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Even though she could hear Taylor on the phone, Drew knocked lightly on her door and stepped into her office. She had set up the call, and she knew that it would be over soon enough; so, she waited, simply leaning against the door and sauntering forward when Taylor hung up. "Don't ask about my meeting this don't want to know until I can sort it all out this afternoon." She dropped into a chair and rubbed her head. "Oh...Abbie is coming out this evening. It's a surprise, so act surprised. But I have to tell you because I know you won't be home by nine otherwise."

"Then I'll act surprised." Taylor smiled for about half of a second at the thought of getting to see Abbie that night, but then she refocused. "And I won't ask about your day."

"Good." Drew shifted in her seat, crossing her legs as she thought of how to begin. "I have a friend..." This was going to be absolutely ridiculous, and even though Drew could see it playing out, she couldn't stop herself. "She's...well, I don't know what she's doing with this woman who is absolutely not coming out anytime soon... God, I'm you mind?"

"Only if this friend of yours is actually you." Taylor was happy to talk to Drew about almost anything, but she didn't have time deal with one of Drew's friends.

"" Drew shook her head and stood quickly. She tugged at her jacket with the nervousness that only intensely personal situations that she didn't want to deal with caused her. "No...nevermind."

"Sit back down," Taylor ordered. "Whatever it is that's bothering you, get it out where we can get back to work. So, you're sleeping with someone who's still in the closet?"

"She wants me to go home with her over the winter recess," Drew mumbled, dropping back into the chair and feeling something like a teenager again.

Taylor raised her eyebrows. This was starting to sound familiar. "So what's the problem?" She really hoped that Drew wasn't talking about who she thought she was talking about.

"I..." Drew hadn't really gotten that far mentally, but she knew she'd gone too far. There was no way to really explain the situation without telling Taylor just who she was talking about. She shook her head. "I don't know. Just me. Forget about it."

"Drew, tell me you're not sleeping with Camille Jackson..." Taylor rubbed her forehead. Why did everyone come to her for relationship advice?

"I'm not," Drew replied all too quickly. She knew her face was flushing, and she stood again, determined to leave this time.

Of course she was, and that was just destined to end badly. "If you need a reason to go to Wyoming, I'm sure going over the language on the Green Energy Bill one more time wouldn't be a bad idea. I'd go myself, but Abbie and I are spending Christmas in Texas this year..." Cammie could consider it a Christmas present.

"Yeah...thanks..." Drew was already heading back to her office, trying to calm her fast beating heart. She needed to give Cammie an answer. She already knew what that answer would be. And she just had to push the 'why' of it out of her mind. "Remember to act surprised when Abbie gets here. I don't want her to be pissed at me."

"I will." And with that, Taylor turned back to her work, trying very hard to forget that the preceding conversation ever took place.