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It could be a lot of fun or a great big disaster

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“Good morning, Pet”, Harry intoned into Severus’ ear, at the same time as grabbing his wrists and pinning them to the small of his back. Severus was lying on his stomach, his face turned towards Harry. His eyes flickered open, and he smiled softly as he gazed up into his Dominant’s eyes.

“How are you feeling this morning beautiful?”, Harry asked him, his voice tender.

“I am good, Sir”, he replied.

Harry narrowed his eyes at him just slightly in warning. Severus dropped his eyes briefly and that told him that the other man was feeling vulnerable. It was exactly what he had expected, considering how far his submissive had gone into his subspace last night. Harry smiled at him warmly.

“Spread your legs”, he ordered, and the elder wizard obeyed. He began opening him up, but kept his submissive’s wrists pinned behind him. There was no rush about it, as it wasn’t even really about the sex. Harry just instinctively knew that his submissive needed the physical connection of their bodies and needed the opportunity to be obedient whilst he was in this vulnerable headspace.

When Severus was opened enough, Harry released him and lay down on the bed. “Ok Pet, up and get yourself onto my cock”, he ordered firmly. Severus immediately raised himself up, and manoeuvred himself until he was straddling his Dominant. He kept his eyes downcast as he pulled himself up and then eased himself fully down onto Harry’s cock, gasping as he impaled himself.

“Wait”, Harry commanded before he could begin moving, and the other man held position as Harry used his hand to open the bedside table drawer and pull out the collar and leash. “Lean down Pet”, he commanded, never raising his voice. The Potion’s Master submitted to the order, and leaned down so Harry could buckle the collar around his neck and attach the leash, wrapping it around his hand so that the other man would feel it tug him when he lifted himself up on his Dominant’s penis.

“Ok Pet, show me what a good boy you are.”. He paused as Severus pulled himself up again, never raising his eyes as he began to move gently on Harry’s cock. “Hands behind your back Pet”, he instructed, “And concentrate on pleasuring me, because you won’t be coming today”.

“Yes, Sir”, his submissive replied, his body shuddering as he processed the command. Severus rode him for a while, and Harry just stared up at him. Whilst Severus needed the opportunity to be obedient and feel Harry’s control, Harry equally needed the opportunity to look after the other man and to be obeyed without question. It cemented their roles and their relationship, and made them both feel safe.

Eventually, Harry gripped his hips and began pushing himself up into the other man. His orgasm overtook him lazily and he rocked up into his submissive, groaning out his release. Severus continued to ride him until Harry lay boneless on the bed. “Good boy”, he praised, as he pulled the other man up slightly to allow himself to slip out. “Now come here and kiss me”. The elder man leaned down and kissed him softly. Harry rolled him over until he was lying flat on his back, pinned his arms above his head with one hand, keeping a hold of his collar with the other, and took him in a Dominating kiss. Severus was still hard, and he gasped into Harry’s mouth at the forcefulness of the kiss. Harry kissed him for a while, letting the other man know that he was under his control.

“Come”, Harry commanded after a while, getting up and pulling at the leash. Severus followed obediently, and he led him into the shower. He spelled a waterproof charm on the collar and leash, as he had absolutely no intention of releasing the other man, and they showered together. Without being asked, Severus picked up the cloth and body wash, and began washing his Dominant, then knelt down to wash his legs and feet. Severus did not speak, and Harry only spoke to give him orders. It was intimate and personal, and Harry felt content and at the same time completely in charge.

When they were clean Harry led him into the kitchen, ordering him to kneel down and then magically secured the leash to the door handle, as he set about making them breakfast. Severus did not protest, instead looking relaxed and calm, though he had blushed at being leashed naked to the door. Severus remained obedient and content throughout the day, and in the evening, they decided to go out for dinner and go bowling, having missed it since leaving the community. Later that night, Severus had asked if he could organise his Dominant’s clothes and the other things that he would need for work on his first day, and Harry had agreed, giving him explicit orders on what he would need. It was nice to see his submissive so relaxed and content, and so in his submissive headspace.

The following morning Severus had awoken him by sucking on his penis, smirking at him wickedly, as Harry arched up. It was clear he was back to his usual self, as Harry barely had his eyes open before being assaulted by the other man’s biting tongue and sarcastic jokes. However, Severus also made him breakfast and had asked if he could dress his Dominant. Harry had agreed, and Severus had set to work dressing him with dedication, even going so far as to put on his watch and straighten his tie. His submissive had also stopped on a number of occasions to lean in to kiss him playfully.

“Are you nervous Sir?”, Severus asked him, as he walked over to get Harry’s new robe out of the wardrobe.

“Mmm, a little bit”, he replied.

“You should be”, Severus stated, widening his eyes dramatically, as he walked back over to him.

“Oi”, Harry returned indignantly, and his submissive simply smirked, before swooping down to begin kissing at the spot on Harry’s neck that he knew made him boneless. “Gnghh”, Harry stated inelegantly, his breath hitching at the wonderful feelings Severus was bringing forth with his mouth.

His submissive pulled back smiling, “You will be great”, he announced matter of factly, and it was amazing how that simple statement could make Harry so happy. Harry brought his hand up to tweak a nipple of the naked man in front of him, and then leaned in to bite at the other one gently. Severus breathed in sharply. “Sir. You will be late”, his submissive reminded him, and Harry bit at the other nipple quickly, just to even it out. He looked down as he pulled back and saw that the other wizard’s cock was definitely becoming interested.

Severus lifted the robe and helped Harry into it. “I will set up a classroom for our first training session, Sir. You should floo to the Headmaster’s office when you finish work and then come to find me. It would be best if you were to come with your glamour, at least until we are in the classroom.”.

Harry nodded, “Ok, I will see you this evening”. He pulled the other man in for a kiss, and then feeling mischievous he pushed him until he was bent over the bed and then gave him some hard swats. “Be a good boy today”, he ordered, and then walked out of the room. He could hear the other man huff as he left, and he couldn’t stop himself grinning.

Harry’s first day had actually turned out to be a lot more boring than he had expected. It mainly consisted of paperwork, and being shown around the different departments and systems. He’d been introduced to a dizzying number of people, and he knew there was no way he would manage to remember them all; he was generally pretty terrible with names anyway. Kinglsey had called him into the office at one point during the day to check on the plans for his defence training with Snape. His new boss was very formal throughout it, and it was clear he was trying to set some boundaries as his superior. Harry guessed he didn’t want them to become too familiar, considering their recent interactions.

As agreed, Harry floo’d to Albus’ office, and was waylaid for half an hour as the headmaster insisted he have some tea, wanting to find out about how he was getting on and his first day at work. By the time he made it to Severus’ classroom it was after seven pm, and he was an hour late.

