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My Godfather is an innocent convict.

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Harriet woke with a muffled scream. She had been suffering from nightmares since the last school years events. Every damn night she saw Pansy look at the Basilisk and die or Blaise bleed out on the floor. Sometimes they were replaced by her other friends. That didn't make it any better though. Harriet shook herself and decided to do her homework.
"Nightmares again kiddo?" Akira asked slithering up onto the bed and settling on the pillow case wher Harriet had propped 'A history of Magic'. Harriet nodded in answer to the question.
" Homework though? Seriously? You're such a nerd.  A cool nerd.  But a nerd nonetheless. " Akira said. If she'd had a nose she'd have wrinkled it in dissaproval.
" It helps." Harriet said shrugging. That was that. Harriet turned her attention towards her homework.  First thing on the to do list was a 3ft essay on Witch burning and why it was pointless. For the nexthour all one could hear was Harriets quill scratching on parchment.
Then, Hedwig swooped in dropping a few envelopes and a couple of packages onto the bed. They were from her friends. Startled she looked at the calendar and then at the clock. She'd been 13 for an hour without realising it. Today was her birthday. Excitedly she grabbed the first package, forgetting all about the nightmare she'd had. The package was from Pansy. Harriet recognised the swirly handwriting. Carefully she pulled off the wrapping paper. Pansy, true to her character had sent her a lot of sweets and a photo album locket. Harriet silently thanked her. Blaise had sent her a book on dragons. Harriet almost leaped up and bounced on the bed with happiness. Key word: almost. She didn't want to disturb the Malfoys who had been so kind to take her in. Especially not Draco. She knew he suffered from nightmares too and needed all the sleep he could get. But back to the book. She loved Dragons. She always had. Especially since she had been allowed to sit in with Dudley once and watch the movie, How to train your dragon. She knew it probably wasn't 100% accurate but still, she could hope. Theo had sent her a package covered in stickers from St. Mungos. He was being released tomorrow. Last year's events had affected the entire gang. They were diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder ). The package contained a book on physics,  one on chemistry and one on biology. All Muggle subjects. Harriet giggled. Theo was awsome. He knew she hated it that no "normal " subjects were taght at hogwarts. She had received a card from everyone else in the Circlet.
A few hours ,and a lot of finishing homework, later, Draco raced into her room.
" Happy birthday!" He yelled.
" Thank you! " She yelled back. That was when she started bouncing on the bed. Draco joined in.
"So what did you get?" He asked between bounces.
Harriet recited the list.
"OK. " said Draco, "Prepare yourself for the best day of your life. 'Cause we're going somewhere really cool!"