione turned up not long after, and when he walked back into the living room, they were all laughing. It was amazing to see his partner so relaxed, and that they were finally getting to really see a part of who he was at the core. He reminded him at that moment, of who he had been in the community, with the ability to have real friendships, and feel at east within them.

Severus went off to change, and not long later his floo rang. When he answered, Neville came through, beaming merrily at Harry, “Harry, it’s so good to see you”, he said with enthusiasm, holding up a bottle, “I brought you…”. He trailed off, his eyes widening, and his adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed continuously, “Erm, hello Professor”, he said fearfully, catching sight of the man as he came out of the bedroom.

“Mr Longbottom”, he acknowledged, a slight sneer gracing his features at the evident terror rolling off of the Gryffindor.

Harry was trying really hard not to laugh, “It’s good to see you Neville. How are things going?”, he asked gently, coming to take the bottle from him.

“Fine”, he replied in monotone, his eyes never wavering from the Potion’s Master, who was now standing with his arms crossed, and staring at him disdainfully, and with just a hint of menace. Harry knew exactly what he was doing. He knew he could still bring fear into Neville with merely a look, and he was enjoying it.

“Are you nearly ready?”, he asked his submissive, narrowing his eyes in warning, unseen by his friend.

Severus smirked, and his eyes were full of dark amusement, “Almost. I can’t find the cuff links you bought me. I was sure they were beside your whips and chains”, he said offhandedly, as if merely discussing the weather. Neville squeaked, his face turning a sickly shade of grey.

Harry contemplated that for a moment, “No, I’m pretty sure I left them next the goat entrails you leave on your bedside table”, he returned.

His submissive shrugged, “Ah well, perhaps I will just have to take someone else’s”, he returned, before staring menacingly at Neville, who was now stepping backwards towards the floo, his eyes wide with terror.

Harry laughed, “Neville, he is joking”, he told him, clasping onto his arm. “Weren’t you?”, he asked.

Severus gazed at him blankly, “I never joke”, he replied, before whipping round dramatically, and walking back into the bedroom.

Harry couldn’t stop himself from laughing again, although he did feel a little guilty at the nauseas look on his friend’s face. “Honestly, he was joking”, he said kindly, “Come on let’s go and get the others”. He walked a slightly trembling Neville through to the other room. “Neville’s here”, he called uselessly, and Ron and Hermione shouted out a greeting.

“What’s wrong, Neville?”, Hermione asked with concern, on catching sight of his face.

“He met me”, Severus said in a dark voice behind them, causing Neville to jump forward in terror, bang into the coffee table, and fall over, sprawling gracelessly onto the floor. He didn’t move, simply lay staring up at the Potion’s Master in terror. Evidently, whilst he had developed some courage and self-assuredness since going to University, it didn’t extend to Severus Snape. When Harry turned, his submissive was smirking with clear amusement.

“Severus”, Hermione scolded, coming to help Neville up, though it was obvious that she too was amused, and trying desperately to hide it.

“I did nothing”, the Potion’s Master returned, holding up his hands. “Harry, can you help me with something?”, he asked.

He nodded at his submissive, “I’ll be through in a minute”.

“Severus”, Ron shouted as he was turning away, “You still owe me a shot. You promised at the last get together that you would have some with me on our next night out”.

“If you think you can keep up with me”, the elder man returned condescendingly, whilst walking away.

Neville was staring at them all as if they had gone mad. Hermione was helping him to sit on the couch, “Neville”, she said softly, “He’s not the same person that we knew from school. You don’t have to be afraid of him”.

Harry left Hermione trying to calm him down and went in search of his submissive. Whilst that had been undeniably amusing, Harry guessed it probably wasn’t going to be the last time that someone stared at them in disbelief, and he knew Neville wasn’t the only one afraid of his partner. It was certainly going to be an interesting night. When he entered the bedroom, his submissive was rummaging through his drawer, “That wasn’t nice”, he scolded, though he was unable to keep the amusement out of his voice.

“No, it wasn’t nice”, he paused, grinning, “It was fun though”.

Harry shook his head, “If you could leave one or two of my friends not shaking in their boots tonight, I would appreciate it”.

“Your brainless friends in the other room are fine, isn’t that enough?”, he asked, before smirking again, “I cannot help the fear I instil in others”.

Despite how wrong it was, it never failed to turn him on when he saw just how powerful his submissive was. He growled, and advanced towards the elder man, who immediately dropped his eyes, and placed his hands behind his back. Harry grasped his wrists, pinning them to his back, before bodily pushing him into the chest of drawers. “I want to bend you over right now and show you exactly who is boss. You are mine boy, and don’t you ever forget it”, he demanded.

“Yes, Master. I am yours”, he replied softly.

Harry kept him in place, “Now what did you call me in here for?”, he asked, his voice low.

“I would have to show you, Sir”, he replied.

Harry released him, and he turned, before immediately swooping in to kiss him firmly. Harry grasped his arms, and then without warning, turned him and pushed him onto the bed on his back. His submissive sprawled onto the bed, and stared up at him with interest, as Harry knelt onto the bed, looming over him. He stared down at him with hard eyes, and then pulled down the top of the polo neck to bush his fingers over his collar. Severus lay compliantly on the bed, closing his eyes briefly as Harry leaned down to kiss the space above his collar. His submissive moaned gently, sinking down into the bed as his Dominant kissed and nibbled at his neck. When Harry knelt back up, Severus’ eyes were already slightly blown with lust.

“So, you called me in to kiss me?”, he asked, and the other man merely nodded. Harry leaned down again, and took him in a bruising kiss, pushing his arms up and pinning them above his head. “Remember who you belong to tonight”, he told him, his voice firm, “I am allowing you to be alone without me, with two of your exes. I do not like it. Remember that you are mine, and remember how possessive I am of you”. His submissive nodded immediately, smiling softly to let him know that he understood his emotions. “I am allowing you to drink tonight”, he stopped for a second, smiling proudly as he ran his fingers again over the band of ownership, “I am putting no restrictions on your drinking. This is our night of celebration, and I want you to have fun, but you will limit your drinking until I am in the room, so I can keep an eye on you”.