He knocked on the Potion Master’s door. “Come”, he heard barked from inside, and he opened the door to see his submissive sitting behind his desk, marking papers. It was weird to see him like that. The last time he had entered the potion’s classroom he had been a student, and the last time he had been alone in the room with him had been during detention, when Severus had been his usual nasty self.

“Professor”, Harry smirked, nodding his head in greeting.

“So, you finally arrived”, his submissive sneered, finally glancing up. Harry merely looked at him expectantly. Severus crossed his arms, “So, you’re not going to even apologise for making me sit here for an hour waiting on you”, he sniped. Harry also crossed his arms, and lifted his eyebrows. Severus huffed, “Really, what should I expect. You just expect me to cater to your every whim”, he snapped. Harry sighed internally. Severus’ mood seemed to have switched again, and gone was the obedient loving submissive of this morning.

“There is a classroom along the corridor which I have set up for our purposes.”, Severus stated and with that he stood and walked haughtily straight passed Harry, in a swirl of robes.

Harry shook his head at the display, though part of him was slightly amused, and he followed him along the corridor. As soon as they entered, Harry shut the door and placed locking and silencing spells on it, before removing his glamour. Severus turned to him, and immediately Harry stalked towards him. Without bothering to waste any words, he grasped his submissive by the back of the neck, and pushed him until he was across the room and bent over the desk. He pinned him to the desk with the back of his neck, the side of his face pressed into the wood.

“Do not push me Severus. I am here to learn defence skills from you. You might be the teacher here but never ever forget who is really in charge”, he warned, his tone strict, “If you cannot do this with respect, then we shall simply return home, and I will deal with you. I will then have to inform Kingsley that we were unable to complete the training because of your disobedience and disrespect”, he snapped.

Severus huffed, and tried to push himself up from the desk. Harry pushed his neck further, bearing his teeth in anger. He’d never known Severus to actually try to disobey him by fighting back. “Are you choosing to disobey me?”, he asked dangerously.

Severus stilled, appearing to suddenly realise what he had done, and he immediately went limp in his Dominant’s grasp. “No, Sir, I am not disobeying you”, he replied, his tone deferential.

“Now are you going to remain respectful”, Harry asked him, his voice like steel.

“Yes, Sir”, he stated.

Harry held him for a few moments longer, “Do you think I should just let that level of disobedience slide?” he asked the other man, his tone clear what the answer should be.

Severus swallowed, “No, Sir”.

“What do you think I should do about it then?”, he asked.

He could feel Severus tense beneath him, and he watched as his cheeks flamed. “Perhapsthebelt”, he mumbled.

“What?”, Harry snapped, making it clear his response was unacceptable.

His submissive took a breath, “Perhaps you could use your belt, Sir”, he replied.

Harry let him up, “No, I will use your belt. Remove it and offer it to me”, he commanded, his voice low as he glared at his submissive.

The other man brought his hands down to his own belt, and flushing, removed it, before handing it to his Dominant without looking at him. Severus didn’t wait to be ordered, instead unbuttoning his trousers and lowering them and his underwear, before removing his robe and bending himself over the desk.

“I seem to be spending a lot of my time correcting your behaviour recently Severus”, Harry stated, swinging the belt to crack down on the desk next to his submissive, who bodily flinched. “What is going on with you lately?”, he asked.

“Nothing, Sir”, the other man replied, though there was a hint of uncertainty to it.

“Do you think it is appropriate for a submissive to be so disobedient and to require so many corrections?”, he asked, his voice severe.

The elder man’s voice was barely above a whisper when he answered, “I am sorry Sir. I do not mean to be so disobedient”.

Harry sighed, coming towards him and running his hand down his back, “I know you don’t boy”, he stated tenderly, “But do not worry. No matter how many times you are disobedient, I will always be here to correct you”. He stood back and dropped his voice again, “Now, I will give you ten with your belt. You will take them all and then you will thank me for it. I would like to actually get home at some point this evening”, he stated dangerously.

“Yes, Sir”, his submissive replied obediently.

Harry gave him the ten, making sure they were hard and would leave a lasting impression. He could see that the other man was working hard not to move and to thus prove his obedience. When it was over, Severus stood, and went to his knees.

“Thank you, Sir, for taking the time to correct me”, he told him meaningfully.  

“I always will Pet, but I really wish you would tell me what is going on with you”. He paused for a second, giving the other man a chance to interject but his submissive remained silent. He couldn’t stop a small sigh escaping him. There was definitely something going on. Whilst Severus was a sarcastic person, with Harry this tended just to be for fun. It was extremely rare that he would use his words to attempt to hurt him or to genuinely just be mean, but that seemed to be his norm at the moment.

“I do not tend to wear a belt very often”, he mused, “I think you should wear yours regularly out of the home. That way you will have it available to offer me, whenever I need it”, he stated, his tone making it clear that this wasn’t a request. 

Severus breathed out, “Yes, Sir”.

Harry pulled him up and kissed him deeply and then ordered him to begin the lesson.

“I would like to work on your wandless magic, Sir”, his submissive began when he was fully dressed again. “You have shown some aptitude for this, but it is only for very small pieces of magic, that would have little to no use on the battlefield.”, he paused, slipping into teacher mode. “By consistently having to say your spells aloud, you are giving your opponent an advantage and leaving yourself vulnerable. If you can at least cast some spells wandlessly this will keep your opponent off guard”.

“I thought that not everyone could do wandless magic? How do you know I even have the ability for more complex spells?”, Harry asked, genuinely curious.

“Your magic is incredibly strong, Sir. My magic is one of the strongest of my generation, however not many people are aware of this. I am considered a dark wizard, and if they knew that I had this level of magic, I suspect that certain individuals, no matter that they consider themselves light wizards would not hesitate to take me out. I am well aware that there are many who allow me freedom only because they believe me to be controlled by the Headmaster. I could already feel that you were strong, however when we connected our magic, I could tell that it rivalled mine, however you have not yet fully tapped into it. I suspect that you have not fully unleashed your magic because you are not sure how to control it. I will aide you with this. Each week we will focus on another aspect of controlling your magic, and you will instinctively know when it is appropriate to unleash it, because you will have the ability to manage and control it. When your magic is ready you will be incredibly strong, although you will have to take care not to flaunt this. Many are terrified of witches and wizards with this level of magical ability, and you do not want to find yourself ostracized”.

Harry stared at him, trying to process it all. He knew he was magically strong, but hadn’t realised he possessed that level of power. “Who knows about your level of power?”, he asked.

“Only Albus, Adducere, and now you”, he stated. “Even the Dark Lord is not aware of this, because like you I did not recognise my own magical potential until later on. Albus helped me to recognise my power and to control it. I suspect he aided me in recognising my potential as a way of helping me to feel more powerful when I was struggling with my submission”.

“The headmaster has shown a lot of trust in you right from the start”, Harry commented, “I’m kind of scared of what would have happened to you if he had not trusted you and supported you.”

