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Abbie hopped up on the countertop, picking out a now room temperature rib from the take-out container. She swung her legs slightly as she picked at it, licking her fingers occasionally. "I think I like this arrangement." Taylor was putting their plates in the dishwasher. "I'll pick up dinner anytime." A drop of sauce fell on the floor before she could catch it, and Abbie looked at the stain on the tile, smirking, "Sorry...but...I think that also qualifies as cleanup duty Taylor."

Taylor chuckled and shook her head. "If you say so." She got a wet paper towel and wiped up the spot. She didn't mind really. If she was cleaning up after Abbie, it meant that she was home, and that was still novel enough to delight her. She poked Abbie in the ribs. "I'll make you dinner tomorrow night, and then you can clean up."

Abbie rolled her eyes and tossed the leftover bone in the trash. She laughed, "You've got yourself a deal...Congresswoman." It took a lot out of them to be running between DC and New York all year, but in the end it was worth it—it was who they were.

"If only all of my deals were so easily made." Taylor quickly finished cleaning the kitchen and set the dishwasher to come on a few hours later. She stole a quick kiss and grabbed them each another beer. The recess would be ending soon, but she couldn't help but let herself get used to this kind of normalcy again.

Taking hers, Abbie smiled as she tapped their bottles together. "Well maybe if you treated everyone as nicely as you do me...wait..." Abbie reached her legs around Taylor and pulled her closer. "'t do that actually."

Taylor chuckled. "Are you sure?" She let her hands rest on Abbie's hips. "I mean, it might be tough, but I think I could pull it off."

"No. No really...just...don't" Abbie was laughing quietly, "I like to think of you waiting for me when you're out of town," She took a sip of her beer, smirking, "Waiting, thinking about me.." Abbie ran her fingers through Taylor's hair, "you do that for me, right?"

"Of course." Taylor smiled at the touch, leaning into it. "I think about you every day." She leaned forward and kissed Abbie. "And you know there wouldn't ever be anyone else." She rubbed her thumbs over Abbie's lower back. "One of you is more than enough for me."

Abbie tilted forward, taking her time in kissing Taylor fully. She could feel their breast's pressing lightly together, and her nipples were getting hard quickly. Abbie leaned back slightly, nipping at Taylor's lower lip as she pulled away. Abbie's voice was teasing, "You sure about that?"

"Completely," Taylor said, her eyes alight. She tried to catch Abbie, to keep her from pulling away, but she wasn't fast enough. "Do you doubt me?"

"I never doubt you." Abbie kissed Taylor again, her fingers starting to tug just subtly at the blonde's shirt, "But that's a little disappointing really…"

"Is it?" Taylor chuckled, letting Abbie do as she wanted, her own hands remaining still, back on Abbie's hips. "Did you want me to bring home an intern or something?" She leaned in for another kiss.

Abbie shook her head, "No...definitely not." She leaned back, putting her hands behind her on the counter and smirking at Taylor, "But I wouldn't mind a few kids at some point." Abbie laughed at the moment. "If you think you could manage that, of course."

"Kids, huh?" Taylor was surprised, but she laughed it off. "Well, I could always go get the strap-on and we could see what happens..." She smirked and started to pull away.

Abbie rolled her eyes and snaked a hand out to wrap in Taylor's shirt, yanking her back close and into a hungry kiss. Only once breathing was necessary, Abbie released the other woman's lips. A slow but expectant smile was spreading across her face, "Well, if that's the best you have to offer."

"I can sense that you're doubting my virility." Taylor chuckled and shook her head as she headed toward the bedroom. It only took her a second to change, pulling her pants off. But rather than returning like that, she took a moment to pull a pair of jeans on, fastening them over the strap-on. Her skin was flushed in anticipation and she had to measure her steps as she returned to the kitchen. She wanted to make Abbie wait just a bit.

Abbie watched Taylor walk away, and willed herself to stay put. It was obvious Taylor had a plan, and Abbie wasn't about to prevent her from it. She quietly licked the last traces of barbecue from her fingers as Taylor sauntered back to her. The bulge was obvious under the blonde's jeans, and Abbie's stomach dropped immediately.

Taylor pushed Abbie's legs apart with her hips, sliding her hands up Abbie's thighs. "Hey, babe." She squeezed Abbie's hips.

"Mmmn...hello, darlin'" Abbie not-quite-subtly slid forward and pressed against Taylor's jeans. Her fingers were itching to touch Taylor, but she just kissed her instead. Her hand dropped between their bodies, cupping the tight crotch of Taylor's pants in her palm.

"God," Taylor groaned and pushed into Abbie's hand, leaning in to capture her lips. She pushed her tongue between Abbie's lips and sucked on them as she rubbed the crotch of her jeans against Abbie's hand. "If you'll come back with me to my place, I'm sure I can show you a good time..." She smirked.