Severus smiled at him warmly, “Thank you, Sir”.

Harry pulled back and unbuttoned his submissive’s trousers and then managed to shuck down his underwear. He reached down and placed the heel of his hand against his penis, and pushed one finger up between the cheeks of his arse. His submissive moaned, the sound barely above a whisper, but he looked up in confusion when there was a soft tingle of magic, and Harry suddenly pulled his hand away. “See for yourself”, he smirked.

Frowning, Severus reached down, but before he could touch his penis, he was stopped by an invisible wall. He looked up at his Dominant wide-eyed, “You put me in chastity?”, he asked in disbelief, though his voice was slightly ragged with arousal.

Harry smiled darkly, “No-one but me will be able to get anywhere near your cock or your arse tonight. The spell will recognise if you need the toilet, but otherwise you won’t be able to touch what’s mine”, he paused, pinning him to the bed with his eyes, “You didn’t think I’d let you out without me, with free reign to do what you wished?”, he asked. Severus shook his head, and dropped his eyes in supplication. Harry leaned down to kiss him again, and then helped him up, so he could tidy himself up, being forced to cast anti-wrinkle charms on his now rather creased shirt. “I see you found your cuff links”, he noted with amusement, picking them up off the dresser, and fastening them to the other man’s shirt.

“Yes, they were in your drawer next to your bondage cuffs and paddle. Shall I go and inform Mr Longbottom?”, he asked.

Harry laughed, “Perhaps you’ve scared him enough tonight?”, he queried rhetorically, and the other man bared his teeth in a wolfish grin. Harry shook his head in exasperation at his submissive, “Ok let me see you”. He stood back and admired his Pet. “You look good enough to eat”. It was true, he looked delicious. He was wearing a formal pair of black trousers, and a deep purple shirt that accented his frame, and was offset by the black polo neck underneath. His hair was tied back, and he had a healthy flushed glow about him, a combination of arousal and relaxation, “Perhaps I’ve changed my mind about letting you out tonight. Perhaps I might just tie you to my bed”.

Severus came forward to kneel down in front of him, “You may do with me as you wish, Sir”, he replied. Whenever Harry was feeling particularly possessive, Severus always managed to calm him by being fully submissive. It made him feel safe and secure in their relationship, and calmed his screaming Bloodline.

“You’re so good baby”, he said, running his hands down his cheek, “but you better get going, and enjoy your last night of freedom, because for the next two and a half months you are all mine”, he told him warmly, with just a hint of warning.

His submissive looked up at him, “I can’t wait, Sir”, he replied, truthfully.

After a dozen more kisses, he managed to let his Pet leave, and he re-joined his friends. By now, Dean, Fred, George, and Ipsum had all arrived. They all chatted and drank for a while, eating the snacks that Severus had prepared for them earlier. There was a light-heartedness in the air that Harry had never seen before, and it was another reason to add to the positives of what he had gone through, and whilst he might be troubled by nightmares for a while, it was nothing compared to having his friends and family safe and healthy. By the time they were all rather tipsy, the conversation inevitably came around to Harry and Snape.

“So, Snape?”, George asked, smirking. It was the first time they had been together since they had found out, without his partner’s presence.

“Yes?”, he asked innocently, playing dumb.

“You hated him”, Dean cut in, looking perturbed. Dean hadn’t seen them together as yet, as Severus had refused him visitation whilst Harry was recovering.

Harry laughed, “Oh, I definitely hated him”.

“Well how did you manage to go from that to going out?”, Dean asked.

Ron laughed, “They are not just going out. They’re in loooooove”, he mocked, and Harry glared at him.

He had expected Hermione to stick up for him, and berate her partner but she smiled wickedly, “It’s really rather sickening how mooshy they are to be honest”. Harry picked up a pillow and threw it at her.

“Oh God”, Ipsum cut in, looking a little grey, “He was the boyfriend you spent the entire night gushing about at the night out”, he paused, swallowing, “The one who is amazing in bed?”.

Harry blushed, but couldn’t stop himself laughing, “That would be him”. Neville squeaked again, and Fred and George made gagging noises from the other side of the room.

“Is he all Professorial in bed?”, Fred laughed, “I can imagine him being really demanding and telling you exactly what to do. Does he score you on your performance?”.

“Yes”, George nodded, “I bet you’re all submissive in bed, all yes Sir, and no Sir, and take me roughly Sir”, he mocked in a high-pitched voice.

“Fred, George”, Hermione shouted in outage, “Leave the poor boy alone. He’s got enough to put up with, with a demanding Professor in bed, so you should at least cut him some slack”. Harry threw another pillow at her, and gave her his deadliest glare, but she just winked, and stood up to pour another drink, before turning back, “However”, she mused, “They both constantly look like they want to devour each other, so I’m betting he scores quite highly in bed”, she told them, smirking. Harry spluttered, and he could tell his face was bright red, “Does he assign you homework?”, she winked. The entire room burst into peals of laughter and Harry crossed his arms in mock outrage, until Hermione handed him a gin, and then came to snuggle up beside him.

“So, tell us the truth, how did you end up going out?”, Ipsum asked.

Harry shrugged, “As you may or may not know, Severus and I were tasked with trying to find out about Death Eater activity in this small village in Scotland. Two months alone in a one bedroomed cottage, well, it’s pretty hard not to get to know each other. We realised that the images we both had of each other weren’t the whole truth. We had to trust each other to get through it safely, and we realised how we felt. It didn’t take that long to be honest”.

“So how long have you actually been together?”, Neville asked, managing to find some courage.

“Officially since August. Unofficially since about a week and a half after we got there”, he smirked, letting that sink in, to some rather horrified faces. They talked for a while longer, but Harry was careful not to give away any intimate details, though making it clear how much he loved the other man, and subtly making it clear that he wouldn’t tolerate anyone bad mouthing him.

Knowing how bad he was with tolerating his alcohol, he had been careful to only have three by the time he left the house, but he was still rather tipsy. When they made it to the hall where the party was being held, it was already in full swing. They had decided to invite all the Aurors who had taken part in the battle, so it was now much bigger than originally anticipated. Severus’ group hadn’t arrived yet, but the rest of the Weasley clan were there, and Harry spent some time mingling, before his group found an empty table and began ordering some drinks. The atmosphere was buoyant, and laughter filled the room. Some people were already quite drunk and there were a number of people on the dancefloor.

