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It could be a lot of fun or a great big disaster

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Harry’s first morning thoughts were whether the night before had actually happened. Had they really spent the evening curled up on the couch, kissing? Had Severus really said he could kiss him whenever he wanted? If this had been a mere week ago, Harry would have laughed himself hoarse if someone had suggested that Severus would ever voluntarily kiss him.

He turned to stare at the other man, who was sleeping soundlessly beside him. His stomach fluttered, and he couldn’t stop his thoughts from reflecting on how nice it would be if this were his partner that he was waking up to. Someone whose eyes lit up when they saw him, and who would smile warmly up at him as he awoke. He wondered what Severus would be like as a real partner. Prior to last night, he would never have imagined that the older man could possibly be interested in the domestic life, but last night he had been warm and caring, and the evening on the couch had been so akin to what he had imagined a ‘real’ relationship would be like. He knew that he and his friends weren’t the typical example of eighteen year olds. They’d never longed for the partying, or the adventure. Hermione had whispered one night as they were talking, that they’d seen too much war. They knew mortality, and destruction, and that left little room for the desire for adventure. They’d spent many nights simply talking about the simple things.  Even Ron, normally so full of life, wanted nothing more than to spend his life with the woman he loved. Harry’s own life had seen so little domesticity, that he craved the normality of it, and a person he could truly be with. Someone who would make him feel valued simply for being him, and who would want to be with him without reservation. He ached for someone to hold him when he couldn’t be the saviour, when he just wanted to let go. Someone who would accept him for his flaws, and protect him when he was weak. He’d thought that had been a pipe dream, he hadn’t known how to mesh this with his desire for domination. Severus had made him realise that he could have both, and this made his desire for a true partner all the stronger.

Severus stirred, and Harry’s stomach twisted in anticipation. He didn’t know how the other man was going to react to last night. He feared he’d have the ‘morning after’ regret, and he knew that would break him a little. Severus opened his eyes and stared at him, saying nothing. There was a moment of deathly silence before he smiled softly.

“Good Morning” Severus began, before smirking “You look a little nervous”.

Harry laughed softly “I have no idea why that could be” he deadpanned. The other man smiled amusedly but said nothing. “So” he said nervously, “Last night you said I could kiss you. Does that offer still stand?”

“It does” the other man stated bluntly. Harry couldn’t stop himself from grinning, and he swooped down to place a heavy kiss on the other man’s lips before drawing away, smiling happily.

Severus snorted “I forget you are eighteen, with the impulsivity of an eighteen-year-old. I suppose I should prepare myself to be ambushed at any moment”

Harry laughed before adopting a serious face and nodding “Yes, I think that might be a wise decision”

Severus merely shook his head exasperatedly, however there was an amused half smile on his face.

“Do you want some breakfast?” Harry asked, bouncing out of bed.

Severus sat up, and didn’t say anything for a moment “I could make breakfast if you wish?” he replied softly.

Harry turned, about to tell him that it was no trouble, when he saw a hint of nervousness in the other man’s demeanour. Harry stopped himself, it was clear Severus was trying to make an effort to promote their friendship, and it would be unfeeling for Harry to deny him. Harry also wasn’t sure whether Severus was offering him this as a submissive gesture. A part of him thought that he might be, but on the other hand, it could simply be his own desire for it to be, and he didn’t want to make a fool of himself by reading too much into it.

“Thank you, Severus,” he replied brightly, walking around the bed. He placed his hand on the back of Severus’ neck and planted another kiss “I am going to have a shower, so we can have breakfast when I get out?”

“Yes” Severus replied, and Harry was sure there was a hint of deference in the reply.

Harry went off to shower, and then they had a lazy breakfast together, before Severus went to ready himself. They spent the early part of the day strategizing their next moves regarding the potential death eaters, until it was time to leave for the barbeque. Before leaving the cottage, they talked about yesterday, and Severus had assured him that he would not be overly embarrassed by the incident. They walked up towards the town barbecue, and for once Harry felt calm and content. He didn’t feel nervous that whatever he said or did was going to piss Severus off. He felt that they were finally on the same page, and were working together to support each other through this.