“I have often considered this”, Severus began, “No-one else, other than Adducere, and this would have not happened without Albus, has ever truly trusted me and shown me this. That is until you, Sir”, his submissive acknowledged. “Now”, he continued, clearly needing to change the subject, “I have an idea of what we could do that might just encourage you to tap further into your magic, though this will be dependent on whether you are willing to stick to the rules Sir, and not use your power over me to cheat”, he smirked.

“Oh yeah?”, Harry smiled, intrigued.

“I suggest that you wandlessly attempt to undress me. If you succeed then you may use me as you see fit. However, you must also be willing to agree to the following rules. If you are unable to fully undress me in the space of ninety minutes, then you must promise not to use my body at all this evening, and that includes my mouth”, he stated, narrowing his eyes, “no matter what I might do, and believe me I will use every opportunity to tease you”, he smirked darkly, “Additionally, every time it takes you longer than ten minutes to remove an article of clothing then I will replace one piece. I believe this should provide a decent incentive to encourage you”.

Harry agreed to the terms and Severus conjured a large clock which immediately began counting down. Harry quite quickly managed to remove his socks, as Severus lifted his feet when he felt the tug of magic at them, and he managed to get Severus’ shirt unbuttoned relatively quickly. However it was frustratingly hard to get any movement on the heavier items of clothing. It took him nearly forty minutes to finally get the other man’s robe removed, and even though he had felt an enormous amount of triumph at this, and whilst he then managed to get his shirt removed, it took him so long to remove his trousers that the shirt and one sock was put back on. He could see the clock counting down, and he could feel the stress in his stomach building. He was at seventy-five minutes when Severus replaced the robe, and the amount of frustration was overwhelming.

By the time the clock began to count down the last five minutes, Severus still had his robe, shirt, trousers, and underwear on. Shaking his head, Harry vowed he would do it, and he concentrated every last tendril that he had on just bloody getting the clothes off of the other man. He desperately didn’t want to be denied the use of his submissive’s body tonight.

Suddenly, it was like something just switched within him and it just all became so simple. It felt no more taxing than trying to bodily pick up a feather. In seconds Severus’ robe and shirt were gone, and his trousers and underwear were at his ankles. Harry even manged to wandlessly lift his submissive, to pull the trousers and underwear off.

He looked up in astonishment, and then over at the clock, “With two minutes to spare”, he crowed in self-satisfaction.

“You really wanted to use me tonight didn’t you?”, the other man smirked amusedly.

Harry snorted, “I’m absolutely exhausted with it, but it’ll be worth it when I have you pinned to the bed”, he grinned and Severus shook his head amusedly, “but how did I manage that?”.

“You tapped into your magical potential”, Severus stated, “You went after something you wanted without reservation. You stopped worrying about how you were going to do it and just did it. Yes, you will be tired, it takes a lot of energy to expel that amount of magic, even for someone so powerful”. He paused, “What you have achieved tonight is more than most wizards and witches will ever hope to achieve in their life, however you are still capable of much more”. Without any outward sign that he was trying, suddenly every item in the room lifted into the air, including the large concrete desk, all the chairs around the outside of the room, and a large stone gargoyle statue in the corner.

“Wow”, Harry breathed out, suddenly immensely turned on at the display. The thought of having someone that powerful willingly on their knees for him, was making Harry’s cock pulse. He turned back to the other man, who had now retuned all the items to the floor. Narrowing his eyes, he stalked towards him predatorily. “Get home now”, he commanded, his tone completely Dominant. “I want you on your knees with your mouth around my cock in the next ten minutes.”, he stated, and the other man’s eyes widened, but Severus couldn’t stop himself form smirking knowingly.

They went back to Severus’ quarters and Harry ended up pounding him into the bed, his Dominance wanting to Master the other powerful man completely. Severus willingly gave himself up to Harry, and whilst he was teasing and playful, he obediently followed every order Harry set without comment, and allowed Harry to overpower him completely with his tongue and his cock.

When they were finished they had a light supper to get their energy back but they were both magically tired. It had taken a lot for Severus to give him that display of his power, and they ended up falling asleep quite early.

The following day Harry didn’t see his submissive as Severus was back to having twice weekly patrols, although they did communicate by parchment. Harry gave Kingsley an overview of the defence lesson, though when he asked for more specific details Harry smirked, and was amused to see the other man blush and quickly change the subject. On Wednesday evening, he floo’d over to Severus’ as they had arranged to visit Lucius that evening with Albus and Kingsley.

When he arrived his submissive came out of the bedroom, and immediately walked over to kneel at his feet. Harry stared down at him for a moment, then walked past him without acknowledgement. He sat on the couch, and again spent a few moments gazing at the kneeling form.

“Come here”, he ordered, his tone making it clear he wasn’t to be disobeyed. The other man immediately did as he was bid, though Harry could see that he was frowning slightly in confusion. It was unusual for Harry not to greet him warmly.

“Kneel”, he commanded, as his submissive approached, and Severus settled into his usual pose. “Look at me”, he ordered, his voice never wavering from its strict tone. The other man brought his eyes up to look at him slightly apprehensively, and Harry could tell that he would be wracking his brains trying to work out if he had done something wrong.

Harry gazed at him sternly, “I am not going to tolerate any disobedience or disrespect this evening Severus, so I would suggest that you keep this in mind when considering how to behave”, he informed him, his tone clipped. Severus stared at him, still slightly confused by his Dominant’s sudden sternness. “I mean it Severus”, he continued, “I am warning you now and this will be the only warning you will receive. Should I find your behaviour to be unacceptable at any point I will not hesitate to address the situation immediately”, he told him forcibly, and his submissive’s eyes widened as he processed the implications of what Harry was saying.

“I have let you away with far too much disrespect recently and it is about time I rectify the situation. You have become far too complacent in the knowledge that I will not punish you in public, however, today is different. Both Albus and Kingsley are aware that you are mine, and I will not hesitate to show them exactly how I deal with you, should you push me”, he warned, staring the other man down. His submissive flushed, and Harry could tell that his breathing rate had increased. “Have I made myself clear?”, he asked sternly.

“Yes Sir”, the elder man replied quietly.

Harry stared at him for a moment, before dropping his voice into a “do not mess with me tone”. “What do I expect of you this evening?”, he asked.

The other man’s skin flushed a deeper red, before he answered, “To remain respectful and obedient to you, Sir”, he answered, his tone submissive.

“And what will happen if you are disrespectful or disobedient?”, Harry asked, keeping his voice low.

Severus hesitated briefly, swallowing nervously, “I will be punished”, he answered, his voice barely above a whisper. Harry could see, from the movement of his shoulders, that he was wringing his fingers together behind his back.

“And If I am forced to punish you, where and when will this happen?”, he asked his submissive. Severus dropped his eyes, “Look at me”, Harry barked, making it clear the other man’s behaviour was unacceptable.

