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It could be a lot of fun or a great big disaster

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I do not own any of the characters from the books, they belong to Mrs Rowling and her team of rich people and I make no money from this story, it's all merely for pleasure.

The story deviates quite alot from the canon, Snape never killed the headmaster, as is probably obvious from the story and Harry is only a month or so away from turning eighteen. Warnings are for later chapters.

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Harry Potter stared at his NEWT grades again and grinned, for the third day in a row he marvelled at how well his exams had went, despite the constantly looming threat of Voldemort. He could now apply to become an auror, his grades were that good, and for once he had something in his life to truly look forward to. Tomorrow morning he would leave the school for the last time as a student and a slight twinge of pain hit him, Hogwarts had been his home, the only place he had been honestly happy. He knew he would always be welcome here though and that mollified him slightly.

Ron came barging through the door of the boys’ dormitory, throwing himself onto his bed and groaning. He turned to grin at Harry, who looked at him with expectation. The red headed Weasley stated simply ‘Ate too much’ while grinning sheepishly. Harry rolled his eyes, smirking playfully at his friend before resuming packing his meagre belongings into his trunk.

‘Oi mate, Dumbledore wants to see you, said to go to his office as soon as you were free.’ They both grinned at each other knowing what Dumbledore really meant was that he better come now or he’d find lemon drops growing out his ears by the morning. Dumbledore wasn’t a vindictive man but he wasn’t against using pranks to his own gain as Harry had experienced in the past.

Taking his leave of Ron, he headed out of the Gryffindor tower towards the headmaster’s office, humming happily to himself. He gave the password ‘Hubba Bubba’ to the grimacing gargoyle and headed up the moving staircase. He pulled back his arm to knock, but before his knuckles hit the wood, the door swung open. ‘Come in Harry, my boy, good to see you’ he ushered the young man in, practically pushing him into the seat in front of his desk, ‘Well done on your grades my boy, auror training next is it?’ the old wizard patted him affectionately on the back.

Harry turned to grin at Dumbledore but before he had a chance to reply, he heard a cool drawl from the corner of the office. ‘Ah yes Mr Potter, whoever thought there was a brain in that wooden head of yours, you certainly surprised us all, having never actually provided us with any evidence of supposed brain capacity’. An evil smirk succeeded this barb, but Harry merely smiled.

‘I think you actually managed to compliment me professor, amidst that barrage of insults of course.’ He grinned allowing his teeth to show as he flashed his patented camera smile at the potions professor.

Snape blanched ‘I did no such thing Mr Potter, even a giant squid should be able to learn something with a know it all best friend such as Miss Granger’

‘Complimenting Hemionie now Snape, you are so sweet. Yes she is rather intelligent isn’t she?’ Harry tried with all his might not to laugh as a faint tinge of rage covered Snape’s face. As he was obviously about to launch into another barrage of insults Dumbledore interrupted them, a gleam twinkling in his eyes.

‘Now Harry I have something very important I need to discuss with you’ he began taking his seat in his customary chair behind the desk. There is a…community of muggles at the top of Scotland and we believe there are death eaters using the place as a base for operations. There is certainly something going on and we fear that the muggles are in grave danger. We have had reports of unusual muggle deaths and we believe that Voldemort’s men are using the muggles as guinea pigs to try out new spells and potions.’ Harry listened intently as the headmaster continued ‘Now I have been in discussions with the head of the aurors and he has agreed that if you were to investigate the problem satisfactorily and bring us some useful information, then he will guarantee you a place in auror training’

Snape scoffed at this ‘Merlin help us, the fate of the world is now most certainly doomed’ Harry ignored him, focusing on the possibility that this was basically a free pass into auror training and he would most certainly jump at the chance. He began to tell Dumbledore that he would accept the assignment when the old wizard threw up his hand to silence the exited young man.

‘Harry there are a couple of conditions however that I must explain before you accept, and I would like you to seriously consider them before accepting my proposition.’ The headmaster then turned to the potions master ‘Perhaps Severus my boy it would be best if you waited outside for the moment’.

‘I don’t see…’ Snape began before Dumbledore called his name warningly but with no hint of annoyance; ‘Yes Sir’ Snape replied resignedly and walked out the office closing the door quietly behind him. Harry stared at the headmaster aghast; he had never seen Snape accept so easily.

Dumbledore smiled warmly at him, ‘Now Harry as I was saying the community is of a rather unique kind and very well secluded and secure. It is a rather large community but they have little to do with those outside of their own kind.’ Harry’s eyebrows knitted together, waiting for the headmaster to explain. ‘The community is made up of people who wish to live permanently in a Dominant/Submissive relationship. Do you understand what I mean by this Harry?’ Harry seemed to have momentarily lost his voice but nodded dumbly to the question. He was well aware of the type of relationship the headmaster was alluding to as it had fascinated him greatly for a few years, and he had even tried some of the games with his previous boyfriend Blaise Zabini.. The headmaster had a sort of knowing twinkle in his eyes which made Harry blush and suddenly find the paintings of the sleeping headmasters and headmistresses extremely fascinating. Dumbledore chuckled warmly before continuing, ‘As such they are extremely strict on who they allow to into their community but through constant applications’, the headmaster managed to make these last two words sound extremely tedious ‘they have agreed to allow you and your partner a two month trial stay.’

Harry whipped his head round to look at the headmaster, he knew he should have expected this, cringing slightly he asked with no small amount of trepidation ‘Who is my Partner?’

‘Professor Snape Harry, he is the only one suitable for this kind of mission’ Albus replied softly.

Harry jumped to his feet, ‘No way, there is no way in hell that I’m letting that …man’ he seethed through gritted teeth, ‘free reign to do whatever he please with me, with the freedom to humiliate and debase me, no way, I men it Sir’ he almost shouted staring meaningfully at the headmaster ‘No way can you persuade me to be submissive to him’

‘Harry’ the headmaster replied calmly but with increased authority and he waited silently until the young wizard had slumped into his seat, placing his head in his hands. So that was it, no guaranteed auror training for him then. ‘Harry’ the headmaster began again soothingly ‘if you had allowed me to finish I would have informed you that Professor Snape will in no way have free reign to do whatever he pleases and he certainly would never intentionally humiliate or debase you, as you say’ Harry looked at him incredously, had the headmaster never met Snape? he thought, of course the man would use every opportunity to use the situation against him. Albus continued ‘He will not do this Harry because you will be the dominant partner.’ The young man stared at him in shock, ‘Yes my boy, Severus will be your submissive’.