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The Bitter Salt of Blood

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Stiles was sitting in his jeep in the school parking lot, hiding. He sunk lower in his seat and watched the time tick until the school bell rang. Every time someone passed his jeep his heart would skip a beat and his stomach would roll. He was scared of being seen. If they found him out there,hiding from them, they would never let him forget it. He knew this because every time he messed up he'd have the bruises to show for it. Every day he asked,to no one in particular, why did this happen to him? What did he do to deserve this? And every time he thought it,he felt even more pathetic. Oh poor me,my life's so hard. He didn't want to be that stereotypical teenager who made everything the end of the world. Because it wasn't the end of the world. He was a junior now which meant that he was almost there,kind of. It meant that one day he would be out of that place and off to college. UCLA would be his new start and this time he'd do it right. He was counting down the days to get the fuck out of this hell hole.

Stiles just wished Scott was still there instead of miles away in London. He missed his best friend the most because now, now he had no one. The only one who understood him was Erica because she'd had epilepsy her whole life and knew what it was like to be a social pariah. But Erica didn't come to school most days, whether from her illness or if she'd given up, Stiles didn't know. He was just happy to have at least one person who actually talked to him.

Stiles twirled his keys around his fingers,restless. He shouldn't have taken so much Adderall that morning because his nerves were jumping up and down following the pace of his erratic heartbeat. He rubbed his buzzed hair and sighed. People always say that things could only get better but the way Stiles' life was heading it didn't seem like he fit well in that catagory. Ever since he was a child he'd had a miserable life. With his ADHD he was constantly being yelled at by his teachers because he couldn't concentrate for the life of him and his random impulses often got him in some deep trouble. It only got worse when his mother started getting sick. His behaviour took a major turn for the worse. Everyday he would be yelled at,sighed at and told to go outside away from everybody else because of his acting out. His ADHD worsened when he started to refuse treatment and started being violent,not to any of his classmates because he wouldn't do that ,instead he would often kick and punch at the walls until he bruised and bled and would have to be dragged away and sent home. He remembered the look his father gave him every time Stiles would be sitting outside the school office, hands throbbing and eyes red and puffy from his uncontrollable crying. It would be at least once a week when Stiles had to be practically carried out by his father and he would look at Stiles like he was absolutely miserable and Stiles would start to cry all over again.

When Stiles' mum died he lost it. Even though his father had told him that she wouldn't get any better, he'd always hoped. But when his father came out into the waiting room, hands over his face , chest heaving with sobs,Stiles knew she was gone. As an eight year old boy he didn't know how to react so he did what felt right, he ran. Ignoring his dad's pleading shouts of his name, Stiles ran until he was out of breath and verging on a panic attack. He looked around his and realized he'd ran halfway across town and into the preserve. It had dawned on him that he didn't know where he was or how to get back and he began to cry. Stiles was sitting in the damp leaves, eyes and nose running, when He came up beside him. Stiles nearly screamed when the dark figure turned up at his side out of the darkness and he scrambled away. The boy took a step forward and into a patch of light so Stiles could see his face. The boys dark hair was spiked to perfection and Stiles was immediately jealous because he'd never had been able to make his hair look like that when it was longer. The boy drew his expressive eyebrows together in a scowl.
"What are you doing here? This is private property." He said and Stiles looked around but saw nothing but trees.
"I didn't know, there isn't a house anyway here." Stiles said sniffling and the boy scowled even further.
"Where did you come from?" He asked.
"Umm, the hospital." Stiles said and the boys scowl vanished into a mask of surprise.
"Oh...what's your name?" Stiles wiped his nose of the sleeve of his shirt.
"I'm- I'm Stiles." He stammered out, teeth chattering from the cold. The boy held out his hand to help him up and Stiles gladly took it.
"I'm Derek Hale." The boy said, pulling Stiles to his feet. Standing up ,Stiles was the same height as Derek and he smiled faintly.
"Thanks." Derek shrugged.
"It's fine. Do you need help getting back to the main road?" Stiles nodded solemnly and Derek rested a hand on his shoulder.
"I'm sure someone's looking for you" Derek said and Stiles thought of his dad , devastated and worried about Stiles looking for him. Stiles wiped his eyes.

