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Beat of My Heart

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Tell him now. Come on Elizabeth Cooper tell him now. It's time. You have waited all your life to tell him how you truly feel for him. Now is the perfect time. Tell him now. Betty lowered her eyes as her thoughts were too loud for her head. Her knees were shaking as she tried yet again to app herself up to finally tell Archie how she feels for him. How she has always felt for him. That she loved him. Not that she loved him as a best friend loves a fellow best friend. No, Her love is that of a woman that loves a man, He was her soulmate. He was her future. She was destined to be with him. Why hide it. Why not have it now.

"Betty?" Archie tilted his head as he watched his best friend's bowed head. This wasn't the first time that Betty had hidden her eyes from him over the years. He thought back to when she first doing it. They were six years old. They were just sitting underneath the shared tree between their houses; they were talking and making plans on what they wanted to play next - when all a sudden Betty ducked her head. He sighed inwardly as he waited for her to answer him. He was in the middle of telling her of the very boring job he did with his father over the summer. He wanted to finish the story so he didn't have to deal with it any longer. But she needed to come back to where ever she drifted off to.

Betty was lost in her thoughts. He doesn't think of me that way. He never has. He never will. And why should he? After all I'm just Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper the girl next door. The girl whom played cowboy and Indians with him. The girl whom much rather be underneath a car then being dressed up. The girl whom would much rather be sweaty and playing sports then smelling feminine. The girl whom always wanted to be more boyish than girlish.

Archie sighed a little annoyed with how long it's taking Betty to come back. He could be out stealing some time with Geraldine. His heart skipped as he thought of the Riverdale High school's music teacher. Ms. Geraldine Grundy. Of when Geraldine finally saw him as him. Not as a student. Not as a child. But him. Archie Andrews. A man. A man whom she wanted. A man whom she could have. A man whom she had. A man whom wanted her. He forced himself to calm down. He was here with his best friend. Whom he hadn't seen in like a month. While he was stuck in Riverdale all summer - Betty had the chance to to leave for a solid month. He had missed her. When he wasn't with Geraldine ... and it wasn't weird to be thinking of Betty ... he had truly and deeply missed his best gal friend. "Hey Betty." He gently said as he leaned forward. He placed his hand on top of her slightly shaking one. He frowned as he realized how truly shaking she was. "Hey come back to me ..." He wanted to slip out of his side of the booth and move to her side. But before he could she lifted her head.

Betty read the raw concern in Archie's eyes. Oh God he's thinking that I'm thinking of Polly again. No no, this is not the way I wanted this night to be. Why does it always have to be about Polly whenever I get lost in my thoughts with him? Why can't Archie just think that I'm shy and nervous around him? Come on Betty open your mouth and say "I'm in love with you Archie. I have been since we were children." Her mouth opened; "So you were working with your father this summer?"

Archie's brow winkled at Betty's attempt to change the subject ... no bringing the subject back to where it was. Why won't she confide in me? I know she is upset about Polly. I know she's hurt. But she never tells me. Not the way she does with Jughead. Why won't she trust that I'm strong enough to handle her heart ache. That I'm strong enough to be her strength when she needs it. "Talk to me Betty." He pleaded.

Betty blinked. "I am talking to you."

Archie sighed deeply. "Not the way you talk to Jughead."

Betty pulled away, She pasted one of her false smiles on her lips. Why did you have to ruin this moment Archie? Why couldn't you just leave it alone. Why did you have to push. Pushing me away? Why? I love you Archie. I need you Archie. Why did you have to push? Why? "I think we should order some milkshakes."

Archie sighed as he leaned back. "Okay." He lifted his hand up and waved two fingers. He fully knew the waitress saw it and knew what they wanted. "So I'm so glad that the summer is over. No more having to work for my father." He noticed the door opening behind Betty's head. He couldn't help but to keep an eye on the brunette whom just entered. He felt every nerve in his body jolt.

Betty noticed that Archie's attention had wavered. How could she miss it. He wasn't even being settle about it. She sighed annoyed as she recognized the look in his eyes. There must be a hot chick behind her. She sighed inwardly as her eyes drifted towards the window. She knew she had lost her chance on telling Archie Andrews her true feelings for him that night. She knew that he wasn't ready to hear it. She swallowed the lump in her throat as she fought for control.

"So is the food here any good?" A soft voice hit Betty's ear. She turned her head and looked up into the face of a brunette goddess. No wonder why Archie would never be interested in me. I don't look like perfections like she does. She and Archie traded glances at one another.

"Oh yeah the food is great here." Archie jumped in. "You must be new to Riverdale to not know about Pops."

"My mother and I just moved here." The brunette spoke.

"From where?" Archie asked.

"New York." The brunette answered. "I'm starting at Riverdale High on Monday. My name is Veronica Lodge."

Betty swallowed. She knew that name. That was the name that was assigned to her. She was going to be showing Veronica Lodge around Riverdale High for the week. "My name is Betty Cooper."

Veronica relaxed. "You are going to be showing me around Riverdale High for the week?"

Betty nodded.

"Good." Veronica whispered. She kept her eyes firmly on Betty. "I can't wait." She's beautiful. Even with that fake smile of hers. She's everything that I have been looking for in my short life. There is no one in New York ... nay the whole world whom can hold a candle to her. I can't wait to get to know her. The true her. Not the her that she puts out for everyone else. I want to know her. I need to know her. I need to love her. I need to protect her.

"Order for Veronica Lodge." A high pitched teen voice called out.

"That's me." Veronica mentally shook her thoughts back to the present. "it was good meeting you Betty. I mean tonight. Now. Not on Monday at school. At least now I know whom to expect at the office."

"Well seeing how we know what each other looks alike. If you want to meet somewhere else that's fine with me." Betty said tilting her head. "I'm usually at school an hour early."

Veronica blinked. "Why so early? Do you show new students around all the time?"

Betty shook her head. "No. I actually like to get to the school before everyone else does. It's easier that way."

"Where would be the best place to meet?" Veronica asked. "I can be at the school anytime you want me to be." Easy Ronnie. You don't want to appear to be too eager to seeing her again.

"How about in front of the steps say around 7:15?" Betty suggested.

"Okay. 7:15 Monday morning front of the steps." Veronica nodded her head. "It was good to meet you Betty." She said again as she backed away from the table.

"My name is Archie Andrews." Archie jumped in before Veronica could leave.

Veronica tilted her head as she realized that she had quite forgotten that Betty was sitting with a guy. "It was a pleasure to meeting you also Archie." Her lips thinned slightly. She looked between Archie and Betty. She saw the slight blush on Betty's cheeks; and Betty's side long glances at Archie. Her heart sunk as she realized that Betty may be taken all ready.

"It was a pleasure meeting you Veronica." Archie smiled warmly.

Veronica recognized the interest in Archie's eyes that he was shooting at her. So perhaps Archie and Betty weren't dating? So Archie doesn't return Betty's feelings for him. Her heart dropped even future with this thought. She felt Betty's pain of unrequited love. How can he see what is in front of him? How can he not see how much she wants him? To spend her life with him? If I were in his place there would NO way I would miss the fact that Betty Cooper was in love with me. Dreaming of a life with me. "I better get back to my apartment. My mom is hungry." With a final wave she left the table. Her heart breaking every step she was taking away from Betty. With one final look at the booth at the back of Betty's hair she left the diner.

"Wow." Archie leaned back in the booth. His arms folded across his chest.

Betty's smile slipped a little bit.

End Chapter One