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“Please Eridan? It's a great oppur-tuna-ty for you!”

Your name is Eridan Ampora, and you are really starting to hate your co-worker.

Ok, so you couldn't hate Fef, even if she has to go away for weeks and leave you to deal with your workload alone, and it is alone because no way are you working with anyone else. When you joined Pyralspite's Private Detective agency, you had been assigned Feferi Piexes as your partner. You fell in love instantly. And one day, you might even tell her that.

But for now, you have to deal with this situation.

As little as you may want to, you are expected to work in the absence of your partner, and so you are reviewing the possible cases. You have almost decided on one, a simple enough missing family member, blah blah, when those idiots from the office next door to yours show up. You can't deal with Strider and Egbert through a wall, let alone face to face. So naturally when they are talking about the case they want, a murder or something, you immediately know you can do a better job. You walk past, smile sweetly, and casually steal the folder.
The mission is successful. You have a case, and managed to deal with your less than satisfactory office neighbours in one go. You are pretty happy about the situation, but then naturally it goes wrong. Your boss appears, just in time to remind you how much the universe hates you.

“Ampora. You want the case, you need a partner. I'm assigning you to Pyrope. Good luck.”

He smirks at you, and you genuinely wonder if he's trying to get you killed, for it is well known that Terezi Pyrope works alone.

This case will either be your greatest triumph, or get you fired.

You don't hold out much hope.




So, you could say today was a pretty normal day. You were relaxed in your chair, feet up on your desk.

Your name was Terezi Pyrope, and you normally had more respect for your workplace but at the moment you were pretty tired and the desk was there and hey, this was pretty comfy.

Everything was going well until that familiar smell of lemons reached your nose. You straighten up with a sigh as your boss, Lemonsnout, walks in the door. You honestly would have left Pyralspite's Private Detective agency just because of Lemonsnout if you didn’t like this job so much. There were two reasons people called him Lemonsnout: one, he always smelled like lemons and two, he had this huge nose.

When he began talking you mainly just zone out, staring at the wall behind him. “Oh and by the way I’m partnering you up with Ampora.” Now, this you hear, and this makes you fall out of your seat.

You shoot up, mad. You always work alone, always. He quickly leaves, shutting the door behind him before you throw something after him, your sudden burst of anger getting the better of you. Well wasn’t this perfect? You get your first partner and it gets to be Eridan.

You sit in your seat again, finding a hat to pull down over your face as you go back to your previous position. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad? Nah, you were sure it was going to be pretty bad.