Severus’ eyes shot up, and they gazed at him with a hint of vulnerability, “At the time, wherever it occurs”, he choked out, his voice meek.

Harry nodded, “I think you should remember this”, he suggested, “It will not be I who is humiliated if you do not”, he told him. “I will not hesitate to use your belt Severus if you push me, so watch your behaviour”. The other man nodded, swallowing heavily, but at the same time Harry could see that he was definitely turned on by the inherent humiliation of it all. Harry tugged him forward, placing his hand firmly against the other man’s neck, pulling him in for a dominating kiss, before drawing back slightly “You are mine, do not forget this”, he warned.

Severus nodded, “Yes Sir”.

In reality, Harry had no intention of ever punishing him like this, or allowing him to be so humiliated. He simply wanted to give him some boundaries, and the perception that he wasn’t in control. Hopefully this would allow him to relax a little, rely on Harry, and thus help him to get through this evening and the anxiety of confronting Lucius.

“Good boy, now go and finish getting ready. We will be leaving in ten minutes.”, he ordered.

Before the other man could rise however, he stopped him, “Actually, I want you to wear that black polo neck under your robes, and bring me your collar”. Severus’ breath hitched. He had never worn his collar out in wizarding public before. It wouldn’t be visible under the polo neck, but Severus would still know it was there.

Once they were suitably attired, they floo’d to the ministry to meet with Kingsley and the headmaster. Lucius and the captured Auror were now being held in an undisclosed location and Kingsley would be transporting them there using port key. That way Voldemort would not be able to devise the location from Severus’ memories. Harry was of course glamoured again, even though he had no intention of allowing Lucius to see him. Whilst Severus would be talking to him, Harry and the other two men would remain hidden behind a one way see through wall, very like the mirrors that muggles used in prisons.

As soon as they port-keyed to the unknown location Harry could feel the despair coursing over him, and he could see that it was having a similar effect on the other men. Severus had already shown him an effective way of bolstering his shields so as he wouldn’t be overcome by the memories, but it didn’t stop the pervasive misery that came with having Dementors as guards.

They were escorted by some trusted Auror’s through the underground building, which Harry found out was similar to Azkaban, however its location was hidden to nearly everyone. The only way to get in and out was through port-key and no-one, except Kingsley and a few other ministry officials, were ever provided with knowledge of the location. It was used to house very dangerous prisoners, who were at risk of being aided in their escape or having the ability to escape themselves. If they had known about Sirius’ ability to transform into a dog he would have been housed here. Thankfully Sirius had been pardoned the year before and he no longer needed to hide.

It took forever to reach Lucius, as they were taken deeper and deeper into the facility. When they finally reached him, Harry was shocked at the state of him. He was an absolute mess. He was dirty, had lost a lot of weight to the point he barely resembled his former self, and the misery was coursing off of him. Harry looked over at his submissive, who looked visibly shaken at the state of his former friend.

Harry turned to them angrily, “He might be a criminal, but nobody deserves this”, he spat, “This is inhumane. I doubt even the death eaters would treat their prisoner’s so immorally. Shouldn’t the point of prison be rehabilitation? What is the justification for this?”.

Kingsley looked at him appraisingly, “I have petitioned the board on numerous occasions to cease their use of Dementor’s, however they are adamant.”

Harry’s mouth set into a hard line, and he crossed his arms, “Well I for one refuse to be a part of such an organisation. I am formally giving you my notice of resignation Auror Kingsley”, he told him forcefully. He was adamant that he would never be a part of something that could treat human beings so disgustingly.

Kingsley was about to protest when Albus cut in, “Actually Harry, we might be able to use this”, he told him, “I too am disgusted by the treatment, however my influence with the ministry is limited. You on the other hand have far more power than you are aware of”. Harry looked at him curiously, “The ministry are well aware of the prophecy, and now that they know Voldemort is back, they are adamant that you be trained. It is the ministry who encouraged Kingsley to offer you the original mission, though I was unaware of that until recently”.

Kingsley interjected at this point, “I am sorry Mr Potter for deceiving you, though I was under strict orders not to reveal this”. Harry narrowed his eyes at him but did not comment.

“If Kingsley informs them that you are threatening to quit, due to the use of dementor’s, and also that you are threatening to go to the papers about it, they will be forced to act. Fudge is well aware that his power his tenuous at best, and that the wizarding public are likely to get behind something which you advocate. He will see this as a threat to his power and to the risk that you will not be ready to face Voldemort. If you give me leave to do this, I will protect you Harry”, the Headmaster told him seriously.

Harry looked over at his submissive, who nodded thoughtfully, “Ok Headmaster”, he agreed, though he was a little reluctant.

Albus smiled, “Will you promise to stay with the Auror’s for the moment then my boy?”. Harry looked over to Kingsley who smiled his approval and Harry nodded again.

At this point Severus went in to speak with his old friend. Lucius had no recollection of any of the events. He’d lost all memories of the week even leading up to the fight, and in reality, he wasn’t even aware of the how he was captured, or what the date even was. He had so-far not been granted any visitors, and that in itself upset Harry. Lucius’ family deserved to see their father and husband, although it was probably best that they didn’t see him in this state. Lucius’ conversation then appeared to make very little sense, however Severus later told them that he had been speaking in code. He had surreptitiously informed Severus that Voldemort was planning to seize the school, though it was unclear when, and that he would likely be drafted into help. Severus didn’t gain much information from the other death eater, though at one point Lucius had begged him for help, and Harry could see how hard this was for his partner. Lucius had once saved Severus’ life, and now to see a man once so haughty, brought down so low, was difficult to witness for anyone let alone his former friend.

Harry felt shaken by the entire encounter, and he could tell that Severus was feeling the same. It was only seven pm by the time they finished, and Harry deliberately took the other man out for tea, needing to put some sort of normality back into their day. Harry gave him the time to be able to say everything he needed to. Harry himself was worried about the potential backlash of going up against the ministry but he didn’t feel that Severus was in a place to be able to talk about that right now. He recognised that his partner needed to be pushed down, to help him to cope emotionally by being completely at Harry’s will. On returning to Severus’ quarters Harry floo’d back first, and immediately went to sit on the couch, awaiting his submissive. When Severus arrived, he did not give him a chance to speak.

“Come”, he ordered. The other man obeyed and knelt down in front of him. Harry grasped the back of his head, pulling him forward into a bruising kiss. When he pulled back the elder man was staring at him assessingly. “Eyes down”, he commanded, his tone severe. When his submissive obeyed, Harry pulled out his own cock and began to stroke it lazily.

“Your behaviour was appropriate tonight, so I am going to allow you to continue to show me how obedient you can be. You are going to be allowed to serve me boy”, he told him. “Now keep your hands behind your back. I only want to feel your mouth on me”, he ordered.