The trek back to the road was a silent one but it was what he wanted. As they neared the end it began to rain and by the time they reached the main road Stiles was shaking. His teeth chattered and he curled in on himself trying to leach any warmth from his body. Derek came up beside him and sighed, slipping off his jacket and handing it over to Stiles.
"It's okay, I'm fine." He said ,teeth clattering as he spoke.
"Don't be stubborn." Derek said and forced it into his arms. Stiles stuffed his long arms in the sleeves and felt warmth spread from his wrists to the rest of his arms and torso.
"But won't you be cold?" Stiles asked Derek ,who was now dripping wet in only a t-shirt and jeans.
"I'm fine, I like the cold."
"Okay." Stiles said quickly like he wanted to make sure Derek wasn't thinking of taking his jacket back. Derek must have caught on to what Stiles was thinking and a slow smile quirked the corner of his mouth. Stiles didn't know what to do now. How was he going to get back to the hospital? He didn't know where it was. Just as he was about to ask , two bright headlights came around the bend. Stiles recognized the police cruiser as his fathers as it pulled up in front of him.
"Thanks, Derek." Stiles said turning around,but saw nothing but the swaying trees and darkness. He'd gone just as fast as he'd come. He didn't have any time to react to it when Stiles dad rushed out of the drivers side and enveloped Stiles in a hug.
"Stiles." He said,voice absolutely wrecked. "I'm so sorry Stiles." At the sound of his fathers voice, the tears came again.


The loud tolling of the bell made Stiles jump, severing his train of thought and he was kind of grateful,sometimes he thought about it too much.

With a quick check around the parking lot, Stile slipped out of his jeep and started running for the school. By the time he got to his first class (he didn't bother with form class anymore) he was breathing raggedly and coughing,sweat beading along his buzzed hairline. Without warning ,a hand grabbed hold of the back of his neck and pushed him forward until he collided face first with the wall. He cried out,shooting pains going up and down his nose. The body that had pushed him slid in close beside him.
"Morning,Stilinski. How are we today?" Jackson said,voice smug. Stiles turned his face from the wall and glared at him. Jackson laughed.
"Woah Stilinski, no need to get so mad, I was just saying good morning." Resounding chuckles came from behind and Stiles didn't even have to turn around to know who it was Chris and Boyd, Jackson's cronies.
"So where were you this morning,Stilinski? Nobody had seen you?" Jackson said, crossing his arms over his chest.
"If I'd known that I was missed this much I would have come sooner." Stiles snapped and they laughed.
"Yeah,when I said that nobody had seen you, I meant that nobody knew who you were. Stilinski, according to Beacon Hills high and probably the whole state,nobody gives a fuck about you. Well,except for that slut you hang on to,what's her name again?" He taunted,smiling. Stiles kept his mouth shut and the smile left Jackson's face.
"Not going to tell me? Alright,that's fine. I'm sure I'll find out her name another way." A strong hand pulled at his shoulder until he faced away from the wall and Chris' glinting smile was all he saw before he struck his clenched fist into the softness of his stomach. All the breathe got pushed out of his lungs and Stiles slid to the floor gasping for air. Jackson knelt down beside him and sighed.
"Stubbornness gets you nowhere,Stilinski. Now what's that bitches name?"
"Erica." Stiles said through gritted teeth, his voice scratchy and pained.
"What was that?" He asked,moving a little closer.
"Erica." Stiles said louder and Jackson beamed at him.
"That's right,Erica Reyes. Seems like she'd be a pretty girl if she lost a few pounds and cleared up her face." Asshole,Stiles thought. It wasn't her fault, her epilepsy medication make her weight unstable and gave her major break outs, and Jackson new it.
"C'mon Jackson, bells 'bout to go." Boyd said. Jackson sighed and rubbed the top of Stiles' head.
"You should grow your hair out, maybe if you did you'd look less like a lesbian." Chris laughed at that and Jackson's smug smile grew.
"What,now you're giving me styling tips?" Stiles snarked, but it went straight through Jackson.
"I'll see you this afternoon,Stilinski. I hope your stomach ache goes away." The bell rang and bodies flooded the hallways within seconds and Jackson was lost in them.

The students walking through the halls ignored him, not even offering to help him up. Coach Finstock appeared at Stiles side.
"Stilinski! Get your ass off the floor and hurry up." He yelled and Stiles grumbled,pulling himself up,wincing at the pain in his stomach and the throbbing of his nose. It was time to go sit at the back of the classroom and act like he didn't exist. Hooray.

