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It wasn't often that US Attorney's showed up on the national nightly news, at least not for good reasons, so after a quick tip, Taylor had made it a point to watch the broadcast live. It hurt that she couldn't be in New York to celebrate with Abbie, and it had hurt even more when she had been trapped in a meeting when the verdict had actually come in, forced to be content with a text message of congratulations. But she was finally free and home, and dialing Abbie's number was automatic.

Abbie had had what was probably the greatest- and most stressful- week of her life. It had been such a long time since she'd last been accosted on the courthouse steps by the press, and she almost had forgotten how natural it could feel. Being a congresswoman's wife had no doubt only increased the interest. She was kicking off her shoes, finally at home, and intent on a well-deserved glass of wine, when her phone rang. She smiled when she saw Taylor's name, and picked up the call. "Hey, darlin'."

"Congratulations, babe. You deserve it." If she could have gotten on a flight that moment, Taylor would have done it. She had barely gotten to speak to Abbie over the past week and now that she could hear her voice, it only made her miss her even more acutely.

Abbie grinned, balancing the phone against her shoulder as she opened the bottle of wine, "Thanks. Honestly, I think it's still sinking in." And there would be more celebrations, not to mention truckloads of paperwork still to do, but Abbie wasn't thinking about that yet.

Taylor could hear the distinct sound of a cork squeaking free. "I wish I could be there to share that wine with you. Do you know when you might be able to get down here?" Abbie's schedule was normally more flexible than hers, though that hadn't been the case lately.

"I'd like nothing more, I miss you." And there was really only one person Abbie wanted to share her success with. "But I don't think I'll be able to get down there this weekend. I did, however, put in a vacation request for a long weekend the one after." It felt like such an indulgence after the past months, but no one would question her having earned it.

"How about I make a congressional resolution about it? Think that would convince them to let you have the time off?" Taylor pulled her shoes off and curled up on the couch. "I'm going to miss you until then, but it'll give me time to plan some sort of proper celebration."

Abbie laughed, carrying her glass into the living room and dropping down onto the couch. "The way things are going around here, I might not need an order, could pull strings of my own and get a private jet." She sat back, sipping her wine, "but I'll miss you too, and plan all you want but if it requires getting out of bed I might have to veto you."

"I'll keep that in mind, but please don't do any string pulling that's going to get me dragged in front of an ethics board." The smile was evident in Taylor's voice. "You know I'm incredibly proud of you. Proud and impressed. Everything I read said you put a hell of a case together."

"Thanks Taylor, but it does help when the evidence is on your side." Abbie could feel herself bushing lightly at the praise, or it could have been the wine.

"I've never known you to be so modest, despite that suit you were wearing on the news." Taylor got more comfortable, lying down on the couch. "Have your hemlines gotten longer, or am I just that bereft of the sight of your legs?"

Abbie laughed. "Well I didn't think it appropriate to have the appellate panel staring at my hemlines the whole time. I actually had a good case this time." She could sense the edge in Taylor's voice, "So did you listen to the interview, or were you a bit distracted, Representative Hamilton?"

"Do you think that my ears stop working when I stare at your legs? Of course I listened. Though I do prefer it when you're talking to me, and not a reporter."

"Oh yes?" Abbie crossed her legs, "And what would you like to ask me if it were you?"

Taylor could hear the playfulness in Abbie's voice. "Well, Ms. Carmichael, I would ask you what it feels like to be saving the world..." And she would be pushing Abbie's skirt up as she said it, feeling her legs under her fingertips.

Abbie shifted, laughing lightly, "Pretty good, Taylor, but not as good as I'd feel if you were here right now I think." She was already anticipating, reaching for the buttons of her shirt. It wouldn't be the first time she'd touched herself to the sound of Taylor's voice from far too far away, but the admiration in her partner's voice struck her, and she could already feel the fabric of her panties getting wet.

"Really?" Taylor chuckled, her voice low. "It feels better to have my fingers on your skin than it does to save the world?"

"I think both would be best." Abbie trailed her fingers down her chest, "I'm in the mood to have it all."

"Are you?" Taylor shifted on the couch in anticipation. She knew exactly what Abbie's fingers would be doing in that moment, and she could picture them unfastening buttons and slipping under her shirt. She started doing the same, not content to just listen anymore.