“Yes, Sir”, the other man replied softly, leaning forward to gently wrap his mouth around Harry’s cock. Severus’ entire attitude was deferential, both in the line of his body, and in the way he worshipped Harry’s cock. Harry allowed his submissive to pleasure him for a few minutes and then ordered him off.

“Lie down”, he commanded, and Severus obeyed without protest. Laying himself down and continuing to keep his eyes downcast. Harry stood and began circling the other man predatorily. He used his newfound wandless ability to remove each article of clothing one at a time, until Severus was completely naked, his cock hard and pointing upwards.

“Now you are going to offer me your body like the obedient submissive I know you to be”, he demanded, “You are going to open yourself up for me and then present yourself for my use”, he paused, “You are not permitted to speak, nor raise your eyes, so you are going to have to find some other way of indicating to your Dominant that you are ready to offer your body”, he informed him darkly.

He saw the other man swallow, and a deep red hue travel up his body, but he brought his knees up, and planted his feet, wide apart, on the floor. Harry continued to loom above him, as Severus brought his fingers down and slowly began to push one in. Harry incanted a wandless lubrication spell, and watched as his submissive’s finger disappeared. The Potion’s Master gasped, and then groaned aloud as he opened himself up, adding more fingers until he was panting and his cock was beginning to leak. Severus pulled his fingers out, and Harry watched as he blushed again, knowing what he needed to do. He paused, steeling himself, and then grasped his knees, pulling them up to present himself to his Dominant.

Harry almost came, watching the display in front of him, and he was hard pressed to bring himself back from the brink. He left his submissive in that position for a while as he began undressing, giving himself time to calm down. He then knelt down on the carpet, and immediately pushed himself into the other man. He paused when he was fully inside, and ran his fingers tenderly down the other man’s stomach.

“You will not come”, he ordered, dropping his voice into a Dominant tone, “You are mine, and you are going to continue to show me that you understand that you are mine to use as I see fit. You are not permitted to talk. You will stay still and silent, and concentrate on simply being a body available to serve me”.

With that he began to move. Severus held his knees in position, and kept his eyes downcast, but Harry could see that he was already drifting. His breathing was laboured, but his body had taken on an almost relaxed quality.

Harry pinned him to the carpet, dominating him completely as he used the other man’s body. It was fascinating to watch the acerbic man let go, and watch the lines of stress leave him. He used his body hard and then came deep inside his submissive. He groaned as he came and it was made all the more acute when Severus couldn’t stop himself from gazing up at his Dominant as he came. Harry then he spent a while simply kissing him lazily. Severus was drifting in his subspace, but he was still alert enough to respond to his Dominant’s commands. Harry watched a film, as his partner fell asleep lying in between his legs. In the end Harry didn’t want to move him and ended up transfiguring the couch into a bed.

A few days later, on Saturday evening, Severus and Harry had been invited for dinner at Ron and Hermione’s. After a leisurely dinner, prepared mainly by Ron, they were now lounging about in the living room, chatting, and having a drink.

“If you are not in a rush, then there’s a band playing just along the road in the muggle part of town. We could go and have a couple of drinks?”, Hermione asked them.

“Well we don’t have any plans tonight”, Harry stated, turning to his submissive, “What do you think?”, he asked, though it was merely for show. He knew that the fact that he had indicated his intention to go would mean that Severus would automatically try to accommodate him. His submissive simply nodded, smiling.  “Severus will have to wear a glamour if we do go though”, he stated, turning back to them.

Hermione nodded, “Great, give us twenty minutes to go and get ready, make yourself a cup of tea or something”, she declared, grasping Ron’s hand, and pulling him out of the living room.

Harry pulled him in for a kiss as soon as they had left, “Are you sure you are ok with this Pet?”, he asked.

Severus nodded, but then narrowed his eyes, “I am simply concerned that there may only be hard seating”, he returned bitingly, and Harry snorted.

Severus had been difficult for the last three days, and whilst initially Harry had been lenient considering his interaction with Lucius, Severus had continued to ignore Harry’s warnings. Thus, he’d ended up with the bath brush on his backside again. Harry was starting to get quite concerned about his submissive’s continued rapid changes in emotions. They didn’t seem to make much sense. One minute he was completely submissive to Harry, and the next he was being difficult and bitchy. This had been going on since the night after the Auror meet and greet, and therefore couldn’t simply just be about Lucius. In all honesty, Harry was having a hard time keeping up with the mood changes, and keeping the other man boundaried. It felt like he was constantly being forced into being this hard domineering Dominant, and he was really starting to miss the other parts of their relationship. He’d decided earlier that night, as he was spanking him, that he was going to force Severus to talk about what was going on for him, though he wanted to leave it until the following day, as he didn’t want to open a can of worms and then saunter off for dinner. 

“Want me to rub it better?”, Harry asked him, smirking.

“Oh yes, what a sight that would be”, Severus stated acerbically.

“Perhaps then, you’ll try to be a little better behaved before going out for the evening”, he warned him, only slightly joking.

Severus rolled his eyes, “Well I am going out with your idiotic friends to keep you happy, so I assume that could be counted as well-behaved”, he sniped.

Harry frowned, and sighed internally; clearly, he was in a bitchy moment. “Careful Severus”, he cautioned, “Ron and Hermione have been nothing but friendly to you. I do not think they deserve to be called idiotic. They are your friends now too remember”, he reminded him. Severus screwed up his nose, but did not say anything else.

“Am I permitted to drink alcohol this evening?”, he asked him after a few seconds of silence, his tone slightly belligerent.

Harry narrowed his eyes, “Do you really think that you deserve to drink alcohol?”, he asked seriously.

Severus huffed, “Well, then can I remove this plug?”, he asked, “I do not relish spending the evening trying to find comfortable positions to sit in”, he sniped.

Harry looked at him warningly, “If I wished you to remove the plug, I would have already informed you of this” he paused, “Why are you pushing me this evening Severus?”, he asked, his tone hard and slightly raised in volume.

Severus blushed instantly, turning to check the door was closed. “Severus” Harry barked, and the other man instantly swung his eyes round to meet his. “If I have to ask you again, the last thing you will be worrying about is whether the door is closed”, he warned, “I am not happy with your behaviour today, so take a second and think about how you are going to save yourself from the embarrassment of me having to tell them that tonight is cancelled because I am being forced to go home to deal with a disobedient submissive”.

Severus dropped his eyes, “I am sorry Sir…I” he paused, and Harry could tell he was really nervous about what he was about to say, “I should have told you this earlier, I had a visit from Larkin”.

Harry was shocked, off all the things he was worried the other man might say, that hadn’t even factored into it, “When?”

“Thursday evening, when you were having dinner with your Godfather”, he replied quietly. Whilst it didn’t really explain all of his mood, it would certainly explain the difficulties over the last few days. It gave some rationale to his constant shifting between being obedient and pushing the boundaries, he was clearly emotionally affected by this and needing Harry to contain him.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked.