Erica was waiting for him in the cafeteria,comfortable sitting in the farthest corner in the back. She motioned for him to hurry his ass up and sit down and Stiles grinned at her,plonking down in the seat opposite her. Nail bitten hands clasped his face and pulled him closer. Erica tsked at him,prodding at his sore nose which made Stiles squirm away.
"What was it this time?" She asked and Stiles shoved a hunk of chicken in his mouth.
"Apparently my hair makes me look like a lesbian." He said,spitting chicken across the table.
"That's why they messed you up?" She said, incredulous. Stiles rolled his eyes.
"I don't think I like your tone and it's gotten to the point where they don't even need a reason anymore,it's just their daily routine." Erica pushed her golden hair behind her shoulders.
"You're alright ,though? You're not letting them get to you?" She said her voice quiet and serious. Stiles thought about the question. He thought about the constant edge he was always on, his heartbeat jumping at every sudden movement around him. He thought about coming home from school late and lying to his dad about the bruises and cuts, telling him they're from lacrosse when Stiles hadn't played since Scott left. He thought about the feeling he got when he realized that most of what Jackson would say to him was true. He thought about his life and shrugged.
"I'm fine." He said finally. Erica's eyes lingered on his bruising nose,disbelieving.
"Just...remember next year we'll be seniors and it'll all be over."
"Yeah,there's that." Stiles said,scratching at the swears people had carved into table. Erica patted his hand then leaned a little closer.
"Hey,the twins are coming." She whispered and Stiles tilted his head towards the cafeteria entrance. The twins,Ethan and Aidan; they were even more fucked up then Stiles and Erica. It was only at most once a month that they were actually seen on the school campus so ,the sick people that Stiles and Erica were,it excited them and was the best part of their month.

Last March, Ethan and Aidan's step dad, Deucalion, killed their older brother Ennis. Ethan and Aidan and their sister Kali were sent to a foster home. Kali ran away at sixteen and hadn't been seen since.

It was pretty easy to see how it would pique Stiles' interest like it did. It was one of the biggest gossips topics for years along side the Hale house fire eight years ago. Stiles himself and his father had been talked about and he knew it sucked. The Hale house fire was the worst thing to happen in Beacon Hills. Eleven people went in and only four came out. Peter,Laura,Cora and Derek Hale were the only ones who survived and immediately became the hot topic of the town. Stiles always kept an eye out for Derek but he never saw him. He hadn't seen Derek again since he was eight and after the night his mum died, he and Derek would a couple times find themselves together again.