The Barbeque was packed, and there was a smell of roasting meat, and beer in the air. “Do you want a drink?” he asked him, and Severus nodded. They managed to grab some food and drink and found a space on the grass. The sun was beating down, and he was glad they had decided on t-shirts. He was surprised it was so warm this far north. He had heard terrible tales of the Scottish weather, but today was lovely and calm. Harry sat on a rock, and Severus knelt down beside him, leaning in close to him. Severus had been kneeling like this since they had arrived at the community, always attempting to display that they were a real couple, but today it felt different. There was something personal about it, though he couldn’t put his finger on what exactly was different. Without thinking, he began running his free hand though Severus’ hair, and his stomach fluttered when Severus appeared to lean into him minutely.

“It’s a gie braw day in’t?” a man next to him asked cheerfully, “Ye’ll no see muckle mair a this, I’m telling ya” he laughed “oor yin day o summer” he laughed amusedly, and Harry could only smile confusedly, he had absolutely no idea what the other man had said. “So where yi fae?” Harry blushed, staring at him embarrassedly. He could tell the man had asked him a question, but he couldn’t work out it what it was.

A woman near him chuckled “He said that it’s a lovely day, and to take advantage of it because we don’t often see it. He then asked where you lived before coming to the community” The fact that the woman had been required to translate had clearly amused the other man, as he was now laughing heartily. Harry turned momentarily to stare gratefully at the woman before turning back to the chuckling man. He ended up having an amusing conversation with them, the woman originally translating, however once he got used to the accent he was able to understand much more of what was being said. The submissives’ were introduced, and whilst the others joined in eagerly, Severus remained quiet, kneeling submissively, and allowing Harry to continue to run his fingers through his hair.

“Are you alright pet?” Harry asked him a while later, concerned.

“Yes Sir. I am simply enjoying the relaxation of the day. It is not often that things are so peaceful” he replied, and Harry was confident that there was no hidden meaning.

“Do you want anything?” he asked him, smiling warmly.

“No thank you Sir, however would you care for something?” Severus asked, turning himself to kneel facing him.

“Mmm, I could use some water” he replied.

“Then allow me to fetch some, Sir” he replied, beginning to stand. Before he could however, Harry grabbed the back of his head, and pulled him forward into a kiss. This was their first public kiss, and Harry wondered how he would react. Harry needn’t have worried, Severus returned the kiss passionately. When they pulled away Harry smiled warmly, staring into the other man’s eyes.

“Get yourself something also” he commanded, handing the other man some money. Harry released him, and he smoothly stood, before wandering off in the direction of the food stands.

“Well I see you’re settling in” a voice commented beside him. Harry turned to catch sight of Selena, smiling down at him.

“Yes thanks” he replied, and she sat down on a rock next to him.

“I’m glad” she stated “I was starting to get a little worried” he looked at her confused “If you don’t mind me saying, both of you didn’t seem to be too comfortable. I’ve seen it happen before, the fantasy of living in the lifestyle and the reality not meshing. I was worried that it was causing a strain on your relationship, but I’ve been watching you for a while today, and it seems that things might have settled?” she asked him.

Harry smiled, “Yes, I think it took us a little while to get used to it, but we seem to be back on track”

“Yes, I can tell” she stated pointedly, and he laughed.

When Severus returned, they were chatting away like twa crows. Selena invited them to sit with her and Bill, and they spent the afternoon laughing and chatting. Severus seemed to get on well with Bill, and Harry was mesmerised by Severus’ laugh. He found himself constantly finding excuses to touch Severus, and the other man seemed to take it in his stride, never once seeming annoyed by the attention. They ended up spending the entire day at the barbeque. The weather had prompted the drama group to put on an evening show, and the grills were fired up again to provide everyone with more food. Harry had pulled him to sit between his legs and Severus had complied easily, allowing Harry to hold him and touch him gently throughout the show.

It was late evening by the time they headed back to the cottage, and there was a definite sense of anticipation in the air as they walked silently back. It almost felt like he was walking his date home and contemplating whether he was going to go in for the goodnight kiss. When they returned, Harry couldn’t help a small twinge of anticipation that he had misjudged his actions today, but Severus said nothing, simply offering to make him a cup of tea. They ended up sitting on the couch until the early hours of the morning, talking about everything and nothing. Everything Severus said was fascinating, or humorous, and Harry couldn’t have enjoyed the evening any more. Reluctantly they went to bed, when Harry couldn’t stop himself from yawning.

