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An Overcooked Diamond and a Failed Experiment

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Kaito is running through the hallways as sirens were sounding, carrying a huge shiny black gemstone in his arms. He is wearing a ruined security uniform showing his sparkling gem on his chest.


“GIVE BACK THAT STONE BOY!!!” screamed one of the guards.


Kaito keeps running while clinging to the gemstone.


Kaito eyes widen when he a pair of people blocking his path... A human government offical named Tosaki glaring at Kaito and one of the Crystal Gem, a Black Pearl named Izumi... looking at him with pity.


“Handover that rock Kaito, you will doom us humans if you take that gem back to your "Home" !” said Tosaki.


Kai glared at them with angry tears.




Izumi walks forward to Kaito despite Tosaki trying to stop her and Kaito's threatening stare.


“You don’t have to do Black Diamond’s order now! You hybrids and zoo humans had been brainwashed by Homeworld!!! Can you see you're free !? Just gives us his gem and we’ll end the other diamonds freeing everyone” said Izumi calmly.


Kaito tearfully shook his head angrily




Kaito’s gem begins to glow as he clings Kei’s gem close to him.




(Kaito’s pov)


Black Diamond who is also known as Kei. He is highly intelligent, strict, and rational... despite being defective. Yes he's bigger than most gems including me...but he's the smallest diamond due to the fact he's overcooked.


But he is a diamond nonetheless, and diamonds are very difficult and dangerous to be create . So naturally the other diamonds had no choice but to give him a leading position with them...


But most of all… He’s my Diamond , and he's kind enough to take me in despite me being… Well a hybrid…


YOU see I was one of the many results of project OGF (Organic Gem Fusion). My mother who was called Golden Beryl Facet Round Cut 2.98 , volunteered in the project while the lower class gems, and rebels were forced into the experiment, getting artificially inseminated ... And I'm born, like many gem birthgivers she and I can't both exist...She give her gem to me…when I grew up with the other hybrids, the Diamonds come to see us... White Diamond sees me as one of the failed experiments and had ordered destroy my body for my gem….it was heartbreaking… my mother wanted me to exist and she and other Golden Beryls were made for him


Suddenly a large gentle hand reaches me...My Diamond was curious about the hybrids whether they are failures or successes... Since beryls are easy to be replaced, they allow my Diamond keep me for himself. However, I have a feeling that My new Diamond is lonely and he wish for company….especially since he have given me a Earth’s name instead of a number… he named me Kaito...sometimes he calls me Kai...But I am happy that he gave me a name.


(Normal View)

Kaito looks at the sparklingly gem on his chest. He was wondering why he couldn't make his gem work yet… the perfect hybrids are able to summon weapons or use powers from day 1 to year 17… he's in his 17th year and he failed to summon his powers beside his super strength…He is thankful that Kei saved him from being destroyed…


Now Kaito have the role to watch over the zoo humans though he is basically Kei’s assistant and pet. Kaito enjoys delicious food, refreshing waters, soothing baths, a comfortable bed, and pleasurable mating with Kei’s lovely guards and servants. Sometimes Kei himself gives Kai a bath and many times his Diamond watches the hybrid mating with his subjects or the humans. He had befriended many zoo humans and Black Diamond’s gems and even called each of them by human names even to gems...


While he enjoys his job, the luxuries, his friendship, and of course his rescuer... he feels that he’s in a gilded cage but he doesn’t want to question his Diamond. As much as he wanted to explore the Milky Way Galaxy including planet Earth the origin of humans... He wants to stay by Black Diamond’s side like how pearls are loyal to their masters or how quartzes want to stay with other quartzes... To Kaito, as long is Black Diamond is happy then he is happy…


“Kaito” said a big yet soft voice. The giant door open showing a giant boy with red eyes and a big black gem on his forehead. Despite the darkness of Kei’s gem, it shines ...


“Greetings my Diamond” said Kaito doing the Diamond salute.


Kei hold out his hand and Kai walk on it. Kei brings the hybrid close to his face out of Kaito’s room.


“It’s alright Kai, you can call me Kei since there’s no other gems around here right now” said Kei.


“Oh alright my...Kei” said Kaito kindly.


Kei laughs gently shaking his head, he walks to his desk and places Kai on his chair on his desk.


Kei went back to checking the messages from other gems across the galaxies, sending missions to his gems and ordering them around. Kai looks at the tiny screens (compared to Kei’s screens) checking on the zoo humans.


Whiling looking out for the humans, he feels Kei lightly petting his golden hair with his finger. Kai smile and nuzzles against the giant gem’s now motionless finger. Kei smiles back from the ticklish feeling on his hand from the hybrid. Kei could easily crush Kaito to death in an instance but Kei is always careful with his things and his followers unless he wants or needs to Poof them sometimes imprisoned them in bubbles...(Poor Kou often gets poofed by Kei for his stupidity and clumsiness, if Kou wasn’t one of Kaito’s mates, Kei would have imprisoned Kou in a bubble forever).......and Kaito completely trust his diamond.

Kei move his hand away and Kai look up at Kei in confusion. He then sees that there’s a message from Kaito’s ex-owner, White Diamond whom Kei called him Satou behind his back…Kei sighs, rolled his eyes and accepts the message as Kai looks with curiosity on what White Diamond wants...