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Not what you think

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Blaine and Sam were sitting together in the choir room, ten minutes before glee was due to start feeling proud of themselves, Finn had told them that in no uncertain terms were they to accuse Dalton of doing steroids to win the sectionals competition, though he would not give them a reason why. Blaine explained to Sam that the parents of the Warblers are all rich and could therefore have given Finn (who didn’t have a proper job) a back hander to keep quiet. Which was why four day ago, they went against Finn’s instruction and had taken their evidence to the police. No doubt the Warblers would be being arrested any minute and the New Directions would be given a chance to go to nationals.

Finn entered the room with a face like thunder and his eyes immediately landed on the two of them in the back row. He opened his mouth but before he could say anything another voice cracked through the choir room like a whip.

“Blaine Devon Anderson, Samuel Craig Evans” The voice boomed as a pissed off looking Kurt Hummel marched into the choir room, it having been him that gave the shout. What was more shocking than seeing Kurt in McKinley was who was following him, flanking him on either side was an equally pissed off looking Hunter Clarington and Sebastian Smyth.

“How dare you, I get that you care about new directions, but attempting to get your competition arrested and disqualified is lower than low.” Kurt spat eyes on fire with rage.

“Kurt what are you doing here?” That question came from a disgruntled looking Tina, here came Kurt to mess with her Blaine’s affections again.

“What am I doing here? A better question is what were Blaine and Sam thinking, as for what I am doing here, I am the musical director to the Dalton academy Warblers.” At Kurt’s proclamation, a gasp ran through the common room, only Finn seemed unsurprised by this new.

“What I told you to go to New York when did that happen” Blaine said crossing his arms in a huff.

“I went to Dalton a couple of weeks after you came to New York to tell me you cheated, I went for a reference letter from Head Master Willcox for a collage application and we got talking, he offered me a job.” Kurt told him rolling his eyes. The question did take his mind back to that day.

*Two months previous*

Kurt looked up at the building and could not help but smile, despite what had driven him there and everything that had happened with Blaine, Kurt would always have fond memories of Dalton academy. He was back in Ohio after a frank discussion about his future with the Dean of NYADA, the formidable woman had told him that even after reapplying he may not get into the school until the summer or not at all, so more options were needed.

With that in mind Kurt applied to both Juilliard and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, as well as postponing his NYADA application until the summer to give him more time to prepare and to distance himself from Rachel. Even though they were best friends they did not work well together when in direct competition something Kurt knew only too well. Which brought him to Dalton he needed several reference letters for his applications and who better than the head master of a prestigious institute.

Walking up to the front desk after going into the reception building Kurt smiled at the woman behind the desk.

“Hi Maggie I have an appointment with Head Master Willcox” Kurt told her, giving him a smile in return the receptionist directed him toward the head master’s office.

“Go on in dear, he’s waiting for you.”

With that Kurt walked forward and gave a sharp knock on the door, entering after hearing the affirmative Kurt entered the room.

Head Master Willcox was a gentleman in his early 50’s but life had been kind to him, with sun kissed bronze skin, a tall and broad frame accentuated by a finely tailored suit and grey hair that just brushed his shoulder, the man cut a rather striking figure, one that had been prominent in a couple of his boyhood fantasies. Even now he still made Kurt’s breath catch for a second before he regained his composure.

“Kurt Hummel, it is good to see you again.” The older man’s Scottish lilt made Kurt’s smile widen.

“It’s good to see you again to sir.” Kurt replied slightly surprised when the man came and clapped him on the shoulder before leading him to the rather intimate seating arrangement at the back of his office that was always used for visitors.

“It’s Stuart to my friends Kurt and I would like to class you among them.” Stuart told him before offering him coffee. Kurt took a cup.

“Not that I mind visiting Dalton but why did you ask me here just for a reference letter.” Kurt asked him after several minutes of making polite conversation.

“Usually I would have simply written you a letter but your case is a bit different. I would like you to have your best chance at university and for that you need a chance to shine in the arts, I know you were not given a chance to do that whilst you were here and I blame myself and the rest of the staff for that because of the way the Warblers were ran. Therefore, I would like to take the chance to right that wrong, I would like to offer you the position as the musical director of the Warbler, they will continue to govern themselves but the final decision will be yours. They will take your input into the performances that they do. You will of course be paid for your efforts the standard pay for a new teacher here at Dalton.” Stuart explained to a completely shocked Kurt.