Just as they were going to bed, feeling bold, Harry asked him if he could hold him, and Severus nodded, smiling softly. They spent the night spooned together, and Harry found that he slept better than he had in a long time. When Severus was not deliberately goading him, he was Harry’s ideal partner. He tried hard not to think about the inevitable ending, convincing himself he would find someone just as amazing.

When he awoke in the morning the other man remained soundly asleep. Laying there he began to think of the ways he would enjoy waking up with the other man, and this started a chain reaction towards his penis. Judging it best to avoid the inherent humiliation that would occur should Severus find him in this position, he gently extracted himself, deciding he would do the dishes and make breakfast for them both. He put on the radio and by the time he was beginning to scramble some eggs he was bouncing around the room using the spatula as a microphone “One last thing before I quit, I never wanted…”. He was in the middle of a dramatic rendition of ‘Monkey Wrench’ when he noticed that Severus was leaning against the doorframe, amusement clear on his face. He couldn’t stop himself from blushing, he must have looked a sight, jumping around in his boxers.

He quickly turned off the radio, “Sorry, did I wake you” he asked, trying to cover his embarrassment.

Severus smirked “I would have hated to miss this display” he laughed.

Harry couldn’t stop himself from laughing “Glad I gave you a show”

“Oh you definitely gave me a show” he remarked, eyeing him, pointedly running his eyes up and down Harry’s body.

“Oi” Harry faked modesty, throwing his arms across his chest “keep your eyes to yourself” he commented.

Severus laughed “I apologise Mr Potter, you are safe from my leering advances”

“Hey, I never said I wanted to be safe from your advances” he quickly returned, grinning again.

The older man pursed his lips amusedly “Alas, my advances are entirely at your discretion”

“Careful” Harry shot back “I might take you up on that”

“How ever shall I manage?” Severus returned, the smirk never leaving his face.

“Go and sit down before I use this spatula for something it was never intended for” he joked. Severus’ eyes flashed and Harry stilled. “That turns you on” he stated bluntly. Severus coughed, looking away. “You like that idea” he pushed, advancing towards the older man. Severus said nothing but didn’t move either. “You promised to be honest” he continued, projecting some dominance into his voice.

Severus looked at him, but couldn’t hide the blush that had stolen up his face. After a moment, he seemed to decide that Harry was trustworthy enough. “Yes, I enjoy physical discipline from someone I trust”.

Harry stepped back, his stomach plummeting “Oh”

“Harry?” the other man questioned, clearly surprised at his reaction.

“Then the other day….” He couldn’t bring himself to continue “I am so sorry Severus” he finished looking up sadly at the other man.

“Harry” the other man began, having understood his sudden change of emotion “You had no control over that incident. Do not worry, you have not scarred me for life” he continued, projecting an air of amusement into the room. “It has not changed how I feel about domestic discipline in a loving relationship. That was an entirely different scenario”

“I am still sorry” Harry continued “To take something so important to you and twist it into public amusement makes me so angry”

Severus walked towards him “And that alone tells me you will be…I mean, already are, a good Dominant” Severus advanced into his personal space. “May I kiss you Sir?” he asked.

Harry was more turned on in that moment than he had ever been. That simple submissive request was beautiful. “Yes” he whispered. Severus dropped his head and pressed his lips gently against his. It was frustratingly soft and within moments Harry was taking control of the kiss, pushing harder and grabbing the other man’s arms. Severus easily relinquished the control and this only served to heighten Harry’s Dominance.

“Fuck” he eventually panted, pulling away from the kiss “You are going to kill me” the other man huffed in amusement, “What was that for”

“You deserved a reward” he answered, pulling away and walking towards the kitchen door.

“What?” Harry asked, confused.

“You are a good man. You genuinely care for the welfare of others and I thought you should be rewarded for that” Severus replied, turning to look at him.

Harry growled, advancing towards the other man. He watched as Severus visibly gulped, his eyes widening as Harry predatorily advanced towards him. It still amazed Harry how open Severus was willingly being with him. He was a master spy, he could easily hide his reactions should he so choose.

“You thought I deserved a reward?” he asked dangerously.

“No, I…” Severus seemed genuinely to be lost for words.

“You thought to control me, did you?” he asked, pushing Severus further into the corner of the room as he continued to advance.

“No…I just… I thought…” Severus stopped unable to find the words.

