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And The Devil Makes Three

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You and me, and the Devil, makes three.


Steve can't remember anything. He can hardly remember the last thing he did, before it went dark. His head was pounding, and his eyes felt heavy. 

He groaned and tried to open them, but he felt so tired. Every time he got them open the slightest crack, his vision was blurry. But something did feel off, besides everything else.

He felt like he was being carried. He moved his head and with his blurred vision, he saw a shape above him. His frail body was in the arms of someone. It wouldn't take much to pick him up, he was less than 100 pounds. 

He couldn't see the face of the person, and the harder he tried, the more tired he became. So when his eyes were closed for more than a few seconds, he slipped back into unconsciousness.


He began to stir, hours later. He still felt groggy, but his eyes weren't as heavy. When he opened them, his vision was still blurry. 

But then he heard a soft voice say "You're awake."

The blonde looked around, and he saw a figure standing there. He quickly sat up on what appeared to be a mattress, and his vision began to clear. When it did, he blinked a few times, and saw a man standing there.

Steve swallowed and slowly scooted back on the mattress until his back touched the cold brick wall. He felt his chest constricting, and he was afraid he might have an asthma attack.

The man quickly saw his distress and he quickly said "Wait no, don't be afraid! Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you!"

Steve stopped and he looked at the man. He had shoulder length brown hair, intense blue eyes that were almost grey, short gruffy facial hair, and full, pouted lips.

He was wearing a dark red long sleeve sweater, and dark blue jeans. Was he was the one who carried Steve?

The man slowly stepped forwards and he looked nervous. He kidnapped Steve, and he looks nervous. He slowly sat down near Steve and swallowed.

He asked "What's your name?"

The smaller man said "Get away from me."

The man said "Look, I don't wanna hurt you. And I won't...My name is Bucky."

Steve nodded and swallowed. He said "Steve."

Bucky nodded a little and said "If you wanna go back to sleep, go ahead. I'll come back in an hour or so to give you something to eat, okay?"

Steve nodded and said "Okay."

Bucky nodded again and said "I'm glad I got to meet you, Steve...You seem very nice."

Steve swallowed and said "Y-You too, Bucky." And then Bucky stood up, and walked out of the room. He closed the door behind him, and locked it up. 

Steve couldn't go back to sleep. He was wide awake now. So he slowly moved onto his side, and curled up in a ball on the cot. There were pillows and a nice warm blanket for him. Not like it mattered. 

So he slowly rested his head on the soft pillow, and pulled the blanket up over him, to warm him up. Steve let his eyes wander around the room from the side. He looked like he was trapped in a basement or something.

He couldn't really tell. The walls were brick ones, old and dirty. The floor was cold concrete. There were two buckets off in the corner of the room, and then there was the cot. The mattress was a little uncomfortable, with squeaky springs. 

But despite all that, the room was surprisingly warm. Which was good, since the blonde is severely prone to getting sick. Even a little exposure to cold was bad. But he felt warm, and was even more so with the blanket on him.

If he met Bucky, he wonders how the others will be, if there is anymore. Bucky may be bigger than Steve, but he doesn't look like he could hurt a fly.

Steve pushed the thoughts aside and closed his eyes. He swallowed and felt tears swell up in his eyes. He felt his lip quivering, and felt one run down his cheek. 


He laid there staring at the wall for what felt like hours. Then he could hear someone coming towards the door. 

He quickly sat up and he heard Bucky ask "Steve? Steve, i-it's Bucky. I got some food for you, okay?"

Steve swallowed and said "O-Okay!"

Then he could hear the jingling of keys, and then the lock was turned. When the door opened, he saw Bucky standing there, holding a plate in his hand. I brought you a sandwich, is that okay?" 

Steve nodded and said "Yeah, that's um...That's fine, thank you."

Bucky nodded and went over and handed him the plate.

After he was done, he asked "You full?"

The blonde nodded, after Bucky set the plate aside, he looked back over at Steve. Steve became worried, cause he could see something in Bucky's eyes. It almost looked like fear.

Steve asked "What is it?"

Bucky looked down, then said "He wants...He wants me to get you ready.."

Steve raised an eyebrow and asked "Who?"

Bucky swallowed and quietly said "I can't say. I'll be right back."

He quickly got up and walked out, before closing the door and locking it.

Steve sighed, and rubbed his face with his hand. A few minutes later, the door was unlocked again, and Bucky was back. And this time, he was holding a red dress on a hanger and a pair of red flats.

He looked up at Steve through his lashes and said "He said...He said he wants you in this. Take your clothes off, I won't look. Hurry."

He handed him the stuff, and then turned until his back was facing him. Steve swallowed and quickly stood up, before pulling his clothes off until he was in nothing but his underwear, and shivered at the sudden cold. He felt the material of the red dress and quickly pulled it on, adjusting it.

The chest part laid ruffled against him, due to his lack of breasts, and he quickly pulled his socks off and slipped into the flats. He quickly wrapped his arms around himself and said "O-Okay, I'm done.."

He quickly turned around and his face hardly changed. He took a deep breath and said "Wow...You look beautiful.."

Steve swallowed and that's when Bucky pulled something out of his pocket. A tube of lipstick, and a small container of eye-shadow.

He came over and said "Sit down." Steve obeyed, and watched as Bucky opened the container of eye-shadow.

He then looked up into Steve's eyes and said "Close your eyes. He wants you to wear this."

Steve nodded he closed his eyes. That's when he felt a gentle pressure on his eyelids. He swallowed and asked "Who is he? This guy?"

Bucky said "I don't see him often. But he's bad...Can't say anything else...Alright, open."

Steve slowly opened his eyes, and he was looking into Bucky's grey ones. Bucky nodded and said "Good so far. Open your mouth a little."

Steve obeyed and after he got the lipstick on, Bucky said "Good...I gotta go, he wants to see you, now. Wait here."

Steve quickly grabbed at Bucky's harm, gently squeezing at the defined muscle. Bucky looked back at him and Steve quietly said "Please don't leave."

Bucky swallowed and he looked like he didn't wanna leave. But he just said "I'm sorry Steve...I'm so sorry." Then got up, and walked out.





*Steve's dress and shoes*