Severus shrugged, “I don’t know” he sighed.

“Pet, look at me”. His submissive slowly brought his eyes up, clearly expecting to see disappointment in his Dominant’s face. Harry took his hand, “You should have told me. You have been dealing with this yourself for three days. You shouldn’t have had to go through this alone, I would have supported you”.

Severus looked at him appraisingly, “You are not angry with me?”, he asked.

Harry was surprised at the other man’s reaction, there was something seriously off about him. “Baby, what is going on?” he asked him.

“I don’t really know”, his submissive stated, sounding slightly frustrated, and dropping his eyes again, “I just feel off”.

“C’mon we need to go home and talk”, he told him.

Severus looked up at him with panic, “Please Sir, I’m so…”

Harry cut him off, “Pet” he stated warmly, “I’m only going to tell them something came up at work, and I have to go.” Whilst Harry could technically be called into work, as a new trainee it was very unlikely.


“No, boy. I am not going to drag you out when you are clearly needing some time to talk, now not another word about this until we get home”, he ordered gently.

“Yes, Sir”, his submissive replied, and Harry was pleased to see that he seemed a little more relaxed than he had all day.

Hermione and Ron had of course been understanding, but it was clear that neither of them believed he had a sudden work emergency, however they chose not to say anything and Harry was grateful to them for that. As soon as they floo’d home Severus walked off to the kitchen, and Harry followed him. His submissive put the kettle on, and started making tea, though it was with much more force than was usual for him. Harry walked behind him, and slid his arms around his waist, and he could feel the other man relax into him. Once the tea was made they sat on the couch to talk. Severus told him that Larkin had been transferred back to London, and had decided to look him up. Larkin admitted that he had always felt guilty for the way that he had left Severus, and had wanted to check up on him.

“Do you still have feelings for him”, Harry asked, a little nervously, “I will understand if you do”, he promised, “He was your first love”.

Severus shook his head adamantly, “No, I have no lingering feelings for him in that respect Harry”, he told him, “It simply brought up a lot of feelings that I thought were dealt with, but they are more about what might have been, or in my case what might not have been. I doubt I would have joined the death eater’s if I had not been so lost and angry.”, he paused, “Do not get me wrong. I do not blame Larkin for this, in the end it was my own decision, but seeing him again brought up all of the feelings I thought were long dead and buried”.

Severus sighed, and Harry pulled him over until he was resting with his back against Harry’s stomach, with their legs strewn along the couch. They talked for a while longer as Harry soothed him by rubbing circles on his stomach.

“Thank you for telling me Pet. I am proud of you for opening up”, he told him when they were finished, and he could feel the other man relax.

“I am sorry I kept it from you.”, Severus began, “It was not that I didn’t want to tell you, I just didn’t really know what to say or even what to think. I just needed a couple of days to sort it out in my head, Sir, though now I wish I had brought it to you earlier”, he sighed.


“You know you can always tell me anything”, Harry stated meaningfully. Deciding to take the plunge he continued, “I know this will have affected you over the last couple of days but I have been a bit worried about you for the last week and a half, and this doesn’t really explain that.”, he paused, “Is there something else going on?”, he asked him.

Severus seemed to hesitate for the briefest moment, but when he spoke his voice was clear, “No, I am merely concerned about the growing threat from the Dark Lord. I am sorry I have been so difficult”.

Harry tried to convince himself that was true, but a part of him was sure it wasn’t, and he felt like he was failing as a Dominant and a partner. If Severus couldn’t open up to him about his worries, then Harry wasn’t giving him what he needed; but at this point he wasn’t quite sure what to do.

The following day Harry went home for a few hours, and after a quick chat with Sirius by floo, he headed over to visit the Weasley brood. When he returned, Severus was in a foul mood, and it took all of Harry’s abilities to calm him. His submissive informed him that he was simply angry with himself that yet again Harry had been forced to cancel another night with his friends. Despite Harry’s reassurances, his submissive remained sombre, until Harry suggested that it was a good time to have Severus’ ‘detention’. He figured it would be a good way of getting the other man out of his head for a little while. They had previously postponed his detention because he’d recently been punished, and whilst he had again only been punished the day before, Harry figured if they didn’t do it now, at this rate they’d never get to do it. Severus couldn’t seem to go two days at the moment without needing punishment. His punishment the day before hadn’t been too severe, and had more been a reminder of his place, so they both agreed he would definitely be able to cope with a little more spanking.

Harry had told him about the room of requirement, and had provided him with instructions on how to get there. Using his invisibility cloak, Harry went to the room and pictured what he wanted in his head. He wanted it to look like a classroom, but different enough from the other Hogwarts’ classroom’s that they would be able to dissociate from the school during their scene. By the time he was finished it resembled more of a muggle classroom than a wizarding one, and Harry figured that it would be perfect. It still had a large desk at the front, with an imposing leather chair, and smaller individual desks for ‘students’. He had been specific to the room about the fact that he only wanted to allow Severus access and no-one else. He was also pretty sure that no-one else in the school even knew about the room, now that himself and his few friends who knew about it had left.

When his submissive arrived, and walked into the classroom, his eyes widened as he glanced about him, taking in both; the fact that he didn’t know until today that the room even existed, and the realism of it all. Harry looked up, and set his eyes upon him, causing the other man to stop in his tracks. He watched his submissive swallow. “Yes, Mr Snape?” he queried, in a hard tone.

The other man fidgeted as he stood, “I’m here for my detention, Professor Potter” he mumbled, looking away.

“Come” Harry ordered, and Severus moved slowly towards the desk. “Remind me Mr Snape, why are you in detention” he asked him, his tone severe.  Severus looked away, shrugging, and crossing his arms. Aahh so this is how he wanted to play it. “Mr Snape” he barked loudly, causing the other man to jump, and swing his eyes round to gaze at him warily. “I asked you a question, if I have to ask you it again, you will not like the consequences”, he promised.

Belligerence set in across Severus’ face, and his mouth set in to a hard line, “Because I was disrespectful” he replied, though there was a sullenness to the tone that wasn’t normally there.

“Yes boy, you were disrespectful. Now take a seat, you are going to begin by writing some lines”. The other man glowered at him but took a seat at the very back of the classroom. Harry had to stop himself from smirking at the display. He stood, and stalked down the aisle, placing paper, a quill and ink onto the desk. “I want you to write 50 times, ‘I am a naughty boy, and I need to learn some respect”.

“I am not writing that”, he shouted, crossing his arms, and glaring daggers at him.

Harry leaned down, bringing his face close to the other man’s and stared at him intimidatingly, “Just try it Mr Snape”, he said in a deadly voice, “go ahead, disobey, and see what happens”

The other man’s eyes widened, and his breath caught in his throat. He stared at Harry with just a hint of fear in his eyes. Harry stood, staring down at him, before turning and stalking back to the front of the class. He took his seat again and brought out a book. It was all for show, as he spent the time surreptitiously watching the other man. Snape initially began to write, but then as his confidence came back he began smirking, and Harry knew he was up to something.