The first time after that night was the week after, when Stiles was supposed to go back to school. Stiles was hiding in the trees beside the school,not wanting to be seen by anyone. He couldn't do it,he didn't want to do it. He couldn't go to school and pretend nothing happened. Stiles chucked his backpack on the forest floor with a sigh and leaned against the rough bark of a tree. His dad had dropped him off that morning with a reluctant goodbye. But he couldn't stay home from work anymore to look after Stiles and there was only one option left. But Stiles didn't want to go. He begged his father to let him stay home,but he was too young to be by himself.
Stiles picked at the bark of the tree idly. School started in a few minutes and if Stiles didn't turn up ,his father would be called. He couldn't worry his dad like that.
"What are you doing here?" A voice startled Stiles and he squeaked. He shot up in a second,head swimming with the sudden rush of blood draining from his head. A tall girl with long dark hair that spilled over her shoulder like ink stood before him,tall and imposing. She had a sharp face that could sour milk if she looked at it the wrong way. But she was beautiful,one of the most beautiful women Stiles' had seen since his mother. She raised her eyebrows at him. Stiles couldn't help find the amusing déjà vu of the situation and he smiled.
"Are you going to tell me this is private property?" The girl looked at him warily.
"How old are you?" She asked.
"I'm eight." Stiles said. "How old are you?"
"Derek!" She yelled over her shoulder and Stiles perked up immediately. Derek seemed to come from nowhere but Stiles was expecting it this time.
"Stiles?" Derek asked,confused. Laura looked between them.
"You know this kid?" She asked and Derek nodded but offered no further explanation.
"Stiles,what are you doing out here? Aren't you going to school?" Derek eyed Stiles backpack and he shrugged.
"Maybe. Do you live in the forest?" Derek smiled a little and Stiles beamed.
" No , we don't live in the woods. We have a house." The girl rolled her eyes and Stiles completely forgot she was even there.
"Who are you?"
"That's my older sister,Laura." Stiles looked her up and down,scrutinizing and he cocked his head to the side.
"I didn't know you had a sister." He said and Laura looked like she either wanted to rip his face off or her own.
"I have two actually and two brothers as well." Derek said. To Stiles, an only child with a now single parent, the thought of a big family was bizarre to him and it made him jealous.
"Wow, that's awesome!" Stiles exploded.
With an exaggerated eye roll Laura scoffed.
"Yeah, it's fantastic when you have to use the bathroom and there are already five other people lining up outside."
"I have my own bathroom." Stiles couldn't help but say.
"Lucky kid." Laura snarked and Stiles shook his head.
"No, I'm not." He said and Derek lowered his eyes to the ground. The sound of the bell echoed through the trees and Laura smirked.
"You're going to be late."
"I don't want to go. I hate it. Nobody likes me." Stiles nudged the leaves on the ground with his foot.
"I can't imagine why." Laura muttered under her breath and Derek elbowed her hard in the side. She yowled in pain and glared at him.
"What the hell Derek?" She yelled but Derek ignored her and stepped forward to Stiles, close enough that Stiles could smell the leather of his jacket. In a hushed whisper so Laura couldn't hear,Derek talked to him.
"Where's your dad?"
"He had to work so I had to go to school. But Derek, I don't wanna go." Stiles whined.
"You have to."
"Why can't you come with me?" Stiles asked hopefully and Derek shook his head.
"I can't,I don't go to your school they wouldn't let me come with you. I'm sorry Stiles." The sorry was edged with a little more than about going to school and Stiles nodded solemnly.
"Okay, I'll go but I won't talk to anyone. I'm not going to do anything." Derek smiled.
"If that's what you want. But Stiles I'm going to tell you something,but you have to listen,are you listening?" Derek's tone was serious so Stiles complied,nodding.
"Okay. Stiles,no matter what,if you feel something,let it out. If your angry then yell, if you're sad then cry. My dad always tells me that if you keep everything you feel down,you will stay sad forever. I don't want you to be sad,okay? So if you think something,say it and if you feel something let everyone know about it." Stiles tried to understand everything Derek said to him but it was hard.
"But when I get angry I get in trouble."
"It doesn't matter,you have to do it. Promise me?" Derek asked.
"Promise." Stiles said and slung his bag over his shoulders. "I should go."
"Okay." Derek said. "Bye Stiles."
"Bye,Derek." Stiles said,smiling and started walking back to school. As an afterthought he turned his head around an yelled back to them. "Bye Laura!" And he swore he heard Derek laugh and it made him fell warm.