Severus was now wedged into the corner of the kitchen and Harry loomed over him “Is it your place to reward me?” he asked, his voice deceptively quiet. Severus shook his head. “Is it your place to try to control my behaviour?” he prompted, and again, Severus shook his head. “Do you think it acceptable that a Submissive rewards a Dominant for their behaviour?”

Severus shook his head fearfully and dropped his eyes in supplication “No Sir, I never meant that” he stated, appearing slightly flustered.

“Then did what did you mean boy?” he asked menacingly.

“I…You…you were so caring I just wanted to show my appreciation Sir” he whispered, keeping his eyes trained on the floor.

Harry watched him as if it was a film. His Dominant side was taking control of the situation, feeling justified in his actions, but the other side of him was saying “What the fuck?” as he attempted to dominate his potions professor.

“I think you should watch yourself boy, lest I find a genuine use for this spatula. Do you agree?” he asked.

“Yes Sir, I will watch my behaviour in future so as you do not have a reason to punish me” the other man replied without hesitation. Harrys stomach flipped, they were crossing into dangerous territory. Harry had essentially asked him if he could punish Severus for misbehaviour and the other man had clearly affirmed that he would allow Harry to set the rules and consequences.

“Very well” he stated, deciding to jump in with both feet “I expect you to be on your best behaviour today, but when we get home this evening we will be having a serious discussion regarding rules and punishments. Do I make myself clear” This was Severus’ chance to retreat from the situation and Harry waited with baited breath.

“Yes Sir” he eventually replied, lifting his eyes, and staring meaningfully at Harry. He was making it clear that he was consenting to Harry setting some rules for their relationship. Harry’s chest contracted, he felt like he was in a dream. He genuinely felt like he was the luckiest person in the world right now.

“Mmm, such a good boy” he praised, pushing himself bodily against the older man. He lifted his hand to tangle his fingers in the other man’s hair. Gripping it gently but demandingly, he pulled the hair, forcing Severus to lift his head up. Severus’ eyes were hooded and his mouth was parted. He presented a picture of wanton abandon.

“Are you going to be a good boy for me today?” he asked, and the other man nodded, which only served to pull harder on his hair, making him gasp.

“And what will happen if you are not a good boy?”

“I will be punished” Severus answered dropping his eyes.

“Yes Severus, you will be punished. Any misbehaviour means you will go over my knee.” he paused briefly “And it will not be like yesterday pet” he continued “It will be a real spanking. I think that is the only way you will learn.” He paused again, allowing the other man to absorb the information. “Do I have the right to punish you like this?” he asked, again seeking consent.

“Yes Sir. I will behave Sir, but if I don’t then you have the right to punish me” Severus answered. His explicit answer was making it clear that he consented to the development of their relationship in this way. Harry was momentarily distracted by the considerable hard-on that Severus was displaying, which was currently poking into his hip.

Harry smiled “mmm you are perfect, you know that boy?” he mused, not expecting an answer. He ran his other hand up Severus’s torso, before pulling slightly harder at his hair. Severus gasped, and Harry chose that moment to claim a brief bruising kiss. Releasing him, he pushed him firmly towards the kitchen door. “Sit, I will bring breakfast in a minute” he commanded, placing a firm pat to the other man’s behind before turning back towards his breakfast. His eggs were ruined, resembling more of an ash pile than scrambled eggs so he set about making them from scratch.

 They enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, the tension being released by a heated discussion regarding the importance of history of magic in the school curriculum. It was soon time to leave the house and Harry commented offhandedly that he wasn’t wearing his collar.

“No Sir” Severus replied, a continued air of submission in his voice, “I thought you may wish to put it on” There was a sudden atmosphere in the house, and Harry was not ignorant to the enormity of the gesture.

“Thank you, Severus,” he voiced genuinely, “It is a privilege to be allowed to collar you” Severus inclined his head in acknowledgement but remained silent. “Will you kneel for me?” he asked and Severus did without hesitation. Harry ran his hands over the collar, revelling in the feelings of power he was currently experiencing. As he neared, Severus raised his head, giving him access to his neck and Harry lent forward, running the leather around his neck before buckling it behind the now bent head. They both paused for a moment, acknowledging the action, before Harry ran his fingers through the dark hair and then ordered him to stand.

On leaving the house, Harry took the bold step of linking his hand into the other man’s, and Severus squeezed his hand in reply. They were like any young couple, out on a first date, happy and carefree. They walked into town, their hands never unclasping and their bodies consistently pressed together.