“Mr Snape” he shouted, and Severus just about fell out of his seat he jumped so fast at the sound. Harry stood, and walked meaningfully towards him. The other man now looked a little fearful, and was surreptitiously trying to hide a piece of paper in his robe. “Give me that”, Harry ordered, holding out his hand. Severus blushed, but held out the piece of paper. Harry looked down at his text, noting that he had managed about ten lines before giving up. He opened up the piece of paper to find a drawing of him as a cartoon devil with horns, and a speech bubble that read, “I am the stupidest and evilest teacher alive”. Harry had to force himself not to laugh, but instead managed to keep a straight face and glared down at him.

“Stand-up” he ordered, and Severus did, looking nervous as he complied. “It is clear Mr Snape, that these newer forms of punishment will not be appropriate for you. I think we need to return to more traditional methods of discipline”, he stated, glaring at him.

“What do you mean?” the other man asked him, nervously.

“I mean Mr Snape, that I think the only way you will learn is through the time-honoured method of putting you over my knee and spanking out your disobedience”, he told him, his voice strict. 

“What?” Severus croaked, “You can’t”.

“I assure you I can young man, I have written permission from your parents to use any means necessary to bring you back in line”, he replied, crossing his arms and staring him down.

“I won’t…”, the other man replied, beginning to back away from him.

“I would not advise that course of action.”, Harry warned, “You will be spanked, and it is now up to you whether you will bend over my knee of your own free will, or I will have to chase you and take you over my knee wherever I am to catch you, wherever that might be” he warned, “I am sure, even you Mr Snape, would not wish to allow the other students to see you spanked”.

“Please”, he pleaded, looking at him with wide eyes, “Please don’t do this Sir”.

“It is too late for pleading boy, you have disrespected me on too many occasions. I will relish taking you over my knee and whipping some manners into you”. He turned and walked back towards the desk. He sat down in the large highbacked leather chair, and lifted his ruler, to begin patting it menacingly against his hand.

Severus looked at the door, his eyes wild, and then flicked back towards him, flinching as Harry whacked the ruler against his hand and eyed him meaningfully. He began walking slowly towards the desk, pulling his robe around him in defence. Harry pushed himself back from the desk as he approached.

“Come here”, he ordered, his voice as strict as he could make it. Severus complied, looking at him with pleading eyes. “Remove your robe Mr Snape”, he commanded. The other man flinched, but obeyed, pulling it off and placing it over the desk. Harry pulled him forward and began unbuckling his belt. Severus choked, and weakly tried to pull away. Harry ignored him, manging to unbuckle his belt, and pop open the button.

“Oh God, Please Professor, please don’t do this”, he pleaded.

Harry looked up at him, “Have you ever been spanked before boy?”, he asked, his tone severe. Severus shook his head. “Then I would take heed of this lesson, unless you want to find yourself over my knee on a regular basis”. Severus’ breath hitched, and Harry could see he was straining in his trousers, but he shook his head. Harry stared at him darkly, and then proceeded to lower his trousers and boxers, leaving him standing on display.

“What a dirty boy you are” Harry told him, flicking his eyes at his cock, which was now standing proudly on display. Severus blushed, his eyes dropping to the floor. “I can see that this spanking has been long overdue. That you would be so disobedient as to stand in front of me with an erection, tells me you have been given far too much free reign young man”, he declared, staring at him for some time. Severus shuffled, his cheeks a hot red, and his cock beginning to leak as he stood on display for him.

“Over my knee now”, he ordered, patting his leg. Severus obeyed, bending himself over his knee so that both his feet and hands were resting on the floor and his buttocks were in prime position.

“Now, I will give you a hand spanking, and then I shall move to the ruler. I suggest you do not push me or you will find out what other implements I have on hand, do you understand”, he barked.

“Yes, Professor Potter”, Severus replied meekly.

Harry began using his hand, enjoying the light sting he felt whenever it connected with the warm flesh. After a while he then picked up the ruler, and brought it down sharply on the upturned backside. Severus jumped, and his breath hitched at the sting. He gave him a dozen more, enjoying the way he wriggled with each spank. He then set about giving him a fair amount in rapid succession, and Severus’ breath began to catch in his throat.

After a while Harry pulled him up, and he could see Severus was a little confused; the spanking was nowhere near the amount that he was expecting. He stood, grasping Severus by the arm and pulled him towards one of the classroom desks. His trousers and underwear were now around his ankles and he had to shuffle to keep up with him. “Sit there”, Harry ordered him, and he obeyed, blushing again at what a sight he made sitting bare arsed on the seat, with the end of his hard cock sticking out from under the shirt. 

“As writing lines did not seem to be your thing, and you are obviously a sexual miscreant”, he stated meaningfully, looking down at his hard on, and Severus hung his head in shame, “You are now going to write me a description of one of your fantasies. I want to find out exactly how depraved you are boy”, he ordered. Severus’ breath hitched but he nodded meekly. Harry handed him some writing materials and then left him to it. After about twenty minutes Severus put down his quill.

“Stand in front of my desk boy”, he ordered, and the other man obeyed immediately, shuffling towards him. Harry stood, “Now, bend yourself over the desk, and place your paper so you can easily read it”. Severus shook his head, and Harry narrowed his eyes. The other man flinched, and then obeyed. “You are going to read me your fantasy Mr Snape, and I am going to spank out your disobedience whilst you do”. He stood behind him, pushing his shirt up his back to give him a clear view. “Now, begin” he barked, giving a single spank to the now very slightly pink flesh

“Dear diary. Today Professor Potter ordered me to come for detention again.” He began softly “He’s always keeping me in line these days, I can’t make any mistakes or I’m over his knee and he’s spanking me with that hated ruler”. The writing wasn’t elegant, and Harry suspected he was deliberately staying in the mindset of the student. Whilst it wasn’t elegant, hearing Severus talk, with his deep rich sensual voice, was making the story hotter than Harry thought possible. Harry spanked him again. “Sometimes, if I’m really disobedient, he makes me bend over the desk and he canes me. I hate the cane” Harry spanked him again, and Severus’ moaned. “But, if I take my punishment well, he sometimes lets me pleasure him afterwards. He pushes me onto my knees,” spank, “and takes out his hard cock” spank, moan, “and then I get to take him into my mouth before he spills down my throat.”

Harry faltered, his cock hard, and he was sure leaking in his trousers. Severus was panting, but he continued, as Harry gave him intermittent swats “Today when I went for detention, there were other students there, and it made me jealous. I got angry and belligerent, and shouted at him. The Professor got really angry and he hauled me over his knee in front of the other students.” Harry spanked him again, and it was clear by the resultant moan that Severus was seriously aroused, “I was so embarrassed, but at the same time really turned on. Professor Potter could feel how hard I was over his knee, so he ordered the other students to leave before he let me up. When they left, the Professor pushed me onto my back on the desk, and started putting his fingers inside me…”.