A short while later Harry felt arms slide round his waist, and he sank back into them. “Good evening, Sir”, his submissive whispered into his ear. Harry could feel his stomach tingling. He had never expected that Severus would be comfortable being so open about their relationship, and he almost felt overwhelmed with the joy that it brought.

He turned round, ignoring the gawking stares of those new to their relationship, and smiled warmly at him. “Did you have fun?”, he asked, spying Severus’ rowdy group fanning out in all directions. It was clear that Minerva and Albus were well on their way to merrily drunk, and even Lupin and Kingsley looked flushed with alcohol. The Bloodlines appeared to have grouped off together, and were laughing loudly as they stood at the bar for a drink.

“There was one missing ingredient”, he told him meaningfully, and Harry smiled, his stomach curling at the way Severus always made him feel so wanted.

“Come on, let’s go get drunk”, Harry grinned, and Severus laughed, causing more than one gasp from the table around them. Harry grasped his hand and pulled him to the bar where Adducere, Ben, Larkin, and Larkin’s new submissive were standing watching eagerly as bright purple cocktails were being concocted, which were beginning to set off miniature fireworks around them.

“Harry”, Adducere shouted warmly over the music, “Cocktail?”, he asked, and Harry nodded, laughing at the older man’s evident enthusiasm. “What about you Severus?”, Adducere asked.

His submissive gazed disdainfully at the cocktails, “A Double Talisker whisky, and I suppose we should get some shots for everyone”, he said, sliding his arms back around his Dominant.

“I’m surprised you were able to let him out on his own”, Adducere smiled. Only those who were Bloodlines were within earshot, so the conversation wasn’t inappropriate. “If I had just gone through what you had, I doubt Ben would be out of my sight for more than ten seconds”, he pulled his submissive against him, running his hands over the back of his neck.

Harry smirked, “He might have been out on his own, but he’s still under my control, aren’t you?”, he asked, craning his head round to stare darkly at his submissive.

“Yes, Sir”, he smiled, though a slight blush had crept up his face.

Adducere laughed, “I wonder if it is the same way that Ben here is still under my control. What do you think boy?”, he asked his submissive, gazing down at him warmly.

Ben swallowed, and blushed, “Perhaps, Sir”, he returned, huffing.

They all laughed, and it felt amazing to be able to talk so openly about their dynamic. For others to recognise that Severus was his and that he obeyed him. They chatted for a while, and Harry noticed the other trainees arriving, some of them waving in greeting at Harry. He felt his partner stiffen, and turned to see him shooting daggers at Davin, who had caught sight of him, and looked a little frozen.

“Boy”, he warned, “Leave him alone”.

“I have done nothing”, Severus replied innocently.

Harry turned, and shot him a dangerous look, “I have already warned you about your behaviour towards him, are you disobeying me?”, he asked.

The elder man shook his head, “No, Sir”, he then sighed, “I shall behave”, he capitulated.  

Harry pulled him forward, and planted his lips against his. He wasn’t quite sure how Severus would respond to it, in a room full of people, but it seemed he no longer cared. He kissed Harry back with enthusiasm, wrapping his arms around him. It was as if the world fell away in that moment, and they explored each other as if it was all new.   

“What did I tell you?”, Hermione’s voice cut in over the music, “Sickeningly mooshy”.

Harry couldn’t stop himself laughing into Severus’ mouth, who pulled back looking affronted. He whipped his head round and glared at Hermione, but she just smiled sweetly at him. Ipsum and Dean had evidently been about to join in with the laughter, but one look at the Potion’s Master’s face, and they closed their mouths, unconsciously stepping closer to the safety of Hermione.

They spent the next hour on their own chatting with different people, until Severus re-joined him. “Just to warn you that Minerva is on her way towards you. She is on the war path”.

Harry turned his head to see the elderly witch walking meaningfully towards them. “You”, she scolded, as soon as she reached them. “How dare you keep this hidden from me”.

“Hey, Severus kept it hidden from you too”, he returned defensively.

“Traitor”, Severus muttered bedside him.

Minerva huffed, her eyes briefly glaring at her ex-colleague, before coming back to rest on Harry. “And I have already given him what for, but it is your turn now”.

Harry held up his hands defensively, “Professor, we did want to tell you I promise. We even talked about it, but we had to limit who knew, we would have told you if we could have, you mean a lot to us both, particularly Severus”.

Her eyes softened at that, “Well thank you. I had suspected that Severus was seeing someone, however he refused to acknowledge it”, she again glared at the Potion’s Master, “Mr Potter”, she said, her voice firm, “I expect you to look after him. He means a great deal to me”.

Harry smiled, grasping Severus’ hand, “I promise I will”.

Minerva smiled, and then smirked nastily, “Don’t let him order you around too much, Severus. And you Mr Potter, you’ve got your work cut out for you, I’ve never known him to be particular obedient”. With one final smirk she turned and bounced away.

Harry turned wide-eyed towards his partner, “Does she know?”.

Severus was gazing after her, his brow furrowed, “As I mentioned before she is an incredibly astute woman. She has known me since I was a boy, so she may well know. In fact, I suspect she does, and that was her payback for me not informing her”. He grimaced, “I would really rather she had kept that knowledge to herself”, he said.

“Agreed”, Harry returned, a little horrified, though he was mollified slightly when Minerva sent over some drinks a little while later.

They spent the rest of the night getting drunk, until nearly everyone in the building was out their face. Harry was having difficulty standing up straight, and his partner was slurring. By now they were barely able to keep up a pretence of not being infatuated with each other. The alcohol had lowered their inhibitions and Harry kept pulling him into heated embraces.

“Would you two get a room”, Ron slurred at him, “It’s disgusting”, he scolded, though his words were slow and long, so it took him a fair while to finish the sentence.

“Your words would perhaps carry more weight if you didn’t currently have Ms Granger atop you, with her moth attached to your neck”, Severus returned bitingly.

