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Family Reunion

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I walk into the dive bar and make note of the civilians in there. Six, a table of three, the bar tender, and two waitresses. I walk up to the bar, sitting in front of the giant mirror.

"What can I get you," the bar tender asks.

"Water," I say flatly, never taking my eyes off the door in the mirror.

He places it in front of me as a group of five walk in. They make their way over to the back corner as the blond from the group walks over to me.

"Hi," he says softly and sweetly, so sweetly that I can't help but smile.

"I'd love to talk, but my meeting is about to start," I say standing.

"Oh," he says.

"Sorry doll face," I say walking over to the group that just walked in.

"Anna," he asks, I nod, "you got the flower?"

"You have the information," I ask, sitting down.

He pulls out a USB stick plugging it into the laptop showing me that it has the information on it. I pull out a flower pot filled with soil and place it on the table holding my hand over it and watch as the flower blooms. I slide it over, never lifting my hand from the table, making sure that the pot doesn't loose contact with the table. They slide over the USB when they have the flower, I quickly grab it.

"Thank you," I say, standing, hand still on the table, "don't forget that this flower needs a specific climate."

I turn and walk away, hearing the anger rise from the table. I'm close to the door when I feel a hand grab my arm, fighting the USB from my hand. I see the group pull out automatic guns, luckily I move out of the way before they start shooting.

Of course I only brought my hand gun, I think pulling it out, counting the bullets, five, just enough.

I hear one of the shooters mag click, BANG! I move towards another table as a second mag clicks, BANG! I do the same for the third, all three bodies dropped quickly. The fourth mag clicks, BANG!

"Shit," I yell, seeing the hole in the wall behind him, I aim again and hit him, watching his body drop.

I throw the gun down, and notice that the man conducting the meeting pointing his gun at me. I hesitate too long and hear the gun go off but don't get hit. I look up, in awe, at the blond from earlier holding me close to him behind a circular shield. I stare for a bit, then hear the click of the last mag. I notice that the redhead he's with nearby with a hand gun on her leg. In one swift motion I grab the gun, lean out from behind the shield, shooting the man, and put the gun back in her leg holster.

"Thanks," I say, walking over to the body, picking up the USB, "you helped me more than you know, Captain."

I walk out of the bar door and hop on my motorcycle racing off into the night.


"Come on, Tony," I whine, "It's just my older brother, his partner, the other two brothers from my triplet-ness, and my older triplet's teammates."

"Clint, this is my first Thanksgiving with Steve," he says, "and I don't want your family screwing it up."

"I hardly get to see all of them, and where Steve invited Phil personally," I say, "he won't want to go anywhere else and then won't meet them."

"Fine, they can come, if you promise to shut up," he says.

I turn and walk away before he can change his mind. I quickly send a group text to my brothers telling them to come to the tower for Thanksgiving. When I turn the corner, I see Nat, Steve, and Sam walk in.

"How'd the surveillance go," I ask, before Steve can tell me not to.

"The person our lead was meeting took my gun and shot him," Nat says, "their meet went south and she used my gun to kill our lead!"

"Ask Phil and his team for help," I say, "the unique fingerprint technology for handguns."

She nods and storms off.

"Oh, Steve," I say, "just a heads up but my brothers are joining us for Thanksgiving."

"Wait, you have brothers? There are more of you," Sam asks.

"Yes, two identical versions to be exact and an older brother that went British," I say, turning and walking away from them.


"Shit," I say to my empty hotel room, "encrypted."

I grab the USB from my laptop. I pull on my jacket and head out of the room. I hail a taxi and give them the address, gaining a confused look from the driver. We pull up to the tower and pay the driver, I make my way up to the doors showing my ID to the camera and wait for the doors to open. Walking in, I look around the lobby waiting for the elevator doors to open.

"Hey, what's up," Tony says, making me jump.

"Can you get the information off of this from me," I ask, holding up the USB stick.

"Sure, come on up," he says motioning to the elevator.

We step in together and head up to whatever level he needs to work from.

"Work or pleasure," he asks, motioning to the USB still in my hands.

"Verifying information" I say.

"About your dad," he asks.

"Dad, and my husband," I say, softly.

We step off the elevator on a normal looking floor, with a living room, kitchen and a couple of bedrooms down a small hallway. I hand over the USB and walk into the living room, as Tony turns to head down to a lab.

"I won't look," he calls over his shoulder, "make yourself at home, this might be awhile."

I nod, shrugging off my jacket, walking around the living room.

"What are you doing here," I hear a familiar voice asks, turning I see the blond from the dive bar standing in the doorway of the kitchen.

"I know the owner of the tower," I say, "he's doing me a favour."

"How do you know Tony," he asks.

"Complicated," I say, smirking.

"You staying long," he asks, not shifting.

"Just waiting for him to get me the information I need and then I'll be gone," I say, "Don't worry, I won't get in your way."

"You already got in our way," a female voice says, with an undertone of anger.

"Talia, look, he had information I needed and was trying to create a poison with that flower," I say, turning to face the redhead.

"How do you know about that name, only one person ever called me that," she says closing the space between us.

Before I can answer, Tony races up from his lab.

"I know I said I wouldn't look but," he yells, not noticing anyone else in the room, "but you're Phil Coulson's daughter!?"

"Yeah," I say, turning to face him.

"You're staying for Thanksgiving," he yells.

"Tony, you know I can't do that. You know how I feel about staying in one place for too long," I say.

"I am your brother and you will do this for me," he yells.

"Why do you want me to stay so badly," I yell back.

"Because Phil isn't dead, your dad isn't dead," he yells, "and he's going to be here for Thanksgiving."