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Service and Operations

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HYDRA Facility

December 13, 1983

Vasily Karpov supervising
Denys Bohatenko assisting


OPERATIVE: The Winter Soldier

MISSION OBJECTIVE: Travel to Moscow to assassinate Russian scientist Linus Tarasova.

SIZE AND COMPOSITION OF TEAM: The Soldier, 2 armed combatant guards, 1 technician familiar with The Soldier's programming to act as handler.


MISSON PARAMETERS: The Winter Soldier has been instructed in long range sniping. He has been given skills in personal concealment. He is to carry out the kill order without being seen. He must escape the area while avoiding notice and capture.


December 16, 1983



WHAT WENT WELL? Linus Tarasova was killed. He was shot at close range with a PSM pistol. When the mission was necessarily delayed due to SHIELD interference, the handler promptly communicated this to the Kiev facility. Additional time was approved and the mission was completed.

WHAT NEEDS IMPROVEMENT? More complete intel needs to be provided. There was a SHIELD Agent present who interfered with The Winter Soldier's mission, however there was no prior knowledge of SHIELD's interest in Tarasova, nor their presence in Moscow.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: SHIELD Agent Gina Autry was in Moscow on a mission that seemed to also involved Linus Tarasova. During the course of our mission, The Winter Soldier was seen and pursued by Autry. Autry lost the trail of The Soldier and he returned to the van unseen.  He later went to the hotel where Tarasova was staying, however Autry was already on the premises. The Soldier was shot several times in an altercation with Autry where she appeared to be trying to save Tarasova's life. Tarasova and Autry were killed, and The Soldier returned to his pick-up site. At least, The Soldier reports that Autry was also killed. Neither HYDRA nor local authorities found her body. Perhaps she was retrieved by SHIELD.

The added use of dextroamphetamine in the field was a success. The Winter Soldier was noticeably more aggressive in his physical fight with Autry than is usual. He also appeared to be quicker than his normal in both his escape from Autry in their first encounter and in his pursuit of Autry in their second. He was unstoppable in the physical altercation. He was shot several times, but did not allow that to distract him. He completed the mission while damaged and facing opposition.