Ron looked down and seemed to notice for the first time that his girlfriend was there, “Oh”, he replied, and then sank into her kisses.

Severus screwed up his nose, and then turned back to his partner. “Sir, I am horny”, he told him bluntly, whispering into his ear.

“Oh yeah”, Harry teased, “I wonder if this helps”. He used the bond to momentarily freeze his partner in place.

When he released him, Severus’ eyes flashed with arousal, “No, that definitely doesn’t help”.

Harry smirked darkly, “Really?”, he queried, in amusement, “Let’s try it again, just to make sure”. He held him in place again, and then leaned forward, “You are mine. I own you. Perhaps I will take you right here and now, to let everyone see exactly where you belong”. He released the bond again, and Severus sank forward, panting slightly, his face flushed.

“There you are”, a voice intoned happily beside them. “What a fun night, isn’t it?”, Albus asked as they both stared at him in horror.

“Yes, brilliant night. I was just giving a demonstration to Severus of exactly how good the night is”, he returned innocently. His partner narrowed his eyes, and Harry used the bond to hold him in place for the briefest of seconds.

“Bloody hell”, Severus returned when he was released, momentarily lost in Harry’s Dominance.

“My boy?”, Albus queried, his eyes twinkling.

Severus shook his head, “Nothing, I was just agreeing that it’s a bloody good night”.

Albus’ lips quirked, “Yes, well perhaps I should get on, and leave you to enjoy…the rest of your night”, he twinkled at them again, before joining the dancefloor, and beginning to dance in a rather spritely way for his age.

“Please, Sir, please take me home and fuck me”, he whispered.

Harry smirked, and then looked thoughtful for a moment, “Mmm I’m not sure”.

Severus leaned forward to whisper in his ear, “Master please”, he intoned, dropping his voice into a way that made Harry’s toes curl. “I am desperate to have you inside me”.

Harry could feel himself flush with arousal, “We’re off”, he announced to those around them.

“Thank Merlin”, Hermione returned, “Anymore of the lovey-dovey sex looks you were giving each other and I’d have forced you both home”. Harry laughed, before grabbing his partner and heading for the nearest floo.

Christmas eve was spent dealing with a hangover and then packing for their trip, and then suddenly it was Christmas. Severus had awoken him in his customary way, and Harry was now lying sated, and content, staring up at the celling.

“Good morning beautiful”, Harry said warmly, once he was fully awake.

“Merry Christmas, and Happy Solstice, Sir”, Severus returned, smiling as he came to lie on the bed beside him.

“And to you my gorgeous submissive”, he replied, kissing him tederly. This was their first Christmas together, and waking up together, knowing they were free to enjoy it, couldn’t fail to make him happy.

He bounced out of bed, “Come on, I want to give you your present”, he said, grasping the other man’s hand, and hauling him out of bed. Severus could only laugh at his enthusiasm, and once they were adorned in their dressing gowns they traipsed through to the living room, where there was a mountain of presents. It looked like many of the Aurors and order members had given them presents this year. They had refused presents from well-wishing fans, instead having the owls automatically redirected towards a homeless charity. They had already been informed that there were enough presents to last them three years at least.

Harry handed him his presents and Severus did the same, “Quidditch world cup tickets?”, he asked in disbelief.

Harry smirked, “Yes, and they are right at the front, though I have booked the tickets under pseudonyms, so we will have to go glamoured”.

Severus descended on him, pulling him in for a deep kiss, “Thank you, Sir”, he told him gratefully, “I have never told anyone about my affliction before”, he laughed.

“You are welcome Pet”, he said tenderly.

Harry had also given a bunch of smaller gifts, and finally the rare potion’s journal from his Bloodline Vault that he had collected when he was first given access, and Severus was overcome with the gift. He became frustrated with Harry, because he couldn’t get him to see how rare and valuable the journal was. Severus had given Harry a crystalized ornament of his four elementals. He had made it himself, with a combination of spells and potions, and it was evident the amount of work he had put into it. Harry was deeply touched, and had teared up briefly, having to blink rapidly to stop them from falling. His submissive had also gifted him with a potion he had been brewing for two months, which would allow Harry to see whether a home that he was considering buying would make him happy in the long run. It was an incredibly complex potion, and only two other Potion’s Master’s in the world were able to create it, thus it was incredibly expensive. Harry could not have been more touched by the gifts. They were personal and chosen just for him, and it was just another example of how thoughtful his partner truly was. 

“Sir, if you will permit, I would like to take you somewhere briefly after breakfast”, he told him, smiling.

Harry frowned suspiciously, “Am I going to like it?”, he asked.

The other man laughed, “Undoubtedly”.

After breakfast, Severus took him through to his own quarters In Hogwarts, which was now crammed to bursting with Harry’ own things. Albus had permitted them to use the quarters for the rest of the school year, to store their stuff until they bought their own place. They had asked the house elves to move most of the non-essentials already, so that Ron and Hermione could move in to his place next week. They were shrinking down the rest of their belongings to take with them to the community, particularly all the ‘toys’ they had collected. Severus led him out to the school grounds, and then collected Harry’s broom from the shed, which he had obviously stolen a few days ago, and planted. Harry wasn’t able to fly at the moment, as it would take far too much magic, and he missed it dreadfully. He was also not going to be able to fly until they returned home from the community, and he had mentioned it with sadness to his partner a few days ago. Harry smiled at him, and allowed himself to be maneuvered onto the broom. Severus sat behind him, clasped him around the waist, and then took off. It felt amazing to be back in the air, even if it wasn’t him who was flying. Severus wasn’t as skilled as him on the broom, but there was a gracefulness to his flying that Harry would never be able to achieve. He closed his eyes, feeling the world fall away, and enjoying the freedom and excitement that flying brought to his stomach.

“Look to your left, Sir”, Severus whispered into his ear, the warmth of his breath arousing in the cold morning air.

“Wow”, Harry breathed out, “What are they?”, he asked.

“Young winter wolves. Hagrid has been raising them by hand, and this is their first outing. We arranged a specific time, so you would be able to see them”.

