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The glass door sliding shut behind Taylor woke Abbie from her light sleep. The day was just warm enough to pretend it was summer, but the ocean air was still light. She stirred and pushed her sunglasses up onto her head, turning slightly on the lounge chair to greet Taylor. "Mmm...hey." Abbie smiled, and stretched her shoulders, "did you make the calls you needed to?" Even though they were 'away' for the weekend, real life was always just around the corner.

"Unless something blows up, I'm done for the weekend." Taylor returned Abbie's smile as she sat on the edge of her lounge chair and leaned down for a kiss. "I thought we could walk into town for dinner..." She let her hand drop to Abbie's stomach and under the edge of her linen shirt, fingertips resting on warm skin. "I didn't mean to interrupt your nap."

Abbie sighed quietly, enjoying the moment. Her eyes trailed after Taylor's fingers as they drew slow circles on her skin. "That sounds nice." Things had been so busy lately for both of them, and it had allowed the bigger questions in life to go largely ignored. She lay back, letting Taylor move closer, "So how was Samantha? We didn't get a chance to talk about your meeting."

"She was...well, Sam is Sam." And that was all Taylor could really say about her. Abbie would know what she meant. "They're expecting. Selena just found out." A small smile tugged at Taylor's lips. The thought of Sam with a toddler was just too much for her.

"Really?" Abbie laughed quietly, "Well I suppose someone's got to be an heir to the Kincaid family fortune." She paused, maybe a few moments more than she intended. Abbie thought she saw the smile linger on Taylor's lips, but pushed her next thoughts away for a more appropriate time, even though she wasn't sure when that time would be. The brunette raised an eyebrow, and continued with the conversation at hand. "Did she ask about the fall?" It was in the back of both their minds, and now seemed like as good of a time as any.

Taylor nodded and tangled their fingers together. "I told her that I hadn't decided yet, but she'll want to know something soon." She was still just as conflicted as she had been that day, still no closer to saying yes or no.

Abbie watched Taylor's shifting gaze, felt her start to fidget with her hands. Underneath it all- the stress, the setbacks, and the scars, she knew Taylor loved the work. And she believed in it- and so did Abbie. She took a breath, dismissing the thoughts of the small things- the things that wouldn't matter in a year- maybe two. She looked up at Taylor, "I think you should." It was a simple statement, but it was the truth that Taylor needed to hear.

"Do you?" She had never had any doubt that Abbie would support her, no matter what decision she made, but she valued Abbie's opinion. "Do you think I'm accomplishing anything? Is anything getting better?" There were times when it felt like they were, but they were few and far between and most of the time it seemed like the only people benefiting from it all were the people writing the rules.

"Of course you are." Abbie's tone dropped slightly, indicating she had moved on from their casual banter. "You are Taylor, and you know I'm not the only one who thinks so." She sat up in the chair fully, "people voted for you Taylor, and rare as it is these days—a lot of them actually voted for you and not just what color your campaign shirts are." She allowed a quiet smile at the last comment.

"Maybe it was really a referendum on how good you look in them." Taylor's smile broadened, but she still had her reservations. "Is this really how I want to spend the rest of my career?" It wasn't a question that she had a good answer for yet.

"I think you already know the answer to that." Abbie had seen Taylor handle cases for the DA's office- had seen her passion there, but it was eclipsed by how passionately she could pursue things now. Yes it was stressful, almost impossibly so for them both at times, but Abbie couldn't imagine Taylor going back to some law office or state building someplace and bickering with other attorneys, or shifting through endless case law.

Taylor nodded and lay down next to Abbie, necessity forcing them even closer than desire and she rested her head on Abbie's shoulder. "You're right." She put her hand back on Abbie's stomach. "I love doing this. I love." She sounded more intense than she realized. "I love it, but is that a justification to keep doing it if I don't know that I'm being effective?"

"Yes." Abbie smiled then and tugged Taylor closer, "because you are, and I can't think of anyone who could try harder." She pulled her hair over one shoulder then as she leaned back, "And besides- I think I'm getting used to being a congresswoman's wife." Abbie could see things settling in Taylor's mind, and it gave her a small thrill.

Taylor nodded, pressing her lips to Abbie's neck. "Okay." She was keep thinking about it for the rest of the weekend, turning over the possibilities in her mind until she had worn away all of her own objections, but the foundation was there. "You know, there's always the possibility that I won't get reelected. People could always vote for whoever decides to run against me."

Abbie's eyes flashed, and she held Taylor close to her, "Well, that at least is something we don't have to worry about tonight." She kissed Taylor, and then pushed back slightly so they were eye to eye, "I love you, you know. And even if it means spending my summer at those stuffy cocktail receptions and laughing at jokes that haven't been funny since 1982, I'm excited to do it with you."

"I think 1982 is being a little generous." Taylor smiled, "but I'm glad you'll be there with me. If things go well, you might be forced to listen to those jokes for a long time." Eventually there was going to be more to think about than just the next congressional election.

"I'll survive somehow." Abbie grinned and stood, reaching her hand out for Taylor, "We have a few hours before dinner, and I can think of a way to spend them, but we should go inside." Her grin broadened, "I'd hate to start your next campaign having to explain how illicit photos of a candidate turned up on the Internet."

Taylor laughed lightly as she gave Abbie a light kiss. "Mm, good point." But she held her there for a moment, smiling as she looked into her eyes. The decision was made, and she knew without a doubt that they could keep doing this, that they would do it together.