“Sir… Stuart I have no prior experience wouldn’t the Warblers benefit more from someone who had previous with directing a Glee club.” Kurt stuttered out to a rich laughter from the other man.

“Kurt, age does not mean experience, you were a member of the New Direction team that won nationals, I think that is plenty of experience. Plus, to be honest due to the Warblers having already been student governed I don’t think they would react well to an older staff member.” Stuart told him.

Over the next three hours Kurt and Stuart hashed out the details of the job before the evening Warbler practice, where Kurt was introduced as the new musical director of the Warblers, to the excitement of many who had known his as a warbler, the intrigue of some such as the new leader of the group Hunter and the dismay of Sebastian.

*Present day*

Kurt pulled himself out of the memory at the spluttering of Sam.

“You mean you helped them cheat.” Sam shrieked.

“No Sam I did not help them cheat. How about you and Blaine air your grievances with the Warblers now and we will answer.” Kurt said gesturing between himself and the two boys behind him. At this point, Finn pulled up chairs for the three visitors.

“How could they have pulled off all those stunts on stage if they are not on drugs.” Sam challenged.

“The same way the Cheerios pulled off everything they hard work and determination, I edited one of my old routines for the group to use and made sure they had it learned in time for the competition.” Kurt said lounging in his chair.

“Let me tell you Kurt worked us like dogs to get that routine learned, every day in the gym for two hours until we could do it in our sleep.” Sebastian grumbled causing Kurt too shoot him a devious grin.

“How about the change in head size?” That question came from Blaine.

“Hard work and the specific pictures you used were of the younger Warblers who are still going through changes thanks to puberty.” Came Kurt’s board reply.

“You going to explain away Clarington’s roid rage” That surprisingly came from Tina, who was patted on the shoulder by Blaine. At that Kurt tilted his chin to Hunter.

“I was diagnosed five months ago, with type one diabetes, it is one of the reasons I left military school. One problem I have had is anger, partly because I have had to majorly cut back on a lot of the sweet stuff I really enjoy. The one thing I will not compromise on is sugar in my coffee. That day I had already had a fluctuation in my blood sugar so I had to be extra careful with what I was eating, I had also failed a French test that day so the Splender in my coffee was just the straw that broke the camel’s back causing what you saw on that video. I went back later to apologise and pay for any damages I caused.” Hunter explained giving a shrug of his shoulders and getting a squeeze on the upper arm in comfort from Kurt.

“Hunters diabetes is also what gave Trent the idea that we were on steroids, at the beginning of the year Hunter didn’t like admitting to his diabetes so when Trent saw him injecting his insulin and asked about it Hunter told him it was steroids and asked if he wanted to give it a go.” Sebastian told them before repeating Kurt’s gesture of comfort.

“Well if you’re in charge why did they steal our trophy.” Artie asked, the first sensible question of the afternoon.

“I’m their musical director not their baby sitter, besides New Direction has always worked best under pressure. I was also in New York that week for a visit to Juilliard.” Kurt told them before giving the other two boys a playful glare to which they raised their hand in surrender.

“What happens now.” That question came from Marley who seemed shocked by the underhanded tricks that her team mates had played.

“Well the Warblers and I have spent the last day in with the police being drugs tested and cleared. I luckily have the support of head master Willcox so I have not lost my job, which I am doing to help build up my resume for Collage. The Warblers have not been disqualified as we did nothing against the rules. New Directions on the other hand are going to be investigated by the national board of show choirs. Now if that is all we will be leaving, as we have regionals to prepare for.” With that Kurt, Hunter and Sebastian stood up as one and went to leave the room.

“They’re all yours Finn, give them hell.” Kurt said turning back to smile at his step-brother, Finn gave him a small smile back before turning to the New Directions with a stormy expression.    

“What the hell were you guys thinking, I told you the Warbler’s won fair and square. I knew Kurt has been coaching them so they are going to be at the top of their game. Now Mr Shue may face an investigation due to his glee clubs conduct. I hope your proud of yourselves. Glee dismissed” Finn told them before walking out of the room shaking his head at Blaine and Sam’s stupidity.