"Yes, and for starters I think I'd like to hear you tell me what you're wearing." Abbie closed her eyes, listening intently.

"Oh, nothing special," Taylor teased, getting up and heading into the bedroom. "But it all comes off easily." The fabric of her suit rustled as she unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. It took a second of juggling the phone, but her shirt soon followed. "And now I'm not wearing anything except that cream lingerie you like, with the satin edges..."

"Mmm Taylor..." Abbie slipped her fingers under her shirt, touching herself over her bra, "that was fast." She could just imagine Taylor there, in the dim light of the room. "Go lie down, Taylor, on top of the blankets so I could see you."

"Feeling bossy tonight?" Taylor closed her eyes for a minute before she did as Abbie asked, the bed swaying slightly under her weight. She shivered slightly, though she wasn't sure if it was the coolness of the comforter or Abbie's voice that caused it.

"Well, I did get my way today, and it wasn't half bad." She could just hear the rustle of the blankets as Taylor lay down. "And don't pretend you don't like it."

"I never said I didn't." Taylor arranged herself on the pillows and shifted her phone where she wouldn't have to hold it. "What happens next, babe? Don't keep me in suspense."

Usually, Abbie was more than happy to let Taylor take the upper hand, but now and then she had other plans. She smirked, and reached to unzip her skirt, standing quickly to slip it off before sitting down again. "Well, I like your choice of lingerie so well, I think I want you to keep them on for awhile." Abbie started to touch herself quietly. "And I'd like you to wait."

"I don't mind waiting, sugar. What are you doing?" Taylor stroked her hands over her stomach as she listened to Abbie's breathing catch.

"Just thinking about you." Abbie wasn't in the mood to wait too long herself. "Tell me what you'll do when I see you again."

"Well, I've already been told that my plans can't involve getting out of bed..." Taylor smirked. "So I guess I'll be here waiting for you, curled up in bed when you get in from the airport."

"That sounds...mmm...perfect..." Abbie could imagine walking in, pulling off her clothes and joining the blond, how her skin would feel. "And you'll be wearing just what you are now?"

"If that's what you want." Taylor's fingers ached to touch Abbie, and she had to curl them into the comforter to keep from touching herself. "I think I can deal with you dictating my clothing for a day."

Abbie could hear the want in Taylor's voice rising, and she touched herself more quickly, growing closer. "It is what I want, and I also want you to tell me how you'll make me come."

"I'm going to hold you down and lick you until you scream." Taylor just couldn't stop herself anymore and she quietly moved a hand down her stomach and under her panties.

"Oh God Taylor," The answer hit Abbie hard, and she couldn't hold off any longer. She could imagine the determination that would be in Taylor's eyes, and she rocked against her fingers, pitching up as she came. "Shit..." she breathed into the phone, "Taylor why are you so far away?"

"I wish I wasn't baby, I wish I wasn't." She desperately wanted Abbie in her arms that instant. "Please... please make me come..." She squirmed under her own fingers, no longer bothering to try to hide it.

Abbie listened to Taylor's breath intently, hearing it quicken. "Taylor, let me hear you, let me hear more. I want to hear you come like you will with me soon."

"God, Abbie," Taylor moaned, twisting under her fingers as she imagined Abbie touching her. "Please, please..." She was chanting it, repeating the word over and over as she got closer to her climax and it finally rushed through her.

Abbie moaned along with Taylor, taking a long moment to quiet, thinking about how good it would soon feel to fold into Taylor's arms at such a moment. She ran a hand through her hair, "Perfect..."

"Not quite." Taylor rolled onto her side and curled up. "You're still too far away."

"I know." Abbie's voice was quieter now, and she picked up her wine again. "But soon."

"Mmhmm." Taylor's eyes were drifting closed and she took a moment to settle under the covers. She would only take a short nap. "I'm proud of you, babe. So proud of you." Her eyelids were getting heavier by the moment.

Abbie pulled her legs up to her chest, "I love you Taylor, and thanks." She wanted to just go to bed, but there were a few last things before that would be possible. "Have a good night, darlin' "

"You too. Sleep well." Taylor ended the call and turned out the light. A week and a half wasn't really that long of a wait.