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of paint and whispers

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taehyung is looking at the boy underneath him who's silently snoring his heart out after an exhausting morning spent carrying taehyung koala style to their own little bubble of life. he would have never guessed that after one morning a few months ago, jeongguk would take the morning walks seriously and actually come every day just to sit in silence next to him or pecking taehyung's neck lightly nipping at the skin while holding him against his firm chest. maybe it sounds cheesy but he is so lucky to have this man by his side, to wake up looking directly on his relaxed face or feeling his strong arms around his waist like some kind of a protection from everything bad in the world. and when he opens his eyes to stare at him, full of stars and eternity in them, taehyung is falling even deeper if possible.

he looks wonderful. 

messy hair, parted lips and fading hickeys shining on his neck from a couple of nights ago just beg to be brought back to their deep tones. they look like little hearts scattered down from his jaw through his neck to collarbones. disorganised. they remind him of those abstract paintings he has seen in the gallery earlier. suddenly, there is an idea popping into his head. 

he wanted to wake the boy up by simply kissing his lips which are so tempting at the moment and to get lost in the welcoming warmth of jeongguk's tongue pushing its way inbetween his lips, but there is something he wants to try even more.

softly landing on the fluffy carpet placed next to his bed (thanks to jeongguk), he reaches out for his brand new palette and two brushes. using jeongguk as his canvas isn't a bad thing, is it? satisfied with his ninja-alike skills, he crawls over to his boyfriend, sitting in his lap carefully- not to wake him up. he is a heavy sleeper, taehyung knows, but there is still a slight chance of jeongguk stirring from his sleep. that would ruin everything!

he starts at his neck, drawing patterns with white and green around the lovebites he left there. they look just like a part of the whole painting taehyung is about to do and he loves the fact they fit so perfectly. he continues. lines and loops over his boyfriend's torso, adding a bit of black to create somewhat an aesthetic look, pleasent to the one's eye as the colors mix together on his skin trying to dry. circling around his nipples and actually over them, getting them excited under the cold paint and soft brush. he controls the other's face every so often, making sure he is still quietly snoring while his body is reacting to the soft touches subconsciously.

getting to the other's abdomen he feels the latter moving a little but it is just to get more comfortably before a sigh leaves his chapped lips. taehyung didn't even have the time to register the fact that he is holding his breath. after a few minutes of watching jeongguk's facial expressions, he gets back to work. leaving evidence on his prominent v-line which he really loves to adore and besides jeongguk's face, arms, chest, hands and literally everything, it is convenient to look at it. he can't stop himself from leaning in and kissing the small soft area right on the edge of his sweatpants. 

maybe there is another way how to wake jeongguk up. 

he slides a little bit lower, hovering above the man's knees as he pulls down the piece of clothing. as expected, his boyfriend is commando. he chuckles to himself, starting slowly tracing the outline of his thigh muscles with the left paint on the brush. to tease his member before doing the magic with his own mouth. it looks like it doesn't have any effect but before he can give up with a little pout already formed on his plump lips, jeongguk's dick is semi-hard. there is no way out now. 

taehyung decides that it is only benefical that he has one more brush prepared and clean to play with his boyfriend's penis for a bit, tickling it with its bristles while the precum is sliding down his length. he traces the veins getting to his slit and back down again however it doesn't last long, he can't hold himself back from tasting the bitterness and feeling the weight of jeongguk's dick on his tongue. slowly leaning in, he opens his mouth to get what he craves to taste in it, moaning as he wraps his palm around the rest he can't fit. that has jeongguk bringing his hand into his locks and opening his eyes to smile down on the boy who is working hard on satisfying him. 

"what's this for, kitten?" he strokes the latter's cheek lightly, biting his lips to prevent any sound of coming out. he's been up for about 10 minutes now, expectations formed in his head as soon as he felt the older boy sliding down onto his knees. 

taehyung doesn't respond to it properly, too focused on getting his saliva everywhere but still lifts his head and with a sheepish grin gives a kitten lick to jeongguk's slit. the younger boy moans, taehyung's face replacing every thought he ever had. blindly, he reaches out, pulling the boy's hair softly before he experimentally gives a small thrust into the perfect heat of his mouth. taehyung moans, supporting all of his weight on both of his arms and loosening his jaw as an invitation. 