Harry watched the wolves weave their way through the trees, keeping together. There were eight of them, but It was obvious that there was a leader already, and the other wolves followed it obediently, though roaming the area in an obvious freedom. It was amazing to watch, and they looked almost ethereal in their whiteness. They reminded him of the elemental wolves he had conjured. Severus flew him over the tress for a while, and when they finally landed, he felt energised and excited.

It was freezing cold, and they were both almost frozen through by the time they arrived back to Harry’s. He decided that the best way of heating them both back up would be to show him exactly how much he appreciated his gifts.

“You deserve a reward”, Harry told him, coming out of the bathroom. He was already flushed, and his cock was hard. His submissive gazed at him curiously, taking in the sight of an already aroused Dominant. Harry grasped his hand, and pulled him through to the living room. He pulled out a chair, and ordered his partner to sit. He then sat on top of his lap, facing him. He immediately began kissing him. “You are mine”, he growled, feeling his possessiveness continuing to bubble under the surface.

Severus dropped his eyes briefly, before looking at him meaningfully, “Always Sir”, he stated softly.

Harry growled again, before attacking his mouth, and grinding himself down on his partner. Severus moaned softly into his mouth, and wrapped his arms around his Dominant. Harry smirked wickedly, and his submissive gazed at him with slight wariness. He lifted himself up, and then grasping his partner’s now hard cock, he quickly lined himself up, and began to sink down onto it. Severus choked, and gazed at his Dominant wide-eyed. It was still rare that Harry allowed his partner to penetrate him, though it was mainly due to the fact that he loved being inside him. Harry sank slowly down on his cock, as he wasn’t used to the intrusion. He had already prepared himself in the bathroom, but there was still a slight twinge of pain as he opened himself up fully. Harry pushed his tongue deep into his partner’s mouth, possessively claiming him, and he could feel the other man’s cock twitch inside him.

“Do you want me to move?”, he asked, wickedly.

“Yes, Sir”, the other man panted, gazing at him with eyes full of lust.

He grasped the other man’s chin, forcing his head back, and staring at him with firm eyes, “I want to hear you beg”, he told him, “You beg every so prettily, and I think you need to earn your reward of getting to come inside me”, he finished, before dropping down to bite at his partner’s neck.

His submissive chocked, his eyes flashing with need, “Please sir, please let me stay inside you. Your submissive will do anything to be allowed the privilege of serving his Master this way”, he panted.

Harry was rock hard listening to his partner beg so submissively. He began to move, rocking in circles, occasionally stopping to twist his nipples firmly, causing him to gasp out. He then began to pull himself up and then slowly lower himself back down, feeling his submissive’s cock drive into him. By the time he began to move faster, his partner’s nails were clawing at his back, as he moaned out almost continuously.

“Hands behind the chair” he commanded, and then he used the bond to hold them in place when had complied. Severus groaned out, never failing to be turned on by being immobilised in any way. Harry leaned forward, biting at his bottom lip harshly, before plunging into his mouth. He continued to kiss him as he moved inside him, before reaching down to fist himself. His partner was desperately trying to kiss him through his moans of arousal.

“I need to come”, he groaned out, “Please, Sir, you have no idea how on edge I am”, he begged.

“I wonder what it would feel like if I rode you whilst you were immobilised?”, he mused, “If I let you come but kept the rest of you held down throughout it?”.

“Please”, the other man pleaded, his voice barely more than a guttural moan.

Harry used the bond to freeze him completely, excepting for his cock, and then he rode it firmly. His submissive couldn’t move but he was still moaning, and his eyes were blown with arousal. Harry continued to pleasure himself, and then when he was right on the edge he ordered his submissive to come. They both screamed, and Harry decorated his chest with his come, as he continued to ride the other man through his release. When they were finally spent, he released him, and Severus brought his arms round to rest on his hips, as he panted through the aftermath.

“So, was that ok?”, he asked, smiling.

“It was indescribable. I felt completely owned by you. Simply a cock to use for your pleasure. It was intense”, he replied.

Harry kissed him again, “I’m only glad that you trust me enough to use it on you. I am glad that we didn’t have the bond from the start, because I don’t think you would ever have learned to trust me. You would have been far too wary of my intentions, and I think it would have been difficult for you to ever see past the bond, to the fact that I truly cared for you”.

Severus contemplated that for a moment, “I do think it would have taken longer for me to trust you, but I do believe you would have wormed your way in there eventually”, he smirked, his eyes flashing with humour, “You underestimate yourself and how truly good you are. There is no way that I would not have eventually seen that. However, you are right. I am glad that we did not have to try to deal with the anxiety of the bond from the start. I think it would have been a bit of a disaster”.

Harry laughed, “When generally it has been a lot of fun”, he teased, wiggling his eyebrows.

They then spent the day at the Weasley’s, before popping in to see Albus on the way home to say their final goodbye’s. There was a bitter sweetness to the day. On the one hand it was amazing to be where they were now, with the war over, and their life’s ahead of them, but on the other hand they were going to be gone for at least two and a half months. They were going to miss their friends and family, but what the next two and half months would hold for them was not enough for them to reconsider going.

It was frantic the next morning as they directed the elves to move the last of their belongings to Severus’ quarters, and made sure they had packed everything they needed. They then floo’d to the ministry building to collect their two port keys. One for now and one which would send them to the community in ten days’ time. Kingsley was waiting to meet them when they arrived. He had personally created the port keys. With the undeniable media attention that they were receiving he wanted to guarantee their privacy and ensure that they had a relaxing holiday, and were subsequently left in peace at the community.

“Have a wonderful time”, he said warmly, “And if you need anything just call Arthur”.

They thanked him and said their goodbyes and within seconds they were suddenly transported. Harry fell forward slightly when they landed, into Severus’ arms, closing his eyes as he waited for the nausea to pass. When he was finally stable again he opened his eyes. They were standing on a beach, with a magnificent blue sea stretching as far as the eyes could see. The sun was warm, and but there was a slight breeze in the air.

“Wow, where are we?”, he asked, pulling the other man against him.

“Cape Verde”, he replied. “This is a private beach, and”, he paused, raising his wand and incanting a spell, “Now we shan’t be bothered by muggles, so we are completely free to do whatever we may like”, he smirked.