Ethan and Aidan walked right passed them and to the table beside theirs and sat down. The conversations that had dimmed when they came in flared up again,even louder now that there was something new to talk about.
Erica glanced over her shoulder at them then back at Stiles.
"They've never sat there before." She said,confused.
"Maybe they wanted a change of scenery?" Stiles offered,playing with his food,sad from thinking about Derek. Erica had this weird look on her face and Stiles raised an eyebrow at her.
"What? What's wrong? What's happening with your face?"
"I'm going to go talk to them." She said and Stiles felt like she'd slapped him in the face; he was shocked.
"What? Are you crazy? What are you going to say?" Erica shrugged.
"I'm going to do it. Wish me luck." And before Stiles could stop her she was already out of her seat and slipping into a spare place at Ethan and Aidan's table. All Stiles could do was watch on with horror. Erica smiled at their confused expression.
"Hi, I'm Erica. It's Ethan and Aidan right?" They nodded is unison which was kind of creepy but Erica beamed.
" So I know you guys don't come to school that much but if you ever need a place to sit, me and Stiles over there." She pointed over at Stiles and he froze. Ethan and Aidan looked his way.
"Wave Stiles!" Erica said and Stiles think he waved but he didn't know how it turned out. Erica soldiered on. "Anyway, if you ever needed a place to sit, our table is always empty besides us so you can join us if you want." Ethan or Aidan, he didn't know, spoke first.
"How do we know you're not just inviting us over because you feel sorry for us?" Erica laughed.
"Oh please! I'm a fat,acne covered epileptic disaster while Stiles over there is a constantly abused,grief stricken mess with a fantastic set of anger issues and a case of ADHD that makes you want to strangle him. We gave up on pity parties a long time ago."
"Love you too Erica." Stiles said sarcastically.
"Ily baby." She called back and he grinned. Ethan and Aidan looked at each other almost as if talking to each other through some weird twin telekinesis.
"C'mon guys,sit with us.I promise Stiles isn't that annoying." Stiles rolled his eyes because of course that was going to persuade them to come over. Ethan nudged Aidan lightly and he sighed.
"Yeah,okay." He said and Stiles' jaw fell open. Seriously? They were actually going to sit with them? Woah,he really underestimated Erica's persuasion skills. All three stood at the same time and shuffled over to the table Stiles occupied. Erica came over to Stiles side an slid in next to him so that the twins could sit across from them. Stiles checked over his shoulder and yep,everyone's eyes were fixed on them. Stiles flushed bright red,hating the attention. Erica patted his hand and smiled.
"Are you two together?" Ethan asked and Erica laughed way too loud to not be insulting to Stiles.
"No,no way." Erica said,giggling.
"Rude, Erica. Why? Aren't I boyfriend material?" Stile asked,outraged.
"No,not for me."
"What is that supposed to mean?" Stiles asked,genuinely annoyed.
"Come on Stiles! I'm just saying that I'm not your type,if you catch my drift." Erica said wryly and Stiles wanted to strangle her.
"I told you that in confidence!" Stiles spat at her. Erica rolled her eyes.
"C'mon Stiles, these guys won't tell anyone will you?" Ethan shook his head and smiled.
"Of course not." Aidan said and something about him made Stiles' skin crawl. He didn't like him. Ethan on the other hand seemed human enough.
"So,got anyone in mind?" Ethan asked and Stiles blushed furiously.
"I think you're lying." Ethan said.
"He asked Danny Mahealani if he thought he was attractive." Erica offered and Ethan laughed,but in the kind of way that wasn't cruel and didn't make Stiles feel ashamed,he just felt like laughing as well.
"Yeah, that didn't end like I thought it would. I fell off my chair and right into him." Stiles laughed.
"So you didn't get with Danny?" Ethan asked and Stiles shook his head.
"No,sadly we weren't meant to be. But he's a nice guy."
"Really?" Ethan asked,smiling and Aidan snorted beside him.
"Don't sound so down about it." He snarked and Erica's jaw fell to the floor.
"You?" She asked,pointing at Ethan who whacked his brother on the back of his head.
"Asshole." Aidan laughed.
"What? I thought it was sharing time?"
"What's so funny Stilinski?" Jackson asked,sitting down beside Stiles and took one of the pieces of chicken from his plate. Stiles scooted away,closer into Erica's comfort. Ethan and Aidan watched Jackson curiously. Jackson raised his eyebrow and chuckled.
"Oh my god Stilinski,you've got yourself a rag-tag group of freaks." Stiles could see the scowl forming on the twins' faces and he inwardly cringed. He looked at them with pleading eyes,silently telling them to please not do anything rash. Erica's hand encircled his wrist under the table and she gave it a squeeze.
"Who's this asshole?" Aidan asked,cocking his head in Jackson's direction and Erica shot him a warning. Jackson raised his eyes in amusement.
"I'm Jackson Whittemore,I know who you are. I knew your sister, Kali." A sly smile creeped up on Jackson's face. "She was great." He winked and Aidan and Ethan glared so fiercely it scared Stiles, you didn't mess with the twins.
"Fuck off." Ethan spat and Jackson laughed.
"Ooh,you've got some bark. Say hi to your sister for me. I'll see you later Stilinski." Jackson got up and fell straight to the floor with a flail. The whole cafeteria went dead silent and Stiles could feel his heart clenching in his chest and his lungs gasping for air that just wouldn't come. Jackson got to his feet and the look on his face was murderous. He looked at Aidan and Ethan.
"Who did that? Huh?" Ethan looked wide eyed over at Stiles and Erica and Aidan looked up at Jackson with amused eyes. Stiles panicked and as Aidan was about to open his mouth to confess Stiles beat him to it.
"I did it." He said and Erica's nails but into his arm, a silent 'what the hell do you think you're doing?'. Jackson's head snapped toward Stiles and he scowled.
"You?" He asked,surprised. Stiles knew what he was doing was a death wish but he didn't want someone to go through what he did,even if it was Aidan. He mostly did it for Ethan because he seemed like he just wanted to keep a quiet profile and if Aidan started a war with Jackson, he'd never get it. He could do this,he could take the consequences,it couldn't be any worse than it already was. So Stiles lifted his head and looked Jackson straight in the eye.
"Yes,me,for what you said to Ethan and Aidan." Aidan was looking at Stiles with disbelief , as well as the rest of the school. Jackson leaned against the table and moved in close to Stiles.
"I'm going to kill you Stilinski,and it's going to be today. Say goodbye to your freak friends." Jackson spat and pushed himself off the table and walked away.

