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It's for the book, I swear!

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So I haven't started writing this fic yet. I got the idea this morning in school and it's been bugging me all day to the point that I've written outlines for the majority of the fic. I'm posting this as an 'into' of some sort. I'm just trying to see if anyone would be interested in reading this type of fic. It won't be long, probably a one shot around 10k?

Here are the basic outlines of the characters:

Park Jimin
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-Famous online BL novelist with plenty of fans.
-Doesn't feel like his love making scenes are realistic enough.
-Never experienced love making sex before
-Blames that for being the reason for his crappy smuts.
-Doesn't have time to form proper relationships that would lead to the type of sex he wants to write about.
-Makes the dumb decision to ask his childhood friend to show him how proper love induced sex should feel like.

Min Yoongi
Image result for black hair yoongi selfie
-Jimin's best and childhood friend.
-Is somehow more 'experienced' in love making than Jimin.
-Accepts the stupid arrangement Jimin proposes.
-Regrets it almost instantly.