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Taylor sighed in contentment as she leaned back in her chair and folded her napkin. "That was... mmm." She closed her eyes for a second as she ran a hand through her hair. Dinner had been amazing, even if there were take out containers sitting in the kitchen. She had been away for so long that it really was the thought that counted. Just being able to stay home and not have to go out and possibly run into God knows who and then spending half of the night talking to people that she just didn't have the patience for when she had only been home for a few hours... Abbie really was a godsend. "Perfect. I can't believe how long it's been since I've gotten to eat at home." She reached out Abbie's hand and squeezed it lightly. It might have been a little longer if not for the winter recess. "And I'm sure that you spent hours slaving in the kitchen to make it too." She grinned.

Abbie smiled and picked up her wineglass, taking the last sip before leaning back and letting out a contented breath. "Hours." She knew it wasn't a ruse she could keep up, Abbie was many things, but a cook wasn't one of them. She laughed then, eyes meeting Taylor's, "...or fractions of 'em maybe."

"Just long enough to call the restaurant, open the door, and put everything on plates?" She kissed Abbie's fingers, lingering over them. "You have no idea how happy I am to be home." No matter how much time she spent in DC, New York was always going to be home.

As Abbie stood, her smile spread. She held out her hands to pull Taylor up after her. It had been a long few weeks for them both, but the night just hung perfectly between them. Taylor's things were still in the hallway, and the dishes could wait. It was snowing again, but the wind was quiet outside the windows. "About as happy as I am that you're back?"

"Mmm, probably." Taylor wrapped her arms around Abbie from behind and rested her cheek against Abbie's shoulder. "Is there anything that we have to do tomorrow? And if you say yes, I'm never speaking to you again." She was so tired that it was ridiculous and she fully intended on sleeping in the next morning.

Abbie turned in Taylor's arms and slowly backed her into the living room, moving toward the couch. "Well as long as you'll still touch me." She laughed and kissed Taylor slowly. "But, no, darlin', I've planned exactly nothing for tomorrow. Noting that involves getting out of bed anyway."

"Oh, good." Taylor kissed Abbie again, taking her time. "But does that mean you've made plans that do involve staying in bed tomorrow morning? Because those sorts of plans sound right up my ally." She sank down onto the couch and tugged on Abbie's hand, pulling her down too.

"Mmnn..." Abbie followed Taylor down, pushing her over so she could lie on top of her. She kissed her neck, slowly moving up to her lips again. "I think you know the answer to that." It really had been entirely too long, and Taylor always felt so good.

"Yeah." Taylor slid her arms around Abbie's waist and settled her weight on top of her. She closed her eyes for a long moment. "I've missed you. I've missed this... just, getting to hold you, knowing that we're not going to get interrupted." She opened her eyes and looked directly into Abbie's. "I love you." She thought that she could stay like that forever, with Abbie on top of her and snow drifting past the window, making lazy circles in the air and building up in little piles at the edges of the window frames.

"I love you too," Abbie kissed Taylor, her fingers starting to work the other woman's shirt open. Her lips followed her touch, and she smiled against Taylor's warm skin, "You're mine...all mine, and you're home." Taylor always came home, even when Abbie didn't know she needed it.

"For weeks and weeks," Taylor chuckled and shifted to help Abbie with her task. She wriggled out of her shirt and ran her fingers through Abbie's hair, pulling it down from it ponytail. There was a low heat building in her stomach, not the uncontrollable desire that so often marked their encounters when they were younger, but something more sustainable, slower, but stronger, something capable of lasting.

Abbie felt Taylor shift and she sat back, looking down at the other woman, and running the flat of her palms appreciatively up her sides. "'re perfect." She started to laugh quietly, leaning down again to kiss Taylor, lingering close. "And I think you know what I want now." There was just only so much that could satisfy her from a thousand miles away.

Taylor shared Abbie's laughter and gently pulled her down for a kiss. "I think you're doing a pretty good job of just taking what you want. I'd hate to interrupt you."

"Of course you wouldn't," And Abbie wasn't about to stop. She was pressing closer, kissing and nipping at any skin she could find. "There's just so much I want." Her voice was muffled against Taylor's neck, her throat, "I want you....and I want you to take me....and I want to have our life together...mmm, build a house…"

"Well, I think I can take care of a few of those things tonight." For some reason, she wasn't as tired as she had been earlier.

Abbie felt Taylor's pulse increase, and her own mimicked it automatically. She was glad Taylor didn't seem too put off. She smiled broadly, taking in the light in the blonde's eyes, "I think I like the sound of that."

