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Chuck's Sweet Surprise: A Tiny Titans/Peanuts Crossover

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Charlie Brown: (dressed in ghost costume, knocks at a door. A lady dressed as a witch opens the door. Charlie holds out his sack and says:) trick or treat! (Witch smiles, drops a treat in Charlie's bag. He runs down her front steps into the street).

Terra: (dressed in her usual mask/costume, knocks at a door. A grandmotherly-type woman opens the door. Terra says:) trick or treat! (holds out sack and grandma drops a treat in. Terra races out into street and sees Charlie Brown sitting on curb, sobbing.) What's wrong, Chuck?

Charlie Brown: (lifts up sheet to reveal his sobbing face) How'd you know it was me, Terra?

Terra: Call it instinct, Chuck. Besides, hello, are you forgetting? I have SUPER powers?! So what're you crying about there, Chuck?

Charlie Brown: (holds bag open) All I got for Halloween bag full of rocks!

Terra: (swooning) r-o-c-k-s? Rocks? ROCKS????? (opens her own sack and peeks inside) and all I got was a bunch of (sniffle) candy! Tootsie Pops, circus peanuts, licorice...

Charlie Brown: Say, you wouldn't want know...

Terra: Trade? Chuck, I thought you'd never ask! (they exchange bags and Charlie plants a big kiss on Terra's cheek. Terra pulls a rock from her sack and turns it over in her hands). You know, Chuck, this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

Charlie Brown: (unwrapping a lollipop) Indeed!

(The couple walks hand-in-hand down the moonlit street).