Harry laughed, before pulling him down for a kiss, “Something tells me there was little point in you packing any clothes for this part of our trip”, he teased, and the other man rolled his eyes.

Severus grasped the cases, which all had a featherlight charm on them and took him into the villa. It was a spacious three-bedroomed villa with a private pool. They were the only house around as far as Harry could see.

“There is a muggle village about five miles away, which is the nearest inhabitants, but there is also a wizarding village about ten miles from here if we ever feel like venturing out”, Severus informed him.

“This is amazing Pet, thank you”, Harry told him, knowing he must have put some effort into arranging this.

“Sir”, Severus stated smirking, “There is a part of the villa I have not shown you yet, however I would like it to be part of a scene this evening, if you will permit?”, he asked.

Harry was more than intrigued, “Ok”, he returned, grinning.

Severus gestured towards a door, that Harry had assumed was just a closet. I will leave a note for you this evening, and this is where you should go”, he told him.

They spent the day on the beach, just enjoying the heat, and the relaxation of it. The travel had worn him out and after tea he showered and went to bed for an hour. When he awoke, there was a sealed envelope on his bedside table. As he opened it, two keys fell out and he recognised one of them as belonging to the padlock they often used to secure the wrist cuffs. Frowning he unfolded the letter inside.

“Dear Mr Potter. Your new slave has been delivered as per your instructions. I hope that he will serve you well, and that you are happy with your purchase. Please contact us if you have any difficulties. Kindest Regards”.

So, this was the scene that Severus was talking about. He had been saying for a while that he was going to set it up, and it seemed like he had finally come through. Harry could feel the tingle of aroused anticipation, low in his belly. He took some time freshening up, and then headed for the door that Severus had indicated earlier. It opened onto some steps and when he descended downwards he couldn’t stop himself from gasping. It was a large dungeon, and a very well equipped one at that. It extended the entire length of the villa, and it was like something straight out of a porn magazines. He knew Severus had said he would arrange something, but he certainly hadn’t been expecting this. He caught sight of a large cage with steel bars that extended across an area of the room. His submissive was kneeling inside, with his head bowed. He was wearing his collar and leash, his hands were cuffed and padlocked in front of him, his eyes were covered with black material meaning he couldn’t see what was happening around him, and he was wearing a thin robe.

He decided to take his time perusing the room before acknowledging his partner, allowing himself to get into the right headspace, of the strict prospective Master. He ran his hands along some of the items. There was a table in the middle of the room with straps along it to secure someone in place. There was an entire wall dedicated to different implements, and a cross bar. Against one wall was a bed, and in the corner, was a large desk that looked like something straight of an old headmaster’s office. When he felt like he was in the right headspace, he walked back over to the cage, and spent some time staring at the other man, “So you’re my new slave then?”, he said, his voice hard.

“Yes, Master”, the other man replied softly, bowing his head.

Harry opened the cage, and walked up to him. He stood above him, staring down at him for a short while, and saw the other man shiver delicately. He leaned down to grasp the leash, and then tugged on it. Severus stood without complaint and allowed himself to be led out of the cage. “Down”, he ordered and immediately Severus feel to his knees, bowing his head to the floor, placing his cuffed hands out in front of him. Harry just stared at him for a moment, feeling his cock rising. He wanted to enjoy the scene completely, so he allowed his Dominance to settle over him. “Kneel up” he ordered, his voice dark, and immediately the other man did, still refusing to lift his head.

“What is your name boy?” he asked him.

“Severus, Master” he replied, his voice barely above a whisper. It was clear to Harry that the other man was invested in the scene just as much as he was. 

Harry loomed over him for a while, wanting to give him some time with his vulnerability, and to start to feel a little of the controlled fear that turned him on so much. Eventually he leaned down to grab his hair, pulling it back roughly, “Pretty little thing, aren’t you?”, he asked, not expecting an answer, before he swooped down and caught the other man in a searing kiss. Severus moaned into his mouth, but kept his mouth and tongue compliant and submissive.

“Let me see what I have bought” he stated darkly. “Stand”, he commanded firmly, leaving no room for disobedience. When his submissive had obeyed, he gazed at him, “You are wearing far too much for my liking” he stated. He pulled out the padlock key and grasped the wrist cuffs. “Are you going to attempt to run if I remove these?” he asked him, his tone making it clear that there would be significant consequences if he did.

“No, Master” the other man replied immediately, shivering slightly at the forcefulness of the tone.

Harry removed the padlock, placing it into his pocket before unbuttoning the robe he was wearing. When he pulled it away from him, letting it fall to the ground, Harry’s breath caught in his throat. Severus was wearing nothing but the leather shorts. Harry looked down, and Severus was already fairly hard, the shorts leaving nothing to the imagination. He was glad that the other man was enjoying this. He wouldn’t have been able to enjoy it himself if Severus had only been playing along for him.

“Hands behind your head, head up, part your legs” he barked, watching as the other man’s breathing increased. Severus complied immediately. Harry still hadn’t removed the blindfold and the loss of sight was likely to be making him feel very vulnerable. Harry circled him for a while, running his hands over his naked skin, before roughly grabbing the bulge that was straining in his shorts. Severus moaned, in a combination of desire and pain. “What are your skills slave” he asked him, without removing his hand.

“I am trained to obey my Master without question, and I am trained in all aspects of sexual pleasure. My particular skills are oral servicing, and massaging. I can also remain hard for as long as you might please, Master”. Harry was unbelievably hard listening to Severus discuss what he was good at. He really felt like he was starting to fall into the scene. He didn’t realise the other man had skills in remaining hard bet he was definitely amazing with his oral skills. 

Harry brought his hand up and removed the blindfold, but Severus’ eyes remained trained on the floor. “Remove your shorts and then get up on the desk, on all fours, I want to inspect what is mine”. Severus obeyed, also lifting the robe, and placing them at the side of the room. He didn’t lift his eyes the entire time, and when he was fully naked he walked over and placed himself onto the desk, bowing his head.