"Maybe we should get up and go to bed?" Taylor raised her eyebrows in question. "Seems like that might be a more conducive place than this couch."

"You think?" Abbie laughed, but got up, "Better watch out though, Washington's making you all settled down." She smirked, "You never would have had the patience when we met."

"Oh no." She smirked. "I'm going to get too boring for you, aren't I?" Taylor got up and headed toward the bedroom, looking back over her shoulder to make sure that Abbie was following. She started unfastening her pants as she walked, and she stepped out of them as she reached the bedroom. Her bra was quick to follow, and suddenly she was naked, not having looked at Abbie once during her striptease.

Abbie followed after, biting her lip quietly. By the time she reached the bedroom after Taylor, she couldn't help herself, and she nearly leapt at Taylor's now bare form. She wrapped her long arms around the blonde, "Mmmmm...I hope not, but I have faith in you."

"Well, then I'll have to make sure I don't let you down." She pressed herself into Abbie, molding herself to the other woman's form. "But right now, you're wearing too much." She slowly unzipped the zipper on Abbie's skirt, hoping that Abbie would take care of her shirt herself. "I want to feel your skin against mine."

She stepped out of the skirt willingly, and reached for her shirt, pulling it up and off. "I should have put that on my list…"

"It's a good thing that I'm here to remind you about those sorts of things then." As soon as Abbie's shirt was off, Taylor unsnapped her bra and slid it off, letting Abbie pull her own panties off. Then she pulled back the covers on the bed and slid in, waiting for Abbie. "I hope this isn't too conventional for you."

Abbie went willingly, immediately wrapping herself in Taylor's arms. She smirked lightly, "I think that depends on what comes next."

Taylor was already rubbing her hands down Abbie's back. She closed her eyes as their skin fully came into contact and she kissed Abbie. "I don't think I'll ever be able to get enough of you." Her skin was tingling.

"Well darlin'," Abbie began, squirming in Taylor's arms, "you can have all there is." She tangled their legs together, trying to pull them closer together, but it was quite an impossibility.

"God," Taylor leaned in for another kiss, content to do nothing more than keep kissing Abbie for as long as Abbie could stand it. She brushed their lips together lightly before she intermittently deepened the kiss, teasing Abbie one second and giving her exactly what she wanted the next.

Taylor was playing her body perfectly, and Abbie's desire was building. She moaned quietly, rolling back and pulling Taylor over her. The weight of the other woman pressing her against the mattress was enough to make her gasp lightly, "Taylor...please..."

"Anything you want." Taylor kissed down to Abbie's nipples and started sucking on one of them as her fingers found their way between Abbie's legs, teasing their way between her lips and purposefully missing her clit. She simply touched Abbie lightly, skimming her fingers over sensitive skin.

Abbie groaned, moving under Taylor, trying to get the contact she needed. She knew Taylor was enjoying the wait, drawing out the moment, controlling just as much as Abbie was enjoying encouraging it. She breathed more quickly, "Anything?"

"Anything." Taylor slid her fingers into Abbie, moaning at how wet she was and shivering in pleasure. "Just tell me." She would always do anything in her power to make Abbie happy.

And Abbie was arching, pressing down onto Taylor's fingers, trying to force them further inside her. She was quickly moving past being able to say much at all, "God Taylor.." She pulled Taylor into a forceful kiss, "Yes..that...more.."

"That's not a very complicated request," she teased as she did as Abbie wanted, adding another finger and pushing them even further inside of her. She could feel Abbie's muscles contracting around them and she smiled as she finally brushed her thumb over Abbie's clit.

It only took a few more moments, and Abbie's fingers twisted in Taylor's hair roughly. "Shit...yes Taylor..." She panted, only then feeling the light sweat on their skin.

"Mmm..." Taylor wrapped herself around Abbie as she calmed, and suddenly all of her energy was gone, her eyes starting to drift closed. "D'you get what you wanted?" She slurred her words slightly as she nuzzled against Abbie's neck.

"Yes..." Abbie let out a long breath and settled against Taylor. Soon she felt Taylor's body relax, draped over her still, and the blonde's breath steady. She smiled and shook her head quietly, running her hands over Taylor's back, gently shifting her to her side. The other woman was warm, and her body already languid, and as Abbie settled beside her she felt a strong arm move to hold her out of unbreakable habit. She smiled in the dark at her own thoughts, content. Taylor would wake before she did, and Abbie was more than pleased at the prospect of being brought back from sleep in any way her partner might see fit.