"Oh, you're such a charmer." Abbie leaned away to fix Taylor with a smirk, lacing her fingers behind the other woman's neck, "but that's quite a proposition."

"Come on." Taylor leaned in and kissed Abbie again before she started to move down her jaw and neck. She nipped at her throat. "Let me take you to bed. I promise you'll enjoy yourself." She nibbled at Abbie's collarbone, sliding her hands underneath Abbie's shirt.

"God...Taylor..." Abbie was quickly starting to enjoy herself, and locked her legs back around Taylor's waist, kissing her again, "Mmm....take me then." She had no doubt Taylor could make good on the promise.

"Sure thing, sugar." Taylor slid Abbie forward until she was carrying her. She headed toward the bedroom, arms securely around Abbie until they got to the bed and she could lay her down. She climbed on top of Abbie, pushing herself down.

Abbie laughed and stretched out under Taylor, ever more aware, more expectant. Her hands were feeling lower again, unzipping Taylor's jeans, pulling her close. She moaned, getting almost frantic with want. "Yes Taylor...please..."

"You got it, babe," She rubbed against Abbie as she unfastened Abbie's pants and pulled them off. She didn't bother to do more than that. She didn't need to. Abbie was already so wet that just slipping the dildo into her was easy. The tight jeans around her hips only heightened the sensation and she could feel them stretching as she pushed even closer.

Abbie moaned, mind already racing. Taylor was so sure, and it was exactly what would eventually sate the need that had been building all evening. She tangled their hands together, and pulled them above their heads. "Yes Taylor...harder.." Without thinking, Abbie had wrapped her legs around Taylor's hips, pushing her even further into her.

"If that's what you want." Taylor curled her hips forward, setting up an almost brutal rhythm, thrusting into Abbie just like she knew she wanted. She pressed down on Abbie's wrists, pinning her there. She was just as wet as Abbie and she could feel it soaking into her jeans, the seam pressing against her clit.

Abbie's breath was starting to catch, Taylor's force was so perfect. Taylor was pushing her, and the slight pain mingled with overwhelming pleasure. She kissed Taylor again, deeper, matching the other woman's force. "Taylor, please...please come in'll make me.." It was the last request she could make before she was overwhelmed and her voice faded to a whimper, looking up at Taylor, her eyes pleading.

"Yeah, baby." Taylor kissed Abbie as hard as she could, pushing into her with greater and greater urgency. The angle was just right and she was getting closer and closer to her own climax. She let it come as she tightened her hands around Abbie's wrists, yelling out as she came and closing her eyes.

With just a glance at the expression on Taylor's features Abbie moaned, then fell silent as she finally came. The moment was slow, long, and incredibly satisfying. Finally, she let out a breath as her hands went slack, releasing the blonde's fingers. The weight on her was pleasant, though she could already feel the soreness that was growing between her legs from Taylor's force. "God..." her voice was low, still breathless.

"Yeah..." Taylor rolled off of Abbie and immediately pulled her into her arms. She was going to have to get up and get undressed, but it could wait a few minutes. She grinning impishly. "Impressed yet?"

Abbie brushed her hair back, it was sticking to her slightly sweaty skin. She walked her fingers under Taylor's shirt to touch her warm skin, smiling at the other woman, "I think you know me well enough to be able to answer that question yourself. But if you'd like to hear it, then yes," She kissed Taylor lazily, "completely and utterly." Abbie paused then to pull off her shirt, laying back next to Taylor, tone growing lower, more sincere, "And you know I wasn't entirely jokin' earlier." She let the comment hang, unsure of what the reaction would be.

"Really?" Taylor knew exactly which comment she was talking about and couldn't conceal her surprise. "We've seriously never talked about having children..." She took Abbie's hand and kissed her palm before she had to roll away and pull her pants and the harness off. They had both gotten incredibly uncomfortable.

"I know, but we don't have to talk now if you don't want to." It had gotten late, and Abbie didn't want to ruin the moment. She knew Taylor liked to work things over in her own time. She slid under the covers, waiting for Taylor to join her, and moving her tone back to teasing, "Anyway, after tonight I wouldn't be surprised if I started getting cravings for pickles and ketchup...or losing my breakfast in the mornings." She laughed and held out an arm to the blond.

Taylor smiled as she took her shirt off and rolled back into Abbie's arms. "Just... I'm going to have to think about it for a little while." She kissed Abbie lightly. "And if you do start craving random things, let me know. There are a few reporters that I want to call."

"Well if that's the case darlin'…" she couldn't help but laugh, "we're keeping the child, because it's surely our savior." Glad Taylor didn't seem entirely in shock, Abbie wrapped her arms more tightly around Taylor, stroking her hair.

"Or the antichrist." Taylor smirked again as she turned out the lights.