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An Overcooked Diamond and a Failed Experiment

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A blue pearl/human hybrid named Yuusuke slowly poke his head out of giant carrier bag carried by Pink Diamond who is also called Shinya. The bag was small enough to filled Shinya’s both hands.


He have a shining gem on his forehead while Pink Diamond have a sparkingly gem on his navel.


“My Diamond? How was your day?” asked Yuusuke.


Shinya sits down and fully opens the bag allowing Yuusuke to come out.


Yuusuke is wearing a blue bodysuit with blue transparent scarf around his neck. He give Shinya the diamond salute.


“It’s pretty boring as always but that’s life...what do you think of your new outfit?” asked Shinya concern for Yuusuke.


“It’s...fine” said Yuusuke tolerating the outfit.


Both he and his diamond did not wish to dress him in any of the pearl’s outfit, especially due to Yuusuke’s human instincts to cover and protect his reproductive systems…But graceful outfits like that are traditional for pearls...even if Yuusuke is part human.


There are hundreds of pearls, common servant gems but they are elusively are for the high class gems. Because Pearls are ones of the common gems and easy to be made, a hundred of pearls are put into the project.


Yuusuke was a successful pearl/human hybrid since he had shown the characteristics, the abilities and powers of a normal pearl. Successful hybrids will normally take the place of their birthgivers, others will have their bodies destroyed and start the project over again.


Yuusuke pitied the failures but there was nothing he could do at that time.


Yuusuke was not sure whether his birthgiver was forced or participate out of her free-will...He was very confused about it and had think about it from time to time.


Pearls are common, so he highly doubt that any gem would remember who his birthgiver was other than the researchers but he knows they’ll never talk to him and he doesn’t want to ask for anything from Shinya since he was strictly taught that it is improper for for a pearl to do so


When Shinya first meet Yuusuke, the hybrid expected him to get only the pink pearls. But he took Yuusuke as well even though Yuusuke’s gem color doesn’t match the pure pearls or any members in Shinya’s court.


Yuusuke really likes Shinya and really wants to please his Diamond. However, he was not very happy with his role, he did not like the way pearls are treated, and he did not how humans & hybrids were treated. But he is tolerating that for this is the only life he knows and his Diamond was very kind to him.  


Unknowing to Yuusuke, His Diamond just wants to make him happy.


Shinya caught an unhappy look on Yuusuke’s face


“Yuusuke, what is wrong?” asked Shinya with concern.


He covers his confusion with a smile.


“Everything is fine” said Yuusuke kindly and he twitched a little.


Shinya doubts Yuusuke’s words… But he doesn’t wish to force him.


“I know you’re lying… but tell the truth whenever you are ready to tell me...” said Shinya kindly.


Yuusuke just looks down. Shinya sighs.


“What did they do to you before we meet?” asked Shinya kindly.

Yuusuke shakes, whimpers a bit and sweats so much.