“Good boy”, he praised, lifting his head. Severus gazed up at him, with eyes that were completely submissive, and it took his breath away. He kissed him firmly and then released his chin, beginning to run his hands down his body. He explored every part of him, tapping his legs so that his submissive would widen them. He pushed down on the middle of his back, forcing him to push his backside upwards, displaying himself to his Master. Harry continued to explore him, touching every part of him, and showing the other man that he belonged to him. He ran his hands down his stomach, feeling him out, marking every inch of his skin, and making his submissive feel as if he was being inspected. He trailed his fingers over his cock and balls, and then held them in his hand as if he as weighing them, before running his fingers to through the parting of his cheeks, and gently, almost teasingly over the opening. The other man’s breathing increased audibly in the silent room, but otherwise he stayed in position. He came back up to lift his chin again, but his submissive kept his eyes lowered to the floor. He brought two fingers towards his mouth, and the elder man obediently opened up, using his tongue to draw the digits into his mouth, and sucking on them gently.

“Such an obedient boy”, he commented, “I think I’m going to have fun with you”, he paused, dropping his voice, “But disobey me and you will not like the consequences”. The elder man gasped, and whimpered slightly around the fingers, at the forcefulness of his Dominant. “On your back”, he commanded eventually, and waited as Severus obeyed. He dropped his eyes, and lay pliantly along the desk.

“I am going to mark you as mine, Slave”, he told him, “I have decided to keep you, and I am going to put my mark of ownership on you. I am going to spell my mark onto you, and you will not be able to remove it, only my magic can remove it, if and when I choose to sell you”. He wanted to detail what he was doing so he could provide the other man with a chance to use his safe-word if he needed to. It was no light decision to mark someone permanently, and despite their dynamic he didn’t believe something like that should ever be done without consent of both parties. Severus’s happiness would always be his top priority, and whilst they had talked about it before, he wanted to make sure he was ready.

“Thank you Master”, the other man replied softly, briefly lifting his eyes to stare at him, to let him know that it was consented to. 

Harry smiled at him, and then Severus dropped his eyes. He had been saving his magic during the day, so he figured casting the spell wouldn’t impact on him too much. He brought out his wand, and placed it just above the groin, and incanted the spell. Severus moaned through it, and when he was done Harry looked down at it proudly.

“Come”, he commanded, and when his submissive got off the desk he pushed him towards a standing mirror in the corner of the room. “Look at my mark on you”, he commanded. Severus whimpered, his cock growing hard as he took in the fact that he was now permanently marked by the other man. “It changes depending on your mood”, he informed him. The mark was two white wolves, one had a small collar around its neck, and the other had a barely visible lightning shaped scar. “You are feeling submissive to me now, so your wolf is prostrating itself to mine”. Severus gingerly touched it, running his fingers across the exquisitely detailed wolves. “You will never allow anyone to see this”, he demanded, his voice hard and dangerous. “You are mine. You belong to me, and you will remember this”, he snapped.

His submissive sucked in a breath, “Yes, Master. I belong to you”.

“Good boy”, he praised, “Now, I want to have a little fun with my new slave, before I claim him fully”, he grabbed the leash again, and pulled him across to the other side of the room, against the bars of the cage. “Hands up”, he commanded, and his submissive obeyed, placing his hands above his head, as he kept his eyes lowered. “Grab the bars, and if you let go you will regret it”, he warned dangerously.

His submissive obeyed, and Harry pulled out his shrunken bag of toys. When he enlarged the bag, he pulled out the thing he needed. It was similar to a violet wand but would alternate without pattern, between slightly painful shocks and erotic currents which would stimulate his magic. He leaned forward and bit at his nipple, causing a gasp from the body in front of him. Without warning he brought the wand up to press against the other nipple, and his submissive gasped and rocked back against the bars. Harry stepped back, smirking darkly as the other man glanced up in shock. When he saw Harry’s face he shivered slightly, and then dropped his eyes again. He brought the wand up and he dragged it slowly down his chest. He could see his slave tense as he waited on the shock. Harry brought it down to just below his belly button and set it off again. It was clearly the erotic stimulation, because the other man shuddered, and moaned aloud. He continued to drag it down his body, and this time stopped it at his thigh, again setting it off. Severus jerked at the mild pain, and when he moved it to the other thigh and again gave a painful shock, he could tell that his submissive was desperately trying to hold onto the bars. He continued to tease him, until Severus was shaking with need, and he unconsciously let go of the bar with one hand. Harry pulled at the leash, pulling him forward, although he was still desperately trying to hold onto the bar. Harry went right up to his face, “Do not disobey me”, he barked, his voice dangerous as he stared at his submissive, holding his eyes. “This is your last warning. Any further disobedience and you will be punished”.

“I am sorry, Master”, the other man whispered, unable to drop his eyes. It was obvious from his glazed look that he was skirting his subspace, and for Harry it was beautiful to watch.

Harry brushed his hand up his chest, and then grasped him gently around the neck, before moving up to grasp his chin and push his head back, “You belong to me”, he said softly, though his voice was dark, “I own you and you will obey me”, he ordered.

“Yes, Master”, the other man whispered, his cock jerking at the way his Dominant was treating him.

He was giving off unbelievable submissive vibes, and it was making Harry desperate to be inside him. “Turn”, he commanded, pulling away from him. He pulled some rope from his bag, and fed it through the hoops on the wrist cuffs, tying his arms behind his back, although leaving long pieces hanging from the end. He ran his hands over his submissive’s buttocks, and then drew his hand back and spanked him firmly. Severus’ fingers twitched behind his back, and he panted softly.

“Come”, he commanded, and pushed his submissive over towards the bed. “Kneel up”. When his submissive was in place, he lay a pillow over low bars at the foot of the bed, and pushed the other man over it. He then tied the rope from the wrist to the bars on the bottom of the bed. He then fed individual rope through each of his ankle cuffs and secured them to the bed on each side, before placing the blindfold back over his submissive’s eyes. Severus was now fully secured to the bed, and completely immobilised.

