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Service and Operations

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Record of Service and Operations

KGB Directorate for Special Divisions

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File 17
Volume 3

Mission Record for The Winter Soldier Project

Date opened: January 15, 1960

Date closed: February 9, 1995 



KGB Facility
Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic

January 12, 1960

Director Assonov Savelievich supervising
Doctor Johann Fennhoff assisting


OPERATIVE: The Winter Soldier

MISSION OBJECTIVE: Travel to Berlin and covertly contact and coerce selected witnesses to give altered statements in the trial against Theodor Oberländer

SIZE AND COMPOSITION OF TEAM: The Soldier, 4 armed combatant guards, 1 technician familiar with The Soldier's programming to act as handler, 2 low-level technicians as assistants


MISSION PARAMETERS: The Winter Soldier has been briefed on the situation involving the Massacre at Lviv in 1941. Oberländer is no loss and he will be blamed. However the reputation of the Nachtigall Battalion will be protected for the sake of Ukraine.

He has been given a list of which witnesses to approach. He has been coached in the exact information he is to impart to the witnesses. His appearance has been groomed to blend in to the environment.


January 20, 1960


IF THE MISSION WAS UNSUCCESSFUL, WHY?: The Winter Soldier's programming broke before the mission could be completed.

WHAT WENT WELL: The Winter Soldier was successful in contacting and convincing one witness as to their expected role in the trial. 

WHAT NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: The Winter Soldier's programming must be deeper and last longer. Triggers must be identified and either eliminated or avoided. Better trained combatants should be selected for future teams.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: According to notes recovered from the hotel room, The Winter Soldier was agitated from the time the team arrived in Berlin. He was confused about the modernity of his surroundings. The notes speculated that he may have shown signs earlier if he had not traveled to Berlin in the back of a van. He was anxious about the changes to the cars on the street. He asked a lot of questions about the television and the phone in the hotel.

Between seeing the first and second witnesses, The Winter Soldier's programming broke. He could no longer follow the mission. The final notes state that he was being returned to the hotel to meet with the technicians for coaching to return to mission.

When the fourth day passed and the team had not returned, an agent was sent to Berlin to investigate. The entire team was dead in the hotel. The level of violence was disturbing. All 3 of the technicians necks were broken, but the combatants fared much worse. The agent reports that some of the bodies were torn limb from limb.

The Winter Soldier was not on the premises.

The KGB was contacted by border control at West Germany. Our operative had made his way across Germany and was trying to leave the country. He had been detained there. He was confused and disoriented. He insisted he needed to get to France and had no idea that the border was an inner German one. He was unable to produce the papers they asked for to leave, but had in his possession the documents that had gotten him into Germany to begin with. 

Another physical altercation ensued. Two border guards were killed. The Soldier was shot twice. After being injured, he seemed to understand that he needed to be detained until someone could come for him. He then waited in the guardhouse kitchen.

Thankfully, his papers from the USSR were sufficient to convince them to contact his representatives. Doctor Fennhoff and eight guards were sent to retrieve him.