Stiles sat perfectly,chest heaving and tightening and his mind raced. Erica nudged the side of his face trying to get him to look at her but he couldn't find it in himself to move.
"Stiles? Stiles,are you okay?Whats wrong?" She asked ,frantic,but Stiles was gone. He barely felt his nails biting into his palms,he barely heard his gasping breathes and his racing heart. He did feel the strong arms wrap around his middle and hook under his arms and suddenly he was being carried. Erica kept saying his name but he couldn't reply,focused on trying not to pass out. He was lowered onto cool tiles and a heavy weight settled over his trembling legs and warm hands cupped his over heated face.
"Stiles?Stiles?" Erica said,looking into his distant eyes that were rolling around in his head. "Talk to me Stiles,tell me something?"
"I don't-Erica I can't-breathe-make-it stop." Erica smiled at him.
"That's good Stiles,don't think about it okay. Think about something else."
"Like what?" Stiles asked closing his eyes.
"Derek! Talk to me about Derek! Tell me everything!" Erica yelled and Stiles' eyebrows pinched together at the pains in his chest from the lack of oxygen coming in.
"Derek? I-um-I haven't seen him in-eight years-haven't seen him since we were-ah-kids-god Erica it hurts." Erica stroked her thumbs over his cheekbones to try and soothe him.
"It's okay Stiles,just keep talking. What was Derek like?" Stiles nodded,leaning into her touch.
"He-um-he was nice-a little strange-grumpy sometimes-but he was there when my mum died-I ran from the hospital and -I got lost and he was there-I was eight-I didn't know what else to do but he helped me back-I think I fell a little bit in love with him then-but I didn't know it-I was eight-" Stiles laughed a little and Erica smiled.
"What about when you went back to school?" She asked and Stiles got a sad smile on his face,breath coming a little easier.
"I didn't want to go- that's the first time I met Derek's sister- they were in the woods beside the school-how random is that? I didn't tell my dad about Derek, I never have,because at first I didn't even know he was real. I just wished I saw him before he left." Stiles squeezed his eyes shut and wouldn't open them as tears pricked at the corners of his eyes. Erica shushed him,thumbing the wetness around his eyes. Stiles lifted his heavy arms up and pulled Erica to his chest.
"Erica, what did I do?" Stiles whispered and Erica shook her head.
"I don't know whether it was incredibly brave or seriously stupid." Stiles laughed into her blonde curls.
"I think stupid,very,very stupid." Stiles said and Ethan's troubled face came into view over Erica shoulder.
"Lunch is over,are you alright?" He asked and Stiles nodded,disentangling himself from Erica and took Ethan's offered hand to help him up. Stile rubbed his eyes and brushed himself off with a sigh.
"Well, it's nice to have met you,Ethan,but since I'm going to die I guess this is goodbye. So good luck to you and your brother,who owes me by the way." Ethan shook his head.
"Stiles,he's not going to kill you. Aidan's really sorry for what he did. But we can help you."
"Ethan,don't its fine. I'm use to it okay? You guys are still trying to settle back in and you getting involved in this? Jackson is an asshole but it isn't worth it. Like you said, I'll be fine, I'll live. Don't worry about it." Ethan still seemed unsure but relented.
"I'm sorry Stiles,you seem like a really nice guy and dickheads like Jackson shouldn't treat you like that." Ethan said and Stiles smiled.
"It's okay Ethan,really, I'm not mad at you or Aidan and you can still sit with us if you want?" Stiles asked hopefully. He liked Ethan,he seemed nice and if what he said about his brother was true,then Aidan wasn't too bad himself.
"Yeah,sure. Good luck,but don't be afraid to ask for help." Ethan clapped Stiles and walked away. Erica passed by Stiles with a sad smile.
"Love you,batman." She said and her warm nickname that she only called him when he was in real trouble,only made him feel worse.