"look at you, baby," jeongguk's eyes are glued to his boyfriend's face, "so perfect for me," he whispers before wiping one fat tear that escaped from the latter's lashes. he moves one of his arms to hold himself up while pushing taehyung down, his nose brushing past his pubic hair. the boy gags but doesn't make any sound or movement of disapproval, just takes a deep inhale before pulling out and bobbing his head up and down. jeongguk's head is thrown back, lips leaving quiet moans and praises towards the boy. 

taehyung is not the one who enjoys leaving his boyfriend on the edge, so as soon as his dick twitches in his mouth, he is doing everything to bring him the best climax he has ever experienced. kissing down to his balls where he harshly sucks down while jerking him off a little too fast with the perfect flicks of his wrist. 

"i am a-about to-mmh c-come, baby," jeongguk warns and taehyung sits up a bit, positioning his face right in front of jeongguk's cock. 

"paint my face, daddy," he smiles innocently sucking at the tip as it is the best thing in the world before licking a long stripe from the bottom to the top. he sees that jeongguk is trying to hold himself back a little longer but the moment his handsome man looks down at him, he whispers seductively, "daddy, i want your cum so bad." and who is jeongguk to let his baby wait?

his cum lands everywhere, in taehyung's hair, on his cheeks, eyelashes, some of it landing in his opened mouth and covering his cute little mole on the tip of his nose. jeongguk moans upon the image. taehyung looks so satisfied, wiping the cum on his left cheek off with his thumb placing the digit inbetween his lips.

"lemme do it, baby boy," jeongguk says, tugging the older boy closer so he sits right on his softening shaft. "open up," he smiles after collecting the cum from the boy's skin and pushing them into the cave of his previous pleasure. he is still a little breathless, panting underneath the boy and shocked from the nickname that taehyung's used while he was trying so desperately to touch his sweet little world of white. but if it is what his baby boy wants, he is down for anything (he ain't saying he doesnt love it as well) 

"g'morning," taehyung slurs, his voice raspy and totally fucked out as he pecks jeongguk's lips, "slept well?" he smiles. it looks so casual as if nothing has happened a few minutes ago and he is not sporting an obvious bulge in his jeongguk's black boxers. 

"mm, woke up even better," jeongguk's lips are placed on the latter's nose for a spark of two seconds before looking down on his colorful body, "what were you trying to do with this?" he asks the giggling boy on his lap, circling his arms around the latter's lower back.

"i was using you as my personal canvas," the older boy explains, fingertips touching the prominent lines, "this is a flower that's hugging you, like a cage to your body," he traces the green paint across the latter's chest, "and those are your ribs which holds your pure heart in so it won't fly away with your soul," he leans closer to jeongguk's ear while pointing at the white flower on his sternum, "but someone has already stolen it and there's no way he is returning it." you can hear him smiling while he says the last sentence, leaving an invisible print of his lips on the shell of jeongguk's ear. 

"can i try it on you as well?" jeongguk smiles, lips centimeters apart from taehyung's who returns the smile nodding his head off. he breaks down the distance, kissing the boy with stars in his eyes a little longer, not minding the bittersweet taste of his cum smeared across the plump lips. the innocent kiss turns into a hot make out senssion, taehyung grinding his ass down bringing jeongguk's cock to life for the second time that morning. 

"g-gukkie," taehyung whines into his mouth, tongue pushing past his lips licking inside of them, "p-ple-ahh-ase," he is painfully hard by now, hand itching to touch his member which has been unnoticed the whole time. 

"no touching, baby boy," jeongguk stops his hand by firmly gripping at his forearm, "lay down, chest flat on the mattress." 

taehyung, as a good boy he is, obeys immediately, spreading out for jeongguk on the bed, adrenaline bubbling in his veins. he loves when the younger man takes control over him, how easily he can bring him into his mindspace of being totally submissive, rough but still gentle enough. he feels the bed dip on the both sides of his hips and a tip of jeongguk's cock sliding inbetween his buttcheeks making him grind back and moan under the touch. there is a smack following right after, his right cheek burns, a crimson red print of jeongguk's hand decorating it.

