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The Most Beautiful Man in the World (Who Lives in My Apartment Building)

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Yuri felt the grin on his face when the man boarded.  He couldn’t help it; the silvery blond hair was striking enough but the bright blue eyes and casual elegance with which he moved made him breath-taking.

“Wow…” Yuri said under his breath. The older lady sitting next to him gave him a weird look.

“Do you know him?” she asked and Yuri blushed as he realised he’d been staring. He shook his head and ducked down to tap out a message on his phone.


<<What’s up?

>>The Most Beautiful Man in the World just stepped onto my bus

>>What am I going to do? He’s so pretty I wanna cry!

<<Oh my god you are so dramatic

Yuri snorted, took a surreptitious photo, and sent it to Phichit



>>But what’s worse is I look like a dumpster Goblin

>>I’m on my way back from the dance studio and am all sweaty and gross and wearing my rattiest clothing

<<You have the worst luck


Yuri kept glancing at the man, doing his best not to stare when he realised he was nearly at his stop. Sighing he pushed the button, reluctant to let this moment end but then beautiful man stood up and got off at the same stop. Even better he was in front of Yuri so he had ample opportunity to stare at Beautiful Man’s ass.

Which was phenomenal.

In fact, it was so phenomenal that it took a while for Yuri to realise they were heading the exact same way.

He almost completely short circuited when he realised Beautiful Man actually lived in his apartment complex. He watched in a mix of joy and horror when Beautiful Man stepped into the lift.

Because Yuri had to step into the lift too.

(It would be weird if he didn’t)

Yuri, dumpster goblin though he was stepped into the lift earning a (polite) smile from Beautiful Man, Yuri gave a genuine smile in return because holy shit his smile is amazing.

“Hello” Beautiful man said with a nod as Yuri reached across and pushed the button for his floor.

“Hello” Yuri said, still smiling. They didn’t speak the rest of the time until the doors opened on Yuri’s floor.

“Goodbye” The Beautiful Man said as Yuri stepped out.  He was so kind and polite as well as gorgeous. It wasn’t fucking fair.

“Goodbye” Yuri managed to get out sending another smile over his shoulder. The doors slid close and Yuri sank to the floor, crouching with his arms cradling the back of his head.  His face was on fire.  Beautiful man was too fucking powerful and gorgeous and now he lives in Yuri’s apartment complex? This was too much.

Pulling himself to his feet he went and let himself into his apartment and pulled out his phone, taking off his shoes and fidgeting as he waited for the other person to answer.


“Phichit I’m going to die! He LIVES IN OUR BUILDING!” Yuri said as he crossed over to the couch to collapse onto it in a fit of anxiety and embarrassment.

“OMG YES! Ask him out!” Phichit squealed.

“He only knows me as the weird sweaty guy from the bus. We literally only exchanged two words so no thank you” Yuri admonished.

He ranted at Phichit some more before letting his friend go and burying his face in the couch cushion. The one saving grace he had was that Beautiful Man didn’t know who he was and given that Yuri hadn’t seen him before he had a good chance of avoiding him in future.


Inside the lift Victor held a hand to his mouth for a moment before digging out his phone.

“Christophe? The Cutest Boy in the WORLD lives in my building!”