Severus didn’t get any further because Harry was far too turned on. He hauled him up, pulling him in for a bruising kiss. He grabbed him, dragging him round the desk until Harry was again seated on the large leather teachers chair, and he pushed Severus back over his knee. He swatted him a dozen times until Severus was bucking and moaning underneath him, then he pushed him back to his feet, before pointing at the floor. The other man went to his knees, hunger flashing in his eyes as he waited for Harry to release himself. He did, then pushed his cock deep into the elder man’s mouth. Severus moaned around his cock, sending vibrations up the shaft, causing Harry to groan aloud. After a short time, he hauled him up, then helped him to lie back onto the desk.

Severus looked at him with desire, “Please Professor Potter”, he begged. Harry growled, pulling off the other man’s trousers and underwear, and wandlessly spelling open his shirt, leaving his chest bare. He rubbed harshly at Severus’ nipples, causing the other man to pant and squirm. Without waiting, he pushed Severus’ knees up, spelled a lubrication charm and then shoved one finger deep inside him. Severus dropped his head back, groaning at the sensations.

“What a naughty student you are, seducing your Professor like this” he stated darkly. Severus just moaned in response. He opened him up further, enjoying the wriggling display that was his submissive over his desk. He then pushed down his own trousers enough that his cock was fully free and entered the other man, groaning as the heat enveloped him. He kept the rest of his clothes on, his robe wrapping itself around Severus’s knees.

He pushed in deep, and they both moaned aloud. “What a picture you make boy. What a little slut you are, over your Professors desk with his cock in your arse”. Severus choked, unable to reply as Harry pulled his legs, pulling his backside to the edge of the desk so he could set up a punishing pace. It was fast, hard, animalistic, in the way that Harry pounded into him, and Severus was trying desperately to grip onto the desk.

Harry grabbed the other man’s cock, rubbing at it as the other man whimpered. “Touch yourself boy”, he ordered.

“Yes Professor”, he panted, gripping onto his cock with one hand, and using the other to desperately try and hold himself in place on the desk. It was a highly erotic display, Severus was panting with the effort, and he looked completely wanton, bent over with his shirt undone and fondling himself. “Please Professor, I really need to come” he begged.

“Such a dirty boy” he pronounced, and Severus moaned again. Harry pushed in harder, bringing himself to the edge and then ordered his submissive to come. They both came hard, and it was all Harry could do to remain standing as it ripped through him.

“Bloody hell”, he pronounced, when they were both panting through the aftershocks. He lifted his head to look at his exhausted submissive. “Wow” he said uselessly, and Severus smirked.

“So, Professor Potter” Severus began, once he had caught his breath, with his smirk still fully in place, “Will I be serving detention again?”.

“Oh god yeah”, he declared, and Severus’ self-satisfied smirk grew just a little bit larger.

Despite how well the evening had gone, and the fact that Severus was in a much better mood for the rest of the evening, his submissive’s’ emotional changeability seemed to grow worse over the next few days.  During their second defence training session, Severus was obedient and submissive, whilst the following evening he was difficult again. On Wednesday evening he was almost clingy, and on the Thursday, he seemed preoccupied and distant, although he blamed this on the amount of work he had. Harry’s head was spinning with it all, and it was painful to watch the other man tear himself apart. No matter what Harry did he couldn’t get Severus to open up about what was going on. On top of that, Harry wasn’t able to share his own worries, because Severus seemed far too preoccupied. He missed having the support of the other man, but he knew that he needed to give Severus time to sort out his own stuff before overburdening him with Harry’s worries.

On Friday evening, Harry wasn’t due to see his submissive, as Severus was patrolling. He felt a little desolate. He’d become used to spending his nights with his partner, and despite the difficulties they were having he couldn’t imagine anywhere he’d rather be. He knew, however, that he would barely manage a couple of hours before conking out, and his submissive would be flooing over in the morning to wake him up. Auror training was demanding, as there was so much to learn, and Harry was exhausted by the time he stepped into the fire to floo home. He couldn’t wait to have a shower, some tea, and go to bed.

When he entered the living room, however, he was surprised to see his submissive sitting awkwardly on the couch, a small bag at his feet.

“What’s going on?” Harry asked, feeling his nerves rise up; something was definitely wrong.

Severus looked at him briefly then looked away, “I’m sorry Harry, I was waiting for you to return, as I wanted to tell you this in person”. He paused as if steeling himself, “I don’t think this is working out any more”, he said without tone.

“What?” Harry asked, his stomach dropping like lead, as he stared at the other man in disbelief.

Severus refused to look him in the eye as he replied “I don’t think we should be a couple anymore. I truly am sorry. I would like to be friends if you are still willing”.

“Seriously you’re giving me the ‘let’s just be friend’s’ speech?”, Harry asked him, feeling a mixture of anger and shock rising up within him. Severus merely nodded. “Can’t we talk about this?”, he pleaded.

“There is nothing to talk about”, he replied, his voice monotone and his face blank.

“What has brought this on? I thought we were happy, why are you doing this?” he asked frantically, hearing his voice become louder in his desperation. Severus shrugged again, still refusing to look him in the face. “Is this because of Larkin?” he asked, the jealousy stabbing at him. He didn’t want it to be, but at least it would give some sort of meaning to this sudden ending.

“No, it is not because of Larkin. I have simply come to the realisation that I no longer wish to be in this relationship”, he stated, his voice still devoid of emotion.

The anger suddenly overwhelmed him, “Why are you being so bloody distant with me, what have I done to deserve this?”, he shouted.

Severus looked at him momentarily, a brief flicker of guilt passing over his face, but it was gone within a moment, “I am sorry Harry, but this isn’t easy. I do not mean to be cruel, but I don’t want to give you false hope. I do not want to be with you anymore”.

It was like the world had suddenly tilted, and nothing made sense anymore. How could he be saying these things? Despite the fact they had only been together a few months, Severus had become his world, and he had truly thought that this was going to be ‘it’ for him. He stared at the other man; unable to really process what was going on. There was a sort of numb disbelief settling over him.

“Ok”, Harry replied, not knowing what else to say. He suddenly wanted him gone so he could fall apart, but at the same time he knew it was going to break his heart when he left.

“I am still willing to teach you defence skills, though I do recognise you might want to wait a while”, Severus replied, turning to pick up his bag, and heading towards the floo. “I still want to be your friend Harry, if you will let me”.

Harry nodded, feeling emotionless and dissociated. He watched as the man he loved stepped into the fire and without a backward glance floo’d out of his life. Harry just stood there, abandoned and alone in the middle of the room, and he felt the first tendrils of a pain that he knew would shortly overwhelm him.