"don't move, kitten, this was just a warning," the younger boy says seriously while grinding onto taehyung's ass, testing if the boy would listen to his order. it is hard, he knows, but he loves when taehyung goes totally limp underneath him, letting him do anything he wants and trusts him completely. as expected taehyung is still, just twisting the bed sheets in his hands, mouth leaving quiet sobs. "that's my boy, my beautiful baby boy," he whispers into the skin on the latter's shoulder, his palm roaming southern to the boy's lower back. 

"d-daddy," taehyung sighs, body pushing into the mattress even more. jeongguk knows he is seeking for any friction he can have so he wraps his arm around his middle, effortlessy lifting the part up. his chest almost glued to the latter's back, teeth sinking into the soft skin on taehyung's neck. 

"what did i say?" he slaps the other cheek too coloring it a shade of red. such a beautiful contrast to his boyfriend's golden skin. 

"to-to not t-touch," the older boy whimpers, waiting for his punishment to come, "i-i am sorry, d-ahh-daddy."  jeongguk gently lays his body down again, taking the brush from the nightstand inbetween his fingers.

"right," he nods even though taehyung cannot see him, "and what have you done?" he starts at his shoulder blades, coloring it pretty purple down his spine. 

"g-guuuuk," taehyung, clearly embarassed, sinks deeper into the pillow placed under his head. 

"no, that's not how you're supposed to call me," another handprint lands on taehyung's ass, burning just right, "now, tell me, what was that again?" the older boy's head spins around, he has never had a chance to know this side of jeongguk and it makes him feel even more turned on as ever. "you want me to punish you, baby boy?"

"n-no," he shakes his head quickly, preparing himself for the embarassment, "i've tried to make myself feel good." he can feel the fire lick on his body as soon as the words are out of his mouth. taehyung feels so vulnerable at the moment but still desperate to please the younger as much as it is in his power. jeongguk hums in response calmly sliding the brush over the two almost invisible dips in his back. 

there is no sound except taehyung's occasional sobs in the room for a next few minutes. jeongguk having his moment of making the latter weak and inpatient, and taehyung struggling to breathe and think correctly. 

eventually, after jeongguk's masterpiece is done, he gets the brush and paint out of his way, leaning in to kiss taehyung's exposed neck. he places his palms on the latter's hips, preventing him from any kind of unwanted action before lapping the tears spilling out of his boyfriend's eyes with his pink soft pillows. he is proud of the boy for being so patient and doesn't let the chance to praise him run away. 

"you are so good to me, kitty," he kisses the corner of his lips, "such a precious baby boy," he strokes his hair lovingly, smiling at the boy, "do you want your daddy's reward?" 

and taehyung loses it. he moans for jeongguk to take him, to wreck him, to do anything. jeongguk? he just chuckles lowly, placing the last kiss to the back of his neck before moving down to his ass. he parts the two thighs open, getting inbetween them while licking a stripe on the right inner thigh. taehyung's moans are already broken from the waiting and in no time he is trying to wiggle his hips, but the younger boy is fast enough to hold him in the place. 

"don't provoke me, baby," he says lowly, kissing his way up to the latter's cute bum, nuzzling it in the process. he loves to wreck his baby to the point he can't even speak, unlike taehyung who wants him to be finished as quickly as possible, sometimes with a slow pace but never restraining him from anything. that's why he is the dominant in this relationship, always with the upper hand. 

biting down on the meaty thighs leaving his mark for everyone to know that the latter belongs to only one person, and that the man goes by the name jeon jeongguk. decorating the skin with fresh purply lovebites on the insides and also all over the red buttcheeks. taehyung is going to whine about them for the next few days but he doesn't care as he always makes sure to give him the special aftercare. 

"p-please," there is a whisper breaking the muffled sound of jeongguk's kisses, "it h-hurts, daddy."

jeongguk had a lot of fun but he also wants to finally have his man screaming his name for everyone to hear, including seokjin and namjoon downstairs. if you didn't know, the younger from the two is a very possessive man when it comes to his boyfriend and it is in his willpower to introduce taehyung to everyone as his and no one elses. 

he places a soft kiss into the junction of taehyung's asshole and testicles, spreading his cheeks and diving in. the older boy is so wet, precum oozing everywhere as he waits for jeongguk's next move. the younger boy's tongue is out, drinking his juices which get him dizz better than any alcohol in the world, wanting more and more. he moans, sending vibrations right into tae's cock who can't help himself but push back into his lover's face. jeongguk groans, lifting the boy up by his hips so he has a better access. 

taehyung is panting jeongguk's name into pillow, trying so hard not to rock himself back and forth but failing miserably. the younger boy senses those little movements spanking the boy again, unexpectedly shooting the feeling right to his arousal dripping precum onto the bed sheets. jeongguk's tongue pushes past the tight ring of muscles, leaving the older boy scream out his name as he trusts into him. it feels good, the silky walls closing against the wet muscle, getting jeongguk worked up even more.