Harry stripped and then came over to look down on his property, “I am going to claim you now”, he told him, running his hands down his back and towards his opening. He then whispered a lubrication spell, and began to push his thumb into the other man, Severus gasped, as Harry continued to push his thumb in and out of the opening. He then set about opening the other man, watching as his cock bounced below him. When he was fully open he walked round and pushed his achingly hard cock towards his submissive’s mouth. As soon as the other man felt it against his lips he opened and took it into his mouth. Harry groaned at the skilful tongue work, feeling both achingly aroused, and achingly tender towards the beautiful man below him.

When he couldn’t take anymore he settled himself on the bed, behind the other man, lining himself up and then pushing into the waiting heat. Severus moaned out from the moment he began to push in, and Harry was so turned on he was forced to still himself for a few moments when he was finally settled.

“Please”, Severus begged, his voice ragged with arousal.

Harry loved when Severus was so far gone that he couldn’t stop himself begging. “Does my boy want his Master to fuck him?”, he asked. Severus merely made some incoherent noises, his fingers twitching behind him. Harry smirked, before grabbing his hips and plunging deep inside him. “Fuck, you are such a good little slave boy”, he moaned, pushing himself deeper inside him.

Severus began to whimper through his moans, and it was clear that he was in his subspace, as he was no longer coherent. “Such a good boy”, Harry said warmly. “My good boy”, he continued, needing the other man to know he was there and he was safe. He continued to pound into him, and then grasped his waist with one arm, and used the other to begin to stimulate Severus’ already leaking cock. He keened loudly, jerking, and pushing Harry’s cock deeper inside of him. Harry continued to pleasure him, until the other man was evidently trying to beg for release, but he was unable to form any actual words.

“Come”, he commanded, continued to push into him, and at the same time running his hands up and down his cock. Severus screamed, jerking in his bonds, as he released, the orgasm making his entire body shudder and jerk with the force of it. When he was clearly done, Harry pulled back, and then plunged into him again. He was right on the edge, as watching his partner come was always incredibly arousing. He pushed in and out a few more times, and then released with a scream, plunging into the compliant body below him.

When he was done, he pulled out, and then set about cleaning him, before releasing him from his bonds. Severus was completely in his subspace, his eyes glassy and unfocused, and he was following only simple direct orders. “Come”, Harry commanded gently, pulling on the leash, and leading him upstairs to the bedroom. When they arrived in the bedroom, he unclipped the leash, and then helped him into bed, immediately getting in behind him and pulling him in close. The night had been better than any fantasy he had ever imagined, and it never failed to take his breath away at how truly wonderful his partner was.

The following day they were lying on a blanket on their private beach. Harry was wearing shorts and t-shirt, and his legs were spread with his naked submissive lying in between them, resting against his chest. The sun was warm, but not aggressively so, and it was relaxing with the blue sea out in front of them, with no-one else around for miles. Harry was exploring his submissive, running his hands over his warm skin, and occasionally coming to cup the muggle chastity device that he currently had the other man wearing.

“Is it really necessary for you to tease me in such a way?”, Severus huffed, as Harry ran his fingers over the device for the twentieth time. It was the first time he had used an actual device, and he was aroused and fascinated by it. He’d already used the man’s mouth twice this morning.

“Yes”, he replied bluntly.

Severus crossed his arms in a show of defiance, “I obviously am going to get no say in the matter”, he returned, his voice grumpy.

Harry smirked unseen behind him, “Go and fetch my paddle boy”, he commanded.

“Why?”, he returned defiantly, “I was only making a statement”.

“Because you have been cheeky all morning”, he replied, trying to keep the amusement out of his voice.

Severus bristled at that, “I am never cheeky”, he mocked, “I am disdainful or condescending, there is a difference”.

“On your hands and knees”, he commanded, now in a voice that was not to be disobeyed. His submissive jumped slightly, and obeyed immediately, “Spread your legs”. The other man began to flush at being so very on display outside, even if there was no way that anyone could see him. Harry ran his hands over his buttocks, and then pulled back and gave a sharp smack to one cheek, before repeating it on the other side. “I think my boy here has been so very well behaved for many weeks now. He has been forced to be completely obedient, because he didn’t want to cause any difficulties for his Dominant, who was fighting a war and then was ill. I think that my boy misses being a little disobedient sometimes, and he misses being over his Dominant’s knee to be put back in his place”, he had continued to spank the other man intermittently, and he could tell by the resultant moans that he was aroused, being made all the worse by the chastity device which was stopping him getting hard. “What do you think boy?”, he asked, his tone making it clear that he better answer.

“Yes, Sir”, he replied, and Harry could see that he was flushing in humiliation.

Harry ran his hand soothingly over his back, “My submissive is perfect, and shouldn’t ever feel ashamed for needing this. I love having my boy over my knee, and I have missed it myself”, he told him, and he could see the other man relax slightly. “Now what I need to decide now though”, he continued, his voice becoming far more Dominant, “Is whether my boy was being cheeky, which means a paddling over my knee, and then for me to use his body, not allowing him to come at all”, he paused, “Or whether he was being condescending and disdainful, which is not appropriate behaviour towards his Dominant”, he said firmly, spanking him a little harder, “and would then mean a full punishment spanking and a day of punishment submission so that he learns his place and what is acceptable behaviour”. Severus’ breath was now uneven, indicating how aroused he was. “Now, I think I should ask my boy what he was being”.

“I was being cheeky”, he admitted meekly.

Harry smirked, he’d known for a while what the other man had needed but had been too embarrassed to ask for. “Well, my cheeky boy, go and get my paddle, and I would seriously consider whether any further cheek or disobedience right now might be pushing it towards a punishment spanking”, he warned.

“Yes, Sir”, his Pet replied, standing, and going to fetch the paddle. When he returned he kept his eyes downcast, and then placed himself over his Dominant’s knee.

Harry rubbed the slightly red skin, “Ok, Pet, let’s get started”. He lifted the paddle and spanked him with a firm swat, causing the other man to buck and moan below him.

Severus was exactly where he should be, and Harry couldn’t stop his stomach curling in tender desire towards his partner. He couldn’t imagine that anyone could make him happier, and he vowed that he would never take him for granted, or stop dedicating his life to making him happy. Severus was the love of his life, and he couldn’t imagine his life without him.