"more, daddy- ugh, more, i want mo-aahh-more," taehyung groans fisting his hands painfully. the scene is so wonderful that it has jeongguk pulling away, watching as taehyung's cute little hole clenches around nothing. he spreads his legs more before covering his fingers with a generous amount of lube and pushing his index finger inside the heat. jeongguk watches as taehyung is falling apart, thrusting now two fingers in and out, kissing alongside his rim.

"come for daddy, kitten," guk whispers pushing his tongue inside him with his third finger. it is not long after that when taehyung comes hard with a loud "daddy" dancing on his tongue. the latter lets him ride through his climax, caressing the soft skin and praising him at the same time. taehyung is panting and exhausted, but the moment he sees jeongguk's cock standng against his stomach, he changes his mind and climbs into other's lap. 

there is no exchange of words as he leans in and drowns in the taste of his boyfriend's lips. taehyung loves kissing jeongguk, he loves how the latter lets him explore when he is too exhausted to fight, how their tongues dance together and lips mold so perfectly as if they were created for each other's. when it is too much to take in, his high no longer creeeping in the back of his mind, he lets his hips to grind down. their dicks barely brushing but the soft touch getting them both a little breathless. that's when jeongguk's hand wanders down and wraps itself around both of them sighing in satisfaction. it is the first time taehyung's cock is receiving some well deserved attention so he doesn't hesitate on making jeongguk know how much he enjoys it. 

it is moments like these, when they are just exchaging hot breaths and silent moans, when the world stops and clock is not longer ticking in the distance. only the two of them. 

"no," taehyung whispers the moment he sees jeongguk reaching out for a condom, "i want to feel you," and the younger boy understands. 

it is quite easy for them to grasp the rhytm and do literally anything for their lover. the stretch burns but it is nothing what taehyung wouldn't be used to, jeongguk's lips smoothing the pain away. the first few thrusts slow, careful, not to hurt the boy underneath the younger's body, but soon enough increasing the speed, getting harder as he finds his prostate. there is no time for another foreplay, both of them just wanting to become one in the complete bliss of pleasure. 

taehyung's walls are clenching around jeongguk's shaft so beautifully, the moans and groans flying in the air above them and love whispered into each other's skin is what matters. it is not the mess they have to clean up later, the complains coming out from seokjin's mouth in the afternoon, not the paint mixing on their chests and smearing onto freshly washed sheets, no. it is them. two souls who are alike, who found one another and got unseperable. 

"i love you," jeongguk whispers into his lover's ear, meaning every syllable. that's the thing which taehyung can't resist, his heart breaking through his ribcage replacing the white spot on jeongguk's sternum. and he is coming, panting i love you's into jeongguk's lips who follows him right after, milking their orgasms until taehyung can't take more from overstimulation.

"just a minute," the older boy says pushing jeongguk back in him, sighing in process. 

the room is a mess and both of them are in their little heavens but together. always together.


a shower and a good cuddle after his boyfriend changes the sheets (even if he complains about him being totally soaked in sweat) later, taehyung is skipping to the kitchen buttnaked to grab something to eat. he is too sore to literally do anything but jeongguk is upstairs in the shower and he is hungry. he trusts his ninja skills to be as quiet as possible, not to piss seokjin nor namjoon off. he knows they are at home and they must have heard what was going on in their silent house. but plans are plans and God surely seen how he sinned, so as soon as he is ready to crawl upstairs there is a cough behind his back. 

"nice color," seokjin says leaning on the doorframe, gesturing to his brother's ass. taehyung is now sure that this is his punishment from the Lord because the next sentence doesn't come out from his mouth, instead his boyfriend's with only a towel around his waist, water dripping everywhere.

"thanks, i tried," jeongguk smirks.